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Default Starting to gain, looking for advice, support

Hi, bit of a lurker here. Joined a couple of years ago, but have been pretty quiet. Sorry if this mirrors my thread on the weight board, but I think this is a better place for it.

Anyhow, what I hope was my last diet ended a couple of months ago. I lost about twenty five pounds and felt pretty good for a while. Then I stopped losing and just started feeling worse all the time. So I stopped. I started eating normally again and quickly put on ten pounds (I'm average height and about 240). So I figured what the heck, if I did that without trying how much could I gain in a week if I really did try? I ate an average of about 5000 calories a day and gained five pounds in a week. I felt good, in fact I felt great! So for this week I'm eating an average of 6000 calories and we'll see where that goes. I want to gain back all of the twenty five pounds I lost plus a bit more. How much I'm nut sure....

Assuming I can keep up the 6000 calorie intake, and have moderate physical activity what do you think I could expect? Would I just keep gaining at a steady rate? or would it take more and more to gain as I got bigger? I'm looking for support and advice. Thanks, I suppose I'd like to gain thirty more pounds to start (I just gained fifteen last month). Does anybody have any experience with this sort of sustained calorie intake?
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i've been using my new medications as a excuse to gain.

my normal weight is probably in the 180-200 range. last november i missed my doctor's appointment and had a allergic reaction to a new SSRI i was trying. i ended up going off my medicine and losing about 50 lbs. i went through a major depressive episode and over all it was a hard time in my life.

i got away from all of that and began to improve a number of things. found it very difficult to gain the weight i lost back, which i thought was strange.

i was overeating but my weight never topped 155. if i stopped overeating my weight would drop back down to 145-150 in a few days. i had been feeling down and decided to go back on a SSRI treatment. this time i wanted to combine it with mirtazapine (mirt tends to help SSRI's have a more pronounced effect).

now mirtazapine has a rep as a weight gain drug anyway, infact, that's part of why it works so well for me. my depression is a melancholic type. when i go into it, i don't eat or sleep properly. mirtazapine addresses both of these issues.

it's been a long time since i've slept and eaten this well. in six weeks i have gone from 143 lbs, to 170lbs. my strength and energy levels have been consistently high. my mood has been good, my appetite has returned, and my body seems to readily take the weight.

my body fat has increased from 19% to 26% in that time. i find my hunger is higher on some days, and i take in a bit more over what i already take in regularly. i'm probably putting away 4k to 5K in calories every day. my weight has plateaued once on the way up. but it's good sticking weight and not weight i lose if i slack off on eating. the mirt has changed my relationship with food on some fundamental level. it reminds me of being in my late teens/early twenties again. i'm almost 30 now. i've also noticed that at 170 lbs, i'm fatter than i was last time at 170 lbs. not by alot, but enough that i noticed it.

i would say that you know your body better than anyone else. but i would imagine that taking in those numbers are going to result in gain. make sure you're taking good numbers of carbs, protein, and fats.

now that i've found a working med combo, i'll stay on it for as long as i can. i can easily see my weight climbing to the 230 range within six months to a year. i'll see how my body handles it and go from there.

long term i think i'd like to peak at 300 or 350, but i'm not sure i'd be happy that heavy, as i'm fairly short and that weight may hit me harder than i'd like it to. as a gainer, i'd love to go higher. as the person i am and the people i take care of (my two kids and wife), i think that high of a weight would compromise my ability to take care of things.

my current job is a very active and physically strenuous job, so no matter what my weight does, my job involves working outside all day and fixing cars. being at 300 or 350 may not affect me as bad as i think it might either, so who knows. right now, i'm happy gaining weight and eating food. my old clothes almost fit me again, i feel good, strong, and healthy. i enjoy food and life and it feels great.
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I found it best not to plan meals- just to eat whenever you can even if its only 200 calories. Make little "goals" like I do- for example I work today at 11am so before I leave I need to eat a MINIMUM of 500-600 calories. On the way to work Ill pick up a further 600 calories- the gas station sells these cinnamon buns that cost 1.49$ and have 610 calories! Mix that with a large juice or something and you're pushing 1000 calories. So by the time I get to work Ive consumed approximately 1100-1400 calories!

The best part is you wont feel full just yet! Eat something at lunch if you can, and then pick something up on the way home- I can get a medium meat pizza for like 6$ from the place I work and that works out to 2900 calories for the whole thing! I eat those twice a week, in addition to my morning snack, and whatever I eat at home its quite easy to hit 4000 calories a day!

Also liquid calories are your friend! Juice is a lot less filling than soda and contains pretty much the same amount of calories per bottle- so make use of that knowledge! Also for a healthy-ish large number of calories in a snack try salted, unshelled sunflower seeds. One bag for 1.49$ and you're packing away another 600 calories! And outside of the salt they're not so bad for you! When you do your research budget gaining is actually pretty easy!

This is how Ive been eating for the past two weeks and I think Im having some success now- just remember! Small snacks add up- and if you never turn down the opportunity to snack you'll be sure to gain quite a bit of weight!
Sig inc when im not so lazy....till then- :eat1:
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