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Default Curvy Cruising - by sassysteph (~BBW, ~~WG, Dinning, Erotica, Realistic)

~BBW, dining, Erotica, ~~WG, Realistic - A woman sets some goals for herself during a vacation

Author’s Note: This cruise vacation weight gain story is written in diary format. This is my first attempt at story writing, I welcome any comments!

Curvy Cruising
By sassysteph

Sunday – 8am

Dear Diary,
John gave me the best present ever! We are going on a cruise without the kids!!! It has been almost 3 years since we have had more than one night alone and now we are going to have a whole week! The cruise leaves from Galveston, TX and sails to Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel. We have been to Cozumel before, but the other two destinations are new to us.

I have decided to keep a food diary during our cruise. Now, before you start to think that I am doing this to prevent weight gain, I want to let you know that that couldn’t be farther from the truth! In fact, I plan to gain as much weight as possible over the next week. However, John doesn’t know that I want to gain weight, but I want him to notice that I’m eating more than usual, and I especially want him to notice that I’m gaining. In order to do this, I have come up with a few rules for myself. I also want to write down my goals; after all, any goal that isn’t written down is only a dream! So, here are my rules and goals for the week:

  1. If food is available, eat it.
  2. Limit exercise but not to the point of not enjoying the vacation.
  3. Wear clothing that emphasizes weight gain (looser clothing early in week, tighter clothing later on).
  4. All weight gain will be natural (no supplements or pills).
  5. Measurements and weight will be taken Sunday morning before
    cruise and Sunday evening after our return. No intermediate measurements will be taken.

  1. Ideal weight gain for the week is 10lbs, but 1lb/day (for a total of 7lbs) is probably more realistic.
  2. Gain 8 inches.
  3. Increase bra size from 34C to 36D (I know this may not happen in a week, but hey, a girl can dream, right?)
  4. Find out if John is a chubby-chaser or FA, or if the potential is there.

Sunday – 1pm
We are finally out of the house and on our way to the ship! Before we left this morning, I weighed and measured myself. My starting weight is 134 and I am 5’-2”. My measurements are 37-30-39 and my thighs are 22”. I wear a size 4 or 6 and my bra size is 34C. I am muscular but most of my body is covered with a slight, but visible, layer of fat. The most common description I hear about my build is “solid”. I am looking forward to becoming chubby, and maybe even fat!

Sunday – 7pm
We drove to the port and were on-board by about 3pm and walked past a table with an assortment of cookies. Not wanting to appear too greedy too soon, I only took 2. By 5pm John and I were both hungry but dinner wasn’t until 8, so we decided to check out the café on Deck 5. I started with a piece of pizza, a ham and cheese sandwich and a piece of chocolate rum cake, along with the “drink of the day”, a Tequila Sunrise. The sandwich and cake were so delicious, I just had to have more and went back for a 2nd sandwich and 2 more pieces of cake. By that time, my tummy was feeling pretty full and I was feeling rather horny, so I took John back to our cabin and made love to him. When we were done, I rolled over, sighed and said, “I wanna do this every day.”

“What do you mean?” asked John.

“Oh, just eat all day long and make love any time we want,” I replied.

“Sounds good to me,” he said.

“Great, well, it’s just about time for dinner! Let’s go!”

Late Sunday – 1:30am

We met our fellow diners this evening. We are at a table for 8 with a family of 4 and another couple. I only ordered one appetizer and one entrée at dinner, but couldn’t decide between two of the desserts. The first was a chocolate cake and the 2nd was a strawberry custard. They were wonderful, and I finished both, much to the surprise of John who had just watched me eat more in 4 hours than I normally ate in one day. I felt like I was off to a wonderful start.

After dinner, we set off to explore the ship a bit. We ended up in a bar on Deck 14. I started with a fruity drink but couldn’t decide what to have next. The waitress recommended a Frozen Mudslide, describing it as “a milkshake for grownups”. It was delicious and a wonderful way to finish off the day before heading off to bed.

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Lou Grant
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Very nice start. I like the concept and look forward to seeing you continue the story.
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Not so wise
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TheOwl has said some nice things

Have the feeling we are all going to be wishing they could have gone for a fortnight, by the time the diary gets to the next Sunday.

Really promising start.
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Default Monday

Monday – 2pm
I woke up at 8am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. It’s our first day at sea, and we really don’t have anything planned. I know John loves to sleep in and wasn’t likely to get up anytime soon, so I cleaned myself up, put on my comfy “fat” jeans, and headed to the buffet on Deck 11 for breakfast. I filled my plate to overflowing with bacon, sausage links, and tater tots, all drenched in sweet maple syrup. For “dessert” I had a cheese Danish and a croissant with butter. I washed it all down with several cups of apple juice. Finally full, I wandered back to our cabin, and found that John was still asleep.

It wasn’t quite warm enough to spend any time on deck yet but we had received an invitation for a meet and greet at 10:30 that sounded interesting, so I grabbed my invitation and headed out. A few minutes after I arrived, a member of the cruise line staff wheeled in a table laden with finger sandwiches, juice, and coffee. I was amazed to hear my stomach grumble, especially considering how recently I had stuffed myself with breakfast. But, based on my rules, food was available, so I had to eat. I took two sandwiches and some more juice. The small sandwiches just served to re-awaken my appetite, but by the time I went back for more, they had cleared the table away. I decided to return to the buffet to see if they had switched over for lunch yet. I arrived at 11 o’clock and found that breakfast was still available until 11:30. This time, I went for the Belgian waffles with blueberries and whipped cream, as well as French toast, and a few more sausage links. Half-way through my 2nd breakfast, I had to unbutton my jeans, which had been loose when I put them on this morning.

When I returned to the cabin, John was awake and hungry. I didn’t want to tell him that I had already eaten 3 times, so I joined him in the buffet line, which by now had been switched over for lunch. I filled 2 plates with pasta and a creamy alfredo sauce, sausage and beans, apple sauce, fruit salad, and lemonade to drink. I followed that up with a slice of chocolate mousse pie and an ice-cream cone.

Now, my tummy kind of hurts, and my belly is sticking out farther than I imagined possible. They are showing Grownups in the screening room in a few minutes so I’m going to head down there to digest for a bit.

Monday – 6pm
I settled into a seat in the back of the theater to watch Grownups and massaged my belly. On my way back to the cabin, I walked by the café and picked up a few slices of cake. By 5pm, John was starting to get hungry again and wanted to try out the burger place. I told him that I thought that sounded like a great idea! We were seated in a booth and the waitress immediately brought over a plate of onion rings and fries. I LOVE HER!

I ordered a 1/3 pound BBQ bacon cheeseburger and a larger root beer. I finished off the first plate of onion rings before the burger arrived but the lovely Lydia brought another plate over for me! Halfway through the burger and 2nd plate of rings, I started to slow down, but I managed to get it all in. I was a little disappointed in myself because I didn't even consider ordering dessert! How am I supposed to gain weight if I skip dessert? But, dinner is only 2hrs away and I feel like I couldn’t eat another bite!

Monday – 7:30pm
Ahhh… there is nothing like sex on a full stomach!
As soon as I got to the cabin, I stripped off my formerly loose jeans, lay down on the bed and groaned. I peered at John over my distended belly and said, “I hope you don’t mind if I get a little chubby on this trip!”

He said, “I don’t mind, I’m already chubby, so I certainly can’t say anything about you.”

Now, that’s not quite the answer I was hoping for (something along the lines of “I’d love for you to get chubby, I’ve been dreaming about you gaining weight for a long time” would’ve been awesome) but I can live with it for now! I took off his shorts and told him that Junior seemed to like how I looked. Then I gave Junior something to really cheer about…

Late Monday – 1:30am
Wow! Dinner was amazing! I had almost forgotten that this was the first formal night! Forget what I said earlier about not being able to eat any more! The kitchen went above and beyond to provide delicious food for us, and I ate more than my share. I wore a dark purple dress that I’ve worn a few times before. It used to be a little loose, but tonight I was glad that it had an empire-style waist, giving me a little extra room for my already enlarged tummy. Even so, by the time I finished my escargot (drowning in pure butter and garlic!), roast duck with sides, 2 desserts (cheesecake and ice cream with cherries), and 2 mixed drinks, I felt like I was about to burst out of that dress.

We went back to the cabin where I changed clothes and then spent a few hours in one of the bars. 2 frozen mudslides later, I was a bit tipsy. John wanted a snack so we stopped by the café and grabbed a slice of pizza for each of us. I also took 2 cookies to keep for the morning so I'd be able to eat as soon as I woke up, instead of having to get dressed first!

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Default Tuesday

Tuesday – 10am
I’m glad I brought those cookies back to the room with me last night (or was it this morning?)! I woke up at 8:30 and my tummy was really rumbling! I quieted my stomach with the cookies and went into the restroom. WOW, what a change! I guess I didn’t really look at myself much last night after dinner, but all that food I ate yesterday is making me look about 5 months pregnant! My belly, which was almost flat before we left, now sticks out a few inches beyond my boobs. I know it’s just a food baby and will go away soon, but I’m looking forward to seeing some of it show up as fat in other locations! I took a shower and just loved rubbing soap bubbles all over my new belly! By the time I finished, John had woken up and asked me to wait for him to go to breakfast. So, now he’s in the shower and I am STARVING!

Tuesday – 3:30pm
I am definitely not keeping up the pace I set yesterday. I only ate one breakfast today, which consisted of 10 bacon strips, 4 sausage links, some hash-browns, and 2 Belgian waffles with syrup, nowhere near the volume/calories from yesterday morning. After breakfast, we changed into swimsuits and headed on deck for some sun. I wore a green and pink floral bikini with a push-up bra top. With the push-up bra, my belly and boobs were just about even with each other, and I definitely look pregnant.

Lunch was a poolside Mexican buffet where I got several tacos, refried beans, chicken wings, and corn on the cob. After lunch, I fell asleep for a bit on a lounge chair. The sun felt so nice and warm on my big round belly. On my way back to the cabin, I stopped for an ice cream cone, still only wearing my bikini. In the ice cream line, a skinny middle-aged woman asked me when I was due. I just smiled, rubbed my belly, and said, “Oh, I’m not pregnant, this is all me!” Her jaw dropped. She looked at me, then the ice cream machine, then back at me, and got out of line muttering to herself about how some people should cover themselves. I giggled and then set to balancing the most soft-serve ice cream I could fit into one cone.

Tuesday – 6pm
After my ice cream treat, John and I made love again. I can’t believe how good it feels to have my full, hard belly rub against him! I took top and gently stroked him and positioned him so he was rubbing my clit exactly right. Back and forth, slowly, slowly, until I couldn’t hold back any more. I fucked him so hard and so fast his eyes rolled back in his head. We both moaned as we climaxed together.

Soon, the sun and exertion had taken their toll on John and he fell asleep. I, of course, was hungry again, and went searching for a little snack to tide me over until dinner. I discovered the sandwich bar area of the buffet and made myself a sandwich with about a half pound of ham, salami, and cheese, smothered in mayo. I added a serving of bread pudding with vanilla sauce and ordered a coco loco from the bar. As I was leaving, I discovered a 2nd soft-serve ice cream machine, this one with strawberry ice cream. I couldn’t resist a little taste and made myself a cone. But now I feel a little nauseous, so I’m going to lay down for a bit.

Late Tuesday – 1am
The nap helped, but didn’t entirely cure my stomach, so I took it easy at dinner. The recommended attire for tonight's dinner is "Casual" so I got dressed in a new sheer top and a pair of size 5 white Capri pants that fit perfectly when I tried them on last week. Tonight, they looked like they were at least a size too small I almost didn’t get the zipper up! They are so tight that I am sure it's obvious that I'm wearing thong underwear! I hadn’t really expected any change in my hips and rear in just 2 days, but it looks like the food has started to distribute a little more padding all over. A closer look in the mirror showed that my ribs were barely visible, and even my face appears to be a little softer than it was earlier in the week!

I ordered a crab cake as my appetizer, along with apple soup, which was kind of like runny apple sauce. A little weird, but not bad. My entrée was beer-battered cod and veggies. The cod was not great, so I didn’t eat all of it, but I made up for that by finishing off two desserts. After dinner, we walked around the upper decks for a while. I avoided alcohol and took some heartburn medicine in the hopes that my tummy troubles would be short-lived and by mid-night, I felt well enough to have a milk-shake. Yum. Tomorrow we’ll be in Honduras!

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Default Wednesday in Honduras

Wednesday – 8am
John is in the shower, and we are getting ready to get off the ship. Honduras looks beautiful from here. We ordered room service for breakfast so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting up too early. I don't like eggs, so my choices were pretty limited. I ordered 2 servings each of bacon and sausage, plus a banana. 8 slices of bacon and 4 sausage links is nothing compared to what I’ve become accustomed to, and I’m still a little hungry. Hopefully, lunch on the island will be good!

Wednesday – 4:30pm
Honduras is AMAZING!!! The beach we were at was absolutely perfect with nice, white sand, plenty of comfy lounge chairs and a gorgeous reef for snorkeling 30 yards out. The water was a bit chilly but the sights were worth it! We saw an amazing assortment of fish and corals. By 11:30, the locals had put out a buffet for us. I had some delicious BBQ chicken, rice and beans, and a cheeseburger. I also had a wonderful drink called a Monkey La-La, which is similar to a Pina Colada.

By the way, some of the local girls here have the most amazing figures! I guess it’s genetics, but I am so jealous! One in particular was serving drinks on the beach. She was wearing a 2-piece bathing suit and a grass skirt. I don’t know quite how to describe her… but I would do anything for that kind of body! Her ass was like two basketballs fighting for space under that skirt. Her breasts were like large juicy cantaloupes, barely contained in her bikini top. The back strap of her top was enveloped in rolls of back fat, and her love handles were lovely handfuls of flesh. And her belly… well, it wasn’t large, but it was soft and round and jiggled nicely when she walked.

Both of us were hungry by the time we return to our cabin so I suggested hitting up our trusty buffet on Deck 11 for a snack and John agreed. I had one plate of Sweet & Sour Pork with rice, as well as a nice Mango Streusel with vanilla sauce. Tonight is our anniversary and we’ll be eating in the more upscale restaurant on board. Not wanting to ruin our appetites, we headed back to our cabin for some amazing sex and a nap.

Wednesday – 8pm
I woke up at 6:30 to get ready for dinner and discovered that I didn’t have any nylons to match the dress I wanted to wear tonight. I head down to the shops on board to see if they have anything that will work. They don’t, but the shops are right next to the café, so I had 2 cookies on my way back to the cabin. Instead of the dress, I chose a short black and gold skirt with a black top. The skirt is very short, so I put on a pair of control-top boy-short panties. Even with the control top, I still have to leave the skirt below my belly. Luckily, my shirt is long enough to cover everything. I am starting to regret my decision to not measure or weigh myself until we get back. I would love to know how I’m doing on my goals!

Wednesday – 11:30pm
OMG! Dinner was nothing short of amazing! The beef tenderloin appetizer was sliced so thin it just melted in my mouth. For my entrée, I had seafood risotto, which was perfectly creamy and delicious. Dessert was a beautiful big mound of chocolate mousse, but it was heavier and richer than any mousse I’ve ever had before. When I ordered it, the waitress warned that it was quite large and usually shared by 2 or more people, but I just patted my belly and told her I could handle it. Once I started eating, I wasn’t so sure! The risotto had been very filling and the mousse was so rich and thick, I wasn’t sure if I could eat it all! Two thirds of the way through I started having trouble. I just felt so full!

I rubbed my belly and could feel the control-top panties I was wearing. Hmmm, maybe if I just roll them down a bit… ahhh, relief! My belly spilled out over the waistband of my skirt and rested on my thighs. Suddenly, I felt like I had PLENTY of room! I was so excited that my pussy got a little wet and I finished the rest of the mousse in 3 big bites. At this point, I leaned back and glanced over at the table next to us where 4 people were splitting a single dessert like the one I had just eaten. Of course, none of them had a belly quite like mine! I stood up and felt a bit of a draft... I tried to pull my shirt down, but found that it was not long enough to cover everything anymore!

After dinner we went to one of the bars where we ordered a couple of drinks, but we didn’t stay there long. I brought John back to the cabin and sucked his cock dry. Then, I spread my legs and he proceeded to lick my already wet lips. He grabbed my hips, but they were a little bit sunburned, so I took his hands and rubbed them all over my round belly. His hands turned me on almost as much as his lips! I came so hard that I screamed! I almost can’t believe it! I am getting fatter by the day and we are having better sex than we’ve had in years!

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just like your characters: don't stop!

This is a lovely little story and each day is like another treat!

Nice work!
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Default It's time for Thursday's entries in the diary!

Thursday – 7:30am
We had to get up even earlier today for our excursion in Belize. Once again, the room service breakfast was OK, but not really enough compared to what I ate the first few days on the ship! But, we are going zip-lining today, and I am so excited! I tried to put on a pair of jean shorts that I just bought Saturday but there is no hope for them. I probably could have buttoned them if I had tried a little harder but didn’t want to be uncomfortable all day, so I put on a pair of stretchy black shorts. They were tight too, but more comfortable because of the stretchy fabric and lower waist. I am starting to think that I may run out of clothes that fit before we get back!

Before I got dressed, I examined my reflection in the full-length mirror. My ribs and collarbone are no longer visible at all and I’m starting to get a little roll of fat peeking out from under my arms. My thighs, which have always been large, now look a little puffy and there is no gap between them when my knees are touching. My face appears to be a little rounder as well! I’m still a little surprised at how fast my body is changing.

Thursday – 5:30pm
Zip-lining was SO cool! We didn't see much in the way of wild-life, but John and I agreed that flying over the canopy was probably one of the coolest things we've ever done! But, this excursion has proven that I am more out of shape than I realized. Not that I was all that diligent about exercise before the cruise, but I was definitely slower on the stairs leading up to the platforms than I would have been last week. Also, I was too short for the guides to be able to just clip my harness to the cables. I basically had to do a pull-up to get to where they could clip me on and by the last run my arms were wishing I was lighter! Any thoughts of decreasing my food intake were soon banished, however, when we got back to the base and smelled the meal that had been prepared in our absence!

Our guide told us that we had to try the beans and rice because they would be better than any beans and rice we had ever had before. He was right! They were amazing… but then, so was the chicken, fried plantains, fried corn patties, and mixed fruit! I filled 2 plates with all sorts of delicious foods and emptied them quickly. A nice tall Tequila Sunrise helped to wash everything down. I think the fried plantains were my favorite!

I’m getting faster at eating. John only had 1 plate, and we finished at about the same time. The bus-ride back to the dock was uneventful. We still had some time before we needed to be on the ship so we did a little shopping in a street market. I got myself a nice jewelry set and a bracelet for my daughter. Then we stopped at a little shop and picked up some rum cakes and hot sauce. When I picked up the rum cake, John asked (while smiling), "Do you think that cake will actually make it home with us?"

I said, "Sure, if we get two! One for us to eat in the cabin, and one to take home." He just laughed, but didn't object to buying both.

Back on the ship, John declared that he was tired. I managed to keep him awake long enough for a little quickie before he collapsed on the bed. I considered going out and having a snack, but I was pretty tired too, so I joined him in taking a nap.

Thursday – 11pm
That nap was just what we needed, but I woke up feeling like my stomach was trying to eat itself from the inside out! I put on a loose, stretchy skirt and a new loose top that I had purchased in Honduras. It’s so big that it almost made me feel skinny again! It was just perfect to wear for dinner because it gave plenty of room for expansion, and it was Italian night in the dining room! My appetizers were stuffed Tiger shrimp and a sausage rigatoni dish that was just divine! I also order two entrées (antipasti and scallop risotto) and two desserts (raspberry panna cotta and warm chocolate cake) . Everything was amazing!

I am starting to think that Brian (one of the guys who sits at our table) might be a closet FA or a Feeder. I’m not sure since I’m pretty new to all of this, but I can feel his eyes watching me as I eat more each night. His wife is a little on the plump side, but usually chooses from the “Vitality” menu, which is lower calorie and lower fat than the rest of the menu. He usually encourages her to eat more, but she just rolls her eyes and shakes her head. He does usually manage to convince her to at least try a bite of each thing he gets, but she definitely acts like she is uncomfortable with her weight.

John, on the other hand, still isn’t giving me any signs of whether he likes my new, softer body or not. Sure, he tells me I’m beautiful, but I really want him to say how much he loves my belly, or loves how round my ass has gotten. Then again, I am having the best sex of my life, so I can’t complain too much! We went to another bar after dinner and had mudslides. But, we know we have another early day tomorrow, so it's off to bed!

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Default Tgif!!!

Friday – 9:30am
Woke up hungry again! Luckily, I had planned ahead a bit and bought a Kit-Kat bar in the ship’s General store yesterday. I guess I kind of broke the rules when I bought it because I had food available and didn’t eat it, but I’m glad I did because I sure did need it this morning! We have arrived in Cozumel where we have another snorkeling excursion planned.

Unfortunately, the water looked a bit choppy and I was uneasy about getting on a catamaran for the 45min ride out to the reef. We decided to cancel the excursion and just stay on the ship for the day. We had already eaten our room service breakfast. I figured that if we weren't going to be swimming, we should get our exercise in other ways... so, I put on a little teddy that I knew John really liked. It had to stretch farther than ever before, but the look in his eyes was worth it. We set to making as much noise as we could for the next hour!

Now John wants to read for a while and I called the spa to schedule a massage. They have an opening in an hour. Perfect! Just enough time for a little snack!

Friday – 4pm
My second breakfast ended up just being a small affair… just a few Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, a half dozen strips of bacon, and a few sausage links. When I was done, I hurried up to the spa and settled in for my massage. Once again, I had to explain that I wasn’t pregnant, but they were very nice and apologetic.

Apparently, they have to be careful because some of the techniques they use should not be used on pregnant women, so they have to be sure. The massage was wonderful! My masseuse was a tiny little thing but had amazing hand strength. I was hoping that “the full-body massage” would include the belly, but it didn’t. I guess I'll have to do that myself.

After my massage I went back to the cabin and John wanted to go back to the burger joint. This time I tried their chicken club with cheese and bacon. It wasn’t quite as good as their burgers, but wasn’t bad either. Of course, the onion rings were still amazing, and this time we followed everything up with milkshakes.

By now, I’m really excited to find out how much I’ve grown. I can hardly wait to get home and measure my progress. I am also really enjoying my food and my new body. I have found that I can pleasure myself just by rubbing my belly while I’m eating! I haven’t quite gotten up the courage to ask John to feed me during sex, but the thought is always on my mind.

Late Friday – 1am
Tonight was the 2nd formal night for the week. I'm glad I wore my purple dress earlier in the week, because there is no way I’d be able to wear it now! Tonight I wore a little black number that used to be loose but now fits like a glove. With my belly sticking out past my boobs, I look very pregnant. Of course, my waddling doesn’t help discourage that image! I keep getting dirty looks from middle-aged women, especially when I’m drinking. I guess they all assume I’m pregnant and don’t think I should be consuming alcohol! Hehehe… I almost wish they’d say something to me!

Anyway, dinner was wonderful as usual! I only had 1 appetizer, but two entrées (lobster tail and prime rib). For dessert I had the Dessert Trio, which had 3 half-size servings of chocolate mousse, tiramisu, and some sort of fruity pie/tart thing. I also had ice cream with a fruit topping. A few drinks with dinner, and a few more at the bar has me feeling pretty tipsy right now!

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Default Saturday!!!

Saturday – 10am
Well, it’s our last full day on the ship. I have had a wonderful week, and I wish the cruise was longer… but, I will be glad to get back home. I REALLY want to weigh and measure myself! I think I probably at least came close on the weight gain goal, and I’d be really surprised if I didn’t exceed the 8” I hoped to add. On the other hand, I know my bra size hasn’t gone up by much because I can still fit into my 34C bras. They are a little tight, but not enough that I feel like I need a bigger size. On the final goal of finding out if John could be an FA, I’m no closer than I was earlier in the week. We’ve been together for over 15 years, and I still find it hard to read him! I know he loves me no matter what my size, but I really wish he’d tell me what his preference is. Oh well, sounds like he’s finished with his shower… which means it’s time to hit the buffet!

Saturday – 1pm
Wow, I’m going to miss that breakfast buffet! It has an amazing assortment of yummy food! Today I had bacon, sausage, Belgian waffles, donuts, fresh fruit, yogurt, and juice. After breakfast, we went out to get some more sun. My bikini bottom that I wore earlier in the week was unbearably tight so I tried the other two suits that I brought. Neither was all that flattering in the conventional sense, but I loved how my ass cheeks were barely covered by the bottom of the string bikini, so I wore it! The only problem with it is that the top is not push-up, so my boobs look tiny compared to my belly, although my hips seem to have widened nicely! My ass is nice and soft and round now, and I love the crease my ass makes when it meets my thighs!

Saturday – 6pm
We’re almost all packed and ready to leave. We technically have one more night in the cabin, but tomorrow morning we’ll be back at our home port. We have most of our stuff packed up and in suitcases. We had one last lunch at the burger place earlier this afternoon… and the lovely Lydia was our waitress again! This time she refilled my onion rings 3 times and recommended the double bacon cheese burger with extra cheese and bacon! YUMMMMMY! Two-thirds of a pound of moist, delicious burger with 4 slices of cheese and 6 slices of bacon! Pure bliss!

I almost thought I wouldn’t have space for a milkshake, which would have been sad… but then the strangest thing happened. I had been absently rubbing my belly when I felt a “shift”, and suddenly I didn’t feel full anymore! I looked down, my belly looked the same as it always did after a large meal, but it felt… well, it felt almost empty!

When she came back to the table, I asked Lydia if she recommended the ice cream sundae or the apple pie. She said that she the apple pie was good, but if I liked chocolate, I should go with the sundae. So, I ordered the sundae AND a milkshake! Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite able to finish them while I was there. I wanted to, but had already drank 3 large glasses of root beer and had to pee really bad. But, I knew that once I pulled my shorts down, I probably wasn’t going to be able to get them back up, so I wanted to use the bathroom in our cabin. Again, the lovely Lydia came to the rescue and put the remains of my sundae and milkshake in paper cups so I could take them with me. Have I mentioned that I Lydia?

After we got back to the room, I put the cups in our mini-fridge. I knew they’d melt a bit, but that was OK with me. Then, I tackled John and told him that I wanted to make love to him. He asked, “Aren’t you a little full for that?” I said I was very full, but I needed his help to work off some of those calories!

Like the other day, I took top and slowly guided his cock so that he was able to quickly bring the “little man in the boat” to attention. Then I gently squeezed his balls to make sure I had his attention… soon we had a simultaneous orgasm that had us both shouting and moaning.

After we were done, I got the ice cream and milkshake cups out of the frig and asked him to feed me. He seemed a little confused, but started spooning the soupy stuff into my mouth as I closed my eyes and used my hands to feel how wet I was and stroke “Johnny Junior”. By the time the ice cream was gone, my hands had brought us both to the point of no return. This time, I rolled over and had John enter from behind. I was hoping that seeing my big round ass would turn him on even more, but I don’t even know if he had is eyes open. Either way, he certainly did seem to enjoy holding onto my love handles while he thrust himself inside me.

This vacation has been so amazing! I am not one to keep track, but I am almost positive that we have had more sex this week than we’ve had in the past 6 months combined!

Late Saturday – 2am
I am kinda drunk, so this will be short. Dinner was great. Had some kind of pork for my first entrée, and lamb for my second. I can’t remember how many drinks I had with dinner, but they must’ve been strong! For dessert I had cheesecake, ice cream, and some kind of fruit and custard thing. Yes, I ordered 3 desserts tonight. I caught Brian staring at me a couple of times… and he convinced his wife to order a 2nd dessert, but she still only ate half of each. What a waste… I thought about finishing them for her but didn’t want to embarrass John.

Oh well, after dinner, we hit our 3 favorite bars. I think I got 2 drinks at each one, but I’m really not sure. After the 3rd bar, we stopped by the café for a midnight snack of pizza and cookies.

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Default Time to go home!

Sunday – 4pm
Well, it’s good to be home! The kids and my in-laws were happy to see us, and I was excited to check out the results from my week of excessive eating!

As soon as I could get away, I stripped down and stepped on the scale. I had to lean forward a bit to see over my belly… but when I saw the digital readout, I almost didn’t believe it! 147lbs. That’s an increase of 13lbs in one week!!! And I thought that shooting for a ten pound gain was ambitious! Next up was the measuring tape. My old measurements were: bust = 37”, waist = 30”, hips = 39”, and thighs = 22”. New measurements: bust = 38.5”, waist = 34.5”, hips = 41”, and thighs = 23”. Total increase of 10”! Granted, more of that increase was belly than anything else, but still! I definitely exceeded my expectations! The only size goal that I didn’t meet was the bra size increase. I could probably go up to a 36C right now, but my 34C still works, albeit with a bit more back fat than I’ve had in the past. As far as finding out whether John is a closet FA, I still don’t know. Sure, he fed me ice cream in bed while I gave him a hand job, but he still won’t tell me that I look *better* with the extra weight.

Sunday (one week later) – 10pm
My first week back at work brought a few surprises. Mainly, NO ONE mentioned my weight gain… at least not to my face! I told a few of my close friends that I gained “more than 10lbs” on my vacation, but no one really seemed to notice it! Of course, I am noticing it! All of my size 4 pants are way too tight, and my size 6’s, which I used to wear with a belt, are snug. Also, none of my button-up shirts will button over my belly.

When I weighed and measured myself last week, I thought that that would be the highest my weight would go… I guess I thought that part of that weight was still a food baby. But, after this week, I’m not so sure. Of course, after my week-long binge, I knew my appetite would be affected, but I didn’t think it would be that difficult to get back to my normal eating habits. Boy, was I wrong! I wake up starving, and get hungry every few hours. And, my normal (pre-cruise) meals leave me feeling empty inside. I am probably eating about twice what my “old” normal was… and I’ve gained another 2lbs. That was the 2nd surprise. I thought that since I’m not gorging myself, I would stop gaining. My hips went up by another half inch, and my waist by another inch. I am seriously thinking I need to buy some new clothes since I am now limited to 3 pairs of pants and 1 pair of jeans, all of which are very tight. I still have a few skirts that fit, but they are not work-appropriate. I think I want to stop gaining for now…

Sunday (2 weeks since the cruise) – 8pm
I broke 150lbs on Friday. I now weigh 151lbs. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It was fun to be gaining weight and getting bigger on the cruise. Now, I feel like I have no control. I don’t know how to stop… or even if I should…

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Wondering Where You Are
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JimBob can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesJimBob can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesJimBob can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

I realise this is fiction, but I'd have thought Goal #4 might have been a bigger priority than the other three...
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It wasn't entirely fiction (names and some minor details were changed)... and yes, Goal #4 should have been the biggest priority... she just didn't have any luck getting him to talk about it

I am done with this story (I think) but if someone else would like to take over and expand upon it and turn John into a true FA or feeder, I am totally OK with that!

Originally Posted by JimBob View Post
I realise this is fiction, but I'd have thought Goal #4 might have been a bigger priority than the other three...
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Oh, I just realized that I never named the main character ... so if someone continues the story, feel free to give her any name you like!

My only request is to keep the weight gain somewhat realistic (no more than 20lbs per month), keep her and John together, and stick to the diary format if possible.
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Not so wise
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So the story lived up to the early promise, cruises just seem to work so well for weight gain stories.

I am done with this story (I think)
Hope in that case you decide to write something new.
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bbwsrule can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesbbwsrule can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesbbwsrule can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

I enjoyed this story. Good work!
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John Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot pics

A Fattening Odyssey. ^_^
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OLD-LOVE has said some nice things

love this story
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