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Default Fat boy want food!

This is an account of my Monday of this week.

Today I got to finish Work early! I was as ecstatic as you would imagine as i waddled out of work for the day on a Monday morning. As I walked into the city centre I was overwhelmed by my inner fat boy begging me to get something very calorific inside me as fast as my fat fingers could force it into my pie hole. I sometimes get the urge to massively overeat in public (I'll admit it really turns me on) and it's been happening more and more frequently over the past six months. I'd say I've probably gained roughly 2 stone in this time and I like it. I like feeling my blubber bounce and wobble with every step I take and I like meeting friends and acquaintances I haven't seen for a while and watching them trying to act as if they're not shocked when they see how rotund my once svelte frame has now become.
Today the urge was uncontrollable. I had had breakfast not long before I left work, a nice coronation chicken baguette from the canteen in work and a cheeky danish bun to wash it down. Walking down through the city I knew what fatboy wanted, my inner glutton that is; there's a deli in town that serves hoagies. It's called 'The New York Deli' and it's bloody fantastic. I ordered the biggest hoagie on the menu 'The White-house Special' and sat down with this enormous wonder about to caress my palette resting atop the table in front of me. If you've never had a hoagie before it's kind of like and enormous pile of mixed deli meats with coleslaw, gherkins, mayo, tomatoes and cheese on a bap (I'd highly recommend to anybody who likes food to seek one out if they haven't tried one). Now having read other feederism related blogs and stories I'd like to say at this stage of my story I polished it off with ease but it was a hell of a struggle. I was fairly full walking in but my inner glutton was really compelling me to eat as much as I possibly could. It took me about half an hour to finish the american beast and I felt as full as an egg sitting there with an empty paper plate in front of me with the waistband of my jeans digging in all around my big tyre of blubber that sits around my abdomen. It really turned me on.
I waddled out of the deli with mixed emotions, my flab rippling under my t-shirt . The overriding emotion was of satisfaction with being such a greedy boy, but I also felt very lonely. It's great stuffing yourself and getting kicks out of it, but I think to truly be a feedee and be completely satisfied you need to share your experiences with someone likeminded.
Never mind I thought, I'm enjoying myself and it's rare I get to wander around the city in the weektime so I thought I'd make the most of it. I had a look around in some high street shops which were mainly selling cheap Halloween tat and stuff for Christmas. I don't tend to buy things from shops these days, why bother when you can get what your want for half the price online? I had a go with an iPhone 4S as I was thinking of upgrading from my iPhone 4. The 'Genius' aka shop worker in the Apple store would have had Steve Jobs spinning in his grave if Steve (god rest his soul) could see his poor demonstration skills. "..Set reminder for Saturday 2pm.." he said in a smug tone *Siri is processing....* "...it takes a while at first, you see Siri has to get used to your voice..." he said again smugly *Siri does not recognise* "...must be all the background noise..." he said blushing. He tried it a couple more times and then I put him out of his misery by making my excuses and leaving. 'I won't be taking a bite out of that Apple' I smugly thought as I walked out of the sterile hell that is an Apple shop (it definitely seemed wittier and funnier at the time in my head). As I walked away, not half an hour after stuffing myself at the deli the urge rose up inside me again. Maybe it was the bi-product of the smugness I had experienced at the 'Genius'' expense but fat boy needed to eat again. My waddle gathered pace with my bloated belly leading the charge, where? I asked myself where could I get something that would feed insatiable appetite of the obese inner me? The answer rose to me over the brow of the high street before me, glowing red contrasting with bright white. 'Have you got the urge?' the sign on 'Burger King' asked me. You don't know the bloody half of it I thought. My fat hand pushed open the door like so many before me and I waddled into the well lit area by the counter. Hmmmmm what to have so many delicious treats to be had here, this Mecca for the obese. I like triple whoppers but then again I like Royals and come to think of it those cheese things that melt in your mouth. I'll have it all, fat boy will settle for no less than a meal which would ordinarily feed a small family. I squeezed my fat arse into a booth with a triple whopper, a royal with cheese, two cheese burgers and a ton of fries. When I finished I was so full I almost felt delirious, my waistband digging in tight and my belly protruding over the table infront of me towards the mountain of empty rappers and boxes. What a day! Just thought I'd share.
'Nancy, don't marry those gays!' - Jez (Peep Show)
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