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Default Naughty Gainer -(~BBW, Feeding, ~SWG ) - by FANedFox

~BBW, Feeding, ~SWG - a little bit of infidelity leads to a new household order

Naughty Gainer
by fanedfox

Arthur had been happily married for many years. He was very wealthy, owning a magnificent home in the hills overlooking LA and the Pacific Ocean. He was devoted to his wife of many years, though they appeared to be opposites, he was slim and fit, and she quite plump.

They lived happily in their magnificent home with a very competent and dedicated staff to take care of them, especially Marge, Arthur's wife. He was devoted to her, and she him. The staff pampered and indulged Marge's every need or whim; this led to Marge becoming quite overweight in their years of marriage, a circumstance which delighted Arthur.

Arthur's life changed though when Marge passed away unexpectedly from cancer. He was very upset and missed her tremendously.

After a few years he finally found someone, or rather she found him. A younger, slim and very pretty woman named Angela finally captured Arthur's heart.

Some of his domestic staff, devoted to Arthur, felt she was a "gold digger", but Arthur appeared smitten.

Arthur, though in love, was a good business man and had Angela sign a very comprehensive pre-nuptial agreement that was strict and un-breakable.

The first couple years of the marriage went along smoothly, with both partners enjoying each other's company and other attributes.

But Angela grew bored with Arthur. He was quite a bit older than she was. He did not like to go out as often as Angela would have liked. When they did go out, it was usually to have dinner. Angela always felt, not incorrectly, that Arthur was trying to get her to gain weight.

Maria was Arthur's most trusted domestic staff person. She had been with Arthur and Marge since they were married. She also missed Marge, with whom she was very close.

Angela starting cheating on Arthur. He did not really notice anything, but Angela would feign having to go over to a friend's house or volunteer here or there and Maria understood.

One time, Angela was indiscrete and Maria saw her and her paramount. She of course told Arthur immediately.

"You should divorce her!" stated Maria.

Arthur thought for a moment. "No I have a better idea. I really do care for Angela, I think I can change her ways too."

"How?" asked Maria.

"The pre-nuptial is very strict in regard to infidelity. I could literally divorce Angela and she would barely get the clothes on her back. She knows this of course, which gives me some leverage in controlling her behavior," he stated in a matter of fact tone. "But I will need your help Maria."

"Of course don Arturo, anything that I can do!" replied Maria.

"I am going to tell Angela that she is in effect "grounded", no shopping, no errands, no social events, nothing, she is to stay here at the house, unless I take her out. This is where you come in Maria. I want you to be sure to feed Angela your wonderful cooking. I want her to eat up to six or seven meals a day, constant snacking too. I think a few dozen pounds will cool off her libido."

Maria beamed at the idea, she would love to stuff the snotty Angela until she burst. "You can count on me, Senor, I will take very good care of the Senora!"

Arthur then confronted Angela on her infidelity. Angela was furious at getting caught and angrier at her "grounding". She knew that Arthur held all the cards, the pre-nuptial would leave her with nothing and maybe even in debt if they divorced, so she agreed to the terms of her punishment.

Arthur was still going into the office daily, so Maria had full control over Angela and her soon to be expanding waist.

The first morning of Angela's punishment, Maria brought in a massive breakfast right to her bed. Angela was annoyed, but the food smelled so good she could not resist and soon was eating away.

Angela worked out to maintain her figure. Her mother and sisters were all overweight if not obese now, and she wanted to keep her slim figure, which she considered her best asset.

Angela finished most of the breakfast; now totally stuffed she fell back asleep. She woke up a couple of hours later, and got out of bed. Feeling bloated and lethargic, she used the bathroom and pulled on a bikini swim suit to go work out.

She went down to the pool area to use her elliptical. It was gone. Arthur had removed it and all the other workout equipment.

"Maria where is my work out gear?"

Maria chuckled to herself, "Senor Arthur had it hauled away yesterday before you got home."

Angela said, "Then I will just swim a few laps."

But the heavy, rich food in her belly and the wave action of pool made Angela fell nauseous. She climbed out of the pool and lay down on a chaise in the sun.

An hour later Maria brought out a tray covered in rich heavy Mexican cooking, Maria's specialty, Angela complained, "I can't eat all this, I am still full from that huge breakfast you made me!"

Maria cooed, "I will just leave it here for you, in case you change your mind."

With that, Maria quickly went back to her kitchen. She knew that Angela, had her family's appetite. She had even seen Angela overeat on occasion, but Angela's working out had kept the pounds off.

Maria was right! Angela started to just nibble, but that soon gave way to eating everything on the tray. An hour later, Angela lay back, sporting a bloated, bulging belly!

Angela fell asleep again for a couple of hours. When she woke up, she still felt a little full from the huge breakfast and lunch Maria had fixed. She looked over to the tray and found that it had been "refreshed." It was now covered with chips, rich dips, sweets and sweet tea. She started to nibble and soon had made a pretty good "dent" in the heavy snacks.

Around five o'clock, Maria woke a sleepy and full Angela. "Angela, Senor Arturo will be home soon, I have dinner almost ready, you should change for dinner!"

Angela hoisted herself out of the chaise and padded up to her bedroom. While showering she noticed how bloated she was, lathering her bulging belly with soap. She thought, "I really need to get some exercise or I am going to get fat!"

Angela dressed in a loose fitting dress, feeling her bikini panties cutting into her bloated belly. She went downstairs to greet Arthur.

After three glasses of red wine and plenty of cheese and crackers, Angela had a pretty good buzz and an appetite too. She wasn't thinking at all about her weight.

Arthur seated Angela and Maria started to bring in the rich heavy dinner. Maria served Arthur a modest portion, but loaded Angela's plate. He gave a Maria a quick wink acknowledging her good work.

Angela laid into her dinner with gusto, now a little drunk from more wine and her stomach stretched out from the days over-indulgence. She stuffed herself as Maria refilled her plate and Arthur her wine glass! Maria and Arthur flattered her into having three servings of dessert and then after dinner drinks, by eight thirty, Angela was slouched in her chair, her belly bulging up against the fabric of her once loose fitting dress, she looked pregnant she was so bloated.

Arthur helped her to her feet. He guided her upstairs to her bedroom and got her ready for bed. Arthur could not believe how bloated Angela was after only one day of being indulged by Maria. He loved how her once flat belly now was a bulging orb. The waist band of her bikini was cutting into her belly fat even more!

After getting Angela off to sleep, Arthur was getting turned on thinking of how much weight Angela could gain and how it would affect her body.

He went to the kitchen to thank Maria for her hard work and a great dinner.

"Maria, thank you so much, dinner was wonderful! I see how well you are "taking care" of Angela too! She looked very well fed tonight!"

Maria chuckled, "It was my pleasure to feed Angela. I know how much Senor appreciated Marge's figure. I was surprised that you fell in love with someone so skinny."

"I was surprised too. I think though, I saw some potential in Angela and her behavior tonight reinforces that."

The next morning Maria brought in a tray leaden with rich heavy food, mostly omelets, bacon, sausage, cheese, whole milk and a pitcher of orange juice, heavily sweetened.

Angela groaned and thought to herself, "I have got to stop eating like this or I will get huge like my sisters!" But her stomach, stretched out from hours of over-indulgence the day before, was driving a raging appetite. She gave in and soon had stuffed herself to the point of nearly being sick.

The pattern of the first day repeated itself. Angela ate a massive lunch, gorging herself with snacks all afternoon and then got stuffed at dinner with Arthur. He loved to watch her eat.

Maria continued to constantly feed her charge. She made sure that Angela always had tasty goodies and treats at hand. She made large, heavy and rich meals for her too. Which Angela, getting bored with just hanging around the house, began to eat more and more without resistance.

By the end of the second month, much to Arthur and Maria's delight, Angela was noticeably heavier. Her bottom and thighs were round, beginning to rub together. Her belly now bulged over her bikini's and was beginning to protrude as far as her breasts. Arthur had Maria replace Angela's wardrobe with larger sizes.

The third month started off even better than the two. Instead of a mid-morning snack Angela now ate two breakfasts, one in bed very early and then a second when she finally got up around 9:30. She had a massive lunch, then snacked most of the afternoon, eating an early dinner and then eating again with Arthur when he got home. Plenty of snacks in front of the TV, then to bed, usually bloated with rich food. Angela was now totally taken over by her genetic predisposition and very much unaware of what was happening.

Arthur loved watching his once slim, petite wife balloon with the rich food and constant feedings. Angela, now had a serious bulging belly! Her once slim thighs were round and soft, rubbing together half way to her knees. Her bottom cheeks were huge rolls of fat bulging out of tight bikini panties and swimsuits. By the end of six months she was even beginning to waddle!

Angela scretly was actually enjoying getting fat! She was initially furious at Maria and Arthur for what she realized was their deliberate attempt to fatten her up. But the more weight she gained the lazier and lazier she became. By the end of the eighth month of Maria's assault on her waist line, Angela had lost all interest in working out. The more she ate the more she wanted to eat.

Angela went from a size four to a size eighteen in just a single year. Maria took her shopping and bought her granny panties and stretch pants. She loved to waddle around the house nibbling in just panties and a t-shirt.

Angela was also falling back in love with Arthur, even Maria was starting to really like the now fat and docile Angela.

One evening she ate her second dinner with Arthur and made a point of gorging herself in front of him. Patting her belly, she teared up.

"Arthur, dearest, I hope you can forgive me for cheating on you! I really love you, and I am so sorry I hurt you!" she cried.

Arthur too was becoming more and more enamored with Angela. He was so turned on by her ballooning body, he could hardly stand it.

Arthur stood up and came around to behind Angela's chair looking down over her head he could see the bulge of her white, belly filled, silk panties laying on her round plump thighs. He bent over and ran his hands around Angela's belly, squeezing and kneading her soft fat. He kissed her. "Angela, you look so awesome to me right now, I love the way you look! Your new figure is beautiful!"

Arthur helped his engorged beauty to her feet and watched with loving eyes as he and Angela went to the bedroom.

After the best love making either one of them had ever had, they fell off to sleep.

Angela woke up around two AM, she struggled out of bed and waddled down to Maria's room and woke her.

"Maria, I need your help, please!" whispered Angela.

"What do you need Angela?" asked a sleepy Maria.

"I want you to stuff me until I nearly burst! I want my belly to be so huge for my dear Arthur, he loves it when my belly is full and round!" she giggled.

Maria got up and led her protégé to the kitchen, she had Angela plant her huge round bottom in a chair at the table and started to pull dishes and platters out of the refrigerator and started to feed the giggling Angela.

By three AM, Angela looked like she would explode she was so bloated! Maria helped to her feet. She waddled and staggered back to the bedroom, nearly in pain she was so stuffed, but also never more turned on!

Angela felt she was now nearly as round as she was tall! Her belly bulged several inches past her still modest, but plumper boobs, her bottom looked like to beach balls stuffed in her white, silk panty briefs and her thighs were a big around as her waist once was.

She turned on a small night light, its glow shining on her taught, round belly. She tapped Arthur's shoulder. "Dearest, it's me, I have a surprise for you!"

Arthur blinked awake. He looked up and stared right at Angela's huge belly, encased in tight white brief panties, shiny, the material was so stretched.

"Angela, honey, your belly, its, its so big. Have you had more to eat tonight, love?"

She giggled, "I had Maria help me get totally stuffed, I am so full right now, I might burst, but am so turned on Arthur, I love you so much! I want you right now, with my belly so round and full!"

Arthur pulled back the covers and Angela lowered herself onto the bed and Arthur. They made love again several times during the night.

Around ten AM there was a knock at the door,

"Come in." Arthur called. Maria came through the door with a cart overflowing with all of Angela's favorites!

She wheeled the cart to Arthur's side of the bed and parked it. She smiled at Arthur, "I am sure your beautiful wife is hungry this morning!"

Arthur and Maria helped Angela sit up in bed. Maria patted Angela's belly, and giggled, "Have a nice breakfast dear!"

Maria left and Arthur began to feed Angela the first of many, many meals to come!

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