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Default Ashlee 1 - 9 - by Billie Joe (~BBW, Eating, Stuckage, ~SWG )

~BBW, Eating, Stuckage, ~SWG - Ashlee was a growing girl.- but never intended to be

by Billiejoe

(Before the Melissa series there was Ashlee, whose story merges with Melissa in Chapter 9 of that series. With this posting we complete the collection, including a newly retrieved Chapter Eight inserted as of 2008)

Ashlee 1: The Beginning

Ashlee had always been an athletic kid after entering the public school system a year later than most her age due to several childhood illnesses. She did dancing from a young age and always loved running around. But her teenage years brought with them a struggle to stay fit. At the end of the first semester in her eleventh school year, soon after her 18th birthday, she gave up dancing. Her mum tried to get her to continue, but she just wasn't interested.

She spent much of her second semester after-school inside, watching TV and eating, and that's when she began to change. She began to fill out and grow quite plump. By the end of July approaching her Senior year she was a nicely porky 155 pounds, but hadn't been near a scale in memory. Ash had never gained weight before and she didn't even realize she was getting fat.

One morning she got up and stumbled downstairs into the kitchen. She helped herself to some bacon and eggo waffles from the toaster, which she always buttered heavily. She then made herself pop tarts and began to stuff down a high calorie breakfast. Whatever she ate formerly burnt off with all her dancing, but that was now ancient history. Now, with the summer holidays prior to her Senior year started, the effects of her habitual heavy eating were really starting to show. Her mum had watched her anxiously, and was beginning to become worried about her daughter's increasing weight.

Her mum peered into the kitchen in mid-morning to see Ashlee fumbling around in the fridge. She got a view of Ashlee's chubby butt and decided it was time to try doing something about it.

''Ashlee, come here.'' she said.

Ashlee waddled over as her mother winced at what she was becoming. She was visibly fatter, not much, but it was definitely noticeable.

''Yeah?'' Ashlee's voice was muffled behind a big cookie.

''Don't you think you're getting a little....bigger?'' her mum stuttered, pointing at her belly. Ashlee looked down to see a roll of flab hanging over her pajama pants. Her posture was atrocious as her belly stuck out, it was as if she hadn't noticed her growth. Which, to be honest, she hadn't and didn't want to face. She was, after all, still young with a typical teen mindset.

''Umm.....well, maybe...but it doesn't matter, I'll lose it all before school...'' she mumbled, suddenly becoming self-conscious. She was sucking in her belly subconsciously now.

Ashlee ran up stairs into her room and struggled herself into some clothes. She was surprised at how tight her pants were around her bum, as she eventually buttoned them. Then she pulled on a shirt, which slid up her belly and revealed her deep belly button.

''How could I have grown out of these?'' she pondered, ''They should fit perfectly.''

Ashlee then turned around saw a sight most every girl hates.

''Oh no, look at my bum!'' she swore as she gazed at her curvy hips in the mirror. Ash's newly fattened butt stared cruelly back at her in the mirror. Her pants were so tight they restricted her breathing. She observed herself in the mirror and pinched a roll on her stomach. It jiggled slightly as it oozed over her pants waistband, she would be much more comfortable if they were unbuttoned. But she didn't want to believe she was so fleshy.

For the rest of the day she avoided her usual snacking. But over the next month Ashlee increasingly let slide her mother's warning, and was suffering the consequences. For some reason her Mom didn't take any further action. There was as much food as ever available and Ash was constantly indulging. The effects of her heavy eating habits were very much showing and she was getting fatter everyday.

Her Mother had purchased her new clothes after the initial warning and within two months she was already growing out of them. She had ruined several pairs of pants, mostly from the back seam tearing or the button popping off from stress. She had gained the most weight on her bum, which was now huge. To add to that, she hadn't noticed the weight gain at all.

She woke up one morning and heaved herself out of bed. Stepping on the scales, she was mortified. She had gained 12 kilos in 12 months - half of it since her Mom's first warning. She was now 168 pounds, but she still refused to believe it.

''I can't be that fat.'' she stuttered.

She was ignoring the truth; she just "knew" she couldn't have fattened up that much. Ashlee pulled on some clothes. Her undies sank into her bum crack and failed to cover her fleshy cheeks, which stuck out from her back like two bulging round orbs. She squirmed around struggling to get her jeans on, wriggling her hips to stuff her butt cheeks in. Ashlee felt her thighs wobble as she struggled, eventually getting the pants over her hips. She sucked in her gut as far as she could and pulled the jean flaps together, to no avail.

''Oh come on...'' she complained to herself before having to release her breath, allowing her belly to bulge out again. She bit her lip and made one last attempt before giving up. Her shirt rode up on her tummy and exposed a blubber roll hanging over her open pants. Her deep belly button was clearly visible. Ashlee grabbed a handful of flab and jiggled before trying and failing to pull her shirt over her swollen midriff.

To anyone else it was obvious. She was now fat. Spinning around in front of the mirror, she saw she had developed a generous muffin top. Her belly rolled over her pants waistband as love handles spilled over on her sides. At the back, her pants hadn't covered all her bum, and the top of her butt crack was visible and her cheeks peaked over the top. She looked like she could pop out of her pants as her developed curves bulged over the too tight pants. Unsatisfied, she walked down stairs to the kitchen, her butt swaying back and forth as she did so.

''Nice day, Ashlee.'' said her mum, staring out the window, ''Why don't you go for a walk and get some exercise?''

''Hmph, fine.'' she replied, taking the hint. Her mum had been very critical about her expanding body. Leaving the house with a chocolate donut in hand, Ashlee fumed as she stuffed the donut into her mouth. Her face was plump and chubby.

''Why can't she just say it? : ASHLEE you're too fat!'' she stormed to herself.

She stopped and ran her hands over her hips and thighs, reconsidering her words and sinking back into denial.

''I haven't gained that much weight anyway! I'm growing up after all!'' she reassured herself. totally blacking out the number she'd seen on the scale.

Ashlee reached the park when she had calmed down. She was flushed and puffing, the lack of exercise was showing. Her pants chafed as she wheezed up a track into some bush.

''I'm not that fat,'' she kept saying anxiously rubbing her plump midriff.

She remembered the place, she played here as a kid. Now, a little older, she'd come here to think. The threshold of her hideout was a small cubby house, with a door similar to a dog door. Ashlee would crawl in and stew on her thoughts.

''Hmm,'' she thought sarcastically,'' I probably can't even fit in there anymore now.''

But something inside her wanted to try.

She bent down on her hands and knees, her pants strained against the bulk of her big butt.

''Yeah, I can fit for sure.'' she thought. Ashlee hadn't been inside the house for quite a while and little did she realize how much thinner she had been then.

She stuck her flabby arms through, and pushed against the side of the door as hard as she could. It was more of a squeeze than she had remembered, as her torso slowly squashed through. Her pudgy waist plugged the doorway and it wasn't until she sucked her gut in that she could fit through. But the hardest part was yet to come.

Ashlee's soft, wide hips couldn't be squashed like her bust and belly could and were firmly wedged into the doorway. She pushed as hard as she could but her thighs, belly and bum cheeks completely filled the door and refused to budge. She squirmed desperately, trying to squeeze herself into the clubhouse but she was simply too fat to fit through the door.

''Oh no, please, come on!'' she panicked, twisting hopelessly to free herself. Reality struck hard as she realized how plump she had become. She wriggled her fat body desperately. Her body jiggled violently, her belly wobbling up and down as she shook. Her bum had become too bloated and to fit into the doorway and she fought to squeeze her hips through as she aimed to rounded gluts into the air, separating each soft cheek of her expanded bum.

She achieved little for all his effort except to cause her pants to slide down slightly, exposing the top of her bum crack. In such a secluded part of the park, she didn't see how she would get free. She turned to view her obstruction and saw her flabby midsection stuffed heavily into the door, rolls of blubber spill over the sides of the door.

She fought back the panic and tried going back out the way she came. Large fat rolls surged up around the plugged doorway before she gave up. Her gut was too large, even if she sucked it in. She desperately tried to push her plump bum through, but the doorway was plugged with butt flesh. The sides of the door cut into her softened hips as she squirmed. She was well and truly stuck, when she heard a familiar voice.

''Excuse me, are you stuck in there?''

Oh crap, wheezed Ashlee, it was Melanie, only the most popular girl in school. It didn't take Ashlee long before she realized her stupid teeny bopper friend, Natasha was with her. Ashlee was good friends with these girls, despite their differences.

''Yeah, can you help me?'' said Ashlee shyly.

''Oh my word! Ashlee, is that you?!'' said Melanie, giggling, ''Oh wow, you've gotten so fat!''

''Yeah thanks, Melanie.'' grunted Ashlee,'' Just help me please.''

''Wait until everyone sees how much of a plump little piggy you are!'' joked Natasha harshly.

Ashlee scrunched up her chubby face at the thought, she was hurt by that. The two girls grabbed Ashlee's thick legs and pulled, but just as with Ashlee's attempt, the only result was blubber rolls blocking escape.

''Wow Ashlee - how much have you put on?'' groaned Melanie, succumbing to the futility of her rescue attempt.

''Maybe if we grab her fat arse we can squash her in?'' suggested Natasha.

''Worth a shot.'' concurred Melanie as Ash felt hands sink into her fleshy behind. Plan two failed, as Ashlee's plumped cheeks rolled up against the door and would not go further.

''Oof!'' shouted Ashlee. She could feel the top of her bum was out to be seen. Ashlee was so embarrassed.

''One more push,'' declared Melanie,'' If it doesn't work, I'm going home and she can stay here until she's trim enough to get through."

''What?! No! Please! let me out of here! I didn't mean to get so fat!'' moped Ashlee.

''Sure.'' said Natasha bluntly.

The last shove didn't work, Ash was stuck fast.

"Well, I'm leaving!" said Melanie,"unless....Hey Ash, what if we took off your pants, maybe you could squeeze through?"

Ashlee at this point was desperate enough to try anything.

"Umm, ok?" she stuttered nervously. Great. Not only was she stuck, but now her bubble butt was exposed. She was thankful they didn't notice her unbuttoned pants as they slid down over her rounded buttocks. Her bum wobbled as Ashlee shifted uncomfortably. Melanie and Natasha laughed harder.

"Oh my word, Ash! Your bum is enormous!" Natasha laughed as she smacked Ash's plumped bum cheeks. Her undies were wedged into her bum crack. The two girls sank their hands into her soft rump and pushed. Ashlee was moving!. But it was brief. In the end she only made the situation worse. Ash's butt was stuck at the roundest part, so now she couldn't move anywhere. She wriggled in an attempt to free herself, but her chubby rear was too big.

"I'm still stuck! Help me please!" pleaded a desperate Ashlee.

"Sorry, Ash, but you're too fat. You're on your own." replied Natasha.

"I'm not that fat! Wait! Please!" But it was too late.

They were leaving. Ash was on the verge of tears when she heard a sudden groaning.

Ashlee's colossal arse were too much for the old clubhouse; it came crashing down. Ashlee heaved herself up and tried to put her pants back on before the dust cleared. She was lightening quick, but the other girls broke out in laughter. Ashlee then realized she hadn't buttoned her pants and her belly protruded over the tight waistband. She made a feeble attempt at buttoning them, her pants tightening around her plump cheeks, but she failed. A red mark encircled her hips where she had got stuck.

''Are those pants too small tubby butt?!'' laughed Melanie,'' You must have been stuffing your face all the summer holidays to get that fat!''

Ashlee had just about heard enough. She ran, or at least tried to run off. Her pants rubbed against her bottom heavy body and it wasn't long before she had to stop. She was wheezing and panting, but she had to get away from her friends, who now seemed totally mean. Ash got home exhausted.

When she reached her room, she realized she'd ripped the rear seam of her pants. She sighed in disbelief as she struggled out of her pants and decided to just stay in her undies only for the rest of the day. She locked the door and stayed there until next morning.

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Ashlee 2: Bikini Bottom Stuck Fast - Ash tries to accept her new found fatness.

A few weeks had passed since the clubhouse incident, a moment Ashlee would much rather forget. Despite being an appropriate insight into how plump she was becoming, Ashlee continued to deny that her body was expanding.

Her mum continued to pester her, dropping subtle hints like, "Hey Ash, why don't you go for a jog?" or "Eat an apple, Ash"

But she angrily ignored all comments, insisting her clothes had shrunk in the wash. There was still several weeks left in the summer holidays, and Ashlee was getting fatter everyday. Each day brought more lazing around and eating.

One humid, cloudy morning, Ashlee woke up in a sweat.

"It's so hot!" groaned Ashlee, as she turned over in bed. Her belly rolled after her, each breath pushed tighter on the stretched elastic on her undersized pajama pants. She heaved herself into a sitting position and rubbed her face to wake up. Her black hair was messy and she felt tired and grumpy. The added humitity didn't help her mood either.

Her tummy now bunched up into three rolls of soft flab whenever she sat. As she stood, she heard her bed springs sigh in relief as they were freed from her heavy body. Ashlee hoisted on some pants. As usual, she had quite some difficulty getting the pants over her plump bum. She jerked the zipper up, each notch bit further into her soft belly. The button refused to close as Ashlee began to get frustrated.

"Come on, you stupid pants!" she grunted.

At that moment, Ashlee's twenty year old sister Kayla glanced in.

"Ooo! Ash, mom is right - you are getting fat, bigger than me even!" she giggled, poking and pinching Ash's flabby gut. Kayla had until this timealways ben the plumper of the two.

"Get out of here you nuscience!" scolded Ashlee, throeing a pillow at Kayla. Kayla darted off laughing as Ashlee tried to chase her. But she was so out of shape that she flushed red and and beganm wheezing, so she gave up pursuit. Her open pants chafed her thighs in the heat, as her mum entered the room.

"Ashlee, please, have some pride, cover your belly!" mum frowned.

Ashlee felt her face get even redder as she stomped back in her room, her angry steps jiggling her whole body. Her butt cheeks rolled up and down with each step. She was fuming as she returned to her vain attempt at buttoning her pants. She struggled,clearly frustrated, as her mum yelled from the other room.

"Kayla has the water slide set up, why don't you go for a swim?"

Ashlee nearly exploded in rage, "Yeah...Ok mum please!"

When she looked back down she was elated to see her pants were buttoned. But the victory was short lived as the button popped off when she released her breath. She had ruined another pair of pants. Her mum left the house to run errands and she knew Kayla was outside with the slide. Ashlee sat on her bed, the springs groaning. She rubbed her face and breathed deep trying to calm down.

She had noticed her weight gain, but refused to believe it. She remained in complete denial, she just loved eating too much. She had always had a somewhat larger appetite, and after abandoning dancing she had avoided exercise like a plague.

"Oh, OK, I'll go in the pool and enjoy the slide then." she said, pulling off the wrecked shorts.

She held her bikini bottoms at eye level and pondered. "I can't believe these used to fit."

She stuck her wobbly legs into the bikini and pulled them up. The fabric stretched to the limit on her rounded butt. They did a poor job of covering her puffy derriere, they sank into her bum crack, which was exposed at the top. The too small bikini bottom meant her cellulite ridden thighs and bum were exposed. She pulled the materials down in an attempt to cover all her butt, but it was simply too big and round. The top was packed full of her large bust, and the strap cut into the flab on her back.

She felt uncomfortable and self-conscious. In between the tight bikini parts protruded her corpulent stomach. She grabbed the bottom roll of her belly and jiggled it before sucking in in an attempt to hide her expanding body. She turned around in front of the mirror and instantly got butterflies in her stomach. Her pale, soft butt was enormous. She felt embarrassed, despite the fact that no-one was around.

She waddled out into the backyard, taking light steps to lessen the jiggle of her body as she walked. The water slide that her mum mentioned was a simple tarp strip that ran down the lawn and into the pool. Covering the tarp was suppose to create a tunnel, but only the tunnel framework stood at the moment. The "framework" was simply a series of plastic arches that raised up over the tarp and were dug into the ground deeply at the sides of the tarp. Kayla was lounging on an inflatable raft at the pool's other end, waiting and watching to see what Ashlee would do.

After spraying the tarp with detergent, Ashlee hauled her fat body to the top of the slippery dip. Her hips were far too wide for her to sit and slide feet first on the tarp. Instead she lay down on her belly and pushed off head first. She slid down the slippery tarp at a fast speed. Racing underneath the tunnel arches when suddenly, THOOMP! Ash came to an immediate halt.

"Huh?!" she exclaimed. One of the tunnel arches had been hammered too far into the ground, making the way too tight for someone as large as Ash to slip through.

"I don't believe this...I'm stuck! Again!" groaned an angry Ashlee as she struggled to free herself. For the second time in a number of weeks, Ashlee's newly plumped body had left her stuck somewhere and in a predicament.

"Grr!" she growled twisting her plump hips. Ash felt her soft body wobble as she struggled to free herself. The arch cut into her softened hips as she tried to pull the arch peg out of the ground. But it was dug in too far.

Ash was stuck. Kayla climbed out of the pool and giggled. She ran over to Ash and began smacking her butt, sending a ripple of fat throughout her bum cheeks.

"Fatso! Fatso!" laughed Kayla naively.

"Kayla, please! Just get that bottle of detergent over there!" sighed Ashlee.

Kayla decided to cooperate. The taunting was just payback for the teasing Ashlee had given her in earlier years. She tottered over to Ash, handing her the bottle. She watched as Ashlee rubbed the detergent over her hips and bum, hoping she could be slippery enough to pop through. Her heart racing, Ash slowly slid through, the arch squashing her butt and she squeezed. Success!

Ashlee wobbled back inside, deeply embarrassed again. Still in her bikini, she entered the pantry and helped herself to a piece of chocolate cake. She loved chocolate, and it showed in her bloated body. Her love for bad food had left her oblivious or in denial to her fattened self. As she walked down the hallway, she dropped her piece of cake. She bent over to pick it up, separating each cheek of her large behind when she slipped, her feet still slippery from the detergant.

Ashlee tumbled butt first to the ground. Ashlee felt a sudden rush of cold on her rump. She had fallen onto her mum's fish bowl, which her mum had left of the floor while dusting the table. Still coated in detergent, Ash's arse was able to slip right in.

"Why me!?" she swore, realising she was stuck again. She was in a sitting position and her entire hip region had slipped in. Unable to stand up, Ashlee crawled into her room, bum high in the air to her mirror to inspect the damage. Her butt was in sitting position, with both her cheeks spread apart. Her hips were too wide to pop out, as Ash failed to pull the fish bowl off. The illusion the water created distorted her butt, making it look even larger in the mirror. Ashlee's arse took up most of the bowl's volume. Sitting in her fish bowl, she buried her face in her hands and came close to crying.

"Who am I kidding? I'm a blimp!" she moped.

"My bum is so fat!" she continued, eying her huge backside in the mirror. Ash made one last vain attempt at removing the bowl from her bum and was successful.

Choosing to take action, Ash decided to devote the rest of her summer holidays to shedding excess flab...

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Ashlee 3: A Little Thing Called Diet - There's no hiding her chubby body from her school friends, as Ash discovers.

Ash spent the rest of the holidays trying to lose her excess flab. She had had three moments of severe stuckage that helped her realize she was getting really fat. She worked hard, and by the time school came around, she was looking somewhat thinner. She still boasted a slightly pudgy belly, and her bum was still soft and plump, but she was looking more slender - presentable is how her mum would have described it.

Ashlee was nervous of the kids when she got to school. What would they say?

She knew as soon as she entered that they were aware of her blubbery body by the half whispered comments she overheard.

"Wow, is that Ashlee?",

"When did she get so fat?"

Ash whimpered to herself as she hurried to class. When she sat at her desk, she felt herself lifting higher by the extra padding on her still inflated bottom. Her pants slid down, and the kids behind her sniggered at her arse crack hanging out.

She received some cruel looks from her classmates as Melanie and Natasha entered. Ashlee hadn't seen them since the clubhouse incident. Ash was never able to predict whether these two would be friendly or not, she just hoped they'd be kind today. Apparently not.

"Hey chubby, see you haven't lost any weight since last time." they sniggered.

"Hey to you too..." mumbled Ash. She couldn't believe it, she thought she'd lost enough weight to look thin again. Apparently not. Actually it had only been 12 pounds, enough to make her clothes less tight and tretched, but not a whole lot different.

Over the next two weeks Ash endured plenty of stress from schoolwork. She hadn't had time to squeeze in her new exercise program. She ate more than she realized as well. As a result she soon was unable to squeeze into her smaller pants anymore. She was right back where she started, fat. Her bum had swollen back to its former size, and her belly boasted some generous rolls and love handles.

One morning she stood before her dreaded mirror, struggling in vain to button her pants. The tight pants stretched tightly across her plump bum cheeks. Her well padded rump was simply too big for those tight jeans.

"UGH! It's not fair!" moaned Ashlee.

"Why isn't it possible to suck in my bum cheeks?!" she continued, "I could have a big belly instead, but nooooo, I store fat in my huge arse!"

Ash's temper had always been somewhat short. Something had to be done about her waistline, which was filling out constantly.

That afternoon Ashlee took a brave step into the health centre.

"I must look ridiculous," she thought. She was clad in tight, clingy bike pants that stretched to the limit on her chubby bottom. The materials wedged up her bum crack and Ash found herself constantly reaching up and there and yanking them out. The gym instructor eyed her suspiciously. Ashlee blushed, she felt rather self conscious. The instructor had Ash put through some simple tests.

"Bend down and touch your toes, please." This should be easy thought Ash, all those years of dancing left her quite flexible. But her newly rounded body made it very difficult. She struggled tenaciously, her belly bunching up into soft rolls, her bubble butt straining against the rear of her pants. But it was no use. Her feeble attempts failed as the instructor shook her head. Then he forced to do star jumps. Ash's pale white face was beet red and she began sweating quickly. Her body bounced as she struggled to stay in time. Her long black hair and long fringe whipped her each time she landed.

"Ashlee, sit down here please." she said before producing a pair of calipers. Ash's eyes widened with fear.

"These measure how much body fat you have. Sit down."

Ash tried sucking her gut in as she sat, but that didn't stop the appearance of fleshy rolls.

"Stop sucking in" said the instructor, obviously noticing Ash's struggles.

Ashlee's heart fluttered nervously as she released her breath. Her tummy expanded forward, bulging over her tight pants. Ash felt rather guilty as she felt the calipers clamp onto a roll of flab. Her pale belly jiggled slightly as she shuffled uncomfortably. The instructor's response was far from reassuring.

"Sorry to say this Ashlee, but you're overweight." the instructor said. "You need to undergo a serious weight loss plan."

"Yes ma'am" grumbled Ash.

She waddled home to find Mel and Nat waiting for her.

"I don't need this," thought Ash, expecting more taunts. For her best friends, they could be very critical. But they were nice most of the time.

"We're just worried about you Ash, you are getting fatter, there's no denying that." said Nat, who sported a rather slender, fit physique. Her prize possession was her springy brown hair, which was so curly it looked almost unnatural.

"What happened to your dancing?" asked Mel, "You loved it, and it would've kept you fit and in shape."

Mel was fit too, but she was very voluptuous, and sported a large bust and bum. Ash was jealous of her, her long blonde hair was always so perfect.

"Dancing's boring." replied Ash, "I've always loved eating, I didn't realize until I stopped exercising that I had such a slow metabolism."

Mel and Nat obviously agreed in their expressions.

"So what did that weight girl say?"

"Screw her!" Ash responded, "She just said: Ash, you need to lose weight you're far too fat! Ha! What does she know, I'm not that fat anyway."

She was trying to reassure herself, but she knew it was a lie.

The other girls eyed her suspiciously. Ashlee sighed as she lifted her shirt to view her fat tummy. There was no denying she was plump. Her belly formed into three rolls as she sat down on her bed. Her pants slid down do reveal the top of her bum crack. She felt very uncomfortable in her tight clothes. Her waist was red from her pants digging into her sides. Her mum refused to buy her new clothes, insisting she slim down instead.

"Is my tummy really this fat?" she moaned as she pinched a roll on her paunch.

"I'd be more worried about your butt." said Mel.

Ash's mouth hit the floor, as she leaped to her feet.

"Oh! You can't talk, your bum's pretty round too." she fought back.

"Yeah, but at least mine has SOME muscle, your's is all FAT!"

"Oi! Cut it out you two." Natasha shot.

"I'm sorry," said Ash as she sat back down.

"Ash, pull your pants up." said Nat, noticing Ash's exposed rear.

"Drat it!" moped Ash as she rose to her feet, struggling to hoist up her pants. She observed her rear in the mirror.

"Is my arse really this big?"

Her plump butt wobbled as she examined herself. She stored all her fat on her arse, which she hated. Ash was always self conscious of her chubby rump, sticking out behind her. And her stupid friends always teased her about it. She endured names like plump rump, butt girl and chubby bum. Ash wanted to lose weight, but she loved food too much.

"Hey Ash, why don't you just join us on our exercise routine?" suggested Melanie.

"Yeah! We'll melt that flab of ya!" agreed Nat.

Ash took a deep breath, "OK, let's do it."
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Ashlee 4: Resisting Temptation -[A plump Ash manages to slim down, but does she have the willpower to keep it off?]

''Ok, here we go.'' breathed Ash as she readied herself. She shut her eyed tight as she stepped on the scales. She opened her eyes and looked down. Looking over her bulging belly read the number 72 kilos. (That's about 160 pounds for you non-imperial kids.)

Trying to fight back the shock, she calmly remembered the number. Her original weight was 130 (60kgs). She was always built and voluptuous, but since those dreaded school holidays, she had become fat. Not plump, not filled out, fat.

''Ok so that's it, I have to lose 30 pounds to be back to normal."

That seemed liked such a huge number to Ashlee. She sighed as she placed her hands to her hips, sizing them up. How did she let hersef get so big? She was always a heavy eater, but recently she'd enjoyed some nice binges on her favorite food, chocolate. But now she was paying a price; could Mel and Nat really help her slim down? It felt impossible, but Ash was definitely willing.

This was the plan, Ash was to go on an hour walk everyday after school, followed by an hour of weights and stretches. No more fatty foods, no more lazing around. And no more chocolate. Ash hated that last point. Ever since she was a kid, Ash had loved chocolate. Chocolate anything! Cake, bar, biscuit, pie, ice cream, milk, chocolate everywhere! Ash wondered how she'd survive without her favorite food, but she guessed she'd manage.
Ash didn't look too appealing in her workout clothes. Tight, stretchy black pants that wedged up between her bulbous buttocks, over a white shirt that showed the overdeveloped bulges of her belly and breasts.

''You ready?'' said an enthused Mel.

''Sure,' 'replied Ash, slightly nervous.

''Great, let's go,'' responded Natasha, as the three girls began jogging. Ash felt self conscious.

"This must be a funny sight, two gorgeous, in shape girls running with flabby me. " she thought. Ash was so unfit. She had barely gone 100 metres when she was flushed red and panting. Her bulges jiggled and bounced uncontrollably and Ashlee found it awkward to run. She continued to push herself, struggling in vain to keep up with the others.

Ash watched Mel's perfect butt flexing with each step. This fueled her desire to keep going. She was spitefully jealous of both Melanie and Natasha's bodies. Ash continued her jogging for another three blocks before she had to stop. She felt like she was going to pass out. She put her hands to her knees and looked to the ground. Her black hair fell in front of her red, chubby face.

''C'mon Ash!'' encouraged an upbeat Melanie.

''I can't,'' wheezed Ash.

''Every run will make this big thing a little smaller.'' said Nat, poking her soft belly.

''Yeah!'' continued Mel,'' and your bulging booty will deflate too.''

Ashlee heaved herself upright, still panting, ''Ok, let's keep going.''

She hoisted the clingy pants out of her bum crack and began to run again.


''Oh my!'' groaned Ash as she stumbled home. She was exhausted. If the run hadn't
taken everything out of her, than the weight exercises did. She had struggled to do simple things like push ups and sit ups. But it was for the best, she kept telling herself that.

''How was your run?'' asked Ash's curious mother.

''Good, I guess.''replied Ash.

''That's great, just keep it up, you'll be in shape in no time.''

Ashlee was annoyed at her mum during all this.

"I'm just her stupid, fat daughter now", she thought. Her mum wasn't too critical, but she always dropped hints about her weight gain, and that to Ash was even worse. No, it was her little sister Kayla that was the worst offender. She was too young to understand the importance of a girl's self esteem, and Kayla was ruthless with Ash's weight gain.

''Hey Ash! You're a fatso!'' she'd constantly say. Not the most reassuring thing to say. All of that night, Ash was so tempted to run to the fridge and snack on something tasty, but she resisted, insisting to herself that it will just go straight to her butt. She had felt very uncomfortable running, her body was definately proving how unfit she was. She began to poke at her plump bum.

''I got get rid of this big fat butt.'' she stated. Her butt was definitely going to be the hardest part to slim down.

And so her routine continued, Ash was well behaved and stuck to it, and it was finally giving results. She was finally able to button her pants again. While it was tough for her to shed flab off her rump, a month later it was definitely a bit smaller. Her belly still sported a bit of flab, but now she only had one roll at the bottom of her abdomen.

Bravely stepping on the scales again, she read 143 pounds (65kgs).

Yes! She was slimming down! Finally. Melanie and Natasha had ceased in their taunts and insults, which boosted her self esteem. It wasn't over yet though, she was still a little overweight, hardly fat, but she was plump. But Ash was very consistent.

One day after school Ashlee realized she had forgotten her keys. The only way in was to try and fit through the dog door. Ash bit her lip doubtfully, could she squeeze in? She had had more than one stuck incident recently, and wasn't up for another. Confident about her slimmer self, she decided to give it a shot. She began to wriggle her way in. Her heart was racing as she pushed. Could she do it? Was she too fat?

She was surprised to find that she slipped right through! The sides of the door began to pinch as they reached her bum and hips.

''Oh no...''Ash began to worry. How would she get out of this if she got stuck? How embarrassing would it be?

Her heart beat faster as she slowly slipped through. The sides pinched around her hefty rump and round hips, but they slipped through after some maneuvering. Now inside the house, Ash stood up, beaming with confidence. She was relieved that was over. She didn't get stuck! She patted her belly, it jiggled in response.

''I really must be losing some serious weight!'' she beamed.

Walking past the kitchen, Ash spied something. Mum had made chocolate cake. Ash was insanely tempted. Would one slice hurt? She looked down at her smaller belly, then turned to view her chubby buttocks.

"I've been very good.....I suppose one won't hurt..." decided a hungry Ash. She cut herself a considerable piece and took one bite. Ash was in heaven. But that one piece wasn't enough. Feeling quite guilty, she ended up devouring half the cake.

''Hmm. I guess I'll have to train extra hard this week.'' she promised. And she did. Even she was surprised at her commitment.

Ash was indeed happy with herself, but how long could she keep up her strict training? Was she about to give in?

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Ashlee 5: Fat Bum+Small Doorway=STUCK! [Ashlee packs it on and suffers the consequences]

Ashlee woke up one morning in a great mood. Her exercise plan had worked like a charm and she was well on her way to slimming down to her original weight.

She hoisted on her jeans, and with only a small amount of struggling, was able to squeeze her bum in. Her belly no longer prevented her from buttoning her pants, as Ash did so with a smile.

''You've lost weight,’ complimented her mum as Ash left for school.

''Thanks, mum!’ beamed Ash. She had to admit, she had snuck a few treats to herself here and there, like the half cake her mum hadn't apparently noticed, but in the long run, this didn't matter.

She came home from school in an even better mood. Mel and Nat had stopped taunting her about her body. Her self esteem was boosted dramatically. She ran up stairs, stripped down to her underwear and stepped on the scales. 138.

"Excellent," she thought. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her belly still displayed a fleshy roll, but it had decreased in size. She turned around to view her backside. Her panties no longer slipped up her bum crack, and no they almost covered all of her cheeks. Only a small amount of flesh peaked out. The cellulite on her thighs was gone too.

''Hmm,''she thought,'' Well that's it.''

She was still a litlle plump, and she was sick of dieting. Ash then made a big decision.

''I'm not dieting anymore!'' she boldly declared.

Confident that this was the best decision, Ash went down stairs and decided to reward herself. She plopped down in front of the tv with a large back of chips.

Although she had been consistent with her dieting, Ash was lazy at heart. Now she'd lost weight, she would stop caring altogether, thinking that the weight would stay off forever. Oh, how she was wrong.

Ash's mum came home to find her lying on the lounge with her chips.

''Ash I thought you were dieting.''she asked feebly.

''Not anymore! I've lost all the weight I want.''said Ashlee proudly.

''You still have to work to keep it off though!'' said her worried mum.

''Mum, I'll be fine!'' replied Ash with confidence. She lay on her side, a puffy roll of flab bunching up on the side of her waist as she leaned on her elbow.

Convinced she had slimmed down enough, Ash was naive at the fact that she still was a little flabby. Not that she cared anyway, she was too elated that she'd lost so much weight.

Once dinner came that night, Ash was starving. She wolfed down her meal and was asking for more before she could take a breath.

''Ash, be careful, you don't want to blimp out again.’ suggested her mother, who was getting nervous about Ash's confidence.

''Sigh, mum I'm fine! Look! I'm not fat anymore! I can eat what I wish!''


The next few weeks hit Ash with vengence. She continued her resumed over-eating patterns and had once again given up exercising.

Before eating something bad, she'd stop and think, "should I?"

But then she'd think, "I deserve a snack for being so good!"

Her slow metabolism and heavy eating soon caught up with her. She began to fill out again. And she was more oblivious than last time. She slowly fattened up again, naive to it all. Ash was constantly eating and eating, much to the dismay of her wary mother and friends, who didn't want to bring it up again.

If clothes didn't fit she just moved them to the side of her closet and put on something more comfy - which of course was a laeger size. Ashlee's bum was soon back to its former glory, only now it was even bigger. Her belly bulged out again, oozing into three rolls when she sat down. She remained oblivious.

One morning Ash got up and stumbled into the bathroom. She stepped on the scales, rubbing her white face and pulling her black hair out of her face, before looking down at the number on the scales. 170?!?! She stood stunned. No! No! She wasn't 170! She was thin! She was 138!

''The scale must be busted....'' stuttered Ash, who was still stunned. She waddled back into her bedroom to get dressed, feeling her body wobble uncontrollably with every step. She stuck her fleshy legs into her jeans and began to pull them up. They slowed at her thighs, the jean legs tightly binding her. She continued struggling in vain to get the pants over her enormous bum cheeks. She wriggled from side to side, pulling with all her might. The seams groaned at Ashlee's new girth. Once the pants had overcome her massive hips and inflated bottom, she attempted to button them. Even though they weren't buttoned, they felt unbearably constricting around her butt.

''What's going on?'' she stuttered,' 'These fit me! I know it!''

She pulled at the jean flaps as hard as she could. Nothing. She sucked in her gut with all her might and tried again. They stretched to the limit on her rear
end. The flaps came close, but not nearly close enough.

''Oooof!''she moaned, releasing her breath. Her belly bulged out again over the pant's waistband. She lay on the ground, bit her lip and tried again.

''UUUUGH!'' she groaned.''Come on! I know these fit!''

Her mood was getting darker every minute. She refused to accept that these pants didn't fit. She had always been able to button them, even during those summer holidays. But Ash had surpassed her old record, she was now fatter than ever.

''I give up.'' she sighed, struggling to hoist herself to her feet. She pulled on a top, it too was too tight. Her large bust stuck out from her front just a little further than her swollen gut. The top rode up on her stomach, revealing her open pants and a fat roll. She tried to pull it down to cover herself but failed by a longshot. Taking a minute to regather herself, she eyed her body in the mirror.

''These must have shrunk in the wash, yeah! That's it!'' said Ash, reassuring herself.

Only she would have said she wasn't fat now. Her plump body jiggled all over as she walked to school. Her rounded body was so out of shape that she was puffing by the time she reached the school. Her bum cheeks threatened to burst out of her pants, as they rolled up and down with every step. She looked so soft and squishy, almost as if she was about to pop.

Ash reached school feeling a little better. She entered the classroom and wedged her fat body into her chair and desk combo. Her soft, bouncy rump raised her up in her chair a little more. Her cheeks spilled over the side of the chair and her butt crack was clearly visible to anyone behind her. Her belly rolled over her pants waistband, separating the jean flaps even further. Her gut formed three blubber rolls as she sat, each one larger than the previous. The largest bottom roll was exposed due to the small size of her top, and others around her got a peek at a pale, soft roll oozing before her. She was unaware of all the whispers around her, the other classmates had noticed Ash's renewed weight gain more than she had.

The end of the day came and Ash began walking home from school.

''Hey Ash, wait!'' It was Melanie.

''Oh hey Mel, what's up?''

''Ash, we need to talk.''she said bluntly,'' You look like you've gained weight again Ash. No wait, you've done more than that. Ash, you're huge. Look at yourself.''

''Huh?'' exclaimed Ash, she somehow thought her friends were oblivious to her weight gain, but now her friend has just come up with all this crap.

''I am not fat!'' shot Ashlee, obviously annoyed.''You're just jealous! Because I'm nearly as slim as you!''

''Ash, I just want to help you, what happened to your diet we planned out?'' responded Mel.

''I don't need to diet anymore. I lost weight, can't you tell?''

''Umm...ah'' Mel stuttered.

''Look, it doesn't matter,'' cut in Ashlee.

''I'm not fat anymore, you're lying. I appreciate your help but as you obviously can't see, I don't need it,'' she finished.

Mel walked off shaking her head. Ash continued home.

''Stupid Mel.'' she spat as she reached home,' 'I'm not too fat.''

Ashlee suddenly realised she'd forgotten her key again.

''Dang it!'' she swore,''Ah well I'll just go through the dog door again.''

Naive about her weight gain, in denial about what she herself had read on the scale, Ash didn't realise she was 32 pounds smaller last time she crawled through that tiny door. She began to feel a little nervous as she eyed the opening.

''Ha! I fit through last time, of course I can squeeze through.'' she said, rebuilding her confidence. She lay on her flabby belly and began to squish herself through. Ash could feel the sides of the door hug her closer than last time, as her large bust popped through after some pushing. Her plump waist completely filled out the door as she pushed in vain. She took a deep breath in and squished her belly through.

''Hmm, this is more of a squeeze than I remembered.'' she said before continuing. She released her breath, and her belly bulge and press tightly against the sides of the door. She moved forward a few more inches before she felt her lower body press up against the doorway. She gasped and began to push more frantically, but to no avail. Ash's fat bum was too round to fit into the doorway. She twisted around, wriggling her fattened bottom in an attempt to squash through. After minutes of struggling, Ash realised that she was stuck!

''Oh come on, I'm not that fat!'' she wept. She pushed with her arms as hard as she could, but her hips and buttocks were stuffed heavily into the door. She tried to push backwards, but she couldn't move. Her rounded hips were wedged in so tightly that she couldn't move backwards or forwards. She couldn't reduce her circumference enough to fit through. She was too fat.

''Oh crap! I'm stuck. I fit through last time!'' she moaned. Ash finally realized how fat she was. She wanted to cry as she turned to look at the blockage. The very tip of her bum crack peaked through as Ash realised escape was impossible. Her bum rose like a mountain outside the door, wobbling with every push. It was about four inches rounder than the doorway she was struggling to fit into. Her bloated backside looked as if it could burst out of her over tight pants, as Ashlee's plump body looked as if it could pop out of that doorframe. But Ash could only wish. Her every breath pushed her gut tightly against the sides of the door.

She was stuck tight. Ashlee had this coming. She had spent so much time stuffing herself that she didn't realise the extent of her fatness. She had grown so fat that she couldn't fit onto the biggest pair of jeans she owned. And now she was paying the price for her gluttony, she was too plump to fit through the doggy door.

Ashlee had to wait until her mum got home, which was even more embarrassing. She had to unhinge the door off its frame and take it apart to free a fat Ashlee from her tight prison. Ash spent most of the night in her room. Her mother and her hadn't spoken much since she got home, both of them feeling humiliated. Ash's mum didn't know what to do about her daughter's ballooning weight, and she didn't want to force anything on her.

Ash on the other hand, wanting to lose weight but just didn't have the motivation. She couldn't believe that she didn't notice how fat she had again gotten. That was a big problem, Ash never realized when she was gaining weight, and when she did, she'd be in complete denial. Now fatter than ever, Ashlee didn't know what to do about her expanding body, and right now, she didn't feel like doing anything.
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Ashlee 6: Feeding Time - Temporarily giving up, Ashlee feeds her inner child

The next day Ash stayed in her room all day. Her mum came by every now and then, asking if she would come out, but she just wasn't in the mood. She was still deeply embarassed about getting stuck in the dog door, which finally made her see that she was indeed again fat.

She stayed looked in her room moping until that evening, when she gave into her hunger. Her stomach had been growling all day, but Ash refused to eat, knowing she'd just end up gorging herself. But Ash wasn't very strong willed when it came to eating, her sweet tooth eventually got the better of her. She wished she could just stop eating and lose weight quickly, but she always got hungry.

Ashlee peered through the crack in her door. Silence. Good, mum must have gone out, she thought. She really didn't want to see her mother right now. Quietly, she tip toed down stairs, her belly jiggling as she did so. She was still clad in the same ridiculously tight clothes she was wearing yesterday. She waddled into the kitchen when -

''Evening, Ashlee.'' said her mum.

Ash jumped, ''Oh hey mum.''

''Look Ash I don't want you to worry about yesterday, ok? We'll figure out what to do about this situation.''

''Ok, mum...'' grumbled Ashlee.

"Just say it mum, I'm a blimp,", she thought. Ash's eyes widened with greed when she spotted an entire chocolate mud cake on the kitchen bench. Without stopping to breathe, she raced over to cut herself a piece.

''Ash, what are you doing?'' said her mum with sudden coldness.

''Getting...some...cake'' she mumbled.

''You never think do you?! Don't you care about your weight or health? You're too fat!'' she scolded.

''Look mum! I can't help being fat, ok? It's just...''

Ashlee's mum cut her off, ''You can so help being fat! And that's what we're going to do! I'm going to shed that flab off you, you little butterball!''

Ash's mouth formed an 'o' as she suddenly felt both angry and shocked.

''I'm going out! I'll be back late tonight.'' said her mum before storming out the door. Ashlee stood stunned.

''Too fat, am I?" Ashlee yelled out loud!

''I'll show her,'' she said, lowering her voice.

Ash took the entire chocolate cake and sat down at the table. She proceeded in stuffing down her first piece. Now sitting, her belly was rolled into three large, soft rolls of doughy flesh, bulging over her open pants. Her bum cheeks spread out and spilt over the sides of the chair. She was so hungry, she hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday.

''Hey, what's cake without whipped cream?'' she thought. She retrieved a can of cream from the fridge and continued her gorge. Chocolate lined her mouth as she greedly pushed cake slices into her mouth.

''If I'm meant to be plump, then I'll eat what I want.'' she thought proudly.

Her already too small jeans began to feel very tight. She soon became lost
in her eating, mindlessly stuffing her chubby face. She leaned forward, which pulled her pants down slightly. Half her butt was hanging out of her jeans, which were getting tighter and tighter. She had become full about 1/2 way through the cake. She slowly stood up.

''Oooh...should I finish it?'' she contemplated. The cake looked so good, it would be a shame to leave it half eaten. Ash's gluttoness nature and sweet tooth told her she had to finish it. She sat back down, hearing a small tear. She reached around to her butt and found she'd torn the back seam. Those pants were far too small to begin with and Ash had now ruined any chance of ever wearing them again.

''Oops!'' she giggled, not caring too much. She continued to stuff herself with cake, each bite made her feel like she could explode. She gingerly placed the last piece in her overstuffed mouth.

''Uuuuh'' she groaned, poking her well padded gut. Her belly felt like it could pop when she finally finished.

''Oof'' Ashlee moaned, before squirting the last morsel of cream into her mouth.

''Oh man,''she groaned, ''I feel so fat. Why did I eat all that?''

She struggled to her feet, stumbling slightly. Ash could feel the extra flab on her body weighing her down. Her gut felt like a brick she was so full. She was so stuffed she could barely breathe. Walking back to her room, Ash felt her rounded body jiggle uncontrollably. Her bum bounced up and down with each step. The top half of her pale, plump derieree was exposed, the tear in the rear widening. She collapsed on her bed. Lying on her stomach, she turned to view her bloated bubble butt, only to see a clear view down her pants.

Each soft cheek rose like a mountain, she had no idea how she had stuffed those buns into her jeans. Ashlee groaned as she rolled over onto her belly. She pinched a roll on her plump waist before making a feeble attempt at buttoning her jeans.

''Ugh!'' she struggled, but the flaps came nowhere close.

Then she heard her mum's car pull into the driveway.

''Oh crap!'' she swore. She knew her mum wouldn't be too happy with her little binge.

Ashlee wanted to hide, but she was too lazy and stuffed to try.

Suddenly her mother burst into the room.

''Did you eat that whole cake?'' she asked angrily.

''No...'' lied Ash.

''Sure, then why is your mouth covered in chocolate?''

Ashlee blushed red.

''Look at you, You can't even button your pants! Your fatter than ever!'' screamed her mum.

''Am not!'' she protested, as she eventually stood up.

She stood there, bulging out of her clothes.

''I give up, Ash.' 'said her mum.''Eat what you want. Get fat. But don't come crying to me when you need new clothes.''

She stormed out.

Ash sighed and proceeded to putting her pj's on. It took her sometime to get her jeans off, wriggling her hips to slid them over her plump thighs. Her panties looked like a g-string now, her bum had eaten the back half of them. Even in her pj's she felt uncomfortable, but she chose to ignore it.

''I don't care if I'm fat,'' she declared.

Or did she?....
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Ashlee 7: The Trouble With Pants -Ashlee dukes it out with a pair of tight jeans

''Drat! I don't want to go to school.'' groaned Ashlee as she got out of bed.

Her tummy still ached from her massive binge a few nights ago. Her mum wasn't exactly proud of her abandoning all efforts to stay in shape, and Ash had basically given up.

But there was a problem. She really did care about the way she looked. She knew kids at school were ruthless in their insults. Ashlee was getting tired of being called fat. She was very insecure about her weight at heart, getting tingles in her stomach everytime she was laughed at about her bloated figure, or when she was unsatisfied by the image in the mirror. There was no way to hide her fleshy body. Mum certainly wasn't going to buy her any new clothes, and Ash knew she'd likely grow out of them quick anyway. She at this point didn't know her own sizes since her Mom had picked all her clothes.

Ashlee's bulging tummy seemed overwhelming as she struggled to stand upright. Her only choice of pants were her ''fat pants''. You know, the ones she could barely fit into anymore. Ashlee was too fat for anything in her wardrobe.

The weekend had been one to forget, coming home Friday afternoon to get hopelessly stuck in the doggy door, only to stuff herself full of cake the next night. Sunday was awkward, her mum hardly spoke.

''I'm sure this will blow over,'' sighed Ash as she hoisted her pants on Monday morning. The seams groaned as she heaved them over her oozing bum cheeks. The back pockets were worn and Ash's bum looked like she'd stuffed a pillow down her pants. She didn't even bother trying to button them, there was no way she could squeeze her tubby form into those pants. She had porked up so much she couldn't fit into any of her clothes. She would definitely need to buy more clothes that afternoon - fortunately she had $200 in unspent Christmas gift money in the bank.

''Hmm, I'm going to have to spend a lot of money.'' sighed Ash,''Mum's certainly not going to give me any.''

She eyed herself in the mirror. Her underwear looked like a thong now, slipping between the plumped cheeks of her swollen arse. Her jeans looked so tight, stretching to the limit around her waist, butt and thighs. Her tops were packed full of her heaving breasts and considerable paunch.

Between the tight top and jeans protruded a sizeable roll of jiggly belly fat. Her deep belly button in plain view. Her pale, white skin around her midriff glowed. Ash was never very well tanned, probably because she spent so much time watching TV. Her straight black hair fell on her face and she had an emo like fringe. She was perfectly contrasted black and white. She had a very pretty face, and although she was fat, she was still very shapely. Ashlee had a fuller hourglass figure.

She was feeling uncomfortable and restricted as well as resenting having to spend money when her sister Kayla came into the room and picked up on the situation. A size 16-18 herself Kayla tried to show some compassion.

''Ashy, let's talk about this. You know what I've had to deal with. Why did you get so big?''

''I don't know, Kayla.'' was her response.

''Do you really think you're going to be smaller again?'' Kayla enquired.

''No time soon by the way it looks.'' said Ash, running her hands over her bulbous hips. Ashlee's face was like a bubble, she sported a definite moon face. Her chubby cheeks and double chin seemingly grew by the day.

"Well then take it from one who's been there. Accept reality and keep yourself as toned as you can." With that Kayla took off for her college classes.

Ashlee wanted to skip breakfast, but her passion for food was too strong. She ended up getting some pop tarts before heading to school. Her daily walk to school was practically the only exercise she ever got, and she felt more self conscious at the slight jiggle going through her belly. The waistband of her too tight jeans cut into the bottom of the thick roll on her waist. Her chubby rump bounced up and down as she walked, threatening to burst out her those pants.

''I guess I'll get clothes this afternoon.'' contemplated Ash to herself.

Her day at school revolved mostly around cruel stares and taunts about her fattened physique. Ash was all too used to it by now. She was having more and more troubles squeezing her tubby body between her desk and chair. Her gut pressed against the side of the table and her thighs rubbed against the bottom. She tried to just distract herself with schoolwork. Her unbearably tight clothes constantly nagged her throughout the day.

Her top kept sliding up and exposing her chubby gut. Soft flesh rolled over the waistband of her pants all around her. Her deep belly button was clearly visible. At the back, her bulging butt cheeks peeked over the top of her pants, as love handles oozed over the sides. Her panties kept slipping up her bum crack and she constantly had to twitch uncomfortably and pull them out.

She was relieved when the day ended. Ashlee paced quickly to the mall, the thought of nice, loose clothes driving her. It would be such a relief to have pants that don't chafe her thighs or dig into her plump waist. A top that covered all her belly. Panties that don't get lost in between her arse cheeks. She felt quite nevous walking into the shop, wishing for everyone just to leave her alone and not question her size. Ashlee hated having to pick out clothes that said L or XL on them. She found a few tops and some jeans and skirts and went to the changing rooms to try them on.

Ash hated changing rooms as well. Stripping down half naked in front of a mirror wasn't her idea of fun. She wriggled her worn, tight clothes off and prceeded to try the skirt on. It fit like a dream. Ash felt great relief around her bottom half. Her thighs and hips had room to manuver now.

Definitely getting this,, she thought. The tops fit fine. They were tight around her large breasts but it didn't bother her. However, Ashlee found it impossible to find tops that cover all her paunch. She would have to wear an undergarment or let her bare belly show..

''I guess I have to learn to accept that fact," sighed Ashlee.

Last but not least were her new jeans. Ash took a look at the tag on her old jeans. The tag had worn away, and the number was barely legible.

''Size 14...hmm, is that right?'' She wasn't sure she could read it properly. She could have swore she was bigger than that. The new pair of pants had size 16 written on the fresh new tag.

''Well, I'm bigger than a 14, so I guess 16 will fit me fine.'' concluded Ashlee. She observed her rounded hips in the mirror.

''Damn, my butt is so fat.'' she said reluctantly. She rubbed her wobbly cheeks and watched them jiggle.

''I hate my bum.'' she siad to herself.

Standing on her side, she looked in the mirror. Her back angled downward from the shoulders down to her lower back, before suddenly the huge bulge of her massive rump protruded behind her. It stuck out at least 6 inches from her back. Returning to reality, Ash began to try the jeans on. She was however, unaware that her old pants were actually a size 18, and she could only just fit into them, and now here she was attempting to squeeze into a size 16.

Ash wriggled her hips, yanking the pants upwards. She concluded to herself that they were only tight because she hadn't worn them in. She bunched up her face and tugged hard. The pants groaned and slowly proceeded over her fleshy thighs.

''Ooo, these are tight.'' she said.

The rear seam of these new pants was stretched to the limit over her well padded bottom. Each movement rubbed against her hips. Ashlee turned to face the mirror. Her gut seamed overwhelming as she began a struggle to button them. She sucked in her tummy as far as it would go. She yanked hard at the flaps. The waistband cut into her hips each time she tugged, producing love handles rolling over the sides. The pants clung snugly to her butt as she pulled the jean flaps. They wouldn't close.

''Hmm,'' pondered Ash, ''I guess the sizing of these is wrong.''

She began to pull them off. But found she couldn't.

The jeans were too small, and Ash's bottom half was constricted tightly by them. She pushed hard against the pants, trying to get them down over her hips. But the pants hugged her bum and thighs too tightly.

''Oh crap!'' she hissed angrily. She stomped her foot to the ground, causing her belly to jiggle. Ash was losing her temper fast, struggling to get the pants off.

''Come on!'' she swore, wondering how she packed so much of her body in there in the first place. Her face was red with rage and embarrassment. Her squishy hips were stuffed into the jeans, the rear seam ready to pop. Ash wriggled and squirmed desparatly.

She managed to get the jeans down to the widest part of her hips. She turned to the mirror and saw her pale butt bulging over the pants. The waistband bound around her bum, pushing the flesh inward. Her panties had gotten caught by the pants on the way down, and the top half of Ash's bare buttocks was in plain view.

Ashlee's heart was racing, her breathing heavy. She was really panicking. She jerked suddenly in shock when she heard a knock on the change room door.

''Excuse me, miss. Are you alright in there?'' asked a female attendant.

''Umm,'' stuttered Ash, still squirming recklessly, ''Yes, yeah I'm fine.''

''I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to hurry up, there's a queue out here.''

''Ok....'' moaned Ashlee in response.

This was just great. She pushed a pushed with all her might. The pants slowly edged down, and Ashlee was relieved when they overcame her swollen hips and fattened bottom. They slunk slowly down her thighs, before Ashlee kicked them off her foot and quickly tugged her panties back up. Her pale bum jiggled as she panicked. She stuffed her old pants on as fast as she could before storming out of the room as quick as possible, refusing to make eye contact with anyone.

She approached the register, leaving the pants behind.

''Just these, thanks.'' she mumbled to the attendant.

''Have a little trouble in there?'' she sniggered.

''Not really.'' lied Ash.

She waddled out of the store as fast as her chubby legs would take her. She stopped at a large size shop and tried on a size 20. To her relief they fit beautifully.

The semester was nearly over and spring break was approaching.

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Ashlee 8: Melanie's Party - just how much embarassment can our heroine endure?

''Come on, Ash! You've gotta come!'' persisted Mel as Ashlee anxiously bit her lip.

''I'm, umm, ah, busy.'' Ash tried to make a frantic excuse.

''It's her birthday party, and you want to miss it?'' pushed Nat.

''I, ah, can't swim,'' lied Ashlee again.

''Stop lying, dude, you'll be there, I'll make sure of it! Saturday at 10 am, we'll pick you up,'' laughed Mel as she and Nat walked off home.

''Uh, ok, see you there.....I guess'' stuttered Ash.

Melanie had planned her birthday party at Wet and Wild, a water slide theme park. Ash loved the idea and really wanted to go. However, she wasn't really up for strutting around with her size 20 bod in a bikini in front of her friends, and in public for that matter. Ash's bikini hardly fit her anymore anyway. She hadn't worn it since summer, when she got stuck in her little sister's water slide. SInce then Ash had put on a decent amount of additional weight.

She strolled home thoughtfully, deep in a daze. She had struggled this year keeping in shape. Since she quit dancing, she'd gotten much plumper. Her attempts to lose weight had worked for a while, but she didn't have the willpower or frankly the desire to continue her exercises. And if there was one thing Ashlee was sick and tired of, it was getting stuck in places.

Her constant denial about her weight gain meant she kept thinking she'd fit into most places. Unfortunately, thus was not the case. She was just lucky she had had someone there to help her out of each stuck situation. Her biggest fear was getting stuck somewhere and no-one being there to help her out. No wait, her biggest fear would be to get stuck and for everyone to see her.

Ashlee got home to find her sister Kayla sprawled out on the lounge room floor, watching TV. Kayla had come to terrms wih her body and just tried to get on with life.

''Come watch TV, Ash,'' squeaked Kayla.

Ash agreed, her mind definitely set on escaping reality. She grabbed a packet of M&M's before joining her older sister. And so went the rest of the week.

Saturday morning came and Ash awoke in a stressy mood. She really didn't want anyone to see her rounded, pale body. She pulled out her sky blue bikini and tugged the clingy material onto her body. She getting quite used to having underpants slipping between the cheeksof her puffy bottom, and the bikini was no different.

A pinchful size of butt flesh peeked out at the bottom of her bikini at the top of her cellulite ridden thighs. Her expansive cleavage oozed over the tops of the bikini and her tubby belly bulged out. Eyeing herself in the mirror, she hated what she saw as usual.

''People will get to look at this all day....'' sighed Ash as her pale body jiggled. She pulled out a mini skirt to hide her porky bum. She tugged for several minutes trying to clip the skirt on.

Unknown to Ashlee, her swollen butt cheeks peeked out from underneath the skirt. Ash quickly pulled on a brown shirt which fit her fine, to her relief.

Ash heard a car horn outside. She grabbed her stuff and walked off. She covered her belly with her towel as she walked towards Melanie's car, trying desperately to stop her gut jiggling. Her stomach was full of butterflies. Hoping no-one noticed or cared about her doughy body, she heaved herself into the car.

''You ready for fun?'' smiled Mel in the driver's seat.

''Sure...'' replied Ash, still nervous. She'd skipped breakfast in a tenous hope that it might somehow make her clothes fit better.

Mel's kombi van was packed with seven girls, Ashlee included. Apart from Ash and Nat there was Joanna, a brunette girl with a rather pointy face, Anna, a Spanish girl, Skye, a paler girl with a slim and trim body, Nicky, a petite girl with blonde hair.

Ash stared in envy at the other girl's bodies. None of them had anything to worry about when it came to weight. Seeing all those girls made her even more insecure about her size. As the car strolled along, Ash peered down and lifted her shirt slightly. She saw her tummy and watched her rolls jiggle as the car bounced. Her heart was in a flutter about her weight, she was thankful no-one had mentioned it. Ashlee tried in vain to ignore the rumbling in her stomach.

''I'm not going to stuff myself today,''she whispered under her breath.

The kombi rolled into a parking spot at the wet and wild carpack as Mel pulled on the hand brake with a crunch. All the girls leaped out in excitement and entered at the main gate. The whole place smelt of chlorine and other pool chemicals. The girls entered the change room and stripped down to their bathing suits. Ash faced the wall and quickly tried to tug her shirt off. It got caught around her head, leaving her stumbling around with her soft belly wobbling around.

''Uhh.'' she struggled.

''Lemme help ya, Ash,'' offered Skye, pulling the shirt off Ash.

''Um, thanks,'' Ash replied.

''No prob!'' said Skye, playfully pinching the bottom roll of Ash's chubby paunch. Ash blushed bright red before quickly changing the subject.

''You look great, Jo.'' she stuttered, thinking to herself it was precisely the wrong thing to have said.

''Aww thanks, Ash! You look great too! For a girl your size....uh...never mind..sorry.'' trailed Joanna.

"Yep," thought Ash, "wrong thing to say."

Ashlee contemplated taking her skirt off. It was waterproof after all. However, she definitely didn't want to show off her rounded gluts to anyone. But the skirt dug so tightly into her squishy waist.

Once she realised the skirt wasn't covering all of her bum anyway, she decided to take it off. Her belly pushed forward in relief as Ash unclipped it. A red ring circled her hips wear the skirt had sat so snugly.

Ashlee was now wearing nothing but her undersized bikini, and getting more self-conscious by the minute. She adjusted the top just to make sure not too much of her bulbous bosom was exposed. She then tried her hardest to get the bikini bottoms to cover all her arse. She could only pull them so far, and the bottom of her, ah, bottom, was still exposed.

''Everyone ready?'' hyped Nat.

And with that, all the girls, looking like baywatch models, ran out of the change room, with Ash struggling behind them. Ash hadn't run in ages, and was suffering the consequences. She was sweaty and panting in five minutes, trying to keep up with the girls. The group split up and Ash followed Anna and Nicky up a long concrete ranch.

The waterslide ran adjacent to the ramp and the concrete was wet from all the water drenched feet running up and down it all day. Ash wheezed and puffed, feeling even more uncomfortable. Her belly and breasts jiggled up and down as her plump butt bounced up and down. Her tight bikini pants kept slipping in between her cheeks, chafing her bum crack. Her black hair whipping her face. Ash was exhausted when she reached the queue at the top.

''Come on, Ash, you can't be tired yet!'' joked Nicky.

''I'm.....alrite...just give me a minute.'' puffed Ash.

''This is all good exercise for you anyway.'' added Anna.

''Yeah, we all know I need that!'' Ashlee tried to just joke along with them.

Ash scanned along the queue of people.

'I must be the fattest person here,'' she fretted to herself.

Ash and the other girls reached the front of the line, and Nicky and Anna screamed in delight as they raced off down the slide. Ash was a little afraid of heights, and was kind of hesitant, but a good shove from the person behind her sent her on her way. The slide was a half pipe shape that followed a weaving path to a pool at the bottom. Ashlee tried hopelessly to regather her balance as the slide weaved and turned.

Each sharp turn sent Ash sliding right up the side of the pipe as she slid down on her well-padded rump. Trying to sit up, she noticed her stomach bunching into soft rolls. She reached the bottom with a splutter and plunged into the pool.

''Ok....next time, I guess I'll be more prepared.'' she coughed as she pulled herself up the ladder out of the pool. Trying to follow Anna and Nicky's lead, Ash grew tireder by the second. She gasped for breath, her heart thumping in her ears. Her throat was dry yet her fat body was dripping wet. She stopped running up the ramps.

It was too much for her, and besides, she didn't want anyone to see her jiggly body. When she walked near someone, she tried to silence her wheezing, so no-one would be so disgusted by her shape. After two more slides, Ash couldn't do it anymore.

''You guys go by yourselves, I'm going to go sit down.''

''Aww boo! You party pooper.'' laughed Anna. ''Ok, you go rest.''

Ash stumbled over to the food court, looking for a place to sit. She sat at a table struggling to regain breath. Eyeing the menu, she saw it was half price for donuts. Ash couldn't resist and waddled back to the change room to get her wallet as fast as her tired
legs would take her.

She waited impatiently as the waitress brought out her cream filled chocolate donut
and a chocolate milkshake. Ash remembered her promise.

"No stuffing myself," she thought. She ate slowly, and hated it. She would love nothing more than to shove the entire thing in her mouth it was just so tasty.

''I look fat enough as it is.'' she thought, poking her tummy. "I may as well not look like I eat like a pig."

Ashlee knew this was bad for her, but she couldn't resist all those tempting treats. She skulled her shake quickly before decided one more donut wouldn't hurt.

She warily ate the second donut, hoping not to get any cruel stares. Upon finishing the last bite she saw Nat and Mel coming up to her.

''Hey let's go on one last ride before we have birthday cake.'' said Mel.

Ash leapt to her feet and nearly lost balance. Her soft, protruding stomach was stuffed with donuts and the milk shake, althoiugh of course her friends didn't know this.

''That got ya moving, fatso!'' giggled Nat.

''Hey! Shut up!'' fought back Ash.

''Easy tiger, I'm only joking.'' reassured Nat before giving Ash a slap on the rump. Her plump bum cheeks wobbled in response.

''Ok ok, I'm coming.'' said Ash, but she was still hurt by the fatso comment. Ashlee found it hard to move with a semi-full belly, but managed after a while. She kept an eye open to make sure she wasn't being stared at. She was far too insecure about her weight, and walked with her arms folded, to cover as much of her gut as possible.

''Ugh'', she groaned as she reached the top with Mel and Nat.

"This is so not worth it", thought Ash. Her bikini was incredably uncomfortable. The bottoms dug into her sides, as the flimsy material failed to accomodate her plump hips. The top barely covered her heaving bust, and the band cut into her flabby back. Her thighs rubbed together as Ashlee took one last ride down the slide. She reached the bottom feeling quite sick. Her queasy belly groaned. There was no way, she thought, that she'd be able to eat lunch, much less cake.

But she was wrong. After a half-hour to adjust Ashlee could not resist. It was cake after all. She managed to consume the same as her friends - two large pieces along with a double cheeseburger, chips, potato salad and (for her) a second shake - this one jumbo size.

The girls regathered outside the changerooms. Ash stumbled up to them, unaware that her bikini bottom had slid down and her bum crack was showing. She was relieved to change back into her normal clothes.

''Even though they're tight, at least my...uh....rounder parts are hidden.'' she pondered to herself. Ashlee was last out of the change room and hurried to Mel's kombi.

''Hurry up, Ash!'' pushed Nat.

''I'm coming!" she replied as she hastily strode to the car, her butt swaying the whole way. She pulled her fat body into the car and they drove away.

Ash had been overly satisfied by the day's events. She was disappointed that she ate those donuts. Even though she only had two, she knew they'd find their way to her arse anyway, along with the cake and other stuff she'd consumed.

When she got home she realized she'd gotten rather sunburnt. But the most
important thing about it all was that she at least hadn't embarassed herself in any way.

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Ashlee 9: A New Opportunity - The conclusion! Ashlee decides to make a big change.

Spring break was approaching. As the weeks rolled by they took their toll on Ashlee's fattening body. She knew she was gaining weight, and it was really getting her down. She was feeling very depressed about her size, and was getting over being played out by Melanie and Natasha. She was finally realizing they weren't that good friends.

Ash feel terrible, she didn't have many friends left, seems no-one wanted to hang out with some fat chick. Proof of how shallow her friends were to begin with.

Ashlee didn't know what to do, the only option was changing schools, which seemed a little drastic for her likes. But with constant taunts about her weight from people at school, she was getting over her reluctance fast.

One cold, windy day, Ash lay on the lounge, working her way through a box of cookies. Clad in her pj's, which consisted of a pink singlet top and long pants, cookie crumbs poured over her as she lay on her back. Ash grabbed a roll on her waist and jiggled it. She sighed, the pj's were packed full of her breasts and tummy. Upon finishing her snack, she gingerly rolled onto her back. With her wide rump on top, her soft, quivering buns wobbled from side to side.

"Arch! Stop jiggling!" she complained, reaching her hands to her rear end. It was incredibly soft and squishy to touch.

"Sigh, I guess I'm just meant to be fat....." she moaned.

At that point Kayla walked in.

"Why don't we go for a walk, Ash?" she asked. One of Kayla's stratagems for being a healthy fat girl was to power walk and do other exercises.

"Too cold, I don't wanna. Besides, it's not like I'm going to lose any weight." complained Ashlee.

"Well, you've got to keep trying, you can't just give up."

Ash groaned, she really didn't want to move. But she couldn't resist her sister.

"Ok......" she submitted, peeling herself slowly off the lounge.. As they got ready to leave they ran into their mom, who was putting on her coat.

"Good! I'm glad to see you two getting some fresh air" smiled her mum, "I'm going to run some errands, be back later this afternoon."

"Mum. Wait for a sec." said Ashlee.

"Hmm?" asked her mother.

"I'm thinking about.....changing schools."

"Oh? Why's that?"

"Just because I want a new start. I have barely any friends, and since I put on weight, everyone is mean to me!" complained Ash.

Her mum paused before replying, "Ok, we'll look into it."

Ash and Kayla went out but returned in less than thirty minute. .

"Brr, so cold....." Ashlee moaned as she plodded upstairs..

She walked into the bathroom to have a hot shower. Her eyes spotted the scales in the corner, and she wondered whether or not she should bother. She knew she must have gained 5 or 10 pounds, she could feel very heavy. She gingerly stepped on the scales to find out. Tugging a strand of black hair out of her face, she could barely see past her gut.

"188?" she gasped, "Great. Just brilliant. I've packed on another 10 pounds!"

She couldn't believe she had put on so much more weight. Since the cold weather settled in, it was harder for Ash to exercise, and harder for her to resist comforting snacks.

The reality sunk in: she was basically closing in on 200 pounds! That was it, she had to be the fattest girl in school. She buried her face in her hands and tried not to cry. She soon composed herself, before examining her body in the mirror. Her belly was massive, her body widening into love handles at the waist. Her paunch bulged over her panties as Ashlee saw her plump thighs squashed together. This just made her feel even more insecure.

After her shower, Ash began the eternal struggle of putting her jeans on. As her body had expanded, it was very hard to get the jeans on. She didn't even bother to button them. But when she saw the seams in the rear fraying, she gave up
"You know what, I'm not trying today." she concluded, grabbing a pair of sweatpants instead. These were just as tight. The material wedged up into her bum crack, which was exposed at the top. Ash's fat hips struggled to co-operate with the pants, as her love handles oozed over the waistband. She took a deep breath, the uncomfortable pants cutting into her waist.

"I look ridiculous," she said to herself, "But Kayla is Right, I do need to walk more. I guess not many people will be out today."

Ashlee left the house in warmer clothes, expecting the day to have warmed a little. and walked to her nearby park. As the wind blew strong and the air outside was freezing, no-one was out. Ash felt comforted by her own company, but had a constant nagging of her weight in the back of her mind. 188 pounds! She felt like a pig. It was bad enough when she was 160 pounds!

Ash hadn't been to the park since she had gotten stuck in her old clubhouse. She grimaced at the thought when she passed its rubbled remains, she knew if it stood today, she probably wouldn't even be able to maneuver her breasts through, let alone her gut and bum. Ash pondered her possibilities. She was seriously considering changing schools. A new start, maybe she could make some real friends. She certainly wouldn't miss Melanie and Nat. It seemed her best option. But she still wasn't sure.


The next day at school sealed it. Ash wore her sweatpants to school, simply because they were the only pair other than her size 20's that still fit.

"Hey fatso, why are you wearing sweatpants?" asked Melanie cruelly.

"Why do you care?" asked Ash defensively.

"I bet she can't even fit into any other pants anymore!" laughed Natasha wickedly.

"Shut up! I can so fit!" she protested.

Ashlee had had enough. She was going to do it. Change schools. She wasn't going to tell anyone either.


Ash trudged home that day. No-one but her knew it was her last day there. In a way she was happy and relieved.

"Maybe in a new environment, I can focus on losing weight!" she thought to herself. She wondered if there was any other fat girls out there who suffered the same problems as her. She waddled into her house and saw her mum sitting at the kitchen table.

"Here they are, Ash." she said with a smile.

"What?" she asked.

"The entrance forms for your new school, sweetie."

Ash beamed and sat down with her mother.

"You have to sign here." said her mother, "Now you're sure you want to do this?"

Ash smiled and read the school name on the application form.

"Yep. Starting next term, I am a student and Senior at Cianwood High School!"

The rest is another story......... to be picked up at the very end of Melissa 9, (found here).

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