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Default Start of something big?

Okay, lurker here (see join date!) I'm pleased to finally meet you all, and am coming out!

Hi all, probably heard this one before... I started a diet around the beginning of the year telling myself this time was going to be different! I actually did loose about twenty five pounds, in the first couple of months then it just stopped couldn't get much further. Then even though I was still trying to lose weight, I just started to gain it back just a little bit at a time. Finally, I just said forget it and have accepted that I am going to be fat, and that I should just learn to accept and love myself as best I can. Once I stopped the diet, I just started eating "normally" again I guess I was overeating a bit... anyhow I started to gain back the weight I lost, and the more I gained the more I wanted to gain back, and as quickly as possible. Suddenly it just took hold of me in the most crazy obsessive and compelling way possible.

So, with my diet tracking skills, I decided I would do it right, and while I was no good at losing weight perhaps I could be good at gaining some. So I set a goal for myself to eat as much as I could without becoming sick and to try to eat a little more each day. The first day I managed to eat 4000 calories, then the next day just a little over 5000, until Friday I actually ate 8000 calories! I gained five pounds over the week, up 15 for the month.

This week, I'm holding back a little and am going to try to eat an average of 6000 calories per day, as I have done yesterday and today. I'm 5'9" and weigh about 240.

I'm not sure how long I can keep this up, but I'll tell you what: I feel fantastic! I've never felt happier. Sure I feel a little slow and bloated and have had a touch of indigestion here and there, but the depression I've been feeling the last few months is gone and overall I feel great.

So, here's the question for you all. What do you think I could expect if I kept this up assuming moderate physical activity... Any other encouraging thoughts?
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