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crtwrght_mrk has said some nice things

Exceptional. Pretty soon I'm going to need to consult a thesaurus to find new ways of expressing how much I'm enjoying this story.
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oh yes ! a very nice story and so sexy :-)

but i more loved that last part where she tries to fatten up her sister and her husband hehe :-)

i´m very curious for moreeee^^
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Thanks to all for the recent comments, it makes me feel great. I found a way to pound out this next chapter. To me this is a real highlight. I hope you feel the same. Enjoy.


We tumbled into the room as I kept trying to grab her and she kept trying to bat my searching hands away. She flopped herself onto the bed, but before I could jump on, she rolled over to the other side and stood up again. She reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a book. With a sideways glance at me, she casually tossed the book on the bed, cover up, title facing me. My eyes questioningly went from her face to the book and back up. I read the title.

“Fifty Shades of Grey.”

“Ever heard of it?”

“Sorry, I can’t say that I have. Is it good?”

“You see, this is the kind of thing that puzzles me about men. You would think that if every woman in America was doing something, talking about something, or reading something, that men would just naturally pay attention and see what all the fuss was about.”

“Do you want me to read it?”

“I don’t care whether you read it or not, but if you knew how much sex was in it, you just might want to. I do want to tell you about it, though. You see, this girl falls for a gorgeous young billionaire and while all she wants is the normal boyfriend/girlfriend thing, it turns out that he doesn’t exactly have mainstream sexual interests. He is totally into sadism, bondage and dominance.”

She is watching me carefully, almost business-like. I raise my eyebrows. Where is she going with this? I struggle to find how this is going to lead back to us. She continues
“She is so desperate to be with him and is so afraid that he will reject her if she doesn’t give him what he wants, that she decides to give his world a try, hoping that she can ease him towards a more normal relationship. She finds it more enjoyable that she expected, and doesn’t mind getting tied to a bed as much as she thought she would.”

“You want me to tie you up?”

“Do YOU want to tie me up?”

“I don’t NEED to tie you up, but if you want me to I can sure give it a try.”

“I thought it might be kind of fun. You know, help us explore a little.”

As we spoke, she had walked around the bed, into the bathroom, and returned with two fuzzy white belts removed from the hotel bathrobes. She tossed the belts onto the bed, turned back to me, put her hands on my chest, and looked up at me
“Did you see all the people looking at us as we walked to dinner?”

I was confused. My mind tenuously tried to switch from the awkward thought of tying her up to trying to remember the walk to dinner. I only remember her in that dress, watching her as we walked, putting my arm around that thick waist, running my hand past that point where the wholesome fabric caressed the widest part of her hips. I don’t remember seeing anyone, whether they looked at us or not.

“No. If they did, I guess I didn’t notice.”

“I know you didn’t. Do you know why? Because you couldn’t take your eyes off me.”

“Honey, seeing you in this dress is driving me wild.”

She puts a finger up to my lips, and then puts the hand back on my chest, stroking her hands through my chest, up over my shoulders and then back around.

“Shush. Don’t interrupt me. So we’re walking along and I see all these women looking at us: by themselves, in couples, with friends. Women are competitive and I could see the change in their faces when they saw that this hunky, cute guy walking with me wasn’t just walking with me. He was totally oblivious to the rest of the world; he was absolutely ravaging me with his eyes; he couldn’t keep his hands off me. Some immediately looked jealous. One older lady got the sweetest look on her face, like we were puppies or something. Some looked sad, maybe wondering why they didn’t get looked at or touched like that. A couple of them glanced at the guy they were with and maybe wondered why they didn’t act like you. I felt scared and powerful. Half of me was afraid you were going to rip this dress off my body right in the middle of the street, and the other half of me really, really wanted you to. So, since it is brand new, I think we should start by getting this dress off of me before it gets damaged.”

I could hear her sharp intake of breath as I immediately dove for the hemline to reach my hands underneath to pull the dress up over her head. I let the fabric gather along my wrists and over my forearms as my palms moved up along her skin, following the contours of her body. I could feel the dimples on those fat thighs. I felt the spread of my hands as they curved out and around her hips, as they tucked carefully past the crevasse where the line of her belly met the top of the hip. I let my fingers press into the flowing sides of her belly, feeling the roundness of the fat as it traveled in curves to her back. She raised her arms over her head and my hands coursed their way over the full sides of her hefty breasts and finally up the flabby, rolling undersides of her arms.

As I tossed the dress aside, I was reminded of a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon. Seeing this amazing body in front of me, was like watching an iridescent butterfly bask outside of its empty shell, slowly fanning its wings, getting ready to fly. Her breath was quick and her face was flushed.

“You’ve never taken a dress off like that before. I almost came just feeling your hands on me.”

“It’s been a long time since you’ve worn a dress like this, but the dress is just a tease for what’s underneath. Well, sexy lady, ready to get strung up?”

“Oh, that’s only where we’re starting, lover boy!”

She slipped out of her bra and panties. She jumped on the bed, pushed all the pillows up against the headboard and leaned back against them, throwing her arms out to the sides. I quickly tied her hands to the headboard with the bathrobe belts. She complained that there was too much slack. I redid them so that her arms were completely stretched across the headboard and she couldn’t move them more than an inch or two. I disrobed standing at the end of the bed and gazed lustily upon her.

Her belly lay splashed on her thick thighs. Despite her legs being spread, her thighs still met less than halfway above the knee. Her voluminous breasts perched atop her belly. Her arms looked so short because the flab of her upper arms being squished against the pillows made them look so wide. Never having seen her in this position – perfectly centered, splayed out - I was surprised how much of the bed her once-tiny body took up.

Standing at the end of the bed and staring down at her, she looked so delectable. I could have taken her right there, but I had no idea what I was supposed to do next. If this was her little game, I didn’t know how to have fun playing or keep score, let alone win. She watched my eyes move over her body.

“My belly is your favorite part of my body, isn’t it?”

“Every single inch of your body is absolutely beautiful, but I guess I have a special place in my heart for that cute belly of yours.”

“I imagine that the first thing most of those women who saw us walking thought was ‘What is that totally hot guy doing with that fat cow?’”

I flushed beet red, shook my head, and started to stammer an objection, but she didn’t let me get in.

“But then they saw you staring at me, holding me close, and caressing my enormous ass. They must have thought ‘That guy must totally dig fat chicks!’, but they probably never considered that I was once a tiny wisp of a girl when you met me. They never considered that as I started to gain weight, you were thrilled. As I tried to diet and failed, you were thrilled. As I sat at home eating all day, you were thrilled. As I broke my ankle and couldn’t move for two months, you were thrilled. As I got fatter and fatter with everything I did, you were in heaven!”

There is no way to stop an erection. I had no idea what was going on, or whether I was supposed to be ashamed, embarrassed, alarmed, or happy. She was naming my desires, and I immediately popped to rigid attention. Her eyes slid down and appraised my lustful reaction to her words. Her hands dangled limp at the wrist, hanging from the belts. Blasphemous or not, she looked like a fat, female Christ, but who was on the cross? She smiled, slowly shook her head, and glanced down at her swollen belly displayed helplessly in front of her and to the bed on either side of her and then back up at me.

“Can you imagine if I got so fat that I took up the whole bed? Would that make you even harder than you are right now?”

I stood at her feet with what I can only think was a very confused, aroused, stupid look on my face. I couldn’t say a word. Thankfully, she kept going.

“Your little secret hasn’t been a secret for a long, long time. It was kind of annoying, I’ll admit that. Guys can be such jerks and we know it – you can only get it up if we’re in a French maid outfit, or wearing harlot-red lipstick, or suspended from the ceiling. Or whatever. But for me it was like a trap. I am so lazy. Don’t think I don’t know it. The whole concept of being active or exercising has never interested me in the slightest. I have always eaten whatever I pleased. Even when I was thin, I let myself eat whatever I wanted, I just never gained weight. Until you came along, that is. You gave me permission not to care. You never called me fat or made any negative comments of any kind. You so obviously loved my body as I got fatter and fatter. How in the world was I supposed to stop myself?”

All I could do was swallow and stare, my dick throbbing in front of me. She was the one tied up, but I couldn’t move. She looked so comfortable, so in control, which she so obviously was. Her words purred seductively.

“You don’t need to keep it a secret. I can’t pretend anymore that I’m not really fat, and I’m only getting fatter. You can let it out. I want to share it with you. I can wear your French maid costume. I can wear your red lipstick.”

I finally stammered to life, a thousand confused thoughts still spinning in my head.

“Honey, I love you and I know it’s obvious that I love your body, but you don’t need to dress up or wear anything. Seriously, all I need is you.”

“I love you too. I love you so much sometimes I feel like I can’t bear it, but you can be so, so stupid sometimes. The costume and lipstick are just analogies for that thing that really turns you on. You want me to keep getting fatter and fatter until I pop or something.”

“No! I’ve told you so many times that you don’t need to do anything for me. I will always accept you!”

“You know you are being really bull-headed? This can either be the greatest night of your life or maybe a week is too long and you can go home early. I’m trying to give you something. I’m trying to play with you. Don’t you trust me? Don’t you think I already know? It’s safe for you to tell me. It is okay for us to have fun with your fantasy. I’m ready. I want to see this side of you.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Tell me you want me to get fatter.”

I stared at her stone-faced. How could this be so hard? Everybody has their deep private little secrets and this was like naked pictures of you being shown in court. I mumbled my reply.

“I guess you already know that I do.”

“I want to hear it from you. I want you to tell me.”

“I want you to get fatter.”

“How much fatter?”


“Do you understand the concept of fantasy? This is no different from the first time you let me see your dick. You are going to show me a part of yourself that no one else gets to see. I am your wife and I want to share this with you. How much fatter do you dream I could be?”

All right, trust it is. I feel like I am standing at the edge of a canyon.

“I don’t know. Seeing you eat and get fatter is the biggest possible turn-on. I never thought you would be as big as you are now. I don’t think it matters to me as long as you are happy and gaining weight.”

“So like 300, 400, 500 pounds, you would still find me attractive?”

“Oh god, yes! You never, ever need to worry about being too fat!”

“I want you to feed me. I’m all tied up and I can’t stop you. I want you to feed me ice cream until I can’t possibly eat any more.”

Now for the first time, my face lit up in a smile. I grabbed a pint of ice cream from the freezer and sat down on the bed next to her. Her eyebrows rose up in disappointment.

“Just one? Do you want to keep interrupting the show or what?”

I went back to the freezer and hesitated a moment before grabbing two more and returning to her side. Her mouth was open, waiting for the first bite. The first pint emptied in moments. I made each bite huge, squeezing it into her mouth, leaving a creamy ring around her lips that she couldn’t wipe off. As the giant bites continued, the glistening ring formed into trails of gooey goodness dribbling down her cheeks and chin. I could see that the second pint was filling her up. Each bite was taking longer. When the second pint was finished, I set the empty carton and spoon on the nightstand and started to reach for her belly. She stopped me.
“Not yet. I want more. I want you to keep feeding your fat wife! You brought a third carton and I'm going to eat it.”

She couldn’t even open her mouth as far as she could earlier, and more and more of each bite was left streaming down her chubby cheeks and down her double chin and down her neck and into the space between her breasts. This was taking a long time. I would wait for her to open her mouth again after she swallowed, always thinking she wouldn’t. It was mostly gone and only a half-cup of creamy soup lay at the bottom. I wordlessly demonstrated by lifting up a spoonful and letting it drain back into the carton. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth. I raised the carton to a couple of inches above those chocolate-covered lips and slowly poured it in as she swallowed and swallowed as it made its way down her gullet.

“Untie me. I need to put my hands on you. I have never wanted you inside of me as badly as I do right now.”

She groaned as I leaned across her to untie the belts.

“Oooh, careful! I feel like I’ve swallowed a watermelon!”

She spread her leags as wide as she could and I gingerly pressed myself between her legs, she grabbed my stone-hard dick in her hands and pressed it into the bottom of her belly. Her eyes were glowing.

“Now tell me everything you’ve always wanted to tell me!”

“I love seeing you so lazy! To see you lying on the sofa eating slice after slice of cheesecake, knowing you can’t stop yourself, is the sexiest thing in the universe. I love knowing eating makes you so happy and content and it is just going to make you fatter and fatter. When you were working at home and you were always wearing sweatpants, I almost lost my mind watching your belly grow into those pants until they were so tight it looked like they could be peeled off. Honey, you are getting so fat that it is changing the way you walk! The way your ass rolls from side to side and your thighs are so fat that it looks like they are trying to force your legs apart! When I hold you around the waist and feel that line of your belly hanging I almost lose it!”
She stops working me with her hands and pushes me down inside her. Her face lights up like she just heard about a 90% off sale at Nordstrom’s. She is almost shouting.

“You are going to make me so fat! Your wife is hardly going to be able to move! You are going to keep feeding me and feeding me until I am so huge I can’t even reach under my belly and my ass won’t fit through the doors!”

I am driving into her like a Neanderthal with a jackhammer. She is moaning like a hurricane wind through the shutters. I cried out in agony and triumph, coming harder than I ever have in my life. She came at the same time with high-pitched staccato screams. I lay collapsed over the top of her belly, my face between her breasts, sticky ice cream trails matting into my hair. She stroked my hair and panted heavily. Eventually she caught her breath.

“Oh, that was SO GOOD! You’ve never given it to me like that! That is what you have been keeping back from me! You selfish bastard! I love you so much! Our sex life is going to go off the charts!”

I am laughing between her breasts like a little boy at recess. I feel like the weight of the world has just been lifted from my shoulders. I sigh a huge, deep sigh. She pats me on the head.

“I told you if you played a little game with me I would make it worth your while.”

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Default Fabulous

This whole story is Fabulous! Hard to pick a Favorite Chapter but this is surely top Five! She is so Brilliant and shares her thoughts so well.I wish she really existed. Her verbiage in this chapter is scintillating . And at least I know now that even if she doesn't know her weight-at least she Thinks she's not 300 yet.

I would love for them now to do a little weighing and measuring and maybe some Planning of how big she will get. How they will do it. How fast they Both want her to gain.It's a kind of Dry approach. But I am certain that Feeders and Feedees who know that they are-must certainly go into the details like this.There are certain "numbers" that I have in mind when I am advising . Like 30" thighs.I believe that real BBW thighs are 30" . And 50" bellies and hips. I would Love to see this couple pick this as their starting point and mark down everything about how she is right now as they are finally Both out of the closet.

This chapter was absolutely Artistic!
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this is just a fantastic chapter and a nice look into the mindset I think.. Can't wait for more!!
How do you win a war, when you're not sure who the enemy is?

I do what I do...
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Uncle Jack
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Uncle Jack has said some nice things

Any chance of an update in the nearish future?
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supersteve has said some nice things

This is the best story I've read in years.
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Thanks for the push everyone. I have just moved across the country and am still getting settled into a new rhythm. I think that suitable writing time will emerge soon. Thanks for the patience and the interest. The story will continue!
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Blargface123 has said some nice things

I don't mean to necro post here, but this is without a doubt my favorite story on this board. It's been nearly a year - any hope of seeing an extension someday?
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Default Really is outstanding....and really...

I for one would love to see a part II.
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weaverof has said some nice things
Default Battles!

Fo sho I'd love to see more of this story. What happened to that author I wonder?
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Truly schlong-stiffening prose!
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arch has said some nice things

This is truly the best story in this genre that I have read. Honestly it is most powerful (to me) story that I have read since I first stumbled over Melanie Bell's stories almost 20 years ago.

I love the fact that numbers are not a primary focus that lets us decide for ourselves what they are. This story has characters that I can genuinely believe and the whole thing is just enough in the realm of possibility.

I hope that there are many additions to this story in the future.

But if there are not ... thank you for the great story.
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