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Default Why are Anime Girls so Damn Skinny? - by Da Games Elite (~BBW multiple, ~MWG, Magic)

~BBW (multiple), ~MWG, Magic - A single girl’s curiosity leads to the alteration of numerous different universes…

Author’s Note: I am a huge anime fan, but they aren’t a lot of great anime wg fics in the world. So, hopefully, this will remedy that. This isn’t gonna be a long story, nor can you take this even the least bit seriously. Suspend your disbelief, and get started.

“Why are Anime Girls so Damn Skinny?”

By Da Games Elite

Episode 1 - The Gift

“You’re not going on about that same question again, are you?”

Michelle shrugged off Kate’s criticism. It didn’t matter what she said. It was a valid question, was it not? Was there anything incredibly odd about her subject of curiosity? Surely Kate couldn’t fault her for just asking a simple question, especially as an artist and writer. “It’s not a stupid question.”

“Didn’t say it was,” Kate replied, brushing her locks of scarlet hair out of her green eyes, her slender, lithe frame laying down on her friend’s mattress.

“Well you sure were implying it,” mumbled Michelle, leaning on her palm.

“Look, it’s obvious why,” Kate responded, shrugging, “Skinny girls are more appealing to the eye, and, really, are probably a bit easier to draw than some of the stuff you draw.”

“Hey!” Michelle stammered, rising to her feet, “What’s so wrong with chubby girls?”

Kate looked Michelle up and down, from toes to top, crown to crotch. Michelle was not, nor had she ever been a skinny girl. While not obese, at 170 pounds, she was definitely on the chubby side. Her thick arms plumped up after years of remaining on the Hershey Kisses diet, her breasts filling up a D cup, resting upon a belly that strongly resembled a mount of jell-o left out in the sun for a few hours to get mushier, all leading into wide, child-bearing hips, a generous tush, and thick, creamy thighs.

Was she hard on the eyes?

No, but she wasn’t spectacularly appealing to them, either.

“Look, nothing personal. It’s just what sells. Skinny girls sell, even in Japan,” Kate replied.

“But it doesn’t make any sense!” Michelle stammered, throwing her arms into the air in exasperation, her hair flying in all directions as she fell back onto her back. She could feel her derriere spread out under her, her stomach slink outward over the floor.

“No, it really does make sense. It’s a matter of selling to the target--”

“That’s not what I’m talking about,” stammered Michelle, “I mean, think about how much Usagi eats!”

“Uh, Michelle, you’re talking about anime physics, where the average person has about 10 gallons of blood compressed in tiny veins with astronomically high blood pressure. Why not bring up THAT as an issue, or--”

“But then again, Miaka sure eats a lot, too, ya know?” Michelle replied, scratching her chin, deep in thought, “I can’t be the only one wondering what their dieting secrets are! Imagine how much money we’d make if--”

“Ya wanna know they’re secret?” Kate asked, frowning in disbelief, “It’s that, get ready for this, THEY AREN’T REAL!!!”

Michelle raised an eyebrow at her friend in confusion, “Uh, yeah, that’s kinda obvious. I’m not crazy.”

“Yeah, but listen to yourself! You’re applying real world physics in a world where physics doesn’t need to apply. I mean, does screaming like a constipated man on the crapper really turn your hair yellow?”

“But that’s actually--”

“And can one girl really reshape reality just because she wants to?”

“But Haruhi is--”

“And if parents sent their kids out into the wilderness to fight and enslave wild animals and put them into cockfights with one another, they’d--”

“I get the point! Anime isn‘t realistic.” Sighing, Michelle glanced out the window, resting her head in her palm. “It’s just I wish there was at least one character with a body I could relate to for once, ya know?”

Kate sighed, running a hand up her face, “Yeah, I understand. Say, ya got some chips? I‘m hungry.”


That was a conversation familiar to Michelle. As she watched Kate hop in her car and drive away, she felt a mild sense of confusion flush over her. Why couldn’t there be chubby anime characters, anyway? It didn’t make sense to her in the least. After all, there could be green haired characters, adults who looked like children, men who looked like women, but only a small handful of pudgy girls? She had downloaded the whole series of Real Drive just to see a few plumpers, and, while she wasn’t disappointed, she was sad this wasn’t a bigger trend.

She sat at her desk top, resting her face atop her pudgy forearms, staring blankly at the screen. She lamely typed in keys, examining the internet for a worthwhile anime to catch. Thus far, nothing of note had popped up. Just the same old garbage. New Bleach, new Naruto, another show dominated by big boobied bombshells, another anime that wanted to be the next Evangelion.

Nothing new on the Asian front.

She clicked on her e-mail, hoping for something interesting to come up. Surprisingly, she had a message labeled “Fat Anime Characters.” Mildly intrigued, Michelle clicked on it. As she retrieved a handful of potato chips from a bag at her side, she read the message.

“You want fat anime characters? Click on the link below.”

“Wow, that was a non sequester if I ever saw one,” mumbled Michelle to herself through a mouthful of chips. In all honesty, though, it did seem random. It was clearly a virus link, and that link would only lead to a site that would wipe clean all the data from her hard drive. Thankfully, she backed up all her torrented anime, but, even so, she didn’t want to need a new computer. A college student like her couldn’t afford a new desktop in this economy, not considering the prospect of loans looming over her head.

“Delete,” she mumbled, momentarily comparing her to that Mikami guy from Death Note. Blushing by her geeky comparison, she selected the e-mail for destruction. However, a pop-up window informed Michelle that the request could not be completed. “What?” Michelle mumbled in confusion, eyebrow raised. She attempted to delete it again, only for the same message to reappear, halting her progress. She began rapidly clicking the delete button, a woman possessed, only to be met with the same accursed message.

“Why won’t you die!?” she spat, then took a step back to realize how stupid she was being. What is the e-mail itself WAS a virus, and the mere act of opening it up uploaded some dreadful male ware onto her computer? She was already compromised. So, biting the bullet, she clicked on the link from the e-mail.

Her browser brought Michelle to a cheap looking site. The background was midnight black with a pure white typeface, the most boring and sleazy looking combination of them all. It wasn’t as unprofessional as red and green, but it lacked that cutting edge that slightly off colors could supply. After all, black was alright, so long as it wasn’t TOO black. Then again, the artist in Michelle was coming out, and this site wasn’t a new doujinshi; it was a way to save her computer’s ass.

And slake her curiosity.

The name on the top was “Change Note.” Suppressing numerous Death Note jokes on the tip of Michelle’s tongue, she glanced at what the site had to offer, which was less than a little. The content of the site was rather simple, with a areas to insert text, simply labeled “Series name,” “Character name,” “What Time,” and “Nature of Change.” Naturally, at the end, there was a submit button, and a preview button. Seemed simple enough. She wondered if this worked at all like how Light Yagami’s Death Note worked.

She tried to figure out what the “Time” option meant. Did that mean at what point in the series’ chronology? Most likely. That made the most sense, after all. Still, she couldn’t say she was totally impressed. This looked less like a site and more like a keygen. Regardless, she shrugged her shoulders in resignation, and added the site to her favorites list. It seemed harmless enough, and she wanted to investigate it more.

She opened up Avast, her antivirus program, and ran a quick scan. To her surprise, it failed to detect any viruses, male ware, worms, Trojans, or anything like that. She raised an eyebrow in confusion, but shrugged it off. She’d look at this more tomorrow morning.

Right now, she had an Eva impersonator to watch.
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actually, these has raised that important question for me again. in all my years of anime-love, I've only really found a few plus-sized female characters who weren't jokes.

but anyway, nice start, really like the opening. hope that there is more of it.
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Da Games Elite
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Episode 2 - Sailor Moon [(Usagi (Temp.)]

Michelle came to her computer the next day, cracking each of her knuckles as she did what she always did in the mornings: look for new anime uploaded. Her pudgy fingers danced across the keyboard, her tongue between her teeth in anticipation, until she found exactly what she was looking for: her new episodes.

Sadly, the ones she cared about had yet to be fan subbed.

She was left with several hours to kill, and little to do. She figured a flash game might kill some time, but found them all startlingly boring once she logged onto Newgrounds. She was too antsy to put on another, older anime, despite the box sets piling up around her of older series she adored. That being said, a copy of Sailor Moon did catch her eye.

“Fanfiction time,” she mumbled under her breathe, only to find, with the prospect of new anime out any minute, she couldn’t focus on any of the words. As her eyes glossed over, her head bobbing as she struggled to keep it up, she eventually gave up on reading, and glimpsed through her favorites list, looking for a site to stimulate her a little.

It was then that she glanced over the site from yesterday.

The weird one sent by e-mail.

She hesitated for a moment or two, her curser over the option. She knew it was stupid to expect anything of interest from clicking on this link. It was probably just a Trojan site or something like that. Still, she was mildly curious, extremely bored, and had nothing else to do. It was too simple for her to lose interest.

She clicked on it.

She glanced at the options once more. Series, Character, Time, and Change. These were such broad subject headings, and left a lot of opening possibilities. There were no rules for this Change Note, much unlike Ryuk’s Death Note. There was no policy about having the person’s face in your head when selecting them, though, considering that there was a series selection, she was sure not too many series had characters with the exact same name. (Unless they were tributes to them. After all, a Kaneda did appear in both Tetsujin-22 Go and Akira.)

This was totally stupid. What was she expecting to get out of this, anyway? It would probably give her system a virus, but, at the same time, she was too curious and too bored to click away.

She glanced over at her piles of DVDs, curiously, hoping for a series to spring out at her to type into the blank section. Once again, Sailor Moon popped out to her. She stared at it, remembering how, yesterday, she had posed that genuinely serious question.: “How does Usagi eat so much and never gain weight.” Well, to be fair, there were two episodes where she gained weight, but, in both cases, she looked just as skinny as ever.

Maybe she should change that.

Hastily, she typed in “Sailor Moon” in the series blank spot, then typed in “Usagi,” and “Episode 4.” Michelle paused for a second as she realized just how much of a dork she was for remembering the exact episode where Sailor Moon puts on a little weight, but shrugged off her geekiness soon after. Hastily, under change, she typed in, “For this episode, she gains fifty pounds instead of whatever she did gain, and show the fat instead of implying it’s there.”

She pressed submit.

A pop-up appeared, and, immediately, Michelle regretted going to this site at all. Clearly it was a virus. She knew that before even reading the contents of the message. Slowly, she took a glimpse at it, and, through her squeezed eyelids, read, “Thank you for your services. Your change should take effect in thirty seconds. Enjoy!”

“Uh, changes?” Michelle mumbled, shaking her head as she heaved herself out of her seat. Her roommate, Kimi, was still asleep, snuggled up against her pillow, her slender fingers balled up into tiny fists right beside her B-cup breasts. Michelle took a glimpse at the Sailor Moon figurine Kimi had up on the drawer, a statuette positioned right between her Guts and Mikuru Asahina figures, and thought, for a moment, what change would occur.

Now she was being stupid. It was an online program probably crafted by a lazy, bored high school student in a web design class. She had taken one of those in high school, and, even by those standards, the site was poorly designed and simple. Her teacher would’ve given it an F. An F-, actually.

After doing her business in the lavatories, Michelle returned to her seat, the sagging sensation beneath her butt reminding her of every on of her 170 pounds. Unenthusiastically, she took a brief look at her anime DVDs, and, lazily, reached over and picked up her Sailor Moon season 1 box set. It wasn’t a cheap buy, considering how rare Sailor Moon had become in the states, and it was probably one of her most treasured shows she owned.

She didn’t know why she was so curious, but she inserted the DVD into the drive, and went directly to Episode 4.

To her shock and horror, she realized had never seen this episode before.

It wasn’t as though she had never watched Episode 4 before. She had seen all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon a dozen times over. However, the episode wasn’t the same. Yes, the plot was identical. Yes, it was just a goofy filler episode that didn’t even have Ami in it, who was Michelle’s favorite character. It was just that, to Michelle’s awe, Usagi’s animation was very different.

To sum it up briefly, she was huge.

Her breasts had expanded over her roly-poly belly, her thick arms and pudgy hands at her side. Her butt cheeks heaved with each pudgy step, her round cheeks cherubic and adorable. In short, she looked as though she had gained a large amount of weight.

As the episode continued, they went through the main plot points of the episode, how the Dark Kingdom exploits women’s desire to lose weight to gather energy, Usagi wants to go on a diet, their teacher loses a large amount of weight despite the fact she was slender enough to be a model as it was, the other students go to the Dark Kingdom’s weight loss clinic, Motoki says he likes chubby girls to ease Usagi’s self-image, Usagi goes on a temporary rebellion against society’s body image, for, like, thirty seconds, and then the final battle. Michelle did notice that Usagi was very out of breath for half the fight, and it was a little more engaging than it had been before. Usagi was weighed down by her flesh, but, eventually, did blow away the Youma, the Monster of the Day, sent after her.

By the end of the episode, she had lost the weight, and by the next episode, there wasn’t a trace of fatness, but, regardless, Michelle couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was almost as though Usagi had always been that large and she never noticed it.

“Oh, hey, what’s up?” Michelle glanced over her shoulder to see Kimi, rubbing her eyes groggily with her fingers. Though Michelle originally thought that Kimi was Japanese, she was actually Korean. Her dark sheets of hair tumbled over her slim shoulders as she smiled her adorable little grin. Michelle just wanted to glomp the girl, but, alas, she was afraid that the poor Asian girl would be crushed under her weight.

“Uh, nothing much. Uh, it’s just, well, I forgot how bit Usagi got in this particular episode,” Michelle said, unsure whether or not to outright say “I made Usagi fat!” After all, she wondered if everyone’s memories had changed to accommodate this change. That’s how it usually worked.

And, as predicted, that’s how it was.

“Yeah, she gets really fat. I kinda thought it was funny when I was a kid,” Kimi admitted, sheepishly.

“Really? Why’s that? Fat people aren’t inherently funny,” Michelle replied, self-consciously leaving ah and on her jelly rolls.

“Huh? No, they aren’t, but it’s how Usagi deals with it. I just got a kick out of it. Hey, did the new anime series come out, yet?”

Michelle went along with Kimi’s train of thought, but this opened up new possibilities for her. All these anime characters existed for her to alter, different people who either deserved or should gain weight. Though she had only selected a joke episode, and Usagi had lost the weight immediately afterwards. What if she didn’t, though? She remembered how Usagi had struggled against the enemy with her extra weight. Would the actual plot be impacted by her weight? Would her character arc be any different? By messing around with a character’s weight, what could happen to the series?

She’d leave Sailor Moon alone for a little bit. She didn’t want to screw up the plot to one of her favorite anime. No, she’s move onto another series. But which one?

Author’s Note: If you guys have ANY suggestions for which series to use, by all means request them. ^_^
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This definitely is a rather interesting story so far, written quite nicely, and the fact that it's asking a rather thought-provoking question for us anime fans. Also, if you're looking for more possible animes to use, one of Samurai Champloo's main gals in the series, Fuu, has some moments where she actually does gain a fair amount of weight from her gluttony, and yet in the next section of the same episode, it just magically goes away. If you need, I can link you to some episode examples, but I think that's one of the prime examples of anime physics in terms of wg that can possibly be used for this.
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pretty much anything
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Episode 3 [Fuu (Perm.)]

Michelle went to class that day, her pencil resting on her upper lip, flipping the long shaft through her pudgy fingers. That program sure was something. Able to alter all the memories of all those around her to make them think the show had always been the way it was. Episode 4 of Sailor Moon was forever changed, and, unless she somehow undid that experiment, which she had no intention of doing, it would forevermore be rewritten as it was now.

The Episode 4 from her memories was lost forever.

So, if she succeeded in reshaping other anime, would they change too?

She recalled how Sailor Moon had been more sluggish in her fights. Surely the writing crew wouldn’t alter the story too much from the source material, or how the original series went, but what if the simple act of fattening up a character resulted in the entire show being changed forever? All plot lines changed just because of an aesthetic difference?

If so, she could’ve accidentally fucked up Sailor Moon, had she not contained the change to a meaningless filler episode.

Still, if she uses that site again, what if she fucks a series up too much?

“Care to share the answer to read Nora’s part, Michelle?” Michelle jerked up at the sound of her voice, her book of Ibsen’s plays slipping from her fingers. Oh, that’s right. They were in class. Almost forgot.

“Oh, uh, okay Professor,” Michelle stammered, picking her book up, only to realize she had no idea where they were, “Uh, which page and line?”

Her professor ran a hand up her face, adjusting her rectangular glasses as though, somehow, their position could affect how she viewed Michelle‘s failure to pay attention to her lectures. “Ugh, fine, Jenn, please read for her?”

“Something eating you up?” Kate asked at lunch, nibbling on a burger with one hand while writing note cads for herself in the other. Michelle was so fascinated by this act that she almost forgot to respond to Kate’s question.

“Oh, uh, well, nothing, just thinking about doing a re-write on something,” Michelle replied.

“What? A paper?” Kimi asked, leaning in closer.

“Not exactly.”

“Well, just remember to look for flaws and improve upon ‘em. Like grammatical mistakes, sentences that could be phrased better,” Kate said, off-handedly, “Too many papers are pieces of shit I’ll need to grade once I get my teaching degree.”

“Is that the sort of attitude a teacher should have?” Kimi asked, smirking slightly.

“Yes. 90% of everything is shit, so 90% of the return grades will be failures,” Kate replied, finishing her fifty-fist note card.

Shit. That was it! Michelle rose to her feet, her breasts flapping gently against her belly as she rose up, her fist squeezed into a passionate fist, her lips curled into a triumphant grin. Kimi and Kate looked at Michelle as if she just claimed she had just taken a trip to Oz on a luck dragon. Blushing deep red, Michelle stammered, glancing down at her half-eaten third plate of food, “Well, I just remembered I had to do something really important, so, uh, I have to go. Sorry about this.” She clenched her fists tighter as she turned around, Kimi and Kate still cocking their heads in confusion.

By the time Michelle returned to her room, her plan had been fully formed. She didn’t want to fuck up one of her favorites series without fully understanding how this program worked, so she needed to experiment with shows she didn’t give a damn about first. Grinning, she clicked into the Change Note site, the same familiar, dull layout returning before her.

Her fingers danced across the keyboard as she typed in “Samurai Champloo.”

She had never been all that big a fan of this story. There wasn’t anything bad about it, but it just bugged her when everyone acted like it held a candle next to Cowboy Bebop, which was obviously far superior. She rested back in the chair, the mechanisms creaking under her weight, as she typed in the character she wished to change.


That girl was so damn annoying. She had nothing on Faye or Ed. She served such a minimal role in the series, so she deserved to suffer a little bit. Plus, again, she had fat episodes throughout the show where she returned to normal moments later. But what if she never lost the weight? Grinning, Michelle typed in her conditions: “She never loses any of the weight she gains over the course of the series.”

She was about to hit submit when something hit her. Maybe she should preview what would happen first before just ordering it to be done. So, very slowly, she rolled the curser over the Preview button, and clicked.

Michelle felt her butt rise up from her seat, as though she were standing. And, indeed, she was standing, but not on the solid floor. She was levitating in the air, suspended by invisible wires. She was about to scream, but, as her head was shoved through the computer screen, her scream became nothing but a digitized sound byte. The monitor didn’t shatter upon impact, but rather she melted into it, falling down a tunnel of binary that swirled around her, until all became bright.

When she woke up, she realized something was very wrong. The scent in the air was not the freshly cleaned one that resonated throughout her apartment, but rather smelt like the backyard of a drunken hillbilly who used his patio as a tapestry for his projectile vomit artwork. She shook the grogginess out of her head as she ran her slender fingers through her black hair and--

Wait, she had slender fingers?

She glanced at her hand, seeing her joints and bones visible underneath her skin. She flexed each one, finding that they worked just as her ordinary hands did, but were just thinner. She glanced at her wrist, the bones also visible, all the way up her soft, yet skinny, arms. Her heart began to beat faster and faster as she came to realize just what had happened. She searched for a mirror, darting around frantically, only to find one just as the door to her room opened up.

A shaggy haired man Michelle recognized immediately as Mugen said, “Hey, Fuu, can ya hurry up? We don’t have all day.”

Glancing away from the newcomer, she looked at herself in the mirror, prodding her cheeks gently with her fingers. Indeed, she was Fuu, wasn’t she? Her dark sheets of hair were tied up as Fuu’s were, strands of hair dangling over her forehead and cheeks. She was inside of an anime. Her heart was racing as she backed away, staring at herself only to tumble to her knees.

“Hey? What now? Did ya get food poisoning or something again?” Mugen asked, dismissively shaking his head, “Girls…”

“Hey, uh, Mugen?” Michelle stammered, surprised to not hear her own voice, but Fuu’s voice. Well, actually, if you wanted to be technical, it was Kari Wahlgren’s voie, just like Mugen’s voice was Steven Blum’s baritone audible erotic tone. So this site was a dub fan instead of a subtitle nut, eh? Or maybe it was this way so she’d understand what the characters were saying, or perhaps just because she preferred the dub any--

“What’s up this time? We don’t have a lot of time to waste.”

“Can we go and eat something?” Fuu asked, smiling timidly.

“What? Now? We’re kinda on the way out--”

“C’mon! Just one nibble can’t hurt!” Fuu stammered, feeling crocodile tears springing to her eyes. Wow, this felt awfully natural. Did she assimilate some of Fuu’s personality when she started possessing her body?

“Whatever, fine,” Mugen grumbled, “See what I care.” As Mugen turned away, Michelle--or was it Fuu?--tiptoed up behind Mugen, grinning. This was her chance to glomp a Steven Blum character. She’d never have this chance again, and the twinges of desire were too great to resist! She buckled her legs, and sprang toward the samurai. He turned around, and with a sharp spin, grabbed Fuu by the wrists, holding her down. “What’s the hell’s wrong with you?”

“Ow!” Fuu stammered, feeling her arms knot in pain now. He sure had a strong grip. Still, she could feel Mugen’s breath against her cheeks. It felt nice, warm, prickly, “Oh, I just wanted to hug you!”

“Hug me?” Mugen repeated the words as though they were a dirty swear that even a drunken sailor would cringe at, “Fuu, maybe you need some food just to fill that mouth of yours.”

That’s right. She was previewing this series to see if her command went through. The reason she wasn’t fat already was because she going to take a peek at how it felt to be Fuu and change with all the food she ate. Wait, how long would this preview last? Surely it wasn’t permanent. There had to be a way out of it. Maybe if she really wanted it to end, it would. That would make sense.

But, right now, she didn’t want to leave.

Fuu followed Mugen down the stairs, the hip-hop influenced samurai refusing to glance her way. Well, that was alright. There was always Jin, the tall, silent type. Granted, Michelle didn’t feel partial to any of the characters in this series, but, if she had to chose between Jin and Mugen…she’d choose Mugen, but Jin was a close second! Maybe he’d let her glomp him.

No, he’d probably kill her first.

The dinning hall was filled with smelly old people eating out of bowels with chop sticks. Surprisingly, it was the chopsticks that stank to high heaven, and not the bowels they ate out of. She wondered why, until she saw some of their teeth, covered over with plaque and filth. That was just plain disgusting. The two of them sat down at a table with Jin, who glared venomously at Mugen, perhaps calculating the ways he could decapitate him without Fuu or anyone else noticing. His target glared at him in an identical way, though with his own little style.

“So have you packed your things?” Jin asked, in a serious tone.

“Oh, uh, well, funny story about that. Waiter! Some breakfast!” Fuu called.

“We don’t have all the time in the world for this sort of stuff,” Mugen grumbled.

But Michelle needed to test Fuu’s body out. By the laws of anime physics, and the joke episodes involving Fuu, it took a meal or two for her to fatten up a good fifty or so pounds. In fiction, especially animation, a character could change their appearance in seconds. This was going to be an intriguing experience.

Platter after platter was presented to Fuu, who, with a ravenous hunger, plopped large chunks of food into her open, welcoming mouth. She felt her cheeks fill with food as she enjoyed her feast. Flavors of all sorts, all more luscious than the last, filled her taste buds. She nearly squealed in delight as Mugen and Jin stared at her, eyebrows raised in both confusion and mild surprise.

Once Fuu ate her full, she slumped back, her fingers massaging her stomach. She felt her flesh give, which made her glance down at her bulk. Granted, she wasn’t 50 pounds heavier, but she was significantly chubbier than she had been before. Where there had been a willowy waist, beneath her tightened kimono was a belly, her breasts resting above it, perky as before. Adjusting herself, she felt her fattened shoulders push against her kimono as well, her arms straining against the sleeves. Blush filled her cherubic face as she felt the fabric tear around her large derriere. She giggled nervously before rising to her feet, resting her hands on her stomach.

“That’s enough for now,” Fuu giggled.

“Do you just want to run our finances dry?” Mugen grumbled, reluctantly paying the bill, “Damn it.”

The trio then left the restaurant behind them, the group moving onto the street. With every step she took, Fuu realized that, even though she was now a chubby Fuu, she was still slimmer than Michelle had been since she was in middle school. It felt odd. She rested her hands fondly on her belly, wondering what it would be like if she lost some weight to get back down to this size.

Unless she decided to go regularly into these anime worlds to--

Fuu staggered backward as Jin’s blade extended out to her nose. She stared at its tip, her heart racing. Was there an enemy nearby? Was someone out to attack them? They were in an open grass field, clearly nothing around them for several yards, so why did Jin pull his blade out, and why was it pointing directly at her face. “Uh, guys? What’s wrong? Are we being attacked?”

“Yes, by an invading force,” Jin said, glaring directly into Fuu’s eyes.

“Oh, uh, from which way?” Fuu asked, staring still at the point of his blade.

“He means you, ya phony,” Mugen replied, glaring at the back of Fuu’s head, “Look, we’re not stupid. You don’t walk like Fuu, talk like Fuu, or act like Fuu. Hell, now you don’t really even look like Fuu. So clearly you’re not Fuu.”

They found out. They knew her secret, sort of. Her heart was racing as she glanced back and forth, tears of terror in her eyes. They were going to attack her, weren’t they? Fuu was the most worthless character in the show! She couldn’t fight back! She was a sitting duck without any ability to defend herself from two titans of power. She darted away, pumping her thick arms as her blubbery legs kicked off the ground. A blurred white mass appeared before her before Jin stopped, holding her hand out to clamp his fingers around Fuu’s pudgy throat.

She gagged, the pressure on her windpipe immeasurable. She couldn’t breathe, her head began to swell with pain as she attempted to cry. However, not a sound other than muted gargling emerged.

“State your true name, demon,” Jin snapped, his eyes narrowed.

Fuu struggled to peal away his fingers, helplessly scratching at his knuckles with her nails as all became dark. All Fuu--no, all Michelle wanted--now was to go home. She didn’t want to die! She didn’t want to die! She didn’t want to be slain, beaten, slashed to ribbons, or whatever Mugen and Jin planned to do to this imposter.

And then she felt herself being dragged through the air, as if by invisible rope or chain. She soared into the air, above the scene below her as it disappeared into binary. And then, all became bright.

Michelle jumped up in a start, staring at the screen. It was as though she had never left, save for the drool she hastily wiped away from her lips. The screen was still as it was, her curser resting on preview. It was time to submit, was it not?

Submit she did.

The same pop-up screen emerged, declaring it would take a few seconds for the changes to fully take effect. In the meantime, Michelle went to Youtube, and searched for Samurai Champloo episodes.

Alas, they were taken down.

Not to be discouraged, Michelle scrambled to Google, and searched high and low for a streaming of the final episode. After four minutes of searching, going into dead end sites and videos featuring the first episode exclusively, she found it. Skipping to the last few seconds, she found a sight that startled her.

A 300 pound Fuu waddling off into the sunset, her massive arms thick with fat roles, her stomach heaving over her, as she struggled to stand in her exhaustion from her exercise and the heat.

Michelle skimmed through summaries of the series, finding that the show really didn’t change much when Fuu was turned into a blob of mush. If anything, the show actually made more sense, seeing as how Fuu looked out-of-shape as opposed to just being worthless. Of course, she spent most of the series slender, but got fatter as the show went on.

She checked out the internet for comments on the whole affair, and found the whole of the internet divided. Some were happy to see a plus-sized girl in an anime, while most were pissed that one of the few plus-sized girls was a total waste of ink, while others lamented about her lost hotness. So fat girls couldn’t be just as hot as skinny ones? Michelle wanted to strangle those commentators just as Jin had strangled--

Wait, that’s right. She had been back and forth between the fourth wall. She put a hand toward her throat, feeling not a single mark. This was incredible. This site wasn’t just a Change Note that could fatten up the anime community and rewrite the epic tales; it was a self-insertion machine. She could hang out with Goku, make a man out of Shinji Ikari, or even cuddle a Pikachu! The possibilities were endless, and, so long as she knew to actually act in character this time, she’d have quite a fun time with this.

She wondered if she should tell the others about this…
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I predict an Inception-like response from the characters within the various anime as the characters take note of the intruders from the real world. This could get dicey.
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Default Why are Anime Girls so Damn Skinny by Da Games Elite BBW multiple MWG Magic

Why not have the tournaments of 11 people with 1 person streaming as a type of sportscaster? Would be quite interesting IMO.
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Wow this story was INCREDIBLY non erotic. Not much teasing, or even much focus on the female figure. Tried to pass itself off as a well thought out story that'd suprise you with some good paragraphs, but it was just baaaaaad.
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