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For those who have been inquisitive, I have finally assuaged to your wishes and added an avatar photo. I hope that satisfies my female fans.

For my regular readers: new chapters are coming
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Chapter 14: Messages from Megan

It was about 5pm when Aless silently crept out of bed and made her way into the bathroom to prepare for work. Knowing she wouldn’t mind, she borrowed Tasha’s make-up bag and began doing herself up. Not sluttly, but just enough to make it appear that she just didn’t come back from a food-frenzied sex-fest.

After twenty or so minutes of freshening up, she searched for where she had put her maid’s uniform. Walking naked across the room (she wasn’t going to ask to borrow fresh bra and panties without permission, that was definitely a deal breaker among girls), she tip-toed past the bed towards their demolished eating area to the cart. The pastry chef had folded it neatly concealed inside the compartment where the cheesecakes were.

“No doubt, he would hope I would put on a freezing uniform so that he could see my hardened nipples,” she thought with a sigh.

He was a good man. Maybe she would let him have a freebie just this once.

But it wasn’t where she thought she had placed it to thaw out. Searching under this and over that, she finally found her uniform, slightly bunched up underneath Tasha’s charging iphone.

Aless picked up the phone and gently moved it off her uniform, but accidentally thumbed the unlock feature and somehow activated the camera application.

There was a small flash and a shutter-click which startled Aless who dropped the phone on the carpet, where the phone emitted yet another small flash and shutter-click.

“Oh, fuck. What did I do?” she hissed.

But not wanting to do any further damage, this time she picked the phone up by it’s edges and carefully placed it back on the drawer.

She hurried into her uniform, which was tight against her waist, thighs and ass. Barely zipping them up and thumbing the side-fastener, she put on the top, which was uncomfortably tight at the top third. She noted that it had been tailored recently so that whoever wore it would be showing ample cleavage.

“Jose is going to get it when he sees what size top of uniform he gave me!” she groaned. Gathering the rest of her things, she wrote a small note to Tasha about the phone mishap and a number where they would most likely reach her during the afternoon and silently let herself out.


<brr brr brr>

Megan, resting in her backyard getting a tan put down her novel, “50 Shades of Grey” and reached past the pitcher of chilled margarita and picked up her iphone.

<Natasha: 2 new photos>

Propping herself up on one elbow, she thumbed through to the images and gasped at what she saw.

The first was of what she believed to be one of the girls from the evening before. The chunky one with short brown hair and the cute face. The camera was tilted and the half of face that she could see looked surprised.

“was it by accident?” she thought.

Scanning the rest of the photo, she could see the girl a little on the pale side and completely naked. Her breasts hung forward as if she was reaching for something, making her look all the more inviting. She has a cute pot-belly that curved over a thicker waist with love handles that lead towards a tastefully designed inverted triangle just above her sex, the rest was bald.

“Woah.” Said Megan, taken a little aback. She knew Tasha quite well and noted she had been with other girls before. But to send her a trophy shot of another woman. Well, that was new to her.

Thumbing to the second image, it was of the same girl. This time it looked like the photo was taken from beneath, as if an ant happened to get a lucky peakaboo. Her legs were slightly parted and her mouth was agape, her brown hair slightly covering what was quite a truly beautiful face. From this view,
Megan could make out more of her sex and ass both of which looked nice and tight. Her belly looked amplified now really hanging forward giving the illusion that she might be pregnant. He breasts were also much bigger from this vantage point and she could make out hardened, erect nipples.

Closing the images and putting her phone down she topped off her Margarita and drained it in 2 large gulps, careful not to give herself a brain freeze before reminiscing on the email she had written to Natasha a few short hours ago:

“Hey you pretty little thing. Or maybe I should say “not so little”. Umm…so, I think last night by accident you turned your phone to video and I caught some, well, let’s just say I could have been the fourth member of your little gathering last evening / this morning.

It was dark, but I could totally tell it was you. That hair, your body…Obviously, you have made a few fast friends already on your trip :P and you look absolutely amazing – HOW MUCH WEIGHT HAVE YOU GAINED?!?!?!? – so shoot me a message, or maybe we can do some Face Time. I would love to hear your voice, and to see…more of your adventure

Hope you are making great use of having an extra helping of food since I’m not there.

Love, Megan”

She laughed to herself not wanting to put into writing that she actually had been the fourth member of the group who got off to watching three other girls plow each other into sexual oblivion. But she would tell Tasha whenever she heard back from her.

With the images of the unknown girl still burned freshly in her mind, Megan began to scan her own body. She was wearing a green and blue designed bikini with white strings on either side. She propped herself up on both elbows and watched with interest as a not-so-small roll of fat pooched forward, eclipsing the top of her bikini bottoms. Squeezing her thighs, her olive skin came together in the center and she scissored her legs back and forth, watching the slightly thicker thighs caress each other.

Looking over her shoulder to left and to right to make sure no nosy neighbor was around – there were none – she untied her bikini bottoms and lay back down again, letting a hand slither down past a neatly trimmed landing strip and into her sex. Then, slowly, she reached for her iphone…


Tasha woke with a stir and glanced at the bed side clock. It read 7:45pm.

“Holy fuck,” she whispered to herself but then realized that he was alone in her bed. Where was Colleen, why didn’t she wake her up?

Thoughts racing and mouth suddenly very dry, she headed into the bathroom for a drink of water and to figure out what to do next. As she flicked on the lights, she stared into the mirror then let out a laugh.

In her own shade of lipstick, there was a message, hastily scrawled in Colleen’s hand reading:

“Woke up and got hungry. Took a cheesecake back to my room and to get dressed for tonight. Bring your appetite

She laughed aloud again and headed into the main room, stretching and spilling a bit of water onto the floor in the process.

“While we’re out, I’m definitely going to have to call room service to fix this bombshell” she thought to herself.

Looking for something decent to wear, she noticed that her phone was blinking and next to it another note. This time it was from Alessandra:

“Dearest Tasha,

As I was getting ready for work, I accidently did something with your phone when I was trying to get my uniform from underneath it. I think it took a photo of two of me or something, but I was in a hurry and didn’t want to make things worse. Check it out for me? If they are good, you can keep them.
I won’t say no if you want to do retakes,



“Seriously, what is with all these friggin’ notes,” she said aloud, half joking, half seriously.

Picking up her phone, she saw 1 new photo message from Megan.

Intrigued, she thumbed the lock and went to the image and let out a gasp. It was taken at arm’s length and slightly from above. It was a sprawled-out Megan on a towel, no doubt tanning from her darker than normal complexion that Tasha knew so intimately. She was completely naked, breasts falling to the sides from their C-cupped weight, a sizeable belly and a rich landing strip. The bottom of the message was captioned “Call Me, My Lovely”

Tasha didn’t need asking twice.

After a few pips, she heard that familiar voice she knew and loved so much.



“Oh my god!—nice naked pic—looking chubby---wait!” they both stopped and laughed, realizing each was talking over the other.

“Hold on, let me put you Face Time and then we can SEE each other.” Offered Megan.

“Okay,” said Tasha who hung up and waited for her phone to ring again.

“Ahh, that’s better” each said and for the first few seconds, each girl gazed at the other, wide eyed and smiling.

“Okay, so that’s quite the sexy photo you sent me Megs”

“Not nearly as sexy as the ones you sent me. And the video from last night.”

“Huh?” said Tasha.

Megan sighed making Natasha laugh, “clearly someone has been too busy stuffing their little wittle tummy over there on that tugboat and not reading her emails…”

Megan explained to an astonished Tasha about the evening before, her own little indulgence and of the two photos she received a little while ago.

“and so you see,” concluded Megan, “that is why I sent you MY little photo.”
Tasha giggled, “why not up the ante a little. You are looking quite a bit chubby over there my dear.”

Megan pulled her phone away to display to her friend that she was in her jammies, which were tight across the bust and her midriff. “Not as big and fat as you are. Besides, cameras add 10 pounds and we just finished dinner.”

“Well, my camera added a few more than yours I can say,” said Tasha who go up and positioned her phone on a chair from the dining area and placed both
in front her large, vacant bed.

“Ohh, am I getting a show over here?”

“But of course,” said Tasha as she got into the center of the bed, the better to allow Megan to observe her new gain.

“OH-MY-GOD! Tasha, you are like a blimp! Are you pregnant or something?”

“Hah, clearly not. I’ve just taken the opportunity to let myself go a bit.”

“More like go off a cliff.”

For the next 40 minutes Tasha told her long-time companion of how she met Colleen at the first dinner party, how she was an experienced feeder/feedee and was just a lovely and amazing woman. Then, of how they encountered Aless by chance as they were in the early beginnings of feeding each other up, trying to secretly (but not so secretly) get the other so amazingly fat.

“But Tasha, it seems entirely impossible for you to gain so much weight so quickly. I mean, to go from a stringy 116 pounds to a staggering 156 in only a few short days. There can’t possibly be a food rich enough and easily digestable enough for you to get so fat…is there?”

But Tasha had already dashed off screen and returned with two large desserts and a fork.

“These suckers,” she said popping the lid off of one and scooting her butt closer to the phone, the better to see her friend with, “are called Black Out Truffle Cheesecakes.”

Megan gaped in awe.

“They have 5,700 calories. PER SLICE. 8 slices in all.” She finished her sentence with a huge forkful.

Quickly doing the math, Megan cried, “that’s like a two or so days’ worth of calories in one piece, eight times over!”

“No wonder I’ve gotten so fat so quickly,” Tasha smiled. “Personally, I think it does something to the metabolism so that whatever you eat, no matter how little, your body converts it into fat. And not even ugly fat.”

“I noticed!” said Megan, “I mean for 156 pounds, you should look all gross, but you don’t. You are big and beautiful in all the right places, nothing is super saggy or anything.”

Tasha beamed, stood up and did a slow turn for Megan, careful not to leave any parts of her body out.

“I’m getting hot over here,” said Megan, slightly out of breath.

“I know, me too.”

“Want to watch me eat while you masturbate and then you eat and I
masturbate?” said Megan.

“Me first, I haven’t eaten in a while and these cakes are calling my name.”

Tasha repositioned her iphone so that the field of view focused on the bed allowing the screen to capture everything and that she could still see Megan. She leaned against the headboard and began feeding herself mercilessly while she could hear and see Megan begin to undress. For some reason, it seemed that the cheesecakes were going down a bit easier this time. Tasha was done 1/3 of a cake already and didn’t feel full, not even a little bit.

Tasha took a break to lick the crumbs off her fork after finishing the first cake
20 minutes later, her hair fallen over her face slightly giving her an incredibly sexy look that Megan commented on over and over.

“Do-d-do you think you could put on that red bikini I gave you? Can you eat your way out of it? It would be so. Hot.” Megan breathed heavily, curtains of her hair falling over her own pretty face.

With her mischevious eyes that said everything, Tasha returned in a minute
with the larger of the pair. The pathetic Size 6 which barely covered her bulk.

“Ooooh, baby you look so sexy. I just want to eat you and make love to you so bad you don’t even know,” breathed Megan.

“I know Tiger.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Megan asked, “Tasha, we’ve been great friends for a long time. I know you are only gone for a few more days, but…I want to record you like this. In all your beauty, getting bigger, heavier, more attractive…and when you come back to me, I want to watch it with you as you feed me and make be grow big and fat and lovely…”

“I can’t think of anything more beautiful.”

Natasha steadied herself under the constrictive weight of the cake already eaten and the tight bathing suit that barely contained her beautiful body.

“Is that the 4 or the size 6?” asked Megan.

“The 6. The four wouldn’t even fit you, I bet” she smiled and blew a kissy face and continued to eat.

With a quarter of the cake remaining, Tasha heard Megan beginning to moan louder and louder. Early on, Tasha had needed some gentle cooing to help her through beginnings of the second cheesecake, but now it seemed that both girls were on a mission…it was now only a matter of who would finish first.Until…


Megan, the clear victor in her ecstasy had spasmed with such force she kicked over the stand her iphone was resting on, sending it to the floor. A second Tasha could hear voices.

“Honey? Is everything okay, your father and I heard noises.”

“No mom, I fell asleep in my computer chair reading a book and woke up with a jerk. It fell, that’s what you heard.”

“Are you sure? It sounded like…moaning?”

“It was a scary dream, you know ‘Ooooh’s and Aaahhh’s don’t get me’ kind of dream.”

“Okay honey. Just—read more carefully next time.”

<a laugh> “Don’t worry mom, I will.”

Tasha stifled a giggle so as not to be too loud at the other end.
Once the phone righted itself, she could see Megan again, this time, her face red with embarrassment.

“It’s okay, she’s gone. Let’s hear the laughter…”


“You done?”


“Okay, miss bowl full of jelly, you look like you’ve stretched the shit out of those seams.”

“I’ve got a bit of cake left and they are really cutting into me.”

Tasha groaned with effort to right herself into a kneeling position and scooted sideways for a better profile.

Megan drank in her friend’s expansion. Her belly had grown a few inches. It was taught as a drum with some droopage. The bikini bottoms were an overshadowed “u bend” cast beneath the belly. Her jeweled belly button ring looked like it was cutting into her flesh leaving a lovely little crease. Her love handles spilt over the sides of the fabric which was fraying and pulling one corner of the bikini apart. Her breasts were like large canteloupes, closer to a D cup than a C cup Megan noticed with a slight pang of jealousy. The fabric in the center was strained so that the sides of her areola were visible, two tented peaks of desire were announcing themselves from beneath the red fabric.

Megan motioned for Tasha to turn around so she could see her from behind.
At the request, Megan’s lower lip quivered with desire as the bikini bottoms rode up Tasha’s ass like a thong, two gigantic spheres perky on each side. Tasha did a perfunctory ‘booty clap’ that sent chills down Megan’s spine. Two magnificent back fat rolls were formed mid-way up Tasha’s body concluding Megan’s mental image of the most perfect woman in the world.

Tasha turned around and righted herself for her audience of one, as she lasciviously ate the remaining bites of the second Black Out Truffle Cheesecake.

“Oooh, I am one full female,” she breathed a little huskily a she put the plate to one side.

Megan, eager to see Tasha burst out of her clothes offered some more encouragement, “Say, is there any cake left. I think you are really close to exploding out of those puppies.”

“Nah, I think that’s all she wrote.”

“What if you strained a bit?” offered Megan

Tasha gulped some air and tried to balloon her belly out. She even tried to arch her back, but the fabric, though strained, would not yield to ecstasy.

“Don’t worry baby,” said Tasha seeing Megan’s slightly crest-fallen expression. I’ve got a lot more vacation to go.”

Tasha leaned back and propped herself up on some pillows and spread her legs and began to gently massage her stomach. Her belly accommodated and sagged forward an inch which made Megan squeak with delight.

“Okay, you’re turn, my Italian Stallion.”

“Deal. But you can’t cum until you watch me eat all of whatever I find downstairs.”

“But you came WAAAY before I finished mine.” Interjected a stuffed and swollen Natasha.

“But it’s way sexier if you wait till the end…do it…for me?” she placated.

Tasha thought hard. While I have been teased by the girls on this trip, it might be fun to see how long I can hold myself from cumming while I pleasure myself…

“Deal bitch.”

Blowing her a kissy face and giving her a knowing look, Megan slowly got up and began to redress, no doubt going down the kitchen Tasha remembered so well to go and get some leftovers.

Tasha remained reclined, cooing to herself softly, and continued rubbing her swollen belly in gentle circles. Occasionally she would reach down towards her sex just to tease herself while she watched her friend bounce in and out of frame as she dressed.

Now Megan was back in frame; she was sitting on the edge of her bed putting her legs through a set of light blue PJ bottoms different from those she wore a short while earlier. Tasha observed as the fabric snaked its way up her legs. Megan leaned forward, and curtains of chestnut hair fell across her face enhancing her beauty, but Tasha’s eyes were drawn to the protruding roll of belly fat that formed as she fought with the fabric.

Apparently satisfied, Tasha watched with continued interest as Megan stood up and pulled the edges of the PJ bottoms up and under her ass, struggling to get the fabric to yield enough to pull them up and over her fleshy rear.
Now successful, she brushed her hair to one side to reveal a triumphant face and a wicked smile, “Those were the PJ’s we wore around Christmas when we got our eat-on the last time.”

“It looks like you have retained more weight in your cute behind than you thought,” said Tasha

“Yup. And just wait till I get this tank top on.”

Tasha sighed with desire as the deed was slowly done. To her it felt like everything was slowed down, just like in an action movie, frame by frame as the action commences. As her arms raised up to get into the tank top, Tasha observed the too-tight jammies slip down a tad, revealing curved love handles and the u-bend of her lower belly. Hair moving this way and that, her breasts jiggled and swayed with health as did her belly as her hands tugged at the stuck material; twisting and tugging it down over her bulk as time once again sped up to normal.

Tasha inhaled deeply. Woah.

Replaying the image back in her head, Tasha heard an unseen door open and close as Megan returned with a two pints of ice cream, a bowl of pasta and a jug of water.

She smiled to Tasha who smiled back and began to eat.

After a few forkfuls, there came a knock on the door on Megan’s end.

“Honey?” came the voice of her mother.

“Y-y-yes?” she coughed, having just swallowed a huge mouthful of pasta.

“Your father and I are headed off to bed.”

“Night mom,” she said automatically, preparing another mouthful of food.

“Night my love. Oh, just one thing—were you a bit peckish this evening?”

“I was hungry, yeah.”

“Okay, just checking. The whole bowl of pasta and the ice cream are gone.”


“Just want to make sure you are okay dear. Didn’t you get enough to eat at supper?”

“It’s my monthly cycle mom. Girl’s gotta have some comfort food,” Megan lied automatically.

<sigh> “Okay, it’s just you have been eating a lot recently, but it makes sense now—night.”

Megan rolled her eyes and heard Tasha giggle at the other end as she resumed her evening binge.

While it was true that Megan had gained some weight, she was nowhere near the weight class as Natasha. She had added some stress weight over her grandmother’s surgery, maybe a pound or two. But then two turned into three…then five…

She could hear labored breathing and panting at Tasha’s end but she was entirely focused on herself this time. She knew that if she gazed up even for a few moments, she would cum just watching Tasha cum.

Sweating slightly and on her last two spoonfuls of the rich, olive-oil and cheese-laden pasta dish, she leaned forward and reached up towards her ceiling fan cord, clicked it and welcomed the rushing air.

She felt a coolness spread across her forhead and chest, her nipples hardened instantly. Megan felt a breeze at her midriff and glanced down. Her still-white tank tee had ridden up an inch exposing her beautiful protruding skin.

Changing into a kneeling position, she set the bowl between her knees and scooped up the last of the pasta and directed it to her waiting mouth while allowing her other hand to slide down her neck, between her breasts, across her expanding stomach and down towards the waistband of her too-tight bottoms.

“Mmmmm, this food is so tasty…” she moaned to her lone viewer as she seductively licked the over-large plastic serving spoon clean while continually caressing her body.

“I think this belly is ready for some ice cream now…rich, creamy fattening dessert…”

She could hear moaning at the other end, the breath of her best friend quickening.

Reaching over to her nightstand she exchanged places with the pasta bowl and planted the two pints of ice cream between her legs, popped off the lids and pealed back the seals. They were each a pint-container of Ben and Jerry’s “Chubby Hubby” and held it up the phone and heard Tasha let out a laugh.

It was a running joke between she, her mother and Natasha that “Chubby Hubby” because her father absolutely hated ice cream and they would always buy it and end up eating it themselves. And what woman could resist the tantalizing flavors of Fudge Covered Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels in Vanilla
Malt Ice Cream Rippled with Fudge & Peanut Butter…

Having begun with the pasta, the ice cream was now mushy and almost warm enough to drink down. She gave it a stir with the serving spoon and seductively tipped her head back and let it glob down into her waiting mouth.
Spoonful after spoonful she could feel her clothing constrict around her middle, the waistband her of her bottoms now uncomfortably tight and cutting into her flesh all around. Even the stretchable fabric of her tank top was getting uncomfortable…it was making her moist. She could only imagine how much torture Tasha was enduring.

Scraping the bottom of the first pint she put down the spoon and tipped the container into her mouth and felt the liquid slide easily down her throat. She licked her lips satisfying and let out an endearing belch and heaved a great sigh causing her tank top to ride up another inch, this time exposing her navel. A definite and deepening innie.

Looking down at her proud evening’s work, she noted a stain on her tee.

“Oopsie, looks like someone has been a bit too greedy and made a mess on her clothes. Bad Megan.”

Taking both ends of her shirt at the collar, she tugged at the ends and heard the fabric rip slightly revealing ample cleavage.

“Oooooh, hurry up…y-you’re killing me over here…” came a faint breathless voice that was Tasha.

Again, resisting the eternal urge to watch her friend masturbate (after all, she was going to watch it later with Tasha when she came back, how hawt would that be…) she kept egging her on.

She picked up the nearly melted second pint and nestled it between the rip in her strained shirt between her breasts.

“OOOOOHHHH! SO COLD!” and then she smiled a Tasha-smirk and gazed down and felt her nipples harden and protrude once more, a sensation which sent an electric tingle down to her sex, making her moisten even more. She reached a hand down and massaged her crotch through the material and felt with delight that it was soaking wet.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned as she closed her eyes and continued to rub herself.

Back aboard the ship, a rapidly-breathing and sexually frustrated Tasha was sprawled on her bed, bathing suit ties now undone allowing her merciful bulk to heave and giggle as she explored her sexually over-stimulated body.

Through the far away screen at the end of her bed Tasha was watching Megan as she continued to rub the wet patch of her jammie bottoms, moaning softly; her too-tight tank top exposing most of her belly now which was tight and firm with only minimal giggle.

Transfixed, Natasha was barely touching herself now; the slightest touch would cause her to erupt like a geyser. It was all she could do to just keep her eyes focused on her ballooning friend, gorging her beautiful frame, getting bigger, bigger all the time as the minutes passed.

“Why the fuck didn’t I use the ipad! Bigger screen!” she cursed herself as she watched as Megan now took one hand and picked up the ice cream container between her perky breasts and brought it to her mouth and began to drink. Then after a mouthful or two, she did something that made Tasha’s jaw drop to the floor.

“Tasha…baby, this one’s…for you…”

Megan took the container and somehow managed to balance the container between her teeth still ingesting the fattening dessert…some dribbled away at the corners of her mouth leaving cute little streaks that contoured down her neck and towards her chest. Her clothes damp with perspiration and sexual ecstasy she brought both hands to her breasts and mashed them together in some sort of sexual frenzy and began grunting as she continued to choke back the liquid…

Tasha knew this was it, Megan was going to cum even before she drank the pitcher of water….Tasha let her hands slowly grope their way towards her glistening sex once more, this time prepared to finish their job.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” came the animal moan that was Megan’s as she could feel the tingle in her body grow rapidly into an orgasmic crescendo.

She was nearly there, the ice cream almost gone. Her Jaw was beginning to cramp but she didn’t care, she was close, so close. Megan felt that all-too-familiar ripple growing inside her, wave after wave getting stronger and stronger.


It was Tasha who came first. But now Megan could look, she was mere seconds away herself. Tasha, her big belly quivering, her pelvis bucking wildly was twitching and jerking on the bed as two hands continued mashing themselves and slapping her sex all the while a glistening honey liquid erupted in wave after gushing wave….Tasha, whose head was now lolling side to side managed a few seconds to focus on the camera, mouth agape waiting for Megan to come once again for her.

And she did not disappoint. First she began going weak in the knees and quickly spat out the empty container and gulped for air that would not come.
Chest rising and falling as if she had just surfaced from a deep dive, her hands grasped at her chest, finally clutching and grabbing, tearing away flimsy fabric and exposing her swollen breasts and enlarged volley-ball sized belly. She fell back reaching for her sex and tore at the strained fabric at her crotch, reaching, reaching, reaching—


It was all she could do to keep level on her bed and not fall over and wake up her whole house. Twitching and jerking she rubbed herself through a widening tear in her bottoms, her honeyed juices flowing even more than before all over her bed sheets.

Then, as quickly as it had started, there was calm again. Both women, perspiring with their efforts gazed across at each other, hundreds of miles away but sharing a closeness like never before.
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It was perhaps 15 minutes before either of them spoke but felt like an eternity, for both were content simply to gaze into the other’s eyes, observing with relish that each of them were heavier and yet more beautiful.

Tasha lay there, splay-legged drawing circles around her belly and breasts her breath slowly returning to normal. Megan, in a similar state but still constricted by too-tight bottoms tugged and tugged until they came and removed the shreds of her tank top until she too was splay-legged and gently probing her own body.

“Oh, Megan. Oh wow.”

“Yeah, I know. I can’t even—I mean, I feel—wow.”

They gazed into each other’s eyes for moments longer until Tasha heard a rapt knock on the door and then heard a key slip into the mechanism as her door opened.

Colleen came into the room, dressed in a two-piece bikini draped by a cotton robe that hung open at the front, exposing her beautiful curves. She glanced in the direction of Natasha.

“Oh, lordy. I leave you alone for a few hours and you just can’t help yourself can you princess?”

Tasha smiled weakly as Colleen strode over, kicking aside the two empty cheesecake platters and finding the only dry spot on the bed it seemed, near the edge and laid a hand on Tasha’s inner thigh.

“You smell good, real good.” And she smiled.

Putting a hand on Colleen’s she nodded with a jerk of her head towards the still propped up iphone. “Say hello to our company, Megan this is Colleen, Colleen. Megan.”

Colleen turned to face the tiny image that was Megan. “How do.”

“Hyia,” said Megan, who reached for a pillow to cover herself with, suddenly embarrassed.

“Oh, don’t do that sugar. Not on my account,”

Megan hesitated, then drew the pillow away, all the better for Colleen to see her with.

With appraising eyes like a jeweler surveying a flawless diamond, Colleen let out a moan of approval. “Sugar, you are one fine specimen. It is a shame you’re not here with us. But don’t worry about Tasha here, she is in expert hands,” she gestured by patting and then rubbing Tasha’s round and firm stomach.

Megan smiled back, knowing the two women were now friends. “I can see that. But I can’t really see you.”

“Fair do’s. I’ve seen yours, now you want to see mine.”

She smiled and stood back to reach a light on the wall to give them more illumination. Making sure she was in full view, Colleen de-robed and let the fabric fall to the floor. Then seductively, she began to run her hands along her bulging curves.

The bikini was very small on her frame, the sides which were gold hoops were cutting into the woman’s side flesh and her love handles spilled over several inches. They had a u-bend at the middle which accommodated a very beautiful belly from which protruded an emerald barbell navel ring. Colleen cupped her large breasts and hefted them up and let them fall, causing her entire frame to giggle. Knowing that she had seduced the lovely Megan, she turned to display the rest of her assets.

Megan was stunned to see the woman’s ass was massive, but relatively perky and held up as if gravity was taking a vacation. She was equally shocked to see Colleen’s breasts as she undid the top of her bikini and let the edges fall before turning around to display firm, proud breasts. She ran her palms across her areolas and her nipples puckered and needled outward healthily.


“They make ‘em pretty down South,” said Colleen with a lop-sided smirk
placing her hands on her hips and continually displayed breasts that would not fully yield to gravity.

“What about the curtains?”

“Oh, they match the drapes, honey.”

She tugged at the side-clasp of her bikini and peeled back one side to reveal a fat monds leading towards a delicious looking pussy, neatly trimmed and ready for action.

Colleen patted her monds and it made a soft slapping sound, “perhaps one day I’ll be able to extend you the courtesy of my, eh, southern hospitality.”
Megan giggled and blushed.

“But until then, Miss Tasha and I have a date with a lovely tanning booth and a late-late dinner.” She glanced at the wall clock which now read 9:50pm.

“Nice to meet you,” waved Megan, who leaned forward to grab her camera, causing a large roll of belly fat to accumulate between her pussy and tits.

“The pleasure,” said Colleen, “was all mine.”

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Thanks to all that have asked about this story. It hasn't capsized, but I needed a break and am wrapping up with Chocolatefinger at present. Also, check out A Feeders First Time. More chapters in the works.
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I freaking love this story and dearly hope there is more to come!
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hope their is more to this story please
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