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Thumbs up Just had to say thanks to my beautiful wife

Hi all.

I'm sure everyone on this forum is familiar with how complicated are the questions surrounding one's love of the beauties of abundant female flesh, one's love for the person who inhabits that body, and that person's ability to separate the two and decide who they are and enjoy it.

My wife and I have been together for a year now, and we're making really good and enjoyable progress.

Any of those hurdles may return, because of how secure my wife is feeling, or because of gaucheness on my part but, right now, I'm feeling so happy because my real love for the person and the body are both being believed, and the fact that I'm instantly turned on by my wife'sglorious belly and breasts don't mean that this is all I'm interested in.

The other day, I stopped massaging her belly in case I was over-doing it, (too obsessive), and she asked me to keep going because she was enjoying it - and it later became clear how much.

That definitely felt like a breakthrough, and I'm so lucky to be where we are with someone I love. Sorry to go on so, but it felt and feels important.
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Weighted Alternatives
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Talking Thumbs up is right

I must say that I've come a long way (no pun intended) since I posted in another forum about feeling just like a belly to you. See, I was new to this whole experience until I met you and now that I am more comfortable in my skin, I can certainly appreciate the benefits. Besides being more secure in your love for me, I find myself quite titillated by it all. Thanks honey for the vote of confidence. xx
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