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Ulysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesUlysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default The realities of gaining - by Ulysses (~BBW to USBBW, struggling / immobility, XXWG)

~BBW to USBBW, struggling / immobility, XXWG - two chubby girls become friends and share the struggles that come with weight-gain.

Author's note: this multi-part weight-gain story is actually little more than a chat log from a text-based role-play session. It was played out by two players, so if you recognize two styles of writing taking turns, that’s the reason. A friend who played through the whole thing asked if I could edit the thing into a proper wg-story, and here is the result. It's actually quite a long story, I will be posting episodes after editing them.

The realities of gaining

by Ulysses

I The Gym

A rather pear-shaped, plump woman entered the gym, feeling more or less self-conscious. Lily had made sure it was located far from her house so she shouldn't run into anyone she knew but even so, she felt awkward in there. All the other customers looked slim and fit, and that only drove her situation home all the more. She was fat – there was no more denying that – but she hadn’t always been like this. Not so long ago, she had been thin and beautiful, the most popular girl in her social circle. Now the woman looked down at herself and sighed. With flabby bulging belly and thick jiggly hips and thighs she was a porker. Time to do something about that, Lily thought to herself and made her way to the first exercise machine, vowing she would fight her way back to her former skinny self.

All the other customers looked slim and fit…except for one red-head working with weights. Or perhaps she was fit - at least it looked like she had some muscle in those arms judging by the weights she lifted. Fit maybe, but slim - never! Alyssa was teetering between chubby and just plain fat, and to anyone who knew her, there wouldn't be any question on which side of the fence she would eventually fall. Her body shape was more or less a perfect hourglass, which however didn't mean her waist would be free from rolls of fat.

The woman was working on her shoulders, like she had done for years actually. There was certain irony perhaps, but the she was actually one of the longest-standing members of this gym. Already back in high school her mother had bought Alyssa a membership and made sure she used it - if not to lose weight (that seemed too much to hope for) but at least to strengthen her back and shoulders. In her half-seated position, when the voluptuous young woman lowered the weights, the reason for her mother's concern became apparent – or actually reasons, for there were two of them. The red-head was not only chubby, but extremely busty, and with a rack like that, you had to take care of your back and shoulders.

Placing down the weights, Aly sat up and wiped sweat from her forehead with a towel, her eyes immediately catching a rare sight in this gym: another woman with some flab on her. How refreshing, she thought, observing the pear-shaped girl making her way across the room.

The newest arrival walked over to a set of exercise devices and took a seat at one of the weight lifting machines. Lily was a pear, so her rear was rather wide and bulged over the seat that was clearly made from someone much smaller. The woman had thick thighs, large and soft, and they jiggled even when she didn't move. Her belly was smaller but still pronounced, but the rest of her was proportionate. If seen just from the waist up, one might even mistake her for being skinny.

Noticing, but not recognizing the red-haired woman, she had to keep herself from gaping in wonder – not just at the amount of weight the other could lift, but at her general appearance as well. Lily gave her a quick smile before setting up her machine, using much lighter weights.

That's the thing with High School beauty queens, you might say. When you meet them later on in your life, you remember them but they don't remember you. They probably never found you interesting at all - and even though Alyssa did share the sentiment (she always had considered Lily to be a somewhat shallow, not very intriguing person), Lily had been a local celebrity in their school and thus impossible to miss. When the woman had first walked in, Aly had spotted her plump thighs and frankly quite massive butt simply because you didn't see anything like that in a place like this. But the fact that her upper half was almost the same as it had been back then, made her recognizable for Alyssa. Sure, it seemed Lily had gotten a bit rounder in her face, her bust a bit more pronounced and even a roll of flab on her tummy...but nonetheless it was clearly her. And sure, she was beautiful still; there was no doubt about it. Alyssa never thought extra weight made anyone ugly, but she also knew most people thought otherwise.

Being a kind and friendly type, and since she was having a pause anyways, she got up, adjusted the straps of her rather massive sports bra (the size tag containing the letter G) and walked over.

"Hello there. Haven't seen you in here...which isn't to say we haven't met before", Alyssa opened the conversation with a friendly smile.

"It's Alyssa, from Milton High. Do you remember? I think we had English together at least."

Being busy adjusting her machine, Lily did not notice Aly's approach until she spoke. With a startle, she turned around, her face at level with Aly's rather massive chest. She looked up at the other and squinted, trying to remember before her eyes got wide.

"Oh... hey... hi. Wow, it's been such a long time hehe...", she mumbled, her hands instinctively trying to hide her lower half and failing miserably.

Lily remembered how she and her posh friends had laughed at Alyssa in high school, calling names and making fun of her weight. Now her face flushed with embarrassment, although not primarily because of how rotten she had been but at how she looked now. She turned her face and pretended to fiddle with a strap to gather herself before looking at the other with a fake smile.

"It's been so long. How've you been?", she said, offering a slightly awkward smile to Alyssa.

Alyssa of course remembered the way Lily and her 'gang' had made fun of her - but in all truthfulness, she had already back then realized it was their fault, not hers, and that mean words spoke more about them than they did about her. So there was no bitterness in Alyssa's smile as she looked at the former beauty-queen, albeit a hint of joy about other's misfortune crept in, no matter how she tried to bar it out.

"Yeah, it's been a while. I'm doing good, thanks for asking", she replied, fully realizing how little Lily really was interested. "I'm an assistant editor in the Gazetteer, been working there ever since I graduated from college", Alyssa explained, humbly but very purposefully mentioning her achievements. She looked down - which wasn't so easy anymore due to her seemingly ever-increasing bust - and couldn't help noticing how Lily moved her hands around in a vain attempt to cover her thighs.

"It's a good job, but involves lots of sitting. Won't get much exercise unless I come to the gym every other day after work. And at our age, pounds seem to pile on you unless you take care, right?", Alyssa explained.

Lily gave a chuckle which sounded fake even to her ears, trying to buy time to make something up. She had done nothing after high school, her plan had been to marry her sweetheart and be a home wife. That plan had fallen through quite disastrously, hence her current situation.

"Yeah, gotta be careful... I've been doing great too... lots of projects going on and I have so little time to exercise..", Lily explained, folding her hands over her small belly roll and looking up at Aly. She remembered how the red-haired girl had been years ago. She had changed of course, meaning that Aly's bust had been big already back then, but still smaller than now, and she had been altogether skinnier…but all in all it was the same girl.

"Yeah, that's the thing. Life gets in the way", Alyssa replied with a light chuckle. "But I guess it's better that way - I'd rather have a busy life even if that means there's little time for exercise, than other way 'round."

Round - what a nice word it was...and how perfectly it described the shape of her bust, jiggling at eye level from Lily as she laughed.

"Well, about being busy, I need to finish up my exercise and then go take some books to the library before they close. But if you haven't made any plans yet for the night, would you care to go grab something to eat after you're done? It would be great to catch up a little" Aly suggested.

Now, Aly didn't propose this just so she could brag about her achievements in the world of journalism - she really could use the company. It seemed Alyssa was making a good career for herself, but work alone didn't fill the social needs in her life. The sad fact was that she was a bit lonely at times, and seeing an old acquaintance from high school, even if the two of them hadn't been such good friends, was an opportunity she didn't want to miss.

Lily nodded as she listened to Alyssa speak, although she was a bit taken aback by the sudden invitation.

"Sure, I'd love to", she nonetheless replied – speaking the first genuine words this far. She had been quite lonely herself, since all her friends and her fiancé had left her. With all her new weight, she had become almost a shut in, not wanting anyone to see her disgustingly flabby body. Aly's chest was quite distracting though…and she had to blink twice before focusing on her face and smile. "I'll meet you later then." she said.

II The Diner

The sun was already below horizon and a hot summer day had turned into a warm summer evening. Alyssa and Lily had agreed about a time they would meet inside, but the trip to library hadn't taken as long as she had thought, so Alyssa got to the diner a bit earlier than planned. She liked the place, she liked the down-to-earth feel she got here, the simplicity of their food and service - it was refreshing after the hectic and sometimes rather snobbish life she had led in the city where she had studied.

She waited, and while waiting, enjoyed a chocolate milk shake (with extra whipped cream) together with a glass of sweet, freshly squeezed orange juice. Alyssa justified this by convincing herself that she needed "liquids to stay hydrated after the exercise". The sad fact was that in just ten minutes, Alyssa consumed as much calories as she had burned during the hour before that. Lazily leaning her back against the counter, the woman kept her eyes to the door, not wanting to miss Lily when she would come in.

She was now wearing her normal off-duty outfit - a tight black skirt that hugged the rather plump form of her backside, and a low-cut top with leopard print, a piece of garment that just barely managed to contain her bust anymore, the signs of stress visible in its seams. But somehow Alyssa felt herself slimmed down by just meeting Lily – she felt it wasn't too bad if she gained weight...after all, even the skinny cheerleader from their school was now probably pushing close to 200!

Lily entered the diner a few minutes later, dressed in her now usual attire, tight spandex leggings that tried to make her bottom half look slimmer (failing, thus only making her looked stuffed into them), and a billowy top to hide her pudgy middle. She looked around the diner, seeing if Aly was here already. Catching a sight of the busty red-head, Lily waved at her, her slightly chubby arm jiggling a little. She made her way to the counter, chunky thighs quivering with each step, rubbing together as she walked. So she sat, her rear spreading over the edge of the stool, only making her rear look that much larger. "Sorry I'm late..." Lily huffed, still tired and sore from her workout.

"No problem, I got here just few minutes ago myself", Alyssa lied.

Wow, she was really big, she thought as she looked Lily making her way to the bar. Alyssa had always been a rather chubby person, and in her teens, she tried to hide that with baggy clothes - like most plumpers do at first. But she had long ago realized that only made her look like a formless blob. So, ever since going to college, she had taken upon her to wear outfits that didn't hide her. Actually on the contrary (although that was not necessarily intentional) Aly usually grew into her tops and then some, meaning almost everything she wore was skin-tight and revealing. So when she looked at the billowing top Lily was wearing, she couldn't help but to think of a few tips she could give her...but now certainly wouldn't be the time for that. It would be too early.

"Alright, shall we go to a table? There's a free booth over there, I've been jealously guarding it for some time", Alyssa laughed, pointing to a booth on the opposite wall. "Just grab a drink from the bar and I'll meet you there, ok?" With that, she slid herself off the stool, her plump form jiggling from the shock, and directed her steps towards the said booth.

Lily smiled in response. “Sure, I'll be right there”, she said, watching Alyssa get up and move, amazed how she could even fit into those tight clothes of hers. At the same time Lily couldn’t help wondering how Alyssa could go out in public dressed like that. She herself was so ashamed of her own blubber, so she had a hard time understanding how anyone could be so confident. Ordering a milkshake of her, she made her way to the booth and squeezed in; her plump hips wiggling as she slid her figure behind the table.

No matter how much Alyssa enjoyed the general atmosphere in the diner, seating wasn't listed among her favorite things. At her current size, getting into her seat was not an easy task - luckily the seats were leather and she was wearing a sufficiently slippery skirt which meant she could slide herself in. Even then, her bust almost rested on the table - which meant eating would be an interesting ordeal to see once they got to that point. Aly was already seated when Lily followed her, and the red-haired woman couldn't help a smile creeping on her lips as she watched the young woman struggle to fit inside.

"Damn these booths", she said sympathetically. "I realize they need to cram them tighter to have more customers, but there should be some limit...", Alyssa commented, pushing the back of her seat with her elbows to make her point.

"So if you feel my feet rubbing against yours, don't think anything of it, I'm not trying to flirt or anything - it's just too tight a fit in here." Sure - like their long legs would be the cause of any trouble...

"What would you like? I'm paying. Next time is on you, but I'm paying now", she said, handing a menu to her dark-haired companion. Now, when she was seated and the table hid most of her lower body, Lily looked almost slender. Almost.

Lily took a sip from her milkshake and blinked.

”Uh sure..." she said, wondering why she was being treated so nicely by Aly after all the awful things she did to her. She bit her lip but decided to go with it, checking the menu. Her workout had made her extra hungry, and that showed in her order:

"I'll have the double cheeseburger with bacon and fries, oh and can I get onion rings as well?"

Wow, no need to look for reasons for her weight-gain anymore, Alyssa thought as Lily made her order. That would be a hefty meal for even a large man, let alone a theoretically slender woman like Lily.

"I'll have the same", Alyssa said, "and could you bring some nachos and cheese dip for starters? For two?", she said, clearly failing to see anything odd in simultaneously wondering Lily's order and still making the same for herself.

"So, how's it been with you? I kinda lost touch with everyone when I left to study in college so I've been out of the loop for some time", Alyssa asked after the waiter had gone.

Lily made no comment about the extra nachos since she was hungry and only ordered so little cause she didn't want to look like a pig. She cleared her throat.

"Well, you know how it goes. You remember James right? We were supposed to get married after high school but it didn't work out. Um...I dropped out of college too and I'm currently looking for a job..." Lily blurted it all out, knowing full well what a joke the last part was. Looking for a job indeed! She was at home, stuffing her fat face all day. Shifting uncomfortably, Lily had to wonder why just poured her heart out like that. Maybe it was just because Aly was the only familiar face she had seen in months without a sneer on her face or judging her.

"Hmm, yeah, I know how it goes", Alyssa said, a sympathetic smile on her face. "I mean, I'm sorry it didn't work out between you and James, but perhaps it was better this way? I don't mean to say I think I understand your relationships at all, but at least during the high school...well, James didn't really feel like a type that would be committing anytime soon, if you know what I mean."

The nachos arrived - two portions - and Alyssa started digging in, shoveling cheese dip in with corn chips.

"And when it comes to college, that can be a pain in the butt, I know. I thought about quitting many times, it was this close I didn't”, Alyssa explained.

“So I can totally relate to what you say. And you know what? I think you need to figure out what you want in life, college is not meant for everyone. I mean, many people will do better pursuing other possibilities. I saw too many slackers in college, people who didn't really know what they wanted anyways, but just went to classes because they thought that was the way you were supposed to live.” The red-haired woman kept chattering, pouring out sympathy while stuffing her face with nachos. Occasionally a crumb or a drop of cheese dip would plummet into her massive, quivering cleavage, and soon the top of her breasts were littered with little specks of nachos and dip.

Lily listened to Alyssa speak, munching on one chip after another not even noticing her own pace. Her eyes were drawn to the crumbs on Alyssa’s chest for a moment but she kept nodding.

"Yeah... not how I expected things to go but meh…" Lily shrugged her shoulders lightly and reached for another nacho, only to find the plate empty.

"Hehe... guess that workout made me hungrier than I thought", she said, believing the lie herself. "Anyway, you seem to be doing pretty good. Now as for me, I've been thinking about just moving you know, maybe get a fresh start somewhere else...” Lily pondered.

"Yeah, well, I'm doing okay...”, Alyssa agreed, before catching a waiter rushing past them. “Hey, can we have another set of nachos, ok? And dip?"

Turning her attention back to Lily, the chubby red-head continued: "Well yeah, I'm an assistant editor and I like it, and in the long run that could be a stepping ladder to other, bigger jobs", she said, absent-mindedly brushing the top of her breasts. God, how big they were.., Lily kept thinking.

"So, what kind of skills do you have?” Alyssa asked abruptly. “I mean, many jobs don't need formal education, you just need to know what you are doing. Half of the journalists have never studied journalistic, they just write well, they take good photographs and especially they interact with people well. You could do that, couldn't you?” the woman proposed, taking another nacho from the freshly delivered basket. "I mean, you're a social personality, aren't you?"

Lily dipped a nacho and shoved it in her mouth with a nod. “Well sure, I've always been good at public relations and stuff back in high school but I don't know..." she shifted n her seat again. "I mean... I'm not exactly at my best... know what I mean?" She was a former popular girl and her self-confidence was tied to her appearance after all – and she currently saw herself as a fat cow.

"If I could just lose some weight I might take you up on your offer though" Lily said with an awkward smile, still eating more nachos between sentences.

At first, Alyssa looked at her with a slightly confused smile on her lips. "Excuse me?", she finally managed to say, a laughter already slipping out between her lips.

"Honey, this is journalism. Being presentable is of course a good thing, but really, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Sure, you may have put on a few, I have put on a few, but when it comes to interviewing people, that doesn't mean a thing. You hear me? I'm sure you'd make a terrific assistant for our social events page", Alyssa assured.

"I mean, let's be honest here. I'm an assistant editor, and you wouldn't call me exactly skinny, now would you?", the red-headed plumper said, leaning back in her seat to offer Lily a better view of her abundant curves.

Lily giggled self-consciously as she looked at Alyssa’s more than ample curves, practically bursting out of her tight top. An image of herself dressed the same way popped into her head, her wide, jiggly rear being displayed like that for all to see, her bulging belly for everyone to look at and her boobs covered in nacho crumbs. The mere thought made her giggle even more.

"Yeah, you're right, it's just that I was always skinny you know…and well, I remember how I treated you and I'm afraid of what people will say and think about me so much."

There – now it was out. Lily knew she had been a rotten teenager and she got what she deserved with this fat ass of hers which she was unable to get rid of and this new appetite that she couldn't control.

It was out indeed, and Alyssa was happy Lily had said it - it showed she had some hope.

"I remember, yeah", Aly said, now a more serious look on her face, but smile still lingering on her plump lips.

"You were like that back then. But I was also an insecure, reclusive little dreamer back then, you know? People change - some changes take place in your body, some take place in your heart and mind. I'm sure you wouldn't say things like that anymore, right?" The question was meant as a rhetoric one, although she wasn't exactly sure of the answer. Well, time will tell, she thought.

"Now, I think it's great you've discovered the joys of good food", she added, "although that means we need to be a bit more careful about...oh, this looks good", she interrupted herself as their double cheeseburgers were brought in. "Bon Appetit, Lily. Bon vivant, you might say as well. Live life and enjoy it!"
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Ulysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesUlysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Any input is greatly appreciated...
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Ulysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesUlysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

III Some Snack

Lily and Alyssa quickly became friends and since Lily was forced to look for more affordable means of housing and Alyssa had room to spare, they agreed to live as roommates.

After a long day Lily entered their apartment, closing the door with her hip since her arms were busy at the moment holding the junk food she had picked up. She kicked off her shoes and made her way into the living room, placing down the bags with a happy sigh. Her clothing was more tightly cut than before since she took some of Aly's advice about dressing. But not all of it was due to her stylistic changes, and as summer turned into fall, Lily had to admit she had gained weight. It puzzled and also depressed her a little since she was going to the gym every day and still couldn't lose an ounce. On the contrary, she had gained close to fifty pounds and it showed in her rounder face, chubbier middle but especially in her wide hips and much rounder rear, a booty that jiggled more than ever. Her dress pants were increasingly tight, and this was already the third pair she had bought in the last six months. She sat down on the couch, letting out a sigh, relieved to be off her feet.

"Hey Aly? I'm home and I brought supper!" she said before leaning forward, making her fat rolls push against the silk button up shirt, straining the buttons.

Lily took out a few burgers, fries and a milkshake. She had gone for takeout at their favorite diner, and the bag hold enough food for two people – yet that was only her portion. She knew she was eating a lot, but she figured that with all the exercise she had more need for nutrients, keeping her energy level up. Not waiting for Alyssa to respond, Lily started digging into her meal.

"Alright, I'll be there in a second", Alyssa hollered from the kitchen, quickly finishing the sandwich she had been having - or the last one in a long line of sandwiches that made her late-afternoon snack. Wiping the corners of her mouth with a clean towel, Alyssa hurried to the living room where Lily was already seated. She noticed with a slight smirk how her friend was already digging in, her appetite healthy as always. But it started to show as well - the dark-haired ex beauty queen was getting quite wide now, especially in the hips and thighs department. Aly couldn't help noticing how the woman’s left thigh spread over the line between cushions, clearly signaling how her friend now took up more than one seat on their couch.

Aly didn't have much room for rejoicing with her own weight, though. Lily had clearly put on weight, but so had Alyssa as well - it seemed the two of them just enhanced the bad eating habits they both had individually developed. At the present, Alyssa had already broken 300 pounds and was now seriously fat. Her general body shape was still the same, however, even with the added flab in her midriff. Now her bum was thicker and jiggled quite a bit as she walked - even though it was nothing compared to the massive rear her friend and roommate now possessed. But what dominated her figure now even more than before was her massive bosom, her breasts still somehow maintaining their perky shape despite their massive size. Alyssa was still working out, but no matter how hard she lifted weights, the mass of her tits simply was beginning to be too much for her shoulders to bear, meaning that Aly suffered from constant back and shoulder pains, often asking Lily to give her a quick massage before turning in. As she walked, Aly's breast wobbled left and right, harnessed tight in the industrial-size bra she wore, but still sloshing around like two massive water balloons.

"Oh, burgers - my favourite!", Alyssa said, reaching the couch and slowly sitting down, her boobs filling her lap almost completely as she bent over.

Lily gave her roommate a smile, she had noticed that her friend had put on some weight as well. Of course she herself was oblivious to their horrendous eating habits. When Alyssa seated herself nexto to Lily, there was literally no more room on the couch, their thighs pressed together firmly, hers oozing along Aly's – firmer, but only by comparison. Lily started devour her second burger.

"How's your back tonight Aly?” she asked, concerned since her friend has been complaining a lot about her back lately. It was for obvious reasons what with having to carry those torpedoes on her chest, and Lily frankly had no idea how her friend could even stand up with those things.
"I've had worse", Alyssa said, taking a bite of her hamburger, bacon fat dripping off the sides, smearing her lips and chin. Not only the two of them were eating horrible amounts of food, but also the kind of food they had was probably the worst you could pick: rich in saturated fat, white flour, sugars. At the rate Alyssa was stuffing her face she it was a tight bet between a cardiologist and a chiropractic to see which one would get to treat her first.

"But I've had it better as well. Damn those chairs in our office, they really are killing me", she said - believing honestly that the chairs were to blame, when in fact the true reason was found right in front of her (literally speaking) in the two globes of fat that bulged out of her neckline as she reached down to grab some fries.

"Could you give me a bit of a back rub once you're done with your dinner? You seem to have magic hands, babe", Alyssa chuckled, glancing to her right.

Normally she would go sit on the floor, her torso between Lily's legs so she could stay seated on the couch while massaging her shoulders. But with the way her roommate's thighs were thickening, Alyssa had to seriously wonder how long she could fit in there anymore.

"So, how was your day?", she asked, shoving a burger into her mouth as she waited for Lily’s response.

At this point Lily was done with her second burger and now concentrated on fries.

"Hehe stop, I'm not that good. But yeah those chairs are evil, if I didn't know any better I would think someone switched my chair and gave me a smaller one.", the pear-shaped woman explained, shrugging lightly while undoing the top button of her pants that had been digging into her soft, pudgy belly.

"My day was pretty good, interviewed some people for a few articles you know the usual.", Lily continued.

The woman finished her meal while recounting the interviews and such. She rubbed her hands on her pant legs which barely contained her massive thighs and got up with an effort, stuffed belly sticking out of her shirt. She made her way behind the couch and started to massage Aly's shoulders lightly, making her voluminous chest bounce and jiggle with each movement of her hands.

“Oh, thank you…”, Alyssa sighed, placing down the bottle of diet coke she had been drinking and for a minute just remained silent, enjoying the massage.

“I have been skipping my gym visits a bit too much, I’m afraid”, the red-haired woman continued in a slightly apologetic tone. “I don’t really afford to do that, so remind me to pack my gear after we’re done and I’ll head out for a quick exercise before turning in…”

Of course they forgot all about it.
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Gendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot pics

This is looking great, can't wait to read more!
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Ulysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesUlysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

IV The Scale of Truth

The winter had been long and cold, which in their mind justified practically every gluttonous whim Lily or Alyssa might have - after all, you needed to eat "to keep warm". The results spoke for themselves, and as the days started to grow longer, Alyssa kept growing thicker. The winter had seen her take a position as an editor for one of their departments which meant more income, more work, even less time to exercise and irregular hours – which meant eating too much in odd hours.

By the time snow melted, Alyssa was already pushing close to 360 pounds, and the effects of her over-indulgent lifestyle were starting to have an impact on her daily life more than ever. Her thighs rubbed together as she walked, resulting in at least two ruined pairs of pantyhose every week. Her bum jiggled almost uncontrollably, and it was now starting to develop a small shelf. But still, the part that hogged most of the attention as well as added fat was her bust, now having swollen to rather gigantic proportions. Alyssa did her best to keep her lingerie classy, but after passing L-cup, the options became fewer and fewer. Today, Alyssa was seated on a divan in their pool room, sipping a glass of extra-sweet orange juice, trying to recover from exercise and also dry her fiery red hair after having a quick swim.

When it came to Lily, well, the winter hadn't been kind to her figure either. The scale now read 300, and if she had considered herself enormous before, now she truly was. As usual, her rear had taken the brunt of her gain, and regular chairs started to have trouble containing the wide mass of cellulite she now called her bum. Even the pants she had bought a month before were now getting tight across her massive hips and enormous thighs. Her legs and rear jiggled by themselves even when she was standing still, and nowadays she didn't even try to cross those massive legs of hers anymore – it was just too much work. Of course her belly wasn't spared either, it had plumped up considerably and now hung down, starting to touch her thighs. Compared to Aly, Lily’s chest was quite modest, merely double D’s, but still much bigger than she had ever been before. Her arms had thickened as well, mainly with blubber, and now even from the waist up, no one could mistake her for thin.

Stepping on a scale they kept in the corner of the pool room, Lily let out a string of curses. “Dammit! How could this be right?" the pear-shaped woman grumbled.

Her complaint was met with a friendly chuckle from where Alyssa was seated. “Oh, the moment of truth, eh?",

Alyssa emptied her glass of juice and got up - with some difficulty, mind you. Walking over, her massive breasts bobbed up and down as she made her way to her roommate, her high heels tapping against the tiling on the floor.

"Let me see, will you?" she giggled almost girlishly as she bent over - actually quite low, for it was so hard to peer past her bosom otherwise. "Wow honey, it does seem you've really focused on food this winter", Alyssa said, straightening up with a smirk, which however vanished as she winced with pain, hearing a faint crackle from her spine. "You just be glad you don't have these to haul with you wherever you go...", a sigh came from the busty red-head who glanced down at her bust while rubbing her neck.

Lily snorted to Alyssa’s comment about her chest. "Yeah I might not have those.." she said, pointing lightly to Aly's chest. "But try walking around with this" the woman explained, turning around and grabbing the huge globes of flesh behind her. “And these enormous thighs” Lily added, slapping gently the side of her right leg. And she had a point there: Lily had been having more and more trouble walking normally and was reduced to a slow waddle, her blubbery thighs always rubbing together down to her knees no matter what she did.

To be honest, Lily was in a vicious circle where her eating habits made her fatter and the fatter she got, the more she ate because her weight made her depressed. The fact her roommate was a big eater did not help either, but at least she she found herself enjoying eating when Alyssa was around. Lily sighed heavily and plopped her fat rear on the nearest sit, her fat oozing and covering the seat. She began to poke at her fat rolls wondering what she was going do, now that she was officially obese. But then again, her roommate was as well – Lily comforted herself – and Alyssa didn't seem to mind much, aside from her back pains. A blush crept over Lily’s face as she remembered the back rubs she usually gave Aly…and how she found herself staring at the other's fat laden body and enjoying it as much as it embarassed her to admit it to herself.

"Have you been going to the gym like you said you would?" Alyssa asked, a sympathetic smile creeping on her lips as he watched her friend elaborate her growing figure.

"I try to but it's been so hectic lately...", Lily said, turning back to Alyssa, grabbing and kneading her hanging belly flab.

"I hear you...I guess to each their own", Alyssa replied with a sympathetic smile. Lily's widening hips and thighs had not gone unnoticed, and Alyssa was teetering between amusement and worry as she watched her friend and roommate waddle around, her thighs so fat her legs didn't have much room to move anymore.

"At least you still can do most of the things at the gym, but with these" – Alyssa said, grabbed her quivering, colossal bust - "it's impossible to even think about most of the exercises."

That was true - but not the whole truth. Aly was not only big-busted, she was fat and getting constantly fatter. She used her large chest as an excuse to dodge exercise, but that meant she just gained quicker. And as long as her bloated tits dominated her appearance, Alyssa could push aside the sad truth that she was getting fatter all over now. Especially her upper arms had gotten thicker in the past months, now she had deep dimples in her elbows and sooner rather than later her arm fat would start to form a roll.

Perhaps out of a whim of realism, or perhaps wanting to show sympathy, the red-haired woman stepped up on the scale as well, the metallic clang telling that the dial had reached its maximum. Alyssa, however, tried to peer past her bust and blushing, only then realizing she couldn't see her feet anymore.

Seeing Aly step on the scale, Lily arched an eyebrow and leaned forward to peer at the number. A light giggle escaped by itself. "I guess we need a new scale... my god what happened to us?" she said, looking at her friend's body. Without thinking, she tried to cross her legs but came up short, the fat pressing together and keeping her from even getting one part way over. Her entire body seemed to sway with the movement. Lily blushed and put her leg back down, sending ripples along her jiggly leg, making the forming rolls of her inner thighs bounce. Her stomach growled, and instinctively Lily pressed her belly with a free hand, her fingers promptly sinking into her soft flesh.
It was now Alyssa’s turn to get anxious. She was red-faced, - either from humiliation, frustration, anger or all three - and stepped down, mumbling under her breath: "It goes up to 350 - three fucking fifty pounds."

Walking past Lily, Alyssa headed to the other chair in their pool room, her eyebrows raising a bit as she watched her friend trying to cross her legs and failing in it. She sighed when slowly lowering herself down on the other chair, leaning back, enjoying the relief her shoulders now had when the awful load they had to bear was supported by her pudgy belly.

"I don't know", Alyssa sighed, "We really need to get this under control, Lily. This ain't funny anymore - I'm past 350 and you're just a tad over 300. I mean...all this during one winter. Sheesh!" Alyssa raised her arms a bit - her flab jiggling with the movement - and rubbed her temples with her fingers. "I mean, we need to go on a diet. A serious diet."

Lily watched Aly settle her bulk down and sighs at the words. " I guess you're right but... I mean we try to go to the gym as much as we can... how is it that we've gotten even fatter then before? "

Leaning back, unconsciously fiddling with her bulging love handles, Lily tried to think of a solution. They couldn't go on like this or pretty soon they'd get too big to fit through doors. But her stomach did not care about such things and growled, demanding to be fed. She tried to ignore it as she shifted on her seat which made her sway, she would never admit to it but she was starting to enjoy the feeling of her body swaying and jiggling. It frankly horrified her that she could possibly enjoy all this lard, and Lily had to wonder sometimes if she was just going insane.

Yet quite similar thoughts crossed Alyssa's mind these days. Sure enough, she realized she needed to lose some of this weight, and quickly, but she couldn't help loving the feel it gave to her. She was oozing with femininity now, and when she was alone she often caught herself fondling her massive breasts while reading or watching television or such.

Enough is enough, Alyssa told herself. I'm soon going to hit 400 unless we change course...and already I'm feeling the brunt of this excess weight. And it was true. Her neck and shoulders were constantly aching, her legs got tired easily and after a long day she would find her feet so sore she could hardly walk. Alyssa got winded so easily nowadays, and even a few flights of stairs were almost too much for her to climb. She had outgrown everything in her closet, even her bathrobe was too small to go around her bust.

"I guess we need to be brutal", Alyssa said. "We need to cut back our eating. It's just water and bread - and well, maybe some weggies as well - for us from this on."

And there - the seeds of destruction were sown. For really, who in the long and desperate history of obesity had ever lost weight and kept it away with crash diets like that?
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Default looking forward to new Chapters

Hey not too bad, a tad bit unrealistic in the speed of weight gain for sure, but otherwise very realistic and enjoyable to read.
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Originally Posted by _broshe_ View Post
Hey not too bad, a tad bit unrealistic in the speed of weight gain for sure, but otherwise very realistic and enjoyable to read.
Thank you! The gaining is rapid, sure, but I wouldn't necessarily call it unrealistic. Or do you think it is? Alyssa gained about 50 pounds during one winter, I don't think that's impossible?

but anyhoo, glad to hear you enjoyed it.
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Ulysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesUlysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

V Forget about dieting already!

The thing with drastic diets is that they practically never work. So, not to anyone’s surprise, the two women had not lost an ounce, on the contrary. One day Lily sat in the living room with some junk food (chocolate covered candy mostly), hogging out. The diet she and Alyssa had put themselves through was living hell, so whenever Aly wasn’t looking, Lily used the opportunity to gorge – and that was showing on her figure. Lily wore skin tight sweat pants designed for someone much thinner then she was, and they were practically like painted on her. Her frame, now nearly 400 pounds in total, had retained its pear shape with a nearly three foot wide rear that spread and made the couch sink as she sat. She now had a huge apron belly spreading out of her tank top and over her enormous, cellulite covered thighs, constantly forcing her legs apart. Her chest hadn't inflated much but was still much bigger and heavier then when she and Aly had met at the gym. Coupled with her jiggly arm fat, Lily had turned into a genuinely obese pear. And now she was stuffing candy into her mouth, hoping to finish before her roommate would arrive.

Alyssa was not happy either. In a matter of weeks, Alyssa had realized that not only was she hungry and miserable all the time, she didn't really lose any weight either. Slowly the buxom redhead reverted back to her old eating habits, and then just continued to increase her calorie intake. The logic, of course, was the same as before: she would need the energy to exercise. But exercise was the very thing she didn't do anymore, and the excuse for that was that it was impossible to run 'with my body type'.

So as the months progressed, so did Alyssa's weight as well. It wasn't until late in the autumn that she finally agreed to buy a scale that could go higher than 350, and by that time, she was already pushing close to 450. At her current size, Alyssa was having more and more difficulties in her everyday life. Putting shoes on, for example, was becoming next to impossible because of the mass of fat she carried in her breasts. Her bosom was indeed gigantic, gravity forcing her still somewhat firm chest down to sit on top of her belly. The hourglass form she had always taken pride in was still there, but at this weight no one could call her waist slim. Aly had developed quite a paunch which, unlike Lily's soft blubber, didn't hang low in multiple rolls, but jutted out like she was on her ninth month of pregnancy. When she walked, she leaned backwards to maintain her balance - otherwise the sheer mass she carried in front of her would ruin her posture. This, of course, meant she had to move slowly and even then she could see only very little about the ground before her, thus making her even more cautious in her movements.

As Alyssa emerged from their office room, she slowly waddled onwards, her hand tracing along the wall on her right, helping her to maintain her balance. Spotting Lily on the couch with a pile of junk food on the table brought a smirk on Alyssa's lips. She had known for some time Lily had gone back to her old habits, but the two had never really talked about it.

"Enjoying a bit of a snack, are we?", Alyssa asked, slightly teasing her as she stepped closer, unable to resist the temptation to glance at Lily's massive thighs that even despite the belly now resting on top of them more or less dominated her appearance. If she didn't stop soon, they would need to seriously consider widening their bathroom door...

Hearing Alyssa’s voice, Lily jumped up (or would have, if not for the mass of blubber that kept her down so instead she just jiggled alot and thrust her candy beside her, trying to hide it like a guilty child caught). Her face reddened instantly.
"I was... uh... what? ” she spluttered, trying to find some kind of excuse. She could say she had just gone to the gym and needed a boost but they both knew she hadn't gone to gym in months, the diet had sapped all her strength even with all her hidden snacking, all the machines seemed to be made to embarrass her further or not fit her at all anymore thanks to her three-feet-wide set hips. Even the simple treadmill made her uncomfortably aware of how big she was with her massive thighs and rear jiggling madly, so she had given up and not said a word.

Lily cleared her throat before continuing. "Uh.. this was a reward for uh... doing nothing...." she said with a defeated look on her face.

“I know. I've had those...rewards quite a bit lately", Alyssa said, a mischievous yet also slightly wistful smile on her lips.

We might as well be honest about it - stop fooling ourselves, Alyssa thought to herself. The obese redhead left behind the support the wall had given her and advanced to the couch, her tits and her massive belly swaying with each step. For Alyssa, it wasn't anymore the question of just finding gym machines too small to take her burgeoning frame. She simply was so heavy and frankly so out of shape; she would have all the exercise she could take in by just walking from the parking lot to the gym's locker room. With a deep sigh, the bloated woman lowered herself to the couch, its wooden frame creaking ominously under her mass. Instinctively, Alyssa reached over to her gut, pulled it back a bit and then, opening her legs, allowed it to hang between her thighs thus taking some load off her legs.

"Lily, I think it's time we are honest about what's going on. We're not really losing any weight, and I guess that's simply because we don't want to lose it. I mean, we don't want enough to lose it - not enough to actually stop enjoying that", she said, pointing to a still unopened pizza box, "or that or that ot that...", she continued, giggling as she marked more items of sweet or greasy foods on their coffee table.

Lily was shocked by what her friend was saying, not so much at the idea but at the echo of her own feelings. She recovered after a few seconds and nodded. "Yeah... it's getting harder and harder and you know what?” she blushed again suddenly. "... I'm sort of finding myself enjoying all of this sometimes...", Lily confessed, grabbing the fold of her lower belly, jiggling it a little.

"When we met, I felt horrible about my size, now I'm twice as fat as before and I kinda like it. Plus I'm totally addicted to eating all this junk food, I even dream about stuffing my face now", Lily explained, blushing as the thought how she was about to be made fun of by her friend or just told she was being disgusting. However, as Lily poured her heart out, expressions of sympathy and excitement emerged on Alyssa's face.

"I know...I mean, it's a choice you make, I guess...even if you don't know you are making it", Aly replied, actually just trying to collect her thoughts. It seemed she had initiated their discussion, but Lily immediately took the lead.

"I - I - I don't think I would even want to let go of hamburgers and pizza and chocolate cake...", Alyssa explained, a gluttonous grin curving her lips up as she went through these delicacies in her mind. "And I guess it's even more than that...", she continued, now barely more than whispering.

"When I went to college, I had to go through a lot, but I learned to love myself as I was...I was plump, curvy, soft, feminine - and I learned to like it. Or I guess I should say I realized I had liked it all the time", the obsese redhead explained, leaning against the backrest of her couch, fondling the paunch that sat between her thighs, barely able to reach past the sides of her breasts.

"And I guess what's happened with me and my body is just that I get to have more...of the thing I love”, Alyssa admitted. There. It was out now.

Lily listened keenly, and nodded every now and then, until replying: “I guess I should come clean too... the only reason I teased you in high school was cause I was jealous... I had been on diets since I was 14, my parents wanted a perfect little girl for pageants and stuff but in my mind I just wanted to be free"

Lily motioned to all the junk food on the table and gave a shrug. "And then James came along and I did my best to be what he wanted and he left me…and I just went nuts. Then I met you and you hadn't changed at all" Lily explained, remembering how Aly gazed at her sometimes.

"You made me feel like it was alright being big and all." Lily explained, fondling her belly and looking at her friend who was doing the same. "I think we should just let ourselves go and enjoy, to hell with everything else." she blurted.

The brash comment from Lily was followed by a hearty, cheerful giggle from Alyssa, a laughter that made her pendulous body jiggle uncontrollably. "I think we've done that already, Lily dear", she said, patting her belly in a meaningful way. "I guess it was just time for us to realize that now", the woman concluded.

Placing her hands on the couch, just next to the rolls of her thighs, Alyssa strenuously pushed up and shifted her position a bit, her fat breasts sloshing like over-sized water balloons in her top. A strained expression on her face told it was not an easy task moving all that weight around.

"Yeah, let's just…enjoy ourselves. But that means we need to learn to take things a bit slower still, I'm afraid", Alyssa sighed, leaning again against the backrest, slightly panting from the effort of simply moving herself on the couch.

Lily gave her a grin while opening a pizza box, picking up a big slice and taking a big bite out of it before heaving herself off the couch, using her free hand to help get her enormous jiggly rear up. She waddled the few steps to where Aly was sitting, her tree trunk thighs jiggling, every step shifting the expanse of blubber she called her belly. Lily quickly grabbed another slice of pizza, having some trouble bending over since her sweats felt like they would split open. Yet she managed to do it and offered a slice to Alyssa while munching on her own."I guess it's decided then." she said between bites.

Alyssa took the piece of pizza and, raising it a bit, as if making a toast, grinned and agreed: "Yes, let there be no more diets, trips to the gym out of guilt or any other measures that would prevent us from enjoying our food and the figure that comes with it."

Then, in an amusingly dramatic manner, the woman took the slice of pizza to her lips and took a bite, extra fatty cheese making her plump lips shine. With Lily standing next to Alyssa, her massive hips practically blocked half of Aly’s field of vision, and with a teasing smirk she patted the side of her friend's enourmously fat, blubbery thigh, sending it jiggling.

"I tell you, honey, we better start looking for a carpenter to get some door frames widened - that is, if you plan on indulging yourself like this far...", Alyssa laughed.
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interesting stuff.
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Wren has said some nice things

I like it and would like to see how far they go. Please continue.
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Ulysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesUlysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

VI Do you really have it in my size?

After the decision of ‘no guilt, no restraint, no dieting’, both women set to enjoy all the gluttonous pleasures attainable to them. Weeks turned into months and one season followed another, with Lily and Alyssa exploring the world of over-indulgence. Eighteen months after their resolution, both women had put on almost two hundred pounds and the realities of their everyday life were quite different from what they had been before…

That day’s catastrophe came in the form of sudden shortage of parking spaces - meaning Lily had to drive around the block three times before parking their extra-roomy SUV a bit further away from the store’s entrance. Usually so cheerful Alyssa grumbled, but she really didn't have grounds to complain: for already few months, she had been excused from driving because, frankly, she found it too hard to stuff all of her behind the wheel. That was not to say that it was easy for Lily either, Alyssa reminded herself, seeing how her friend's right thigh spilled over her seat. With a lot of huffing, puffing and panting, Alyssa managed to squeeze herself out of their car, thanking the oriental gods of car-manufacturing for creating a vehicle where the seats were high enough for her to more or less slide down from.

"Okay, the boutique you mentioned…it's...that way, right?", Alyssa asked, pointing down the street, a questioning look on her face as she looked at Lily. Sure enough, Alyssa could handle herself in the office and she had an amazing capability to keep together complex stories on magazine pages...but when it came to basic sense of direction, she was lost.

Alyssa leaned against the corner of the hood, feeling the car's suspension give in a bit under her massive weight. Her lower body was crammed into a loose skirt like usual - the thing with them was that you could always just order more cloth and thus have a bigger size. Her upper body struggled to remain inside a much-too-tight tank, the straps of her bra digging deep into her strained shoulders, her colossal breasts sitting heavily on top of her bulging paunch. The summer heat wave was here and Aly was already perspiring, after just one minute outside the comfort of their air-conditioned car. And they had not even yet started to walk.

While Aly looked around, Lily slid out of the car – or perhaps you would do better to say she ‘flowed’ at this point, her commitment to life of gluttony certainly had done it's work. Lily’s already enormous bottom had ballooned even larger, so large in fact that some people, when looking at her from afar, believed she was two people standing side by side. This massive rear was poured into way too tight jeans which she rather enjoyed wearing nowadays – but no matter how she tried her belly would never fit in them since it had grown considerably. So she let it hang down half way to her knees like waves of fat tanned flesh. Her topside was not spared either, she wore a tank top which barely managed to contain the bags of sagging flesh she called her boobs. Her neck was barely visible now, with the double chin she had sprouted, and her face, once skinny, was skinny no more. Her arms had grown as well; forming folds of their own. In effect, she had become a jiggling fat pyramid of a woman.

Lily took a few, slow waddling steps around the car and huffed, already a sheen making her skin shiny. Alyssa had more than enough to do with catching her own breath, but she still managed to cast a sympathetic gaze at Lily as she waddled over. Neither of them were small in any respect anymore, but the sheer width of her friend's thighs had to make it hard for her to get around - the two were so pressed together that walking seemed really difficult for her. Although it wasn't easy for Aly either. She was so heavy now, that even short trips brought burning pain to her hips and knees. At this size, the weight difference between the two didn't seem that radical anymore, but what worked against Alyssa was the fact that she - unlike Lily - had been more or less overweight most of her life. Which meant that even with her gluttonous lifestyle, Lily still retained at least some shreds of fitness, whereas Alyssa was hard-pressed already with walking.

"Yeah... it's right over there" Lily said between gulps of air, pointing with one massively jiggling arm.

"Alright, I guess we should get going. It's not getting any closer by just standing in here", the red-haired woman replied bravely and started walking to the direction Lily had pointed.

With so much of her weight in her breasts and now rather gigantic belly (which didn't hang as low as Lily's did, but rather jutted out, like she was 21 months pregnant) Alyssa had to lean back to maintain her balance, making her slow advance look rather comical. Her thick arms spread to her sides to help her maintain her balance, this mound of blubber started to waddle onwards, her belly and heavy, low-hanging tits sloshing left and right with each labored step. Soon Alyssa was breathing quickly; sweat gluing strands of red hair against her frowned brow. She had not walked more than few minutes, when she was already looking for a bench or something so they might sit down.

Behinf her, Lily was following, holding her arms out much like Aly to keep her balance since she had to sway from side to side to waddle along. She might not have her friend's huge melons to support but neither did Aly have this enormous ass to balance and so they both had their own unique problems in getting around. Lily was sweating as well, she could feel drops sliding along the folds of her belly and between her breasts. She couldn't wait to be in the store and so hoped she could have a nice long sit. After several minutes,and alot of panting to move one street corner, they arrived at their destination – a lingerie store. Pausing to hold the door opened for Aly, Lily struggled to catch her breath.

When Alyssa approached the door, she wasn’t red anymore, she was pale with cold sweat running down her face, the rolls of her chin, and disappearing into seemingly endless cleft of her breasts. "Thank you..Lily...I might need...to sit down a bit...", the obese redhead panted, pressing her left hand against the pillar at the entrance. She clearly had to work hard to climb even the one step that led to the boutique door.

"Angelique's, huh?", Alyssa asked, looking at the sign with the store’s name. "I hope it's what it's cracked up to be", she chuckled, waddling through the door into a world of pink. "Holy shit, look at this. I guess this is where barbie buys her stuff", Alyssa whispered to Lily, adding a slight, weary giggle.

On their left, Alyssa spotted a sofa, and not waiting for her friend, began to waddle towards it, her massive form soon seated in the pink softness, a deep sigh of relief escaping her lips. "I wonder how much longer I can keep doing this...", she mumbled to herself, spreading her legs a bit to give room for her belly to hang between them.

Lily followed her friend into the nice cool store. She had to squeezes her giant butt through the door and almost fell at the steps, barely regaining her balance in time. She saw the couch Alyssa was just now lowering herself on, and gave silent thanks as she "hurried" to occupy another couch. The massive, pear-shaped woman simply fell into it, the wooden structure creaking alarmingly. Her rear filled up space as it spread, her thighs were spread and still her belly had nowhere to go so it flowed over them on all sides.

"Huff... barely made it....", Lily said, gulping for air, her chest heaving that made her huge flopping boobs bounce. "Now... give me a minute... to... catch my ... breath and…we can get you... some new tops...", Lily panted. This was getting ridiculous, they barely had to walk a hundred feet and it felt like she just ran a marathon! There had to be an easier way to get around then this.

Alyssa chuckled inwardly as she watched Lily struggle with the door. If Aly was the one who had more trouble with her legs giving up under her, it seemed when it came to fitting into places, Lily had even harder time than she. When her massive friend sat on the divan on Aly's left side, she couldn't help smiling as she watched her fill practically the whole seat with her massive, blubbery thighs and butt.

"Yeah, I hope they carry my size...whatever it might be", Alyssa replied with a slightly cynical smirk on her face. Not many stores could serve her anymore. Some just didn't carry bras with a band size big enough to fit around her massive, blubberous torso, especially with all the back fat she had developed (she had three rolls of fat hanging in her back as well), some didn't have cups big enough to contain the massive, fat-filled sacks of breast flesh she possessed. Most stores fell short in both aspects. But they had to try their luck, because Aly had outgrown her current set of bra already dozen pounds ago, and it would be only a matter of time when she would burst out of it. And walking around braless with a rack like this was simply impossible.

While they were still catching their breath, a shop assistant hurried over, a petite, somewhat curvy girl with blonde hair and freckles. "Good morning. How can I be of assistance?", the girl asked, and Alyssa rolled her eyes. Or at least felt like rolling.

Lily managed to catch her breath some, hand pressed to her chest, her boob oozing over her plump arm. She looked the assistant over, remembering that once, not too long ago, she was her size. Now, she was several of her put together thanks to her constant binging.

"Yes, my friend here is looking for some new bras and I'm looking for some bottoms, boy shorts if you carry them." Lily answered the girl politely. She didn't even ask about size, she'd know soon enough because like Alys, nearly every store they went to didn't have bottoms big enough to contain her jiggly mass. But that was badly needed - without some support, she would jiggle herself mad till she fell. Her skin was still flushed from the effort she had to put in just carrying all this fat into the store and from her short struggle with the door. She had gotten to used to the doors at home which could accommodate her and the safety bars they had installed. None of these things being in the store made her realize just how out of shape she and her friend were and how dependent of aids they were becoming.

Both women were surprised when the girl looked them over and without even blinking, replied cheerfully: "We most certainly do. There is a good selection of sizes in the back of the store, I will meet you there when are ready."

Well, at least the clerk had the decency to give them time to rest before getting up again. Her hips swaying (supple, but still anorexic compared to these two), the little woman hurried to the back corner of the room, leaving Alyssa gaze at Lily somewhat dumbfounded.

"You think they really carry your...size?", Aly asked, a teasing smirk emerging on her lips as she shamelessly gazed at the breadth of Lily's massive hips. Sure enough, back at their place, they had had all the doors widened some time ago, so she would have it easier to pass through. "I guess there's only one way to find out", Alyssa answered her own question and leaning forward, opened her legs even more, allowing her belly to hang freely between there. With slow heave, back and forth, she built momentum while the couch under her creaked ominously. With one hard push, the red-haired woman was on her feet, a slightly surprised, triumphant expression on her round face. "Need a hand there?", she asked, looking down at Lily.

Meanwhile, Lily was in the process of sliding herself forward on the couch when Alyssa offered to help and she wasn't too proud to accept and so she held out her arms and took hold of Alyssa to help herself up, no easy feat to get that enormous ass up. She collided with her friend's front and nearly knocked her down, quickly grabbing the others flab to keep them both standing. She blew between her lips to get a stray strand of hair out of her face

"That was close..." she muttered quietly before ever so slowly waddling after the assistant, still amazed at the girl's response, she expected a quick sorry and a look that said please leave now but this was a nice surprise.

As she followed her friend, Alyssa felt her heart racing, not simply out of the sheer effort of helping Lily up, but also from the close call with their balance. It was not something they talked about, and it was clear that falling over would be a bad, bad thing for either of them. The impact itself would probably break some bones, and getting up - especially with some bones broken! - would be hard or impossible to do.

Resuming her slightly back-bent stance, Alyssa followed Lily to the back of the store where the shop assistant they had seen earlier was folding some tops, offering a kind smile to them yet giving the two some time to browse through the selection on their own.

"Lily, I think they might actually have our sizes", she whispered, looking at the plaques on the wall, signifying what size could be found where. Finally Alyssa parked herself in front of one of the racks, and started rummaging through it. A moment later she pulled out a selection of lingerie - each of them with cups that resembled parachutes. But they were not only big, they looked good as well - lace, colour, not the kind of things your grandma would be wearing. "Lily? I think I'll go try these on", Alyssa said, glancing around to see where her bottom-heavy friend had gone.

Lily saw the items her friend picked and whistled at the size of those things and how well made they were. When she saw a display with bottoms, lacy things and thongs and boyshorts, she waddled over to it and picked up one pair, unfolding them. At first glance one would think she was unfolding a sheet but when she held it up to her lower belly, pinning it to her extra wide hips with her fingers, they would see really really large boy shorts.

"Oooh look at this Alys!" Lily exclaimed, posing by putting her weight on one leg then the other. She giggled like a kid in a candy shop and grabbed a few more pairs, some with lace and even ones made from silk and see-thru-fabrics.

"They are definitely you", Alyssa giggled, already entering the fitting room (which, probably purposefully, had a very wide door, a good, sturdy bench and even a railing in the wall in case a customer would need it).

Putting on and taking off a bra at her size was not an easy task, nor a very graceful one - among other things simply because her arms were so thick it was hard to wiggle them through the straps. But finally she managed to close the clasps and pour her massive bosom into the cups of her bra. Not bad, not bad at all - the woman throught. This one was pure white, which made a nice contrast with the fiery red hair of hers.

Pushing open the door, she waddled on the other side, a joyful expression adorning her round face. “Well, what do you say?” Leaning back, Aly's portruding belly sat in front of her, a majestic display of boundless gluttony. And above it, hanging low even in this steel-reinforced underwire bra, her gigantic tits, swaying gently with each laborous breath she took.

As Alyssa admired herself from the mirror, Lily came out of her own booth, still in her jeans which were unbuttoned and unzipped. She smiled at Alyssa and whistled.

"Wow that one really fits well." she said, motioning for the assistant. "Ah yes... could you help me? I seem to uh be stuck..." Lily reached under her belly, pushing the flab with her forearms and tugs at her jeans to show she was having major trouble getting her morbidly obese self out of them.

The assistant smiled and helped her tug her jeans down, leaving Lily standing there, her ass pouring out of way too tight undies, her flesh oozing out of every seam. She went back to her booth and managed, with great effort and no little grunting, to get the lace boy shorts up and over her enormous rear. Bending over and lifting her legs had gotten nearly impossible as she got bigger but manage she did. Coming back out she turned to show the panties perfectly framing and lifting the mass of cellulite behind her and to her surprise, even her belly could fit in them, lifting it up too. Lily hadn't felt support like this in almost forever.

Now it was Aly's turn to give an approving whistle. "Very good", she said, waddling over, her now fully visible breasts swaying left and right with each clumsy step, in rhythm with the flabby gut that jiggled as her thighs pushed against it.

"Hmm..hmm..seems to fit quite well", Alyssa said, not at all shy to go over and start tugging the waistband of Lily's shorts. "And", she added, glancing first at the size tag, and then at the rack where she had found these, "it seems this is not even the largest pair. That's a comforting notion...should you by any chance need a larger size later on." A playful slap on Lily’s ass made her massive rear ripple as Alyssa signaled her approval.

"I think you've found your match. What do you say, let's grab what we can carry and head over to that buffet behind the corner? I think there's reason to celebrate."

Sure, there was reason to celebrate...but looking at the two, almost anyone would say their way of celebrating was getting out of control. Even now, the joyful expression on Aly's face was hampered by the constant burning feel in her hips and knees, and she was constantly rubbing the muscles in her lower back - as much as she could reach - because of the massive weight this woman had to carry in front of her. If the two wouldn't stop their 'celebrations' soon, Alyssa wouldn't be walking much longer.

Lily smiled smiled at Alyssa’s comment and wiggled her jiggly rear before turning to the assistant. "I'll take them all and these too." she said, snapping the waistband of those she wore and went back in to get her jeans back on. They seemed to slide over her massive globes easier now but still, her heavy apron belly would never allow her to zip them up, so she pushed the top of her panties down to let her belly flow out so she can button and zip herself up. Coming out, carrying all she wanted to buy, taking a few xxxxl tank tops too on the way to the cash register.

“This went much better than I expected”, Alyssa said with a triumphant, relieved smile as the two left the store, heading towards the buffet.
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Ulysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesUlysses can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

VII Encounter in the buffet

The months passed and the two women became even more deeply entrenched in their gluttonous lifestyle. One night they would head out to indulge themselves at one of the best buffets in the city.

With passing time, Lily’s troubles seemed to grow together with her body. She was now tipping the scales at a whopping 700 pounds. Beneath the tight mini dress she wore, her insanely fat ass was stretching the fabric so much she was barely decent unless she wore black panties to match her skirt. Her thighs oozed and folded over her knees, yet her belly had grown even more. However, the massive paunch was held up thanks to her control top underwear; the downside being that she now had massive folds seeming to defy gravity, which were sure to catch everyone’s attention. Her enormous breasts splayed themselves over her gut. Her whole body slightly wobbled and jiggled even when she stood still, but it was almost hypnotic when she moved. That didn’t happen fast or far, for at her weight, getting around was becoming increasingly hard. When she waddled onwards, her massive butt cheeks would swivel, even her tent like dress couldn't hide the sheer amount of cellulite and fat that had accumulated there. Lily held tightly on to Alyssa’s massive arm with her own, her bicep fat hanging down and flapping as she moved. She was holding on to her not really looking support herself, but because she knew her friend could barely keep her balance anymore without some help.

Indeed, the pair that entered the Wealthy Joe's Buffet Lounge was quite similar in body weight, but otherwise there was difference. Alyssa was six inches taller, and compared to a well-tanned Lily, she had fair, almost pale skin which, through constant exhaustion, was more or less ruddy now. Her fiery red hair created a striking combination with the whiteness of her dress, whereas Lily's darker mane blended perfectly with her black attire. However, when it came to gluttonous appetite, both women were equal in their insatiability.

Alyssa carried a walking stick in her left hand and, firmly squeezing Lily's hand, rejoiced in the support her friend provided on her right. She was now past 750 pounds, and rarely left their house anymore - it was simply becoming too much work for her to move around. Her white, stretchy dress did a wonderful job in keeping her figure somehow in place, but still it was visible to anyone how massively obese she had gotten. Her belly had caught up with the rest of her, a massive, swollen globe of fat sitting just under her breast. Aly's boobs reached down halfway to her pelvis - or would have reached, had there not been her belly to keep them up. Every motion made the massive mounds of breast fat slosh around in her industrial-sized bra that only barely managed to harness their exceeding voluptuousness. Aly had developed quite a shelf butt which - even though small compared to Lily's massive rear - jiggled with each step. Hidden under her dress were thick thighs which were rubbing together all the way down to her knees. Her ankles were buried under folds of fat, and the fat folds of her calves almost brushed the floor as she walked, short step following another.

"Alright Lily..I think...we made it...", Alyssa said, her speech slow because the woman was now so out of breath simply from walking from the door to where the two were standing now.

Before Lily could comment, the maitredee came along and stood shocked at seeing both of these gargantuan woman. Lily gave their names and the man stopped gaping and shook himself visibly to regain his composure

"Right this way ladies..." he said, gesturing the obese couple to follow him.

Lily tugged at Aly's arm as they very, very slowly waddled after him, jiggling like twin mountains of jello. The distance from the door to their table was not more than few dozen feet, but that was enough to make Alyssa pant and gasp for air.

At their table, she helped Alyssa sit down, using her hands to try and push the other's fat belly and breasts in. When she was finally helped to her seat (or actually seats, for Alyssa required two now - Lily had three), the red-haired, morbidly obese woman looked pale and she swept, with slightly trembling hand, sweat off her brow.

Opposite to Alyssa, Lily finally managed to slide her gigantic ass into the seat which appeared to become tiny when she sat on it. She wiped sweat from her forehead and gulped for air, making her massive chest bounce and her belly flab push at the table and flow onto it even more than it already was. She waved her chubby hand in front of her face to fan herself which of course made her biceps wiggle and bounce wildly. Between pants, she waved the waitress over and the two ordered their drinks.

Luckily for Alyssa, the table was slightly higher than you'd expect, which meant there was room under there for her belly. When Lily had helped her to sit, her hands had practically disappeared under the folds and rolls of her blubbery midriff. But what she could see from her position, Lily had trouble as well, her thighs especially having a hard time fitting anywhere under the table.

"Did you tell the maitredee that we need help with getting our portions?", Alyssa said after she had caught her breath. A smirk crept on her lips. "You know, were there not these very helpful people around us...we'd be finally forced to slow down with our eating", she stated in a laconic manner, a slight tease twinkling in her eyes.

Lily covered her mouth as she giggled, her double chin jiggling. She gave Aly a knowing wink: “I made sure when I made the reservations."

But Lily had to agree, their excesses had rendered them nearly helpless and yet she did not want to stop - or rather couldn't. She had tried to reduce her portions and control herself but her belly demanded more, more and always more, until she thought she would go crazy if she wouldn’t give in. That just made things worse because then she would gorge even more to make up for the very short period of fasting.

The waiter came back with their drinks. Lily immediately took a big gulp of hers to wet her parched throat. All that walking (dozen foot waddle) had made her feel as if she had sweated her body dry. The waiter asked if they were ready to order.

"Yes, bring a plate of pasta with meat sauce, some pork chops, a plate of mashed potatoes and some of those fried cheese sticks" Lily said and the waiter turned to leave, only to be stopped by her stern demand: "Wait, my friend hasn't ordered yet!" Lily couldn’t help smirking as the waiter froze in midstride.

The look on the skinny, uptight woman's face was priceless, but Alyssa managed to suppress the snide remarks that were surfacing in her mind. "Yes, I would go for a shrimp cocktail...no, let's make five of them", she began, reading the menu but glancing from the corner of her eyes to see the waiter's shocked expression. "A nacho salad with extra cheese and beef strips for starters, then I guess I have a whole duck and a dish of lamb chops for main course, with fries, thank you...", Alyssa explained, closing the menu.

"And I think we'll get back to dessert later, have to see how it goes", she said, flashing a charming grin to the waiter who retreated now out of the room, scribbling desperately their orders while trying to get out before one of the women with wolf-like appetites would devour her. It was a lot of food - even for Alyssa.

Lily managed to hide another fit of giggles behind her hand as the waiter leaves. When the food arrived, she tore into each plate, mixing them together, taking a bite from one then another then going back in a frenzy. Eating seemed to be the only time Lily ever moved fast, her hands almost became a blur as she shoveled forkful after forkful into her greedy mouth. She wouldn't even take a break to moan her pleasure at how good everything was, her chins shook as she chewed and her chest heaved and jiggled on top of her enormous belly as she ate with the reckless hunger of a starving woman. Her chestnut brown eyes held a fiery gleam in them as if she was competing in a sport that demanded her full attention. In a flurry of arm flab she stuffed herself. After all, it had been full four hours since her last snack!

It seemed Lily ate with frenzied enthusiasm, the sheer gluttonous desire driving her onwards. Alyssa, on the other hand, was more orderly, almost disciplined in her over-eating. She cut her meal into right-sized portions and worked effectively with her fork, a bite after a bite after a bite disappearing into that seemingly insatiable mouth. If Lily was a berserker with fury for her food, Alyssa was a cold, precise fighter, making every stab of her fork and cut of her knife count. The women went through several plates before they slowed down enough to converse. At this point, Alyssa had already destroyed most of the fatty, crispy duck, grease smearing her lips.

It was no secret that not only did Aly eat way too much, she also ate all the wrong kinds of foods. Anything with salt, saturated fat and sugar was her thing, and she honestly didn't know which would give up sooner: her heart or her legs. Aly's belly was now pushing hard against the luckily sturdy table of theirs, and - holding a part of a duck in her hand - the colossal woman leaned back a bit, sighing. "Pretty good stuff, don't you think, Lily my dear?"

Lily polished off her plate of mashed potatoes and leaned back, her own tremendous back fat oozing over the chair. Licking her lips she gave Alyssa a smile and just as she was about to answer she heard a voice calling her name.

"Oh my god! Lily is that you!? Look at you!", the voice called.

Lily turned her head and it was her old high school cheerleader co-captain, the same woman who had taken her fiance. Lily's cheeks suddenly became bright red with shame, she was used to people at work seeing her like this and Aly…and complete strangers didn't bother her; but this woman had known the skinny Lily before she was buried in all this blubber.

"Uh... Hi Lucy... yeah it's me..." Lily mumbled, suddenly feeling like just a big fat whale. That she of course was, but had never been so clear as it was at this moment. The woman came over, she was as skinny as she was in high school and twice as arrogant, like Lily had once been.

"Oh my god and who's that with you? Aly? Fatty Aly? Well I'm not surprised YOU turned into such a porker but how about you, Lily? What on Earth happened to you? You're such a pig now, look at you!”, the skinny bitch triumphed. If possible, Lily’s face became even redder but not just in shame but in anger at what the other woman had said about Aly.

At this point Alyssa was filled with duck breast, broccoli, lamb and shrimp and all such good things, and there was much more to have. And she would not allow some skinny, up-tight bitch ruin her appetite. Sure enough, when the woman had first entered, she had felt pretty much the same way as Lily. To their luck, even though they still lived in the same town where they had gone to high school, they had very, very rarely seen any of their old class mates. Up until now - and the one who showed up had been probably the meanest, skinniest and most popular little whore in the whole school - or that's at least what Aly had grumbled under her breath all those times she and her gang had verbally assaulted their chubbier classmate.

Had this woman directly gone against Alyssa, she might have reverted back to her submissive role, learned in those vulnerable teen years. But the fact that she concentrated on Lily meant that Aly could gather herself and ask with a voice that actually wasn't chilling or angry, but just neutral, stoic, her tone alone telling how insignificant this petty little bitch was to her. "Lily my dear, even with all the wrinkles, I do think I remember this somewhat...modest woman", Alyssa said, casting a shameless glance at the woman's chest which sported probably C-cup breasts. A good size for a normal person, but compared to these two...

What Alyssa asked, made Lily smile and gave her the moment she needed to gather herself. Quickly she tapped into her own bitchiness, her only real skill from high school. She sniffed loudly and turned to Aly: "I think that's Lucy? It's hard to tell though." She gave her former cheerleader companion her very best sneer. "It's good to see you Lucy dear but you're interrupting, don't you have anything else you should be doing? Like keeping your eye on your husband, I do believe I see him flirting over there with our waitress?" Lily said, pointing back over Lucy's shoulder with one chubby finger. The girl had always been paranoid and she looked over and saw Lily's ex in fact talking with a waitress. Lucy ran to yell at him and tug his arm so they can leave.

Turning to Aly, Lily grinned. "That... that was fun" she said, letting out a giggle and resting her hands on her magnificant belly.

Alyssa burst into laughter as she saw the two storm out of the restaurant. "That was more than fun, that was spectacular", Alyssa laughed, her breasts wobbling as her chest moved with delight.

"But to be honest, I'm a bit surprised she recognized you so easily, I mean, it's been years and well, she is right - you have gained so much weight. As have I", Alyssa said, grinning as she squeezed her own rotund belly in turn. "But I gotta say, I love it this way. Although...", she said, a slightly wistful smile on her face appearing for a moment, then disappearing, chased away by her customary cheerfulness.

"Now, I think before we were interrupted, that duck leg had something important business with me", Aly chuckled, reaching over to grab a piece of bird. And that was when they heard it - first a faint, barely noticeable, then a long, ripping sound. Alyssa blushed as her hand flew to her side where the seam of her dress had given up and soft, doughy white blubber was oozing out.

Lily couldn't keep herself from giggling at Aly's misfortune, she tried to get up to help but found herself stuck in her chair, the combination of her massive rear and enormous belly kept her sitting down. The effort of trying to get up made her jiggle and slosh like a great big water balloon.

"Stop that", Alyssa cried when Lily burst into giggles, she herself desperately trying to contain her own laughter. Aly could feel the place where the dress had ripped, but with all the boob and upper belly rolls in the way, it was hard for her to actually see it. "This isn't funny, you know", she said, trying suppress her own fit of giggles at the same time.

Then Lily managed to get up, although it took quite some effort to move her 700 pounds of blubber even a few inches with her arms, the effort made her arm flab tremble but finally she made it and heaved herself up, windmilling to stay up. She got to her friend's side to inspect the damage, meaning she had to bend over which pushed her humongous belly out from the sides and suddenly another loud rip can be heard. It was Lily’s own dress which had split, revealing her gigantic control top panties and a soft, huge upper belly roll for all to see. She blushed and tried to cover herself as she stood quickly but her hands had no chance to hide that much flab which spilled out of her poor dress.

Now it was Aly’s turn to laugh. "Oh dear, it seems we need to make another trip to Angelique's soon...", the obese redhead laughed, grabbing a white - still miraculously clean and unused - napkin and placing that over the ripped part of her dress.

"Well, now there's room to breathe...and eat some more", she stated, trying to relieve the situation with some humour while she reached for the said duck leg and brought it to her lips. Before taking a bite, though, she reached for a cup of garlic butter and scooped a handsome serving of fat over the already fatty duck leg. If one didn't know better, it would seem like Alyssa was going through trouble trying to eat as unhealthily as possible

Lily laughed as well and shrugged her shoulders which made her ripple and jiggle even more, widening the rip in her dress even more. She gave up on trying to hide it and just sat back down, making the chair groan under her as it valiantly tried to support the super obese pear. She waved their waitress over.

"Could you wheel the dessert tray over please." Lily said, still having giggle fits over their common situation. Where Aly preferred fatty foods, Lily had a huge sweet tooth so she awaited the dessert cart eagerly, rubbing her hands together in anticipation, her exposed blubbery side nearly forgotten, she was addicted to food, there was no more denying it now if there ever was a time she could have denied it. Indeed, addicted was a strong word, but probably the most accurate to describe the relationship these two had with food. For example Alyssa, at this point. didn't eat merely because she liked food - nor because she liked the sensation of feeling stuffed to the point of bursting. Alyssa ate because she had to - if she didn't eat, she was suffering. Which didn't mean that eating would have lost its joy, not at all! The bigger she got, the deeper she sunk into gluttony and the more she dared to enjoy eating.

By the time the dessert cart laden with all kinds of sweet, creamy things was pushed over, Alyssa had gone through seconds, thirds and fourths and was frankly quite stuffed, her breathing now shallow panting since her over-filled stomach left too little room for her lungs to operate. And still she continued to eat - perhaps even herself wondering how long she could keep up lifestyle such as this. But now was not the time for second thoughts, she decided, signaling to the waiter to bring her a cup of coffee to go with the dessert.

"Now, now...the first bite. Let's savour it - what shall you have, Lily?", Alyssa asked, glancing to the morbidly obese pear on her left.

Lily pondered a moment, tapping a finger on her double chin. "I'll have.... some of that chocolate cake oh and some of angel food cake oh and pecan pie with whipped cream and uh... oh strawberry cheese cake and dump that vanilla ice cream on everything" she said, excited like a child, a very very very overweight child granted.

Lily’s huge apron belly, with all its layers of fat still couldn't hide the bulge of her stomach, her belly now being stuffed to the max. And yet she ordered enough dessert to feed five people! She took up her fork and cut herself off a big piece from her slice of chocolate cake and held it up in salute before gobbling it down with a contented sigh. Her other hand was beneath the table kneading and fondling one of her enormous belly rolls, making it slap on her humongous thunder thighs once in a while just cause she liked the feeling as she ate, pausing only to take a gulp of milk before attacking her desserts once again.

"You can have all of them as your first bite", Alyssa laughed as her dark-haired friend went through her list of delicacies. During their time together, Alyssa had indeed learned to realize what Lily's sweet tooth meant. It seemed she went almost a bit crazy whenever chocolate was around - which amused Alyssa enormously. Even though Alyssa was almost ready to pop after her main course, she still bravely loaded a plate with pancakes, drenched in syrup, topped with big lumps of vanilla ice cream. "Enjoy!", she saluted, but it was too late - Lily was already shoveling in some cake. Alyssa felt practically glued to her seat, and a fleeting, worried thought about getting up later on crossed her mind. The two of them were big eaters, but never had they eaten this much - not until now. Nodding gratefully to the waiter who delivered her coffee, Alyssa also ordered a double cognac, "to help with my digestion", she said to Lily. "Would you care for any?"

At Alyssa’s proposal, Lily stopped shoveling more sweets down her maw for a moment and shrugged, giggling. "Yeah, sure, I think I went a little overboard tonight." A little? she thought, sheesh, she had never eaten so much in one sitting and she felt so full. But oddly, more cake wend down. Finally she leaned back and placed her hands on her bulging, pregnant looking stomach and began to rub it in small circles.

Alyssa, a bit slower eater, was still finishing her last piece of apple pie when the drinks came, and raising the glass to toast, she simply stated: "To changes in life, attitudes, and farewell to bitchy high school queens." Without waiting for Lily's response, Alyssa took a sip from her drink, feeling how the strong liquor cleaned her taste buds. "Hmm. Hits the spot", she mumbled, placing down the glass and leaning back, the tops of her breasts bulging out of her dress, pushed up by her stuffed belly. "I think we both went a bit overboard tonight. I think we've been going a bit overboard for the last four months", Alyssa said, a slightly more serious tone in her voice, but broad, warm smile still lighting her face.

Lily took a sip from her own drink and nodded, growing serious after the toast. "She was right about one thing though... look at us? We can barely move ten feet without wheezing for half an hour. And even with Angelique's we're going through clothes in a matter of weeks..." but she did smile finally."But... I don't think I could stop now... even if I wanted to, which I don't." Lily explained, poking her finger into her belly, watching her finger sink in to the last knuckle. "We got used to being fat and I think we'll get used to this too and eating like this is just too much fun to give up and be miserable like we were, forcing ourselves to the gym, denying ourselves, which didn't work last time anyway", the obese pear tried to explain, holding up her glass and saluting once again. "Aly, my friend, we are screwed no matter what! So bring on the food I say and to hell with everything else."

Hah, the lack of alternatives. We just had to. I had to. The excuses most readily used. Sure enough, going to the gym had been boring and being forced to eat salad was no fun, but it hadn't been that bad. But when you are 750 pounds, too fat to even move, filled to the brim with good food...those things seem like a distant, dark past.

"I think we can hold it for granted that with the way we're going, we are not getting any slimmer in the coming months", Alyssa said, trailing her finger along the edge of her glass, as if she was about to say something but hesitated. "Do you think we need to make some reservations? Preparations for...what's coming? I - eh...no matter how much I love going out to eat like this", Alyssa said, glancing at Lily and shrugging a bit, "I don't know how long I'll be able to." And then, adding with a chuckle: "besides, I'll bet you ten dollars they're banning us after tonight"

Lily answered with a giggle and a nod. "I think we should, we barely made it here anyway, I'm not getting any slimmer either but what if we can't move anymore?" she asked quite seriously because they were heading that way at breakneck speed at this rate. But the idea had also certain appeal to it and she found herself imagining them side by side, pinned down, eating and loving it. With that thought in mind, her hand went to her belly and began to rub again, up and down, making her rolls sway and collide.

"Well, I can work from my home", Alyssa said, taking another piece of pecan pie and absent-mindedly eating it while she spoke. "Plus, I have some money coming later in the summer from a lucky investment I made few years ago. So financially I think we'll be okay", Alyssa said. It felt natural for her to think that the two of them were in this together, and as such, the financial burden would be shared together.

"I've actually looked into it a bit already, the city has a program to help people who are not actually ill per ce, and thus can stay at home, but who need help with things for one reason or another", she went on to explain. "So it means we would get some help from the city, probably someone coming over every now and then to check on things."

Now, what they were thinking about, of course, was immobility due to obesity. Alyssa didn't say the word, but she had to agree with Lily - it was what the two of them were heading towards. "I guess no matter how horrid the idea sounds, we need to go see a doctor soon. Just to check on things", Alyssa confessed - or merely whispered. She didn't like the idea, but her reason told her that skipping it would be incredibly stupid.

Lily listened to Aly speak, nodding for approval. “Definitely need a check up now, I don't know how long we'll still be able to make the trip." She was nibbling, quite unconsciously at a piece of pie as well which only went to prove her point about having to decide soon. "I can quit my job, I can barely do it anymore plus I still have my trust fund so between us we should be fine." her free hand was still fondling her belly absently a habit she seemed to have adopted when pondering things especially when it concerned their size.
"And if at all possible, we should try to stay as healthy as possible. I mean, we have a pool back home, we can use that", Alyssa added.

Of course it wouldn't happen, and she semi-consciously knew it already. When she would succumb to being bed-bound or at least shut-in because of her weight, there would be no more walking than absolutely necessary, and definitely no swimming or lifting weights or anything like that.

"But anyways, it sounds like we're all clear", Alyssa said, crossing her arms over her massive bust, her upper arms thicker than normal woman's thigh. "Anything else we need to consider?", she asked, reaching for another piece of pie. As she did so, her face got red - well, more red than usual! - and a troubled expression came upon her face. Alyssa swallowed hard, as if experiencing some degree of pain.

Lily was about to answer when Aly's expression changed and she suddenly grew worried, leaning forward suddenly, pushing her fat against the table to reach her friend. "Are you alright Aly? What's wrong?" Concern heavy in her tone, she bit her lower lip worriedly thinking her friend was having an attack of some sort. Lily called out for help and got up, for once with no effort since adrenaline was fueling her muscles. She hurried to her friend, one hand on her back and the other holding her arm, griping pretty tight, her fingers sinking into the other girl's blubber.

Still flinching from pain, Alyssa bravely managed to chuckle a bit - an almost genuine little laugh escaping her lips. "Stop fussing Lily, I'm alright, it's just my back...it's so stiff and I guess when I reached for that piece of cake it...well, you know...", Alyssa said, leaning back against her chair, her face now slightly pale and beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Her breathing was quick and slightly shallow and honestly speaking, Aly didn't look terribly well.

"Plus I think I overdid myself a bit tonight...I probably should have left that last pecan pie unfinished", she explained, rubbing the side of her tummy where she could reach it past her gigantic breasts. Gazing up at Lily, she gave a slightly weary smile and, squeezed her hand, her eyes telling about the gratitude she felt. Together they would manage.

Lily sighed with obvious relief and her body sagged, suddenly exhausted. She started massaging her friend's back with one hand and as the waitress came over she said: "We'll take the check and could someone call a cab for us and help us out please?" Lily turned back to her friend and kept rubbing her back. "I think we should head home, you really don't look well." She brushed hair out of Aly's face, still looking worried for her.

"Yeah, I think we're done. Besides, we can continue with the nightcap back home", Alyssa agreed, a somewhat more relieved smile creeping on her lips. It was indeed time for them to get home. And almost not realizing it, Alyssa kept nibbling all the time until a waiter came to announce their cab was there.

They had to give them credit, Alyssa later said to Lily, the two strong waiters who helped them to the car were really the epitome of good service. It still wasn't an easy walk for either of them, and Alyssa especially was ready to faint more than once. She had not realized how much she had eaten, and as such, even the smallest movement hurt her tight-pressed tummy. Finally at the back of their cab, she reached for the back of her dress and undid the zipper half-way down, giving some room for her to breathe. "That was fun. We need to do this more often", she giggled.

Lily took her own place inside the cab, the rear axel grinding at their combined weight. She barely noticed since she was looking at her friend, she gave the driver the address and the car pulled off, their combined blubber jiggling as they moved. She did giggle at Alyssa’s comment. "Yeah we should, those guys were great sports helping us get to the cab like that hehe." she leaned against her seat, just now noticing how cramped they were, her own hips taking up most of the space and even oozing over Aly's in an attempt to accomodate themselves.

That was the last time they went to that restaurant, but it was perhaps just a beginning to a new phase of gluttony in their life.
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mr1311 has said some nice things

Absolutely stunning! I hope you will keep it up.
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Originally Posted by mr1311 View Post
Absolutely stunning! I hope you will keep it up.
There's still a couple episodes left, I will try to find time to soon edit them into a more readable form. Glad to hear you like it!
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I really love this
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VIII Dr. Burke

After their night at the restaurant, it still took more than six weeks until the women had built up enough courage to actually go see a doctor. Using a wheel-chair felt too humiliating to Alyssa, so the red-head - now approaching 800 pounds – demanded Lily to allow her to walk from their car to the clinic door. At half-way through the parking lot she had already changed her mind, but pride prevented her from stopping. When the large double doors finally slid open, welcoming the two of them into quiet, calm and especially air conditioned lobby, Alyssa was already worn out and panting from exhaustion, scanning around for a place to sit. She had not told Lily - didn't want to worry her - but that night at the restaurant...her back had been just fine. Perhaps waddling across the parking lot was her way to try proving to the world that she was just overweight, nothing else - that she was just as fine otherwise.

Few steps inside, Alyssa felt the soft carpet under her tired feet and sighed with happiness. "Since you phoned her earlier, maybe it's best you go talk with the clerk", Alyssa said, reaching over and sinking her tubby fingers into Lily's massive arm. "I'll wait here, ok?"

Lily had followed her friend inside, still dreading this visit, knowing what she was most likely going to be told. The passing weeks hadn't been kind to her figure either, she was now well over 700; their scale was no longer able to even tell her the correct numbers but she could tell from how tight her clothes had gotten. Besides the shortness of breath she got when she moved or the dizzy spells from exertion, she felt pretty good for someone as enormously fat as she was.

Once they got inside, Lily helped Alyssa into a seat which was clearly not made to hold her girth, yet she still managed to squeeze her terribly obese friend into it. She pondered whether to sit down for a second herself, but her hips would never let her – she was almost as wide at the hips as she was tall now. Lily just nodded to Alyssa’s proposal and waddled slowly to the desk, her truly massive rear swaying and shifting as she took slow, careful steps.

"Yes, we have an appointment for 2" she said, giving their names before the nurse told them to wait for someone to get them.
When arranging the appointment, Lily had - partly because Aly asked for it - made sure the two of them would be received at the same time. That was actually the hospital's policy in their case as well - they had only one room with furniture and examination table built to hold their weight, which meant, strictly speaking, they wouldn't be allowed to make the other wait in the lobby - the chairs there would not hold her.

It didn't take long for the doctor to come, apparently he had cleared some time in his schedule for this. "Ah, it's...Alyssa and...Lily?", he said, a rather young man, but also looking confident and professional. "Could you follow me? Do you require assistance?" he said, turning and waiting for the two massively obese women to follow.

"Nah, I'm good", Alyssa replied, a brave smile on her lips. With Lily's help, she got up and the two slowly followed in suite. Alyssa made a quick note about how wide the door was, clearly made for people with scooters or wheel chairs or such. "Are you nervous?" she whispered to Lily, squeezing her hand reassuringly while flashing a grin to her.

Lily nodded, helping Alyssa along at her own slow pace, puffing with each step. "I'm terrified... how about you? Is your back okay?" Lily answered. She was perhaps naive, still thinking that it was only Aly's back that was bothering her; of course the massive melons she carried were a good excuse to believe so.

"My back is hanging in there", Alyssa replied, grinning broadly, yet exhaustion slightly hampering her smile. "We'll get through this together. At least this didn't come as a surprise to them...and this clinic was highly recommended by others in our situation", Alyssa whispered back.

"Alright ladies, come on in and take a seat", the man said. "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself, I'm Doctor Burke", their doctor introduced, staying to hold open the door for them.

Waddling inside the examination room, Alyssa immediately headed for a sturdy bench - which actually was a concrete block - and sat down with a sigh.

"Alright, Alyssa, if it's okay with you, we'll go through Lily first. Lily, could you please undress and then step on the scale for starters? So we'll know where we are going now", Dr. Burke said, nodding to the corner where a large plate on the floor acted as a scale.

Lily chewed at her lower lip and stripped to her undies, letting everything hang out. Her face flushed bright red, she hadn't been this undressed with a man present since her ex, and back then she weighed so much less. Lily waddled slowly and stepped on the scale. She had her hands clasped in front of her over her belly, her enormous boobs flowed over them, even in Aly's older wire meshed bra. Once again her belly had to hang free and down to her knees because her poor panties just couldn't take anymore stuffed into them, having more than enough trouble as they stretched over the nearly four feet from hip to hip. Her thighs had no changed much, the folds at her knees were maybe slightly larger, so were her calves having long since developed into cankles. She closed her eyes dreading the number the scale was going to show.

"Alright, it's 722 pounds", Doctor Burke said casually, as if merely stating: "It's raining outside". "Lily, can you go sit on that chair over there", he said, nodding to a sturdy seat by the door. "A nurse will come soon to take your blood sample and check your blood pressure. And Alyssa, you can start undressing as well, we'll weigh you next", the physician said casually, writing some figures on her pad, then chuckling a bit. "I'm sorry ladies, I just think we should get the numbers and such cleared first, then we have some info we can use later on. I know it may feel a bit unpersonal, but it's pretty standard to start like this", he explained, looking over his glasses first at Lily, then at Alyssa - the latter who had now managed to get up and was reaching over her tits and belly, searching for the zipper so she could open the pants and get on the scale as well. Her sweater top gone already, Alyssa's massive melons were there for all to see, harnessed by a sturdy bra that had more letters than you thought possible. But even so, the moridly obse red-head was spilling out of her lingerie.

"Sure, doc, just give me a sec", Alyssa said, finally reaching the button and freeing herself from the confinement of her pants and stepping to the scale.

Meanwhile Lily was lost in her thoughts. The pear-shaped woman was shocked at the numbers and struck speechless, 722 pounds... she was enormous. The number kept turning inside her head as she stepped off the scale and waddled over just to drop herself on the large sturdy seat which for the first in recent memory was a seat that she wasn't spilling over and didn't groan alarmingly. She waited for the nurse, absently playing with her belly.

As Lily pondered her weight, the doctor stepped back to give room for Alyssa to waddle to the scale, and then wrote on his pad." 770 pounds for you Miss." he said in the same matter of fact tone as if he saw people this huge everyday which for all they knew, he did. "I'll be back in a few minutes after the nurse is done with you." he said and left the room

Alyssa wasn’t as shocked as Lily had been with the numbers. After 700, it had started to feel somewhat insignificant what the scale said anymore. But nonetheless, 770 pounds was hellova lot of blubber on her. Waddling to the opposing seat by the door, she gave guilty grin to Lily. "720 huh? You're not exactly skinny anymore, you know...", Alyssa joked, shrugging her shoulders. It was enormous weight, and her own - fifty pounds more than that - was even worse. But humor was a way to cope with difficult situations, and that's what she tried now.

Lily blushed at Aly's comment and nodded." Yeah... seems like just yesterday I was freaking out at being 210 pounds and now look at me." She grabbed a hand full of belly flab and gave it a shake to further underline how massive she had gotten.

"I hope the nurse has a tourniquet big enough to fit you and me", Alyssa added, glancing at Lily's massive upper arms, and when she had said that the nurse stepped in. She was a middle-aged woman, quite plump actually but nothing even near their weight. "I do, don't worry, ladies", the nurse said, a cheerful answer to Aly's comment that she obviously had heard. "Now, let's get your blood pressure taken and then we'll take a sample and send it to the laboratory. It'll take no more than maybe fifteen minutes and then Doctor Burke will be back with the results", the chubby nurse explained.

Lily offered her arm to the plump nurse who quickly tied a tourniquet around her big flabby bicep. The strap was almost completely engulfed by her fat, and now her lower arm looked like two flaps of skin and blubber hanging. The nurse took her blood sample and then her blood pressure even measuring her belly mass for a reason that was beyond Lily. Yet submissively she allowed herself to be probed and prodded.

When the nurse was done with Lily she moved to take care of Alyssa - first taking the blood pressure, then blood samples, quite normal procedures. She did, however, hold Alyssa's breasts, feeling their weight and then scribbling something to her notebook. A questioning look on her face, Alyssa glanced to Lily and shrugged her shoulders.

"Alright, the Doctor will be back in a short while. Just a moment", the nurse said, flashing a grin and disappearing through the doorway with her notes and their blood samples.

"Well, I guess now we need to just wait", Alyssa said. Five minutes passed, then ten - and then Dr. Burke returned with two files in hand.

"Alright, thank you for your patience", he said. "Lily, let's go with you first. How are you feeling?", the doctor asked, taking a chair for himself and sitting down next to her.

When Dr. burke entered, Lily was slowly getting dressed, currently bouncing, as much as a 720 pound woman can bounce, trying to pull her jeans up past her thighs. She stopped and tried rolling her hips and pushing some of her thigh flesh down with one hand while pulling on her pants with the other when the doctor asked her a question.

"Huh? Oh, I feel fine, just out of breath sometimes and I get dizzy if I stand up for too long...." Lily answered, shrugging lightly and finally managing to pull her pants up. Now her next challenge was getting them zipped and buttoned." Why do you ask?" Lily inquired, feeling slightly worried now.

A slight chuckle accompanied the doctors reassuring words: "There's not necessarily any 'why', Lily", he explained. "It's just a normal question to ask anyone - especially anyone your size. I think you agree with me there, don't you?" Burke said, opening the file which quite probably contained Lily's information. "Out of breath you said? Don't we all feel that sometimes? But that dizzyness...hmm", he bit his lower lip.

At this point, Alyssa raised her eyebrows and glanced at Lily, a curious but simultaneously worried look on her face. Alyssa was almost dressed now - it was always easier to pull down than pull up, and in Aly's case, her thighs and hips, as massive as they were, didn't pose as much difficulty as Lily faced.

"Well, it does seem your blood pressure is actually a bit lower than it should be - which probably explains the dizzy feeling you have sometimes", the doctor explained. "You might expect it to be the other way round, wouldn't you?" he asked, smiling to Lily. "But when a person reaches certain size, there simply is so much blood in her that the heart finds it difficult to keep the pressure up. Hence, lowered blood pressure. It's nothing to worry about in itself - you just need to be careful not to tip over or anything."

Lily sighed in partial relief and noticed her hands were clenched between her breasts, she had expected to find out she was going to die or something along those lines. "Oh good... I was getting worried" she gave a mighty heave and barely got the button done on her pants. She didn't even try for the zipper, instead pulling her top on quickly." So I'm okay then?" she asked hopefully.

"Yeah, well, as your doctor, I must tell you that you are fine now” Burke admitted. “You are young and your basic health is good. So yes, you are doing well. But you are also morbidly obese, and if you stay that way or even gain more weight, there is bound to be consequences", their doctor explained going through the file. "Your blood cholesterol is a bit high, but not alarming - yet at least", Burke stated, glancing over her glasses to Lily with a somewhat stern look on his face.

"I'm not going to lie to you either way, Lily", he said. "You are not sick. And I don't want to pretend you are, just to make you lose weight", he explained, closing the file and leaning back in his office chair. "But I don't want you to think everything's fine either. Your heart is working hard to make all that blood circulate. Your spine and your hips are burdened by the weight they have to carry. Unless you lose weight, there will be problems at some point. I am almost certain of that."

Lily bit her lower lip as she listened, and at the same time she played with one of her belly rolls, absent-minded to everything the doctor said, knowing she should take all of this very seriously but knowing deep down that she was too far gone. She would not only be unable to lose weight, she would surely gain even more. Her gluttony had just gotten too out of control at this point and she had no willpower left so soon she rationalized everything and thought to herself that the doctor was exaggerating and it couldn't be that bad. She did manage a "Yes Doctor" with every new potential problem she might have someday and when her turn was done the doctor closed her file and opened Alyssa’s.

At his invitation, Alyssa got up, a slightly nervous smile creeping on her lips as she passed Lily, squeezing her hand quickly before waddling to the seat next to the doctor. With a sigh, she lowered her massively obese form down on the concrete slab, her belly and boobs hanging low between her legs.

Doctor Burke looked through her file for a moment. "Like I told Lily, I won't sugar coat it for you. Unlike her, your blood sugar is dangerously high as well as having the same problem with blood circulation that she does.." the doctor flipped through the pages of Aly's file.

"And frankly, the size of your chest worries me, you're getting backaches I know, Lily has told me over the phone.”
“But that's only the tip of the iceberg Alyssa, you're constantly compressing your spine and you could cause permanent damage someday if there isn't already. So until we can get some x-rays taken, I'm going to have to confine you to bed rest and you are leaving in a wheelchair." He had taken a strict tone on that last part knowing that Aly was pushing herself too hard.

After the rather easy verdict given to Lily, Alyssa had been hopeful that she would have to go through just the normal "you need to lose weight or we don't know what's going to happen" -routine. So it took a while for her to realize their doctor was actually being serious about this. When he got to the point where he was ordering bed rest to Alyssa, her face flushed and she replied, not really angry, but quite upset nonetheless:

"But doctor, really, I've walked around just fine. Isn't that overreacting? I mean, bed rest is not a little thing", Aly complained. Of course, on one hand the idea of simply staying in the bed all day because of "doctor's orders" sounded intriguing...but something also told Alyssa that if she chose that route, it might be that she wouldn't soon leave the bed at all anymore.

"And about the blood sugar...I don't understand, I mean...my friend here eats sweets way more than I do, but hers was just fine?" There she went - doing just the thing people usually do, no matter how fuitile it was: arguing with test results, as if Dr. Burke somehow magically had the ability to change her blood sugar level to fit her idea of 'fairness'.

Thus the doctor shook his head slowly and sighed."That maybe be true and you two are close in weight but some people metabolize differently. Plus your files say you've always had a weight problem and all those years add up." the doctor leans back in his chair and folds his hands on the desk.
"And TOTAL bed rest is not overeacting, just getting here puts major strain on your spine and any stress can only make things worse” Doctor Burke explained looked at Lily who was biting her lip and looking from one to the other as they spoke, still playing with her belly fat then he looks back at Aly.

"Anyway, the nurse is waiting outside with your wheelchair to take you to your car and I'll call if I find anything more." He rose and shook hands with both." Have a good day ladies." and then he left.

When the doctor was gone, Alyssa started turning sour. Shit. Bed rest? For how long? Apparently indefinitely, until the doc calls her over for x-ray. Even normally so cheerful Alyssa felt her spirits hampered. "Good day, doctor", she mumbled, not harboring any ill will against him - he was just doing what he saw best for her. When the doctor was gone, Aly couldn't help tears forming in the corner of her eyes. She felt so tired now...and all she wanted was to get home. Coming here had been a bad idea, she knew it. Such thoughts crossed her mind when she reached for Lily and with her assistance struggled to her feet again.

"Well, let's do what the good doctor tells us, right?", she replied, trying to sound cheerful but probably failing. "Let's go home, Lily", she said, waddling through the doorway, casting a murderous glare to the wheel-chair that waited her and then, with a submissive sigh, sat down on it.

With solemn frown, Lily helped her friend up, she thought it wasn't fair either but on the other hand, Aly's back was getting worse every day and Lily was getting too heavy to be able to help her, hell she could barely take care of herself. Once Aly was settled in the wheelchair, Lily bended down and give the woman a tight hug before letting the nurse push her friend towards their car, Lily waddling slightly behind thinking that her turn would be next at this rate.
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IX Giving in

Months had now passed after their visit to the doctor. After analyzing the X-rays, Dr. Burke had called and told Lily that Alyssa would probably never walk again more than few steps (that was, unless she would slim down hundreds of pounds), her back and joints just couldn't handle the strain anymore. Lily had broken the news to Aly, and it went about as expected. At the same time she couldn’t help thinking that she herself was heading down that same path unless something changed. It did worry her, which would explain the rather unusual period of “not gaining any weight” she had experienced in her life recently. Between taking care of her friend and worrying, her appetite seemed to be just a shadow of what it was before.

On the other hand, Alyssa had ballooned even further. One morning Lily waddled her enormous ass into Aly's room. She was really getting worried these days, it seemed Alyssa was getting worse. Lily wanted to think it was just her being a mother hen, but still couldn’t shake the odd feeling. "Aly? You awake?" she asked quietly.

Filling the double bed almost completely, there laid more than half a ton of blubber that belonged to Lily's now simply grotesquely obese friend Alyssa. When Dr. Burke had ordered Alyssa to bed rest, she had been depressed for some time, but unlike Lily who seemed to cut back her eating at least a bit, Alyssa felt that she had already "lost the game", and there wouldn't be any point in resisting anymore. That, together with her complete lack of exercise meant that as days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Alyssa kept gaining weight at an astounding speed. Milestones had been passed at 800, then 850, 900, 1000 - and after that they stopped counting. But it was fairly certain Alyssa was already past 1100, and showed no sign of slowing down.

Lying on the bed, Alyssa’s gigantic belly rested between her legs, filling the bed all the way past her knees. Her thighs and buttocks spread so wide she couldn't even reach the sides of her own thighs anymore. And on both sides of her torso, the massive sacks of fat hung: her breasts, which according to some theory had been the bane of her spine in the first place. Lily had had some people over to install an electric motor into Aly's bed, capable of raising and lowering it at her will, thus making it easier for her to stay comfortable.

"Oh hey, Lily. Good morning", Alyssa replied her friend's question. "What time is it?" the woman asked, yawning a bit, her triple chins quivering as she gasped for air. Stretching her arms to her side gave a good view of her "wings", rolls of fat hanging from her once so muscular upper arms. With a quick motion, she removed the oxygen mask she had worn during the night to help her sleep, and now flashed a broad smile to Lily. "How's it going, Lily my dear?"

Lily walked further in, biting her lip as she did when she was worried. Her own body hadn't changed much over these months, at her size 30 pounds more or less wouldn't even show on her already morbidly obese body. Lily wore her usual attire, her favorite boy shorts and a tank top. Once inside, she fiddled with her apron belly some before looking at the time. "Morning indeed, Aly. It's 11 a.m. already and I was wondering if you were ready for breakfast." she said cheerfully, trying not to show how concerned she was with just how huge her friend had become now. And frankly, Lily was a bit uncomfortable with how dependant Alyssa was becoming to these aids: the oxygen mask she now had to wear nearly all the time just to be able to breathe, and the muscle relaxers she took to keep her from seizing up. And of course there was the sheer amount of food her friend ate daily, gorging hours at a time to get herself satiated. Lily had tried to tell her she should cut down but Aly wouldn't listen. And so she had almost given up – which didn’t mean she wasn’t growing more worried every day - worried that she would wake up one morning and find Aly crushed by her own fat. As much as she tried to hide it some of her thoughts still showed on her face.

As a matter of fact, Alyssa and Lily had some quite sharp arguments in the past, but that was already months ago and it seemed her weight gain had become a topic they both thought about but didn't want to raise up. But Lily's concern was well-grounded: with the way Alyssa kept eating, she was putting herself in greater danger with each added pound. And it sure didn't help that it seemed she had lost the last shreds of sensibility not only in quantity, but also when it came to content of her diet. When Alyssa wanted something sweet, she might ask one of the servants to take a full bag of powdered sugar, pour in a liter of heavy cream and a cup of cocoa. When she wanted something salty and greasy, she'd ask for a tub of lard mixed with a pound of ground bacon, spread on white bread and topped with melted cheese. It was probably her luck that she moved so little nowadays - should she get up and get going, she'd probably pop a vein or have a heart attack in matter of minutes.

"Yeah, breakfast sounds good - better hurry with it so I won't miss lunch", Alyssa replied cheerfully, but also registering signs of concern on Lily's face. "Lily, is everything alright? You look a bit worried, or is it just me and these early morning hours?"

Early? Well, when you stay up 'till 2:30, trying to get yourself stuffed enough to fall asleep, then 11 probably wasn't as late as you'd think. Alyssa had grown so used to her "late night snacks" that honestly, she couldn't get to sleep unless she could feel herself stuffed.

Lily motioned for the maid (they had to hire one after Alyssa was ordered to bed rest) to bring in Alyssa’s usual morning meal, consisting of a dozen eggs, with a huge slab of bacon on one large plate, followed mountains of pancakes swimming in butter and syrup, the cart was full of plates heaped full with what Aly liked to eat. Lily plopped herself on a steel reinforced chair and kept on jiggling her belly as she looked on for moment.

"Aly? I'm still worried about you....I mean look at you, at this rate I'm afraid of what's gonna happen next” Lily started. “You almost killed yourself two weeks ago when you tried to get up to get your own snack." With a shudder, she remembered coming into the room to find out her friend had managed to slide off her bed and just laid there gasping for breath and wiggling her arms and legs. Lily had been forced to call in help to finally get her back in bed and Aly had spent the rest of the day on respirator trying to recover. She shrugged helplessly."I just dunno anymore...how is this going to end" she said with a defeated sigh.

"Okay, I admit that was not a smart move to make", Alyssa said, trying to shrug the thing off. "Plus, I think I learned my lesson well enough, you can be sure about that. No more adventures", she giggled.

This was typical Alyssa, trying to dismiss serious things with a mere smile and a shrug of her shoulders. It was a coping mechanism that had enabled her to go through a lot of things, but also prevented her from facing them in all their seriousness.

"Oh, this looks good...", she said, lifting the lid and gazing at a platter of scrambled eggs and sausages she had before her. Some saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth, Alyssa got to work, fork travelling quickly between the plate and her mouth. Occasionally she glanced at Lily, and seeing how he fondled her belly - she always did that when she was thinking - and noticing the serious look on her face, this mountainous woman realized she would have to talk with her.

"Okay, speak to me, Lily. What's troubling you?" she said between bites, taking a sip of her coffee and waiting for her answer.

Lily looked up and shrugged again. "Remember that time in the restaurant? Where we both split our dresses and had to be carried out because we were just too full?" She couldn't help but smile but it didn't last long since it was one of the last times they had fun eating together and everything seemed to fall apart after that damn doctor’s visit. "I... well..." she cleared her throat and took a deep breath. "I want things back like they were then...I want to be able to eat like you and not worry it's going kill me and... I dunno, I just want you to be okay..." Lily said, almost whispering as she began to sob quietly, fidgeting on her seat, hand grabbing handfuls of flab.

As she watched tears forming in Lily’s eyes, Alyssa started to get emotional as well. "I know, honey", she whispered. "It's...not been easy for us lately. Come here..." she said, patting the bed on her left side. Odd as it may be, Alyssa was now so much bigger than Lily, that she felt almost maternal with her around, wanting to hug her and comfort her. "So what are you suggesting? Do you have a suggestion?", Alyssa asked calmly, a warm, soothing tone in her voice. She didn't really know what to say, but she hoped Lily would have an idea.

Lily heaved her bulk out of the chair and waddled to settle on Aly's bed to let herself be hugged. She wrapped her arms around her friend, as far as they would go, fat arms sinking into the other's bloated torso. She sniffles and looks at Aly.

"Are you happy? I mean like this" Lily asked as she gave her hanging folds of side fat a jiggle. It had been a while since she had touched her friend aside from helping her turn over when it was time to change the bedding and such but she had to admit her friend did feel very nice with all this new fat added on to her. It made her wonder how it would feel to be in her position, basically just letting go and become an eating machine like she was.

Feeling Lily press against her made Alyssa feel better. It was somehow calming, comforting. As her hands sunk into the soft, silky flesh of her fat side, Alyssa giggled a bit, feeling Lily's nails against her sensitive skin.

"Now that's a good question", she said, turning her head a bit to look at her, her red mane framing her features, the fat rolls of her triple chin hiding her neck completely from view when she gazed down like this. "Yes, I am happy like this", Alyssa said after a little while. "I mean, I don't like the fact that I need to call you if I accidentally drop the remote", the woman said, a slight giggle shaking her mountainous belly. "But I love the way it feels. I love all the softness, the rolls of flesh...and I love to eat like I do", she said, hungry gleam lighting up in her eyes.

Lily giggled and rubbed her face against one of Alyssa’s mountainous, hanging boobs before reaching for a sausage and biting it in half, getting grease over her fingers which she then licked clean after finishing the sausage.
"I guess we should order another bed then..." she said as she reached for some bacon to chew on next. "...and more food. Definitely more food..." And so she reclined against her gargantuan friend, nibbling on a bacon sandwich.

"Oh, you plan on having second...helpings?", Alyssa asked, a smirk on her plump lips as she reached for a blueberry muffin and bit half of it. "Grofing tfired of wfhalking *gulp* around?", she asked, quirking her brow a bit. "Lily my sweet friend, I'm here because...well, you know what the x-rays said. But your spine is - or should be at least - more or less fine. You sure what you're saying?" Deep, slow breaths made Alyssa's mound of belly slowly rise up and then go down again, her flesh jiggling moving like tidal waters. "Just a minute ago you were worried about me?"

Lily snickered and shrugged. "I guess, deep down, I'm more worried about me...and I was jealous of you. Walking is overrated anyway, I can barely do it, you don't see but most of the time, I'm using your old chair to get around, I just get so tired..." That was true - when not around Aly, Lily slept most of the time and barely managed to get out of bed in the morning. She started to poke at her friend's belly some. "Seriously though... how does it feel to be like this?" she asked, waving her hand over her friend’s massive, flowing belly.

As Lily pushed the fat wall of her belly, sending her flesh rippling all over her obese body, Alyssa burst into laughter. "It's like being surrounded by this soft, warm...jello, but at the same time it's you - all you", the woman tried to explain, then sighing and rolling her eyes. "Ugh, I can't explain it", she said, shrugging her shoulders. "You need to find out yourself, I guess", she answered.

And that was exactly what she Lily going to do.
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I'm not gonna lie, this story went from exciting to depressing. Good read tough.
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Originally Posted by Coop View Post
I'm not gonna lie, this story went from exciting to depressing. Good read tough.
If I have understood it correctly, the people who originally wrote this stuff (remember, I'm just an editor here - the story was written in the course of a text-based role-play taking place between two players) tried to make it at least somewhat realistic.

However, there are still couple chapters left. Be sure to read the story to its conclusion.
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I can't help but feel that there is some kind of underlying sexual tension between the two. Maybe its just me
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Originally Posted by Deadbolt100 View Post
I can't help but feel that there is some kind of underlying sexual tension between the two. Maybe its just me
It needs a sex scene
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mr1311 has said some nice things

I liked these last two chapters. They're somewhat very original, not many WG stories talk about such themes.

Thanks for the great reading, Ulysses (and my thanks go to the other, unknown author too!).
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LumpD has said some nice things

Can't wait for the last two chapters!

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X Surprising developements

The note ended with: I will be gone for some time, don’t worry about me. Try and take care of yourself. Your friend, Lily.

After their discussion Alyssa had been more or less relaxed about their relationship - so when she found out one morning that Lily had left abruptly, it was not a surprise, she was frankly shocked. The note her friend had left was friendly and comforting, no problem there. But still, she was gone.

Alyssa wasn't angry with Lily, somehow she reasoned Lily had left because of her, because of her weight, and because she was either tired of taking care of her or didn't want to stick around watching her eat herself to death. For a week, Alyssa actually managed to cut down her portions, not really losing any weight but perhaps not gaining any more either. Then she started sliding back to her old habits, and it seemed that now, without Lily around, the last shreds of restraint and sensibility were gone. Alyssa ate as much and as often as she possibly could, sometimes gorging for hours on time, until she would eventually pass out, only to continue immediately after waking up. It was no surprise then that this resulted in even faster weight-gain. She kept on piling pounds, and the slightest hopes of being able to move around again - or even stand on her own two feet! - were quickly buried under new layers of fat, each pound pressing her tighter against the massive bed that had become the centre of her world.

One morning, when her breakfast binge was slowly turning into lunch stuffing, the head maid, a nice, plump woman called Rosie stepped inside. Alyssa was having a good morning, and hence Rosy was greeted with a broad smile, deep dimples in her puffed cheeks making her expression even more cheerful than it was meant to be. "Yes, Rosie?", she asked, reaching for a filled croissant. "How are you this morning?"

The maid returned the smile, she was a bubbly person. She bounced on the balls of her feet. "Oh, I'm doing great Miss Aly. You know, working here is fun, way better then my last job.." yes, she did tend to prattle on and she did for a minute before catching herself, her mouth forming a big ‘O’ as she realized she had nearly forgotten why she came. "Oh Miss Aly! I almost forgot! You have a visitor." she said with a great big smile. "Should I send her in or do you want me to tell her to wait till you're done eating?" she asked, head tilted slightly. Rosie was fidgeting like a hyper active child, excited really. She knew who the visitor was but she had been told not to hint at anything.

Alyssa was all but taken over by her gluttonous depravity, but at times like this her curiosity exceeded her seemingly insatiable need and desire to feed. "No, no, let's have them come in. Rosie, would you be a darling and make this room...", Alyssa said, glancing around to see empty pizza boxes, candy wrappers, soda bottles and such littered everywhere around her bed, "...a little more presentable."

She was already reaching for her bed's controller, pushing the button that raised her to a more sitting position. When she ate, Alyssa had found out that leaning back more gave her belly more room to expand, so when feeding, the quivering mountain of fat they called her belly blocked her view almost completely. Specks of sauce, chocolate and syrup covered her face and while Rosie was picking up the trash, Alyssa wiped her face with a napkin. "Alright, alright, let's not keep them waiting", she said, gesturing her maid to go and let the visitor in.

Rosie and the rest of the staff made quick work of it and then she went to get Aly's guest. Aly could hear Rosie talking, she was rather loud."Yes, she's ready for you." the answer was muffled and too low to identify. The whine of an electric motor came soon after. A large three wheeled cart rolled in slowly, carrying an extremely large woman. Or actually, ‘large’ was an understatement; she was gargantuan, fat dripping off her like melted wax from her enormous cankles that had begun to spread over her small, dainty feet, leading up into massive bulges and folds of cottage cheese textured thighs which supported a truly enormous gut that spread out into folds that hung past her thighs and in front past her heavily dimpled knees. Looking up more still, large sacks of flesh spread partway over her belly, they were her breasts. Everything so far was packed into a tight black dress which strained to contain all the blubber this woman carried. Her arms were naked, biceps hidden in a huge fold of fat that draped over forearms that could be mistaken for thighs on a normal woman except way more jiggly, her hands seemed tiny when seen and of course. Her face was framed by several chins that hid her neck and led to a widely smiling face, complete with fat chipmunk cheeks that nearly hid her eyes as she smiled behind her oxygen mask. The woman was puffing; even though the cart was doing all the work for her, but getting her out of the truck she came here in and onto the said cart had been an ordeal of flab and jiggling folds and straining muscles.

"Heya Aly...*puff*... long time...*puff puff*.. no see..." was all she could manage for the moment, every breath making the enormous folds of her middle expand and contract.
Upon seeing this mountainous woman enter, at first Alyssa was confused, then she felt disbelief, but finally a broad smile of recognition lit up her round face. Had she been any smaller, she would probably have sat up and reached out to greet her friend, but presently Alyssa was too fat to even do that under her own power. The massive gut that filled her lap and spread over her thighs, together with formless, gigantic breasts, meant too much weight on her torso - too much to even sit up anymore. Alyssa wasn't wearing her oxygen mask, having removed it for eating, and thus the surprise made her gasp for air, beads of sweat forming on her forehead at the same time as she measured Lily with her eyes. God she was huge - but what had happened? Sure, it had been a while...but surely not that long?

"Hey Lily", Alyssa greeted after a while of observing her friend, simply enjoying the sight of her again. "You look well", she added, not really lying, but still understanding the comical nature of her compliment. "I see life's been treating you well. How are you?" While she spoke, Aly absent-mindedly searched for her oxygen mask with her right hand. Moving her arms seemed to get harder by the day, her arms now so thick that their fat rarely left her side even when she raised them to grab things. Rosie realized what she was looking for and discretely stepped closer to hand her the mask.

Lily reached up to remove her mask once her breathing had settled and rested both of her arms on the enormous mound of her belly – although one could say that since it went all the way around now, her arms were always propped on it. Her other hand made the cart move with a tiny remote, and the way she maneuvered around hinted that the cart wasn't exactly new to her.

"You're looking pretty well yourself." Lily replied with a giggle at their little inside joke. Her chins jiggled as she laughed. She gestured with her hands, not even bothering to move her arms since hers were getting pretty heavy as well.

"Well, I needed a little vacation... Rosie, be a dear and reach into my bag for me?" Rosie went to her bags and pulled out a small leaflet. "Yes that flyer, show it to Aly”, Lily instructed. Rosie went to show a flyer that had pictures of very large women on it and writing that read ‘Fat camp, Unleash the fatty within’.

"I went to this nice resort, I looked it up online” Lily explained. “Did you know some people actually want to get like us or want to make others as fat as we are?" she said with another jiggling giggle. "You would have loved it, they have trainers there and 5 star chefs, I took the full blow up package. They had me stuffed from dawn to dusk and even woke me up at night for buffet sessions..." A wistful smile crept on her plump face as Lily remembered her two months of being stuffed to the limits and beyond. "And as you can see, they are very good at it" Lily added, laughing as she patted her top belly roll, making it quiver and jiggle in waves.

A playful smirk creeping on her lips, Alyssa listened to Lily explain about this 'fat camp' - but more than listening, she watched - she watched and saw the change that had taken place in her friend. She was humongous now - probably still somewhat smaller than Alyssa, but not so far behind anymore. But it seemed her physical figure was not the only thing that had changed...there had to be newly found pleasure - or restored pleasure - in eating: the light that lit in Lily's eyes as she explained about the meals on the camp witnessed to that.

"Imagine - a place where you actually try to get fatter? Well, I guess it's easier - or at least more fun - than getting thinner", Alyssa explained, watching the brochure while sliding on her mask, her labored breathing calming down a bit. "Well, tell me the results, Lily my love?", she asked, chuckling a bit. "I can see you have grown quite a bit. What's the scale saying these days?" Alyssa asked, laying the brochure down on her left breast. At this point, it was hard to distinguish her body shape anymore - rolls of fat from her belly and back fat, hips, buttocks and breasts all laid on top of another, blending more or less into same heap of slowly quivering fat, her flesh softly sloshing around with each labored breath she took. Her neck was buried under folds of fat, so plump you wouldn't do justice to them by just using the term 'double chin'. Alyssa was soft, fluffy, and seemingly cheerful with her being. But if looked closer, you could see the marks of strain on her face: her skin was pale and there were shadows under her eyes.

Lily nodded slowly, her chins bouncing along. "Oh I plan to but first... this cart gets uncomfortable and I see my bed is made up." Lily guided her cart beside it, the staff knew the drill having had to move Aly, and so they quickly maneuvered the crane in place and strapped Lily in, belts digging deeply into her soft blubbery form as she's lifted and lowered onto her bed slowly, back rest up so she ended up in a half-seated position.

"Oh one more thing? This dress is really starting to make me feel cramped..." she whispered to Rosie, and so the maids helped her out of it, although quite a struggle it was, they had to push in rolls of blubber that kept the nearly skin tight fabric trapped but eventually they managed to do it. Beneath the dress she wore a tube top to keep herself decent, underwear was non-existent. She had trouble finding some that fit her already when she was 700 pounds, now it was just impossible. But then again, her own body did a fine job keeping her decent now. The oxygen mask had to go back on as she was wheezing each labored breath out, she had instantly become slick with sweat which the maids had to towel off her so she wouldn't get a rash. Each fold needed to be toweled but Lily spoke during this as if it was everyday normal business.

"Well... last time they set me on one, which was last week; it said 902." Lily explained, pausing to gulp more air into her hard-pressed lungs before continuing her tale. "I wasn't the only one there either, I met this charming couple there, we spent most of our time chatting and eating, and they were impressed with my size." Lily blushed at the thought because it still amazed her that people would find her attractive being the huge blob she was now. She didn't mention the slight pain she had begun getting in her chest in the last few weeks or the numbness, thinking it was just part of being so fat. Upon closer inspection, Lily seemed rather tired as well, having her own dark circles under her eyes and the nearly constant redness in her face, it seems her blood pressure was going wild, but Lily herself didn't notice or didn't realize what it was.

"902?", Alyssa repeated the number, letting out an appreciating whistle. "I thought you looked like you had put on some weight", she cracked. Some weight? What an understatement! From the way Lily was hoisted to her bed, Alyssa could notice her friend had probably not moved under her own power for weeks anymore, probably even longer than that. And from experience she knew, once you got settled to spending your days simply on your bed, the pounds would start piling like never before. Alyssa had no way of knowing exactly what she weighed, but she knew she had passed 1300 after the crane that was built to bear that much died on her. After Lily had left, Alyssa had told their nurse that she "would be fine for now" and that she would call the next time she needed someone to come over to take her bp or any blood samples. This far she had managed, but it was clear to anyone who lived with Aly that this kind of life could not go on much longer - the woman was a ticking time bomb. Electric motors whined a bit as Aly raised her bed a bit more, so she could have a better look at her friend. "I should have known it was something to do with you when they brought in that bed. So, am I completely wrong in presuming you're going to stay around?"

While Alyssa spoke, Lily busied herself to settling her folds to make herself as comfortable as possible, using both hands to shift her enormous, pendulous breasts so they laid properly on her belly. She gave another giggle and a wink as she poked the sides of her belly, which was as far as she could reach without lifting her arms off it which she rarely did anymore."Oh yeah, I'm going to stay ‘round." she giggled more at her play on words. Lily had retained some of her pear shape but as the weight kept piling on more and more she had become nearly formless, starting to resemble her friend only with smaller breasts, smaller being a relative term at this point.

"Yeah, I was surprised too when I found out, I mean I knew I had put on some but not nearly as much as it turned out to be." and of course Lily had lost mobility quickly, she was shorter in height then her friend and so became wider, actually being wider then she was tall even weighing much less then Aly. Lily looked at her friend a moment, noticing the strain she was under, feeling much of it herself as well but she still smiled. "Seems I'm not the only one who put on a few, my god... you've gotten huge." Not only had Lily given in to her own gluttony completely but her vacation had awaked an odd thing, she also enjoyed other people's fatness now as well and her friend looked even more amazing in her eyes for it.

As Lily made her comfortable on her bed, Alyssa was presented with a perfect view to the fruits of her friend's immeasurable gluttony. When you got past certain point, no matter what you body type was, you started to gain more and more in your belly, and that had happened with both of them. In Aly's case, her belly spread out so much now that when sitting up more or less straight, it filled the whole bed between her legs, reaching all the way down to her ankles and feet. It seemed it wouldn't take long for Lily to develop gut as big as hers, Aly thought - and that idea seemed quite pleasant actually.

Although, Alyssa observed her friend with a bit of worry at the seemingly complete immobility Lily suffered. At 900 Alyssa had been far, far from agile - but she still was able to stand and take few steps on her own. Lily probably had grown so much so fast that she couldn't do even that. When she made her comment about Aly's weight-gain, it didn't make her blush but instead brought a content smile on her lips. It seemed Alyssa had completely succumbed to her fate as an ever-growing whale of a woman, and as such, comments like this were a testimony to her commitment.

"Yeah, I know...I guess...I've just more or less let it go after you left", Alyssa explained, shrugging her shoulders a bit. "Nothing much to do here other than eat, you see", she added with a slight chuckle.

Lily nodded:" I know what you mean, I let myself go completly too and I've never felt so free." An odd thing to say for someone who's weight kept her trapped and pretty much unable to do anything more then eat and sleep, but that was exactly how she felt.

"So how long have you been using a crane to get from your scooter to your bed?", Alyssa asked.

“Oh yeah the crane, well that happened a couple of weeks after I left...my personal trainer came to wake me up for breakfast and I tried getting up... and failed, worse I pulled several muscles in my back trying." Lily explained. It was funny now as she remembered herself wiggling in her bed, pinned by her own fat for the very first time. Before, it always had been a struggle but she had managed with minimal pain to get out of bed. "So I was laid up for a month, and by the time I got better, I really couldn't get up anymore without safety bars and help but the staff was really nice, they moved me to a suite with an adjustable bed and the crane and such” Lily recollected.

“So I phoned Rosie and – by the way have you seen her? Damn, when I left she was a skinny little thing.. Yeah, but anyway, I phoned her and had her make arrangements to get us the same equipment they had, I figured we'd need it" Lily told, her excitement had made her speak fast and without pause and it showed as she suddenly coughed and wheezed like she was having an asthma attack - which she was. A sudden look of fear came over Lily as she gasped and tried to breath, panicking because she couldn't reach her inhaler.

When Lily mentioned Rosie, Alyssa giggled a bit, knowing full well what she was thinking. Although Rosie hadn't really been "skinny", in comparison to the two of them she must have appeared waif. In some sense fat seemed to be contageous, at least their latino head maid had probably put on a hundred pounds while she had been serving their household.

"Yeah, I know how it goes, you are told to take it easy for a while and then later on you realize you can't...Lily, are you alright? Lily?” Alyssa said, her voice becoming nervous, those green eyes fixed on her friend, reading a frightened expression on her face. "Lily, what's wrong?” she asked, for once wishing she could get up and hurry to her friend's aid. "Rosie! Rosie, come here now, it's an emergency!” Alyssa hollered. "Anyone at all? Please hurry!" Adrenaline in her blood made Alyssa almost forget the shortness of breath she normally suffered, and she even managed to slightly lean closer to her dark-haired friend. "Take it easy now, my friend. Everything's going to be fine", she said, her voice trembling slightly but still managing to keep a soothing, motherly tone while her eyes kept glancing to the door, waiting for Rosie or anyone to come to their aid.

Lily took big gulps of air, trying to get enough oxygen into her aching, burning lungs, the effort made sweat drip from her, she gripped her belly flab tightly in her chubby fingers. After what felt to her like hours, Rosie came, as fast as her chubby frame could carry her and saw what was going on, her mouth formed a big O of surprise at the scene. Lily pointed desperately at her inhaler and gasped, unable to speak. Rosie scrambled for it and placed it in Lily's grabbing hand. She took a few huffs from it and had to have Rosie place her oxygen mask on as she just slumped there too tired to move, her eyes closed as she took big gulps of air into lungs that would finally let her breath. Her entire body quivered and was slick with sweat. After a few more breathes she turned her head to Aly and gave her a weak, tired smile. "Went... to... far.... I guess..." she pants, her voice choked and raw.

Too far? The two of them had gone too far more than a year ago already. Lily's weak words were perhaps purposefully ambiguous, leaving it open whether she meant she had gone too far by chattering so much...or too far by eating herself into the condition she was in now. Worry and awkwardness were portrayed by Alyssa's expression, but she waited for a little while, letting Lily calm down and rest a bit before starting her questions. "So, if I read you correctly, you have developed an asthma?” she said softly. It was calmly said, there was no accusation or sense of disappointment, there was no denial of truth, but simple desire to see things as they were. It was about time for that, one might say - for the last six months or so had been a constant denial of facts for Alyssa. She had put on hundreds of pounds, and had told her nurse she didn't need her services anymore. How stupid could she be? "Are you feeling any better now?” Aly continued, glancing at Rosie who discreetly waited by the door.

Lily nodded to both questions still breathing heavily. "Yeah... started almost a year ago..." she had hidden her attacks well from her friend not wanting to worry her but ever since she had gotten too big to move on her own, it had caught up to her and she could no longer pretend like she was fine. She gave Rosie a smile of thanks for most likely saving her life. Lily still trembled as she breathed, making her blubber quiver but she wasn't wheezing or coughing anymore. Lily would probably be just like Aly in ignoring her health except that the resort she had spent these months in didn't take the health of their patrons lightly so she had had to deal with all her issues. She removed the mask slowly and took a tentative breath to see if it would be okay and it was. "I have to learn to slow down..." Aly's assessment had been pretty accurate, Lily's body had grown much but the woman herself had not gotten used to it yet and it lead to episodes like this often or when she tried to move on her own, forgetting just how much heavier her body had become.

"Yeah, you need to do that", Alyssa said after a meaningful pause. Then focusing her attention to the medical apparatus - hear monitor, respirator and such - attached to Lily's bed Alyssa raised her eyebrows a bit. On one hand she didn't want to touch the issue...it was just so nice to have Lily back and they could always discuss these matters later. But something told Alyssa that she would need to talk this over now, or otherwise she would just close her eyes from the matter. And perhaps - although this was not something she consciously realized - she needed to bring these issues up so that maybe she would be able to face her own problems as well.

"I see your bed comes with all the achievements of modern medicine", Aly commented. "I guess they took good care of you on that camp?" They probably did - Aly said to herself. But who was going to take care of her? "And Lily, one thing. No more withholding information, okay?” she added, a slightly mischievous, but still more serious smirk on her lips.

Lily turned to look at her monitors as Aly mentioned them and nodded."Yeah, they did, mostly for legal reasons but I got used to them" The monitors did show that her heart rate was rather fast, Lily couldn't read the blood pressure herself but to someone who knew it would be alarming. Lily pondered what Aly said and finally decided to be honest, no more hiding.

"Okay, I love being this way, you were right, all this soft flab is what I've always dreamed of deep down but... aside from the asthma and the fatigue, I think something is wrong with me..." It was her heart of course but she didn't know that. Rosie, knowing the workings of the household well by now, had the rest of the staff bring a snack for them, knowing they would be hungry soon if not starving.

When a meal trolley was pushed in, Alyssa bit her lip and waited, not wanting to pry into her friend's health while there were so many people present. It was a rather private matter, after all. "Alright, alright, I think this is enough to keep us busy for a little while. Thank you everyone", she said, impatiently gesturing them off. "And Rosie, darling, please stay within shouting distance. Okay?” Alyssa added, making a mental note about how they needed to get some beeper or something just in case. When they were alone again, Alyssa reached for a burger, took a big bite, grease dripping from the corners of her mouth.

"Something wrong, you said?", she repeated, taking another bite, then another. Aly was wolfing down her meal, but still managed to uphold a conversation. "Please tell me, Lily. If anyone can relate, then it's me", she added, brushing off a morsel of hamburger dropped in the cleft of her breasts.

Meanwhile, Lily placed a pizza box on her belly and started taking big bites as she pondered how to put it. The staff didn't bother her much; she had gotten used to people seeing her eat and in her state. At the camp she had nearly blushed herself to death the first time her trainers caught her eating naked on her bed but she had soon grown used to it and it was now second nature for her. After gobbling up half the pizza, she spoke" I don’t know what it is, sometimes my arm feels numb and my heart starts to beat really fast, it goes away after a few minutes." she paused to take a few deep breaths and a few more bites of pizza, grease dripping from her chins as she smacked her lips. "And sometimes, I'll get cramps in my legs and I barely try to move them anymore." She finished her pizza and took a big plate of chili fries, using her hands to grab them and stuff them in her greased covered mouth. She had never been a dainty eater and always had been way less orderly as Aly when she ate but she had turned into a slob these last few months and it appeared she didn't even notice it.

Alyssa laughed as she watched Lily eat with such gusto. "Take it easy, honey. We've got all the time in the world to eat", she said, her bloated form jiggling with amusement. "But what you said about your arm feeling numb...” Aly continued, now a more serious tone in her voice. "I guess that's something you need to have checked - we need to have checked", she added, glancing at her. The two of them were in here together, that was the way she saw it. "I mean, it might be nothing, but it's better be safe than sorry, you see?" Safe. Right. Alyssa knew what Lily was talking about - feeling pain in her chest, as if something had been pressing her rib cage in. Feeling her left arm grow stiff and cold, perspirating while simultaneously feeling like she was freezing. "You need to take care of yourself, Lily. At your size even small things should be taken care of."

Just a grin and a shrug of her shoulders were offered as a reply. “Can't stop myself. That’s just the way it seems to be” Lily explained as she stuffed another handful of chili fries into her mouth, licking her plump fingers clean. Her chest did hurt but she figured it was due to her recent asthma attack and she was sweating but she usually did when she ate. "Yeah, I guess we should go see a doctor again, but I don't think we'll make it there..." she remarked absently. Even her scooter wasn't meant for going places much and it cramped her up after a few minutes so she would avoid it as much as possible. But the idea of having not only her huge ass loaded up in a truck but Aly's as well was kind of interesting and it made her blush as she ate.

"I guess we could find someone to make a house call, right?", Alyssa proposed tentatively. Hmm. She wasn't altogether sure how that would work, but there had to be a way for folks their size, right? Something she needed to think...after this burger perhaps - Alyssa thought, grabbing another greasy, salty treat while watching Lily pack it away. "Wow, babe...it really does look like you can't stop yourself", she laughed. "Are you trying to catch me or what's the hurry?", Aly asked, teasing the other woman. She took a bite of her burger, the other hand absent-mindedly fondling a roll of fat on her left side - could have been her breast, her thigh or her belly. For all she knew they felt the same and there was simply so much of her now it was hard to tell.

It was good to have her friend back, Alyssa thought. But they needed to do something about the way they were gaining weight, and do something fast.
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