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Default The New Neighbor - by Larger Than Life (~BHM, ~XWG, Flaturance, Immobility)

~BHM, ~XWG, Flatulence, Immobility

[Author’s note: I love weight gain with both men and women and thought the boards could use a new series. I’ve always wanted to be fat and would love if it happened this way. This is my first story so I hope everyone likes it.

The new neighbor
By Larger_Than_Life

Chad lay there, not wanting to get out of bed. His parents had left for the weekend and he had the whole house to himself. After being laid off from his job, Chad decided to move back in with the parents to try and save some money. Unfortunately, finding another job wasn’t going as well as Chad thought started to get used to a lazy lifestyle.

Chad, for the most part, was in average shape. He worked out every now and then but since he lost his job, he decided to cut back from the working out and put all that time and “energy” into finding another job. Eventually he slowly got out of bed, walking around his room just wearing his boxers and trying to figure out what he was going to do with his day. As he made his way downstairs, he made his way to the kitchen where he found a note from the parents:
Hey Chad, left you some money for food and stuff. We should be back over the weekend, take care see you soon!
Chad just rolled his eyes, it was just about 100 bucks, but it should help with some takeout. He grabbed some cold pizza out of the fridge and made his way to the living room to catch some TV. As he sat on the couch, he looked outside his window and saw a moving truck across the street.

Curiosity began to set in and he made his way to the window to get a better look. He saw some movers, some furniture that was on the side of the truck, and then saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was tall, brunette, and was wearing just the shortest gym shorts and cute worn down gym shirt. He wanted to go over and see who could this chick be, but realized he was still in his boxers.

“Eh, I’ll see her later, “ Chad said to himself and made his way back to the couch. Some time had passed and he was knocked out on the couch. He then woke to a sudden knock on the door.

“Coming!” Chad said. More knocking…”Coming! Hold on!”

Chad was trying to find some pants to put on and eventually made his way to the door pulling up some sweats he found. He opened the door and it was his new neighbor.

“Hi, my name is Sasha, I was wondering if I could ask you for a favor. I was wondering if I could get you to help me move some stuff. The movers left kinda early and it shouldn’t take too long.”

Chad cocked his eye brow up, “sure. I’m Chad nice to meet you.”

He put his hand out to shake hers, she started to smile ad shake his hand. “Nice to meet you Chad, so I’ll see you in a little bit?"

“Sure thing, let me just go grab a shirt and I’ll meet you in a bit.” He closed his door and hurried to find something to wear.

As Sasha made her way back to her place, she smiled to herself “he’s gonna do just fine.”

When Chad finally got over to Sasha’s, he knocked on the door. “Sasha!? It’s Chad can I come in?”

“Sure just come to the living room, the door is unlocked!” She yelled back.

Chad made is way to the living room, the house was still cluttered with some moving boxes and other packing materials. “Sasha? Where are you?”

She made her way back from the kitchen, holding two drinks in her hand. “Sorry, I was just making us something to drink. Here you go.”

She handed Chad what looked like a milkshake. He grabbed it and thought to himself “sure, why not.”

“Thanks,” he said, He proceeded to drink the entire shake. After taking a sip, it was as if all of Chad’s taste buds were going off.

“This is pretty good! What is it?”

Sasha started to have a devilish grin on her face, “oh a little something I just whipped up. Nothing too special.”

Chad chugged the entire shake, put the glass down, and suddenly let out a huge fart. It was pretty loud, and made Chad blush and quickly apologize. “Oh my God, I am so sorry. Running on junk foo…foo…whoa I feel a little sleepy.”

“Don’t worry,” Sasha said, “You’ll be doing a lot more of that pretty soon..”

Chad blacked out and collapsed on the floor. While in his little mini coma, Chad dreamed ---
he was standing in front of a mirror. As he looked at himself, he suddenly saw his face start to puff out, his stomach stomach started to get bigger and bigger. He was getting fat, way too fast and he started running away from the mirror.

Suddenly, he was way too fat to run and was running out of breath. He kept gaining so much wait so fast that he was immobile and stuck on the ground. His ass kept spreading and his stomach was pushing his legs apart.

He looked up as multiple chins starting growing on his face and screamed “HELP!!!!!!”
Next thing he knew he had water splashed in his face. He was starting to come out of it. He was sitting on as chair in Sasha’s living room. As he came to, he let out another loud muffled fart. Sasha was standing over him with a gallon of what looked like more of the milk shake.

“What are you doing?” Chad asked.

“Chad, I have something to confess.” She got closer to his ear and whispered, “I really like fat guys.”

She backed up and Chad had a shocked look on his face. She started to tie Chad to the chair, “You see Chad, I move from town to town and fatten up whoever I think would make a great subject. Consider yourself lucky. All you have to do is sit back and become immobile.

“Immobile!” Chad shouted, “I don’t want to be fat, let me go!”

She put the gallon of shake in front of him, “Chad think about it. You’ll have nothing to worry about. You’ll get to be fat and lazy, not worry about a job or food.”

“How did you know I don’t have a job?” Chad asked with frustration in his voice.

“Chad, I know all about you. Now either take the shake or I will find a way to fatten you up.” Chad opened his mouth and felt the delicious, creamy shake pour down his throat. He could feel himself getting fatter and fatter.

After about a hour, he was clearly 100 pounds heavier. Sasha kept coming in with more and more of her milkshake, and now she wanted to add an extra treat. Chad looked exhausted, and when Sasha came in with boxes of pizza and what appeared to be a pill bottle, his mind started racing.

“Open up Chad, I have good, greasy pizza for you.” Sasha said with another devilish smile.

Chad let out another fart. “Let me go Sasha, I can’t stand this!”

Sasha then looked at him angrily and forced his mouth open and slammed a pill down his throat and a slice of pizza. “You have no choice Chad! Just accept it, everything will be fine!”

The pill went down his throat and he started to chew the pizza. Suddenly, he started expanding slowly. His was getting wider, his face started to push a third chin out. His man boobs were getting bigger and bigger. His arms were being pushed to the sides and his stomach was pushing his legs apart.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GIVE ME!” he screamed as another fart was pushed out of his mountain of an ass. Sasha kept feeding him slice after slice of pizza,

“It’s a little something I created to go along with the milkshake. Its going to accelerate your weight gain so we don’t have to spend so much time on it. How do you feel?” His mind wanted him to stop but something in him liked the fact that he was getting bigger.

After about a hour of weight gain pills, pizza and fast food, and Sasha’s milkshake, Chad was just a bit over 450 pounds. He was a mountain of fat, soft and almost pillow like. He was starting to let his fate sink in, as he started to cry as another fart was pushed out. He was still embarrassed by them, but Sasha kept reassuring him “Don’t worry, you’re just hungry babe.”

Sasha had untied Chad from the chair, he was still trying to get used to his new weight so he couldn’t get up without help anyway. The chair he was in looked as if it was going to give in at any minute. Sasha came up and started to rub Chad’s mountain of a belly. He was starting to get aroused but kept eating anyway.

“Chad, I have a question to ask you. Well you really have no choice, but could you finish the rest of these pills of mine. If you do, I’ll let you go back home. I promise.”

Chad pushed out another fart and knew that she was up to something. His hunger had taken over and he pushed his head back in as far as his fat chins would let him, and pushed another fart out. “Fine, just let me go.”

Sasha gave him the rest of the pills and it was down hill from there for Chad. BOOM another fart came from his massive ass, and he broke the chair. His clothes had long ago broken into pieces and he was nothing but naked with his manhood sitting on Sasha’s floor, growing, getting fatter every second.

His stomach and man boobs made him look almost like a complete circle. His amrs and ands were so fat, he could barely moved them, his ass was now growing to about 6 feet long. His legs were growing into the size of tree trunks. While he kept expanding, he kept being fed by Sasha as she rubbed his belly.

He farted with every slice of food she put between his plump lips. Chad was being buried by his own fat, and knew he was never going back to the average way he looked.

After a good hour of growing, Chad was now over 900 pounds. He just sat there, breathing heavily, eating a whole cake that Sasha was made for him. Sasha then whispered in Chad’s ear “Are you ready to go home now? You look amazing.”

Chad was certainly a monument to fat. His man boobs had spread to his sides, his stomach was massive, and his next was buried in chins. His fingers were like sausages his ass…was….massive. His ass was like two giant boulders of fat. He let another huge fart and tried to shake his head to say yes.

“Well, how are you going to get over there silly?” Sasha said with a smile. Chad didn’t care anymore, he was just hungry and wanted more food. And more food is what Chad got. Sasha was pushing food and milkshakes down his throat for the rest of the weekend.

Sasha looked back at Chad, and said to herself, “maybe I could settle down for a little while, and work on some more people. Chad you’ve helped out so much, soon I think we can get this whole town just a little bigger.”

Chad just let out another massive fart and thought to himself, “I wonder what my parents will do when they see me? Maybe they can bring some more pizza…..

To be continued.

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fritzi knows EXACTLY what's going onfritzi knows EXACTLY what's going onfritzi knows EXACTLY what's going onfritzi knows EXACTLY what's going onfritzi knows EXACTLY what's going onfritzi knows EXACTLY what's going on

Maybe a stupid question: But even in weight gain fiction - how do you want to write a series if the main character already weighs 900 pounds after 1 hour and 5 short paragraphs???
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Britt Reid
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Actually its the weekend and 54 paragraphs when edited, but your point is understood. I think that Chad's role is going to be pretty much over as this fatiopath now tries to take on the entire town - posssibly after first using donuts to immobilize the entire police force?
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What the heck did I just read?
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Originally Posted by Coop View Post
What the heck did I just read?
Dunno..you tell me!

(actually, I see it as a long outline of a story to be polished up and then completed)
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