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Default The Real Vampiress - Forgotten_Futures - (BHMs, BBWs, ~~WG, Eating, Fantasy)

Author's Note: I think I got all the subjects this time! I know I've got two unfinished already, but this idea came to me last night and I just had to make with it. For the life of me (maybe it's a lack on my part) I've not seen a story with this particular focus on any eating/WG/expansion related board before, so... This isn't done, but of the three I've started, it's probably going to get there first. Mainly because I'm actually about half way through, as opposed to both the other two. Okay, enough of my rambling. Enjoy!

Chapter the First

Rayne glanced back along the trail for the fifth time that hour. He'd had the sense of being followed since the previous day, but could never find anything to support that idea. Countless backtreks showed no footprints anywhere near him, save his own. And he should be alone.

Rayne was on a one man nature hike. Or, at least, that's what he had called it when he told everyone where he was going. An extended vacation... that "vacation" had started two months ago and he was no closer to finishing it now than he was then. The truth was that he'd simply had enough. A workplace where harrasment thrived and was all but supported, every abusive girlfriend in the world being his in the past 10 years, health issues and having to deal with finally outgrowing his 40-inch pants...

Rayne's thoughts drifted back to the start of his trip, 2 months ago. It had been almost comical. A fat yet physically active man, Rayne was tall and had a full head of blonde hair, long since browned out by a mostly indoor lifestyle. He worked out frequently, but his carefree lifestyle nevertheless caught up to him after college. He'd never quite managed to curb his appetite for sweets, and true to form, all the women he dated were more than happy to ply him with what was supposed to be (and truly was, in some cases) THEIR weakness. As such, when he disembarked from the world, Rayne had stood tall in a pair of khaki shorts clasped tightly around a 45-inch waistband, overhung by a massive hairy gut, and two marvelous love handles, these all barely covered by a triple-XL T-shirt with a sniper and the words, "I love to camp." on it in black. He knew it was the wrong joke for what he was doing, but he didn't have much better so he made do.

He pulled himself up the last of a sheer cliff face. That was then. Now, Rayne was a wall of muscularity, hardly any fat left on him. He was dressed like the prototypical Tarzan, but unlike his avatar he was still civilized. He'd been away from his camp for a week now, having left on a fun little romp through the jungle, putting the skills he'd learned to the fullest test, showing off his new physique to anything that cared to take note. Little did he know that his suspected follower would soon take his life on a completely new tangent.

Chapter the Second

Rayne was trapped. His eyes frantically darted back and forth, listening to the growls coming towards him. He'd managed to stumble on a nest of starving jaguars, and the wild cats had siezed on the opportunity for a meal. They chased him tirelessly through the jungle until they cornered him against a stone wall. The face was smooth, not suitable for climbing. He was doomed and he knew it. He began to pray to any who would listen for salvation. As if in answer, a coil of vine fell from above and landed square on his head. He jumped straight up in surprise, then calmed down and looked up where the rope dissappeared over the edge of the rock, tens of yards above his head.

A loud snarl brought him back to Earth. The hunters had found him. Desperately, he grabbed the vine and yanked on it. Almost immediately he felt the vine tighten and his weight on the ground lessened. The jaguars sensed he was getting away, and charged, hoping to take him down before he was out of their reach. The vine rose with increased speed, but he still didn't think he'd make it. The lead jaguar took a flying leap - and the vine jumped 10 feet in a mere second. The poor beast slammed the rock head first, snapping its neck. The other jaguars, hungry as they were, ignored the fact that the now dead animal was one of their own and tore into it, gouging great wounds in its flanks and ripping out chunks of meat as though possessed. Rayne didn't see the end of it, though, as his arms made the conversion over the rocky edge and he scrambled the rest of his body over after it.

Back on solid ground, Rayne stood and brushed himself off, turning to look for his savior. What greeted his eyes was a lone woman. Standing perhaps 6 feet tall, maybe a bit more, she posessed an exotic feeling that had nothing to do with her looks. She appeared to be a mixed Irish Italian, with a bit of local native thrown in. She was slender, although not thin. Her arms had a bit of muscle to them, as did her legs, but he couldn't guess as to how she'd pulled him up herself. The other end of the vine lay at her bare feet, and when she bent to pick it up, a fold of her simple clothes, seemingly woven from plant leaves, opened enough for him to see a soft roll billow out. He returned his focus to her body when she stood, and immediately his eyes focused on her chest. Two plump, round breasts huddled as if for warmth in an open tank-styled top, the line of cleavage extending easily from the tip of his index to the nuckle at his palm. While this also set the standard for her top, as it stayed out from her body rather than pulling back in to her middle, he could just detect a non-uniform bulge about where her belly button would be. The top extended down past her waist, otherwise he expected he'd see love handles draping the sides of her simple bamboo skirt.

The woman politely coughed, and he realized he was staring. "I - I'm sorry. Thankyou for saving me."

"You are quite welcome." She replied in perfect English, the faintest hint of a lisp clipping her words, like someone who's just gotten a retainer.

"My name is Valaia. Welcome, to my home."

"The pleasure is all mine. But I really can't stay long, I must be getting back to my camp and-" he stopped at the look in her eyes.

"You do not understand. This is MY home, and so long as you are here, you shall do as I say." He opened his mouth to object, but shut it quickly at her glare. "Or there will be *dire* consequences."

"Well... what would you have me do?"

"Follow me. And you may call me 'Mistress' from now on. 'Mistress Valaia' will also be fine." Rayne followed her wordlessly. "'Mistress'..." he thought, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

Chapter the Third

After about an hour of walking, silent the whole while, they saw a large stone structure in the distance. "Valaia-" his seeming captor coughed. "Mistress Valaia, where are we?"

"Funny you should ask. Well, I see no reason not to tell you. This is a window between worlds. Actually, to be as truthful as possible, there's only one world on either side. Yours. It used to be mine, but I removed myself from it. Trouble with the law, you know." Rayne shook his head and gulped. He'd been captured by a criminal!

"Law, Mistress?"

"Yes, although probably not what you're thinking. The world simply doesn't have my tastes is all."

"Mistress, while I admit that the world doesn't look too keenly on fatness-" the rest of his sentence was cut off by a backhand that left him feeling like his jaw had been crushed.

"Don't you EVER call me 'fat' again, do you understand me?"

"Y-yes, yes Mistress, I'm sorry, I didn't know you'd be offended." She regarded him with contempt, then softened and helped him up. Rayne was in awe of her strength. "She could throw me around like a rag doll. What IS this woman?"

"Anyway, as I was saying, I took my leave of your world and came here, and carved out a new existence. I rule this place. Every once in a while one of your world finds themselves here. There are multiple ways in, but I make sure there are no ways out. I've only had twenty people die here, all of old age."

"Age, Mistress? How old are you, if I may be so bold as to ask?"

"You may. 348, in your years." Rayne gaped. "Time doesn't affect me here. The only times I age are when I come into your world to find new slaves."

The word bit into Rayne. "So I'm to be your slave? What kind of life is that?" He almost forgot the tagline. "Mistress."

"Yes, although I treat my slaves much better than you Americans used to."

The conversation ended there, and they walked in silence once again. Shortly they began passing through fields. Workers dotted them, male and female, mostly fat, some thin. Strangely, the fat ones looked happier. "They've been here longer."

Rayne looked questioningly over at her. "Who, Mistress?"

"The fat ones. They've been here longer." She offered no more explanation, and Rayne didn't think she would even if he asked, so he kept his mouth shut. She lead him into the stone building, which was even more massive up close, and down a long hallway to a single door. "You will stay here unless I see fit to have you moved. You will find the accomodations to your liking, I am sure. One of my secretaries will be by later to show you around and introduce you to your new workmates. For now, I have things I must tend to." With that, she left, and he heard a heavy lock slide into place. That was that. He was stuck here. He flopped down onto the large queen-sized bed and briefly wondered at the plushness of the bedding. Giving slaves comfortable beds? He got up again and explored.

There was a full, working bathroom with a metal shower, sink, and toilet, and running water to all. Back in the main room were a desk and chair, loveseat, divan, all rich wood and well padded and upholstered. If the "slave" word weren't constantly present in his mind, he'd be thinking he was in the lap of luxury. He'd been going 2 months without electricity or running water, and the advent of one returning to his life was something to die for. He was interrupted, however, by a knock on the door. "Come in."

The thing that shrugged open the door was not in fact human at all. Red skinned, tall, and seemingly burning hot, the being was like a minor demon from some fantasy. "The Mistress commanded me to introduce you to the household. Come." And it turned and left.

Not having much choice, Rayne followed it out, not having any trouble keeping up due to his long legs. "This is the dining hall. And the stockhouse." "And here, as I'm sure you've seen, are the fields. That's about all I need to show you for now. Oh, yes, I should introduce you to your work crew." The demon led Rayne to a small group tending to a field of apple trees. "Greetings, this is your new worker. His name is Rayne Angelus. Please show him the ropes."

Chapter the Fourth

The demon left Rayne with the gaggle of men and women. At close up, Rayne was made plainly aware he was the skinniest of the group, and possibly the most muscular as well. He was also both the most and least clothed. The ones who were wearing something were basically wearing the equivalent of thongs, just enough to cover their most private areas. The women had no tops at all, their mostly fat, heavy breasts resting freely on their chests, or bellies, in the case of some. Some of the men had moobs. None of them seemed to care about their state, and there was no constant sexuality crap going on. Rayne was a bit wierded out. "So... what do we do?"

"We pick apples silly." The thinnest girl of the bunch, herself a nice plumper at, he guessed, maybe 5 foot 6 and 200 pounds, sauntered over and pressed herself against him. "So much for lack of sexual crap," he thought as he felt himself hardening into her thigh. She laughed, a deep, throaty sound, and backed off from him without the slightest shame. He looked at her questioningly. "Only the Mistress can grant that." He had no clue what she meant, but she went over to another guy and purposely brushed him while helping him sort apples in a number of baskets. Rayne watched him fight down his erection, and thought he understood. "We can't have sex here!" He wondered what sense that made, but was quickly diverted to reality when a basket thunked against his chest.

"You, this tree." A very fat man, his belly hiding his crotch in place of a leaf, nodded him over. "Lemme show you how to check readiness." Sighing, Rayne walked over. This was looking so fun.

Chapter the Fifth

Later that day a large bell rang in the tower, and the people went in, a squad of demons coming out to haul the loads of harvested food back in. There was to be no rest however. Rayne and the rest of the people flowed into the dining hall. Rayne, new to the experience, was astounded to find the tables heavily laden with food. The rather plump girl from his workgroup grabbed his wrist and pulled him to a seat at one of the tables. "Come on, don't just stand there, you must be starved, I know I am!" She sat down and grabbed a whole platter of grilled chicken. "Here, have some!" She loaded my plate and dug into the rest. I hesitantly picked up my fork and took a bit. It was delicious.

"So, uhh, who are you? And what's the deal with all.. this?"

"Oh, sorry, I'm Rena. And this, well... our Mistress wants us to show our appreciation for life here in our size."

"She wants you to get fat for being her slave?"

"Don't sound so negative. She wants us to enjoy ourselves. It's no accident any of us are here. We ALL love being fat, the Mistress sees to it you don't come in here if you don't."

"You... we... oh dear..."

Rena gave him a look. "What's that supposed to mean. You tellin' me you don't think I look good fat?" She effected a hurt look.

"No, no, not at all, you're beautiful, but-"

"Then that's all that matters." And she kissed me.

"I-I thought we couldn't do that here..." Rayne's mind was moving like a snail crawling through molasses.

"Of course we can. Life would suck if we couldn't. The Mistress just has to know first."

"Does she?"

"Oh yes, I spoke with her before dinner. Now, I have one condition."


"If I have sex with you now, you promise to outgrow me within a month."

Rayne struggled for a second, but the choice was clear. "Deal."

"I was rather hoping you'd say that... here, you'll need to get started." Rena heaped his plate with food. He looked at it, looked back at her, and dug in.
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Chapter the Sixth (At this point, I'm going to switch to first person. It's just easier. I'll be talking from Rayne's POV. Oh and uhh, the story gains a ~Sex topic listing now.)

And so my life in the lands of Mistress Valaia began. Every day from noon till five we plucked apples from the same trees. Rena told me one day, during our nightly flings, that it was magic, that the Mistress had blessed the land with eternal prosperity, all she needed was people to harvest it. And they harvested it just for themselves. "I've never seen her eat anything before," Rena told me, "yet under that woven outfit of hers she's almost as plump as I was when you got here. I don't get it." I didn't get it either, but I didn't see much of Valaia anymore. My life had become nothing but sleep, eat, pick apples, and sleep with Rena. In a couple weeks I was as large as I'd been when I left for the wilderness, and Rena was impressed. She kept me well fed at all meals, and I could tell she loved to see me grow. Then one day I got a major shock to my system.

"Where's Rena?" The others of the workforce glanced around. It was obvious they knew something they weren't telling me, but I couldn't pry it out of them. Rena was missing for an entire week, and I'd like to say missing her stole my appetite. Quite the opposite. I swear I put on weight simply from worrying. She would've been proud of my piggishness from sheer anxiety. Then, finally, there was a knock at my door. I hopefully called out "Enter," but it wasn't Rena on the other side. It was Valaia. I was up in a flash. "Where's Rena?!"

"She's resting. I admit I overdid it with her." Valaia put her hand on her belly, which was bulging noticeably farther out than when I'd last seen her three weeks ago.

"What the hell do you mean, 'overdid it with her,'? I stormed up to the woman everyone obediently called the Mistress.

"I believe I let my jealously cloud my judgement. She will be okay. She should have been fatter before that, but she'll live."

"Live? Okay? What the fuck did you DO to her?!"

"Calm down or I'll just keep answering in riddles, slave." I stopped pacing and began taking deep breaths. My tirade had taken more out of me than I was used to... then, I had never gotten worked up with a waistline over 56 inches... "Much better. I'm afraid I must apologize, and explain a little something to you. Most of the people here have come to know by now what I really am."

I regarded her calmly. "I know you don't eat like the rest of us, you're incredibly strong, and you've lived longer than you have any right to've lived."

Valaia sighed. "I admit, I lied to you initially. While this is a seperate world, time exists here same as it does on Earth... I'm imune to it for entirely different reasons than I first mentioned." With that she opened her mouth farther than she had at any point while talking with me, and though it took me a moment to notice, I quickly found the source of her lisp. In place of where her upper eyeteeth should have been were two long, sharp, pointy fangs. "Implants. I used to do things the old way, with tools and all. But I found that so boring. I'd heard something of your fiction, and took a dentist into my fold and had him implant these for me. They work quite well for their purpose."

I was shuddering, I was sure of it. I'd read enough fiction to see where this was going. "Is that... is that...?"

Valaia seemed to grow sad as she placed one pale hand on the bulge of her belly beneath her woven jungle top. "Yes."

"Oh God... oh God..."

"The blood of Rena. Almost all of it."

"Why... how could you...?" I was beyond anger... I found tears in my eyes as I thought of Rena being drained of life by this creature who was at once startlingly beautiful... yet suddenly the core of evil.

"I already answered that. Though I suppose the truth does not justify my doing so. I was jealous of your lover. I wanted you for myself. I almost went that far... but reason found me in time and stilled my thirsting tongue. If I took her from you the last thing I would get was a willing companion. I'd get an enemy for life."

"And you think you haven't just because you stopped?" I looked up. I was shaking, shaking with fear, hatred, rage, grief, anguish... and lust.

"I'm sorry Rayne, I'm truly sorry. Never has this happened. It was always an even exchange. A life of happiness; love and fatness and no one to stop you, and all you needed to do besides live under my rule was submit to a little personal feeding every now and then when I got hungry. Though lately... I've been hungrier. I think age is getting to me. I need more blood to sustain myself... as you can see, it's showing."

"You're obviously having problems coping. You'd think being surrounded by fat people would put you more at ease."

"I'm sorry for that too Rayne. That was a reprimand for being so callous to ask because you were new, not because of the question in itself." She reached up and pushed on the bottom of her shirt. It slid effortlessly up into the weavings above it, suddenly baring her middle. Her belly, red with the strain of holding so much blood, bulged and pulsed with arcane life. Much as I'd expected, she had twin love handles, themselves having rented space to a host of friends to help raise the taxation on her skirt. It was clearly riding lower than meant to, and didn't look fit to live much longer. It was at this point something in me snapped. I'd seen enough. I loved Rena, but Valaia was so much more than Rena could ever be...

My action took Valaia completely by surprise. Mistress Valaia, Dicatorial Vampiress Supreme of her own little world, stronger than 20 human men and healthier than all of them combined, found herself pulled on top of my flabby stomach, her gorged belly sloshing against the vast expanse of jolly manly fatness, her back bent so far back to touch my mouth to hers her plump milk-bearers tore free of their plant fiber prison and landed with wet slaps on my well padded chest. I sucked on her lips as I kissed her, darted my tongue in and danced around her fangs, thrilling the ride of the razor's edge. What little time she had to regain her self control was swamped by the most forceful wave of lusting agony she'd ever known as my foot long Polar Bear stabbed deep into her painfully distended middle, trailing molten silver in its path o'er the great red balloon as I quaked against her spasming body. Her hands raked their way up my shoulders and down my back, her tongue darting to lick up the precious blood trails. My own hands found her ample ass and pushed down, slamming her.... VIRGIN?!-tight pussy upon my throbbing shaft of manhood. She screamed, a nonsensical comingling of direst pain and deepest arousal. I bottomed out well before the sack tap, my rough headed python grinding against the tender walls of her womb, prompting a new wave of shudders, hisses, and moans from my conquest. I felt something stab my neck, but completely ignored it in the rage of undying lust burning through my veins. Valaia had hooked her legs around and beneath mine and was using her inhuman strength to lift herself up until the underside of the mushroom cloud was seeing daylight, then stabbed down again, each time harder, her screams first tearing the room apart, then dying as her voice was ripped from her lungs when my arms wrapped around her and crushed her against my torso. I felt myself ready, and there was no stopping the flood of rich buttery warmth streaming forth into the nooks and cranies of her infinite delicacy, flakes of sweat flying every-asunder, the gates of bloody hell threatening to rip my armored sheath from the easily tarnished sword beneath. With one last feral roar she split my arms, arched her back, and crowed, my Queen of Blood, her namesake frothing on her lips and pooling on the naked sheets. In a last moment of clarity before darkness took us both, her tongue sealed to the craters on my Pillar of Lifeflow, stopping the Lifeblood from leaving me forever.

Chapter the Seventh

"You look a little lost there stranger. Care to come back to my camp for a night's rest and perhaps a map of the area?"

It had been uncountable years since Valaia and I had consumated our love together. Her age requiring more blood than ever, she quickly grew too fat to seek out new, "pilgrims," as we'd started to call them instead of slaves, so she was forced to resort to alternate methods. Rena had been upset to hear of my fucking of the Mistress, but Valaia and I both realized we were not made for each other, and she let me go back to Rena. Then she brought us into her fold.

It was a good thing there were two of us to find new pilgrims. With one vampiress getting closer to immobility every day, and two Blood Adepts requiring their own meals periodically, the pilgrim supply would have been drained in mere days. As it was, Rena and I endured a horrible time of near fasting because it was infinitely more important to keep Valaia properly fed than to glut ourselves on hot, delicious... oh, but you don't need to know that.

The girl I'd just stepped in on looked frightened. And well she should be. Valaia had picked her up days ago, and led her subconsciously here. The girl would have no idea why she was standing in front of an abandoned building that used to be a Dunkin' Donuts and just never seemed to get torn down. It was a new portal I'd helped Valaia set up to capture pilgrims in cities, and man were there hundreds of them. We'd had to add on to the homestead to hold them all!

"Who are you? Why am I here?"

"Listen, it's a bit chilly..." It WAS the middle of winter on Earth. Stupid non-concurrent seasons. "I'd love to help you, but could we step inside?"

"But... it's abondoned..."

"If it was abondoned, could I do this?" I pushed open the door, and lights came on inside from an overhead motion detector. "We're looking at buying the place, a friend and I. The heat's on, don't worry."

Hesitantly, as though afraid I'd rape her as soon as the door shut, she stepped inside. "Why are you being so nice? No one's this nice anymore.... Not since..." She glanced down.

My eyes involuntarily followed hers. With Rena and I fairly thin these days, it was only times like these I got to see some real arousing fleshiness. This girl was rife with it. She was shorter than Rena by an inch or two, and easily 190 pounds or more. I couldn't tell for sure, she was wearing a bulky hoodie and sweatpants... but unfortunately she must have ordered her hoodie small, or grown since. A good inch of pale white flesh spilled out between her sweatpants and the hem of the hoodie, and she had an obvious pot belly under the fabric as well. I could see her eyes roving the empty shelves, as though wishing for donuts would make them appear.

"Did it occur to you... that maybe I'm being kind because of it?" Her eyes snapped back to me and went wide. "I may have overstepped this one..." I thought. But I forged on. "There's plenty of men and women who wouldn't bat an eyelash at you for this."

"You're kidding. You're just trying to make me feel good so you can justify raping me because I'm too damned fat for you to really want to fuck me."

Hoo boy, a mouthy one. I dug around in my pocket and pulled out a picture I'd gotten Valaia to pull from the archived timestrands of her world, of Rena when she was at her peak fatness, the night before Valaia all but drained her. I handed it across to the girl.

"Who's this?"

"My love."

"Wooowww...." she handed the picture back. "Ok, so where are all these people?"

"Now that's the spirit. Come on, I have some people I'd like to introduce you to..."

Fin! (End)
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