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Default Growing Gilmore Girls - by Swiggy 3000 (~BBW (Mult), Romance, Lesbianism, ~MWG)

BBW (multiple), Romance, Lesbianism, ~MWG -- Princess with an appetite when under stress has to deal with strictures of her elders

[Author's Note: Not sure how many fans of the show 'Gilmore Girls' there are in the forums but it's one of my favorite shows and thus I decided to write a weight gain story based on the show.

I'm actually pretty far into the story but I'm just going to post a few chapters a week unless there is a huge outcry for more. I'm also going to list Rory Gilmore's initial weight along with her height for those who do not know it. Anyway, enough of my babbling, on with the story. ]

Growing Gilmore Girls
by Swiggy3000

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 122 lbs

Chapter 1

Rory Gilmore had never been what one would call a health nut. Oh yes she was quite slim and good looking but it was all thanks to her metabolism. She could eat all that she wanted and never had to work out. It had always been that way for her and her mother. They would have movie nights where they would get one of every kind of candy and then some they'd eat it all and neither would put on an ounce of weight.

The fact that Lorelai Gilmore, Rory's mother, never put on any weight either ended up giving her a false sense of security. It didn't help that she never spent any of her time learning proper nutrition. Yes she was one of the smartest women in her class and could do anything she set her mind to yet she never considered the effects of her diet on her body.

Lorelai never had to worry about her weight in life but she was not as slim as she used to be. When one is pregnant at 16 and then goes out on her own at 17 one does not have the money to go and waste on junk food. Another factor was that while she didn't work out she was a busy woman and was constantly moving during the day. Running an inn and being hands on in the business burned more calories than even she realized.

Rory was not like that though. She was an intellectual and while she did some physical work, it was rare.

Rory was 18 now and heading off to college at Yale. In fact knowing how much she was going to end up eating they had ended up selecting a very nice meal plan for her, one that would ensure that she would never go hungry. That was probably the first mistake but Rory naively believed that she was impervious to the so-called Freshmen 15.

At first she was correct. She was out and walking around, meeting new people. Really it was heaven for her. But then reality began to set in for her. Classes weren't like they were in high school; sure things hadn't been handed to her on the silver platter there but at Yale there were things that she did have to learn and she found she had to work twice as hard to make the A's that she expected to make.

Not only did she start working twice as much but she also started eating twice as much to cope. She felt like she had to do this on her own and didn't want to give any indication to anyone that she was having trouble. Eating twice as much would have been fine; if she was eating healthy salads. But she hadn't touched a salad in her life. She'd go to the cafeteria and binge on greasy, fatty, and sweets foods. The kinds of foods that only gave her body empty calories.

Once again her metabolism might have been able to adjust; she just needed to make time to work out and she might have followed her mom's example. But she couldn't be bothered with that. Her days consisted of homework, going to class, and eating. All of her classes were close to her dorm so she didn't end up walking all that much.

Give her metabolism credit though. It was able to burn almost all of the excess calories, for about a month. Then her famous Gilmore metabolism began to falter. She had only gained about 5 or so pounds but that is where the true story begins…

Rory sighed as she hit her alarm clock. All that she wanted to do today was sleep a little bit more but really she couldn't. She had a writing class to get to. Checking across the room she found that her roommate Paris was already gone and off somewhere. It was 8 AM and time for some breakfast. She licked her lips at the thought. Well that is a good reason to get out of bed; a quick breakfast and then she could be off to classes for the day. She ended up taking a quick shower and was soon looking at clothes to wear for the day.

She didn't have a boyfriend but that didn't mean that she didn't want to look cute. She eventually decided on a light blue polo and a pair of jeans. As she put the jeans on she had to pause for a moment. Something felt a bit different, they felt a bit tighter than before. A bit snug, not too much but they did feel tighter on her legs and butt.

She ended up shrugging it off.

"Must be the cheap Yale dryers" she said comforting herself.

"Or I might be bloated…" she mused as she collected her books for the day. Really why should she be concerned? It wasn't like this hadn't happened to her before although she couldn't recall her pants ever feeling THIS tight.

Still she went to the dining hall and looked around at the food. Really this was the best part of college other than the learning part; she was like a kid in a candy store when it came to this place. So much to choose from. Alright the food wasn't THAT great but it was still a hell of a lot better than she could cook.

She eventually decided on a bowl of Coco Puffs, toast with butter and jelly, eggs, and three pancakes with syrup and butter all over them. Oh and coffee, lots of coffee. It was a sight to see a girl that small putting away all of that food but she held fast and smiled as a feeling of fullness overcame her.

She checked her cell and realized it was time to get to class. God college was stressful, especially this one class. She just couldn't seem to find her groove and the professor graded so hard. Just thinking about it made her stress. Unconsciously she grabbed a chocolate chip muffin for the road and started munching on it as she headed towards class.

It was a short and kind of lonely walk towards class. Sometimes she wished she had taken a few classes with Paris; at least it would give her someone to talk to. She was meeting new people but she hadn't really found a group that she felt she could belong to yet.

She polished off the muffin just as she got to class and sighed. God this was going to be a long day. But she told herself she needed to carry on, she needed to do better and she was going to do it. Nothing was going to hold her back. She just wished she would get a few more A's for the work that she put into it.

Oh well it just meant another day of homework all day with a few breaks for food. Pizza and breadsticks were sounding really good for dinner tonight, she thought as class started.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 125 lbs

Chapter 2

Rory sighed as she packed up her books. Her last class on Friday was over; it was a bittersweet event for her. She did miss not having to go to class and her free time would give her more time to go and work on some of her papers. She had been used to working hard before but to get the A's that she craved she needed to put in even more time than she has anticipated while entering college.

She made her way back to her room. Once there she looked and listened for everyone. She seemed to have the place to herself. Janet was probably out running somewhere. She never did understand that girl but some of them weren't blessed with the metabolism that she had after all. She could only guess that Tana was in class and lord only knows where Paris was.

She went over to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She grimaced as nothing in there looked appealing, just some of Janet's health food and Paris's special dietary items. She did some math in her head and realized that she did have a little bit of extra money; a bit of a Chinese food wouldn't be the worst thing in the world and whatever she didn't finish she could have over the weekend.

Rory tugged at her bra strap as she took out her cell. Her bra just felt uncomfortable today and she didn't know why. Maybe she was still growing on top. The thought annoyed her a bit; she wanted to be known for her mind and not just her chest. Or it might have just shrunk in the wash a little bit. A few of her clothes seemed a bit smaller.

Unbeknownst to Rory was that she had put on a few more pounds over the week. The effect of the overall weight gain could be seen on her body now. But only slightly, unless a picture of Rory while in high school was next a picture of her now one couldn't really tell.

Her face had rounded ever so slightly; her chest had grown to the point where her bras were digging into her skin. Her waist had remained relatively untouched but it wasn't quite as toned as it had been. Her hips, thighs, and butt were where it was noticeable. Rory's genes were going against her and each day her jeans were tightening around her hips and ass.

Still if one would look at her she would be a very attractive girl. Some would label her as curvy. Rory was totally oblivious though as she rested a hand on her hip as she ordered her Chinese food.

"I'll have…an order of General's Chicken, an order of Orange Beef, two orders of Lo Mein noodles with pork, crab wantons, an order of egg rolls, and add in some Sweet and Sour Chicken with white rice" she said giving them all of her information.

"Geez Gilmore I hope you're ordering for everyone" Paris said looking at her like she was crazy.

Rory turned around, never having heard her come in.

"Oh um…well I was ordering it for now and the rest of the weekend" she said without a hint of embarrassment. After all she and her mother had been doing this since she was old enough to walk. It wasn't like she knew anything else. Paris just rolled her eyes.

"You can have some though" Rory offered.

Paris too had been oblivious to Rory's minor weight gain even now when looking at her she couldn't tell what the difference was in her roommate. Although something did seem a little different about her, Paris couldn't put her finger on it though and shrugged it off. It was Friday and she had better things to do with her life.

"I might take you up on that, so what are you doing tonight?" she asked making her way to her crafts corner. It had been a stressful week and she needed to make something out of Popsicle sticks.

"Well I'm going to stay in and work on a paper. It's almost there I just need to finish it" she said snacking on some chips she had found in the pantry.

Paris looked at her funny.

"Geez when was the last time you went out somewhere? I mean it's like you're always here" she commented.

Rory did a double take and looked at her like she had grown two heads.

"That's not true; I go out plenty of times. I mean I'm out for class and um…well I guess we're just both out at the same time" she said realizing there was some truth to Paris's statement.

Paris to her credit just kind of shrugged. "Whatever, I'm just saying that you seem to be working non-stop." she said as there was a knock on the door. Rory went out and paid the man for food, he seemed a bit amazed at the amount of food that these two girls were eating but it did mean a bigger tip.

Rory grabbed some plates and silverware and laid the food out on the table. She took big helpings of everything and started eating, not even thinking about the amount of food she was eating. The smell of the food eventually got to Paris and she went over to join Rory.

"This place is good but do you always have to order so much food?" she asked her. Rory just nodded her head.

"This way we have it for a while and day old Chinese food is better" she said turning on the TV and getting a bit lost in it.

So lost, that she didn't even realize it when she took a second helping of food.

"So why aren't you visiting your mom this weekend?" Paris asked trying to make conversation. She was trying to get better at that in college. She knew she wasn't the most social but she wanted to get better at that and Rory seemed like a safe person to start with.

Rory shrugged. "I went home last weekend and this weekend I'm really busy and my mom is too. But we'll see each other next weekend" she said with a hint of loneliness in her voice. She did like being alone but she just loved her mom so much and being away for long periods did bother her. She started nibbling on another egg roll at that thought.

Paris sighed as she finished eating and went to clean off her plate. "Well…at least you'll see her in a week. At least you'll have a lot to talk about" she said making her way back to her craft corner.

Paris didn't realize just how right she was as Rory grabbed another egg roll as she opened her computer to work on her homework for the night.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 128 lbs

Chapter 3

Rory couldn't be happier with her life right now. Midterms were still two weeks away, and she was going home for the weekend. She was snacking on a candy bar as she was packing her bags and laundry to bring home for the weekend. She had not only woken up late today but had also kind of run out of clothes during the week. She ended up having to go to class in a sweat shirt and sweats today. Not exactly cute and something she hated doing but she was leaving right after class and she only had two of them today.

Right now Paris and Janet were having another one of their famous yelling sessions with each other in the common room. Rory couldn't wait to get back home so she'd just be able to relax. Sure it would involve studying but it was still better than being here.

"I'm just saying, do you have to bring those mountains you call boyfriends into the COMMON area?" Paris screeched.

"You're just being jealous. I mean when was the last time you had a guy around period?" Janet asked smugly.

"Hey just because Jamie…" Paris started before going on a rant. At that point Rory stopped listening as she packed the rest of her stuff into her backpack. She grabbed her bags and started to leave her room when Paris stormed back in.

"I swear aerobic Barbie is insane she just doesn't understand that we ALL live here" Paris screamed throwing her pillow onto her bed.

"You just can't seem to reason with people like her" Rory commented not mentioning that Paris was more similar to Janet than she'd ever let herself admit.

"Anyway…I'm heading home for the weekend so you can stay in here and avoid her all weekend" she said hoping that would calm Paris down just a bit. She polished off the Snickers and threw the wrapper in the trash as she walked into the common room to see Janet stewing too. Normally she wouldn't have said anything but she might as well let her know that she was leaving.

"Hey Janet, just wanted to let you know that I'm heading home for the weekend. Please try not to kill Paris" she said in a semi joking tone.

Janet looked up at her with a pissed off look on her face.

"No promises" she said with menace in her voice as she looked over Rory. Something seemed off about her recently. Number one: sweats did nothing for her. In fact, why was she wearing sweats today anyway? Didn't she always have something cute to put on?

Then staring at her face she realized it. Her face was rounder. It was subtle, very subtle but it was rounder. The only reason she knew it was because she had spent all summer picturing people heavier to help motivate her to avoid any weight gain in college. Janet's runner's body was a temple and she wanted to keep it tight for as long as possible.

It all made sense though. Rory ate take out a lot and she hadn't been going out that much. Her heart went out to her. Sure she defended that bitch Paris but she was a nice enough girl and was probably worried that someone would notice her slight uptick in weight. That's why she was wearing sweats.

"Well anyway have a great weekend at home and you know what? You and I should go on a bit of a run when you get back. I've been looking for a running buddy" she said. She didn't want to come right out and say it but she was fairly certain that Rory would catch her drift.

Rory looked at her a bit oddly. She had never been one to go on runs and she really didn't want to start now. Where was this coming from?

"Um…sure maybe we could. I'll think about it. Anyway I'll see you later" she said wondering why Janet suddenly wanted a running buddy; she seemed perfectly fine alone.

As Rory walked away Janet looked at her profile and yep she was bigger. She was probably just too embarrassed to talk about it right now. Oh well she extended the olive branch it was Rory's job to take it. A bit of a run right now probably wouldn't hurt either. She was stressed and, while she didn't eat as much as Rory, Janet would be lying if she said she wasn't a bit paranoid about accidently putting on weight.

The drive back to Stars Hollow was nice and peaceful, traffic was fairly light today. Janet's comments were thrown to the back of her mind and were replaced by anticipation. She couldn't wait to see her mom and actually have cute clothes to wear tomorrow! Although she had picked a good day for sweats, it had been windy and a little chilly. She sipped on a non-diet Pepsi as she drove, between the excitement and the caffeine in the Pepsi she was nearly bouncing in her seat as she arrived back home.

Rory smiled as she entered the house.

"Lucy I'm home!" she shouted as she made her way to the washing machine.

"Oh there you are my amazing, smart, amazing daughter" Lorelai said coming down the stairs and giving her a hug, not even taking the time to look over her.

"I've missed you so much, how are you and how is Yale?" she asked breaking the hug.

"Lots and lots of work but it's worth it" Rory sighed as she threw her clothes in the washing machine.

"Bit more work than I thought but I'm hanging in there" Rory said vaguely not really wanting to admit to her mom that it was a lot more work than she had thought. But she knew she could and would adjust. She had at Chilton, it was just a bit of a learning curve.

"Well don't worry so much and relax a little. I feel like I've barely talked to you. Besides you're still the smartest person in that dump that they call Yale" Lorelai said quickly.

"I'm just glad you were able to come home this weekend. I've missed you so much but with all the work I'm doing well…it doesn't matter. My beautiful daughter is here now and that's what matters" she said taking a step back and finally noticing what Rory was wearing.

She raised an eyebrow as she looked over her.

"So what's with the get up? Someone going for gym rat look?" she asked jokingly. Rory could only roll her eyes at her mother.

"Last clean pair of clothes I had. The Yale dryers shrunk my stuff a bit" she said shrugging a bit preparing herself for a Lorelai rant.

"So for all that money you get dryers that shrink your stuff? I don't know what I'm more furious at. The fact that they shrink your stuff or the fact that you didn't come home last weekend" she said pouting a little bit.

"I know I know but I had work to do I missed you though. So what do you want to do tonight?" she asked.

"One step ahead of you missy, I have burgers and fries from Luke's already set out along with some desserts and I have rented us some bad movies. Seriously the Mystery Science Theater guys would be impressed" she said leading Rory to the living room.

Rory walked into the living room to find a burger and fries from Luke's with her name on it. Along with what seemed to be one of every kind of candy from the snack aisle. She grabbed a red vine and started chewing on it.

"You know you're an amazing mom" she said feeling the sugar rush.

Lorelai smirked.

"Of course I'm amazing. I gave birth to you after all and you seemed to work out pretty well" she said sitting down and eating a fry. She went and inserted the movie into the VCR and plopped down on the couch.

Rory followed suit but didn't seem to notice that the couch seemed a bit comfier than usual. The rest of the night was spent pigging out on snack food. Lorelai didn't notice it and neither did Rory but Rory was eating a bit more than she usually would on these nights. She was also eating faster.

Lorelai would normally finish eating her burger first but tonight it was Rory who beat her. The sweat shirt and sweats also hid any little bit of weight gain. At least it was disguised enough that Lorelai wouldn't notice it. She was just too happy to have her daughter home.

Yes at this moment life was perfect and peaceful for the both of them.

(Continued in post 4 of this thread)

I love reviews and feedback.

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Never seen the TV show so would not know whether it has the feel of the program, but it is a nice start to a weight gain story for sure.

Clearly the characters name, but I always think of Rory as a blokes name so find it quite off-putting.
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Originally Posted by TheOwl View Post
Never seen the TV show so would not know whether it has the feel of the program, but it is a nice start to a weight gain story for sure.

Clearly the characters name, but I always think of Rory as a blokes name so find it quite off-putting.
Ha Ha, Fair enough. Her real name is Lorelai but everyone calls her Rory. Not sure if thinking about it like that helps at all. But thank you for the feedback.
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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 133 lbs

Chapter 4

Both Rory and her mom Lorelai had fallen asleep on the couch last night. By the time they had both finished their movie and snack binge it had been well past midnight and neither of them wanted to leave the nice comfy couch.

Rory woke up to the fresh smell of coffee and found she was alone on the couch and it was almost noon. It didn't take a Yale student to figure out where Lorelai was. Rory got to her feet, with a bit more force than should be required, and made her way into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee.

"Morning hon, how'd you sleep?" Lorelai asked handing her daughter a cup. Rory sat down at the table and took a sip. Ah there was nothing like coffee when you just woke up in the morning. It wasn't Luke's but it was still better then what they had at Yale.

"I think I slept funny on my neck, why did you let me fall asleep on the couch?" she asked playfully as she rubbed her neck.

"Honey, you're not five anymore. It's not like I could just carry you to your room. Oh I got a call from your grandmother this morning," she said, her tone changing with the subject.

"Oh that's great, how are she and grandpa? Where are they now?" Rory asked. Ever since Richard's new insurance company had been taking off it meant that he had to travel a lot. A bit more often than his last job required. He didn't mind it but it also meant that Emily had to travel with him occasionally. Mostly she went to act the part of the loving wife and to help wine and dine possible clients. Given how she could arrange a party they had been raking in clients recently.

"They're in Paris now and should be back next week. You know it's almost too perfect. I get you all to myself and I haven't had to see my own parents for two weeks," Lorelai said smiling brightly. Sure she hadn't really seen them over the summer but it was always nice to get a break. She couldn't believe how lucky she got when she found out they were traveling. That was part of the reason she was happier and perkier than usual.

Rory rolled her eyes at her mother. Sure her grandparents could be…interesting at times. But she very rarely didn't want to go and see them.

"You do realize they're the ones paying for Yale, right?" she asked.

"Sssshhh quiet young one. We shall take this weekend in peace and see them later. They must be working you hard at Yale though, I've never seen you sleep like that before. I mean when was the last time you almost slept until noon?" she asked sipping her coffee.

Rory just shrugged. "I've been busy lately and I never really get to sleep in. Besides a certain someone kept saying, 10 more minutes we're getting to the good part"

"How can I help it if the entire movie is the good part?" Lorelai asked.

Rory had known her mother long enough to know that it was a lost cause to try and bring logic in on this.

"Well alright so I'm thinking Luke's for lunch because I don't know about you but I'm starving" she said trying to ignore the hunger pangs and small rumble her stomach was making.

"Sounds great to me kiddo. I put your laundry in your room. If you want to take a shower first I can wait. Besides we need to get you looking cute again. Well cuter." Lorelai said pouring herself another cup of coffee and looking over her sweat suit look.

Rory just shook her head and went into the shower. Like her showers at Yale she wanted this one to be fairly quick. She only took about oh ten minutes. Normally she'd take half an hour of more but she was hungry today and couldn't wait. She tied her hair up into a pony tail and looked at her stacks of clothes debating what to put on.

If one was to look into her room right now to admire a naked Rory Gilmore it would be quite a sight. The first thing to notice was her skin. First of all she was a very pale girl. She would normally have some color but not going out that much for a month would do that to a girl. However her pale skin had a great contrast, she had light red stretch marks over her body now. She hadn't noticed them because she hadn't spent that much time looking over her body or even seeing herself in a mirror but the stretch marks were there. Subtle over some areas but one could see them if they looked close.

Her hair being up in a pony tail also nicely contrasted just how rounded her face looked. Her chin hadn't doubled yet but it was getting there and her cheeks were rounder giving her dimples when she smiled widely.

The first thing Rory did was to grab some panties and a bra to put on. She ended up going with plain black for both of them. She didn't have anyone to impress and doubted she'd have any reason to today. Although she'd be lying if she said she didn't want to see Dean.

The panties were a bit tight on her but they had always been a bit loose so they fit her. Barely, but they did fit her. The bra was a different story though. The first thing she noticed as she put it on was how tight it was. In fact looking down she could see her boobs were nearly popping out of the cups.

"Have I kept growing?" she asked as she undid her bra, something that was needed otherwise there was a chance a strap would tear. She picked them up with her hands. Oh yeah bigger than before. That puzzled her a bit she knew that they could keep on growing during college but she had slowed down years ago. Still she wasn't going to read too much into it. After all guys liked big breasts and she wasn't near a D cup. She smiled to herself as she looked for her biggest bra. She'd have to buy new ones but really it was a small sacrifice.

She eventually found one larger one that she wore when she was bloated. Slipping it on, it was a bit tight but it did the job well enough. She didn't notice her back fat spilling surrounding the straps.

Next up was a shirt. She found a nice blue polo to wear. As she slipped it on she could tell that something was a bit amiss. It felt tight, it was supposed to be tight in some areas but this was just everywhere. She fiddles with the arm holes a bit not noticing the soft flab that had developed there. She pulled it down over her stomach too. Her waist had gotten a bit soft but not too much.

In fact the shirt didn't look that bad on her. Yes it was a bit tight but only a fashion critic would be able to notice it. After a minute or so of stretching the shirt out a bit she smiled to herself. It fit just fine. She had a bit of a heart attack there; she thought the dryer here was shrinking stuff too. But no, this shirt was still shrunk from the time she had washed it at Yale.

Now to complete the look she wanted to wear a pair of jeans. But what to wear she wanted something that would make her look great but she didn't want it to be too tight. Comfort was key after all. She knew just the pair to go with. They made her ass look great but were fairly loose everywhere else. She grabbed them and smiled blissfully unaware of the changes below her waist.

Rory started to pull her pants up and right away knew that something was amiss. She tugged at the denim but the pants just didn't want to go past her thighs.

"Have these really shrunk that much?" she asked herself as she hopped around a bit trying to wiggle into them. It was a sight to see.

Her thighs had gotten fleshier but they were still fairly trim. Chunky would be the right word for them. They weren't close to touching yet. She was able to get the pants up past her thighs with a little bit of work.

Here was the real problem of the situation. Getting the jeans over her hips and ass. She had been lucky so far, cellulite had not formed on either her thighs or ass but it was only a matter of time. Rory started tugging on the jeans to try and get them over her growing rear but it just wouldn't seem to budge.

"Really? These jeans had to shrink? They're so cute" she pouted as she laid down on the bed and tried to get them to her waist. Somewhere inside Rory's genius mind she knew what had really happened. But the first stage of any big change is denial all. She just couldn't fathom that her body was changing. After all her eating habits had only changed a bit in her mind. She should still have her youthful metabolism.

She spent the next five minutes trying to wiggle her way into those jeans but there was just no way in hell they were going to be over her ass. She sighed in frustration and took them off throwing them angrily into a corner.

"Why the hell did they have to shrink? Something is wrong with mom's dryer" she grumbled as she looked at her jeans.

She didn't want to waste more time trying things on. She was hungry after all and hadn't eaten all day so she picked the loosest pair she had. She'd just go through all of them later and see what shrunk on her and what didn't. She expected to slip them on but found that even they were a bit hard to put on.

Still they were no tighter then tight jeans were supposed to be and she was able to button them up with some tugging. Now was when the weight gain became a bit more obvious. Clothes that should have fit her perfectly did not seem to fit her so well. What she was wearing did not look bad, her shirt may have been riding up a bit and the seat of her pants was a bit too tight but what she was wearing would not be considered indecent or too small.

Rory smiled checking herself in the mirror. Things were a bit tight but hey tight was okay she'd just have to go and buy some new clothes later. After all these were kind of old, maybe they had just been through the wash one too many times. That had to be it, what other explanation could there be? She grabbed her purse and put on a comfy pair of tennis shoes.

"Alright I'm ready to go and I'm starving" she said with a bright smile on her face to her mother who was waiting at the kitchen table for her.

(Continued in post 8 of this thread)

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agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!

Since you asked for feedback - I'll be honest.

You write well - but that's exactly why I'd advise you to come up with your own story-line and invest your time, imagination and abilities in your own characters. As somebody whose also into good fictional stories of all kinds and also writes, I know how you can get drawn into the world of a story and would like to contribute to it - or have your own ideas for character development and story line.

But it's incredibly difficult to emulate well-known fictional characters from books, movies or TV shows and setting them in another context. They have their own voices, tone and pacing in the original narrative - and capturing that, re-writing a story with weight-gain as a new element and maintaining the authenticity of the original story is incredibly difficult.

Knowing and liking the Gilmore Girls I actually doubt whether the show works in writing at all. It lives off the extremely fast paced dialog banter between the characters, mostly while going about everyday things - that's a style device made for the camera and doesn't work well on paper, isn't even too good to read.

Since good new writers are always highly appreciated here, I hope to read more from you soon - and that it's your own story.
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Originally Posted by agouderia View Post
Since you asked for feedback - I'll be honest.

You write well - but that's exactly why I'd advise you to come up with your own story-line and invest your time, imagination and abilities in your own characters. As somebody whose also into good fictional stories of all kinds and also writes, I know how you can get drawn into the world of a story and would like to contribute to it - or have your own ideas for character development and story line.

But it's incredibly difficult to emulate well-known fictional characters from books, movies or TV shows and setting them in another context. They have their own voices, tone and pacing in the original narrative - and capturing that, re-writing a story with weight-gain as a new element and maintaining the authenticity of the original story is incredibly difficult.

Knowing and liking the Gilmore Girls I actually doubt whether the show works in writing at all. It lives off the extremely fast paced dialog banter between the characters, mostly while going about everyday things - that's a style device made for the camera and doesn't work well on paper, isn't even too good to read.

Since good new writers are always highly appreciated here, I hope to read more from you soon - and that it's your own story.
I appreciate your honesty and I can understand how you feel that way. I'm trying to make it work the best that I can and my next story more than likely will be something original.
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The story as written is a sequel to the TV show, not an episode. As such there's no problem with characters maturing in a manner different from the original in order to fit a weight related scenario. A great beginning and I'm happy to know there's much more to come.
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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 132 lbs

Chapter 5

Lorelai had a smile on her face when her daughter walked out but that smile quickly turned to a look of concern as she saw what her daughter was wearing. She may have had a mother's eyes but even she could tell when her daughter was wearing ill-fitting clothes and that just about fit the bill.

"You ready to go?" Rory asked wondering what was wrong with her mother. She was just standing there kind of staring at her. She pulled her shirt down a little bit; it seemed to be riding up for whatever reason.

"Oh yeah, let's go sweets," her mom said looking at her daughter as she walked in front of her. Yes, Rory had gained weight there was no doubt about that. She had heard about the Freshmen 15 but wasn't exactly worried about Rory gaining it. After all they didn't eat overly healthy but she was young and it wasn't like she ate that much.

But the facts were right there in front of her now. Those jeans did nothing for her daughter, in fact they may have made her butt look bigger but maybe that was just in her mind. The difference between her daughter's backside a month ago and now was just astounding to her.

Her motherly instinct was telling her that she should say something about this to Rory. But a thought popped into her mind. All she could remember was how when anything didn't fit her, her own mother instantly assumed that she had gained weight even though it was just a slight gain.

She could still remember feeling low when she couldn't fit into her coming out gown and her mother's only reaction was to tell her to run around the block a few times and put her on a new diet. She never wanted to do that to her daughter, make her feel like that. Besides as she took a closer look it wasn't like Rory was showing off any real skin. The clothes were just tight. She probably knew it and that was why she was wearing those sweats yesterday.

Lorelai could feel relief washing over her. This was probably just nothing, she had gone off to college and she could tell that Rory was a bit stressed from the work load. She just needed a bit more time to adjust. A month and a half really wasn't enough. Rory would be fine, Lorelai thought, this was just about five pounds really; (the number was actually closer to 15 when one counts all the way back to mid summer when most of Rory's wardrobe was purchased. But neither Rory or her mom had any truly accurate idea.)

Besides, if Rory wanted to talk to her then she'd talk. Lorelai didn't want to embarrass her adult daughter by saying, 'Hey Rory wow your ass is looking huge! What have you been eating?'

That would end very badly and Lorelai knew it. She'd just ignore the issue for now; Rory had to know that her clothes weren't fitting right. In fact she was probably going to get something light for lunch. She smiled as she walked next to her chunkier daughter.

As they left the house something came to her mind and she pulled Rory back into the house.

"Hey! What was that for?" Rory asked looking at her mom like she was crazy.

"Well are you sure you don't want to put on a jacket? I mean it's a bit chilly out today" she said lying a bit. It was chilly outside but as she looked next door she knew what would happen if Babette or Miss Patty saw Rory. News of her weight gain would be all over town in about five minutes and even though her lower body seemed to take the brunt of the gain a jacket might help hide it or make it less noticeable.

Rory just rolled her eyes and grabbed a jacket out of her room.

"There, are you happy?" she asked putting it on.

"Hey I'm just worried about my daughters' health, I mean you go out without a jacket you'll catch a chill which means you could catch your death," Lorelai said as they made the short walk over to Luke's.

The jacket was long enough to do what Lorelai had hoped. It took most of the attention away from Rory's too tight shirt. Although her hips had widened, her ass had expanded, and her thighs had grown, the jeans still fit well enough that if seen from a distance or sitting down no one would be able to tell that she had gained more than a few pounds. But if they looked closely at her expanded rear it would be obvious.

Rory was started to breathe a bit heavier as the walk continued. It wasn't a long walk but considering that everything she needed was close to her dorm room she was out of practice. That, along with the fact that Lorelai was walking at a brisk pace, she could feel herself working up a bit of a sweat. But that tends to happen when the only exercise one gets is a slow walk.

"So did Luke's get farther away since I left?" she asked walking quicker then she had gotten used to. Lorelai smiled at her and slowed down a little bit.

"Oh my, this is what Yale has done to my poor girl. They've given her so much knowledge that she has forgotten the layout of her own town. Now I feel the need to warn you that there is a street in front of us that also happens to be right in front of Luke's," she said telling a joke to break the mood.

Rory giggled a bit.

"Oh I guess I just haven't been here in a while, I'm craving a burger and fries" Rory said licking her lips. Lorelai paused, she had almost expected to hear a salad but this weekend is special and it's not like Luke's food is THAT bad. She ate it all the time and her figure was great.

"Well then let's hurry up then pokey" she said as they crossed the street and walked into Luke's. The smell of grease hit Rory's nose right away and she could feel herself drooling just a little bit. Sure she had a Luke's burger yesterday but it wasn't the same as being here. They sat down at the first table that they saw and waited to be served.

After about 30 seconds Luke came up to the both of them.

"Hey Rory, great to see you. How are classes at Yale?" he asked making a bit of chit chat.

"Hey Luke, classes are going well. Only problem is that I can't get your food there" she said smiling slyly as she knew she would be fed soon.

"So how about a coke, with a bacon cheeseburger and a lot of fries" she said.

Luke gave her a bit of a look but they'd been coming here long enough and he knew how they both loved to eat so he thought nothing of it. Even looking over her, he couldn't tell that she had put on any weight at all.

"Alright, and what'll you have Lorelai?" he asked keeping his eyes on his notepad. Lorelai looked at her daughter almost not believing what she had ordered but she wasn't about to stop her.

"How about the same but not as many fries" she said smiling at him.

"Alright I'll have that out soon" Luke said walking back to the counter to get the orders in.

"So Rory…is there anything that you'd like to talk about with me? I mean I know just how stressful community college classes can be I can't imagine how stressful Yale is" Lorelai said digging around to see if Rory wanted to talk about her little problem with her.

Rory just kind of shrugged.

"Yeah it's bad but hey I had to adjust to Chilton and I'll adjust now. I mean it was rough for a bit but I think I'm getting the hang of it" she said not mentioning how all of her free time was going into classes now.

Lorelai nodded,

"Well are you eating well there? How's the food? You've never talked about that" she said. There were times that she could be more like Emily Gilmore than she'd ever admit.

"Well it's not Luke's but it could be worse. Grandma and Grandpa got me the best meal plan Yale had so it's not like I'm going hungry and really most of the food is really good. The all you can eat aspect doesn't hurt any" she said.

"Speaking of food…how much longer? I'm starving!" she said looking towards the counter to see if Luke was bringing their food. Instead he was just bringing them their drinks.

Rory downed about a quarter of her coke in one sip and let out a contented sigh.

"Food'll be just a few minutes" Luke said looking at Rory wondering if there was something different about her but shrugged it off. It was the end of a busy period and he had a lot of basic clean up to do.

Lorelai had a tight smile on her face.

"Well that was nice of them, I'm just glad that you're not going hungry" she sighed. There was SO much she wanted to ask about, mostly health foods and salads but if she did that it would seem odd. She needed to let this go, otherwise there was no way that she and Rory would have a great weekend together. They saw so little of each other it wasn't worth it to have a big crying fest today. So as far as she was concerned hadn't changed one bit since graduating.

Luke came back with their food and without missing a beat Rory started eating the burger as if she hadn't eaten in a week. Luke was taken aback and looked at Lorelai.

"Did you feed her last night?" he asked.

"We didn't have breakfast today and are both pretty hungry" Lorelai said biting into her burger as well. Luke just walked away shaking his head. Those two had the worst eating habits.

It took Rory about 15 minutes to finish her burger and mountain of fries. Her face had a few ketchup stains on it. She sat back in the chair feeling content and full as the excess calories she had just eaten were slowly being converted into nice soft fat cells.

"Now that hit the spot. It feels great to have a real burger the ones at Yale are so small I need to eat two sometimes" she said smiling.

"Oh are they really that small?" she asked not saying anything as Rory grabbed a few of her fries and ate them.

"Oh yeah…nothing like this" she said. In reality the ones they did serve were about 65% the size of one of Luke's burgers but given the taste difference Rory felt she needed to eat two to get the same sense of satisfaction from them.

She took a sip of what was her third coke now and rubbed her stomach just a bit. Her shirt was riding up a bit more now but thankfully it was hidden by both the jacket and the table so no one would notice. She tugged her shirt down and it once again barely covered her stomach.

"So what do you want to do today?" Lorelai asked as Rory took a few more of her fries. It took everything she had to hold her tongue.

Rory opened her mouth to say shopping because her clothes had shrunk. But she knew what shopping with her mom would entail and it wasn't really the greatest stress reliever there was.

"Let's head back to the house and watch a few more movies. I'm really feeling some popcorn" Rory said. Lorelai nodded. Not really calorie burning but whatever made her happy.

"Sure, let's go back then" Lorelai said standing up as she went to pay Luke. Rory stood up as well but there was a slight problem. The panties were a bit tighter then she had thought and while sitting down they had ridden up on her. Really? Even these shrunk in the wash? She asked herself as she wiggled around a bit to try and dislodge them with little luck.

"Hey, you ready to go?" Lorelai asked.

"Sure let's go" Rory said as she started walking back there with her mother trying to ignore the feeling of her underwear between her growing cheeks. The only thing on her mind was the reward of popcorn when she got back. She had just eaten but felt hungry once again.

"It really is great being home." she thought as she failed the notice the extra jiggle in her walk and the way her waist band was really starting to dig into her hips.

[Continued in post 16 of this thread]

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I noticed you have this labeled as XWG. As someone who has read all of the story over on curvage I must ask is there to be a major time skip or are you writing a bloody epic?

Just curious.
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agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!

Originally Posted by Britt Reid View Post
The story as written is a sequel to the TV show, not an episode. As such there's no problem with characters maturing in a manner different from the original in order to fit a weight related scenario. A great beginning and I'm happy to know there's much more to come.
I regret to have to contradict one of our moderators:

This story is not a sequel to the Gilmore Girls as they were shown on TV - which would indeed give more leeway to a second author.

It sets in exactly were Season 4 (out of 7 ) of the Gilmore Girls begins with Rory starting college life, so this story here would be an alternate to the entire second half of the show as it was produced.

Given the narrative style of the show, the fact that thin characters actually get thinner because of their hectic lives and that the premise in the alternate version is supposed to be XWG, I rest by my doubts as I voiced them in my post - which I think was critical but fair.
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OK, given the additional facts about the seasons of the program (I've admittedly never watched the original program) I'll agree that what we have here is more properly called an alternate plot rather than a sequel.

My original point is that creativity of this quality is always welcome. I too question the ~XWG coding given the pace and direction of the Curvage version, which is still ongoing. I've requested a response from the author and it may change.

Can we agree that this version in any event surpasses the stated plot line of the original? At least for this audience? If there were a program with this theme I might actually watch network TV.

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For the record the story will be fairly long. At least 100,000 words probably closer in the range of 150,000 words. So this will be long. It should also be noted that I'm doing the best I can with it. Besides wouldn't the show be more interesting if there was weight gain?

It's my story and if you have an issue with the premise then I understand, it's your personal taste. Although I think that I've been making it work as a weight gain story and I hope that others will agree.
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Originally Posted by swiggy3000 View Post
For the record the story will be fairly long. At least 100,000 words probably closer in the range of 150,000 words. So this will be long. It should also be noted that I'm doing the best I can with it. Besides wouldn't the show be more interesting if there was weight gain?

It's my story and if you have an issue with the premise then I understand, it's your personal taste. Although I think that I've been making it work as a weight gain story and I hope that others will agree.
I totally agree, hell I've been following it on Curvage since it started (awsum ecks)
I am the user formerly known as DownSouthBellyLover on here and known web-wide as Angel Stryker. Yay.
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I just got around to reading this and found it very entertaining. Definitely got a long ways to go before the label XWG fits, but some of that stuff is a matter of opinion anyway.

It does strike me as odd that anyone who has been here for any length of time does not yet realize that there is a whole sub-genre of fat fiction that takes ideas from pop culture and puts a weight gain twist on them. But judging by the persistant comments on this poor guy's first story here it seems anything is possible. But that person has a lot of work ahead of them if their goal is go around and try and pick apart writers who borrowed an idea from pop culture.

Oh well. Life goes on.
"The horrible screams mean it's working!"
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Thanks for noting that the ~XWG was still in the header coding on this story.

At the author's request it was modified in the first post to ~MWG based on review of our stylesheet. My bad for not changing it in both places (which has now been done).

You are correct in noting that we have several stories based on pop culture. As an example yesterday saw the posting of the first several chapters of a tale based on the NBC/ABC series Scrubs..

In composing such stories authors have a challenge to remain true to the integrity of charactrs in the original to maintain credibility. I personally think the writers here have met this standard. Keep up the great work!
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Height: 5'7''

Weight: 136 lbs

Chapter 6

The rest of the weekend was just the kind of weekend that Rory needed. One back they put a movie on and Lorelai made buttery popcorn for the two of them. Although she kept asking Rory if she was sure that she wasn't full. Which she found a little odd but one the popcorn was made all of those thoughts were forgotten.

She then spent the rest of the night just studying and hanging out with her mom while slowly eating a party sized bag of M&M's that Lorelai had bought for the two of them. Lorelai for her part kept on bringing out junk food for her so that nothing would seem amiss. After all it was a special weekend and she wasn't forcing Rory to eat anything. So in her mind everything was kosher.

Rory had to leave on Sunday very sadly for the both of them. But she ended up with about another pound or two from her lazy weekend. She rarely left her room on weekends anyway, spending most of her time studying. But she did have to walk a bit to get food but at home everything was brought to her and she ended up being even lazier then she would have normally been.

Lorelai smiled as she watched her daughter head back to Yale. This was Rory after all and in her mind Rory was perfect. Sure she'd have a few bumps along the way but she'd end up fine. This was just one of those bumps. She'd probably be a few pounds lighter by Friday night. If she had commented on the gain all she would have done was make her eat more and feel worse about herself, just like Emily would have done. Yes, things were far better this way for the both of them.

The beginning of the week for Rory was stressful. It was time for mid-terms and any time that wasn't spent in class was spent studying or eating. Still Rory felt pretty good about the amount of time she was spending on her homework. Her lowest grade over the last three weeks had been a B+, now those were the kind of grades that she had been expecting to get. She just needed to keep it up.

Rory's gluttony had kept up with her as well. She was not eating all the time but her meals had gotten larger and she was snacking more during the day. She would rarely be seen without some sort of candy to snack on as she was studying.

Her gain was starting to attract more attention though, mostly with Janet. She couldn't believe how much Rory had changed and each day she asked her if she wanted to go for a walk or even a run with her but each day Rory said no. So now Janet was doing the only thing she could think to do. Talk to Paris about Rory's little problem.

"Come on Paris, you can't tell me that you haven't noticed what's been going on with Rory. I'm getting worried about her" she said.

Paris at first scowled at Janet and any thought that there was a problem but then Rory had walked into the room wearing sweats and a t-shirt. She had decided to give up on most of her shrunken jeans and had resigned herself to her biggest pair, which she was quickly outgrowing and her sweats. She had said that she would buy some clothes that wouldn't 'shrink' on her this weekend.

"Fine…you are right but what can we do? We can say it but would insulting her really be the best?" she asked. Right now Rory was in her bedroom getting ready for her first Friday Night Dinner in the last couple of weeks.

"I know but still, we can't just stand by and let her embarrass herself. Sooner or later those sweats won't be able to contain her ass" Janet said being a little catty but it was true. There were times when Rory had bent over and had shown off her taxed underwear.

In fact at the very moment Rory was standing in nothing but a tight pair of black panties and was going through her dresses trying to pick out something that would look nice. Although for the most part she was just looking for something that would fit.

Her body had truly blossomed over the last week or so. The dam that had been her metabolism had broken and nothing was stopping the calories from sticking to her body. It was as if her face went back in time and regained its old baby fat but not it was regular fat. Her cheeks were very round and were the kind that a grandmother would love to pinch. Her chin was slowly yet surely getting a friend that appeared when Rory looked down but it was slowly starting to hang around more often.

The chest had slowed down a bit but it was still bigger. Her once perky breasts had grown heavy with a bit of excess fat and required more support. They were still very appealing though. Especially when they were out and about.

Her waistline had thickened a little bit more. Her belly bulged out more but it was the tiniest of rolls. The real attention was her love handles. They had once been part of a waistline that went inward perfectly but now they were there all the time. Actually they had been pretty cute back when they were small but during the weak they had grown well past that point.

Her lower half was what caught even more attention now. During the past week of gluttony her body couldn't hold the appearance of cellulite back any longer. It was just a little bit on her thighs and ass now but it was still there.

Her thighs were getting closer and closer to meeting each other. It would only be another week or so and then they would begin to rub together. Her ass cheeks had gone up and squeezing it into her old jeans would be impossible. Her hips had widened enough to where no one would doubt that she could have many children now. The only way to describe them would be a set of baby bearing hips.

There was no doubt about it. Rory Gilmore was a chubby girl now.

She was looking over her dresses to wear to dinner before deciding on a large red dress that she had. It tended to be something that she wore to more fancy places. It had never been skin tight but had become so in the last couple of months. Still it was long enough to hide her chubby thighs but it rode up higher in the back then it should have. She would have done a lot better wearing black. The red only amplified the flare of her hips. She slipped on a pair of high heels, which only pinched her feet more with her added bulk. She put on a bit of make-up and was ready to go. The dress was high cut enough that only a bit of cleavage was showing. But there was no way to hide her weight gain in that dress.

She walked out to find Janet and Paris talking. She smiled at that, there seemed to be a bit of an uneasy peace. Hopefully it would hold until winter break. "Hey I'm heading out for the night" she said grabbing a can of Pepsi for the road.

Both Janet and Paris were speechless. She had to have gained 20-25 pounds since the beginning of the semester. They watched her ass bounce up and down as she left the room and headed to her car.

"Talk to her tomorrow?" Paris asked and Janet just nodded. Apparently the sweats had done a much better job of hiding her weight gain then even Lorelai had realized. "This is going to suck…" Paris said not really wanting to talk to her friend about this but it was something that friends were supposed to do for each other, wasn't it?

Lorelai was actually the first of arrive that night. Normally she would have shown up late or waited in the driveway for Rory but she wanted to give her parents a bit of a heads up. Well more or less her mother because otherwise she'd say something horribly insulting to her daughter.

"Lorelai, you're early tonight. What's wrong?" Emily asked knowingly. There was no reason her daughter would just randomly show up early for no reason.

Normally Lorelai would have acted like nothing was odd about this but she just wasn't in the mood tonight and Rory would be here soon. She really didn't want to say something but she knew that Rory wouldn't have lost 15 pounds in a week and this would be the best way not to shock them.

"Love you too mom. Listen I just wanted to warn you and dad about something. It's no big deal but Rory…well she's put on a bit of weight at college. Not much and you might not even notice it but if you could do me a favor and not say anything about it." Lorelai said looking at both of her parents.

Richard just nodded while Emily glared. "And how much is a little bit of weight?" she asked.

"It's nothing. She's just adjusting to college. You know that happens to some students." She said.

"Well it didn't happen to me and it shouldn't happen to Rory, she is a Gilmore after all" Emily said sharply.

Lorelai shook her head and sighed. "Look it's really nothing. I just kind of noticed it and it's maybe five pounds" Lorelai lied. She wasn't going to give Emily the satisfaction of the truth and now regretted telling them about this.

Emily glared for a second before sighing. "Fine I won't say anything. But this is your fault Lorelai you never taught the girl good eating habits…" she started but just then the door bell rang. The maid went over to the door and opened it greeting Rory and bringing her into the den.

At once all three sets of eyes widened and Emily's jaw nearly dropped.

"Hey grandma, hey grandpa how was your trip? And how are you doing mom?" she asked making her way over to the couch to sit next to Lorelai.

Richard couldn't believe his eyes. His once beautiful and thin granddaughter had plumped up so much. But he had promised that he wasn't going to say anything and he was a man of his word. Besides he remembered how sensitive Emily had been about her weight at that age. Best not to say anything lest he had all three women mad at him.

Lorelai was in shock but was going to act like nothing was wrong. She hugged Rory like she normally would. "Oh I'm doing just great. Just talking to them about their trip. You are looking amazing tonight" Lorelai said hoping to raise her daughters self esteem even though she was a good seven pounds heavier from last week.

Emily had to bite her tongue. She wanted to bring up the elephant in the room but promised Lorelai she wouldn't. Maybe she would bring it up after they had dinner. "Our trip was just amazing. I swear if it wasn't for me your grandfather would have stayed in the hotel the entire time" she said giggling and standing up.

Lorelai relaxed a bit, it seemed like her mother wasn't going to be a fire breathing monster tonight.

"I just need to check on things in the kitchen" Emily said walking back there to check on the chef. She let out a sigh and swore under her breath. A few pounds? That was more than a few pounds. She walked into the kitchen.

"Oh fifteen more minutes Mrs. Gilmore" the cook said looking at the clock to be sure he wasn't behind schedule.

"No no, you're doing fine. Please serve my granddaughter less tonight and give her more salad with low-fat dressing. She's on a diet" Emily said and the cook just nodded making a note and getting back to work.

It was going to be an interesting night.

[Continued in post 18 of this thread)

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There have always been a good amount of pop WG fics. I think of late however, they have gained a "realism" to them based off of the characters.
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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 142 lbs

Chapter 7

The beginning of dinner was a little tense to say the least. Emily kept her eagle eye on Rory trying to take her all in. Her figure was not the kind of shape that a young woman should have but Emily Gilmore was a woman of her word. She wouldn't say anything to her, at least outright.

"So Rory, you've been eating well at school," Emily said leaving it vague so it would sound like a question.

Rory just nodded. "Yeah. The food there is better than I thought it'd be. It's really great." she said assuming that her grandmother was just worried about her well being.

Lorelai however saw through her mother's guise and quickly changed the subject.

"So everything with the inn is going well. If we have a bit of luck we should be able to open the Dragonfly by spring" she said staring at Emily.

"Well Lorelai that's all well and good but we want to hear about Yale and how Rory likes it" Emily said as the maid walked into the room.

"Dinner is served" she said. Rory got up and started leaving the room Emily watching her leave and was feeling like she was about to lose it. Something needed to be done about this. She wouldn't have her granddaughter be some fat and lazy girl.

They sat down at their usual spots on the table. Richard was at the head of the table with Emily across from him. Lorelai and Rory were at the sides across from each other. Rory knew that something was up between her mother and grandmother tonight. She had seen it enough times to know when something was wrong but she also knew that bringing it up now would do no good. She'd just have to ask her mom about it later.

The salads were already sitting out and Emily noted that Rory's salad was a bit bigger than the others with only a smidge of dressing. That would do just fine.

"So Rory how is Yale?" she asked sipping her wine.

"Oh it's busy. I mean…it's different than high school but I like it," she replied taking a bite of her salad and wrinkling her nose just a bit; something tasted off with the salad. But she had never been one to complain, hopefully the main course would make up for it.

"Well that's nice. I just hope you're not spending too much time studying. I read in one of the newsletters that Yale just opened up a new fitness center. That might be a good place to go and clear your head," Emily said.

Lorelai just smiled tightly and held her tongue. Oh her mother could be very evil sometimes.

Rory just looked at her grandmother like she had grown a second head. But then again she had very little idea what was going on in her grandmother's head.

"Well I guess that could be fun…I guess getting out of my room sometimes would be good" she said nibbling on a salad leaf.

"Oh can I get a soda to drink?" Rory asked sipping on her water glass.

Emily looked sad and shook her head. "Oh Rory I'm sorry but you know how we've been traveling and we didn't have a chance to get any soft drinks."

"But I'm sure water will be fine" she said lying through her teeth. They had a fully stocked refrigerator but really she didn't need the calories.

Rory pouted a bit and sipped her water.

"Really, mom? Don't you usually keep everything fully stocked?" she asked. Emily just shrugged.

"I'm sorry but that slipped through the cracks. Besides water is so healthy" she said finishing her salad and the chef brought out the main course.

Tonight the dinner was nice roast with peas, and mashed potatoes. As was expected the chef had served Rory less but arranged the food on the plates so it would look like Rory had just as much as everyone else.

Rory smiled, not noticing the little change and commenced eating. The rest of the table followed suit.

Emily stayed quiet as she watched Rory eat, much to her displeasure Rory finished her meal first and would have even if she had a full serving. Rory stared at her empty plate longingly as if looking for more food. She grabbed another roll to eat. Emily wanted to slap it out of her hand especially when she saw how much butter Rory was putting on it.

"You'll have to excuse me I have to go and check on dessert" Emily said getting up from the table. There was going to be no dessert tonight. Yes it was only a meal a week but Emily would do any small thing that she could to cut off Rory's caloric intake.

She told the chef to not bring out anything for dessert and came back out with a sad look on her face.

"Well I'm sorry girls but I just checked and there's not going to be any dessert tonight. There was a bit of a mix-up" she said casually as she went back to eating.

Rory's fat face fell; they always had the best desserts. Oh well it wasn't like she didn't have candy back at her room she could have when she got back. Still she found herself really hungry; this dinner just didn't fill her at all.

Lorelai knew that there was no problem with the desserts this was just her mother being her mother.

"Excuse mom, could I talk to you privately?" she asked standing up. Normally Emily would have said no but she knew Lorelai. She always made a big deal out of every little thing and she would turn this into something crazy if she let her.

"Of course," she said politely as they made their way into the den.

Rory just looked over at Richard a bit unsure what to say. "So tell me more about your trip…" she said grabbing another roll. Her fourth one of the evening.

"What is it Lorelai?" Emily asked in a quiet tone so they wouldn't be overheard.

"Hmm no soda and no dessert…seems like a pretty big slip up on your part. I can't remember coming here and never eating dessert," Lorelai said, a fake look of thought on her face.

"I don't have time for this Lorelai, that's what happened." she lied.

"Please mom, you and I both know that he was making some fancy dessert until I brought up the fact that Rory was a bit heavier," Lorelai said.

"A bit? Lorelai, that is more than a bit of weight. When we left that girl could have been a model but now she's looking more like someone who can't control what they eat," Emily flashed. She wasn't going to admit to lying to Rory but she wasn't just going to ignore the elephant in the room.

"Mom it's only a few pounds…" Lorelai started before she was cut-off.

"A few? Lorelai she's gained at least fifteen pounds. It's not attractive and I know why she's heavier," she said.

"And here it comes," Lorelai responded throwing her hands up in the air but keeping her voice quiet.

"It's because you never taught her how to eat like a sensible person. With all that junk that you put into your body I'm surprised it didn't happen to you too," Emily said.

"Hey! I taught my daughter great eating habits. This is a slight gain. Give her two weeks and she'll be even smaller then before," Lorelai said knowing this to be true. After all Rory was perfect.

"Fine, I won't say anything but just because you refuse to acknowledge it doesn't mean that I have to. As long as she's here she is not going to have dessert. She's been having too many of them already," Emily said walking out of the room.

Lorelai was furious now, her mother really wanted to insult her daughter well as long as she was around she'd make sure that Rory's feelings weren't hurt in the slightest by Emily.

Lorelai walked back in the room smiling.

"Sorry about that. You know Rory you're looking amazing tonight. Have you been doing something with your hair? I swear this is the best that you've looked in a while" Lorelai said smiling smugly at her mother.

Emily said nothing and just sipped on her wine.

"Well…thanks I mean I try my best," Rory said not sure how to feel about what had just happened.

The rest of the dinner went in much the same way. Lorelai complemented Rory on something every once in a while as they talked. Eventually it was time for the two of them to leave and Lorelai and Rory left together.

"So what was with you and Grandma tonight?" Rory asked as soon as they were out the door. Lorelai had her arm wrapped protectively around her daughter.

"Oh it was nothing just a difference of opinion about something. It's all good though," she said trying to deny any thoughts of weight gain from her brain. Really the extra flesh on her daughter was just because of bloating.

Rory looked at her skeptically.

"Fine…whatever you say but that was weird that Grandma didn't have any desserts tonight" she thought aloud.

Lorelai nodded in agreement and reached into her purse.

"Well just one of those weird Richard and Emily things. But here take this and go and get a milkshake or something" she said handing Rory a five dollar bill.

Rory took it but looked at her. "Any reason?" she asked.

"Oh well midterms are over and I think you deserve a treat. I mean really, no dessert? That's just insane" Lorelai joked as they got to their cars.

"Well I'll talk to you tomorrow" Rory said getting into her car and driving off to get a milkshake and maybe some fries.

Lorelai smiled picturing her daughter at her previous weight. In two weeks everything would be fine.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 145 lbs

Chapter 8

Rory ended up stopping at McDonalds and got herself a chocolate shake, some fries, and a double cheeseburger with the money her mom gave her. She was still hungry from dinner needed a little bit more food to satisfy her stomach.

She decided to take it home with her instead of eating there. She wanted to get out of her dress into something a little more comfortable. Besides it was getting a bit late and she needed some sleep. She was going to go shopping tomorrow and even though midterms were over she wanted to get ahead on her reading.

After getting back to Yale she parked her car and began sipping her milkshake as she walked back to the room. She couldn't wait to dig into those fries. She entered her place to find Paris and Janet sitting there watching TV. They both gazed up towards her with uneasy looks on their faces.

"Weren't you eating dinner at your Grandparents?" Paris asked noticing the bag and smelling the food.

Rory shrugged taking her food out of the bag, and eating a fry.

"Yeah but it wasn't very filling tonight. It was weird. Plus we didn't have dessert and I needed something sweet and when I got there I was still hungry" Rory said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Paris just sighed this was not going to be a fun talk and they had almost decided not to do it. But if she was eating McDonalds after already eating something had to be done about it. She looked over at Janet who just nodded her head. They had to do this even if it was going to hurt like crazy.

"Listen Rory…have you been doing alright lately?" Paris asked starting off slow.

Rory was starting to get a bit worried. First her grandma was acting all strange tonight and now Paris was. Also Paris was actually asking how she was and seemed to care. She wasn't sure how to really feel about that.

"Doing well. I mean I'm glad midterms are over. Why do you ask?" Rory asked sipping her shake and allowing the sugary substance into her body.

"Well Rory remember earlier this week when you were complaining to me that the dryers were shrinking your clothes?" Janet asked now wondering if they should have just come out and told her.

"Yeah it's the strangest thing, I think it happened with my mom's dryer too" she said eating five fries at once. Kind of annoying eating at the counter they had but for whatever reason they wanted to talk to her tonight.

"Well…Paris and I have been using the same dryers and we do have similar clothes." Janet said not wanting to come out and say it but then Paris interrupted her.

"Do you get what we're saying Gilmore?" she asked.

Rory looked at them very confused.

"But of course they've been shrinking my clothes I mean why else would they keep getting smaller?" Rory asked.

Paris and Janet gave each other a look, Rory was in deep denial here.

"Listen Rory we didn't WANT to say this but the facts are simple. You've been gaining weight" Paris said in a firm, factual, machine like tone.

Rory just looked at her and shook her head no.

"Paris you know how much metabolism is. I never gain weight. It has to be the dryer" Rory said her voice cracking a bit though as if all of her subconscious thoughts were being pushed forward in her mind.

"Look Rory I know you don't want to admit it but Paris and I have been talking and we've both noticed it. I mean it's not rare to gain some weight in college. We just think that you need to do something about it before it gets out of hand" Janet said sincerely.

The tone of her voice had the opposite effect on her.

"What do you mean normal? I mean maybe I've put on a little bit of weight. But it's not that much probably five pounds" Rory said for the first time acknowledging her weight gain but now angry at her roommates.

Paris sighed and shook her head.

"Look Rory this isn't how we pictured our Friday night but the fact is that it's more than five pounds. It's closer to twenty" Paris said trying to be sensitive and succeeding somewhat.

Rory glared at them as she stuffed fries into her mouth.

"You're wrong about this. I mean I come in after a nice dinner and you're telling me that I'm fat? How is that being a friend to me?" she asked.

"Rory if we didn't care about you we wouldn't have said anything. We just want you to be healthy and we don't want you to ruin your body" Janet said.

Rory just shook her head and grabbed her food.

"I'm not dealing with you two tonight. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm going into my room" Rory said acting like a child. But she didn't care. She was fuming now.

Paris and Janet just looked at one another and shook their heads.

"Don't worry she'll realize it soon enough. She's just not used to having to worry about it" Paris said as they went back to the couch to give Rory some time to cool down.

Rory bit into her burger angrily. They were just jealous of her body that had to be it. After all Paris had never been the tiniest girl and Janet was so obsessed with working out it was only natural that she would want her amazing body.

That had to be it; any other thought was unthinkable after all. She changed into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt as she finished her fries and her shake. Yeah, like she could get fat. Please her mother was still as tiny as she had been in her 20's and Rory knew that she'd be the same way. It was in her genes.

The next couple of weeks just seemed to fly by. There was an uneasy peace between Rory, Paris, and Janet. They had brought up her weight gain again on that Sunday but she had shot them down and they hadn't said a word about it since then.

She also decided not to go and buy new clothes. Even if they had shrunk she could still fit into them, she was sure of it. Although she did go and buy some new jeans at the mall, those were the one articles of clothing that wouldn't fit no matter what.

Unfortunately for her the store that she had walked into was one that she had never been to before. They were having a sale so she thought it would be perfect but little did she know the store believed in vanity sizing so even though she had grown a good size or two (it was closer to two) she could still squeeze into the former. So when she had gone to buy her jeans she was being fooled by them. The size of them was two sizes higher than her old size.

All this did was up her confidence that Paris and Janet were wrong and she let them know it by wearing a pair of the perfectly fitting jeans home.

'I guess five pounds isn't that bad on me. I just can't gain more' she thought to herself happily knowing that her clothes were fine.

This only heightened her own fall though. Instead of changing her diet a bit she had chosen not to change anything at all. If anything her candy stash had increased in size. She was now eating even more then before and sometimes in front of Janet and Paris just to show that she could eat whatever she wanted.

Janet just shook her head.

"She's just getting bigger and bigger…" she said.

Paris just shrugged.

"We did all we could. I just hope she realizes she has a problem before it gets worse" she said.

Lorelai had also helped Rory's own sense of delusion. Rory had actually called her on Saturday after shopping to ask her if she thought that she had gained some weight. The new jeans made her feel better but she needed her mother to confirm it.

"What are you talking about? I mean if you have gained weight it's maybe a few pounds but I haven't noticed anything. You look great" Lorelai lied. She hated lying to her daughter but she didn't want to call her own daughter fat.

So Rory continued to eat and eat. An average day for her would be a big breakfast at the cafeteria, followed by a coffee and a pastry after her first class, a bit of studying, then lunch that always seemed to include fries, a candy bar or two, more studying and classes, then dinner which never including a salad, and then a slice of cake and a cookie for dessert. No metabolism would have been able to burn all of that off. If she had been running marathons she could have done it but for a girl who just walked to class and back to her room it was devastating.

Last week's Friday night dinner had been cancelled because Richard and Emily had a DAR function that Emily would never have missed so she had to call it off. Otherwise she would have called out Lorelai on Rory's weight gain a week ago.

Rory ended up dressing in a nice black dress that would have been tight two weeks ago but now she had trouble breathing in it. She passed Paris as she left with a look of superiority on her face as she walked and jiggled out of the room.

Paris wrote down a time in her notebook. She gave her two hours before she came back in crying. If Rory's grandmother was anything like her own mother then this was going to end horribly

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 152 lbs

Chapter 9

Rory was starving by the time she had reached her grandparents house. She hadn't eaten anything since lunch and it had ended up being light. Just one bacon cheeseburger with fries for lunch. But it was worth it, she wanted to be hungry tonight for Friday night dinner. She didn't know what they were having but knowing her grandmother who had plenty of time to prepare, it would be amazing.

She parked her car in the driveway to find her mother's Jeep already there. She smiled as she walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Per usual a new maid answered and was a bit shocked at what she saw.

She had only been working here a few days but she had heard Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore talk about their granddaughter and she had seen the portrait of her in the study. It was her but she had to wonder what the girl had been doing fitness wise. Still it wasn't her place to say anything so she showed her in and took her coat. Which only made things worse, since Rory's dress was sleeveless.

Rory smiled as she made her way to the den to meet up with her mother and grandparent's. As she walked into the room her effect on all of them was immediate. All three pairs of eyes looked shocked as she walked in. It was amazing what two weeks could do to a person.

Her face was very well rounded now. She had dimples when she wasn't smiling and a double chin that stayed on her face even when she wasn't looking down.

Her upper arms had grown quite meaty and totally devoid of muscle there was a hint of jiggle when she moved them.

The dress she wore did have a bit of a slimming effect on her. But it hugged her waist just a bit too tight and showed off the roll of fat that now encased her waistline.

She was not showing off a bit more cleavage then before but her chest had only grown modestly and she could still fit into her old bras. Although it was just barely at this point.

Her lower half once again took the biggest hit of her entire body. The dress hid what it could but everyone in the room could tell that she was bigger below the belt than before. Her thighs were touching now; her ass had grown and could now be considered a booty. Both had cellulite on them and her panties were struggling to contain her sizeable rear end.

True Rory was not at an unhealthy weight. In fact, she was quite average and really there would be no effect on her overall health. But to Richard and Emily this was the beginning of something that would end her life. Mostly socially of course, they didn't want a fat granddaughter. They also believed that it would never stop if she wasn't careful.

Emily felt dread overtake her body but that feeling was quickly taken over by rage at Lorelai. She glared at her as she sipped her wine. She held her tongue two weeks ago but her granddaughter was even fatter now and didn't seem to care from the happy smile on her face. Well this came to an end now.

"Oh hello Rory…" she said.

"Um mom can I talk to you?" Lorelai interrupted her. Lorelai felt a great sadness in her heart and stomach. She didn't WANT to admit to herself that her daughter had gained weight. Of course on some level she knew it. But now it was in her face. Her daughter hadn't just gained an easy to lose ten pounds. She was closer to thirty now and she knew what was coming next from her mother.

"No Lorelai, this is a big problem that needs to be dealt with" Emily said as if Rory wasn't even in the room.

Rory's face fell and she had a funny feeling in her stomach. Her mom and grandmother were fighting and this would not end well. Against her better knowledge she couldn't stop the words from coming out.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

Lorelai turned to face her daughter and put a nice fake smile on her face. "Oh honey it's nothing…"

"You call this nothing? Lorelai your daughter has gained a good thirty pounds that is not nothing" Emily said sharply.

The entire room got quiet and all eyes seemed to be on Rory who looked like she had just been punched in the stomach.

"What do you mean…it's like five pounds" she said weakly. All of Paris's and Janet's comments from a few weeks ago were coming back to haunt her now. After all she couldn't have gained weight, she just couldn't have. She felt tears coming to her eyes and wondered why her grandmother would be so cruel.

Emily just shook her head.

"Rory you have not gained five pounds. It's closer to twenty-five or thirty. Have you even looked at yourself in the mirror?" she asked.

Every word she spoke cut Rory like a knife. She crossed her arms over her torso for the first time noticing just how soft her stomach was.

"It's not that bad…is it mom?" she asked waiting for her mother to step in and defend her.

Lorelai got up and walked over to her daughter. She felt awful for her and had been on the side of this often during her teenage years. After all if Lorelai ever got fat it would make Emily Gilmore look like a bad mother.

"Oh honey…it's not that bad. I mean yes it's a bit of weight" she said.

Emily just shook her head and walked up to the two of them.

"You call this a bit of weight?" she asked grabbing Rory's rather large love handle for emphasis. She knew it would embarrass Rory but shame was a powerful weapon and that might make her go on a fat flush.

Rory couldn't believe it when she felt her grandmother grab her body. The squeeze did have its desired effect though as she stepped back and now struggled to hold back her tears. That little squeeze from her grandmother seemed to make her realize just how much fat was on her body. Tears were running down her face now and she couldn't hold them back. Her hands were shaking a bit and she backed away from her mother and grandmother.

"I think I'm going to go now…" she said turning and heading for the door. She just needed to get away from this place for a while. Emily said nothing as she left. It hurt her to hurt Rory but it needed to be done. She'd be back next week a pound or so lighter. It was worth it.

Lorelai wanted to chase after her daughter but she could call her later. She had to speak her peace to her mother first.

"Did you really have to do that?" Lorelai asked her mother.

"Lorelai you weren't going to do anything about this so I had to step in. I want Rory to look and feel good. I did what I had to do" Emily said sure that she was right.

"Did you have to grab her body?" Lorelai countered.

"Oh it worked for you. Trust me she'll be better for this. It's opened her eyes and she'll go on a much needed diet. By Thanksgiving this will be forgotten about" Emily waved her off.

Lorelai just shook her head at her mother.

"Really? You needed to do that? You couldn't have just let this go. Mom you just hurt Rory's feelings tonight. She left the house crying. Is that what you wanted?" she asked.

"I made my decision Lorelai" Emily glared at her. Lorelai just shook her head.

"Have a nice dinner" she said leaving Richard and Emily just sitting there. Richard stood up and went to his wife.

"You did what you needed to do…Rory is strong. She'll be better for this," Richard assured his wife as he heard Lorelai leave.

Rory had left her grandparents and pulled over by a park to cry. She couldn't believe how awful her grandmother had been to her. Did she really need to do that to her? It did however make Rory aware of her gain. She looked down at her stomach realizing for the first time in months that it wasn't its usual flat self. Her cell rang and she noticed it was her mom. She wasn't in a talking mood though. Once she was sure that she could drive she made her way back to Yale taking deep breaths the whole way.

She walked into the room ignoring Paris in the common area. Paris didn't say anything, it had only been about an hour since she left and she noticed that Rory's make-up was running. She'd talk later.

Rory went right into her bedroom she shared with Paris and locked the door. Stripping down to her bra and panties. She needed to see what her body looked like now. They had a full length mirror in the room but she hadn't really used it in months and now she needed to see her body.

Looking in the mirror she saw the body of a girl that she didn't recognize. Instead of her firm, tight body she instead saw a girl who could be defined as curvy. Actually she didn't mind the top half of her body too much except for the face. She noticed the fat fold under the jaw and cringed. Not cute.

What caught her attention though was the lower half of her body. When had her thighs gotten huge? She wondered feeling them. She turned around and her jaw dropped. Her ass had been kind of flat before but it was no longer that way. It was big. She looked carefully and swore when she noticed cellulite.

How had this happened? How had she not noticed? She wondered. Her once perfect body was gone and replaced by this version. She actually didn't look that bad though. Right on the line between curvy and chubby. Really most men would still find her body attractive. But after the way her grandmother had treated her tonight there was no way that she would think like that.

She put on a pair of pink sweats and a t-shirt that hugged her breasts and waistline. Well at least it wasn't all bad. A bit of an increase in chest size wasn't a bad thing. She went over to her candy stash and threw it in a bag she had laying around.

She walked out to the common area and gave all of her candy to Paris.

"Here, do whatever you want with it. My diet starts tomorrow," Rory said. Her stomach rumbled as she didn't have dinner. She was going to order a small cheese pizza tonight since she did have to eat after all.

She'd start tonight but really she couldn't find the will not to have one last non-healthy meal. Besides one bad meal wouldn't kill her.

(Continued in post 22 of this thread)

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I just read the whole story. it's easy to read and i hope for a update
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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 153 lbs

Chapter 10

Of course it had been more than just a small pizza that Rory ordered. She figured if this was her last non healthy meal an order of breadsticks wouldn't kill her. To her credit she did end up drinking a diet soda. The overall effect of her 'last' binge was fairly small though. Only a pound but it was something that she couldn't afford to do again.

The food did help Rory feel better then when she had returned from that disastrous non-dinner with her grandparent's. Her mother had kept calling her during the night but Rory wasn't in the mood. She just sent a text saying that she'd see her tomorrow.

It had been a rough night for Lorelai. She had so badly wanted to talk to Rory. To hold her in her arms and tell her that everything would be alright. Her mother had no right to do that to her daughter. Rory was under enough stress at Yale and doing that to her was just wrong. She had debated driving to Yale to visit her but if Rory wasn't in the mood to talk she wasn't going to force her.

She was in a bad mood the next morning when she went to Luke's for breakfast.

"Cup of coffee with the best blueberry pancakes you got," she said in a grumpy tone.

"That bad last night?" Luke asked knowing that it had to be. When she came in on Saturday morning her moods were rarely great but this one seemed especially bad to him. He could only guess what her parents had done last night.

"The worst night in a long time. Basically Rory left the house in tears," Lorelai said sipping her coffee.

Alright now Luke was confused. They didn't exactly get along with Lorelai but they got along with Rory great.

"Why did she leave in tears? What did your parents do?" he asked.

Lorelai was about to tell him the truth but something stopped her. Rory probably wouldn't want everyone knowing that she had gained weight. True she said that she was coming to home in a couple of hours but that didn't mean she would want people all over town to know.

"Oh my mother just didn't like the way that Rory was dressed and it just really hurt her feelings," Lorelai lied. If Rory had no problem with people knowing she'd just walk around town. The last thing she should be doing is telling other people about her daughter's minor and temporary weight gain.

Luke eyed her before nodding his head. He had no reason not to believe her.

"Must have been a heck of a get up" he said.

"Oh it's just Emily being Emily, now how about those pancakes and I've love you forever if you gave me an extra one," she said in her perky voice. Luke just nodded and sent the order into the kitchen.

"Aww thank you Luke you're my hero," she said drinking her coffee and waiting for her breakfast.

Rory had woken up the next morning and sighed as she sat up in bed, for the first time truly realizing how heavy she had gotten. Last night hadn't been fun, she had swallowed her pride and apologized to both Paris and Janet for the way she had been acting and she should have known that they just wanted to help her. They accepted of course and both offered to help her lose weight. Janet wanted to go running the next morning.

That was why Rory was up early today and it wasn't for homework. She knew this wasn't going to be fun but she needed to do it. She changed into a pair of sweats and kept her t-shirt from last night on. If she was just going to get sweaty anyway might as well cut down on laundry.

She walked out into the common area to find Janet pouring a bowl of cereal for her and a glass of orange juice.

"Good morning, alright since you're going to need energy we're going to eat breakfast first. Remember this is it until lunch" she said in a way too perky mood.

Rory grimaced as she looked at the cereal. Plain Cheerio's, not exactly the kind of breakfast she was used to. She didn't say anything as she ate. At least that would delay the running for a few more minutes. But before she knew it they had eaten and it was time for a jog.

"Alright we're going to go nice and slow today. A bit a jogging then a bit of walking." Janet said.

It may have been because of the time during the day but Rory found her to be WAY too perky and condescending right now. She was an adult after all and could take care of herself.

The jog went about as well as everyone expected. Janet had shown Rory a few stretches and they were off for a light jog around the campus. Janet knew it would take Rory a while to get up to a decent level but she did give her credit for being able to keep up a light jog the entire time.

But it certainly wasn't easy. After jogging about ten feet Rory could feel her muscles in her legs aching. It had been a while since they had gotten this much physical exertion and they weren't too happy about it. About a quarter of the way through her face began to turn red, she was breathing heavily and drenched in sweat. She never thought running could be this hard. She looked at Janet enviously; at this pace Janet was barely breaking a sweat. Part of her hated her more than anyone else right now.

Still Rory toughed it out and they completed their lap around campus. Reaching their place Rory stopped running and tried to catch her breath. Janet just gave her an awkward smile.

"You did very well today, you just need to strengthen your muscles again," she said reassuringly.

Rory just nodded as she made her way into the common room.

"Well I'm going to keep running…I'll be back later" Janet said needing to get her full workout in. Rory collapsed on the couch and felt her muscles relax a bit.

"Don't worry…it'll all be worth it" she told herself taking a few minutes to rest.

She then sent a text to her mother telling her that she'd be home soon. She knew that they needed to talk about last night and delaying it would only worsen it. She took a quick shower not wanting to spend too much time naked afraid she'd see her body in the mirror. It wasn't that she hated her body…she just wanted to get it back to normal. She did get on Paris's scale though just so she could put a number on the damage. 153 lbs.

Well wasn't that great! Thirty-one pounds over her old weight. Still it was only a number and if she could gain thirty-one pounds then she could lose it. She was Rory Gilmore after all and she knew that she could do anything.

She got dressed quickly and made the drive to Stars Hollow. She was pretty hungry, breakfast hadn't really filled her up and she had exercised today…no, she couldn't do this. She had to be strong. She could make it to lunch she just needed to focus on the road. Her willpower held out, just barely, but it held out and before she knew it she was pulling into her mother's driveway.

Rory took a deep breath before exiting the car. She was nervous about this. She knew that her mother would never judge her like Emily but just thinking about Lorelai Roray also thought about last night. God she wanted that night erased from her memory. She had never been so hurt and embarrassed in her life. Even thinking about it now she could feel a pain in her stomach and chest.

Part of her wanted to drive back to Yale and forget about this. But she loved her mom more than anything else in the world and she longed to see her and feel her embrace. So she marched up to the door and entered, knowing the door wouldn't be unlocked.

"Mom…I'm home" Rory said.

Lorelai had been in the kitchen and came rushing to the front door to give her a hug.

"Oh my daughter…how are you doing? Are you alright?" she asked concerned about her on so many levels.

"I'm...why did grandma have to do that last night?" Rory asked as tears of pain form in her eyes. Lorelai led her to the couch and started rubbing her back.

"Oh Rory…I don't know. No one knows why Emily Gilmore does the things that she does. But she was wrong. She's always been like that though, you've just never seen that side of her before" Lorelai explained.

"Do I look that bad?" Rory asked in a small voice. Lorelai shook her head.

"Oh honey of course not! I mean…look you're not as tiny as you used to be. There's no doubt about that. But it's not like you're obese or anything" she said finally being honest with her daughter.

Rory sighed as her self esteem took another hit.

"I just don't understand how this happened…" she said weakly.

"I have no idea…I mean you take after me and it's not like I've ever had problems with my weight" she said. Rory nodded glumly how she wished her metabolism was just like her mom's again.

"I started running today. I want to lose some of this weight" Rory said breaking the silence that had overtaken them.

Lorelai just nodded.

"As long as you're doing this for you, I don't want you changing yourself just because of something your grandmother said" she said still feeling the need to protect her daughter's feelings.

"I know, but this is for me. I would like to be able to fit into my old cute clothes" she said checking the time. It was 11:05, still a bit too early for lunch but damn she was hungry.

"Well that's good, and you'll be fine. Just watch your diet and exercise a bit and you'll lose that weight in no time. I'll bet your metabolism is burning off all that excess fat right now," Lorelai said trying to give her daughter some hope.

Rory felt a bit relieved as her mother said that. Maybe she was panicking a bit too much and all she needed was a few small changes in her lifestyle. After all she didn't eat THAT much more in college, at least in her mind. A few small cutbacks should return things to normal.

Lorelai wondered if she was doing the right thing here with her daughter and it worried her. She'd never admit this to anyone but she had often wondered if she was a good mom. True Rory was an amazing kid but a lot of that just seemed to be her nature. Of course she had nurtured it and helped it grow but Rory had been an easy child and in turn that made her wonder how good she really was.

She shook her head dismissing those thoughts from her head. Rory was very much like her and she had been the major influence in her life. She was a great mom. She had always helped her and did the best to raise her self esteem and not be Emily Gilmore to her. Yes, she wasn't Emily Gilmore and that was what she needed to be.

Still she was a bit unnerved that Rory hadn't noticed her weight gain until her grandmother had pointed it out. She bit her lip and looked at her fuller daughter.

"Rory I just have to ask this. How did you not notice the…well you know" she said treading lightly.

Rory hung her head in shame and her face turned red from embarrassment.

"I guess I just got caught up in school and I just didn't want to believe what was happening. Paris and Janet tried to tell me but…I didn't listen to them and I should have," she said, mentally berating herself for being stupid.

"Hey it's alright, mistakes happen. You'll be fine, you are my perfect daughter after all," Lorelai said smiling as Rory's stomach let out a loud rumble. Rory looked away in some embarrassment.

"Have you eaten today?" Lorelai asked suddenly worried that she was starving herself to lose weight. Rory shook her head no.

"I had some Cheerio's and some orange juice but that's it. I'm just waiting for lunch," she said wishing time would speed up and she could eat.

"Alright, just don't overdo it. What do you want for lunch?" Lorelai asked. There were so many things that Rory wanted for lunch but she knew that it needed to be healthy.

"I want Luke's but I don't want to go out and face well everybody," Rory admitted afraid of the stares she would get once she left the house. At Yale if someone looked at her she could ignore it but here the entire town would pass by her just to see if Rory Gilmore really gained thirty pounds.

"Well I'll call Luke and have him deliver us something or I can just go and pick it up. Now what do you want?" Lorelai asked wanting to save her daughter any future embarrassment.

Rory thought for a moment. "A plain burger with lettuce and onions with a fruit salad instead of fries," she said. The burger wasn't the healthiest thing but she was getting it without cheese and the fruit salad instead of the fries was certainly healthy. Besides it was all about small steps, even though this one was hard as she was craving some nice greasy fries.

Lorelai just nodded.

"Well I'm still going to get the extra fries just so Luke doesn't get suspicious," she said picking up the phone and ordering thinking she was being a great mom. After all they never ordered a fruit salad. If they only got one order he'd know that something was up.

Rory didn't say anything. What her mother said did make some sense to her. Even though Luke wouldn't say anything she didn't want him to know that she was on a diet. She'd just have to control herself in front of the fries. That wouldn't be so hard to do, would it?

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 153 lbs

Chapter 11

Rory looked at her fruit salad with no glee on her face. How could she when there were delicious fries right across the table from her. The smell was getting to her now. Why did her mother have to get two orders of fries? She shouldn't eat them. She could get away with the burger since it was protein and as long as she only had one and combined it with a healthy salad there was really no harm in it.

Unlike those greasy fries her mother was placing in her mouth. Well that wasn't true, they had to be somewhat healthy. After all they were basically just fried potatoes. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to eat them. She thought licking her lips.

NO, she couldn't do it. It was taking all of her willpower but she wasn't going to give in. Fries were not a vegetable and they certainly were not healthy for you. Still for all of her life her taste buds had been given fat, sugary, greasy, and sweet foods. To her the fruit salad was alright but it just tasted bland to her. Just like the water that she was drinking. She was craving a soda but those were the worst for you. She was only going to have one diet soda a day, or at least that's what she told herself.

It wasn't exactly easy to change ones eating habits in a day. Then a bulb went off in Rory's head. She had worked out today and if she finished the fruit salad and was still hungry it wasn't like a fry or two would hurt her. Just a bit to ease the cravings and then she'd be fine for dinner tonight. With new resolve she dug into her tasteless fruit salad, every once in a while nibbling on her burger.

Lorelai ate like the eating machine she always was and smiled at Rory. She was proud of her for being able to resist the temptation to eat the fries. Mind you she was doing her part by eating hers while taking a few from the second order. After all they couldn't just go to waste.

"So I didn't get to see you at all yesterday, how are classes going?" Lorelai asked.

Rory took a bite of lettuce and orange.

"They're going really well. I actually would have liked to have gotten a bit more work done today. But I think I can take a day after last night" she said, resisting the urge to put more dressing on the salad. That stuff couldn't be good for you. At least that's what she had read before.

"Well I'm sure you'll be fine. Smartest kid in the class" Lorelai said finishing up her own lunch. Rory just smiled as she ate her lunch. It was nice having someone who believed in her all the time but at the same time she didn't want to disappoint her mom and not be the best. She'd have to work extra hard this weekend.

Rory looked down and was suddenly very pleased with herself, she had been able to finish the salad. She could feel the vitamins and minerals making their way through her body now. Still she was craving a fry and there were still some of the second order left. She reached out and grabbed five of them.

"Just a bit of a reward…I mean…well I ran today and besides it's only five," Rory said eating them slowly, one at a time. Lorelai had seen this before, people cheating on their diets and she knew how it could end.

"Just have one tiny reward a day. After all you're still young and can get away with it," Lorelai said bringing the fries closer to herself and began eating them faster. She'd remove the temptation away from Rory.

Rory's craving was satisfied after those fries and she did want more but there was no way that she could give in. She let out a sigh and stood up to throw out her trash. She wasn't really full, this was by far one of the smallest lunches she had in a while. Dinner wasn't even in sight yet but what she had been doing wasn't healthy.

Lorelai followed Rory's lead and threw out the bag.

"You know I'm really happy you came home today. Is there anything special that you wanted to do? We could go to the mall, buy some tabloids and find out what's going on in the world of celebrities, or we could just watch some movies" Lorelai suggested.

Sitting around did sound good to Rory. Her legs were still aching from her run this morning. If they were this bad now she could only imagine how they'd feel tomorrow. But she had been sitting around for months and that had partially caused what she still regarded as her small problem. But she had exercised today and she wasn't sure if she could keep on moving.

"Some movies would be great" Rory said, but just as she said that she started to crave popcorn and candy. She licked her lips; it wouldn't really be a movie without either of the two. If she only did one and not the other then she'd probably be just fine.

"Hey mom…do you think it would be alright if I had some popcorn or candy while we watched movies?" she asked a bit nervously. After how Emily had reacted at the sight of her last night she was a bit worried her mother would do the same if she tried to cheat on her diet. This was more than just a few fries after all.

Lorelai's lips tightened as she debated what to say. Emily would say there was no way in hell but she knew that Rory wanted to lose weight. So she couldn't just say yes to her. No, this was her time to stand firm or at least try to.

"Well are you really hungry?" she asked.

Rory nodded her head.

"Yeah, I mean lunch was good it was just a little less then I'm used to" she said blushing with embarrassment.

"Well if you want something then eat it. I can't tell you what you can and can't do but if you are going to eat something sweet just go with M+M's. After all chocolate is kinda good for you," Lorelai said. Everything she had said was the truth and she hadn't been mean about it. Her mother would have told Rory flat out no but she was letting Rory make her own choices in the matter, she was a good mom.

It was true that Rory was in college now but she listened to her mother's opinions more than anyone else's. If Lorelai had told her it wasn't the best idea if she was trying to lose weight she would have listened. But since her mother was trying to spare her feelings it just made Rory feel like she was over blowing the weight gain in her mind. After all she wasn't treating her any different. Maybe this was just the crazy and controlling side of her grandmother coming out that she had heard about so often.

Rory smiled as she went over to the pantry where she knew that her mother kept the sweets. She reached up causing her shirt to lift up and show off her waistline or what was left of it. She had a muffin top effect going on from behind. She couldn't believe her love handles. True they were small in comparison to the average American but it just looked strange on her.

"You know what…maybe we could try a movie without candy. Just this once," Lorelai said coming to her senses. She knew that Rory had gained weight and could easily see it but it didn't really hit her until she actually saw her daughters pale excess flesh. It was a sobering reality for her.

Rory pouted a bit and felt a bit embarrassed but if her mother was saying something then it was probably good. Still the candy was so close and it would be tasty. No she needed to be healthier and chocolate wasn't exactly a health food. She closed the pantry and sighed.

"It's going to suck losing weight, isn't it?" she asked her mother eying the pantry wishing she could have some of that sweet sweet candy.

"Hey, relax a bit. I mean for most people it's hard but you should be able to do it no problem. By Christmas you'll probably be back down to your old weight," Lorelai said. Christmas only was about two months away, but if she could gain that much in that such a short about of time she could lose it too.

Rory smiled a bit. That was just what she needed to hear.

"Wish it would be gone tomorrow but hey slow and steady wins the race," Rory said sadly as they made their way into the living room to watch something.

As they sat down there was a pang of fear in Rory's stomach. She had avoided thinking about it but thinking about losing weight had reminded her, she'd have to see her grandmother in a week. It would be too hopeful to be ten pounds lighter by then.

"Hey mom…do you think grandma will bring up my…weight again?" she asked fearfully.

Lorelai looked over her daughter and her heart broke. She could see a bit of fear in her eyes and she knew the look. She had seen that face in the mirror many times growing up. She hugged her daughter and rubbed her back.

"Oh it'll be alright. She may make a few comments but if you say you're eating healthier she won't say anything. But she shouldn't have said anything to begin with. You're a great kid and she was wrong," Lorelai said now knowing for sure that her method was the right one. She hadn't been the one to cause her daughter this kind of pain. It was the Wicked Witch of the DAR.

Rory started to calm down a bit as she hugged her mother back. Lorelai noted how soft Rory felt now. It was so different from before. Still it wasn't like she was nothing but fat. There was just a nice layer of it over most of her body now.

"Just buy a dress that fits or makes it look like you've lost some weight and you'll be fine. Just expect less food and probably healthier stuff," she said wrinkling her nose.

Rory took a few deep breathes and was back to normal.

"Alright I can handle that," she said turning her attention to the movie. They sat together watching the movie, making fun of the parts they hadn't last time. It was really great. But about half way into the movie Rory's stomach started rumbling.

Rory's face fell when she heard and felt the hunger pang. But she needed to retrain her body to go without food.

Lorelai heard it and looked at her daughter with sympathy. It couldn't be easy changing her eating habits so suddenly.

"If you're hungry just go and grab something from the kitchen. Just make sure it's somewhat healthy. Nothing that's pure junk," she said.

Rory was about to say no but another wave of hunger got to her and she went into the pantry. She actually would have preferred fruit to take care of her hunger. But this was her mom's house. She settled on a party sized bag of peanut M&M's and brought it back into the living room.

"Hey mom, when I come home for the weekend could you at least keep some fruit around?" she asked opening the bag and eating a handful of them. She was just going to eat a few handfuls and that would be it.

Lorelai nodded; "Of course anything for you" she said eating some of the M&M's. They sat back and watched the movie and before either of them knew it they had gotten so drawn into the movie they didn't even noticed that they had finished the whole bag.

(Continued in post 25 of this thread)

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Nice, i hope for next chaptures with futher development...
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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 153 lbs

Chapter 12

The rest of the afternoon went along just fine for both of them. Rory was able to keep herself from eating anything else that she shouldn't be eating and Lorelai had done her best to keep temptation away from Rory. Rory knew that she should have been studying but there was time for it tomorrow and she just needed a day with her mom.

It was now the evening and they had watched another movie, this time without candy or popcorn. Rory stood up to stretch her a bit. Raising her arms up over her head she emphasized the difference between her smaller upper body and bigger lower body.

"Alright, I should be getting back to school," Rory said. Stars Hollow was her home and it was fun but school beckoned and she had to answer the call.

"Are you sure you don't want to get some dinner before you go?" Lorelai asked wanting to spend more time with her only daughter.

Rory played it over in her mind.

"I guess we could go to Luke's" she said. After all going with her mom meant that she'd get a free meal and Luke did have some more healthy salads she could eat.

Lorelai put on a fake smile.

"You know that if we go there then everyone in town is going to notice…" she said looking over Rory's body.

Rory let out a sigh; it wasn't like she hadn't thought of it. She knew the way that gossip worked in the town and by the time they walked over to Luke's almost the entire town would have passed her by just to see if the rumor was true.

But it wasn't like Rory could just not go out and about in her own town. She looked down at her bulging stomach and wished it would disappear.

"Let's just go. If people look then they look," Rory said grabbing a jacket. It wasn't freezing but it was cool enough to put on a nice jacket. It did help hide her stomach and chest but it did nothing for her legs and face. One look and people would realize that she was heavier but the jacket gave Rory some security.

"Aww I knew I raised a brave daughter, I bet you could take on a lion," Lorelai said grabbing her jacket and they were out the door. As they walked to Luke's Rory could feel her body sweating just a bit. She looked around to see if anyone was looking at her. She knew it was stupid but she didn't want anyone commenting on her weight after the way that her grandmother had so nicely brought it up.

Before she knew it they were at Luke's and no one had said anything to them. They sat down at the first table that they could find.

"I'm going to go and talk to Luke real quick," Lorelai said moving over to the counter. For whatever reason there was a lull right now and other than a couple at the other side of the diner they were the only ones in there.

"Hey Luke, I need a favor" Lorelai whispered when she reached the counter.

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Luke asked leaning in closer to her. He wasn't about to ask why they were whispering, after all it gave him a chance to be nice and close to her.

"Look when you come over to take our orders act as if nothing has changed with Rory," she said looking back to find Rory looking at the menu.

Rory was actually only pretending to look at the menu. She knew what he mom was doing for her and she was somewhat grateful. But at the same time she couldn't help but feel a bit mad. She was in college now and she was an adult, she could handle herself.

"What? Did she get a bad haircut or something?" Luke asked looking over at her and noting that it was far more than a bad haircut.

"Ahh…" he said.

"Yep, nothing to be concerned about really just a bit too much fun at college. But she'll probably end up ordering a salad so act shocked but not too shocked" Lorelai said.

"So she is trying to lose weight? She's not acting like it's not there?" he asked.

"Yeah and I'm sorry about earlier today. But I did kind of lie earlier, my mother made a huge deal about it and that was why dinner was so bad and I wasn't sure if Rory was okay with people knowing she was on a diet and…well I'm just not sure how to handle it," she admitted.

"Don't worry about it. Get back to her and I'll be right over," he said grinning at her.

"You're the best" she said smiling at him as she went back over to her daughter.

"So what were you and Luke talking about?" Rory asked casually.

"Oh nothing too big," Lorelai said deflecting the question the best she could.

Rory didn't say anything as Luke came over.

"So what can I get the two of you?" he asked trying to be natural but he couldn't help himself from looking at Rory a bit longer than usual. Lorelai wasn't kidding when she said that Rory had gained weight. Oh well at least she was doing something about it. She didn't even look bad; she just didn't look like the Rory that had been coming in here for years.

"I think I'll have your delicious burger and fries with a coke," Lorelai said.

"You do realize that it would be the second of each you had today?" Luke asked not believing how this woman ate and that for some reason fate picked Rory to be the one who gained weight. At least Rory tried to eat healthy from time to time.

"Oh I'll be fine, you know me," she said drawing back her usual banter in this case.

"Alright, and what can I get for you Rory?" he asked.

Rory smiled at Luke, he was someone that she could count on, and he wouldn't gawk at her. At least not for too long.

"Just get me a salad and a diet pop" she said. She knew that her mother had worked him over a bit to soften him up so he wouldn't say anything. She was grateful for that.

Luke looked at her a bit funny but didn't say anything.

"Coming right up," he said. That should do it, subtle but the way he probably would have acted anyway.

Just then Kirk came into the diner and sat on the other side of the diner. He picked up a menu and started pretending to look at it. While the entire time he was actually looking at Rory. Kirk was not as sneaky and subtle as he needed to be; Luke noticed right away what he was doing and came over to him.

"What can I did you Kirk?" he asked preparing himself for something insane to happen.

"Oh um hi Luke, I just think I'll get a Patty Melt," Kirk said keeping his eagle eyes on Rory. Luke rolled his eyes.

"Kirk, what are you doing?" he asked glaring at him.

"What, me? Nothing Luke, I'm just a man who wants some dinner," he said getting a little bit nervous as Luke looked at him. Lorelai and Rory also noticed what was going on and looked over.

"Kirk…" Luke started and Kirk broke.

"Taylor sent me in here to see if the rumor was true about Rory," he said loud enough for Rory to here. She hugged her waist a bit and hung her head. Well at least it still wasn't as bad as grandma.

"Kirk, get out of here" Luke said sternly. Kirk just nodded and started to leave.

"Also, when Taylor tells you to spy on someone, don't do it" he said. Kirk didn't say anything and left just as quickly as he came.

"You alright?" Lorelai asked rubbing Rory's arm. Rory just nodded and blinked back a few stray tears.

"I'm fine. I mean everyone was going to find out and I guess it's better than having everyone in town come in here to look at me," she said pain evident in her voice.

Lorelai was about to say something but Luke heard her and he couldn't stop himself from saying something. Rory was not and probably never would be his daughter but it still killed him to hear her in that much pain.

"Hey, just ignore them. They'll forget about this in a day. Just remember that you're still you and the only reason they're looking is because nothing good is on TV. But just imagine the bigger shock on their faces when you lose some weight by then no one will even remember this night. Your dinners will be out in a few minutes," he said walking away. He hoped that did the job.

Rory just smiled at him and felt so much better. She would lose this weight, she could do it.

"Thanks Luke…" she said in a small voice. The pain in her stomach and chest had subsided and she was ready for her salad now. She was feeling a bit better so she put a bit more dressing on it than she should have.

Lorelai smiled at her daughter and then back at Luke. That was just what she needed right now. He brought their food back and she just smiled at him as she ate her burger, he really was an amazing man.

The rest of the dinner went swimmingly. Rory ate her salad and didn't cheat at all. After Kirk had been thrown out no one dared come in to spy on Rory, overall it was a very pleasant meal. They walked back to the house together and said their goodbyes. Rory wanted to get back tonight so she'd be able to study a little bit and be able to hit the ground running in the morning, something she wouldn't be able to do here.

The drive back flew by. Rory was hungry and wished she had gotten a sandwich or something. But it was too late for that now. She got back and found her legs were still aching from her run this morning. God she was going to have to go for another run again tomorrow. Well maybe she could skip tomorrow and run on Monday. Small steps were the way to do it so she wouldn't just quit.

"Oh there you are, we were wondering if you'd be back tonight," Paris said as she walked into the common room.

"Yeah, well I had some fun with my mom but I needed to get back and study." Rory said shrugging a bit as she started to head to her room.

"Well we were waiting for you, we haven't eaten dinner yet but were talking about making turkey melts, do you want one?" Paris asked.

Rory knew that she should have said no. After all she had just eaten at Luke's. But that was JUST a salad. She was still hungry so she nodded.

"Alright, we're going to go a bit light on the cheese but they should still be great. A nice healthy dinner for us" Janet said walking into the kitchen to start making them. Rory felt a bit guilty but she had eaten so much less today than she would have and turkey was healthy for you. Starving herself wouldn't do her any good.

"That's good, a little something would hit the spot," she said walking into the kitchen and grabbing a diet pop. Her second one of the day but it was diet and it had to be good for you. She thought as she sipped it while the smell of turkey and melted cheese hit her nose.

(Continued on page two, post 26, of this thread)

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