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Default Dana's Dream (~BBW, Fantasy magic, ~XWG)

BBW, Fantasy magic, XWG - Some times repressed dreams become real in the strangest way

Dana's Dream

Dana stepped off her treadmill and took in the view of the city from her fifteenth story condo. She had always found this was a good way to cool down after her evening workout. As she reached for her Gatorade bottle, she thought again about the big match for the city volleyball championship that was coming up tomorrow.

Dana wasn't sure why this one meant so much. Sure, there were bigger meets in college and high school; this one was for money, and that made all of the difference. To make money as an amateur, in addition to your normal payroll as an office clerk: THAT must be the difference.

She scanned the room, admiring the various photos of her teammates and her past glories. “I must get out of these sweaty clothes,” she thought. Off came the black sport bra. She glanced over at herself in her gym's full length mirror. The years of sports and working out showed. She noted her firm rounded buttocks and shapely legs: sculpted through her cycling, and accentuated by her black cycling shorts.

Her waist was trim and her tummy was sculpted, too. Her breasts, while small-ish at 34B, were nonetheless firm and round. Dana reached for a towel and sauntered over to her bathroom for a shower.

This was always one of the best parts of her workout. The hot water caressed her body and soothed the slight aches from her exertion. She grabbed her shampoo and lathered her short auburn hair. Dana had often thought about growing her hair longer, but it would be such a pain in the ass to clean and maintain it with all of her activity.

When she finished her shower, she grabbed her white terrycloth robe and padded her way into the kitchen. She flipped on her CD boombox: soulful jazz sax sounds began to emanate from the speakers. Dana opened her rice machine and scooped out a bowl of curried vegetable rice. She then took it over to her kitchen table and started eating.

“Man, how does that robot make this stuff so good every time?” she thought. She knew the cooker wasn't really a robot, but the concept of her own personal robot chef amused her.

After she finished, she continued sitting at the table, listening to her jazz, and thinking about the big game tomorrow. She started to doze off. As she drifted off, she started to dream.

She was eleven or twelve, and she was in an apple orchard. It kind of reminded her of the one she used to play in as a kid. She started climbing one of the trees. The fall wind was rustling the branches as she climbed. Up she went: she remembered climbing was one of her first great sporting loves. Further she climbed. CRACK! What was that? CRACK! The wind was picking up, but still she continued climbing. CRACK! Oh, no! The branch she was on snapped and down she went. THUD! Oh, no! My leg! What about soccer and swimteam this fall? She glanced down at her twisted leg and screamed in pain.

Dana jolted out her seat and switched off the CD player. Her heart was racing. It seemed so real, but she had never fallen out of a tree as a kid. She went over to the fridge, poured herself a glass of milk, and walked off to bed.

She groggily slipped off her robe and crawled under the covers of her king-sized sleigh bed. Quickly, she fell back asleep.

Now she was in a hospital bed with her leg in an elevated cast: just like on one of those old cartoons. Her parents were by her side: her mother seated and her father standing -- holding some kind of package.

“Dana, honey, I thought that you might want to have this. You won't be playing sports for a while, and I know you really liked playing the recorder when you were a little girl...sooo,” her father trailed off as he revealed a saxophone with a red ribbon wrapped around it.

“Daddy, I love it. You know how much I love jazz and the blues,” Dana said.

“Well, pumpkin, I thought you might be feelin' a little blue, so...you know,” her father smiled weakly.

“Sports aren't everything, Daddy.”

The alarm rudely awakened Dana from her slumber at quarter to seven.

“Time to get up and do morning exercises,” she thought. She threw back her covers and sat up. Something seemed odd, though. She didn't remember putting on her silk pajama set last night, nor did she really remember owning any silk pajamas.

She walked down the hallway to her gym. When she turned into the room she was shocked to see that all of her equipment was gone! In fact, the whole room was different. Now it seemed to be some kind of den. There was an expensive entertainment system and a luxurious corner sofa. Instead of team pictures and trophies, there was fine art. On a shelf by the stereo was a family picture. Dana went over to it and studied it.

There was an older couple: it looked like Dana's parents, but who was this young woman with them? She seemed oddly familiar, but she could put her finger on it. Who was this zaftig young lady, and if her parents knew her, why didn't she -- what was going on?

Dana wandered back towards the bathroom to brush her teeth. As she poured the toothpaste on her brush she continued to ponder the strange photo. She started brushing and glanced in the vanity mirror.

“Oh my god, it's me!” she realized

As she made the realization, she started to transform. Her hair grew down to her shoulders and started to became wavier and deeper in red color. Her face widened slightly and a distinct double chin formed. Simultaneously, her legs thickened and her buttocks swelled to twice their size. Then her breasts swelled from 34B to 44DD. All the while, her silk pajamas grew along with her. Lastly, her once small and well toned belly inflated and softened. When the morphing had completed, Dan had gone from an athletic 115 pounds to a big beautiful 310 pounds.

Dana grabbed her hair brush and brushed her long red mane. She stared into the mirror.

“You are going to knock that agent dead tonight at the bar. You're going to be big time, girl!” she said out loud to herself. She rushed back to her bedroom to find the right outfits for the occasion.

That evening, she did impress her agent - and the jazz club regulars

Across town, the other volleyball team won.

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