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Default Beth's New Beginning - by Adam (~BBW, Strip Club Dancing, Fetishes ~MWG )

~BBW, Strip Club Dancing, Fetishes ~MWG - a stripper grown large makes into the really BIG leagues

Beth's New Beginning
by Adam

Beth felt a bit nervous, it being her first night at her new job, but all the other girls seemed so nice welcoming her into their group that she soon relaxed.

It had been only two days since she was let go from her old job, and she was so happy to have found this place, and only ten minutes from home, compared to the forty-five minutes it took her to get to her old job way on the other side of the city.

This new place was called ‘Softies’, and it like the last place Beth worked was a strip club. The difference was the old place wanted stick figured women as dancers and the new place hired only curvy, full figured, fat women as dancers, which Beth had become over the past few years.

Although she was tall, 5’10”, she no longer remained the slender and firm 128 pound woman she had been, as she discovered one day on her bathroom scale that showed her weight as 191 pounds. This was due to the three years of sleeping all day and partying all night that she had done working in the old club. She never ate balanced meals, and usually ate in her car either going to or from work. Pizza, fried chicken, burgers, and burritos were all a staple of her food intake when she managed to eat while at home.

A week and a half after that day on the bathroom scale Beth thought she had gained more weight and got on the scale again. It read 207 pounds. That night she was fired from the club.

“What next?” She said to herself.

It was only a couple days later Beth was driving around thinking about what she would do, and then she saw the sign for ‘Softies’. She parked and went inside. The place was crowded for a weekday, especially for the afternoon hour. Usually the old club never had this many customers at this time on a weekday.

Two women were on the stage doing their thing, and both were Beth’s size, and a bit heavier maybe. They were both receiving good tips as several customers stood next to the runways. They both had on thong back panties and both were not trying to hide their respective pudgy stomachs nor their fat rolls, and the cellulite jiggled on their asses freely in full view of all interested, which also didn’t seem to bother either of the two women.

Beth noticed two doorways at the back of the club, and then a very well dressed fat woman came from behind her and introduced herself.

“Can I help you?” the woman asked.

“Oh…hello….I was just curious about this place.” Beth replied.

“Well…what would you like to know?”

“This is a strip club?”

“Yes…you’re right….it is.”

“There are…there are…the dancers are…” Beth tried to ask.

“Every dancer that works for me weighs at least 200 pounds.” The woman announced, “You are a lovely big girl…you could work here if you were interested.”

“Well…yes…that’s what I was wondering.” Beth replied.

“Sure!...just go in the office right over there…tell Johnny that Carol sent you…I’m Carol,” she said as she shook Beth’s hand, “and he’ll set you up…you can start tonight probably if you want.”

“Great!...oh I’m Beth.”

“Well Beth….nice to meet you. Just go to the office and see Johnny.” Carol told her shaking her hand again.

Beth went into the office and saw a guy sitting behind a desk.

“Are you Johnny?” she asked him as she came to stand in front of his desk.

“Yes I am.” He answered.

Beth reach over the desk to shake his hand.

“Hello…I’m Beth…Carol just sent me in here to talk to you.”

“You want to dance here?” Johnny asked.

“I sure would like to” Beth replied.

“Have you danced before?”

“Yes I was just dancing at a place across town, but I suppose they didn’t like all the weight I gained…so here I am.”

“You won’t have any problem with that here.” Johnny told her.

“With what?...weight gain?”

“Yeah…most of the girls here really try to gain weight…the fatter ones usually make more money.” Johnny told her.

“Oh wow…really?”

“Yup…no joke.” Johnny said, ”We’re all fat friendly here.” He went on, “So you want to start tonight?”

“Works for me.” Beth answered, though she wasn’t used to the word ‘fat’ being used so openly.

“I’ll start you out on the runways…if you do well maybe you can get in the VIP room, if you do lap dances, next week…you can make a lot of cash there…if you’re into it, the VIP plus room the week after that…where you can make even more…ask any of the other girls…they’ll explain it to you…you go on tonight…at…8:45…bring your own CDs and the DJ will play the songs you want…I suggest you wear a thong with that ass you have…and that’s it.” He explained in one big breath.

“Great…thanks Johnny…nice to meet you…bye.” Beth said shaking his hand before she walked out of the office.

“Don’t be late….good luck.” Johnny told her loudly as she walked away.

Beth returned to her car and drove home feeling an excitement she hadn’t felt before. She felt euphoric. Arriving home she ate some left over pizza, and then took a nap for a couple hours before she got up to get ready for work.

She was back at the club at 8:15, thirty minutes early. She carried her bag on her shoulder. Carol pointed her towards the dressing room and smiled at her.

There were at least 25 girls in the dressing room which was fortunately very large, with plenty of seating, mirrors, and nice clean showers, and lots of lockers for storing the dancers gear.

Many of the girls were very large women, well over 200 pounds, and some at least 400 pounds Beth guessed. One or two of these women had to be some of the fattest females alive she thought. They were twice most of the others size, at least 500 pounds, maybe 600 or 700 pounds Beth wondered.

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Default continued

“Hi…I’m Tonya.” One of the 300 something pounders said introducing herself.

“Hello…I’m Beth.”

“Welcome Beth…When are you on?”

“8:45” Beth answered.

“You have some time…don’t worry…relax…you’ll do just fine…the guys out there will really like you.” Tonya assured her.

“What about the VIP room?” Beth asked.

“It’s no big deal…once you get your customers…you’ll give em lap dances back there…real money is in the ‘fetish’ room.”

“What’s that?” Beth asked.

“That’s where you take some of the special clients…the VIP plus room…guys will pay you ridiculous money to sit on them…stand on them…stuff like that…half of my regulars do business with me there…I make more money from guys that want me to literally try and crush them flat as a pancake…I weigh 347 pounds and gaining as fast as I can girl… some love me to jump up and down on them…trample them…one of my guys always asks me to break his ribs when he comes in…another guy has me drop my fat ass onto his head…then he wants me to fart on his face…he pays me between 400 and 600 bucks every night he comes in…that’s just from him…girl…I was about your size when I started here…you’ll make lots more if you gain weight…the more you gain the more you make…I’m serious girl!” Tonya told her as if she had known Beth for years.

Beth was listening with great interest.

“Wow…that’s amazing.” She replied with a giggle, “I think I’ll have to do that…I do love to eat…I have gained 16 pounds already within the last two weeks.” Beth admitted.

“You go girl…you’ll make that money the more you weigh….I know.” Tonya said rubbing her thumb and fingers together symbolizing the cash while she was patting her belly with her other hand making it jiggle like jello.

Beth looked down at her pudgy gut with its three rolls of fesh it had as she sat down. She pat it with both hands.

“This isn’t where I’ll gain a lot of weight,” she said as she looked at the clock on the wall and stood up, ”My weight will be developing below my waist.” She said as she pat her cellulite covered ass and then her widening hips and thighs.

“You shake that junk for those guys and you’ll do very well tonight on the runways honey.” Tonya told her.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do in just a few more minutes.”

“You knock em in the head with that ass.”

“I will.” Beth answered as she went about her way to go get ready.

She saw there were several weight scales around and just before she put her outfit on she stepped up onto the one near her locker. It read 212 pounds.

“Sweet.” Beth said quietly to herself as she slipped on her thong.

A moment later she was out on the stage shaking her fleshy body for as much as she could get. That was about 50 something bucks after just one song. It was going to be good working there Beth knew.

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Default continued.

The first night she walked out of the club with $400.00 in her pocket after giving Carol her percentage. That wasn’t bad for what was really just a few minutes work, shaking her ass for six or seven songs. She made no less and worked no harder each night for the rest of the week, and made sure to eat plenty throughout each day. By the end of the first week she was up to 223 pounds.

The second week Beth started in the VIP room. Things were different in there. It was just 25 bucks plus sometimes a tip for one song during which she danced for just one customer. However she could have a customer for every single song, or, every other song played for the entire night if she wanted to, so she could make, for example $300.00 or more in just one hour, if she had the customers lined up. She did, and she walked out of the club with at least $1,000 every night, still feeling all those erections poking her ass.

The second week Beth, though having worked much harder than the previous week, still managed to gain another eight pounds making her weight 231 pounds. She started in VIP Plus room. There she was paid 50 bucks plus any tips for a single song during which she would fulfill many fantasies, most all but for actual sex, and most of which was merely sitting or standing on her customer.

Beth quickly learned, since there was a demand for it, how to do butt drops and became quite popular for them. She would do dozens in a night, dropping her big ass down onto a customer’s desired target. It was usually their chest, sometimes their stomach, but some liked their head or groin dropped on. She also learned how to trample her customers that wanted her to do so. She also quickly adapted to having a customers face buried between her buttocks. All this was new to her but she was soon used to it. She made on average 500 bucks an hour. By the end of that week Beth had eaten her way up to 240 pounds.

Beth’s second night in the VIP Plus room one of the other women gave her a business card while she and Beth were sitting on one of the couches together, with each of them on their respective client. All that was on the card was an address, date, and time.

“You’re Beth right?”


“I’m Sharon.”

“Nice to meet you.” Beth said.

“If you’re interested…this is a guaranteed moneymaker…you’ll get a thousand an hour at least…it’s all rich guys that show up there.” Sharon told her.
“Thousand an hour for what?” Beth asked.

“Doing what you’re doing right now…any more is up to you.” Sharon answered.

“Oh really?...what is this place?”

“It’s a huge mansion…this guy has these invitation only parties once or twice a month…it’s a bunch of rich men and even some women that don’t wish to come to a place like this club…it’s hush hush.”

“Sounds kind of weird.” Beth said.

“Well…it takes some getting used to…but it’s really no different than here…just we’re in a real nice home and we’re getting paid serious money…that’s it.”

“I might try it.” Beth said.

“Well…one other thing…these people are real serious about their fetish…and real serious about their privacy…you might be asked to really do something you will probably think you shouldn’t do…I don’t mean like having sex or giving head or anything like that…I mean there are those who really want you to hurt them…and I don’t mean pretend, like what Tonya does with that one guy…I mean you will be asked to trample or butt drop someone on a marble floor and really…really hurt them…you might find someone who wants you to sit on their face and suffocate them till they pass out…stuff like that…and the typical BDS&M stuff…leather…chains…whips.”

“Alright…I get it…alright…I said I’ll try it.” Beth said.

“Cool…I’ll be there…I have at least three grand coming just for showing up…this guy told me he’d pay me a hundred bucks for each pound I gain next time I see him,” Sharon giggled, “I’ve gained at least 30 pounds.”

“Oh cool…I’d like to get a deal like that…I’m trying to get really fat.”

“You and me both…every one of us in here is doing that.”

By the end of the night Beth’s back was sore from all the butt drops. She walked out of the club with about 1200 bucks, making her feel better. She had the idea of lots more cash that she could make at the private party soon to come.

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AprilEthereal has said some nice things

Awesome story so far! Can't wait for new additions
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by the way... does anyone KNOW of a strip club that has chunky women? My lord would I pay serious money to see that. Just a little excess weight on those skinny girls would make my day!
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gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!gangstadawg has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

i hear there is one in ann arbor MI.
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Hey...this is one of mine from a while back...glad to see someone liked it well enough to repost it.
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it's a good one.
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I really liked this story. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
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