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Default Gaining with less money?

Over the last 2 years, I've been living with my parents, and money hasn't really been an issue with food, so I've been able to gain around 35 pounds quite easily. But now money is getting quite tight, and they haven't been able to buy as much food. I've been stuck at around 165 for a few months, and in the last couple of weeks I've lost about 5 pounds. My parents usually let me choose what sort of foods to buy for myself, but since we can't really spend as much, I need to start buying more fattening stuff, but I don't really know what to buy. Does anyone know how I can start gaining again with the least amount of money?
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Gordo Mejor
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Well, Peanut Butter is pretty high on the calories per dollar list.

To make it go down faster, heat it up in the microwave till it's melted, then eat it like soup, and wash down a spoonful with some cold soda. That great peanut butter taste, without all the chewing and sticking to the roof of your mouth. It makes peanut butter convenient.
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I first saw this post a few days ago but didn't respond cuz I'm fairly new here and didn't wanna jump in all over the place. But, since you've only gotten one response, I figured I'd weigh in.

First, I agree that peanut butter is good. the other thing you could do is add butter or shortening to EVERYTHING you cook to add some calories. For quick meals, check your grocery store's freezer section for the store brand frozen pizzas. My local store has something called a "3 minute pizza" for $1. Each pizza has about 500-600 calories. 2 or 3 of them make a nice meal that takes less than 10min to prepare.
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You can always get cheap food you just need to know where to look;

wholesale stores and even ruduced stuff at super markets or deals .

less money should not stop your gaining .
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