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Default The Fat Reunion - by FANed_Fox (BBW/BHM (Multiple), Stuffing, ~MWG)

BBW/BHM (Multiple), Stuffing, ~MWG - an already big family decides that everyone should share

by FANed_Fox

My wife and I had been invited to a family reunion at her aunt and uncles place at the lake. What was different about this reunion was that it was to last nearly three weeks.

Katie's aunt and uncle were retired and financially quite well off. They were also corpulent, coming honestly by it. They all were fairly short and as they grew older had gained quite a bit of weight.

The other family gatherings I had attended had seemed nothing more than an excuse to eat all day. When I heard that this one was to be nearly three weeks I was a little worried.

Katie told me about it after returning from a visit with her mom. She said that Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave wanted to have a reunion for everyone at their “cabin” by the lake. Their “cabin” was a small estate with a six thousand square foot house and several acres of land right on a large lake in the Midwest. I didn't really have a problem with her side of the family; they were always a lot of fun. The parties they threw for family occasions were always a great time with free flowing booze and especially food.

Both Katie and I had gained weight recently. I was getting older and it was harder and harder to keep up exercising. I was now at 200 lbs. at just under six feet tall. Not really fat, but a bit flabby especially around my waist and butt. Katie was short and like the rest of her family leaning toward becoming fat. She had gained nearly fifty pounds during our nearly twenty years of marriage and to me she looked fantastic. But she was very self-conscious about her weight and appearance. Katie wore clothes that usually were loose fitting and unflattering and her underwear consisted of baggy briefs and unflattering bras. I liked tight bikini cut briefs and I also had a couple of “Speedo” style bathing suits that I liked to wear if we were not going somewhere where we were known.

Katie showed me a couple of two piece bathing suits she had just bought for the reunion. I was stunned. She told me that her mom and aunt had told her to be proud of her nice “married” body. I said I could not agree more. She also bought some bikini and high cut briefs for herself; I noticed that they were in her current size and several pairs in larger sizes! I asked her about them; she just giggled and said, “You'll see, dear.”

The day we left for the lake, Katie wanted to stop for some refreshments to take along. She usually never wanted anything to eat or drink on the way, because she always said we would get more than enough to eat at Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary's.

I asked why the snacks; she just said she felt a little hungry, that's all. She got me a rich latte and herself a chocolate shake and two boxes of donuts. I was surprised, but certainly not disappointed. I had always wanted to see her get bigger like her mom and aunts. I had to partake also and enjoyed the indulgence, too.

Katie was dressed in a surprising revealing outfit. Capri style black stretch pants and a tight t-shirt style top that exposed her midriff. I thought she looked great; she didn't seem the least self-conscious about her appearance. She made sure that the only bathing suits packed were her new two-piece ones and my “Speedos.” I should have suspected that this “reunion” was going to be a very fulfilling family experience in more ways than one.

We arrived at the “cabin” and were greeted by the rest of her family, her sister, Maureen, who is quite fat, and her husband Paul, a big guy. Her Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave, both of whom looked even bigger than I remembered. Katie's Mom, Megan was there, a rounder version of Katie, and her Dad, Rob. It looked like a plumper convention! There was, of course, food everywhere, along with Uncle Dave's rich dark lagers he loved to brew and drink.

We were told to change into our swimsuits ASAP and join in on lunch. Katie and I went to our room and changed. I loved her new suits; the brief accentuated her plump tummy and round bottom and the top lifted her breasts up. Katie is a “pear.” She watched as I pulled on my “Speedo.” She giggled and tickled by round butt and the rolls over the waistband. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Matt, I think you are going to really enjoy this reunion.”

I said, “I would love to see more of you.”

She giggled, patted her plump little tummy and said, “Oh you will, dear, and I think I will be seeing a lot more of you, too.”

She poked my growing paunch and giggled again. I'm starting to suspect a set up here!

We headed down to the dining room, where the rest of the family was already digging in to a stack of pizza boxes that had just been delivered. I had on my black “Speedo” and a t-shirt. Katie had on one of her new two-piece suits and a t-shirt, also.

We sat down next to Maureen and Paul, who were already laying into a box of “meat lovers” pizza. They pushed a couple of boxes of pizza to Katie and I. Maureen said, “Eat up; they're nice and hot.” Even though we indulged on the way to the “cabin,” we were pretty hungry and started in on the rich pizzas. What had started as just lunch began to be an eating contest between Katie and I and Maureen and Paul. They were both a lot fatter than we were; Maureen weighed forty pounds more than my Katie. Paul had a good fifty pounds on me.

We stuffed ourselves for nearly an hour and a half. I had eaten twelve slices and several large glasses of Uncle Dave's lager. Paul had managed to get thirteen slices into himself and nearly a liter of Coke. Katie had nine slices, while Maureen had ten and a half. We all looked like we would explode, our bellies were so bloated. We staggered out onto the deck to sit in lounge chairs and begin digesting the huge meal we had stuffed ourselves with.

I looked over at Katie, her tummy was sticking way up and she lay in the chair. She had her hands resting on her tummy, lightly rubbing it under her t-shirt. She looked over at me and said, “This feels so good; I can't believe how much I just ate. You did ok as well , honey; your belly looks really full. I'm proud of you for trying to keep up with Paul; you really did well.”

She reached over and patted my bloated belly.

Around three, I got up to use the facilities, I felt a lot better afterward on my way back out to the deck. I noticed that Paul and Maureen had started snacking on large plates of Aunt Mary's goodies balanced on their ample bellies.

I was just about to lower myself onto the lounge chair when Katie asked me to fix her a plate of snacks. She reached up and put her hand up between the leg opening of my suit and my butt and gave a little pinch, and said, “Fix one for yourself, too, dear.”

I dutifully walked over the Aunt Mary's table and started fixing two plates of wonderful goodies. Aunt Mary came by on her scooter and made sure the plates were overflowing with the richest things. Uncle Dave insisted that I have another large glass of his dark lager. I returned to Katie, I asked, “Where should I put your plate honey?”

She answered by patting her tummy and giggling, “Right here, dear.”

I set the plate down on her plump tummy; she looked and smiled, “Bon appetite.”

Then she started eating the rich treats.

I lowered myself back onto the chair and started in myself. I ended up refilling both of our plate two more times and four more beers from Uncle Dave.

I was rubbing my bloated belly when Aunt Mary announced dinner. I couldn't believe we were going to eat again today. I helped Katie up, admiring her tummy, which she seemed to stick out for me. She bumped me with her tummy in my butt and giggled, “Time to eat up, dear.”

Aunt Mary came by on her scooter as we were heading into the dining room. She looked at my bloated belly, poked it, and said, “Well, it's about time that you filled out, Matt; you look so much better with a nice big belly on you.”

“Oh great,” I thought to myself, “now I really know what's going on. Well, if Katie keeps gaining, than so will I,”

I patted my belly.

We sat down; the table was covered with platters covered with freshly cooked hamburgers, cheeseburgers, brats and hot dogs thick warm buns on another platter. Rich sweet salads, French fries and onion rings in big baskets.

I dug in with abandon; I stuffed myself with cheeseburgers and brats in thick buns. I had several servings of French fries and onion rings smothered in ketchup. Katie seemed to be trying to keep up with me; I was getting really turned on watching her just stuff herself. In the past she was so careful about what she ate; she was a fast eater, but always watched the portions. Now she was eating like there was no tomorrow. The more I watched Katie eat, the more I wanted to eat.

After nearly two hours of gorging ourselves, the family slowed eating to a stop. I looked around, everyone was bloated sitting in their chairs, hands rubbing their distended bellies. Aunt Mary announced that there would be a sundae-making contest in an hour to allow everyone to relax and digest a bit. She said how proud she was that we managed to eat nearly all the food laid out.

It took me five minutes to finally get up from the table. I turned to help Katie and bumped her in the face with my bloated belly. She giggled, “Matt, your tummy looks really full; are you sure you can make a sundae and eat it?”

I said, “I will if you will.”

She giggled and poked my belly.

“You're on,” she said, as I helped her to her feet.

She looked fantastic to me. Her tummy was so bloated; it was straining against the waistband of her suit, starting to push it down under her navel. She staggered a bit as I helped her away from the table. She reached down under my distended belly to my hardening groin and giggled, “You are enjoying the view, honey”?

I leaned over and kissed her! Our bellies bumped each other as we kissed.

I half waddled and half staggered up to our room. We lay on the bed rubbing each other's belly. Katie looked me in the eye and asked, “Do you know what's going on, now, Matt?”

“Yeah, I think so. Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary are trying to fatten us all up, aren't they?”

“You especially, honey; Aunt Mary has always thought you were way too thin to be in this family. She and Mom wanted me to feel better about myself, too. So Aunt Mary came up with this idea of the three week binge to just get everyone up to her and Uncle Dave's level.”

“Well, you know, honey, at my age, if I gain a lot of weight, I will be fat the rest of my life. I just can't keep up the exercise the way I used to. The amount of weight I will probably gain in the next three weeks; there is just no way I will be able to work any of it off,” I said.

I asked, “What about you? You have always been so concerned about your weight and appearance; I was surprised by your change of heart.”

She answered, “Mom and I had a long talk, she was upset that I was so stressed out about my weight and this belly I have grown. She said that in our family all of the women have been fat if not obese. She said look at Maureen: she is huge and does not care at all how big she may get. She told me to let myself go, eat all I want and not worry about the consequences.”

She looked at me.

“How do you feel about us gaining deliberately,” she asked.

I answered, “You know that I always wanted to see more of you. I knew you were the girl for me when I first saw how big your mom was. I thought for sure you would follow in her footsteps.”

Katie giggled, “You're terrible.”

I went on, “The more I think about gaining myself, the more I get turned on. I love the tight briefs and my 'Speedos' because they make me look fatter than I am. I might as well stop pretending to be fat and just get FAT.”

Katie sighed, “I'm so relieved; I thought you would be mad, because I set you up to be gorged for three weeks.”

“No, I'm not mad; I have to admit I am more than a little turned on watching everyone eat with such abandon. What about Maureen and Paul and your mom and dad, none of them certainly 'need' to gain any more weight. Why are they here?”

“Well, Aunt Mary and Mom could not think of any other excuse for have us here for three weeks except for a reunion. You know Maureen and Paul; they LOVE TO EAT, so they were all for it. Mom and Dad went along, too; Mom loves to eat, but she is tired of cooking all the time,” Katie answered.

Just then Aunt Mary called to everyone to come on down and start making your sundaes. I helped Katie up, she put her hands on each side of my belly and shook it.

“I hope to see a lot more of this,” she giggled.

I poked her bloated tummy and said, “Ditto here, too.”

I watched her waddled down the stairs to the dining room admiring her round bottom bouncing up and down and her swimsuit panty.

Both Katie and I grabbed a large bowl and started shoveling ice cream into them. We then covered the ice cream with everything that Aunt Mary had laid out on the table. The bowls weighed a ton when carried them over to show Mary. She was delighted with how much rich fattening stuff was in our bowls. I noticed her checking out my belly, which was beginning to lift up the front of my t-shirt.

We waddled over to the table and started to gorge on the rich desert. We finally finished at around nine thirty. We just sat back in our chair with our bellies bulging out in front of us. Katie rubbed my belly trying to quiet the gurgle it was making; we both giggled watching Maureen and Paul try to get up.

Maureen's bathing suit, already too small, even before eight hours of gorging, finally let go along the side seam. Her belly and love handles making a break for it as she struggled to contain herself within the straining suit. Aunt Mary handed Maureen a robe of hers to cover up with. Paul helped her waddle to their room.

I leaned over to Katie's ear.

“Are we going to get that big?” I asked.

She giggled, “Maybe bigger!”

She poked my now taut belly.

“Uh oh, somebody's very full,” she said giggling.

Katie and I finally were able to get up and waddle/stagger up to our room. After Katie had stripped off her suit and put on a pair of way to tight bikini panties and a teddy that let her bloated tummy bulge out from under, I turned around and bumped her with my huge, bloated belly, she fell onto the bed shrieking with laughter. She reached up and slapped my belly, “Oh, Matt you look great; your tummy is so huge!”

I leaned back and put my hands on the small of back and arched my back out and stuck out my belly as far as I could, “Do you think so, honey?”

We fooled around for a while as much as our now bloated bodies would allow us.

The next morning I woke up very early. I used the bathroom and was about to get back in bed when I heard someone in the kitchen. I headed downstairs to check it out. I should have put on some clothes; all I had on was a low cut bikini brief. I came around the corner of the kitchen to see Aunt Mary putting a plate overflowing with pancakes in front of Maureen. Maureen eyes looked kind of glazed over, I glanced down at her belly, which looked distended, caught between her legs and the bottom of the counter she was sitting at.

Aunt Mary smiled with glee in her eyes. “Matt, won't you join us for an early breakfast snack?” she cooed.

“Well, I need to get something on,” I stammered.

“Nonsense,” said Mary. “I love to look at a nice full belly, come and sit down, dear.”

I dutifully sat down and she started bringing me plate after plate of pancakes smothered in rich syrup and butter. They were so good; I just ate and ate and ate. I must have had six plates full of pancakes. I looked down and all I could see was my belly bulging up against the counter. I had spilled syrup on my belly and down my chin. Aunt Mary came over and wiped my mouth and the top of my belly with a warm washcloth; it felt so good.

She watched with glee as I struggled to my feet, swaying back and forth trying to get my balance with my new center of gravity. Maureen had already waddled back to her room, Paul had to come and help her up the stairs; she was so stuffed. She patted my belly and said, “You go back up to Katie and sleep dear; it will be time for breakfast in a few hours.”

All I could do was stammer, “Yes ma'am.”

Then I waddled/staggered out of the kitchen and back to bed.

Three hours later around nine-thirty, Katie woke me up rubbing my belly. She helped to the bathroom, which I desperately needed to visit. She started a shower for me and helped pull off my bikini brief; I couldn't bend down to take it off. I lathered my belly, running my hands over it, marveling at how big it was in just one day! I put some lotion on my belly and struggled into another “Speedo” brief and a now tight t-shirt. I then waddled downstairs to the dining room.

I was amazed the table was again covered in rich foods. There were platters of bacon, sausage, ham and eggs. Stacks of pancakes, French toast, waffles, muffins and Danishes. The table seemed to be groaning under the weight of the feast prepared.

Katie was already laying into a large plate covered with eggs, bacon, sausage and donuts. She looked up at me and smiled with her mouth full of rich food. My stomach was now so stretched out from all the eating; I was ravenous; I grabbed the largest plate and filled it with rich food. I sat next to Katie and started stuffing the food into my mouth as fast as I could. By eleven, I thought that I could not move I was so engorged with rich food. My belly was pressing against the table; my t-shirt now rode up over my belly as it bulged out in front of me. My lap seemed to have disappeared under my bloated belly. Katie tapped it and it sounded rock hard; I was so stuffed. She and Paul helped me out to the lounge chairs on the deck.

Maureen was already there, asleep from her own second gorge of the day. Soon I joined her.

Around one PM I awoke to Katie rubbing lotion on my still bloated belly. I opened my eyes, and said, “Thanks, honey, that feels so good.”

I glanced down at her waist she was sitting in the chair next to mine, to my delight her tummy was bulging out pushing her legs apart. Her new swimsuit panty was straining to contain the beautiful, round orb her tummy was becoming. I, of course, got hard looking at my wife's beautiful round tummy; she saw my reaction and rubbed my groin, giggling, “Matt, you are just awful.”

I reached over and put my hand on her tummy; she took in a sharp breath, “Oh honey, I think we should go in for a little before noon “delight.”

We waddled up stairs and helped each other out of our tight suits. We stood in front of the floor length mirrors bumping tummies, it was so erotic, I could hardly contain myself. Then on to the bed, it was bellies, bottoms and boobs bouncing everywhere. I could not believe how much bigger we were and we had only been at the “cabin” for two days!

We had to shower after our exercise session. We went downstairs to see what Aunt Mary had prepared for lunch. The table was now covered with several six-foot long sandwiches, nearly eight inches high with meat and cheeses. Katie and I were ravenous with hunger. All I wanted to do was eat as much as I could hold.

We each cut off a two-foot section of a massive sandwich. I got a big glass of Uncle Dave's rich lager; Katie grabbed a liter bottle of Coke. We decided to go right out to the deck, so we would not have to move later after eating. We lowered ourselves into the lounge chairs gorged away on the massive sandwiches. Uncle Dave kept refilling my beer glass.

After nearly two hours of gorging and drinking, I was in a stupor. My belly was a packed mound now rising up from my legs and chest like a globe. Katie was next to me; her belly had pushed down the waistband of her bathing suit panty, making it look like a bikini. She had fallen asleep she was so full. I fell asleep, too.

I woke up around five thirty. Katie was still asleep. I struggled to sit up. Turned my legs around to get my feet under me. I had to rock back and forth to get enough momentum to stand up. I could feel the warmth of my belly resting on my thighs as I got ready to stand; it felt so good to feel my belly resting there I almost woke poor Katie up right then. I waddled to the bathroom for much needed relief. I marveled that I could no longer see my feet unless I bent forward to look at them.

On the way back out to the deck, Aunt Mary cornered me with her scooter. She reached up and put her fingers down between the waistband of my “Speedo” and my rapidly expanding belly. She exclaimed, “Well, Matt it looks like you are becoming a true member of the family.”

I answered, patting by belly, “Yes ma'am, I am trying my hardest!”

She looked me over and said, “I think Dave has a suit that might fit you a little better; yours appears to be getting a bit tight. Fix yourself another plate, dear; dinner will be in another hour.”

I obeyed and waddled back to my chair and my still slumbering wife.

Dinner, of course, was another fantastic gorge of wonderful and fattening food. Katie and I gleefully stuffed ourselves with all the rich food we could stuff into each other. We decided to feed each other for the fun of it. I enjoyed stuffing Katie almost more than stuffing myself and being fed was almost heaven.

This routine kept on for the remainder of the week and into the second week at Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave's.

That Wednesday I struggled out of bed early, waddled into the bathroom. All I had on was a pair of briefs; my waist had expanded from an overweight 38” to a rapidly becoming obese, 48”. I was so full all the time and gained the weight so fast, that my belly was round and tight, having no time to start to sag. My butt had grown from a modest 41” to a now embarrassing 51”!

Of course Katie loved my new figure. I had to admit that I was starting to like what I saw, too. I had fantasies of eating all I wanted and getting a big belly and being complemented about my weight!

Katie was ballooning as much as I was. She tried to keep up with me and her sister eating but just could not. Her tummy was getting rounder and rounder, reminding me of when she was pregnant. Her bottom was huge, much to my delight; I loved watching her waddle around with her cheeks bouncing up and down.

Aunt Mary and her Mom were constantly complimenting her on her new appearance and how wonderful she looked. I certainly reinforced her self-image, too. Katie was glowing; she was so happy, eating all she wanted, and with all the support she was receiving, I could tell that she was in heaven.

Her sister Maureen was rapidly becoming immobile. Aunt Mary had another scooter, which she let her use. Maureen, though only an inch taller than Katie, still outweighed Katie by nearly one hundred pounds. This even after Katie's near constant eating since arriving at the “cabin.”

Paul's belly now sagged down on to his thighs, he could barely waddle to and from their room.

By the end of our reunion, I added another six inches to my magnificent belly. I could not believe how fat I had become in only three weeks. My weight was nearly 275 lbs. I jiggled as I waddled around the house. Katie loved every ounce of me, too.

She had ballooned even more under Aunt Mary's tutoring. She was even bigger than her Mom, but still smaller than Aunt Mary. She had quite a waddle, too, though she still could get around on her own.

Maureen reached immobility. Aunt Mary gave her the scooter she was using as a present. She had to borrow clothes from her, also; she had become so fat, that none of her things came even close to fitting her.

Paul too, had eaten his way out of his clothes; Uncle Dave had some sweats and t-shirts that fit him.

I had to admit that I had to borrow clothes from Uncle Dave, also; I had gained so much.

After I had helped my beautiful Katie into our car and was just about to lower myself into the driver's seat, Aunt Mary called out, “Next Year?”

I grabbed my belly and shook it, answering, “You bet!”
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