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Default Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

!BBW/FA, DOM, ~XWG - Story of a girl with a very large butt slowly getting bigger,

[Authors Norte: This story is long and not completed yet. I'm about 80% there but thought I would post the bulk of it, enjoy and please leave me some feedback if you like it. I also have pictures and morphs available of the different scenes but dont know how to post them yet.

Tank Ass
by zxc098


“Whaa girl all that jelly and no toast!!”

“Dog check out the phat ass on that dame over there”

“Hay what’s your number sortie, cus you fine!!”

What a bunch of idiots Bianca smiled to herself as the van full of young hoons zoomed past her on the road.

It was no surprise however and certainly nothing unusual for the beautiful young brunette when out in public, least of all when she was jogging along wearing a tight pink sports bra and skin tight grey yoga pants.

At 5 foot 3 Bianca could best be described as a little cutie. Drop dead gorgeous with defined slender features in the face coupled with pouty lips, high cheekbones, a wickedly naughty smile and a few freckles around her nose to complete the picture of summery perfection.

She kept her hair long with varying shades of brown and like most girls her age styled it fashionably depending on her mood and the occasion.

At first glance Bianca appeared to be slender and somewhat trim with soft girlish arms offering little or no definition, delicate shoulders coupled with a very slender back. Her waist was unusually narrow while still carrying the smallest of developing pooches on what could have been otherwise described as a flat stomach.

Although not an athlete Bianca could have perhaps been a gymnast at one stage had it not been for her love of all things sweet. She did however keep fit and would regularly go jogging or to Pilate’s classes at the local gym, this gave Bianca the confidence to go sunbathing on the beach with friends improving her already sun kissed tan while wearing cute little outfits and bikinis that always turned heads.

Naturally like most girls her age the ultimate testament to Bianca’s slender upper body was her as of late barely visible collarbone coupled with a tiny chest and delicate rib cage.

Despite her small frame Bianca was unusually blessed with a very large pair of full and firm 28F cup breasts that due to her very narrow back wore almost large enough to be seen from behind if one wore lucky enough to sneak a peak from the right angle. Her figure would be considered beyond perfect by some, almost.

Although it was hard not to stare at such a girl’s beauty it was even more difficult not to stare at her round behind and full set of shapely hips.

If Bianca’s shape had to be classified it would have been a bell or perhaps even a pear, a rather extreme one at that. In almost complete contrast to her delicate upper body Bianca much to her dislike at times was seriously bottom heavy, something she was struggling more and more to come to terms with.

Her hips flared out from her waist in an almost unnatural manner giving her a broad wide load. Curvaceous to the extreme her hips formed round into a juicy yet firm big booty that was described by her friends at times with envy as “ghetto”.

Thick meaty thighs and bulging round calves completed the package while having the pleasure of carrying such a burdensome heavy load.

Knowing well that if not kept in check her deliciously full rump and meaty thighs could turn into some serious cellulite, Bianca tried to stay mindful of what she ate and made sure to keep on jogging, feeling the bounce of her sumptuous ass and jiggly thighs as her feet pounded the pavement, every wobble adding to the motivation of this stunning young beauty to keep on running.

As the sun began to set, Bianca headed back to her campus dorm stopping only for a brief moment at her favorite ice cream stand.

“I really shouldn’t…” Bianca thought while running her hands over her meaty thighs.

“Bianca my dear how are you today, you are looking so pretty, come, come what will it be today, I have some fabulous fresh boysenberry cream yoghurt just made this morning, come, come pretty lady like you needs to be treated” Angelo the ice cream vendor called.

A jolly and boisterous Italian man, Angelo had gotten to know Bianca quite well since she became a freshman at the local University, stopping for an ice cream or other naughty treat more often then not. It could certainly be argued that Angelo’s conveniently placed ice cream stand was partially to blame for the recent increase in the young ladies already sizable ass.

“You know, Angelo, you're going to make me so fat but I guess I do deserve a little treat after all that hard work…” Bianca smiled flirtatiously at the older man who made no attempt to hide his infatuation with the pretty young plumper.

“Here I give you extra chocolate sprinkles as well; it’s good for you bella figura, yes!” Angelo smiled while handing Bianca an extra large container of his fresh boysenberry cream with extra chocolate sprinkles.

“Oh gosh Angelo it’s too much…mmmm oh it is good though” Bianca moaned while closing her eyes and tasting the first of many spoonfuls.

“Sorry how much do I owe you?” Bianca asked smiling with embarrassment while licking the spoon clean.

“Please, please my treat, enjoy enjoy come back tomorrow yes!!!”

“Oh thank you Angelo” Bianca blushed sweetly knowing well that Angelo’s reward would come once she turned around and bounced her stretched out and ass filled yoga pants back towards campus.

Pausing briefly to look over her shoulder while giving Angelo a cheeky smile which said “Caught you looking, but I don’t mind, enjoy”


Feeling the warm water flow over her petite bronzed shoulders, down her arched back and then gush like a waterfall over the ample shelf that was her ass felt like heaven.

Feeling her creamy hips gently brush the sides of the shower door as she stepped out Bianca toweled off relieved to no longer be hot and sweaty. Bianca slipped into her lacy black bra, cupping her boobs gently as she did so and feeling their weight.

Smiling with acknowledgement at the perky firmness her boobs displayed despite their generous size, Bianca became worried as she reached around her petite frame, feeling a pinch as the straps of the bra dug into her soft skin as she fastened the tiny clip with some difficulty, confirming her suspicions, her boobs wore still growing.

Noting with some discomfort that her soon to be bra busters wore bulging out of the cups of her already hefty F Cup bra Bianca turned her attention towards a more weighty matter, her spreading bottom and fattening thighs.

Carefully navigating her lacy black panties past her chunky calves and meaty thighs, Bianca was mindful to not stretch the elastic to much with her fingers as she pulled the comparatively small black garment over the creamy white flesh of her enormous bubble butt.

Having blown out and torn several pairs of panties over the last few months, it was getting expensive to buy lingerie for the plump beauty and this was unfortunately her last pair before having to buy more, regrettably in a larger size Bianca thought.

As she turned around Bianca peered over her shoulder, biting her bottom lip with apprehension while running her slender left hand over her expanse and examining the size of her bountiful behind in the mirror.

“Oh man, I’m getting so fat and disgusting, I’ve got to go on a diet or no decent guy will want to go out with me, only idiots hollering from their cars or horny old ice cream vendors. No more yoghurt and treats that’s for sure” she sighed while dreading the thought of being single forever.

Stepping onto the scales Bianca’s fears wore confirmed she had put on weight.

“Holly crap, 197 pounds I’ve gained nearly 20 pounds in only 3 months. If I keep this up I’ll be the only student who packs on the freshmen 15 twice over in her senior year. ” she moaned just as the bathroom door swung open and her room mate Kirsten waltzed in.

“Hay B, sorry just wanted to grab my hair brush. WOW baby got back!!” Kirsten laughed while slapping her room mate’s considerable left buttock before heading for the vanity.

“OW, that hurt” Bianca yelled.

“As if you could even feel that with all your padding” Kirsten said while standing next to Bianca emphasizing the difference in size between her own narrow hips, tiny flat behind and Bianca’s voluptuous balloon.

“Hurry up and get dressed or will be late for the party, Ted will be here any minute, he’s such a hottie don’t you think?” Kirsten grinned, basking in the joy of knowing that her much hotter room mate had no date.

“Um sure I’ll be ready in a few sec’s just not sure what to wear tonight” Bianca responded trying to not let her roommate get the better of her.

“You could borrow that black mini dress of mine you would look so good in that…except it might not fit nnarrghh” Kirsten snorted while making eyes at Bianca’s butt, knowing well that her tiny black garment had no chance of containing her roommates considerable curves.

“Oh…um….no thanks, it’s not really my style…I’m sure I’ll find something to wear” Bianca said while making her way out of the bathroom and leaving Kirsten to preen.

“Crap, these are so tight arrgghh!” Bianca groaned while lying on her bed and desperately trying to pull her largest pair of blue jeans over her considerably thick thighs.

“Now wait, I know these fit at the start of the year, I can’t believe how much weight I let myself gain over the holidays OOOOFFF” Bianca cried as she gave up her futile struggle, chucking her jeans into the corner with some distress.

“Hmm maybe I will ask Kirsten for that black dress after all, I did borrow it end of last year and it just fit” she thought while making her way into the lounge.

“Kirsten…hay Kirsten can I grab that dress form you after all… Kirsten!” Bianca called out not realizing that Ted, Kirsten’s rather muscled and athletic boyfriend had already arrived and was waiting patiently for them both in the living room.

“OH…um….Hi Bianca…..um…how’s things…” the buff young jock nervously croaked upon seeing his girlfriend’s mega hot booty-full room mate prancing around the apartment in nothing but her black bra and a pair of overly taxed matching panties.

“Oh hay Ted, have you seen Kirsten…I was going to borrow a dress from her”

“Um…yeah…sure I …um think she’s still ready in um…room….getting ready…in her room…yeah”

“Thanks Ted” Bianca smiled at the nervous young man who was clearly beginning to sweat at the sight of the half naked young vixen.

“So you do want the dress after all, can’t find anything that fits?” Kirsten teased as she handed her room mate the dress.

“You can actually keep it, its way to big for me especially since you stretched it out the last time you borrowed it” Kirsten giggled at a sheepish looking Bianca.

“Good luck…” Kirsten smiled knowing well that the fat bottomed girl would struggle to squeeze her ample assets into the outfit.

Back in her room Bianca noted the outstretched seams from the last time she wedged herself into the black dress. Easily slipping it over her slender shoulders and down past her waist, it fit like a glove until it reached her hips.

Not wanting to ruin the dress she carefully negotiated her broad hips and then her fat bottom into the tight little number.

Tugging and pulling Bianca eventually got it to cover her glorious jutting ass. Looking in the mirror she noted with some hesitation that the dress barley touched the top of her thighs, making her almost look indecent.

“I guess it will have to do for tonight” She thought while tugging on the dress once more grabbing a pair of matching heels she headed out the door.

Chapter Three - THE DANCE PARTY

As the party was only a few blocks away the group decided to walk as it was a warm summers evening.

Infatuated with Bianca’s voluptuous curvy figure, Ted was quickly struggling to stifle his bonna while trying his best, yet failing miserably to not alert either Bianca or Kirsten to the fact.
Unable to help himself Ted couldn’t seem to stop leering at the fat balloon swaying from side to side as the group neared the party, he so desperately wanted to reach out and grab Bianca’s fat bum and give that sucker a proper squeeze, something which was near impossible for him to experience with Kirstin’s flat narrow little ass.

Kirstin herself was fuming over the fact that Bianca not only managed to squeeze into her dress albeit with great difficulty; the fact that Bianca looked better in the dress then she ever did is what really pissed Kirstin off the most.

Feeling somewhat inadequate when looking at Bianca’s luscious plunging cleavage, Kirstin couldn’t help but feel envious as she came to the realization that her own bony chest and tiny boobs would never be able to stand up to Bianca’s big breasts let alone fill out the black dress the way her room mate did.

Worst of all however was the fact that Ted’s eyes wore locked onto every inch of movement that Bianca’s body made, and there was a lot of movement as the Brunette wobbled, jiggled, rippled and bounce with each step.

“Stop it!!!” Kirsten said to her boyfriend with a cross look on her face while elbowing him in the side.

“What I’m not doing anything” Ted sheepishly replied.

“You know exactly what I mean, knock it off it’s not funny you’re my boyfriend you should be looking at me, not that pumped up tramp” Kirsten hissed in Ted’s ear not wanting to give Bianca any satisfaction by hearing the couple argue.

Bianca however paid Kirstin and Ted no mind once they reached the party and instead smiled to herself and mingled with the other people at the event leaving Kirsten to grumble at Ted in the corner.

Having fended off one too many drunken idiots each trying to either grope her booty or boobs within a short period of time, Bianca got tired of hanging around the bar and headed to the dance floor.

This was truly a sight to behold, shaking her generous rump and grooving to the beat Bianca was locking and popping like a pro. The guys at the party loved it drooling as they watched the gorgeous beauty shake and wiggle her hips; the girls naturally hated it snickering and laughing to each other.

“Oh my word, look at her butt; it’s like just so big. I can’t believe it’s just so round, it’s like out there, I mean gross”

At first Bianca tried to ignore all the hatters but eventually her confidence began to waver along with her little black dress. She soon found herself more often then not readjusting the dress, continually pulling and tugging it down making sure the globular under side of her round butt cheeks weren’t accidently on display.

“Look at what she’s wearing, I wouldn’t be caught dead in something like that if my ass was that fat, she looks like a total prostitute. And those tits I bet they aren’t even real” she heard one skinny flat chested girl say to another.

Tugging on her too short dress once again while turning to leave the dance floor just as the next song started playing she was somewhat surprised when a very tall and good looking young man grabbed her by the hand and led her back onto the floor.

At first Bianca was hesitant but after only a few moments she quickly realized that this guy could really move something that was rare amongst most college guys.

Intrigued and charmed by his cheeky demeanor and unusually handsome looks Bianca soon found herself dancing the night away once more.

It was a delight to dance with this handsome stranger for not only did he know how to dance but he resisted the urge to bump and grind Bianca or run his hands all over her body like most guys would.

After nearly a full half hour of dancing, Bianca headed outside for some fresh air a change in scenery and a much needed drink, thankful that her dress had held out all the wild dancing.

“I’m Marcus by the way, thanks for the dance” the young man smiled while walking next to a somewhat bashful and very sweaty Bianca.

“Um…puff…Bianca…puff…nice to meet you… you must practice a lot, you’re really good, do you dance professionally or something” she gushed while nervously pulling on her dress once again.

“Oh yeah thanks, no I just really enjoy it and like to go clubbing, you're pretty good yourself, I was watching you dance by yourself before and couldn’t help but notice all the girls giving you the evils, it was quite funny actually,” Marcus said while looking down at the much shorter girl playfully standing before him.

“Oh… yeah well, I normally end up dancing alone, don’t really ever get asked so I just go for it you know” Bianca replied while taking a big gulp of her drink.

“Good on ya, although you know the only reason most guys don’t ask you to dance is cause they're too scared, hot chicks like you are way to intimidating for most guys” Marcus laughed.

“Is that so, and what about you, are you not scarred of hot chick me” Bianca giggled while placing her slender hand on Marcus’s shoulder and looking up into his dark eyes.

“Nah, you’re not really my type…” Marcus said with a straight face.

“Oh… what is your type then?” Bianca timidly replied, not sure weather Marcus was joking or not.

Taking another big sip of her drink she suddenly became fearful that such a stud might already have a girlfriend.

“Oh heavens, this is so embarrassing, he probably only goes for tall skinny girls, Like, he must be a full foot taller then me” she thought nervously.

“Well let’s just say I like girls with some curves” Marcus answered while wrapping his strong hand around Bianca’s tiny waist and pulling her closer.

“Curves…what am I not curvy enough for you or something?” Bianca blurted out while pulling away slightly.

“Ha yeah ok, fair enough I guess you are a little curvy” Marcus teased.

The pair continued talking for hours while Bianca kept on filling her glass hoping to steady her nerves.

“Hay you want to grab a bite to eat I’m starving and there’s no decent food here, come on there a pretty decent burger joint not to far from here” Marcus took Bianca by the hand and the pair strolled down the road together, laughing and chatting as they went.

Chapter Four - THE BURGER BAR

“Burger Heaven, I know this place, they make really good double whoppers and…” Bianca stopped mid sentence while tugging on her dress once again and looking somewhat sheepishly at Marcus.

“Why did I just say that; now he surely must think I’m a total fat bitch” she thought to herself as Marcus opened the door for her and the pair headed inside.

“Ladies first” Marcus replied as they reached the counter.

“Can I take your order please…” the young man behind the counter asked with the usual tone.

“Um…yeah sure I’ll get…um…some small fries please” Bianca said with hesitation.

“Is that it, are you sure… don’t worry it’s my treat…go on.” Marcus reassured her.

“No really I’m not that hungry….” Bianca smiled coyly.

“Alright, well I’ll have 4 Triple bacon with extra cheese whoopers, 2x large fries, a 18 pack chicken nuggets, a hot fudge sunday and 2x large strawberry milkshake thanks” Marcus ordered with a grin on his face.

As the pair sat down Marcus began to chow down smacking his lips and moaning at the taste of his delicious meal.

“Are you really gonan eat all that…” Bianca laughed while watching Marcus’s spectacle.

“Hell yeah, it’s so good; here try some…man this is good, you know you want to right” he replied while pushing one of his burgers in Bianca’s direction.

“um…well it does look really good, if you don’t mind I guess I’ll try just a little…I’m not really hungry you know” she lied while unwrapping the greasy burger and stifling a little moan as she took her first bite.

Within no time she had munched down the whopper and consumed several handfuls of fries.

“Here have this one too; I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it. My eyes are always bigger then my stomach” Marcus said as he pushed the second burger towards the obviously hungry chubbette.

Lost in her indulgence Bianca’s fears of looking like a pig in front of Marcus quickly wavered as she chowed down on her second burger.

“Man the bacon here is really good…mmm” she murmured while taking another bite.

Having finished her second burger and with the fries now all gone, Marcus pushed the 12 peace of chicken nuggets in her direction.

“What…no way I couldn’t, I’m so stuffed…I swear I usually never eat this much” Bianca moaned while holding her stomach.

“Yeah…of course not…I believe you” Marcus said with a cheeky grin as he took the first chicken nugget out of the pack tossing it into his mouth.

“BBQ sauce change your mind…?” he smirked while dipping a golden nugget into the sauce container and brining it towards Bianca’s pouty plump lips.

“Owhhmmm” she moaned as Marcus pushed the first nugget into her mouth.

“Oh…mmm, they are sooo good” she exclaimed with a full mouth, barely able to get it down before Marcus popped another golden deep fried nugget into her.

“Oh my goodness, Marcus…stop….you’re gonna make me so fat…mmmm but these are good” she moaned while feeling the seams of her dress getting ever tighter.

“Fat Ha I hardly think so, you’re a skinny little thing, and with all; that dancing tonight this is just a snack, besides chicken is good for girls, makes their boobs grow” Marcus laughed while brining yet another chicken peace to Bianca’s greasy mouth.

“Ha I think they’ve already finished growing…thank goodness” Bianca giggled while suddenly becoming all too aware of her tight bra and the overflowing cups in the bathroom earlier that evening.

Eventually the 18 pack was gone leaving a very full looking Bianca and a very satisfied Marcus sitting at the table along with one last burger and a fudge Sunday.

“Here let’s go halves…” Marcus offered unwrapping the last triple bacon and double cheese whooper.

“Oh….No…no… I can’t….I’m so full, please it’s to much….oh man…puff” a rather bloated looking Bianca moaned.

Taking little notice of her pleads Marcus was determined to see this beauty finish the last burger.

Placing one hand on her soft stomach which was now bulging with food, he began to glide his hand gently over her distended middle, while pushing the burger into her mouth for the first of many bites.

Moaning at the touch his hand on her full belly, while protesting at every bite the last whopper was soon consumed.

“I…I feel like…puff…I’m gonna blow…” Bianca panted between labored breathes.

“BURRPP!!!” Bianca’s eyes bugged as she flushed red with embarrassment startling herself from her food induced stupor.

“Oh my, how embarrassing, he must think I’m a total fat sow, how disgusting” she panicked.

Instead Marcus just sat there admiring his stuffed belching beauty, knowing well that he was mostly to blame for Bianca’s current state. Placing one hand on her taut pot belly with admiration for how much this young lady had just consumed, Marcus dipped a spoon into the hot fudge Sundae and bought it to Bianca’s glazed over eyes with a wicked grin.

“A little ice cream for my sweet?” he whispered in her ear.

“Ohh…graon…no please I can’t, I’m sooo full…arghh it does look good…just one little bite, that’s all…” Bianca murmured as Marcus pushed the first fully loaded spoon into her waiting mouth.

Slowly and carefully Marcus spooned the hot fudge Sunday into Bianca’s little mouth, careful to not spill a drop of the calorie heavy sweet milk treat. He grinned with glee at the thought of all those luscious excess calories being added to his little porker’s already fat filled frame.

Although not without protest the hot fudge Sundae was eventually consumed leaving a worshipful Marcus to rub his princess’s pot, a very bloated fat sweating Bianca and her rounded out food baby seated at the table.

“Well lets get you home, the walk will do you good perhaps…don’t forget your milkshake by the way” Marcus smiled while handing his little fatty the extra large strawberry shake he had ordered.

Holding her swollen stomach with one hand and the milkshake with the other the panting princess slowly rose to her feet. Once upright the damage was apparent, Bianca looked positively pregnant, her food baby perhaps just past the first 3 or 4 months.

Shuffling towards the door Bianca’s eyes widened in horror as she suddenly felt the seams of her little black dress split open on both sides.

The additional strain of her now fast food impregnated belly was the last straw; the little black dress could simply no longer hold her bodacious curves as it popped open all the way around her ass, past her hips and up to her waist.

“OH CRAP…” she cried red with embarrassment at her predicament.

“Ha, looks like you might have some curves after all” Marcus remarked while trying to hold back a chuckle.

Ever the gentlemen he took of his jacket and draped it over Bianca’s slim shoulders. At 6’4 his jacket easily covered her exposed creamy flesh which poured out of the sides of the dress, Bianca’s sizable ass however was to much even for Marcus’s big jacket to hide, rather it sat atop her jutting butt shelf like a table cloth doing its best to offer a hint of modesty to the young lady who simply looked up and smiled.

“Thank you”

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Chapter Five - THE FOOD COURT

The next day Bianca woke up to the sound of Kirstin banging on her bedroom door.

“GO AWAY!” Bianca moaned lazily from her bed, sighing with relief as she felt her bloated belly had almost fully digested last nights pig out.

“Get up already. The phone rang. Its some guy asking for you, says his name is Marcus. Shall I tell him to buzz off?” Kirstin questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“NO!” Bianca shouted as she grabbed the phone from her room mate.

“Hello, Marcus?” she said with an excited voice.

“Hay Bianca, Marcus here. Just wanted to let you know how much fun I had last night, hope your head is not too sore”

“Oh Hi Marcus, um yeah just a little ha, what’s up” She chirped happy to hear Marcus’s voice.

“Well if you’re up to it and not too busy some mates and I are heading down to the beach this weekend. You’re welcome to join us, it should be fun”

“Oh um sure I’d love to, sounds great, I’ll see you then”

“Sure thing, can’t wait to see you again”

Naturally Kirstin sat next to Bianca for the entire phone call and quickly pieced together her own version of last night’s events in her head.

“That little tramp thinks she can first flirt with Ted, show me up and then grind every guy on the dance floor until she angles some guy who she can sink her claws into all in an effort to make me jealous. We'll see about that you fat bitch!” Kirstin thought.

“The beach? Now Bianca you know what that means…we need to go shopping and get you a new bikini” the skinny blonde announced.

“A new bikini…um I don’t think so; besides I got a new one just last summer” Bianca replied while quickly realizing that the now tiny garment most likely wouldn’t stand a chance of containing her additional gained curves when challenged with the hefty task. Bianca rolled out of bed and headed for a shower, feeling her thunderous thighs jiggle and rub together as she walked.

“Alright let’s head to the mall after breakfast” she said before closing the door on a smiling Kirstin.

As the girls headed into the mall Kirstin suggested they first headed to the food court and enjoyed a late lunch before commencing their hunt for a bikini capable of containing Bianca’s overloaded fat rump.

Watching the two girls walk side by side was truly something. Other then Kirstin being a good 6 inches taller then Bianca, from the back both girls looked more or less the same when comparing their upper bodies, perhaps Bianca was a little softer but only when examined more closely. Where the real difference became apparent was below the waist, the sheer comparative size of Kirstin’s flat, narrow, skinny little ass next to Bianca’s oversized jelly inflated balloon was almost comical. Naturally the tall blonde’s bonny hips emphasized Bianca’s already wide load, nevertheless it was clear Bianca’s ass was easily 3 or 4 times as wide as Kirstin’s.

Standing in line Kirstin caught several guys staring at them, only to quickly realize that the attention that was given was directed at Bianca and not her.

“What a tramp!” ran through Kirstin’s twisted mind as she caught another good looking young man staring at her room mate’s booty.

“Can I take your order please” a high pitched voice croaked form behind the food counter.

The pimply faced teenage boy was struggling to make eye contact with the girls, rather ogling Bianca’s plump bosoms with a stupid grin.

“I’ll have a chicken salad, no skin and no ranch dressing, got that?” Kirstin snapped.

“Hi, I’ll also have the chicken salad…just leave mine like you always make it” Bianca said while eyeing Kirstin’s completely exposed flat mid riff that she proudly had on display that day in a tiny size 2 crop top.

“Well I guess those of us without a man in their lives, don’t need to watch their figures as much” Kirstin smirked while heading to a nearby table.

Watching with a sly smile as Bianca eased her heavy spreading ass carefully into the flimsy plastic chair; Kirstin prayed for the day her room mates fat behind caused for Bianca to be sprawled on the floor at her feet, fat bum having smashed the chair or some other devilishly humiliating scenario.

The girls chatted and ate their meals, Kirstin counting calories in her head while Bianca uncomfortably shifted in her chair, feeling the hard sides of the plastic handles dig into her soft fleshy hips.

“Oh looks like I forgot napkins, I’ll be right back, 2 secs ok” the scheming blonde excused before disappearing into the crowd.

A few minutes later Kirstin returned and just as the girls were finishing their salads a man from the Asian counter appeared with a huge plate piled high with fried rice with sweet and sour pork.

“Oh Harrow… we have to much order today…you take, no need to waste good food yes…please thank you much, Double Happy Duck give way free” the man said before disappearing back into the crowd.

“Oh my, this is awfully nice…we really shouldn’t let this all go to waste, boy it does smell good don’t you think Bianca?” Kirstin announced while pretending to be surprised and handing her room mate a fork.

Oblivious to Kirstin’s orchestrated “free” meal Bianca hadn’t figured out yet that Kirstin had a secret agenda and was partially to blame for her most recent 20 pound weight gain.

Ever the bitch Kirstin had decided to fatten up her room mate since the start of the year, hating the fact that Bianca was forever getting more attention form guys wherever they went. Unlike Bianca, Kirstin had money to spare, which she regularly used to sabotage Bianca’s diet plans. Paying waiters to bring over “free” meals and stocking the fridge with naughty treats she knew Bianca couldn’t resist, Kirstin loved the feeling of dominance over her room mate as she watched Bianca’s willpower crumble and her figure fatten with each morsel the plump beauty consumed.

“That’s right you fat lard ass bitch, have some more fried rice you cow. Shovel some more calories into that greedy piggy mouth of yours; it’s only a matter of time until you explode with fat. Lets see how much blubber that ass can really hold until it either explodes or gets to big for you to carry, I bet the boys wont be checking you out then fatso. That’s right eat up, enjoy those delicious calorie rich carbs, mmm munch munch pop pop fatty, pathetic!” Kirstin thought with a cruel smile while watching Bianca slowly give in to temptation and stuff herself with the family sized platter of fried rice and pork.

Totally stuffed Bianca sat at the table holding her gut while Kirstin touched up her makeup, allowing her victim a few moments to digest before continuing their shopping trip.

“Uhhh ... why did I just eat all that… I’m so full, man I’ve got to stop pigging out like this or I’ll push past 200 pounds in no time…if I haven’t already” Bianca thought with some unease.

“Ready to go B, lets see if we can find you a naughty Bikini for that beach date next week” Kirstin smiled noting with pleasure the distended pot Bianca was one again carrying.


As the duo made their way through the busy mall Bianca found it hard to keep up with Kirstin’s fast paced long strides. Somewhat puffed from pushing her still bloated pot around she was almost relived when Kirstin whisked her into a trendy looking boutique.

“Tiny & Trendy” was a happening place with swarms of anorexic looking young girls browsing the latest fashion trends. As Bianca followed Kirstin into the shop she couldn’t help but notice the loud pumping base music and overly skinny manikins in the shop window.

“Oh my Kirstin, is that you, I haven’t seen you in ages girlfriend you look fab” said a statuesque young blonde from behind one of the sales counters.

“Megan oh my God, how are you so good to see you, have you lost weight, you look terrific!” Kirstin replied falling to introduce her room mate to the snobby sales assistant who was more interested in chatting and looking trendy then actually offering any real assistance.

“Yes I’m down to like 98 pounds now which is almost my target; what about you, you're looking hot?” Megan replied while completely ignoring Bianca who was standing right next to Kirstin.

“Oh I’m 103 I’ve been so naughty lately you know how it is sometimes, but anyway I need to find a bikini for my room mate here what can you show us?” Kirstin said, finally acknowledging Bianca’s existence.

“Well I’ve got this great new line right here, its going to be all the rage this summer I swear” Megan squeaked,

“Hey, they look so fetch, I’m gonna try one on, here Bianca hold my bag” Kirstin announced as she grabbed a bikini and headed to the changing rooms.

Appearing moments later clad in what can only be described a very tiny skimpy bikini, Kirstin strutted around the store admiring her slim figure and long legs in the full length mirror.

Parading around in front of Bianca with a triumphant look on her face Kirstin soon had another wicked idea.

“So what do you think Bianca?” Kirstin grinned.

“Um yeah looks real good on you Kirstin, you should definitely but it” replied the chubby beauty.

“Why don’t you try one on, it would look so good on you I recon, go on here this one looks about right” Kirstin smiled as she handed Bianca one of the bikinis from the rack.

“Oh no…um…I don’t think…well, it’s not really my style…and…” Bianca nervously excused, knowing well that the tiny bikini had not hope in hades of fitting her.

“Oh don’t worry it goes up to a size 6 here I’ll grab one for you” Megan smiled before handing Bianca another bikini and pushing her towards the changing rooms.

Once in the changing rooms Bianca began to panic; how was she ever going to fit into a size 6 bikini? She knew it was simply impossible.

Reaching for the bra first she quickly jostled her naked boobs into the over the shoulder boulder holder finding it to be a strikingly good fit around the back and rib cage. Only problem was the cups wore far too small and her large F cup breasts came spilling out of the tiny top.

Attempting to squeeze into the ridiculously undersized pair of briefs was another matter entirely. Pulling the bikini bottoms slowly past her thick calves Bianca took a deep breath as she forced the panties over her thunderously fat thighs.

Getting stuck half way Bianca could hear Kirstin and Megan’s voice just outside.

“Near any help in there or can you manage?” the girls questioned.

“I’m fine just a minute” Bianca blushed knowing well tat it would take more then a minute to negotiate her way into the tiny garment.

Tugging and pulling at the elastic Bianca eventually stretched the briefs over her thighs. Looking in the mirror she sighed at the sight of the ridiculously out of proportion balloon jutting out behind her.

“Here goes nothing” Bianca prayed as she stretched the bikini to its limits and pulled it over her massive spread.

Red faced and bothered the bikini clad chubbette meekly made her way out of the changing rooms to great a smirking Megan and almost laughing Kirstin.

“Oh my, Bianca you…um…WOW!” Kirstin blurted out upon seeing her fat friend uncomfortably wedged into the tiny outfit.

“um…maybe you might wanna try a different store, I don’t think we have your size in stock sweetie” Megan giggled as she stared at Bianca’s exploding curves.

“Megan how do you know you don’t have her size in stock, why don’t you take our measurements, my bikini is a bit loose anyway I think I might need a different size as well” Kirstin ordered.

Grabbing a measuring tape from behind the shop counter Megan proceeded to measure the two girls.

Kirstin went first making sure to stand provocatively beside Bianca, emphasizing the fat girls already embarrassing situation to other shop patrons.

“Well let’s see now, waist…20 inches nice, hips 24 inches hot, and bust…26 which gives you roughly triple A cup…hehe, time for a boob job Kirstin?” Megan joked.

Not impressed by her friends stupid comment in front of Bianca, Kirstin shot Megan an evil stare.

“um…that gives you like a totally sexy size 2 Kirstin, I’ll see what we have in stock” Megan quickly replied hopping to cool any rise in Kirstin’s sour mood.

“Well let’s, see now Bianca…bust…WOW… congrats girl that’s a healthy full set of 30G cup bazoons you got there” Megan gushed as Kirstin looked on with envy at her friends overly ample tits.

“Hope you don’t mind my asking but…are those real?” Megan questioned while already knowing that the soft round shape of Bianca’s bosom held her answer.

“Oh…um yeah, I guess I’m just lucky” Bianca blushed while looking down at her bra stuffers.

The good news ended here however as Bianca noted with total embarrassment that her still rice bloated pot that was hanging over the too tight briefs.

Luckily Megan positioned the cold measuring tape underneath Bianca’s round pot belly to give an accurate waist measurement.

“Hmm, 26 inch waist not bad…sexy even, surprisingly that actually gives you a size 6 up top, but it will be hard to find a fitting bra with cups large enough to support these big boobs. A size 8 or even 10 which is like a medium is probably more what you want to wear in the future, I know it sounds big and it might even be a bit baggy around your little frame but I’m sure the those big melons will help to fill out the extra material” Megan complimented.

“Forget all that, measure her butt Megan” Kirstin interrupted, clearly upset that Megan was actually complimenting Bianca’s disgustingly fat figure.

“um…Kirstin I don’t think we really need to…” Megan said before being cut of by Kirstin once again.

“We came for a proper measurement, so do your job and measure her, got it” Kirstin fumed.

“Oh it’s alright…go ahead I’d be interested myself…last time I had my measurements taken was in high school. I think I was about 48 inches back then” Bianca smiled before turning around.

Sinking to her knees Megan was faced by a colossal and almost scary sight. Bianca’s massive ass crack had engulfed the tiny bikini briefs and wedged themselves firmly between her butt cheeks, leaving any onlookers to ponder weather this girl was wearing panties at all.

“um…oh boy, let see now….um, well…Jesus....” Megan stammered as she carefully wrapped the stretched out tape measure around Bianca’s flaring hips.

“What a fat Pig!” Kirstin thought as she watched her friend measure Bianca’s titanic rear end.

“…58 inches…I think…that’s like a size 22 maybe?” Megan announced with a tremor in her voice, uncertain of the results.

“Holy Crap!... 58 inches that cant be right, I’m huge that’s like 10 inches gained within a few years, how could I have not realized how fat I was getting” Bianca fretted to herself while placing both hands on her naked wobbly bronzed butt cheeks.

“Bingo!...or rather porko” Kirstin thought as she stood next to the mountain of ass.

“Might wanna hit the treadmill some time B, since I doubt even your fat tits can distract from that whopper” Kirstin laughed sending a completely embarrassed and almost crying Bianca running into the changing rooms.

“What a drama queen, I’ll take a size 2 thanks Megan” Kirstin announced before handing her credit card to the somewhat stunned looking sales assistant.

Chapter Seven - THE BEACH DATE


“Kirsten can you get that I’m still getting ready; I’ll be 2 secs Ok!” Bianca called out to her room mate.

“Hi I’m Marcus is Bianca at home?” the broad shouldered man asked with a smile.

“um… Hi…um no she’s…she’s not ready yet, come in I’m Kirsten, Bianca’s best friend” Kirsten nervously said while bating her eyes and flicking her blonde hair.

“I’ll be out in a minute!” came a voice from the bathroom.

“She’s probably just fretting about her old bikini not fitting…or her weight, you know she packed on the freshman 15 in only 2 months.” Kirsten slyly added while sitting down on the sofa and crossing her long thin legs.

“Really, she looks good to me” Marcus politely replied while purposefully not looking at the skinny blondes display.

“I’m always telling her she needs to join me at the gym, but I think she’s self conscious about her figure or something, no confidence you know. Some girls are like that I guess, all drama” Kirsten smirked while provocatively crossing her arms and bending forward in a desperate attempt to form some cleavage with her flat chested triple A cup bosom.

“Heh yeah, some girls sure have problems” Marcus smiled while looking at Kirsten’s starved waif of a figure.

Just then Bianca bounced into the living room hair flowing freely while confidently dressed in a revealing black string bikini top that proudly displayed her well endowed and ample 30G Cup cream bosoms.

Her bare pot belly midriff decidedly full, having naively fallen victim to another one of Kirstin’s orchestrated big breakfast stuffing’s, hung ever so slightly over her briefs. Fat and happy it proudly called for its share of attention decorated with a shiny silver belly button chain that hung form her deepening navel. A green and blue sarong with tropical patterns wrapped around her hips revealing the slightest glimpse of her soft meaty thigh completed the picture of perfection.

Marcus’s heart was pounding as he walked over to the summertime beauty, wrapping his strong hands around her butter soft arms he pulled the beach babe towards him and kissed her on the forehead gently, leaving Kirsten sitting on the sofa with a enviously green look in her eye.

As the couple made their way towards the beach they stopped at Angelo’s ice cream stand, where Marcus couldn’t resist treating his little beach booty babe to an extra large helping of peaches and cream frozen yoghurt with chocolate sprinkles.

“Marcus, you’re going to make me so fat” Bianca giggled while enjoying her first spoonful. By now she was realizing that he liked her just as she was.

Once at the beach Marcus introduced Bianca to his friends before laying out some towels and joining the group in the afternoon sun.

Untying the knot of her sarong and letting it drop to the sandy floor, the groups eyes bugged while Marcus nearly choked on his drink at the sight of Bianca’s amazingly round and voluptuously full curves.

Clad in matching black bikini panties Bianca’s titanic ass was easily twice the size of any other girl at the beach.

“Wwoooottt” the guys in the group whistled while Bianca bashfully stood there and smiled.

“Marcus she’s gorgeous, why are you going out with us again” one of Marcus’s friends joked while his own girlfriend shot him a death like stare.

“Man I bet you could rest a beer can on that whooty” another friend butted in while opening a drink and handing it to the fat bottomed Bianca.

“Alright, alright guys ease up…” Marcus said knowing that his friends were just joking around but not to sure how Bianca would react.

“A beer can…haha, that’s funny, I’ll tell you what lets make a little bet. If I can rest two cans of beer on my butt shelf, one on each cheek for 10 seconds I win, if not then you win…deal? Bianca said with a playful smile to the young man.

“Ha ok what’s the wager then?” the cocky young man replied.

“If I win you run down the beach and back…butt naked, if you win I’ll do the same” Bianca replied while wiggling her hips for emphasis.

“I was only joking around….are you serious?” the young man replied with a slight croak in his voice as he witnessed the true size of Bianca’s hips as she shook.

“Sure I’m serious…what you chicken?” Bianca grinned while the group began to laugh while coaxing their friend on.

Accepting the deal the young man grabbed two cans of ice cood beer from his cooler, before preparing to place them on Bianca’s hefty butt shelf.

“No cheating now” Bianca smiled over her shoulder before proceeding to arch her back in a manner that pushed out and emphasized her already impressive rump.

“Jesus this girls got an ass like some mega rap honey” the nervous young man thought to himself while steadying the first icy cold beverage on the gigantic tanned ass spread out before him.

“Oohhh that’s cold” Bianca giggled careful not to flinch and accidentally unsteady the can.

As the young man began to place the second beverage on Biancas fat ass, she quickly noted with some joy at how nervous he was. Perhaps it was the thought of losing the bet that made his hand shake or perhaps it was the fact that this young man had never been so close to such an enormously round sexy fat ass before, either way the young man’s eyes wore glued to her ass along with the group as they watched in awe as the twelve ounce can sank into her soft buttery flesh and steadied itself.

“10…, 9…, 8…, 7…, 6…, 5…, 4…, 3…, 2…,1…Wwoooeehhh” the group cheered as Bianca began wobbling her hips knocking both cans to the floor triumphantly.

“Alright stud, lets see that skinny white little ass bob up and down the beach” Bianca laughed while placing a hand over her mouth in disbelief as the young man began to undress.

What came next was nothing short of hysterical. As the young stud took of his shorts his friends whaled in laughter as he stood there stifling a boner before jogging on down the beach.

“Oh Lord” Bianca laughed before heading towards the water for a swim, Marcus in hot pursuit.

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Chapter Eight - THE HOT DOG STAND

“That was quite a show you put on back there” Marcus laughed while Bianca made her way through the waves.

“Ha yeah, sorry I can’t help myself sometimes,” she replied while looking a little sheepish.

“What’s a whooty by the way?” Bianca questioned while looking up into Marcus’s eyes with an innocent look.

“A whooty, hahaha…um its slang for white girl with a booty, doesn’t really apply to you though” Marcus teased before wrapping his arms around Bianca and squeezing her meaty hips with both hands.

“Ha yeah right” she scoffed before blushing at the audible sound of her tummy grumbling.

“Hungry again are we?” Marcus teased.

“Maybe just a little” she blushed before jogging out of the surf, leaving Marcus to enjoy the view of her amazingly fat bikini clad bottom as it bounced and wobbled furiously with every step.

Bending over to pick up a towel, Bianca’s broad balloon caused her bikini briefs to slip into her rather cavernous ass crack.

Bashfully looking around and hoping no one would see, she quickly attempted to dig out the tiny panties without too much fuss.

“Need a hand toweling off, here let me help” Marcus whispered into her ear from behind as Bianca turned red.

Towel in hand Marcus began to rub down her soft meaty thighs at first, working his way up to her enormously round wobbly butt and then finishing with her hips.

“Man, she’s all butter” Marcus thought while slapping her bronzed fat bottom before handing Bianca the fluffy towel to finish off, Marcus watched as she continued to struggle with her tightly wedged bikini briefs.

Walking down the beach Bianca’s jiggly jelly filled ass created a trail of lusty stares from the men and angry glares from the women.

With each thunderous step the otherwise petite girl’s water melon butt cheeks wobbled and swayed causing her tightly stretched bikini briefs to consistently wedge into her seemingly endless ass crack.

Quickly noticing Bianca’s embarrassing ongoing situation, Marcus couldn’t help but chuckle before reaching the nearest fast food trailer.

“Come on my little pawg, lets get you something to eat before you waist away” he smiled warmly wrapping his arm over her shoulder while stealing a quick peak down at Bianca’s jiggling bikini stuffers.

“Aw, that’s not nice…did you just call me a pig?” Bianca said with a worried look in her eye.

“No, no I called you a little pawg, P.A.W.G…it’s a good thing, means Phat Ass White Girl, although I’ve never actually seen one up until now!” Marcus joked while giving Bianca’s hefty booty a solid squeeze.

“Hay, I thought I was your whooty” she smiled causing her freckled nose to crinkle.

“Um Hi yeah can I get 3 of your foot long grilled hot dogs on white bread, with all the extras, plus two large chocolate milkshakes and a large meat lovers pizza with extra BBQ sauce to go” Marcus ordered while Bianca’s eyes widened with apprehension, thinking of not only her big breakfast and the large tub of yoghurt she had already consumed that day, but the burger bar last week where Marcus had stuffed her silly.

“Who’s all this for?” she questioned with hesitation while placing one hand on her pot, and the other on her squishy soft hip.

“Well one of the hot dogs ad a sahaske asre for me, you can’t have it all you know” Marcus teased before handing her a foot long sausage.

“Buzzk off... I can’t eat all that I’ll explode…I’m only tiny remember” she protested knowing this to be only somewhat true.

“Sure thing sweet cheeks, just have a bite” Marcus replied while looking down at the plump beauties pumped up behind. Actually having an appetote at the moment Bianca complied.

Making their way back down the beach Bianca finished her first hot dog before Marcus, starting on the second one after only a few words of encouragement from her present feeder.

“You know I’m glad I met you, you’re not like other guys. Most men just stare at my ass and tits…well mostly my ass, but its like I can understand the odd guy doing it I still want them to actually talk to me normally you know, best of all you didn’t ask me any stupid questions like, am I from Brazil?, is your Mum Latin?, or my favorite are you boobs real?” Bianca chuckled as she took another bite.

“Yeah, where are you from then?” Marcus questioned while watching her munch on the foot long, knowing well where the excess calories would land.

“Well I was actually born in the Dominican Republic, Dad is from up State. He was a diplomat in Santo Domingo when he met my mother, hence the big butt, I guess it kind of runs in the family same with all my sisters. Anyway they moved to the U.S shortly after where me and my sisters wore raised. Funny thing is I actually grew up on a farm, so really I’m a one hundred percent meat and potato fed country girl, what about you?” she proudly announced.

Marcus nearly fainted when thinking of Bianca’s mother and sisters. If they wore even half as beautiful and curvy as the little Latino cowgirl waddling alongside him, all with big luscious bottoms like her, every butt mans fantasy come true he thought.

“Meat and potato is that how you manage to stay so skinny?” Marcus questioned with a devilish look in his eyes.

“Skinny…you call this thing skinny, I’m fat as a pig. I really shouldn’t be eating all this - you're such a bad influence, I’m gonna end up big as a house if I hang out with you too often” Bianca scoffed, placing a delicate hand on her globular rear end while licking the other hand clean and groaning at the fullness of her distended pot.

Having reached the other side of the beach once more Marcus placed the pizza on his towel for later, while Bianca finished off her chocolate milk shake.

“Oh that was good, I’m so going to pay for that tomorrow when I go running” she announced giving a little burp while grabbing a bottle of tanning lotion and beginning to rub it over her soft arms.

Struggling to reach her back she looked over her shoulder with a naughty grin.

“Marcus…little help” she pouted.

“Ha, sure but you half to do something for me in exchange…” Marcus said while picking up the still warm box of BBQ meat lovers pizza and handing it to Bianca.

Looking up at her feeder with puppy dog eyes, Bianca handed over the lotion before opening the box and taking out her first slice.

Heart pounding Marcus began to massage the cream over Bianca’s slender shoulder blades and narrow back, captivated by the scrumptious sounds coming from the already stuffed little cutie standing before him. Stopping short of her protruding butt shelf that pushed into the air like a warm mountain of rising dough, he wasn’t sure weather to proceed any further; instead he gave a look which simply said.

“May I rub your fat ass for you my glorious beach goddess”

“Keep going…” she smiled while placing a finger between her bikini briefs and pulling the panties into her deep ass crack before taking another bite of her devilishly good pizza.

Sinking to his knees Marcus found himself face to face or rather face to ass with the goddess like curves that was Bianca’s watermelon sized butt cheeks. Kissing either side of her hips gently while Bianca licked her lips with her 5th slice of pizza Marcus proceeded to squeeze a large glob of lotion onto her magnificent naked full moon.

“You might need a little more, if you haven’t noticed by now, it’s a big area to cover” Bianca laughed while peering over her shoulder at Marcus’s trembling hands.

Rubbing the cream into Bianca’s incredibly soft and cushy fat ass, it was like nothing he had ever felt before nor dare to imagine.

“Man…what a muffin” he murmured while rubbing big circular motions with both hands.

“Ha, yeah well it’s been in the oven for a while now” Bianca replied while shaking her fat hips for emphasize.

“Don’t forget my thighs” she laughed before spreading her feet apart ever so slightly.

More then eager to oblige Marcus once again oiled Bianca’s wobbly tree trunk sized thighs before she proceeded to turn and face him.

“Now do the rest of me” she ordered before liberating the last slice from the pizza box and pushing it past her greedy lips into an already stuffed mouth.

With another hand full of tanning lotion Marcus gently kneaded Bianca’s stuffed pot belly, delicately cupping the tanned hefty little gut as he did so, happy with the knowledge that he was helping it to grow.

Heading up the sides of her torso towards her plump grapefruit sized breasts Bianca playfully swatted his hands away before he could cop a feel of her milky jugs.

“Easy tiger, I think mommy better take care of the twins herself” She teased while reaching behind her back and unclasping her little black bra.

Stretching out her slender arm while dangling the garment from her finger tip Bianca grinned as Marcus still on his knees could merely watch with mercy in his eyes.

Squirting some tanning lotion into her hand she began oiling up her sumptuous breasts, arching her back and giving a little moan as to emphasize her pleasure.

Marcus wasn’t sure weather this was heaven or hell as he watched Bianca grope, heft, squish, kneed and bounce her milky orbs merely inches from his face.

“You can’t have it all you know” she laughed using the same line he had given her at the hot dog stand.

With swaying hips she made her way towards the nearest beach towel, every inch of her jiggling in motion before plonking her weighty form down.

Lying on her back and closing her eyes she placed her hands on the roundness that was her now seriously full belly while giving a little moan.

Both her luscious melons pushed proudly into the air, a testament to their firm perky nature while settling atop her heavy pot, each struggling to occupy a share of her tiny chest.

“Here babe, let me help you with that” Marcus eagerly offered while gently rubbing tender circles on the fat pot before him as the busty fat bottomed beauty slumbered.

With the help of Marcus’s belly rub she soon digested the large meal after an hour or so, stirring only momentarily form her sleep to roll onto her stomach.

As she did so Marcus once again watched with utter glee as every inch of her soft supple flesh wobbled and swayed much like the ocean.

Using her soft arms as a pillow while her hefty bosom oozed out the sides of her rib cage, Bianca slumbered once more, feeling her enormous calorie filled ass wobble and eventually subside like a mountain of jello.


As summer turned into autumn and the weeks flew by the young couples romance blossomed along with Bianca’s already overly curvaceous form. This was thanks not only to her own indulgence, but also that of Kirstin’s sneaky feedings coupled with her new beau’s constant attempts at fattening her. Naturally Bianca’s figure didn’t stand a chance and the damage was becoming more and more apparent with each passing day and each added pound.

“Man I’m stuffed, your always ordering way too much food…oorghff” Bianca announced as she placed the now empty chicken chow mein container back onto the kitchen counter while reaching for the last pork dumpling with a naughty grin.

“Do I?” Marcus innocently replied while handing a bowl of chocolate ice cream to the stuffed looking beauty that had plonked her wide load back down onto the sofa.

“Oh boy, you really never give up, you know I’m gonna end up as big as a whale some day if you don’t stop feeding me like this” Bianca smiled while playfully liking her spoon.

Marcus could only dream, but for now he had to be satisfied with the chubby plumper squeezed into a pair of overly full size 22 tights sitting before him.

Finishing her ice cream Bianca struggled to her feet, feeling the weight of her gigantic rear end pulling her back down. Panting ever so slightly with the effort she headed towards the kitchen feeling her thunder thighs rub together a grim reminder of the fact she had just begun to waddle on a consistent basis.

Having packed on a further 35 pounds in the last few months thanks to Marcus’s constant encouragement being added to her already fully loaded calorie rich daily diet, Bianca was now hauling 232 pounds of pure butter, knowing well that if she continued to eat like this she would be joining the 250 pound club only a few months from now.

“Man I’ve got to step up my work outs or this blubber butt is gonna turn into pure cellulite any day now” she thought to herself, happy with the knowledge that her thighs and behind had remained relatively smooth and unblemished up until now.

“I think I need to go on a diet, I’m getting so fat and disgusting” Bianca pouted as she entered the living room once more, tugging on her fat packed tights and repositioning the heavy load they wore charged with holding.

“What no way, your totally fine… you’re not even fat” Marcus replied patting his knee and motioning her to take a seat.

“Are you being serious or just joking around, honestly I’m struggling with my jogging cause everything keeps wobbling and moving, plus I’m totally puffed after only a short while, its not funny!” she sulked while gently easing her bulk onto her boyfriends lap, praying that his legs wouldn’t give way under her weight.

Feeling Marcus’s hard on press against her creamy chub Bianca smiled and kissed her admirer passionately.

“You really do like fat girls don’t you!” she giggled pressing her still growing gazongas into Marcus’s flushed face.

“Nah just the thick and curvy ones, you wouldn’t happen to know any?” Marcus said with boob muffled voice.

Sinking his hands into her cushy full bottom and kissing the tops of her plump breasts once more Marcus reassured her how beautiful she was and if anything she could gain a few more pounds.

“In your dreams…, you’re telling me this… isn’t enough for you!” Bianca teased while grinding her hips and fat bottom into Marcus’s groin.

“What...” Marcus cried Marcus as his ejaculstion answered for him..

“That’s what I thought” She triumphantly smiled before proceeding to get of his lap.

“How big is this melon anyway” Marcus questioned while slapping his fat bottomed girlfriend playfully on the ass.

“Ahhh… I’ll have you know I’m a perfect 30-26-58, with G cup boobies in case your wondering how big they are too” she smiled while rubbing her sore buttock.

“Ha, yeah right… when was that last taken there’s no way you’re a 30G Cup, those boulders are bursting out of your bra sweet cheeks” Marcus teased.

“Oh and why’s that, are you Mr. Expert in women’s dress sizes now” she replied with a pissed of look.

“Perhaps not an expert but I know a 60+ inch ass when I see one, and yours is definitely bigger, here I’ll prove it. Wait here” Marcus replied before running out of the living room to fetch his lap top.

Armed with his lap top and a measuring tape Marcus quickly navigated to Google and typed in “BBW Maria Melons” and clicked on the first link.

“Who’s this then, your last girlfriend?” Bianca said with a somewhat sour face while looking at the extremely gorgeous curvy Latina.

“This, my sweet is Maria Melons famously known in Brazil as watermelon women, due to the size of her phenomenal ass…” Marcus stopped in mid sentence noting the glare in Bianca’s eyes he quickly got to the point fearful he might dig his hole deeper.

“You see, um…is, well her official measurements are 36DD, 30, 56, and your way curvier then her…and way prettier” Marcus quickly added hoping she had bought his line.

“Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out for sure” Bianca said before stripping off and handing the tape measure to Marcus.

With anxious hands Marcus proceeded to measure his goddess in the living room, careful not to prod her supple soft skin with his raging erection as he measured her from behind.

“Let’s see now, under bust aha….above, you’ve got a tiny rib cage and same with your back” Marcus exclaimed with some disbelief at Bianca’s delicate proportions.

“And now the best part… the bust” Marcus gleamed as the cold tape wrapped around Bianca’s sizeable hooters.

“Well they certainly haven’t shrunken that’s for sure; you say you wore a 30G cup before…well you’ve been promoted to a rather very busty 32H cup now, congrats I guess!” Marcus happily announced before tweaking Bianca’s puffy pink nipple.

Falling to his knees Marcus wrapped the tape around Bianca’s soft yet narrow waist, noting with pleasure the permanent little pot she now carried.

“Hah 28 inches, that’s still a 2 inch improvement in that department my sweet… but what about this little belly you seem to have developed?” Marcus questioned as he wrapped the tape around Bianca’s pot before she could stop him.

“Well, well, well, someone’s got little food baby 36 inches of belly… that’s quite a sexy little number you’re carrying there” he teased while kissing Bianca’s navel and admiring the firm roundness of her gut.

“It’s like an even bigger third boob” he joked before giving it a little wobble.

“What don’t tell me these aren’t big enough for you?” Bianca teased while cupping her newly promoted 32H cup fun bags and bouncing them up and down for her boyfriend’s pleasure.

“And now for the main attraction, this phenomenal ba-donka-donk” he joked before kissing her plump buttock while cooing at it softly.

“Get on with it you dork” Bianca giggled while looking over her shoulder with anticipation.

“And we have, 66 inches of ass!” Marcus blurted out at a shocked looking Bianca.

“See, I told you I knew a 60+ inch ass when I see one” Marcus chuckled while wrapping his hand around Bianca’s waist and kissing her from behind.

“OK. I guess it was a few months ago since I last got measured, no wonder nothing fits me once again” Bianca thought to herself while running her plump hands over her now 66 inch ass.

“So how long have you been looking at BBW Maria Melons on the internet?” Bianca questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh not that long I stopped after I met you…” Marcus replied with a sheepish grin.

“Any other women in your life that you no longer look at?” she laughed.

“Yeah quite a few actually, wanna see? He replied with a daring grin.

Opening his lap top once more Marcus showed Bianca the various fat admirer websites and the gloriously curvaceous and fat women that graced the pages with their beauty.

There was Dimensions, Fantasy Feeder, big cuties, big hot bombshells and many more.

“Are you serious? guys actually get off on this stuff, no way. Some of these women are enormous…how can anyone get that fat” Bianca scoffed before heading to bed, leaving Marcus to dream and pray that one day Bianca might get even fatter then any of these women.

Chapter Ten - THE BITCH

“100 pounds, perfect don’t you think” Kirsten announced to her room mate as she stepped of the bathroom scale.

“Are you still going to try that new diet out, or you gonna wait till summer, get that hot bikini bod back in shape” the 5 foot 9 blonde questioned with a sly look.

“Oh…um yeah, nah I haven’t really decided yet, happy with how I am at the moment I guess” Bianca replied feeling her room mates eyes on her as she got dressed.

“Oh…well, good for you I guess I mean if you can get away with it, then credit to you. Ted likes his girls petite and slim like me, most guys do I guess…what do you weigh these days anyway?” Kirsten questioned with fake concern.

“How much?…oh um I’m not sure like… 170 or something I think” Bianca lied knowing well that she had just clocked in at nearly 251 round overfed pounds of pork that morning, two and a half times the weight of tiny Kirstin on a 6 inch shorter frame.

Slipping into her size 0 skinny jeans Kirsten admired her flat little ass in the mirror before joining Ted and Marcus in the living room.

Dressed in tight size 24 apple bottom jeans with a snug looking v-neck top Bianca waddled out behind. Both Marcus and Ted perked up when the stunning beauty entered the room, much to the dismay of her diet obsessed room mate.

“Lets go already…!” Kirsten announced before grabbing her hand bag and storming out of the apartment.

Sharing a taxi and sitting between Bianca and Kirsten, Ted was in heaven. Feeling the lusciously soft creamy fat of Bianca’s warm ass pillow into his side more then made up for the uncomfortable sensation of his girlfriends skinny hip bone pressing into his own.

Clambering out of the taxi Bianca indivertibly treated Ted to a full moon view of her round bottom as she got out ahead of him.

Coupled once more Kirsten gave Ted an evil glare as she noted the hard on he was sporting as the group made their way towards the cinema.

“A little pop corn for my sweat” Marcus said before handing Bianca a giant sized tub of double butter pop corn and a large strawberry milkshake.

“Aww Marcus I’m still full from dinner, I ate like a fat pig again” Bianca said while tossing a handful of buttery pop corn into her mouth.

Ted’s eyes lit up as he watched the spectacle before him. Kirsten naturally was furious.

“That bitch, who does she think she is trying to steal my boyfriend from me, I’ll show her” the skinny blonde thought as the group headed into the movie theater.

Shuffling down the isle with some difficulty Bianca accidently shoved her protruding behind into more then one moviegoer.

“Sorry…sorry…excuse me…sorry about that” she would blush.

Carefully lowering her big butt into the seat, she felt the armrest uncomfortably press into her marshmallow like dough.

As the lights dimmed Marcus put his arm around Bianca’s still slim shoulders, while Kirstin sat it the dark plotting her revenge.

“Hmm, so Marcus likes chubby girls is it, well let’s see how long he sticks around when the bitch puts on another 100 pounds…or maybe even 1,000. I’ll make that bitch so fat she wont be able to get off her titanic ass ever again…HAHA I can just see it, I’ll blow the bitch up like a balloon until she’s to fat to get through a door let alone walk, lets see you be sexy then you disgusting fat sow” Kirsten schemed.

The next day Kirsten upped her efforts in fattening her room mate. First stop the grocery store where Kirstin loaded her trolley full of fattening treats. Little Debbies, chocolate puddings, an assortment of potato chips, pork rinds, frozen pizzas, microwave lasagna and pretty much anything calorie rich that wouldn’t take too much effort for Bianca to prepare.

As Kirstin made her way through the aisles loading her cart with junk food, people would stare and whisper to each other at the unusual sight of such a skinny girl flaunting her obvious disregard for a healthy diet.

“Having a little party are we?” the girl at the check out questioned with some concern.

Next stop the bakery where once again Kirstin spent up large on bags of sugary doughnuts, chocolate fudge brownies, cream éclairs and a sumptuous cheesecake for later that afternoon.

Before heading home however Kirstin made one last vital stop, the body building centre. Inside she was greeted with a plethora of muscle heads all browsing for the latest body builder’s magazine or trendy new gym product.

Heading straight to the counter she was greeted by a very large and pumped up looking beef head with arms bigger then her waist.

“Can I help you little miss?” the man questioned.

“Yeah I need some weight gain powder what do you recommend?” Kirstin commanded.

“um…well we have (mass effect) that’s a good place to start, gives a slow gradual gain best for first time users, its also our cheapest product in stock. There’s also (plus gain) that’s what most guys use. Good for packing on a few pounds gives good results, I personally recommend it. And then we have the top of the range stuff (Max Tonnage) this stuff is really only used by professional football players and some wrestlers who want to really bulk up big time…its got no flavor or powdery residue…it’s also a bit expensive” the man explained to the tiny pixie who looked like a skeleton amongst all the other shop patrons.

“What size is the Max Tonnage come in?” Kirstin asked with an evil glint in her eye.

“um…comes in 2, 5 and 10 Liter containers…” the big bruiser replied with a worried look on his face.

“I’ll take two of the 10 liter containers, my car is out front” Kirstin ordered as she handed over her credit card and watched with glee as the man loaded her items into the back seat of her car.

Heading home Kirstin couldn’t help but cackle to herself while thinking of her room mates soon to be ruined figure.

“HAHAHA I can’t wait to see Bianca stuff herself with all this crap, that greedy cow can’t seem to control herself, no wonder she’s bigger then the SS Fatass battleship by now. I can just picture it, struggling to get that ridiculously giant ass out of bed in the mornings, begging for me to help her stand. And thanks to this weight gain shake the bitch will end up looking like some overweight NFL line baker…probably get loads of zits and pimples and disgusting cellulite all over her body, this is going to be so much fun” the cruel blonde schemed.

Arriving back at the apartment Kirstin opened the weight gain shake and proceeded to sprinkle and mix it into everything Bianca might consume. Into the milk she added several spoonfuls, over the sugary doughnuts, all over the cheese cake, the juice, the cookies and everything else she thought Bianca wouldn’t notice, before stocking up the pantry with the excess junk food. Hiding away the remaining Max Tonnage she made sure to leave the cheese cake on the kitchen counter, knowing well of her room mates weakness for anything sweat.

Just as planned Kirstin watched with glee from the living room as Bianca returned from her afternoon jog. Beet red and panting Bianca headed to the kitchen for a cool glass of orange juice.

“Hay Kirstin…puff, who’s cheesecake is this…puff, can I have a slice?” Bianca called out.

“Sure B it’s a gift from a friend of mine, help yourself” Kirstin replied while flicking through the different trashy Hollywood channels and smiling to herself, mission accomplished.

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Chapter Eleven - THE NEW DIET

The year was slowly coming to an end and the holiday season was just around the corner. Marcus and Bianca’s relationship was growing stronger as her figure grew rounder, whilst Kirstin and Ted wore constantly arguing, mainly over Ted’s obvious attraction for Bianca, something the skinny blonde simply couldn’t come to terms with.

To Kirstin’s delight however her plan was working perfectly as her room mates weight mounted. No longer just a fat bottomed girl with big tits, Bianca’s figure had developed far more ample proportions all over, thanks to Kirstin’s steady supply of junk food laden with weight gain powder.

Although it had proven to be a very expensive exercise for Kirstin, she relished watching her room mate grow fatter by the day.

“Perfect…” she wickedly smiled.

It was not unusual for Kirstin to come home from the gym only to find her room mate bloated and spread out on the sofa covered in crumbs with empty packets of chip’s and Little Debbies pilled on the floor.

By this time the two 10 liter tubs of Max Tonnage had all but gone, leaving little doubt as to where when looking at Bianca’s bulging belly, bra busting boobs and monstrous bubble butt.

“What a hog!” Kirstin smiled.

Between the constant feedings and encouragement from Marcus to “Try this” and “Have some more of that” in addition to her own gluttony binges fuelled by Kirsten’s treats, Bianca expanded in all directions with each passing morsel.

“I’m heading out for a quick jog before the boys get here, c’ya later Kirstin” Bianca called from the hall, having still not given up exercising at least on the odd occasion.

“Wait up B, I’ll come with you” Kirstin announced before hurrying to her room to change.

Once outside it was quickly evident that Bianca was most certainly no longer able to jog let alone run for more then a few seconds without becoming puffed.

Her giant hips swayed from side to side throwing her off balance as her fat bottom bounced heavily with every step. Her thighs so large she had to spread her feet to accommodate their size which caused her now distinctive waddle.

“Come on B, lets pick up the pace” Kirstin mocked as she slapped her room mates wobbly behind before sprinting off down the path.

“PUFF…PUFF…PUFF…WAIT…PUFF…UP…”Kirstin breathed as she felt the sweat bead down her forehead after only a few minutes, boy was she unfit Bianca thought.

After only 20 minutes of waddling and resting in between, Bianca was beat. Rather then letting Kirstin coax her on, she instead decided to head back to the apartment, stopping conveniently at Angelo’s along the way.

“Beautiful Bianca, how are you today my gorgeous lady…you look more fabulous each time I see you, please please my treat today, I have new flavor you try yes!” Angelo said before grabbing a large pot and filling it with a fresh batch of his rocky road ice cream.

“Thank you Angelo, you’re so good to me” Bianca blushed savoring the cool ice cream as it tempered her hot sweaty body.

“What? She can hardly run and now she’s eating ice cream, looks like I really out did myself, what a sow, pathetic!” Kirstin giggled as she watched her room mate consume the creamy treat.

Back at the flat Bianca showered noting to herself that the shower box seemed smaller each time she stepped in.

Toweling off she felt her huge body jiggle all over with her newly added poundage. Looking in the full length mirror she witnessed her fat subside before examining herself more closely.

“I can’t believe how huge I’ve gotten the last few months, I’m massive” she pouted while hefting her fat belly with both hands and feeling its weight.

Round and soft her now permanent basket ball sized belly had become rather prominent, luckily for Bianca her hips wore so large by now that they easily accommodated her hefty gut.

Feeling her upper arms wobble as she examined her body Bianca soon realised that her soft girlish arms wore not only completely void of any tone and butter soft, but they wore rapidly turning into little Christmas hams.

Her hips had spread and not even a pair of size 24 track pants could contain her. Running her still delicate hand over her uncharted spread, the overweight beauty soon found that she could no longer reach either side of her titanic ass.

At least she hadn’t developed any serious signs of cellulite…yet, she thought taking comfort that all those regular Friday night full body baby oil massages Marcus pampered her with had luckily worked.

Knowing what had to be done; Bianca stepped onto the scale dreading the results.

Struggling to position her feet close enough together on the tiny scale Bianca watched the dial spin furiously around while listening to the scale groan in protest at her heavy weight.

Biting her lip nervously she squashed her big boobs against her chest and sucked in her hanging gut so as to allow her to better see.

“No way…that’s impossible… 298 pounds…I’ve gained 120 pounds this year…how could I let this happen!” Bianca cried stepping form the bathroom scale and rushing to her room tears streaming down her chubby face.

“Oopps looks like someone just realized they got fat” Kirstin laughed as she watched her room mate waddle down the hall, hips brushing the walls as the went.

Chapter Twelve - THE WORSHIPER

It was New Years Eve and Kirstin was having the time of her life. The flat was pumping and all her friends wore there to admirer her new outfit and tremendously slender figure.

“Hay Kirstin, where’s Bianca?” Marcus questioned upon arriving.

“Hay Marcus, you’re looking so hot wanna dance? B’s having major dramas tonight, she’s locked herself in her room and wont come out, she’s being a total bitch about it…here have a drink” Kirstin offered not wanting Marcus to cheer Bianca up, after all this was her night to party.

Marcus, however, brushed her saside and went to Bianca's door.

“Bianca…you alright, can I come in?” Marcus asked as he gently knocked on the door.

Hearing the door unlock, he headed into Bianca’s room only to find her crying her eyes out.

“Bianca, what’s the matter?” Marcus asked with concern giving Bianca a hug and a soft kiss on the forehead while wiping away her tears.

After calming down Bianca opened up about her lingering issues concerning her weight.

“Its just I’m worried that one day you might not find me beautiful anymore, I mean I’m 298 pounds on a 5 foot 3 frame, I’m enormous” She said with teary eyes.

“Babe trust me since I first laid eyes on you I knew you wore the most beautiful women in the world, what ever your size, shape or weight I’ll always be there for you no matter what” he reassured his girlfriend.

Having cheered her up, Marcus suggested they head over to his place for a nice quite new years eve together.

Stopping on the way for ice cream the couple walked hand in hand Marcus relishing the sensation of feeling his BBW girlfriend’s hips push into his side with every stride they took.

Back at the apartment the couple made out and talked for hours before Bianca’s belly gave an audible groan.

“Oh my, not again” she blushed looking at Marcus for reassurance.

Heading to the kitchen Marcus prepared a large platter of goodies accompanied with a tray of assorted chocolates and another bottle of wine.

Lying on the bed Marcus fed his queen slowly, knowing well that each naughty bite would add to her delicious weighty curves. Rubbing Bianca’s belly as he did so Marcus whispered sweet things in her ear; causing Bianca to giggle almost more then she ate.

With just 20 minutes to go before midnight and the platter of goodies all but consumed Marcus grabbed the bathroom scales and a tape measure, convincing Bianca to step her sexy body onto the scales once again.

“299 pounds, perfect” he whispered in her ear before popping another chocolate into her mouth.

Handing her the tray of remaining chocolates Marcus dropped to his knees as he began to passionately kiss Bianca’s enormous behind while rubbing huge slow circles with both hands on her lusciously wide hips.

“72 inches, you truly are a goddess babe” Marcus stammered allowing the tape measure to fall to the floor.

Molding her fat with both hands spread, Marcus almost couldn’t pull himself away from the magnificent sight he was blessed with. Standing once more Marcus brushed away Bianca’s brown hair, kissed her on the neck softly and popped the last chocolate past her waiting lips as the clock struck 12.

“300 pounds babe, Happy New Year” he whispered in her ear before taking Bianca by the hips and guiding her back towards the bed.

Lying down on the edge of the bed whilst looking up at the goddess before him Marcus firmly tugged on Bianca’s hips causing her to take a sudden step back before crashing down on her boyfriend’s fully smoothed face.

“Oh my Marcus are you alright…I’m so sorry” she fretted trying to get back up, only to realize that Marcus was holding her tight and not letting go.

Peering over her shoulder Bianca spotted her boyfriends ragging hard on and quickly realized Marcus was in heaven.

“Happy New Year Babe!” she replied whilst bouncing up and down ever so slightly.


They both knew it would eventfully happen but Bianca sobbed all the same. Graduation had come and gone as the seniors said goodbye to their college life and parted ways to explore the big wild world.

Marcus having graduated as a medical student headed of to West Africa, fulfilling a lifelong desire to volunteer in a small village and help the locals.

Too scared to break up with Kirstin, Ted moved into a small apartment in the city with his girlfriend, while Bianca found a place of her own while looking for work.

Promising to return, Marcus kissed Bianca passionately at the airport as the couple parted ways. Needless to say Bianca was crushed.

As is normal in these cases however time heals all and for Bianca it was no exception.

Although Bianca’s figure was no longer at the mercy of Kirstin’s secret diet, or the ongoing admiration and regular feedings from Marcus, Bianca made up for it with self pity binges instead, downing large quantities of ice cream and comfort food.

“WAIT, STOP…STOP!!!…PUFF…HUFF…PUFF…” Bianca shouted at the bus while waddling as fast as her fat tree trunk sized legs would allow.

Feeling the weight of her once again increased bust, bounce and shift with each rapid movement she was relived when the bus came to a halt.

Feeling the bus lurch slightly to its side as Bianca stepped onboard the bus driver pulled a leaver slamming the door shut against the fat girls protruding rear end.

“Where you headed lady?” the bus driver questioned whilst looking over the rather disheveled young women standing before him.

“puff…puff…pant…downtown…please…huff” Bianca panted as she rearranged her bosomy 34J cup bra busters and ran her hands over the sides of her skirt, making sure she hadn’t split any seams whilst chasing the bus.

Waddling down the isle of the bus Bianca apologized several times to the other commuters as her broad hips and fat bottom bumped into shoulders and heads. Finding an empty seat she attempted to negotiate her hippopotamus sized proportions into place, quickly deciding against it as she felt her squishy breakfast loaded belly strain against the already taxed buttons of her skirt as she attempted to sit.

Holding onto the handle bars she pulled herself back upright before any damage could be done. Placing a plump hand on her belly which she had stuffed into the grey knee high skirt that morning, Bianca readjusted her girdle while standing in the isle with other commuters.

Ding! Rang the bell followed by a group of teenagers who pushed their way past Bianca’s protruding balloon.

Hearing them laugh on their way out Bianca self-consciously tugged at her skin tight outfit.

“Man who ate all the pies!”

“Did you see that ladies huge ass?”

As the bus drove off again Bianca could hear a little boy asking his mother, “Is that lady having a baby?” before being told to sit down and be quite.

Hearing this made Bianca’s eyes bug and her face redden as she thought of this morning’s colossal 319 pound weigh in. Placing a hand on her protruding globular gut she sighed thinking of the struggle she had faced trying to hide it with a big belt that morning.

Ding! went the bell again and Bianca was snapped out of her train of thoughts as a group of men made their way past the isle filling hottie.

“Excuse me”, “excuse me” they would say as they pushed their way past Bianca’s butt, copping a feel and pinching some meat in the process. Worst of all Bianca could feel some of the men wore sporting some serious wood in their trousers.

With every inch of Bianca’s marshmallow physique wobbling and jiggling as the bus drove along she was relieved when her stop finally came into sight. With just a few meters to go the bus hit a rather large pot hole causing the passengers to almost fall out of their seats and Bianca’s breasts out of her top.

Holding onto the handle bar for deer life Bianca was relived she had avoided disaster. Checking her outfit for signs of popped buttons, split seams or improperly spilling fat she made her way to the exit.

Having caught her breath from the short walk and regained her composure Bianca confidently walked into the reception area before being told to take a seat.

After a few minutes of waiting a reasonably good looking middle aged man waltzed on over and introduced himself.

“Hello I’m John the recruitment manger here, why don’t we have a chat in my office” the man welcomed whilst sneaking a quick peak down Bianca’s unintentionally revealing too tight top and deep plunging creamy white cleavage.

“Man check out the milk jugs on this dairy cow” John thought while shaking Bianca’s soft hand and noting the amount of jiggle her flabby ham like arm displayed.

“Hellooo tubby bunny” he thought before ushering Bianca towards his office.

As Bianca shuffled along her enormous boobs although heavily brazierd bounced and jiggled furiously with every step, not to mention her tightly packed skirt stuffed jelly belly.

“Please have a seat and we can talk about your C.V, very impressive” John complimented while shuffling some papers and accidently dropping his pen under the table.

“Oops, I better get that, it’s my lucky pen” he smiled placing his head under the table.

Picking up his pen John had the perfect angle to check out Bianca’s massive cankles and chubby knees, disappointed that he didn’t have more time to get an even closer look John sat back up and continued the interview.

Asking some standard questions John filled out a few more forms before congratulating Bianca on a successful application.

“I think you’re really going to fit in around here, I had a feeling when I saw you in reception” he smiled.

Watching the happy plumper struggle to her feet and waddle out of his office gave John another perfect opportunity to check out some action from behind.

Yeah, she’s a little porker, can’t wait to screw that tubby rump, I’ll get her so stuffed she wont know what’s what.” he grinned thinking to himself

Chapter 14 - THE OFFICE

As the weeks turned into months Bianca settled in at her new job perfectly. The hours were good the pay was decent and she had her own desk that she generally kept filled with chocolate and candy, munching away while at work much to the disgust and amusement of her fellow female co-workers.

“Mandy…psstt Mandy, have you seen that new girl on level 3 have you seen how fat she is, I can’t believe she eats chocolate. I would shoot myself if I was such a pig!”

“I know Alice you're right. Every time I see her she’s eating chocolate or scarfing candy. I think she has like a whole drawer full of junk food at her desk”

“Really what a cow, have you seen how big her ass is, it overflows the sides of her chair, she needs like two stools, one for each cheek”

“Of course I have seen it, how could I not, and those tits of hers they are so fat, maybe she’s pregnant or something”

“Could be, I mean her belly is awfully round and seems to be getting bigger”

Smartly dressed in a tightly packed size 26 mini skirt that showed her dimpled meaty thighs and fattening ankles Bianca waddled by, ignoring the chit chat of the other women and keeping her mind on the job.

“John sorry to disturb you, I just wanted to give you back these files” Bianca smiled at her supervisor before bending over and placing the files on his desk.

“Bianca, of course of course please come in, your not disturbing me at all, please come in anytime, good job by the way” the middle aged office jockey complimented whilst sneaking a peak down Bianca’s tight blouse.

Sweet free milk bar on display” he thought while licking his lips.

“Will there be anything else” Bianca innocently asked as she straightened back up, relieved from the pull of her heavy howitzers.

“Yeah you can suck my cock, you tubby bitch” John thought to himself.

“No thanks Bianca, great job again and I like your shoes by the way, very trendy” he politely replied, wondering how such an enormously overweight cow hadn’t yet caused the tiny heels of her shoes to be crushed under her weight.

“Oh…thanks John, their new I just got them on sale last week” Bianca naively blushed before exiting her boss’s office.

“Oh John’s such a sweet heart, I’m so lucky to have him as a boss, plus he’s not bad looking either…he’s probably married or has a girlfriend, and even if he doesn’t which is totally unlikely I doubt he has a thing for fat chicks” Bianca thought as she headed back to her desk, feeling her big booty bump into the door frame as she made her way through.

Although a kind soul and a hard worker when needed Bianca was never a particularly bright girl and rather naïve. How else had Kirsten managed to fatten her up while at college?

Fortunately for Bianca Kirsten simply wanted her fat, John on the other hand had much more sinister plans in mind. Although nice enough on the surface John was a bastard and a sleaze ball at that, Bianca just hadn’t figured that out yet.

“Bianca, be a dear and fill the photo copier with paper, its run out again, thanks doll” he would say while watching the fat bottomed girl first struggle to lift the heavy boxes of paper with her weak chubby arms, and then take even greater pleasure as he watched her bend over uncomfortably to reach the bottom drawer. Swine!

Another of John’s favorite activities was watching Bianca climb stairs which he was fortunate enough to witness on several occasions.

“Please after you dear” he would say while holding the door open with a smile.

“Thanks John, your such a gentlemen” Bianca would gush unaware of Johns true motives.
He loved being just a few steps behind Bianca as she puffed her way to the top. Treated with a full free booty show just inches from his face without her ever realizing, what a swine her manager was.

Although Bianca knew that her boss liked her and maybe even had a crush on her, what she failed to realize was the difference between guys like Marcus who truly loved and adored a BBW’S figure and guys like John.

John certainly had a fat fetish no doubt about it; he just would never openly admit it. Instead of declaring his love for chubby girls he would always be the first to mock them when with friends. An in the closet sleazy chubby chaser if there ever was on, the worst kind.


Having just come back from lunch with John in his office, Bianca was surprised to see that Kirstin was her next appointment. Skinny and flat as ever, the tall leggy blonde waltzed on over taking a seat in front of Bianca’s desk.

“Oh my Bianca, I hardly recognized you…look at you life must be treating you well…very well indeed” her former room mate smirked while looking at the fat bombshell sitting across from her.

“Oh…yeah Hi Kirstin how’s things, haven’t seen you since graduation, doesn’t time fly” Bianca replied while punching some details into her computer.

“Oh I’m great Bianca, everything is so wonderful right now, Ted and me are living together and are so happy in our apartment its got great views and everything, how are you and Marcus doing?” she smiled knowing well that Marcus had left.

“Oh…um well he’s overseas right now, I thought you knew, anyway what can I do for you today?” Bianca said while suppressing any thoughts of Marcus she still had.

“Well as I’m sure you know, the job market is really tough right now, so well I need a job. I want something good though not interested in like dingy desk jobs or anything…no offense, like I want something that pays really well but doesn’t require too much experience, that sort of thing…” Kirstin explained while handing over a rather very thin C.V

“Well I’ll do my best, lots of people looking for work right now but I’ll get you into the recruitment system straight away, Sofia on level 3 will be your case manager and she will let you know if anything comes up, give my regards to Ted by the way” Bianca innocently said before filling Kirstin’s C.V in her drawer.

A few weeks later as Bianca waddled out of a late night Pilates class she spotted Kirstin on a nearby treadmill. Making her way over she noted how tight and tiny her former room mate’s bum was in comparison to her own massive mountain of flesh.

“Hay Kirstin, funny bumping into you again” Bianca smiled.

“Oh…Hello Bianca” Kirstin said with an icy glare.

“How did that interview go last week, the one Sofia set up for you at Costello Jewelers?”

“Oh that…yeah well you know…here swap with me, let me take a quick break and tell you all about it” Kirstin replied with a scheming look in her eye.

Tired from her Pilate’s session Bianca didn’t feel much like running on a tread mill but decided to hope on nonetheless, the extra exercise surely couldn’t hurt, right?

Having not gone for a jog since college Bianca soon realized how difficult it was for her, thighs rubbing together, hips swaying, boobs jiggling and bottom bouncing as she slowly plodded along.

“Man I’m unfit, I really need to start coming here more often, try losing some of this weight…puff…luckily I’ve only gained 37 pounds this year, that’s way less then last…man Kirstin does look good in that little spandex number” Bianca thought while sucking air and admiring her friends fit body.

“So…puff….pufff…about that….pufff…job interview…huff” Bianca managed to get out between breathes.

“The interview…the one that you set up for me, well apparently I don’t have enough experience and my C.V wasn’t good enough…what have you got to say about that” Kirstin announced while watching the fat brunette struggle along.

“Me…puff…say about….pufff…..what?” Bianca replied.

“The fact is you wore supposed to see to it that I got that job, you should have done more you fat bitch, now I’m getting evicted from my apartment, Teds left me and I still have no job…what am I supposed to do beg in the street like some bum?” Kirstin scolded the beat red Bianca who was now starting to seriously tire after only a few minutes.

“Puff…well…I’, sure Sofia will have other jobs…puff…on the way for you….puff…and I’m sorry to hear about you and Ted…puff and your eviction…puff but….you can hardly….puff…..blame me….puff…for that….besides….we only set up….pufff…the interviews….pufff….I’m sure you’ll do better next time” Bianca argued holding onto the handle bars with one hand while reaching for the stop button with the other.

“Is that so, you fat bitch!” Kirstin said swatting away Bianca’s sweaty hands and increasing the speed of the treadmill.

“What…puff…what are you...puff…doing….stop!” Bianca said with a shocked expression, unsure of what was going to happen.

“Well unlike you, I’ve decided to help my former room mate, you might not be able to get me a job but I’m sure I can help you lose a few pounds". Kirstin laughed as she increased the speed once more.

“Maybe if I record this and post it on YouTube as "Whale Watchers" National Geographic might give me a job. Either way I’m sure your co workers will have a laugh when I send them the link” Kirsten teased while watching the out of shape butterball run and sweat.

“What…No…please…stop!” Bianca cried holding onto both handle bars for support.

“And what did you mean by “give my regards to Ted” and “I’m sorry to hear about you and Ted” you fat sow, he’s my boyfriend not your's pig, think you can take him from me just because your to fat to get your own, you know that’s why Marcus actually left, he told me…he said you had gotten too fat to fuck and your ass was a disgusting mountain of lard that was crushing him in bed” Kirstin lied before once again increasing the speed of the machine.

“That’s….puff…NOT TRUE!” Bianca sobbed while barely able to keep up.

“It is true, you fat pig. I mean look at you, you must have packed on like 150 pounds of pure fat since I first met you a little over two years ago, I mean who gains 150 pounds of disgusting whale blubber and still thinks they are sexy…come on you hog, run you blubber whale…lets see if you pop” the cruel blonde laughed as she ordered the machine to simulate an uphill climb while maintaining speed.

Bianca could feel her blubbery soft tree trunk sized thighs burning with exhaustion as Kirstin positioned herself behind the treadmill.

“You're so fat, you must have 70 plus inches of lard in that ass if not more… its so big it would touch the sides of the handle bars if they wore any longer, how much do you weigh piggy, 280, 300 a million pounds…I bet you want a doughnut or some ice cream right now lard ass…oink oink” Kirstin laughed sticking her skinny finger on Bianca’s nose and making a pig face.

“PLEASE KIRSTIN…SOB…PUFF….!! PLEASE STOP THIS I BEG!!!” Bianca cried tears streaming down her chubby face as she desperately tried to maintain some dignity. Feeling the size of her thighs rub together, her weighty ass wobble with every step and her big boobs nearly smack her in the face, Bianca could do little but try to keep up and pray Kirstin would tire of this humiliation before she collapsed.

Smacking Bianca on the ass hard several times and laughing as she did, Kirstin made her way back to the front of the machine once more.

“Squeal for me like the pig you are, and I’ll stop the machine” She grinned.

Feeling her legs begin to buckle at the exhaustion of carrying her weight Bianca had no other option but to play along with Kirstin’s cruel little game.

“Squeak” Bianca murmured between sobs.

“I said squeal, you sow…not squeak…come on piglet” the little gym bunny scolded.

“Squeal, squeeaalll” the running fatty managed to blurt out.

“HAHA, again, and add some oinks…come on pig” Kirstin laughed hysterically.

“PLEASE…KIRSTIN, PLEASE STOP!!!!” Bianca begged once more knowing it was futile.

“Stop? Ha, maybe you should have tried using that word more often when stuffing yourself with crap back in college, then you wouldn’t be such a fat disgusting overweight sow and subsequently not in this predicament, really you’ve only got yourself to blame”

“SQUEAL, SQUEEEAAALLL…..OINK, OINK, OINK, SQUEEEAAALLL!!!” Bianca let out hoping it would be enough to satisfy the cruel skinny gym princess.

“Now tell me how fat you are, and how beautiful I am pig, then I’ll let you off” Kirstin ordered with a triumphant smile.

“Please, Kirstin, beautiful goddess, you are so perfect and beautiful unlike me. I am so disgusting and fat…I’m 342 pound pork pig as of this morning with a 74 inch ass. I would need to drop 100 pounds of lard just to stop waddling but I’m too lazy and fat to exercise. I’m so fat I’m ready to explode any minute and getting fatter by the day, I wear size 26 jeans and even they are getting too tight for my overloaded blubber butt. I’m so jealous of your sexy size 0 body and I desperately want to be skinny like you but I can’t help myself from eating like the pig that I am, you are so perfect and fit and toned and slender and I am a sow who is in awe of your beauty. I beg you to help me lose weight before I get even fatter and pop…squeal…squeal, oink,oink,oink!!!” Bianca sobbed between heavy breaths.

Kirstin was in heaven, still laughing at the pathetic spectacle before her and watching with even more glee as Bianca’s fat weak legs and unfit rotund form finally gave out, buckling under the full weight of her 342 pound frame.

Falling off the machine Bianca lay on the floor beat red, panting, sweating and in pain as a triumphant Kirstin stood over her and laughed.

“That’ll do pig, that’ll do…HAHAHA now stay away from Ted you fat sow…and for your own sake try to lose some weight Bianca!” Kirsten commanded whilst placing her foot on the defeated fat girls exposed ball belly and stepping over.

(Continued in post 19 of this thread)

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That's it for now, I have written a few more chapters but there are things that still need finalising and maybe even changing.

Also noted some errors in the last chapter which I posted but fixed with edit.

Need to proof read it first a few more times before posting any more, apologies for any mistakes in case I overlooked something.
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oh dear spotted a few mistakes that I didn't pick up under "THE NEW DIET" how can I edit this, cant seem to see a button for it ?
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Gendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot pics

Love it! Wonderful story and I can't wait for more!
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Now THAT, was perfect
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In answer to your statement,

Originally Posted by zxc098 View Post
oh dear spotted a few mistakes that I didn't pick up under "THE NEW DIET" how can I edit this, cant seem to see a button for it ?
The answer is simple: as with all Dimensions Forums you initally have only a few moments to edit a post, after that it must be done by a Moderator. This is done to avoid "poster's remorse," where a post might be deleted or changed after others have reponded.

I also have pictures and morphs available of the different scenes but dont know how to post them yet.
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Thanks for the nice words, more is coming just haven't quite got it right yet, story is about 60% complete, so a way to go yet.

I have outlined the rest of the story just not properly written it yet, need to find the time first.

I can reveal that there are some more twists and turns coming for Bianca plus I have the funny feeling Kristin will get her comeuppance by the end of the saga.

Naughty girls
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Default that was insanely good

please continue
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Bubblybee has said some nice things

Excellent story, I'm looking forward to more.
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This is a very good story, am enjoying reading it very much.

I love stories that have growing butts and breasts in them. I look forward to reading more of this story.
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BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish more people would write stories like this....Would love to read more!
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Thank you very much.

I found some time today to write some more, so I will post it later on tonight once I've proofed it.

Also took out some of the swear words which I believe make things more realistic but I might get in trouble with the admins which I dont want, plus story still works without.
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Yes, we will just patiently remove swear words, as you apparently have discovered per the Editors Style Shsheet guidelinnes mentioned above.

But that isn't the issue I'm presently most concerned about.

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I would like for you to at least (please) "check the box" to permit PM's from moderators. You might also get some fan mail if you would (please) "check the boc" to enable private messaging (which then includes the buddies and moderators).


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Sure thing Britt, all checked so you can now send me fan mail any time along with telling me all the naughty things I shouldn't write
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Nearly finished now, wrote a few more chapters last night, will post soon.

In the mean time I have uploaded some photos to my photo bucket account.

Please note none of these pictures are actually my work, some are just re-morphed or edited slightly by me.

They are various shots of "Bianca" or at least pictures that gave me inspiration to create the character. Also some shots of Kirstin in there, I'm sure you will be able to pick her.

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Chapter Sixteen - THE SUPERVISOR

[~ WARNING! This chapter contains some mild sex so please skip if that's not your thing. Pretty pg 13 if you ask me however.]

Shocked into action by Kirstin’s humiliation Bianca went on a crash diet while punishing herself with grueling hours at the gym before and after work. In little over 4 months she managed to lose 46 pounds and drop 2 cup sizes brining her back to a pre New Years weight of 296 still very chubby pounds.

John loved watching his little office fatty struggle with her weight whilst listening to Bianca join in on the many lunch time conversations with the other starved office girls regarding the latest fad diet and exercise craze.

Like most crash diets however Bianca’s resolve didn’t last nor did the results. With weakening willpower she soon began to skip her workout sessions and glutted herself with late night binges and fridge raids; over the Christmas season her diet was shattered.

Thanks to a now very confused and shocked metabolism Bianca’s body packed on weight like never before over the following months, resulting in the accumulation of the full 46 pounds she had so far lost plus an additional 13 for good measure.

By the time Easter rolled by and with more then her fair share of chocolates consumed Bianca had not only regained every ounce she had lost but also added more weight bringing her to 355 pounds.

Luckily her boobs had forgiven her attempts at starvation and returned to their previously full 34J cup size, much to the relief of John who had grown accustomed to leering down Bianca’s overloaded bra.

John ever the closet admirer loved watching Bianca first drop the weight and shrink only to return fatter then ever; he was in heaven and late one evening while at an office function he made his move.

“Hay Bianca you're looking great tonight, congratulations on the promotion by the way, you really deserved it…maybe one day you’ll have my job” he joked while placing his arm around Bianca’s soft cushy shoulders and staring down her dress.

“Thanks John, I couldn’t have done it without your recommendation” Bianca replied.

Her stomach grumbling she looked up at John with puppy dog eyes, that clearly said, “Feed me, I’m a hungry little piggy”.

“Hay lets get out of here and head up to my office and order some pizza, what ya recon?” John offered, not wanting to be seen talking to such a fat girl in public for to long.

Heading up to John’s office, it wasn't long before a stack of various pizza boxes was dropped at reception.

“Are we expecting guests?” Bianca said with a shocked look.

“Well I wasn’t sure what you wanted so I just went ahead and ordered one of each from the menu” John laughed opening the first box and shoving a cheesy slice of BBQ meat lovers into Bianca’s mouth.

Munching on the pizza Bianca became nostalgic and started to think of Marcus and their date on the beach back at college.

Would John be a caring loving feeder like Marcus was?” she thought.

Slice after slice John forced into Bianca who was struggling to keep up with Johns pace.

“Please John slow down a little, I’m not a machine” she giggled while feeling his hands all over her body.

“Yeah you are you fat little bitch, a fat making machine. Just look at the size of these udders” he replied while watching his victim drip cheese all over her exposed cleavage.

Bianca didn’t like his tone but didn’t protest either as she hadn’t felt the strong touch of a mans hands in such a long time.

Having consumed the first large Pizza, Bianca was stuffed, unfortunately John didn’t seem to care grabbing another box of pizza and forcing it into her mouth.

“Keep eating you little fatty, that’s right stuff yourself stupid you cow!” he hissed before taking his pants off and placing his swollen member between Bianca’s fat engorged J Cup juggernauts.

“Oh boy they are heavy, man you’re a total tit cow” he teased while groping her balloons and shoving another slice of pizza down her throat.

John quickly noted how overly loaded Bianca’s bra was, looking at the straps digging into her fleshy shoulders he could see that this engineering miracle was struggling to contain the sheer weight of the young girls mega whoppers.

“Take of your bra, lets see those fat titties you little milk cow” John said before grabbing her breasts and giving them another squeeze. Bianca did as she was told, reached behind her back and unclasped the several hooks that helped to hoist and steady her bazooka’s.

As her tits wore released from the confines of the overly tight red lace bra her boobs surged forth while still supported by her full belly. She was enormous and then some.

Bianca cupped her big boobs with embarrassment and for support while John helped himself and plunged his face into her cleavage.

“Yep, you’re a jiggling tit carrier” John exclaimed with excitement.

Bianca just giggled at this outrageously stupid statement.

“Now come on cowgirl you didn’t actually think you could cover up those juggernaut tit wobblers with your chubby little hands now did you?” John teased while taking Bianca’s wrists and placing them above her head. Holding them there and causing her to arch her back while thrusting out her chest made the enormous tit queens boobs push out even further.

Getting down on his knees to allow for his face to be at perfect height with Bianca’s melons, John took a very deep breath and began to motor boat her breasts once more.

While sucking on her nipples and licking her huge blue blood vein engorged balloons; John roughly unzipped Bianca’s dress and pulled it down to her ankles. Bianca gasped at what John had just done quickly trying to cover her round stretch mark riddled pot belly.

“Holly heck!, Bianca what a big food baby your carrying, sure your not pregnant, no wonder your boobs are so huge look at how fat this sucker is” John teased while hefting and groping the fat girls poor potato chip pot.

Standing back up John stuffed another slice into Bianca’s mouth before unzipping his own pants. Being so tall and Bianca being so short allowed for John to be at perfect tit height. Pressing his cock between Bianca’s mega balloon wobblers, John enveloped his dick between them while Bianca wobbled and jiggled her breasts around his hard on.

John at the same time reached down with his long arms and rubbed the sides of Bianca’s bottom while telling her what a fat overweight porker she was.

Having blown his load between Bianca’s milk kegs, John proceeded to paddle and spank Bianca’s fat bottom mercilessly, while cramming more pizza into her mouth.

“Please John, I’m going to pop…OH Yes!!” she wailed.

After nearly 2 hours Bianca laid spread across Johns creaking desk, stuffed and glutted like a pig ready for market, Bianca soon realized John was nothing like Marcus.

Chapter Seventeen - THE RETURN OF MARCUS

Sitting in the doctor’s office Bianca was in shock when he told her she was pregnant. With no doubt as to whom the father was Bianca decided to break the news to John late one afternoon.

As expected John flipped and accused Bianca of setting him up and trying to ruin him. With an argument escalating senior management quickly intervened. Not wanting to risk damaging their fine companies reputation as some sleazy sex house both John and Bianca wore fired.

Trying her best to convince John to stay Bianca was once again crushed when she heard John had left the country with no intention of returning.

Out of work, pregnant and alone Bianca didn’t know where to turn until she received a phone call from Marcus one rainy afternoon.

“Hello Bianca, its Marcus…sorry I haven’t been in touch, not really that easy when you're in the middle of nowhere” he joked.

“MARCUS, Oh my, where are you” Bianca shouted with joy.

“I’m in town staying at the Bella Apartments downtown” he replied.

“Wait right there, I’m coming over!” Bianca said before quickly hanging up the phone and heading out the door.

Upon opening the door Marcus was greeted with a glowingly gorgeous sight. Bianca was just how he remembered, albeit a good 50 pounds heavier.

Almost jumping into her former boyfriends arms before realizing it would probably break his back; Bianca embraced Marcus and kissed him passionately.

“Come in, come in, you look phenomenal, have a seat something to drink?” he smiled still unable to come to terms with how beautiful Bianca was.

Talking for hours, Marcus told Bianca all about his journeys through Africa and the rural villages he had helped. Unable to avoid Marcus’s questions about her past year Bianca naturally told him about her less the stellar experiences before breaking the harsh reality to her former lover; she was 8 weeks pregnant, broke with no job and soon to be kicked out by her landlord.

“Don’t worry, I’m back and remember I told you I’d always be there for you no matter what” Marcus smiled.

Within a short time Bianca had moved in with Marcus who had landed a job at the local hospital as a junior practitioner, earning enough money to support himself, Bianca and the baby.

Chapter Eighteen - THE SMALL FRIES

Bianca was in heaven, she had been back together with Marcus now for some time, their love rekindled whilst fat happy and 5 months pregnant.

Although Marcus worked a lot, he always made time for Bianca and her rapidly growing baby belly. Marcus loved watching the changes occur in Bianca’s already overweight and now pregnant body. Although still mostly hidden beneath layers of fat Bianca’s surging gut looked like it was permanently stuffed from a good meal to the untrained eye.

Her titanic hips wore spread bigger then ever along with a record shattering 78 inch ass. Her boobs had begun to grow again as they slowly swelled with milk, 34 Double J cup. Best of all Marcus was pleased to announce that Bianca was now pushing 384 cuddly mommy pounds, ecstatic at his girlfriend’s weight with still 4 months to go before she popped.

One lazy Saturday afternoon as Bianca lay on the sofa holding her full belly from another one of Marcus’s big lunches, Marcus suggested they head out for a while, get some fresh air and a little exercise.

Somewhat surprised by this Bianca struggled to her feet and got dressed, with the elevator out of order once again Bianca had no other option then to waddle down 5 flights of stairs to reach the apartment garage.

As she made her way slowly down the stair well she could feel every inch of her body jiggle and bounce, not to mention her hanging lunch stuffed baby belly, which she held for support with one hand while holding onto the railing.

Relived to finally have the stairs behind her Bianca wiped the sweat from her brow as she was greeted with her next challenge.

Marcus’s car although in good condition was certainly not made for a lady of her proportions. The tiny 2 door hatch lurched as Bianca eased herself slowly into the passengers seat.

It was amusing to watch her get in as she backed her large ass up like a 10 ton truck before pushing her wide load through the small door frame.

Marcus offered to help but Bianca was insistent as she eased herself down, feeling her enormous fat hips spread into the car seat under her full weight.

Adjusting herself she reached for the door with a chubby out stretched arm. Unfortunately the door was still wide open and with her loaded lunch time baby belly in the way she could no longer reach.

Luckily Marcus was still on had to help close the door but not before ensuring that any spilling fat was contained within the vehicle.

Jumping into the driver’s seat Marcus kissed a red faced Bianca before turning the ignition and smiling as he felt his beauties chub spill over the consol and onto the gear shift.

“Need some help with that?” Marcus questioned as he watched Bianca struggle with the seat belt.

“NO I can do it!” she huffed before swatting away her boyfriend’s eager helping hands.

It was quite a sight especially since this was the only time that Marcus had to look up into Bianca’s eyes due to her fat bottom lifting her into the air like a pumped up mattress.

Marcus knew he should buy a bigger car to accommodate her size but truth be told the couple couldn’t afford it with a baby on the way and secretly Marcus loved helping Bianca squeeze in each time.

As the couple drove along Bianca soon began to recognize the area, it was their old college campus.

“What are we doing here?” she breathed.

“You’ll see!” Marcus smiled before changing gears at the traffic lights and feeling Bianca’s warm flesh press into his hand as he did so.

Pulling into the parking lot of Burger Heaven Bianca quickly remembered the night she met Marcus and her little black dress.

“What are we doing here?” she questioned with a grin.

“Thought you might like a little snack before we continue on” he replied whilst jumping out of the car and opening the passenger door.

“Need some help or can you manage?” Marcus questioned with an outstretched arm.

“I can do it, I’m only pregnant you know!” Bianca replied with a look of determination.

Rocking back and forth to gain some momentum while holding onto the sides of the door Bianca struggled to her feet, feeling the weight of her titanic bottom as it adhered to the laws of gravity.

Opening the door of Burger Heaven for his BBW beauty Marcus noted with sheer joy at how Bianca’s hips gently brushed the sides of the door as she made her way through.

“Why don’t you find a quiet place for us to sit and I’ll get the order” he smiled before heading to the counter.

Holding onto the handles of the plastic chair Bianca gently lowered herself down, cautious of the weighty task ahead of the out matched furniture.

As Marcus made his way towards the table with a tray loaded with goodies he stifled a grin as he saw Bianca’s ass fat spill through the tiny diamond shaped pattern of the plastic chair she had managed to squeeze into.

“Here we are my sweet, hope you’re hungry” he teased as he placed the loaded tray onto the table.

“4 Triple bacon with extra cheese whoppers, 2x large fries, an 18 pack chicken nuggets, a hot fudge Sunday and 2x large strawberry milkshake, and I guess this is all for you again?” she joked as nostalgia set in, looking at the identical order from their first outing together.

“Yeah, and I bet your still not really hungry” he teased.

Brining the first greasy burger to his feedies plump waiting lips, Marcus smiled.

“Don’t tell me I need to convince you into taking a bite this time, surely by now you know I love chubby girls”

“Am I only chubby?” Bianca grinned before taking her first of many bites.

Unlike the first time the couple dinned together at Burger Heaven the tray of food was no match for Bianca’s now much larger stomach.

Ever the greedy pig unable to say no, Bianca placed a hand on her full belly before giving a little burp.

“Got anything else, I’m still a little peckish!” she exclaimed.

Rushing to the counter once more Marcus quickly made a new order, ecstatic at what he had just heard his burger packed fast food gorging girlfriend say.

Returning to the table just as Bianca finished off her milkshake Marcus placed the try down with a thud.

“Hey Marcus I said a little peckish, I couldn’t possibly eat all that!” Bianca exclaimed with wide eyes as she surveyed the tray of greasy calorie laden fast food her adoring feeder had just bought over.

Looking down at the tray with disbelief Bianca counted 6 more Triple bacon with extra cheese whoppers, 3x large fries, a 32 pack chicken nuggets, two more hot fudge Sundays and another large strawberry milkshake

“Just eat what you can sweaty” Marcus smiled knowing well that when it came to food Bianca couldn’t help herself, in particular as of late now that she was pregnant.

Bite after bite, Bianca stuffed and munched away on the greasy treats, half way through however she began to labor and protest.

Marcus ever the feeder offered his assistance by rolling up her tight top to allow more of her already exposed belly to breath.

“ohh Marcus, please I’m soo full….I cant….puff…hold anymore…” Bianca puffed as she began to feel beads of sweat pouring down her forehead.

“Have another bite, almost finished my cutie pie” Marcus replied as he began to rub circles on her exposed burger stuffed pregnant gut.

As the hour passed and Bianca continued with her fast food feast people who entered the restaurant would stop and stare at the pair’s spectacle.

“Oh my word, girls look at that fat chick over there, how disgusting” a stick thin college girl dressed in tight blue jeans would say to her equally skinny friends while looking over in shock and laughing in a group.

Paying the girls no mind Marcus got down on his knees and carefully rolled Bianca’s overly stretched size 30 track pants down so as to allow her belly to hang over the waistband with comfort.

Fully exposed, hanging heavily and covered with grease Marcus kissed Bianca’s keg sized belly while she stuffed the last burger into her mouth while gulping down her shake.

“Don’t forget the chicken nuggets gorgeous” Marcus whispered into her ear before resuming his belly rub.

Having ordered their salad combo’s with no dressing and a small helping of fries as they wore being “naughty” the group of girls sat within ear shoot of Marcus and Bianca.

“Please someone shoot me if I ever get that fat…” one girl would say as the group watched Bianca gorge.

With the chicken nuggets gone Bianca was left with the rather dawnting task fo finishing off 2 ice cream Sunday’s. Not wanting the skinny girls to get the better of her she defiantly grabbed her spoon and began to shovel the gooey frozen treat into her mouth.

Half way though Bianca began to waver as she felt herself stuffed beyond even her limits.

“Look at her what a hog” the girls chuckled as they watched the now puffing and sweating Bianca come to a slow.

“Jut a few more bites my princess, you are so beautiful you know” Marcus whispered into her ear as he picked up the spoon and continued to feed Bianca the remaining Sunday.

Bewildered and confused the group of girls couldn’t believe that a good looking young man like Marcus would be interested let alone in complete lust with such a fat overgrown sow.

“Must be some kind of kinky sick fetish” the girls whispered in jealousy as they ate their salads.

Leaning back with glazed over eyes Bianca held her assaulted and exposed fast food baby belly as she sucked air and Marcus dabbed her forehead with a napkin.

“Marcus I’m sweating…puff…never again….puff” she murmured.

Just then as Bianca looked at her most vulnerable the little plastic chair the fast food queen had squeezed herself into collapsed under the pressure, it was simply too much weight for the chair to hold.

Shattering the legs into several pieces the chair split right through the middle causing Bianca to land on her fat bottom before falling back spread onto the floor.

Shocked out of her food induced stupor Bianca was embarrassed rather then hurt, as her cushy dimensions had more than broken her fall.

Unable to get back up under her own strength she laid there and watched as Marcus rushed to her side.

Listening to the girls roar with laughter Bianca suddenly had an idea.

Whispering something into Marcus’s ear before smiling to herself and holding her belly, Bianca couldn’t hear the group of girls fall silent with shock as Marcus made his way over to them.

“Excuse me ladies, are you gonna eat that…my girlfriends still a little peckish!” he smiled before grabbing the small helping of fries from the girls tray.

Making his way back to Bianca Marcus knelt on the floor next to her and proceeded to feed her the chips.

Consumed within seconds Bianca with the help of Marcus struggled back to her feet waddled over to the girls table while arching her back and rubbing her fully loaded burger binged pot.


“Whew thanks for the snack ladies, wasn’t quite full yet” she smiled triumphantly before waddling off with Marcus in hand.

“That’s disgusting, I think I’m gonna be sick…lets skip lunch ladies” the girls could be heard saying before quickly making their way back out of Burger Heaven’s front door.

Once in the parking lot Bianca had to rest for a moment as her little show hadn’t allowed her to even begin to digest the massive feast.

After some time the pair made their way from the Burger Heaven parking lot but not before the store manager caught up with them.

“Oh my word! I’m so sorry about what happened in there I was out the back and my staff told me what had happened with the chair, I am so sorry please except my apologies and these free vouchers, please do come back anytime” he smiled hoping to smooth over any unease that might linger with an obviously very good customer.

“Oh thanks, I’m alright…but if you insist” Bianca smiled as she took the vouchers and handed them to Marcus with a grin.

“I thought you said never again?” he joked while looking at Bianca’s still exposed hanging and grease covered burger belly.

“Come on Marcus you should know me better then that by now!” she laughed before waddling down the road with a puff.


“Where are we going anyway, the cars back that way you know” Bianca puffed as she and Marcus made their way down the road.

“Oh just thought we would take a little stroll around campus, you know maybe see some old friends” Marcus said while kissing Bianca on the neck softly and causing the fat beauty to giggle.

“Puff…puff….well can we rest a little….puff, I am kind full you know…puff” Bianca moaned as she rubbed her fat gut.

“Sure over there looks good” Marcus smiled as he guided his waddling girlfriend across the road.

“Buon Giorno, Buon Giorno Bianca is that you, beautiful lady you look radiant, how are you pretty lady” a voice could be heard as the pair made their way towards Angelo’s famous Ice cream stand.

“Oh my, Angelo is that you…puff…how good to see you” Bianca smiled as the boisterous Italian ice cream vendor made his way over and hugged her, relishing the feeling of all her warm pillow like fat pressing into him.

Not having seen his favorite customer in almost 2 years Angelo was more then happy to see that Bianca’s figure had continued to balloon and packed on a good 160 pounds even without his ice cream.

“Bianca you are glowing, how beautiful… and with Bambino?” Angelo smirked as he placed a hand on Bianca’s exposed round pregnant belly.

To a well trained fat admirer like Angelo the fact the Bianca was not only fat but also pregnant was more then evident by the thick layers of wobbly fat that padded her actual pregnant tummy with several inches of flab.

“Yes, 5 months along… I know I look huge!” she glowed while feeling Angelo’s hand explore her naked belly.

“Well good to see you again Angelo” Bianca smiled before stepping back from the ice cream stand, fearful that Angelo might offer her a little treat after her already huge feast.

“Please, please, you must try my new ice cream, Double chocolate fudge swirl, it is best thing ever…here extra large helping for you on the house…you must try yes!” Angelo said as he heaped a large container full of ice cream and handed it to the already overly stuffed burger babe standing before him.

“Oh, um I don’t know if I can Angelo...I kind of had a big lunch!” she grimaced looking at the huge mountain of ice cream.

“Please Bianca, please you must my treat, need to look after Bambino you now eating for two yes!” Angelo smiled as he handed her a spoon.

“Thanks Angelo, you’re too good to me... if you keep up I’ll end up so fat one day!” she giggled adding the last part in for Angelo’s pleasure before spooning the chocolate delight into her mouth.

Turning to leave Bianca made sure to put a little extra wiggle in her step so as to thank Angelo. Proving somewhat difficult considering how full she was, Bianca’s proportions luckily didn’t need too much effort these days to start jiggling on their own once she was in motion.

Needless to say Angelo was in heaven as he watched the hippopotamus sized curves of Bianca shift and swing from side to side, it was like a dream come true after all these years, knowing well that he had in part played a role in creating them.

With ice cream in hand, bottom rocking form side to side and pregnant grease covered burger belly out front Bianca made her way through the twists and turns of her old college grounds.

“Oh my word, what a pig that chicks belly is like totally disgusting, does she even realize its hanging out like that, her butt is probably bigger then all of our ass’s combined!” a snobby girl dressed in a cheerleaders outfit could be heard saying to her group of friends as Bianca waddled past, greasy belly undulating and growing bigger as Bianca consumed the tub of ice cream.

Marcus just smiled at Bianca as she gobbled down Angelo’s ice cream. Looking at the group of cheerleaders as they scurried of Marcus smirked as he thought about the girls statement.

Looking down at his cuties elephantine bubble butt he quickly summarized that even if you could somehow combine all the little tiny bums from the group of 10 girls the resulting fat bottom would still pale in comparison to Bianca’s.

In fact one of Bianca’s thighs combined with a butt cheek probably weighed more then any of the cheerleader’s skinny hard little bodies, come to think of it Bianca’s arms had recently become very fat and most likely wore bigger then some of the girls thighs Marcus smiled as he looked at the fat pork chop rolly polly upper arm his girlfriend now sported.

Leaving campus just as Bianca finished her tub of ice cream, and the sun began to set Marcus led Bianca down to the beach.

Waiting for her was a spread out blanket in the same spot as their first beach date, along with 3 foot long hot dogs with all the extras, a large BBQ pizza and chocolate milkshake just like their first date.

Bianca smiled at Marcus knowing there was no point in protesting, regardless of how stuffed she was.

Lying down she allowed her ever willing feeder to stuff her silly once more while massaging, kissing and worshiping ever inch of her luscious body.

Puffed, panting, sweat drenched and beat red by the time the last bite was consumed, Marcus looked into the BBW Goddess’s eyes and asked her to marry him in the moon light.

“YES!” is all that was said along with a very full audibly stuffed groan.

(Continued in post 23 of this thread)

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More coming later on tonight I hope, havent finished with the Bianca charecter yet, plus i think she can surely hold a few more pounds ?

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Does Marcus know she is pregnant?
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Originally Posted by Coop View Post
Does Marcus know she is pregnant?
read THE RETURN OF MARCUS, you cant really miss it.

or in other words yes he does.
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Chapter Twenty - THE TRUCK STOP

Bianca was over the moon now that Marcus had asked her to marry him; best of all she could now reveal to her parents that she was expecting, something she had put off doing as they wouldn’t have understood.

Having not seen her parents since collage Bianca decided it would be nice to visit the country and break the news to them in person.

Marcus agreed and the next day the couple headed up north. Marcus made sure to pack a yummy hamper packed with chips, cookies, doughnuts and sandwiches for his plump bride to be. Naturally it didn’t last very long and before they made it even half way Bianca’s stomach started to grumble.

Pulling over at the next greasy spoon dinner, Marcus held the door open for Bianca as she waddled in. Shuffling into a booth Bianca sucked in her gut while slowly lowering her titanic air mattress sized butt into the seat.

Finding it to be a very tight squeeze Bianca’s ass took up the entire double seat of the booth. As the table was screwed to the floor there was no relief available for the fat princess and she was forced to rest her swollen breasts on top of the table’s edge, much to the pleasure of Marcus who sat directly opposite.

With her belly jammed under the table Bianca spread her fat thunder thighs as best she could so as to allow her soon to be filled food sack room to hang.

“You guys gonna give me your order some time today?” a very slender peroxide blonde dressed in a form fitting waitress outfit asked while chewing on her gum.

“Oh yeah sorry, I’ll get the rib eye, with a side order of mash and some pumpkin soup for starters” Bianca said in a friendly tone.

“Whatever!” the waitress replied, as she wiggled her tight flat little ass towards the counter Bianca could hear her muttering “like you need it Ms Piggy.”

Just as Marcus was about to say something to the waitress about her behavior he was interrupted by an older man sitting at the both next to them.

“Whewiee that quite a beer belly you got there sweat heart, names Earl” the man said in a country poke accent while rolling a cigarette.

“It’s not a beer belly…I’m pregnant you yokel!” Bianca said in a defense tone while cradling her pot.

“Oh don’t mind me Ms, I just poking some fun that’s all, I do beg your pardon I dun no mean no disrespect. Say I tell you what if you really wanna teach Ms Blondie britches over there a lesson in manners I’ll let you in on a little secret” Earl ranted.

“See that board over there, its got the famous 1 hour 96 oz steak house challenge, if you can eat the steak plus all the sides it comes with in the given time you and your friend here get to eat for free, best of all the waitress on duty gots to pick up the tab” Earl explained before chuckling to himself and finishing his coke.

With a devilish look in her eye Bianca called the waitress back over and quickly changed her order.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, if its not to late I’d like the 96 oz steak house challenge meal with all the sides please” Bianca smiled to the rather worried and shocked looking Crystal.

“um…sure its not too late...I’ll tell the chef...you do know it’s a really big meal right, if you cant finish it’s gonna cost you $99.95!” Crystal explained before heading of to the kitchen.

“Oh don’t worry missy; you’re going to be the one paying for my meal!” Bianca thought to herself while patting her fat gut.

After nearly a half hour wait, the waitress returned along with a trolley loaded with food.

“Here you are Ms, hope you know what your getting yourself into… this one aint for no light weights” she laughed while setting the first dish in front of Bianca.

“96 oz prime sirloin steak, egg salad with mayonnaise dressing, baked potato with sour cream, 2 dinner roll’s, a large shrimp cocktail and 2 fried tomatoes with mixed mushrooms covered in cheese sauce, sure you wanna do this, don’t think it’s gonna be to easy to work off that meal anytime soon, remember a moment on the lips a lifetime on the lips” Crystal announced hopping to discourage the hungry challenger, before setting the timer.

Ignoring the waitresses jibes Bianca quickly got to work on the steak, munching down the juicy mouthfuls of prime sirloin steak.

As the minutes passed and Bianca continued to gorge, the other patrons took note of the fat lady in the corner trying to beat the famous steak house challenge in time.

Half way through Bianca began to slow stopping momentarily to reach under the table and free her bloated belly from the confines of her track pants.

With her belly able to breathe while hanging over her drawstring Bianca continued shoveling the egg salad into her mouth with one hand while rubbing her now naked and exposed gut with the other.

As the clock continued to tick the patrons in the dinner began to cheer her on, much to the dismay of the waitress who was in danger of picking up the bill if Bianca finished in time.

Gasping for breath beat red and furiously rubbing her bloated belly while belching and sweating beads down her chubby grease covered face, Bianca pushed the last mouthful of steak into her mouth with moments to spare.

The crowd hollered and cheered as Bianca leaned back as best as the tight booth would allow, while Marcus dabbed her exposed sauce and grease covered cleavage with a napkin.

“Ohhhwww…I don’t think…puff…I can move….” Bianca murmured with glazed over eyes.

With the help of Marcus and his expert belly rub, Bianca was able digest her meal after nearly an hour of resting and groaning.

Struggling out of booth with much discomfort as her belly pushed against the sharp corner of the table Bianca eventually shuffled her way out before heading to the bathroom to clean up.

Looking in the mirror Bianca could see the state she was in. Fat, bloated, puffed and sweating was the only way to describe her appearance.

Grabbing a paper towel from the dispenser she began to wipe down her grease covered bosom, causing her boobs to wobble and jiggle about as she cleaned herself up.

Unfortunately the tiny paper towels didn’t last long due to the vast surface they wore charged with cleaning. Heading towards one of the stalls Bianca pushed the door open and spotted a stack of paper towels next to the toilet.

With much effort and some careful navigation Bianca managed to squeeze her enormous hips through the tiny cubicles door before reaching out for the stack of towels with a chubby fat dripping arm.

Having grabbed the stack of paper towels Bianca suddenly began to panic as she realized she was unable to back her enormous ass through the cubicle door.

Huffing and puffing, pushing and panting it simply wasn’t happening, her sizeable bottom simply refused to fit through a second time.

Just then a group of women entered the bathroom.

“Oh my word, did you see that one lady she ate the entire steak and all the extras, bet that bitchy waitress is right pissed now she gots to pick up the tab” Bianca could hear one women say while the others laughed.

“Lord have mercy, you all right in there sweet cheeks?” one of the ladies asked the embarrassed and stuck Bianca.

“um…no, not really…I’m…well kind of stuck!” Bianca sheepishly replied.

“Whehie, I bet you are honey buns, that’s quite some behind you got there, don’t shall worry now, me and the girls help ya out” the lady replied before grabbing hold of Bianca’s butt.

Prodding and poking, pulling and pushing Binca could feel the ladies hands all over the massive rump as she once again continued to back out with their help.

Eventually the group of ladies managed to squeeze the unmatched proportions of Bianca’s ass through the tiny cubicle door.

“Hey sweetheart, that’s quite some rump you gots goin on there, hay aints you the lady who ate that big meal!” one of the women questioned while wiping the sweat from her own forehead.

“Yeah…um I guess that’s me, I just came in here to clean up a bit, and then well…you know” Bianca grinned while looking at the group of women who were all well over 300 pounds.

“Not to worry sweet heart, happens to the best of us sometimes, don’t know why they make those things so small. Names Carol you here for the BBW convention?” the lady asked with an outstretched arm.

“The BBW convention, no I’m actually just here for a quite bite to eat while I head up to my parents farm in the country” Bianca explained while attempting to clean the cheese sauce from her stained top.

“Really, by the looks of you I would have thought you wore going to the convention, well never mind maybe some other time, check it out online its tons of fun and happens every year,” Carol informed with a smile.

Leaving the dinner with Marcus Bianca spotted the waitress outside in the parking lot dragging on a cigarette. Sufficed to say she looked very much stressed over the fact she would need to pay Bianca and Marcus’s bill.

Chapter Twenty-One - THE FAMILY

By the time Bianca arrived at her parents farm, she was not only stuffed to her limits from the steak challenge but from the regular in-between snack stops her soon to be husband made sure to frequent upon her.

Puffed from the short waddle to her parent’s door Bianca nervously tugged on her XXXL singlet that really revealed more then what was appropriate.

Her milk bloated boobs spilled out of the top from all sides whilst her Christmas ham sized arms jiggled as she brushed the crumbs from her belly which hung pendulously out the bottom of her top.

“I swesar, Marcus, I feel like I gained 10 pounds today” Bianca exclaimed before knocking on the door with a wobbly upper arm.

Opening the door Bianca and Marcus wore greeted by Bianca’s father a tall and very slender good looking man, who quickly bent over and put his arms around his daughter as best he could before shaking Marcus’s hand and introducing himself as Richard.

“Daddy it so good to see you again, where’s momma and the girls?” she beamed up at her father with a crinkled nose.

“There all out back, you know your mother she’s busy in the kitchen so I hope you bought your appetite, and the girls will be joining us shortly as well” Richard smiled as he ushered the young couple inside.

Marcus unable to help himself grinned stupidly as he watched Bianca’s enormous ass swing from side to side and press against the narrow corridors of the old farm house cottage.

Catching Marcus in the act of staring at his daughter's weighty and almost spherical fat pumped butt cheeks Richard gave the young man a slight nudge.

“Haven’t been able to bounce her on my knee since she was 12, maybe you’ll have better luck” Richard quietly joked to Marcus, while Bianca hauled her fat ass along while pushing her belly out front oblivious to the conversation regarding her fat bottom going on behind her.

“Bianca, oh my goodness look at you your huge, Ay Dios mio chiquita your enormous!” Bianca’s mothered exclaimed with some shock as she herself waddled out of the kitchen.

“Thanks momma, your looking good yourself!” Bianca laughed while giving her rather fat bottomed mother a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

“And who is this handsome young man, is this the man you wore always telling me about?” Bianca’s mother beamed up at Marcus before introducing herself as Maria.

Upon seeing Maria Marcus instantly knew where Bianca’s bottom heavy figure came from, be it from the past on genes or the good cooking he smelt from the kitchen.

Nevertheless Maria’s roughly 200 pound 5 foot 4 figure paled in comparison to Bianca’s magnificently stuffed and overweight curves.

Standing in the kitchen whilst making small talk and catching up Bianca’s feet soon began to throb under her weight, something her tiny feet wore not used to supporting for long periods of time.

Just then Bianca’s sisters waltzed in each vamped up in tight skinny jeans and mid riff revealing tank tops.

Marcus was taken back slightly as the three statuesque Latino girls walked past him into the kitchen, after meeting Maria he had expected similar curves on Bianca’s sisters, unfortunately it looked like these girls took after their father.

Ranging in height from 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 10 each girl weighed no more then 120 pounds max. Clad heavily in make up and perfume they hugged their baby sister who quickly introduced them to Marcus.

“Marcus this is Eva, Juanita and Olivia” Bianca smiled hoping Marcus had not taken offense at her sisters somewhat rude behavior.

“Oh my sis, what happened your fat as a pig!” Olivia shouted.

“Yeah sis, how much weight did you pack on since leaving home?” Juanita commented

“Might wanna try this new diet I just read about Bianca, it’s meant to work miracles.” Eva suggested smugly while placing a hand on her own flat exposed abs.

“Alright, alright girls lets all head to the dinning room for a nice family dinner,” Richard said finding it difficult to be heard over his daughters loud mouthed babbling.

Seated around the table the family enjoyed the well prepared feast Maria had cooked whilst full of questions for Marcus and Bianca.

Just before dessert was served Marcus made an announcement as to their engagement. Both Bianca’s parents wore ecstatic at the news whilst Bianca’s trio of sisters sat there with fake smiles and daggers in their eyes for their little sister's newly found happiness.

Having already attempted to restrain herself around her weight obsessed sisters at dinner and still not fully recovered from her steak feast, Bianca however couldn’t say no to her mother’s apple pie.

“No thanks Mom, I’m watching my waistline some of us have to you know!” Olivia smiled.

“None for me either mom, I’m on a diet unlike some!” Juanita grinned as she shot her sister another evil glare.

“No thanks’ Mom I’m full, why don’t you give my slice to Bianca she’s eating for two remember!” Eva smugly announced to the entire table.

With a look of shock on their faces Bianca’s parents quickly questioned their daughter about this statement.

With a look of horror on her face Bianca quickly remembered confiding in her sister late one night shortly after John left her.

“um…well…you see…um…” Bianca mumbled not sure how to explain the situation to them.

Quickly steeping in Marcus decided to tell Bianca’s parents that he was the father and that the couple didn’t want to tell anyone until they got engaged and had wedding plans set in motion.

Somewhat baffled and confused as to why the couple did not tell them sooner, both Maria and Richard congratulated Marcus and Bianca with many hugs and kisses for the soon to be married parents.

“What a cow!” the trio of girls thought as they wore ignored by all.

Chapter Twenty-two - THE FARMERS DAUGHTER

Insisting that Bianca and her husband stay with them at the farm until the baby was born Maria and Richard wore overjoyed at the news when Marcus informed them that the wedding would be held before Bianca gave birth.

Over the next few weeks and months Bianca was treated to her mother’s country cooking and full attention. Not allowing her daughter to move around to much Bianca found herself almost permanently waited on hand and foot.

Naturally this sedentary lifestyle coupled with her mother’s home cooking which was always plentiful and her growing baby belly resulted in Bianca once again packing on some serious pounds.

Nearly 9 months pregnant with just a week to go before the wedding Bianca’s sisters couldn’t help but continuously make sly comments about her weight.

“So are you gonna start dieting once the babies born or recon you’ll get even fatter, if that’s possible?” Eva questioned with a smirk.

“Are you having triplets or something, you’re the fattest pregnant lady I think I’ve ever seen sis” Juanita commented.

“I cant believe you’ve already altered your wedding dress like 3 times, don’t you think you better slow down, don’t want to pop out of the dress next week when you waddle down the isle” Olivia mocked.

“How much do you weigh anyway, they say expecting mothers are only meant to gain between like 40 – 50 pounds at most depending on how fat they wore to start with, I think you’ve filled more then your quota sis” the three girls teased.

“Let’s weigh her in, come on sis lets see how much pork your pushing” Olivia shouted before heading of to the bathroom with her sisters.

Having not stepped onto the scales since arriving at her parent’s house some 4 months ago Bianca was intrigued to say the least, first however she would need to make an attempt at standing up, something which was proving more and more difficult as of late.

Shuffling her bottom to the edge of the sofa seat Bianca swayed her hips whilst rocking back and forth in an attempt to gather some momentum. Falling back onto her cushy ass and feeling her fat spread beneath her each time.

With one last giant heave she was able to rise to her feet, holding her back for support while pushing her monstrous gut into the air like a Himalayan mountain while balancing her fat engorged cream jugs on top her chest.

It was so much effort for Bianca that by the time she had managed to struggle to her feet she was puffed and panting from the effort.

Luckily once fully upright her hugely broad child baring hips easily carried her fat encased pregnant belly as she waddled breathlessly down the narrow corridor.

Trying to catch up to her sisters who could be heard throughout the house with their antics, Bianca noted with some disbelief that her hips had spread far enough for them to now press fully into the walls of the tiny hallway.

“Come on sis, what took you so long, we fetched a measuring tape while we waited, we have a little bet going” Olivia giggled as her sisters laughed in tune.

Grabbing the tape measure form her sister, Eva proceeded to measure Bianca’s figure.

“Lets see now bust…and under…hmmm, holy milk cow sis, your boobs are enormous... if I figured this right, you’re a 36M Cup…if that even exists!” Eva said with some shock whilst looking down at her own concave chest and meager 30A cup boobs.

“HAHA that’s going to be one well fed baby, man these puppies are heavy, Olivia fetch the kitchen scales, I want to see what these udders weigh!” Juanita mocked whilst hefting one of her sisters milk engorged kegs.

Returning shortly from the kitchen with scales in hand, Olivia placed the scales on the bathroom vanity whilst awaiting her sister cooperation.

Once again intrigued to see the results Bianca placed her fleshy right boob on the tiny scales.

For once Bianca’s 5 foot 3 statue was of benefit as she didn’t have far to bend, which was lucky as her heavy belly already taxed her tiny back muscles.

“Come on sis, get it all on” Olivia laughed while prodding and pushing Bianca’s side boob spillage onto the already overloaded scales.

“Oh man…your right tit weighs like 23 pounds, that’s huge” Eva giggled as Bianca stood there in shock.

Hefting her left bosom onto the scales Bianca knew the reading would be slightly higher as it was her larger breast.

“How can you even carry these back breakers, 25 pounds of tit meat here sis…that’s like nearly 50 pounds of boobage total” Eva shouted unable to comprehend her sister’s bowling ball like size.

“OH MY WORD BINCA, you must be hauling like 5 or 10 Liters of milk in each breast if that’s even possible” Juanita laughed while poking a slender finger into her sister bosom.

Naturally all this poking and prodding resulted in Bianca’s tightly packed milk filled breast’s to leak, creamy white milk spilling all over the bathroom vanity much to the amusement of Bianca’s sisters and her embarrassment.

“Man these whoppers could feed all of Africa” Olivia laughed.

“Man sis you’re bigger then all use girls combined, in fact all our boobs together wouldn’t even fill one of your cups let alone half” Eva muttered.

“Talk about not fair, recon when momma handed on the boobage genes you must have got up early and lined up twice…” Juanita ogled before grabbing a towel and cleaning up the excess milk.

“Now do her ass, I bet its over 80 inches” Olivia giggled as she marveled at her sister massive size.

“It can’t be, no way…” Eva stuttered.

“How much, how much, come on stop stalling I want to know if I won the bet” Olivia giggled.

“84 inches of ass…it’s impossible!” Eva said as she backed away.

“84 inches Christ Bianca, your butt’s bigger then our entire bum’s combined” Juanita laughed before giving her sister’s fat rump a hard slap on the cheek.

“What’s our little sis weighing in at anyway?” Olivia gushed still shocked at hearing Bianca’s phenomenal dimensions.

“I bet she weighs more then all of us combined” Eva laughed whilst placing her delicate slender hand on Bianca’s now fully pumped up baby belly.

“Wonder how much this sucker weighs?” Eva questioned before taking the bathroom scales and placing them on the vanity.

With the help of her sisters Bianca hefted her protruding ball belly onto the scales, as she waited for the girls to announce the results Bianca sighed with relief while arching her back as the bathroom vanity momentarily relieved her of the burdensome task of carrying such a load.

“Man oh man, how can you even stand with such a weight, 102 pounds of belly. Thank god you’ve got these massive child bearing hips to help accommodate this load” Olivia giggled while placing a hand on her sisters vanity mounted gut.

“How you avoided getting any serious stretch marks or cellulite at your size is beyond me sis” Juanita said whilst Bianca stood there and smiled thinking of all the late night full body oil massages Marcus still treated her to.

“I cant believe your actually pushing 150 pound load out front, you need to be thankful for your massive 84 inch ass or you’d topple over sis” Eva laughed as she examined her sister fat body inch by inch.

Placing the scales back on the floor and huddling in a group while holding each others skinny waists the trio of girls stepped onto the large bathroom scales simultaneously.

“334 pounds, combined…recon she’s fatter then that?” Eva laughed to her sisters before stepping off.

Knowing well and truly that she was far in excess of 334 pounds Bianca stepped on, nervous with anticipation as to how much over.

“And what’s it say sis?” Olivia chimed in as she heard the scale groan under Bianca’s full load.

“Um…well, I can’t quite see over my belly…little help!” Bianca giggled nervously to her sisters.

Sticking her head under Bianca’s protruding 102 pound gut Eva quickly got a reading.

“You guys won’t believe it, it can’t be… she’s actually clocking in at 448 pounds…that’s like 110 pounds more then all of us combined” Eva stuttered, mindful to remove her head from the vast shadow Bianca’s titanic 150 plus pound belly and boob heavy load created.

Bianca’s eyes glazed over at her sisters weighty announcement, while placing both hands on her gut and letting out an audible moan.

With a gentle knock on the door Marcus popped his head in.

“Sorry to disturb you ladies, Bianca you ready for that massage?” he questioned as he watched his 400 plus pound beauty step from the relived bathroom scales.

Pushing her fat belly and thunderous ass past her sisters, Olivia, Eva and Juanita could only watch with amazement as Marcus placed his hand on Bianca’s right butt cheek and gave it a meaty squeeze.

Equipped with an assortment of anti cellulite lotion, a large empty jug and breast pump in hand Marcus closed the bedroom door while smiling at the three sisters.

Chapter Twenty-Three - THE MINISTER AND THE MILK

With only a few days to go before the wedding Marcus’s parents had flown in to meet their future daughter in law. Knowing of their son's preference for plump girls yet not quite approving both his mother and father wore shocked when they first saw Bianca.

Sitting at the dinning room table and gently rubbing circles on her exposed beach ball sized gut, the fact that Bianca had just finished another of her mother’s lunches didn’t help, her naked belly mounted into the air whilst Bianca sat back and groaned at her decadent fullness.

Using the excuse of “her delicate condition” to stay seated rather then struggle to stand Bianca shook both Marcus’s parent’s hands mindful of the fact that her tightly constricting 34 Double J Cup bra which she had not yet been able to upgrade to the much needed larger 36M cup size was causing her milk filled bosoms to leak under the pressure.

“Oops, sorry about that…seems to be happening more and more lately…better go change my top and try to relieve some pressure from my breasts!” Bianca said in an apologetic tone.

“Little help honey,” she smiled as she stretched out her Christmas ham sized arm to Marcus.

Straining with the effort it took to help lift his now 450 pound wife from her seated position Marcus had to hold his own back for support.

“I won’t be long…puff…puff…just got to milk these puppies, they just seem to keep filling up with milk faster and faster these days” Bianca blushed as she made her way past Marcus’s staring mother and father.

As the day of the wedding arrived Bianca was only days away from giving birth. Nervous and excited at the same time she managed to squeeze into her flowing white wedding gown with the help of her mother, three sisters and soon to be mother in law.

Naturally it was quite a spectacle as the group of women attempted to help Bianca get dressed in her gorgeous flowing gown. Unfortunately for Bianca’s mother in law and her three sisters they wore thanked with the occasional and accidental bop to the head from Bianca’s weighty ass, broad hips and wrecking ball sized belly as they clamored around the bride to be.

With the music playing and the guests waiting, Bianca appeared next to her father, dressed in a flowing white gown which made the fat princess look like a giant white marshmallow while waddling down the isle.

As she passed the rows of invited guests each individual was greeted with a full view of the bride’s overly ample bottom and wide hips swaying side to side like a ship out at sea.

Her belly surged several feet in front of her as her overly fat milk filled boobs rested on her gut for additional support. As Bianca made her way down the aisle she could feel the milk in her breasts slosh about as the pressure inside them once again began to mount.

Marcus was in heaven and couldn’t believe this day had finally arrived, his beautiful BBW goddess was about to become his wife now and forever.

As the sermon begun Bianca along with everyone else at the wedding soon began to notice the minister’s obvious and growing dilemma.

Bianca’s low cut wedding dress and overly ample rapidly filling milk jugs, had caused the minster to become somewhat hot and bothered as he watched them bounce and jiggle their way down the isle, almost falling out of Bianca’s overly confined white dress.

Beginning to sweat whilst desperately trying to avoid eye contact with the creamy and boobalicious melons presented before him, he attempted to complete the sermon without disaster. Luckily apart from some giggles in the crowd and an obvious smirk from Bianca the poor minister struggled his way through.

Placing the ring on his fat wife’s chubby hand and kissing her passionately Bianca and Marcus wore married much to the delight of everyone there.

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About 80% finished now, just a few more chapters and then the big finale.

Its going to be great, cant say to much but all you big booty lovers are going to like it I'm sure ^_^

Personally I cant wait to finish this so I can read the entire peace in one go, that way it will give the best picture.
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Best story I have read in a long time, I cant wait for the final chapters and ending.
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