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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 153 lbs

Chapter 13

The rest of the week rotated between heaven and hell for Rory. As expected she woke up Sunday morning with sore legs, she could barely walk as she got out of bed. But still she tried to take a jog with Janet. To her credit Janet realized how much pain Rory was in and said a walk around campus would be enough for right now. They could jog again tomorrow. A walk was more than enough for Rory, who took out her books and started studying when she got back.

As she was studying Rory reached for her usual candy pile without even realizing what she was doing. She was surprised when she found nothing but then remembered she had given it all to Paris. Rory tried to get back to studying but found she was having a harder time concentrating then before.

She licked her lips and her mouth was a tad dry. Dammit, she needed a little something to snack on while she studied. It helped her keep her focus and that was the most important thing right now.

"Hey Paris can I have a bit of my candy back?" Rory asked turning around and looking at her roommate.

Paris didn't even look up from her book.

"Nice try but no. You're on a diet and you're going to stick with it" she said.

Rory grimaced a bit. What right did Paris have to deny her what she wanted? She was an adult after all and she had paid for that candy herself. She should be able to get it whenever she wanted it.

"Come on Paris…I need just a piece or two to study" Rory said pleading with her.

"Nope, you told me not to give it to you and I won't. It's hidden somewhere" she said flipping a page in her book.

Rory groaned and got back to studying, once again she had only eaten cereal for breakfast and wasn't in the best mood. Oh how she wanted some bacon and eggs.

The rest of the week went in a similar manner, she was eating less than before and working out more but it was still really hard for her. On Monday when she went to lunch she ended up getting some fries and eating more of those than she had planned on.

She also couldn't control her willpower during in-between meals either. It didn't help that Yale had vending machines. Rory would often get herself a little snack, a Snickers bar and a diet pop. So she was trying to count her calories but was not taking all of her snacks into account.

She had bought some apples though and was snacking on those when she was doing homework. It didn't give her the same energy she had before. It was pretty hard to try and just quit all of her bad habits like that. She was getting a bit cranky during the day now.

On Tuesday she had decided to go to the mall and look for a dress for Friday. She decided to go shopping alone since Paris and Janet were in class. Tana wouldn't have been any help, the girl was great but she was still too young and too smart for her own good. She debated calling her mom to come along but she'd probably be busy with the inn, she could do this herself.

She walked around the mall for a bit looking for something that would look good on her. Normally she'd have gone for something tight fitting that wouldn't show that much cleavage but show off her body.

Eventually she found a nice black dress that she had to admit that she looked great in. It emphasized her new found curves while hiding her stomach and made her legs look smaller. She was happy about that last part; the most annoying thing about all of this was the way her lower body looked. She didn't mind her ass too much but the feeling of her legs rubbing together really unnerved her.

She ended up buying the dress noting that it was larger than anything that she had bought before. The thought depressed her but if gave her a bit of drive. If she worked hard she wouldn't have to buy anything this big ever again.

Rory decided that she would hang around the mall for a little bit longer. A bit of window shopping never hurt a girl. As she walked she found herself happy that all of the winter clothes were out right now. Sure she wasn't huge and she wasn't ugly but one doesn't gain thirty pounds and feel great about their body no matter how good they look.

In Rory's walking around the mall she just happened to wander to the food court. She had yet to have lunch today and she had been walking around all day. Even though it was only about fifteen minutes. A small treat was just what she needed. She was in the mood for pizza and got two giant slices of Pepperoni from the New York style pizza place the mall had. She deserved a treat, she had been good and compared to the buffet she and her mom usually got this was cutting way, way back.

Eventually the day that Rory dreaded had come, Friday. It terrified her to walk back into that house, knowing that her grandmother was going to look over her figure as she walked in. It was also the day that she had decided to weight herself. She needed to see if she had lost any weight yet. Sure it had only been a week but she hoped that maybe she had lost five pounds.

Inside the bathroom she stripped down to her underwear, took a deep breath, and stepped onto the scale. Looking down past her blossoming breasts, and pudgy stomach she frowned. 151 pounds. All that running and walking around and dieting and she had only lost two pounds. She bit her lip and shook her head as she stepped off the scale, it was a start but she had really been hoping for a lot more.

She put on the dress that she had bought and started to drive to her grandparents, disheartened and nervous. She was sweating bullets the entire time and wished she had something to eat so she could calm her nerves.

She got to her grandparents to find that once again her mother had beaten her there. That wasn't the worst thing in the world actually. It meant that she wouldn't have to spend time alone with her grandparents. She smiled a bit and rang the doorbell.

A new maid answered the door and led Rory into the den. Her legs felt like Jell-o, she didn't want to do this but she had to. She could still feel the grasp of Emily's hand on her love handle as they reached the den.

Lorelai had gotten there early and had been icy to both of her parents since she walked in the door. They had hurt her daughter last week. The fact that Richard had done nothing didn't matter to Lorelai, she just lumped them together. It made for a very awkward scene.

"I'm just saying you don't have to be rude about her weight" Lorelai said trying to knock some of her sense into her parents.

"Lorelai, I did what I had to do for her own good. Otherwise she would have kept gaining weight. You said it yourself; she's on a diet now. That would have never happened if I hadn't done that" Emily said firmly.

"Yes it would have" Lorelai snorted. She knew that Rory would have figured it out eventually. She didn't need the public humiliation.

They would have kept arguing but they knew that Rory was here and they shut up, not wanting her to overhear their conversation.

Rory's heart pounded as she entered and attempted to act natural.

"Hey….how are you this week?" she asked to no one in particular, smiling and showing off her chubby cheeks.

Emily stared at her but said nothing. She looked over Rory's body and could find no added weight. But the girl was wearing black. Still with nothing noticeable she wouldn't say anything to her.

"Rory, it's great to have you here. Can I get you anything to drink? A water?" she asked nicely.

Rory felt a weight being lifted off her chest. If her grandmother was going to do something big she would have done it by now.

"Water would be fine" she said smiling and sitting next to her mother. She had mentally prepared herself for tonight. There was no way that she was going to get anything other than health food. No chance to cheat even a little bit tonight.

Emily gave her a glass water and Rory sipped it just pleased that this was going to be a drama free night. They sat around and talked for a little bit, mostly about Yale and light subjects. But Emily just couldn't help but prod a little bit.

"So Rory, have you seen the new fitness center that Yale has opened?" she asked. Everyone in the room knew what she was doing. Rory just gave her a tight lipped smile.

"Well I've seen the outside of it. Janet and I prefer to stay outside when we run for the time being. But I'll probably go in when it starts snowing" she said playing along with her grandma. No reason to bring any more attention to herself. Even though she had only gone running three times this week she still felt like it was an accomplishment.

Emily just smiled at her.

"Well isn't that nice. Getting fresh air is very good for you" she said grinning at Lorelai. Lorelai just smiled back and sipped her drink unhappy that her mother was acting like she was the one who solved this problem by herself.

Eventually it was time for dinner to be served and as expected Rory got a nice salad with very little dressing. Rory reached for a roll and added just a little bit of butter to it. She had to limit herself tonight with her grandmother watching.

"Do you like the salad?" Emily asked Rory and she nodded.

"It's great grandma, nice and healthy" she said wishing there was just a bit more dressing on it.

"Yeah mom, these salads are great. So what's for dinner?" Lorelai asked wondering what kind of trick her mom had up her sleeve tonight.

"I believe the chef is making some grilled salmon with steamed vegetables" Emily said casually. Lorelai couldn't exactly complain when it came to that. Yes it was healthy but it wasn't like she was making them eat tofurkey.

Eventually the main course came out and much Rory's relief it tasted pretty damn good. Although she did note that she got more steamed vegetables than anyone else at the table. That wasn't exactly great. She'd been eating so many vegetables lately. Lorelai grimaced too but ate it up. She'd just stop by Luke's later and get something a little different as a snack.

Rory squirmed in her chair a bit, her fleshy ass providing an extra cushion. She had finished dinner and still didn't find herself satisfied. It was starting to be a real problem; one that she had hoped would have been fixed in a week.

They sat and talked for a bit longer, Rory and Lorelai wondering when dessert would be brought out. After about twenty minutes Lorelai decided to bring it up.

"So…are we having dessert tonight?" she asked, her sweet tooth was yelling at her.

"Oh I'm sorry but no. There's not going to be any dessert around here for a while" she said looking at Rory.

Rory just gave a weak smile. She got the message, no dessert until she lost weight. Emily Gilmore, ladies and gents. Most grandmothers were worried that their grandchildren weren't eating enough but she seemed to take the total opposite approach.

Lorelai's temper flared. Okay this just wasn't fair.

"You know one dessert a week isn't going to kill anyone here" she said.

"Well we're just trying something new. Besides Lorelai given how much sugar you consume I can't imagine it'd hurt you to miss it" she said. The claws were out now.

"I'm fine mom; I don't eat that much sugar. But when exactly did you decide to stop serving dessert?" Lorelai asked.

"Mom…it's fine. No dessert will be fine grandma" Rory said trying to be cheerful but there was a hint of sadness in her voice.

"See, Rory doesn't care and your father doesn't care so I don't see why you're making a big deal out this Lorelai" she said. Richard just ignored what Emily saying; personally he thought dessert would be fine for Rory. But his wife did know about these kinds of situations and he was going to stand behind her.

Lorelai just out a sighed and threw her hands in the air.

"Alright, I guess you're right. I could cut down my sugar intake. I mean maybe I have way too much energy, maybe if I keep it up I'll start moving at the speed of light, maybe…" she ranted.

"Lorelai, you're babbling" Emily said and Lorelai got quiet.

Eventually dinner had to come to an end and Lorelai and Rory walked out of the house together.

"So tell me the truth, have you been good about your diet this week? And did you really not want dessert?" she asked her daughter.

"Yes and no. I mean I've lost two pounds so I must be doing something right and yeah I kind of did want a little something as a reward" she said.

"Well if you've really been good, then stop off somewhere and get something. I mean two pounds in a week isn't bad" Lorelai said reassuring her daughter.

"I was really worried that grandma would be like she was last week" Rory admitted aloud for the first time.

"Oh honey…she'd only say something if you gained more weight and that's not going to happen" she said sympathy in her voice.

"Just keep doing what you've been doing don't worry about your grandma. If she says anything again I'll jump her," Lorelai continued, smiling.

"Thanks mom, but don't do that even if she does it again"

"You're right, we won't get any of her stuff" she said smiling.

"You coming home this weekend?" Lorelai asked. Rory shook her head.

"Too much work this weekend, but I'll try and make it home during the week" she said.

"Well alright, go and get a small reward for yourself, I know I'm going to go and get something sweet" Lorelai said getting into her jeep; some ice cream would hit the spot.

Rory got into her car, a candy bar would be great. She could probably have two since that would equal the dessert she would have eaten tonight anyway.

(Continued in post 30 of this thread)

Reviews and Feedback are GREATLY appreciated

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I am assuming she was meant to be 151 pounds not 141, otherwise she would have lost twelve.

Really been enjoying this story, please keep it coming. Wondering how long she will keep the diet up and if Paris is hiding the candy in her tummy.
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Originally Posted by TheOwl View Post
I am assuming she was meant to be 151 pounds not 141, otherwise she would have lost twelve.

Really been enjoying this story, please keep it coming. Wondering how long she will keep the diet up and if Paris is hiding the candy in her tummy.
You'd be right. I underestimated her weight the first time I wrote it and recently edited her weights. I thought I had caught them all but mistakes do happen. Nice catch.
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OK - good catch! The Owl doesn't have that handle without a good cause!

141 has now been changed to 151.
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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 151 lbs

Chapter 14

Another week had passed and the cool air of November hit Rory's face as she headed out to her car. Friday night dinner yesterday had once again been a little awkward but no major shots had been fired at her by Emily Gilmore.

Much to Rory's chagrin she ended up not losing any weight this past week. She couldn't understand why, she had gone running 4 times and had kept up with her salad a day. What she failed to pick up on was the fact that her salads were pretty much pointless when she decided to go to the cafeteria for dinner and ate buttery rolls, and greasy fries.

She just kept finding herself so hungry by nighttime. That had to do with the fact that her breakfasts had shrunk to coffee, and a pastry when she didn't run in the morning. She had even debated cutting out breakfast entirely but then there would have been no way that she could make it to lunch without eating something bad for her.

Not that the pastries she ate were that good. The coffee was very minimal in regards to her figure. The bit of sugar she put in it to help ease her sweet tooth did have effects though. She consumed it along with the muffin that said it was low-fat, which was true but made up for the lack of fat with extra sugar and calories.

That was what Rory ate as she drove to the mall to meet up with her mom for a day of shopping. It had been a while since they had gone on a shopping trip and honestly Rory needed another dress or two. Her grandmother had made comments last night about how she was wearing the exact same dress as last week. It was still better than popping out of one of her old ones though. She sipped her coffee as she got closer to the mall.

Lorelai dragged herself out of bed in the morning and grabbed a couple of pop tarts to eat as she made a pot of coffee for herself. It wasn't that early in the morning but she would have to run to meet up with Rory soon, which meant no time for Luke's. She needed this day off from inn stuff. With winter rapidly approaching they were moving as fast as they could to get stuff with the Dragonfly done. True they could work inside during winter but there was still so much to do outside and so much to look over.

The thought of it just made her feel even more stressed than she had been and she grabbed two more pop tarts to eat. A bit stale but she needed them today. Not great but oh she would get mall food today. She poured herself a cup of coffee and sipped it that hit the spot.

She put on a cute pair of jeans and a wild looking shirt. If there was one thing she had never been it was shy. Still she had to pause a bit when she buttoned the jeans. They felt tighter on her. She shrugged it off though. These were supposed to be tight and that was the reason she was wearing them. You never knew when you'd find some great looking guy at the mall, and if not she could always turn a few heads.

She poured the rest of the coffee into a thermos and was off to go shopping with her daughter. Oh today was going to be fun.

Rory and Lorelai had the kind of impeccable timing that would only exist on TV and somehow reached the mall at the exact same time. Rory had decided to wear a loose t-shirt and jean combo. She had taken to wearing loose clothes; it helped her not think about her weight gain all the time. Only when she was working out, eating a salad, or wishing she could wear her old tiny clothes she did think about where she once had been.

"Hey, you're looking great today my offspring" Lorelai said smiling.

"Not looking too shabby there yourself, parental figure," Rory said feeling likes things had reached a happy normal with them.

"Oh please you can call me mom all you want but to everyone else we're sisters," she said getting nice and close to her daughter.

"You wish," Rory said jokingly.

"Hey, I take offense to that. Ask any man and he'd say sisters. Getting pregnant at sixteen does have its advantages you know"

"You really should speak to high school kids about that."

"Bah I'm just too real for some parents," Lorelai said as they walked into a store.

"So what are we looking for?" she asked as she started going through the racks.

"For you, well I have no idea. But we need some formal clothes for me. We have to keep it cheap though, just a little something so I don't have to wear the same thing to dinner again. Otherwise grandma will blow a gasket" Rory said looking at some nice dresses.

"Hey what actually is a gasket? That's the kind of stuff they had to teach you at Yale, right?" Lorelai asked finding a few cute shirts. Rory just smiled widely, this was the kind of mother/daughter day that she needed.

Eventually Lorelai had picked out a ton of clothes to try on while Rory had picked out a few dresses. She wasn't going to give in and just by bigger clothes yet. Rory walked out of the changing room wearing a nice aqua colored dress that went down past her knees.

"What do you think?" she asked spinning around a bit. Lorelai looked over it with a keen eye.

"A bit tight behind…but if you walk behind grandma she'd never notice it," she said. Being honest with her daughter.

Rory smiled.

"It's not going to be tight for long" she said heading back to change into something else. She did her best not to look into the mirrors as she changed. She had seen her body in the mirror and she didn't need a 360 view of herself now, at least in just her underwear.

She slipped into a red dress; this one was a bit less conservative than before. It showed off her cleavage. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't happy about that. Sure she had liked her chest before but it had never been big enough catch a lot of male attention. But now thanks to her eating habits she would be able to show off what she had upstairs.

Her face was almost as red as the dress when she came out.

"So what do you think?" she asked. The dress suited her nicely, some people would say it showed off too much on top but it wasn't slutty. Once again she had opted for a long skirt; she had seen her legs and felt that she shouldn't be showing them off until she lost some weight.

Lorelai looked over her daughter's choice and wasn't sure what to say. It looked great on her and wow her chest had grown. She had to be up a full cup size. Still small compared to a Playboy Bunny but quite a change for her.

"I think it looks…great. I mean it hides your stomach well, makes your hips smaller but on top…is it what you're going for?" she asked.

Rory smiled nervously.

"Kind of, I mean once I start losing weight I'll be where I was and I guess…I don't know. I just wanted to see how it looked" she said.

Lorelai just nodded.

"Well I wouldn't suggest wearing it to grandma's but if you're looking for something fun and flirty then go for it" Lorelai said.

"I'm still not sure but I think I might…" Rory said going back into the changing room and feeling a bit more confident. She tried on a few more dresses before opting to buy both the aqua one and the red one. Those should buy her another month which by then she should be falling out of those and going back to her old ones.

"I'm just going to try on a few clothes," Lorelai said pointing to a pile that she had in the corner.

"I think you need to change your definition of few," Rory said.

"Hey, I left more than a few clothes on the racks," Lorelai said entering the changing room. While Rory's little clothes show took about thirty to forty-five minutes Lorelai's own excursion was taking well over an hour.

It was more or less successful although there was a small problem with the last pair of jeans that she tried on. She walked out and shook her head at Rory.

"These stupid jeans were too tight" she said throwing them at Rory.

"They're your size?" she asked.

Lorelai just shrugged.

"Just wasn't wowing me. Must be mislabeled or they run small. I could have squeezed into them but not worth the money" she said ending up with a few pairs of jeans and a few very nice shirts that fit her like a glove.

They went and paid for their clothes by the time they were done it was noon and both of them were hungry.

"So what do you want for lunch?" Lorelai asked as they made their way to the food court.

"I don't know…maybe I should just head back to Yale. There's a nice salad there waiting for me" she said not really wanting a salad but knowing that she should eat that and not mall food.

"Oh but I rarely get to see you. Besides we don't have to do our usual, there's got to be one health food place here" she said basically dragging Rory to the food court.

"Alright but we have to walk around the mall and window shop for a bit," she said. Hey walking counted as exercise and she didn't go for a run today.

Lorelai of course ended up getting a little something from each place, which infuriated Rory. Her mother knew that she couldn't eat like that and yet she had no problem doing it in front ofher. Rory glared at her mother as she looked for something that was somewhat healthy. She eventually settled on some Chinese food. Not a salad but she got steamed rice with it.

She sat down with her mother and the wave of smells hit her. Man, how she wanted to be able to enjoy that food with her mom. She started on her food and glared at her.

"You do know that I'm on a diet, right?" she asked in a low tone.

Lorelai looked at the food she had in front of her and looked down at her gluttony in embarrassment.

"Um…well I'm just…I mean you're going to be tempted at Yale. So you have to resist temptation in general" she said trying to defend herself.

Rory didn't take her glare off her mother as she sipped on her soda.

"Okay, I promise I won't do this again. I just wasn't thinking I just go on autopilot around lunch time" she said giving Rory a weak smile.

Rory let out a sigh at her mother.

"It's alright; I know you don't mean anything. It's just hard being surrounded by temptation basically 24/7. I mean Paris and Janet help a lot but it doesn't mean that I don't want well what you're eating" she said pointing to everything that Lorelai had in front of her.

"Well I promise when you're around I'll eat what you eat from now on," she said downing a slice of pizza.

"I appreciate that, it'll be a big help," Rory said stealing a few of her mother's fries.

"Should you be eating those?" Lorelai asked.

"Walking while window shopping burns calories, besides it's been a while since I had fries," Rory said. By a while she really meant about a day.

After Rory finished her lunch and Lorelai finished their buffet they went to get some coffee to sip on as they walked around the mall. All of the 'calorie burning' that was going on was minimal at best as they walked around.

They spent about an hour walking around and chit-chatting with each other. They occasionally walked into a store to look at some clothes.

"Meeting any interesting guys at Yale?" Lorelai asked a bit curious about her love life. It had been months since that little punk broke her daughter's heart and went AWOL; she just hoped that Rory wasn't pining for him.

Rory let out a sigh, wondering why her mother hadn't really brought this up before but thankful this was the first time.

"I've met a few guys…but mostly focusing on classes and other things" Rory said in a flat tone. Honestly she didn't really feel like dating or going after guys right now. Sure, a ton of girls on campus would want her body and she could easily find a cute guy to date. But her self esteem was still pretty low and she wanted to get it up to a good point again before she really thought about dating.

"Well just don't close yourself off. Studying is important but hey if some guy wants to buy you dinner what's the harm?" Lorelai said offhandedly.

"I guess a girl who just eats a salad is a cheap date," Rory mumbled feeling bad about herself now. Lorelai zipped her lips after that and cursed herself for bringing that up. The rest of the excursion was a bit of a downer after that. Last thing Rory needed to be reminded about was boys and Lorelai just felt awful for bringing it up. But she never thought that bringing up guys would have caused this kind of reaction in her daughter.

Eventually they went their separate ways for the day. Lorelai drove back to Stars Hollow kicking herself for hurting her daughters' feelings like that. She knew it was inevitable but she had tried to be on her best behavior today.

Rory stopped off at a fast food joint on the way back and ordered a burger. After the way her mom acted and lunch and asking about guys she just felt awful and needed something to make her feel better. The greasy fast food helped that out and she felt as good as when she had found those two dresses earlier.

You know what, that's what she was going to do tonight. It was Saturday night, she was going to put on that new dress and she was going to try and do something else other than study. Rory Gilmore was going to go out on a Saturday night, so what if she wasn't her usual lithe self, she needed a night and she was sure she could at least convince Paris to go with her. Yes this was going to be a good night for her.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 151 lbs

Chapter 15

"Come on, we haven't really gone out and relaxed since before school started. I think it'd be good for us" Rory said trying to convince her roommates to go out with her.

"Well where would we even go?" Paris asked.

"I don't know and I don't care. I just need to get dressed up and go out somewhere. There's got to be a party going on" Rory said looking towards Janet. Out of all of them Janet would be the one most likely to know, she did hang out with a few football players.

"Well there are a few frat houses we could stop by…but I have to ask where this is coming from?" Janet wondered aloud. Taking away the first get together they had Rory had basically been in hermit mode the entire school year.

"I'm tired of just staying in. I mean its college; I should go out and have more fun. I just sit around all day. I really need to get out and meet more people," Rory said leaving out the part about wanting to get a bit of male attention.

"What do you say, Paris?" Janet asked looking at her. Janet and Paris had become a bit closer the past couple weeks as they both tried to help Rory lose weight. They weren't best friends by any means but the fighting that had dominated their relationship and the common area was now gone, save for a few minor tiffs.

"Fine, a night out would be…good for all of us. Let's go and get ready," Paris said.

"Tana, you want to come along?" Janet asked the small girl who was sitting off to the side.

She shook her head.

"Oh no, I'm quite fine here. I want to get ahead on some stuff" she said not having any interest in college partying.

The three of them just shrugged it off and went to get ready. After about an hour of getting themselves ready Janet, Paris, and Rory were ready to go.

Janet hated that it was getting cold now; had it been spring she would have worn shorts but since there was no way she could leave her runners legs bare she ended up going with a tight pair of skinny jeans and a low cut top. She would have picked out a dress but then she wouldn't have been able to show off her legs, her jeans left little to the imagination.

Paris never knew what to wear and required Rory's help to pick out something cute. A modest, black dress that would draw attention to her large chest. She wore a white sweater-jacket over it to keep her warm.

Rory just stuck with her red dress. When she put it on she had been worried that it was too fancy but after walking around a bit in it, it looked cute. She was suddenly thankful that she hadn't chosen something that would have gone to her ankles. She finished her make-up in the mirror. She was going to let loose tonight.

She joined Paris and Janet in the common area and they were off.

"You're looking great tonight" Janet said to Rory.

"Thanks, make sure that no one gets out of sight?" Rory put forth. It was college and bad things could happen, especially when alcohol was involved. The others nodded, neither one wanting to be a statistic.

"Alright but if you need some alone time with someone just say something," Janet said in tone that basically said she expected something fun to happen tonight. Rory and Paris just blushed as they walked, their heels clicking on the cement. Paris because she was still with Jamie, and Rory because she wasn't sure if she actually wanted that. She had never done anything with Jess or Dean, partly because it just never felt like it was time and because she was afraid of ending up like her mother.

Still she wasn't exactly feeling her most beautiful at the moment and she needed to feel better about herself. She needed some male attention, she hadn't really felt amazing since Jess had left and although she wasn't moping and was happy, she didn't find herself having the same over the moon feeling she had when she had been with him.

She also wasn't taking sex off the table for tonight. Her mother had never given her any religious reasons against pre-marital sex, most of the time it was 'don't have it or you could end up like me if you don't use protection'.

True, she would have liked to have had it with someone she loved. But you did have to have sex at some point and didn't all the movies say that college was the place for one night stands?

After a bit of walking they got the frat house. As soon as they entered they went to get some drinks and were the objects of more than a few male stares. Janet just smirked, she went out often and while she was thinking about dating that football player nothing was official yet.

Paris always hated these kinds of places in high school but she was trying to reinvent herself in college. She took a sip of a beer and looked around the room. She knew her role was den mother tonight since she had Jamie. That bothered her a bit but Jamie was great and she was going to see him again soon.

Rory was nervous, she had been so brave before but now that she was here she really didn't know what do to. Loud music was playing around her, should she go and talk to the guys? Should she wait? She needed to calm her nerves and took a bit swig of her beer. This stuff was supposed to calm your nerves after all.

Janet could see how tense Rory was and leaned close to talk to her.

"Hey just relax, give it a few minutes and they will come. Just act cool," she said smiling at Rory. She just nodded at Janet and took another sip. Not the best tasting stuff but it would get good soon enough.

The group spent about fifteen minutes just talking to each other when just as Janet said another a guy was approaching them. He was very good looking with short brown hair and brown eyes. Fit but not athletic. He had the air of a Yale man around him.

"Hello, I'm Scott," he said talking to Janet. Janet saw him coming from a while away and wasn't interested at all. He was cute but he wasn't athletic. Janet wanted someone who could keep up with her and looking at him she knew that after a lap around campus he'd be done. At least the lineman could do five laps if she went slow for him.

"Hey," she said giving him an uninterested look. Scott had seen that look before and knew that he had overplayed his hand. The other girls with her weren't ugly, the blonde had big boobs, and the brunette had nice curves. He liked brunettes better so he focused his attention to Rory.

"Actually, I was talking to her," he said talking to Rory. Rory blushed, she had thought that he had been talking to Janet but maybe she was prettier than she gave herself credit for.

"I'm doing well, I'm Rory," she said shaking his hand.

"Interesting name, what's your major?" Scott asked figuring that was a good ice breaker. Janet looked him over as he and Rory talked to each other. He wasn't setting off any alarms in her head so she was alright with him.

Paris just rolled her eyes and started to drink her beer. She looked the guy over, he wasn't her type but hey if Rory was interested in him that's what mattered.

Rory and Scott ended up talking for another ten minutes or so, Janet and Paris would occasionally interject something into the conversation. The entire time Rory was slowly sipping her beer until it was gone.

"Would you like another drink?" Scott asked noticing that her cup was empty.

"Sure" she said handing him her cup, as he left Rory turned over to Janet and Paris.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"Not awful, I'd say go for it if you want to. Just don't go somewhere alone with him without telling us," Janet said.

Paris just shrugged.

"Too much of a frat guy for my taste but I'll admit he is a bit charming. Kind of reminds me of Jamie," Paris said a smile creeping up onto her face.

Rory smiled and felt so much better about this. She was the first girl that a guy had talked to tonight. She was just feeling amazing about herself right now. Really pretty. He came back with a beer in hand, Rory gladly accepted it.

"Paris and I are going to get something to drink too. We'll be right across the room." Janet said leading Paris away and giving Rory some space. She smiled and pushed a strand of hair out of her face and started talking to him.

They spent the next forty-five minutes or so just talking to each other. Every once in a while Rory would look up to see what Janet and Paris were doing. Paris was chatting with someone, perhaps even flirting. Janet was already making out with some good looking guy, who judging from his body was a runner of some sort.

"So…you want to get out of here?" Scott asked. Rory paused and wondered what that meant. Did he want to take her back to his room? Just go somewhere quieter?

"What do you mean?" Rory asked finishing off her third beer of the night.

"Oh well, I haven't had dinner yet. We could just go somewhere and get a bit to eat. Nothing fancy," he said. Rory did a mental checklist in her mind, she had her pepper spray with her and she felt good enough about him. She gave him a reassuring smile.

"Sure, just let me tell my friends and we'll get some dinner," she said walking over to Paris.

"Oh please, do you really think that Rand was going for that?" Paris asked in a haughty tone.

"Hey Paris, I'm heading out with Scott" Rory said. Paris took a quick look at her and Janet before nodding.

"Fine, just call me when you get wherever you're going," she said not too worried about Rory. Rory smiled and walked back over to Scott and they were off.

They decided to go and get some Mexican food for dinner. It was a nice little place but not too far off the beaten path. Rory was having a great time tonight with him. So much in fact that she didn't realize the amount of chips, salsa, and cheese she was inhaling. Her happiness plus the alcohol meant she felt no limitations on what she could eat.

Her dinner ended up being an enchilada platter that was covered in cheese, rice and beans on the side. Of course she finished them all up. For his part Scott didn't realize just how much she was eating. His focus was a perky and below her neck.

Eventually dinner had to come to an end and they headed out. Rory wanted to pay but he insisted that he could pay for her.

"So…do you want to go back to my place?" he asked casually and Rory froze. She was having such a good time and she didn't want it to end but she knew what going back to his place would entail. She crossed her arms and thought about it for a second.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," he said trying to cover up his mistake. He thought that was what she wanted, after all she had been flirting with him all night and he wanted to see that curvy body of hers out of the dress.

"No, I mean…look you're very nice. This is without a doubt one of the best nights I've had in a while. You've made me feel beautiful," she said blushing.

"Well you are," he said looking over her body.

"I just don't want to move too fast and I'm just not ready to go back to your place. If that's all you want then it's been a lot of fun but I would like to see you again," she said somewhat hopefully.

It wasn't the ending that Scott had been hoping for but she did seem like an amazing woman. He had been looking for something quick tonight but he could hold off for now. She seemed like she was worth it.

"I do want to see you again," he said.

Rory had to keep herself from jumping for joy. She had a date for at least sometime next week. Might end up being nothing but hey she was out there again.

"That'd be great," she said and they made his way back to his car. They chatted a bit more and once he parked they exchanged numbers.

"I'm open every night except Friday. I have standing plans that I can get out of if I need to but any other day would work better" she said.

He nodded and made a mental note of that. He had already been planning on Friday but another Saturday night out would be fine.

"So I'll see you later?" he asked as she started to get out of the car.

"Sure" she said smiling and leaving adding a bit of a sway to her hips. He watched her leave and swore under his breath.

"Great ass for a white girl" he said getting ready for a cold shower when he got home.

Between meeting someone new and the amount of food she had eaten Rory was on cloud nine. This is how she wanted to feel, not like she had felt the past couple of weeks. She walked into the common room walking on air. She found Paris there waiting for her.

"Wasn't sure if I'd see you tonight" She said poking her head out of her book.

"How was he?" she asked somewhat interested.

"He was fantastic, charming, sweet, and nice. I'll probably see him again" Rory said sitting down on the couch. "Where are Janet and Tana?"

"Janet went home with that runner and the small one is in her room. He seemed nice, what you were looking for?" Paris asked. Rory nodded.

"Basically, he's kind of like Jamie but a bit more loose and easygoing. He's getting another date if he wants one. I want to know more about him. We kept it very light" Rory said.

Paris just nodded.

"Well I'm glad that you're happy. You've been too tense" she said.

"Well I've been on that diet but I think it's really going to start coming off. The walk tonight helped," Rory said ignoring the fact that the dinner had easily contained over a thousand calories.

"I'm heading to bed now" she said smiling and feeling sexy in her dress. It was a pity her chest would shrink.

"Oh well, I'm going to take advantage of the way it fits while I can," she thought as she got ready for bed.

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Chapter 16

The next three weeks just seemed to fly by for Rory. Between classes homework, spending time with Scott, and spending time with her family she seemed destined to have no time for herself. The effects would show, but that was definitely not her initial intent.

The Sunday after her night out with scott she took a good look at herself in the mirror and told herself that she had to get really serious about this diet business.

She went online and printed out some health facts along with calorie menu's from any of the places she'd go out to eat often. It was small and she was already doing some of the stuff, she'd have to start buying whole grain bread.

She placed the health notes on her desk as she went with Janet for her morning jog, her legs were still sore afterward but they were getting stronger. She could not jog a lap around campus and then walk around campus as a cool down exercise. As she and Janet walked she made a mental note to read through all of that health information more carefully, she had just skimmed it before and she needed a better look.

Rory finished her workout with Janet and pour herself a cup of coffee to drink. Yes, it should have been water but coffee was basically water, at least to Rory. She went through her daily routine of getting ready. Once showered and clothed she picked up the notes and was just about to start reading them when her cell rang.

Her stomach jumped a bit when her phone said it was a number that wasn't in her contacts list. It was just a little past eleven, maybe a bit early but she didn't care. She picked it up hoping that it wasn't a wrong number.

"Hello," she said remaining cool.

"Hey Rory, it's Scott. From last night," he said a little bit nervous. He wasn't sure if he was calling too soon or not but they hit it off and fortune favors the bold.

"Oh hey, how are you?" Rory asked smiling a bit. She normally didn't get like this around guys too much but unless the alcohol affected her that much he was nice and cute.

"I'm doing great, I was wondering if you wanted to go and get lunch?" he asked.

"That sounds great, pick me up?" she asked in a perky tone.

"Sure, I'll be there in twenty minutes, what's the apartment number?" he asked. Rory gave him her apartment number.

"See you soon" he said hanging up his phone.

Rory smiled as she closed her phone. She was going to get a better look at him today and see if there was anything there. She ended up wearing jeans and a white long sleeved shirt with a blue collared shirt over it. She put on a jacket and looked at herself in the mirror. A bit casual but that was good for this. It was lunch, not dinner.

She grabbed her purse and walked out to the common room, totally forgetting about her health facts. She sat there nervously and waited for him to knock on the door. She knew that she was being ridiculous. This was just a guy after all, but it was her first real date in a while. True she felt far less nervous than she had with Dean or Jess. After all she didn't really know him might be nothing but a girl had to keep her options open.

There was a knock at the door and Rory answered it. Looking him over she was pleased to find that the few drinks she did have didn't cloud her judgment at all. He was very cute, a bit taller than Jess with a better build. But still shorter than Dean.

"Hey, you ready to go?" he asked a bit disappointed that she wasn't dressed like she was last night. But it was cool this morning and he was bundled up in a jacket and jeans also.

"Sure, where are we going?" Rory asked locking the door and following him to his car. Which in the daylight she could see was a Porsche. That disheartened her a bit, his family hadn't really come up last night and for all she knew he might just be some rich jerk who seems nice at first but once you really get to know him will cheat on you. She'd never stay with a guy who cheated on her.

"There's this nice restaurant I've heard about. I've been wanting to try it; my friends say it's good. Not really fancy or anything," he said. Rory nodded and hid a smile, at least he wasn't dragging her out someplace crazy expensive to show off.

"You lead the way. I'm not picky" she said.

They chatted as he drove. It was only a ten minute drive. She found out that he did come from Hartford but his family didn't have the kind of money that her grandparents had. That made her rest a bit easier, she had been afraid that she would be spending lunch hearing about a yacht club.

Rory gave up a bit of information about herself also, leaving out her grandparents but telling him about her mom and Stars Hollow, just little things about herself.

When they sat down to lunch Rory looked at the menu. There were salads on there but nothing seemed that appetizing to her.

"What are you going to get?" she asked looking over the menu. This was a sandwich place and had very limited selections when it came to salads sadly.

"I'm going to go the Italian sub, what about you?" he asked her. She thought about it a moment, she didn't want to be one of those girls who only ordered a salad and was bitchy the entire time because she was hungry.

"I'm going to get the Philly Cheesesteak" she said smiling at him.

They spent the next hour or so just talking to each other. Rory knew that having a Cheesesteak plus potato chips was not good for her. She didn't have to look at her health facts to know that but it wasn't every Sunday she went out with a guy. He was everything that she was looking for. He didn't talk down to her, he could carry on a conversation, he complimented her, and he was well read.

He wasn't perfect though, he would occasionally say something a little dorky but that wasn't a bad thing. It was like he had the best qualities of Jess and Dean but he was still his own person. She also noticed that he was a bit arrogant but he was a guy and it wasn't that bad.

Rory looked down and checked her watch.

"Well I really should be getting back. I have to study but I'd love to see you again" she said.

Scott couldn't believe his luck, this girl was amazing. A bit awkward at times and perhaps a bit too talkative and goofy for her own good, she did babble a lot but that only seemed to be when she was nervous. This was a girl who was certainly worth seeing again.

"I'd love that too. I'll give you a call during the week" he said as they walked back to his car.

Over the next couple of weeks Rory was over the moon happy. She was finally seeing someone again and was now forgetting about the way that Jess had left her. There was still an ache there and she wanted some closure but it was a lot better than it had been. There was an extra spring in her step and any chance she got she tended to go out with Scott.

This ended up being the worst thing for her. Evenings that would have been spent just studying and going to sleep now included seeing him, meaning that she had to stay up later to get everything she wanted to done. It had only been three weeks but her running routine was already down to just twice per week. Janet just couldn't get her up some mornings.

The health facts that she had printed out were now buried until a pile of other papers. They were around but she had never gotten around to reading them like she should have. But life just caught up with her and really she was still eating salads and she had cut out sugar so she was fine.

But she wasn't counting all the times that Scott took her out to eat or the many times that he brought her candy or pastries to help her study. Yes he was spoiling her and while she wanted to shy away from the attention he was being so nice about it. At the same time she could see the looks of jealousy from Paris. She'd never admit it but she wished Jamie was here with her.

The Friday night dinners went along as they always did. Rory was so focused on other things that she hadn't considered weighing herself and spent all of her focus on school, her family, and Scott. Emily and Richard had said nothing about her weight so she wasn't going to worry too much about it. This was the absolute worst thing she could have done.

Thanksgiving break was right around the corner and the Harvard/Yale game was this weekend. Emily and Richard had insisted upon taking her to the game along with Scott and of course her mother had joined in.

Not exactly the best venue to introduce someone to your family, she was sure that she saw her grandmother cringe. But she had been talking about him, and they all wanted to meet him. Especially her mother who had been teasing her about wanting to meet him first. He had readily agreed to meet her family though and for that she was eternally grateful. At least with people around neither her grandfather nor grandmother would interrogate him too much.

The game was coming up this weekend and Rory was somewhat excited about it. It meant an entire day with Scott but her family was there too. Her mom she could live with, she just had to keep reminding herself that Scott wasn't like Dean or Jess, they'd like him.

Rory got up for class and went to put her jeans on. They got halfway up her thighs before they met resistance. Rory's heart stopped. She had been so good lately, hadn't she? They had to have shrunk in the wash, right? Dread started to overtake her as she remembered all the meals she had eaten with him. All of the harmless little treats that right now might not have been so harmless.

When was the last time she had gone running? She couldn't even remember but it was certainly more than a week ago. She moved into the bathroom and got on the scale. Her stomach was doing back flips as she waited for the numbers to appear.

The scale read 161 lbs.

Ten pounds, she had gained ten pounds in three weeks. She felt like crying.

"Fuck" she said massaging her temples. How could she let this happen, she had started off so well. But she knew the reasons, she wasn't concerned about it. Whenever Scott wanted to go out she refused to get a salad with him, not wanting him to know that she was dieting.

Okay that was a small lie but she didn't want him to think that she was some crazy woman when it came to her weight. She took a look at herself in the mirror not wanting to see the damage but having no other choice.

The extra weight actually suited her quite well but she had passed the point to curvy and would now be classified as chubby. The first thing she noticed was her face. The fold of fat underneath her chin had gotten larger and her chubby cheeks made her look downright plump.

Her chest had stopped growing for the most part, her breasts were a bit bigger and she probably needed to buy new bras but they were still as appealing as ever.

Her waistline had thickened and even when she tried to suck her stomach in there was still a bit of a belly there. She grabbed her love handles unhappily and tugged at the waistband of her panties, only to discover red marks where they were digging into her newfound flesh.

She winced as she looked at her hips. If there had been any doubt that she was bottom heavy before there was little doubt now. Her hips had slowed their growth but were the widest part of her. Her ass and thighs had continued plumping up and while she only had a bit of cellulite before but it was very visible now. As she walked she could feel her thighs rub together, she cringed. There was also a lot of jiggling going on behind her too as she paced around the bathroom. She felt heavier now as if once again noticing the weight for the first time.

Rory felt like crying, even though she knew she hadn't been losing any weight she was hopeful that it had leveled off. But instead it all came back to her now. All of the sweets, the pastries and coffee, the meals they went out to get, the lack of salads, the fruit she just never got around to buying, and sleeping in instead of exercising.

So many thoughts entered her head, how was Scott going to react? What about her grandmother? Her mother? Oh god she was going to have to go back to her sweats now. What if nothing fit her? She didn't even want to leave her bedroom. One missed day of classes wouldn't hurt; she could count it as a sick day. She needed someone to talk to.

She took out her phone and dialed a very familiar number.

"Mom…there's a bit of a problem. Can you come to Yale" Rory asked in a sad, pathetic, little voice as she climbed back into bed and wrapped the blankets around her. She didn't want anyone seeing her body right now.

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Chapter 17

Paris was worried about Rory. She had gotten back from her class and expected her room to be empty but instead found Rory still in bed.

"Is everything okay?" Paris asked concerned about her friend.

"I'm fine…just waiting on my mom to get here" Rory said staying in her bed and wrapping the blankets tighter around her. Normally Paris would have just ignored her and went on with her life. But Terrance told her that she needed to be more…open to people and it wasn't like Rory was going to hurt her.

"Really? Because you don't seem fine to me. Are you sick? Can I get you anything? Did someone do or say something to you?" Paris asked instantly imagining the worst.

Rory noticed the concern in her friends' eyes. She let out a sigh suddenly feeling a pang of guilt in her stomach. She didn't mean to make Paris go crazy. Really this wasn't THAT big a deal when there were people starving in the world and she wasn't hurt physically. Rory shook her head no.

"Paris…it's nothing really. I'll tell you when my mom gets here. But I'm not hurt or dying. It'll just be easier to tell you together" Rory said staring into Paris's eyes. Paris nodded in understanding.

"Fine" Paris mumbled as she walked over to the crafts corner. She needed to burn off some of this nervous energy.

Rory sighed feeling bad about making her friend worry like this about her. But she needed her mother here. She needed to comfort of her. She squeezed her stomach fat and felt mad at it. Why did this have to happen to her?

Lorelai had been working on preparing stuff for a catering job when Rory had called. It wasn't exactly the work that she loved to do but this job would give her more time on some of the bills. In the past month her financial situation had deteriorated even more. She wasn't in super belt tightening mode yet but it was getting there. She snacked on some mini-donuts as she went over some stuff. They were having a huge sale so she had a lot of them.

But as soon as Rory called she dropped everything that she was doing to go to her daughter. She couldn't' tell what was wrong over the phone but it sounded bad. At least she wasn't in the hospital, so it couldn't be that bad. But what if something had happened? What if that new boyfriend hurt her? Oh Lorelai was going to kill him if he did that to her sweet, caring daughter. She brought her coffee and grabbed another small thing of mini-donuts and she was on her way.

The drive to Yale was cut in about half; no way that Lorelai wasn't going to get to her daughter in record time. She also finished off her donuts in record time. Getting to Yale she parked in the first spot she could find, tickets be damned and made her way to their apartment. She knocked on the door impatiently as she waited for someone to answer. Her left leg was shaking nervously as every second seemed like an hour.

Paris answered the door.

"She's not telling me anything. All I know is that she's not hurt" she said letting Lorelai in.

She let out a sigh of relief, well that's good.

"Did she tell you anything?" she asked.

"Nope, she said she wanted to wait for you. She hasn't left her bed, so I don't know what the hell is wrong. I left this morning like always and when I got back she wasn't in class but she was in bed crying a bit," Paris said starting to connect the dots.

"What do you think?" Lorelai asked Paris noting the look on her face.

"Maybe Scott broke up with her. I mean why else would she call you and still be in bed? I mean I know they've only been going out a few weeks but she does really like him." she suggested.

"Well let's go and find out" Lorelai said hoping that wasn't it for her daughters sake. They entered the room together and saw Rory still under the blanket.

"Hey Rory, mommy's here. What's wrong sweets?" Lorelai asked sitting on the edge of the bed.

Rory wasn't really sure what to say to her mother. True she had been working up stuff to say but none of it sounded right and she wasn't really sure how to say it. Plus the more she thought about it the more she thought she was making too big a deal out of it. Women gained weight all the time. Granted they didn't have Emily Gilmore in their family but still.

Rory didn't have any other way to say it so she just threw her blanket off her body, showing off her swollen belly. She looked down in shame.

Paris looked at her in disbelief for two reasons. The first that she was making such a big deal over weight gain and the second because she had gained more weight. They had been trying to help her but she just seemed to ignore them. She wanted to say something to Rory but could somewhat sympathize with her. Her mother had always been on her about her weight. Still she was acting like a bit of a brat forcing her mom to drive up here and having the both of them worry so much about her.

Lorelai just looked at her daughter sadly and pulled her into a hug.

"Oh honey…what happened? You were doing so well on your diet" she said. That was a half truth, her diet had been going semi-well but it wasn't like she was shrinking week after week after week.

"I gained ten fricking pounds" Rory spat out surprising everyone in the room. She grabbed the blanket and covered herself back up; she didn't want anyone to see her body.

"Well I can see that" Lorelai said staring at her daughter.

"But what I mean is…why'd you go off your diet?" she asked.

"I don't know. I didn't mean too. I kept eating salads at first. But then Scott and I started going out…oh god what's Scott going to think?" Rory asked. She had been trying not to think about that but it was right there in the foreground of her mind again. What would her boyfriend think of a girl who seemed to just keep on expanding.

"Well if he's worth a damn then he's not going to care," Paris said leaning against the wall and crossing her arms. Seriously no matter what Rory thought she still looked amazing in Paris's opinion.

"I mean it's not like you're obese or anything" she muttered.

Lorelai just nodded.

"Well Paris is right about that. Scott shouldn't care at all about how much you weigh. I mean you're still the same Rory you were when he first met you" Lorelai said rubbing Rory's arm to comfort her.

While Paris was standing there she noticed something about Lorelai. As Lorelai leaned in to comfort Rory she noticed that skirt she was wearing was awfully tight. The skirt was so tight that she could see Lorelai's panty lines through the tight fabric of her skirt. She raised an eyebrow at this. Maybe it was just the skirt but there was something that seemed different. Was she wider than before? Dammit now Paris just had to know so she carefully made her way to the other side of the bed.

All the while Lorelai was trying to calm down Rory who finally seemed to believe that it would be alright, except for one major thing.

"What are we going to do about grandma? She wasn't happy before and I doubt she'll be happy about this," she said pinching the fat on her cheeks a bit.

Lorelai's mind began racing to come up with a universe where this could work out for everyone. Then an idea came to her mind.

"Alright this isn't the end of the world. Winter's coming up. That means big, bulky clothes, Emily will never notice. You just need to stick to sweaters and such for the time being. Then by spring when you're thin again she'll be none the wiser," Lorelai said proud of herself for that plan.

Rory thought about it and it seemed like it could work.

"I guess that'll work, but how am I going to lose this weight. I feel like a blimp," she pouted looking down at her bloated figure.

Paris had remained quiet and moved to the other side of the room. Looking at Lorelai's face she was sure that the woman had gained some weight now. If she had to compare it to Rory's she's put it at ten pounds from the looks of things. Paris wasn't too surprised at this. She knew the way that both of them ate. It was bound to affect them at some point. She was just surprised it seemed to be happening at the same time for both of them. She stayed quiet.

"Okay, that's settled. Now we need to work on your self control. This kind of stuff happens but if you're this concerned about gaining weight we need to get you on a strict diet. Even stricter than before," Lorelai said. Rory's face looked crestfallen, she knew this was coming and she had to do it but she had been so happy lately and now she was going back to counting calories. Which she knew she should have been doing anyway, but now it was even worse than before.

"Have you been exercising enough?" Lorelai asked. Rory's lack of a response gave her the answer she was looking for.

"Well alright see there's part of your problem right there. You stopped working out. You need to get back to that. It's the only way to keep your weight steady. I can't tell you how much weight I lost when I was a maid. That was just from cleaning and moving around the place as fast as I could. That little bit of baby weight I had from you just fell off," Lorelai said smiling.

That gave Rory some hope. If her mother could lose weight just by cleaning she could go and do something simple to help her. She'd just keep on jogging. She'd never admit it but during that small period where she was doing it a lot she was feeling a lot better about herself.

"Thanks mom…I'm sorry I had to call and worry you like that but I was just so worried about everything and…I guess I got a bit worried and overreacted about everything," Rory said feeling slightly better but she was still very nervous. She'd have to see Scott at some point and he'd feel just how much bigger she was. Her grandmother had the eye of a hawk and Rory wasn't totally convinced the plan would work but she was willing to believe it. It wasn't like she never wore big sweaters in winter.

"It's fine; I understand why you needed me. This can't be easy for you. But just keep working out and eating healthy. Trust me you'll look how you want then." Lorelai said standing up. Her shirt rode up a little bit and she tugged it over her waist.

"Now I have to go and get back to Stars Hollow. That inn isn't going to open itself. You okay?" she asked fidgeting with the hem of her skirt. Why did this feel so tight?

Rory just nodded.

"Thanks and I'll be fine. I'm feeling a lot better. I'll see you this weekend" she said hugging her mother. Lorelai smiled.

"Keep your head up and you'll be fine," Lorelai said as she started to leave. Just as she was about to leave the room she noticed a half eaten box of chocolates. She picked it up and looked at Rory with her left eyebrow raised.

"Scott thought it'd be sweet if a sweet heart like me had some sweets to snack on while I studied. You can take them though," Rory said.

Lorelai just nodded and ate a chocolate out of the box. Her eyes widened.

"Well I have to say this about the boy that I've never met. He has very good taste," Lorelai said leaving and popping another chocolate in her mouth.

Paris wanted to laugh at this entire situation. Here Lorelai was giving her lectures and it looked like she wasn't practicing what she preached to Rory. The entire situation was just crazy to her. Lorelai seemed to be just as blind as Rory had been. Emily was going to go nuts on the both of them if they didn't watch what they ate more closely.

Rory looked up at Paris. "I'm sorry about earlier. I know this is nuts but…"

"Forget about it. I'd be lying if I said that I never was concerned about stuff like this. Besides you still look really good," Paris assured her.

Rory smiled.

"So you really don't think Scott will think I'm awful looking now?" she asked.

Paris rolled her eyes at that.

"Trust me, he's crazy about you. More than just physically. He seems nice enough. You'll be fine and if he does break up with you then screw him. You could go anywhere on campus and find a single guy willing to date you. I hate to say it but you still look amazing 24/7," she said.

Rory smiled.

"Thanks Paris, I needed that. Well I'm going to call him and tell him to come over. He might as well see me, as me," she said with a bit of dread in her voice. Even if her mind told her that she'd be better off without him if he did breakup with her, her heart would still hurt a bit.

"Okay, well I have a class soon but if you need anything I'll be back later," Paris said getting her stuff ready. Rory just nodded and pulled off her phone. It was like a bandage, just had to do this quick and whatever happened well that's what was meant to happen.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 161 lbs

Chapter 18

Paris left Rory in their room, Scott wouldn't be here for another half an hour and the larger girl was pacing. It was starting to annoy Paris. She still had a good ten minutes before she had to leave for class but today she chose to leave early.

While she was walking Paris took the time to think things over. Rory was gaining weight. If you had asked Paris about that three years ago she would have been gleeful. The princess of Hicktown, USA wouldn't be so perfect after all. Man Paris had been a bitch back then. But she had wanted to be the best and she still wanted that. Only now she felt close to Rory and did actually feel sorry that she was gaining weight like this.

She really had no idea how to help her friend though. She couldn't watch what Rory ate all the time and she couldn't make her exercise. She let out a frustrated sigh. Just then an idea hit her; Rory had learned from her mother that her gluttonous eating habits were acceptable. She had learned them so she could unlearn them. It wouldn't be easy but if she could get Rory to just follow a diet she made up for her for two weeks that should be enough. As much as it embarrassed her she still had some of her mothers' old diet tips and meal plans around. True she had never been fat but her mother wasn't willing to take that chance.

Paris smiled and wondered why she hadn't thought of this earlier. For better or worse her mothers' diet tips still stuck with her to this day, she wouldn't be cruel like her mother but she'd give her some tough love. Maybe if she could succeed with Rory she could apply it and sell it to other people who needed help.

Rory hated that Paris had left. At least with Paris around she'd have someone to talk to while she waited for him to arrive. Instead she was pacing around in her sweats and a not so cute shirt. Her hair was a mess, and she didn't have any makeup on. Yep this was the worst that she had looked in a while and he was going to see her like this. The thought nearly crippled her. Was a month long enough for him to be able to see her like this? Should she wait longer? Should she do her hair? She wasn't sure what to do and she didn't have anyone to calm her down. She always knew where she stood with Dean and Jess until the end of those relationships but here she was lost in fog.

She took a deep breath and looked in the mirror.

"Alright Gilmore you can do this! You are a strong woman and if he dumps you because of your weight then he's an asshole. Any man who would dump you over that isn't worth your time. Just be confident and whatever happens will happen. You don't even know if he's the one. So suck it up and just talk with him about it" she told herself suddenly feeling better. Sure she was nervous as hell but she knew she wouldn't break.

She also couldn't help but be amused by this situation. Had it been a test it would have been no problem whatsoever. But when it came to guys she couldn't help as nervous as when she had first met Dean.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Rory felt nervous about this but it was something that had to be done. Her legs were shaking a little bit but she made her way to the door and put a big, fake smile on her face.

Scott had been concerned when he heard Rory's voice over the phone. He wasn't sure what was wrong with her but it was clear that something was bothering his girlfriend. He would have gotten there sooner but he needed a moment to clean himself up and after she made it clear that it was not a life or death issue he felt better.

Still he rushed and dressed more casually than he would have liked but he had gotten there in near record time. His mind was going over and over anything that it could have been. But he wasn't coming up with anything at all. He felt sick to his stomach as he walked up to her door. He knew that it was useless to speculate but still he felt the need to. He was very worried about her and hoped that it wasn't anything too big.

He knocked on her door and waited a few seconds for her to answer the door. He was taken aback as soon as Rory answered the door. Instead of the usual perky and cute looking woman that he had become accustomed to seeing he instead found a totally different woman.

Her eyes were red from crying, her face looked all puffy. Her hair, well had it been a different case he would have liked to see her hair messed up like that but in this case he only felt concern for her. She was still in her pajamas and that only confused him. What could have happened this early in the morning that would cause her this much distress?

"Is everything alright?" he asked quickly as he walked in.

"No, I mean yes…I mean I really don't know. I woke up this morning and realized something…" Rory said taking a deep breath. She felt a weight on her chest and was doing her best not to panic.

"And what was that?" Scott asked very confused about all of this now. She wasn't bleeding and she wasn't dying. Was it something with him? Could it be she was going to break up with him. The crying was because it was a tough decision but she just didn't want to be in a relationship right now and she felt bad about it. He knew how big her heart was and normally she wouldn't do it but had gotten emotional and now felt bad about this entire situation. He prepared himself for the inevitable.

"I mean…I guess it's kinda small but not really. I mean you've been so sweet. Bringing me food and everything but…Scott you need to stop it. I tried to put on my jeans today and I've gained ten pounds," Rory said looking down at her feet unhappily.

Scott looked at her like she had grown a second and even third head.

"Wait, what? You've gained weight? That's why you're going all crazy? Phew, I have to say you had me panicked there for a minute," he said laughing it off.

Rory looked at him with her mouth agape. "This is a big deal! Ten pounds in three weeks isn't good and I've been trying to lose weight" she said pinching her stomach flab unhappily.

Scott walked over to her and shook his head.

"Everyone gains a little bit of weight. It's no big deal. I didn't even notice it" he said giving her a hug.

That made Rory feel better, at least it wasn't that noticeable to him. But he wasn't Emily Gilmore.

"It is a big deal…I know you didn't know me at the beginning of the semester but I've gained like forty pounds!" she said before she could stop herself. Curse her big mouth.

He just looked her over. "Really? Then you must have been a bit underweight because you look great to me" he said looking at her body a bit closer. There was a bit of a difference but it wasn't too bad. She looked softer, a bit plumper, but really it didn't look that bad on her.

"You look amazing to me. I'm serious here," he said. He was telling the truth too. He had a varying taste in women and really she was fine to him. Yes she was a bit curvy but that wasn't bad.

A wide smile came to Rory's face. That weight was off her chest.

"I'm glad you think so but it doesn't change the fact that I have to start losing some weight" she said pouting a bit looking at her body but feeling amazing in his arms.

Scott just rolled his eyes. "As long as it's what you want. I mean if you're doing it just because you hate your body or feel a need to be perfect then don't. But if it's for health then I'll help you with it. I'll start bringing you oranges from now on" he said hugging her tighter. He was feeling a little bold so he squeezed her ass ever so lightly. Damn, she wasn't kidding she had gained weight and it seemed to take residence in her ass.

Rory blushed a bit at him. Her initial reaction was to think that he thought she was gross but she could feel his erection through his jeans. It was a must needed self confidence boost.

"Aww you're too sweet," she said pulling him closer to her.

"You know looking at you; I couldn't tell you've gained any weight. You sure the scale isn't broken?" he said trying to make her feel a little bit better. But just the way that his hands explored her body it was obvious that she had gained weight. Still he wanted her to feel beautiful. He'd just stop bringing her sweets and taking her out as much.

"Oh trust me I've gained weight. You just can't tell because of the sweats," she said.

"Well if you want you can show me. Because I'm sure that you're just as sexy as ever" he said kissing her neck. He knew the part that he had to play here. He was the supportive boyfriend and honestly the weight didn't really bother him at all. Fact of the matter was that he was a bit turned on right now and any excuse to get here out of her clothes would be a plus.

Rory shook her head no right away. The very thought of showing off her body to anyone right now was mortifying. Even Scott who as sweet as he was, was still a new boyfriend to her. Although she'd be lying if she said she wasn't interested in seeing him with his shirt off right now too.

"Well alright but you know that I think you're beautiful no matter what. A little more of you doesn't change anything, is that why you called me and sounded all freaked out?" he asked knowing the answer as soon as her face began to turn beet red.

"Maybe…but I was just paranoid. I mean I know how some guys react when stuff like this happens and I just thought that you might be a jerk disguised as a really nice guy. Which I know now is insane but still I didn't know what you were thinking. I mean you never acted like you were really superficial but I know a ton of girls who meet guys like that and then it ends up being a Lifetime movie and…"

"Rory, take a second and breathe," he said stopping her rant. She was talking so fast that he had a bit of trouble understanding the end but he got the point of it.

"It's fine and I know what you mean you don't need to freak out about this. Anything you need to help you lose weight I'm happy to help with" he said.

Rory could feel her heart melting as he spoke. He was being so kind about this. She wished that she knew something that she could do for him. Just to show how grateful she was.

"You know you're amazing. Dealing with me and meeting my family this weekend. Let's just say that something good is going to come your way because of this. Oh and don't mention anything about this to my grandma. She's not exactly the most understanding about this small issue," she said.

Scott just nodded at her. "My lips are sealed and I really can't wait to see what kind of good is going to come my way," he said, his voice husky. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't hoping for this to end in some sort of sexual act. He was only human and while he wasn't going to force her, it was college and he would like to see what she was like between the sheets.

"So…it's about lunchtime. Have you had anything to eat? We can get you a soup and salad" he said.

"Oh and we can walk there" he added in.

Rory smiled, "Sure, just let me go and get dressed and we can go" she walked into her room with an extra bounce in her step causing some jiggle in her entire body. Scott watched her walk away and although he knew she was heavier than the average sorority girl he found himself very excited about the upcoming weekend.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 161 lbs

Chapter 19

Rory was laying in her bedroom in Stars Hollow nervous for the day ahead. They had gotten out of Friday night dinner yesterday since they had to be up early to tailgate for the game. She had decided to go home and see her mom. Otherwise she would have just been pacing around the room all night. She was worried that her grandmother would notice the small amount of weight she had gained. She would have spent the night with Scott but they had agreed to Saturday night.

That was another reason why she was so nervous today. She and Scott were going to spend the night together and she had promised him something good. It couldn't be something that could have been a surprise on any other night. True she shouldn't have been as grateful about this as she was but he had made her feel so much better about herself and he was already changing their dates so that they'd only go to healthy places.

The only question was what to do. She wasn't ready to have sex with him, at least not yet. They were in college though and wasn't that a normal thing to do in college? But the more she thought about it the more she realized that she just wasn't ready for it yet. Still she wanted to show off to him in some way and she actually wanted him to see her body. After all that would be the true test. If he wasn't disgusted with her flabby body after seeing it then he was a keeper.

She was thinking something romantic, where they could be alone and maybe…have some fun. Not all the way but some sort of situation close to that. Jess had awoken something inside of her that needed to be nourished and after months of him being gone that part was aching for attention. Yes, that part would get attention tonight. She had decided on it. She looked over the Pro/Con list that she had written out yesterday. She crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it away. The last thing she needed was her mom finding it.

She got up and looked out her window. She smiled; it looked cold outside today, perfect jacket weather. Only problem was that she couldn't wear black. She would pick the college with blue and white team colors. Still big bulky coats were her friends today. She smiled as she dug around in her closet to find something that would suit her.

Meanwhile Lorelai was in her room trying to find something to wear for the day. She stood in her room in just her bra and panties while digging through her clothes to find something to wear. Lorelai had gained about ten pounds over the last couple of weeks. A bit more noticeable on her given how she loved to wear tight clothes.

Right now she was trying to wiggle her way into jeans. Rory took after her mother in many different ways this also included body shape. Her ass, hips, and thighs had all grown and were now covered in cellulite. Mostly due to her age and now recent weight gain.

The rest of her body also looked flabby, pasty, and generally un-toned. While Rory still had the gift of youth Lorelai was slowly getting older. At thirty six no one was ready to call her an old maid but her bad diet and lack of exercise was taking its toll now. She was still beautiful but the recent weight gain wasn't helping and just walking around wasn't cutting it for her anymore.

Lorelai smiled as she ended up fitting into the jeans and she found a cute crimson top to wear with it. She was unconcerned about the pinching that her pants were doing. It wasn't awful and really it just felt like a really bad bloat. She'd just need to be on her feet more. Not that she wasn't already; life had just become so stressful for her. Plus not being able to work every day left her just sitting on the couch working on inn stuff some days.

She walked downstairs to find her daughter.

"Rory, you ready to go?" she called out. Rory walked out of her room nervously.

"What do you think? Does it make me look thinner?" she asked not believing that she actually had to ask her mom that question. Lorelai took a quick look and nodded at her.

"You look great. Grandma will never be able to tell. Just don't let her hug you tight" Lorelai said and they were off. Lorelai tugged at the hem of her jeans. God they were tighter than she had thought.

As they drove Rory sent Scott a message telling him where to meet them. This might actually work out fine for them. Grandma and Grandpa might be too concerned about meeting him and the attention could be taken away from her. By the time they reached the spot Scott was already there waiting for them with coffee.

"Hey I brought you guys some coffee, hope you haven't had any yet" he said. Lorelai and Rory grabbed the cups and smiled.

"We already have but we could always use some more. You're too sweet" Rory said sipping her coffee.

"Well you've won me over," Lorelai said greedily gulping down her coffee. Rory just rolled her eyes at her mother.

"Thank you for the coffee and trust me once my mother actually gets to know you she'll love you," Rory said.

"Please coffee is all I need. Welcome to the family," Lorelai said jokingly.

"Just ignore that, it's still too early for her," Rory said. Scott just nodded amazed at how similar his girlfriend and her mother were. He had heard Rory talk about Lorelai often and how they were the same, for the most part. But seeing it was truly believing it.

"Well it's still nice meeting you," Scott said extending his hand. Lorelai shook it and smiled. He was cute. If there was one thing that she could never doubt it was Rory's taste in boys. Okay Jess withstanding. But every girl had to date a guy like Jess in her life. Now this guy seemed like a keeper to her.

Just then Emily and Richard walked up to them.

"Good morning all, oh god Lorelai what are you wearing?" Richard asked just shaking his head. Emily looked at her daughter aghast.

"What?" Lorelai asked wondering what she could have done by just smiling at them.

"Lorelai, that shirt is Harvard's color. Here wear this," Emily said handing one of her coats to Lorelai.

"What? I didn't know," Lorelai pouted putting the jacket on. Of course she would end up wearing the wrong color today.

"Ah you must be Scott. My granddaughter speaks highly of you," Richard said sizing him up. He was dressed well, seemed happy to be here, and certainly looked better than either Dean or that one boy Emily had met.

Scott stuck his hand out to Richard.

"You would be correct and you must be Mr. Gilmore. Rory speaks very highly for you too," he said. Richard smiled and shook his hand. A nice firm grip. He smiled, so far so good.

"And you must be the lovely Mrs. Gilmore," Scott has shaking Emily's hand. Emily smiled politely at him looking for something wrong but at first glance found nothing.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you," Emily said telling herself she had to be nice and give him a chance. He couldn't be as worse as the last one.

"Well shall we head out?" Richard asked and they all nodded yes. Rory got close to her grandmother very quickly to say hello but then walked behind her. The last thing she needed was Emily commenting on her weight.

She didn't need to worry about that though. Emily was so concerned with trying to find out more about Scott she could have cared less about Rory. Plus her heavy jacket helped the illusion of making her look small.

The day was actually going fairly well. Scott was wowing her grandfather by talking about his fraternity and the fact that his GPA was 3.8 and he was majoring in economics. Emily found him to be polite and very well mannered. She had warmed up a bit more during the day. The amount of alcohol being served didn't hurt either.

(A/N: Yeah I suck at taking dialogue from episodes and putting them in stories so I'm assuming you've seen the Harvard/Yale episode only with Scott trying to impress Richard and Emily).

Scott for his part was just being himself and was wowing her grandparents. True he wasn't part of the Hartford elite but he was close enough and a Yale man to boot. When they reached the tailgating spot Rory did her best not to eat anything too fast or too much. That would have sent a clear signal to her grandmother that she wasn't trying to lose weight. Lorelai on the other hand kept drinking and eating. Things ended up getting really awkward really fast though. Lorelai had a bit too much to drink and of course ended up causing dominoes to fall and Emily ended up snapping at Richard.

Lorelai ended up leaving and having dinner with Jason while Scott and Rory were stuck with the unhappy couple. Both Rory and Scott felt awkward but were unable to relieve the tension so they just talked with each other while trying to start up conversations with her grandparents only to be shot down. Eventually the game came to an end and Scott and Rory were left alone with each other.

"Well they seemed to like you," Rory said as they walked around the campus.

"Does every meeting with your grandparents end like this?" he asked, his arm wrapped around her waist.

"Only when my mom is around and it was just bad luck today." she mused her stomach rumbling a bit.

"Did you eat today?" he asked hearing it.

"Yep, non-sugary cereal for breakfast, what we had for lunch and that was it. I've been doing well on my diet today. I'm fine though. My stomach just needs to learn it can't have food 24/7," she said smiling as they walked. The moment was upon her and she needed to do this.

"Hey I was thinking that we could go back to your place for a while. After all you have a room to yourself," she said. Scott looked at her funny, he wasn't sure what that meant but it had to be worth it to find out.

"Sure thing," he said leading her towards his place. Both of them so caught up in the moment they missed Paris kissing Professor Fleming.

Eventually they reached his place. Rory's heart was racing, this might be the craziest thing she's ever done. But it would be worth it. As soon as the door was closed Rory leaned in and started kissing him. Scott was taken aback. Rory had never been so bold but no reason for him to complain. His hands moved and cupped her now large posterior.

"Where is this coming from?" he asked when they came up for air. Her lips tasted amazing and he wanted more of her.

"Oh just as a little thank you for being so supportive this week," she said feeling his muscular arms.

"I'm not ready to…well you know yet. But I…" she started.

Scott shushed her. "It's fine. We don't need to. Let's just stick to what you're comfortable with," he said leaning and kissing her this time. Rory started to take off her layers on top. Her pants weren't coming off tonight but soon enough her shirt had come off leaving her in only her bra and pants. Scott was topless on top.

The difference between them couldn't have been more different. Scott was by no means Mr. Universe but he was certainly well cut and toned. Rory on the other hand was un-toned and pale. Her breasts were nearly popping out of her red lace bra. Her waistline was bulging over her jeans. Her small belly and love handles showing. She was a bit embarrassed being this undressed in front of him and was blushing.

Scott could tell her nervousness and leaned in to kiss her.

"Don't be embarrassed, you're beautiful" he said kissing her. Once the kiss was broken Rory started to undo her bra much to the joy of Scott.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 160 lbs

Chapter 20

Rory awoke the next morning next to Scott, who was still fast asleep. She smiled as she thought of last night. They hadn't gone all the way or even did anything that sexual but the fact that she had been topless in front of him was a huge step for her. He seemed to enjoy it and she was so tired she decided to spend the night.

It ended up being so amazing she had wondered why she had waited so long to do it. Dean had pushed her a few times but she just never felt comfortable with it. By the end of their relationship she hadn't really wanted to do anything with Dean really. There were a few times that she had considered it, thinking it may save the relationship but she had been too scared to go along with it.

Jess…well he was a horse of a different color. Her relationship with Jess had been far more physical than it had with Dean. But still she had done nothing with him. It wasn't because he hadn't wanted to do anything but it was her senior year. She had college coming up and images of her mother kept playing in her mind. She didn't want to be that girl who ended up getting pregnant. That meant other than kissing everything else was basically off limits. It was a pity though; she had been planning a graduation gift for him. As long as he had been wearing a condom.

She didn't feel as strongly about Scott as she had with Jess but she was still feeling some strong feelings for him. She cuddled a little bit closer to him. This was nice; the way she felt last night was amazing. Maybe she should have gone a bit further with him. But it just didn't feel like it was the right time for them.

Of course Rory knew the reasons. They'd only been together for about a month. Too short for her to even consider it and honestly she wanted her first time to be memorable in every way and when she was thin. She knew it was superficial but she wanted to be her cute tiny self. Well not what she had been earlier this year. After walking around Europe and not eating regularly she probably had been a bit thin. But regardless she was still heavier than she had ever been. She wanted to be toned; she didn't want her body to jiggle.

Just then Scott started to stir; he opened his eyes and smiled at her.

"Hey…how'd you sleep?" he asked smiling at her. Happy to see her and happy because he knew that she was only wearing her panties. He thought back to last night and how sensitive she was when she took her pants off. They were digging into her skin and had left red marks around her waist.

He didn't think she looked bad but she wasn't a fan of them and quickly tried to take his mind off it. He wasn't exactly too happy about the lack of sex. He wasn't mad at her and he respected her decision but he was a man and did feel a bit miffed she didn't want to go all the way. But she was a special girl, he could wait.

Rory blushed and covered her bare breasts with his blanket.

"Hey…I had fun last night too" she said giving him a kiss.

"We'll have to do that again. You were so beautiful" he said his hand moving her to fleshy ass and giving it a squeeze.

Rory chuckled at him and batted his hand away. While she did enjoy him telling her that she was beautiful she couldn't help but worry that one hug would make him realize how crazy he was for dating a…chubby girl. She didn't like calling herself that and really she was borderline chubby but she was chubby nonetheless.

"What time is it?" he asked turning around to look at his clock.

"Wow…how late were we up last night?" he asked.

"Umm I was kind of focused on you so I don't really know, why?" she said wrapping her arms around him. She wasn't going to be little Miss Naïve anymore, she was in college, she was an adult it was time to spread her wings and be bold.

"Well it's already eleven. Looks like we were tired last night, I know you have to study but you want to go to lunch? We can go to that soup and salad place," he said.

Rory grimaced at that idea.

"Please you know you don't want to do that. Besides it's Sunday we can have some fun. Let's just go to Chili's, I can get a salad or soup there," she said.

Scott looked at her suspiciously, as if this was some sort of test. But he shrugged if she was fine with it then he was too.

"Alright, let's get dressed," he said.

They climbed out of bed and within 30 minutes were seated and debating what to order. As Rory looked over the menu nothing looked really good to her. Well she should take that back, a lot looked good to her but none of the soups or salads did. She was hungry and needed some protein in her body.

"I'm going to get the fajitas…" she said closing her menu.

Scott looked at her like she was crazy.

"But what about your…fitness plan" he said not wanting to say diet.

"Well I'm getting water to drink instead of pop. So I'm actually decreasing the calories and the sugar. Plus this is grilled so it's good for me right?" she asked ignoring the fact that everything was cooked in butter.

"Well it might be better to get something lighter. I'm not saying don't get real food. But how about a sandwich or something? I mean if you're getting water then having something lighter would mean less calories and you'd well lose weight" he said feeling his mouth going dry.

Rory thought it over for a moment before reopening the menu. They did have a turkey club that is she got without Mayo would actually be pretty good for her.

"You're right…I'm getting a turkey club, no mayo. Thanks for looking out for me" she said holding his hand and smiling over at him.

The rest of lunch went well. Rory ate her turkey club that came with fries so she had to eat those too. They also had to get an appetizer of chips and salsa. So she actually consumed more calories than she would have liked but she didn't have breakfast so really it was fine. Besides the water would help, she was going to give up soda. That was the main problem, at least in her mind.

When she got back to her room she found Paris working on her crafts with a dreamy smile on her face.

"Where were you last night?" Paris asked not looking up.

"I decided to spend the night with Scott and not like THAT," Rory said not wanting to give Paris any information of her romantic life.

"Well good for you," she said basically dismissing her. Ah another day with Paris. Rory headed towards their room to get her books. She debated calling her mom but she wasn't sure how she felt about it yet and wanted to process it a bit longer before she talked to her mom. She went to pick up a piece of fruit but it didn't seem appealing to her. She noticed a bag of Skittles on Paris's desk.

Paris could kill her but it wasn't like there weren't vending machines. Plus she had been so good at lunch a little prize wouldn't hurt. She knew it wasn't good but she was still addicted to sugar and needed her fix. She opened the bag very quietly and started downing them and started reading a chapter in her history books.

Ah the fun of gen eds, she thought as she got the sugar fix that she desperately needed.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 160 lbs

Chapter 21

Rory thought she was going to go insane. Between classes, not enough time to talk with her mom, and her 'dieting' she didn't feel like she had an outlet for anything. Still it was getting near the end of the semester and finals were coming up.

The problem was Rory wasn't exactly sure how to deal with the stress now. Oh sure when she was at home she could talk to her mom but that wasn't exactly looking like an option right now. Paris…well she was Paris. Sure Rory could have talked to her but she just kept on getting this weird vibe from her. She wasn't exactly sure what was going on with her. All she knew was that Paris was going out more. But hey it meant she had the room to herself.

Thanksgiving had ended up being a non-issue. Her grandpa had to go on a business trip and her grandma went with him. So at least that meant that she didn't have to face them. She also ended up being very good over Thanksgiving. The fact that she had worn pants that nearly cut off her circulation helped matters and reminded her 'A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips'.

Something she noticed while at home though was her mother. It was the last time they had really talked and she seemed more stressed out. Her face also seemed…plumper. She would not have noted it if she wasn't so focused on weight but something seemed off. She didn't bring it up though. She just wanted to have a good time with her mom.

Her relationship with Scott was still steady. Nothing too new had happened since the game. She wasn't sure if she wanted it to progress any further though. Oh well at least she was in a relationship. Otherwise she might still be pining for Jess or Dean. Those were roads she sure as hell wanted to avoid for the time being.

Still there was reason to celebrate. She had just weighed herself today and she wasn't any heavier than before. She was a pound lighter but that was probably water weight anyway. She was taking the time now to look over the health notes. She was all alone and didn't have to worry about anyone bothering her. Looking over them she found some fairly basic stuff that she just hadn't been able to put together. Drink water, not soda. Walk a lot. Watch your calories. Don't eat sugar. She sighed. All of them seemed pretty easy except the soda and sugar part.

Sure her coffee addiction was well documented by many many people. But it wasn't like she didn't eat copious amounts of sugar all the time. Especially when she was with her mom, she couldn't stop eating sugar. She looked down and pinched a roll of soft flab on her waist imagining the donuts that had contributed to it. She grimaced and let go of the flab like it was a hot potato. She looked at the time. It was getting to be the late evening. Not the best time for a college girl to be out alone but a walk around campus wouldn't hurt. She'd just keep her pepper spray on her. At least she'd be burning calories.

The hour walk that she had planned ended up being about half an hour. It was cold and her thighs rubbing together wasn't exactly a pleasant sensation. Hey it was still better than nothing. Once back she ended up looking at her calendar. Okay she only had to make it a few weeks until Winter Break. She could do that no problem.

Academics wise it ended up being no problem. Sure there was a lot of studying involved but it was worth it. Food-wise was a different story. It was so hard for her to not eat sugar. In fact she had been successful at avoiding sugar the first day or two. Then the withdrawal symptoms started and well she had to at least have a soda and candy bar every day. She couldn't deal with headaches right now. Still that ended up being the only unhealthy eating that she was able to do. She ended up studying a lot with Janet and Paris. Tana was off in her own little world but would join them on occasion.

Studying with Janet meant there were a lot of healthy snacks around. Fruit, veggies, and the like. Someone who seemed to really be benefitting from spending time around Janet was Paris. Now no one would say that Paris was anything other than thin before. But all the healthy eating really seemed to just add a bit of a glow around her. She seemed happier too. Rory thought it had to be the food although there could have been other reasons. Still she seemed less stressed and that was more than enough of an excuse for Rory to not grab candy every single time she reached for something to snack on.

The effects ended up being mixed. She didn't lose any weight but once again she hadn't lost any weight. A fact that was beginning to frustrate her, true Scott didn't seem to mind but she didn't want to keep on testing the waters to see if he'd stay around. Oh well she wouldn't worry about that now. She was on her way back home for Winter Break but he was going to come to Star's Hollow in a week or so. She smiled at that but it worried her at the same time. She knew how her mom could be.

The first week of Winter Break ended up being very lazy for Rory. Lorelai couldn't afford to rest because of the Dragonfly but Rory felt she deserved a break. Her week was spent catching p on some reading that she had been wanting to do while watching TV and hanging out around the town. She'd leave every once in a while to see Lane. At least her band seemed to be going well and that new job at Luke's wasn't exactly hurting her either.

Although oddly they hadn't gone to Luke's as much as they normally would in the past. Rory found that a bit odd but just assumed that her mom was actually respecting her diet. Something that Rory felt Lorelai needed to do. She knew she wasn't one to judge but her mother did look downright plump. Still being her mother she just seemed to carry it well. It wasn't slowing her down at all and she seemed just as perky. So she wasn't going to bring it up. Still she wished that she could be more like that. Instead she felt the need to hide away.

That ended up finally affecting her body. She ended up gaining three pounds during her week of laziness bringing her totally up to 153 pounds. Not too noticeable but the fact was she needed to move around a bit more. Two movie nights didn't help during the week either but she chose to ignore those moments.

Still she was happy though Scott was coming to visit her today and he was staying for the weekend. She thanked the lord that her grandparents ended up going away on vacation. She didn't have to see them until after New Year's and hopefully she'd be slimmer by then. She ended up dressing up in a nice pair of jeans that actually fit her, thus making her weight gain less noticeable. Along with a nice black sweater. She felt a warmth inside her body as she imagined Scott touching it again. It flustered her a little bit.

"Mom he's going to be here any second" Rory cried out as she checked her hair and made sure that everything looked good.

"Just a minute…" Lorelai said. She was locked in a battle right now. A nightmare for some women, her pants wouldn't button. She was sucking in her stomach as much as she could but the damn pants wouldn't budge. Eventually she let out a breath and stood up. Time to try another pair of pants, she thought. But looking in the mirror she knew that she needed a bigger pair.

Lorelai was not as dense as her daughter. She had realized about a month ago that she was gaining weight. You don't wear as many tight clothes as she does and not realize that fact. The difference was that she didn't have the time to diet. Nor did she have the patience. Not with the Dragonfly. She was doing this mostly by herself and it was just getting to her. Plus money was running out and she needed to figure her way around that little problem. No, her weight would be the last thing she'd worry about until after the opening.

Standing there in her black pair of bra and panties she had to admit that she looked pretty damn good. She was 36 and other than a few extra pounds she was holding up pretty nicely. She wasn't obese yet and while she could pinch and inch here and there it wasn't like any one would consider her fat. She'd end up being labeled plump. Not even average American. Just someone who had gained a few pounds and might be bloated for some reason.

Her face looked pleasant, one tiny advantage. She waved her arms in the air a bit. No real grandma arms yet but there was a bit more too them. She played with her boobs in her bra and found them to be about the same. Her waist had softened slightly but that was the extents. Her thighs though had some blubber and if you looked at her butt there was no doubt that she was not a gym rat. In fact that was what her body looked like. A mom who never went to the gym, her body wasn't bad it was just soft and lacking muscle.

She sighed as she put on a pair of jeans she had bought a size up just in case. To her chagrin they fit her perfectly and might even be a bit too tight. Oh well she wasn't going to worry about that at all. She'd just cut back and everything would be back to normal for her. After all she was Lorelai Gilmore. Taking away relationships things tended to work out for her. She made her way downstairs showing off her chubby cheeks as she smiled.

"So boyfriend is coming here, I think we should let him meet Patty first" she said joking around with Rory.

Rory rolled her eyes at her mother.

"Please…no. I think we just show him around town. Lunch at Luke's and then bring him back here" Rory stated firmly.

"So you two can be all lovey dovey?" Lorelai asked making goo-goo eyes at Rory.

"You keep this up I'm not going to bring any boyfriend here ever again," Rory countered.

"Please you'd keep yourself and the boys away from your darling mother?" she said pretending like she was short of breath.

"You keep having ideas like that and yes," Rory said her hands on her thickened hips.

"Fine but you know you love me" Lorelai said making a face that really showed off her double chin. Rory heard a car pull up.

"He's here, now be good," she said looking at her mother one last time as she stepped outside to say hi to Scott. She smiled as she walked to his car to greet him.

"Have any trouble finding the place?" she asked as she kissed him not really caring too much about her mom or Babette who she knew was watching. She needed to feel him next to her.

"No problem I can't wait to see this place. You've talked so much about it," he said looking at his girlfriend;s face. That somehow seemed cuter with the extra weight. Yes this was going to be a great weekend. He just had a feeling.

All Reviews and Feedback are appreciated

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 163 lbs

Chapter 22

"So where are we going first?" Scott asked as he looked over her house. It was…nice actually it was very nice. Seemed a bit big for just her and her mother but that was from the outside. He looked over to the porch and saw Lorelai standing there. His eyes widened a bit when he saw how heavy she looked. Strange it didn't appear that heavy women ran in Rory's family. Her grandmother looked amazing but he wasn't about to say anything rude to Rory's mother.

"Hello there, Ms. Gilmore," he said.

"Oh please call me Lorelai," she said as she walked over to them.

"Alright, well Lorelai and Rory what do you want to do, I'm all yours today." he said not knowing what he was getting himself into.

"Well it's around lunch time…." Rory said thinking with her stomach. She had only had a pop tart for breakfast. Well not really a pop tart but some generic version that her mom had bought. Still she had been good and only had one with coffee for breakfast. Her stomach was rumbling now and a bit of a walk would do her good.

Lorelai bit her lip. Well she hadn't been eating at Luke's at all and she knew they'd pay for their own meal. She guessed that she could afford it. Dammit, she needed this money crunch to be over with. She had no idea what to do about the Dragonfly but she was going to figure it. After all she was always able to figure it out in the past. Hopefully she'd be able to figure out some kind of loan or something. Just thinking about that made her feel the need to get something sweet or greasy in her system. Okay Luke's it was.

"Yeah he needs to see Luke's, let's go." she said running inside to grab her purse really quickly.

"So I assume we're walking?" Scott asked remembering how small Star's Hollow was supposed to be.

Rory just nodded at him and rubbed her hands together a bit. It wasn't freezing but it was still very cold out today. Lorelai came back out and smiled at them. "Alright let's go" she said and they were off.

A quick walk later they were at Luke's and it was a bit different than Scott had expected. Mostly it was nicer than he had thought it would be. When Rory had said diner he was expecting something a bit more run down. A bit more hole in the wall. Instead he was greeted to a place that had tables that didn't match but seemed to have a lot of character to it. He sat down with them and let them lead the way. After all. this was their place. He looked over the menu. Not exactly the healthiest cuisine but he assumed that Rory would just get a salad.

As soon as Rory walked in the smell of the burgers started to get to her. It was like Pavlov's dogs she could feel her mouth watering. She licked her lips as her stomach growled. Maybe a light breakfast hadn't been the best idea in the world but right now she knew what she wanted to eat. She started taking some deep breaths, she needed to relax. Grease was bad for her…even if it came on delicious burgers and fries. She started shaking her leg nervously a bit but stopped when she felt a distinct jiggle to it.

Luke wasn't blind himself either. He had noticed that both Lorelai and Rory had put on weight. It wasn't hard to miss; he had actually been expecting it for years with all the junk that they ate. Sure, Lorelai hadn't been coming in as much but he had seen the gentle rounding out of her face over the past couple of months. He didn't think she looked bad. It was just something that he noticed. He looked at the guy next to Rory too. So that was the new boyfriend. He didn't look like a jerk. Oh well time to go over and see.

"What'll you have?" he asked coming over with his pad.

"I'll have a hamburger and fries with a diet coke," she said. That was better than usual right? After all there was no cheese and even though diet soda had no taste it had zero calories. Luke just took down the order. He was going to give her a few less fries than he usually did though. After all it couldn't hurt if he took off a few.

"Cheeseburger with fries and a regular coke," Lorelai said. Luke would do the same with her fries. It was small but he knew Rory was trying to lose weight and it would help her a bit. He'd have slipped Lorelai some diet coke too but with her taste buds it would be impossible.

"Oh and bring us coffee while we wait," Lorelai said. He shook his head at her; he would never understand her.

"What will you have?" he asked Scott looking him over. Not much to say about him. He didn't ooze money but he certainly wasn't poor. Bit of a tough read but his gut told him that he seemed nice enough; he'd have to wait for him to open his mouth though.

"I'll…just have a turkey melt with fries and water," he said. Luke nodded his head and gave him a smile before walking off to place the order.

Scott looked at Rory.

"And that smile was for…?" he whispered to her.

"You didn't order off the menu or ask any weird questions about where any of the food was from. He likes you," Rory whispered back remembering how Luke had felt about her grandparents and Max. Well there was another layer to Max but still Luke wasn't exactly one to hand out smiles.

Luke walked back over and poured both of them a cup of coffee.

"Did you want any?" he asked. Scott shook his head no.

"Alright, your food will be out soon" he said going to attend to other customers.

They chatted for a bit until their food came out. It did occur to Rory that she probably should have gotten the turkey melt but she was just really craving a burger. She ate a bit and sipped on her diet coke. She made a bit of a face and remembered why she didn't really care for diet sodas. But at least she could enjoy it without putting on the pounds. Eating the burger and fries was worth it though. Besides she'd be walking around the town all day with Scott. Of course by all day it was more of a walk around the town but still it counted.

Lorelai ended up eating as fast as she normally did and was soon sitting there with a bit of a bloated belly. Rory ended up being able to slow down but was still done quickly. She grimaced as she realized the fries were gone and wiped the grease off her hands with her napkin. Scott just sat there and was amazed. He didn't understand how two people could eat so fast. He went at his own pace and was eventually done.

"Alright…I think that'll be it. Do you two want any dessert?" Lorelai asked. Rory bit her lip and debated it but thinking about that burger she just ate stopped any notions of dessert for now. Scott shook his head no too.

"Alright then how about you show him around, because I want some pie. Meet up for dinner?" Lorelai asked.

"Sure thing, let's go," Rory said taking Scott's hand and guiding him out of the diner.

Lorelai smiled. Well this would be worth the extra money. She thought looking down at her cell. Nothing yet today but she'd need to get up to the Dragonfly soon. She needed some pie to get her through the day though.

"Oh Lucas…apple pie with ice cream?" she asked making her doe eyes at him. Luke was about to argue but there was no point. She'd just go to Weston's and get her sugary death. He might as well keep her happy.

"Coming up…" he said shaking his head wondering when she'd attempt to eat healthy.

Rory ended up showing Scott all around town and he had to say, it was insane. First off he felt like people were following him around. In fact people who he didn't even know seemed to know his name. Also the idea of having that many porcelain unicorn stores in this small an area caused him to be a bit uneasy. But Rory loved it and it had a certain charm to it. After all not every town had an old fashioned soda shop in it. Eventually the pair ended up back at her house.

"Well I think winter may have not been the best time for a tour but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have fun" he said taking off his jacket and enjoying the warmth of the house. Rory smiled at him.

"Well I'm glad you liked it. Sorry there wasn't more but well its Star's Hollow," she said feeling more comfortable around him than before.

"So when's your mom going to be back?" he asked.

"Oh sometime around dinner," she said casually.

"How shall we pass the time?" he asked wrapping his arms around her and giving her a kiss. His hands once again traveled to her fleshy backside.

"I think we'll find a way," Rory moaned out at her body was suddenly on fire. Was now the time? No, it would be stupid after all her mom could walk in randomly. It was unlikely but she couldn't help but feel a bit worried. A part of her brain said, who cares? You're an adult now. Still she found herself edging closer. She broke away from him and pulled off her sweater, letting her pale flesh ooze over her waistband.

"Sit down…I have an idea," Rory said unclasping her bra as she got to her knees. She had almost done this with Jess but they could never seem to get alone for long enough and when they did she chickened out. Well she wasn't going to chicken out this time, she thought as she unzipped his pants.

"Wow…" a red faced Scott said as a topless Rory joined him on the couch.

"Just wow…" he hadn't been expecting that today. Hell just making out was all he really wanted. Sure he felt like a teenager but he wasn't going to push Rory. But this was more like it. For her part she smiled.

"Well I'm glad you liked it. You've been an amazing boyfriend and well I just want to show it to you. I mean I'm not ready yet but…you've been so amazing. You haven't pushed me and I mean girlfriends are supposed to do this kind of stuff right?" she wondered aloud. After all she was his, hopefully, first college girlfriend and she wanted to be memorable.

He wrapped his arms around her and grabbed onto her breast.

"Hey you'd still be even if you didn't want to but I'm glad you did," he said kissing her. Yeah this was a woman worth waiting for. Rory broke the kiss after a bit.

"Well we better make ourselves look nice. Don't want my mom walking in," she said chuckling as she walking across to the room to get her bra which she had just thrown off. As she walked across the room she suddenly felt nervous about showing off her bloated body to him.

While when they were warming up and getting into it she found herself not caring. She shook her head. She couldn't worry about stuff like this. Besides by spring it would be pointless, her love handles would be gone. She put her bra and sweater back on and Scott zipped up his pants. She cuddled up next to him and smiled. She was being too worrisome. He didn't mind and on that point she wasn't going to overly worry about it either.

After an hour or so Lorelai came back home carrying two extra large pizzas. It was two for the price of one and this way whatever they didn't eat would be lunch for next week. Of course she had to get cheesy bread with it too. Okay she was splurging but she didn't want her daughter to think there was anything wrong yet. She was already getting suspicious having noticed a few small changes to her routine.

"Who's hungry?" she asked, smiling widely as she set the pizza's and bread down for them to eat.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 163 lbs

Chapter 23

Lorelai's plan of having pizza for the whole week didn't exactly work out the way that she wanted. Once they started watching the movie they just kind of started eating. Scott had a few slices and some bread but Rory and Lorelai ate the rest. Until there was just two slices of pepperoni left with a small bit of the cheesy bread. Maybe enough food for one of them but not what she had been hoping for. At the very least Rory had opted for water to drink while Lorelai stuck with soda.

They ended up staying up late and watching some bad movies. Scott ended up getting the full Gilmore experience and he had to say it was very interesting. Sure he had watched movies with Rory before but when she was with her mother it was like she became less shy and more relaxed. All of his previous girlfriends had been tense around their parents. It was refreshing to see how relaxed and how much fun she had with her mother. Eventually though it had to come to an end and he started to fall asleep on the couch.

"I think we wore him down," Lorelai said going to the closet to get a blanket for him.

"Yeah well that's who we are," Rory said stretching her arms over her head and causing her shirt to ride up a little bit showing off just a bit of flesh that had some red stretch marks on them. She had been using some creams to try and diminish them and they seemed to be working just slightly; the marks were no longer a shade of angry red. That had been an embarrassing purchase; she thought she wouldn't have to buy those creams until she was married and pregnant.

The rest of the weekend ended up being fun. It was actually a kind of a lazy weekend for them. Scott went shopping with her for books and didn't really complain. Sure the relationship was still new but it was still nice. He wasn't as into reading as Jess but he wasn't the kind of guy who would look around for 20 minutes and then sit around waiting for her to finish.

The news of them being together had even reached Dean. He just had to see her with this new guy. Even now he still felt the need to protect her. His eyes went wide when he saw his exes figure. Wow she had really blown up in college. He hadn't seen that coming. When it came to her with the new guy too he had to admit she seemed happy. He frowned as he felt a small part of his heart die there. Sure he had been married but he always carried this flame for Rory in his heart. But looking at this guy he realized he was just the kind of guy that her grandparents wanted. He went to Yale, he seemed classy.

Dean shook his head as he watched Rory bend over a bit through the window of the bookstore. Watching the way that her ass spread out he wondered if she was really the girl he wanted. Sure she was still herself but did he really want someone like her who ate out all the time and didn't cook? At least Lindsey was trying.

His mind went to Lindsey and he started to feel guilty. Sure he had been committed to the marriage but if he was being truthful he'd have said that he thought about Rory in ways that friends shouldn't and he did it often. Okay he was going to go home tonight and take his wife out. He needed to commit to this marriage. He loved her and he was going to make it work. He and Rory had dated in high school but they were over. Time to grow up, he thought heading back home to surprise his loving wife.

The rest of the town loved Scott too. Miss Patty tried to hit on him and most everyone agreed that he was better than Jess. Then again he'd have to drive a car through Taylor's store to even come close to the level of hate she had for Jess. Rory rolled her eyes as she watched people still come out to see what he was like. Almost everyone in town had to talk to him just a bit. She of course apologized to him but he waved her off. Okay, well for the most part, Miss Patty hitting on him and saying he looked tasty was a bit much but still it was better than having her mom hit on him. That ended up being a very interesting prom night for him.

Eventually though the weekend had to come to an end much to both their chagrins but they were going to talk to each other most nights. She wouldn't see him until after New Year's though. He was going to his grandmothers up in Maine for the holidays. They weren't quite at that stage in the relationship yet. She smiled sadly as he left and she felt a bit empty. She couldn't wait to see him again.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right now Rory was thinking that this was a bunch of crap. Sure it wasn't like she saw him every day while they were at school. Just knowing that he was near her while they were at school made her feel a lot better. Now she could talk to him over the phone and she couldn't make any plans with him. Her winter break was peaceful but at the same time she found it a bit boring. With her mom focusing on the Dragonfly all she really had to do was eat, sleep, watch TV, and spend time with Lane. Her band was getting really good now and hearing them play gave her some peace.

As many people know the holiday season makes it hard to be on a diet. Especially for someone like Rory who without the watchful eye of Janet or Paris started to slip back into old habits. It wasn't as bad as it could have been though. The money crunch meant that Lorelai had to cut back on going out. The problem is that she replaced cuisine like Luke's with frozen dinners that weren't exactly healthy. Still Christmas was a time to gorge oneself on all sorts of foods.

Sure they couldn't cook but Luke had started having a Christmas day meal for people who weren't cooking. Of course Kirk was there with the girls who ended stuffing themselves on buttery rolls, creamy dishes, the gravies, and of course the dessert. In the past both of their super high metabolisms would have just burned it off. But neither of their metabolisms were exactly running at full speed anymore.

It was a little worse for Lorelai who drank a lot during the holidays. Not enough to be considered an alcoholic but after New Year's Eve she had bloated up just a bit thanks to the bottle of wine she had while celebrating. She instantly regretted spending the money but it was the holidays if she couldn't celebrate with a bottle of wine then what was the point of celebrating?

The impact this had on their figures though was quite negative. Lorelai was at least running back and forth from the Dragonfly and home while Rory was only walking around town. Not exactly the best exercise. Plus it was cold outside. It felt so much better cuddling up with a warm blanket and some hot chocolate. Her preference of only wearing sweats around the house also hid from her the fact that weight was being gained.

Sure when she put on jeans they were tighter but she wrote it off as the usual tightness. This all changed though the Friday night after New Year's. Her grandparents were back in town and it was time for yet another dinner. The thought of it was sobering to Rory. In their house there was no way she could hide underneath sweaters. The house was a furnace; with any luck she'd have lost at least a few pounds.

She was brushing her teeth wearing a pair of gray sweats, and a blue tank top that she was popping out of. She was feeling nervous as she remembered all of the food that she had been eating the last month. She licked her lips as a feeling of dread grew in her stomach. She really didn't want to do this but she just had to know where she was at. She closed her eyes and stepped on the scale. She opened her eyes, looked down, and saw…her chest. She sighed and leaned forward. Once she saw the number on the scale she dropped her toothbrush on the floor.

That couldn't be right, it just couldn't be. She took her shirt off and took off her sweats. Maybe some lead had gotten onto her clothes or something. But taking her clothes off had done nothing. Alright one more time, she stepped off and stepped back on the scale. The same number came up again, 168 pounds. But that wasn't possible. She had been so good and she had been moving.

Then all of those times she had stayed home doing nothing all day, came back to her. All of the times she had thought a regular soda instead of a diet soda couldn't hurt. All of the times her mother had gotten dessert and she felt the need to partake too. All the times she had been more than willing to have oatmeal and coffee for breakfast but he mother had already made her a pop tart.

She found herself quickly becoming angry with her mother. This was her fault! She was trying to diet and that was the support that she got. Hell if she was being honest it was her fault she was in this mess. She had always told her to eat until she was stuffed. Of course Rory knew that she was 19 and had some responsibility in this mess but still it wasn't like she had exactly learned that eating popcorn, with M+M's, and extra butter was awful to eat when you went to movies.

She looked at herself in the mirror to see the damage that was done. Her face was still very pretty but it was a fat girl face. Not saying she was ugly but it was round and more homely than the sexy look that she had before. She pinched the flab under her chin. She'd be fine with the cheeks but the double chin well she just couldn't focus on that. She moved to her chest and frowned. Her boobs hadn't gotten bigger. At least that much, well at least that would save her some back pain in the long term.

She moved to her upper arms. They had always been like sticks but now she would have to call them husky now. Not a hint of muscle and if there was any there it was buried deeply under a layer of pure fat. Her waist had the same problem too. Before her stomach looked bloated now it was a paunch. She was able to wrap her hands on her waist and feel the small belly that she had grown. Her love handles were now living up to their name. If Scott grabbed her there it would have been more love than he could have handled. It seemed at her love grew for him so did her sides.

The worst though was once again her legs. There was definitely no space between her thighs now. Her ass had once again grown and was now causing her larger panties to bunch up a bit. Cellulite dimples appeared on the backs of her thighs and butt to a much greater degree. She felt horrified with herself. What was she going to do? She wondered as she put her face in her hands. That ended up being a mistake as she looked at her hands she now doubted that any of her rings would fit, even her fingers had gotten chubby.

Oh man…her grandma freaked about the last time, what was she going to say now? She started to panic; there would be no hiding this. She was a fat version of herself. Even if she wanted to her clothes wouldn't hid this. God she had been so dumb. She had been so bored over break that she just kind of grazed on food. Plus whenever she missed Scott she ate some food to feel better. And yeag, what was Scott going to think? No, she wasn't going there right now. She needed to focus on grandma. She also needed a plan. She was going to start weighing herself two times a week. She wasn't going to let this weight sneak up on her again.

Just then she heard her mom walk in.

"Rory…I'm home. Time to get ready for dinner" she said in a sing song like voice. Rory quickly got dressed so she could talk to her mom.

"Mom we have a problem!" she said looking at her with anger in her eyes.

"What is it?" Lorelai asked suddenly concerned.

"This is the problem!" Rory said lifting up her shirt and pinching her stomach fat. "I put on another five pounds!" she cried out.

Lorelai was taken aback sure she had thought her daughter gained weight but at the worst she had thought it was three pounds. Lorelai was no slouch herself either though. She was just about at 160 pounds. Being taller than Rory helped it look less noticeable, she would still be curvy while Rory was without a doubt overweight now.

"Oh hon…it's not that bad" she said.

"Oh yes it is, we have to see grandma and this isn't going to be good. Oh why didn't you teach me good eating habits" she groaned.

"Hey you're an adult…" Lorelai began, but she knew she had a weak argument. She knew that she had contributed to her daughters' weight struggles she had to change the subject.

"Okay so we'll call in and say we're sick?" she asked.

Rory shook her head, "Without a doctor? They're paying for Yale. If I'm not there they're going to kill me" she said sighing in frustration.

"Alright this isn't bad…you can dress in black and and…okay I got nothing." Lorelai said trying to come up with anyway to make her daughter look slimmer.

"She's going to insult me again isn't she?" Rory asked fearfully.

Lorelai wanted to say no but just pulled her bulging daughter into a hug.

"It'll be fine. I'll be there with you" she said dreading Friday Night Dinner more than usual tonight.

Reviews and Feedback are appreciated and sometimes needed!

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 178 lbs

Chapter 24

Rory didn't exactly have too many choices in the clothing department tonight. She had outgrown most of her wardrobe and only had a weeks' worth of clothes that fit her and more of those were jeans and sweats. Not exactly something that her grandmother would want her to wear to their fancy dinners. She could hear her grandmothers voice asking her, 'Well what if we invited someone over or they came over? How would it look for my granddaughter to be dressed like a street urchin?'

She shook her head. Nope, she had to wear a dress tonight.

Unfortunately the dress she had been planning on wearing was no good. The plus was that she could still fit in it; the minus was that she couldn't zip it up all the way. One look at the way that her body was bursting out of it was enough to bring tears to the poor girls' eyes. Then she remembered that she did have a black dress that she had bought a while back just in case. It was a size larger than what she had been wearing so might as well see if she could fit into it.

She found it in the back of her closet. Good thing she brought most of her clothes back from Yale. The dress looked huge to her. At least to what she had been wearing for years but the average woman would find it normal and many women would kill to fit into something like that again. It was light weight and seemed to have plenty of room inside of it. She'd have to wear a light sweater over it. Not the worst thing, at least it would cover up her arms. She slipped it on and to her great relief it did fit her.

Turning around and looking at herself in the mirror she grimaced, it barely fit her. It contained her breasts and hid her waist nice enough. It also hid her thighs, the hem of the fabric came down to her knees. Only downside was that it couldn't quite hide her ass and even with the black it would still be easy to see that she had put on more weight.

She could feel herself sweating now; she knew she should just fake sick and go on a crash diet. At least she'd look tiny enough for her grandma. But she'd been waiting to see her and Rory couldn't disappoint her grandma or her grandpa, at least not with the both of them paying for Yale. It would be rude and she was just going to have to face this like a man. She took a deep breath and she walked out to the living room.

Lorelai was out there waiting for her, also wearing black. At least her dressed seemed to hide her weight gain well. It probably wouldn't escape the eagle eye of Emily Gilmore but at least she'd look good. Then again Lorelai had bought this dress for this purpose. She suddenly felt guilty for not buying Rory one though, but she hadn't thought of it and it was too late to change things now. She wished that she even had money to buy her daughter a dress but right now her bank account wasn't exactly full. She wouldn't worry about that now though she'd have to be strong for her daughter.

"How bad is it?" Rory asked spinning around for her mother. A bit tough with black heels but she was able to pull it off.

Lorelai looked her daughter over and thought for a moment.

"Well…it doesn't make you look as heavy but…hope her eyes are going" she said truthfully.

Rory grimaced and crossed her arms. She was still steamed at her mother for this. It would have been so easy to teach her good eating habits when she was five but she couldn't do that and she was the one who was paying. Not that she would have wanted her mom to be Mama Kim but an emphasis on salads every once in a while would have been nice.

Her mind quickly turned to her grandmother; she'd worry more about her mom later. She knew this wouldn't be good. She knew that she was walking into a den of wolves, her grandmother being fierce enough to be the entire pack. But she needed to get this over with; she had a knot in the pit of her stomach that wasn't going to go away she got this over with.

"Let's go…" she said putting on a white sweater, which also happened to be a tight fit about her chunky arms.

Meanwhile in Hartford Emily was preparing for the girls arrival tonight. It hadn't been an overly pleasant vacation for them. Well parts of it were but of course they had to see Richard's mother while in London. Just finishing up some business before the awful woman moved her permanently. The idea of being that close to her all the time sent a shiver up Emily's spine. At least when they were at her house she wouldn't insult her for not having things just the way she liked it down to the last little atom.

Emily rubbed her temples; she was still a bit stressed from being with that woman. She hated how she continued to say that all of Lorelai's mistakes in life were her fault. It wasn't as if she hadn't tried to help Lorelai on many occasions but her daughter would not be swayed with common sense. If she told her daughter not to jump off a cliff she would have done it and been proud of it.

At least she had Rory though. Yes they hadn't been able to influence her for her first sixteen years but at least now they could. It wasn't manipulation it was just giving her advice. Like on Yale, they didn't force her hand and if she had chosen Harvard they'd have been just as happy for her but the fact that her husband had shown her Yale didn't exactly hurt. Of course she knew nothing about that but still it was nice to know that Rory did value their opinion. Even if her husband had erred there, at least she could say that they were having an influence on Rory.

There was nothing about her granddaughter that the horrid woman could pin on her. Besides if Lorelai really had been raised that bad then how was Rory so perfect? She'd never say that to her mother in-law but she'd often think it.

As they got closer and closer to the house Lorelai tried to make her daughter feel better.

"Maybe they won't notice. They might be too happy to see you and too tired from the trip to even say anything" she said.

Rory gave her mom a look of disbelief.

"Let's just drop this. It's going to suck and well there's nothing I can do. I should have been running more, stupid cold weather" she said huffing. She wished she had some sort of time machine so she could go back to the beginning of college and tell herself to stop snacking. Okay maybe not that far maybe twenty five pounds ago. She'd still know Scott and if she lost just ten her grandmother would have been happy. Instead though she was overweight, she had checked her BMI before leaving and nearly had a panic attack when it said she was overweight.

Of course she told herself that was an oversimplification. She was only a little bit over and maybe her bones were big or she had put on muscle in her legs from running. But even those seemed like weak excuses to her. She sat in the car, her legs moving up and down nervously, with her paunch resting on her legs. She took a deep breath to calm down. It would only be a few hours. She could deal with that, couldn't she?

Eventually they arrived there and Rory was the first out of the car. It was killing her now she just needed to get this over with as quick as possible. She also noticed that moving that fast seemed to wear her out a bit now and her breathing became heavier than before. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Lorelai touched her daughters back lightly, noting the softness there.

"Just relax and don't let her get to you. She'll say stuff but just nod and agree with her. If you fight her it's just going to be worse" she said to her daughter. Then she rang the doorbell and waited for this weeks' maid to appear before them.

Per usual the maid greeted them, offered to take their coats, and then showed them to the den. Richard happened to be in there reading the paper when he looked up to see his daughter and granddaughter. Almost immediately his face fell but he was able to disguise it. Both of them had grown outward. Oh this wasn't going to be good tonight, he had been hoping for a drama free night. They were rare but they had been known to happen. Well he wasn't going to be the one; Emily would say something when she came downstairs.

"Ah Lorelai, Rory, how nice to see the two of you. What would you two like to drink? I hope your holidays' were well." he said getting up. He knew he shouldn't be doing this but his wife would kill him if he didn't play the good host.

"I'll have a martini, dry," Lorelai said relieved that her father wasn't saying anything. He had the look of shock on his face for a moment but was polite not to insult her. Why couldn't her mother be more like him? Of course he would have said something but Emily would say all that needed to be said tonight.

"I'll just have water," Rory said feeling some relief, at least her grandfather was being nice about this.

"Ah yes, that's good though water is so much better for you then soda. Although I do enjoy one every so often," he said. Okay it was a bit of a blow but his wife was going to do a lot worse. He could hear her walking down the stairs. Where was his Advil?

Emily walked down the stairs smiling widely. She had wanted to be done right when they arrived but of course they'd be a few minutes early. One could never tell what the two of them were going to do on a given night. She walked into the den.

"Hello girls" she said her smile morphing into a frown and her eyes widening when she saw them.

What the hell had happened to them? She blinked a few times. This couldn't actually be them could it? Lorelai looked about 30 pounds heavier and Rory looked like a blimp. She could feel the panic starting to set in. Oh god this was bad. She couldn't have a fat daughter and granddaughter' well in theory Lorelai could be pregnant.

No, she had to shake that image from her head. Her daughter wasn't dating anyone but then again that would be Lorelai, not tell them who she was seeing and then get pregnant it's not like she actually shared her life with them. The big issue though was Rory, she thought she had shamed her into losing weight months ago and yet here she was bigger than ever. Oh drastic action needed to be taken, she wasn't getting the blame for this, and besides it just made her look downright disgusting.

The entire room stood silent for a moment. Everyone knew what Emily was thinking. Richard was going to stay out of his wife's way no need for him to get his head chopped off. Lorelai was going into defensive mode; she would not let her daughter be lectured by her mother. She was the one who raised Rory, not her. Rory hung her head, not the best move considering it showed off her corpulent double chin but she wasn't worried about that. At least it was over with now was the quiet before the storm, she just had to see how her grandmother was going to react.

"I see you both had a very nice Christmas," Emily said as she sat down on the couch. Luckily she was doing salads first tonight, she'd just tell them to be sure to bring out less for both her daughter and granddaughter. Richard came over and handed her a drink. She took a sip of it.

"Well yes mom it was a very nice Christmas, how was your trip?" Lorelai asked knowing this was a trap but not sure how yet.

"Oh it was fun, I swear though it is so hard to try and keep your figure in Europe. So much good food there but you two would know something about that." Emily said. There she put it out there, she could see her daughters face turning red right now and steam coming out of her ears. Oh well small sacrifices they couldn't just ignore the elephant in the room or at least the two of them slowly yet surely becoming elephants.

Lorelai gave a tight smile while Rory looked like she was about to throw up. She couldn't stand it anymore; she just had to say it.

"Okay, yes I've put on more weight. I kind of stopped exercising once I got home" Rory said standing up and showing off her body for all to see.

Emily looked over her granddaughters' body and sighed.

"Yes, you have gained a lot of weight Rory. How could you let this happen to yourself? And Lorelai how could you not notice this?" she asked her.

"Me? Hey Rory is an adult" she said looking at her mother like she was crazy. Although she did feel bad about this because she knew she should have said something but she wasn't going to admit that to her mother.

"Okay well we've let this go on long enough. Rory you're getting a personal trainer. It is unbecoming of a young woman to be this heavy, especially someone like you. Looking at your face I don't even recognize my granddaughter, you look different and it doesn't look good," she said staring at her granddaughter and sizing her up. She was bottom heavy well thank god for small miracles looking at her above her waist it was still bad but that could be hidden. Those thick thighs she was trying to hide couldn't be hidden so simply though.

"Wow mom, really? I mean it's just some extra weight," Lorelai said getting ready to blow up at her mother.

"Lorelai when this started it was a little bit of extra weight. If she doesn't put a stop to it she'll end up one of those obese women who can't fit into chairs, is that what you want? Besides I wouldn't be defending her if I were you. It seems that your eating habits have finally caught up to you," she said glaring at her daughter's thicker figure.

"If you want I'm sure that a trainer could be found for both of you" she said sipping on her drink.

Lorelai sucked in her stomach; while true she was still furious. This was no big deal for either of them. Okay maybe it was for Rory but still it wasn't the end of the world for her. Some exercise was all that they really needed. She was ignoring the fact the fact that Rory's little bit of fitness had made no difference all it did was stabilize her weight.

Rory blinked back tears. Nothing her grandmother was saying was untrue but it still felt like she was being punched in the gut.

"I guess a personal trainer wouldn't be the worst thing" she said bending to her grandmothers will. It was just easier this way and besides they were paying for Yale.

Lorelai shook her head.

"We don't need personal trainers. It's fine and we're fine. We're not unhealthy or anything and is this how it's going to be? We'll come here and you'll insult us?" Lorelai asked standing up and huffing and puffing at her parents.

Richard decided that it was time to step in. While he agreed with his wife she wasn't thinking straight at the moment.

"Now the agreement is that Rory has to come but you do make a good point. As long as you're trying to lose weight it won't be brought up" he said looking over at his wife. She could put her shields up and end up saying things she would regret later and the last thing he wanted was yet another fight with his daughter. Her not talking to them didn't affect him as much as his wife but it still bothered him and he'd be dammed if it happened again.

Emily thought about it for a moment.

"Fine…but every two weeks I would like to see how it's going" she said.

Both Lorelai and Rory looked at them like they were nuts. Rory didn't want them to know something so personal about them but they were paying for Yale and this was for her own good. She would like to fit into her old clothes again and it without Janet there with her she well she sucked at losing weight. Lorelai just shook her head at them. There was no way that she was going to let her parents know something that personal about them. She wasn't going to let her mother know something so personal about her. It made her mad.

"No, you don't need to know that. We're not puppets that you can control," she said speaking for both of them.

Emily thought it over, well she supposed that she could find someone for them and get updates that way. Besides it was going to warm up and it wasn't like they would keep wearing layers in the spring and if they did she'd know why they were doing that.

"Fine…you're right I don't need to know that. I'm just doing this for your own good. Neither of you will find a man if you're not at least trying to lose weight" she said.

This was going to be a very pleasant dinner they all thought. Rory was relieved though; it could have been a lot worse but her words turned her mind to Scott, what was he going to think? She bit her lip. She'd worry about that later she was just going to be happy that her grandmother didn't squeeze her love handle. Lorelai thought the same thing, but Jason liked her for her. No way would he have chased her like that if he didn't find her that alluring. Still tonight could have been a lot worse.

The maid came in and said that dinner was ready.

"Let's go and try not to inhale the food. Savoring it is important, remember quality over quantity" she said to both of them.

Maybe she had thought too soon.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 178 lbs

Chapter 25

Emily changed her mind about telling the help to serve them less. She needed to see just how bad this was and if they were even trying. She was going to put the food in front of them and see if they could resist. She actually went into the kitchen and told them to up the servings just a little bit. At least then she would know if they were serious about dieting, if needed she'd call in the best dietician on the Eastern seaboard to help the two of them. They both needed to lose weight and fast. She walked by Rory and grimaced as she noted how much of the chair she was filling up now.

"Well I'm sorry about that I just needed to discuss something with them. Now go ahead and dig in, you both know that you want to," she said. She had promised herself she wasn't going to say anything but she held her tongue for months and this is what she got. She wasn't going to be silent now.

Both of them started picking at their salads not sure if they should really be eating or not.

"You know mom we're both pretty hungry. We had a light lunch today" Lorelai said adding a bit more dressing to her salad. It was her body and her mother wasn't going to control her. Rory just looked at her like she was crazy.

"Yeah, we just had sandwiches. Peanut-butter and jelly," Rory said. That was the truth of course they also ended up splitting a bag of chips but her grandmother didn't need to know that.

"Well a light lunch is good; a light dinner would have been good too. But I didn't know that. Oh well I promise next weeks' dinner will be a bit lighter" she said decievingly, knowing what was coming.

"That's perfect grandma. So did both of you have a good time in Europe?" Rory asked trying to get the subject off their weight.

"Ah I was perfect; we helped your great-grandmother and then went around the continent for a bit. I was able to find you a couple of first editions to add to your collection," Richard said smiling at his granddaughter.

"Thank you, you didn't have to do that," Rory said being the humble woman that she always was.

"No thanks needed. I'll get them for you after dinner," he replied.

"That's very nice of you, did you get me anything?" Lorelai asked knowing she probably wouldn't like the answer but hey there was the chance that her mother had bought her a dress or something of the like.

"Well we brought both of you marzipan but I'm not sure that's the best thing for either of you at the moment," Emily said.

"Oh Emily, even if they are on a diet I don't think a little bit of that would hurt. It's not like we can have it lying around. Just be sure that's your one sweet for the evening," he said. Rory nodded at him and Lorelai just smiled tightly. Why did her parents have to be so controlling all the time? Both she nd her daughter were fine, maybe a bit heavier but one trip to the doctor would prove that both of them were perfectly healthy. Although any doctor would tell them that after gaining that much weight they should be dieting. But there was a reason that Lorelai wasn't a doctor.

Rory and Lorelai ended up eating all of their salads. Well that didn't bother Emily at all; at least they were eating something nutritious and at least Rory didn't give hers a bath when it came to dressing. Lorelai was going to be a hard nut to crack but she wasn't going to let either of them become obese. As long as she still had a pulse she was going to get both of them at reasonable weights. Honestly if Lorelai only lost ten pounds she'd be fine but she just couldn't get fatter; that would be unacceptable.

The dinner tonight was prime rib. Well it could have been worse for the two of them. Still they were given fairly big pieces of meat Lorelai was also on her third roll while Rory was trying to stop at two but the buttery goodness that was the rolls was hard for her to resist. She went to grab another one hoping that Emily wouldn't notice but Emily having the eyes of a hawk of course noticed and couldn't help but say something, only not directly.

"You know I keep reading all of these articles saying that really bread just isn't that good for you. Apparently bread, especially white bread is no better than downing a packet of sugar. It's really making me think about buying less bread. I'm certainly eating less of it. Because really when you have more than a bit of bread I can't imagine that your body actually needs that much," she said looking at both of them. Lorelai grabbed another roll while Rory nibbled on her roll before leaving most of it on her plate. Her stomach rumbled a bit as she started eating her prime rib.

Dammit why did her grandmother have to hire people who made food taste so good? She knew that she really shouldn't finish all of it but it just tasted so good and she was really hungry. No, she needed to stick to her diet. She hadn't been doing that at all winter break and was paying the price. Besides she looked at her piece. It was huge and some months ago she'd have no problem eating all of it. But now with her metabolism as slow as a snail the excess she ate would just be turned to fat. Thinking of that she made sure to avoid all of the fatty bits on her meat. There were only a few but still she didn't want to eat them.

Unfortunately for Rory once conversation got started at the dinner table she just kept on eating and didn't even realize she was doing it. Years and years of bantering with her mom, cleaning her plate, and never having to worry about dieting ending up making a perfect storm where if she wasn't watching what she was eating she just kept it up.

"My Rory is the food really that good tonight? Not exactly the best way to start out a diet. Oh well you take after your mother in that sense," Emily said. Rory looked mortified as she looked over her plate. She was dumbfounded, she had really thought that she was only eating half of it but she just kept on eating and eating. It was like that was all she was programmed to do. She felt sick to her stomach. She was going to have to go for a run tonight; she didn't like the thought of all the extra calories sticking to her body in the form of soft fat.

Lorelai just glared at her mother.

"Please, I only dieted once and that was to lose ten pounds," she said falling right into her mother's trap.

"Well perhaps you should start it back up again, it might give you some more room to breathe," she said. Yes this was the cobra in Emily Gilmore coming out right now.

Lorelai put her fork and knife down and glared at her.

"Really mom? I mean really? We told you we're going to start losing weight. Would you like it if we somehow dropped 10 pounds in one night? Because let me tell you that's just not possible," she said.

"Grandma I promise I'm really going to try, I don't like this…"

Rory pinched her waist under the table and continued,

"... any more than you do. It's just…well it's hard" she said really and truly hating her own body.

"Good, I'm glad you realize that because I have to tell you, you look unattractive right now and you do need to get some of the excess flab off of you" Emily said. Rory hung her head and nodded trying to hold it together and succeeding.

Richard glared at his wife, now she was just being unfair to the poor girl. Lorelai had reached her breaking point.

"Alright that's enough! She's your granddaughter mom; you're lovely perfect granddaughter who is still adjusting to college life. Now yes she may have filled out a bit but she's still Rory. I can't believe you'd be that cruel to your own granddaughter. I just can't believe you," Lorelai said standing up.

"Come on let's go" she said to Rory who just nodded at her.

"Lorelai you will not raise your voice at me," Emily said standing up and following them, Richard in tow. Lorelai was more like her mother than she'd ever admit. He didn't understand why neither of them could let things go occasionally but then she wouldn't be the woman he fell in love with or the daughter that he did love, even with all of her mistakes.

"No mom, we came in here expecting this and every moment you just seemed to attack the both of us. Well I'm tired of it, you can't control us. You don't think that Rory hasn't been trying to lose weight? I can attest that she has been trying." Lorelai said.

"Well she's always been failing. There's no reason she should be this heavy at this age. It makes her look like a greedy pig and that she was never taught proper discipline by you which comes back to me. Which might be right considering how you're looking," Emily said poking Lorelai's, regretting the pig part a bit when she saw the look on Rory's face.

Her mind was racing. This had turned out worse than she had ever imagined, she needed to get out of here and fast.

"I'll see you next week" she said in a small voice as she walked out the door and to the Jeep. She wasn't looking forward to next week. No queston that she needed to lose this weight, now her grandmother thought she was a pig. Maybe her mom was right about them after all. If her grandparents thought this just imagine what her boyfriend Scott would think! Rory felt like throwing up.

"Wow…I never thought I'd see the day when you could be this cruel to your own granddaughter. I'm speechless here and that doesn't happen often. By the way you really didn't need to pinch my waist but I guess that's Emily Gilmore for you" Lorelai said shaking her head in disgust and heading out to the Jeep passing Jason on the way.

He stopped to talk to her,

"Not now" she snapped and walked straight to the Jeep so she and Rory could get out of here faster.

Jason walked into the house to see a fuming Emily Gilmore and a very stressed out looking Richard.

"Is now a bad time for those papers?" he asked.

The ride back home was filled with silence for the most part. Once they got closer Lorelai started talking. "I'm sorry you had to deal with that. You know you're a great kid and you don't deserve that."

Rory sighed. "I really don't want to talk about it. I'm heading for a gym tomorrow. I need to get all of this off of me" she said nervously. She needed to do something. Honestly she wanted to eat but she knew that it wasn't healthy. Still right now she felt like she could eat a whole pie. She knew she had to stop this emotional eating. She needed to stop these cravings. She was disgusted right now as she felt her thighs touching each other.

Lorelai sighed.

"Just ignore what your grandmother said. That's not you and if you want to lose weight then lose weight but don't let my mother guilt you into it. As long as you're happy and healthy, and I'm sure you're healthy a doctor would say that" Lorelai said.

Rory sighed. "I don't want to talk about this right now. I'm going to keep trying to lose weight and I'm going to try harder. Tomorrow I'm going to a gym and finding a trainer. I just…I need to do this" she said firmly.

That was the final word for her. Tomorrow would be the gym and then next week she'd see Scott. Okay if she could just lose some weight by then everything would be good. It had to be. She couldn't stand the thought of him breaking up with her because she had gotten too fat.

(Continued in post 47 of this thread)

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i'm loving this story. i like Rory's struggles with her body acceptance and Lorelei now plumping up nicely too

can't wait for the next instalment
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This story isn't nearly getting enough love.

I love how you've depicted the weight gain, it's one of the more realistic takes I've seen on it. While it's no bad thing, most stories tend to have the gainer delighted with their gain, or come around to the idea in record time. It really is refreshing to see a more realistic reaction from Rory.

Rory's ignorance at the start is brilliantly done, you can really see why the girl didn't notice her gain, and when she did, was desperate to blame everything else. Insisting that she had Lorelai's metabolism and that the dryers must have shrunk her clothes were a lovely touch.

You built up to Rory eating more in another realistic manner. Snacks here and there while she was distracted, college food as a whole, and the fact she just wasn't moving as much as she used to. It's realistic, it's believable, and it fits in with Rory's personality.

And then Rory's reaction to being heavier, again, very well done. Weight gain is something that most women dread, and it's brilliant to see it shown in stories like these. And Rory's reaction was incredibly in character, the dread of getting bigger, the frustration when her efforts didn't pay off, and even the shame of being bigger than she used to be; anyone who's struggled with their weight can tell you that this hits close to home.

The pace of weight gain is nice and steady, and it fluctuates, which is a nice touch. I like how you explained it, that Rory was attempting to behave on her diet, and yet continually cut corners, believing it was fine for various reasons. This is another point that comes up in dieting, and you explored it really well.

I've watched Gilmore Girls several times over the years, and you've gotten the characters down pretty well. Lorelai, Paris and Emily in particular are really well written, and the rest aren't too far behind. I like the nods that you give to the show, like the Friday night dinners, Stars Hollow being obsessed with Rory to the point of noticing her gain, etc. It shows you know the show.

One suggestion would be concerning Scott. He's an original character, right? I don't seem to remember him, but then again I was never an avid fan myself. He seems a little off so far, a little too perfect. Some more of his 'goofy' moments would be nice to see.

Another concerns Lorelai's gain. While appreciated, it seems like she started gaining out of no-where. Did I miss something, or did something happen to stop her rushing around quite so much?

Either way, brilliant story! Well done for writing such a realistic weight gain. I hope to read more from you very soon.
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There is more posted over at Curvage though it has not been updated in awhile.

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Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
This story isn't nearly getting enough love.

I love how you've depicted the weight gain, it's one of the more realistic takes I've seen on it. While it's no bad thing, most stories tend to have the gainer delighted with their gain, or come around to the idea in record time. It really is refreshing to see a more realistic reaction from Rory.

Rory's ignorance at the start is brilliantly done, you can really see why the girl didn't notice her gain, and when she did, was desperate to blame everything else. Insisting that she had Lorelai's metabolism and that the dryers must have shrunk her clothes were a lovely touch.

You built up to Rory eating more in another realistic manner. Snacks here and there while she was distracted, college food as a whole, and the fact she just wasn't moving as much as she used to. It's realistic, it's believable, and it fits in with Rory's personality.

And then Rory's reaction to being heavier, again, very well done. Weight gain is something that most women dread, and it's brilliant to see it shown in stories like these. And Rory's reaction was incredibly in character, the dread of getting bigger, the frustration when her efforts didn't pay off, and even the shame of being bigger than she used to be; anyone who's struggled with their weight can tell you that this hits close to home.

The pace of weight gain is nice and steady, and it fluctuates, which is a nice touch. I like how you explained it, that Rory was attempting to behave on her diet, and yet continually cut corners, believing it was fine for various reasons. This is another point that comes up in dieting, and you explored it really well.

I've watched Gilmore Girls several times over the years, and you've gotten the characters down pretty well. Lorelai, Paris and Emily in particular are really well written, and the rest aren't too far behind. I like the nods that you give to the show, like the Friday night dinners, Stars Hollow being obsessed with Rory to the point of noticing her gain, etc. It shows you know the show.

One suggestion would be concerning Scott. He's an original character, right? I don't seem to remember him, but then again I was never an avid fan myself. He seems a little off so far, a little too perfect. Some more of his 'goofy' moments would be nice to see.

Another concerns Lorelai's gain. While appreciated, it seems like she started gaining out of no-where. Did I miss something, or did something happen to stop her rushing around quite so much?

Either way, brilliant story! Well done for writing such a realistic weight gain. I hope to read more from you very soon.
Well thank you. This does make me feel better and yes Scott is an original character. Don't worry Lorelai will be more explained in later chapters.
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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 179 lbs

Chapter 26

Rory went directly to bed once they got home. She was in full on depression mode and was thinking of a way to change it. First off she needed to lose weight that much as clear to her. She could call her grandparents up and they'd probably be willing to pay for a trainer. They said they would last night but that would mean talking to her grandmother and suddenly she found herself getting very nervous and very hungry again.

She had changed into a pair of blue sweats and a white t-shirt last night. She needed to go and get some coffee. She went into the kitchen and saw her mom sitting there clicking some coupons. Oh well she wasn't going care too much about that right now, she just needed coffee.

"Morning…" Lorelai said unsure of how to handle her daughter in a situation like this. Yes her grandmother had gotten mad at her before but she had never called her a pig.

"Good morning" Rory mumbled as she poured herself a cup of coffee and looked for a breakfast. Unsurprisingly there was nothing there that would be considered health food. Hell there wasn't even cereal, only pop tarts. "Don't we have anything healthier?" she asked annoyed. She was still cranky from last night and her blood sugar was getting a bit too low.

Lorelai shook her head no; she knew her part now though. She had to play the sensitive and caring mom. Something that Emily Gilmore never understood how to do. "Rory…relax and have a pop tart. My mother was way out of line last night. You're fine just the way you are" she said smiling.

Rory opened her jaw and just shook her head at her mother. "Are you insane? I mean I know you're trying to make me feel better but really? Are you that crazy? This is not fine!" Rory said lifting up her shirt and grabbing her stomach flab. "This doesn't look good and…it's unhealthy. This is what I'm trying to lose. I know that I should be happy with my body but I'm not and I need to change it. Now do we have anything healthy?" she asked snapping at her mother and dropping her shirt back down.

Lorelai wasn't used to her daughter acting like this around her. "Hey, I'm not the one who yelled at you last night. You don't have to bite my head off and we have what we have" Lorelai said to her.

"Hey! This is partly your fault. You could have taught me proper eating habits. Don't be gluttonous you could have told me. Instead it was eat whatever you want" she said feeling hungry and frustrated. She needed to get something semi healthy and went to get her coat and shoes. If there was nothing healthy here then at least there'd always be something healthy at Luke's she could eat.

"Excuse me? Hey I let you be your own person. Besides last time I checked you weren't living under my roof when you blew up like this" she said regretting the words as soon as they left her mouth. Rory's big blue eyes grew wide as she looked at her mom. They stood there in silence for about a minute. "I'm going to Luke's, be back later" she said. She needed to get away from her mom right now. Great now she was in a fight with both her grandma and her mom. Ugh she didn't need this. She walked to Luke's as fast as she could albeit a bit slower than she had been able to a year ago.

By the time she walked into Luke's she was steaming mad, she didn't even care if people saw her wearing sweats although maybe she should have she was giving the other patrons a view of her expanded rear end. "Luke I need three pancakes, with bacon, sausage, and toast. Cup of coffee too" she said, snapping just a little bit at him.

Luke took one look at her and knew that something was wrong. This wasn't like Rory and Lorelai wasn't with her. He could tell by the look in her eyes that she was hurting. "Alright, come on" he said waving her away from the counter.

"What?" Rory asked confused, all she wanted was breakfast and now Luke was acting weird. Could today get any worse?

"Come on, I need to talk to you about something, it'll take two seconds" he said in a calm tone. Rory sighed and joined him in the store room. "What do you want?" she asked quickly. Luke looked over her and shook his head. She had gained more weight and it was Saturday. He had heard how badly it went the last time she was at her grandmother's. He could only assume that Emily had been rude to her.

"Nothing's up, I'm just hungry and I want my food" she said stomping her foot a bit causing her entire body to jiggle.

"Rory, last time I checked when one is dieting they don't order bacon and sausage. What happened to change that? Because you seemed pretty gung ho there for a while about losing weight and…well I just want to be sure it's what you really want" he said hoping that came out right.

Rory crossed her arms and sighed. "It's…nothing…I mean…I'm still dieting…it was just a bad night and morning. My grandmother called me a pig and I swear my mom just acts like I'm not different at all which is normally okay but she just keeps all of this junk in the house and I can't stop eating and…and" she said as tears came to her eyes. She had cried a bit last night but now she just couldn't stop herself. God she was just a fat blubbering mess in front of Luke, she didn't like this at all.

Luke wasn't really sure what to do. He had never really encountered a crying Rory before sure he had dealt with an emotional Lorelai but this was different. He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back lightly. "Hey hey it's okay. I mean okay it's not a perfect situation. You're not a pig. Hell a lot of people gain weight in college. You can always lose weight but…look I'll be honest you're not going to lose weight if you're eating that kind of breakfast. Now, how about I get you some coffee, no sugar and oatmeal with a hint of cinnamon" he said. He didn't really know what else to do. Hell normally he wouldn't have even brought her back here but there was just something in her voice and her eyes that made him do it.

Rory sniffled a bit and wiped the tears from her eyes. "That'd be great and I'm sorry about this and the way I walked in. I'm just so stressed out by all of this…" she started before he stopped her. "Hey don't be stressed. It's not good for you and if that's what you order when you're stressed then it's really bad. I don't mean in general I just mean for your diet because well you do want to lose weight" he said.

Rory smiled at him. "I know what you mean Luke it's just…well it's hard I feel like a whale and I just want to feel like myself again" she mumbled blushing with embarrassment that she was telling Luke all this stuff but she needed to get it off her chest and she really felt that her mom was going to be no help in this manner.

"Yeah well no matter what you'll always be Rory, now come on I've got customers out there and we'll get you that oatmeal" he said smiling as they left the storeroom. She certainly seemed less tense now. He did wonder what kind of fight she and Lorelai had gotten into but frankly it was none of his business. He poured her a cup of coffee and went to help the other customers. Yeah it was nice having Lane around to help but she was working lunch and dinner. Oh well he'd just have to deal with the breakfast rush.

Rory calmed down as she had another cup of coffee. She regretted sitting at the counter though when she realized how small it felt in relation to her butt. But it was busy and it wasn't like she could just take a table. Besides that would be rude without her mom there. She felt a little guilty over the way that she talked to her mom earlier today but she stood by what she said. It probably wasn't normal to go to four Thanksgivings in one day and plan to eat food at every one.

After Luke brought out her oatmeal she started eating it grimacing as she tasted it. The cinnamon helped a lot but still it just tasted bland. She was going to have to start looking into cereals instead of pancakes, no chocolate cereals of course. As she ate she started thinking it might be worth it to see if her grandmother would hire a nutritionist at least then she'd have someone telling her what to eat so she wouldn't end up cheating on her diet. She played with her spoon for a bit.

"Oatmeal not doing it for you?" he asked looking at her.

"Not really, I mean it's really good just…bland as compared to what I normally eat" she said looking enviously at the people surrounding her who were eating bacon. God how she wanted just one of those greasy strips with her oatmeal, she sighed and went back to eating it.

"Hold on a minute" Luke said. He grabbed an apple and started slicing it into the oatmeal for her. "Might add a bit more taste to it" he shrugged.

Rory took another bite and smiled at him. "It's not bacon but it does help, thanks Luke" she said starting to feel a bit better now that she had food in her body. It also gave her a chance to think too, she needed to start working out in a serious matter. Just running wasn't going to do it anymore. She needed to go to a gym. The only ones she knew of that would be close though were by Yale. That would mean leaving home a bit earlier but she wasn't sure her body could handle waiting another week. That's when she made her decision she needed to get back to Yale yes it would disappoint her mother but all she needed to do was look at the food in the house. She knew she shouldn't be eating that stuff.

Rory went to grab her wallet to pay him but soon realized that leaving the way she did she had apparently forgotten to grab any money. She was blushing was again when Luke came back over. "Luke…can I pay you later? I kind of…well I forgot my wallet" she said. Luke just waved her off.

"It's fine, you were stressed and this one is one the house. Consider it a New Years gift" he said. Rory smiled at him. "Thanks Luke" she said lifting her bulk away from the counter, she'd leave him a big tip next time. Luke watched her leave and shook his head; yeah she really didn't need those pancakes. It was just amazing how much her figure had changed on her. Well long as she was actively dieting he was going to do all he could to help her lose weight.

Rory walked; well at this point her thighs had grown so much it was becoming more of a waddle, back to the house feeling better than before. She knew what she had to do. She had to get packed, and get back to Yale. She was allowed back into the dorms now and she'd beat the rush getting back there early. She'd just tell Scott they could meet at Yale again. She moved her mind off that topic, but she did feel a bit more secure than the last time. He had stayed with her when she had gained 10 pounds before and she was almost certain that he would again.

"I'm back…" she said to her mom as she walked in. During the intervening time Lorelai had heated up instead of cooling down. Yes she felt bad about what she said but Rory shouldn't have just walked out like that. She had been in such a bad mood she had eaten three packs of pop tarts. It just made her feel like she was right and Rory was being a child. They were talking and she just walked out. She also insulted what she had in the house. Oh she was not in a happy mood. Of course she had only eaten pop tarts which were basically pure sugar and coffee. Not the kind of nutrition a body really needed.

"How was Luke's?" she asked coldly as Rory went into her room and started packing up her stuff. Rory noted the coldness and was even surer of her decision to get out of there.

"It was fine, Luke was Luke and I'm going back to Yale" Rory said quickly as she started throwing stuff in her bag. She couldn't look at her mother she knew it was going to hurt her but she just couldn't stay there.

Lorelai was dumbfounded. "What? Why are you going back to Yale? We still have a week together" she said wondering where this was coming from. She had been so good to her this winter break and here her daughter was just up and leaving. She felt immensely hurt that her daughter didn't want to spend more time with her.

"Yeah well…I want to beat the rush and honestly I want to start hitting the gym that's on campus" she said walking to the bathroom to grab her stuff. "I just need to get someplace where I can lose weight" she said honestly hoping her mother would understand.

Now if Lorelai had cooled down a bit she would have understood but right now she still had a bit of a temper brewing within her. "What? You really think that's going to help you? Because last time I checked Yale is where you gained most of your weight missy" Lorelai said. She would regret everything she said later but right now she wasn't thinking.

Rory looked at her mother and just shook her head. "Well thank you for making this an easy choice. I was feeling bad but I just…I need to get out there and do some more stuff. I've just been sitting around and well let's face it you don't exactly have health food around this place. I can't think of a gym that's close and it's too cold to go running most days. I just…I need space" she said in as calm a manner as she could.

Lorelai wasn't letting it go though. "You can do all that here. We can do push-ups or something. Besides you're the one who sits around all day it's not like I tie your fat ass to the couch" she said just like Emily Gilmore. Her eyes widened and her hand went right to her mouth. She hadn't meant to say that. She really hadn't. She was just so hurt that Rory was leaving and well she was still mad. She knew that there was nothing that she could really say to her to make it better though.

Once again Rory was furious at her mother. She knew that she didn't mean it but this was just too far. She didn't say a word and went to get her bags. She wasn't fully packed but she needed to get out of there. She grabbed all of her stuff and looked back at her mother who had yet to move or say anything else. Rory couldn't let her have the last words.

"You know, you say you're not like grandma but that's exactly the kind of thing grandma would say" she said turning and leaving. She felt awful right now. She hadn't expected her mother to say something like that to her. She knew she was fat now but still she didn't need to hear it like that. She sat down the in her car and once again realized just how much extra cushion there was there. She knew it was wrong but she was going to get a burger and fries for lunch. She needed to feel a bit better about herself. Besides she was going to the gym later. She'd just burn it off there.

Lorelai walked out to the porch to watch her daughter drive off. She couldn't blame her for leaving like this. She felt sick to her stomach. She had really just called her daughter fat to her face. She was just as bad as her mother. She walked back into the kitchen with tears in her eyes, she grabbed a bag of candy she had and went to the couch. She curled up under a blanket and started weeping. She had no idea how she was going to make this alright between the two of them.

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A/N: I was extra creative today so yes it's two count em' TWO chapters!

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 179 lbs

Chapter 27

Emily felt sick to her stomach as she went to bed on Friday night. She woke up the next morning feeling sicker than before. Richard, God bless him, had not said anything to her. She knew she deserved it though. She hadn't meant to say all of those things to Rory. She had just gotten so riled up in an argument and the shock of seeing her so heavy, she stopped herself there. There was no excuse for calling her granddaughter a pig. There were few times in her life that she would admit that she was wrong and this was one of them. She was just so worried about what people would think and then she got so worked up. She had to be the worst grandmother ever.

Since waking up this morning she had been sitting by the phone debating if she should call Rory enough. Would she even take her call? This was killing her inside. She had lost Lorelai once and probably would again but she had always known that Rory would be there. Now it seemed that she had burnt that bridge as well. Richard came into the room and sighed.

"You should just call her. You're only torturing yourself" he said sitting down to read the paper. Emily squirmed uncomfortably.

"I should be. I was far too cruel to her. I called our granddaughter a pig Richard. I don't know how she'll ever forgive me" she said looking down at her shoes. She knew Rory would still come around but she wouldn't really want to. She had tried so hard to make this a place where Rory would want to come and in one night had destroyed three and a half years of hard work.

"Emily, look at me" he said putting his paper down so he could look into her eyes. "Rory is a forgiving girl she forgave me when I…was less than friendly with her first boyfriend. Just call her and at the very least leave her a message saying that you're sorry. She'll be more likely to forgive you quicker if you take the first step" he said. Emily knew that her husband was right. She wasn't going to risk getting Lorelai on the phone so she called Rory's cell.

Rory was currently sitting in front of a McDonald's debating if she should go in or not. She had been sitting there for about thirty minutes. She knew that she didn't need the food and remembered how Luke had calmed her down earlier, she really wanted it now and was about to exit her car when her cell rang. She was just going to ignore it assuming it was her mom but decided to check who it was. She sighed, it was her grandmother. She should just ignore it but she might be calling to apologize and it would be rude to ignore her. First insult though and she was hanging up.

"Hello" she said in a low tone.

"Rory…this is your grandmother. I just wanted to say…I'm sorry. I was wrong last night. You're not a pig and it was wrong of me to say that. I got mad and I said things I shouldn't have even thought. You're a beautiful young woman Rory. I was just shocked and then I got in a bad mood and…well there's no excuse. I was rude to you and no grandmother should ever be rude when they a granddaughter as amazing as you are" Emily said speaking her peace. All she hoped was that her granddaughter would begin to forgive her.

Rory started feeling a little better as she heard her grandmothers' apology. The fact that she was stroking her ego helped a bit too. She was just going to accept the apology and hang up but her grandmother was reaching out to her and she suddenly found herself less hungry and less stressed out. It was like one weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She still had the problem with her mom hanging over her but it was still better.

She let out a sigh. "Thank you grandma, it means a lot to me that you were willing to call and apologize. I know you didn't really mean it but it still hurt and I know I'm heavier I just don't need it brought up all the time" she said pain evident in her voice.

Emily felt her heart breaking when she heard the way that Rory sounded. But it also sounded like she was willing to let her continue to talk. "I know…and it's wrong of me. I just want you to be happy and healthy. I was afraid that if I didn't say anything then it would just spiral out of control for you and I don't want that. You know that your grandfather and I will always love you no matter what, even if you do gain a hundred pounds" she said honestly. True she wouldn't love the extra weight but she'd always love Rory no matter what.

Rory started to soften up just a little bit, she was still wary of a trap but she really did seem sincere in her efforts. "Well thank you that means a lot to me. I was worried that you really meant it and well…look it's just hard. I'm trying to lose weight and nothing is working I'm just not sure what to do and now I'm in a fight with mom…" she said before she could stop herself. She didn't want her grandmother to know that but she was still so frazzled from it she just had to talk about it with someone and didn't know who to turn to and her grandmother was just there.

"Really, why'd you two girls get into a fight? I understand if you don't want to talk about it. I just know how much I hurt you last night and I'd like to be there for you now if you'd like" Emily said wondering what the two of them could have been fighting about.

"Oh it's nothing, it's just a stupid fight and I'm heading back to Yale right now. I just needed to get away and now I'm debating what to eat for lunch or where to even go. I'm just…it wasn't as bad as last night but it was pretty bad" Rory said not caring if she hurt her grandmothers' feelings a little bit. After how she had acted last night she deserved a little bit of pain not knowing just how bad her grandmother really felt about everything.

"I'm sorry…I know you probably want your space now but if you ever want to talk or need some place to stay our door is always open. I understand if you want to head back to Yale" she said. Rory sat there for a moment and weighed her options. Going back to Yale she'd be alone but she could be alone at her grandparents too. She had been so close to walking in and once again ruining her diet if she felt down tonight there'd be nothing to stop her from ordering pizza and stuffing herself like she used to. The thought of biting into the hot and gooey cheese made her smile, she could just do that. But the thought of adding any more weight to her figure was distressing to say the least.

"Grandma, do you promise that you won't insult my weight any more no matter how mad you get?" she asked suddenly. "You can bring it up and we can have an adult discussion but if you're going to call me a pig…" she said not adding in the part of never wanting to go there again.

Emily's heart soared. She may not have a hundred percent forgiveness but this was certainly a start. "Rory you have my word that I will not insult your weight or be harsh about it. I may ask how the weight loss is coming along but that's it. I don't want you to dread coming here" she said. Well this wasn't perfect if she never lost weight. But it wasn't like there weren't a few of her DAR friends' daughters who had never been to a fat farm and she knew for a fact at least three had liposuction. So maybe just maybe she had overreacted. There was still her mother in-law to worry about but she could never please that woman anyway. She'd rather have her granddaughter's love than her mother in-laws approval.

Rory thought about it. "That's fair, thank you for apologizing to me. I don't know what was going on last night but it hurt me and the fact that you did call me and I didn't have to call you means a lot. We can try a do over tonight. Would it be alright if I came over for the day? I'm not sure I really want to go back to Yale yet" she said. She wouldn't be able to exercise as much but she knew that she'd eat less and that was probably her bigger problem right now.

Emily's heart rose. She actually wanted to come back and was willing to do it tonight. Of course the reason for this was her fight with Lorelai and the fact that she had been the first one to really call her. If Paris had called about something she'd have probably been asking the same thing of her or Scott had he called. She just didn't want to be someplace where she'd be all alone for an extended period of time. She'd start thinking about her mom, feel depressed and then pig out. She needed to get over this emotional eating. She took a deep breath now as not the time to worry about it.

"Of course you can come over tonight Rory. You know that you're always welcome and I'm sure that your grandfather would love to have you over here too. He never did give you your books yesterday" she said kicking herself for accidentally bringing up last night even though she was trying to entice her even more.

"Can we do what I want for dinner?" Rory asked. This was the true test for her. If her grandmother allowed her to pick out dinner then she was truly sorry.

Emily bit her lip. Well how bad could it be? "That's fine, what would you like for dinner tonight?" she asked taking out a pad of paper and a pen to write down what she wanted for the maid.

"I want two bacon cheeseburgers with fries and a chocolate shake" she said grinning a bit, waiting to see if her grandmother was really sincere about it.

Emily felt like she was going to have a heart attack. She thought the girl was trying to lose weight. She sighed. "If that's what you really want, then we can do it. I'm sure you've exercised a lot today" she said unable to keep the last part from coming out.

Rory listened and then let out a laugh. The exercise part wasn't really a dig at her but her grandmother seemed to be doing a lot better with it and was willing. She could tell it was hard for her though. Still it was an improvement. "I was joking grandma. I'd actually like some grilled fish tonight, if that's possible" she said as she got ready to start driving again.

Emily felt relief course through her veins, she'd need to be better about little comments like the last one but it was better. She sounded happier too as compared to how she sounded at the start of this conversation. "That would be wonderful would you like anything for lunch?" she asked writing down fish. She'd get salmon or something of the like.

Rory thought about it. "Just a sandwich and just warning you I kind of need a shower" she said.

"Was the fight really that bad?" Emily asked wondering what Lorelai could have said to make her daughter act like this.

"I'd prefer not to talk about it" Rory said telling Emily everything that she needed to know.

"Alright well then I'll see you in a bit drive safe and I love you" Emily said.

"I will and love you too grandma" Rory said hanging up the phone and started driving to her grandparents. She debated telling her mom she was heading this way but decided against it. She'd call her later. She still wasn't in the mood to talk to her mom yet. They could save that for tomorrow.

Emily smiled as she hung up the phone and looked over at Richard. "She's coming over" she said with a wide smile on her face. Richard having listened to the conversation smiled back at her. This was good, they still had Lorelai to worry about but nothing they did ever seemed to make her happy. He was sure she hadn't totally forgiven Emily yet but a good night tonight would cement it. "That will be perfect" he said as Emily went off to plan for tonight.

Meanwhile in Star's Hollow Lorelai was still in wallowing mode, she was trying to get herself out of it quick though. She had to look over stuff at the inn. Michel and Sookie were there and looking over things but it was her inn and she needed to get her ass over there. God had she really said her daughter had a fat ass? Was she really turning into her mother? This wasn't good; no this wasn't good at all. This wasn't the biggest argument they had but this one probably hurt her daughters' feelings the most. She sighed as she looked at the empty bag of candy. It was time to burn some calories. It was cold but she was going to walk over there today. She went and put on her heavy coat and she was off. She was in a bad mood and wanted to call Rory but she probably wouldn't want to talk.

She'd call her tomorrow or later tonight. She just felt this guilt gnawing in her stomach. She needed to get rid of this feeling and fast. Maybe a cheeseburger from Luke's would help…dammit she didn't have the money for it. That wasn't helping her mood either. She'd worry about that after she fixed this with Rory. One thing at a time and right now Tom needed her to look over some stuff. Weren't Saturday's supposed to be fun?

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 179 lbs

Chapter 28

It didn't take Rory too long to get to her grandparents. The toughest part was actually going inside. She was worried that this was some kind of trap. But she reminded herself that if any insults were thrown her way Yale wasn't too far away. Eventually she found enough courage to ring that doorbell. They created her as per usual but she wasn't too interested in that at the moment she needed a shower. They nodded and she went up to her room to get nice and clean.

Emily was just happy that Rory was actually here and wanted to have lunch on the table when she came back downstairs. She needed something healthy but not something that made it seem like she was pushing health into Rory's face, so salads were out. Eventually she decided on turkey sandwiches. Turkey wasn't high in fat and it would make a nice lunch for them.

Rory ended up showering and getting dressed fairly quickly. She still put her make-up on and dressed up. In non-revealing clothes of course, sadly a pair of jeans and a black sweater did little to hide the consequences of her indulgences. She decided that now was as good a time as any to get this over with. She slowly made her way downstairs trying not to panic as she came down the stairwell. A lot of good it did her, her grandmother apparently heard her and met her at the bottom of the stairs.

"Rory, you're looking beautiful today" Emily said sincerely.

"Thanks grandma, what's for lunch?" Rory asked sucking in her stomach just a little bit, it wasn't much but it made her feel thinner.

"Turkey sandwiches for the two of us" Emily said guiding her into the dining room.

"The two of us?" Rory asked suddenly confused and afraid. She had been hoping that her grandpa would be there as a buffer between the two of them.

"Oh yes, your grandfather had to go to the office. He'll be home for dinner though. I was hoping he wouldn't have to do in today. But even with Jason he still has to put in a weekend every so often" Emily said with a hint of sadness in her voice but kept her tone that of business.

"Ah well this should be…nice" Rory said sitting down to eat her sandwich. It was strange her grandmother not having some grand spread for lunch. Almost every time she had been here it was a big affair even on her diet. Turkey sandwiches just seemed kind of plan.

That was until the maid brought them out. They weren't huge but they were certainly upscale. This wasn't just sliced turkey on white bread, which is what she had been expecting. No, this was something that you'd order at a deli, only high class. It was strange to see a turkey sandwich like this.

"I wasn't sure what vegetables you'd prefer so I had the maid put a selection on your plate. If you'd like something else I can have them make it for you, soup perhaps?" Emily said.

Rory listened to her grandmother talk she wasn't really saying anything mean to her. In fact she was being downright pleasant. "Grandma, this is perfect. Thank you so much" she said putting lettuce and tomatoes on her sandwich. They sat in silence and ate for about ten minutes before Rory finally broke the silence.

"Grandma how do you stay so fit? I look at mom and something tells me she didn't get her eating habits from you so how do you do it?" she asked. She knew that it was a risk to bring up her weight again but she'd be lying if she said she didn't want to look like her grandmother when she reached that age.

Emily was taken aback by her granddaughter's sudden interest in her fitness. "You do realize this will involve talking about your…figure" she said eager to talk about it but not willing to lose her granddaughter over something like this.

Rory sighed, "I understand that. It's just…what I'm doing isn't really working and mom isn't a real help and well I was just wondering if you had any tips" Rory said her skin turning a light shade of pink.

Emily smiled and her heart rose. Her granddaughter was actually coming to her asking for help with something. Something that had nothing to do with money, she actually wanted her advice. Of course she would have loved for her daughter to ask for her advice too but still this was good enough.

"Tell me what you'd like to know Rory" Emily said sipping on her water.

"I really don't know…what do you do to keep the weight off? Not that you'd be heavy or anything I just mean…"

Emily stopped her there. "I know what you mean Rory and let me give you some tips. Always drink water with meals. Something I've learned in recent years too is to get apple slices with a sandwich instead of fries or chips. Everyday go for a walk of some sort. If you spend the entire day sitting around you burn no calories and won't lose any weight" Emily said figuring those were some good small steps to start with.

"What about Diet Soda?" Rory asked nibbling on her sandwich.

Emily shook her head at her. "Have you read what they put into those? You'd be better off drinking tea, coffee, or water. All those diet soda's tend to do is make you think you're helping yourself when really all you're drinking is something you think is healthy but really they're just rotting away you're pretty teeth" she said. Rory nodded at her and sipped her water.

"That makes sense…" she said licking her teeth. She never really had any cavities but what if she was doing harm to her teeth that could never be repaired. "What about exercises? Something tells me that's not going to help me lose the weight I want" she said feeling a lot better about all of this. It was actually kind of nice talking to her grandmother about this with everyone else it was always there but rarely out in the open. It was like she was truly acknowledging her gain for the first time.

"Well I have a few exercise tapes. I could make a list for you so you can look for them or a few like them. They're pretty simple but if you do them everyday you'll work up a nice sweat and lose weight. It won't be fast like ten pounds in a week like I see on those ads late at night. But you'll slowly yet surely lose weight" she said smiling at her chubby granddaughter. She seemed to really want to try. They spent the rest of the afternoon talking about it. Not in an overly friendly way but in a way that Rory needed help from someone older and wiser. More like a mentor really. It was actually kind of nice not to have someone cracking jokes the entire time they talked.

Before either of them knew it, it was almost time for dinner. Just then Rory's cell rang, it was her mother. She really didn't want to stop talking with her grandmother but she should take this call. "It's mom, I'll be right back" Rory said standing up. Emily sat there sipping on her tea. Yes this had been a good way to spend the day. Thank god she didn't have some prior engagement; she and Rory were actually talking.

"Hello" Rory said flatly to her mother.

"Hey…how are you?" Lorelai asked glad that her daughter had just picked up. She was a prideful woman but she knew what she had done was wrong and she would have to eat her words she could only hope that Rory would forgive her.

"I'm fine. What are you calling about?" Rory said just wanting her mother to get to the point with it.

Lorelai was surprised by her daughter's tone. It was so unlike her. "Well I wanted to talk to you about earlier…why did you go back to Yale?" she asked just spitting that out. She meant to say something else but she was still hurt by the fact that her daughter left her with a week left.

Rory grimaced at the phone. "Well I didn't go back to Yale. I decided to go to grandmas" she said. She knew that would hurt her mother but hey she hurt her was right now she considered them to be kind of even. But really it wasn't even close right now.

Lorelai's eyes widened and she nearly dropped the phone. Once again she was speechless. Why did her daughter go there? It made no sense, wasn't she still furious at Emily Gilmore? "What are you doing there?" she asked in a voice that was just above a whisper.

"Grandma called me today and apologized. So I thought I'd go and see her. She was very gracious about it and she was sincere. It's actually been nice seeing her" she said smiling just a bit. She knew it was wrong to hurt her mother but she'd feel guilty once her mother apologized to her.

Lorelai couldn't believe this, why was her daughter doing this to her? "And you just believed her? It's a trap Rory" she said. Her daughter was too naïve for her own good.

"It's not. She hasn't said anything rude to be at all. In fact she's actually given me good advice on losing weight and she APOLOGIZED" she said basically hitting her mother over the head with the hint that that's really what she was looking for.

"Rory she's just trying to manipulate you. Don't you see that?" Lorelai said ignoring her last comment.

"Mom you're being ridiculous. She's been nothing but nice. She admitted she made a mistake and it's past us"

"Rory you don't understand, she just wants to take advantage of you!"

"Take advantage of me? How by helping me lose weight? Oh yeah mom that's such an awful thing. I mean maybe I should just keep gaining weight" she said rolling her eyes. What had gotten into her mother? In reality Lorelai was so blinded by her bad relationship with her mother that she didn't even think that this might be good for Rory.

"Well if she's manipulating you then yeah it's a bad thing" Lorelai said.

"You're crazy; I'm hanging up the phone. Call me when you're willing to apologize. Besides given how you look your comment was like the pot calling the kettle black" she said raising her voice sharply and closing her cell phone. She was furious at her mother. Couldn't she understand that her grandmother just wanted to help her. Even if she was a bit extreme in her methods.

She walked back in a huff to talk to her grandmother. Emily couldn't help but overhear some of the things that Rory said.

"She didn't apologize?" she asked Rory. Rory's eyes were watering a bit and she shook her head no.

"I don't understand her…I just told her that I was here and she started freaking out" she said holding back a sob. Emily walked over to Rory and pulled her into a hug. She was a bit disgusted as she felt her granddaughters' flabby body but this was more important right now. She started rubbing her back. "Sssshhhh it'll be alright Rory. Just relax and it'll be fine" she said softly as Rory tried to keep herself from crying.

Meanwhile in Star's Hollow Lorelai was pacing around furious at her daughter. How dare she call her fat! True she had done the same to her but still! She debated driving over there to stop her mother from brainwashing her daughter. That's what she was doing, turning her daughter against it. It had happened with Yale and now it was happening again with this. Oh she needed to do something.

There was no way her mother would let her see Rory though. No she needed to do this a different way. She needed time to think. Hell she didn't need this right now though. She felt like she had been stabbed in the back by Rory. She was running out of money and now she lost her daughter. She was feeling sick to her stomach. She needed to talk to someone. She put on her coat and decided to go and talk to Luke. Luke always helped her. She needed his opinion on this. He'd help her fix this. She was sure of it.

(Continued in post 51 on page 3 of this thread)

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Originally Posted by Ssaylleb View Post
i'm loving this story. i like Rory's struggles with her body acceptance and Lorelei now plumping up nicely too

can't wait for the next instalment
Ah I just realized that I never responded to you. Well thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the story. A few more chapters should be posted very shortly.
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