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Default Chapter 12

Three hours later Jill woke up and went to the kitchen. Her belly sticking out and she felt huge and still stuffed.

“Hi sweety.” Ash said.

“Hi. Preparing dinner already?” Jill asked.

“Yes – takes some time. And you have been sleeping for three hours.” Ash replied.

“Puh I am not hungry yet.” Jill said.

“You don’t need to be hungry to eat.” Ash said.

As the two girls were talking John came into the kitchen. Both girls were wearing bikinis. His sister still was about 70 pounds larger than Jill but it was obvious that Jill clearly had the potential to get there too.

“Jill, would you be interested to move in here?” Ash said suddenly.

“It would be great to have you around more often. Come on. Please don’t say no,” she added.

Jill was a little surprised by that and did not think about it until now.
John thought what that would mean for Jill. He knew his sister was eating more and that clearly would have an effect on Jill as well. He more than liked the idea.

“That would be great Jill. I would also see you more often then, I suppose.” John said.

“Well. Thanks for the offer. I have to discuss it with my parents but I think they won’t have anything against it. I am old enough. Actually I think that would be a perfect idea!” Jill said.

“Wow great!” Ash said and hugged Jill.

“We have to celebrate that!” Ash said, went to the fridge and opened a bottle of champagne.

She poured three glasses and they clinked glasses.

“Cheers to my new roommate!” Ash said.

Jill cheered to that and took a small sip. Followed by a larger one. The champagne tasted really good. She never had champagne before so she drank it quicker than the others. John refilled it as soon as he noticed her glass was empty.

“That tastes good.” Jill said taking another big sip.

“Enjoy it. John would you help me with the food.” Ash said.

“Sure.” John said and gave the bottle to Jill.

After a few minutes Jill had finished her second glass and John gave her a few slices of bread with olive oil, butter, olives and tomatoes on it. He refilled her glass and went back to Ash. Jill was just sitting there sipping on her drink and snacking on the bread which was really on the fat side. A little too much butter on it for Jill’s taste. So it happened that Jill had nearly the whole bottle of champagne and 6 slices of fat loaded bread. As she poured herself another glass the bottle was empty and she said:

“I think sat’s really good stuff.” Jill said a little tipsy.

“Dinner is ready in 30 min so if you want you can open another bottle and put all the plates and glasses on the table.” Ash said.

“Ok.” Jill said and did as she was told.

She opened another bottle of champagne and prepared the table for dinner. She had two more glasses before Ash put the starter on the table and was really feeling the effect of the alcohol now. Strangely enough it was making her hungry again. She did not think of what she had already eaten today nor about the stuffing session with John in the afternoon. Starter was penne con funghi with a fat creamy sauce. John and Ash made sure that Jill had the biggest portion as Ash handed her the plate. Jill started with gusto and did not talk much. From time to time she took a sip of champagne and soon she had finished.

“Delishush!” Jill slurred and added: “wash next?”.

“You can have a little more until we are ready with the main course.” Ash said.

“Okey dokey.” Jill said and got herself another helping. A little smaller this time but still about the size of what Johan an Ash had.

John refilled her glass but also Ash’s and his glass. He was afraid that Jill might even drink the second bottle all alone which would clearly be too much for her. He did not want her to be too drunk. Just a little so that she would most probably eat more. As they finished Jill’s belly looked completely stuffed again but she did not make any sign to stop eating.

Ash then presented the main course: meatloaf with mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was a huge thing. Enough to feed 6 people. This time Ash wanted to have enough for herself as well. John only had a slice and a few vegetables. Ash and Jill however shared the rest.

After the first plate Jill was completely stuffed but as Ash continued eating she did the same. She ate a second and even a third plate accompanied by 2 more glasses of champagne. They finished at the same time. Ash was really stuffed and she thought about Jill who ate much more today and she had no idea of how this girl could handle that.

“Uff. Couch.” Jill said and tried to get up.

In the second attempt she finally accomplished to get her overstuffed body out of the chair and waddled to the couch. She lay down and rubbed her belly.

“Go to her. Help her.” Ash said knowing that John would like nothing more than to rub Jill’s belly.

When he was with her he started to massage her gently.

“That’s good.” Jill moaned.

After a while Ash came with a 2litre box of vanilla ice cream and gave it to John. He took a spoon and started to feed Jill. All her defences were down and she opened her mouth every time John came with more ice cream.
In between she said:

“John, do you really like fat girls?”

John nodded and fed her more ice cream.

After a while she said:

“Would you really like me to get fat?”

John nodded again and put ice cream in her mouth.

“Would you like me to eat all of that ice cream?” Jill said.

John nodded and again she had another spoon of ice cream.

“John. Stop that. That takes too long. Melt it and mix it with milk or water. I will drink it.”

John did not wait a second he went to the kitchen and said to Jill:

“Could you heat up half a litre of milk and pour it in a big glass or pitcher?”

“What for?” Ash asked.

“Jill wants to drink the ice cream and I have to melt it first.” John replied.

“No way. You are joking.” Ash could not believe her ears.

“Just give it to me and come to the couch. You will see.” He said.

With half a little of hot milk and a big pitcher they went back to Jill. She was half asleep already. They gave the ice cream in the pitcher and poured the hot milk over it. The result was a creamy liquid mass.

Ash thought: “Even just looking at that mixture adds pounds.”

John handed it to Jill. She started to drink very slowly. She was stuffed already before she began. She really was doing that just for John. She drank slowly but steadily. After she had finished about a fifth she had to stop. She breathed heavily and said:

“I am too tired of holding that thing and I am too slow to drink it.”

“I have an idea. Ash come help me.” John said and they went to the kitchen.
When they returned they had a funnel with them. It was a kind of beer bong.

“That will help. Here Jill take that into your mouth.” John said as he handed her the end of the funnel.

Slowly he started to pour the liquid into the funnel and it ran down the pipe. At first contact with the liquid Jill was surprised as it was coming very quick and with high pressure. She was forced to chug quickly. After half of the remaining ice cream mix was gone John stopped.

“Ufff” was the only thing Jill said.

Before she could start to protest Ash put the end of the funnel into her mouth and John started pouring in the liquid. Nearly unconscious Jill gulped and gulped. Ash nearly felt sad for her but on the other hand nobody really forced her to do that. After a while it was done. Jill never got that stuffed before. Which meant a lot as she was used to get stuffed by now. Ash took the empty pitcher and funnel and went back to the kitchen. John was rubbing Jill’s belly. He kissed her and said:

“That was the sexiest thing you ever did.”

Jill smiled, kissed him.

(Continued in post 28 of this thread)

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ready to be fattened up!!
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Excellent installment!

She is My dream lady!!
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Default Chapter 13

She woke up in her undies on the couch. She touched her belly which still felt full. After a little refreshing in the bathroom she went to the kitchen and found John and Ash.

“Morning guys.” Jill said.

“Hi Jill.” John and Ash replied.

“I have until 5.00pm. Then I need to be home. So what do we want to feed me today.” Jill asked grinning.

Ash and John did not expect such an enthusiasm after the day before. Before they could say a word Jill saw that there were a lot of muffins and pancakes on the table. She sat down and started eating them. Over the next 2 hours Jill chatted with John and Ash and ate everything they gave her which was in total 6 muffins, 8 pancakes with half a bottle of syrup, 4 egg omelette, 6 slices of toast, 10 slices of bacon and 2 litres of milk.

“That was a nice breakfast. Have you anything planned for lunch or can we order some pizzas?” Jill said.

“Nothing particular. We can order some pizzas if you want.” Ash answered.

“Pizza sounds good.” John said.

“Perfect I will get a quattro formaggi with extra cheese, a prosciutto and a tuna pizza with extra cheese.” Jill said.

“Sounds good for me.” Ash said.

“And what are you having?” Jill asked.

Ash thought that Jill proposed the pizzas for all of them but obviously she wanted to eat three pizzas all alone.

“I take the Diablo.” John said.

“I’d like the tuna with extra cheese too. And I think I will have a second one as well. Just in case. The Quattro formaggi.” Ash said.

So they finally ordered 6 pizzas for 3 persons.

“John bring some coke and chips. Let’s watch TV until the pizza arrives.” Jill said as she went out of the kitchen still in her underwear.

As soon as Jill was out Ash said to John:

“She is on a real stuffing spree. It’s incredible how much she eats.”

“Yep. Let’s keep it like that. She is getting so sexy.” John said.

“Ok. No details please. Go out to her and have fun.” Ash said.

John grinned and went to Jill. She was sitting in the couch already stuffing chips into her mouth. John did not even have to feed her. Jill took care of stuffing herself on her own. Five minutes after she finished the chips and two litres of coke the door bell rang.

“Yipppiee. Pizza!” Jill screamed like a little girl and ran to the door.

She opened it and the pizza guy looked at her completely puzzled. Jill had forgotten that she still was in her underwear. The pizza guy stood there with his mouth open. Jill was quite a sight: her bra was a number too small and her tits were jiggling with each step. Her belly looked soft and round. The tight underwear cut her into flesh. Her whole body had developed a nice layer of fat.

“Close your mouth boy and give me the pizzas.” Jill said as John came to pay.

As he closed the door he said to Jill: “See. Obviously I am not the only one who likes big girls.”

“I think he was just staring at those two.” Jill said and jiggled her boobs.

They sat down around the table and started to eat. Jill ate quickly. She folded the slices in order to hold them easier and had a piece of pizza in every hand. Ash and John ate with fork and knife but as the pizzas have been pre-cut Jill decided she would be quicker without. And quicker she was.

She had finished the first pizza when John was half through his. Jill kept the pace and only stopped to have some coke. After a while John finished his pizza. Ash was starting with her second one and Jill had begun to fold the first piece of her third one.

“Go on Jill. You can be quicker than Ash.” John encouraged her.

Ash and Jill looked at each other than at the pizzas than at each other and without a word both started to eat a little quicker again. It was not clear who would win until the very last piece. Ash wanted Jill to win because that would give her a unique opportunity to stuff Jill even more. So it happened that Jill finished her third pizza earlier than Ash her second one.

“Well done Jill!” John said.

Jill rubbed her belly and said: “You have created an eating machine.”

“The winner deserves a surprise. Go to the TV. I will come in a minute.” Ash said.

John led Jill to the couch. Her belly was full again and formed a huge roll over her slip.

“You are so sexy.” John said and kissed her.

“It still kind of weird to get fat on purpose but you are too sweet.” She kissed him again.

After a while Ash came and said: “Jill close your eyes.”

Jill did as she was asked.

After a while Ash said: “Ok ready. You can open them again.”

Jill was not really surprised that there was food.

“That is just for you. John and myself will have nothing of it.” Ash said.

“Wow thanks a lot but I think that is even a lot for me. You surely can have something.” Jill replied.

“No.” John and Ash said in unison.

“Well. That’s a chocolate cake and a 2 litre milkshake.” Jill said.

“3 litre special milkshake just for you.” Ash corrected.

“Come on I will help you.” John said and had a piece of cake on the fork already.

Jill smiled and opened her mouth willingly.

Over the next two hours John stuffed the whole cake and 3 litres of milkshake into Jill. She wanted to protest several times but each time either a kiss or a small belly rub were enough to continue. Again Jill was totally stuffed and could not eat another bite. Her belly was huge again.

After an hour they had to go. It was hard for Jill to get up but it was even harder to get dressed. The clothes have been already tight when she came unstuffed. But now she was fully stuffed and surely had gained something from yesterday. She tried to button her pants but it simply was not possible. She decided not to button it.

When Jill arrived home her mother opened the door and saw Jill’s full belly. She did not comment however it was clear that Jill was stuffed again.

“Hi mum. We need to talk.” Jill said.

“Ok.” Her mum said and expected that Jill wanted to talk about her weight instead she said:

“Mum. I am nearly 19 and I think I am old enough to leave home. Before you say anything let me continue. I earn my own money and I can afford living on my own. And I would not be alone but with a good friend and very nice girl. Ashley – John’s sister. And it would be the same city.” Jill said.

Her mum was a little puzzled but in principle fine with it and so she said:
“Well let’s discuss with your dad. But I agree. You are old enough and it is not far away. We can still see each other frequently.”

Jill’s mum then added: “But I want to meet Ashley first. Let’s invite her for dinner some day. When do you want to move?”

“Don’t know. Next weekend?” Jill replied.

“That early hmm? Ok. Let’s meet Ashley during the week. You can invite her for dinner – just let me know a day before.” Her mum said.

“Ok.” Jill was happy. That was easier than expected.

An hour later her mum called her for dinner. Chicken wings.

“So, you wanna move out?” her father said.

“Yes. To Ashley's – John’s sister. Not far away. I am old enough and I think I...” she wanted to continue but was interrupted by her father:

“I know all that. I wanna meet Ashley first. But if she is nice it’s ok for us.”

“Cool. No problem. You will like her! I am sure! Thank you so much.” Jill said happily.

“It’s not done yet.” Her father replied but smiled.

They ate the chicken wings which came with French fries and a few sauces. Jill ate 3 for every one her parents had. She was eating so quickly that she finished everything even before her mum and dad had enough. However they did not say anything.

“That was really good.” Jill said and went to her room.

She took a box with six donuts and litre of chocolate milk with her. She called Ash and told her about the discussion with her parents. She felt both of them were supportive and was pretty sure that it would work out. They decided to have dinner with Jill’s parents on Wednesday.

Next morning Jill informed her mother who accepted and said she will cook something nice for them.

(Continued in post 32 of this thread)

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Good looking post, thanks, k+
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ready to be fattened up!!
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Thank you again!!!!!

She is My dream lady!!
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hi karl, continue !!!!!
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Default Chapter 14

On Monday Maggy and Claire noticed changes in Jill’s body. She looked fuller all over and her uniform seemed a bit snug.

Maggy said to Claire: “Have you seen Jill. She got chubby. It’s working.”

Claire nodded and said: “Yes but she still looks good. Look at her cleavage. Every man is staring at her boobs.”

Maggy: “That simply means we have to add more pounds to her.”

Claire nodded and had this devilish smile on her face. She went to the kitchen and asked John for a double quarterpounder with extra cheese and French fries. Soon it was ready and she took it. Claire went to a table but before she said anything she went back to Jill’s place and put plate in front of her.

Jill who was already munching on French fries took it and began to eat it without a word. Soon after she finished Maggy brought a similar burger to her. Jill ate it once again. John watched it and smiled. Jill noticed that the girls were trying to give her more food than ever before. She did not care but wanted to show them what she was able to eat and told John about it.

“Let’s make it a burger day. Show them how many you can eat.” He said.

Jill had a new challenge. She wanted to show the girls that she could eat more than they thought. Lunchtime was burger time. Jill had her’s and Claire’s. She was full afterwards but half an hour later she said to Maggy:

“The burgers are really good. I think I could eat another one. No mixed up orders today?”

Maggy was very amazed but surprisingly enough half an hour later Jill had another burger and before she finished her shift another one. It was getting harder for her now but she did not want to quit. She slowed down had had her sixth burger just before dinner time. As it was burger day suddenly two more burgers were put in front of her. A little shocked she started with her seventh burger. John noticed that Jill was fighting with the burger and herself and said:

“Come on. I know you can do it. You know how I love it when you stuff yourself.”

That gave Jill new energy and she started to speed up. She ate quicker and quicker and finally she finished. With a huge belch she sank back and rubbed her swollen belly. Maggy and Claire were shocked, shook their heads and left soon after.

“Puh that was hard work. Thanks for your support. I could not have eaten more.” Jill said to John afterwards.

“No problem. By the way I think you can eat more and I would like to show you. Are you up for a challenge? Just you and me.” John replied.

“Hmm. I guess yes. Tell me.” Jill said.

“No. I have to prepare a few things. My shift is over in 30 min. Lets meet in my car.” He proposed.

Half an hour later Jill was waiting at his car. A few minutes later he arrived with two big bags. He gave them to her and said:

“Here that’s your surprise.”

Jill opened the bags and saw two double quarterpounders with extra cheese and French fries accompanied by two litres of coke.

“You must be joking.” Jill said.

“Not at all. Just think about. You could eat ten burgers in a day. That would simply be... wow! I would help you of course.”

Before Jill could protest he started feeding her some French fries, followed by a bite of burger. He did not let her speak. And each time she wanted to say something he quickly stuffed some food into her mouth. He rubbed her belly and made sure she ate everything. After she finished he kissed her and brought her home where her mother was waiting with dinner.

(Continued in post 37 of this thread)

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I really enjoy this story! Keep up the good work!
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I registered with dimensions forum just so I could say how much I like this story, especially the interaction between Jill and her mum, awesome story please keep going Karl
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Thank you, excellent story!
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thank you guys!
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Default Chapter 15

John guided her to her door. They said goodbye and kissed. Before John turned he grabbed Jill’s increasing love handles and squeezed them. Jill entered the house and was rather surprised when she saw her mum and dad waiting for her to have dinner together.

Her mother watched her closely and thought: “Oh my god. She is getting thicker by the day. I am sure she won’t be hungry. She looks stuffed. But I want to eat with her as long as she is in my house.”

“Hi sweety!” Jill’s mum said.

Jill sat down and they started some small talk. Her mum handed her a portion of Chilli con Carne which Jill usually liked very much. Jill’s mum gave her a very big portion as Jill was used to that now. Although Jill was totally stuffed she started eating the chilli slowly while talking to her parents. Without really noticing she polished of the whole thing. In the meantime her mother brought some ice cream which had melted a bit already. As the others were not eating anymore Jill simply took the whole box and started eating it. There was a little more than half a litre left. Jill drank the molten ice cream as they continued talking. Soon the ice cream was gone too.

Suddenly her mum said: “Would you like to have a girly day tomorrow with me? I would like to have some time with you before you move out. Dad is working and I have time.”

Jill thought about it. John had no time for her and Ash was not at home. Poor enough that she had no other options but a day with her mum could be fun too.

“Sounds good. We could start with a nice breakfast somewhere and go shopping a bit. Followed by lunch and a movie maybe and later dinner with dad?” Jill replied.

Her mum was a little surprised about all the food involved but she was also curious how much Jill was eating these days. She agreed and they went to bed after a while.

Next morning they left the house to have breakfast. Jill was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Her clothes looked rather tight – no wonder as she was gaining really quickly. Her tight t-shirt showed that her bra had problems to cover her growing bust.

They arrived in a nice coffee shop where they had breakfast a few times in the past. Jill ordered a four egg omelette, an XXL chocolate milkshake, waffles with syrup, pancakes, a croissant and two muffins. Her mum was a little shocked but felt curious about how much Jill would really be able to eat nowadays. She also ordered an omelette and two croissants. The food arrived and they started with the omelettes. Of course Jill was much faster and started with the waffles before her mum had finished half of the omelette.

After 5 minutes more the waffles were history and Jill started with the pancakes. Less than ten minutes later she had polished them off just as her mother finished her omelette. Jill gulped her XXL shake quickly and soon ordered another one. This shakes had nearly 1000 calories alone and Jill drank it like water. Together with her second shake Jill had her croissant and two muffins.

She rubbed her belly and said: “That’s a wonderful start in a day!”

Her mum nodded and looked at Jill’s belly which stretched her tight t-shirt and formed two rolls of fat above her waistline.

“Ok what are we going to do now?” Jill asked.

“Let’s go shopping. You need new clothes!” her mum replied.

“I guess you are right. I am gaining well.” Jill said.

“You are not scared with your gain?”

“No. Why should I. It looks good and John likes it.”

Her mum did not know what to say and decided not to reply. So they went to a clothing store and Jill bought some new jeans, a skirt, a few t-shirts and a sweater. Jill was surprised that she needed everything two sizes bigger as the next size was already tight and she expected that she would gain some more in the future.

As they left the shop they passed by a doughnut shop. Jill stopped and ordered a dozen. She grabbed the first one and stuffed it into her mouth. She handed to box to her mum and offered her some. Her mother was not hungry and didn’t like doughnuts.

“Good more for me.” Jill said and already stuffed the 3rd one into her mouth.

“Slowly Jill. You know how many calories they have.” Her mum said.

“MPfh mumf come on. I fmought it will be a nife girlfy day.” Jill said annoyed.

Her mum did not want to ruin the day and decided to stop comments on Jill’s eating behavior. They sat down at the next bench and waited until Jill finished her small snack. It only took her about 10 minutes.

The next shop was an underwear shop. Jill needed a larger cup again. When she was standing in her underwear in the cabin her mum entered and brought her a new bikini.

“Wow you have some killer curves now!” Her mum said.

Jill looked at herself in the mirror and actually really liked what she saw. Of course she had a flabby belly and everything jiggled when she walked. But her boobs and ass really where some assets now. The pants cut into her new flesh and produced some nice love handles. Something Jill was not used to but John always grabbed her there when they kissed and she assumed he had to like it.

She tried the bikini and everything jiggled when she moved which kind of exited her. She started jumping in the cabin and watched how her fat moved. She started to feel excited and touched her newly developed fat. She decided to take three new sets of underwear and the bikini.

All the jiggling and fat-touching resulted in her wish for food. She was not even hungry but she loved to eat and she wanted to see more fat jiggling soon.

Her mum paid and Jill said: “Thanks a lot mum. Let’s grab some pizza, it’s lunchtime!”

Jill’s mum was not really hungry but a small pizza would be ok.

They went to a nice pizzeria Jill knew very well.

“What kind of pizza do you want mum? Let me order for you.” Jill asked.

“A small Quattro formaggi please.” Her mum answered.

As the waiter arrived Jill ordered: “One family Quattro formaggi and one family prosciutto. Both with extra cheese. And two XXL cokes.”

The waiter nodded and left.

“I think that was a bit too much. I said a small one. And I don’t like coke.” Jill’s mum said.

“I will eat and drink what you don’t like, don’t worry.” Jill said amused.

“You will not be able to eat nearly 4 pizzas.” Her mum said shaking her head.

Jill thought this was meant as a challenge and said: ”If I manage it you buy me the largest ice-cream they have at Domino’s (her favourite ice cream parlour in this mall). If not I pay.”

“Whatever.” Her mum said as she did not want to comment on eating too much again. Yes she liked that her daughter was curvy now. Some would call her chubby already or even plump but Jill was moving out and was old enough to eat what she wanted.

Jill started very quickly and really wanted to stuff herself now to the brim. She ate so quickly that people started to watch already. Soon the first family pizza was gone. Her mum had eaten about a fifth of the second pizza and quit. Jill continued but it was obvious that she slowed down. After half of the second pizza was gone she had to open her jeans-button which helped much. She found new enthusiasm and continued forcing piece after piece into her mouth. Her mum was shocked but she did not really know what to say. As Jill only had about a fifth of the pizza left – approximately the size her mother had – Jill stopped.

Her mum said: “See. I told you you will not be able to do it.”

Jill did not reply. She took the coke – she had not drunken anything until now – and chugged the whole thing down. That bloated her even more but she finally was able to finish the last piece of pizza. She breathed heavily and rubbed her belly. She looked so full and bloated. People shook their heads and Jill saw that they were talking about her.

She simply said a little louder for everybody to hear: “That was a proper lunch for a growing girl.”

She wanted to provoke the people and liked it.

“Wow Jill. How do you feel? Everything ok?” Her mum asked.

Jill nodded and said: “Yep everything fine. Full and fine.”

“Don’t you feel sick?” Her mum asked.

“Not at all. I am full at the moment but I am sure there is still place for the ice cream.” Jill replied with a smile.

Her mum shook her head but smiled. They left a little later and went to a few shops.

(Continued in post 41 of this thread)

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Awesome Karl!!!!!!!!!!
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Brilliant update Karl, can't wait to see what's next
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will you ever work on the special diet again? thats seriously among the best BBW stories ive ever read :-( i miss the updates
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Default Chapter 16

Approximately two hours after lunch they went to Domino’s. They sat down and studied the menu. Jill wanted the biggest one of course. She soon found out that “the Dominator” was the biggest ice cream they had. It consisted of 12 scoops ice cream, lots of cream, chocolate chips, caramel and chocolate sauce and a package of waffles. Jill closed the menu and the waitress arrived.

“Hi – I am Jacky, your waitress. Are you ready to order?” Jacky said. Jacky was a little chubby but had a very beautiful face. Her waitress uniform looked a little snug. It was obvious that she liked the ice cream she was serving.

“Yes we are. I’ll have the Dominator and a strawberry milkshake.” Jill said.
Jacky looked at Jill and thought if she should say something about the size of the Dominator but as she saw that Jill was a bigger girl she decided not to say anything.

“Good choice.” Jacky replied.

Her mother ordered: “I would like a Banana Split and a sparkling water please.”

“If you guys would take the same I could offer you our “take two and buy one”-special offer.” Jacky proposed.

“That’s great. We take two Dominators.” Jill said immediately.

Jacky smiled, noted the order and left.

“Jill, I cannot eat that much.” Her mother protested.

“Well, just eat as much as you like and then we will see. It doesn't cost any more so why not take it?” Jill said and it was true. With the special offer it was actually the same price as if her mother would have taken the Banana Split.

Soon their drinks arrived. Jacky handed Jill the milkshake and smiled. The shake looked bigger than a regular one but Jill did not ask. After a while the two Dominators arrived. Jacky carried one in each hand. They were very heavy as they were prepared in a huge bowl.

“Here they are girls. Have fun.” Jacky said.

Jill’s mum was a bit shocked about the size. She has never seen any bigger ice cream in her whole life. She wanted to say something to Jill but as she looked to her she found Jill stuffing ice cream in her mouth. Jill was eating so quickly that the ice cream not even melted she just gulped it down. It was a hot day and she liked to cooling effect. After about half of it she stopped. Breathed heavily, gulped some milkshake and continued eating. After a while she finished; ice cream all around her mouth. She drank the remaining milkshake quickly and finished with a sigh.

Jacky watched amazed and could see how Jill’s belly was expanding. Her clothes were very tight and the t-shirt went up a bit and exposed her belly hanging over her jeans. Jacky got a bit excited and wanted to get this girl completely stuffed. She prepared a XXL milkshake with lots of chocolate sauce on top for her and brought it to Jill.

“Here is your free XXL chocolate milkshake. You destroyed the Dominator – that’s the reward!” Jacky said with a smile.

Jill was surprised as she did not know about it. But of course happily accepted.

“Wow. That’s cool. Thank you very much.” Jill said and continued: “Mum come on. Finish it then we get another milkshake!”

Jill’s mum ate about 5 scoops and was full. Soon she quit and said:
“That’s it. I am stuffed.”

Jill who had already drunk half of the XXL milkshake simply shook her head and took the remaining ice cream of her mother. Her mum left all the cream and chocolate sauce aside but Jill mixed everything together and continued eating. Jacky could not believe her eyes. She has never seen a girl eating that much. It turned her on and she decided she wanted to see this girl again. After a while Jill finished the second Dominator and as with the first one she deserved a reward. Jacky brought her a second XXL milkshake and added a voucher for a free ice cream.

“Congratulations. That’s a new record. Here is your reward!” Jacky said.

“Uff another milkshake is a lot.” Jill said a little hesitating.

“I am sure you will manage.” Jacky said with a grin and left.

“Sure I will but I need to pee first.” Jill said and went to the toilet. She looked really chubby and her belly quite swollen. But still she was a beautiful girl.

After she came back she passed by the bar where Jacky was. Jacky reacted quickly and gave Jill a piece of paper:

“Here is my phone number. Call me if you want to come again. I will make sure you will like it.”

Jill was surprised but she liked that Jacky was somehow encouraging her to eat more and more.

“Sure. Thanks!” Jill said and went back to the table.

As Jill arrived back at the table her mum said:

“Jill do you know how many calories you are consuming here.”

“No and I don’t care.” Jill replied a little angry.

“I’ve made a little calculation. I assume the ice cream together is about 3000 calories and you had let’s say 2400 of it. The little milkshake was about 800 and those big ones are for sure nearly 2000 and you are having two of them. So we come to about 7000 calories just here at Domino’s.” her mum said with her head shaking.

Jill did not reply she just made a face and drank her milkshake. She felt full and her belly hurt. It clearly was too much. As she wanted to get up she had some problems. She walked slowly to the door.

“Bye! See you next time!” Jacky said.

Jill nodded and the left Domino’s.

(Continued in post 43 of this thread)

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Thanks karl, Great instalment can't wait for the next one
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Default Chapter 17

A few days later Jill’s parents met Ashley who prepared dinner in her apartment. They learned that Ashley was a nice, polite and well educated girl - and of course a rather chubby one.

Ashley and Jill decided to serve healthy food for dinner instead of their usual high caloric meals. As a starter they had buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and as main dish tuna salad. Dessert was a nice fruit cocktail. Jill was still hungry after that but she did not show it.

All of them enjoyed the nice atmosphere, excellent and healthy food and soon it was clear that Jill’s parents would agree with Jill’s plans to move in. After a while her parents left and Jill decided to stay and sleep there – it was Friday after all. As soon as her parents were out Jill and Ash hugged each other and cried like small girls.

Then Jill said: “I am hungry!”

“Me too.” Ash replied and continued: “I’ll call John – his shift ends soon and I am sure he can help!”

“Excellent idea!” Jill said happily. “I feel like partying – shall we have a drink?” Jill added.

“Sure I can make my world-class Caipirinha if you want.” Ash said.

Jill was not very experienced with alcohol and agreed. Soon Ash brought a huge pitcher and three glasses.

Ash said: “Here help yourself. I decided not to call John but to go to Joe’s and get something to eat for us. I will be back soon. Feel like home – it’s your home now!”

With that Ash closed the door.

Jill smiled and was happy. She switched on the TV, poured herself a drink and sipped on it. It was delicious. Ash of course added a lot of sugar so it tasted rather sweet and Jill did not know that half a litre of Cachaca was in it.

She liked the taste and soon her glass was empty. She refilled it and drank the second one much quicker than the first one. She was hungry and thirsty and she continued drinking rather quickly. Soon she had finished half of the pitcher and felt very relaxed. She did not even think of the alcohol and continued drinking.

Jill felt happy and switched to MTV to have some music. After another glass she felt hot and took her sweater off. She wore a rather tight t-shirt which showed every curve and roll of her very curvy body. She started dancing and was clearly drunk already. No longer did she care for a glass – she took the pitcher and drank large swigs straight from it.
Jill had already nearly finished the pitcher when Ash and John arrived.

“Hey guysh. I feel gooooosh.” Jill slurred stumbling around with the pitcher and still drinking out of it directly.

Ash and John looked at each other in amazement. John was carrying two large trays and Ash one.

“Jill how much have you had already?” Ash said a little shocked.

“Not so mush left. But leme fiish an’ you canna make a new onesh.” Jill said and quickly downed the the rest of the Caipirinha.

“Uffsh” was all she said as she plopped on the couch. She handed the pitcher to Ash who took it and shook her head.

In the meantime John had placed the trays and cutlery on the coffee table in front of the couch and Jill saw that it was lasagne. She did not say a word and started eating. John smiled and Ash did not really know how to react.

“Neesh more Caiprininsha.” Jill said.

“I don’t know if that is such a goo…” Ash wanted to say and John interrupted and said to Ash: “no problem just give us another one of those. I will take care of her.”

Ash nodded, not hundred per cent sure but finally she went to the kitchen and wanted to prepare another Caipirinha. However the bottle of Cachaca was empty and she could not find another one. Finally she found a bottle of Baileys and brought it to John.

“Put it into the pitcher and add heavy cream and some milk until the pitcher is full.” John said.

Ash nodded and knew that this would create a real caloric bomb. When she returned she poured a glass for all of them and handed the pitcher to John. Jill continued stuffing herself silly with lasagne and soon needed something to drink. She grabbed the glass and drank it in one go.

“Shat tass like choshlat milkshake” Jill said and asked for another glass.
She grabbed the fork and continued stuffing herself. In her drunken state she made a complete mess and soon John started helping her. He fed her the lasagne rather quickly and from time to time gave her a bit to drink. The pitcher was still rather full as Jill was mainly eating and not drinking anymore. After she had finished the whole tray of lasagne she was totally stuffed. It was like 8 servings of lasagne and she had it all alone. Suddenly she grabbed the pitcher and refilled her glass. She drank it slower than before but finished everything.

“Jill, I have a present for you. A nice dessert which goes perfect with the … ehm milkshake.” John said and presented a full tray of tiramisu. Again it was enough to feed 8 people.

“Shon I am full. Really.” Ash replied but already eyed the nice tiramisu.

Before she could say another word he started feeding her. Quickly. She wanted to protest but John was always there with more food. After half of it Jill was really slowing down and had problems.

Ash refilled her glass and handed it to Jill: “Hey Jill you wanted to party our flat share tonight. Here let’s drink to that. And you know what I said about chugging.”

Jill smiled and suddenly remembered this big news again. She grabbed the glass and chugged it quickly. She finished it quickly, grabbed the pitcher, refilled her glass and chugged it again.

“Se glashes are so shmal.” Jill slurred and added: “ish hot in here.”

Suddenly she took of her t-shirt and trousers and was only stumbling around in her underwear. Everything wobbled and jiggled except her swollen belly which was too stuffed. John was in love. A beautiful chubby stuffed and drunk girl right in front of him. He took a closer look and it was very obvious that Jill was really packing on the pounds lately. John helped her and they sat down again.

“Shon I am drunk.” Jill said.

“A little bit, yes.” John replied. “Let me feed you the tiramisu. That might help.”

“Ok. But I wanna gesh drunk. Ish a party afer all.” Jill said.

“Jill, this milkshake is made with a bottle of Baileys. You will definitely get drunk off it. And fatter. It also contains a litre of heavy cream.” John said as he wanted to be honest at least.

“Oh ish that sho.” Jill replied.

She took the pitcher and took a long swig. Short break. Another long swig.

“Easy now Jill. Here have some more tiramisu.” John stopped her. He did not want her to get sick.

“Feesh me Shon. Feesh me all of ish.” Jill groaned and leaned back.

John did not need more and he fed Jill the remaining tiramisu. It took about half an hour until they finished. John rubbed her belly and Jill only moaned. After a while she needed to pee and John guided her to the toilet. She was clearly drunk now. When they came back Jill took the pitcher and said:
“Neesha finish shat.”

A little bit less than half of the pitcher was still there which was equal to a little bit less than half a bottle of Baileys. Before John could say a word Jill started gulping quickly. She made a short break after a while, looked around in a boozy stare and finally continued drinking. Jill was not able to finish it too quickly. She was really fighting now. John took the pitcher from her.

“No. I fish ish. Wansha gesh drunk and fash from itsh” Jill protested.

Angrily she took the pitcher from him and finished the rest. Then she simply was sitting there and did not say a word. After a while she fell asleep.

“Wow she really ate a lot.” Ash said.

“And drank even more.” John replied. "She will have a big hangover tomorrow."

The siblings talked a bit and finally called it an end. They helped Jill to be as comfortable as possible on the couch.

Before John went to his room he thought: “She will get so nice and fat here with Ash. I will feed her on the job and Ash at home. She has no chance not to get fat. I wonder how much she weighs nowadays. I will ask her tomorrow.”

(Continued in post 45 of this thread)

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Great update karl
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Default Chapter 18

Next day Jill woke up with a big hangover. It was a bit cured by a huge breakfast from Ash. John had left already but asked Ash to find out what Jill weighed currently. Therefore Ash asked her after Jill felt a bit better:

“Wow you really can eat a lot nowadays. Where do you pack all of that.”

Jill smiled and answered

“I guess here and here and here.” as she touched her boobs, belly and ass.

“Getting bigger all over. Do you know your current weight?” Ash wanted to know.

“Not really. But I don’t care.” Jill didn’t want to know.

“Come on. Let’s find out. I will also step on the scale.” Ash said and pulled Jill with her.

Jill was not very happy about it but as Ash was insisting she had no chance to get away. Both girls took off their clothes and where only wearing underwear now. Although Jill was gaining quickly she still was nowhere as fat as Ash.

“Ok. You first.” Jill said at least.

Ash stepped on the scale and was shocked. It read 272 pounds.

“Uff. I have gained about 40 pounds last 6 months.” Ash said.

Jill was next and stepped on the scale. It read 173 pounds.

“Wow I’ve gained nearly 60 in 4 months.” Jill said.

“Yes but you are also 100 pounds behind me.” Ash answered.

“Well John wants to bring me to 200 and then we will see.” Jill said.

“So you don’t mind to get fat?” Ash asked.

“No absolutely not. I like my new curves and John too.” Jill said smiling.

Both girls were dressing again and laughed about Jill’s crush on John. Over the weekend the girls moved Jill’s stuff into Ash’s flat. Ash made sure that they always stopped at a fast food chain every time the left the flat. She always ordered too much food which she gave to Jill who was eating everything without questioning. In the evening Ash made sure Jill went to bed stuffed.

On Monday Joe wanted Maggy, Claire and Jill were ordered to go test eating to several restaurants around Joe’s. Joe wanted to know their current quality and his competitors in the area. Overall it was 20 restaurants and in each restaurant 3 different starters, 3 different main dishes, 3 side dishes and 3 desserts. He gave them 10 days to do that and of course he would pay for everything. He was very generous with the amount he dedicated to that “project” and said that the girls could keep the rest of it. Jill was excited but Maggy and Claire did not really know what to say but they could not refuse.

Joe left and the girls started to discuss.

“Well that’s a lot of eating ahead of us.” Jill said.

“That means two restaurants every day.” Maggy explained.

“Yes and we will not be able to stick to our diet anymore.” Claire added.

“Unless… Jill, would you be so kind to eat parts of our share.” Maggy proposed.

As Jill did not say anything she said: “Not all of course but a bit at least.”

Jill did want to eat everything in fact but she wanted a kind of reward for it.
“Well in principle yes but what do I get out of it?” Jill said.

Maggy and Claire looked at each other and started whispering. Suddenly Maggy said:

“You have a wish free from both of us.”

“Not enough. Ok I have a deal for you. The more I eat the more of the money we don’t spend goes into my pockets. Accept it or leave it.” Jill said.

Both girls nodded. They had a deal. They looked at the list of restaurants. It was a rather large variation of all different kind of foods: Italian, Chinese, French, American and Greek.

“I’d like Italian and Chinese today.” Jill announced. The others agreed.

Of course the girls had to work a bit before lunchtime. Jill told John about Joe’s project and said that she had a deal with Maggy and Claire to eat their share as well. John was excited.

Although Jill had a big breakfast prepared by Ashley at home she felt hungry after a while. With the next order she went to the kitchen and made herself a portion of French fries with ketchup and mayo – of course she used a rather big plate for it. She put the plate on one of the kitchen tables and always stuffed a few fries into her mouth when she was passing by. John noticed and refilled the plate several times. So it happened that Jill ate about 5 portions of French fries before lunch. Of course Maggy and Claire noticed too.

“See. The little fatty is already stuffing her face. I am sure she will not be able to eat all of our lunch and dinner today.” Maggy said with a devilish grin.
Soon they left to a nice Italian restaurant. They ordered 3 different starters, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. Of course Maggy and Claire ordered extra high caloric food for Jill like fettuccine Alfredo or tiramisu. After a while the waitress brought the starters. Maggy and Claire wanted to eat a bit but Jill only waved her hand showing a “no”. She could not speak as she had her mouth full of antipasti.

“Greedy girl. Now go get fat.” Maggy said a little angry.

Claire kicked Maggy’s foot as she did not want to ruin everything. Maggy looked mad which gave Jill even more encouragement to do all this. Jill easily finished the starters. Soon the main dish with side dishes arrived: a pizza with a salad, fettuccine Alfredo with a bruschetta and branzino (fish) with vegetables and potatoes.

It looked so nice that Maggy and Claire got even more pissed. Jill smiled and ate all the food. The waitress came to check if everything was alright and saw that only Jill was eating and the other girls looked angry.

“Is anything wrong with the food?” the waitress asked.

“No no. Evershin perfecsh. I’ve shusht lofsht a bet and hash fo eat all fof it now.” Jill quickly said with her mouth full.

The waitress looked at the other two girls but as they did not say anything she left it with that and simply nodded.

“A bet it is. Well. I see.” Maggy said really mad.

“If you wanna bet - let’s bet. I bet you will not be able to gain less than ten pounds during this stupid project.” She added.

“Ok. What if I lose? What if I win?” Jill asked already starting with her last main dish.

Maggy thought how she could add even more weight to Jill.

“OK. If you gain more than 10 pounds you have to gain the same amount again within 2 weeks. If you lose I will cook for you for one week. Deal?”
Maggy suggested.

“Deal.” Was all Jill said. She knew that most probably she would gain more than 10 pounds anyhow and she wanted to reach 200 for John so everything was fine.

“Ok but we need to know how much you currently weigh.” Maggy said.

“173” Jill replied.

Maggy and Claire exchanged glances but did not further comment on it.
Jill was getting full but she still had 3 desserts in front of her. She slowed down but managed to eat them. They paid and left. Jill’s belly was bloated when they arrived back at Joe’s and John knew why. He smiled at Jill who went all red and smiled back. The girls worked until dinner and in between Maggy brought two extra fat milkshakes to Jill. Jill happily accepted and consumed additional 1000 calories each just between her 3 persons lunch and persons dinner.

For dinner they went to the Chinese restaurant around the corner. The girls ordered and it as pretty clear that all starters where something fried and very fat. She hat fried chicken, fried vegetables and fried noodles. She felt full after that already but she did not want to quit in front of the girls. The main dishes were 3 different kinds of Chinese food accompanied by rice of course. The portions were pretty big and should usually be shared by 2 people each. J

ill fought bravely and mixed food from all plates together. She tried to eat as quickly as she could. She had to slow down at the end and barely managed everything. When the desserts where brought she was happy that it was just small portions of fried banana and a milky rice thing. She ate that as well and rubbed her belly.

“No wonder you are getting fat!” Claire said but did not want to be mean and added: “I mean you really can pack it away girl. I am kind of jealous!”

Jill smiled but did not answer.

Jill went home after dinner and was stuffed but Ash was waiting with a nice chocolate cake and some milkshakes. Of course Jill had no chance to resist and the girls shared the cake and had two XXL milkshakes each.

(Continued in post 49 of this thread)

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Amazing chapter, this story keeps getting better
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Agreed. This is a great story. Love her bigger getting challenges.
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thanks guys
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Default Chapter 19

The same procedure went on the whole week. Jill had breakfast at home. A little snack before lunch. 3 full lunches and 3 full dinners. And when she came home already completely stuffed Ash always was there with more food for Jill. Sometimes she tried to resist or refuse but somehow Ashley always found some ways to get more food into Jill.

One day Maggy, Claire and Jill had lunch at a good Greek restaurant. However none of the girls were used to Greek food and the dishes were prepared in a lot of small platters – like Spanish tapas. The waiter – Kostas, who was a real Greek and the owner of the restaurant – simply continued bringing more and more small plates with excellent food. He did not care that only Jill ate.

In total Jill did not eat the amount of food for 3 people but 5 thanks to Kostas who meant it very good for them and especially for Jill. He brought 5 kind of different desserts. This time Jill was already very stuffed after lunch but they still had to go to an American restaurant for dinner.

Maggy and Claire ordered a T-bone steak with mashed potatoes respectively the XXL Double beef burger with French fries. The restaurant really served big portions and Jill pushed her limits once again. She arrived home and fell on the couch. Ash came and started rubbing Jill’s swollen belly. Ash was very kind and soon Jill felt a little better. Finally they shared a tray of fresh brownies.

On Friday evening it was even worse. The three girls went to a French restaurant. They had a special wine & dine combo offer that evening. It included an aperitif, a glass of wine for each dish and a digestif. Usually Maggy and Claire drank such special drink offers but both did not drink alcohol and so it was all for Jill. She had a Tio Pepe, Martini and a Gin Tonic as aperitif. She was hungry and already ate half a French baguette which was served with some goose liver and butter.

The starters were accompanied by 3 glasses of white wine. The servings were not very big but tasted excellent. It was a pleasure for Jill to eat and drink all of that delicious stuff. The first main dishes were accompanied by 3 red wines. Jill made short process and already felt a little tipsy. With the second main dish 3 heavy and strong red wines were served.

Those plates were noticeable bigger and Jill felt full after two of them. She did not notice that only in this course two of her empty glasses have been refilled and she drank in total 5 glasses of the heavy red wine. She was drunk now and stuffed. Dessert arrived with 3 sweet wines which were so tasty that she asked for one refill.

“You mish somsin hhere.” Jill slurred.

Maggy and Claire only made a face. They could not believe how much Jill was eating and drinking. Maggy was simply pissed but Claire was somehow impressed – positively impressed.

With the bill came three digestives – Armagnac – strong French liquor. Of course Jill did not hesitate and had all three of them. She was wasted when they left the restaurant and could barely walk alone. In total she had 3 aperitifs, 15 glasses of wine and 3 digestives. Maggy and Claire helped Jill back to Joe’s as they did not know what else they should do with her. French food takes time and so it was already rather late when they arrived at Joe’s. Only John was there cleaning the kitchen.

“Here we are Jill. I am sure John will be able to help you. Bye.” Maggy said and they left Jill at the entrance of Joe’s. John saw them and quickly ran to Jill who was heavily swaying.

“Hey there. A little too much to drink as it looks.” John asked Jill.

“Sas right. But no too mush. Bush a losh.” Jill replied and gave John a kiss on his cheek.

“We are the only ones here. And I have some leftover desserts. You want any?” John said and he kissed her back on her cheek.

Jill did not care anymore and nodded. John took her into the kitchen and placed a chair next to the fridge. At first he took out a nice tiramisu which quickly disappeared into Jill. John helped her with the food and fed her everything rather quickly. He kissed her on the cheek frequently and gently rubbed her belly. The tiramisu was followed by half a chocolate cake. After that Jill was breathing heavily and it looked she was close to an orgasm. John found some ice cream and put about 1 litre of it into a box out of which he fed Jill. After half of it Jill waved her hands and said:

“Ffull. Shtopf.”

“Only that little ice cream. For me. Please.” John said and continued: “I will make it easier for you.”

He took the remaining ice cream which was half molten by now and put it into a blender. He added half a litre of cream, added some sugar and mixed everything. As soon as he was ready he handed it to Jill and said:
“Remember what Ash said: Chug it real quick!”

Jill somehow found new power and took the heavy and thick liquid and started chugging. By the end she nearly had to vomit but quickly chugged the rest. She spilled a bit on her t-shirt which was stretched to the max. After a while John brought Jill home. She was quite heavy and it was rather difficult for John although he was a strong man. But it was obvious that Jill was getting bigger by the day. He felt very soft love handles, a nice and jiggly butt and some huge bit boobs which swayed heavily inside her tight t-shirt. When they arrived home Ash opened the door and was a bit shocked to see the totally stuffed and wasted Jill.

“Oh my word. What have you done?” Ash said to John.

“Nothing. She was out with Maggy and Claire and they brought her to Joe’s totally drunk. We then had a few small desserts. That’s all.” John tried to explain.

“Well ok. I think it’s best if we bring her to bed. She will not do much anymore today.” Jill suggested.

John agreed and they brought her to her bed. John kissed her cheek and left. When Ash was undressing Jill she had troubles to open the buttons of her jeans. Soon Jill was laying there in her undies and Ash had a good look on the swollen curves.

“Wow darling. You are growing nicely” Ash thought.

“Shon, kish me” Jill mumbled half asleep already.

“Yes yes. John left already. Sleep now. Little girl.” Ash said in a sweet voice and left.

When Ash left she thought about her last words: “Little girl – she is by far not little anymore.”

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Great story! Thanks for the post Karl.

I hope you continue with Special Diet too, that one is definitely my favorite.
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