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working on it, will post some more tonight.

Just read some of the things Britt Reid edited for me, like naughty words that I wasn't supposed to use or forgot to edit out.

HAHA its funny now, he used the word "dame" instead of... well i cant say that word !!!

To Funny
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Britt Reid
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Britt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBritt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

You mean substituting "dame" for "d--- b----?" Yep, creativity is used at times.

If you look closely you'll notice a number of misused homonyms and other small typos were cleared up as well.

I thought about changing your "to funny" to "too funny", but decided that was too picky and restrained myself.

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HAHA appreciate it, and yes I saw that (to funny- too funny) the other day as well, oh well.

Thank you also for adding chapter numbers that will make it easier for people to read.
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mdy73 has said some nice things

So very nice story, nice to read so i hope for some next chapters...
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Thanks for the compliments, motivates me to write more.

Next few chapters should be posted in a few hours so check back soon
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Heading to the Bahamas, for a well deserved honeymoon a few months after baby Lucas was born Bianca was relieved to have lost her heavy baby belly and a good 20 pounds, brining her to a still very fat and full 430 pound mommy.

Without the baby belly Bianca’s doughy pot belly wobbled and undulated as it hung over her bikini briefs on the beach. Her titanic 36M cup boobs were still swollen with milk and in danger of spilling out of her tiny bikini top as she made her way through the resort.

Lying in the sun near a tropical lagoon did her good as the long winter months had somewhat reduced her once golden tan. As the stunning beauty sunbathed people would stop and stare as she lay on her stomach with an unclasped bra, Marcus rubbing sun tan lotion all over her phenomenal curves.

Bianca’s 84 inch ass had become so big that even the largest of bikini briefs found it impossible to contain her enormous buttocks. With a naughty hand Marcus tugged on his wife’s already butt cheek swallowed panties to ensure any remaining material disappeared before he began spreading a thick layer of tanning lotion on the mountain of wobbling jelly before him.

By the time the married couple returned from their honeymoon to pick up baby Lucas from Bianca’s parents, Marcus had managed to pamper and plumpen his new wife with an additional 12 Bahamas momma pounds, bringing his waddling and puffed BBW wife to a total of 442 post pregnancy pork pounds.

Naturally as it is with young married couples Marcus couldn’t keep his hands of Bianca all throughout their honeymoon, resulting in another pregnancy upon their return.

“Again!!” Marcus exclaimed with joy as Bianca broke the news.

“Yeah just came from the doctor, she says I should take it easy” Bianca smiled while adjusting the straps of her breast heavy bra.

With baby Lucas keeping her busy and Marcus returning to work at the hospital time quickly flew by, brining more surprising news as Bianca returned from the Dr. one rainy afternoon.

“What’s wrong dear, everything alright, you look pale?” Marcus fretted as a ghost white Bianca waddled into the apartment and plonked herself down heavily on the nearest sofa which creaked audibly in protest under the fat Latinos weight.

“I just came from another visit to the doctor…don’t know how to tell you this but…I’m really, really pregnant…” Bianca stammered.

“Really… really...pregnant? What’s that mean…” Marcus questioned while thinking about his wife’s statement for a moment.

“TWINS?” he said jumping up from his seat next to Bianca.

“Not quite!!” she replied with a worried smile while examining her spherical round gut and picturing how immensely large it would soon become.

“Don’t tell me… are you having me on, is it triplets!!!” Marcus said a lump forming in his throat.

Bianca just looked up into her husband’s eyes with an acknowledging smile as she placed a chubby hand on her marshmallow like stomach, knowing well it would soon be inflated once again into a fat balloon, full and heavy.

Falling back onto the sofa cushions to rest, Bianca’s fat filled boobs smothered her face as Marcus got on the phone and broke the good news to both his parents and Bianca’s.

As the weeks rolled on Bianca’s belly once again began to surge forth as she waddled slowly around the house, feeling its weight rub against her meaty thick thighs.

“I cant believe I’m this pregnant, I’m going to end up even bigger then last time… at least I have the hips to carry it” she smiled while rubbing her chubby hands across her meaty butt cheeks and heading towards the sofa for another of Marcus’s meals.

“Oh boy, I’m so stuffed…puff… that was a great meal…puff” Bianca moaned from the sofa before attempting to stand up and fetch a glass of water.

“Bianca, sweetie what are you doing, let me get that for you. Remember what the doctor said, you need your rest” Marcus quickly announced as he caught his wife attempting to stand just in the nick of time.

Little did Bianca realize but Marcus had picked up a few tricks from her mother, ensuring that the once again pregnant princess stayed either in bed or spread fat on the sofa.

Each day Bianca was greeted with a fully loaded calorie laden breakfast in bed with all the trimmings before either shifting to the living room with the help of Marcus or remaining in bed.

Either way snacks in between with a greasy lunch to follow was always on the menu.

With Marcus at work Bianca would lay about all day rubbing her growing belly while munching down on whatever Marcus had prepared for her that morning.

During his breaks Marcus would rush home and see to it that Bianca wanted for nothing, ensuring she remained on the sofa surrounded by goodies.

On the weekends Marcus would head down to the local bakery and return with boxes of Vanilla cookies with sprinkles, chocolate mud cake, cinnamon rolls, fresh Danish, apple pie, cheery pie, apricot pie, muffins, cup cakes, scones, sausage rolls, mince pies, quiche, doughnuts and every baked good Bianca was willing to devoir.

For dinner Marcus would cook large portions of mashed potatoes with butter, pork chops, macaroni with extra cheese, fresh bread, garlic rolls, fried chicken, lashings of gravy, sour cream, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pizza or whatever Bianca’s loving heart desired.

Sitting nervously in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, Bianca knew she would get a scolding from her doctor as she had already warned her several times before to ease up on her binge eating escapades.

“Bianca, Dr. Stone will see you now!” the pretty young nurse at reception called with a look of disgust on her face as the heavily fattened sow attempted to push her load into the air.

Sweating and panting with the effort of standing coupled with the short waddle down the corridor Bianca entered her doctor’s office, quickly collapsing into the tiny chair next to the doctor’s desk.

As doctor Stone entered the room Bianca could sense she was clearly not impressed.

At 5 foot 11 with curly blonde hair, Doctor Stone was not what you would expect.

Wearing a short grey pencil skirt that clearly showed how toned and muscled her little ass was along with a tight red turtle neck she sat down at her desk and crossed her long tanned legs in front of Bianca.

“Bianca…what have you done to yourself, well I can clearly see you haven’t been following my instructions have you?” Dr. Stone muttered with a raised eyebrow whilst writing furiously on her note pad.

Still sweating from her brief waddle Bianca nervously looked down at the floor.

Although on the wrong side of 40 Dr. Stone was still a very pretty lady and it was obvious that the health conscious fitness nut did everything she should could do preserve her once youthful looks.

With her red turtle neck stretched out even further then a few months prior it was obvious to Bianca that Dr. Stone had just gotten another boob job to go with her recently found indulgence for Botox treatments.

“Hop on the scales Bianca, I need to take another reading!” Dr Stone ordered whilst looking at the blob of fat sitting before her with a cynical smile.

Arching her back with one hand whilst the other supported her massive ball belly Bianca attempted to push her heavy load into the air once more.

Dreading the exercise of standing, she eventually made her way over to the scales with a puff while noting the obviously unimpressed stare of her Doctor.

“Lets see now, your 6 months pregnant…not that anyone could tell… weight…unbelievable you clearly didn’t take anything onboard at our last consultation, I hope your happy with yourself missy your clocking in at 522 pounds, what have you to say for yourself?” Dr. Stone ranted.

“Well…I um…I am having quadruplets I guess… maybe?” Bianca stammered before being interrupted by her doctor.

“Triplets aren’t the reason you’ve gained 87 pounds within 6 months Bianca, you’re simply eating far too much without any exercise and simply gaining too much weight.” Dr Stone scolded as she looked down at Bianca who was still standing on the scales.

“Quite frankly missy you’re lucky that in previous years most of the weight has obviously settled in your backside, otherwise I don’t know how you would carry that belly, but that’s beside the point,” Dr. Stone continued.

“Even when pregnant with triplets your average women shouldn’t exceed a weight gain of say 60 pounds, a woman of your already considerable girth can do with even less but it seems you’ve already packed on 80 plus pounds,” Dr. Stone continued her lecture while pointing to a chart on the wall.

“I recommend you seriously watch your calorie intake during the remaining term while starting on this low level cardio routine, I expect you to do better, understood!” Dr Stone said in a stern voice before sending the sweat drenched and puffed piglet on her way.

Chapter Twenty-Five - THE SOFA BECKONS

Upon returning home from the doctor’s office Bianca was quickly ushered to the sofa by Marcus who insisted he give her a foot rub while she munched on a bag of frosted doughnuts.

“Marcus please…munch…puff…I really think…puff…munch…I need to slow down a little, look at me I can hardly stand!” Bianca breathed between bites.

“Don’t worry my sweet, that’s what I’m here for remember, anything you need just ask. I wouldn’t want my delicate little buttercup to exhort any unneeded effort, not in your condition anyway” Marcus cooed in Bianca’s ear while she ate.

“Oh but Marcus…munch, munch…the doctor told me I had to do…munch puff… at least a few minutes of light cardio each day…munch!” Bianca pouted before liking her chubby fingers clean of any remaining sugar.

“Well if that’s what she said, just be mindful not to burn too many precious calories, remember you are now eating for 4 people!” Marcus smiled as he rubbed Bianca’s beach ball sized pot with glee.

The next day while Marcus was at work Bianca eventually found the motivation to get up from the sofa and attempt some light exercise.

Rummaging in her closet to find the largest pair of track pants she could, Bianca attempted so squeeze her enormous proportions into the obviously too small pants.

Jiggling and wobbling with every motion she made Bianca eventually got the overly taxed stretchy pants over her truly tree trunk sized thighs.

Pulling the waistband with all her might so as to accommodate the material around her elephantine butt Bianca was puffed with the effort.

Unable to accommodate her belly Bianca was forced to let her round gut hang over the waistband while stretching an extremely tight XXXL t-shirt over its expanse.

Waddling out the door with a good portion of her bellies underside exposed she made her way towards the stairs.

Holding onto the rusty railing while slowing bouncing her way down, Bianca could hear the old stair case creak and groan in protest with every step she took.

Already sweating and puffed from the effort of going down the stairs Bianca rested for a moment before waddling off down the road.

Although moving very slowly every inch of Bianca’s over fed weakening fat filled body wobbled and jiggled with each stride.

After only 100 meters she could already feel the sweat beading from her forehead whilst pooling between her overly ample bosoms.

Her thighs soon began to burn from the exercise while chaffing red between the creamy soft skin. Her breasts although heavily brassiered swung pendulously back and forth while bumping into her rapidly forming double chin more then a few times.

Eventually Bianca reached the park where she soon found the nearest bench and collapsed in a fat, sweating heap.

Having rested so far more then she had exercised Bianca eventually struggled back to her feet and attempted to do a few mild stretches.

With her overly wobbly pork chop arms extended she attempted a moderate stretch.

What a sight to behold for any passer by. Bianca’s full moon spread further and further in a seemingly endless expanse as she lightly bent and stretched.

Upon looking at her titanic rear one could only imagine how large her hips could spread if this fat lady was actually able to bend further and touch her toes.

Without warning Bianca could suddenly hear a load RRIIPPPP…POP!!

Feeling the cool wind blow against her exposed fleshy rear end, Bianca soon confirmed the worst, she had blown the seat of her track pants.

With her fat bottom partially revealed to all members of the public Bianca did her best to quickly waddle back to the apartment.

By the time Bianca made it back she was a mess, drenched in sweat whilst gasping for air the fat beauty now had the impossible chore of climbing the stairs ahead.

By the time she reached the first landing she had to stop to rest once more, placing a hand on her exposed belly while feeling the sweat dripping from her gut to the floor.

Holding onto the railing once more she lifted a heavy thigh as best she could whilst beginning her climb once again, except this time there wore other people behind her.

Having reached 5:30 pm the evening rush had begun and people wore headed home, none of which wore expecting to be greeted by such an obviously overweight and unfit sow slowly struggling up the stairs.

Unfortunately for all due to Bianca’s tank sized ass they wore unable to pass.

Even worse was the fat spillage that greeted them from Bianca’s blown pants clearly on full display for each and every apartment dweller while its owner swayed her hips form side to side.

With some serious effort and a fair amount of time Bianca eventually made it to her floor, much to the delight of the other stairwell users.

Waddling into her apartment she collapsed onto the sofa. Body aching, skin burning and chaffed the plump pampered princess vowed to never exert herself like this again.

Chapter Twenty-Six- THE IDEA

Over the next three months Bianca did nothing other then laze around on the sofa while stuffing herself silly, packing on more and more weight each day while growing significantly weaker and softer due to her sedentary sofa confined lifestyle.

Marcus on the other hand whilst ecstatic that his sexy fat wife was gorging herself none stop, did begin to worry about the mounting bill payments.

With only his job as an intern at the local hospital to pay for the rent, power, water, baby Lucas and most of all Bianca’s enormous food bill he began to panic, knowing well that once more children wore added to the family the couple would soon run out of money.

“What’s wrong Marcus, you look stressed, come to bed honey” Bianca called whilst spread out on more then her fair share of the king sized bed.

“It’s nothing, just a few bills to pay is all,” he replied not wanting to upset his pregnant wife.

Climbing into bed with Bianca, Marcus looked absolutely tiny next to his enormously fat wife whose belly rose into the air under the blanket like Mount Everest.

Feeling her mattress sized ass fat squish into his own bony thigh Marcus couldn’t help himself and grabbed Bianca by her chubby arms in an attempt to pull her closer.

Naturally this wasn’t quite so easy without Bianca's co-operation.

Sensing what her husband wanted Bianca rolled onto her side with some struggle, allowing her heavy fat engorged ball belly to rest on his chest while pressing her big milk filled boobs into his head, Marcus was in heaven as he fell asleep.

Like most mornings Bianca awoke to the smell of bacon and the unfortunate reality that the bed was once again drenched in milk due to her overly full breasts leaking throughout the night.

Heading to the bathroom with a puff to clean herself up Bianca stepped on the scales curious to see what the damage was with only days before delivery.

“Marcus…Marcus… can you come here for a moment, I need a little help!” Bianca called as she struggled to see over her big boobs and surging pregnant balloon.

“Yes my sweet…” Marcus replied as he entered the bathroom only to find his milk drenched wife standing on the scales with a sheepish look in her eye.

Sticking his head under his wife’s shadow casting belly Marcus gleefully announced the results.

“Congratulations sweetheart, you’ve just reached another milestone, and this is a big one… 577 pounds, that’s well over a quarter ton. To bad we didn’t check more often, we might have been able to witness the scales clocking over like when you hit 300, remember that night!” Marcus grinned with a horney look whilst wrapping his arms around his wife from behind and pressing his groin into her voluminous behind.

“Not now, I need to shower” Bianca smiled as she swatted away his groping hands.

Waddling over to the shower box Bianca pushed her fat ass through the tiny glass doors.

Luckily for Bianca her fully obese frame took up every inch of the shower box these days, allowing no room for her eager husband to join her.

Not wanting to disappoint her hubby however she did allow him to stay while she showered, giving Marcus a first hand treat to her billowing fat curves as they pushed against the glass while she soaped her butter soft flesh.

“What a show!” Marcus thought as he watched his wife with utter contentment, almost forgetting for a moment the hefty power bill that he had just received that morning.

Later that afternoon as Bianca waddled heavily into the living room to once again relax on the sofa, the worst accident imaginable suddenly happened.

Baby Lucas who Marcus had just momentarily sat down in the living room had made his way towards his lumbering mother. Unable to see Lucas due to her enormous proportions Bianca tripped over the infant.

Luckily for all Marcus only a few feet away was able to grab hold of his wife’s meaty hips from behind before she toppled in the wrong direction.


With a combined weight exceeding 700 pounds Bianca had managed to annihilate the sofa with her and Marcus's weight, causing her husband to bare the brunt of her weighty physique.

With disaster averted and baby Lucas unharmed Bianca sat in her husbands crushed lap smack in the middle of the sofa, which was now broken in two.

Later that evening while the couple lay in bed Marcus began to think about the days many events and different situations Bianca’s massively sexy and overweight body had caused him to witness.

Thinking back to the days when he would regularly subscribe to an assortment of BBW websites, before finding his own personal goddess, Marcus had an idea.

The next day whilst Bianca ate breakfast in bed, Marcus shared his thoughts with his quarter ton wife.

“You want me to do what, become a BBW model?” Bianca exclaimed while finishing the remaining slices of bacon.

“Yeah, why not?…you're so beautiful and sexy why not share that with the world, other women model with pride and they aren’t even half as gorgeous as you,” Marcus whispered while kissing Bianca’s full fattened breakfast pot.

“Have a think about it sweetheart, no rush but I think it would be a great experience for us to try and who knows it might help us cover the monthly food bill,” Marcus quipped before removing the try from Bianca’s side table and heading towards the kitchen.

Rolling onto her side with some effort Bianca jostled her fat wobbly body into position, feeling her massive shelf like ass engulf her size 36 black panties.

Using her creamy fat filled pork chop ham arm like an overstuffed feathery pillow to support her head, while placing her other chubby hand on her globular baby butter ball belly, Bianca began to contemplate the idea.

“Maybe I should try modeling, but what if people laugh at me or someone who I know sees me, like Kirstin or those snobby girls at the burger bar.” She worried.

“Although who cares what other people think Marcus says I’m beautiful and I have noticed other men like the way I look on more then one occasion, but what if it doesn’t work I don’t want to embarrass myself, what if mum and dad find out what would they say!” Bianca thought as she lay in bed thinking about her future and the many doubts regarding her past experiences both good and bad.

Within the next few days Bianca gave birth to three healthy baby boys much to the delight of Marcus and the entire family.

“All boys, hmm looks like we might need to try for a girl next time!” Marcus said with a cheeky smile as he visited Bianca in the hospital.

“Yeah right buddy, that’s enough babies for a while, I don’t think I could cope with another pregnancy anytime soon, let alone carry the weight!” Bianca blurted out with a stressed look in her eye as she defensively placed both hands on her still swollen balloon.


Within six months of giving birth Bianca had managed to lose 40 pounds worth of baby belly along with an additional 37 cushy pounds of added mommy weight due to resuming a far less sedentary lifestyle now that she had 4 infants to look after.

With the majority of weight disappearing from around her belly Bianca’s now nearly 90 inch ass looked even bigger.

Unfortunately for Bianca her boobs that had been swollen with milk for over 2 years now didn’t lose an ounce, if anything her milk factory grew even bigger as she was now almost constantly breast feeding.

Waddling into Doctor Stones practice with far more confidence due to her impressive weight loss Bianca felt good about today’s appointment.

In typical manner however Dr. Stone soon dismissed any semblance of achievement that Bianca felt about her weight, ordering her immediately to get on the scales for an updated reading once more.

“Well at least you’ve managed to finally drop a few pounds; I was really getting worried there at one stage. I still can’t believe how big you managed to let yourself get. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone gain that much weight during a pregnancy even if it was triplets. I mean you packed on 135 pounds within 9 months, that’s more then twice the recommended 60 pounds I told you earlier about,” Dr. Stone pressed.

“If I didn’t know better I swear you dint even attempt to exercise, probably just sat on your lazy ass all day eating like most mothers do.” Doctor Stone continued whilst pointing a long bonny finger at Bianca.

“500 pounds exact Bianca, what have you to say for yourself, I certainly hope your not happy with that?” Dr. Stone almost shouted whilst standing next to a blood boiling Bianca.

“Listen here you skinny cow, I’ve just about had enough of you and your nonsense. I feel great and I know I look even better, so why don’t you take your exercise and diet scheme and shove it somewhere the sun don’t shine, good day Dr. Stone, and by the way everyone knows your tits are nasty and fake, unlike these!” Bianca shouted as she bent forward slightly and jiggled her monstrous milk bar into the stunned and envious doctor’s face before leaving.

Later that evening once the children had been put to bed, Bianca sat next to Marcus while the pair enjoyed a glass of wine in peace.

“You know Marcus I’ve been giving it some thought, lets do it!” Bianca smiled.

“Do what dear?” Marcus replied uncertain of what his wife was talking about.

“I want to give the modeling thing a go, I’ve thought about it and I realy want to do it, besides it could be fun,” Bianca announced.

The following weekend Bianca and Marcus headed to the annual BBW bash up state while leaving the kids with Bianca’s parents on the farm.

Upon arriving Marcus couldn’t believe his eyes. The conference centre was large and luxurious just like the women that attended.

Old, young, tall and short every manner of size was on offer. It was every chubby chasers dream upon entering.

Marcus saw fat girls, chubby bunnies, big cuties, plump princesses’ and obese goddesses all waddling and shuffling around the many different stalls at the event.

Single, double and triple belly hanging whoppers both smooth doughy or hanging with rolls. A plethora of plump Christmas ham sized wobbly arms, hippopotamus sized butts and maximum load bearing hips, with tree trunk sized thunderous thighs.

Cellulite, stretch marks, muffin tops and more pudgy rolls. Cankles and pot bellies, big breasts hanging and fat, double and triple chins covered with grease, wobbly, jiggly, waddling BBWS and SSBBWS it was a visual feast for any fat admirer’s eyes.

As Bianca made her way through the crowd she suddenly didn’t feel that fat anymore.

Admittedly pushing 500 pounds made her one of the larger ladies there but certainly not the biggest by a long shot.

During the course of the weekend, Bianca and Marcus made many new friends some of which put them in touch with various website developers specializing in the promotion of BBW models.

On the final day of the convention Bianca and Marcus joined the other guests for a huge dinner feast followed by much partying and dancing afterwards.

Bianca looked brilliant in her custom made size 34 black cocktail dress similar in style to the one she had worn so many years ago when she first met Marcus on the dance floor.

With only one difference, she was now more confident and happy with her appearance then ever before.

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Still not finished more is on the way, building up to the big finally now, its going to be exciting I think.

Outline has been roughly drafted but it will take me a few days to finish this, so please be patient.
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mdy73 has said some nice things

Nice, i look forward and thank you for this wonderful story so far.
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Giraffes?Giraffes! carries a lot of weight on this boardGiraffes?Giraffes! carries a lot of weight on this boardGiraffes?Giraffes! carries a lot of weight on this boardGiraffes?Giraffes! carries a lot of weight on this boardGiraffes?Giraffes! carries a lot of weight on this board

Holy crap. That's how it's done.

We haven't had a good barnburner like that in a while here. Bravo.
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Thanks for the compliments, best is yet to come

Was worried it was getting to long there for a while but people seem to like it.

Will try and do the final few chapters this week and post it.

Got other stories in my head that I want to get started on and a bunch of unfinished stuff that I should also complete and then post.
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absolutely stunning, one of the best things i've read on here, i'm very impressed
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thanks, I have outlined the last few chapters just haven't gotten the motivation to finish writing them.

At the moment I have started a concept for another story which will not be anywhere as long as this but still a good read I hope.

This will be finished however so dont anyone worry.
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This Dr.Stone....seems to be a recurring character in your stories. Might it be time that SHE be the one who packs on the pounds in a future story? Dr.Stone is a she right?
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Yes Dr. stone is a she. Thought that was obvious.

And yes I have already written several chapters where Ms Stone the new gym teacher at a local high school is fattened by her students, co-workers and various other people, much to her embarrassment.

Its only about 30% done so not really ready to post it yet, and I also need to re-write a few things so that I dont go against the Dimensions Library rules.

Wouldn't want to get banned now

First I need to finish the Tank Ass story line and another story that i have just started.

So Ms Stone will need to wait before i get revenge on her
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Giraffes?Giraffes! carries a lot of weight on this boardGiraffes?Giraffes! carries a lot of weight on this boardGiraffes?Giraffes! carries a lot of weight on this boardGiraffes?Giraffes! carries a lot of weight on this boardGiraffes?Giraffes! carries a lot of weight on this board

And lo, it would come to pass that the Stories Forum would be granted unto them a savior, and his name would be zxc098.
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owengerrard has said some nice things

This is a great story, thanks for writting it and am looking forward to more. Also would any of you budding artist be able to draw some pics of this lovely woman
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Mr. Jigglesworth
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Wow, one of the best stories I've read on here in a long time. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time reading each word, and can't weight for the finale.

Mr. Jigglesworth
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Thanks for the great compliments I am really happy that people like this so much.

I will be posting the final few chapters in the next day or so I promise, been real busy with work all of a sudden, so haven't been able to find the time to write.

Most of it is written but I want to post the entire ending in one go rather then drip feeding people.

Thanks for your patience everyone.
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brain leech
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brain leech has said some nice things

Drip feeding is ok just as long as it doesn't stop
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Within in a few months Bianca with the help of Marcus and some designers was able to launch her website and establish a small yet dedicated following that quickly grew.

“Welcome to Tank Ass, the biggest bubble butt on the net. Any less then 90 inches is small” it read whilst showing various shots of Bianca in different scenarios and naughty poses that best showed off her tremendous curves.

The main page was tasteful and classy, with a hint of cheekiness. Bianca’s stats wore given as “5’3 plumper with 500 plus cuddly pounds of fattening fun. Enjoy being smothered with BBW Bianca’s 38 P cup boobs or 90 inches of ass”

The member’s page offered before and after comparisons showing how the gorgeous beauties figure had blossomed over the last five years from a very bottom heavy yet delicate soft figure up top, into an even bottom heavier top heavy pregnant sow.

Bianca at her tiniest was shown wearing naughty apple bottom jeans whilst touching her toes with her 26-24-58 inch curves at 197 pounds.

A string bikini clad Bianca was shown on the beach with her 32-28-66 inch knockout curves and 223 pounds of beach babe fun.

Next a more noticeable difference as Bianca hit the 300 pound mark, shown standing on the bathroom scales with a tray of chocolates in hand.

428 pounds followed soon after as Bianca was shown with her huge baby belly encased in rolls of fat hanging out of her too tight sweat pants as she puffed and panted for air.

At her biggest Bianca was shown squeezed into her tiny shower box with all 577 mommy pounds, whilst rubbing her engorged hanging gut with soapy suds.

Most popular were Bianca’s ass comparison pictures and stats “46, 58, 66, 72, 78, 84, 86, 90 inches” it read whilst offering members an insight into Bianca’s size progression since before, during and after college.

“Experience the Tank Ass phenomenon, from humble bootylicious curves to outrageously over the top seven and a half feet of ass!”

Not to be outdone Bianca’s boobs also weighed in for there share of attention as similar stats and pictures wore offered ranging from pre college boobies all the way to current milk factory juggernauts “26D, 26E, 26F, 28G, 32H, 34J, 36M, 38MM, 40 P!”

“She’s more then just a tank ass, check out Bianca’s boobs as they grow from firm, perky, young boobies into milk engorged fat filled mommy udders” the promo displayed whilst showing the most sumptuous pillowy, soft, cleavage.

Video’s were also on offer for members of Tank Ass, and as Bianca’s library grew so did her fan base.

Videos ranged from Bianca running up and down the stairs, working out, attempting to touch her toes, swimming, showering, getting dressed in outgrown old clothes, lunch time stuffing’s, monthly weigh ins and measuring clips. It was all on show and the members couldn’t get enough.

Marcus being lucky enough to participate in some of the videos was ecstatic that his wife had taken to the BBW modeling idea with such gusto.

The most unique feature of Tank Ass was the ability to book private feeding and stuffing sessions with Bianca.

“Want to help build my tank ass?” it read whilst showing Bianca in a tight black teddy looking over her soft shoulder with a pout and both hands on her buttocks.

“Want to lay claim to my newly added poundage?”

“Then book now, one hour feeding and stuffing sessions available you provide the food, Tank Ass will devour!”

“Want even more?”

“Then worship the goddess herself and book private one hour domination and or worship sessions with Tank Ass, you won’t regret it!”

Naturally both the feeding and worship domination sessions took off with a roar and the Tank Ass website membership soon grew in leaps and bounds.

Within a short time the BBW community was raving about this gorgeous young newcomer with her sumptuous curves and overfed physique.

Men and even some women would book appointments with Bianca and treat her to luxurious spas at hotels before commencing their hour long feeding, worship or domination sessions.

Although not to sure at first Bianca’s confidence soon grew as she found the vast majority of her clients wore genuinely nice people that enjoyed a bit of role play.

Charging some $500 per session and doing two and even three sessions a day 5 days a week Bianca and Marcus soon found their money worries to be a thing of the past.

Within a short time Bianca, Marcus and their 5 infant children moved into a spacious and warm 2 storey family home in the suburbs, something Bianca had never dreamed of being able to afford.

Marcus sold his beat up old mini and finally bought a large and luxurious Mercedes 500 CLK, perfect for accommodating his wife’s titanic ass when journeying up state to Bianca’s parent’s farm.

Life perfect and for a time it seemed like the couple had everything sorted.


Late one night as Bianca replied to fan mail and updated her website with new photos, a familiar name popped up.

“Hi Bianca, its Ted here hope you remember me from college. I used to go out with your room mate Kirstin. Anyway I just wanted to see if I could book one of your feeding, stuffing, and worship domination sessions?”

“Kind Regards Ted, your biggest fan”

Thinking back with a coy smile at how nervous the young jock used to get when around her, Bianca quickly replied to Ted’s e-mail and set up a time and place.

Waddling into the hotel’s bar Bianca quickly spotted the tall and still muscular Ted.

“Oh, Jesus... Hi Bianca…oh my lord, you look amazing…it’s so great to see you again…all of you, I mean my God Bianca!” Ted stammered nervously as Bianca greeted her former room mate’s red faced boyfriend.

“Hay Ted long time no see, you certainly haven’t changed much…” Bianca grinned whilst admiring Ted’s bulging bicep and rock hard physique.

“Well…um sorry, please Bianca this way I have a fantastic suet booked for us overlooking the park and everything, please this way” Ted gestured as the pair headed towards the elevator.

Ted was clearly nervous and showed signs of sweating whilst walking slowly next to the puffed waddling Bianca.

Once inside Bianca soon realized that Ted was not exaggerating, as the size and sheer opulence of the grand suet showed. With spacious solid furniture, grandiose polished floors and ornaments it was the nicest hotel room Bianca had ever been in.

“Ted you really didn’t need to go to all this expense” Bianca gushed as she took of her jacket and revealed her sexy fat filled outfit.

“My lord Bianca what a body, I love the dress!” Ted gushed as he stared at Bianca’s form hugging ultra tight black cocktail dress which barely covered the underside of her enormous globular buns.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed for Ted, Bianca self consciously tugged on her ill fitting dress in order to cover the excess spillage of booty that her dress was unable to hide due to a lack in material.

“Please Bianca have a seat, or lie down which ever you prefer I took the liberty of ordering room service, not sure what you wanted to I kind of ordered a lot!” Ted smiled with a cheeky grin before rolling in a huge food mounted trolley, staked high with varying sumptuous treats.

“Why Ted, I don’t know if I can eat all that sweetie, but I’m sure you’ll help me. I am ever so hungry and since I’m such a fat little piggy I’m sure that with your help we can manage!” Bianca giggled whilst assuming her submissive role much to the obvious delight of Ted.

“First things first fatty, lets weigh you in. I want to see how much of a greedy piggy you really are!” Ted stumbled, eager but not yet comfortable in assuming his dominant feeder role.

As Ted placed a modern looking electronic scale onto the floor Bianca nervously stepped on, knowing well that her weight had recently sky rocketed due to her regular feeding sessions at the hands of her adoring members and fans.

“Five hundred and forty seven pounds” an electronic voice said with a menacing tone.

“Oh my 544 cushy pushy pounds I have really let myself go don’t you think Ted!” Bianca exclaimed whilst holding her balloon belly with both hands and giving it a shake.

“I think you look absolutely gorgeous, like a fat bottomed Goddess!” Ted gasped before realizing he was out of character.

“Feed me Ted!” Bianca said in a baby like voice.

Ted eagerly grabbed a bowl of extra double cheese nachos with mince and sour cream sauce.

Popping the chips into his willing fatty’s mouth and spooning the calorie rich sour cream into Bianca’s chubby lips Ted was beside himself.

Within minutes the dish was gone.

“Is that all you’ve got for your Queen little man?” Bianca taunted licking the sauce from around her mouth.

“Sorry Bianca I’ve never don’t this before I’m so nervous and excited. I can’t believe I’m actually feeding you it’s like a dream come true you have no idea” Ted blurted out whilst brining a buttery lobster roll dripping with mayonnaise towards Bianca’s chubby soft lips.

“mmm…munch….oh god Ted, that’s so good…mmm…don’t worry about it, try to enjoy it, I know I am…mmmm” Bianca reassured the admiring jock standing next to her with adoring eyes.

“I keep falling out of character…sorry, its um so hard when your so beautiful” Ted mumbled whilst catching the last bit of mayonnaise from around Bianca’s mouth and pushing it past her lips.

“mmm….oh Ted, don’t worry about staying in character, munch… just do whatever feels right sweetie, now shut up and feed me!” Bianca commanded.

Ted once again reached for the cart brining an onslaught of Mississippi mud pie towards Bianca.

Spoonful after spoonful Ted shoveled into Bianca’s greedy mouth untill even the fattening Queen herself began to waiver.

“Ooofff…Ted I think that’s enough now, I need to rest!” Bianca said noting the gleaming look in her feeder’s eye whilst staring at her bulging food baby.

“Nonsense fatty I know you’re still hungry!” Ted commanded whilst placing a hand on Bianca’s rounding food sack.

“Open wide tubby, I’m just getting started!” Ted smiled as he pushed a cheese steak sandwich into Bianca’s mouth.

Standing on the scales groaning as Ted pushed the last bite of the second cheese steak sandwich into Bianca, the electronic scales suddenly voiced its concerns over the moutning weight it was having to endure.

“WARNING! Five hundred and fifty pounds, weight limit Reached WARNING!”

“Oh dear, looks like I’ve put on a little weight” Bianca teased as she consumed the last bite and jiggled her hips.

“Five…five…five hundred…and…and…” Ted stammered before being interrupted by a smiling Bianca.

“Five hundred and fifty sumptuous cuddly pounds, and it’s all thanks to you!” Bianca teased whilst lifting her dress over her butt shelf and giving her booty a slap.

“What’s the matter stud, don’t tell me this if your first time taking a women to the quarter ton mark?” Bianca mocked whilst popping a chocolate éclair into her mouth.

“Congratulations Ted, you’ve added 6 sexy pounds of buttery soft curves to my already overloaded fat bottomed frame… want to help me explore my new curves and see if we can find where those added 6 pounds have gone?” Bianca tormented Ted who stood dumbfounded in front of his calorie goddess.

Leading Ted towards the bed Bianca took of her dress to reveal a sexy red lace teddy before plonking herself down on the groaning mattress.

Positioning herself on all fours Bianca looked up at Ted with a wicked smile as her belly and breasts sat on the mattress.

"Oppsie looks like I might need to go on a diet soon, what you do think am I too fat for you? Bianca grinned already knowing her admirers reply.

"No Goddess, please dont lose a pound, not a pound I beg not even an ounce... your perfect in fact you could do to gain a little more weight even!" Ted blushed.

"A little more weight goodness, oh my Ted how much is a little more then?" Bianca pouted whilst gyrating her hips and causing waves of fat to ripple across her body.

"um...I dont know...um like...maybe another 200 pounds!" Ted sheepishly said not sure if he had over shot the mark a little with his eagerness for Bianca's continued weight gain.

"Ted your a wild man, another 200 pounds of fat I couldn't possibly carry all that, not without your help!" Bianca moaned with emphasises.

"Anything my Queen" Ted stammered.

“Anything!... good boy come here then and worship my fat 550 pound ass little man, all 96 inches of it and tell me how much you want that booty!” Bianca teased with a raised eye brow.

“Yes Goddess” Ted replied clearly much more comfortable in the submissive role.

Ted quickly positioned himself behind Bianca’s hippopotamus sized behind and smothered himself between her fleshy orbs.

“mmmmm, Oh lord what a booty, you are so amazing my Goddess, please may I worship you some more my fat bottomed queen!” Ted spoke between muffled mouth full’s of fat.

“That’s right little man, you know you cant get enough of my gigantic round bubble butt” Bianca teased while shaking her hips and causing her butt to wobble and girate into Ted’s overwhelmed face.

“Please Goddess Bianca, please don’t stop, you’re so much women!” Ted replied in a euphoric manner.

“What’s that little man, I’m too much women for you. That’s right worship your Queens balloon butt like your life depended on it, rub my tree trunk thighs and bouldering hips” Bianca loved torturing men like Ted as it was completely different form her usuall role as the submissive fat girl, she felt empowered knowing that good looking men like Ted and Marcus amongst many other would pay good money to worship her crurvs in such a manner.

Grabbing hold of Bianca’s thighs and roughly kneading the fat Ted soon found how soft and fat they truly wore. Bianca’s thighs had literally grown to the size of a mature trees trunk with the difference that her skin was soft, pillowy and warm with supple jelly like pink flesh.

Reaching his arms as far as he could Ted was barely able to rub the buttery soft jelly like sides of Bianca’s billowing 96 inch ass and hips due to her sheer size and overwhelming mass of fat.

“You like that, see if you can hold on!” Bianca commanded as she began to gyrate and jiggle her hips furiously.

With cascading amounts of ocean like waves of fat Ted was unable to hold on for long as Bianca’s mountains ass pummeled him stupid.

“Poor baby, was my little ba-donk-donk bum bum to much for you to ride, come to mommy” she ordered grabbing hold of Ted’s flushed face and pushing it between her huge milk filled orbs, motor boating the stunned mans face with 60 pounds worth of boobage whilst feeling the liters of milk she was storing slosh about in her heavy balloons.

“I’m still hungry…puff… go fetch your Goddess…puff… something to eat slave!” Bianca breathed tired from the exertion of wobbling her hips in such a furious manner.

As she rolled onto her back felling her fat gut slosh about, Ted quickly complied and rolled the cart of food over to Bianca.

Reaching for a stack of pink frosting glazed doughnuts Ted quickly began to feed his Queen.

“You know Bianca, I have always fancied you and not just because your, well fat. Its just I never had the guts to dump Kirstin and ask you out instead. Then Marcus came along and it was too late anyway. I did however soon realize that I didn’t want some skinny bitch like Kirstin and a gorgeous BBW like yourself was what I really wanted” Ted honestly offered whilst feeding Bianca and rubbing her growing belly.

“Ooowwaarrgghhh Ted I’m so full, you’ve stuffed me like the pig I am. No wonder I’m so fat and overweight, why don’t we see if we can find those extra pounds you’ve added to me tonight” Bianca grinned as she attempted to stand from her bed ridden position.

With a stretched out arm Ted helped heft the fat filled queen back to a standing position watching with amazement as her body quivered and jiggled for several seconds before coming to a blob like rest.

Placing her plump hands behind her head to allow for maximum fat exposure of her meaty white pudding riddled arms, Bianca teased.

“Kiss my chubby arms Ted, you know you want to…I think one of the doughnuts might have landed there!”

Navigating his way around Bianca's robenesque body Ted wasn’t sure from which angle to best approach his Goddess.

If hre tried to kiss her hanging fat from behind Bianca’s enourmous ass would push him out of the way. If he attempted from the front her belly and boobs would push into his chest, it was a no win scenario.

“Why don’t you get on you knees a kiss my under belly, I think that’s where the Missisipai Mud pie pounds went!” Bianca teased once more before hefting her fat gut with both hands and letting it slap back onto her thighs.

“Yes Goddess, my God it’s so big and softer then I ever imagined possible!” Ted moaned as he passionately kissed Bianca’s belly button whilst rubbing both sides of her belly hang.

Waddleing back to the bed Bianca attempted to heft her meaty leg onto the bed so as to best show off her tremendious thighs.

“Help lift you’re queens obese thigh onto the bed little man, its too much effort for me alone” Bianca commanded as she watched Ted eagerly grab her swollen foot and help place it on the bed.

Standing on one leg whilst her other rested Bianca’s meaty thigh was on full display as it hung in all its glory before a stunned looking Ted.

“Worship it!” she commanded.

Full with gusto Ted began to kiss, lick and fondle Bianca’s enormously meaty thick thigh whilst rubbing kneading and wobbling the heavy flank with all his might.

Almost unable to encompass her legs enormous proportions Ted could barely reach fully around her upper thigh.

“Amazing!” he murmured in defeat.

“Oh goodness Ted you’ve taken me from a plump greedy little piglet and fattened me into an overgrown swollen fat obese sow, what have you to say for yourself!” Bianca pouted as she crammed another slice of mud cake into her mouth.

“Oh Lord” Ted stammered as he was clearly unable to contain himself any longer.

After nearly 3 hours of feeding, stuffing, worshiping and dominating Bianca was finished along with a very exhausted looking Ted.

“Don’t worry sweetie taking care of a quarter ton Goddess is supposed to be hard work!” Bianca teased as she kissed Ted on the cheek and waddled out of the hotel lobby, $1500 richer and 10 pounds fatter.

“Puff…puff…oh man, I’ve got to be careful or I’ll end up bigger then ever if I don’t start dropping some of this added poundage. I can’t believe I blew past a quarter ton tonight. Better not tell Marcus or hell get over excited and start feeding me again” Bianca thought as she waddled breathlessly to the nearest taxi.
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As the months rolled on Tank Ass grew in popularity with leaps and bounds, soon becoming the most visited BBW website on the net.

Unfortunately for Bianca her websites success also meant the continued expansion of her ever growing figure.

Between the armada of willing feeders, Ted who had become a regular client and Marcus who couldn’t help but continue feeding his suburban house wife piggy in private, Bianca quickly surpassed her peak pregnancy weight of 577 pounds whilst steadily continuing on past the 600 pound mark.

“Arrgghh….BBBUURRPP!!” Bianca groaned as she leaned back on the sofa having just completed another marathon stuffing session with Marcus.

“You are so gorgeous my sweat, what a body I cant believe how much weight you’re carrying these days, its astounding” Marcus whispered while kissing his wife’s exposed belly button which nearly hung to the floor as Bianca sat with spread legs.

“Christ Marcus...puff... you cant keep indulging...puff... your feeding fantasies like this one me, you know I can’t afford to gain anymore weight not if you want me to remain mobile” Bianca moaned.

“Poor baby, is this little food baby getting too much for you to carry, maybe we should get you a wheelbarrow for this sucker!” Marcus teased as he gently slapped the mountain of fat hanging pendulously towards the ground before him.

“Puff…puff, Marcus seriously I need to lose weight if we want to keep going with these feeding sessions I’ve got to drop some poundage first, I mean honestly I’ve packed on over 100 pounds this year and don’t know how much more I can take, it’s a wonder I can still stand let alone haven’t popped yet!” Bianca scolded her husband who was still smothering his face in Bianca’s belly fat.

“Babe with an ass and thighs like that, you’ve surely developed enough muscle to carry around a little extra poundage, don’t you think sweetie?” Marcus playfully teased while groping and fondling his fat whale of a wife.

“Besides you cant lose weight now, not with only 2 months to go before the annual end of year BBW convention, what would your adoring fans say if they saw you all skinny”

“Skinny, Marcus I hardly doubt I could go from the 600 plus pound bloated whale I currently am and turn into some skinny mini within 2 months, it would be anything short of a miracle?” Bianca replied in a condescending tone.

Marcus continued to charm Bianca whilst persisting with his infatuated belly rubbing assault on Bianca’s stuffed keg.

“Alright but after the conference I’ve got to slow down, I need to lose a few pounds at least” Bianca smiled before shoving another slice of chocolate mud cake past her chubby lips.

Unlike the previous year Bianca was a full participant at the annual BBW convention. With her Tank Ass stall fully displayed at the main entrance Bianca greeted many fans and signed hundreds of autographs for her admirers.

Later that evening Bianca was adorned with numerous awards. Waddling onto the stage with some serious effort whilst in a classic custom made red evening gown she was the ideal vision of a BBW Goddess.

Claiming the most coveted prizes of the year whilst listening to the tune of thunderous applause Bianca waddled away that night with best new comer of the year, fastest growing website of the year, rising BBW star of the year, BBW erotica star of the year, titillating tit queen of the year, plus sized women of the year, SSBBW model of the year, 3rd place for biggest belly of the year and 1st place as an undisputed winner with her 104 inches of ass biggest booty of the year!

“Oh goodness…puff…puff…puff… thank you all so much. I couldn’t have done it without the support of the BBW community, my loving fans, adoring members and of course my insatiable husband who has helped add more then his fair share of weight onto my somewhat plump 623 pound physique. At this rate I might even take the first prize for biggest belly BBW model next year!”

Bianca joked as she hefted her podium resting bosoms and jiggled for the crowd before ending her speech and breathlessly waddling back towards her table. Collapsing into her sturdy chair next to Marcus who was seated at their table with adoring eyes for his fat wife’s success whilst dreaming of next years belly winning event coming to fruition.

On the final day of the BBW conference Bianca allowed her fans to autograph her butt, boobs, belly or thighs, for a meager fee of course.

With hundreds of takers even Bianca’s enormous proportions soon ran out of space by days end.

Having cleaned up in the hotel room and heading back into the main conference hall Bianca was suddenly taken by surprise when a hand sharply slapped her fat rump from behind.

“Excuse me!” Bianca exclaimed before turning around to see someone who she had hoped to forget.

“Hay butter buns…hic…give us a jiggle for old time’s sake...hic!”

It was John her ex lover, obviously still a closet fat admirer he had gotten himself drunk in order to find the courage to attend such an event.

“How dare you, you’re drunk get lost John” Bianca screamed whilst eyeing up the disheveled slob standing before her and fighting off his unwanted advances.

No longer the tall, well built muscular man she had once known, John had turned into a drunken, bloated looking old man with bags under his eyes and yellow stained teeth from too much cheap booze and cigarettes.

“Come on baby, it’s not like your not giving it away for free out there anyway!” John shouted before making another pass at Bianca’s behind.

This time however instead of playing the helpless victim Bianca took action, all 623 pounds of her.

Arching her back and thrusting out her heavily fat loaded belly Bianca began to push John back with a steady stream of solid belly bumps.

At first John got excited and thought Bianca was giving in to his desires; until he felt the solid thud of a nearby concrete block wall slam into his back.

“Hehe frisky little thing aren’t you” John slurred whilst trying to grab for Bianca's boobs.

Turning as quickly as her enormous body would allow, Bianca positioned her titanic ass in Johns direction took a few quick steps back and rammed the drunken slob with all her might.

THUD!... THUD!...THUD!....WHAMM!!..THUD!!!

Bianca was like a women gone wild and pummeled the poor man repeatedly against the solid wall with all her force. Needless to say John quickly found himself trapped between the block wall and Bianca’s enormous 104 inch ass.

With each hit feeling like a blow from a sledge hammer against his outmatched and quickly tenderized body John began to plead for help as he slowly slumped towards the ground.

“Please…aarrgghhh….plea….aarggh…no….aarrghhh….mmmm m….oh lord help……aarrgghh….HELP!....HEL….AAARRGGHHHH!!!” John screamed as Bianca continued to destroy the helpless man’s body with her excessive tonnage.

“What a loser you are John, you’ve probably spent tens of thousands of dollars on BBW subscriptions over the years not to mention thousands on my own website jerking yourself off whilst not having the courage to actually come to terms with your own preference for plus sized women, and worst of all now that you’ve got the chance to worship a true super sized BBW Goddess you cant even stand up to a little quarter ton booty bopping action” Bianca taunted as she backed her rump into the squirming John holding him against the wall with full force.

“How tiny you’ve gotten John, I could wedge you’re whole body between my ass crack if I wanted, except that would be too good for you!” Bianca laughed before releasing John and slamming against him with her full force once again.


“AAARRRGGHHH!!!!” John began to sob in pain as he felt his ribs being crushed and cracked with the pressure Bianca’s weighty ass exerted against his completely out classed and comparatively minuscule physique.

“That’s right you weakling sob like the loser you are, cry for me like you made me cry when you broke my heart. Except now I don’t need you anymore!” Bianca shouted whilst smashing John’s limp weakening body against the block wall once again.

“arrgh…sob…sniff…please!!!” John murmured as Bianca looked down at his bruised and battered face.

“You know I’m married now to a real man, not some loser like you. We have 4 children, a huge house in the suburbs and tons of money.”

“Best of all he respects me John and loves my figure. In return I let him feed me every night until I pop and then some. I let my husband do things to me and these wondrous curves you couldn’t even begin to imagine. You have no idea how soft and voluptuous my fat, wobbly, body is John and you never will know as no true BBW would ever be seen caught dead with a troll like you!” Bianca tormented the defeated shell of a man as he sat limp against the brick wall holding his concaved chest battered and bruised.

“Just imagine John this could have all been yours!” Bianca teased as she smashed her pendulous belly into Johns face suffocating the poor man with sheer delight.

Beginning to thrash about furiously with all his might, John’s tiny limbs slapped against Bianca’s belly in a desperate attempt to escape suffocation by fat.

“Don’t ever show your face to me again you worm, or I’ll destroy what’s left of you!” Bianca taunted whilst pressing her gut ever harder into Johns helplessly smashed body before he passed out.

With glazed over eyes, John began to stir as he felt pressure being exuded on his defeated crumpled chest.

“Don’t ever come near me or any other BBW again got it loser!” Bianca said with a serious look whilst pressing down on Johns crushed rib cage with one foot.

“Now beg your Goddess for forgiveness!” Bianca taunted as she increased the pressure on Johns broken chest.

“please….sniff…sob…pppplleeasse….I beg, don’t destroy me…beautiful Goddess, please I beg you, I beg, have mercy I’m such a pathetic loser please Goddess have mercy…you are so perfectly beautiful and I am just a broken old fool, please Goddess I beg…you are simply to much women for me…I cant handle a women like you I never could, only men much better then I could be deemed worthy of worshipping your Goddess like curves!” John whimpered and sobbed as he lay defeated at Bianca’s feet.

“Pathetic!” Bianca sneered in a cruel tone as she placed a heel on Johns ball sack and began applying pressure.

“NO, NO, NO!!!...PLEASE I BEG YOU PLEASE NOT THAT, ANYTHIGN BUT THAT… NOOOO!!!!!” John screamed as he felt his manhood begin to throb in pain.

“You don’t deserve these John, and I’m going to make sure you never prey on some other helpless young girl like you did on me!” Bianca replied as she increased the pressure on Johns liquefying manhood.


John screamed in pain and then passed out as the cruel Goddess crushed his balls with her heels and stepped over his destroyed body with a smile.

“Revenge is sweet!” Bianca laughed before waddling off down the hall and rejoining the convention.
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Last chapter almost finished probably wont get around to posting it tonight.

Hmmm, who's left to make a final appearance before the end I wonder!!!

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Well if you're taking ideas about who's left, a run in with Kirstin where now that Bianca has become empowered in her size & beauty the tables get turned on Kirstin. But I would also seriously love to see if Bianca makes it to the next year's conference to win by an enormus landslide the bbw belly of the year award all while reaching immobilty as well, and how her & Marcus handle that....just a suggestion. Honestly I love this story sooooo much you wouldn't have to ever end it just keep adding on

Mr. Jigglesworth
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Haha Mr. Jigglesworth you read my mind exactlly

Just got to finish writing it hopefully later tonight.
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Oh Boy, oh boy, oh boy, this is gonna be GREAT!

Mr. Jigglesworth
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