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Default Random Confession

This is kind of random and i just feel like saying it.

So I started college with a little starter belly but came back with a noticably chubby tummy. And while I like my soft belly i'm not as confident about it as my youtube vids seem. I do find myself attempting to hide my gut a little bit when im with people i know
but everytime im somewhere where i don't know alot of people i find myself putting on tight clothes which accent my tummy and i let my belly portrude like a happy chubby belly should. Than i always get a large milk shake and fastfood or ill get multiple king size candy bars and quickly eat them. It just so feels so good (and very erotic too!)
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I think it's often harder with people you've known for a long time. They remember when you were thinner, and have absolutely no clue that you might have no interest in being thinner again.

I don't think this is unique to the gaining experience -- I think anyone who changes significantly goes through it. Fat is just more obvious, and more reviled, than a lot of other things.

Glad you're enjoying your pudge, and the experience of gaining!
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muffinlover has said some nice things

it's very interesting to here you say that you're not as confident as your youtube videos. you are very beautiful in your videos - the first ones and the recent ones. your true friends won't care as long as you are happy, so be confident about who you are no matter what!

enjoy yourself and of keep gaining!
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