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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics
Default Chance Encounter - By Mollycoddles (~BBW, Eating, ~WG, FFA, Magic, Sex)

~BBW, Eating, ~WG, FFA, Magic, ~Sex, explicit. – A chance encounter on a traincar leaves a young lady larger than before. This story is a little more personal than most of my writing, in as far as these types of stories can be personal, but I just realized it's never been posted here...and I thought some people might enjoy it. Any feedback is always welcome!

Tanya sat transfixed as the train pulled out of the station. She'd only just made it onto the train mere moments before it pulled from the station. Those last several meters had been a sprint and Tanya felt completely winded. Phew, she was out of shape! And pulling out a pocket mirror to check herself, she frowned as she realized that the run had disheveled her perfectly coiffed hair. She groaned inwardly. Naturally, she looked afright! And on today of all days…

Because sitting across from her was the most gorgeous girl that Tanya had ever seen.

A large honey-colored girl with long jet-black hair sat across from her. The girl looked like she was in her mid-20s – probably about 25. She was fairly plump, but looked as if she'd only recently gained weight – her clothes had that too-tight look of someone who hadn't yet had the chance to buy a new wardrobe. Her fuzzy angora sweater stretched tightly across the swell of her chest, which swelled outward slightly every time she breathed. Below her ample bosom, she sported a small but prominent potbelly, which also pressed tightly against her sweater. Her white slacks were obviously a bit too small and looked as if they had been painted on her.

She looked beautiful. But, above all, she looked…hungry.

No, thought Tanya, I'm through with this. I've done it to too many other girls already. I've no right to do this at all.

Maybe it was divine justice that she should look a mess today. Maybe this
was the universe's way of telling her: Not this time, kid. This is one chick you can't dazzle with your glamour. Give it up.

But, of course, that's not how it worked. Tanya didn't need to look glamorous to dazzle anyone. In fact, she rarely looked glamorous at all. She was a skinny, gawky girl, pale and wan, with wild mousy brown hair that she always had to fight to control – and even when she finally did manage to beat it into submission, it didn't take long for it to reassert itself. Her teeth were crooked, giving her a lop-sided Cheshire grin, and her fashion sense, well, it was appalling. She could almost feel the honey-colored girl eying her critically, even though every time Tanya glanced in her direction she was pretending to be absorbed in her book.

No, Tanya didn't need to look glamorous. Her ability to charm people was something almost preternatural. In fact, it wasn't really that she could make people do things. It was more that she seemed to be able to…alter things so that people did what she wanted.

The girl's plump little tummy gurgled. She placed one perfect hand against it and frowned.

It was already happening. Tanya knew that she was already making things happen. She forced herself to stare sullenly out the window, but the very idea of that delicious young girl sitting here, right here, in the same compartment…oh, it was maddening.

The girl's stomach burbled again. The girl stared at her paperback thriller with angry resolve, but the look on her face told Tanya that her mind was elsewhere, wandering to sinful, decadent, tasty pleasures…

"So," said Tanya brightly, "A bit hungry are we?" She grinned her lop-sided grin and hated herself for it. So this is it, Tanya? Giving in to temptation so quickly? You're pathetic.

"No," said the girl, putting down her book. "I just ate." A quizzical look passed over her face.

"Doesn't sound like it," said Tanya. The girl glared at her as if to say Who are you? What right do you have to talk to me that way? Tanya suspected that this was a girl who wasn't used to dealing with such comments, who had the looks and the body that made everyone around her suddenly mind their p's and q's. Her glare was hard and Tanya felt herself squirm just a bit. This girl was a feisty one! Unfortunately, that only made Tanya more intrigued.

Tanya had a power. She didn't know why or how. Maybe it had something to do with the radioactive waste dump down the street from where she'd grown up. Maybe it was because she was born on the leap year. Or maybe it was because she'd been hit by lightening. Twice. The reason for it was unimportant. What was important was that it seemed to be triggered whenever Tanya became aroused. And what aroused Tanya were large women.

She hadn't known it at first. She didn't admit to herself until university that she was really a lesbian, and it was only a couple years later that she came to terms with her other …proclivities. But even before that, Tanya noticed that she had an odd effect on certain ladies, certain tasty chubby ladies who seemed to suddenly get chubbier in her presence.

The first time was in high school when Tanya had caught herself absently
admiring the shapely bottom that belonged to Miss Bleuvelle, the young French teacher. Miss Bleuvelle was a plump young woman in her mid-20s right out of college on her first teaching job; she looked like she was born to be a librarian with her thick plastic-framed glasses and her mousey brown hair cut in a serious, short bob. She always dressed in modest skirts and fuzzy sweaters, but she couldn't hide some delightfully thick curves. All the boys couldn't help but think of other things while Miss Bleuvelle tried to coax them into conjugating irregular verbs. Most of the girls in that class were jealous, because their curvaceous teacher had just the right amount of meat to make anyone drool. But Tanya felt that she looked a little…lean. She didn't know why. She couldn't even say that her interest in Miss Bleuvelle's size was in any way prurient. Back then, Tanya was still trying to convince herself that she liked boys. But there was something about the throaty way that she pronounced those guttural foreign phrases…

It happened one day while Miss Bleauvelle had been writing something on the blackboard, her thick hips swaying as she scrawled something about "Je suis un joli chapeau" or something. Tanya's mind began to wander (French was sooooo boring) and her eyes slowly drifted downwards to rest on her teacher's wide rump. Those fleshy buttocks were rolling and undulating beneath Miss Bleauvelle's tube skirt. Then Tanya saw something that set her off: As Miss Bleauvelle leaned forward slightly, her protruding rear pressed into the skirt enough that Tanya could make out the faint outline of her underwear. It was enough to catch Tanya's attention and focus it right there, on that fleshy pair of cheeks.

Under Tanya's gaze, those two rounded orbs grew rounder. And rounder. And rounder. At first, Tanya thought she was imagining it as Miss Bleauvelle's panties became more distinct and the chunky young thing absently reached a hand behind her to adjust her skirt. The teacher shifted slightly as her skirt grew tighter, pulling taut across the curves of her swollen bottom, stitches fraying. But it was only when she bent to retrieve a fallen piece of chalk that her bloated butt proved to be too much for the flimsy garment, and it split with a loud RIP. The class erupted into sniggers as Miss Bleauvelle went red with embarrassment. She flipped on her heels, pressing her bum against the blackboard in a desperate attempt to hide her exposed undies.

"Class dismissed," she said tersely, waving everyone out. "Out! All of you!" Tanya remembered filing out with all the other, but casting a last book at her humiliated teacher. Had her butt just gained several inches or was it her imagination? Had she been the only one to notice?

"Have you noticed how fat Miss Bleauvelle has been getting lately?" Tanya
overheard two girls gossiping in the hall.

"Yeah, it's all going to her ass! Talk about a wide load! She really needs to lay off the croissants. I mean, I know she's been blowing up for weeks now, but can you believe how she still keeps wearing those small clothes? No wonder she busted a seam!"

That's not right, thought Tanya, Miss Bleauvelle hasn't been gaining weight for weeks at all. She's always been the same weight…It was only today, after I thought about her backside, that it started to balloon.

That was the first time. But it wasn't the last. Tanya felt terrible for Miss Bleauvelle as well as all the other ladies whose waistlines she had destroyed wit her bizarre abilities. She tried to control herself, but it was difficult. She loved to watch ladies grow. And when you have the power to make your heart's desire come true, it's hard not to use it.

"Candy, sandwiches, tea!" Tanya was jolted out of her memories as the snack trolley rolled into view in the doorway. "Hello, ladies," said the trolley driver, looking in at them, "Either of you fancy anything to eat?"

"None for me, thanks," said Tanya. But then she added, almost against her will: "But my friend here is a mite peckish, don't you think?"

The trolley driver looked over the girl. At first he didn't say anything, but then Tanya's influence swept over him.

"Good gravy! You're not kidding!" he said. "She needs a sandwich!"

"No, please," said the girl. "I…I don't want it. I really don't." Her voice took on a pleading tone, as if she was desperate to keep the food away from her. Please save me from myself, it seemed to beg. "I've already eaten today."

"Nonsense," said the trolley driver. "You look absolutely famished. I couldn't deny you some food now. You need it, love." He pressed the sandwich into the girl's hands.

"But…but…I'm not hungry!" whined the girl. As if to argue, her rounded tummy suddenly let out a loud, ominous gurgle. A pathetic, resigned look flashed across her face as the trolley driver fixed her with skeptical gaze.

"Not hungry, eh? Sheesh, you girls with your fad diets. For the life of me, I'll never understand why you lot always deny yourselves meals. It'll be the death of you yet! Good day!" He tipped his hat to the two women and pushed his trolley down the corridor.

The girl looked at her sandwich for a moment. Her belly mumbled again and, with a sigh, she began to unwrap it.

"Hungry?" said Tanya.

"Ye…no! No, I'm not! I…don't think so."

"But you've just got to eat, right?"

The girl raised the sandwich to her lips and mumbled, ashamed, "Yeah…."

"I'll bet this started happening recently," said Tanya, "You just started gaining weight for no reason…you just started getting these bizarre cravings that you couldn't resist…"

"Yes! I don't understand it! I used to be so slim…just last month. This weight is all new. I don't know how it started. I used to be able to eat anything and not gain an ounce, but then all my bad eating habits started catching up with me. I tried to cut back, but it was too hard…I had a lifetime of bad habits behind me and I found that I couldn't break them. I just can't pass up any temptation. If I see something sweet, I have to eat

Tanya clucked her tongue in crocodile sympathy. "What's your name, love?"


"Ahhh, what a lovely name." Tanya smiled. She knew exactly why Jasmine's waistline had begun to expand so suddenly. It was the forces of the universe at work. Whatever mysterious, unworldly force that gave Tanya this bizarre power, this power that she abused so heinously to satisfy her own predatory urges, had begun work on Jasmine early, plumping her up nice and round in anticipation of the day, the day that she would actually come face to face with her tormentor.

Jasmine sighed miserably, causing her gigantic breasts to quake. Tanya's eyes strayed to that trembling bustline.

"Look at me now! A month ago I was an A cup? Can you believe it? But as soon as I started gaining weight, all this fat started going right to my boobs. Now I can barely fit into a D. It can't be normal to go up four cup sizes in a month! And the weirdest thing is that no one seems to notice anything strange."

"Oh, of course not. To everyone else, you look strangely famished. They just feel this need to feed you, don't they, Jasmine? Isn't it odd?"

"It is…wait, who are you?" Jasmine narrowed her eyes and peered at Tanya. Her scrunched up face just made Jasmine look cuter, like a little kitten annoyed with a ball of string.

"I'm Tanya!"

"No, I mean…who are you? Why are you so interested? How do you know so much?"

"Why don't you just eat your sandwich, Jasmine? Then I'll explain everything."

"Okayyyy." Jasmine tentatively nibbled her sandwich, her suspicious eyes never leaving Tanya. Tanya continued to smile as Jasmine suddenly gasped.
Jasmine's perfect hands dropped the sandwich and flew to her pudgy tummy. Her stomach looked slightly swollen, causing her fuzzy sweater to roll up.

"What…what's happening to me?"

"There, there, sweetie, still hungry? Are we filled up yet?" Tanya stood up and plunked herself down next to Tanya, who was too busy gawking at her own swollen belly to object. Jasmine's tan tummy peeked out from under her shirt

"No! What's happening? I'm getting…fatter!" She looked pleadingly at Tanya, too frightened to slap Tanya's busy hands away from her growing midsection.

"You! You're doing this…stop it!"

Tanya winced at Jasmine's desperate pleas. She felt a twinge of guilt as what she was doing, but it was too late now. She was caught up in the heady rush of power, too aroused by Jasmine's girth to think about the poor blimping babe's feelings.

"No, I don't think so. Are you filled up yet? I don't think you are."

"But I am full…I'm overfull…ohhhh," Jasmine moaned as her abdomen surged forward. She felt bloated, full, double-stuffed. She hadn't even been eating much, so why did she feel so crammed?

"I think you like this, don't you, Jasmine?" Tanya worked her power of suggestion as she ran her fingers along her victim's rounded flank. "I think you'd like some more, don't you?"

"Oh, no…I mean…oh, please!" Jasmine moaned as Tanya's hand caressed her stuffed tummy. Tanya slowly kneaded the soft flesh, moving down, down, down. Slowly, carefully so that she didn't jostle Jasmine's full belly, she raised the lowest roll of flab to reach beneath and find the snap on her pants. With a gentle nudge, the snap popped open, letting Jasmine's succulent rounded stomach push forward. The zipper eagerly parted with a grating sound, sliding down of its own accord as Jasmine's swollen gut popped out.

"No, no," breathed Jasmine. "Not here. Someone might see."

"No one's going to see, Jasmine," said Tanya. Tanya knew this was true because she willed it so. Jasmine seemed to accept this, as just yet another strange thing that Tanya could do.

Tanya grabbed the sides of Jasmine's tight white pants and tugged at them. They were so snug that they didn't want to come off.

"So you don't like being fat?" whispered Tanya. "Are you sure?"

"Oh," sighed Jasmine. "Oh!"

"Do you want to be bigger, Jasmine?"

"Oh! Oh, yes…I think I do…want to be bigger."

"Well, that can be arranged."

With a final tug, the white pants rolled down Jasmine's thick legs. Tanya's fingers lightly skimmed over Jasmine's pubic mound. In just her panties, Jasmine looked even fatter. Her swollen, blubbery belly hung over her underwear in three colossal fat rolls, her navel a deep dark slit. Even more fat was packed into her panties beneath that, the purple cotton fabric was stretched and fraying. Jasmine blushed. Obviously, she hadn't expected anyone to actually see her knickers or she would have been wearing something a little more presentable. Her pussy was becoming wet at Tanya's touch; she could feel her juices soaking through her undies, saturating the seat beneath her.

"Oh! OH…I…I'm getting big…bigger!" gasped Jasmine. Her body was swelling, her stomach growing bigger, rounder, like a water balloon inflating.

"What's…what's happening…happening to me? I'm getting so…so…soooo fat. Ohhhhh…"

"I'm giving you what you wanted, Jasmine. I'm making you bigger. Don't you
like it?"

"Yes..yes…I do…but…but…I'm getting too big…I can't be…I can't get…this fat…a girl wasn't made to get this big…oh…I'm going to blow!"

"No," cooed Tanya. "Not yet."

Jasmine's ballooning boobs swelled bigger and bigger, stretching out her fuzzy sweater until threads in her armpits began to pop. Her bra was getting tighter too, deliciously snug as her melons pressed against it with increasing force. The force of her massing melons and ballooning belly pulled the hemline of her sweater higher and higher until most of her perfectly rounded tummy was visible. Tanya gazed longingly at Jasmine's smooth curves, the perfect little indent of her deepening navel.

"Your bra is looking kind of tight, Jasmine. Do you want me to take it off for you?"

"Yesssssss," hissed Jasmine, her mind reeling in these new pleasurable sensations.

Tanya slid her hands behind her growing victim and raised the back of her sweater to reveal her bra strap. Jasmine didn't resist, raising her arms as Tanya pulled the fuzzy sweater over her head. Jasmine's brassiere was a lovely pearly white lacy thing, large but not large enough for her new size. Tanya pinched the clasp and the undergarment released with a snap, springing off Jasmine's bosom. Jasmine's bloating boobs billowed out like a pair of party balloons being inflated. Jasmine groaned at the release. Tanya's hands skittered around to her front and cupped each monster mammary, squeezing gently.

"Better, baby?" she asked.

"Ohhhhhh," breathed Jasmine quietly. Her eyes were squeezed shut. Her lips were trembling and her head titled back. Tanya took that as a 'yes.'
Tanya's left hand reached down, sliding between the lowest roll of Jasmine's gut and her public mound. Jasmine's belly was big enough by this point that Tanya's hand disappeared from view. She pushed her fingers deeper and deeper into that blubbery crease, grabbing hold of Jasmine's flab to give it a healthy jiggle.

"Oh, Jasmine, you're so fat now," said Tanya, "You're so fat because I made you this way. All of this fat, all of this flab, is all mine, do you understand?"
"No…I don't understand how…how this is possible…how could you make me…fat…how could you make me want to…be fat…I don't…know…but it feels sooooo good…to be fat…I don't know why…but I want…want to be fat…to be fatter…"

Tanya grinned to herself as her hand moved out of the crease and slid down under the fabric of Jasmine's sopping, straining knickers. Jasmine gasped as Tanya found her wet spot and began to massage.

"Do you like that, Jasmine? Is that good?"


Jasmine's breathing grew faster, turning to ragged gasps. She continued to grow, every gasp in time to her expansion like air being forced into a balloon. Tanya's fingers pumped in and out of Jasmine's wet vulva, working furiously to bring this blimping beauty to climax.

"More…keep going…don't stop….mmmm."

Tanya tickled Jasmine's sweet spot expertly as the big bountiful bunny lost herself to pleasure. Jasmine's underwear was becoming uncomfortably tight but she paid it no mind as the waistband cut into her soft adipose. The panties were an annoyance to Tanya as they constricted her movement, limiting her ability to pleasure Jasmine, but she could tell from the way the stitches were squealing under pressure that they wouldn't last long. It was only a matter of time before they burst…and before Jasmine burst in orgasm.

"More…more…make me…feel good…make me..bigger…"

"Whatever you say, love," whispered Tanya.

Jasmine grew in a surge, her growing belly and swelling boobs bloating out even further and making her resemble an ancient fertility goddess. Jasmine was bigger than ever, all boobs and belly, all growing bigger, bigger, bigger. Tanya estimated that the once plump girl was now a real jumbo heavy-weight
Jasmine cried out in ecstasy just as the shredding panties gave up the ghost. Jasmine twitched slightly and the tortured elastic broke with a snap.
Her gut flopped down as she bucked.

"Ohhhhh!" she cried out, tensing and relaxing. Jasmine continued whimpering quietly to herself as Tanya finished. Post orgasm, Tanya continued to tease Jasmine's clit, slowly bringing her down from her place of pleasure.

After a few minutes, Jasmine had drifted off into a dreamy stupor. Tanya stood up and shook herself out.

Jasmine lay on the floor in a big blubbery heap, wheezing and gurgling. Tanya was filled with disgust at what she'd done, how she'd taken advantage of this woman – but she felt no regret. Jasmine had been one of her most delicious experiences yet. The dusky honey was much bigger than she'd been this morning.

"Where…are you going?" Jasmine gasped. She strained to prop herself up on her arms, but she was too exhausted and too bulky for such a graceful movement.

"I have to go," said Tanya, "But don't worry. You won't remember me. And you won't remember this day we've spent together. Get dressed, Jasmine, and get yourself cleaned up; I promise you that no one will enter this compartment, no one will see you until you're ready for them."

Jasmine nodded dumbly. She knew that was true too.

"But…you can't just leave me like this! I'm huge! People will wonder!"

"No one will wonder. You've always been huge. I'll give you this: From now on, no one will think you're famished when you're not. No one will feel the need to feed you. Your weight will not longer climb against your will; it's yours to control. If you want to get bigger, you can. If you want to get smaller, you can. It's up to you now."

"You won't return me to my old size?"

Tanya laughed as she walked out the doorway. "That is one thing that I will not do. Besides, is that what you want?"

"I…don't know. I'm so confused."

"Well," said Tanya, "Aren't we all?"

And with that she was gone.
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bentleydev can now change their title

I really like where this story is going.
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Dhomberger has said some nice things

This was a very intense story. I really appreciated the details and pacing. Thank you for sharing it.
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