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Default Paysite models and their wish lists...

Who has done this before? I am not a member of any pay-sites nor have I ever been, but for reasons beyond which I really understand, I actually purchased something for a pay-site model off of their wish list.... have you done this before? If you have, are you also a member of their site? Would you mind sharing why or why not you would (or would never) do this?

For the ladies, I would love an honest opinion of what you think about fans that do this? If you would rather not post that true opinion in public, I would gladly read it in in a PM.

Do you think that a stereotype exists (among models or others in this community) about the type of person that is most likely to buy a gal a gift off of their wish list?

I am really excited by the prospect of discussing this with the rest of the community :-)
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I have wishlist but i never deman people buy me things. Its nice sometimes but...meh..ill take it or leave it. I dnt think theres anything wrong with . I dont discount anybody because they wont spend theyre money on me at all. Im never one of the stuck up webchicks
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I'm not a member of any site...nothing wrong with them and good luck to those women who are on them.Am more into real life friendships.
I'm not a typical male FA site user..am just as much a gainer/feedee as a feeder/FA.In 'real life'pretty much all of my friends are women and gay men (though I'm mainly heterosexual myself).
I have bought a well known paysite model stuff off her wishlist,but that was after we had got to know each other fairly well on the internet..messaged each other,exchanged addresses and would meet up if we weren't on different continents!
Not sure if this is of any interest,but there you are!lol
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