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Originally Posted by Ssaylleb View Post
i'm loving this story. i like Rory's struggles with her body acceptance and Lorelei now plumping up nicely too

can't wait for the next instalment
Ah I just realized that I never responded to you. Well thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the story. A few more chapters should be posted very shortly.
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One small change to talk about. My starting weight for her was way off. It should have been 122 lbs not 112. At any rate I've gone back and upped her weight by ten pounds throughout the story. Minor error. Nothing really changes. She just starts out at healthy instead of scary skinny. Also I'm really glad I've been able to find the time to start writing this again.

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 180

Chapter 30

Lorelai had a bit of trouble sleeping but slept better than she had in weeks. Just having the money situation off her shoulders was enough to almost make her forget about her fight with Rory, almost. She may have slept better but she woke up the next morning feeling sick to her stomach. She knew that she needed to make this right today. She knew that she had to swallow her pride and just admit that she was wrong. It wouldn't be an easy fix but Rory didn't hold grudges, part of her knew that she didn't deserve to be forgiven but she had to make this right.

After a quick shower Lorelai got dressed, not noticing how constricting her jeans had gotten, put on her jacket and started making her way over to Luke's. She couldn't believe that she had broken down in front of him yesterday. She had gone from angry to depressed in no time flat. She knew that she should have been happy her daughter had a connection with her grandmother. But she just couldn't get away from a nagging feeling that her mother was manipulating her daughter.

Eventually Lorelai made it Luke's which was considerably busy this morning. She was able to find an open spot at the counter. As soon as she sat down Luke put a coffee down in front of her. "Oh come on am I that predictable?" Lorelai asked.

"Only when it comes to coffee" Luke said taking a look around really quick. He reached into his pocket and subtly handed her a check for $30,000.

"You know you don't really have to do this…" Lorelai said putting up token resistance. She really hoped that Luke wouldn't change his mind.

"Don't worry, you need it and I know I'm going to get it back. I have faith in you. Now what will ya have for breakfast?" he asked.

"I'll have pancakes with toast and bacon" she said smiling as she pocketed the check. She sipped on her coffee and she couldn't stop smiling. Luke actually had faith in her. It felt strange for someone to have faith in her. Her parents never seemed like they had and other than Mia, Sookie, and her daughter it seemed like no one believed in her. But here Luke was having no problem loaning her money and telling her that she'd succeed.

She sipped her coffee again and a little something clicked in her mind. It was like she was seeing Luke in a different light now. Rory was forgotten for the moment. Her focus was on Luke and depositing that check. She could go and actually live her life again.

In Hartford Rory had trouble sleeping even after her late night snack. The fight with her mom was getting to her and her stomach wasn't exactly pleased with the influx of sugar into her system. She ended up sneaking out once more during the night and throwing out the bag of cookies in the kitchen. The only one who might find it would be the maid but she'd likely not say anything.

All in all she got about three hours of sleep and looked awful when she finally rolled out of bed. It was about 8 in the morning so her grandparents would be up. She knew that she was looking forward to a breakfast of grapefruit and maybe cereal. She grimaced at the thought of eating that. But at least they meant well, her grandmother just wanted to help her and that was good enough for her.

Still that didn't mean that she was looking forward to eating any of that. But looking down at her bulging belly she knew that it had to be done. If it meant getting back to her cute and tiny form then it was worth it. She took a quick shower and hurried up to get downstairs. She did want to get back to Yale today. It was nice seeing her grandparents but she did want to beat the rush and get things set up for the school year.

She chose not to bother with her hair or makeup too much since she'd be driving and had no one to impress. Still her natural beauty radiated off her. Some would say that with the extra fat around her face that she was glowing. She did not see it that way. She dressed in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. She no longer made any effort to hide her extra weight. Her grandmother had seen it and it was too much work to find really baggy clothes. The shirt and pants were a smidge tight but not enough that she looked bad wearing them.

She made her way downstairs and was not surprised to find a place set for her with a grapefruit sitting on her plate. She smiled. "Good morning" she said sitting down trying to imagine in what world this would taste better than pancakes and bacon to her.

"Good morning Rory, how did you sleep?" Emily asked being polite. Rory didn't want to admit just how bad that she had slept so she put on a big fake smile.

"I slept well, could have been better but it was alright" she said as she started eating her grapefruit.

"Well that's good. I'll have Rosa bring you a bowl of cereal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you eat it gets your whole body moving" Emily said not even trying to be subtle now. Of course it also helped that it wasn't done in an insulting way. She was just giving Rory little tips to help her lose weight and Rory was taking the information as such and trying to absorb it.

Rosa came in with a bowl of cheerios for Rory. The milk was already in it, skim milk of course. Well this was something at least. She started eating her breakfast and while she didn't love it the food was good for her.

"So Rory are you heading back to school today?" Richard asked looking up from his paper.

"I think so. I want to get back. Thank you both for letting me stay last night. I just…I needed to talk to someone and no one is back at school. Thank you for the advice grandma and the tapes" she said.

Emily would have liked a few more days of giving motherly advice but she couldn't keep her here. So she gave her a smile. "Well you're welcome Rory and just know that if you have any questions or need any more help I'd be pleased to give it. You know how much I care about you" she said sipping her coffee.

Rory was pleased at how well this was going. "Oh don't worry grandma I will. I really want to go and get healthy. I promise I'm going to use those tapes" she said slowly eating her cereal.

Richard rolled his eyes. He didn't care for this talk. Of course he knew that Rory was bigger but he truly didn't care for this kind of talk. "So what classes are you taking this semester?" he asked getting on a subject they could all enjoy.

The rest of the morning was spent talking about school and her plans for the upcoming semester. It was actually a really nice morning and got Rory's mind off her mother. The breakfast wasn't exactly filling but it would be enough to get her to lunch.

After breakfast she went upstairs and took out her cell, her mother still hadn't called yet. She sighed and decided to give her mother half an hour before she got on the road. She didn't exactly feel like talking once she started the drive. So she just sat there on the bed waiting for a call.

Lorelai was actually holding her phone at that moment and biting her lip. The longer she left this wound alone the worse it would get. Still that didn't mean that she was looking forward to talking to her daughter. After about ten minutes of debating with herself she just dialed the number and hoped for the best.

Rory was actually relieved when she saw her moms' number come up. At least she was smart enough to make the first move.

"Hello" Rory said in a sharp tone.

"Hello back to you" Lorelai said lacking her usual perkiness. "How are the grandparents?" she asked figuring that would be a good place to start.

"They're great" she replied keeping her responses short and sharp.

"Look, I'm sorry about yesterday. I was…I was angry I was stressed and I was wrong. I know that I shouldn't have taken it out on you or gotten mad that you went to my parents. They're your grandparents and you should go over there whenever you want" Lorelai said tearing up a little bit. She knew how bad she sounded yesterday when she played it over in her mind. She just wanted her daughter to forgive her.

Rory bit her lip. "Mom you have no idea how much that hurt me yesterday," she said blinking back tears. "I know I'm…bigger than usual I'm trying my best I just feel like you're not listening to me and buying healthy food when I'm around and then when I bring it up you just act like I'm crazy" she said.

Lorelai was about to say something but bit her lip. She needed to keep a level head. "You're right. I was cruel to you. I just…I'm not dealing well. I'm not used to dieting and keeping stuff out of the house. I also should not have gotten angry; I need to listen to you more. I'm so sorry Rory, I can't explain how sorry I am that I hurt you" Lorelai said trying to keep her voice steady.

"And this isn't just because you're made and want to keep me from grandma and grandpa?" she asked.

"Rory yesterday was a very very bad day for me. I was wrong on so many levels. I realize that now. I overacted and you don't deserve that. You're a great kid and I love you so much. I just want you to be happy and it's killing me to know that I caused you this kind of pain" Lorelai said her voice breaking. She was glad that she was at home for this. She couldn't break down twice in two days in front of someone else.

Rory heard the pain in her mother's voice and thought it over. "It really did hurt but…I'm glad you at least admit that now. Mom I really want to lose weight and I really need your support on this. I need apples and fruit and salad. Not red vines, m&m's, and pizza" she said stating her case.

"Fine whenever I'm around you or you're home I promise none of the bad food will enter this house or be around you. I didn't realize how much of a temptation it was for you. I'll try and change my habits when you're around" she said.

Rory thought this over her mom seemed sincere. "I'm not going to lie. I'm still mad at you for your comments yesterday morning" she said unable to speak them. "But I know you're stressed with the Dragonfly and everything so I forgive you. But you have to be better about food" she said.

"Honey, I promise you a lot has been going on that I haven't been able to tell you about. But it's going to get a lot better," she promised feeling that weight lift off her shoulders.

Rory was confused about what her mom could have been keeping from her but then things started clicking. It was probably some problems with the Dragonfly. It didn't excuse her behavior but she had apologized for it and that was good enough for her. "I understand. I'm glad that you apologized" she said.

"So are you coming home?" Lorelai asked hopefully.

"Sorry, I do have to get back to school but I'll come back this weekend. Assuming we have diet soda and some apples in the house" she said smiling a bit.

"It's a deal, I promise all the bad food will be gone by the time you're here" she said feeling a lot better.

"Sounds great, I have to start going but I'll talk to you later" Rory said hanging up the phone her sour mood now mostly forgotten.

Lorelai hung up and felt great. Things were going well with Rory again and she no longer felt as guilty as she had. Now the problem was what to do with all the junk she had laying around. Sure money had been tight but that didn't mean that her snack budget had been cut entirely. Walking to the kitchen she took out a box of Mallomars that she had saved. Well Rory didn't any temptation and it was a waste to throw out. She thought as she opened the box and started eating them one by one.

Rory felt loads better and started gathering all of her stuff together. She made her way downstairs with her bags to say goodbye to her grandparents.

"Well I'm going to head out, thank you for letting me stay here last night" she said to them. Emily couldn't help but notice the smile on her granddaughters face.

"You look better, have you talked with your mother?" she asked, a bit disappointed that they had made up so fast she would have liked a little bit more time to influence her. But in the long run this was probably better for everyone.

"Yeah, she admitted that she was fully wrong and we came up with a rule that only healthy food is in the house when I'm home" she said. Emily's face brightened at that prospect. So it seemed that her granddaughter was serious about fitness after all.

"Well have a good time at Yale and I'm happy for you and your mother" she said giving her a hug. Richard came over and gave her a light hug as well, within five minutes Rory was on the road to Yale.

About an hour into the trip she realized just how hungry she was. It was a little bit before lunch but she just couldn't make it. Her stomach had become accustomed to big meals so some cereal and grapefruit just wasn't enough to make her feel full for very long.

She pulled over to a McDonalds to get something to eat. A chicken sandwich sounded good, after all chicken was healthier than meat and if she got small fries and a drink that was good too. Plus she was in such a good mood from her conversation with her mom.

After all she still needed to eat she just needed to eat less and healthier. It wasn't like there were any healthy places to eat on the road. So she might as well get the healthiest thing she could here. Of course she forgot to order a grilled chicken sandwich. Still she didn't realize that and happily ate her food. She'd work out a bit tonight and burn off any extra calories that this meal gave her. It was a perfect plan if only she would remember to work out once she got back to Yale.

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Height: 5'7''

Weight: 180 lbs
Chapter 31

The next week for both of the Gilmore girls were hectic. Lorelai had to deal with the usual issues of opening the Dragonfly. They were getting closer but there was still a lot more to do. Her new found economic freedom helped too. She was spending her money like a drunk on payday but she could at least afford to eat out again.

That was something that she was doing with gusto. She was able to go and visit Luke's and actually order pizza again. The melted cheese had never tasted so good to her. In addition to take out she also took it upon herself to purge the house of all sweets. To most people that would have been hiding them from their daughter or throwing them out but not to her. Her sweet tooth had gone into overdrive. The whole week was spent grazing or snacking on something.

Needless to say that it should not have been that much of a surprise that Friday morning when her jeans wouldn't fit. At first she was confused and tried to pull them up even more. But they kept meeting resistance. For a moment Lorelai thought that she had simply shrunk them but then she remembered that she hadn't done laundry in weeks. She couldn't have shrunk them.

Right away she stripped down to her mismatched underwear and went to the bathroom. Her scale had been gathering dust for years but she had to go and see what the damage was. She couldn't have gotten that big. After all she never gained weight. Maybe they were just a pair of Rory's old jeans.

"Shit" she murmured looking at the scale, it read 178 pounds. That was up from her usual 140ish pounds that she normally stayed at. Of course she knew that she had gained some weight since the summer but she thought it had leveled off. At 5'9'' she had been at a perfect albeit skinny weight. Now she was overweight or at least close.

She backed up to her full length mirror to take account of her body. The very first thing she noticed was her stomach. It was a belly no there was no doubt about that. She took it with both hands and shook it a bit. Well she could certainly pinch and inch. Speaking of that she had some wide love handles, the kind that no man would have any problem grabbing onto.

She moved up to her chest with to her joy had grown a bit. The only downside was that they sagged a bit due to the extra fat. "One downside of getting older" she grumbled. She handled them and picked them up trying to make them look perky again but it was no use. Really she shouldn't have been complaining she still looked better than most women her age.

She smiled at the mirror and then frowned. Well at least her face didn't look too bad. There was just a layer of fat encasing it. But it filled in her face a bit and she thought it made her look a little younger. Now the problem came up, her lower body. Turning around she tried to get a good view of her ass in mirror. What she saw shocked her.

She could have sworn that he ass was as big as Texas. She put her hands on it just to be sure that it was her. She felt warm, soft flesh. Yep it was all her. She had a bit of cellulite before but it was now spread all over her ass and thighs. She turned around one more time just to be sure it was her and yep it was all her. She could see and feel her body jiggling.

"Okay Lorelai…this isn't too bad. It's only 35 pounds. You can lose that" she said giving herself a pep talk. Her stomach growled at that moment. "Oh you'd like that wouldn't you stomach, you and my taste buds teaming up against me. Well no more my diet starts today. Perfect day too with Rory coming home" she said poking and prodding her forgiving flesh.

Well now that it was clear that it was her fault and not her pants, she needed to go and find a pair that fit her. In fact might as well grab a bigger pair of underwear too her panties were turning into a thong slowly yet surely. Only she hadn't realized it until today.

Underwear wise she didn't have much of a choice. She was able to find a few bras that barely fit, it was tight but they would do until she went shopping for new ones. She had to go through a stack of underwear but she finally found a pair of red panties that fit, barely. Luckily she didn't require her underwear to look sexy so it was fine.

It was too cold outside to wear a skirt, damn her luck. The next half hour was spent trying on pairs of jeans. Most stopped right at her thighs or hips but she finally found a pair that she could squeeze into. They were tight instead of baggy like they were supposed to be. She topped it all off with a nice loose fitting blue top. She went back to the bathroom and checked herself in the mirror. Not too bad. The weight gain was a bit obvious but she'd ignore comments. She put on some boots and walked out with as much confidence as she could muster.

Meanwhile at Yale the week for Rory had been just okay. She did her best to eat healthy and started watching some of her grandma's tapes. There wasn't a huge effect on her body though. She hadn't gained or lost. The biggest surprise was when her roommates saw her. Paris and Janet were disappointed to say the least. Although Paris seemed a bit preoccupied with other things and while she consoled Rory she wasn't that focused on helping her. Rory had no clue what Paris was focusing on but took it as a gift and didn't complain.

Janet tried to get Rory to work out with her more and Paris egged her on a bit about eating healthy but already the semester was getting stressful so they really didn't have time to babysit her or make her do anything. They could only encourage her.

Things with Scott were fine. He wasn't turned off by her weight gain and that actually made her feel better. He had been just as romantic as before. Needless to say Rory was starting to become more open. She had felt a slow burn when they were away but now that they were back together she felt like her whole body was on fire. Needless to say that it was a bit harder to remind herself to stay cool.

It was hard to stay though when they were making out on her bed. Tana and Janet were both gone for the weekend while Paris was off somewhere. Rory knew that she should get on the road but right now it just felt too good. Scott's hands moved to her love handles and he grabbed them somewhat playfully.

Rory broke the kiss and glared at him a little bit and pouted. Scott just rolled his eyes.

"Oh relax, I think the extra weight is kind of cute…" he said defending himself.

"I know I'm just…I'd like to be slimmer" she said pulling her shirt back down, over her pale waistline. He leaned in and kissed her on the neck.

"I know but it doesn't make you any less beautiful to me" he said moving his hand back down her back while he sucked on her neck. Rory didn't even care where his hands traveled when he did that. She just melted in his arms when he kissed her there. Just then an alarm went off. She looked at the time. "Shoot I have to go" she said grimacing and looking at her bags.

Scott sighed and moved away from her. "Sure you can't stay a little bit longer?" he asked with hopeful eyes. Rory shook her head no.

"If I don't leave now I won't be able to see my mom before we head to my grandparents and I want to talk to her a bit" she said. She had barely gotten a chance to talk to her mom all week between classes and readjusting to college.

Scott sighed and nodded. "I understand but that doesn't mean I'm not going to miss you this weekend" he said grabbing her ass.

Rory squealed and gave him a light tap on the shoulder. "You know if it was anyone else I'd be mad and if you like my butt now just wait till it's back to its normal size" she bragged. She was sure her weight loss was just a matter of time. Scott wasn't so sure but he really didn't care if she was smaller good and if not then he was fine with it too.

She wiggled her hips a bit as she walked ahead of him. He walked her to her car, gave her a quick kiss and she was off to Stars Hollow. Scott wished he could have joined her but he was busy this weekend and had to stay at Yale but he'd be thinking about her all weekend.

The day was going well for Lorelai, as of now no one was saying anything to her face about her weight gain. But she had really only seen Tom, Michel, and Sookie. Of course that wasn't a big sample size and they all needed her so they weren't likely to say anything to hurt her feelings. Still she was going to take it.

She was currently at home going through the kitchen one last time. There could be no fun food in the house per Rory's rules. Lorelai understood the rules and she wasn't about to make her daughter hate her because she couldn't control her sweet tooth. A final sweep of the kitchen showed nothing unhealthy, she was proud of herself. All of the food was gone and now they could have a healthy weekend. Although a movie night with apples didn't sound as fun as a movie night with candy to Lorelai.

Just then she heard a car pull up and she went outside to go and greet her daughter. She did suck in her stomach a little bit, might was well not make the weight gain obvious. She smiled and stood on the porch waiting for her, looking for any noticeable changes in her daughters figure. She was curious to see if her mother's pep talks had any effect.

From the looks of it they had worked somewhat. Her daughter wasn't bigger but she wasn't smaller. She was happy but disappointed, she was happy her mother's methods failed but she was sad for Rory. She just wanted her to be happy and get her self confidence back up to where it used to be.

As Rory walked to the house there was one thing that caught her eye. It was the size of her mother. She hadn't noticed it before because she was too focused on herself but her mother was just about her size now. Although her mom was maybe a bit slimmer thanks to her height. Rory did see where she got her hips from though. It appeared that they ran in the family.

From her own experiences Rory knew how bad it was to mention weight. So she decided to keep her mouth quiet until her mom mentioned her weight. Although dinner would certainly be interesting tonight, if her grandmother couldn't keep her mouth shut about her then there was no way that her mom would escape.

Just thinking about how bad her grandmother made her feel she suddenly wondered if they should cancel the dinner. At least for another week, after all she wasn't as far along as she had hoped. She wasn't sure how they would get out of it, well her mom wasn't required to come but she was sure that he could make a case about being busy or sick. After all her mom had tried to defend her at first it was only fair that she did the same. If her mother was as oblivious as she had been.

She went up and gave her mother a hug. "I missed you. I hate it when we fight" Rory said wrapping her arms trying to be a good sense of how big her mother had gotten.

"I hate it when we fight too. It was all my fault but don't worry there are no sugary snacks or fatty foods in this house. It's all diet soda and health food. I hope you don't mind if we got to Luke's though" she said hopefully.

Rory smiled at her. "Of course we can go to Luke's! I just have to be good. Don't let me order fries or regular soda" she said.

"I promise, not a fry will end up on your plate" she said putting her hand on her chest like she was taking an oath.

"What do you think about me getting us out of Friday night dinner?" Rory asked throwing the idea around. Lorelai's eyes lit up.

"As long as you're sure we won't end up paying for it later…" she said. She was concerned with showing her bulging figure off at dinner. She couldn't hide behind Rory anymore and a week to do a fat flush would be perfect.

"I think I can arrange it. Then it's just you and me all weekend" she said taking out her cell. She called her grandmother up and told her how busy and stressful her week was and how with all of her exercise she was tired and needed a week to adjust. In reality she had just done the light workouts in the videos and still had no idea where the gym was on campus.

Her grandmother wasn't overjoyed about the idea of a missed dinner but she understood if it was just this once. After all she had come by last week. So this one week would be fine.

Once off the phone Rory smiled. "I have no idea how you did it but thank you so much. So what do you want to do tonight?" Lorelai asked Rory.

"How about we get some movies and do we have any food here?" she asked.

"Movies sounds great and not really. We can stop by Al's and see what he has. If it's not good then we can get whatever you want" she said allowing Rory to make her own decisions in this matter.

"Let's try Al's and avoid all the candy with the movies" she said putting her laundry by the washer. Even though Lorelai knew that she had to lose some weight too she was still hoping for some candy tonight. Oh well they both had to get healthy. She didn't know that it was killing Rory too who was trained to crave candy whenever movie night was mentioned.

They ended up going to Al's and lucky for them it was something fairly healthy. He was in an Italian mood and true pasta was high in carbs but they wisely avoided the garlic sticks and just stuck with spaghetti and meatballs. They ended up renting three movies for the night and hurried home.

The whole couch area just felt empty without all of their junk food but they did their best to act like everything was normal. But half an hour into the first movie they had both finished their small pasta dinners and were slumped on the couch not feeling that energetic.

Lorelai was slumped over in such a way that a roll of fat was over the waistband of her jeans, Rory was seated in a similar fashion. "So this is…fun" she said both of them lacking their usual sugar high and perkiness.

Lorelai's stomach rumbled demanding more food. She blushed a light shade of pink slightly embarrassed and was about to say something but just then Rory's stomach followed suit and she also blushed.

"I guess that wasn't enough for dinner" Rory said sheepishly.

"I think I have some apples around here, I bought them for you" Lorelai said shifting her weight and standing up.

"Well…we could run out and make this a real movie night?" Rory suggested.

Lorelai cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse me but wasn't it you who told me that no sweets were to enter this house?" she asked somewhat mockingly.

"Well I was thinking just this one time for game night" she said unable to control her stomach and sweet tooth.

"No, no, no I'm not bringing any of that in here. I made a promise last week. Remember your diet" she said really acknowledging her daughters diet for the first time. Rory wrapped her arms around her torso to try and hide her stomach.

"Fine, you're right, go get the apples" she said in a huff although part of her was actually really happy her mom had stood firm. In reality Lorelai would have loved to run out and get a bag of red vines but she didn't want to be blamed for Rory's expanding waistline again.

"Do we at least have peanut butter?" she asked and Lorelai nodded her head and walked into the kitchen. As she walked away Rory's mind wandered, is that what her ass looked like? God it was so big. This diet had to start working soon and maybe she'd rub off on her mother a bit.

Lorelai came back into the room with two apples for them, a knife, and a jar of peanut butter.

"Shouldn't the apples be cut before you serve them?" Rory said cutting her apple and taking a bite. Not bad but it still didn't give her the same pleasure a bag of candy would.

"Hey with my skills I'd burn down the kitchen" Lorelai said spreading peanut butter over a large apple slice. Rory rolled her eyes and took another bite of her apple. The extra food helped a little bit but neither of them could say it was really what they were craving. Still it kept the both of them from going out and buying junk food.

They spent the rest of the night mocking movies and chatting although it just seemed to lack a certain something that their movie nights normally had. Still it was great just having a night to the two of them, together again

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 180 lbs

Chapter 32

"So I'm thinking we need to buy some grapes or oranges, maybe even lettuce so I can make a salad" Rory said the next morning.

"You do realize that salad is something that I normally don't allow in this house. You know what healthy food can do to you" she said in a joking tone. Rory knew that she should have taken offense to that line but knew the way that her mom could be.

"You know a salad wouldn't kill you every once in a while" she said giving her a subtle hint. Okay it was a bit low but looking back she had taken enough subtle jabs from her mother since she put on her weight.

"How would you know that? I could choke on a lettuce leaf" she said giving her a look. The hint had gone over her head. She was too far into the bit now to pick up on hint like that.

"Fine let's just go to Luke's for lunch and then stop off, bother Taylor, and get some more fruit for tonight" Rory suggested as she finished her bowl of cereal.

"Okay now can mommy order something other than a salad there? Because if you want I'll just order a salad too" she said. Rory shook her head no.

"Just order whatever you want. Just not having candy around here is great. I can control my taste buds during lunch although I may sneak a fry or two" she admitted. After all she had to reward herself from time to time.

Lorelai clapped her hands. "Oh thank you. Because you know I'd do it for you but I'd prefer not to" Lorelai said wondering if maybe it was time for her to think of getting more salads. After all her scale didn't lie and neither did her small belly that shouldn't be there.

Rory put her spoon down. "Alright I'm going to go and exercise a bit" she said heading to her room.

"We're leaving for Luke's in two hours" Lorelai said putting the dishes in the sink thinking that a bit of exercise was a good idea. She just didn't want Rory to know that she was trying to diet too; she'd never hear the end of it. She went upstairs to at least get a little bit of secret exercise in.

It was too cold to go running so Rory ended up just doing some light exercises. Just something to go and get her blood flowing. She did some sit-ups and started doing a few jumping jacks. She didn't bother to change out of her pajamas. She was just going to have to shower and change in an hour anyway. It wasn't much but exercise was exercise. It was better than sitting around and not burning as many calories as she could.

Lorelai decided to go and do something a little different, she spent about fifteen minutes looking for an old pair of workout clothes that she had. They had been baggy on her and now they were a little too tight. "Okay Lorelai we can do this, not too bad Rory is doing it right now. Now what would a good choice be?" she asked bouncing up and down a little bit. "Some…what is it that people do when they work out" she asked herself. Honestly she hadn't been to a gym in years. That yoga class with the smug pretzel lady was the last one.

"Sit-ups are always good" she said lying down on the floor. She took a deep breath and tried to sit up only to find it too strenuous. She kept forcing herself to do it though. After doing just around ten she had to stop. She was sprawled out on the floor, tired and sweaty. Her muscles hadn't actually done any real work for years.

"Okay harder than I thought…" she said grimacing and breathing heavily. She sat up again and stood up, she spread out a little bit her legs could use a lot of work. She bent her knees and started doing some squats. Normally they would have been a great idea but after five her legs were starting to feel like jell-o. She sat back down on the bed. "Dammit Lorelai what happened to you" she murmured wiping the sweat from her brow.

That was it for the exercises that she knew. She tapped her fingers on top of her mattress. She was going to have to look for some exercises or 'borrow' a few of Rory's videos. Still she had at least started doing something today. If she added more sit-ups and squats everyday then she'd be fine. She found her clothes for the day and went to the shower to get clean.

Rory was having a better time remembering some of the old exercises that she had from her grandmothers' videos. Her exercises didn't burn as many calories as she thought they were but it was better than nothing. After a solid forty five minutes of exercise she thought that was enough and lay down on the bed.

"Just keep it up Rory, you'll be nice and fit in a month and this'll be easy" she said relaxing and gathering up her stuff to take a shower.

It took the girls just a little over an hour to get ready. They were slowed thanks to the aching in their legs from the exercises they had done. Lorelai went with a jean and sweater combo that would have been great if the jeans fit. But her size too small jeans gave her a bit of a muffin top but it was nothing that her winter jacket wouldn't hide.

Rory despite being bigger actually looked better than her mother, mostly because she actually had clothes that fit her. In fact she looked better than most of the women in the town thanks to that. She was sticking with jeans for the time being and a sweater that really brought out the blue in her eyes. Sure she still felt like a pig but it was better than wearing tight clothes which only made her feel worse about herself.

They were both done around the same time and met in the living room. "Ready to go?" Rory asked knowing that her mother would be the difficult one.

"I'm ready, let's go to Luke's" she said picking up her purse and putting on some boots. While they had slept it had snowed a little bit so there was a nice fresh coat on the ground. They weren't buried but it made walking a little bit more difficult than normal. Still it didn't add on that much time and before they knew it they were at Luke's.

It had been a busy week for Luke, every time that Lorelai had come in lately it seemed like he was swamped and didn't really have a chance to talk with her or give more than a second look her way. So when Lorelai and Rory walked in for lunch when no one was really there his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

He hadn't exactly realized how big Lorelai had gotten. Rory remained around the same size she had been when he last saw her but Lorelai looked like she had put on about fifteen pounds since the last time he had seen her. How could she have gotten that big and he didn't realize it? Although he had been expecting it for years, no one could eat that much and stay that slim but still it had just happened so suddenly.

He didn't have much time to think it over, they sat down and he went to take their order. "What'll you two have today?" he asked them.

Rory and Lorelai looked up at him with their chubby faces and smiled at their friend. Lorelai was hungry and felt that she deserved a bit of a reward for her token work out. "I'll have a bacon cheeseburger with extra fries" she said knowing Rory would want some and still wanted her fair share of fries.

Luke looked at her but didn't say a word and he wrote down her order. He wasn't going to stop her. "Well you know that you'll end up killing yourself" he said saying his usual line. Lorelai pouted at him.

"At least I'll die having fun, unlike you bran boy" she said smirking at him proud of her meager comeback.

Luke chose to ignore her comeback, "And for you Rory?" he asked. Rory thought it over for a moment; she had been so good lately. It wouldn't be worth it to go and just blow that exercise on a burger.

"I'll have a fruit salad and a water to drink with it" she said proud of herself for being able to control herself. Luke nodded and went off although he kept an eye on them. He normally had feelings about her but he was able to control it. But there was just something more alluring about her now. That woman just seemed to look beautiful at any weight. Of course it would be the talk of the town any minute and right on cue he saw Miss Patty walking in.

"Hello Lucas, I'll take one coffee to go" she said trying to be subtle while she checked out the rumor that Lorelai had packed on a few pounds. It seemed that Babette hadn't been mistaken after all. Well this was certainly interesting, she and Rory were always bigger girls at heart but it seemed like it was finally showing on the outside. She took her coffee and left to let everyone know that the rumors were true.

"Oh I never asked you, how were the grandparents last week?" Lorelai asked digging for information.

"They were fine. I know you can't believe it but grandma just wanted to help me" Rory said getting defensive. Lorelai put her hands up.

"I'm not saying anything I was just wondering and that's great that she was willing to help you" she responded, leaving out that she was also the woman who had insulted her.

"Well I'm glad that you think so but really it was great there. I'll be losing weight in no time flat" she said proudly.

Just then Luke brought out their food and drinks. "Here you go, anything else I can get you two?" he asked them.

Lorelai opened her mouth to say something witty but Rory cut her off. "That's all we need Luke, thank you" she said earning her a glare from her mother.

"Not a word, Luke controls the food you know that he could poison you if he ever chose but he's too nice for that" Rory said picking at her fruit salad. The rest of the lunch was fairly mundane every once in a while someone would come in to get something small so they could picture the growing Gilmore's with their own eyes.

Lorelai and Rory for their part were none the wiser while Luke had a fairly good idea but he wasn't about to make a scene and embarrass the two of them. Eventually it was time for the two of them to get going about their day and Lorelai stood up to go and pay Luke.

As Lorelai stood up Luke got an excellent look at her bulging behind. There were very few times in this life that Luke could admit that he needed a cold shower but right now was one of them. Of course it had happened before when she was slim but she just looked more womanly now to him. Luke did his best to recover and accept her money without giving too much away.

Lorelai was per usual oblivious when it came to Luke and didn't notice anything amiss. The girls were then off for a weekend over fun that did not include their usual junk food binges. For the first time in a while Rory felt like she was fully in control of her appetite.

Feedback and reviews are always great, even if you don't like the story.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 175 lbs

Chapter 33

Another week had gone by and once again it was Friday. It also happened to be the day that Rory weighed herself. She had been doing her best to follow her exercise regimen all week and followed her diet as closely as she could. It was hard not to cheat but she was holding up fairly well so far and it showed, at least in the numbers. She smiled as the scale read 175. She looked at herself in the mirror looking for any changes in her body. She frowned when she didn't see any but still five pounds was five pounds. She kept this up and by summer she'd be back to normal.

She felt she deserved a reward for this. Normally she only did one smoothie a day but she decided to do another. Besides her grandmother would serve something super healthy tonight for dinner. So she could afford a little extra influx of calories. She went to the fridge to get one of them when Paris came back home once again in a dreamy state.

After she had returned from her weekend with her mom Paris couldn't hold back any longer and admitted that she was dating a professor at Yale, Asher Fleming. Rory was dumbfounded and didn't understand it at all. It was unfair to Jamie and it just seemed…gross to her. The man was as old as her grandpa. But Rory had her own life to focus on, classes (one of them with Professor Fleming), and her weight loss.

"So guess who lost five pounds this week?" Rory said proudly, breaking Paris out of her stupor. Paris looked over to her in shock. Honestly she had given up on Rory ever losing those stubborn pounds. The girl just didn't have the will; sure she had the brains but not the will. That was one aspect of her childhood that she did thank her mother for, proper portion control.

"Well good for you, slow and steady wins the race" she said not able to get excited as Rory could about a five and weight loss.

"Hey you were one of the people who tried to get me to lose weight" she shot back at her thinking Paris would have been happier for her. Paris knew that she should have been but honestly she had blown off their efforts so many times she had ceased to truly care, all she cared about now was Asher.

Rory shook her head and drank her smoothie. It might not be a lot but it would be progress and maybe her grandmother would notice. She had talked to her grandmother a little bit more than usual the past two weeks, and was really starting to make a bigger connection with her. She had of course seen the bad side of her grandmother but as long as she wasn't put between her mother and grandmother it wasn't really that bad. She really couldn't wait for dinner tonight; in fact she was downright giddy.

Lorelai on the other hand was less than giddy all of her good intentions to lose weight the past week had failed. In fact she had gained three pounds, bringing her total to 181 pounds. She was now weighed more than her daughter again. That was why she was currently at the mall trying on a number of dresses to disguise her figure. She had a wide array of black dresses and looked at her body from every angle and so far had found nothing. In theory she shouldn't have been spending the money but it was better than her mother's insults.

"How are you doing?" the blonde saleswoman asked as she came out in another dress. Lorelai let out an audible sigh.

"Don't you have anything that'd make me look…smaller?" she asked. The saleswoman gave her a tight smile. She had to deal with this often in her line of work. She wouldn't say she loved it but it gave her a great chance to make some great sales.

"Well really what your issue is and you'll excuse me for saying this ma'am is that you want to draw attention away from your hips" she tried to say it in the nicest way possible. There was a 50/50 chance she'd get yelled at but she thought it would work on this woman.

Lorelai cocked her hips for a second thinking it over. "And how do we do that?" she asked giving up. Really what did she care if this woman thought she was fat, it was better than her mother.

"I'll be right back" she said running off to get a dress. She returned about five minutes later with something in her new size. It was black on the bottom but white on top. Lorelai wasn't sure it would work but she thought it was worth a chance. She tried it on and was amazed; she looked ten pounds lighter in this dress.

"Wow I have no idea how you did it but I'll take it" she said smiling and spinning around back to the changing room. Once out they started walking to the register and something caught Lorelai's eye. She hadn't considered this for Rory because Rory was young and hip. She was young and hip too but a little help never hurt.

"Does that shape wear really work?" she asked looking over it. The saleswoman smiled, another little bit added on to the bill now.

Putting the shape wear on had been a smart idea at the time. But as she was driving to her parents' house she now wondered how smart it was. She felt like she could barely more or breathe in it. Oh sure it worked, she looked slimmer than her daughter again but Jesus it felt like she was hugging a boa constrictor, she could not wait for this dinner to be over. She may just pull over in a parking lot and wiggle out of them after dinner.

Rory on the other hand was driving to dinner for the first time in months fully relaxed. She couldn't wait to tell her grandmother the good news and to an extent her mother. She just wasn't sure how her mom would react, she was fairly certain well but her mom seemed a bit weird about her dieting. She probably just missed the sugar pig outs, Rory thought as she drove. For tonight she too had chosen a black dress to make her look slimmer.

By a stroke of good luck or bad luck both of them arrived at the same time. Lorelai had to get out of her Jeep carefully, she felt like Frankenstein's monster right now. Rory's dress was tight but in the right places so it did not impede her movement.

"Are you alright?" she asked watching her mom walk.

"I'm fine I'm just breaking in new heels and really regretting the choice" she said planting a big fake smile on her face. Rory didn't quite believe her mother but she had to say her mother looked good, at least in the Hollywood sense. It was like she had lost ten pounds since the weekend, suddenly her five pounds felt so small.

"How are you doing?" Lorelai asked her daughter as they walked up to the door.

"I don't understand why you ask that you know grandma's just going to ask it" she said ringing the doorbell.

"Yes but I get to know twenty seconds sooner so I win" she said as the door opened. Another faceless and nameless maid took their coats as they walked into the study for a drink with Richard and Emily.

"Rory, how are you doing my dear?" Emily asked looking for any signs of weight loss. She couldn't tell if it was the dress or her but her face did look slimmer, maybe?

"Well I'm having a great week, kind of going slow but that advice you gave me helped. I've lost five pounds" she said proudly. Emily smiled at her. It wasn't a lot but one had to start somewhere at the very least the bleeding had stopped.

Lorelai smiled and patted her daughter on the shoulder. "That's great Rory, it really is" she said encouraging her. Richard just rolled his eyes at the conversation. He had no idea how Rory had come to worry about her weight so much. She sounded like some dimwit girl and not the refined young woman that she really was.

"How is school Rory?" Richard asked trying his hardest to change the conversation. Lorelai just sat there sipping on her martini while ignoring the throbbing pain in her legs now. She could just go and take it off now…but then she'd expand before their eyes. All she could hope for was a short dinner. She drank her martini quicker in hopes that alcohol would numb the pain.

After about ten minutes of idle chit chat they were finally going to the table this wouldn't be fun. Lorelai stood up and winced in pain. A move that did not go unnoticed by Emily.

"Are you alright?" she asked with honest concern for her daughter.

"Yeah, I'm just breaking in some new heels" she said smiling, of course her mother could see right through her but she said nothing. She would keep an eye on her daughter throughout the meal.

"What are we having tonight?" Rory asked all of them sitting in their usual spots.

"We're starting off with a light Caesar Salad followed up with grilled chicken and healthy, roasted vegetables. You must get your nutrients somewhere" she said. Rory nodded while Lorelai and Richard didn't quite see eye to eye with Emily.

Dinner was enjoyable enough. Lorelai mainly ate the rolls; it was the only part of the meal she could say that she loved. There just wasn't enough taste to it for her. Oh she still ate a lot of it but she didn't love it like she should have. A problem arose from Lorelai's gluttony, throughout the meal her stomach slowly expanded and made her already bone tight shape wear even tighter. She had to take deep careful breaths. No dessert tonight, there was just no room.

"Are you alright Lorelai?" Emily asked knowing that she was not.

"Oh I'm fine just something disagreeing with my stomach" she said grimacing a bit. Okay ten more minutes and she had to leave and get out of this. She wasn't even sure she could get out of the driveway without tearing this stuff off. Now she realized why she never wore it and would never wear it again.

Emily glared at her a moment but then gave it up and went back to chatting with Rory about school, her boyfriend, and life in general. It was enough to really get on Lorelai's nerves. She had that relationship with her daughter.

Rory was more than happy to talk. "Scott is well. He's been really busy with classes lately but we see each other when we can…" she trailed off not mentioning that she was strongly considering going all the way with him now. They had done most everything else, she was just holding off a little bit until she looked her best.

Lorelai was really interested in this but she needed some relief, her leg was shaking a little bit now. How much longer? It turned out that she didn't need to wait that much longer. Her mother announced that they'd have no dessert tonight to erase any temptations and Rory agreed. Lorelai was fine with that. They talked for another ten minutes or so and then Lorelai and Rory were out there door.

Lorelai made a bee-line for her car. "I'll meet you back home!" she shouted. She did pull out of the driveway and drove to the nearest public bathroom she could find. It was a gas station near the highway but she was fine with that. She entered the bathroom and pulled her shape wear off. Of course had she been wearing the right size it would have been fine all night. But she had wanted to look very slim and it had only hurt her body.

As soon as she took it off her body once again spread out. Her skin was a little discolored from the whole ordeal. She moaned in pleasure not caring if anyone heard her. She could actually breathe again. Of course it came with a belly and thick thighs but she swore to never wear anything like that again. She was burning this as soon as she got home.

As expected Rory had beaten her home and had already started her laundry when Lorelai walked in the door looking a bit different.

"Mom, are you alright?" she asked noting how her dress now seemed too tight in spots but how was that possible?

"I am burning this!" Lorelai screeched showing her daughter her shape wear. Rory couldn't help but laugh a bit.

"That's why you were weird all night? You were trying to look thin and wore something too tight" she said shaking her head in disbelief at her mother.

"Hey I had to; you know how bad your grandmother was to you. Imagine how she'd be to me" she said. Rory cocked her eyebrow at this. They had danced around the subject all of last weekend but now her mom was finally admitting she had gained weight.

"You know you're welcome to join me on my diet" she said smiling at her proudly.

"I should I can't make it another week with this! It tried to kill your poor mother" she said throwing it on the ground and Rory picked it up and shook her head.

"No wonder this is meant for a smaller woman" Rory said looking at her mother like she was crazy.

"But smaller is better" she said meekly and pouted.

"Not when it causes you pain or keeps you from breathing" Rory countered.

"Fine, I guess I'll have to face my mother's wrath sometime" Lorelai moaned as she sat down on the couch. Rory grabbed an apple and sat down next to her.

"You could just say you've started exercising and dieting like me and she'll just let it go" Rory suggested. Lorelai looked at her like she had grown a second head.

"Rory my mother does not 'let stuff go'. She still brings up things I did when I was three. To this day I still hear about the Christmas dish I accidentally broke" she pointed out. Rory took a bite out of her apple.

"To be fair I still think that you look great, you're just a little…plump" Rory said to her. Lorelai gave her an evil eye.

"Plump? That's a word you use to describe a turkey before Thanksgiving am I that big?" she asked looking into Rory's eyes for truth. Rory knew how much it hurt if someone was insulting so she put it as gently as she could.

"Honestly, no. You're just bigger. Exercise a bit more or stop getting so much at Luke's and you'll probably be fine" she said trying to make her mother's ego feel better. Lorelai brightened up.

"You're right I'm just going to have to tighten my belt and not get extra fries" she said smiling.

"You know that if you tighten your belt too much it'll be just like tonight" Rory said smirking.

"Who taught you your manners?" Lorelai asked and Rory just looked at her. "Oh right…well pick out a movie and we can wash the scent of that Friday Night Dinner off" she said, voice full of glee.

Rory said nothing and picked out a movie for the two of them. It seemed that they had finally turned a corner.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 160 lbs

Chapter 34

A month had passed since Lorelai had almost passed out at Friday night dinner and thing couldn't have been better for Rory Gilmore. She was now fifteen pounds lighter and for the first time could really see the difference in her body.

Her face had slimmed, it still had the round quality that it had always carried and she still had her double chin but that was slowly shrinking. Speaking of shrinking her breasts had stopped inflating and had once again regained a bit of perkiness. Still she wasn't wild about losing that quality but any weight loss was good weight loss.

Her waistline was also slowly being reclaimed in the name of thinness. Her belly still stuck out a bit but now it looked more untoned. Her lower body seemed to barely have been affected though much to her chagrin. She had lost a pant size but she had hoped to lose more than that. Still it was the first place where she had gained weight so it would figure that it would be the last place where she'd lose it.

Looking at her butt in the mirror she grimaced. It was smaller but not down to its small, perfect self. Still she could deal with this for a while at least.

Due to her weight loss Friday night dinner had become a lot more enjoyable. Her grandmother never asked for weight updates but she knew that it was always on the tip of her tongue. Rory was more than happy to divulge her weight loss and it often became one of the more talked about subjects are dinner much to Richard's chagrin.

There was an elephant in the room though, an elephant named Lorelai. Rory had to beg her grandmother to not mention anything she just wanted peace at Friday Night Dinner. It was something that Emily really would have liked to mention but it could have been worse. Her granddaughter was slowly yet surely losing weight and she had given up hope on having any influence over her daughter, she didn't want to lose both of them so it was better to ignore it for the time being.

While Rory had been losing weight Lorelai had been finding ways to pile it on. Maybe something had woken up in her, maybe her metabolism just gave out, maybe what Luke had been saying for years finally came true but her eating habits were finally catching up to her.

Unlike Rory who had put up some resistance Lorelai could find none. When Rory wasn't home for the weekends she couldn't help but eat the candy that she bought and there was no way that she was giving up Luke's food. Rory gave up trying to force her mother to diet she'd do it on her own. At least she ate healthy when she was home, Rory thought.

Lorelai had been standing on her scale for the past ten minutes. The clothes she had bought to tide her over until she lost weight were now tight. She didn't want to know how bad it was but she knew that if her 'fat' clothes were tight it couldn't be good. The situation wasn't made any better by how smug her daughter had gotten about her weight loss.

"Okay you have to know Lorelai" she said and finally looked down. The scale read 191 pounds. Lorelai let out a long sigh. That was actually better than she thought. She chose not to look at her body in the mirror. She had a general idea from the feel of her new body. Extra fat all over, and mostly bottom heavy. She wasn't too far off the mark. The only plus was that the fat on her face made her look a few years younger. She was no longer a knockout due to Hollywood standards but it would not be hard for her to find a date.

Lorelai started pacing around her bathroom. She knew that she had Rory to thank for silencing her mother at dinner but it wouldn't last forever. She couldn't show up one night and be 300 pounds. This needed to stop now. Of course her taste buds wouldn't let her. They craved salt, fat, and sugar. Right now all she could think about was getting a nice cheeseburger. She was going to have to swallow her pride on this one. No she wasn't going to call her mother. She'd rather walk across lava; she needed to know everything that Rory knew about fitness and eating right.

She picked up her cell phone. It was Saturday and there was a chance that Rory couldn't make it but she needed some advice. She could feel the tension at dinner last night and she didn't want it to eventually break under the weight of her own fat ass.

She knew that Rory had something planned with Scott but she wanted to see if she could talk for a bit. If not then she'd just go and bother Luke for a while. Of course going to bother Luke meant going to get dinner, maybe she could ask Rory what a good idea to get would be. She would not just eat a salad though, she had some standards left. Taking out her cell she dialed Rory's number.

Rory was working on some homework when her mom called; she had to meet up with Scott tonight and wanted to get this done. But she could spare some time for her mom.

"Hello" Rory said in a perky tone. She had been getting perkier as her clothes had gotten looser. She finally understood why people held their loose pants up in the diet ads. It was beautiful to see space between skin and waistband.

"I'm fat" Lorelai moaned as she lay down on a pile of clothes that she had tried on only to find that they either barely fit or didn't fit at all.

"Who is this?" Rory asked in a light tone.

"Not funny, mommy needs your advice. How are you losing weight?" she asked. Lorelai had been far more open about her weight gain with Rory. She figured there was no sense in hiding it. Everyone could see it and besides while she was somewhat embarrassed about it she could go and focus on other things. Mostly the Dragonfly but it was still something to keep her busy.

Rory had been waiting for this. She just wasn't sure how proud her mother would be. But apparently she had reached her breaking point. "Well you need to cut out sweets and only drink water and coffee" she said. Lorelai stopped her there.

"You mean no candy? I can't even have a small bag of M&M's?" she asked.

"Mom a small bag for you is party sized" Rory countered. Lorelai blushed horribly on her end.

"Fine, I won't buy candy. Why is losing weight so hard?" she moaned. Rory rolled her eyes.

"It's only hard because you never practiced or taught proper nutrition. Once you know what you're doing the weight just comes off" she said a little bit of gloating in her voice. Lorelai rolled her eyes, her daughter was far too happy about this.

"Yes, yes, you're shrinking that's all good but I'm slowly expanding!" she said looking down at her growing stomach. She picked up her stomach flab with her hand and let it drop back down.

"Fine fine, you should also cut out anything with grease" she said knowing that wouldn't go over well with her mother. But ever since she had cut it out of her diet not only had she lost weight but she felt better and her skin even seemed better to her. Of course it had been great to begin with but she found herself having to use a few less facial products.

"What? So no more bacon cheeseburgers with fries and my normal cup of grease? Rory you're talking crazy talk" Lorelai said knowing that she was right but that didn't make it any easier on her.

"Mom you're just going to have to do it. I don't know what else to tell you" she said checking the time, shoot she was going to have to leave soon. They were meeting over at Scotts, she was supposed to be there at six but she couldn't wait. He wouldn't mind if she was early. After all she was his sweet girlfriend.

"I know you're right, do you think you can send me a list of exercises I can do? Or any food that I should eat?" she asked.

"Let me make this simple if you love it then don't eat it or get a small version of it. As for the exercises just see what you can find online. I have to go and meet up with Scott soon" Rory said standing up and getting all of her stuff together. It was a casual night so she didn't have to dress fancy.

"Fine and oh fun how much fun are you going to have tonight?" she asked unable to stop herself from prying into her daughters dating life.

Rory froze a bit at the question. She wasn't planning on doing anything but if certain things should arise then she wasn't going to stop them. She had been thinking that way the past two weeks but things just never really felt right. She was hoping tonight would be a bit difference. It was a big step she thought that she was ready.

"Well we're going to order some food and hangout. So a ton of fun" she said. She didn't want to tell her mom what she was considering doing. At least not yet, she knew that she had told her mom that she'd talk to her about it. But Scott wasn't Jess and honestly she wasn't sure she'd do anything. She wanted it to be romantic and talking with it about her mom beforehand was just not romantic.

Lorelai chuckled. "Well don't let me keep you from whatever you're really going to do" she said standing up.

"Goodbye, love you" Rory said hanging up and heading over to Scott's.

"Love you too" Lorelai replied. She looked around the house and suddenly felt depressed about sitting in a room of ill-fitting clothes. It was getting dark earlier so not a lot of work was being done on the Dragonfly thanks to that and the cold. She checked her watch. It was a bit early for dinner but screw it. She was lonely and at least talking to Luke made her feel like less of a hermit some nights.

She dressed in her only fitting pair of jeans, a nice red sweater, and a nice warm jacket. She slipped on some cute boots and she was off to Luke's. She'd just ask him what was healthy when she got there. Maybe he could help her, as long as he didn't know why she needed help. Yep, tonight was going to be perfect.

Rory made her way over to Scotts smiling in a dreamy state. She was burning calories, she was losing weight, and she had an amazing boyfriend. Sure she was about half an hour early but that'd be fine, he loved her presence. It just made her feel all bubbly and happy inside. College had started out a little rough but she had finally found her footing.

She made her way over to Scott's dorm and just opened the door. At this point neither of them bothered knocking. They had both seen each other…in certain ways so really there was little danger in it as far as she was concerned. Plus he said that his roommates would be gone, that's why they were hanging at this place. They could be alone.

That ended up being a mistake however, when she opened the door she couldn't believe what she saw. (FYI: I REALLY thought about leaving the chapter off here but that'd be cruel so you get an extra long chapter. The sacrifices I make).

She saw her boyfriend kissing some blonde girl. She felt like she had just been stabbed in the gut. As far as she had known Scott had been faithful but was he cheating on her this whole time? She felt like breaking down and crying but then in an instant she went straight to anger and disgust with a good mix of sorrow.

It took Scott a second to realize the door had opened both he and the blonde girl looked over at the angry Rory, both mortified.

"Rory…you're early" Scott said his face red; he had a look of shame on his face.

"Umm…I'm just…uh going to go" the blonde said grabbing her purse and hanging her head in shame as if she had never been in a situation like this before. She didn't give Rory a second look as she ran out the door, heels clicking on the pavement at a great speed.

Rory crossed her arms and looked at him with fire in her eyes. She wasn't going to put up with this but she had to know. "Why? And how long?" she asked him. Scott nibbled on his lower lip and thought very carefully before he spoke.

"It…just happened and about two weeks" he said. He couldn't lie to her, he never could. He hated that now, it just seemed like it would get him in more trouble. Rory's eyes widened and she looked at him like he was crazy.

"How does that just happen?" she asked demanding an answer. She couldn't believe it.

"Well we were still going pretty slowly and well…a lot of your weight talk just started getting to me. She was there and I just…I didn't sleep with her. I just kissed her" he said trying to make things better when in reality it was only making it worse.

Rory couldn't believe it. He had kissed that bitch while dating her? She just looked at him and shook her head. "I can't do this anymore. It's over between us. If you're willing to even see another woman now then you're not worth me time. I can't believe I was going to sleep with you" she said disgusted with herself. She turned and started to leave but Scott tried to stop her.

"Rory wait! I'm sorry I really like you. I just…it was a moment of weakness" he said taking her by the arm and trying to stop her. Rory pulled her arm away as if his hand had burned her.

"No Scott. If this was something that happened today I could have chalked it up to a moment of weakness. I'd even consider forgiving. But two weeks? Two fucking weeks? I can't forgive that, I'm sorry Scott have a nice life and I hope that she was worth it. Also I'm sorry that I care about looking good for you" Rory said walking away.

Her mind was spinning. Logically she knew that it was better to find out now but it still hurt. He had gotten annoyed with her because of all of her weight stuff. So he had gone to the arms of some blonde. It was a surreal feeling walking back to her place, knowing that her relationship was over.

As she walked back she took out her phone and called in an order for an extra large pizza with everything on it. Screw it, she needed to wallow. She had learned that with Dean and to an extent Jess. She just…she just needed to lie in bed for a while. She got back to the dorm and found Paris on the couch.

"What are you doing back? Weren't you out with lover boy for the night?" she asked.

"I don't want to talk about it" she said in a soft and weak voice. A voice that instantly caused Paris to become concerned.

"Did he try something?" she asked wondering if she was going to have to go and kick his ass. Rory shook her head.

"He's been cheating on me for two weeks. I just…I just need to be alone" she said setting her purse on the table. "I ordered a pizza for myself. When it comes just take the money out of my purse…I just…I need to be alone for a little while" she said heading into their room. She put on a pair of sweats turned off the lights and started lightly crying. Her anger had ceased with her adrenaline. God she was hungry, where was her pizza.

Paris just looked dumbfounded at the scene that had just occurred. She suddenly felt a wave of guilt overtake her. She had still yet to tell Jamie that she was no longer interested in him and that she was more interested in Asher. She was no better than Rory's asshole boyfriend. She took out her cell; she had a call to make. It wouldn't be fun but it was better than making him hurt the way Rory was hurting right now.

At the time that Rory was finding out about Scott, Lorelai was sitting down at a table at Luke's and looking over the menu. "Let me guess, a cheeseburger with fries?" he asked her. Lorelai shook her head at him.

"I'm actually looking for something a bit healthier than that" Lorelai said knowing she was about to hear it.

"Who are you and what have you done with Lorelai?" he asked her. Lorelai rolled her eyes.

"I'm being serious about this. I'm sure you've noticed but I'm trying to lose some weight" she said quietly. She didn't know why she was admitting this to him but he was going to find out soon enough. Since she did eat there every day, a change in eating habits would be hard to hide.

Luke looked at her and nodded. "Fine, but for what it's worth I still think you look great" Luke said being completely honest with her. To him she was still the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. There was just a little more to love at the moment. Lorelai smiled at him.

"Well thank you Luke. Tell you what how about you bring me…you know what I don't even care. Just bring me something healthy and I'm actually feeling like breakfast so bring me some coffee please" she said smiling at him. Luke nodded and was off to place the order.

The more she thought about it the most Lorelai realized just how amazing Luke was. She had been feeling low all day about her body but he was able to make her feel so much better about her body in no time flat. Of course she felt that he was just being nice but still. The more she thought about it the more she started to realize just how much he did for her and how good she made her feel about herself.

After all she knew what her weight was. She knew she wasn't exactly looking her best at the moment but he still managed to make her feel beautiful. It was like something was waking up inside of her for the very first time. He had been willing to loan her the money, when she had broken down and sobbed in front of him he didn't tell her to stop. He just went and helped her.

She started feeling a bit of a pang in her stomach. She wasn't a hundred percent sure what it was but it was certainly different from the normal feelings she had for Luke. She smiled at him when he came up to her with her coffee.

"Okay I got something for you. It's not super healthy like bran because I know you'd just complain about it. But I figured a veggie omelette would be good" he said pouring her a cup of coffee. Lorelai opened her mouth to say something.

"Don't worry it's not all veggie. I put some chicken in there too so you'll get all of what you need" he said calming her down. She smiled widely at him. He was always thinking of her.

"Thank you so much Luke. Just keep it quiet. I don't want other people to know…" she said. He held his hand up.

"Hey I understand it's your life. Personally I think it's a little crazy since you look great but it's your body" he said getting back to work.

Lorelai smiled as she started eating her omelette. Normally she would have taken all of the veggies out but she did want to try and eat healthy so she could be back down to her old weight so she could wear her cute clothes again.

Rory knew that she should call her mother. But she just needed time to be alone with her pizza. It was already halfway gone and she showed no signs of slowing down. She knew that this was breaking her diet but she just needed something that made her feel good right now. She had been betrayed in a horrible way.

Paris knocked on the door and entered. "Hey…I'm going to go and spend the night as Asher's. I figure that you want to be alone" she said sheepishly. She was worn out emotionally from her talk with Jamie. It hadn't been fun but at least he could go and find someone else. She did not tell him about Asher though, she wished to spare his feelings some hurt.

"I don't need anything and I don't blame you. It's better than listening to me cry alright" she said putting a weak smile on her face. Paris returned it.

"Well if you do need anything just call, I'll be over here as fast as I can. Sure you don't want me to beat him up?" Paris asked trying to help her friend. Rory appreciated the gesture.

"No thanks. I'll be fine I just need time and pizza" she said taking another slice. Paris knew this would break her diet but she chose not to say anything, she needed it tonight.

"Well goodbye" Paris said leaving.

Rory was once again alone and sighed. How had she been so blind? Why had he done it? There were just so many questions. She felt the tears coming again and grabbed another slice of pizza. It was going to be a very long night.

(Continued in post 59 of this thread)

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I do not know if you got the feel for the show right, as I have as I already said I’ve never watched it, but the flow of the story is very good and the interaction between the characters works very well.

If I was to have one criticism it would be that it has tended to have spent longer focused on Rory losing weight than when she was actually gaining it.

Can tell I have enjoyed it because I keep checking to see if any more has been posted and looking forward to the next part.
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Originally Posted by TheOwl View Post
I do not know if you got the feel for the show right, as I have as I already said I’ve never watched it, but the flow of the story is very good and the interaction between the characters works very well.

If I was to have one criticism it would be that it has tended to have spent longer focused on Rory losing weight than when she was actually gaining it.

Can tell I have enjoyed it because I keep checking to see if any more has been posted and looking forward to the next part.
Well don't worry too much about the weight loss against weight gain. This has always meant to be a longer story and we'll get there. I'm glad you like it, I tried to make it easy for fans and non-fans of the show to understand.

Thanks for the comments, it always helps.
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Chapter 35

It ended up being a long night for Rory. She ended up finishing the pizza and then went and raided the fridge. She silently cursed her diet, thanks to that they didn't have any ice cream. She really wanted some but she just didn't want to go out tonight. So she decided none of that tonight. She lay in bed and thought about what she could have done differently. Nothing really came to mind.

Scott had mentioned her recent obsession with weight as a reason but to Rory that was a completely phony reason. She had been laying it on a little thick about how happy she was about her weight loss but she was doing it to look better for herself and to an extent, him. She blinked back tears; she just had no idea what she had done to make him cheat on her. Hell just breaking up would have hurt but it would have been better than seeing him kissing another girl.

Rory checked the time; it was a little late but not too late. She threw on a skirt and decided to head to the store, she needed sugar and she needed it now. She went to the closest store that she could find and ended up buying a box of Ding Dongs, three pints of ice cream, and two bags of Oreo's. Was it all unhealthy? Yes. Did she give a damn? No.

Once home she grabbed a spoon and started eating her cookie dough ice cream right out of the pint. Her mind was screaming at her that it was too many calories but her heart and stomach here overriding her mind. She was hurt and needed anything to make her feel better. She looked at her phone and wondered if she should call her mother. But the wound was too fresh; calling her would only bring unwanted questions. Tomorrow would be better for discussing it.

All in all she ended up eating two pints of ice cream, half the Ding Dongs, and one back of Oreo's. In addition to the pizza she had eaten earlier she was stuffed now but she felt better. It took her mind off her now ex-boyfriend. How had she been so blind? She wished she could go back in time and fix it but she just couldn't.

There were empty wrappers all around her and she knew she should clean them up but she just didn't have the will tonight. She lay down on her side and closed her eyes trying to force herself to fall asleep. A little hard with all of the excess sugar in her system but she was eventually able to do it, after she had shed a new round of tears.

When Rory woke up the next morning she just lay there for a bit, staring at the ceiling. This hurt worse than Dean and Jess. At least with Jess she had seen it coming, at least somewhat and had been busy. Dean was bad both times but she had never considered going as far with Dean as she had with Scott and for some reason that made it all the worse.

Eventually her stomach growled, it was demanding some breakfast but she didn't feel like getting out of bed. Hell she didn't feel like leaving the apartment or getting out of her sweats or t-shirt. Of course no one would have wanted to see her anyway.

In her hurry to eat her clothes had become stained with crumbs, pizza sauce and grease, and ice cream. Her hair was all messed up and nowhere near the normally impeccable way it looked. Her face was red and tear stained. Her entire look was slumped. She just didn't feel good. This was worse than the time her grandmother had called her a pig.

Just then the bedroom door opened, Paris had returned from her night with Asher. She brought with her a box of donuts. She knew that Rory would need something like this in the morning and she knew they had no food in the house. Honestly, healthy stuff sucked when you were wallowing or in pain.

"Hey these are for you" she said opening up a box of a dozen assorted donuts. She also handed her a cup of coffee that she had gotten for her. Rory grabbed a chocolate frosted donut and nearly stuck the whole thing into her mouth at once. Paris looked at her but quickly looked away when Rory gave her a look.

"Bad night?" Paris asked. Suddenly wondering why she'd ask such an obvious question.

"It wasn't great..." Rory said sipping on her coffee. Paris had no clue what to say so she just nodded. She had never really been touchy feely so this was just hard for her to gauge.

"You'll find someone who really deserves you eventually" Paris said trying to make her feel better.

Rory gave Paris a weak smile. She knew how uncomfortable this was making her and it made Rory feel good that her friend was at least trying. "Thanks Paris. But I just need some time alone" she said grabbing two more donuts to make her breakfast complete.

"Well I'm going to head to the library to study" Paris said grabbing some of her books. "If you need anything just call me and I'll do what I can to help" Paris said figuring that her friend wanted some more alone time. Rory nodded at her.

"Sure thing, and have fun" she said munching on a donut. Paris once again left and Rory was once again alone. She let out a sigh and once again looked up at the ceiling. She knew that it was time to give her mother a call. She was going to find out sooner or later and it might as well be sooner. She had some alone time now. Knowing her roommates this could get very loud very quickly.

It was only nine; a bit early for her mom on a Sunday but it was worth a try. Rory took a deep breath and speed dialed her mother.

Lorelai was actually up that morning, she had trouble sleeping last night. She started going over her entire relationship with Luke. How she had really felt about everything that he had done for her in her life. In theory he should have gotten sick of her a long time ago but he hadn't. In fact he had stayed by her side and always tried to help her whenever he could. The only others who had those qualities were Sookie and Rory.

Everything that every person had ever said to her about Luke started replaying in her head and she wondered if there wasn't some truth to what they said. It was weird, she'd go out and date people but she never really looked at Luke in a dating sort of way. But she was opening her eyes a little bit more and wondering if maybe a date with Luke would not be the worst thing in the world.

Okay it could end crashing and burning and she'd never get Luke's coffee again but was coffee really worth not giving someone a chance? Especially someone who was nice to her all the time, tried to make her feel good, and was always there for her. She drummed her fingers on her stomach. He also wasn't turned off by seeing her gaining weight. That had to count for something too.

She was broken out of her thoughts when her cell rang. She smiled seeing that it was Rory, probably calling to tell her how awesome her dating life was and that she had lost another five pounds. Well she did have to be happy for her.

"Hello daughter of mine how was the date?" she asked in a chipper tone. So chipper that Rory almost hung up the phone right there.

"Mom…" she said in a pained voice giving away just how bad the situation was. Instantly Lorelai sat up in bed. This could be bad, really bad. Had he tried something with her? Why did her daughter sound so hurt?

"What's wrong?" Lorelai asked mentally getting ready to get in the care to drive to Yale. "Are you hurt, did something happen?" she asked in a panicked tone.

"Mom…I'm fine…I mean…not fine it's just…Scott…Scott…well he was cheating…on me" she said in a quiet tone, holding back her sobs. Lorelai's heart broke for her daughter. It couldn't be a good feeling being cheated on.

"Aw honey…I'm so sorry. How are you holding up?" she asked her daughter. Rory was in the process of stuffing another donut in her mouth.

"Not great" she admitted her mouth half full of donut.

"Why didn't you call me last night?" Lorelai asked.

"It was too fresh. I just…I had to think it over and I just needed time to process. It wasn't a good night" she said plainly.

"Well I wish you had called me, what did you do? And how did you find out?" Lorelai asked wondering how bad it really was.

Rory sighed, she didn't want to admit it aloud but she was going to have to. "I went over and found him kissing a blonde girl and well…I broke up with him and started wallowing. I mean this was a guy I was considering, well you know with" she said just putting it all out there. Lorelai was actually a little surprised that she hadn't gone all the way with him. Sure it was Rory but her eyes had gotten so dreamy and it just seemed like she was at that moment where the time was right. She was thankful her daughter was her daughter now.

"Oh honey…some guys are just going to be jerks. Be happy you found out now and not later. Do you think you'll get back together with him?" she asked nervously.

"No! I'd never go back to a guy who cheated on me. It wasn't like this was a moment of weakness where I might consider it. But he did it for two weeks. I just…I can't trust him. He's not worth it" she said, she was fuming now.

"Okay, I understand. You'll be fine. You just need to relax a bit. I know that you'll be fine. Do you need anything?" she asked her daughter. She was prepared to drive up there right now if she asked.

"No, I mean…Paris has actually been a big help. I just thought I should tell you. I just feel like there's something wrong with me. I mean why would he cheat on me, what did I do?" she asked her mother hoping for an answer.

"Honey listen very carefully to me. There is nothing you could have done to prevent this. Some guys they just can't stick with one girl or they won't care about your feelings. You just…need to wallow for a bit and move on. If he cheated on you then he's not worth it" Lorelai said in a gentle but firm tone. She actually wanted to walk to her daughter about Luke but she was in not state for that conversation.

"I know…I just guess that I'm sad that it ended like this" Rory admitted sighing.

"Well you'll find another guy at one point. At least you gave him a shot. Just remember not all guys are like that. One day you'll find one that makes you feel good about yourself, helps you, treats you right, and does everything he can to make your day better…" Lorelai said trailing off as she realized that she was describing Luke. Had she really been that blind for so long?

"I hope I do find that guy one day…" Rory admitted now feeling more depressed because she thought Scott had been that guy but she had just been too foolish to see it. "I'll talk to you later" Rory said sadly hanging up the phone.

Lorelai tried to stop her but it as to no avail. She debated calling her daughter back but she needed some space right now. If she wanted to talk then she'd call. Otherwise it would be best to leave her alone for the moment. She'd give her a call tonight and see how she was. God her head was starting to hurt, between this and her thoughts about Luke it was starting to get too much. She needed something to eat. Of course her kitchen was mostly barren, she should have probably gone to Luke's but she needed some time away from him to think. So two strawberry pop tarts for breakfast would have to do.

Rory ended up just laying there for a while. After a bit she decided to get up and watch TV. There was nothing good on but it was better than the silence. At least this could keep her distracted. She was lost in whatever she was watching when her stomach growled. She checked the time and was amazed to see that it was already noon.

Once again she didn't want to go out so she did something she hadn't done in months, she ordered Chinese take-out. She ended up ordering a normal order for herself and her mom, which was really enough for about 4-5 people. But she was hungry and she deserved it. She was going to try and heal her broke heart with food. At least that's what her stomach and part of her mind planned to do.

Another part of her mind knew that she should be sticking to her diet but she didn't care. She had a hunger that needed to be fed and she was going to do whatever she could to make it better.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 164 lbs

Chapter 36

The whole week had gone by far too fast for both Lorelai and Rory's tastes. Lorelai had been avoiding Luke's all week while she tried to think over her feelings for Luke. She was never great at making big decisions like this. This was agonizing for her; she started thinking of everything that could go wrong between the two of them. After all if they had a bad break up then it was over, she wouldn't be able to go to the diner ever again.

She kept going back and forth between the two choices. The downside to this was that with her mind on this and the Dragonfly she ended up snacking a lot more than she meant to. The damage could have been a lot worse though. There were all kinds of problems at the Dragonfly so she was spending most of her time there. There wasn't exactly a lot to eat there, the danger was when she was at home and was just casually eating all the time.

It wasn't enough to add more than a pound of fat onto her growing frame. But with all of her running around she should have at least lost a pound or two. Still she thought she was closer to making a choice now. She was going to go for it. She went back and remember how weird she felt when she first found out about Rachel or when he started dating Nicole. Now that she was out of the picture she was going to have to try it and whatever happens, happens.

Rory was not feeling the peace that her mother was currently feeling. She had spent the entire week in a depressed state and somehow felt worse than she had on Saturday. The only time she felt better was when she was eating something or drinking coffee. A week long binge had not done her body well.

Overall her weight gain was an impressive three pounds since Saturday. Not that hard to believe considering that she kept on trying to stuff herself. Every meal ended up being a different cuisine with a mix of sugary candy in-between meals.

Rory sighed as she stepped on the scale. It was Friday and it was time for her weigh in. She wasn't looking forward to it and wasn't surprised when she found that her weight had climbed. That didn't help her depressive state. Not only had she gained some weight back but now she was going to have to go and tell her grandmother that she had failed and put weight back on. She felt so low, but she hadn't even hit rock bottom yet. At least that was how she felt, it just seemed like it was never going to end.

The three pounds didn't make that much of a difference to Rory's overall look. But her overall attitude had changed since the last dinner. She just kind of slumped around no. She didn't feel like sitting up or standing up straight, she felt low. She always had a few tears in her eyes whenever she thought about him or their relationship. It had gotten so bad that Paris had to put all of her stuff into a Scott Box and take it out of her sight. She didn't know why this was bothering her so much but the fact that she had been cheated on just made her feel like dirt.

You know it's a bad week when you stay in sweats the whole week which is exactly what Rory had done. Was it cute? No. But she didn't give a damn. She knew that this was Yale and she should dress the part and be better than that but at this point none of it mattered to her. All that mattered so doing what she needed to so she could keep her A's and not moving out of her bed unless she had to.

Paris smiled sadly at Rory as she came out of the bathroom. She was looking awful, but at least her hair was out of a ponytail now and washed. So that had to be some improvement. Of course when she saw Rory plop herself down on the sofa she wasn't so sure there was any improvement in her friends' life.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready to go to your grandparents?" she asked hoping that actually getting her out of the apartment would be great.

"I know…I just…I don't feel like going tonight" Rory said crossing her arms. Paris gave her a tight smile. It hadn't been a week yet so she was going to hold her tongue but this wasn't healthy for her friend. She had finally seemed to find her own footing and now this happened. She wished she could do more than just be an onlooker while her best friend, well only friend in a way, hit rock bottom.

"Well I know but hey it could be worse. You found out early, imagine if you were engaged and he had done that to you" Paris said earning her a bit of a glare from Rory. "Hey I'm just trying to help. I just think that wearing sweat pants to your grandparents would go about as well as me bringing a Christmas tree home" Paris said. That did earn a smile from Rory and a bit of a chuckle.

"Paris I know you're trying to help and it means a lot to me. I just have to work through this. I'll try to get out a little bit more" she promised. Paris gave her a look.

"Oh and I'll clean up my side of the room" Rory said blushing a little bit. Her side of the room was full of leftover boxes and wrappers from fast food, takeout, and junk food. Paris smiled at her.

"Thank you, I mean I just want the room to be somewhat clean. Plus we'll get ants" Paris said shuddering a little bit.

"I think I'll go and clean up before I get ready" Rory said standing up. Her legs felt a little weak since she spent almost the entire week sitting. They weren't about to give out or anything they just hadn't gotten enough exercise. Normally Rory would walk around the campus. This week it was just class and back. So her legs weren't getting their average workout.

She took out a trash bag and started filling it with the evidence of her gluttony. She was actually a little embarrassed about this. Sure Paris had seen her eat before but never like this and not with evidence of it all around her. Once she finished cleaning up the room she started getting ready for dinner, that meant checking herself out in the mirror and she didn't love what she saw.

Thanks to all the sugar, chocolate, and bad food she had eaten her skin had broken out a little bit. Nothing some makeup couldn't hide but still it was there and she could feel it. For a girl who had rarely broken out it was another hit to her ego and it made her feel bad about herself.

Rory eventually decided to wear a black dress. It was a bit plain but she didn't feel like putting a lot of fuss into her wardrobe tonight. Tonight was going to be unpleasant, she had to tell her grandparents about her break up and how she didn't lose weight. Thank god for school going well otherwise she'd feel like a failure in all regards.

For the first time in a while it was Rory who was late to Friday night dinner. Lorelai was sitting there in uncomfortable silence "So…Lorelai how is the inn coming along?" Richard asked.

"Well the weather has actually been nice to us the last couple of weeks. We've had a few issues but so far we're still looking for an opening date sometime in the spring." Lorelai said. It was the same question and answer session they had every week but at least he cared enough to ask.

"Well that's good, it also looks like you've been eating well" Emily said. She'd never break her promise to Rory but that didn't mean that she wouldn't put in a subtle jab every now and again. After all she had not raised her daughter to lose all control of her appetite. Lorelai smiled tightly, she knew the comments were coming she wasn't going to show how much they hurt though.

Although that comment went over her, she was too concerned about Rory at the moment. She had talked to her a bit during the week but she just didn't seem to be getting any better. She just seemed to be carrying this weigh her. Hopefully she'd get better soon but like Paris Lorelai knew that there was little she could do to help. Rory just had to get better at her own pace.

Just then the doorbell rang and Lorelai thanked whatever god allowed Rory to arrive at that moment. She wouldn't be able to take it any longer. Rory walked in and like Lorelai was wearing a black dress in an attempt to look thinner but unlike Lorelai, Rory did not look good tonight.

There was just an aura of depression about her tonight. Lorelai's heart ached for her daughter. Having not seen her all week this was without a doubt worse than she had imagined. To someone who didn't know her they would have thought that Rory looked great albeit a little sad. But Lorelai knew her daughter and to her it looked like Rory was about to break. Please let this dinner be eventless.

Emily also noticed that something was wrong with Rory. Although she chalked it up to a bad day and maybe that time of the month. Still something was off with her granddaughter and she could only hope that it wasn't too bad.

"Hey" Rory said simply sitting down. She really didn't want to be here or around anyone but with little to no choice she'd just have to fake it for a couple of hours.

"Hello Rory, sparkling water to drink?" Emily asked her and Rory just nodded simply. Lorelai gave her daughter a smile and patted her on the knee in a show of support.

"So Rory how was your week?" Richard asked hoping that school would be a good subject to talk about.

"Actually I have a bit of news…Scott and I broke up" Rory said simply, without crying. Richard felt uncomfortable. Of course this would come up.

"I'm sorry, how is school?" Richard asked trying to quickly change the subject. He had liked the boy but he never had any illusions about Rory staying with him forever. She was a young lady, a quite beautiful one, and of course she would have many suitors. She'd find someone who was perfect for her soon enough.

Emily was taking it a little bit harder than Richard. She had really liked the boy. Still she was at school with a lot of fine young men. Maybe she'd make a few calls this weekend.

Rory was thankful when her grandparents let the Scott thing drop. She couldn't handle talking about it at all. So she started telling her grandfather how school was going. She had gotten two A's this week which perked Richard up.

The rest of the dinner actually went quite well. Rory was starting to be happy that she came. The food was good, her stomach was happy it wasn't the junk she had been eating all week. Lorelai was happy too this was actually a perfect dinner. She was actually starting to think that maybe luck was on their side tonight.

"So Rory…any new news on your diet?" Emily asked casually as they ate dinner. Richard gave his wife a look along with Lorelai. Rory just looked really guilty, something that did not go unnoticed by all at the table.

"Not great" Rory said simply feeling like a child who was about to get a stern talking to. Emily opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by Richard.

"Emily I just remembered I need your opinion on something and it's something that can't wait" he said giving her a look. Emily wanted to say something but said nothing and followed her husband into his study leaving Lorelai and Rory alone.

"You know it's a not a big deal right? You had a bad breakup this week. If you didn't lose weight or even gained weight it's not a huge deal" Lorelai said trying to comfort her daughter. Rory wanted to mumble out easy for you to say but didn't. She just nodded at her mother not really believing her but she didn't feel like getting into it now with her.

"Richard what is this about?" Emily asked as the door to his study closed.

"Emily I know what you were about to say and I have one piece of advice. Don't. Now I've listened to all of this weight loss talk and never said anything about it. But this has to end now. Your own granddaughter looked like she was about to break because she was going to disappoint you and for what? A small hiccup because she's dealing with a break-up. Don't think I haven't noticed your jabs are Lorelai either" he said.

"Well excuse me for just wanting my daughter and granddaughter to be healthy" she said.

"There's a difference between trying to help them and making them too nervous to come here just because they may have gained a pound or two. Don't think that they'll put up with this forever. Because if they can Rory and Lorelai will find another way to pay for Yale" he said.

He knew it was a bit of a low blow. His wife's greatest fear was never seeing Lorelai or Rory again. The time between Lorelai leaving and the start of Friday Night Dinner's nearly killed her. She loved seeing the both of them every week. Even if she was a bit overbearing when it came to the girls, sometimes.

Emily didn't have an emotion on her face as she thought over what he husband said. She knew that he had a point. "Fine…I won't say anything but if it gets worse…" she said. Richard nodded at her.

"If Lorelai and Rory both keep gaining weight then you can say something" he said thinking that it was unlikely to happen.

"Let's go back to dinner" Emily said. It was going to be hard to bit her tongue but she wasn't going to say anything. At least not today, still she would monitor the situation and see what happened. The rest of dinner went surprisingly well. Rory felt a weight lifted off her shoulder when her grandmother didn't say anything. Even when she took an extra roll at dinner her grandmother hadn't said a word.

She was still depressed but at least her grandmother hadn't given her a long talking to that she had been expecting. That was one bright spot on her crummy week.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 173

Chapter 37

Another month had passed and it hadn't been great for Rory. It was March now and it was still freezing. Maybe that didn't help her mood; she was still a bit depressed over the break up. She wasn't bad enough to not leave bed or not care about school but it was still bad. All she did was go to class, do homework in bed, and eat. The result was ten pounds that she had lost being re-added to her frame.

This had caused Paris to be more concerned about her friend. She honestly thought it would be a phase but Rory just seemed to be stuck in a rut. She wasn't sure if she was clinically depressed or not but she certainly had the blues. She needed a change of pace. That was when Paris had a genius idea, at least genius in her opinion. She and Rory were going to drive to Florida for Spring Break.

She was excited about the idea and ran right back to the dorm where she wasn't surprised to see Rory laying in bed, munching on a few snacks. "Okay get up!" Paris said pulling the blanket off Rory.

"HEY!" Rory shouted pulling her shirt over her small belly. She didn't want her pale fresh, and smattering of light stretch marks exposed.

"You're in a rut but I know how to fix it. You, me, and maybe a few other people are going to drive down to Florida for Spring Break" Paris said happily. Rory looked at her like she had grown two extra heads.

"That's insane, why would we want to go down to Florida?" she said trying in vain to grab her blanket back.

"It'll be perfect! You and I can go down there and get the full college experience. Haven't you ever wanted to go down to Florida for a week and just have fun" Paris said. Rory looked at her like she was insane.

"We need sun, we need sand, and we just need something other than cold and sleet and wind. Have you been out there it's freezing" Paris said throwing her hands up in the air. She was slowly yet surely wearing down Rory. Rory crossed her arms and let out a sigh.

"I'd need a bathing suit. I don't think my one from last summer will still fit" she said sheepishly.

"That's your big problem? Come on let's head to the mall. I'm sure that we can find something that'll make you look awesome" she said smiling at Rory. Rory wasn't sure if this would actually be fun or not but at this point what did she have to lose. Her plans for Spring Break were to lie in bed and visit her mom.

"Fine, I'll go with you but that doesn't mean that I'm going to enjoy it" she said sitting up. She was still in her t-shirt and sweats but there was no way that she was going out in that so she started rummaging around for a pair of jeans. Paris smiled; at least her friend was interested in leaving bed now. It had been a tough month for her and she just wanted Rory to be better. Plus it was getting a bit annoying having her around the dorm all the time.

Rory grabbed one of her larger pairs of jeans and sweaters and went into the bathroom. She had no illusions that she had gained weight. It was actually why she wasn't too interested in Florida; she was not in bikini shape. It was going to have to be a one piece with something to hide her thighs. God she really shouldn't be doing this but maybe it would help. All she could think about was Scott cheating on her, and her own body slowly getting fatter. Needless to say, they weren't exactly happy thoughts.

So for the first time in a month Rory buttoned a pair of jeans. They dug into her waist a little bit, she had a larger size but she didn't feel like changing. Rory came out and sighed at Paris. "Alright let's get going. I don't believe I'm agreeing to this…" she mumbled.

"Hey as soon as you get to Florida and see some of the boys down there…" Paris said smiling slyly. Sure she couldn't take advantage of that because of Asher but she could certainly help her friend. Who was in need of an ego boost. She still didn't understand how Scott could do that to Rory. She was such an amazing girl; she still debated egging his door or something.

"You want to drive or should I drive?" Rory asked.

"I'll drive. I know the fastest way" Paris said. Rory rolled her eyes at her friend, of course. But she couldn't begrudge Paris too much. She had been a great friend lately. Janet and Tana had tried to help but it was Paris who really did everything she could to make her feel better. She was surprisingly friendly.

"So do you really think we'll find a bathing suit for me?" Rory asked staring at her stomach and trying to will the excess flesh away with her mind.

"Rory we'll figure something out for you. Really what we have to do is draw attention to your chest" Paris said knowingly. Rory cocked her eyebrow and looked at Paris once again like she was a crazy woman.

"What? I read Cosmo from time to time" Paris said keeping her attention on the road.

"You just don't seem like the Cosmo or any magazine kind of girl" Rory said shrugging.

"Well I want tips. I mean it was one thing when I was with Jamie but now that I'm with Asher I just…I want to be at least somewhat more mature for him and dress myself better. It's not like my mother actually knows anything about that kind of stuff" Paris said under her breath. Rory just gave her a tight smile.

Eventually they arrived at the mall and went right for the department stores. The swim suits were sadly not on sale this week since they knew that people were heading down south for Spring break but Rory and Paris didn't really care. They just needed to find ones that looked good on them. Last year Rory would have gone right to the two pieces but this year it was all one pieces. She did suck in her stomach and wondered if she could pull it off but after fifteen seconds she couldn't hold it in any longer. One piece it was.

Rory looked over a few things and wasn't finding anything that she loved. This wasn't fun at all. Nothing was really catching her eye, after a few more minutes she was about to give up but she able to find a few black one pieces that caught her eye. Well black was a slimming color, it would be perfect. So she decided to stick with that color.

Paris ended up having a few two pieces and one pieces. She wasn't sure what she'd go with. She didn't feel comfortable enough about her body but it would be worth a try. Asher was trying to get her to be more open and this was her chance.

"Find anything you like?" Paris asked. Rory shrugged.

"I have a few hopeful choices" Rory said holding up her one pieces. Paris smiled at her.

"Well you'll never know if they're good until you try them on" she said as they went to a changing room. Rory wasn't exactly too excited once she entered the stall. This could not end well. She sighed and figured it was better to get this over with fast and actually it wasn't that bad. It wasn't good but she actually looked better than she thought.

Yeah her hips looked wide and she'd need to cover up her butt with a towel, there was a bit too much cellulite on her legs and butt for her taste. Still, she could work with this. Three of them were eliminated right away; they were too tight or just ill-fitting. Another just didn't seem right to her. She was a bit embarrassed to come out but she needed Paris's opinion. Plus they were the only two in the store right now.

Paris happened to come out at the same time and she was a bit more daring than Rory. Plus if she wanted to wear it on the beach she was going to have to accept that people would see her.

Rory ended up wearing a black and white one piece, black on the bottom and a mix of black and white on top. It actually hid her body fairly well and accentuated her chest. Even Paris had to admit that her friend looked great. Rory smiled at her nervously showing off the dimples on her now chubby cheeks.

Paris was wearing a blue two piece that showed off just how large her chest was. She normally hid her breasts with sweaters, she was never comfortable showing off her body even though it was a quite sexy body. So sexy that Rory was now envying her friends body, wishing she looked more like that.

Paris smiled at Rory. "I think that one looks really nice on you" she said looking at her friend. Sure she had blown up a little bit but she still looked amazing in her eyes and she'd go to war with anyone who insulted Rory. Rory smiled and stood up a little straighter. That was just the ego boost she needed. She didn't even bother looking in the mirror again, that would just make her feel flabby again.

"What do you think of mine?" Paris asked twirling around a bit to show it all off. Rory was a bit shocked at how amazing Paris looked. She wasn't super skinny but she was curvy and her suit just looked amazing on her.

"If you're going for looking like the average girl on the beach during spring break then I think you've hit it right on the nail" she said. She didn't like the idea of stupid frat guys looking at Paris. Something about that just seemed wrong to her.

Paris smiled a bit shyly at Rory. "Well thank you. I think I'm going to buy this one too" she said holding up a purple one piece. "Just a little something to relax in when we're on the beach" she explained. Rory nodded approvingly, that just seemed more like Paris to her.

"I think you'll look amazing in both of them" she said smiling warmly at her. "So are you sure that this doesn't make me look fat?" Rory asked not believing that she had to ask that question. Paris sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Rory you look great. Seriously you don't even need a towel about your lower body. Unless you really want to hide your lower half. But look at it this way you defiantly won't be the biggest girl there" she said trying to raise her friends self-esteem. Although there was a certain honesty to her words. Sure Rory wasn't what the media considered perfect but her figure was soft and inviting. She didn't get why Scott was so willing to cheat on her. But she'd never understand children's minds.

"Thanks Paris and you're right this is fun" she said. Well it was the most fun she had in weeks so maybe that colored her vision a bit. But her point remained, she was finally feeling really good and all it took was shopping with Paris. These certainly were strange times.

They went to buy the swimsuits and were off. It was around lunch time so they decided to head into a sandwich shop to get something to eat. Rory was actually feeling better now and this thought entered her mind.

"Oh by the way, I never told you this but I hope that you're happy with Professor Fleming" Rory said biting into her turkey sub. She was unable to call him Asher and while she still found it weird she really did want Paris to be happy. Even if the whole thing seemed a little icky to her. Paris smiled at her feeling a little bit better.

"It's going well, thank you very much" Paris said.

"I just wonder…doesn't it feel a little weird since he's so old? I mean no offense but I just don't see getting…passionate with him. I'm not trying to insult you I'm just trying to understand it" Rory explained. Paris gave her a look and sighed before explaining himself.

"You just don't understand. College boys are just so immature, you've seen that yourself. I can actually talk with Asher about things and yes we get passionate on occasion" Paris said. Trying not to admit that other than a few make out sessions her love life was lacking. Rory bit her lip; she wasn't going to say it. But Paris noticed the look on her face.

"What? What are you thinking about just come out and say it" Paris demanded.

"Okay I wasn't going to say it but…I think you but too much emphasis on maturity. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but really you look for people that you can talk to more than people that you can be more active with. I mean when we were at Chilton you ended up dating Jamie because you felt you could talk with him more and no offense it wasn't like everyone at that school was an immature frat boy. We're not at Yale and you end up dating a professor and breaking up with Jamie. I just wonder what will happen after college. I mean if you and Professor Fleming don't work out who is next?" she asked airing her feelings about the relationship. Paris just sat there quietly.

"Look if you're happy that's all that matters to me. I just…think you need to relax and have a little bit more fun than you're having at the moment. Look if you honestly want to be with Professor Fleming then go for it. But if you're doing it just because you feel his mind is more or less at your level and you can have better talks with him than Jamie or anyone else. I just worry, I don't want you to end up like me the past month" Rory admitted to her friend.

Paris just sat there quietly for a moment. "Let's get going" she said simply. She wasn't mad at Rory; she had brought up some good points. She had some thinking to do before they hit the road for Florida.

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Weight: 175 lbs

Chapter 38

The week before Spring Break had become awkward between Paris and Rory. Paris was very miffed with Rory. When Rory had said what she said it had made perfect sense to Paris. But the more that she thought about it the less it made sense to her. She and Asher went well together, sure some people wouldn't be able to see it but that wasn't her problem.

Although there was a nagging feeling in her gut that there was some truth to Rory's statements. She let out a sigh as she packed for Spring Break. This was just she needed, she needed to get away from Yale for a bit. She knew that there was supposed to be more to a relationship then just passion but was she putting too much emphasis on maturity? Was that the only reasons she had given up on Jamie? Because now that she was around college boys he just didn't seem as mature as he had been a year ago?

After all they had distance issues last year but they had overcome it. She was going to have to think this over when they got back from Spring Break. She was just going to ignore it and hope that some time away would make things look a bit better or at least more sensible.

Rory felt bad about what she had said to Paris. It was really none of her business what went on in Paris's love life. She sighed, she should have been either nice about it or not said anything. She was still in an awful mood about everything and on some level was jealous that Paris had someone, even if he was old enough to be her grandfather.

She went into the room to pack and found Paris there. She had been giving her bitchy looks all week but this time she seemed happy. "I can't wait to get to Florida. It's going to be insane!" she said smiling. After all this was a rite of passage, she had screwed up or been screwed over during so many in the past that she was going to make up for it now.

Rory was surprised that Paris was like this but she wasn't going to question it and she wasn't going to bring up her previous statements now. It was best to let sleeping dogs lie. So she went and started to pack. All they had to do was stop by her mom's tomorrow and they'd be to drive down to Florida. She wasn't sure that was the best idea before but with Paris perky again how bad could the drive be? She was just hoping that she didn't end up eating those words.

Lorelai had not been overly happy with Rory going to Florida, she had wanted to spend the whole week with her daughter but she knew that she couldn't expect Rory to come home every break and weekend. Still the extended break would give her more time to think about Luke. She had not been able to come to any conclusions lately other than should she risk it.

She still wasn't a hundred percent sure and that had caused her to continually and nervously eat. That ended up causing her weight to skyrocket to 200 lbs. A gain of nine pounds in a month, needless to say that she was not happy with herself. All of the dieting helps that Rory had given her had fallen on deaf ears. Thirty plus years of eating had caused her just eat whatever and believe that everything would be fine. It was just a small shift in her metabolism. Plus she and fruit just didn't mix.

Sadly that now meant that her once supermodel figure had become plainer. There was little doubt that she was still a knockout but the added weight changed it up a little bit. It was a more subtle look of beauty. She wouldn't turn heads like she used to. But anyone who took the time to look at her would find something special there. She was still herself, she was only larger.

So there she was sitting at her kitchen table debating to go into Luke's or not. She had been going in on and off for the past month while trying to figure this out. She hadn't yet but just then an idea hit her. Since Rory was gone then she'd invite Luke over for a not-date. If he just shot her down then he wasn't interested and she could move on. If he was then she could just see where it went. Just then she heard a car pull up. It was Rory; she had to pick a few things up. So she went out to greet the girls.

Lorelai went outside to greet all of them. She didn't imagine a road trip with Paris, Janet, and that Glenn kid would be fun but it wasn't her Spring Break. She smiled as she greeted them.

Paris's eyes went wide when she saw the new Lorelai on the front porch. What had happened to her? Of course she'd be saying the same thing if she saw Rory for the first time today. But still, although she hadn't seemed to lose any of her perkiness. Even if all of that smiling really made her cheeks look puffier.

"Hey, mom. I just have to run in and grab a few things. I'll be right out" she promised. Paris noted how different they looked as compared to when she first met the two of them at Chilton. Oh how far they had come.

"Paris, how are you doing?" Lorelai asked walking up to the car.

"I'm doing well Ms. Gilmore. Just excited and ready to get down to Florida" she said. Rory came out.

"Sorry about that I just had to grab a few things that I forgot" she said toting a bag full of some summer things that she was going to need. She and Paris had looked up the weather and it was going to be a perfect, warm weekend.

"You sure you want to go? You know that you can stay home with mommy and watch movies" she said more jokingly than anything else.

"Mom…" Rory said cocking her head and giving her a look.

"Oh fine just be safe and remember to wear sunscreen. Also drive safe" she said giving her daughter a hug. She really didn't want her to go but she wasn't going to keep her from having fun, the same way that he mother did to her. A few more waves and they were off leaving Lorelai standing there alone. At least she had something to look forward too at some point this week.

The ride to the hotel in Florida ended up being fairly uneventful except for the fact that they reached to Florida way before they should have, thanks to Paris's insane driving. Rory was fairly certain that they had broken every speeding law between Connecticut and Florida. Once her feet were touching solid ground she had to admit that it was nice that they were here, she was also amazed that there was already a party going on.

Janet said that she was going off for a run and Glenn was off probably trying to find some girl. So Rory and Paris made their way up to the room. Paris handing out small bills like they were candy. Although Rory had to admit that it seemed to be effective in getting them some nice service.

Once they were too the room they relaxed a bit which was a little hard to do considering the party that was going on outside. Of course they realized that they were missing the entire point of Spring Break but they had driven all day and needed a bit of a break. They'd go out and do more tomorrow, they decided.

The next day Paris elected to go with one of the bikini's she bought, along with a large hat and sunglasses to protect her from the sun. Rory decided to stick with a black one-piece and a towel wrapped around her lower half. She wasn't quite feeling brave enough to show off her thighs, which to her were too flabby and pasty for the beach.

Her mood wasn't helped by seeing Janet and her runners' body, along with Paris and her curvy yet toned body. Still she was going to go and have as much fun as she could. She was just happy that Paris had set them up with a table and umbrella so that way she could be at the beach without having to show off her body too much.

"Paris! Rory!" someone shouted. Rory looked up and couldn't believe what she saw.

"Madeline? Louise?" Rory asked not believing that they were actually here. Of course they could be in Florida for Spring Break, the last time she had seen them had been when she started Yale and of course they looked just as good as before. Rory took in a deep breath to suck in her stomach.

Paris was mixed on seeing them, of course they were her best friends before Rory but they were idiots and party girls. Still it brought her heart warmth and really were there any two better people to spend Spring Break with?

They hoped off the beach buggy and went over to them. They smiled at Paris but both pairs of eyes went right to Rory and both sets of eyes got wide. They were both thinking the same thing, little Rory Gilmore had gotten fat.

Madeline actually felt kind of bad for Rory; she had always been so pretty. She was still pretty now but she wasn't exactly the knockout like she had been before. Back then she could have had any guy at Chilton. She never got why Rory didn't try to date more Chilton boys, but she seemed happy with those boys from Stars Hollow so it wasn't her business.

Louise on the other hand smiled inwardly; she knew that this would happen sooner or later. No one could eat like her and stay slim forever. Louise had to struggle to stay thin trying every diet that she read about to stay slim. It just wasn't fair and it was time for karma to make Rory's ass expand and while she didn't get the greatest look at it, she was certain that it had expanded rapidly since she saw her last. It was time to subtly gloat.

"Wow, you've both changed since the last time we saw you. Looking good Paris" she said a bit amazed that Paris was bold enough to wear a bikini. Where had little miss conservative gone? Maybe Yale had changed her in more ways than one.

"So are you two enjoying Spring Break?" Paris asked.

"Enjoying it, we're living it. How long have we been down here?" Madeline asked Louise.

"A couple of weeks" she said happily. Paris couldn't believe that they'd take a week of Spring Break and turn it into an extended vacation but hey their parents had the money to keep sending them even if they failed this year.

"So any new guys in your life?" Louise asked innocently. She didn't expect anything new from Paris but she could only guess that Rory had found someone. Even if she was chubby now she did have a great personality. There were enough nice guys at Yale that she'd find someone.

Rory bit her lip; of course she'd be reminded of Scott. She was about to say something but Paris stepped into save her.

"I'm dating a professor" she said knowing that would draw attention on her which she hated but she didn't want Rory to feel worse than she had this week. It made Paris hurt a little bit when she saw Rory frown.

That drew Madeline and Louise to Paris like light did to moths. "Oh kinky" Louise said.

"Yeah, never imagined you as a home wrecker" Madeline said.

"He is single, and we're happy with each other" Paris said as she began to tell them about Asher although the more she talked about it the stranger that the relationship started sounding to her.

The four girls ended up spending the day together chatting. The main topic was about Paris being that girl in the class who slept with the professor. Although she tried to bring up the point that they hadn't slept together Madeline and Louise were letting their imaginations run wild. They eventually ended up at a seaside restaurant for lunch. Something that Rory loved and dreaded.

On the one hand she was starving and just wanted a nice burger and fries but she wanted to show that she had some control and was trying to actually lose weight. Madeline and Louise elected to get salads, while Paris got a grilled chicken sandwich. Rory wanted a lot more than a salad but ended up going with one anyway. It was appetizing; she'd have to make it up at dinner. Not too much but she'd get something nice and tasty.

"So Rory…I have to ask, was it beer that did you in?" Louise asked deciding that she was bored with ignoring the elephant in the room. Rory could feel her body temperature rising. She didn't want to have this talk but there was no way around it now.

"Oh just a bit of a change with my body. I'm working on losing it" she said shrugging not mentioning the fifteen pounds that she had regained after finding out that Scott was no better than a pig.

Madeline just nodded at her while Louise looked her over. She had a feeling that there was no way she was going to get back to what she had been in high school. Maybe she was wrong but her mother had told her horror stories to help keep her on track when she was dieting.

"Well the winters not helping. I think I've put on a few pounds" Paris said doing her best to defend Rory. It was annoying her how Louise was treating Rory.

The rest of the week went well. Paris was trying to channel her inner Madeline and Louise and have more fun. She was getting some attention from guys which she found nice but they just didn't interest her. All she saw were a bunch of horny animals enjoying Spring Break. Maybe Rory was wrong about her relationship with Asher after all.

Rory on the other hand would have killed for any attention. She knew that she was getting some snickers behind her back. She knew that some of the guys didn't exactly like her figure and it bruised her already fragile ego even more.

It was getting so bad that she was actually thinking about calling Scott, or Dean. Hell at this point she'd even call Jess but she didn't have his number. She was feeling fat and unattractive, maybe coming to Florida was a mistake. Most of the women that she saw down here looked so much better than her, at least in her opinion. That it made her feel like the ugliest woman on the planet.

Needless to say that she still had that sourpuss face on when they decided to go to a club. Although that actually was kind of fun. At least she was getting bought a few drinks in the club. Not technically legal, but she didn't really care at the moment.

Paris on the other hand was going a little crazy, sure she was getting some of the spring break experience but next to Madeline and Louise she wasn't getting what she wanted. She needed to do something wild and crazy. She needed to do everything she could at Spring Break and she couldn't exactly sleep with any guys. That's when she saw Rory walking up to her and she saw her chance.

She took Rory by the shoulders and without saying a word planted a kiss on her lips.

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Why did you post the same chapter again, only a month later ??
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Originally Posted by fritzi View Post
Why did you post the same chapter again, only a month later ??
Wow and thank you for that. That is my bad. I thought I had done 39 but I guess I wasn't watching closely.
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Okay there is the actual next chapter.

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 175 lbs

Chapter 39

Rory's first instinct was to break the kiss but she found herself unable to right away. It took her a moment to register who it was and what was happening, once it registered that it was Paris she pulled away and looked at her friend in shock.

The last thing she wanted was attention on her and Paris had just done that. If Paris wanted the experience why couldn't she have kissed Madeline or Louise? That would have been so much better. She was about to say something when she became aware of the voices in the crowd watching them.

"Dude check it out that hottie just made out with that whale" replied a drunken frat boy.

Rory could feel tears coming to her eyes. She knew that some people thought that about her but this was the first time that she had really heard someone say it. She blinked back a few tears.

"How could you?" she asked Paris quietly and ran out of the club, she just needed to get away and be alone.

Paris's eyes went wide as she realized the impact of her kiss. Of course it got whoops when Madeline and Louise did it. But just because Rory was a little bit overweight that got more laughs than anything else. She wanted to go and slap the guy who said that but right now it was more important to find Rory. She walked right past Madeline and Louise who were both asking her why she had done that. She had to find Rory and apologize to her best friend.

Lorelai had been chickening out of talking to Luke all week. She didn't want to act like it was something that she really wanted. She just wanted it to be more casual but nothing she thought of seemed like it would work. Finally it was Saturday and she needed to get this done otherwise it was never going to happen. So for the tenth time this week she went into Luke's with every intention of asking him to come over and watch some movies.

Luke had noticed that something was off with Lorelai all week but he had no idea what it was. The best he could figure was that she was a bit sad that Rory was gone this week but every time he asked her what was up she wouldn't say anything. He thought it might have been more money issues but that didn't make any sense. There was no way that the Dragonfly could be sucking up that much money. He would have heard about some crazy issue that would have caused that. Oh well if she wasn't interested in telling then he wasn't going to press her.

Lorelai came inside and sat down at the counter. She smiled at him as he poured her a cup of coffee.

"What'll you have today?" he asked her. Lorelai was feeling sick to her stomach now. She had no idea why she was so nervous, after all it was just Luke and it would just be a movie. If anything else happened then it would be good but it wasn't like this had to be an end all be all kind of thing between the two of them. Alright she was ready, she just needed her opening.

"Hmmm I think I'll just have some chocolate chip pancakes, with bacon, and toast with jelly. How are you today?" she said quickly, smiling and showing off her dimples and double chin the whole time.

"Alright, and I'm doing just fine. People come in, order the food, I serve it and they pay me. How about you?" he asked.

"That really should be your motto. I can just see it right now on a big neon sign from Vegas. I'm doing alright, just missing Rory right now we were supposed to have a movie night but now she's not here…" she said hoping that Luke would take the hint.

Luke thought over what she had said. It wasn't so much what she said but the way that she had said it. She sounded a bit lonely. Maybe that's what had been bothering her all week. Sookie had Jackson and the new baby; her parents weren't exactly wow either. He may be off the mark but screw it, you had to take a chance every once in a while.

"Well if you want maybe I could join you tonight. I'm always hearing about them but I've never actually seen what they're like. I'm guessing it's enough junk food to last most people a year" he said his heart racing a bit. If he had misread this then it would be bad.

Lorelai's spirits jumped up high. Okay she just had to play it cool now. "Well that sounds like fun, what do you want to watch?" she asked her mood much improved.

"I don't care" Luke said casually although he was feeling pretty good too. Alright it wasn't technically a date but still it meant that he got to spend more time with her and make her feel better so that was something.

The next couple of minutes were spent bantering back and forth. Mostly about Lorelai not believing that Luke had seen like no movies. Eventually though her food came out and it was agreed that they'd just watch whatever Lorelai picked out for the two of them to watch. She smiled as she ate; nothing was going to be a very good night. At least she hoped so on their 'not'-date.

That night Lorelai ended up buying a decent amount of candy. Fair less than she normally did before Rory's and she started their diets. She even spent about an hour trying to figure out what to wear so she wouldn't look fat. Something that she had to admit was a little pointless now but she had to try and hide her hips.

She debated playing up her cleavage but that was really a little bit desperate. This was just supposed to be casual. So she put on a pink blouse. Really neither did anything to hide her curvy body but right now it was getting hard to miss her.

Just then she heard the door bell ring, she checked the time. He was a little late; she smiled and checked her hair and face one last time before answering the door. She smiled when she saw that he had brought some food for them.

"Aw that's sweet of you, what did you bring?" she asked.

"I brought some chicken sandwiches and salads" he said. Lorelai just gave him a look.

"What? Rory said that you two were dieting"

"Diets don't exist on movie night but thank you for thinking of me" she said showing him into the living room.

"So what are we watching tonight?" he asked a little sickened at the sight of all that candy.

"Okay I decided to go with a classic, 'Casablanca'" she said happily. She had forgotten to put the DVD in the player so went to do that. She took the DVD out of the case and bent over to put it into the player, giving Luke a nice view of her ass in a pair of jeans that seemed to be a little too tight.

Luke knew that he really shouldn't stare but he couldn't help it. He couldn't believe how big that she had gotten, she had been slim with curves before but now there was no denying that she had a lot of junk in her trunk. It honestly didn't look that bad on her. Luke could feel himself being slightly turned on. When she turned around again he tried to act natural.

"Alright now I have to warn you…when people first saw a movie they thought that the train would come out of the screen. I promise you that nothing will come out of the screen at you" she said opening up the bag and going for a chicken sandwich.

The rest of the night went much like this, Lorelai would mock Luke for something while Luke tried to get into the movie but his eyes kept wandering onto her. It was quite a sight to see, she just kept on eating throughout the movie. Most women would be fasting as they tried to lose weight but not Lorelai. Sure she may not lose weight but at least she seemed to be enjoying life.

Lorelai herself was having a decent amount of fun too. Sure she was a little worried that she was making a pig out of herself in front of Luke but it wasn't like he hadn't seen her do it oh just about every day at the diner. So she wasn't too worried about it. Something that she hadn't noticed though was that she and Luke seemed to be inching closer together as the movie went on. By the time Rick was telling her to get onto the plane they were almost attached at the hip.

Once the movie ended they turned to each other. "So what did you think?" Lorelai asked looking up at him.

Luke was lost in her blue eyes for a moment. "I really enjoyed it" he said. Neither of them moved for a few seconds. Then they slowly began to move towards each other until their lips met.

Rory had found her way to the beach and was quietly crying. She knew that she shouldn't be wasting tears on something that a stupid jerk had said but she just couldn't help it. She had her cell phone in her hand and debated giving someone a call. But really who could she call? She didn't want to tell her mom about this, her grandmother wouldn't be good either because it would admit that she still wasn't successful at losing weight.

She'd call Jess but she didn't have his number and she doubted that Luke did. There was Dean but they hadn't really spoken to each other for a few months and that would be too awkward with him married and all. There was always Scott; she hadn't deleted his number from her phone yet. Sure he had cheated on her but maybe it was just a moment of weakness. He never mocked her for her weight. Maybe it was worth giving him another chance.

Rory was about to hit send on her cell when she heard a noise behind her. She turned around to see a red faced Paris running up to her. She was breathing heavily, she checked the time. She had left the club about half an hour ago, had Paris been searching for her this entire time?

"Oh…Rory…thank…Lord I….found you" she said taking a moment to catch her breath before she fell down onto the sand next to Rory. Rory didn't look impressed.

"Paris what are you doing here?" she said sharply. Paris looked up and looked a little bit hurt but she understood why Rory felt the way she did.

"Look…I'm sorry. I just…I wanted to get the full experience and I didn't think I just did" she said feeling actual regret. Rory sighed and shook her head at her.

"Well why me?" she asked her.

"What do you mean?" Paris asked.

"Why me and not Madeline or Louise? You know they would have loved the attention. I was just trying to play it cool and because of you I get called a whale…" she said glaring at Paris.

"Rory…I didn't call you that. Some asshole did and trust me if I wasn't so concerned about you I would have ripped his balls off. I just…look I don't know why I picked you" she said as she wracked her brain trying to come up with a reason why she had done that. They sat in silence for a minute.

"Because…if I had done it with either of them it just…it wouldn't have felt right" she said crossing her arms her face now red with embarrassment. Rory cocked her eyebrow and looked at her. She wasn't too sure what Paris meant by that but sitting there looking at the girl she sighed.

"It's okay…I mean look I've heard it. I know that people talk and judge me by my weight. It doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt though" she said blinking back her tears. Paris felt her heart break and went over to her and started rubbing her back.

"Hey…hey…hey…its okay and you are not a whale. You know guys like him if you're not as skinny as a Victoria's Secret model then he could care less about you. Rory you're really beautiful. Even if there is a little more of you" she said smiling nervously.

Rory looked up at Paris like she was crazy but the girls was trying. They were both sitting out here on a beach during the middle of the night and instead of waiting for her to return to the room Paris had actually come looking for her. She slipped her cell back into her purse; maybe calling Scott wasn't such a great idea now.

"Thanks Paris…I know you didn't mean anything by it. That guy just really hurt me you know. I mean why do guys have to be such jerks?" she asked, a few more tears rolling down her face.

"Ignore him and all those guys. Because really you still look good. Hell you could be 400 pounds and look better than me" Paris joked. Rory rolled her eyes at her.

"Oh don't undersell yourself to make me feel better. Remember that guy did call you the hottie and you've been getting looked at all week" she said. Paris smiled a bit due to embarrassment. They sat there in silence for a few moments.

"So was I any good?" Paris asked and Rory looked up at her. "What? I'm just curious, how was the kiss? I'd like an unbiased opinion" she said.

Rory couldn't believe that she'd ask the question but it was a very Paris thing to do. She thought it over for a second. It was different than all of her other kisses. Dean's had been sweet and sometimes passionate, Jess's had been nothing but passion, and Scott seemed to have a nice middle. But this kiss felt different than any kiss she ever had before. Even thinking about it now she could feel her body reacting happily to the kiss.

"You were very good, it almost knocked me off my feet" Rory said honestly. Paris blushed. "I mean…it's just different than anything else I've felt" she admitted quietly.

"Well I guess it's just different I mean we've both kissed boys but we've never kissed another girl. At least I hadn't" she said. "Same here" Rory admitted a bit happy that Paris hadn't just assumed that she had or had not kissed a girl. The weird thing was that she kind of wanted to do it again. It was such a rush the first time that she just felt like she had to try it again.

She was looking at Paris and Paris was talking about something or another, she wasn't paying that much attention. Well maybe stealing a kiss wouldn't hurt. After all Paris had done it to her and she wanted to see if there was a difference or if this feeling was just because it was her first time kissing a girl.

"...and really it's perfectly natural for people to experi…" Paris started but wasn't able to finish her sentence as she felt Rory Gilmore's lips on hers. She thought about backing away but it was like a fire had been ignited in her stomach and she did the only thing that felt right, she wrapped her arms around her best friend and kissed her back.

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Height: 5'7''

Weight: 175

Chapter 40

Emily Gilmore was not a happy woman. She had to stay quiet the past month while he granddaughter once again grew bigger and bigger along with her daughter. She had wanted to say something to Lorelai but Richard wouldn't allow it and she knew that in many ways he was right. If she pushed them too hard she would lose them but she didn't want her daughter and granddaughter to be butterballs.

She tapped her fingers on the table as she tried to think of a way around it. But nothing was coming to her mind. She needed a way to pressure her girls into losing weight and keep on coming to dinner with her. Nothing was coming to her though and all she could do was sit and think about what could be done.

Ideas ran through her head but all of them ended with Richard finding out. She needed to find some way to slim them down but she couldn't control them 24/7. Maybe a gift of a few gym memberships would do it. Surely Richard could find any fault in that. She sighed and rubbed her temples, she needed more time to think there just had to be a solution to this, there just had to be.

Meanwhile Lorelai was currently in a make out session with Luke that seemed to be going further than just that. Luke's strong hands were currently feeling her body. It was better than he had ever imagined, it was softer but it was still amazing to him.

Eventually they both had to come up for air. Lorelai looked at him with a hungry look in her eyes. It had been too long since she had been with a man, just then though she became more aware of how large her body was. Maybe this wasn't the best idea.

"You look amazing…" Luke said, unsure of what else to say to her.

"Really? Because I feel like a blimp" Lorelai admitted. She quickly bit her lip, wow she really knew how to set the mood. If he hadn't noticed before he'd surely notice now.

"Lorelai…you're not a blimp. I mean hey you're bigger but that really doesn't matter to me. I think you look amazing. It suits you" he said honestly, his hands moving to her ample backside. For the first time in quite a while Lorelai started to feel better about herself. Well if Luke liked her this way then maybe it wasn't that bad. She leaned back in and kissed him. This just felt so right to her.

Down in Florida Paris and Rory were still involved in a heavy make out session. Eventually the two of them broke and looked at each other. They were breathing heavily and both of them were sweating.

"I have to go" Rory said standing up and doing her best to run away from Paris, her ass jiggling as she ran. Paris wasn't sure what to think about it. She liked the kiss and wanted to talk about it. Plus Rory had been willing to kiss her. She really wanted to know why, she had to find out. Paris went back to the hotel room, assuming that's where Rory had gone but found it empty. Well she was just going to sit there and wait.

Rory really didn't want to go back to the room but she wasn't really sure where to go. Eventually she ended up finding a McDonald's. That was perfect she was hungry and she needed time to thing. She got a Big Mac and Supersized fries and coke. She sat down and started to eat while she thought about what the kiss had meant.

It probably meant nothing but she had felt the urge to kiss Paris, she thought as she shoveled the greasy fast food into her mouth. It just felt so different from when she had kissed boys but was it just fun because it was new or because she actually really liked Paris? Her mind was racing and before she knew it all of her food was gone and she was still hungry.

Normally she would not have gone up and ordered more food but she wasn't from the area and after the weird night that she had she needed some more food. The guy gave her a look when she wanted another Big Mac and supersized fries but hey he'd seen worse.

Rory sat back down and started eating again. She wished she knew how she felt because the fact was, that second kiss was better than the first. She wished that it would have been awful so that she could have just chalked it up to something new but her stomach was still doing flips when she thought about the kiss. She was just so confused, and she needed time to think things through before she talked to Paris. After she finished this food and got an apple pie or two of course.

It had been a decent amount of time since Lorelai's bed had been used for other activities than sleeping and tonight that record was broken. Luke and Lorelai both laid there just looking up at the ceiling for a moment, both speechless and catching their breath.

"Wow… that was just wow" Lorelai said turning over on her side and smiling widely at Luke. A blanket covering her body, she knew Luke had seen it but she still felt embarrassed at her wider form. Luke cuddled up close to her.

"I'm glad you liked it sexy lady" he said. This had been his dream for a number of years now and it had finally come true. He wasn't going to waste it or let it slip through his fingers. Lorelai tapped him on the shoulder playfully.

"Please I'm not that sexy" she said holding the blanket tighter to her body.

"Oh relax, I've been waiting for this a long time and I think you look wow" he said leaning in and giving her a kiss. Lorelai melted like butter for a moment before regaining her senses.

"What do you mean you've been waiting for a long time?" she asked him looking at him questioningly. Luke knew that he was caught between a rock and a hard place so thought that the truth would be the best. He was hoping that this wasn't just a one night stand or a booty call.

"We'll I've liked you a long time and yeah that's about it" he said hoping that she didn't dig deeper into it.

"Really? Why didn't you say anything?" Lorelai asked.

"To be fair you called me Duke for about a quarter of the time we've known each other. Plus you had Rory and well…you just seemed so amazing I wasn't sure you'd actually go for me" he admitted.

Lorelai wanted to tell him that it wasn't true but there was some truth to all of his statements. So she just let out a sigh inched over to him.

"I'm sorry I'm not exactly in…my usual perfect shape but I hope you still liked it" Lorelai said once again worried that he hated her figure. Luke just rolled his eyes at her.

"Lorelai it was better than I ever thought it could be and don't worry you're not ugly at all. I actually think that you look pretty good, you know more sensual and what not" he said wrapping his arm around her. The blanket loosened a bit and she looked at him like he was crazy.

"You mean you actually like this?" she asked pinching a bit of fat on her arm. Luke nodded.

"I mean if you want to go and lose weight then go nuts. But honestly I don't think you need it. That was without a doubt the best sex I've ever had in my life" he said leaning in and giving her a kiss.

Lorelai couldn't believe it; he didn't mind the fact that she was a beached whale. Her mind ran over his words again and found no sarcasm or anything false. He was being sincere; she sat up in bed and showed off a bit more of her body to him.

"I think we'll have to do this again sometime, maybe after our next date" she said smiling and rubbing his arm, she was doing her best to act sexy for him but the mood was nearly ruined when her stomach rumbled. She blushed with embarrassment.

"You want something to eat? There's a little something left" Luke said smiling at her. Lorelai sighed inwardly; at least he didn't think that she was some giant pig.

"Anything sweet would be great, so you or whatever we have left" she joked. Luke shook his head and went off to get her a little something to eat while Lorelai stayed in bed, this might just be a perfect moment.

The ride back to Yale was awkward to say the least. She and Paris hadn't talk about their second kiss yet. Paris was asleep when Rory had gotten back to the room and she did her best to be sure that they weren't alone so they could talk about it. They met up with Madeline and Louise in the morning to say goodbye. Both of them were impressed with Paris for kissing another girl and Louise sent a few more subtle weight loss hints Rory's way but she was too busy thinking about Paris to care.

Rory was happy that Janet and Glenn had ridden with them because it bought her at least a day before she really had to go and talk about it. It gave her time to think about it but the same thoughts just kept running around her head. Did she like girls? Or was this really just one of those things that happened while you were at Spring Break?

Her worries were stressing her out more than it should of. So when they stopped for lunch Rory ended up getting a double bacon cheeseburger and the biggest thing of fries they had. Both Janet and Paris wanted to say something to her but they both knew that something was wrong with Rory and they had a long trip ahead of them. Having something pissed off at you would not make for a fun or easy trip so they bit their tongues.

Eventually, thanks mostly to Paris's crazy highway driving they made it back to Yale. The mood had ended up being good in the car although Rory was a little too quiet but she wasn't a wet blanket.

Rory wasn't looking forward to tonight though. Since she and Paris shared a room there was no way that she could escape talking to her. She sighed, that might actually be better though. She just wasn't sure what to say.

She started unpacking when Paris walked into the room.

"Hey" she said.

"Hey" Rory said back.

"So about last night…" Paris started not sure if Rory wanted to broach the subject but they had to, she didn't want things to be weird between them.

"I'm not sure why I kissed you…if that's what you're wondering" Rory responded turning around to face her friend. Paris was glad that she was at least getting a response but a bit disappointed, she was feeling different since the kiss and she didn't know why. But a part of her had hoped that Rory did it because she had just wanted to.

"I guess I just found it interesting. I mean I kissed you, you're sad, I apologize for it, and then you kiss me and run off. You see why I'm a little bit confused here…" Paris said smiling weakly. Rory looked over at her and sighed.

"Honestly Paris…I was sad and I wasn't thinking straight. I had been about to call Scott and it just seemed like a good idea. I mean you did the same" Rory said shrugging and trying to play it cool, despite the fact that her lips were screaming to kiss Paris again.

Paris was a little bit disappointed. She had hoped that there was a larger reason to it. She couldn't help but look over at Rory and just feel something different. It was different than how she felt when she lusted after Tristan or when she had been with Jamie or even how she was with Asher.

"Well then I suppose that both of our kisses meant nothing" Paris said trying to confirm what she thought Rory was thinking.

"Yeah, it was just something that we did. It happened and it didn't really mean anything" she said only half lying. She thought it might have meant something but she wasn't interested in facing it at the moment. Paris nodded and put on a nice fake smile. The one that her mom had forced her to put on many times.

"Well then it's agreed upon" she said as she went and started unpacking her bag. Rory wasn't exactly satisfied with her answer but they had talked and things wouldn't be weird between the two of them now and that's what really mattered. Just then Rory's stomach grumbled, she checked the time, the cafeteria wasn't open but that didn't mean that they couldn't go somewhere else.

"Hey wanna go and get some food. I'm starving right now and I'm in the mood for some Mexican" Rory said. Paris's gut told her not to go but it meant that she'd be able to spend some time with Rory so it was worth it.

"Sure let's go" Paris said leaving her bag unpacked as they went out.

Rory ended up getting two tacos, a quesadilla, a burrito, some nacho chips and cheese, and a churro. Paris got a smaller meal and was going to say something but decided not to. Really it was none of her business. Plus the weight did make her look kinda cute in her eyes. Not that she was thinking that way. Rory was just a friend and it seemed that was all that she'd ever be.

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Default Chapter 41

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 183 lbs

Chapter 41

A little over two weeks had passed in Rory and Paris returned from Florida and although the awkwardness had left the air the feelings in Rory's stomach had not. She found herself wanting to be around Paris more and would often use any excuse to go and spend time with her and more often than not that meant going out to eat.

They didn't share any classes and their schedules rarely meshed but meal time was the one time where they could really get together. Of course Rory always suggested the cafeteria or something of the like so they would have a bit of travel time involved instead of eating and getting right back to work.

This meant that instead of watching what she ate she was focusing on Paris and filling her plate up. She could have treaded water if she ended up working out but due to school and her general laziness her grandmothers' fitness tapes went unwatched and unused.

Paris wasn't sure how to feel about Rory wanted to be with her more but she wasn't going to question it. Although she was a little worried that Rory was playing with her but why would she do that? Other than the entire Francie situation last year she had proven herself to be a true friend and she had even apologized for it and was still willing to be by her.

She was trying to make rhyme and reason of her feelings too and had so far come up blank. The week that they had gotten back she had gone back to Asher's arms but it felt a little bit different. It wasn't bad but there was just a little something off. They still had amazing discussions and he challenged her mentally and that was enough to keep her there. But when she kissed him it didn't feel like it had down in Florida and that disappointed her a bit.

Paris was sitting on her bed reading while she watched Rory get ready for school. She couldn't help but notice how much Rory's body had changed. The first thing she noticed was that Rory was nibbling on a donut while attempting to wiggle her way into jeans. That brought a smile to Paris's face as she took subtle glances at her.

The first thing she noticed was the fat that was bulged out over her waist band of the jeans that she was trying to button. From the looks of it her waist was a little bit bigger than the last couple of weeks but she couldn't be sure. What was obvious though was the fact that her ass was bigger.

From the New Year until very recently it had been shrinking but now it was regaining its plump yet firm form. Paris was actually smirking a bit, those jeans looked painted on. Her hips and thighs barely fit into them, although that may be better at the moment. She had seen Rory's legs free of fabric and there was more jiggle than she knew Rory would like.

"Ugh…why are these jeans so tight?" Rory moaned as she sucked in her stomach and somehow buttoned the jeans. Paris opened her mouth to say something but Rory cut her off.

"I know I know…but…well…I've been, food is too good" she mumbled while she finished her donut. Her face was red from embarrassment she'd have preferred Paris not to see but she didn't have time to run into the bathroom.

Paris smiled and admired her roommates round but very cute face. She wanted to be blunt but at the same time she wanted to say something nice to her friend.

"A bit of exercise and those jeans will fit again no problem" she said doing her best to sound casual. Rory looked at her a little bit pissed and a little bit happy.

"Well thanks Paris, I'd talk but I gotta get to class and it'll be slow going" she said trying to make her jeans a little looser and she walked slowly to her next class. Paris shook her head and smiled as Rory left. Lord she had no discipline but she was cute.

In Star Hollow Lorelai was getting more excited as every day passed. The Inn was getting closer and closer to the opening and she was ready for it. Just a few more weeks and it would be time for a test run and then the opening. Her dream would be completed.

Her personal life was also going amazingly well for the first time in a long time. She and Luke had been dating for the last two weeks and even though the town seemed to go nuts over the whole thing it was definitely worth it. It meant she could go behind the counter now and not get yelled at.

She was now going to Luke's every day now, it wasn't that much of a difference but it meant that she was less likely to be happy with stale pop tarts at home now.

Luke was also without a doubt the most supportive guy that she had ever been with. Most guys that she dated would have been less than happy about her weight. She doubted that Max would have even given her the time of day if she had just been another chunky mom but Luke still treated her like a goddess.

The downside of this was that she no longer felt the need diet like she had been attempting to before. So when she stepped on the scale this morning she was not that surprised to find it reading 207 pounds. That was actually a bit better than she thought. She had been stuffing herself all week, so much that her stomach was actually hurting a bit when she finished eating.

She knew that she should be more worried about it but Luke didn't seem to care and it was some of the best sex she had ever had so why should she worry about anything? She was happy business and personal wise. Heck the only reason she had really been trying to lose weight was to look good for guys and she had one that liked her the way that she was.

So what if she had once again outgrew her jeans and dress pants. They were only clothes after all but she did have at least one pant suit that fit her. She squeezed her growing behind into it. Damn it felt tight; maybe some shape wear would be a good idea again. She moved around a bit in it and made a mental note not to bend over.

She slipped on a pair of heels and made her way over to the diner. They were having some inspections today so that's why she was all dressed up. But she still had some time to stop by the diner for a nice meal, then the inspection, then Rory would be home, then Friday Night Dinner but if she could spend time with Rory then it was all worth it.

Thinking of Rory, Lorelai's chubby smile turned into a frown. Something had been off with her daughter since Florida. She had no clue what it could be though but something just seemed off with her. She couldn't explain it. Maybe it was just her imagination; she'd ask her more tonight though. Right now pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and toast were calling her name.

The rest of the day went fast for Rory and she was happy for that. Her jeans were cutting into her waist something fierce and as soon as she stepped into her place she unbuttoned her jeans, allowing her belly the freedom to move forward and breath. She finally had an idea of how her mom felt that one night.

She went to her room and peeled the jeans off her body. Her skin was happy to finally feel the cool air. She changed into a pair of sweats and that made her life so much better. She packed a small bag for the weekend and was off to Stars Hollow, a bit happy and a bit sad that she would not see Paris until Sunday.

With that out of her mind she could now focus on her grandmother. Oh that was going to be hell tonight. So far her grandmother had held her tongue but Rory knew that couldn't hold out forever. She could only hope that her mom had lost a bit of weight to take all the attention off her.

Eventually she reached Stars Hollow and had a pretty good idea where to go to find her mom. She had been ecstatic when she heard that her mom and Luke were dating. She had actually thought they would have gotten together earlier but better late than never. She stopped off at home just to check and when she found her mom wasn't there she began the short trek to Luke's.

When she got there she noticed two things, the first was her mother sitting by the counter flirting with Luke and the second was how much bigger her mom looked this week. Of course she was only judging from behind but that did seem to be where most of the weight seemed to settle.

"So the meeting went well?" Luke asked Lorelai while pouring her a cup of coffee.

"Perfect! Everything was up to code and we're another small step to our larger goal Houston" she joked as he brought her, her burger and fries.

"You know I'll never understand how you eat this junk" he said.

"Well if you stopped serving it or somehow made it less tasty I'd eat less of it" she countered at him. Luke just rolled his eyes at her. Just then Rory entered the diner and went over to her mom. Another look confirmed what she had seen; her mom had not lost any weight either. This was bad she knew there was only so much time before her grandmother snapped. Her stomach started doing somersaults again.

"Offspring!" Lorelai said cheerfully once she noticed Rory.

"Hey mom, stupid question should you really be eating now?" Rory asked. Lorelai snorted.

"I skipped lunch, besides I'm hungry now" she countered.

"Fair enough but if you're too full for dinner don't blame me" Rory said. Lord that food did smell good and she was feeling hungry. No, she had already had lunch she needed to be strong.

"Hey Rory, can I get you anything?" Luke asked. Dammit.

"Just an order of fries please" she said. Luke looked at her in surprise but hey if Lorelai wasn't dieting hardcore now maybe Rory wasn't either. He looked at her for a second though to see if she changed her mind and once she didn't he went and placed the order.

"Don't. Say. A. Word" Rory said in a low tone to her mother, and Lorelai just smiled at her.

"Fine but you'll ruin your dinner" she teased. The rest of the late lunch went like this a little bit of back and forth teasing before they started to make their way back to the house.

"So you do realize that we're both heavier right?" Rory asked her mom. She had given up on denial once she realized that her loose jeans had once again gotten tight. Lorelai let out a sigh at the thought of her mother.

"Yes…but it's only…" she started to say.

"Temporary" Rory said finishing her sentence.

"Hey you were losing weight for a bit. I remember someone who was all high and mighty for a while" she said. Rory had to admit that her mother had a point.

"Yeah but then some stupid guy cheated on me" she said in a low tone. She still hadn't forgiven him for cheating on her. Even though she wanted to call him on occasion, most of the time she wanted him dead for hurting her.

"Hey it's natural for you to gain a bit of weight after something like that. You deserved to wallow for a while" Lorelai said trying to make her daughter feel better. Rory had to admit that her mother was somewhat right but that didn't mean that she was happy about her excess blubber.

The rest of the afternoon was spent going over the plan for tonight. It would only be two hours there but it would be two hours in the dragon's lair. Rory was feeling bad now; she knew that she should have sought out her grandmother's help right after the break up. Maybe then she'd have lost an extra twenty or so pounds. Damn she really could have been closer to her normal weight. Instead she was once again lugging it around.

Both of the girls ended up wearing black not that it would really help them. It could not make them look skinny enough for Emily Gilmore but they had to try. Rory elected to wear heels while Lorelai stuck with flat. Heels were just hell on her feet now and it just wasn't worth it tonight.

Eventually they were standing in front of the door neither one wanting to ring the bell. After a few minutes Rory got brave enough and rang it. After all her grandmother would understand that this was just a slight uptick in weight.

The maid that opened the door looked at the girls with wide eyes. She had seen pictures of Mrs. Gilmore's family around the house and had not been expecting this. She quickly regained her composure and asked to take their coats. She couldn't help but wonder how they had gone from tiny to huge.

Lorelai and Rory didn't notice the maid staring. They were both too concerned with Emily to care what a maid who would be fired in a week would think of them. They walked into the living room to find Emily sitting there. She turned her head to look at them and wasn't too surprised.

Once again her daughter and granddaughter were fatter and there was nothing that she could do about it. At least Rory had the decency to look guilty; her own daughter seemed to care less. She opened her mouth to say something but remembered her promise to Richard so she decided to go another route today.

"Ah Rory, Lorelai you're both looking well. Come and sit" she said acting as chipper as she could.

Lorelai and Rory weren't sure how to feel about this but they weren't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. So they sat down and struck up a conversation with Emily. Richard quickly came in and served them their drinks. It was actually very nice, the nicest it had been in a while. They both shared a look wondering when the other shoe was going to drop.

Soon enough it was time for dinner and they were seated at the table. "So grandma what's for dinner?" Rory asked curious to what they were eating tonight. Even with the fries earlier she was very hungry.

"Oh you'll see" Emily said smiling. She had arranged for a meal fit for a king. If they wanted to be like this then she was just going to go along with it. She had spent months on healthy meals but if they weren't going to try then she wasn't going to try either. She was going to stuff then senseless.

The first course was a rich chicken salad with ranch dressing, followed by prime rib with mashed potatoes and gravy, with nice buttery rolls, plenty of sides with that too. It was more of a dinner fit for thanksgiving. Plus a cheesecake for dessert. She knew that this was the opposite of what she wanted but she had tried pleading with them to lose weight so she'd act like she didn't care. She'd try the reverse psychology maybe that would get Lorelai and Rory to listen.

Of course she did not eat that much. Why would she? But Lorelai and Rory seemed unable to help themselves even though they were around her. They were sucking up the food like vacuum cleaners and unable to help themselves.

Both Lorelai and Rory had wanted to start off nice and slow and only eat a bit but after that first bite they were gone. This food as just too good and they were going to eat all of it. Normally they could have eaten all of this no problem but Emily had given them gigantic servings and herself and Richard modest ones.

Richard knew what his wife was doing but chose not to say a word. While he felt this was the wrong approach she wasn't saying anything that could or would drive either of the girls away from them and she wasn't forcing the food on them. They were the ones that were cleaning their plates.

By the time the cheesecake came out both Lorelai and Rory were stuffed. They had eaten enough at dinner to put most people in a food coma for a week but they both still wanted that cheesecake. Of course they had extra large slices, at first they refused but after one bite they were hooked and even though there was little room they both finished the cheesecake.

Emily couldn't believe the way they made pigs out of themselves but was careful not to say anything. They seemed almost proud of their gluttony, but how could that be? She knew that she had taught Lorelai to eat properly but apparently none of it had stuck.

Lorelai was so full she could barely move. She had eaten three large meals and one small meal today. She was so full and bloated she just wanted to go home and pass out. This was worse than she had felt after every thanksgiving combined.

Rory was feeling it less but she was still overly filled too. Why had she done that? It was like once the food was on her plate she couldn't control herself. Hell if there was more cheesecake on the plate she'd still be shoveling it into her face. Her stomach grumbled, it was mad at her for feeding it too much food. She couldn't disagree with it.

The rest of the dinner was uneventful, every once in a while Lorelai or Rory would force themselves to say something to act like they were listening. When in reality all they wanted to do was get home and pass out. After another half hour of small talk it was time to leave and both of them couldn't have been more grateful.

The second they were outside and the door was closed a small belch escaped Rory's lips. "Ugh I've been holding that in for an hour…" she said feeling a little bit better.

"I don't blame you…that was so much food. Why did we eat so much?" Lorelai asked walking gingerly to the car.

"Because grandma gave us the foot and we have no self control?" Rory responded.

"If I didn't know better I'd have thought she was trying to fatten us up" Lorelai said sitting down and taking a moment to adjust herself before she slowly pulled out of her parents' driveway.

"Please she wants us tiny. They probably had too much food and wanted to get rid of it" she said trying to think the best of her grandparents.

Eventually they got back to Stars Hollow and Lorelai slowly made her way upstairs. She called Luke and left him a quick message at the dinner before undressing for bed. She didn't bother with pajamas; she stuck with her bra and panties. She didn't want to bother with the hassle.

Rory went to bed too but stayed up a little bit longer. She had her cell out and debated calling Paris but she was probably busy with Professor Fleming. She bit her lip, as much as she wanted to hear the blonde girls' voice she'd just wait until later. Right now though she wished she was back at Yale just so they could talk, even if it was about something stupid.

She tried to sit up in bed but found it too hard. She was happy that she had taken off her dress earlier. Like her mother she stuck with her bra and panties. Why bother pajamas tonight? No one was going to bother either of them. Before she knew it, she was fast asleep.

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Default Chapter 42

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 184 lbs

Chapter 42

Both Lorelai and Rory slept into the late morning, they were in a full fledged food coma and rest was the only thing that would bring them out of it. They both woke up the next morning feeling groggy and still somewhat full. Rory was somewhat embarrassed at this; she had been working so hard to lose weight and had made herself look like a pig in front of her grandmother. She needed to fix this again.

Lorelai felt less embarrassed, after all the food was so good and why should it go to waste? As soon as she started her real diet she'd lose any extra weight in no time. Of course she kept half starting her diet, causing her to never get moving on it but that wasn't quite registering with her.

They met in the kitchen in the morning. Rory elected to eat an apple while Lorelai took out two packs of pop tarts and started eating. Rory looked at her mother with envy, she wanted to eat them but she knew that she couldn't. She needed to stay strong and find her will to lose weight again.

"Hey mom, I have an idea" Rory said and Lorelai looked up at her, mouth full of pop tart.

She swallowed it quick and hard. "And what would that be oh sweet daughter of mine?" she asked thinking that it would be something fun.

"Well I have some of the work out tapes that grandma gave me and I brought them with me just in case…" she said hinting at what she wanted. Lorelai looked at Rory like she had grown another head.

"I just think that it would be a good idea. It'll get us both started working out and if we do it together we can motivate each other" Rory explained.

Lorelai had to admit that it was a good idea. She hated the idea of sweating but she did want to look a bit better for Luke. Of course he said that he didn't care and found her beautiful but she'd be lying if she said that there wasn't a nagging feeling of doubt in her mind, since the relationship was still new.

She looked down and prodded her belly fat a little bit. Well it couldn't hurt and at least she would be trying to lose weight.

"That is a good idea, just let me put on some workout clothes and we can get started" she said heading upstairs and taking her pop tarts with her.

Lorelai's main issue and she knew it was that she didn't really have any workout clothes that fit. Not that she had that many to start with but all of her previous cute ones wouldn't fit her now. She thought she had bought some a little white back though for when she got really serious about losing weight.

It took about ten minutes of digging but she finally found a pair of spandex pants and a very cute t-shirt. Of course she could just wear sweats but if you're going to do something might as well look cute while doing it.

The main issue is that these clothes were meant to fit about fifteen to twenty pounds ago but they would stretch, so she was sure that she could squeeze herself into them. She was able to do it too but that didn't mean that it looked good. She could move around easy enough but they just happened to show off her big her rear end had gotten. Luckily no one was around to see so she could get away with it.

Rory was in the same pickle as her mother. Her pants fit but they were a bit too form fitting. Honestly she'd probably never go into the gym wearing those but that's what workout tapes were for. At least that way if she looked bad doing it or had some trouble keeping up she and her mom would be the only ones to see and while her mom did mock a bit she was never cruel about it like she knew others would be.

The tape was ready to go and Rory was doing some light stretches when Lorelai made her way down the stairs. "Alright let's get this over with" she huffed. Really and truly she didn't mind physical activity that much. After all she had been a fast and hard working maid for years but this wasn't work this was something she had to do during her personal time. Rory was actually lucky she wasn't kicking and screaming her way down the stairs.

Rory smiled, "Don't worry this isn't too bad. If grandma could do these I think we can do them no problem" she said bending over and hitting play. Lorelai had to admit that it was a bit unnerving seeing how big her daughter looked. After all she was basically a mini-her and if that's how Rory's butt looked…her own hands went to her butt. Maybe this was a great idea after all. She took a deep breath. "I'm ready" she said.

It actually started off pretty good. Sure the musical and visuals were cheesy and easy for Lorelai to mock but this was obviously a video meant for beginners, or so she thought. It was pretty easy to follow along and this might not be the worst thing that she did today. Rory on the other hand knew what was coming and was enjoying these last moments of peace while she could. Just because she had suggested it didn't mean that she really wanted to work out.

About ten minutes later both of them were hating life and breathing heavily. Rory was doing better than her mother. Of course she had gained some weight but she had done the exercises not THAT long ago. Still it was more difficult to keep up than the last time. Oh how she hated these extra pounds. Her face was red and her whole body was covered in sweat. She was also starting to feel tired, mostly because she had only eaten an apple for breakfast. Still she was attempting to power through it.

While Rory didn't look like she was following the tape correctly all the time, Lorelai looked like she was doing a whole different tape. The most exercise that her muscles had done in years was moving her body around and the occasional run or exercise class that Lorelai went to only once or twice before quitting.

As such her legs were quickly turning to jelly and she was only getting about half as much exercise as she was supposed to be getting. She was doing her best to keep up with Rory but the blonde woman on the tape had gone from 0 to 60 in what seemed like a nanosecond. Lorelai's face was beet red and she felt like she was about to pass out.

They were able to keep this up for fifteen minutes before Lorelai wobbled her way over to the sofa and sat down. Her heart was racing and her whole body felt like it was on fire. Rory felt like a bit of a break too and hit pause, she sat on the couch next to her mother, both of them feeling a great sense of relief from being off their feet.

"You're telling me that my mother did these?" Lorelai asked and Rory nodded.

"No wonder that woman was able to keep up with me all those years" Lorelai said, her heart racing.

"Come on, we have to get back to work" Rory said standing up; her legs were sore but not that sore. They needed to continue if they wanted results.

"Just a minute…can you get me water?" Lorelai asked and Rory nodded. Actually water sounded great right now. She went and got them both glasses of water and they chugged it down. Lorelai had to admit that it made her feel a bit better. She wouldn't have what she called a second wind but it was better than what she felt before.

Both of them were able to keep it up for another twenty minutes before they had to end it. Both of them were drenched in sweat and in pain. Rory smiled and Lorelai was trying to remember the last time she felt this sore.

"I think that actually went well. We didn't finish the tape but hey at least it's better than nothing" Rory said. "Can't you just feel that fat burning?" she asked.

"Honey, mommy feels something and it hurts" Lorelai whined as she massaged her thighs. She was mostly just massaging her fat and not her muscle but it still felt good.

"If you keep it up it gets easier. I used to be able to do all the tapes easy" she bragged. Lorelai just nodded not really listening. Lord her body hurt, was she really in that bad of shape? She looked at her stomach and legs, apparently she was.

They both ended up taking showers to get nice and clean for the day ahead. While she was getting ready Rory's mind wandered to Paris. She was mostly trying to sort through her feelings, did she really like girls? Or was this just a phase? After all her body had to be out of whack lately and she had mostly stuck with guys before. Maybe she was just broadening her horizons. Still she felt a bit odd thinking about Paris in this way. The way she looked over spring break came back to her and once again warmed her heart and stomach.

Meanwhile Lorelai was moving slowly upstairs while getting dressed. She was sitting on her bed and slowly trying to put her pants on and it was going as successful as her trying to cook. This time it wasn't because the pants were too tight she just didn't have the will to stand up or pull them up. Eventually she did get dressed and made her way downstairs to find Rory sitting on the couch in seemingly deep thought.

"You ready to go?" Lorelai asked and Rory jumped a bit. She had been thinking about Paris and other girls in general just to see if there was more there. There was a little bit, she'd be lying if she said that the thought of Janet in running shorts wasn't somewhat exciting. Although not as exciting as Paris.

"Oh yeah I'm ready to go" Rory said trying to sound casual and failing. Lorelai looked at her daughter but shrugged it off. Who didn't get lost in their thoughts every once in a while. Slowly the two of them started to make their way over to Luke's for a nice healthy lunch as Rory put it. That sounded awful to Lorelai but she had promised Rory that she'd eat healthy while she was around.

They went in and got a table right away and per usual Luke came right up to them. He was a little unsure how to act with Rory around, normally he would have given Lorelai a kiss but he wasn't sure that Rory really wanted to see it so he just leaned in and gave her a hug.

"Hey what can I get the two of you?" he asked.

"I'll have a turkey sandwich, only lettuce on it and a small fruit salad. Water to drink" Rory said. She would have loved to have something else, she was starving. An apple for breakfast didn't cut it.

Lorelai's stomach let out a rumble. It was hungry and wanted more than just health food. She really wanted some fries but that would just tempt Rory. Oh the sacrifices she had to make in life.

"I'll just have the same" Lorelai said smiling. Rory nodded in approval and Luke looked at her like she was crazy. He was actually somewhat happy about that. He had been hinting at her to eat healthier but it was just so un-Lorelai. He shrugged it off and wrote down the order.

"Sure thing, anything else?" he asked.

"A little bit of sugar from the best boyfriend ever" Lorelai said flirting heavily. Well that's all that Luke needed. He was still somewhat embarrassed but he leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek. The fact that Rory didn't look at them in disgust gave him a bit of confidence. Of course he had never been an outgoing kind of guy or one to show that kind of emotion.

He went and placed the order for them while the girls chatted for a bit. Eventually things died down enough so he could go and talk to them after he brought them their food.

"So what did you two do today?" he asked.

"Nothing much, we just exercised a bit" Rory said while nibbling on her salad.

"Yes, we did all the exercises that you hear and read about but we actually did them. I suppose that makes us amazing" Lorelai said.

"We did some aerobics for about an hour" Rory said. Okay it wasn't really an hour but it was close enough to count as one, even with breaks. They ate their lunch for a bit and then Rory went off to go and talk to Lane for a bit. It had been a while since they had been able to just talk.

"So how much fun did you really have exercising?" Luke asked.

Lorelai just laid her head on the table and let out a noise. Luke nodded.

"That's what I thought but hey at least it's good for you" he said. Lorelai snorted.

"Good for me? My legs hurt, I can barely move, and I got all sweaty. It was just too much, if it wasn't for Rory I would have quit after ten minutes" she said. Luke placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey at least you're doing it for her I mean losing weight is important to her" he said.

Lorelai sighed. "I know you're right but that doesn't mean that I love working out. Still I probably should do it more" she whined.

"Why?" Luke asked. He didn't want to have this conversation; he knew how dangerous it could and probably would be. It was better to act oblivious. Lorelai looked at Luke like he was crazy.

"Okay we're dating and we've known each other for years, you don't have to act sweet. I'm kinda…let's say fuller than last year" she said not wanting to call herself fat. Luke let out a sigh.

"Look I've told you before and I'll tell you again. I think you look amazing. Besides I never really liked you for your body, although it is amazing, I always liked you for just being you. Even if there was a time or two I wanted to strangle you" he said. Lorelai smiled at him.

"Aww thank you, you know exactly what to say. I'll thank you again when we're alone" she whispered into his ear and a sly smile appeared on her face. Lorelai still wanted to lose weight but she was no longer as concerned about it as she had been this morning. She'd just lose a pound or two a week and that would do it. No need for big adjustments. Just small steps right now and everything would be perfect again.

(Continued in post 81 of this thread)

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 190 lbs

Chapter 43

Two and a half weeks had passed since Rory's weekend in Stars Hollow and things were still a little awkward around Paris. She had yet to tell anyone about her sexual feelings towards Paris and it was still bothering her. She just had no clue what to do about it. Her mind told her that she should just talk to Paris but she felt like she wasn't ready to take that step quite yet.

The downside was that instead of keeping up with the videos like she had promised herself she would, she ended up going out and indulging more than she should have. She also continued to use going out for a meal as an excuse to go and spend more time with Paris.

Paris wasn't sure what she should do either. She had decided to end things between herself and Asher. It just wasn't right for her. She still had feelings for him but she needed time to be alone and feel things out between herself and Rory.

She was also doing her best to help Rory lose weight although it appeared to be pointless now. She'd drop little hints here and there while they ate and she'd often put a health show on to get her mind thinking but it only worked half the time. It was like she just couldn't stop eating and Paris was getting a little concerned.

Normally Paris could have cared less if her roommates chose to eat enough food a day to feed a third world nation, okay even she knew that was an exaggeration but still. However since she did actually kind of care about Rory more than the normal idiots she had to deal with she was concerned.

That was why Paris was just going to come out and talk to her tonight. Rory had months to lose weight and had proven that with a kick in the pants she could succeed. She had fallen off the wagon and Paris Geller was going to get her back on it. She was just waiting for her roommate to come back for a class and they'd talk to her about it. Janet had long since given up caring, she felt she had done all she could and was using Rory's new figure as a way to motivate herself.

Paris wasn't overly happy and once again wanted to pull Barbie's hair out but it was better to have her out of the way if she wasn't going all in on it.

Eventually Rory came back to the apartment, a cup of coffee in her hand. She was in a chipper mood and smiling. Oh Paris was going to hate doing this to her but it needed to be done. Enough was enough.

"Rory we need to talk" Paris said closing the door. This would be bad but this was real life not some TV show.

Rory's entire body broke out into a sweat. She wasn't sure what Paris wanted to talk about but this could be bad. At the same time though she was more than ready for it. Maybe they'd finally talk about Spring Break. She wasn't really ready for that but it was better than where they were at.

"What about?" Rory asked suddenly hoping it was stupid roommate stuff.

"Alright look I didn't want to talk to you about this but we have to go over it. Look we've basically ignored this issue long enough" she said taking a deep breath before continuing. Rory was sure what she was going to talk about now.

"There's no easy way to say this so I'll just say it. Rory you've started gaining weight again" Paris spat out as quick as she could.

Rory was taken aback by the sudden outburst. She sucked in her stomach a bit; she hadn't gained that much weight. Had she?

"Paris I realize this and I'm trying to lose it. You've seen me doing my workout tapes" Rory countered trying not to act hurt that the girl she secretly liked was calling her fat.

"Yes but then you and I will go out and eat, and it's not like you get salads" Paris shot back.

"Hey it's not like you haven't been affected by that too" she said pointing out Paris's curvier figure. That much was true, Paris had gained some weight but it was maybe 10 pounds at worst and it just made her look more womanly.

Paris rolled her eyes at Rory. "Rory this is about you and not me. I'm just worried about you" she said sincerely to her.

"Paris I'm fine, I'm still under 200 pounds. I can lose this in no time. Plus it's warming up I'll be more likely to go out now" Rory said. She was slowly softening Paris up.

"Fine but from now on when we go out you have to go and get a salad to eat or at least something low in fat" Paris said. She was still skeptical but she wanted to trust Rory. She really wanted to believe that Rory would be able to lose all of the weight, she still didn't but she'd give her one last chance.

"Paris why do you care so much about my weight? I mean, no offense but you've never really been someone to say something like this to me. I appreciate it but well…" Rory said trailing off.

Paris's heart rate started speeding up a bit. She felt her face blush and she wasn't quite sure how to explain it. So she just shrugged at Rory.

"Well you are my friend, best friend, and I just want you to be happy and healthy. I know how you've been trying to lose weight and I just want you to accomplish that goal" she said trying to stay casual. Rory's heart actually skipped a beat when she heard Paris talk. She had known Paris for the past few years and she never would have been this nice to Madeline or Louise. Of course they just might be a bit closer but still she couldn't imagine Paris ever saying something like this.

"Well thanks Paris, you're my…one of my best friends" she said touching Paris on the shoulder. She was just looking for an excuse to touch her. She also really wanted to say that Paris was her best friend but there was still Lane. Although they had been a little less close as of recently.

"I think I'm going to do one of my tapes and then how about we go out for dinner" Rory suggested. Paris smiled at her.

"You know that'd be great" she said happy that Rory was taking this so well. She knew how emotional Rory had been lately and hadn't wanted to get into a fight tonight. Hmmm maybe she could go and sit with Rory while she worked out.

Luke had ended up closing up the diner a little early tonight. Not overly so but he did want to spend some extra time with Lorelai and Caesar had to leave early. That was the one plus of owning your own business, you could close an hour early and the boss wouldn't care. Something he was happy about as he was between the sheets with Lorelai.

He was conflicted about Lorelai at the moment. On the one hand he did like her at this new weight. He thought that her body felt amazing during sex but he knew the possible health problems. Hell he nagged her a bit every time that she ended up getting anything greasy or sugary.

Still it felt amazing making love to her. They were both in the heat of the moment and clinging to each other. It felt amazing and soon enough they were lying next to each other in bed, cuddling. His strong, muscular arms holding her flabby body in them.

Lorelai couldn't believe how lucky she was to have Luke in her life. How had she been so dense all of those years? This was the best relationship she had in years and even better he didn't care that she was a little chubby. Hell Chris used to mock some of the bigger girls in school. She hadn't loved it but she kind of went along with it. She knew it wasn't right in retrospect but they were kids.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Hmm you get a gold star tonight" she said stretching out a bit on the bed. Luke smiled and caressed her body.

"You weren't too bad yourself" he said.

"Thanks I've just felt off today. A bit sluggish, I don't know why" she said shrugging it off as her being stressed. Luke just had a tight smile on his face he had a pretty good idea why but he wasn't going to say anything.

But Lorelai had noticed that look on his face. "Oh, and what are you thinking about?" she asked him suspiciously.

Shit, Luke thought he really didn't want to say what he was thinking but he was trapped now. Well if you couldn't be honest with the person you cared about then what was the point? His father was always honest with his mother even if it got him in trouble on occasion but they were always able to work it out.

"Well…look and I don't mean this is any bad way. You know I love your body. Hell I love having you in my arms right now but fact is you may be a bit more tired because you've put on a little bit more weight" he said waiting for an onslaught of venom from her.

Lorelai just lay there steaming a little bit. She wanted to say that Luke was wrong that there was not where the problem was but she couldn't. She had weighed herself again this morning and found herself up to 216 pounds. She didn't think that a person could gain weight that fast but then she thought of all the food she had been eating and how she had barely worked out since that one time with Rory.

"I know you're right" she mumbled lying her head onto Luke's chest in a hope that he'd make her feel better.

"Sorry to ruin the mood but…well hey you know that I still love you right?" he asked her and Lorelai nodded her head.

"You love me cellulite and all?" she asked. She had no problem admitting that she had it. She hoped that he couldn't notice it while they got undressed but it was a little hard to miss. Luke reached his arm down to her leg and gave it a light squeeze.

"I love all of you. My only point is that it might be a little bit unhealthy. Your diet is finally catching up with you. I think you need to eat more fruit and get more vitamins. It might help you feel less tired" he suggested. Lorelai sighed.

"That's code for lose weight, right?" she asked playing with her belly flab a little bit. Luke looked like he could go back and forth on it because responding.

"Look, you could be 500 pounds and I'd still love you. I'm just saying that eating healthier would give you more energy but you know I certainly like the size of this" he said playfully grabbing her chest. Lorelai giggled.

"This isn't too bad either" he said grabbing her sizable rear end. He could have grabbed it a few times over given its new size.

"Hmm well you know you're not looking too bad yourself and don't worry I'll work harder on losing weight it's just so hard sometimes" Lorelai huffed and puffed like she had for the past couple of months when it came to her body.

"Hey you can do it just don't worry too much. It'll just make you eat more" Luke said. Lorelai was about to say that it wouldn't but she knew that was basically a lie.

"You know that sex burns calories" Lorelai said with a come hither stare. Oh yes Luke was ready for round two, he was glad that the mood wasn't ruined either.

"Okay…enough…that's…an hour" Rory huffed and puffed as she was about to sit down on the couch.

"That was only 45 minutes" Paris said back to her.

"It's close enough, I just have to get back into it" Rory said started to relax and let the cool air of the air conditioning take her away. Paris stared at her. She couldn't make Rory care, of course she could just be herself and she'd be able to get her to do it but this wasn't some high school puppy that she was trying to change. It was a person she actually liked the last thing she needed to be was her usual porcupine self.

"Fine, just try and get an hour in sometime this week" she said.

"Thanks mom" Rory was sarcastically. She wasn't in the best mood, her body hurt.

"Hey I'm just trying to help motivate you. If you're fine slowly growing bigger…" Paris trailed off. She could dish as well as she could take.

"Ugh fine, just let me shower and let's go and get some dinner. I'll get a salad I promise" Rory said. Of course a point that escaped her was that she'd get ranch dressing on the salad which would make her healthy salad into a caloric nightmare.

Still the fact that she could spend any time with Paris made her smile. The fact that Paris didn't just scream at her to work out and actually tried to be careful with how she said it meant the world to Rory. Maybe there was more to Spring Break after all.

Had she been Janet, Paris would have just shot some snide comments at her and smiled as she slowly fattened up. Instead she actually cared enough to bring it up with her. That had to mean something, right?

So Rory ended up dressing in her best looking clothes, and the ones that would show off her larger figure the best. She thought she looked awful with the added fat but at least in these clothes she looked good enough that she didn't hate looking at herself in the mirror.

It was a pair of jeans that hugged her curves without making them too big and a red top that showed off her valley of cleavage. She honestly never thought that she'd have a valley but look where life takes you. She got her purse and checked herself out nervously.

"I'm ready to go" Rory said feeling refreshed.

Paris's jaw nearly hit the ground. Lord Rory looked beautiful at the moment. She also made her look like a total slob. She'd just have to outdo her the next time. "Alright lets go" Paris said her heart racing at the thought of spending this time with Rory. Even if they were only friends.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 189 lbs

Chapter 44

Rory sighed as she looked at the menu. She had never been a big salad eater before and even without her mom's influence she doubted that she would have been. She was really in the mood for something more savory. She tapped her foot on the floor and thought it over. A chicken salad with bacon bits and ranch sounded really good to her. Now that dinner had finally been decided upon she went back and looked over at Paris.

Paris had decided what she had wanted a while ago. She was also going to get a salad but with a nice vinaigrette and water to drink. She promised herself that she was going to support Rory in her endeavors to lose weight. Even if she really wanted some fries with dinner. She could do that when she wasn't with Rory. Beautiful, sweet Rory it was just nice being alone with her. Even in a restaurant full of people.

The waiter came and took their order leaving them alone to talk. Paris didn't say anything about Rory's order, she thought something a bit more plain would be better for her but she was eating a salad and that wasn't happening months ago. "You're looking nice tonight" Paris said breaking the silence.

Rory blushed a little bit. Okay it was just Paris but a compliment was still a compliment, she could use a few more of those in her life right now. "Thanks, you're looking good too. I'd give anything to be as slim as you" she said smiling sweetly back at her paying her a compliment back. Paris had to resist the urge to roll her eyes everything Rory talked about went back to weight nowadays.

"What?" Rory asked feeling a little bit insulted.

"Rory…you look fine. I mean yeah losing weight will help your health but when you're not trying to squeeze yourself into clothes two sizes too small you look fine" Paris said sincerely. Rory was a little bit hurt but she understood what Paris was saying. She did subconsciously suck in her stomach though. Might as well make herself look a little thinner.

Paris noticed this bit her lip. She was going to say that she should just let it go but no reason to accidentally insult her. After all a slim Rory would have been very nice but she had no problem with Rory at this size, except for the health risks long term. Still being a little heavy for a year wouldn't kill her, she just needed to lose the weight.

"So how are your classes going?" Rory asked trying to get onto another subject. That seemed to work as the rest of the dinner was spent discussing classes and other subjects. That seemed to ease Rory up a little bit and eventually Rory let her belly slacken onto her lap again. The both ate their salads while they talked. Neither felt that full from the salads but it was better than nothing.

"So that was…yummy" Rory said crossing her arms as they walked to the car. Her stomach rumbled a little bit, it was used to much larger meals than this.

"I know I know but remember once you get past a certain point your stomach will get used to it. I mean you've been gorging yourself for years" Paris said rather bluntly. Rory gave her a look.

"I've seen how you and your mom eat" she countered.

"Point well taken"

"I don't mean anything bad by it…you could just feed a third world country for a year what you eat in a week" Paris teased smiling coyly at her friend. Rory blushed with embarrassment at that, but once again it was true.

"Hey at least I don't have 50 people plotting revenge against me at once" Rory said a bit harsher than she meant it. She knew that Paris was just playing around with her but it wasn't like she wasn't sensitive about her weight. Paris shot back a tight smile; she knew it was true too.

"How about we stop before someone's feelings really get hurt?" she proposed and Rory nodded in agreement.

"That's probably a good idea. The last thing we need is another cold war. We don't want Yale to be like Chilton" Rory said.

"Hey it wasn't all bad; I mean okay getting into a sword fight with you might have not been my best moment…"

"Not your best? Can you name a worse moment?" Rory asked once again wondering why the hell they needed to learn how to fence.

"Okay but admit it, I had you scared for a little Gilmore…" she said remembering how confused and little bit scared Rory looked.

"You did, I'm glad that didn't ruin our friendship though" Rory admitted to her. True Paris may have not been her first choice for a roommate but there were a lot worse people that she could have. Such as Janet, she was pretty sure that she wouldn't be able to survive sharing a room with the lithe runner.

It warmed Paris's heart to hear Rory say that. At the very least Rory liked her and sure she may never like her in a deeper way but it was still better than nothing. At the very least she could always be friends Rory. Although she wasn't sure that she could handle being just that. She'd cross that bridge when she came to it though.

"I'm feeling like something sweet for dessert" Rory said just putting it out there. Normally Paris would have shut her down but crap that salad didn't exactly fill her up and her sweet tooth was shouting at her too.

"Fine but we're going for a walk tonight" Paris replied. Honestly she just wanted to spend more time with Rory and hey it was an excuse to burn some calories.

Unfortunately it didn't go as planned. They went and got some ice cream but they ended up only walking a little bit before the idea of watching a movie came up. So instead of burning off all those calories they ended up just sitting around all night. Which Rory didn't have too much of a problem with considering she only had a salad for dinner. How many calories could a medium cone of ice cream really have?

During the week Rory hadn't exactly kept her promise of working out an hour every day. Between classes and life she was able to find sometime but only about fifteen to thirty minutes. Paris was also busy and wasn't able to babysit Rory and watch everything that she ate. Needless to say that her diet wasn't making as many improvements as it could have.

Still Rory did have some extra motivation for helping her watch what she ate. The weather was slowly yet surely getting warmer. Over the winter it was easy for her to bundle up and wear baggy clothes that could conceal her weight gain. However as the temperature rose those layers came off and it became hard to ignore the fact that she was bulging out of her clothes. Which only made her feel worse about herself.

"Ugh…I'm so fat" Rory whined and collapsed onto the bed one afternoon. Paris was sitting on her bed reading and looked up to see Rory's shirt riding up. Sure her skin had a few stretch marks but she didn't look bad, kind of cute. She just wished that she had a better gauge on how Rory felt.

"What's wrong?" Paris asked knowing full well she was about to get a Gilmore rant. Well at least she looked cute while babbling.

"Being fat sucks it just sucks. All my clothes are tight; my jeans leave permanent red marks on my skin. At least once a day some guy makes a mention about the junk in my trunk. Which by the way ewww. I'm sweating more and it's disgusting and let me tell you running to class with all of this…not so easy. I can see why some girls hate big boobs" she said clutching onto a pillow for dear life.

"Hey don't worry about it, just…focus on losing weight and you'll be fine. I promise" Paris said putting down her book and going over to Rory's bed to comfort her. She rubbed her back a little bit.

"I'm just frustrated with everything…I keep trying to lose weight and it just won't come off" she said grumbling.

"Well…have you really been eating healthier these past few weeks? And exercising?" Paris asked her giving her a little bit of tough love. She found it amazing that someone as disciplined as Rory when it came to studying could be so lax with her fitness. Then again she had never seen Rory exercise in her three years at Chilton.

"I guess…I haven't been that good but I haven't been that bad either" Rory said defending herself.

"Well then you have a choice to make, you can either be in the middle and see what happens or you can work hard and be slim by next semester" she said putting her hand on top of Rory's casually. She didn't even realize she was doing it; she just wanted to make her friend feel better.

The words annoyed Rory but her touch made Rory feel that much better. "I'm sorry I know I complain about this a lot but I just can't help but feel depressed about this. I can't believe what I've done to myself and it just…I just wish I could go back in time and stop this. I'm glad you're not sick of me though. I know I'm bitching a lot it's just…this is all new to me" she said.

"Well you have to accept that this is mostly your fault. I mean yeah your mom has some influence on you but you're an adult and heck you can go and get fit. You just need some willpower. Although I think you look cute with those chubby cheeks" she said trying to lighten the mood.

Rory turned her head at her showing off her very large double chin. She looked at Paris for any sign of malice or mean teasing but instead it was just friendly joking. She couldn't blame Paris for trying to lighten the mood, hell she was great to talk to and always there for her. Not overly so but if it was really important she'd make the time.

"I'm going to go and take a shower" Rory said standing up and moving away from Paris. "Thanks for talking to me, it really means a lot to me" Rory said smiling at her and heading into the bathroom.

Paris hit her fist onto the bed. She felt that she had missed a great chance but she still wasn't sure. There was still sometime let in the semester and she didn't want things to be weird between the two of them. Still her heart to telling her to just talk to Rory and that things would work out.

Rory meanwhile was debating getting on the scale again. What was the point? She knew that she wouldn't like it but screw it; she had to see what the damage was. She took a deep breath and stepped onto the scale. She kept her eyes closed for a few minutes before looking down over her breasts and belly. 203 pounds, it seemed like such a big number to her. What was the point? She just didn't have the will power. She was deflated and just hated herself and her body. What was the point of working out like Paris said? Sure she had lost weight but that was a long time ago and her body just seemed to be sucking up every extra calorie that met her lips.

Still she wasn't going to lie she didn't look too bad overall. Her face had entered a phase where the fat was very pleasing. Sure she wished that her neck wasn't blocked off by her now permanent double chin but she thought she still looked cute when she smiled.

Her breasts hated her though. They were really beginning to sag thanks to the excess fat. So much so that her bras were very uncomfortable to wear. She touched them lifted them up a little bit. Well she could always start wearing low cut tops to attract guys. Although that really didn't seem as pleasing to her. But what difference did that make? Guys had cheated on her when they said they liked her, mocked her weight gain, or just flat out made perverted comments to her. Yeah, guys sucked so why shouldn't she eat whatever she felt like having?.

The answer came as Rory looked at her arms in disgust. she wouldn't call them old lady arms but there was now way too much jiggle there for her, nevermibd what grandma thought. She looked down at her fingers. She wouldn't call them sausages but gone were the bony fingers she had once possessed.

Her waistline had slowed its growth with the latest weight gain. Her stomach was flabby and gravity was beginning to move the excess lard further south. Her love handles had grown so large that she doubted she could wear pants that would hide them.

Once again her lower body showed off where most of her gluttony had gone. She turned around in the mirror and once again she wondered why she tortured herself like this. She had a fat ass; there was no debate about that. Normally she would have once again thanked the fates for J-Lo as a role model to compare with. but once again she was in an 'I hate all guys' mood. Although there was no doubt that he ass was flabbier than J-Lo's.

She thought back to some old pictures that she kept around and how tiny she was when they were taken. It was just so frustrating, how could her body have changed in such a small amount of time? She was feeling so down that she had instead decided to take a nice warm bath to clear her head, then get some dinner, and study.

Her bath gave her some time to think about life. Well it really could be worse, she was still healthy. Her mom loved her, heck her inn was opening up in a few weeks. There was plenty to be happy about there. That didn't mean that this wasn't a problem. She still felt a little bit better about the large picture. Of course then she got out of the tub and realized just how little water was in there, at least in comparison to before she had gained weight.

Did nothing NOT remind her about her weight gain? She took a look in the mirror and apparently she couldn't even look to the left without being reminded of it. It was time to get down to business again. Oh how fun school was.

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 203 lbs

Chapter 45

Emily was sitting at home with a glass of wine in her hand mulling over what to do about her girls. Richard was away on business, he always seemed to be gone these days. Oh well it wasn't like she didn't have the DAR and her hobbies during the days. It was just times like this that occasionally left her lonely but she knew what she was signing up for when she married him.

At any rate she had been able to hold her tongue on both of the girls lately but it was becoming harder and harder to do that. At the last Friday Night Dinner it was obvious that Rory was above 200 pounds and she didn't even want to think about how large Lorelai had gotten. At least Rory seemed unhappy about her weight gain. Lorelai was acting as if nothing had happened.

Didn't her daughter realize how bad she looked? How unhealthy she was? Rory realized it but she just couldn't keep her greedy mouth away from food. She knew that she shouldn't think that way but really back in her day the biggest girls were gluttons that couldn't control themselves and now her daughter and granddaughter were just like those girls.

Not that she'd fault either for a little weight gain, especially Lorelai. She herself knew that it was very unlikely she'd be able to fit into her wedding dress but she was older and she had that excuse. She sighed and rubbed her temples, she had been direct, she had ignored it, and she had even dropped hints nothing seemed to work. She was running out of ideas, the only thing she thought would get their attention would be to stop paying for Yale. That was out of the question, she'd rather had a well educated plump granddaughter than a skinny idiot.

She just needed to come up with something clever. She had been able to do it before and she could do it again. She just needed to come up with something and that's when it hit her. It would be perfect she'd just need to be clever about this. She went over to her address book and started looking up numbers; it was time to put this plan into action.

Meanwhile in Star Hollow Sookie St. James was thinking things over. She couldn't believe how much her life had changed in a year.

She was essentially unemployed last year and had to cater parties to try to stay afloat while they opened the Dragonfly. She was a mother now too and overall she was very happy with her life.

She also couldn't help but notice how Lorelai had changed too. She herself hadn't said anything but it was impossible not to notice her friend getting larger. Something she was not fully against. After all when people looked at them Lorelai was the skinny, pretty one while Sookie knew that she looked good she just didn't get the attention that Lorelai seemed to get.

She'd also be lying if she said that Lorelai didn't look better with the added weight but at the rate that Lorelai seemed to be plumping up it might not be too long before she was the fat one. It was weird though, she had expected both Lorelai and Rory to stay skinny forever.

Honestly there was always a part of her that was jealous of them. Here she was a woman who loved to cook and she couldn't stay tiny but they could eat the worst food ever and they could stay just perfect. She had never been that tiny in her life, at least not that she could remember.

The thing she found odd though was Lorelai's reaction. Maybe it was dating Luke or maybe she truly was on crack but she didn't seem that upset about her. Sure she'd come in and complain about tight clothes and even when she tried to casually bring it up at their meetings she seemed not to care and just shoveled more baked goods into her mouth.

She hadn't even mentioned going on a diet, Sookie had no clue what to make of it except that now Michel was truly the skinny one of the bunch. Something that he would not bring up, he teased them a bit but he wasn't foolish enough to test Lorelai's limits with that.

Sookie wondered how much bigger the two of them would get. Lorelai would often talk to her about her daughter's weight problems while happily munching on a fattening muffin. Once again Sookie had heard the rumors and seen Rory, it was official both of them were two bottom heavy females. Honestly she felt that both of them looked good. She just wished for Rory's sake that she'd be a little happier but she just seemed to be frustrated about not losing weight.

She wished that there was some way that she could help her but as of now nothing was coming to mind. She'd have to take some time and think this over but right now she had a baby to take care of.

Meanwhile Lorelai was swearing quite loudly as she tried to get a pair of jeans buttoned. Normally something she wouldn't try to do,

Luke had to work tonight and there was no date planned but like an idiot she had to go and step on the scale. She of course knew that over the course of the last month that her clothes were getting tighter, so while Rory was gaining Lorelai was also gaining and she had to check out the damage. 232 pounds, it's true what they say when your metabolism goes it just goes.

Of course she was also eating more than ever since she started dating Luke and while running around with stuff at the Dragonfly could be stressful the fact was that she was sitting a lot more while going over stuff. That also meant that she was wearing sweats a lot more and right now she was missing the comfort of an elastic waistband.

So here she was in clad in only a bra and jeans once again looking over the damage that her gluttonous lifestyle gave her. Like Rory the beauty of her face only seemed to be enhanced by the weight gain, unless you were a magazine editor. In fact it made her look a little bit younger than before, so that was always nice. Her breasts had once again grown but sadly this made them sag too much for her liking when free of the confines of her bra. Aging did have its disadvantages.

Her waistline currently looked larger than it really was thanks to the muffin top effect. Even with Lorelai sucking in her stomach there was a generous bit of overhang. Which Lorelai felt was the real reason why she couldn't get her jeans buttoned, ignoring fact that her more than generous backside took up more of the jeans than it should.

It was actually a miracle that she had gotten them on that far given the plumpness of her thighs that made the denim around them look more like a sausage casing than actual pants.

"Come on Lore…you can do this…they're fricking tight but you can do it" she said sucking everything in as best she could and somehow someway found a way to button them. A smile appeared on her red, sweaty, and chubby cheeks. That was the best workout she had in ages. Checking herself out in the mirror the muffin top was a bit ugly, the pants were too tight, but they were buttoned. She could delay buying new ones for a while. She just needed a baggy shirt to go over it.

Licking her lips she thought that maybe a little trip to Luke's was in order. After all she had tried so hard to see if her new favorite jeans still fit after the weight gain. Might as well put them to good use, sure she was bursting at the seams but one meal wouldn't make that much of a difference.

She bent over to pick up a cute low cut top that would show off her cleavage. Of course she'd only open up her coat for Luke to see them. As she bent she heard a loud, strange sound and instantly stood up to see what it was. She didn't see anything but after a minute she began to feel cold air where she shouldn't have.

She brought her hands back to her rear end and yep she had split the seam of her pants. Well at least they felt a little more comfortable now. Her already red face turned about as deep a red as it could as she unbuttoned and removed the jeans.

"Crap…" she muttered, that was a mood killer. No Luke's tonight, she knew that she had to start eating healthier. Luke said that he didn't mind her shape but there was a nagging voice that told her that all men had a limit when it came to size. Fat enough to split pants you had just bought a few months ago, that might be the beginning of the limit. She was so disgusted that she didn't feel like trying on another pair.

Instead she grabbed a comfy pair of sweats, threw on a t-shirt, and grabbed her computer. She didn't feel like going to the mall, so might as well look for some good deals online. She could go and bother Luke later. The only flaw in her plan was the lack of food that her stomach was reminding her about.

Well a medium meat lover's pizza with cheese bread and a cannoli wouldn't kill her. It was less than she had been eating lately. She'd just call up Luke and have him come over. She was pretty sure that her bra would show off her breasts just as well. She really needed the comfort, first from pizza, and then Luke.

Meanwhile Rory was spending her night trying something new to stop her food cravings, gum. She was surprised that she hadn't thought of it before, gum was low in calories and would give her the taste that she needed. Of course she would like a burger and fries flavor but strawberry was better than nothing.

It wasn't exactly working as she was already halfway through the pack that she had bought today but it at least added something sweet to her life. The issue was that her taste glands were still craving something savory or fatty. Just thinking about a nice greasy burger with melted cheese and steaming fries straight from the fryer was driving her insane. She spit out her gum and started sipping on her coffee.

She knew that she should have been doing this month's ago but now with Paris looking over her shoulder it was annoying and stressful. In fact everything was stressful at the moment. Finals were only two weeks away, the opening of the Dragonfly the week after, and this diet going on. It was just too much for her. Plus there was the elephant in the room that just wouldn't go away no matter how hard Rory tried to, Paris.

Rory couldn't help but have her eyes linger on Paris while she was getting undressed or wearing something 'sexy'. The most exciting part of the day was watching her take her shirt off and getting a sight of those big, lovely breasts. Part of Rory felt like this was wrong, she was a girl and she was supposed to focus on guys when they undressed not Paris.

But the logical side of her mind told her that there really was nothing wrong with it, it was college you were supposed to…experiment like they had over Spring Break. Even if it felt like more to her she'd just stay focused and try not to picture her in a thong. She was really starting to sweat a little bit as Paris came in.

"Is everyone on this campus, except for us, idiots?" Paris asked letting out a frustrated sigh.

"Apparently" Rory said getting herself another piece of gum to try and destroy the cravings she was having.

"I mean…you tell one professor that his theory is wrong and suddenly you're Martin Luther" Paris said shaking her head looking at Rory who currently had her back to her. She couldn't help but smile as she looked at her. So what if her ass was a few pounds away from being too big for that tiny chair, she was amazing. She just wished that she could tell her that.

Rory turned around and looked at Paris like she was crazy before just shaking her head at her.

"I told you to watch out for that. Anyway what do you have to do tonight?" Rory asked.

"Same as you study, study and oh yeah I have to study" Paris said taking her books out.

"Want to go and get something to eat?" Rory asked her.

"I guess so, eating is required to keep going and there's enough time tonight. I'm thinking…Subway" Paris said. Rory wanted to make a face; she really wasn't in the mood for another turkey sandwich.

"Olive Garden?" she asked hopefully.

"Can you control yourself with the all you can eat breadsticks?"

"I just really feel like Italian, besides why do you care so much?"

"I want you to succeed in losing weight because it's what you want. If you could care less then I'd be the one feeding them to you" Paris stated honestly. Rory smiled at her warmly, that was sweet in its own kind of weird way to her.

"Let's go, besides it'll be nice to sit down and have a nice meal so we can chat and just hang out" she said not mentioning the fact that these going outs had a bit of a date quality to them, to the casual observer.

"Fine let's get going" Paris said smiling. This was nice; it was almost like they didn't even have roommates anymore. They just kept to themselves and did what they wanted. It was very nice. She'd have to talk to Rory about getting an apartment just the two of them next year.

The bad part about focusing on talking to Rory meant that Paris wasn't focusing on what Rory was eating. Sure she had a salad but she also have seven free breadsticks along with the never ending pasta bowl that Rory seemed to take seriously as she had three plates of pasta. The carbs in the meal far outweighed the salad.

Paris couldn't help herself though she just looked at Rory and thought it was just too cute that she had sauce stains around her mouth. Everything the girl did just seemed to make Paris happy, what had that kiss unlocked inside of her? Was it like this all the time but her eyes were only now open?

Meanwhile Rory was focusing on Paris but was also feeling quite sick. She had stuffed herself silly and she was rubbing her stomach a little bit in a vain effort to make it feel better. She was never going to eat Italian food again, well at least until next week.

"Ugh…I'm so full" Rory complained.

"I warned you…you could have stuck with a simple sandwich but hey…"

"I know…my mouth just started watering as soon as we got in here and the never ending pasta bowl sounds like a good idea in theory" she said.

"You going to exercise double tomorrow?"

"I'm going to try but I really need to study with finals coming up" she said sliding her way out of the booth. As she put her coat on her shirt rode up and exposed the flesh of her belly. She quickly put her arms down hoping no one saw and they made their way to the car.

"Tell you what, how about we study together and work out tomorrow together" Paris said. "We don't even have to leave the room we can just stay together after classes" she suggested trying to sound casual.

"Sorry tomorrow is Friday night, I have dinner tomorrow" Rory said feeling a little disappointed, Paris was a little crestfallen too and Rory could tell. She wasn't sure if it was because she was lonely or there was something more.

"If you want you can come with me tomorrow though. I mean you've only been there that once and it wasn't exactly pleasant" she said remembering her 16th birthday party.

"I'd like that" Paris said shooting a smile her way. Maybe she was just being friendly but they hadn't done this before and it meant that she liked her enough to bring her around her family. That had to mean something, right?

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Height: 5'7'

Weight: 203 lbs
Chapter 46

After eating all of her pizza Lorelai went back to examine the remains of her jeans. She really wasn't sure why there was just a part of her that had to take a look. She wished that she could have just said that they shrunk in the wash but moving her hands to her rear end showed that her version was unlikely.

She sighed, she had been able to laugh off and joke about her weight gain a little bit but now it was time to consider something she had never done. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. Oh sure she had attended some classes, like yoga that one time but really exercising seemed pointless to her. Her body had always burned off everything she ate; sure there were some fluctuations but no more than a few pounds.

Now it seemed that she just thought about Luke's food and it was taking residence somewhere on her body. She was going to have to start finding new ways to burn this fat off. She was certain that her old metabolism was still moving fairly fast, she just needed to help it a little bit. No big deal after all her metabolism had helped her enjoy all the great foods in life while still looking tiny; she just needed to give it a little bit of slack.

It was time to fully commit to this and there was no time like the present. She looked around by the TV and found some workout tapes that Rory had left here the last time. She had said that she was going to do them but hadn't found the time while at home. Oh well she could get them soon enough, right now Lorelai really needed them.

Lorelai figured that a t-shirt with sweats was more than enough for her to start. After all her mother had done these, how hard could they be?

Luke was tired from a hard day of work but had decided to let Caesar open tomorrow. He wanted to spend the night with Lorelai at her place. He decided that she might just be right about it not being healthy to spend all his time at the place that he worked. He opened the door not even bothering with the key, he could complain to her all he liked but there was no way that she was ever actually going to lock these doors.

What awaited him on the other side was a very full moon. He may have been tired but the image of Lorelai bending over and the way that the fabric of the sweats stretched across her ass was just too much for him.

"What are you doing?" he asked her.

Lorelai stood up her face sweaty from the exercises, she had only been going for about 15 minutes but it had been that long since she had done anything other than walking for her muscles.

"I just thought I'd work out a little bit, I mean you know health and such" she said deciding not to mention the ripped pair of jeans. That would be a little bit too embarrassing.

Luke's first reaction was to ask her who she was and what she had done with Lorelai but he wasn't about to make her feel bad about working out. Even if it was just aerobics, at least that's what it looked like on the video to him.

"Well I think that's great" he said, he knew that anymore could be dangerous and seeing her there glistening with sweat he didn't want to ruin his chances with her tonight by saying something that could be taken the wrong way.

Lorelai just shrugged. "I mean it can't hurt to try and lose a little bit of weight" she said once again acknowledging her weight gain. She wished the weight was gone now, her heart was beating a mile a minute and she felt more winded than during the dance marathon.

"Well if you want we can start jogging together at night" Luke suggested to her. Lorelai looked at him like he was crazy.

"How about we start with walking and move up to that burger boy. I think my legs would just stop working if I went jogging tomorrow" she said sitting down on the couch. Luke sat down next to her and pulled her into a hug.

"I think we can get in a pretty good workout" Luke said grabbing her fleshy ass. Despite the jean incident from earlier she was still feeling frisky.

"Dirty…" she said lifting off her shirt, ready for a night of passion with her amazing boyfriend.

Emily smiled as she looked at the clock it was almost time for Friday Night Dinner and the moment where she'd ensure that Lorelai and Rory would get the kick in the pants they needed. Rory had called her yesterday and asked her if Paris could come. She debated saying no but then it would seem a little strange. Besides Rory had told her a few weeks ago that Paris was helping her lose weight so she'd be fine with this little plan.

She had invited the Lloyds over, they had been on vacation and it had been too long since she had seen them. Of course the fact that Jim was a heart surgeon and his wife Monica was a nutritionist was just icing on the cake for her. She had explained the situation to them and they agreed to help. They had to do this with patients before and if it kept Lorelai and Rory from being patients they'd be subtle but caring about telling them to lose weight.

So there were six spots set up at the table for tonight and best of all she wasn't going to have to say anything. She'd keep her promise to Richard; after all she couldn't control what her friends would say at dinner. She'd rebuff them a little bit but that was mostly for show, maybe this would finally open their eyes.

Rory sighed as she put on her black dress, she really didn't feel like doing this today but she had no other choice. At least she'd have Paris with there tonight. At least now it would make her night a little bit better. The more she thought about Paris the more she realized that she didn't want to be away from the other girl. Something that only years ago would have seemed impossible to her.

She still wasn't sure what she really felt but she did know that she felt somewhat deeply about Paris and she didn't want to be away from her. Just Paris being there with her made her feel better about tonight. When combined with the fact that the last few Friday Night Dinners had been a bit dull she wasn't that worried about tonight. Just a small bundle of nerves in her stomach, she went to grab some chips out of the kitchen but Paris was there to stop her.

"Relax a bit; you're going to have a big dinner. Do you really want the extra calories?" she asked grossing her arms and Rory shook her head no.

"Fine…fine. I'm just nervous I guess. I just hope that everything goes well tonight. I mean I know my grandma likes you I just don't walk this to be an awkward night" Rory said.

"Don't worry I've had to go to things like this all the time growing up. I'll be fine. They'll like me even more" she said. She wanted to be perfect tonight too. She knew what a big deal this was. Dean had only been to one and Jess hadn't made it through one. Of course she was probably just fooling herself but it never hurt just in case.

She had chosen to wear a red dress, a bit conservative. It hid her curves but then she wasn't going out clubbing, she was just going to the Gilmore's. There was no reason to show off her ample bosom.

They drove there and it was really fun. The mood was nice and light between the two of them. Some would even call it flirty although neither Paris nor Rory would be willing to admit that. After the short drive they were there and ready for dinner.

Lorelai was standing by her Jeep waiting for the two of them. She found it a bit odd that Rory would want to invite Paris and it was even stranger that she'd accept. Most of the time Rory wanted to get away from Paris not closer to it. Something was up; call it mother intuition but something just felt wrong about this.

"Paris so glad you could join us this evening. How are you doing Kiddo?" she asked Rory pulling her into a hug. Something that was a little different nowadays.

"Not sure why you wanted to come into the Cobra's den. Just remember my mother is mostly harmless just nod and agree with her. Also she'll probably like you so don't worry too much about insults" she said as they went and knocked on the door.

The maid answered and this one wasn't too concerned about them at all, she was too worried about her job. Although she was feeling a little bit better about life, for whatever reason Mrs. Gilmore was in a giddy mood tonight.

They went and sat down for drinks, "Ah girls how wonderful to see you and same to you Paris. I'm so glad that you could join us tonight. Sometimes I wish Rory would invite more of her Yale friends. Water's all around? Or would you like something else?" Emily asked in a sweet tone that made Lorelai nervous. Her mother was rarely this happy, something was up but she didn't know what. She wasn't going to fall for the trap though.

"I'll just have water" Lorelai said, after all she was on a diet now.

"Water too" Rory added in.

"Same" Paris said. Might as well be supportive of Rory while around her. Emily smiled and poured them each a glass of water out of a pitcher. Just then the doorbell rang.

"Who's that mom?" Lorelai asked accusingly.

"Oh just a few friends that are coming back from vacation, the Lloyds, I've been meaning to catch up with them for a while now" Emily said simply. None of them particularly liked this answer. It just seemed weird that she'd invite another couple without telling them but it had happened before, usually at holidays though.

The Lloyd's were an older couple, about Emily and Richard's age, but they looked fairly healthy and fit for their age. Of course being a heart surgeon and a nutritionist at the hospital tended to help. They saw what people did to their bodies and needless to say they weren't interested in another of that happening to them. Which was why they had little issue with Emily's plan, they always enjoyed helping people at the hospital and dropping weight loss hints wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. When they looked over at Lorelai and Rory they saw that Emily wasn't lying. These women weren't chubby they were getting up there to an unhealthy range.

"Emily it's wonderful seeing you and this must be Lorelai and Rory" Monica said shaking their hands.

"Yes and that's Rory's friend Paris. How was California?" Emily asked.

"Oh it was alright. Not sure if we'll go there again but it was certainly and experience" Jim said sitting down.

"So how do you know my mom?" Lorelai asked knowing the answer.

"Oh she and I work on the DAR together when I can find the time" she said smiling at her.

Paris and Rory just gave each other a look. Both of them knew that this was going to be a long dinner. They just weren't sure how bad it would be.

"And what do you do?" Lorelai asked Jim.

"Oh well I'm a heart surgeon" he said leaving out what his wife did. He figured it was a better idea than giving all of his cards out at once.

"Oh that must be…interesting" Rory said not sure if that was the right wording or not.

"You see a lot of interesting things. Such as the patient who you gave a triple bypass too but won't stop eating bacon cheeseburgers. Let's just say it's amazing how bad a heart can look after that kind of abuse" he said.

Both Rory and Lorelai could feel their arteries tighten as he talked. Paris just stared at him; did surgeons like to talk about their work like this? She wasn't a hundred percent sure. This was just odd to her.

"Oh now Jim the girls don't want to hear about that. Besides some people do listen to you, it's amazing how much some people improve if they just lower their fat and sugar intake" Monica said accepting a glass of water from Emily.

"And what do you do?" Paris asked rather bluntly.

"I'm a nutritionist" Monica said with a fake smile on her face. Yep now it was all adding up. She couldn't say that she fully disagreed with Emily's methods but there was just something about this that felt…wrong. It was almost too underhanded. Of course looking at how much of the couch both Lorelai and Rory took up maybe tough love was a good move.

Still she didn't want to see Rory hurt and it seemed like all this was a set up for that. She wasn't a hundred percent sure what she should do. It might be better to sit back and watch how this goes. She did go and reach out for Rory's hand. Their skin touched for a few seconds before they both realized what they were doing and pulled away from each other like they were touching acid.
Lorelai would have steam coming out of her ears if it was possible. How dare her mother do this! There was no way this was accidental. Of course the fact that gaining this much weight in such a short period of time was not healthy had crossed her mind but that didn't matter right now.

Rory was feeling even more ashamed of her body right now. Yep this was going to be a long night.

The talk leading up to dinner was light and cheerful, neither of them mentioned anything else about health and that caused all three of them to calm down a little bit. Maybe they were all just overreacting. They all sat down at the table and began to eat their salads.

"Would you care for any dressing?" Emily asked.

"Oh no, I prefer my salads plain. People think salad and they think healthy but in reality people put so much dressing on them that it just turns into something akin to eating a fast food dinner" Monica said. Everyone at the table looked at their salads and needless to say that plain looked a hell of a lot better right now.

"So Rory we hear you go to Yale. That's actually where Monica and I met. It's a wonderful school. I can't tell you how amazing this woman looked when I first saw her. The perfect figure which she still has" Jim said holding her hand. Monica just blushed.

"Well I like it there, I'm just really busy with classes and such I wish I had more time on my hands sometimes" Rory said and Paris just nodded in agreement.

"That's great but remember you need to balance your life out. Too much of one thing isn't healthy" Monica said. Emily was doing her best not to smile they were light touches but it was something that was playing to her advantage.

"So mom, what are we having tonight?" Lorelai asked figuring that would be something good to talk about.

"We're having salmon tonight" Emily said.

"Ah perfect, low in fat and very healthy. I'm always telling people to eat more fish but they just don't seem to listen. I suppose that some people just want diabetes…" Monica said trailing off. Once again Paris wasn't finding fault in her logic but there was just something about how the woman was saying it and making Rory feel that was pissing Paris off.

"If only fish burgers were tasty" Lorelai said, if this woman wanted war then it was time for war.

"Well maybe you haven't been eating the right fish. Let me tell you, you could eat all you wanted and never gain weight. Try doing that with greasy burgers" Monica said wrinkling her nose. Lorelai really didn't like her. She was like every smug blonde that she had ever met. Only this time she couldn't help but feel like she had a certain advantage, considering Lorelai wasn't in any position to attract some men at the beach.

The fish was brought out and as much as Lorelai hated to admit it, it was really good. Grilled perfectly.

"You know if people didn't fry fish I swear everyone would be able to be healthy like me. I still run five miles a day" Jim bragged.

"Well things are a bit different now. I mean I can barely find time to do my hair and with finals coming up I really should be studying" Paris said not liking this man at all.

"I'm just saying, it's not too hard to do if you're committed to fitness. I've seen more people eat themselves to obesity it's just sad" Jim said taking a bite of the fish.

"My husband is right I mean I see so many people who with a little bit of willpower…" Monica started.

"Yes because it's all about willpower and nothing else" Paris muttered.

"Did you say something?" Monica asked and all eyes were now on Paris. She kicked herself; of course she couldn't keep quiet.

"I was just saying that genetics play a role and some people could eat only fish all day every day and they'd still be fat. I mean there were fat people in the past" Paris said.

Monica glared at her.

"I suppose you are right but in the modern era with enough selection it should be EASY to lose weight" Monica said in a snotty tone.

Rory was just staring at her plate. Why wasn't she thin? It was obvious that she should have been. A woman her grandmother's age was in better shape than she was and she was in college for crying out loud. She picked up a roll and buttered it heavily. She knew this wouldn't help but it was better than doing nothing.

Lorelai had gotten past being mad as she looked down at her stomach. She had always been thin after all and now here she was, basically a fat blob. She used to be able to say that it didn't matter what she ate she was able to stay thin and now here she was, quite frankly fat.

Paris could tell just how sad Rory was and her heart ached to hold her but she couldn't. She balled her hands into a fist and just wished for this dinner to be over as soon as possible.

The rest of the dinner both Jim and Monica made more comments relating to health and how awful the fat people looked in California on the beach. Lorelai was just repeating Luke's voice in her head. Sure she was bigger but he still loved her, unless of course he was just being nice but she had to believe that he was telling the truth.

Eventually the dinner game to an end with all of them not eating dessert, no one felt really like it after hearing about heart disease and how easy it was to lose a foot to diabetes. Overall they were not people who were very interesting to listen too other than weight loss tips that Rory was going to try her best to remember.

Emily was doing her best to hide her glee. Sure her daughter and granddaughter looked sad but it was for the greater good after all. This should shame them into losing some of that excess. A grandmother should not be the fittest one in the family.

Eventually it was time for everyone to head home, Paris the only one who the night hadn't really affected. Lorelai and Rory barely said goodbye to each other. Both just seemed numb by everything that had happened and both seemed to be focusing on their figures now.

Lorelai wanted to go home and down a pint of Ben and Jerry's. That was hell tonight and the worst part was that she hadn't said anything because all of it was technically true and she didn't want to be rude to these people. It just hurt that her mother did this to her. She was actually far more pissed off now. She was going to have words with her mother tomorrow and she was going to call Rory later. The numbness had worn off and she was ready for a fight tomorrow.

"So…that was fun tonight" Paris said as they got into Rory's car.

"Paris, I don't feel like talking. Not after hearing about how awful fat people are all night or how I'll die young" Rory explained blinking back tears.

Paris looked at Rory she wanted so bad to comfort her and tell her how she felt but something was holding her back. They drove back in silence most of the way when they were closer Paris felt the need to say something.

"Look I'm not going to lie, I kind of agreed with some of the stuff that they said. I think you should probably go and get healthier but that's your call. I mean if you want to go and stay at this weight then go and do it. I think you're amazing no matter what you look like" she admitted. She wanted to once again say more but she couldn't find the will to say it.

Rory wanted to say something more too. Paris was just so amazing she was supporting her even though she thought that they were right.

"Do you really mean that? If I blew up to 350 pounds would you still think I was so amazing?" Rory asked testing her a little bit.

"Yes" she said without missing a beat. "I mean you'd still be you but I want you to be happy and healthy, I'm not a hundred percent you feel happy even though you're doing amazing things at Yale. Honestly I think both you and your mom can pull it off I'm just more concerned about your health" she said gently.

"Thank you for the honesty Paris. That really means a lot to me. You know you're very special to me…" Rory said. Paris's heart leapt, was she serious about this?

"Look Paris…I know we talked about it but I can't stop thinking about that kiss from Spring Break" Rory clarified as if she really needed to do that.

"What about it?" Paris asked not sure where this was going.

"Look…I mean…I've been thinking about it more and more. I can't help it. I guess…did that kiss mean more to you or was it just a kiss?" Rory asked taking the leap. This night couldn't get much worse so if she was going to be rejected it might as well be tonight. This was a risk worth taking.

Paris's jaw nearly hit the ground. Was her dream really coming true? She had to pinch herself to be sure that she wasn't dreaming.

"Rory" she started taking her friends hand. "I feel the same way" she said smiling. Maybe the night could be saved.

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Height: 5'7''

Weight: 203 lbs
Chapter 47

Lorelai came storming into Luke's with a fire in her eyes that Luke knew meant this dinner had been especially bad. "I need coffee" she demanded. Normally Luke might try and talk her out of it but his gut told him that was a bad idea. He poured her a cup of coffee.

"So…that bad?" he asked.

"Oh it was the worst. My mom invited some friends over. A heart surgeon and a nutritionist, they spent the whole dinner talking about being fit, getting fit, how bad it was to be fat. Let me tell you, you should just dump me now because in five minutes I'll be dead from a combination of diabetes and a heart attack" she ranted taking a sip of the coffee. Luke bit his lip, he wasn't sure what to say but he had to say something.

"Well…they have a point. It does raise your risks but then again my Uncle smoked, drank, and did every bad thing to his body and he lived to a good old age. Course I think death didn't want someone so bitter…" he said.

Lorelai cocked her head and shook her head.

"I know that…I just don't always need to hear it. I mean I'm dieting now…and I'm walking more. I parked me Jeep at home and walked over here" she countered.

"It's a five minute walk"

"Still, I'm walking. I mean do you know how hard it is to walk in these heels?" she asked starting to get a little mad at him. Luke could sense that this wasn't an argument that he really wanted to have, mostly because he wouldn't win.

"Hey, I'm sorry that the night was bad but you know that I love you. I'm sure she does too she just has a very special way of showing it" he said. "Oh I have some news too" he said hoping a change in subject would help.

"What?" she asked.

"Liz and TJ are getting married. Now you look nice everyday but I can't wait to see you in a very sexy dress" he said in a low tone, kissing her lips.

"I think I can pull that off Mr. Danes" she said smiling widely. Her dimples were so cute Luke kind of wanted to pinch them. Yeah that would backfire like crazy; he'd just pinch her ass later tonight.

Meanwhile back at Yale Paris and Rory were sitting in the car, neither of them really sure what to say to each other.

"How long have you felt that way?" Rory asked keeping her eyes straight. Her heart was pounding and her hands were all sweaty.

She didn't know why, Paris said the kiss meant something to her but she still had to know.

"I'm not sure…I mean…there was a bit of a spark there before. I just…didn't really know how much of one there was before I kissed you and then after I just…I felt something for you. Something I didn't feel for Jamie or Asher" she said.

"Is that why you broke up with Professor Fleming?" Rory asked turning her head and looking at Paris.

"Kind of" Paris sighed. "I just don't know after that I was confused and I really didn't want to be with him in that way. I needed to think and the more I thought about you I just…it was starting to get to be too much but I had no idea if you felt the same way. What about you?" she asked. In her opinion this went both ways might as well get this all out in the open right now.

"I don't know I guess I really didn't feel anything for you deep until you kissed me. No offense but I just really wasn't looking. I mean yeah I had looked at girls before but that was it. I never thought of anything deeper than that. But once we actually kissed it was like I couldn't get you out of my head. I just wasn't sure if you felt the same way" she admitted to Paris.

Paris was pacing her breathing the best that she could. Rory Gilmore actually liked her. Paris looked deep into her blue eyes and without another word leaned into to kiss her. Unlike the last time once Rory realized what was happening she didn't pull away. She kissed her back.

Eventually the need for oxygen overran the need for each other. Rory couldn't believe how good that felt. It was a thousand times better than that. The taste of Paris's lips was something that was so amazing to her. She could feel her body getting turned on in ways that it had never felt. She squirmed in her seat.

Paris was feeling the exact same thing only this was about a million times different to her. Of course she had slept with Jamie and Asher but that had been different. She had gotten pleasure out of it but she'd just describe the experiences as nice compared to this. Was this what kissing was supposed to feel like? If so then she had been missing out for years.

"That was amazing" Paris said taking Rory by the hand.

"Same to you, ummm what does this mean? I mean for us" Rory said. Part of her hated to be so blunt but she just had to know where she stood with Paris.

"I think we should talk about this inside" Paris said. They walked back to the dorm in silence. Neither really sure what to say. There was so much that they wanted to say to each other but they wanted to wait a little bit.

Once they were in the safety of their room they both sat down on the bed. Paris was the first to speak.

"Look Rory let me be blunt. I like you. I like you a lot and it's been for a while. I mean…if I had known I would have said something a month ago. I love how blue your eyes are, I love how amazing your hair looks, and I even love how your ass looks in tight jeans. But even more than that I love how good of a person you are. You're sweet and caring and honestly I've always wanted to be like that. You make me a better person"

Rory smiled, "Paris I feel the same way. I know how hard you and your mom can be on you but you need to believe that you really are a good person. You can be intense but I love that about you, you just want everything to be the best it can. I can't help but like that about you. I just didn't realize how much I wanted to be close to you and wanted to be with you until then. I always considered you a friend but since we started Yale I considered you a close friend now I want you to be more…" Rory said feeling better getting all of this off her chest. She touched Paris's hand lovingly. She was hopeful that all of this would work out. She wished her body was slimmer for this but Paris didn't seem disgusted by her body.

This was better than Paris thought; Rory actually liked her for her. She was on cloud nine right now and all of the ugliness of the night was now forgotten by her.

"Then I guess I can say this right now, you look downright sexy in that dress" she said her voice laced with happiness.

Rory blushed. "You really believe that? Because I can't say that I'd blame you if you didn't" she said smiling nervously. She knew her body was ugly it would be a wonder if Paris didn't feel the same way.

"Hey what have I been saying?" Paris asked grabbing a small bit of her love handle. "This is part of you and it's wonderful. I haven't been lying to you; I think you still look good. Just…very curvy"

"Paris I was very curvy about thirty pounds ago" Rory said moving away so Paris couldn't feel her ugly flab.

"I mean it…I think you're beautiful. I mean I like your body but even if you looked like George Bush I'd still want to be with you because you're you" Paris responded hoping the joke would loosen Rory up a bit.

Rory did chuckle. "You know you're pretty amazing. For the record I'm happy I don't look like George Bush" she said.

"So what do you want to do with us?" Paris asked, she was sweating like crazy. Sure this was Yale but she knew that just because Rory liked her didn't mean that she'd be willing to date her.

"I'm…not sure. I mean I want to be with you but…I'm just…it's hard to explain. I don't know how everyone would react" Rory admitted while hanging her head.

Paris could feel her heart breaking slightly, she was afraid of this. After all Rory Gilmore was the perfect daughter and grandchild. Being gay was certainly not part of fulfilling that role.

"I understand" Paris said in the nicest tone she could muster. She was dying inside. This was a shitty night.

"No, you don't. I mean…look I'm not ready to tell my mom or grandma yet but…lord this would be easier if you were a guy. I want to be with you. I just don't want to tell anyone yet. It's not because of you. Please understand that, I mean would you be willing to tell your mom about me?"

"I see your point. So you think we should date but keep it under wraps for a while?" Paris asked trying to be sure she understood this.

"Yes, to give us some time to work this out. Then once we're ready we can come out" she said looking into Paris's eyes hoping that she'd understand where Rory was coming from.

Paris did understand, she had known a few people at Chilton who had been brave enough to come out and it was a crapshoot how their families reacted. Some hated them, some accepted, and others felt it was just a phase. Her mom had never given her any opinions on gay couples so it might be best to test the waters first.

"I understand. I mean not everyone starts a relationship while living together. Maybe if we spend more time together that'd give our families time to adjust" Paris said. Rory smiled at her, she leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you for understanding. I just think we could both use the time to just be with each other for a while. As soon as I'm ready I promise I'll tell my mom" Rory said and she meant it. This was just too new for her to come out of the closet.

"Hey how can I be mad at the girl that I like?" Paris asked running her hand down Rory's arm.

The rest of the night was spent talking about things only there was a certain level of depth now. Oh they'd talk before but both of them were a little less guarded about everything. After all if they were going to date they needed to be honest with each other.

The rest of the week was spent mostly studying and getting to really know each other better. Janet and Tana didn't find anything amiss with the two of them except that Paris seemed to be a bit happier and wasn't bitching about anything. That seemed odd; in fact Rory seemed happier too. That was very odd to her, in her opinion Rory should have still been depressed over her weight but what did she know.

Rory was actually feeling great. She hadn't lost any weight but she had been holding steady. Sure some comments still got to her from time to time but Paris liked her body. Maybe she had been wrong about how bad her body was. She still did cheat on her diet from time to time though. Sure coffee was great to wake her up but sometimes she wanted some cold with caffeine.

Paris just couldn't stop smiling, she knew that once again she was drowning in love and playing things up but she didn't care. Being with Rory made her happy even happier than when she was with Jamie. Rory was right about not telling their parents, she didn't want her mother or Rory's family ruining this feeling. Of course undressing at night felt a little awkward but it wasn't like they hadn't seen each other. There was just more leering now when they did it.

Finals were getting done with now and Paris had told her mom that she had a late one. That had been a lie of course, she just wanted to stay with Rory and help her pack up. Of course that also meant staring at Rory's ass when she bent over to pack stuff up. There was also something sexy about the way that she struggled to lift some of the heavier boxes, maybe it was just her sweating.

"So what do you want to do for dinner tonight?" Paris asked giving her a hand.

"I don't know some place where I can get some grilled chicken or fish" Rory said. She figured that was low enough in fat that she could still have some of the taste. Salads just weren't enough for her; she just ended up snacking throughout the day.

Just then there was a knock at the door. That was strange.

"Come in" Rory said figuring it was just the RA or something. Then she looked up and saw a pair of chocolate eyes looking at her.

"Jess…" Rory said her heart beating like crazy.

"Rory…" Jess said looking her over. Wow Luke wasn't kidding she did get big.

Paris just stood there and felt her heart drop into her stomach. No, this couldn't be happening. Not the person that Rory had spent nearly six months getting over coming back. She looked over at Rory desperately, she could only hope that things went her way but that was rarely the case. She had an awful feeling about all of this

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Height: 5'7''
Weight: 203 lbs

Chapter 48

Lorelai found herself way too excited for Liz's wedding. It felt nice not having to worry about planning a wedding or being in a wedding. All she had to do was sit there and be happy for Liz and TJ. It also gave her a reason to go and buy a new dress. Of course looking at herself in a dress meant it was time to go and find some shape wear that actually fit her.

Just to smooth her out a little bit of course, she thought that she actually looked pretty decent with it on and was able to breathe.

Of course there was no hiding her bulk under the loose dress but it was still better than letting everything hang out under it.

When Liz stopped by the first thing she did was comment on Lorelai's weight. That had been a little awkward but Liz was pretty kind about it, she was just taken aback by it. Because that never got old when people commented on how big she was.

She was currently sitting at the counter drinking coffee and looking over a few more last minute things with the Dragonfly. Things were looking great if you take away the lack of doors and a few other things but that's why they were having the trial one for everyone in the town. She was damn proud of all the money they had sunk into it. She wanted everyone in the town to see it; it was going to be her night.

Jess didn't really want to come back to this place for Liz's wedding but Luke asked him to come and he supposed it did mean a lot to
Liz. That didn't mean that he was happy about any of this. He didn't want to see anyone here. He had been doing a pretty good job at that but now here he was back here. He knew that he'd see her; there was no way that he could avoid her.

On the other hand he still wanted to go and see Rory, he had spent the last year drifting a bit and having one meaningless relationship after another. California had been a bust and he regretted going out there in the first place. He had played that last moment over and over in his head with her on the bus. He wished that he could have talked to her but it was just easier to ignore it at that moment.

So here he was again in Stars Hollow, he was just trying to keep his head down until the wedding was over. The second they said 'I do' he'd be gone. He didn't feel like her really owed Liz anything; she had ignored him for years and then pawned him off on Luke. At least Luke had tried, he hated to admit it but he did kind of like Luke, it did give him some security that if things ever got

unmanageable he'd have someone to help. Not that he'd ask for it but it brought him peace when he was a little too low on money.
He walked into Luke's and the first thing he noticed was a rather large woman sitting at the counter talking with Luke. That wasn't so weird but then he kissed her. Apparently Luke had given up on Nicole and gotten with…whoever that was. A bit bottom heavy and her clothes weren't exactly flattering on her but hey to each their own.

"Jess…" Luke said noticing his nephew come in. Lorelai turned around; she had promised Luke that if he did show up that she'd be nice that didn't mean she wouldn't glare at him though.

Jess looked like he had just been hit by a bus. What had happened to Lorelai Gilmore? She had to have gained at least a hundred pounds. He wasn't really sure what to do so he just walked up to the two of them.

"Luke, Lorelai…so you two are dating now" he said unable to take his eyes off Lorelai. It wasn't polite to stare but he couldn't help it.

"Yeah thought we'd give it a try and it's going great" Luke said, Lorelai just looked at Jess and knew what he was doing to her. She got sized up by a lot of people these days and she knew when it was happening.

"Jess…how nice to see you and you can stop staring now. I realize that I've put on a little weight, so has Rory" Lorelai said cocking her head and putting on her best fake smile. She figured that mentioning weight gain should keep the little vandal away from her daughter. The last thing Rory needed was her jerk boyfriend coming back and messing her up. She didn't deserve three bad break ups in a row.

Jess raised an eyebrow while Luke just shook his head. He didn't know why Lorelai had to mention that but it was her daughter.

"So…want to rest a bit?" Luke asked and Jess nodded without saying anything. Rory had gained weight? Damn he had missed a lot he had so many questions but wasn't sure how to bring them up without seeming strange.

"You and Lorelai…" Jess said figuring that going on the offensive was the best move.

"Yeah, as I said we're both very happy" Luke said with a wide smile on his face.

"Even with the…" Jess started.

"Hey be nice. Lorelai has gained some weight but it doesn't bother me and she's trying to lose weight. Besides she's still the same crazy woman she before. She's just realizing what a diet of burgers and fries does to you" Luke commented.

"Don't tell her I said that though" he added in.

Jess just chuckled. "So…she mentioned Rory gaining weight too"

"Yeah she's gained about as much weight as Lorelai" he admitted and Jess's eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. There was no way that was possible, he got Lorelai she was older but Rory was still young. Besides she would have stopped herself before she got too heavy.

"How'd you finally end up going out with Lorelai?" Jess asked his interested piqued by this besides mixing up his questions would throw Luke off.

"It just…things ended up working out. We were finally ready to take the risk and just go for it. We're both happier people for it and it feels great being with her" he said. Jess had to admit that it got him thinking about Rory. If Luke could go after Lorelai then it might be worth it to try and talk to her.

"Is Rory seeing anyone?" Jess asked. Luke looked over at him and sighed.

"Jess I'm not stupid and she's not. She was dating a guy but it didn't work out. Look I don't think it'd be a good idea but I'm not the one who makes your decisions or Rory's. Just know that if you hurt Rory again Lorelai will kill you. She wants you dead now, it's only for me that she's holding back and I'm only holding her back because Liz wants you here" he said.

"I'm going to lie down" Jess said and Luke let him be. That was the best thing about Luke; he didn't keep the conversation going for longer than it needed to be.

The wedding went off without a hitch. Jess thought that Liz was insane for marrying TJ but he made her happy. In fact everyone there seemed to look happy. Between TJ with Liz and Luke with Lorelai it was almost sickening to Jess.

At the same time he wanted that though. He wanted to be dancing with Rory at this wedding. Yeah it may ruin his persona but Rory was worth it. He needed to go and see her, he had to try this. Yeah he might fail but dammit it was worth it.

Lorelai spent a few songs dancing with Luke before she got out of breath. No more 24 hour dance marathons for her.

"I need a break" she said wiping sweat from her face. Luke wrapped his arm around her and they went to sit down. Between Lorelai and Liz everyone in town was busy tonight looking at them. Some were wondering how long until Lorelai walked down the aisle, while the rest were wondering how big she'd be when it happened.

"I'm really sorry about this" Lorelai said feeling good to be off her feet, her heels were killing the hell out of her tonight. Luke leaned in and kissed her.

"You think I like dancing non-stop?" he asked and Lorelai giggled. This was actually turning into a pretty good night.

"We get the pieces of cake with flowers right? Since we know the bride" Lorelai asked her blue eyes big and just a wee bit greedy.

"I'll see what I can do" he said placing his hand on her large thigh.

Jess ended up finding Yale easily. The problem now was finding out which dorm she was in. He had been able to do a little bit of digging at the wedding and got a general idea. It still took him a while to find the place though. When he got there he found her with Paris. This was just a whole day of odd, oh well there were worse people to deal with than Paris. She was a little too much Hilary for him she was halfway decent to talk to.

Of course his attention moved back to Rory and what happened to her? She was big, really big, at least for her. Yet there was a cute quality about it that was endearing. He wasn't about to say that he found it amazingly sexy but being with her was worth it even if she was overweight now. It was eerie how much she and Lorelai even gained weight the same way. He couldn't help but wonder what her ass felt like now.

"What are you doing here?" Rory asked moving away from him a little bit and looking over at Paris. Jess looked over there too, why would Paris look nervous? What had Rory told her about their relationship?

"Rory I came here to see you. I…I want you to come away with me" Jess said. Okay he probably should have thought this out a little bit more but he was just going to follow his heart in this case.

"What?" both Rory and Paris said at the same time. Rory wasn't sure how to feel about this at all while Paris was sure that Rory was going to go with him. After all it would be her luck that she'd finally get something she wanted only to have it snatched away.

"I'm serious Rory I want to be with you. I want to be together with you. Let's just go somewhere and be together" he said desperately. This sounded a lot better in his head.

"Excuse me" Paris said leaving them alone. She needed some air, she couldn't be in there. She couldn't be there when Rory said yes to Jess and basically admitted the previous few weeks had been nothing but a mistake.

Rory wanted to go and talk to Paris but she had to deal with one issue at a time.

"No…Jess do you hear yourself. That's not a plan and I need a plan. I just…what did you think I'd say? Yes and we could just run away? What if I'm dating someone? I have a life here. I'm going to Yale I can't just leave" Rory explained.

Jess felt his heart drop but he needed to prove to her that he could do this. It was time to calm down a little bit. "Okay I understand that, that probably wasn't the best way to start out but Rory I want to be with you. I'm sorry about before, I was confused and I made too many mistakes" he admitted.

"Jess I'm glad that you've grown but this just isn't right" Rory said crossing her arms.

"Please I want another chance. I know you're not dating anyone, just give me a chance" Jess said.

"Who said I'm not dating anyone?" Rory asked not believing that he was just assuming that she was still pining for him.

"That's what Luke and your mom said" he said to her.

Rory bit her lip and just nodded at him.

"Jess…it's too late. I told you before that I might have loved you once but it's really too late. Now just head back to…California or New York or wherever you're living now" she said as she tried to get past him. She had to find Paris.

"Please Rory I'm not saying you have to leave with me now that was a mistake. I just want a date, we were great together. I'm sorry I ruined it, I just want another chance" he said grasping at straws now.

"It's not that simple Jess, it really isn't" she said in a low and dangerous tone. She was getting really annoyed now.

Meanwhile Paris was wandering the empty campus before finding a bench to sit down on. It just wasn't fair; she had been there with Rory through all of this. She had been the one helping her, supporting her, and now he could just come in and steal her? Sure Lorelai didn't like him but it had to be better than having Rory with another girl. She sighed and rubbed her temples while she held back tears. She'd have to head back soon, best to get this over with fast.

"Why isn't it simple Rory? Just a date, you're not dating anyone and I just want one more shot. I know I can make it up to you. I won't make the same mistakes as before" he said.

"Jess just give me a few minutes I need just let me walk and think" she said walking past him. Jess didn't want to push his luck so he decided not to follow her.

Rory had no clue which direction Paris went but that didn't matter, all that mattered was finding her. She was moving at a brisk pace, ignoring the feeling of her thighs rubbing together as she walked, she didn't have time to feel embarrassed about that.

It took her about five minutes before she found Paris sitting on a bench looking depressed. Her heart ached for her; she couldn't imagine how Paris was feeling at the moment.

"Just get it over with" Paris said very stand offish.

"Get what over with?" Rory asked sitting down next not sure what Paris was thinking. She wasn't looking at her and that hurt.

"Just say it; you want to get back together with Jess. I understand, after all isn't that what you've been waiting all year for?" Paris asked bitterly.

"Paris I was over Jess months ago. I've made my peace with that. He left me and I'm not going to take him back" she explained.

"Are you serious?" Paris asked turning and looking at her. Her heart was rising again.

"Of course I'm serious" Rory said touching Paris's shoulder. "I…I'm not going to lie. I still feel something for him and I'll probably always have a place for him but he's not what I want now or in the future. We had our chance and it didn't work out. I just don't see how this time would be any different. I think I have a future with you and I want to see where it goes" she said.

Paris understood what Rory said, no matter what Jamie would always be her first and when she thought back on that moment she did have fond memories of it, even though kissing Rory now felt better than that.

"I'm sorry I just ran off like that, I just wasn't sure what was going to happen and if you were going to go back with him I couldn't watch it"

"I understand and Paris he was wrong to just spring that on me. Did he really expect me to just fall into his arms? It just doesn't work that way, besides I think we have some special starting here" Rory said smiling shyly and leaning in closer.

Paris picked up on what she wanted right away and leaned in to kiss her. Her hands began roaming Rory's fleshly figure. She would have moved her hands to her breasts but they were in public after all.

Jess had gotten tired of waiting after four minutes and went after Rory. He knew what this was, she was going to see her boyfriend or at the very least some guy that she really liked. Well he wasn't going to give him alone time with her, if he was going down then he was going down swinging.

Instead of seeing Rory with some guy though, he saw her with Paris. He supposed that talking to Paris was better than with some guy. Then things got weird, Paris and Rory were kissing each other. His eyes nearly popped out of his sockets and he slowly made his way back to Rory's room.

So it wasn't another guy, no wonder why Luke and Lorelai said that she wasn't seeing anyone. She hadn't told them yet and he could see why. He felt like dirt now. He had just come in with this declaration and said it right in front of Paris. He had blown it a year ago and he had thought that if he came back now he could make it up and things would go back to how they were. A lot can change in a year; he sat on the bed and awaited Rory's return.

Eventually the kiss had to end.

"You know I'm going to have to go back and talk to Jess. I just wanted to make sure that you were okay" Rory said with love in her eyes for Paris.

"I understand. I'll leave you alone for a little bit" Paris said feeling secure now. She still had a nagging feeling that Jess might talk her into dating him but she felt the chances were low enough that she didn't have to worry. She'd just enjoy the view of Rory as she walked back.

Rory went back to her room to see Jess sitting on the bed. "Well thank you for giving me that time. I think you and I need to talk" she said plopping down on the bed causing the mattress to sink a little bit more than it should.

"Rory…you don't need to say anything. I'm too late and I screwed up" Jess admitted.

"Really? Because about ten minutes ago you were doing everything in your power to just get a date. What's with the sudden change?" she asked suspiciously.

"I saw you kissing Paris" he admitted. Rory blushed and bit her lower lip.


"Yeah, so how long?"

"A couple of weeks…Jess please promise me that you won't tell anyone. We're not ready for that yet. Please…" Rory asked her blue eyes begging him.

"Relax I wouldn't tell anyone even if I hated you. Do you mind if I ask you two things?" Jess asked. Rory just nodded.

"If you weren't with Paris would I have a shot?" he asked hurt evident in his voice.

"I really don't know Jess. I mean…maybe I just think that you and I are better left in the past. I like you but only as a friend at the moment and I'm not sure if it would ever be more than that again" she said. Jess nodded he could accept that. It was a tough pill to swallow.

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened with…you and your mom?" he said. He couldn't help himself he knew that it was dangerous but he wanted to know how they could go from eating everything in sight and staying tiny one minute to blowing up like balloons the next.

Rory gave him a very tight smile. "I don't know…it just kind of happened to both of us. I'm trying to lose weight but…it worked for a little while" she said defending herself. Jess nodded at her.

"Relax I'm not asking for a play by play I was just curious. You still look good by the way. Just a different version of you" he explained. Rory didn't quite believe him, he was probably just being nice but at least he wasn't making her feel bad about this weight.

"I'm going to head out now…" Jess said getting up off the bed. He was about to walk out the door when he turned and looked back at her.

Her face and round and somewhat pudgy, her stomach was bulging out, her love handles looked huge, and he had no clue how her jeans were containing her thighs and ass. Yet she still looked beautiful to him. Sure she wasn't sexy in a technical sense and she didn't drive him wild like before but he would have easily dated her and probably done more if given the chance.

"You tell Paris that she's a lucky girl" he said and then left, he really needed to get out of here now. It was time to go back to New York or somewhere. He wasn't quite sure where but he was pretty sure that it would be a while before he saw Rory Gilmore again.
Rory wasn't quite sure how she felt. On the one hand she was sad to see Jess go on the other she was relieved that she still had Paris. Her heart ached a little bit but not like when Jess had left the first time. She took that as a sign that she was over him and went back to packing.

A little while later Paris wandered it. "How'd it go?" she asked feeling a little too happy that Jess wasn't there.

"It…he saw us kissing" she said. "Don't worry he's not going to tell anyone, trust me" she said spotting the look of fear on Paris's face.

"Oh phew, at least that made the conversation go easier" she said taking a deep breath to slow down her heart rate. That was too scary.

"Are you alright?" Paris asked Rory.

"I'm fine I mean it had to be done. I wish didn't come back but it's for the best. We finally got that goodbye. It was very Jess, he said that you were lucky" Rory said. Paris smiled at her.

"I can agree with him on that. Now come on it's getting late and we haven't eaten yet. Let's go and get some food. Whatever you want" Paris said.

"Even if it's not insanely healthy?" Rory asked because right now she was feeling like something more comforting than fish.

"After the night we've had I think we both need something a little different" Paris said wrapping her arm around Rory's chubby waist and they were off.

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