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Default Teresa's First Year at NYU - by ZaneTheInsane (~BBW, ~~WG)

~BBW, ~~WG - A young woman transfers from a local community college to NYU after a lot of hard work and studying.

Teresa’s First Year at NYU
By ZaneTheInsane

It was quarter to four when Teresa exited the bus with a heave and a sigh. It was still a long walk to her new apartment, and she wasn’t typically the type to walk. She remembered all her life driving places in her little country town in upstate New York. She’d enjoyed the lazy summer days, and the cold winters spent by the fire, as well as the fields in spring and the colorful trees in autumn. She was unfamiliar with this concrete and steel jungle she’d come to for university.

She was a transfer student to NYU from her community college. Her family had been too poor to provide for her education, and so she’d had to work for it herself, getting amazing grades in high school, and maintaining a 4.0 average in her college classes, which earned her the necessary prestige and scholarships to make it to her dream school. Of course, she’d had to work twenty to thirty hours a week on top of going to school full time, and doing homework, so she hadn’t had much of a chance to do things, have fun, and be social. But she figured she could make up for that while here. That, and Teresa was looking for a new start, a fresh start.

In high school she’d been cute, but never one of the popular girls, and always shoved aside when it came time to go to the school dances due to her shy reserved nature, and her awkwardly late blooming body. At the end of high school she’d begun to bloom into quite the beauty, and by the time she was taking her first classes in college she was a sight to behold. Slender, yet curvy, with a C-cup and long lovely legs, she attracted a great deal of attention. Unfortunately she was too focused on her school work, and job to be able to take advantage of it. Towards the end of her community college days, when she had more free time, the guys just weren’t interested anymore. In fact, they seemed to avoid her. She wondered why, what had changed between freshman year when they couldn’t get enough of her, and the last semester of her sophomore year when she was headed towards NYU.

What Teresa failed to notice until one faithful day when she had a bit of free time to herself, was that her job waitressing at the local diner was not doing her any favors in the figure department. What she saw that day in the mirror astonished her, because to her it seemed like she’d gone from the winter of her early years in high school, to the spring of freshman year of college, only to ripen into the plump fruit of summer’s heat. Her spring had come and gone quickly, and she was rather distraught at its affects. She’d gone from a slender beautiful babe, to an overly curvy, plump woman. Her face was fuller, though not overtly so, her breasts had bloomed into DDs. Her hips, bottom, and legs had thickened substantially, but all of that was nothing compared to how they emphasized the focus of her blossoming figure. Her once flat tummy had ballooned out into a big round almost pregnant belly, protruding from her torso as if she were overdue, her love-handles not large enough to hamper the impression.

But, being focused on her goals, and as is so typical of Teresa, hard to put down for long, her positive attitude shone through. She even managed to have a few dates her last couple months in her home town, though they didn’t end up anywhere, and she never became intimate with any of them. She still had her beautiful black hair, shining smile, cute nose, luscious lips, and gorgeous amber eyes. She was quite a knock out, even if she did turn heads with her particularly rounded shape. Teresa allowed all her past, from high school to college, to flash into and out of her mind within the moments she stood there on the street after the bus pulled away. Then she gathered her courage and put one foot in front of the other, headed towards the large apartment complex that was to be her home for the next few years.

She felt her body bounce and wiggle with each foot-fall, it had become comforting to her, grounding her to reality rather than letting her mind wonder the possibilities of stardom. She knew her life would revolve around her intellect, her personality, and her ability to excel at anything she put her mind to, and not on her looks. From time to time when she thought about it, she did think she looked quite beautiful, if a bit too plump for her own good. Damn those pastries and pies being so delicious to devour. She refocused herself again, this time looking for the number of the building she’d been told held her apartment. It wouldn’t due for her to get lost, especially considering that her parents and siblings were coming in an hour or two with the luggage, furniture, and baggage she was taking with her. They’d wanted her to wait for them, but she’d told them that she wanted to see what it was like, and experience New York City first hand before they came up. Her father almost put his foot down in refusal, but she was his baby girl, and he took one look into her eyes and his protests melted away before they found a voice.

So, here she was, in New York, with a couple hours time to enjoy the apartment and to take in the sights of the magnificent and intimidating city. She approached the first complex building, and noticed it wasn’t the number she was looking for, so she began to move on, looking for the next. She reached around to her side, having to reach over her round belly, but under her bosom to reach, and extracted her instructions. She found the details to where she needed to go there, and looked around to get her bearings according to the map in the upper corner of the piece of paper. Then she spotted the building it indicated, and she headed towards it, a smile on her pretty face, the wind jostling her hair, her chub wobbling and bouncing with every confident stride.

Teresa walked through the bright and well kept side street, enjoying the cool breeze as it rushed between the buildings. She looked up at the next concrete and brick structure, and found it was the appropriate number. Finally she was at the place she would be spending the first year of her time at NYU. She bounced up the steps, her footsteps much lighter than typical of her due to her spirits soaring with possibilities. She smiled at her reflection, though she blushed briefly as well. She was wearing a cute pair of jeans, with Birkenstock sandals, a flowy purple top which attempted to hide her generous belly and still emphasized her bust. Then she completed it with her standard bandana holding her black hair away from her face. Normally she would have just smiled, but the wind had blown up her top, and lifted it slightly, making it rest on her tummy, exposing a small bit of her pale belly to the sun. She quickly pulled the shirt down and pushed the incident from her mind before she began to worry. After all, this was her day to change how she felt, who she was, and how she took life. It was a new environment, and thus full of potential opportunities.

She opened the door to a plethora of voices greeted her. She smiled as she saw the open hall way which lead to a desk, chairs, a large recreation room, a pool table, massive glass windows looking in to what looked like a garden, and of course a multitude of people. She smiled as she walked in, looking all around, unsure of what to take in first. She noticed that there were signs, most of which looked handmade, hanging from the ceiling. Some representing sororities, fraternities, and other organizations, others representing the various organizations in the school, and finally there was a sign indicating information. Teresa immediately headed towards the bored looking blonde who sat at the information booth, which seemed to be one of the few booths without anyone around it. Upon Teresa’s approach, the blonde immediately perked up and went from a bored look of resignation to being helpful and cheery.

“Anything I can help you with?”

“Yeah, hey, I was wondering if you could help me figure out what I need to do, and where I need to go to get to my room?”

“Oh,” the blonde said, “umm, well, are you a freshman? Do you have any information from the university?”

“Yes I do, right here.” Teresa said, stepping closer and handing over the information she had received concerning her apartment location, directions to the building, and various other directions around the campus of NYU itself.

The blonde looks it over quickly, referencing some maps and charts she happens to have out on the table in front of her. While she’s looking, Teresa glances around, seeing various individuals her age doing a variety of things, from playing pool, to napping on one of the uncomfortable looking couches, to playing card games on a nearby table. Then she looks back to find the blonde looking at her as if waiting to have her full attention back.

Having achieved her goal, the blonde went on, “You’ll be going to the third floor, by that stairway to the left, past those sorority tables, straight through that gray door. Once you hit the third floor, you’ll go down the hall, and according to this map here,” She said, handing Teresa a map, “it will be the seventh door on the right. You actually got one of the nice dorm rooms, though you will likely have a roommate to share it with. How’d you get such a nice dorm room as a freshman?”

“Oh, I’m not a freshman, I transferred here from community college.”

“Ohhh…” The blonde seemed like she’d just learned something tragic. “Well, those are the directions, I marked your dorm room with pink highlighter, just in case you forget.”

Then Teresa turned towards the door the blonde had pointed you, preparing to head straight for her dorm room to escape the chaos, and to bask in her dorm room’s possibilities.

“Hey, umm, if you need to, there is an elevator down to the right, if you don’t want to use the stairs.” The blonde mentioned, her voice holding a trace of concern.

“Why would I need to use the elevator? I have two good feet and legs.”

“Oh, well, I just thought…well, in your condition…ummm, it was just for future reference.” The blonde stuttered, her face becoming slightly pink as she noticed Teresa’s expression going from quizzical to flustered.

Sighing and turning on her heels, Teresa marched towards the stairs, almost positive she knew what the blonde was thinking. Here she was, only minutes into being within her apartment building, or dorm building, or whatever, and someone already thought she was pregnant. She briefly considered looking into the NYU gym facilities, and trying to lose all her excess weight. However by the time she got to the third floor, Teresa forgot the idea, her breathing slightly heavier, and she was starting to sweat. If there was anything she hated worse than starving herself, it was sweating. Definitely not high on her priority list, she said to herself as she stood catching her breath before the doorway to the third floor. She enjoyed her other assets too much, and didn’t mind the problems nearly as much as the solutions. Plus, her current size meant she’d never have to worry about skimping on good food, or worrying about if a guy liked her just for her looks. After all, if she found a guy who loved her, shouldn’t he do so for the whole package, belly and all?
Teresa pushed open the door, seeing the hallway of doors beyond. She saw a few people moving things in and out of the hallway, bags and boxes stacked in piles, partially obscuring her view of the end of the hall. Proceeding cautiously forward, Teresa looked around the hall which would likely become her stomping grounds for the next three or more years as she continued her college career, and hopefully met with success. She stepped around a few piles of boxes, and had to suck it in once or twice to get by a few places within the hallway, which left barely enough room to pass through. As she neared the door to what would be her apartment, she began to become nervous and excited all at once. This experience was so amazing, almost surreal. She would finally have a place of her own, in a city far from home. She’d be able to do things all for herself, and enjoy her academics while exploring the city. With her mind flying high on the winds of possibility, Teresa forgot to suck in her round tummy as she passed a set of boxes. The sensation of something being pushed off-balance by her protruding stomach brought her swiftly back to reality. She moved quickly to grab and balance the box before it fell, sucking it in simultaneously to prevent anything else from being knocked over.

She placed the small box back atop the pile from which she knocked it and sighed, wondering if she’d ever get used to her shape, and berating herself for not being more careful in her passage through the crowded halls. Teresa was at her dorm-room door though, and went forward to open it. It was locked. Teresa, in her excitement has jumped the gun and gone upstairs before getting the key to her apartment. Despite her frustration, she takes a deep breath and heads for the stairs once more, this time at the opposite end of the hall. This side of the building seems less crowded at the moment. Teresa also thinks it will be easier to maneuver her rotund body through all the obstacles on this side. So off she goes, slipping with relative ease through the mess of boxes, and once having to excuse herself when she walked in front of a family helping their child move into one of the dorms. When she hit the stairs, Teresa sighed again, knowing if she was going to go down them, she’d have to come back up again. She also knew from experience, she tended to bounce and jiggle quite a bit when going down any stairs.

She made it down the stairs alright, nobody seemed to be using them at the moment. Teresa pulled her shirt down again, as it’d ridden up while she’d traversed the stairway. She opened the door, and was met once more with the sounds and visual complexity of the main hall. More people than before filled the area, making Teresa’s shyness kick in. However, she asserted her self-control and pushed herself forward, wanting to be more outgoing and more extroverted. Hopefully this city university would provide her with that opportunity free of judgment. With that hope firmly in her mind, Teresa looked at each of the signs hanging in turn, finding the sign marked ‘Sign In’. She headed towards the table and found the line to be rather short. She quickly made the best of this and hopped to the back of the line, her slight smile returning to her face at being in a place she’d always longed to be.

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Teresa relaxed as she stood in line, putting her hands in her jean pockets as she fidgeted a bit. She looked ahead of her in line, seeing a couple guys, and a few girls ahead of her. Directly ahead of her was a short girl with mouse brown hair who was playing around with her cell phone. It looked as if she was playing some sort of game. Teresa was interested in seeing what it might be, but refrained from asking, her shyness again thwarting her attempts to be social. Fortunately for her, the girl spotted Teresa’s curious gaze at her phone and was not at all the shy type. She turned to face Teresa and smiled as straight toothed smile, the kind one can’t achieve without incredible luck or, more likely, braces.

“I’m playing Angry Birds, it’s kind of an addicting game, my brother showed it to me, and I haven’t been able to put it down ever since. Anyway, my name’s Emily, it’s nice to meet you.”

Teresa smiled right along with Emily. “I’m Teresa, I actually just transferred here from a community college upstate. I’ve never been here before.”

“Well, you’re in for a treat, this building is awesome! I loved the look of it during freshman year so much that I signed up to try to get in here for sophomore year. If I hadn’t pulled the grades I did, I wouldn’t be living here. So, what room are you in? Have you ever been to NYU before?”

“I’ve only been to this university once before, and that was a tour of the music department. I’ve never been here before that, but I fell in love with the school.”

“Oh, so a music major huh? Me too! What do you play? Or are you a singer? Oh tell me you’re a vocalist, you definitely look the part.”

“I’m living in room 357, and I actually am a vocalist, though I also play the classical guitar and piano. I used to play the violin, but it got to be a bit much for me.”

“Cool, I actually play the bassoon. Have you ever seen one before? They’re so much fun to play. This is awesome! Not only is the first person I talk to when getting back to campus a musician, but she’s a vocalist, and she’s living on my floor! How sweet is that?!”

“Well, it’s not that impressive,” Teresa said, blushing from the enthusiasm oozing from Emily. “Besides, bassoon sounds like an instrument I’d enjoy hearing about. I have never seen one. And I’m just happy that the second person I actually talked to is nicer than the first. I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get to know anyone my first day on campus.”

Emily smiled even wider, her grin seeming to take up nearly half her face. “Well, I’m pretty outgoing really. Though I do warn you, I like to hear the sound of my own voice. At least that’s what my mother always told me. Anywho, I’ll definitely show you my bassoon later, once it gets here that is. My folks are coming later this afternoon to help me move things in.”

“So are mine, in fact they’ll probably be here in an hour or so. I also have a roommate to meet. I didn’t even think about that until I talked to the girl at the information booth earlier.”

“Oooo, mystery roommate, almost like mystery date, but it can be a ton less fun, and a lot more traumatic. Not that yours will be, just thinking of my freshman year. My roommate was a complete nutcase. Hopefully you’ll have a nice girl who’s mellow, or fun, or something.” Emily said, her hands moving all over while she spoke. It seemed there wasn’t a single part of this girl that wasn’t vividly animated.

“I hope so, I’d hate to have a roommate who was crazy my first year here. It would taint the whole experience of being in the city for the first time, and living on my own for the first time as well.”

“So this is your first time away from home huh? I remember my first couple months here. All the noises were so new, but then again, after nights of studying, and late nights practicing, I was so exhausted that I’d come back to my room and crash completely. But this part of the city is awesome. I’ll have to show you around once you get settled.” Emily said with a smile, turning a bit to look at the line. It had shrunk significantly since they’d started talking. She moved up, motioning Teresa to follow her up.

The two girls continued to converse, mostly concerning NYU, its campus, the different buildings, and where on campus to go for fun on weekends. They chatted a bit about each other, Teresa discovered that Emily was actually from Northern New York, and had received a scholarship due to her instrument since so few people played it, combined with her high school grades which were amazing as well. She spoke of her roommate, a girl named Tabitha, who was a violinist from Ohio. Apparently they’d met as most music majors do, in the orchestra. Then Emily leapt from that subject to talking about her love of horses, then to the flowing skirts she found in a store not too far from campus. Teresa attempted to follow along, though from time to time she got lost because it seemed that when Emily got excited, her speech would speed up. This prompted Teresa to ask her, politely as possible, to slow down a bit. Eventually Emily relaxed more, and they continued to banter, about various topics as they neared the sign-in station.

“Looks like I’m next. Well, if you want, we can grab dinner or something after your parents head out. Just stop by my room, I’m at 353, just down the hall. Have fun!” And with that Emily went bopping off to sign into her room, bright smile on her face.

“Next.” Called one of the attendants at the sign in desk.

“That’s me.”

“Last name, first name, and room number please.”

“Gilino, Teresa. And my room number is 357.” Teresa replied.

“Okay, I’ll need you to fill out this form, from here to here, then sign on the bottom. Here’s your room key, your roommate has not arrived yet, and once your done with the paperwork, you’ll be all set.” The attendant said with a smile.

Teresa took all of a few minutes to fill out her paperwork, then signed, grabbed her key, and headed off towards the stairs once again. She didn’t see Emily, but judging by how quickly Emily walked, she might already be up on the third floor exploring her room. So, Teresa walked towards the stairs, taking a moment to look down at her watch. It was only forty minutes or so before her parents arrived, and she hadn’t even seen her dorm room yet. She entered the stairs with a sigh, proceeding to push her plump body up them. She pulled her shirt down again and she reached the top, feeling a bit hungry as well. Perhaps she would take Emily up on the dinner offer after all, if her parents didn’t decide to bring her somewhere for dinner. She noticed the hall was less tightly packed, and there were less people in the way, which made her approach to her door much easier this time. She paid more attention to the pattern of the doors this time. It seemed on the left the doors started at 300, and on the right it was 399. And the way the building was shaped was like a giant ‘L’, so she presumed that by the stairway at the end of the hall was another hall. She hadn’t noticed before due to her frustration and all the boxes she’d had to make her way around.

So, while deep in her thoughts, Teresa wandered up to her dorm room door. She looked down and saw two keys on the chain, and noticed they were labeled. One was for the bolt, the other was for the door handle itself. She went ahead and unlocked both, though it looked like the bolt had been left unlocked. She proceeded to push open the door, and was greeted with her dorm room. It looked relatively big compared to her room at home, but small compared to what she’d been thinking it would be, especially for two people. She wandered over to window and saw a beautiful view of a small garden square out in the middle of a complex of four buildings. Whether it was by accident or intention, the buildings let enough light through to illuminate the garden quite well. It looked like a gorgeous place to walk, sit, or enjoy the small patch of nature in the city. Curiously, there was a large crowd down there now, and it seemed someone was performing in the square. A violinist by the looks of it. Teresa smiled at that, and then wandered around the barren room, looking at the large closets, the number of outlets, and the only pieces of furniture in the whole room, a bunk bed which looked like it could be made into two cots, and two small wooden dressers.
Teresa sat down on the one mattress after looking it over. It was in decent shape. She drifted on her thoughts for a bit imagining what she would do with her possessions as she brought them into the room, and figured out where they would go, or where she would want to put them. As her mind drifted the sun shone in the window and she leaned back against one of the support poles for the bunk bed, lifting her feet to the other side and off the floor. She sat there, hands clasped together, resting on her belly while she contemplated how to maximize the room, or at least half of it. After a short time she got up and stretched, moving a bit to get her blood flowing again. Teresa moved towards the door, pulling her shirt down as she felt the cool air in the room brushing against her protruding abdomen. She pulled the door open and almost walked face first into a tall red head who was reaching for the door knob. Both girls jumped, each startled slightly. Meanwhile a pretty blonde haired woman, who looked to be in her forties or fifties, behind the red-headed woman stepped forward.

“So you must be Jenna’s new roommate, how nice to meet you, I’m Beverly, Bev for short, Jenna’s mother.” Beverly said, hand extended politely out. She was wearing what looked like a woman’s power suit, and had a blue-tooth in her ear. Her shoes looked expensive, but Teresa, being a sandal kind of girl, couldn’t name the brand. She was neat, well-put together, and had a massive air of authority about her which emanated through her pleasant exterior.

“I’m Teresa, Teresa Gilino, it’s a pleasure to meet you Beverly.” Teresa responded, her training from the diner coming in handy since she was still a bit shocked from nearly walking into the girl who she assumed was Jenna. She shook Beverly’s hand firmly.

“Nice handshake,” Beverly commented, about to expand on that statement when her phone started ringing much like an old rotary telephone. She pulled a smart looking cell phone out of her pocket and looked at the number. “Sorry, excuse me for a second, I need to take this call.”

And with all the abruptness it had started, Teresa’s deluge of conversation ended, and she was left standing still watching Beverly walk a short distance away as she began to talk casually with someone on the other end. Meanwhile, Teresa looked back to find the red-head standing there looking after the woman, her expression a mix of disgruntled frustration and a deeper level of disappointment, as if this was something she accepted, but it saddened her every time she did. Teresa had seen the look, if not quite the same one then something similar, from time to time in people at the diner during afternoons when a family would come in and one parent spent the majority of it on the cell phone. Teresa shook herself out of her reverie, feeling that the silence was uncomfortable.

“So, ummm, hi, you must be Jenna?” Teresa asked tentatively.

The redhead turned and as she focused on Teresa her eyes came into focus and she smiled a bit, losing that brief sadness, or perhaps masking it. “Yeah, my name’s Jenna, it’s nice to meet you Teresa. I assume you’re my roommate this semester, judging by how you’ve already been in the room and all.”

“Yeah, I was just looking around the room, and checking out the view from the window, then I figured that I had better go downstairs and see if there was anything else I needed to do before my parents arrived.”

“Oh, well, that’s cool. So, where’d you come from, and what’s your major? How’d freshman year treat you here?” Asked, moving past Teresa to climb up to the second bunk and sit there.

As Jenna passed her, Teresa noticed that she was a good head taller than her, and slender. She also possessed a grace and poise which Teresa didn’t often see. It was as if she glided around, easily covering the ground between the door and the bed in a couple strides. Jenna was quite the opposite of Teresa’ form. While Teresa was shorter and curvy to an extreme, Jenna was tall, lean, and rather angular. She looked the part of an athlete. Teresa would have to ask her about that. She stowed the information for later. “Actually, I’m a transfer student. I came here from community college. I’m from just south of Rochester, New York, and I’m a vocal major. How about you? Where are you from, and what’s your major in?”

“Nice, so you’re new to the campus. I’m from Concord, New Hampshire, I’m a chemical engineering major, I’m also on the volleyball and field hockey teams. Hey, maybe we can bond over dinner later roomie, try to get to know one another. Or maybe we could do it while we set up this bare ass room we’ve got here.”

“Yeah, I know, the place is like a big hollow eye-sore. It’s so barren in here, I’m definitely going to enjoy when my stuff arrives. And I’d like to have dinner, or chat while setting things up. Especially since I’ve no idea where anything is on campus yet. I mean, my first hour and half here I spent finding this place, signing up, asking for information, and going up and down the stairs a couple times.”

“Haha, yeah, try the stairs after being in the gym for three hours for training. God, what a horrible experience that was, I barely made it up the seven freaking flights of stairs before collapsing into my bed. It was miserable after having come off a summer of being a lazy bum.”

“Wow, you were on the seventh floor? I don’t even think a single building in my home town has seven floors. I had a hard enough time with these three flights, I can’t imagine how out of breath I’d be after seven floors worth. Even imagining it makes me sweat.”

The girls continued to banter back and forth until they head Beverly approaching from the outside of the room, wrapping up her phone conversation, at which point the conversation in the room halted and the two girls waited for the phone conversation to finish.

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Very good start. There's some nice depth to your chracters already.
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