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Default Woodmore Weight Gain - by Fanedfox - (BHM/BBW, Eating Fantasy, Romance, ~MWG)

BHM/BBW, Eating Fantasy, Romance, ~MWG - An FA is employed by an assisted living facility for fat folk

Woodmore Weight Gain
by Fanedfox

I just graduated from college into this crappy economy. I started looking for a job in my career field and found next to nothing. I decided to look for anything and started to check out the web and the local papers. I found a notice for a pool attendant/wait person, it was at an exclusive community, not very far from my apartment. I called and got an interview.

I drove over to the community and was admitted through the gates. I was instructed to drive to the pool area parking lot, which I did. I was met by and a very overweight young woman, named Carol.

"Good Morning, are you Matt?"

"Yes," I answered. Trying not to stare at her ample belly, encased in a two piece swimsuit.

"Come in Matt, my name is Carol, I manage most of the recreation activities here at Woodmore." I followed her in, admiring the view of her large bottom bouncing up and down. She showed me to a chair and then she sat down heavily behind a desk.

"Matt, have you heard of Woodmore before?"

"No Carol, honestly I haven't." I answered.

"Matt, Wood more is very similar to an assisted living facility, but with one major difference. We cater to overweight and obese patrons, who have to have at least a BMI of 35 to even live here. We not only support the obese and overweight life styles, but we encourage them. We have a large dining area, several snack bars, activities geared to sedentary lifestyles and finally a staff that totally empathizes with our patrons. Matt with that being said, could you work here and not only get along with very overweight and obese person, but be friendly and outgoing towards them?"

"Carol, I would love to work here! My mom and sisters are overweight, so I have no qualms at all working around heavy people." I replied.

Carol smiled, "Oh Matt that is wonderful. I have had a hard time trying to fill this position. There are a couple of other things I need to go over with you. First, now this will sound very personal, even harassing, but I must ask, boxers or briefs?"

I was a little taken aback by the question, especially from an adorable little plumper like Carol. "I like briefs, Carol, actually, I am a little embarrassed, but I wear bikini cut briefs. Uh, why do you ask?"

Carol blushed, "Matt the uniform for the pool attendants/waiters is a running style pair of shorts and a short t-shirt. We find that the guys need to wear brief style underpants. We even had one guy try to wear boxers underneath the shorts, it did not go well."

My turn to blush, "Uh Carol, that is okay, but I am a little on the heavy side to be dressed like that."

"Matt, how much do you weigh?" she asked.

I blushed again, "Uh, about one-ninety five and I am only five foot ten. If you don't have a problem with my weight, than I am good to wear the shorts and t-shirt."

Carol smiled, "Great Matt, you will not believe what a stumbling block the uniform has been! Now the only other issue I want to bring to your attention is the strong possibility of gaining weight working here. You will be around food constantly and all of our patrons indulge and may very well tip you with food."

I thought about it for a few minutes. I knew deep down that with my lack of will power and the turn on of working around obese women, that I would more than likely gain weight. "Carol, to tell you the truth, I will put on weight here. It is kind of my nature, but if you and our patrons don't have a problem with my weight, than I can accept that."

I thought Carol was going to kiss me, she seemed so excited. "Oh Matt, that is great I really appreciate your realistic attitude and your acceptance of the situation here."

"Carol, one more question, if I may."

"Certainly Matt, what is it?"

"Just how much weight have employees here gained?"

Carol giggled and for the first time patted her amazing belly. "Matt, when I started here six months ago I was a size six! I now am a size eighteen!"

I almost lost it with that comment, thinking she must have really been stuffing herself to gain that much weight in just six months!

I filled out all of the paperwork with Carol, trying not to stare at her amazing body jiggling around the office. She got me out three pairs of shorts, size L and three t-shirt also "L" size. They did look small to me, but she said they would be fine.

"Matt can you do some training this afternoon so you can start first thing tomorrow morning?" Carol asked.

"Yeah, I can, I am not doing much now anyway."

"Great", Carol nearly shrieked, "Let's go over to the kitchen and serving areas."

I followed Carol, watching her amazing bottom bouncing up and down in her tight swimsuit brief. She showed me the kitchen introduced me to the chef, who was quite fat, and several of the waitresses who worked in the dining room. She showed me the pool area where I would be working, mainly serving the residents food and drinks, but also some light maintenance around the pool. The view was great for an FA like myself. I was surprised that there were some younger women, very over- weight or obese, but I had the impression that this was set up as a "retirement/assisted living" type of place.

"Carol, sorry another question, I see a fair number of people who are younger, what's the deal, I thought this was an assisted living complex."

"Well Matt it is an assisted living complex, but the criteria is how obese or over-weight residents are, not how old or infirm." She answered.

"So let me get this straight, anyone can live here, no matter how old they are?"

"Yes Matt, that's correct, however, they must have a BMI of over 32 for men and 35 for women and it does not matter if one spouse is obese, all residents have to meet the BMI standard."

"Thanks Carol for explaining that to me. Well if that's all, I am going home and I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning!"

That night, at home, I tried on my "uniform". Carol was right, the shorts were really, really short. I tried them on with a pair of regular briefs. I bent over in front of the mirror and sure enough, the short rode up and exposed my briefs. Then I thought, about trying them with a pair of my "Speedo" bikini cut swimsuits. I pulled on a pair and tried the "bend over" experiment again. They did ride up, but the brief was the same color and the short, so it looked more like a liner then my fat ass in underpants hanging out of the shorts.

I showed up at seven the next morning. Carol was already there dressed in another two piece swimsuit, this time bright pink with ruffles, which only made her look rounder.

"Oh Matt, thanks for getting here early. Let me show you what needs to be done in the morning." Carol showed me the pool vacuum and where the lounge chairs were kept. She also showed me a little area that seemed more private than where the other chairs were set up.

"Matt, this is reserved for Mrs. Faber. She is president of the homeowners association and she knows it. Make sure you take extra special care of her. She is very nice to the staff, but everyone knows not to mess with her. She also is a big eater, so you will more than likely be waiting on her the most of any resident."

I got the chairs set up, vacuumed the pool, cleaned everything, shined the stainless steel rails and washed off all of the tables.

About nine thirty a very large woman came waddling in to the pool area. She was wearing a two piece swimsuit, barely containing her girth. She had a seven or eight inch roll of belly fat hanging over the waist band of the brief and as well as a large roll underneath her halter style bra. She shook like a bowl of jello waddling to her reserved spot. I realized right away that this was Mrs. Faber.

I went right up and greeted her, "Good Morning Mrs. Faber, my name is Matt. I am the new pool attendant, can I get you anything this morning?"

She smiled, looking me over, "Thank you Matt for introducing yourself so quickly this morning. I would love an order of pancakes, with syrup, butter, sausage, bacon, orange juice and a cup of coffee. Matt bring an order of pancakes for yourself too. You are so thin, you must be starving!"

"Yes, ma'am", I replied and immediately headed for the kitchen to place the order.

I was surprised when I got to the kitchen and nearly everything was ready. The chef chuckled, "Matt this is Mrs. Faber's standard order every morning, including, a portion for her server, she insists that the server eats with her."

I looked at the tray the portions were huge! I carried the tray out to Mrs. Faber's little area. I placed the plates and platters within easy reach.

"Thank you, Matt, good job, I take it our chef had everything nearly ready for you?"

"Yes Mrs. Faber, he did."

"Good, Matt sit down and eat your pancakes! I can't believe Carol hired you, so are so skinny!"

I dug into the pancakes, they were excellent and a huge portion too. I got totally stuffed, but I knew to keep eating and no leftovers! When Mrs. Faber was through I got up, and much to my embarrassment my belly was bloated from all the pancakes I had eaten. I had to bend over to clear the table, making be distended belly stick out ever further. I could tell Mrs. Faber loved the view she smiled at me. I blushed I was so embarrassed my how big my belly now was.

"Matt, thank you for clearing and you did a good job eating all of those pancakes." I gathered up the debris of our little gorge and hauled everything back to the kitchen area. The dishwashers quickly grabbed everything and started washing. I went to wash my hands and chef noticed me there. He could not help but see my bloated belly in my tight uniform too.

"Matt, I see you had breakfast with Mrs. Faber. I hope you are prepared to gain weight here and maybe even get fat!"

I patted my belly, "Yes Chef, I am. Carol warned me about getting fat here."

Chef chuckled, "Well she should know, she used to have your job!"

I thought,"Oh my God, that is how Carol got so fat, Mrs. Faber stuffed her! Whoa, this could be a real life changer here, I really could become super-obese working here!"

I went back out to the pool area and took several more orders for rich heavy breakfasts for other residents. I got more "food tips" too, I stayed pretty full all morning. Around eleven thirty, Mrs. Faber beckoned me over. "Matt, dear, you my place my lunch order now, don't worry Chef knows what I want, you will be joining me for lunch today too!"

I replied, "Yes Ma'am" and headed for the kitchen.

Mrs. Faber was correct, Chef had her massive feast of a lunch already and a huge portion for me too. I had to get a cart to bring it out to the pool. I set up plates for Mrs. Faber and she had me set my own lunch out where she could watch me eat. I knew what I had to do, I needed this job! I stuffed myself, eating everything on the plates. It was a huge burger, fries covered with cheese and a large milk shake.

"Very good Matt, you have an excellent appetite, young men should be big eaters! Now please get our dessert," she said. I stood up feeling like my engorged belly would drag me down and headed for the kitchen. Chef had the massive chocolate sundaes ready for me. He chuckled when he saw how much my belly was bulging. I headed back out to the pool and Mrs. Faber.

When I set down her sundae, she got a good shot of how bloated my belly was. "Matt, you look so good in your uniform, it really does your "figure" justice."

She laughed. We both dug into our ice cream and I ate all of it, I felt like I might explode I was so stuffed, engorged, bloated, but I had to admit I was enjoying myself!

I cleared up the debris of our gorge, by know my belly was taught and distended, it was pushing down the waist band of the shorts and the t-shirt was riding up, exposing three inches of my belly.

I got several comments and giggles from the other female residents admiring Mrs. Faber's handy work. My shift was over at five thirty, I did some pool maintenance, stacked the chairs and headed in to the changing room, which was next to the kitchen. I ran into Carol, she immediately noticed how bloated my belly was.

"Oh Matt, how was your first day, I hope you didn't have to eat too much!" She nearly gasped.

"No, Carol I think it was just the right amount!" I chuckled and patted my bulge.

Chef called out to us, "Matt and Carol, do you guys want supper? We had a big reception here today and there is a ton of leftovers!"

Just then my belly, growled. Carol giggled, "Chef, Matt and I will be right there!"

Chef was not kidding, it was literally a ton! We got plates, Carol and I were still in our revealing uniforms. We filled our plates with rich pastas, sauces, sausages, meat balls, bread, rolls and even some wine. The three of us, gorged for nearly two hours. Carol and I were a sight! My belly had pushed down the waist band of my shorts and the t-shirt rode up way past my navel, my skin was shiny I was so stuffed. Carol's brief as sagging, trying to hold her belly, onto her thighs.

We both looked like we were going to pass out, we were so stuffed! Chef asked, "Matt can you take Carol home. I don't think she should drive in her condition."

I glanced at Carol, she was so bloated, it looked like her brief panties might burst. Her eyes had a glazed look and she was holding her belly.

"Sure, Chef, I will take Carol home, no problem!" Carol smiled at me she was caressing her belly now.

I helped Carol to her feet, she was a little wobbly being so full and bloated. I rapped my arm around her back, just above the curve of her fantastic and huge bottom, my fingers were sinking in to her soft love handles. She giggled, "Thank you Matt for helping me! You can see now how I got so fat working here."

We got to my car. I opened the door and helped Carol lower her huge bottom onto the passenger seat of my car. She sat down heavily, as I helped swing her legs in, she playfully poked my own bulging belly and giggled, "Matt, your belly is really cute! I can't believe it has grown so much in just one day, even working with Mrs. Faber."

I chuckled, "Carol, I have a confession to make. I used to really fat in high school. I went out to Colorado and my roommate was outdoors nut. I started hanging around with him and I got into fairly decent shape my freshman year and I have managed to keep most of the weight off until I graduated this spring. Just hanging around my apartment trying to find a job, I got back into my old habits."

I patted my own bulge, even giving my belly a good shake. I closed the door and went around to the driver's side. I looked around and no one was around, I pulled down my now super tight shorts, revealing just my black nylon brief bathing suit. I slid in next to Carol who was giggling, "Oh Matt you look so hot!"

I blushed, "Sorry Carol, I hope you don't think I am some sort of pervert, but the shorts are so tight, I am sure my fat ass would burst right through the seam if I tried to sit down wearing them."

I started the car and asked Carol where she lived. "Matt just down First Avenue and couple of blocks then turn right."

She poked my belly giggling, "Matt I have to know! How much did you weigh, at your fattest in high school?"

I sighed, "Carol, I weighed, at my fattest, which was after the holidays my senior year, two hundred and sixty eight pounds!"

Carol almost shrieked, "Oh My God, Matt you must have looked so awesome with all the weight! How big was your waist?" "

I blushed, "Carol I was sixty one inches around!"

I was my turn, "So Carol, how much did you weigh when you started at Woodmore?" She giggled patting her belly. "Matt I only weighed one hundred and ten pounds! I am only five foot two, I was a little tease too! I always wore bikinis and tight, short skirts and blouses. I really don't know why they hired me. I had your job and the last pool attendant was a little butter ball of a girl, she was shorter than me, but weighed nearly one hundred and seventy pounds and she wore bikinis!"

I looked at her, she had to weigh at least one hundred seventy five or one hundred eighty pounds. "So, ah, what caused, I mean…."

Carol giggled, slapping her belly, "You mean why did I get so fat!"

I blushed, she giggled again. "Mrs. Faber saw me the first day in my uniform bikini, she was used to Jennifer, my predecessor, she had a fit that I was so skinny, as she put it. I apologized, but she just kept at me. She said, I have to gain weight or she would have me fired! She said they should not have hired me in the first place without her consent as President of the Board! I was nearly in tears, I really needed the job and I was getting tired of working out so much just to keep my figure. Most of the guys I met only wanted to date me, because they wanted a hot girl friend to show off to their friends. I was a little "trophy" and it really hurt my feelings!"

She was nearly in tears now. "So when Mrs. Faber started having me eat with her, I gave in, but after I gained about ten pounds and was getting a nice little pot belly, chubby thighs and a bubble bottom. I realized how much I loved to over eat and the extra pounds and curves were turning me on, I just let go and ate everything in sight!"

I looked over at Carol, now thoroughly turned on by her story. "Carol, you are still a little "trophy" to me, you are so hot!"

Thank god we got to her apartment building just at that moment. Carol was crying now, smiling, giggling, she blurted, "Oh Matt you are a dream, you are so hot too! You better stay with me tonight, I not letting you out of my sight!"

I came around to her side, didn't even put on those stupid shorts! I helped out and she wrapped her arms around me and we kissed hard and long, running our hands over each other's expanding assets!

We went up to her apartment, virtually fell onto her bed pulling off our tight briefs, panties etc. I had never made love to a chubby or fat girl before and it was awesome. I loved the feel of Carol's heavy, soft body lying on me, it was heaven. She love poking my belly and squeezing my fat ass. We had the best night ever of our young lives.

The next morning, we got up, refrained from breakfast, looking forward to a massive breakfast from Chef. Carol was giggling the whole time as we snuck down to my car. I only had on my bikini briefs and t-shirt. We made it to the car without any of Carol's neighbors seeing me half naked (with a bulging belly).

We pulled into Woodmore and went straight to the kitchen. Chef was already preparing a feast for out patron, Mrs. Faber and ourselves. I loaded a cart full of rich, heavy breakfast treats and headed for Mrs. Faber's spot.

She glanced up as we were approaching and smiled, "Good morning you two, you both look so cute this morning, so nice and plump! Chef told me how much you both enjoyed the "leftovers" last night. Carol are you going to join Matt and I this morning, dear?"

"Yes Mrs. Faber, if it is alright with you?"

She smiled, "Of course it is dear, you know how much I love to watch young people eat a good meal."

Carol gleefully sat down and ate with Mrs. Faber, she was delighted to watch us absolutely gorge ourselves, after an hour Carol and I looked like we would explode we had eaten so much rich heavy food. I managed to get to my feet and start clearing up the empty plates and platters. My belly was rock hard and bulging out farther than I had ever seen it. I had put on the shorts, which now were skin tight and nearly transparent, they were so tight. As I was clearing Carol's dishes she poked my huge ass, and giggled, "Oh Matt, you have panty lines!"

I winked at her, "Enjoy", I chuckled.

I had to be careful, my expanding belly and ass were threatening to burst out of the damn shorts. I got all the dishes back to the kitchen and unloaded for the dishwashers to tackle.

I went back out to the pool to get the area ready for the day. I bent over to pick up the pool wand vacuum and it happened, by ass burst through the back seam of my shorts! I tried to pull down my t-shirt, but it was so short, it did not even cover my belly. I worked with my back away from anyone and finally got done.

I headed for Carol's office hoping she had another pair. I went in and she looked up and smiled, staring right at my bulging belly. She giggled, "Oh Matt you look great with that nice round belly!"

I smiled admiring her belly pushed up against the edge of her desk. "I do have a problem, Carol."

"What?" she asked looking worried.

I turned around and showed her my fat ass bursting through the exploded seam of my stupid uniform shorts. She shrieked, "Oh Matt that looks so hot! Your butt looks awesome, Uh, I want to knead it right now!"

I smiled, "Uh Carol, I need a new pair of shorts, babe!"

"Oh Matt, I don't have any more, all I have are the black nylon briefs. What do you want to do, Matt?"

I just chuckled, "Well I hope the ladies at Wood more are ready for this!" I pulled the ruined shorts off, now just standing in front of Carol in the briefs and t-shirt, my belly bulging out and my fat ass cheeks trying to escape the brief. Carol nearly shrieked, "Matt is that all you are going to wear?"

"Hey, Carol, these briefs are a swimsuit, they're not underwear, why not, if our residents complain, Woodmore can buy me new and larger shorts!"

With that I headed back out to the pool.

Well needless to say the residents were more than ready! I was constantly asked to refresh drinks, get more snacks, sweep up and arrange chairs. I was so popular beginning that morning, I was busy constantly.

I got more and more invitations to eat breakfast, lunch, snacks and diners. It seemed I was eating constantly and it really showed on my body! I weighed myself in the locker room and was stunned to see I had gained over twenty pounds! My belly was bloated all day, I was eating so much. Not only was Mrs. Faber, virtually force feeding me, but several other ladies would order huge snacks or meals, have me deliver them and gleefully watch me stuff myself with the food. I was really packing on the pounds.

In August, I had ballooned up to two hundred and fifty seven pounds. I had a massive belly bulging straight out in front of me, my ass had turned into two round orbs of fat bouncing up and down with every step (or waddle) I took. My uniform made me look pregnant.

Carol was finally able to get more uniform shorts, now up to XXL, but the t-shirts were still too short riding up on my belly. I knew that all the female residents love my "look". I had to wear sweat pants to and from work. I was asked to work as much as possible since the "seasonal" guys and girls were all leaving for college soon. It was getting more difficult to perform my duties, I was getting so fat. My belly now was nearly forty eight inches around and my ass was over fifty inches. I was now getting pretty hot and sweaty just doing the less strenuous parts of my job.

Carol and I had become quite an item. Everyone knew we were going out, residents and employees alike. We did not care in the least. We loved each other's "figures". We could barely keep our hands off of each other during the day and would spent nights together at each other's apartments.

It was now early September and the pool would be shutting down for the season in just a week. I was now up to two hundred and seventy pounds, with a huge belly and fat ass. Carol too had gained more weight during our summer of indulgence. She was adorable, all belly and bottom she was so short. Her belly stuck and her modest little boobs rested on it. Her plump thighs ended in tight black nylon swim briefs encasing her amazing bottom.

We did not realize how much Mrs. Faber adored the two of us. She had fattened up a once slim Carol and turned me into a beer belly waiter. She had lobbied the board to hire me after the season ended as an assistant manager.

On the last day the pool was open we had a celebratory feast at Mrs. Faber's insistence. She of course made sure that Carol and I had way too much to eat, both of us nearly getting distended we ate so much. As she looked on at her masterpieces of gluttony, our engorged bellies sticking up in the air, she announced, "Matt I have discussed your future here at Woodmore with the Board and they agree with me, that you should stay on, on a permanent basis! Therefore Matt I can offer you the job as assistant manager!"

Carol shrieked, "Oh Mrs. Faber that is wonderful!"

Carol had been worried about my future and especially "our" future.

"Mrs. Faber, I would love to be the assistant manager here at Woodmore!" I replied.

Carol and Mrs. Faber were nearly in tears they were so happy. After more conversation about my future duties, Carol and I needed to get back to work.

I started getting the pool area ready for closing. It was difficult given how stuffed and bloated I was, trying to move things around with my big gut getting in the way. Carol could hardly concentrate on organizing some events.

Finally around six o'clock we were both finished with our work. I went up to the office to get Carol. She was wearing stretch pants and a tight blouse, barely covering her still bloated belly. I could see the outline of her panties through the straining material and gave her soft bottom an affectionate pat. Causing Carol bottom to jiggle and her to giggle, "You like that big boy?"

I patted her bottom again and said, "I certainly do! You little hottie you!"

We kissed hard both us kneading each other's soft attributes.

"Time to head out, Babe!" I said.

"It sure is, I barely got anything done thinking about you staying on here and being so full of rich comfort food!" replied Carol.

I reached over and held her hand and we started to the locker room near the kitchen. I had been thinking about "popping the question" but my future was up in the air, but now I had a decent job, I just blurted out, "Carol, will you marry me?"

Carol nearly screamed, "Oh Yes Matt oh yes I will marry you!"

She, of course started to cry as we walked to the locker room. We went past the kitchen and Chef leaned out, "Hey Matt congratulations! Its great you will be staying on here!"

He noticed that Carol was crying. "Hey is everything alright? You okay Carol?"

Carol was crying, laughing and smiling, "Yes chef, everything is wonderful, Matt and I are getting married!"

"That is great, fantastic news, you two make at great couple! Hey it's buffet night, let's celebrate!"

Carol's and my bellies both growled at the same time. He did not have to ask us twice if we wanted more to eat. We followed Chef into the dining area and grabbed plates and filled them to over flowing. We when back several times, then hit the desert line, again and again, both of us getting totally stuffed.

After nearly two hours of bingeing, Carol and I finally waddled to my car.

"Burp, oh excuse me, where to my dear?" I asked looking over at Carol seated next to me, her belly pushing down the waist band of her stretch pants and the blouse riding up on her engorged belly.

"Your place Matt, it has fewer stairs! Burp!" she giggled.

We got to my apartment and staggered/waddled in. We headed for the bed room as fast as our engorged bodies could go and had a wonderful making love with huge, taught, round bellies!

The next day at Woodmore we announced to everyone our engagement. Mrs. Faber was overjoyed. She insisted that Woodmore host the reception and even took charge of raising money to give us a fantastic honey moon.

We returned from our two week and thousands and thousands of calories cruise to start my new career at Woodmore. We became the happy fat couple running the fat assisted living facility!
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A definite good read after the holiday.
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A great little story, thanks for posting it.

A 'fat assisted living facility' is a marvelous concept....
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Default Agree!

Originally Posted by fat hiker View Post
A great little story, thanks for posting it.

A 'fat assisted living facility' is a marvelous concept....
I'm 56, 5'6.5", 438 lbs, and on oxygen, I'm pre-qualified! Someone give me a grant or scholarship to Woodmore and I'm in there!!!
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This was a nice little read, thanks so much.

I hope there is another installment in the future....both main characters ensconced in their own mobility carts, managing their bellies and the facility!
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mdy73 has said some nice things

Nice!!! It Was Nice Reading Of The Interesting Story!!!
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