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Default Jill's Story - by Karl (~BBW, Intrigue, Eating, ~SWG)

~BBW, Intrigue Eating, ~SWG - Story of a young woman

Jill’s Story
By Karl

Jill was an 18 year old good looking girl. She had a body to die for although she was not very sporty and did not exercise a lot. Her weight fluctuated between 115 and 120 pounds. She was still living at home and planned to go to college after a small break. She needed to earn some money to finance her studies. Living at home was nice because her mum made all the cooking and she was a good cook. It was important for her mum that everything on the plate vanished and she was pretty strict with eating rules. It was very important for her mum that the family eats together at least once a day.

Jill’s mum worked in a bakery and was pretty plump. She often brought some things from the bakery with her which she consumed alone most of the time. Jill hardly ever touched that kind of food and Jill’s father did not like sweets.

Jill started looking for a job. After a while started working in a restaurant called Joe’s. It was an average job but she needed to money. Her boss Joe actually was a big man and all the employees were a little afraid of him. He was not a bad man but you better do what he says. However he granted them free food and beverage as part of their salary. The cooks always had something which needed to be eaten and so the staff always got something to eat. In Joe’s eyes it was a good sign for the customers to see that the staff was eating the same food too and so the girls had to eat what they were served. It was an Italian restaurant but also offered burgers and American food.

So on her first day Joe just told her to watch and learn. Jill sat down at the bar and looked at the waitresses and the cook. All of them were chubby if not fat but very nice. After one hour Joe placed fried eggs and a muffin in front of her and said that a waitress mixed up an order and she should eat that.

“I already had breakfast at home” Jill said but regretted immediately as Joe just raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

Jill started with the eggs and the food was actually very good. After she finished the looked at the waitresses again and tried to learn. It was not a very difficult task and soon she tried to talk to the waitresses Claire and Maggy. But somehow they did not seem to like her and they did not talk to her much.

At lunchtime she was served a big burger with fries and a coke. She was not hungry at all but started slowly as she did not want to get in trouble with her boss. She managed to eat everything but was stuffed afterwards. Her stomach was not used to so much food. She did not have burgers very often. The afternoon was pretty boring. She just sat there and watched.

She offered help and sometimes cleaned a table or delivered an order. Claire and Maggy liked that a lot and so did her boss.

At five Joe said:
“Good first day for you. I see you learn quickly. You will work full tomorrow. The girls will be thankful for your help. Here for you.”

He placed a big portion of spaghetti in front of her and she ate it as she was happy with Joe’s statement. After she finished she said good-bye to everyone and left.

“Nice girl” Maggy said.

“Yes but so skinny. I feel fat next to her.” Claire said.

“This will change and we will take care of it.” Maggy said smiling.

Claire just nodded grinning.

At home her mother was preparing dinner for the family. Jill was still stuffed but sat down at the dinner table. Jill was given a steak with French fries and a salad. She ate very slowly and it was hard to finish. Dessert was a piece of apple pie which clearly brought her into trouble. She hardly managed to finish it. Before she went to bed she told her mother not to have any breakfast in the morning as she expected to get breakfast at Joe’s again. She went to bed stuffed.

As she woke up in the morning she felt surprisingly hungry and as expected she got a breakfast from Joe – again fried eggs and a muffin accompanied with coke and coffee. It was not a very busy day at Joe’s and Jill had not a lot to do. She took a closer look on Maggy and Claire and thought that both must weigh more than 250 pounds. Somehow the girls still looked good in her eyes. The girls even had time to chat a little bit and Jill got the feeling they might finally start to like her. At lunch time the girls were given fettuccine Alfredo and Claire and Jill started to eat whilst Maggy had to get along with the service alone. Claire said to Jill:

“I would like to lose some weight and watch my food. I don’t know how I can do that as Joe wants us to eat everything.”

“Well I think I can try to help you and eat it for you.” Jill answered.

“That would really help me a lot. Here you go.” She pushed the plate to Jill and went back to work.

Jill made it through her first plate and felt full. She started with the second one as Maggy joined her. Maggy talked to her and encouraged her to eat Jill’s second plate.

“You know I think it is very nice from you to help Claire.” Maggy said.

Jill felt happy after those nice words from maggy and finished Claire’s plate. She felt stuffed again and Maggy was happy that the first phase of their plan was working.

After lunch the girls had to work and somewhere in between Joe brought a big bowl of ice cream to Jill and said:

“Here try these. It’s my own creation. I plan to add an ice cream parlor to the restaurant with fine Italian ice cream.”

He looked so happy and Jill did not want to offend him and started eating the ice cream. It was the best ice cream she ever had and she finished it quickly. Maggy and Claire did of course notice that. One hour later it was dinner time and today it was pizza time. The girls shared two pizzas and tried to give Jill the main share. Maggy and Claire got up several times to deliver orders or clean tables. Jill was the only one who only ate the pizza and did not get up in between. So it happened that Jill did not notice and nearly ate a pizza on her own. She liked the food at Joe’s a lot and did not think of all the calories she was consuming.

Jill went home right before her mother served dinner. Jill sat down and ate her second dinner. It was chicken with vegetables and rice followed by more ice cream. However this ice cream was not as good as Joe’s. After dinner Jill watched TV with her dad sharing a box of chips and went to bed stuffed again. She did not eat that much before in her life: big breakfast, two lunches, ice cream, a pizza and a full dinner at home.

This went on for the next three days and Jill always had breakfast, two lunches and two dinners and some snacks in between. Over the weekend she was just sitting at home and watching TV with her dad. She found her way to the kitchen more often and ate bigger portions with her family.

On Monday Claire and Maggy pushed things a little further as Maggy told Jill that she wanted to lose some weight too. She asked Jill if she could eat her dinner at Joe’s for her. Jill hesitated but finally agreed. Jill had again a big breakfast, two lunches (spaghetti carbonara) and now two dinners (a burger and French fries each). She was really stuffed and went home. Her mum was cooking dinner and announced that it would be ready in 30 minutes.

When her mother served the food she noticed that Jill looked a little bloated but did not comment on it. She served the fish and mashed potatoes. Jill ate it but it was really hard for her. She forced down every bite and had to take the two pastries which her mom had brought from the bakery for dessert to the TV and ate them slowly.

That night she went to bed more stuffed than ever but somehow she liked the feeling of eating and being so full. The week went on with Jill having breakfast, two lunches and three dinners. She was now consuming more than double of the calories she usually had 2 weeks before. Weekend came and Jill was getting used to big amounts of food. She asked her mother for seconds at lunch and dinner and consumed nearly half a gallon of ice-cream on Saturday evening during watching TV.

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On Monday Joe and his cook had an idea and shared it with the girls:

“We are working on a few new recipes and I would like to have your opinion on them before we add them to the menu.”

The girls nodded and agreed as it did not make much sense to argue anyway. So over the day all three girls received 2 or 3 smaller portions of some new recipes in addition to their lunches and dinners. Joe did not know that Jill was eating parts of the other girl’s lunches and dinner but he wanted to have the opinion of every girl so Maggy and Claire were not able to pass this additional food to Jill.

At the end of the week Maggy said to Claire:

“Can you see. It’s starting to show. She must have gained about 10 pounds or so.”

“Yes you are right. She looks a little softer.” Claire replied.

“No wonder she is now eating for two literally.” Maggy said.

Claire laughed and the girls continued working.

Over the weekend Jill’s mother also noticed a small weight gain of her daughter but did not mention it as she was happy with it. In her opinion Jill had always been too thin. On Saturday after lunch Jill and her mum went shopping. They bought some new things for Jill – most of them a size bigger.

In the middle of the afternoon Jill said she was hungry again and needed a snack. They went to McDonalds and Jill ordered a Big Mac menu, chicken nuggets, a milkshake and an apple turnover. Her mum looked surprised but again did not comment on it. She enjoyed the time with her little girl and decided to cook bigger portions in the future as Jill was obviously eating better nowadays.

Jill’s mum started making bigger portions in the evening and served a big portion of meatloaf. Jill’s mum and father had two slices each and Jill had the rest. Her mom even encouraged her and refilled her plate several times. So it happened that Jill ate nearly two pounds of food: meatloaf accompanied by mashed potatoes. That not being enough she shared half a gallon of ice cream with her family for dessert. She felt stuffed and happy.

On Monday the new recipes were introduced to the customers and the menu was changed accordingly. This resulted in a number of mixed up orders or wrong combinations. Joe was not happy about it and told the girls that they had to eat what they mixed up. The idea hit Claire immediately. They somehow have to make use of this new rule and to increase Jill’s food intake.

She went to Jill and told her “Jill, I would like to ask you to do me and Maggy a favor. We're making good progress in losing weight. Could you deal with the mixed up orders and eat them? I promise Maggy and myself will take good care of you and will concentrate not to mix up a lot of orders. Please you really would help us!”

Jill at first was hesitating. She did not know how much more food this meant. But finally she agreed.

The first hour after breakfast went by without any problems and no orders were mixed up. Then suddenly Maggy appeared with a big burger and French fries.

“Sorry this has been mixed up. The guest wanted a double burger with steak fries. Could you take care of it?”

Jill nodded, took the food and took a free seat at the bar. Joe saw her eating and knew that it was a mixed up order. However he knew that Jill did not take orders today. One of the other girls must have mixed it up. It was not ok but as one of them was eating it he did not care.

As Jill finished Claire brought her a big banana milkshake and said it was mixed up too. Jill felt thirsty anyway and had her first milkshake at Joe’s. It was the best milkshake she ever had. It was Joe’s special and his secret was some ice-cream and whipped cream he added to the shakes. That did not make them healthier but of course it supported the taste. From that moment on Jill drank milkshakes more often and did not know that they alone were around 800 calories each.

An hour later it was lunchtime. Penne con funghi this time. Jill had two servings again. She was stuffed afterwards and felt tired. She helped the girls with the service but after a short time a pizza was placed where she just ate 3 main courses.

“Guest changed his mind but order was already prepared. Sorry. We will just put the wrong orders here at your place so you know that’s yours.” Claire said.

Jill did not want to sit there and stuff herself so she just helped with the service and always stopped for a few bites. She washed it down with another milkshake. The afternoon was less busy and so there was not a lot of work and she had time to finish the pizza. Maggy and Claire certainly could have mixed up an order – of course unintentionally – but they did not want to overdo it.

Soon dinner was ready and the girls had to share 3 pizzas - 2 for Jill and 1 for Claire. Jill started quickly and finished with the first one before Claire finished half of hers. Jill was feeling full already but Maggy tried to encourage her in between serving the guests:

“Don’t lead me into temptation. I cannot afford eating that. I thought you are a friend.”

Jill grimaced at her so called friend and started with the second pizza. A little later Claire finished hers and went to Maggie.

“I don’t think she will be able to eat all of that. Think of what she already had today. That’s more than both of us had in our best days.” Claire said.

“Let’s wait. I think she will be able to do it.” Maggie said.

“Ok let’s bet. If she cannot do it you will eat half a gallon of ice cream tomorrow. If she can I will eat it.” Claire suggested.

“Deal!” Maggie shook hand with Claire.

Both girls were busy and did service. After one hour Jill finished everything. She looked totally stuffed. Her belly looked incredible bloated. Jill went home without saying good bye. She told her mum that she did not feel good and wants to go to bed. Feeling sick was the only excuse for her mother not to have dinner together. Her mom told her that she will put the food in the fridge if she should get hungry later. Jill collapsed in her bed and fell asleep immediately. Jill had consumed a big breakfast, a burger with fries, two penne con funghi, three pizzas and altogether three milkshakes.

As Jill went to bed relatively early she woke up three hours before her alarm rang. She still felt bloated but somehow hungry again. She went to the kitchen and found a big bowl of noodle salad from yesterday evening. Without thinking she took the bowl, plopped herself on the kitchen chair and ate the whole thing within two hours. It was about three big portions of fatty mayonnaise noodles – and it was not even her breakfast. She felt full again – and this feeling would not change over the day.

She changed and waited for her parents in the kitchen. Her mum appeared and noticed that Jill had eaten the noodle salad.

“Good girl. She must be well again.” Jill’s mum thought. She also noticed the bulge around Jill’s belly. “The girls must be eating really well lately.”

She thought. “Good – suits her!”

They talked a little before Jill went off to work. She shared breakfast with the team and they started to prepare for the day. Claire had to eat half a gallon of ice cream today and had an idea: she wanted to involve Jill. Right after breakfast she brought a big load of ice cream to Jill.

“Today is ice cream day. That’s for you. Because you are a nice girl and I like working with you.” Claire said.

Jill blushed and hugged her. Claire was able to feel a small layer of fat underneath Jill’s clothes. The whole day Claire brought her more ice cream and Jill ate it all. That day Jill had spaghetti Bolognese, two big Caesar salads with creamy chicken sauce for lunch, again a pizza over the afternoon, two portions of French fries, and for dinner two servings of lasagna and of course half a gallon of ice cream and 3 milkshakes. Only during her shift in Joe’s not taking into account the noodle salad in the morning and the dinner to come at home.

As she was working on her second lasagna a nice guy entered the restaurant and looked at Jill for a very long time. She was quite a sight. Her belly sticked out, her boobs overflowed her bra, small love handles were visible from behind and she was still eating. He smiled and went to Joe. They talked a little bit and just as Jill finished Joe introduced her to John – his nephew.

“Hi – real pleasure meeting you” John said.

“Hi pleasure is mine” Jill replied.

They talked a little bit and he asked Jill how she liked working here. Jill did not speak a lot about her work but more or less only about the food and how good it was.

“Very interesting. I will follow this and come here more often.” John thought.

Jill had to go home to make it for dinner. Her mum was already putting it on the table. Chili con carne. Jill was still stuffed but she was used to that feeling now and knew that she could always eat more even when she thought it would be impossible. She sat down and they started to eat. Jill had 2 big bowls of Chili. She did not notice that her bowl was bigger than her parents’ who also ate two bowls but much smaller ones.

After dinner she was watching TV with her dad again. Her mum had brought home a few éclairs and placed them in front of them. Jill ate five before she went to her room. She undressed and watched herself in the mirror of her room. She looked so round. Everything looked bigger - her boobs, her belly and her ass. She liked what she saw and touched her new flesh. She decided to weigh herself in the morning.

In the morning she stepped on the scale and it read 135 pounds. That meant about 20 pounds gained since she started working and Joe’s. She was afraid of gaining too much and went to her mother. Just wearing her undies her mother was able to see the development clearly.

“Mom, I have gained weight. Am I fat?” Jill asked.

Her mother looked at her for a while. Went around her and said: “Jill you look amazing. This is a body every man likes. You now have real female curves. You can be proud!”

Jill examined herself for a second but her mother had said exactly the right thing. Jill felt sexy and good and not fat at all – just more feminine.

From that moment on Jill did not think about gaining too much and continued eating like never before.

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i like this, please keep going
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Default Chapter 3

The week passed by quickly and Claire and Maggy noticed that Jill was still gaining weight. To their surprise it did not obviously bother Jill. John came to the restaurant more often and talked to Jill frequently. He liked her but most of all he liked watching her eating. Joe noticed that John liked Jill. He offered John a job. He needed a second cook as his current cook wanted to cut down a little bit and preferred to work part time only. John accepted.

John and Jill immediately became close as Jill always liked talking with him. Most of the time they chatted while she was eating as her eating place was exactly next to the kitchen. John liked preparing food for Jill. He was amazed about the amounts she was consuming. John also noticed that Maggy and Claire were bringing Jill food and she always ate it and did not complain.

One day Jill explained to John her understanding of why this was the case. John immediately knew that the girls must have the intention to fatten Jill up as they were both fat themselves. John did not complain; he liked bigger woman and especially he liked their gaining process.

Jill’s empathy with John resulted in more eating. There was not a lot of business and the girls had no opportunity to give any so-called "mixed up" orders to Jill. John decided to help out. As Jill sat at her usual eating place at the bar next to the kitchen it was easy for John to give food to her. Jill did not even ask about the food he gave her to eat. She enjoyed talking to him and she also liked the food. Sometimes John gave her seconds of French fries or more dumplings or another piece of meat. Maggy and Claire also noticed that Jill was nearly always eating even as there were no mixed up orders. It happened that Jill was eating more than ever before because she had no real feeling for portions anymore and was not really concentrating on eating but on talking to John.

Jill was just working Monday to Friday. As the weekend came she decided to visit John – who worked 7 days a week. Jill got up in the morning and found a letter from her mum saying that she could have the muffins she made in the morning. Her mum also wrote that she would order pizza that night for the family as she would be out the whole day and has no time for cooking. Jill also found 20 EUR saying that she should go and buy something to eat for lunch. Jill was happy and looked for the muffins. Her mum made three chocolate and three vanilla muffins. Jill was not even sitting before she finished the first one. She got thirsty and took a fresh liter of milk out of the fridge before she sat down. She ate all six muffins and drank all of the milk. Funny enough she was not really feeling full.

Still wearing her panties she decided to go to her room to change clothes and look for more food outside of the house. She was in the mood of having something meaty after all the sweet stuff. As she changed her wardrobe she looked into the mirror more closely and noticed that she had gained weight again. She touched her bigger breasts and butt and also rubbed her belly which felt much softer. She estimated the additional weight gain to about 5 pounds or so. But she did not want to bother with that now and therefore did not use the scale to find out in detail. The fact that she had gained more weight was underlined by a small jiggle of her belly as she forced herself into a tight pair of jeans. She was able to button it but she knew that these jeans wouldn't fit much longer. Her bra also looked a little too small as her boobs had grown too and it cut into her flesh on her backside.

She decided to drive to McDonalds as she wanted a nice burger. She went in and ordered a Big Mac combo – super size. She sat down and within a short period of time she had finished the Big Mac and the fries. She was surprised and asked the girl at the counter if this was really super size. The girl said she did not know as she had served another client before. Jill decided she did not care and ordered another Big Mac combo – super sized again and some McNuggets. She finished the burger quickly again and thought that the sizes of the menus must have shrunk. Cost cutting program most probably. She left and drove to Joe’s.

As she entered she saw that there were two waitresses she did not know. Maggy and Claire also worked from Monday to Friday and so Joe had a second team for the weekend. Dana and Jane. Both girls looked quite nice although they were carrying a few pounds too much. Jill took her eating seat and John was happy to see her again. Before he went to her he fetched a burger and some fries and brought it to her and said:

“Hi. Good to see you. Started to get boring without you. Here you have a burger. Hope you are a little hungry. Prepared it for me but I am so happy that you are here so please eat it.”

Jill was not hungry at all but did not tell him that she just left McDonalds. He was so nice and she did not want to disappoint him and decided to eat the burger. Joe saw her eating and did not say a word for now. Jill ate and talked to John and as she was about to finish Joe arrived and said:

“Hey Jill. Free day and here again?”

“Yes I simply love the food and I got bored at home today.” Jill replied not wanting to mention that she more or less came just because of Joe’s nephew.

Joe nodded knowingly and went back to the kitchen.

Three hours later and after lots of chatting with John Maggy and Claire came in. Both looked at each other and saw that Jill was sitting on her eating place even if she was not supposed to work today. They went to her and talked a little bit and they asked her if she wanted to share an ice cream with them outside. Joe’s had also a few tables outside where people could enjoy the ice cream in the sun.

“I will come in a few minutes. Just want to finish the discussion with John. Don’t wait for me and order something. I'll come in a sec.” Jill said.

Maggy and Claire nodded and went outside. Jill followed them soon and took a seat at their table. The girls said they had already ordered. Jill thought about a scoop or two and was surprised as three huge bowls of ice cream were served for them. They were clearly the biggest ice cream’s Jill had ever seen. They were called “Joe’s bomb” and consisted out of 10 balls of ice cream, chocolate sauce and cream on top. Even though she was working here for a couple of weeks already she had never served that one. Most probably due to the bad weather during the last weeks. Jill was still full from all her food but Joe’s ice cream was special and she could never resist. As Maggy and Claire wanted to start with their ice cream Jill said:

“Are you sure you should have that? I thought you want to lose weight?”

Maggy and Claire did not think of that and they really wanted to eat it. However Claire replied:

“Shit. You are right. I totally forgot.”

“Damn. Me too.” Maggy added.

“But what to do now? Can you eat it for us?” Claire said and pushed her bowl into Jill’s direction.

“Yes good idea. Please Jill!!” Maggy said begging.

Jill was not sure if she could eat all of that after what she had already. However it was a vicious circle and she could not go to her own chef and give the ice cream back.

“I already had quite a bit to eat today but I think I will try.” Jill finally said.

For Maggy and Claire it was clear that Jill had been eating already as her belly was sticking out and she looked stuffed already.

“I bet you did not have a lot as you are not working today. You will manage easily.” Maggy said as she wanted to know what Jill had consumed already.

Between a few scoops of ice cream Jill answered:

“Well some muffins and burgers.”

Maggy and Claire did not comment on that but looked at each other quite surprised. Did she really say burgers?

As the first bowl of ice cream disappeared Jill felt stuffed. The other two bowls were melting already and Maggy said:

“Better hurry up. They are melting in the sun.” Maggy also thought this might encourage Jill to keep on eating.

Jill did not reply but kept on eating. She was really stuffed now but it was a challenge now and she always wants to win challenges. The second one took much longer but finally she finished.

“Need to pee” Jill said and wanted to get up. It only worked at the second attempt. Her belly looked swollen and huge and she had ice cream and chocolate around her mouth.

She passed by John and he asked her if she liked the ice cream. She said that she already had two Joe’s bombs and a third to go. As Jill vanished in the restrooms John looked outside and saw Maggy and Claire laughing and two empty bowls and one full one.

“This is amazing. Unbelievable.” he thought.

“I really like watching you eat here. And I like that you don’t eat small portions only.” He said to her as she came back from the toilette.

Jill went red and she smiled.

“Thanks John. That’s really sweet. If you like watching me eat you’d better come outside now. I gonna finish that last bowl.” Jill said.

He did not wait a sec and followed Jill. The other girls were surprised as he was standing in the door and waited for Jill to finish the ice cream. Maggy and Claire also noticed that Jill did not close the button of her jeans again.

Her belly was obviously too big for it. As Jill started with the third bowl she was not able to get a piece of ice cream on her spoon. Everything has melted already. She simply took the bowl in her hands and started drinking it. Maggy’s and Claire’s eyes went wide. It was not easy to drink as the consistency was so thick. John took note of that and went back to the kitchen, got get half a liter of milk, went back to Jill and simply poured all of it into the bowl. Jill looked shocked and wanted to complain as John said:

“Try it. It will be easier to drink like that.”

He was again so nice and supporting that Jill did not complain finally. She stirred the mixture and tried to drink it again. It worked much better now and she gulped down about an eighth of it. She breathed heavily after that.

As she saw John, Maggy and Claire and their big eyes she continued. She wanted to show them that she was able to finish. Jill felt as if the liquid filled up the last free spaces in her tummy. Just like water poured into a glass full with big stones fills the last gaps between the stones. As Jill was drinking the most fattening drink of her life John tried to estimate to amount of calories of this last bowl and the added milk. He came to about 2500 calories just as Jill finished it. With a loud burp she leaned back and rubbed her swollen tummy.

She was really stuffed now and not able to eat anything more. Nobody said anything. All of them just stared at her belly for some seconds. Then Maggy and Claire left.

John just said: “I think I more than like watching you eat.”

But then he had to go back to the kitchen as Joe had already called him twice.

Jill had no time to say anything before he left and was left alone. She sat there for the next half an hour and rubbed her belly. It felt so full and round and somehow liked the feeling of it. And she more than liked John’s last comment.

Two hours later Jill arrived at home. Her mother saw her and her stuffed belly and said:

“Wow Jill. Looks like you had dinner already.”

“Well. Not really but can we skip it for an hour or two? I just had… ehm… something.” Jill replied.

“Ok. Don’t worry. I will order in about 90 minutes. So Pizza will be here in about 2hours. Ok?” Her mum asked.

Jill nodded and went to her room. She undressed slowly, put on her widest jogging suit and went to the TV. She watched TV for two hours and dozed. Jill woke up as the door rang. A few minutes later her mum called her – the pizza was ready. Still bloated from all the food before she went into the kitchen to find only her mum and three pizzas.

“Dad just called a few minutes before. He cannot make it for dinner. They have to finish this project and he will come later today. As he will eat in the office we two can share three pizzas. Girl’s night with pizza eating. How does that sound?” Her mum said.

“Wow. Mum. I already had qu….” Jill wanted to say but was interrupted by her mum:

“Oh come on. We never do something together. Just you and me.”

“Ok ok. You win.” Jill gave in and took her first slice of pizza.

It was a good pizza and Jill wolfed down the first three slices quickly. They talked, giggled and had a lot of fun during their huge amount of pizza. Her mum was a good eater too but Jill ate much quicker and ate about two slices when her mum finished just one. After Jill had about one and a half pizza she wanted to quit but always her mother put another slice on her table. It was like her mother tried to stuff her. Jill, who was already used to people giving her more food, ate and ate. Finally she ate nearly two full pizzas. She was stuffed again.

Jill’s mother was happy as her girl finally was eating with her and not too little. She enjoyed spending time with her daughter. In order not to let this end she quickly went to the kitchen and brought a big chocolate cake.

“Here. Dessert for us!” Jill’s mother said and cut two big pieces for them before Jill had time to reject.

Jill was stuffed but thought that one piece would not hurt. They chatted again and did not think of the time. Later they heard a noise in the garage – Jill’s dad was coming home. Jill’s mum cut three pieces of cake and they waited for him. Jill started with her piece immediately. When he entered he saw the chocolate cake and the empty pizza boxes. He also noticed that Jill looked bigger and her swollen tummy was visible even through her sweatshirt.

“Hi girls.” he said and kissed both women.

“Hi darling. I cut you a piece of cake – thought you might like to have one after such a long day.” Jill’s mum said.

“Uff. Thanks but I don’t think I can eat another bite. We just had a dinner in the office and I am more than tired and want to go to bed more than anything else.” He replied.

Jill had already half finished her second piece of cake as her father pushed his piece to her and said:

“I am sure Jill will have it. Looks like she really likes it.”

He rubbed her back and kissed her. Jill did not reply. She felt happy and tired and most of all stuffed. A little later Jill’s dad left and she was again chatting with her mum and eating cake. Slowly but steadily. It took her one hour to finish and she was glad her mother did not put another piece of chocolate cake on her plate. However it was getting late and both women felt tired. Jill went to her room, spilled herself out of her jogging suit and sat there in her undies. Her belly hurt and she gave it a rub. She examined her new fat which was forming above her waistband. It felt nice, soft and warm. She leaned back in her bed and kept rubbing her belly.

After a few minutes she fell asleep.

(Continued in post 6 of this thread)

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Default Chapter 4

Next day Jill woke up and went downstairs to the kitchen to look for food. Still in her undies she felt her boobs jiggle more than usual, and her butt, and strangely her belly too. Somehow she liked it because really could feel her body now. Both parents were still sleeping or not at least not in the kitchen yet.

Jill opened the fridge and saw the chocolate cake from yesterday. She took it out, fetched a fork and went upstairs again. She did not even think of cutting only a piece of it. She took the whole rest of the cake which was about half of it. She was getting used to big amounts of food and she was not scared by large portions anymore. She switched on the TV in her room, set on the bed and put the cake on her lap and started eating.

Jill did not eat quickly but she kept her mouth full steadily without too much breaks. She liked the taste of it and she liked how her tummy got filled again. As she finished she had chocolate around her mouth and on her boobs and belly. She collected the small pieces of chocolate with her fingers and ate them too. Jill put the empty plate aside and watched a movie. She did not care about time. After the movie she got dressed and went down.

Just wearing a t-shirt and jeans – her widest actually. It was visible that she had gained weight again. She was literally spilling out of her clothes everywhere. Boobs overflowed bra, belly stuck out and muffin top spilled out over her jeans.

It was already lunchtime and her mum and dad were in the kitchen waiting for her.

“Hi sweety. Didn’t want to wake you up.” Her mum said and thought that Jill just woke up.

“No prob mum. Watched TV a little. So what’s up?” Jill asked.

“We are going to a Chinese restaurant. Your mum does not want to cook today.” Her father said.

“Sounds great. Let’s go” Jill answered and they drove to the restaurant.

They knew the restaurant and it offered two options. Either you choose the a-la-cart menu or you pay a little more and go for the all-you-can-eat buffet. All of them chose the buffet. They went to the buffet together. Her mum and dad took a small plate as they liked to go to the buffet more often.

Jill took the biggest plate. As they returned Jill had about 3 times more food on her plate than her mum or dad. Jill’s portion was about two plates for normal standards. Her parents did not comment and they started eating. Jill finished just as her mum finished and after a few minutes they went to the buffet again. Again Jill took a big plate and piled about 3 times as much food on it as her mum or dad.

“No wonder she is gaining. I have never seen her eat like that before.” Jill’s mum thought.

This time Jill needed more time than her mum but as her mother stood up to get something again Jill asked her to bring some fried shrimps and some rice.

Jill had finished her plate when her mum returned and started with a small plate of fried shrimps and an additional small plate of rice. As her father went to the buffet a few minutes later Jill had finished the shrimps but the rice alone was a little boring. So she asked him to bring some beef and fried vegetables. About 20 minutes later her mum and dad had finished but had some shrimps and fried vegetables left on their plates. Without asking Jill exchanged the plates and ate their remaining food too. Her tight t-shirt allowed a good few on her rounded belly. After a few minutes her mum said:

“I guess you are too full for dessert. But they have fried bananas and brownies.”

“Puh I am pretty full already you are right. But you could get a few for us and I will find some room.” Jill replied.

Her mum went to the buffet and took a big plate full of brownies and one full of fried bananas. She thought that would be too much but as they didn’t have to pay for it anyway she took a little more. Before her mum and dad even touched dessert Jill had already eaten a brownie. After a brownie and banana her parents quit leaving about three brownies and two bananas for Jill who went to went to the toilet. Her parents looked after her and her dad said:

“I think she will soon regret eating so much. She already gained quite some weight.”

“What does that mean? She’s still not a real woman and finally she is developing some curves. I am plump and you like my curves or not?” her mum said a little offended.

“Well yes sure but…” he wanted to continue but Jill’s mum interrupted him.

“See. Leave the girl alone and don’t talk about weight. Women don’t like that.”

As Jill returned her mum pushed the tables to Jill and gestured to continue eating just to mock her husband. Jill did not know what happened and did not notice anything. She simply shovelled the remaining brownies and bananas into her mouth.

It was about 3.00 pm when they left the restaurant with a stuffed Jill who did not know what to do at home and missed John somehow. As they arrived at home she had an idea:

“I'm going to drive to Joe’s. I think I might be able to help a little bit in the ice cream parlor today. It’s sunny and there will surely be lots of people.”

“That’s very nice from you. Your colleagues will be happy about it. The Kingston’s are coming tonight for a few glasses of wine. And I will prepare some sandwiches for all of us. See you later.” Jill’s mother said.

As Jill arrived at Joe’s there really was a lot of business today. Dana and Jane were under pressure and lots of people were already standing in front of the ice cream parlor waiting to be served. As Joe saw her he asked her if she could help with the ice and serve the people.

Until now Jill had never working behind the ice cream parlor herself. She was just dealing with order inside the restaurant or spent her time eating inside. Most people ordered cones and this was easy for Jill. Some other people who had a table outside wanted to be served by her and so she had to prepare more difficult ice cream creations too. She mixed up quite some orders. Some people did not really complain but others said that they wanted what they ordered and Jill had to take her wrongly prepared ice cream back with her.

Finally the busiest time seemed to be over and Jill had some time behind her counter. She was looking at about 5 orders which she had mixed up. Some were small and some bigger and Jill decided to try them. All of them were purely delicious and soon she had finished the smaller ones. Between serving the customers she continued eating her wrong orders. Sometimes she even added chocolate sauce or cream topping or an additional scoop of ice cream which she forgot to add before.

There was a group of five girls who noticed that Jill was eating behind the counter quite frequently. They observed that she ate what the customers send back. The girls wanted to give it a try and the first girl ordered a mix of three different sorts of ice cream. When Jill delivered the order the girl said.

“Sorry but I ordered Vanilla and not Chocolate. Can you change that please?”

Jill nodded and left. She quickly brought the corrected order as the second girl said:

“Wow that ice cream looks really nice. I’d like to have Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Blueberry and Strawberry, please.”

Jill went back. ate the three balls of the first girl’s order quickly and returned with the order for the second girl.

“Excuse me, you brought me Blueberry. I wanted raspberry.” And gave the ice cream back to Jill.

She shook her head and was not sure if she really mixed it up. However she made a completely new bowl for the girl and left the wrong one for herself.

She brought it to her and returned to the counter to eat hers. Suddenly there were a lot of people and she was really getting into trouble. The girl group noticed and wanted to make advantage out of it.

The third girl of the group ordered together with the fourth girl. They were talking quickly and at the same time. Jill wanted to hurry to the next table and made only short comments to the order. She thought she will remember correctly. A few minutes later she brought the order to the girls’ table and both rejected the order and said she made a mistake. Jill cursed but two other tables were waiting already so she took the bowls with her and prepared new ones for the girls. Those were huge servings 8 balls each. This time she took care that she did not mix anything up. She put the mixed up orders in front of the waffle iron. She wanted them to melt so she could simply drink them more quickly.

In the meantime the girls were giggling and had their fun. They laughed about the chubby waitress who ate so much alone. The last girl wanted to push it even further and wanted the biggest ice cream Joe’s offered: “Joe’s bomb”. Of course she wanted some special sorts and changed it to confuse Jill. However the girl never meant to eat it. She just wanted to make it as big and fattening as possible. She added chocolate cream and cream topping.

When Jill made it she took care of everything in order not to mix it up this time. She even placed some nuts and cherries on top. The two wrong orders from before were melting and she took a sip of each. When she brought “Joe’s bomb” to the table the girl said:

“Sorry this has nuts on it. This is not what I ordered. I am not going to pay for it and I changed my mind and don’t want “Joe’s bomb“ anymore." She crossed her hands and looked as pissed as possible.

Jill had no chance but to take it back. It was really her fault. She wanted to please the girl and added nuts. However that was not ordered. Angry about herself she emptied one of the two remaining wrong orders next to the waffle iron and put the “bomb” there for melting too. She removed the nuts and the cherries in order to make drinking it easier.

The girls laughed and helped each other to finish their ice cream. It was hard even for 5 of them. They did not believe that Jill could eat as much as they did plus “Joe’s bomb” on top. So they waited as they wanted to see Jill finish everything. Jill’s strategy with melting the ice was clever it was much easier and far quicker drinking it than eating it with a spoon. However Jill was really full when she was half through the bomb. Most of the guests had left already and only the five girls were there and stared at her (or her belly) frequently. Jill did not notice or better she did not care.

Half an hour later she finished the bomb. Jill left at six and had eaten all her mixed up orders until then. She had just shortly greeted John and did not talk to him much and just waved good bye.

When she arrived home she wanted to avoid meeting the Kingston’s. She did not really like her parents’ friends too much. She just looked into the living room where they were sitting quickly and headed to the kitchen. She was not hungry and really stuffed but she saw that her mum had already prepared the sandwiches. They looked quite good but Jill decided to go to her room without food. As she wanted to leave her mum entered.

“Hi sweety. Take some. I made plenty.” Her mum said.

“I am not really hungry mum. I will have some later maybe.” Jill answered.

“Oh come on. At least one or two.” Her mum sounded a little tipsy and put two sandwiches on a plate for Jill.

“Ok. I'll take it with me upstairs. I want to watch a movie.” Jill said, took a 2 liter bottle of coke and the sandwich and went to her room. She took off her t-shirt and jeans and sat on the bed in her bra and panties. She placed the sandwich on her bed started with the movie. It was a boring one and she slowly started to nibble on the sandwich. After about two hours her mum staggered into the room without knocking.

Jill did not like entering her room without knocking but she noticed that her mum already was a little more than tipsy and did not say anything that time. She had the plate with the rest of the sandwiches in her hands but she stared at her daughter for a few moments. She had not seen her in her underwear since she had gained about 25 to 30 pounds. Jill was lying on her belly and her mum could see the bra cutting into her back and the bigger ass of her daughter.

Jill sat up and her belly formed a little roll and spilled over her panties. Her boobs had grown too and the bra was much too small for her. Jill’s mum being plump herself always thought that a woman should have nice curves. And her daughter was developing some killer curves at the moment. After she found to herself again she said:

“There are some sandwiches left. I thought you might like them and here they are. You can have all of them - we have finished.”

She put the plate in front of Jill who saw about 4 sandwiches remaining.

“Thanks mum but I am really not hungry anymore.” Jill said.

“That’s ok. I leave them here anyway. Maybe you get hungry later…” her mum replied and as she wanted to go she turned again and said:

“By the way: I think you look like a real beautiful woman right now. Your new curves really suit you well. But I think we have to go shopping next week. You need new clothes and underwear.”

As her mum went out Jill did not know what to answer and did not say anything. She was not sure if this might have been the effect of alcohol but it was nice after all and Jill felt happy. She decided to watch another movie and relax. She started nibbling on the sandwiches too. It was a real chick flick and Jill did not notice that she was eating the whole plate of sandwiches as she liked the movie so much.

She did notice however as she wanted to get up after the movie to switch off the DVD player. Her belly felt so huge and it needed two attempts to get up. She was stuffed again. She was surprised when she noticed that she had eaten and drunken everything. She switched off her electronics and went to bed again. She took her bra off as it felt too tight and she was amazed how big her boobs looked as they sprang forward when she removed her bra. She cupped them and noticed that they were now more than just a hand full. She liked that a lot and smiled, falling asleep stuffed and happy.

(Continued in post 10 of this thread)

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very nice story, i like what her mother is doing whit here.
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Another awesome story karl

She is My dream lady!!
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thx for the comments!
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Default Chapter 5

The next week was a pure stuffing for Jill. Every day she consumed more than 8000 calories. She had breakfast, then one or two mixed up orders, two lunches, again one or two mixed up orders in the afternoon and nearly every day some ice-cream, and three dinners in the evening. She went to bed stuffed every day but somehow she got used to it.

Some day during the week John asked her if she wanted to come and visit his parents and sisters over the weekend. Jill agreed and looked forward to a whole weekend with John. Her parents agreed as she was old enough to decide such things anyway.

They left after her two dinners at Joe’s on Friday. It was about a 2 hour drive. As they arrived they were welcomed by John’s family who have had dinner already but kept something for the two guests. John’s mother liked cooking and always made a lot of food. Therefore it was no surprise that she and her two daughters were not the thinnest women. In other words the three women of the house were quite fat and liked to eat. Even though Jill had gained a lot of weight already she looked rather small compared to them.

They were immediately guided to the dinner table where a huge feast was prepared. It was obvious that the others had been eating already but there was still enough to feed 4 people.

Before they sat down John said to Jill:

“My family likes girls with a big appetite as you can see. Please eat like at Joe’s and you will make new friends here.”

They sat down and John’s mother said:

“It’s all for you two. We have started already as you are quite late. But we will accompany you and we can talk. Here let me help you Jill.”

John’s mum took her plate and put 6 meat-balls, mashed potatoes and a thick sauce on it. It was a huge portion but Jill was used to big amounts of food already. John helped himself but took about a third of Jill's serving. Shortly before she finished his mum gave her a second helping. Jill felt full already but she did not want to disappoint John or his family so she kept on eating.

Again shortly before she finished John’s younger and quitechunky sister Ashley put a big helping of food on her plate and smiled. John was eating very slowly and talked to his family most of the time. Jill on the other hand did not say much and was just eating. John’s family liked Jill’s appetite and thought she must be hungry and like the food. As Jill wanted to finish Angy, John’s second sister, even chunkier than Ashley, put the remaining food on Jill’s plate and said:

“The guest always gets the last portion in this house.”

Jill looked at John who just smiled and gestured her to continue eating. And so Jill kept on. It took longer for her to finish everything but she did. She went to the restrooms after it and John’s mum said as soon as she left:

“I like her. She looks nice and likes to eat. Good catch John.”

“I agree. I like her. And she likes to have some appetite which just fits perfectly to us.” One of John’s sisters commented and the other sister agreed saying:

“Yes looks like we have found a new eating companion.”

Jill returned and it was obvious that she was stuffed. She had opened her button and her belly was round and full. She sat down and breathed deeply.

“Excellent food. Thank you so much.” Jill said.

“It is my pleasure to have you here, girl. Ash could you bring the dessert please?” John’s mother replied.

Ashley nodded and went to the kitchen. She returned with two big plates: one big chocolate cake and a full tray of tiramisu.

John did not want any sweets and so Ash cut the Chocolate cake into four quarters: one for every woman on the table. It was a huge slice. If you order a slice of chocolate cake in a shop it would usually be a third the size of the slices Ashley had cut. As Jill tasted it she was fascinated. It was one of the best cakes she ever had. Despite her fully stuffed belly she ate it as quickly as the other girls.

The cake was followed by tiramisu – for everybody except John. Ash and Angy encouraged Jill to eat more as she really wanted and so she ended up with three servings of tiramisu. After that Jill was more stuffed than ever. However she liked John’s family and did not feel embarrassed eating so much. In fact she felt happy. A guest room was prepared for her – as Jill had not an official girlfriend status at the moment. Jill fell to sleep quickly.

In the next morning she was woken up by the smell of breakfast. It was a hot day and she decided to keep her short sleeping pants and t-shirt on and go to the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen she saw that John’s sister were just wearing bikinis, his mother a bathing suit and John only Bermudas.

“Hi Jill. Oh it’s so hot today. I hope you don’t mind us sitting here in our bikinis. Do you have one with you? Go and change – we will jump into the pool later.”

Jill was a little bit shocked. First by the two fat girls in their small bikinis. Their fat spilled out everywhere and they did not care. And second by John and his toned body. She has not seen him topless before. He looked really sexy. After a few seconds she replied:

“Ehm yes. I think I have one with me. Give me a sec.”

She went back to her room and changed into her bikini. It was a little snug and felt tight around her hips and breasts. It was minimum one size too small and cut into her new curves everywhere. But it didn't matter. She had nothing else to wear and simply did not care any longer.

As she entered the kitchen again John stared at her. He had not seen her in a bikini before. She jiggled slightly with every step. She was nice and round and had sexy love handles. As she sat down her belly formed a nice roll which spilled over her panty. John estimated her to be around 145 pounds - nowhere near the size of his porky sisters but coming along..

“Much better in a bikini, isn’t it? Here have some breakfast!” Ashley placed two plates in front of her: one filled with pancakes and one with bacon and eggs.

She was not really hungry but ate with the others. Again John’s family encouraged her to eat more than she wanted and she was full after breakfast again. After breakfast the girls went into the garden where John’s family had a big nice pool. The girls placed themselves on the sun loungers and chatted. John followed and chose a place where he could watch Jill easily. Jill was laying between Ashley and Angy and next to their loungers were small tables.

After about half an hour John’s mum brought some milkshakes, doughnuts, éclairs and some muffins and put them on the tables. All the girls started nibbling on the sweet treats immediately. Jill was bombarded with food. Ash gave her muffins from the left and Angy doughnuts and éclairs from the right.

Food was endless. John’s mother never let the girls without it. Until lunchtime Jill had 5 doughnuts, 6 muffins and 4 éclairs. She washed it down with two milkshakes. Ash and Angy did not really want to stuff Jill but both girls liked her so much that they simply wanted to be nice and offered her food and talked to her about it.

At lunchtime they went into the house to have spaghetti Carbonara with lots of cream and bacon. Each girl had two big helpings. John watched Jill closely. Her belly got more and more rounded.

In the afternoon the girls shared a gallon of ice cream and some cookies. Jill liked it so much that she did not care about eating too much.

For dinner they ordered pizza. There was a special pizza delivery which offered family pizzas. Of course they were not suitable to feed a family like John’s but each pizza was about the size of three normal ones. John’s mother usually ordered two for herself, her husband and her two girls. That day she ordered three family pizzas even though her husband was not going to share dinner with them. That meant pizza in the amount of 9 normal pizzas for a group of 5 people. And John was definitely not eating more than 1 pizza.

When the pizza arrived Jill and the other girls were already pretty hungry. Altogether they shared one of the large family pizzas. After that John had enough. His mother and the three girls immediately started with the second large pizza. After a while John’s mum also quit and only Ash, Angy and Jill were left. All girls were still in their bikini and John had a perfect view at Jill’s growing belly. The girls soon finished the second family pizza. In principle all of them had by far enough and did not need any additional food. However they were so used to stuff themselves that they did not waste any time and started with the third and last family pizza. Jill was stuffed but kept eating with the other girls. The large pizza disappeared slowly. As only three big pieces were left John’s mum said:

“Come girls. You can do that. I am sure. Only one piece for each of you. Fold it and eat it as quickly as you can. The winner gets a present!”

The girls looked at each other and after a second all of them grabbed a slice of pizza and started stuffing it into their mouths. A few minutes later Ash finished – but just about 1 second before Jill and about half a minute earlier than Angy. The girls breathed hard and only leaned in their seats and said nothing.

“Well done Ashley! You too Jill. And as you are our guest I assume Ashley will understand that you deserve the small present.”

Ashley looked a little disappointed but nodded.

John’s mom took out an envelope and handed it over to Jill who opened it quickly. She loved surprises! She read it loudly:

“I am your voucher for …….. 8 ………… slices/cakes of your choice!” The word cakes was cancelled but readable meaning the voucher was for 8 slices.

And in smaller letters at the bottom of the voucher: “Only valid in Cakes&Pies shops and for 14 days.”

“Wow! Thank you so much! I love their cakes! They are the best in town!“

“Well, in that case…” John’s mum said and disappearing in the kitchen.

A few minutes later she came back with a big chocolate cake.

The eyes of Angy and Ash lit up and they started to cut slices out of the cake. They did not even ask Jill and placed one of the slices in front of her. Jill was already quite stuffed but decided to eat with the girls again. John refused. Angy finished first and cut another a thick slice. She wanted it for herself but as she saw that Jill had also finished she gave it to her as Jill was talking to John. When Jill looked back at her plate there was a new slice of cake, even bigger than before.

John thought: “That’s it, she won’t handle that. She has to be full already.”

But he wanted to encourage her and made a gesture not to stop now. Jill sighed and continued.

In a moment of abstraction she lost a bit of cake from her spoon and it fell on her voucher. She noticed after a few minutes and tried to clean the voucher. Most of it was still readable so she did not care anymore.

As Jill was still wearing her bikini John could see her swollen belly pretty good. She was really stuffed – that was very obvious. Her belly sticked out and she looked kind of pregnant. John was sure that this weekend added a few pounds on Jill.

Jill leaned back and rubbed her belly after she finished the second slice.

“Here. All good things are three. And it’s your last evening here.“ Ash said and handed Jill another slice of cake.

Ash was smiling so nicely that Jill did not dare to say no. She accepted and forced the cake into her swollen tummy.

A few minutes later Jill was full. Really full. Totally stuffed. They chatted a little and then they went to bed.

In the morning Jill entered the kitchen and saw that John and his family were there already. As soon as she took her seat John’s mum offered her a big omelet, a few pancakes, muffins, donuts and much more. Jill still felt full but everything looked so good and smelled like heaven so she ate the omelet, six pancakes, 3 muffins and 4 donuts.

After this heavy breakfast Jill and John decided to drive home. John was sure that Jill gained some weight over the weekend and he was certain that his sisters would add some pounds to Jill in the future.

(Continued in post 12 of this thread)

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Really enjoying Jill's story so far.
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Default Chapter 6

On their way home John stopped at a diner with a Cakes & Pies shop next to it. It was only one hour after breakfast but Jill ordered a Super-Cheeseburger with French fries and an XXL-milkshake. The food was very good but after that Jill was in the mood for something sweet. They went to the Cakes & Pies shop as Jill wanted her first slice of cake from the voucher.

She ordered a blueberry-cream cake and handed the voucher to the sales woman. She looked at the voucher and turned to get the order. Soon she returned with a full cake and said:

“The voucher you gave me was not readable anymore. It seems there is some chocolate cake on it. I prepared a new one for you. Here is your cake and your voucher. You have 7 cakes left.”

Jill did not understand until she looked at the voucher which said: “
“I am your voucher for ……..7 ………… cakes of your choice!” The eight was cancelled and had a handwritten 7 next to it.

Jill wanted to say something but John came first and said: “Thank you. Have a nice day. Bye.”

He took the cake and pulled Jill out of the shop.

“Don’t complain. A few more cakes won’t kill the shop. And they won’t harm you – they are the best you remember!”

“Yes you are right. Give me the cake.” Jill said.

As soon as they were sitting in the car Jill opened the box. There were two forks delivered with it and Jill started on the cake. She kept eating and did not really notice how much she was eating. As they arrived at Jill’s home half of the cake was finished.

John and Jill said good-bye and Jill looked for her mother. She found her in the kitchen – preparing some food for the evening.

“Hi darling. How was your trip? You look good!“ her mum said.

“Very nice mum. I brought a cake for dessert today.” Jill replied.

“Very good. I am working on lasagne for tonight. We will eat at 6.00pm.” Jill’s mum said.

Jill nodded and went to her room. It was 2.00 pm so she had some time to kill. As she did not know any better she got herself a family pack of chips, a two litre bottle of coke and switched on the TV. Two hours and a chick flick later everything was gone. She did not really notice that she was munching constantly.

One hour later dinner was ready. Jill’s mum outdid herself this time – in quality and quantity. The lasagne was delicious but she made a large plate full of it. Jill’s mum and dad had one piece of lasagne each. Jill had four which means she ate double of what her mum and dad had together.

After dinner her dad went to the TV to watch a football game and her mother went to bed as she was rather tired. Jill was not really interested in football and so she went to her room. After about an hour she thought about the cake, went to the kitchen and took it out and went back to her room. During the next hour she kept munching on the cake until it was gone. She rubbed her belly and soon fell asleep.

At Joe’s Jill ate more than ever. It was quite visible that she gained weight again. Of course Maggy and Claire noticed too.

“Wow. Look at her belly. It’s so round. She is really getting quite chubby. Thats her third month starting now. I wonder how much she has gained in the last 2 months.” Maggy said.

“I don’t know but it really shows. She got much wider all over. She needs new clothes or they will burst if she continues eating like the last two months.” Claire added.

“I think she has to be around 160 or something. Definitely chubby for her height.”

The week passed quickly with Jill having her usual breakfast, 2 lunches, 3 dinners and a lot in between as Maggy and Claire and John always placed food in front of her. She did not even care if it was mixed up or not. She ate everything.

One evening her mother said to her:

“Jill, on Saturday we go shopping. You are exploding out of your clothes. I think you gained some more.”

“Shopping is ok mum. And so is gaining. I don’t care much. John seems to like me the way I am.” Jill replied.

“Ok my dear. You still look great and women need curves.” Her mum said.

Weekend came and they went shopping. Jill’s mum was not surprised that Jill needed clothes 2 sizes larger than before. Jill did not complain and bought a complete new wardrobe. As Jill changed her clothes her mum had a look at her daughter: she looked fuller all over but her gain was most visible on her belly and on her boobs. She jiggled when she moved and also her ass seemed a lot bigger than before. No doubt – she had a chubby daughter now. For Jill’s mother that was much better than having a bone thin and ill-looking girl.

After shopping Jill’s mum proposed to go to Joe’s to grab some food. She wanted to see the place where Jill worked. Jill liked the idea and she could even see John.

When they arrived Jill introduced her mom to Joe and John and Dana and Jane (whom she did not know too well herself). They sat down and before they could order Joe brought a starter for the ladies and said:

“You are invited for Lunch today. As starter we have Risotto con funghi. Enjoy”

Jill and her mother thanked him and started eating. It was delicious as always. Soon Jill finished and Joe brought her seconds – even bigger than the first serving. Jill was eating very quickly and finished together with her mum. Main dish was Canneloni (big Italian noodles with meat) with lots of cheese. It was served in a big form and was enough for four. They served themselves and Jill started eagerly. Soon she finished and took seconds but not before she also put something on her mother’s plate. Her mother did not complain and so both kept eating. Jill took thirds and there were about 2 servings left. She told her mother to take one and she will have the rest.

“I am full already. I think I will only have a little more.” her mother said.

Jill nodded and after she finished her third helping she changed the plate with the form and ate the remaining Canneloni. Her mum could not believe it. Jill was still eating and had no difficulties to finish the whole thing.

“Wow the food is excellent here.” Jill’s mum said.

“Yep. I know.” She replied.

“The portions are big.” her mum wanted to know if Jill was always eating that much.

“Yep. But today we did not have breakfast so it’s ok.” Jill said.

Well, three months ago you would not have been able to eat that much during a whole day and now you eat it just for lunch.” Jill’s mum thought but did not say it.

Dessert was Tiramisu - two for each of them. Jill’s mum was not able to eat her second so she gave it to Jill who finished 3 of them in total. Jill looked a little stuffed but happy afterwards.

Before they were about leaving John asked Jill if she would like to go to the cinema tonight. Jill agreed and John said:

“Cool. I pick you up at 6.00pm. Will be funny. See ya.”

After they were back in the car Jill’s mum said: “He seems to be nice. And quite good looking if you ask me.”

“Mum!” Jill said shaking her head.

At 6.00 the door bell rand. John and Jill drove to the cinema. On the way John said he wanted to drive through McDonalds to grab a burger. Soon they stopped there and before he ordered he asked Jill if she wanted something too.

“Well yes. I did not have anything since lunch and I feel kind of hungry. I will have one super sized big Mac menu with coke.”

“Anything else? Portions are small you know.” he asked tempting her into more food.

“Hmm you are right. Last time one menu was not enough. I’ll have two then.” She replied.

They ate in the car on the way to the cinema. Shortly before they arrived Jill finished hers. They had some time and decided to buy some popcorn and nachos for the movie. They ended up with XL Popcorn, XL nachos, 2 litres Coke and 2 litres Sprite. It was a good movie and Jill did not notice that she had about 80% of all the food. John smiled every time when Jill stuffed popcorn in her mouth.

After the movie Jill liked something sweet and John had the perfect idea. He wanted to surprise Jill so he did not tell her where they were driving to. Shortly before arrival he asked her to close her eyes. She should wait until he was back. It took about 10 minutes until he was back. He opened a box and asked Jill what she smelled.

“Donuts!!” she yelled and opened her eyes. She grabbed one of the 12 donuts and stuffed it into her mouth. Quickly she finished and took a second one. They were chatting and Jill kept eating donuts. After the 6th she asked John if he does not want any. He just shook his head and kept on chatting with her.

After her 9th she wanted to stop but John took the 10th and fed it to her slowly. This continued with the 11th and 12th until the box was empty. Jill sat in his car stuffed with crumbs all over her and looked so sweet he could not resist and kissed her. She was surprised but let it happen. It was a very romantic kiss. They did not talk much afterwards and John brought her home. They said goodbye and kissed again.

(Continued in post 14 of this thread)

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Awesome, thank you!!

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Default Chapter 7

The next day she woke up and had a nice big breakfast with her parents. She had 4 egg-omelette, 8 pancakes, 3 croissants and two Café Lattes with cream. After that she watched TV.

Lunch was fish sticks with French Fries and Salad. Jill’s mum and dad had to leave earlier so she had to eat lunch alone. Her mum prepared everything Jill just had little to do. She did not know how many fish sticks she should make but decided to make them all – her parents could warm them over later if they’d want some. So she put 30 fish sticks in the oven and prepared all the French fries in the deep fryer. She totally forgot about the salad.

As soon as they were ready she put the fish sticks and French fries in two separate bowls and took them to the TV. She also grabbed mayo and ketchup and 2 litres of Coke. She watched some talk shows and steadily kept eating. She was alone but made quite an impressing sight. She was sitting there in a rather tight t-shirt and panties. Her belly roll was pushing the t-shirt up the more she was eating and her big boobs rested on her belly.

She did not move much for 2 hours. Then she had to go to the toilet. When she returned she noticed that there were just a few French fries and 3 sticks left. She was a little shocked about the amount of fatty food she just ate. She really wanted to leave something for her parents. However now it did not really matter anymore and she had the rest as well. Altogether she consumed about 7000 calories only for lunch. She was tired afterwards and fell asleep.

Suddenly her phone rang. It was John's corpulent sister Ashley asking if she would like to do something together today. She also inquired about the cake voucher and if she still had some left. Jill had totally forgotten about it. They agreed upon meeting in 2 hours in the cake shop. After the phone call Jill looked for the voucher. She found it and noticed that it was valid for 7 days still. She had 7 cakes left.

“Every day a cake. Not bad.” Jill thought, not even considering how many calories that would be.

They met at the store and Jill ordered a chocolate cake. They went to Ash’s apartment which was not far away. Ash was surprised about the cake. She thought it was just a slice. Jill explained how it came to be a whole cake instead of just a slice. Ash laughed and cut the cake in two. She placed Jill’s share in front of her and started with her half. The girls chatted while they very eating the cake. Jill loved it. She thought she could finish it alone and as she had 6 cakes left she wanted to try it tomorrow. They made short progress of the cake and each drank a litre of milk to wash it down.

Two hours later Ash wanted to order pizza. Jill was not really hungry but decided she could be a good riend and have some too. Ash ordered 2 large family pizzas with cheesy crust and extra cheese. Usually such a pizza would be enough for nearly 3 persons. As they were waiting for the pizza Jill asked Ash about her brother. She told her about the donuts and the kiss.

“He likes bigger girls. I think you are starting to be in his ideal girl range. No wonder he likes you.” Ash said, unconsciously caressing her own generoust stomach..

“He likes bigger girls?” Jill asked as though she did not believe it.

“Yep. He always had girls with more meat on their bones.” Ash replied.

“There is a difference between more meat and fat.” Jill noticed.

“Yes but I have never seen a girl too fat for him - put it that way.” Ash smiled and pinched Jill into her belly as she continued: “I think you need some more meat on you to really attract him.”

Jill did not know what to say and in that moment the door bell rang.

“Pizza!!” Ash shouted and heaved her fat body out of the couch.

She was surprisingly quick at the door and took the pizza. Jill was a little shocked about the large pizza which looked very fattening with all the cheese. But it tasted delicious. Ash brought two 2 litre bottles of Coke and they started eating. Jill was not really hungry but Ash wolfed the pizza down quickly and therefore Jill was also eating much quicker than she usually did.

After half of it was gone Jill hesitated to continue. Not knowing what Jill already had had that day Ash urged her to continue. Jill really stuffed herself this time. She was full to the brim but really wanted to finish the pizza and make Ash happy so that she'd give her brother supportive comments. Ash finished before Jill and encouraged her to eat the rest of her pizza. The last bites were really hard. But she forced down everything.

“See. I knew you can do it.” Ash said.

Jill collapsed and rubbed her belly which was very round and her t-shirt rode up and exposed her roll over the waistband. Ash liked to talk and told her stories about John and about the university and so on. After 30 minutes she went to the kitchen and returned with two huge milkshakes.

“Here. This is my special milkshake. Try and fall in love.” Ash said.

“Ash, I am really too full for it. You don’t know what I have had today.” Jill said miserably.

“I am sure it was all good. Why should you’ve had it then?” Ash replied.

“Sure it was good. But too much. I wasn’t even hungry after the cake and forced down this fat pizza.” Jill said.

“But you liked it. Right? Only try the shake. If you don’t like it then don’t drink it.” Ash proposed.

Jill nodded and took a sip. The taste was just perfect. There had to be ice cream in it because it was cold. It was rather thick and creamy but the taste was wonderful.

“I tell you a trick now. Drink it quickly and it will not be that difficult. Really gulp it down.” Ash said.

Jill did as Ash told her and gulped half of the shake down quickly. As she stopped to catch some breath Ashley said:

“You can do quicker I know.”

Jill gulped down the rest of it and said: “You are right. That goes down easier that way.”

“I know. Here have mine as well and I promise I will put a good word in for you when I speak to John next time.”

“Puh. How can I say no. I really like your brother.” Jill answered took the second milkshake and gulped it down as quickly as possible. She only stopped once to breath.

Her belly was so round and stuffed it was obvious that she had way too much food today. Ash did not tell her that the milkshakes were prepared with whipped cream, ice cream, sugar and some milk to stretch it. They had nearly 1000 calories each. Ash had to help Jill up from the couch.

After the girls said good bye Ash thought to herself:

“She really can eat. And as my brother likes her and big girls. I will make this one a really big girl.”

(Continued in post 16 of this thread)

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Default Chapter 8

On Monday Jill went to work as usual. To her surprise she did not find Maggy and Claire but Jane and Dana. She did not say anything and had her breakfast. Afterwards there was not a lot to do and she was helping the girls. She always took a look at her eating place but somehow there was no food there. Dana and Jane did obviously not mix that many orders up. Then people began coming and Jill was busy until Lunch. She was starved and as soon as there were less people in the restaurant she went to John and said:

“Good I am starving. What can you give me.”

“What do you want?” he replied.

“Everything you have. Just put it here to my place and it will disappear. I am so hungry.” Jill said.

John immediately gave her a big burger with French fries. She devoured it. After that she had risotto followed by 2 plates of spaghetti. She was not hungry after that anymore but not stuffed either.

Dana and Jane noticed of course but did not say much. Afterwards she helped the girls with the service and decided to have a cake before she went home. At 5.00 John gave her a pizza with extra cheese and added in total 3 slices from Dana’s and Jane’s as they could not finish. Finally Jill nearly ate 1 and a half pizza for dinner at Joe’s.

She felt full but left and drove to the cake shop. She informed her mum that she would be coming later today. She ordered a chocolate cake and as she did not know where to eat it she decided to eat it in the shop. It had a small café where usually nobody was sitting. She ordered a milkshake to wash the cake down and started eating. It was like heaven. The cake was too good.
She had no trouble eating the whole thing – it simply was too delicious. Shortly before she finished her phone rang.

“Hi there. Wanna come over. I am watching a movie.” Ash said.

“Sure give me 10 min.” Jill replied.

Ash was waiting for her already and had prepared a huge pitcher of milkshake. She went to the kitchen and brought exactly the same cake as Jill just had eaten all alone. She did not tell her and simply shook her head. Ash noticed that Jill had some chocolate around her mouth.

Ash though: "I think she had some cake already. But I better not ask."

“So it’s gulping and cake stuffing and not really watching a movie.” Jill said.

“We can combine it easily.” Ash said and poured Jill a big glass of milkshake.

Ash knew how fatty it was but she did not care and drank it too. Ash cut two big slices for each of them and they started eating. Although Jill already had a whole cake just for herself she still could not get enough of it. It was simply too delicious.

The girls did not talk much and Ash always put a new slice of cake on Jill’s plate when she finished one. She refilled Jill’s glass all the time and told her to chug every glass. Jill wanted to please Ash and chugged every glass. She was getting better in that the more she chugged.

As Ash always refilled Jill’s glass she only had one glass of the 3 litre pitcher herself. So it happened that Jill and Ash polished off the whole cake. Jill looked bloated. Her belly stretched her t-shirt and rode up a little bit showing off her muffin top. There were about 3 glasses left in the pitcher and Ash refilled Jill’s glass once again.

“Puh I’m stuffed. No shake for me anymore. Thanks.” Jill said.

“Oh come on. I just made it for you.” Ash replied setting up her most disappointed face.

“If you drink it I have a surprise for you. You need to practice chugging anyway,” she added.

Jill, already a little annoyed, made short process and sucked down the creamy liquid. Ash refilled and Jill drank the second one a little slower.

“I will explode if I drink another on.” Jill said.

“Don’t be stupid. Here have the rest.” Ash said.

Jill gulped it down and leaned back. Her belly looked like she had swallowed a basket ball.

“Ok as promised here is the surprise. I have been talking to Jake yesterday and he said he really likes you. I think he more than likes you if you ask me but ok. I proposed to cook for both of you on Saturday and we can have the whole day together. How does that sound?” Ash said.

“Wow. Sounds perfect! Jill answered.

“Fine. That will be cool. Bring your appetite John said he likes it when you stuff yourself.” Ash said.

“Really. I am getting a little chubby lately.” Jill said a little shy.

“John likes bigger girls and he even more likes girls with big appetite. Just eat as much as you can and he will be melting away.” Ash said with a grin.

Jill smiled and left a little later.

When she arrived home her parents had eaten dinner already. Jill was stuffed and could not think of having something to eat. However when she passed by the kitchen her mother said:

“Hello darling. Here is your dinner. It’s Nasi Goreng, Asian rice dish, you know it. I added a little cream to make it tastier.”

“I wanna go to my room and watch TV mum.” Jill said, not hungry at all.

“Ok. Then take it with you. Maybe you will eat a bit later.” Her mum said giving her a big bowl full of Nasi Goreng.

Jill took it and went to her room. She got rid of her clothes and sat on her bed in her underwear only. The whole room was filled with the aroma of Nasi Goreng so she decided to try it at least. It tasted very exotic but still very good. She switched on the TV and watched some talk shows and kept snacking.

After having consumed all the sweet of one and a half cakes plus nearly three litres of milkshake she liked having something different and enjoyed the spicy touch of her food. Suddenly she had an idea. John liked girls who could eat and she wanted to impress him. She was stuffed but she now saw it as a training and now wanted to finish the whole thing.

“If he really likes girls with big appetites I will show him on Saturday what a big appetite is.”

After she was through half of the bowl it was really getting difficult for her to finish it. Her belly was so swollen now and felt hard. She needed something to wash it down and went to the kitchen. When she was going downstairs her whole body jiggled and bounced. She liked the feeling somehow but was glad that nobody saw her.

She quickly went to the kitchen took a 2 litre bottle of Coke and went back to her room. She increased her stuffing speed and ate methodically. She ate about 10 forkfuls quickly then gulped down some Coke and then again 10 and so on. Her belly started to hurt and she was getting a little messy. However she wanted to finish so badly that she continued. Half an hour later she collapsed on her bed and fell asleep.

A little later her mum entered the room and found her daughter sleeping. She was a little shocked about the sight. Jill laid on her back her breasts a little messy with Nasi Goreng. Jill’s mum saw the empty bowl and Jill’s full belly. Although she was laying on her back her belly stuck out more than her breasts. She looked bigger than ever and Jill’s mum thought about how much her girl must weigh now.

“Easily 160. Maybe more,” she thought.

(Continued in post 18 of this thread)

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Wonderful installment!!

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Default Chapter 9

Jill woke up in the morning and still felt full from the Nasi Goreng. However she was proud that she was able to eat it finally.

“I will stuff myself silly this week to have all the capacity I need to impress John.” she thought.

She kept her promise and ate constantly during the day. She always tried to be slightly stuffed and keep that feeling over the day. In the evening before she went home she always got herself a cake and some milkshakes. She also started to have milkshakes at Joe’s.

So it happened that over the day she had about 6 to 8 milkshakes. And of course she was always chugging them as quickly as possible. After the cake she felt always very stuffed but went home to have dinner with her parents. Usually she ate later then her parents and took food into her room. There she was alone and could stuff herself until she could not eat anymore.

One day during the week John said that he was looking forward to Saturday and said that it would be a nice day.

“I hope you will eat as much as at my mum’s house. Ash is a good cook – you will see.” John said.

On Thursday Jill made an experiment. She wanted to eat less on Friday in order to be really hungry on Saturday. Therefore she bought the last two cakes. She wanted to eat two cakes after each other or at least two cakes in one day. She was afraid to be seen with two cakes and ate them in the car. As usual she bought some milkshakes too. When she finished the first cake and 2 milkshakes her phone rang and Ash asked if she wanted to visit her.

“Sure. I’ll bring a cake and 2 milkshakes,” Jill answered.

When Jill arrived Ash could see some chocolate on her and knew that Jill already must have had a piece of cake or two. She did not want to ask and therefore newer learned that Jill had already had a full cake all alone.

“Let’s share this cake and the milkshakes,” Jill proposed.

Ash nodded and they started. Soon Jill finished her milkshake and Ash had an idea:

“Should I make a shake for you? You look like you need some more.” Ash said.

Jill nodded and kept eating the cake. Of course it was a lie that Jill needed more. She looked stuffed already. Ash returned with three shakes and said:

“Here. All for you. You need to chug – remember.”

“I know how to chug already.” Jill said a little angry and made short work with the first milkshake.

Ash smiled but said nothing. She knew that Jill had to be on a stuffing spree this week in order to be ready for the big feast on Saturday.

“She will be more full and stuffed than ever before. I will take care of it.” Ash thought.

Soon after Jill ate the cake and had her three additional milkshakes she left Ash and went home.

After all the sweets Jill hoped that her mum had made a salty dinner. She was lucky because her mum had prepared meatballs with mashed potatoes. As her parents had eaten already she put everything together and went up into her room. The meatballs had the size of golf balls and there were about 15 of them. Jill did not even cut the balls she stuffed the full thing into her mouth, chewed quickly and took the next one.

After 10 she was full and still had about half of the mashed potatoes left. Her jeans were pretty snug so she decided to get rid of them. She also undressed her t-shirt and continued her dinner in her underwear. She felt much better and continued eating.

Finally she made it and rubbed her belly. She liked how full and round it looked. She poked some flesh and also touched her boobs who looked to have grown again as her bra were not able to cover them fully. It was clear she had gained weight again. All the cakes and shakes had to go somewhere finally.

This time she wanted to know how much and decided to go weigh herself. She went to the bathroom where the scale was and as she opened the door she met her mother brushing her teeth and preparing for bed. Jill did not want to weigh herself while her mum was present so she sat down on the bathtub rim and waited.

Her mum looked at Jill and thought: “Wow. She has grown again. She is really chubby now. Her belly looks swollen too. Most probably she had all the leftover from dinner again all for herself. I wanna know how much she weighs.”

She said to Jill: “Hi darling. How are you. You look good tonight.”

“Fine mum. Just want to brush my teeth and go to bed.” Jill did not say she wanted to weigh herself.

“I think we need to go shopping again. Looks like you have grown again.” Jill’s mum said and pointed on her boobs.

“Yeah think you are right.” Jill replied.

“Well it’s your 19th birthday next week. I think we should go shopping as a present.” Her mum proposed.

“Sounds good.” Jill said.

Not thinking on how to say it Jill’s mum said: “How much do you weigh at the moment?”

“Don’t know.” Jill said.

“Then let’s find out.” Her mum said and pushed the scale to Jill.

Jill hesitated a little bit but finally stepped on it. She had to lean forward a little bit because her belly was in the way. The scale read 165 pounds.

“Wow I’ve gained 50 pounds in about 3 months,” Jill said.

Her mum thought Jill must be shocked and said: “You still look great. Your curves are really breathtaking.”

“Thanks mum. I am fine with my weight, don’t worry.” Jill answered.

“Ok honey. Good night.” Her mum said, kissed Jill and left.

Jill examined her new curves and touched her new fat. She liked it. It felt feminine and good. She was sure that John would like it too.

Next day she ate only a normal breakfast. No mixed up orders as Maggy and Claire were not on duty today. One portion of spaghetti Bolognese for lunch and only one burger for dinner. John of course noticed and said to Jill:

“You don’t eat much today. Is anything amiss?”

“No no. Everything fine. I just want to be hungry for tomorrow. I can’t wait to eat your sister’s delicious food.” Jill answered.

“So you actually plan to stuff yourself tomorrow?” John asked.

“Certainly. You said you like it when I eat. And I will eat a lot tomorrow,” Jill said with a grin.

John grinned too and went back to work.

At home Jill only had a regular portion of noodle salad and her mum said:
“Jill you gained weight but you don’t need to diet.”

“I am not on a diet mum. I am simply not hungry today,” Jill lied. Truth was that she was extremely hungry but did not want to eat what had become normally for her today.

“By the way I will crash at Ash’s place tomorrow. She is John’s sister, you know. I like her.” Jill said.

“Alright – you are old enough. You can take the food to Ash then tomorrow.”

“Ok. That will be a surprise,” Jill said and thought about how there would be even more food to stuff herself with tomorrow.

She went to bed later hungry and with pleasant anticipation for tomorrow.

(continued in post 20 of this thread)

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Thank you!!

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Default Chapter 10

Chapter 10

She woke at 7.00am and was very hungry. John, Ash and Jill fixed 10.00am and so she had some time to kill. She looked for her clothes for today and decided to wear something tight to show her curves to John. She also decided to wear her best underwear – black and pink. It was already a little tight but her boobs looked super sexy with it and she felt very good.

She arrived at Ash’s at 9.30am.

“Hi sweety. You are early.” Ash said as Jill opened the door.

“Right – I felt bored at home. Here, I brought some noodle salad from last evening.” Jill replied.

“Perfect. Just sit down and have some croissants. Breakfast should be ready in a few minutes.”

“I am starving!!!” Jill exclaimed as she sat down already starting with her first croissant.

As Jill finished her second croissant Ash put a big serving of ham and eggs with 4 slices of toast in front of her. Jill started to dig in eagerly. Jill did not even wonder why Ash was not eating with her and soon everything was gone. Jill brought the empty plates back into the kitchen and Ash said
“I hate to run but I need some more things. Have to go shopping. John will be here soon. Sorry.”

“No problem!” Jill replied.

Five minutes after Ash left John entered and was happy to see her. He gave her a short kiss which caused Jill to blush.

“Ash just called me and said you are home alone because she needed to buy something.” He said.

“Yup, I was waiting for you.” Jill said.

“Perfect. Let’s have breakfast.” John said not knowing that Jill had had breakfast already.

“Uhm ok,” was all Jill said.

So Jill had her second big breakfast of the day: two croissants, a four egg omelette with bacon and two glasses of milk. As John cleaned the table he saw the noodle salad in the fridge, put it on the table and asked Jill about it. As she explained she began to eat the noodles. She did not even think about asking John if he would like some of it. They chatted a bit and soon Ash came back with 2 huge bags and one large box. She saw Jill eating and nodded to John. Just after Jill put the empty bowl from the noodle salad back Ash said:

“I thought we are going to share it. But never mind. Another time.”

Before Jill was able to say something John said “Well she liked my omelette and I asked her about the salad and Jill told me a bit about her family. She ate constantly and I listened too carefully to interrupt her. So I guess it’s all my fault.”

“It’s nobody’s fault. I am just eating a lot.” Jill said smiling and patting her belly.

Ash noticed that John said “my omelette” and checked the kitchen. Indeed John was also cooking breakfast and two croissants were also missing. She looked at Jill and saw that her belly looked kind of stuffed already. Ash prepared a huge pitcher of milkshake – of course with lots of cream and ice cream – and as she brought the drink to Jill she said: “I have an idea. Let’s play a game which John and I played as we were kids. The looser eats a donut. I bought a box before.”

“Sure sounds great!” John said.

“Well I like donuts. So let’s play!” Jill answered.

It was a rather easy card game but Ash and John knew many tricks Jill did not know and therefore it happened that she soon had a few donuts to eat. The first few were easy for her but then she had about 5 more in front of her and started to slow down. Jill and John noticed and they gave her a little time to adjust and both had also 2 donuts in front of them after a little time.

Jill already had had 7 donuts when they quit the game and she still had about 5 in front of her. John 2 and Ash 3. As if the donuts would not have been enough Ash frequently refilled her glass with milkshake. Within a few minutes she ate the donuts. Ash and John were impressed by her ability to really eat.

It was summer and a really hot day. John wanted to see Jill in her bikini getting fuller and fuller so he made an attempt in taking of his shirt.

“I hope you don’t mind. It so hot in here. Feel free to do the same.” He said.

Ash was preparing lunch in the kitchen and did not care about the heat and Jill hesitated.

“Maybe later.” She replied.

About an hour later lunch was ready. Chili con carne – homemade by Ash. It was a huge bowl but all of them filled their smaller bowls rather full. Ash had bought a French baguette which she cut into smaller pieces and which was supposed to be eaten with the Chili. It was spicy but not as hot as John would have liked and so he asked Ash:

“Hey Ash you got some Tabasco souce or something? I’d like to spice it up a bit”

“Certainly!” Ash replied as she went to the kitchen.

Soon she returned with Tabasco sauce and John poured something over his Chili. Ash did the same and finally she handed the Tabasco over to Jill. She hesitated a bit but finally also poured something on her food. As she was not used to hot dishes it felt much stronger to her and she started to get a red face. John noticed went to the kitchen and returned with 3 beers.

As he handed one to Jill she said: “Thanks but I am not much of a drinker.”

John replied: “You are old enough and it is not drinking. It just fits perfectly to the hot Chili. Try it.”

Finally she accepted and with her first sip she really liked the taste and cooling effect combined with the hot Chili. She drank it quite quick and John was ready to give her a second one. He did not want to get her drunk but he knew that beer was an appetite stimulant and that it would stuff her even more.

After their second bowl Ash and John quit. Jill however wanted to finally refill her bowl a third time as Ash took the small bowl away and gave her the remaining big one.

“You can have the rest. In the meantime I will feed the dishwasher.” Ash said.

“Ok sure. Thank you. And can I have another beer please?” Jill replied.

John thought: “You are feeding the dishwasher and I am feeding Jill.”

John and Jill were chatting while Jill was constantly stuffing Chili, baguette and beer into her belly while Ash cleaned the kitchen. John made sure that Jill had everything within easy reach.

After a while Ash returned from the kitchen and saw that Jill had eaten the whole thing. Furthermore the whole baguette was gone. And Jill obviously had a six pack of beer all alone. Jill looked really stuffed but happy and a little red headed. Jill leaned back and rubbed her belly.

“That was actually quite good *HIC*!” Jill said smiling.

(Continued in post 22 of this thread)

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IwannabeVERYfat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesIwannabeVERYfat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Thank you karl!!!!!

She is My dream lady!!
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karl has said some nice things
Default Chapter 11

Soon after they moved to the more comfortable couch Ash put a big chocolate cake on the table and Jill opened her, said nothing and closed it again. John only smiled took the knife, cut three big pieces and watched Jill. It was obvious that she was stuffed but she could not resist and ate the cake with gusto. The beer had its effect also and Jill felt a little light headed.

Jill finished first and John cut her a second piece. She made a face but accepted. Ash and John slowed down, finishing only shortly before Jill finished. Ash disappeared into the kitchen. John cut Jill a third piece and Jill wanted to protest but he did not accept and started to feed her the cake. It was a kind of funny game as Jill opened the mouth later every time and so it happened that she had chocolate all around her mouth in quite some time.

Ash came back in her bikini, put a pitcher of milkshake on the table and said:

“I’ll get some sun on the terrace. Have fun you two.”

Jill was giggling and did not care much about Ash. In a careless moment John dropped some cake on Jill’s shirt. She wanted to jump up but was too full. And so it simply was a very short reaction.

“Perfect. And now?” Jill said.

John was only waiting for a good reason to say the following:“You take of your shirt. It’s hot. Ash is in her bikini as well. And I have seen you in yours already, remember?”

“Well ehm. Yes but I don’t have a bikini. I am wearing underwear.” Jill replied a little shy.

“An ugly one which you don’t wanna show?” John said.

Jill kicked him but said nothing. She simply got rid of her shirt. When she took it over her boobs they bounced slightly. Jill looked so round and well fed that John could not take his eyes off. When he last had seen her in a bikini she was about 10-20 pounds less. Her boobs had gotten bigger and her belly was bigger and rounder too. He looked softer all over.

“Like what you see, ha?” Jill said.

“Don’t be bald. Here have more cake.” John said and shoved another big helping of cake in her mouth.

Before Jill could do anything more cake followed and more and more. She was barely able to chew and slug down and John was there again.

“Waitfff neef drinkfh” Jill managed to say in between a few bites.

John poured her a glass of milkshake and brought the glass to her lips. He did not move it away until she had drunken all of it. She breathed heavily and soon John was there with more cake. Jill opened her mouth quickly. Chewed quickly, swallowed and opened it again. She felt like a thanksgiving turkey being stuffed but somehow it felt good and she liked to be fed by John. After a while John refilled the glass with milkshake once again and Jill chugged everything.

“I think I am really full now.” Jill said.

“There is not much left. Here we go.” John said and the stuffing continued.

Jill wanted to slow down but John let her no chance he always was there with more cake. He started rubbing her swollen belly which felt really nice for Jill. Finally he forced the whole cake into Jill who was looking like she had swallowed a basketball. Her belly was sticking out and she looked messy. There was chocolate on her belly, on her boobs and around her mouth.

“Here drink that. Ash said you really can chug.” John told her as he handed her the pitcher which was still nearly half full.

“Uff. I am really really full John.” Jill said.

“Drink it as fast as you can and I have a surprise for you.” He replied and put the pitcher to her mouth.

She took it and started chugging. It did not feel good. She was fighting with herself and the milkshake. She started quickly but soon she was getting slower and slower. Finally she made it and collapsed.

“Good girl. Here is your reward.” John said and kissed her first on her belly and then on her mouth.

John stood up and wanted to go to the kitchen. Jill also wanted to rise but she was too full and tired. She could not get up. Her belly felt immense. However she wanted to clean herself.

“John could you please clean me. I mean you are the reason why I look so messy.” Jill said.

Of course John cleaned her with a wet towel and with high pleasure. Her boobs jiggled a little when he removed the cake around her bra. She was not completely naked and looked incredible sexy in her bra. He gently rubbed her belly and gave her a small massage.

“I am getting really fat lately.” Jill said.

“I think you are more beautiful than ever. And by far not fat..... yet.” John replied.

“You mean I should get even fatter?” Jill said but she knew the answer already.

“Not should. I hope you will get fatter. And I would love to be part of the process.” John answered.

“But what’s too big? I don’t wanna be too fat for you, you know.” Jill was hesitating.

“Don’t be afraid. You are far away from that.” He said encouragingly.

“Well I like to eat for sure. And I don’t really care about my weight at the moment.” Jill said.

“Do you know what you weigh currently?” John wanted to know.

“No. I think something between 160 and 170.” Jill really did not care much.

“So you have gained.... what... 30 pounds or so until now?” He asked.

“More like 50 pounds.” She said.

“Wow sounds perfect. What would you say to be around 200 pounds?” John said.

“That’s a lot to carry.” Jill said.

“That’s a lot of Jill and more is always better.” John said grinning.

“I will get there soon enough if I continue eating like in the past weeks.” Jill said.

“I hope so.” John said and kissed her again.

Jill was happy but also very tired. She fell asleep a little later.

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ready to be fattened up!!
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IwannabeVERYfat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesIwannabeVERYfat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Thanks again!!

She is My dream lady!!
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Nalim has said some nice things

It is really good story.
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karl has said some nice things

Thank you!

more to come
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