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Blame Picasso
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Blame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBlame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default The Girl On the Beach

BBW, XWG, Sex, Feeding -- a photographer shows a chubby beauty what she really looks like

The Girl On the Beach
By Blame Picasso

Chapter 1

There isn’t much to complain about when you can make your living on your terms doing what you love. Drawing and painting have always been my passion, and now, at 34 years old I had paid my dues working for design companies and was making good money on my own painting beach and surf scenes. My problem on this 90 plus degrees Sunday morning was a power outage at my house, which was also my office. No central air means it was time to go do some research.

Being as it was hotter than hades even at my small home on the Jersey Shore, I decided to take my camera, a small cooler full of fruit and water and my beach chair to Island Beach State Park. I live about two miles from the park gate in Seaside Park, New Jersey, which is a smaller town next to Seaside Heights, which is where the Jersey Shore assholes of MTv infamy stay for an excruciating month each summer.

For the record, the show is called Jersey Shore because that is where it is filmed; the assholes are from North Jersey and New York and are chosen for that show because they are outrageous and stupid. Us locals have a name for people from North Jersey and New York who come down to the shore for the sun and clubs: BENNYs. The show was originally supposed to be called BENNYs but some officials thought offending BENNYs would hurt shore businesses. That's crap. They’d come anyway and drink too much, start fights and be assholes just like they always do.

BENNY stands for Bergen (County, North Jersey) Edison (A town in North Jersey) Newark, and New York. “BENNY Go Home” is our mantra from Memorial Day to Labor Day each summer. I even have a bumper sticker saying “BGH” pasted on the fender of my beach cruiser bicycle that I ride everywhere around the shore. If I’m not crossing the bridge off island, I don’t use my car. Also just for the record, I am a New York Giants fan, I love Manhattan, and I usually find New Yorkers and people from North Jersey, friendly, nice, and entertaining. There are a select few that irritate me in my hometown.

September is Heaven for us locals, the water is balmy and warm, the weather is generally nice for three or four more weeks, and the BENNYs are GONE. We have our town and our beaches back. Unfortunately, my story begins on July 1st, the BENNYs were everywhere, but at 9:00am on this particular Sunday, the beach was pretty much empty. Most of the shore visitors were still sleeping off their club prowl from the night before.

I sat myself away from the several other early birds close to the water, but not so close that I’d be in any danger of getting flooded by a large wave. I took out my camera and shot a few pictures of the morning sun glinting off the waves. I popped a bottle of water out of my cooler and had some cut up mango for breakfast. I went for a swim, keeping my eyes on my spot and my bag that held my cell phone and camera in particular from the water. No one went near my stuff, there must be an unwritten code somewhere that you do not fuck with anyone’s stuff at the beach because in all the years I’ve come to any beach in New Jersey, Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina and California, and I have NEVER been ripped off. Knock on driftwood.

At 10:00 the lifeguards show up and for some silly reason they get everyone out of the water for a minute when they go on duty. Whatever, I walked back up to my spot, pulled out a beach towel out of my bag and spread it out in front of my chair. I then lied down and let the sun dry my tanned body. I was no gym rat, but biking, surfing, and walking have kept me a toned 185 pounds. Considering I sat at a drawing table or a painting easel for a living, I was in good shape.

I guess I dozed off for a while because there were a lot more people in the water and around me on the beach when I woke up. The waves had gotten a little bigger and there were boogie boarders all over the place. I turned on my towel and laid on my stomach so I was facing the water and I got my camera back out. I laid a towel over my head so just the lens was exposed and I scanned for painting worthy subjects. To anyone near me, I was still napping with a towel covering my head and shoulders.

I had a pretty good zoom lens so I could focus on people pretty far out as though they were right in front of me. Skinny guy catching a pretty good ride on his boogie board? Click. Teenaged girl in a bikini doing a handstand in the surf? Click. Fat tourist standing in knee-deep water? Classic. Click. I wanted the situations and the rough physical references; the finished work would not resemble any of these people so I didn’t need releases or anything. If anyone asked, I was shooting for my Jersey Shore memories scrapbook. Sneaky? Yeah, maybe, but screw you.

Gang of children gathering seashells? Golden. Click. Wait a minute, pale, chubby redhead in a white and gray bikini? Her long hair blowing in the wind as she walked into the surf? Click. Click. Click. I sat up and blatantly took a dozen more pictures, she turned and looked up the beach to my left and I got several close ups of her face. She was gorgeous. She had green eyes and freckles (I told you I had a pretty good lens). With my luck she would be looking up the beach for her boyfriend to join her. I glanced in the direction she was looking and saw a short, chubby blonde in a black and pink one-piece wave and head in her direction.

I snapped a few more photos of her and stowed my camera back in my bag. I grabbed one of my business cards and I was walking toward the water before I had a chance to think about what I was doing. I got to her even before her friend did.

“Hi!” I said with a big smile. “My name is Jay, I’d like to make you an offer.”

“Really?” She asked dubiously and smiled shyly. “What offer would that be…Jay?”

I handed her my card.

“I’d like to put you on the cover of a magazine, an art gallery, and a website that gets over 500,000 hits a month.” I replied coolly.

She looked deep into my eyes for a moment, then down at the business card that was in her hand. I had smaller, 2 x 3 inch cards I used for formal meetings, but situations like this and cold calls required the full color post card that had samples of my work on both sides that she was studying now.

Her friend caught up to us by now and the three of us stood in water up to our knees with waves splashing up to our thighs.

“This is really you?” The redhead asked. Blondie peered at what she held and gave me a quizzical look. “I’ve seen your stuff in Board Baby’s in Beach Haven.”

“Yes, I’m Jay Anderson. I paint for a few surfing magazines and stuff like that. Are you a local?”

“Bayville, but you want to paint…me?” She asked like I was from Mars.

“A chubby redhead with zero tan who has never been on a surfboard in her life.” She added sarcastically.

“Who’s filling that bikini like it was put on this planet for her.” I finished looking her in the eyes calmly. She was speechless and her friend was still staring at the card.

“My name is Stephanie.” She said finally. “I think you’re insane, Jay.”

“Come sit by me and let’s talk, if I can’t talk you into posing for me, perhaps I can talk you into dinner?” I said pointing up the beach at my chair and blanket.

Stephanie looked to her companion who kind of shrugged and gave Stephanie a look that I interpreted as ‘he’s okay.’ Ten minutes later they were settled in beside me in the sand.

“Would I get paid?” Stephanie asked as she looked out at the waves.

“I pay $500 dollars.” I lied, I really wanted to paint this woman…and get to know her better.

“That doesn’t seem like much.” Stephanie said.

“To be honest, I’ve never paid a model in my life.” I admitted. “As you can see from my artwork, it gets pretty abstract.”

“Then why offer me money?’ She asked looking over at me.

“I really want to paint you…and get to know you to be honest.”

Stephanie was quiet. Carol, her sister, was either asleep or pretending to be as she lied on the other side of Stephanie on her beach blanket.

“Is the offer of dinner still on the table if I say no?” Stephanie asked after a couple of minutes.

“Absolutely, tell me when.” I replied with a grin.

She smiled at me.

“Then keep your $500 bucks. I’d be happy to model for you anyway.” She said. “How’s tomorrow night for dinner?”

I was speechless for a quick second. “Tomorrow night is fantastic. Anywhere you want…but I will admit I am a great cook and I would love to make you a home cooked meal.”

“You cook?” Stephanie asked and her eyebrows rose. “That sounds like a date.”

I stayed another hour and she let me photograph her for a few minutes as she stood in the water. I decided poor Carol was being ignored as Stephanie and I got to know each other. I took my leave; I left Stephanie my address and told her what to look for on her way home because she would pass my house anyway.

I rode my beach cruiser back to my house and stopped at the wrought iron gate in front of my driveway. I opened it and pedaled down one of the dirt grooves created by my car’s tires to the old-fashioned barn style garage. I opened the door on the left and put my bike on the workshop side of the two-car garage. My 2003 Durango occupied the other side.

I grabbed my gear and walked out across seashell shaped pavers in the thick, soft grass to the sliding glass door that led into my ground floor living room. Inside had cooled down, the power had come back on and the central air had kicked on automatically. All my clocks were blinking 2:06. The power had been back on for just over two hours.

I walked through the living room to the laundry room and dumped my towel. I stepped out of my damp swimsuit and walked back through the living room and dining area into my kitchen naked. My couch separated the living room from the dining room; a counter facing the back of the house separated the kitchen. I put my water bottle and the Tupperware container that held my mango in the sink and went down the hall toward the front door. To the left of the door were a staircase that led up to the master bathroom, two small guest bedrooms I kept ready for family and friends who visited the beach.

I stopped off in my bedroom, grabbed a pair of worn out but clean, blue sweat pants and ducked into the master bathroom for a shower. The master bathroom was pretty large and it had a skylight directly over the Jacuzzi tub. I had a separate glass shower stall and I turned the water on hot and stepped in to wash the beach off of my body.

My bedroom faced the front of the house and through a set of French doors I had a small balcony with a tiny table with a sun umbrella and a couple of chairs. I contemplated going and sitting out front, but I was afraid Stephanie would drive by on her way and think I was sitting out front to stalk her. I know, probably a silly thought, but I’m a cautious guy.

Besides, I had a better option. I glanced in the mirror over my dresser, my hair is not long, but it was kind of unruly. I ran my hand through it and padded through the hallway past the two guest rooms set on either side and turned past the one on the right and headed up to the third floor.

The stairs ended in my studio. I had windows on three sides of the large room that dominated half of the top floor and two more French doors that opened out on my back deck. I had installed a small room with a toilet and sink to the left of the doors. I stepped out onto a deck that took up the other half of the third floor. I had a large round glass table with an umbrella and six chairs on the right with two large panels of white fencing to keep the area private. On the left was my pride and joy. A huge tiki bar with a thatch roof and seating on two sides of the bar for six people sat waiting for me. Inside I had a small refrigerator and I grabbed an ice-cold bottle of water and took my spot at a stool inside the bar. Miniature surfboards, tiki’s and other tropical trinkets hung from the beams that held the thatch rook on. A cool ocean breeze blew through. The other houses on the street behind me and next to me were two stories and I could see the ocean from my vantage point.

I had brought my camera up with me and I plugged it into a laptop I kept on the bar when I wasn’t entertaining guests. I downloaded the pictures I took that day and opened IPhoto. I opened all the shots I took and was pleased I had four good painting ideas without the shots of Stephanie I took. I quickly cropped all the photos I wanted and made a few slight adjustments to the lighting on a couple more before I selected them all and hit print. The large, commercial quality printer in my studio hummed to life and I heard the paper being selected to print.

A couple of minutes later I got up and went in to retrieve 23 8x10” photos. I glanced at all of them before laying the 21 shots I took of Stephanie on the counter before me.

I selected one of her walking out of the surf with a wave crashing at her knees as she faced the camera and went back into my studio. I left that photo a couple of shots I had taken of her and Carol sitting on the beach that I promised to give her out and slid the rest into a folder. I selected a large piece of ¼ inch board I had prepped for paint out of a large rack on the wall and placed it on my painting easel. I started sketching her from the photo with a long, thin, piece of charcoal.

I awoke at noon the following day in my bed. I rubbed my eyes and leapt out of bed. I was excited, but I needed coffee. My coffee pot had a timer and I had set it to start brewing at 11:00 am. A full, hot pot of coffee awaited me when I got down stairs. I grabbed the pot and a container of half and half out of the refrigerator and headed back upstairs.

I walked all the way up to my studio. I averted my eyes from my easel and walked out onto the back deck. It was a good thing no one could see me up here, I slept naked and I regularly come out here and enjoyed my coffee fully nude. I had no tan lines. I set the pot on a small hotplate on the bar and turned it on. I grabbed sugar from behind the bar and a plastic spoon. Within a few seconds my coffee was ready and I took the steaming mug back inside my studio. I took a few tentative sips, blew on it to cool it a bit and took a larger drink.

Now I was ready. I stood back and looked at the painting that stood before me. A stylized version of the photo I took was completed. The figure that was Stephanie was a little smaller in the bosom, and wider in her hips. The bikini I painted was identical to the one she had worn. Water crashed around her in whites, blues, and yellows. A wave arose behind her in yellows and greens. Her red hair blew about her head and was set off by the contrast of the greens water. Sunlight sparkled in oranges and yellows on the ocean and the sky was a pale, hazy blue with wisps of thin clouds.

I had worked from the time I sat and drew her until almost 3:00 am with only a brief break to eat dinner at 8:00 pm last night. She was finished and she was awesome if I do say so myself. I set down my coffee and picked up my paint palette. I always looked at a painting with fresh eyes the next day to ensure it was in fact finished. This one definitely was so I took a thin brush from a jar beside the easel and dipping it in a bit of orange I had used for the sky, I signed J.Anderson 2012 in my barely legible signature.

I took the paining off the easel and set it out on the deck leaning against the railing before I took my coffee to the tiki bar and sat staring it.

“Man she’s beautiful. I whispered as I admired her. I was still naked and I noticed I had a raging hard on.

An hour later I had showered, placed the painting of Stephanie against a wall inside and I was sketching the photo I had taken of the fat man sitting on his chair in the surf on another large board prepped for painting.

My goal was to have four paintings in addition to Stephanie’s finished by Friday afternoon so I could set up my camera and lighting to photograph all of them to send to my agent and the guy who took care of my website. I already had 1o paintings sitting against my walls ready to shoot. Then, unless I was really inspired, I could take the rest of the summer off except for a few promotional trips to music and surf events around the country. Those fifteen paintings would net me about 2,000 dollars a piece.

My phone beeped as I was about to start painting a couple of hours later. It was Stephanie. ‘Have you started my painting?’ She texted.

‘Already finished.’ I texted back.

‘No way!...exciting!!’

I thought of the raging erection I had gotten looking at it. You have no idea I thought to myself, but I just texted back ‘Lol’

‘I can’t weight to c it!’

I looked at the text for a minute. She was a schoolteacher in a small town across the bay from where I lived. Surely that was an odd misspelling. I ignored it before responding: ‘U will c it tonight.’


‘C U then.’ I replied and she did not text again. I put my brushes down and went into the bathroom to wash the charcoal off my hands. I went down and started preparing the sauce for my special lasagna for Stephanie’s dinner.

At 7:00 I was standing out on the sidewalk beside my opened gate waiting for her to arrive. She had texted me at 6:40 that she was leaving her house in Bayville.

I chatted with my neighbor next door as she was walking her annoying little yap yap dogs. Her name was Grace and she was close to 80 years old I figured. Stephanie pulled up and I waved her into the gate. Grace looked at me with a smile.

“Oh, she’s pretty.” I smiled and walked through the gate, closing it behind me. Stephanie had parked in front of the garage and she was getting out of her car by the time I reached it.

“Hey there.” I said with a grin. “You look lovely.” I added. She did. She wore a light, sea green sundress that accentuated her curvy figure and made her red hair stand out. She was very tan from the day before at the beach and she wore a pair of cute flip-flops. She wore little makeup and to my surprise she gave me a little kiss on the cheek and light embrace.

“Hi!” She said and her eyes sparkled.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Starving.” She replied and I guided her to the glass door and into the house. The lasagna was ready, but I left it in the oven to keep warm.

“Cocktail first?” I asked.

“Do you have wine?” She asked setting her small bag down on the couch.

“I do.” I replied. “Shall we go up and have them on the deck?”

“Oh that sounds great, it’s so beautiful out.”

It was a bit cooler than yesterday and the humidity had dropped quite a bit with a brief storm that had blown through that afternoon while I was painting.

I guided her through the house all the way up to my studio. Once she saw my work area she whirled around.

“Ooh, where’s my painting?” She asked with big, excited eyes.

“Later.” I said with a grin and took her elbow gently as I walked toward the glass doors.

“Oh my, this is amazing!” She marveled when she saw the bar and the table I had already set. I had blue and green Christmas lights strung through the rafters of the tiki bar roof. Candles burned in small holders on the railing and the deck…no fire was allowed by the tiki bar’s thatch roof.

Stephanie sat at a swivel chair by the bar; I went in took a bottle of Merlot from the wine rack.

“I like this room temperature…would you like ice?” I asked.

“I’m not a heathen.” She replied with a smile. I poured us each a glass and sat beside her.

“Do you mind if I smoke?” She asked with that look all smokers get these days when asking that question.

“Not at all. I smoke cigars occasionally with my friends, I’m not a smoke Nazi.” I leaned over the bar and produced a crystal ashtray.

I’ll paraphrase most of our conversation before and during dinner. It was the usual getting to know each other conversation. I told her I had been pretty much unattached since the Christmas before last. I had been engaged and shortly after that holiday season I realized I was marrying a girl I had little interest in, but she was pretty and perfect and everyone had expected me to settle down i.e. my mother, so I was taking the plunge.

My best friend Joe and I had been drinking a bottle of rum one night between Christmas and New Years and out of the blue he simply asked me why I was marrying a boring, self centered, materialistic woman such as Jane? I didn’t have an answer for him. The following day I was sober and I still didn’t have an answer. Two days later was the day before New Years Eve and I sat downstairs on my couch with Jane and ended our engagement. I was never so certain in my life that I was doing the right thing even as she completely melted down in front of me. Jane is now married to the very next guy she dated and we are no longer friends.

As I mentioned earlier, Stephanie is a teacher in a small school in a small beach community on the bay. Last year she had moved back in with her parents following a nasty breakup with a fiancé. She had dated a few guys since then, so I wasn’t afraid of being a dreaded rebound boyfriend. I had dated a few girls myself, so I was open to whatever the future had in store for us.

We were well into our meal by the time she was finishing up her romantic history. She grew quiet for a moment before she casually. “I guess I had a hard time after the breakup…and my mother is a very good cook.”

I looked up at her face and she kind of smiled awkwardly and just shrugged. I inclined my head a bit because my mouth was full, but I had no idea what she meant.

“I…put on quite a bit of weight.” She said with a laugh.

“I’ve lost quite a bit but I still have a way to go.” She added and looked down at her plate.

I was quiet. I was not very comfortable with where the conversation suddenly took us. I didn’t know what to say. Before I could stop my self I simply said. “I think you look great.”

She of course rolled her eyes. I was stuck. I…have a thing for bigger girls. Part of why I couldn’t figure out why I was marrying Jane was the fact that she was a fitness freak and was completely obsessed with how she looked and how other people saw her. I had already gone on as much as was prudent about Jane, I wasn’t going to bring her up again. Suddenly it dawned on me. I got up quietly, wiping my mouth with my napkin and smiling at Stephanie. I quietly went inside my studio. I was glad I gave her the seat looking out over the ocean because she didn’t see me coming back out.

I cleared my throat quietly and she turned around and saw the painting I did of her held out before me.

“Oh my!” She exclaimed and her hands went to her face. She stared at the image for several moments before she looked up at me. Her eyes were moist.

“I’m guessing here…but you…like it?” I asked tentatively.

“I love it, it’s so beautiful.” She got up and carefully hugged me tightly so as not to brush against the painting.

I hugged her back and then her mouth was on mine and her tongue was deep in my mouth. We kissed for a very long time before we slowly separated and she looked at me sheepishly. “I’m sorry, that was sudden…”

“That was amazing.” I said with an equally sheepish grin as I set the painting aside and we sat to finish our dinner. I left the painting against the bar where we could both see it. I considered getting the photograph I used as reference for the painting but decided against it. I didn’t want her comparing her image to my creative license.

“That is how I saw you on the beach yesterday, and it’s how I see you now,” was all I said regarding her weight or body issues. Her eyes were still shiny, but her smile was beaming.

“So, what are you going to do with it?” She asked.

“I already took a picture of it with my cell phone and sent it to my agent, the art director and the editor of New Jersey magazine.” I said proudly. “It’s going to be the cover of the September issue.”

Stephanie dropped her fork. Her mouth was open and she stared at me, then the painting.

“You weren’t just giving me a pick up line about putting me on a magazine cover…” She whispered.

“Oh that was totally a pick up line.” I said smugly. “But I backed it up.”

Stephanie burst out laughing and I chuckled as well.

We finished our meal and she helped me take the dishes down to the kitchen and clean up. While I was loading the dishwasher Stephanie walked around the house looking at the various artworks. Paintings and prints by myself, my friends, and other artists I admired hung on the walls. When we were done we went back up to my studio and I showed her some of my other works.

Stephanie noticed that I named my paintings.

“What are you going to call my painting?” She asked, her eyes going back to the painting I had moved back into my studio and set on an easel.

My eyebrows went up and I shrugged. “Stephanie, of course.” I said plainly.

I smiled as her face lit up and she was beaming again. Stephanie asked me many questions about how my paintings made it to postcards and magazines. I explained that once a month or so I set up a lighting rig and I photographed whatever paintings or drawings I had done that month and with a high-resolution camera. They then went to printers, my agent’s files, my own files, and to my website developer and blogger. Stephanie laughed at the fact that I had a blogger, but I explained I had 15,000 followers and there was no way I could or wanted to keep up with the questions, requests for art and fan posts.

“You pay someone to post for you?” She asked.

“I have an assistant, or an intern I guess. No pay, he works for college credits. His name is Tommy.” I explained.

“He’s young, he’s still in college. He comes by a couple of times a week and takes notes on what I’m working on, maybe he’ll take a photo or two of stuff in process and he keeps the throngs of my fans happy.” I added with a grin.

“I figured you’d have a sexy young girl doing it.” Stephanie asked with a sideways glance.

“Oh no!” I said with a laugh. “I went that route a couple of times and it ended badly.”

“Then it’s smart you figured that out.” She said.

“Not really.” I replied. “Tommy’s gay.”

Stephanie roared at that.

“It’s cool.” I said quickly. “He doesn’t like guys my age.”

I kind of regretted that as soon as I said it.

“Well he can’t be much younger than me, I’m 24.” Stephanie said. “How old are you?”

“Tommy’s 20, I’ll be 34 the end of this month.” I replied casually. “Do you mind an older guy?”

My heart was pounding all of the sudden.

“You seem so much younger.” Stephanie replied. “But no, I don’t care.”

To prove that she didn’t care, she crawled over from where she sat on the floor looking at various prints to where I sat against the wall and once again our mouths met and our tongues flirted with each other.

We kissed much longer this time as we slid to lie on the floor. Stephanie lied on top of me. I was acutely aware of her large breasts pressing against my chest and I had to fight the urge to slide my hands down her back to her wide behind that her thin summer dress was clinging to. I rubbed her back as we kissed instead. Her hands played with my hair and caressed my face and chest. I was painfully aware that I had developed an intense erection. Her thigh slid over my hard cock a few times but she made no noticeable reaction.

Stephanie slowly drew back after a long while and looked me in to my eyes. “I would like to see you again.”

Her hair hung down in my face, it smelled of jasmine. She chewed her bottom lip nervously.

“I would like that very much.” I whispered back.

“Then I should go now.” She said slipping out of my arms and sitting up on her heels. “I don’t want to…go too fast with you.”

“I would love to go too fast with you.” I said softly. “But I think you’re…special, and I want to do this right.”

Stephanie smiled at my response and slowly stood. I got up and took her hand. Her purse was on my drawing table, she grabbed it and we walked downstairs.


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Blame Picasso
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Blame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBlame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Outside by her car we kissed again and she hugged me tightly. “I had a wonderful time.” She said quietly.

“So did I.” I replied holding both of her hands. “When can I see you again?”

“Today is Monday.” She said looking up at the stars. “I’m on vacation until September, what’s your schedule like?”

“I have a friend coming down from Manhattan tomorrow morning to do a small project.” I said thinking. I also had to finish the other paintings I started by Friday so I could shoot them and get paid. “How about Friday night? I have a busy week ahead of me so I can take pictures Friday afternoon. If everything goes as planned, my schedule opens up big after that.”

“Friday night sounds wonderful…Carol and I are both off for the summer, and we plan on going to beach a lot.” She said and then stopped.

“Okay?” I asked hoping she’d continue.

“I was…never mind.” She said and brushed a hair from her face.

“Say it.” I said gently.

“I was thinking that I’ll be driving right by your house several times this week…I could come by for coffee one day for a bit and watch you work…if you didn’t mind.”

I smiled. “I’d like that. Tomorrow and Wednesday’s project however, has a deadline and it isn’t my deadline, it’s my friends…how about you call me Thursday when you are free and I’ll put on coffee then?”

Stephanie smiled shyly. “I should just wait until Friday. I feel like a foolish school girl now.”

I put my arms around her and smiled. “Not at all. To be honest, I feel the same way. I’ll see you Thursday.”

Stephanie kissed me once more and got into her car. I guided her back and opened the gate. I stood in the street and waved at her taillights before going inside. It was midnight and I was wide-awake. Four hours later I put my brushes down, a second painting from my photo shoot Sunday was complete.

Chapter 2 coming soon
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Blame Picasso
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: New Jersey
Posts: 273
Blame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBlame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Chapter 2

I awoke to my phone ringing the following morning at 11:00. I have to admit my heart sunk just a little when I saw that it was Joe, my friend from the city. I admit I was kind of hoping it was Stephanie, but that was juvenile.

“Whattup, buddy?” I said sleepily.

“Dude! You’re not up yet?” Joe replied in his thick New York accent.

I jumped up. “No. I’m sorry, where are you?”

“I’m just leaving my studio, you’ve got time, but you should get moving.”

That meant I had at least two hours depending on traffic. “I’ll be ready for you. I have your list and I’m moving now.”

“Sounds good. I’ll see you in a few hours.” Joe said and then hung up. I jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth and threw on a pair of worn camouflage shorts and a white tee shirt. I poured my coffee into a travel mug and was in my Durango backing out of my driveway in fifteen minutes.

My first stop was Home Depot; it was about twenty minutes from my house. I got everything on my list from Joe and was loading it in the back of my truck a half an hour after I walked in. Shop Rite was next door and I quickly picked up some clams, chicken breast and vegetables to make chicken kabobs. Milk, a nice Italian bread and coffee completed my food shopping for the day. I stopped in the liquor store between Home Depot and Shop Rite for a bottle of Seven Tiki Rum and a 30-pack of Miller Lite and I had all my shopping done in one trip.

I was home, had everything unpacked and was starting on Joe’s project just under two hours after he had woken me up. I parked the Durango outside in the driveway to give us more room to work in the garage. I laid out ten sheets of pink Styrofoam insulation. They were roughly four by eight feet each. I walked among them with a huge bottle of Gorilla glue and squirted a good amount over them all.

I then grabbed ten more sheets and laid them on top creating ten panels, each two foam sheets wide. I had several milk crates of gallon jugs filled with water stacked in the corner, and I used six gallons each, two in each corner and two in the middle to weigh down the insulation foam as the glue foamed and set.

That was all I could do until the glue set, so I went inside and took the booze up to the tiki bar to ice down in the bar’s ice chest. It was now 1:45 and no sign of Joe so I started prepping the chicken kabobs alternating the meat with peppers, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and pineapple. I was just finishing them up when I heard a car horn from my driveway.

I had left the gate open for Joe and I got outside as he was getting out of his beat up 1978 Cadillac convertible.

“Buddy!” He yelled and we embraced. Joe and I have been friends since he was the new kid in Jackson memorial High School fresh from Staten Island 18 years ago. He was a sculptor, and I was a painter and illustrator, we have done many projects together since high school.

Before we got in the house, I showed him everything I had prepped so far. He was impressed and happy so we went inside to put the clams on the grill for lunch. He had his shirt off and was beside my grill upstairs on the back deck-cooking clams ten minutes later. I was happy to let him cook; he was better than I was. I sat at the bar and sipped a cold Miller Lite.

“When’s the last time I talked to you? Friday night?” I asked.

He looked out at the ocean.

“Yeah, I sent you my list and I called you right after to make sure you got it.” He replied sipping his own beer.

“I...met a girl Sunday at the beach.” I said casually.

“And?” Joe asked expectantly.

“She’s beautiful...a redhead with green eyes.”

“Oooh, nice…Irish?” He asked.

“I didn’t ask, but I think she’s more Scottish looking. Her name’s Stephanie McLain.”

“That’s Scottish. Got a pic?”

“Pic noting, I’ve already got a painting.” I replied with a laugh. “It’s on my easel.”

We had been so eager to get lunch going Joe hadn’t even checked my studio for new work yet. He left the grill for a second and went inside. “Nice! What’s she really look like though?”

I got up and got my file with Sunday’s photos in it. I handed the whole thing to him.

“Wow! She’s gorgeous.” Joe said with a smile. “You like this one a lot, huh?”

“Is it that obvious?” I asked grabbing us two more beers.

“Dude, you painted her. You haven’t painted a girlfriend since Danielle…that I know of anyway.”

“No.” I said thinking. “She is the last one I painted.”

Danielle was the last serious relationship I had before Jane, and I had never painted Jane.

“What does she do?”

“She’s a teacher right across the bay, she’s on summer vacation.” I responded.

“When are you going to see her again?” He asked.

I told him Thursday for coffee, and then we were going to get together Friday and do something.

“Do you think…I should call? Or text her?” I asked. It had been a long time since I really cared this much after a first date.

He thought about it for a minute.

“Let me ask Kelli.” He said finally. He took out his cell and called his wife. “Hey Kel, it’s me.”

He rolled his eyes. “I know you know. Yeah, yeah, caller id. Hey I have a question. Jay here has met a fetching new redhead gal.”

He looked at me and asked. “You saw her last night?”

“Yeah, first date…I made her dinner.”

“Oooh, he made her dinner…and he painted her already.” He laughed at her reaction on the phone.

“Kelli says congratulations and maybe you could send her a quick text saying you had a good time last night…wait…what?” Joe laughed loudly at the phone. “Kelli wants to know if she put out on the first date?”

“No, Kelli, she’s a nice girl.” I said loudly so she’d hear me.

“She’s a teacher too!” I added. Kelli taught fifth grade in the city.

“Kelli wants to know if she’s banging anybody.”

“I don’t know! Geez, Kelli!” I replied laughing. That reminded me, I had a couple of party girls I was seeing casually that I would have to cut loose if this got a serious as I hoped.

“She’s just looking out for you.’ Joe said after he’d told his wife he loved her and hung up. I told him I knew that and that I appreciated it.

We finished eating and took a couple of beers each down to the garage. I took my phone and texted Stephanie.

“Hey there! Been busy all day, just wanted to say hi and that I had a great time last night.” Was all I wrote and we got busy.

The Styrofoam sheets I glued together had dried and we began cutting them and rounding them into surfboard shapes. Two hours later they were shaped and we were sanding them smooth. By 7:00 they were smoothed enough that we could start putting the hard coat over them by wrapping them in gauze soaked in a light architectural concrete mixture. My phone chimed with a text about 8:30, but my hands were covered in concrete so I just left it alone.

At 10:15 we called it a day and went upstairs to put on our chicken kabobs, drink more beer and crack open the rum. I showered quickly and while Joe was doing the same downstairs in the smaller bathroom, I picked up my phone. “I had a great time too! Glad u texted, I was thinking about u.”

I got a big grin and went out on the deck to start the grill.

We drank, ate and laughed until long after midnight. I awoke the following morning and stumbled down to the kitchen for coffee. I heard the sound of an orbital sander outside in my garage. Joe was already up and smoothing out the surfboards. It was only 9:30; Joe had gotten up a half an hour earlier than I did.

By 11:00, everything was smooth as glass and I began spraying them in bright colors with a paint gun. An hour later, they all stood against the wall drying. We ate lunch and got to work with chalk drawing basic surfboard designs such as lines and some simple tribal designs. At five o’clock ten colorful surfboards in bright neon and pastel colors were ready to be picked up by Joe’s brother in his van for the trip back to New York.

After polishing off the leftover chicken kabobs from the night before, I hugged my best friend good bye and fist bumped his brother Ritchie and told them for the tenth time I had too much work to do to join them in the city for a night of fourth of July fireworks and drinking at my favorite Manhattan bar, Paris. They left and I went in and collapsed on my couch.

I awoke to the sound of my phone chiming at 9:00 o’clock. It was Stephanie. “Hi! I hope your day went well, I know u had a lot to do!”

“We did great, everything’s on it’s way to NYC, I’m toast.”

“Good night, sleep well.” She replied.

I wrote back “U2, text me tomorrow when u r ready for coffee.” and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning at 5:00 and, coffee in hand; I was in my studio working 15 minutes later. I had three paintings to get done by tomorrow afternoon. I had completed Stephanie’s painting, of course, along with the one of the fat tourist in the surf. Today I worked on the skinny kid on the boogie board, the kids playing in the surf, and the young girl doing the handstand on the beach. They all sketched out very quickly and I painted all three simultaneously from the same palette. This saved time and it also created a similar feel for the paintings, which I was doing as a series.

Stephanie called me about 4:00 o’clock and I still had a few finishing touches to complete.

“Hey, how about that coffee?” She said when I picked up the phone.

“I’m actually further along than I thought I would be.” I said happily. “How about we scratch coffee, let me finish these things up, and you come by about eight for a late dinner and then we can have coffee?”

“Oh, okay.” She replied and she sounded disappointed for a second, but then she added. “That would be even better.”

“Cool, that way I’m done and we can relax.”

“Great! I’ll see you at 8:00.” She said and hung up.

I had the gate open when she arrived and I greeted Stephanie outside. I had finished everything, showered, shaved, and put on a clean tee shirt and shorts. Stephanie parked by my garage again and got out of her car in a tight tee shirt that was just a little too short. Her newly tanned belly hung out and over the top of her jeans. She pulled it down quickly and gave me a hug and a long, sweet kiss. I followed her into the house letting my eyes roam over her wide butt that filled her low cut jeans. She didn’t dress like she was very self-conscious about her full figure and I loved the way she looked.

She stopped in the living room and set down her purse. She turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed again. I loved the way her tongue flicked in and out of my mouth. My hands went to her soft waist and I ran my hands along her lower back. We broke apart and I stepped into the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator and took out a plate with two huge steaks on it.

“These.” I said holding the plate up. “Have been marinating all day.”

Her eyes got big and she licked her lips. “Oh, wow, they look amazing.”

“I also have three cheese mashed potatoes, a garden salad, and…” I looked at her mischievously. “Root beer floats with vanilla ice cream.”

Stephanie laughed. “I can tell already, you are going to destroy my diet.” She said.

“Oh, I didn’t think, we don’t have to…” I said backpedaling.

“I don’t care.” She said sliding up against me again.

“If you don’t mind…” She added as she wrapped her arms around me hugged me to her soft bosom.

“I don’t want to change a thing.” I whispered and we were kissing again.

I lit the grill while she lit the candles on the table and the railing. The tiki bar was already lit up and Jack Johnson played softly over the speakers. I put on the steaks and Stephanie ran downstairs to make the potatoes. She had left her sandals beside the door and for some reason that made me smile. I liked the thought of her barefoot and comfortable in my home. No, I’m not a sexist picturing her barefoot and pregnant or something like that, it’s a shore thing, get over it!

The steaks came out perfect, we ate on the deck and we cleaned up together. I showed Stephanie the rest of the paintings I had done as well as a few pictures from my Droid of the project I did with Joe. He would send high-resolution pictures early next week as well as my check for helping.

We decided to have a couple of glasses of wine before dessert and we sat at the tiki bar. Stephanie lit a cigarette and I had a Black and Mild wood tip cigar as we looked at the stars. Just then we heard explosions and to our left the Seaside Heights fireworks were beginning.

Her eyes twinkled with excitement.

“We can see them better from the lounge chair.” I suggested. I had seen them regularly. I went and sat down, placing my wine on the deck beside me. Stephanie sat between my legs and leaned back against my chest with her wine. We sat silently except for an occasional ooh from Stephanie. I smiled and buried my face in her soft hair.

The fireworks went for 45 minutes. We were done with our wine by then and Stephanie turned so she was facing me. I leaned down and kissed her. After a moment she stopped and looked me in my eyes.

“I…have thought about you a lot the past couple of days.” She whispered and her finger began running over my chest.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” I admitted and my mouth got dry all of the sudden.

“Truly?” She asked and her eyes met mine again.

“Absolutely.” I replied without looking away.

“Are you seeing anyone else?” She asked looking down.

“No one seriously.” I said truthfully. “You?”

“No one seriously.” She replied. “I think….I would like to see you…seriously.” She said softly.

My heart was pounding like a teenager's. “I would like that. Very much.”

“Would you consider the day we met at the beach a kind of…first date?” She asked with a little grin.

“Yeah. I think you could call it that.” I replied

“Why?” I asked.

Stephanie didn’t answer; she slid off the lounge chair and walked into the house and into the small bathroom in my studio. I sat looking up at the stars wishing the bulge in my pants would settle down.

Stephanie came out of the house a few minutes later in just her tight tee shirt and a black thong. Her hips were wide and soft looking and her huge breasts wobbled a bit with each step so I knew her bra was with her jeans. Her thighs were more tan than they had been the day I first saw her, and they were thick and smooth. She walked over to me and held out her hand. I stood and wrapped my arms around her. “I don’t usually sleep with anyone until at least the third date and I don’t want you to think I’m a slut.”

“Well, technically you didn’t even kiss me on our first date, so how could I think that?” I said as I bent to kiss her and let my hands roam down her back to her gorgeous behind. I caressed her big cheeks and she moaned in my mouth.

“Not out here…not yet.” She whispered and she led me down to my bedroom.

Once there, Stephanie pushed me back on bed and stood before me. I admired her curves as she looked down at me with a naughty smile. She reached down and grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up. It was tight on her and as she raised it up over her breasts they tumbled out, bounced, and swung heavily. I held my hands out as she lowered herself onto the bed and took them in my hands. The soft warmth and heaviness of her breasts was amazing.

Stephanie straddled me and rubbed my shoulders, throwing her head back as I massaged her breasts. She leaned forward and I took her right nipple in my mouth and ran my tongue over it before suckling gently on her hardening nipple. I did the same to her left breast before finally she leaned back and slid down my legs. I sat up and she grabbed my tee shirt and pulled it over my head.

Now was her turn to play with my nipples and she greedily licked and even bit me gently. She growled and ran her tongue down my chest to my belly. I lay helplessly as she undid the button on my shorts and slid them down so I wore only my boxer briefs. She looked up and purred her approval of my choice in underwear. “Boxer briefs…mmm…sexy.”

I looked down at her kneeling between my legs, bent over, as she was, her belly fat created a fairly large roll onto her chubby thighs. My already hard cock twitched a bit at that sight. Stephanie saw my member twitch in my boxer briefs and she ran her hand up my shaft and encircled the head of my cock through the thin fabric.

She didn’t say anything, but judging by her eyes and the smile on her face, she was pleased with what I had. She slowly and lightly ran her fingers along my lower belly just above my waistband causing the hairs on my arms to stand up and my belly to flinch and my penis to jump. Stephanie smiled and nibbled her bottom lip gently as she slowly slid her fingers lower so that they slipped beneath my waistband.

My hips squirmed in anticipation.

“Oh, do you like that?” She whispered.

I smiled and chuckled softly.

“Oh, yes.” I replied.

She continued to tease me for a few more moments before she finally pulled my boxers down slowly, letting my cock appear inch by inch. Finally she got to the point I had to lift my ass so she could slide them down my thighs. My cock stood up straight just more than seven inches from pubic bone. Stephanie purred as she wrapped her tiny, chubby fingers around it.

I spread my legs a bit more and she lied down against my right thigh and dipped her head. I felt her soft cool hair on my belly and abdomen just before I felt her warm wet mouth on my dick. I moaned softly and she ran her left hand over my chest while her mouth and her right hand worked together on my cock.

Her soft thighs slid up and down my calves as her mouth slid up and down my penis. I was almost levitating it felt so incredible. She brought me to the brink of ecstasy three times. Each time it was like she knew I was about to orgasm and she would stop, squeeze my cock gently and not move until I settled down. All I saw was her red hair; she faced away from me the whole time. I was actually glad of that, if she had looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes I’m sure I would have ejaculated.

After the third close call I gentle stroked her hair and touched her shoulder. She stopped and looked me.

“My turn.” I whispered. She smiled and her lower lip slipped between her teeth in a way that was so sexy I adored her. Stephanie slid to her right on the huge king-sized bed and I rolled to the left. She slipped into the middle that I had just left and settled on her back. Her red hair spilled about her head on the pillow like a halo.

I knelt between her chubby, spread thighs and ran my tongue from her pudgy belly button up to her left breast. My hand slipped around her right breast and massaged her gently. Her pink nipple grew erect under my tongue and she moaned softly. I slid my tongue to her right breast and pinched her hard, wet, nipple with my other hand as I switched. That nipple also got hard quickly and I played with them both as I slid my tongue down her soft, flawless body back to her naval.

Softly I kissed around her belly button, slipping lower with each orbit. I had shaved shortly before she arrived and my cheek was smooth and I buried my face in her chubby belly. She twitched and giggled at that.

“That tickled.” She whispered and ran her hands through my hair.

My mouth reached her thong and I swiftly skipped over her pubic mound to the inside of her left thigh. My hands slid down and rubbed her belly. She could no longer reach my hair and my cock once again reached full hardness as her hands went to her large boobs and she teased her own nipples.

I lifted her left thigh and ran my tongue into the area behind her knee. Once again she moaned and giggled slightly. It tickled. Down her soft calf my tongue slipped until I reached her ankle. I’m not a foot fetishist but I couldn’t resist kissing the top of her foot and slipping her toe in my mouth, sucking gently. If I wasn’t completely turned on by feet, her reaction made me think she might have been. Her pelvis jumped and she cried out as my tongue ran over her tiny, pink nail polished digits. I sucked each one for a few seconds. I looked up to see her eyes half closed and her hands massaging her boobs.

I laid down her left foot and started on the right. I sucked each one of her toes and then worked my way back up to the top of her foot and then her ankle. It had to have been a full twenty minutes since I started kissing the inside of her left thigh before I worked my way back up to the same point on her right thigh. I skipped over her pelvis again and buried my face back in her belly for a moment before I suddenly nuzzled her pussy gently with my nose through her thong.

She almost screamed and jumped, her hands flying down to my hair again.

“Please.” Was all she said. I ran my hot tongue over her thong, feeling the heat of her turned on pussy that had soaked through the thin fabric. Stephanie lifted her ass and I slipped the wet garment down her thighs. She left her knees bent and spread them wider as I dipped my mouth to her vagina.

I inhaled her scent deeply as I slipped my tongue inside her wet pussy. Stephanie’s thighs slammed shut against my ears and her behind leapt off the bed. She cried out and pulled me deeper into her crotch by my hair. I worked my lips, tongue and even nose in and against pussy and she came hard and quickly…and often.

After what I counted as her fourth orgasm she lifted me up gently and I looked into her eyes, she was sweating and flushed. “Make love to me, Jay.” She whispered. In a fluid motion I slid up her moist, sweaty body and kissed her long and hard. I then dipped my hand into my bed stand and grabbed a condom. I knelt between her thighs and she nodded yes when she saw what I was doing. I tore it open, slipped it on my hard penis and slipped my hands beneath her thighs. I guided my cock against her waiting vagina and I watched her face as I slid myself inside her.

Stephanie bit her lip and then opened her mouth in a loud moan.

“Yes!” She cried and I bucked my hips, siding my cock all the way in before sliding it almost out of her again and again.

“You feel so big!” She whispered. “Slower.”

I complied and continued the same motion much slower. She began breathing heavier and heavier until her ass jumped up from the bed and her vagina contracted around my cock as she came. I slid all the way in and held still as her behind continued jumping and convulsing as she came again. I went back to the same rhythm when she settled back in the groove for a few more minutes until she again began to squirm beneath me. She came again and leaned up to kiss me hard. Our mouths mashed together and her tongue reaching into my mouth as I continued pumping my cock inside her.

She was thrashing and slammed herself back to the pillow as she wrapped her heavy thighs around my waist and pulled me into her with her calves. Finally I felt her pussy tighten again and I could not hold back. I came so hard I collapsed on top of her. I took her left breast in my mouth and sucked her nipple hard as our orgasms crashed through our bodies.

I slid myself out of her and collapsed on my back. We lay beside each other catching our breath for a long time. Finally she got up on her elbow and looked down at me.

“I have never been…screwed…like that in my life. Ever!” she whispered and collapsed with her head on my chest. I reached up and stroked her hair.

“You’re amazing.” She whispered in my ear.

“No. It was all you.” I whispered back. We lay like that for a while before Stephanie again looked up at me.

“I need something to drink…and a cigarette.” She smiled. She sat up and looked down.

“Oh my, this has to go.” She said slipping the condom from my flaccid penis. “My goodness, do you always cum this much?”

I glanced at the condom in her hand.

“Nope…all you.” I whispered hoarsely.

Ten minutes later Stephanie was lighting her second cigarette and I was finishing one bottle of water and reaching for another. We sat at the tiki bar naked and looked up at the stars. We could hear the waves crashing on the beach in the darkness.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.” She said shyly and her face got red. “I’ve never cum like that.”

I smiled at her. “It takes two to tango, you know.”

(To be Continued...)

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It's nice to see you back in action.
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Originally Posted by Coop View Post
It's nice to see you back in action.
Thank you Coop! It's good to be writing again!
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tarquin has said some nice things

Great to see the master back in action! What a fabulous story, anxious for the next chapter. Well written, Picasso!
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What a nice and sweet reading.
And I'm sure that the next chapters will be even better; I'm curious to see how you'll add WG to this storyline.
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Absolutely amazing story, thanks so much!!
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Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I waited until I had a few chapters done so I wouldn't leave anyone hanging. I will post more later tonight!
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The Girl On the Beach
By Blame Picasso

Chapter 3
Labor Day

I weaved my way through my studio with a tray of chips and dip to put out on the table on the deck. It was Labor Day and I was having my annual ‘Adios Benny Bash.’ The studio was all packed away in the walk in closet that I stored supplies in, my drawing table and easel was folded against the wall in the back of the room with a sheet over them. I pulled a futon out of one of the spare bedrooms and set up folding chairs just about everywhere. I always had my parents up from North Carolina for the week following the holiday because it was the best time to enjoy the beach all year.

This year I, of course included Stephanie’s family as well. Her sister, Carol was at the bar doing shots with my agent, Phil, Tommy the intern, Tommy’s lover, Ronald and a couple of other friends from the neighborhood. Tommy turned 21 last week, so I was letting him drink. Ronald was older than Tommy, so he was fine. At the rate Tommy was drinking, he would be poured into a spare bedroom in a couple of hours. Stephanie was downstairs preparing food and snacks for our guests. I had a lot of the food catered and it sat on hot plates in the dining room and up on the deck as well. We had trays of lasagna, fried chicken, Chicken Murphy, meatballs, macaroni and cheese, and salmon. My dad was cooking burgers and hot dogs out on the deck. We had over 100 people milling about my house and yard.

I set the tray down and grabbed a beer from the huge ice chest behind the bar. Joe was tending bar; his wife Kelli sat wearing sunglasses and a bikini on a barstool in the sun. A drink that I recognized as a Long Island Iced Tea was in her chubby hand. Joe had met Kelli a couple of years ago; she was into everything he was into, The Simpsons, cheesy horror movies, and punk music. She was heavy when they met and he wasn’t sure he was comfortable with her weight. I smacked him on the back of the head and reminded him of his track record with crazy women. Kelli was like a mirror reflection of him and I told him he was being stupid if he didn’t chase her. Obviously, he took my advice and I had been his co-best man with his brother at their wedding.

“Joe, turn up the music.” I said as I continued walking through the crowd, mingling. He turned Bob Marley’s ‘3 Little Birds’ up so it could be heard down in the yard.

“How are you doing, Connie?” I asked Stephanie’s mother, who sat comfortably on the futon in my studio. I had brought it out specifically for her, though she would feel bad if I told her that. Connie weighed well over 400 pounds and Stephanie and I weren’t sure she would fit in my bar stools or chairs on the deck.

Her husband, Lou was a great guy. Lou was short, thin, wiry guy who had been a Marine in Viet Nam. He was quick to laugh and would do absolutely anything for you. He loved the New York football Giants as much as my dad and I. When he wasn’t chatting with my dad by the grill about the Giants preseason so far, he was bringing his wife food and drinks. Connie was 57 and got around great for a woman her size, but I could tell if she didn’t have to get up, she wasn’t going to.

“I’m doing good, honey.” She replied through a mouth full of fried chicken. “You throw a wonderful party!” Connie loved the beach almost as much as she loved to eat and she would be spending a lot of time with Lou, Stephanie, my parents and I this week going back and forth to Island Beach Sate Park. She wore a black, one-piece bathing suit with a hot pink wrap covering her corpulent behind and thighs. Her breasts were huge and she was showing about a foot of tanned cleavage.

“Have fun, lady!” I said and gave her a kiss on her cheek as I headed back downstairs to help Stephanie. I got to the kitchen and saw my mother spooning some kind of dip into a bowl. “Where’s Steph?” I asked looking about.

“She took a few bowls of chips out to yard for the kids.” My mother replied. I smiled at her and headed for the back door. My friends and sister had brought their kids. There were about six of them and they ranged from 5 years old to 12 and they were having blast ruining my lawn on a slip and slide I set up going down the side of the house beside the driveway. I had parked in my garage, as had Stephanie. There were no other cars in the driveway. Luckily, a few of my neighbors had big driveways and they let us park some cars over their houses and in front on the street was free to park where I lived.

I got outside and saw Stephanie surrounded by kids clamoring for the snacks. I stood in the doorway and chuckled at the scene. Stephanie was wearing a big, floppy straw beach hat and her large sunglasses. She had on a dark green bikini that looked amazing against her lightly tanned skin and long, curly, red hair that tumbled out from under the hat onto her shoulders. She wore a light cover up slung over her top. It was her bathing suit from last summer. She had outgrown the one she had when I met her and a red bikini she had also had in a drawer of ‘fat’ clothes.

Stephanie and I had a discussion about her weight a few weeks ago. She had told me she weighed 145 pounds when we met. She had dieted down to that weight from 200 pounds she had been while she was engaged to the asshole and during the first six months she lived at home. At 5’5, I thought she carried her weight beautifully when we met. Well, over the next five or six weeks since we’d been together, my cooking and going out to eat as well as the fact she was comfortable with me, she had gained back seven pounds. Since that discussion she had added another eight pounds. I told her I could care less about her weight, I thought she was beautiful no matter what.

Her breasts were huge and she wore the light cover up to cover them up a bit. Her belly hung out over her bottoms in a muffin top that I adored. Her behind was quite a few inches wider than it had been on July 1st and her thighs were bigger as well. I managed to convince her that not only did I not mind, I kind of liked the gain. That’s what I told her, anyway. The truth was her weight gain drove me to distraction I thought it was so sexy. I had fantasized on more than one occasion that she got as big as Connie one day…or bigger.

Stephanie saw me in the doorway, handed off the bowls and jogged back to me. My eyes grew large watching her breasts bounce under the cover up. “What?” She asked when she got to me.

“Oh…nothing.” I said casually with a smirk.

“Oh!” She said as she looked down at her chest and she blushed. “Now is not the time, Mr. Anderson.” I gave her a sad face. “Unless…” She added with a delightfully sinister smile. “You think we can sneak up to your room for five minutes.”

“Oh, a quickie. Ms. McClain?”

“I’m already wet.” She whispered and slipped past me into the house.

I followed, but not too closely. We got past my mom and the other guests downstairs without being noticed. The bedroom doors on the second floor were closed to keep people out. The bathroom door was closed, but someone was in there so we snuck by the door quietly. As we passed the guest room on the left, I heard giggles. Stephanie heard them too and covered her mouth so she wouldn’t laugh out loud. Some one was getting busy in there! So much for keeping people out. At least they had the decency to stay out of my room.

I shook my head. It was only 3:00 o’clock, who gets horny enough to invade an empty room that early? Oh yeah, my girlfriend and I do. We quietly opened my bedroom door, slipped inside and locked it behind us. By the time I turned the lock, Stephanie had her bikini bottom on the floor and was lying down on her back. I slid down my swim trunks and approached her with my cock growing before me. She held her thick thighs open with both hands exposing her neatly trimmed Mohawk of red pubic hair for me.

She moaned and bit her lip as I slid my seven inches easily inside her moist vagina. I slipped my shoulders under her thighs and she let go of them to grab a pillow and cover her face with it. She came within seconds, moaning into the pillow. I pumped myself into her pussy slowly but steadily, sliding all the way in and back out to the tip. I knew this drove her crazy, but I couldn’t do it for long because it felt so good to me too. A few minutes later I leaned forward and buried my face in her boobs. Stephanie pulled the cover up away and slipped her top aside so that I could suck on her nipples.

I licked and nibbled on her hard nipples as she came a second, then a third time before I came ferociously between her feminine folds. We lay together breathing hard and smiling in each other’s eyes. I quickly grew flaccid but she held my cock inside her with her vaginal muscles. Stephanie had a way of moving herself even after I had just cum inside her that could get me hard again almost immidiately.

“We can’t go again…yet.” I whispered and with a pout she relaxed her pussy and my already semi-hardening penis slipped out of her. We had decided to go without condoms a couple of weeks earlier and I of course could not be happier. Stephanie admitted she loved the feeling of my hot cock and warm cum shooting inside her too. I grabbed a clean towel out of my drawer and wiped off my cock quickly. I held against Stephanie’s dripping vagina, making her jump.

“I’m going to go pee all this cum out of me anyway.” She whispered and she was off the bed and slipping her bikini bottoms back on and putting her breasts away. I was dressed first so I listened at the door before unlocking it and slipping out. I waited by the door for a second making sure the coast was clear.

No one was on the second floor, so I whispered. “You’re clear!” Through the door and slipped upstairs to mingle again.

I was at the bar with Joe, Kelli, Tommy, Ronald, and Carol having a beer and acting casual when Stephanie emerged a few minutes later. She was blushing a bit and I hoped no one noticed. No luck there though.

“Why do you look like the cat that swallowed the canary?” Carol whispered loudly enough at Stephanie for everyone at the bar to hear.

Without missing a beat Steph looked at her sister with a stare that would kill a lesser human being and whispered more quietly “If by swallowed you mean fucked and canary you mean my boyfriend…shut up.”

Carol gulped her drink and Joe and Kelli laughed loudly. Tommy was more than a little drunk and didn’t know how to respond due to his age and the fact that I was his boss, so he just sipped his drink and stared out at the ocean. Ronald snickered, but said nothing either.

By 9:00 o’clock most of the family had left. My parents went to my sister’s house in Brick; they would be back in the morning for the beach. Stephanie’s parents left as well to beat the post-fireworks traffic off the island. My sister took her kids home to bed. My manager, Phil and his wife took their kids home as well.

For the most part, the party was down to about twelve people who liked to drink…and eat. All were friends who would crash someplace here for the night. I didn’t want anyone driving home drunk. Tommy was passed out cold on the futon Stephanie’s mother had occupied most of the day. He had gotten sick in the small bathroom off the studio several times, but Ronald had taken care of him until he crashed for the night.

I was sitting at the bar with Joe and our friends Keith, George, Bill, and Joe’s brother Ritchie. We had a bunch of Miller Lites on ice and a chilled bottle of tequila was lurking with some lemons and salt on the bar. My mother, sister, and Carol had helped Stephanie clean up all of the food. I had taken the garbage bags out and filled two giant cans that would be picked up Tuesday morning.

The beauty of having a large bar that people liked to hang out at was the fact that there were no empty glasses, cups, or cans around. Everyone brought back their can or cup when the got a fresh drink and the recycling can was right behind the bar. It had been emptied two times already today, but there was no picking up empties during or after my parties ever. The spare chairs were put away, the party clean up was essentially done and we could relax.

Stephanie sat at the picnic table with Carol, Kelli, Ronald, my neighbor Jeannette, and her cousin Tammy. They had brought out some of the leftovers and were having a feast of lasagna, fried chicken, and macaroni and cheese. I had made a blender full of marguerita and they were almost ready for another. Bill wandered over and loaded himself up a plate.

I looked over the rim of my cup as I sipped my beer and caught Stephanie’s eye. She had a huge plate loaded with lasagna, chicken, and macaroni. As she swallowed a large mouthful of lasagna she commented to the ladies (and Ronald) at the table. “Oh, this is so good. I was running around all day and hardly had a chance to eat at all.” I knew that was a fib, Steph had mentioned to me several times how full she was throughout the day because she had been ‘sampling’ constantly as she served everyone. She winked at me and I smiled widely. She was slowly warming up to the fact that I liked to watch her eat…and get fat.

“Oh, you did such a nice job, Steph.” Kelli said with her mouth full of chicken.

“Definitely. Everything is delicious.” Bill agreed. Though I didn’t advertise I liked Stephanie’s weight gain to anyone but her, Bill had confided in Joe and I that his last girlfriend was a ‘chubby chaser’ and had packed quite a few pounds on his corpulent frame. Bill was always flirting with 300 pounds, which was a problem because he was a New York City firefighter, and when he got over 300, he was on desk duty, which he hated.

Ronald held up his drink and clicked Steph’s glass. “Great job, honey. Thank you so much for inviting us.” He said. Tommy told me he was gay, but I had no idea. There was no doubting Ronald as soon as you met him. He was much more flamboyant than Tommy. I liked him a lot and he turned out to have a lot of pull in a few art shows and galleries in North Jersey.

Jeannette didn’t comment at all, she was eye-fucking Keith silently. Keith was a professional surfer. He had grown up in Ortley, a small shore town about fifteen minutes North of my house. I met him in Hawaii at a competition I was selling paintings and prints at. We hit it off and became fast friends. That was about five years ago when I was starting out, we often surfed and traveled together now. He would surf and I would promote my artwork. He was a very good-looking guy; he had a perfect chin, dark hair and eyes as well as a perpetual tan. I had a feeling Jeannette would be taking Keith back to her house down the block shortly.

Explosions in the distance behind me announced the annual Toms River fireworks show was beginning. I turned the stereo to New Jersey 101.5 and they played music to go along with the show. I stayed where I was; I was more into my beer than watching the show. The girls could see it from the table, George and Bill turned around to watch. Jeannette got up and sidled over to Keith. He leaned against the railing, she leaned against him and he wrapped his arms around her. Everyone else pretended not to notice, but we would all laugh and gossip about them later.

I again caught Stephanie’s eyes as she reached over to the large aluminum pan of lasagna and cut another huge piece for herself.

I awoke the next morning with a slight hangover. Beer didn’t give me bad hangovers, but I had done a few shots of tequila and my head was a bit sore. I glanced at the clock, it was just after 8:00 and I knew my family and Stephanie’s parents would be here by ten to go to the beach. I sat up and glanced at Stephanie, she was sound asleep. I walked silently down stairs to make coffee. George was snoring loudly on the couch, the blinds drawn to keep out the bright morning sun.

I went back upstairs and ducked into the bathroom to shower. As the hot water washed away the cobwebs from the night I started feeling better almost immediately. I chuckled at Keith, he and Jeannette had indeed said good night to everyone right after the fireworks show and had walked to her house. I sat up drinking with the guys until about two am. The girls had gone from the leftover chicken and lasagna with margueritas to left over cake, cupcakes, ice cream and cookies with cookies after the fireworks. Stephanie quietly gave me a show all night as she ate and ate and ate. My penis began to stir thinking about how sexy it was to watch her over eating so much and sharing the fact that she enjoyed it with me.

I got out of the shower and toweled off. “I brought you up a cup of coffee.” Stephanie whispered through the door that adjoined the master bedroom. I opened the door naked and walked out into the bedroom. Stephanie didn’t comment on the fact that I was half erect, she ducked in the bathroom with a quick kiss. I heard the toilet flush and the shower start a few minutes later.

She had left my coffee on the nightstand beside my bed and I sipped it. Usually I would have taken it up to the deck upstairs, but I had helped Ronald open the futon in my studio with Tommy passed out on it. I didn’t want to disturb them. I did intend to have intern Tommy pay for passing out at my party early by re-assembling my studio when he woke up.

With them upstairs and George passed out downstairs, I was confined to my room for a while. I finished my coffee and lied back down in my comfortable bed still naked. It was still warm from my girlfriend’s corpulent body. I glanced at the clock; it was just past 8:45. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the cool breeze from my ceiling fan circulating the air conditioning and the relaxing white noise of the shower running in the bathroom next door. While I enjoyed coffee, caffeine doesn’t always work on me. Despite having been up less than an hour and having finished a cup of coffee, I dozed off almost immediately.

I didn’t hear the shower turn off or Stephanie come back in the bedroom. I awoke fifteen minutes after I lied down to a warm sensation between my legs that sent shivers of pleasure throughout my body. I glanced down through half opened eyes to see Stephanie’s beautiful, green eyes looking up at me as her perfect mouth slowly bobbed up and down on my now fully erect penis.

Her hair was brushed, but it was still wet from the shower. She was naked too and I felt her cool, damp breasts pressing against my legs. “I came out of the bathroom.” She whispered letting my cock slip from her mouth and slowly sliding her hand up and down my shaft. “And you were asleep…except for your cock.” She added and went back to blowing me. I guess the half a hard on I got from thinking about her stuffing herself last night while I was showering hadn’t gone down.

“I must have been dreaming about watching you last night.” I whispered.

“Mmm…watching me fill my belly?” She purred as she slid her tongue up my dick.

“Uh…huh.” I replied weakly. Stephanie crawled up onto the bottom of the bed, her lips never leaving my cock. She turned slowly and gracefully slid her thick thigh over my chest so that her ass faced me, filling my vision. I slipped my hands around her hips and she spread her thighs, lowering pussy onto my face. She had shaved her legs and the little Mohawk from her pussy and she smelled of lilac and sex as I slipped my tongue over her wet, swollen vagina.

She moaned around a mouthful of cock as I kissed and nibble on her labia. “I could almost feel myself getting fatter last night…” She whispered. “Does my ass look larger this morning?” She asked pushing herself up with her hands so that her soft, warm ass pressed against my face. She continued jerking me with hand as she grinded gently against my mouth. My nose accidentally pressed against her asshole. In my passion, I pushed her forward a bit and slid my tongue over it. Stephanie flinched a little, I had never done that to her (or anyone else, to be honest). I heard her exhale shakily and moan quietly. Hmmm. I thought to myself as I did it again. She relaxed and positioned her behind so that I could continue more easily. I got the impression she liked it…and I could tell by how hard she suddenly sucked my rigid penis that I liked it too.

She sucked me for a few moments and then she pushed herself so that she sat upright directly on my face. Again, she spread her legs a bit to lower herself against my face only now she was aiming her ass at my mouth instead of her pussy. Oh yeah, she definitely likes this. I thought to myself as I wrapped my arms around her fat thighs and held her ass tightly against my mouth.

Seconds later Stephanie shivered and shook. A gasp left her lip as she had a powerful orgasm. I pulled my mouth back and she fell forward and rolled off of me. She turned to look at me, her face was flush and her green eyes were wide. “No one has ever done that to me before.” She said quietly.

“I’m sorry…” I began and she put her fingers to my lips.

“Oh don’t apologize.” She said quickly.

“So…you enjoyed it?” I asked.

“It was amazing.” She admitted and her cheeks turned red. “Do you…did you…like doing it?”

“I didn’t really think about it…I just did it.” I said not sure what to say. “But yeah, that was incredibly sexy.” I stated.

Her hand went back to my stiff erection and she looked down at how hard I was. “Let’s…tuck that away and remember it.” She whispered looking back at my face. I nodded and she smiled shyly. Stephanie then swung her thigh over mine and straddled my cock, sliding it effortlessly inside her pussy.

She settled all her weight on me, which wasn’t much to be honest. I was looking forward to seeing how much weight she would be gaining. With her hands on my chest and my hands massaging her huge boobs, Stephanie began raising and lowering herself on my hard cock.

Sex with Stephanie was open and intense. I had lovers who made love only at night in the dark or who kept their eyes closed during sex. Stephanie’s eyes were open and staring into mine, she read every emotion I had during lovemaking. The only time she would close her eyes was usually while she gave me head. She loved sucking my cock and would go into almost a trance as she would run her hands over my flat stomach or stroke me as her lips ran up and down my penis. It was as if she was concentrating on the ripples of pleasure she was giving me and could feel them in her hands and mouth.

Now as she rode me slowly and sensually she looked down at me, a sexy smile spread across her lips. “You never answered me…” She said softly and breathlessly.

“What was the question again?” I asked with a slight smile of my own.

“Does my ass look…larger this morning?” She put a breathless emphasis on larger that made my belly flutter.

I knew what she wanted to hear, but part of every man knows that is a loaded question. I just continued smiling.

“I ate soo much last night.” Stephanie purred not waiting for my response. “Pasta…fried chicken…ice cream and…” She trailed of and sat upright. Her hands went to her soft, pudgy belly and she rubbed it. Her hands then went to her hips and she pinched the flab of her love handles before going back and lifting her belly and giving it a little shake. My hands were on her thick ass now and I was spotting her as she rode up and down my penis.

She slipped her hand down to her vagina and she fingered herself as my cock continued sliding in and out of her.

Staring down into my eyes, her lids fluttered as she came. Her whole body shook on top of me. She fell forward slowly, her hands catching herself on the wall as she lowered her breasts into my face and pressed them against me.

Stephanie began to increase her pace as she grinded her pussy against my pelvis. I sucked her nipples and bit them slightly. That sent her over the edge again and she hissed. “Suck my boobs!” As the orgasm over took her. I sucked them fast, and roughly. She collapsed, unmoving on top of me and I felt her pussy clenching in pleasure. After a moment she began gyrating her hips slowly again.

“Are you almost ready to cum, lover?’ She whispered with her lips against my ear. I nodded and ran my hands over her wide ass and down her soft thighs.

She lifted her head and began to ride me faster and faster. I was getting very close to ejaculating when she slowed down and dropped her lips to my ear again.
“Did you see how much cake I ate for you last night?” She whispered and I cried out as I came like a freight train inside her.
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mdy73 has said some nice things

It looks as very great story so far...
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Fantastic story, sir!

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The Girl On the Beach
By Blame Picasso

Chapter 4

We spent that week with family at the beach before my parents went back to North Carolina and Stephanie returned to work the following Monday morning. That morning after my party held one more surprise when Bill and Carol emerged from the guest bedroom together holding hands and looking like they just had sex. Bill confided in me a few days later that they had fucked several times.

I had an art show scheduled in October in Oahu during a North Shore surf competition. Steph was a little disappointed she couldn’t come with me, but I promised her I would take her soon. After the holidays there are competitions all over the world, I would check our schedules and come up with a plan.

I would be leaving very early on Friday, October 12th and would be returning the following Sunday, the 21st. Stephanie still lived with her parents, although I admit I was thinking more and more about asking her to live with me. She would be house sitting for me while I was gone. I didn’t really need anyone to watch my house, my neighbor could check my mail and make sure no one poked around my property, but I liked the idea of my girlfriend being there waiting for me.

I was packed and my bags were by the front door to await the car Keith and I hired to take us to Kennedy Airport in Long Island the following morning. The car would pick Keith up first at 4:30 am and then swing by to get me before delivering us to the terminal in time for our 8:00 am flight. As usual, he was competing; I was there to sell art. We had even shipped his boards and my printed artwork and paintings out there together.

Stephanie and I were in my bed naked. She had come by right after school let out and we were fucking ten minutes after she walked in my door. Now as we lied there I heard a gurgle and looked at my girlfriend. Her eyes were closed but her mouth split into a wide grin. “I’m starving.” She said laughing.

“Well, we can’t have that.” I said rolling off the bed and grabbing my sweatpants. “I have to feed you.” I added innocently. Stephanie purred naughtily.

I tied my drawstring and looked down at her naked in my bed. It was only 4:00 pm, the sun shone brightly through the half closed blinds. Stephanie rolled onto her back and looked up at me through half-lidded eyes. She saw me staring at her body and she laid her arm across her breasts and her other hand covered her hairless vagina. I laughed and she giggled before moving her arms to her sides and raising herself up onto her elbows. Her breasts swung wildly with the effort. Her growing belly folded at her waist. While we both admitted her weight gain was something she enjoyed as well as myself, neither of us wanted it to become the focus of our relationship. She loved to eat, she loved to feel full, and we both loved her curves.

Stephanie weighed herself weekly and she loved reporting to me how much she had gained if she had in fact, gained anything. There were a number of weeks her weight stayed the same. Since she went back to teaching five weeks ago her weight had gotten a bit more back in control. She was in a classroom on her feet for six or seven hours a day rather than sitting on her ass eating all day. The result was she had inadvertently slipped back almost into the lifestyle that had helped her shed almost 60 pounds before she met me. Stephanie wasn’t working out now, or even really trying to exercise at all, but since returning to work, she had lost 8 pounds.

“Sexy.” I whispered down at her.

“Jay.” She began as she rolled over to her side of the bed and grabbed one of my tee shirts off the floor. “How do you feel about…my weight loss?” She finished as she stood and pulled the tight garment over her big boobs.

“I feel fine about it.” I said honestly. “I don’t care if you weigh 110 pounds or 410 pounds.” I have to admit, I’d love to see her at 410 pounds.

“Well, I’m about 150 pounds. I just can’t believe I’m losing weight.” She said sitting back on the bed. “I know you…”

“Hey, don’t worry about me, I love you just the way you are.” I said kneeling in front of her.

“I saw how much me getting fat, talking about me gaining, and watching me eat was turning you on.” She said.

“You weren’t just doing it for me.” I reminded her.

“No…” She admitted with a sly grin. “I love to eat and I like…being full and feeling…fat.”

“Then what’s the problem?” I asked. “You are more active than you’ve been all summer, it’s natural you’d lose a few pounds.” I stated. “And if you decide that you want to go back to your diet, I support that 100 percent.”

“I know…I just want you to be happy.”

“You want me to be happy?” I asked with a grin and she nodded up at me. “Then make sure you keep these girls nice and big.” I said and tweaked her boobs. I was halfway down the stairs before she got out of the bedroom.

Early the next morning, Stephanie got up with me and had coffee while I was waiting for the car to arrive. She kissed me passionately while the driver stowed my bags in the trunk with Keith’s bags. I waved goodbye to her in the driveway as we pulled away.

What I did not know was that Stephanie had taken the day off and had a few surprises planned for me when I returned. She went directly to her car and opened the trunk. Inside were gallons of paint. Stephanie made several trips all the way up to my studio and then made a few more into the master bedroom.

By eight am she had all of the furniture out of my studio and was taking all the artwork down off the walls and putting my works-in-process into the storage closet. The walls in my studio had once been white, but after a few years of painting and moving things around, the walls were splattered with paint, nicked and marked by getting banged into and all around shabby looking.

Over the next few hors, she had the walls scrubbed and was filling in the nail holes and marks with putty. When that room was done she emptied out the bedroom and did the same to those walls, but they were not in as bad of shape. By noon, the walls were prepped and her sister called upstairs from the back door.

“Lunch!” Carol announced putting two large pizzas on the counter.

“Oh thank God.” Stephanie said as she grabbed a box, kissed Carol on the cheek. She sat on the couch, placed the box in front herself on the coffee table and started eating with gusto. “Oh my God, that’s great!” She mumbled with her mouth full. “I haven’t eaten all day.”

Carol took the other box and sat in the adjacent love seat. She also dug into the hot, cheesy pizza. Stephanie wasn’t the only McClain girl who had put on weight over the summer. Steph and I had discussed it and we figured she had gained ten or fifteen pounds. She was still seeing Bill and he had confided in her that his last girlfriend had been a ‘feeder’. That hadn’t bothered Carol in least and she relished in feeding him and herself.

“How much did you get done?” Carol asked as she got up and went back to the kitchen for two large glasses full of ice and a huge bottle of soda.

“Everything is prepped, we just have to sand real quick and then paint.” Stephanie replied as she grabbed her second slice. “Oh, and I bought Bubba burgers for dinner.”

“Awesome!” Carol replied. “Operation Fat Girl Painting-fest is begun.”

“Painting/eating fest.” Stephanie added finishing the slice in three huge bites.

This continued through the weekend. By the time Carol left Sunday night the two women had painted the studio, the master bedroom, the upstairs bathroom and both spare bedrooms. They had also polished off enough food to feed a family of four for a week.

Bill’s schedule at the firehouse was two days on, three days off. He showed up Monday night with the intent of helping paint and getting fat with two beautiful women for a few days. Stephanie was home painting the upstairs hallway when he arrived. Carol showed up a few minutes later.

He left Thursday morning eight pounds heavier than when he arrived, but the entire house had been painted. Stephanie had four more days to put some finishing touches on her huge project and put some more pounds on her swelling frame. Saturday she rented a steam cleaner and did all the carpets, the house was done. Stephanie celebrated with a huge bucket of fried chicken and two large orders of beef ribs from the local chicken joint.

When the car dropped me off Sunday afternoon I marveled at the way my yard looked. The grass was cut, the edging along the pavers down the driveway were picture perfect. The garbage cans were out by the street for pick up; that made me curious, how come all three of the huge cans were full after a week with just my girlfriend home?

I got to the back door and was stopped by Stephanie hollering for me to close my eyes before I even saw her. I did as I was ordered and she put a blindfold on me as she took my bag and left it inside the back door. Stephanie stood behind me and held my shoulders straight.

“Take off your blindfold, but you’re not allowed to see me yet so don’t turn around.” She whispered in my ear.

I did as I was told and I opened my eyes to a tropical wonderland. The walls of my living room and kitchen were a pale orange and sea foam respectively. Stephanie had bought several palm trees and banana plants that were in large pots against the walls. The carpet was fresh and spotless as was the furniture. The painting I had done for her hung over the loveseat in a new white frame. Wooden signs hung on other walls announcing that me and my guests were ‘At the Shore, No Shirts, No Shoes, No Problem’ and ‘If the world hands you lemons, add Vodka’ among other things.

“Do you like it?” She asked me nervously.

“I love it.” I replied beginning to turn and give her a hug.

“Stop!” She ordered. “Put your blindfold back on.”

I did as I was ordered again and she led me by my hand into the hall and the stairs. Again I was told to remove the blindfold and open my eyes. These walls were also painted in tropical colors and a huge palm tree sat beside the staircase. I loved it, but again, Stephanie would not let me see her.

This went on around the house. My artwork was hung on fresh, brightly colored walls. The house was immaculately clean and everything was amazing. This went on in every room and area of my house. Stephanie explained that Bill and Carol had helped out with everything. My studio was painted a light slate gray and she had replaced several burned out bulbs in the overhead track lights that illuminated pieces of art and drawings and paintings that I had packed up and forgotten about.

Finally she led me into the bedroom, which she had saved for last. I opened my eyes to new dark wooden blinds, a soft, sea foam green on the walls and new darkly stained wooden moldings that matched the blinds. A new, deep burnt orange bedspread covered the bed and a huge old abstract painting I had done in college hung over it.

“I don’t know what that is supposed to be.” Stephanie whispered from behind me. “But it reminds of a very round, fat woman and it turned me on.”

“It is, in fact and abstract I did from a photo I found on the Internet many years ago…of a woman who was happy she weighed over 600 pounds and was hoping to get in Guinness as the world’s fattest woman one day.” I replied. “I outlined her form, but I filled everything it in with swirls of color and texture. I had won an art show in college with it and nobody knew what it really was, you’re the first person to see it correctly.”

“Close your eyes one more time.” She said softly. I felt her sneak by me and I heard her settle on the bed. “Okay.” She added in a barely audible whisper.

I opened my eyes and Stephanie looked up at me as she lied on her back, her arms propping her up. She wore a tight tank top that had ridden up to just under her huge breasts and a pink thong. She was noticeably larger and smiled at me knowing that she had gained a few pounds while I was away.

“I missed you.” She said with a shy grin. “I was lonely…when I get lonely…” She said sliding her hand over her soft belly. “I kind of eat a lot.”

“Whoa.” I said softly. “How mu…”

“16 pounds.” She said proudly. “Carol only gained four, and Bill put on eight pounds.”

“Holy shit.”

“They stuffed me good, but I did a lot more on my own. If I hadn’t painted so much I might have broken 20.”

Her boobs were large, but I could tell most of those pounds had gone to her hips and belly. The roll on her stomach I loved so much was bigger and her ass spread out wide beneath her. My pants hit the ground and I slid on top of her, my tongue slipping into her mouth.

“My next trip…you better not lift a finger that doesn’t have something delicious and fattening in it.” I whispered as I slipped my hand under her shirt.

Stephanie’s hands wrapped around behind me and squeezed my ass before she slid her hand between my legs and cupped my balls through my boxer-briefs. “Ooh, I’ve missed these.” She cooed massaging them gently. My cock grew erect and peeked out of my waistband. I leaned forward and she slipped her mouth over the head of my dick. Her hands went back to massaging my ass, pulling me closer as she fucked my cock with her mouth.

Her neck got tired about the same time, as I needed a break so as not to cum in her mouth. She liked that as much as I did, but I needed to give her pussy some attention after a long week away.

I lied on my back and she slipped my underwear off before pulling her shirt up over her head. She lied down beside me to take off her thong but I rolled over on top of her and slid down her body to take them off of her. She spread her thick thighs and as her pussy became visible I buried my face in it. Stephanie sucked in her breath and let out a squeal as my tongue parted her pussy lips and slid as far inside her as possible.

I worked my lips and tongue over her fast and rough, she squirmed beneath my mouth and closed her thighs over my ears as she came quickly. I slowed down and kissed her vulva, slowly slipping my tongue over her clit and inside her, sliding up and down her plump pussy lips. Stephanie clawed at the sheets as she came once more. She threw her hands around my neck and pulled me up to her face, her mouth closed over mine and she thrust her tongue inside my mouth hard before taking it out and licking her juices from my cheeks and chin.

Overcome by passion she cupped my ears and looked me in the eyes. “You haven’t eaten out my ass since that morning…” She whispered. I backed off of her and flipped her onto her belly. She wiggled her big ass at me, her fat butt cheeks shaking. I spread her thighs and pulled her up onto her knees. Her ass was exposed before me and I licked her crack from her pussy to her asshole and Stephanie screamed. I snaked my tongue inside her butt.

“Yes…yes!” She moaned and buried her face in a pillow. I sank two fingers inside her pussy as my mouth made love to her ass. “More…put more in me.” She hissed. I slid a third finger and then my pinky. She came again as I worked most of my hand in her pussy and slid my tongue and lips over her rectum.

My mouth and wrist were getting tired after I had made her cum twice more. I slipped my fingers from her and collapsed on the bed. Stephanie stayed in position for a couple of minutes, moaning and catching her breath before she slid her legs out from under herself and lied on her belly beside me. She lifted her head and looked at me with sleepy, bedroom eyes. “That was amazing.” She whispered. “Did you enjoy it as much as I did?” She asked.

I looked down at my cock; it was standing straight up at its full, rigid seven inches. Stephanie smiled and slowly slid on top of me. I cupped her big; sweat covered breasts as she maneuvered herself over my erection. With a slow groan she lowered herself onto my penis. Her soft, pudgy belly squished against my stomach as she grinded her hips slowly. I was exhausted as she began raising herself up letting my cock slide out of her then swallowing it up again with her wet pussy.

I held her breasts as she rode me slowly, staring into my eyes. She threw her head back and came after a few minutes. I was getting close myself when she stopped and lifted herself off of me. Stephanie liked it when I came inside her while she was on top so I was confused for a second when she knelt doggy-style beside me. We didn’t do doggie style very often because Stephanie liked to look into my eyes when I came, but I crawled behind her and got up on my knees.

I placed my erect cock against her swollen pussy and she pushed herself back against me until her mound was pressed against my groin. She gyrated back and forth as I held onto her thick hips and let her fuck me. After only a half dozen thrusts she slid forward so I slipped out of her. I was positioning my cock to slip back into her pussy when she looked at me over her shoulder and shook her head ‘no’.

I stared into her eyes for a second and then she slowly nodded her head yes. I placed my cock against her butt and she slowly leaned her hips back. I stared down at my cock and watched in amazement as her rectum slowly spread open and took my penis inside her ass. I stayed perfectly still and let her take what she could handle. She eased back, taking more and more of my dick until her ass was pressed against my balls.

“Is that okay?” I whispered. I’d never done anal with anyone.

“I feel soo full.” She replied and slid away from me slowly. “I’ve always wanted to try this.” She slid out up to the head of my penis before changing direction and taking me all the way inside her ass again. Stephanie continued this rhythm for what felt like forever. Gradually she picked up speed until finally I had my hands on her ass and she was thrusting against me hard and fast. I then held her ass still and began fucking her deeply and quickly. Again, Stephanie buried her face in the pillow and cried out as she came again and again. I could wait no longer and I pulled her ass against my groin and I came long and hard between her butt cheeks.

I was shaking uncontrollably as I let my quickly deflating erection slip from her butt. A long, loud fart escaped her as she collapsed onto her belly. I collapsed onto my side beside her. After several minutes of catching our breath, Stephanie whispered. “Excuse me.” Before giggling uncontrollably. I laughed and held her in my arms.
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Default wow

This story is truly a work of art! My mind is being blown
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tarquin has said some nice things

Amazing story! Love the long pace of the story and the buildup, love the character development. And the sex ain't half bad. Thanks for another masterful story, looking forward to some slow, great, realistic, and EXTREME weight gain. I think this girl is really going to enjoy getting enormously fat.
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Originally Posted by tarquin View Post
Amazing story! Love the long pace of the story and the buildup, love the character development. And the sex ain't half bad. Thanks for another masterful story, looking forward to some slow, great, realistic, and EXTREME weight gain. I think this girl is really going to enjoy getting enormously fat.
Thank you Tarquin...and I agree, I think she's going to enjoy getting enormously fat.
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The Girl On the Beach
By Blame Picasso

Chapter 5

It was the day before Thanksgiving and I was completely caught up on work. I had stayed up until after two o’clock in the morning the night before and I sent high resolution photos of all my latest pieces to my clients, Phil, and Tommy to put the up on my blog and website. I was done. Tommy would swing by around lunchtime to pick up the finished pieces to take to the shipping place to have them sent to my clients. I woke up around ten in the morning and poured a nice, hot cup of coffee. The sun was shining and it was almost 60 degrees so I put on a thick pair of sweats, a hoodie and sat out on the deck to look at the ocean while I drank it.

What I saw when I got outside got me motivated more than any cup of coffee ever could…waves. Big, rolling waves. I downed that coffee in gulps, ran inside and threw on my wetsuit and dashed out to my garage. The bike would take too long, I tossed my favorite board in the back of the Durango and I was paddling out into the surf ten minutes after I saw the rollers. Tommy had a key to my place and he knew where I left everything for when he was picking up. I hadn’t even taken my cell phone.

Three hours later I was sitting on my board floating with the tide staring out at the horizon. The waves had come and gone, I’d had more sick rides than I could count and I was exhausted. The water was still fairly warm but my suit took care of whatever chill there was. I raised my hands up and howled at the sun. It had been a perfect day so far.

I paddled around and looked toward the shore. There, sitting alone on a towel in the sand was a beautiful, chubby red haired girl. I was grinning as I paddled my board in and rode a small breaker to the shore.

Stephanie stood and brushed the sand from her behind and smiled at me. “I figured you had to be out here.” She said and kissed me after I dropped my board in the sand.

“How’d you know?”

“Well, your phone was still on the charger in our bedroom, your wallet was on the dresser, the coffee pot was half full and the milk was on the counter.” She said putting her hands on her hips and pretending to give me a hard time.

“Our bedroom?” Was all I said and she stopped short. “Does that mean you’ve been thinking about it?”

She blushed red and looked at her bare, sandy feet. “Yes, I’ve been thinking about it.”

“Too soon?” I said immediately regretting teasing her.

“I talked to Connie and Lou last night.” She replied squinting up at me, the sun was behind me and in her eyes. “They…have been wondering why we hadn’t made it official yet.”

“Is that a yes?” I asked excitedly.

“We have a long weekend to move my stuff.” She said and screamed when I tried to hug her.

“You’re all fucking wet, hug me later!” She yelled running away from me. I chased her and tackled her to the sand getting both of us wet and covered in sand.

An hour later we were both showered and my wetsuit had been hosed off and was hanging in the garage. I was in the kitchen boiling potatoes to mash and washing vegetables for the salad. Stephanie was at another counter cutting apples for her famous apple pie. Well, she told me it was famous; I’d never tried it. My parents had called; they were in Delaware and would be at my house by dinnertime.

Thanksgiving dinner was at my house tomorrow and I didn’t want to spend the whole day cooking. The Giants were on and that was rare for Thanksgiving. I intended to enjoy the game with my dad and Lou. Joe and Kelli would stop by for dessert (and drinks) after they ate at his mother’s house. She only lived a few minutes over the bridge.

I turned to get the milk out of the refrigerator and bumped into Stephanie’s ass. I slipped my arms around her from behind and hugged her. Her belly was soft and getting softer…and bigger. After she re-designed my whole house and gained 16 pounds in a week, we had started talking about her moving in. We decided to wait until the holidays. Considering Thanksgiving was the start of the holiday season, I had brought it up a few days ago and Stephanie hadn’t given me an answer until today. We had also been having a lot of fun with food over the past six weeks.

I had taken to feeding her before and during sex a few times a week. We even had some fun role-playing. We had pretended she was my captive and I fed her full of a gallon of ice cream one night. Another night she wore a cheerleader outfit that barely contained her big boobs and her wide ass. She whined about not making the team while she destroyed an entire chocolate cake. My favorite was when she acted like a spoiled princess and I would feed her until she admitted she was a fat girl trapped in a skinny girls body and she wanted me to set her free. I know, that might be TMI, sorry. On the bright side though, Stephanie had gained close to twenty pounds since we started. She was now about 185 pounds of soft, squishy chubbiness.

“One more day, sweets.” She whispered. It was her time of the month and while I didn’t really care, Stephanie wasn’t comfortable making love while she had her period.

I let out a little moan and Stephanie chuckled. Her belly shook in my hands. “Did I ruin your day?” She asked.

“No, of course not.” I said and kissed the back of her hair. “I can wait…I guess.”

She turned and put her arms around my neck. She leaned in and kissed me softly, her tongue gently slipping between my lips. My hands slowly massaged her lower back.

“Mmm. That feels good. Damned big boobs.” She whispered. Her boobs weren’t light and I knew they made her back a little sore. She had gone and gotten measured for a bra by a professional and that made a huge difference. The problem was she had gained weight since the fitting so she would probably need a bigger size soon. Well, I guess it was kind of a problem; I certainly loved the fact that her boobs were growing along with the rest of her.

“Here, let me hold them for you.” I whispered with a grin and slid my hands under them and hefted their weight.

“Hey!” She said pulling back. “You’re already all horny and we can’t fuck until tomorrow…maybe. So knock it off, mister.”

“Damn, too late.” I said innocently. Her hand slid down over my baggy sweatpants and her fingers wrapped around my huge erection through the soft fabric.

“No underwear?” She said and shook her head.

“Hey, it’s just us.” I replied. I never wore underwear while I was at home, and considering I worked out of my house, I didn’t wear underwear very often at all. Her hand gently stroked my cock.

“Well, I guess I have to do something about this, huh?” She asked in a tone that was supposed to sound irritated but I knew differently. “Go sit on the couch.” She whispered.

I went into the living room and slid my sweatpants down; my erect cock bounced up and stood straight out. I sat on the couch and slid the coffee table out of the way with my foot and Stephanie came in and knelt before me. This wasn’t the first time we had done this. She reached under the couch and removed a small tube of lubricant. It was cherry flavored and she loved the way it tasted. I loved the way it felt. She squirted a little in her hands and rubbed them together. She then grabbed my cock and began giving me a slow, incredible hand job. The lube heated up and gave me an almost hot tingling sensation.

She bent to take me in her mouth and she sucked me softly and slowly. I rested my head back and let the waves of pleasure her mouth gave me wash over me. After a few minutes I leaned down and tugged at her tight t-shirt.

“Really?” She said looking up at me.

“I like your big boobs.” I said innocently. She smiled and raised her arms so I could pull the tight shirt up over her head. She then leaned forward so I could reach behind her and unclasp her bra. Her big breasts tumbled out and swayed against my thighs. “Oh they are so warm and beautiful.” I said. Stephanie smiled and took my cock in her mouth again. She continued blowing me, her breasts pressed against my legs as her head bobbed up and down and I could feel her nipples getting hard.

Stephanie stopped and looked at me with a wicked grin. “I have an idea.” She said as she reached for the tube of lubricant again. This time she squirted a good amount onto her breasts and as she stared into my eyes she rubbed it in. I swear if my cock was hard before, it turned into granite as I realized what she had in mind.

Stephanie wrapped her e-cup sized breasts around my hard dick and began sliding them up and down. As she came down she would take the head of my cock between my lips and suck. It took her a little while to figure out a rhythm, but soon she was sucking me and tit fucking me at the same time and I wanted to scream.

If she was looking to save time and get back to cooking Thanksgiving dinner, it worked. I jerked in my seat not five minutes after she started and came hard into her mouth. She made a grunting noise through her nose as her lips locked on my cock, her tongue wiggling over the head of my hypersensitive penis trapped in her mouth. I cried out and shook uncontrollably as the electricity of my orgasm was amplified by her actions.

She released me and leaned back on her heels laughing. She cupped her hand under her mouth as she chuckled so as not to let any of my cum dribble out. She swallowed and then suddenly she put her mouth back on my still sensitive organ to watch me jump and squirm. I calmed down and she gently licked the cum from my flaccid penis before reaching for the box of tissues on the end table. She wiped her mouth and then cleaned off her oily breasts and hands before grabbing the t-shirt and pulling down over her braless tits.

“That was delicious.” She whispered with a smile and then she got up and went back in the kitchen.

My parents arrived about two hours later and Stephanie ordered three pizzas. My mother commented that two should be more than enough, but I knew my girl all too well. I noticed my father give Stephanie a strange look as she reached for her fifth slice but he didn’t say anything. Stephanie noticed the look as well and she ate two more.

They were tired from the drive, and I had to get up early to start cooking the turkey so we all went to bed early. My parents settled into the guest room down the hall and I crawled into bed while Stephanie brushed her teeth and washed her face. She came out a few minutes later and I was sitting up reading a George RR Martin book on my NOOK. She was giggling.

“Did you see your dad’s face during dinner?” She whispered. “Was I rude?”

“Rude? Of course not. They have to see you’ve gained some weight, now they know why.” I replied. “I of course…loved it.”

“Oh did you?” She asked me slyly. She tugged the blankets down and sure enough, I was getting hard again. “Well then it’s a good thing I brought this upstairs with me.” She slipped her hand into the pocket of the jeans she had been wearing earlier and removed the tube of cherry-flavored lubricant.

The following day went very well, the turkey turned out perfect, and the food was delicious. Unfortunately, the Giants didn’t win, but you can’t have everything. Stephanie’s parents and her sister, Carol came for dinner. Judging by the way Carol was stuffed into her ill-fitting outfit, she had put on quite a few more pounds. She was still happily seeing Bill, but he had to work so he could come. Carol filled the void left by her absent lover by polishing off several helpings of dinner and a generous sample of all four desserts.

My parents pretended not to notice how many helpings Stephanie had as well. Apparently she was keeping tabs on her sister because not only did Stephanie also have a generous serving of all four desserts, she went back for seconds on the apple pie and the cherry cheesecake. “Mmm. I don’t remember the last time I’ve tasted cherries.” She announced as she gave me a wink.

Joe and Kelli arrived as my parents, my sister and her husband and Stephanie’s parents were heading out. My parents would spend tonight at my sisters and then return Saturday night for dinner and to spend the night before driving back to North Carolina Sunday morning. Stephanie and I had announced to them that she was going to be moving in. They liked her and they were happy for us. My mother would of course had preferred we waited until we got married, but she realized that this was the 21st century and we were better off making sure we were compatible before spending money on a wedding and everything.

Joe and Kelli toasted our new living arrangement and Carol celebrated by getting another helping of cheesecake. We drank and the girls gossiped while picking at the desserts. By two am we were all a little buzzed and very tired.

Stephanie woke up early Friday and headed back to her parents to start moving her clothes and belongings. She wasn’t taking any furniture so we hoped to have her moved in by the end of the day. I spent the morning clearing out half of the walk-in closet and the long dresser under the mirrors for her stuff. The closet was easy, I didn’t wear much that needed to be hung up. The dresser was harder because I had to go through my t-shirts, sweat shirts and sweat pants, shorts, bathing suits and jeans to decide what to get rid of.

Sure enough, by nine o’clock that evening I had two large contractor bags full of clothes for Good Will and another full of torn, worn, paint-covered clothes for the garbage. I helped Steph carry her bags and boxes in and put them in the appropriate rooms, most of them went in the master bedroom and master bathroom. Modern electronics made the move that much easier. There were no boxes of music cds or albums because she had everything on her laptop or ipod, she had hundreds of books on her ipad, and all of her photos were on her hard-drive or several digital frames. She placed one in our bedroom and the other on an end table in the living room.

There were two large totes full of keepsakes and her yearbooks that she put directly up in the attic. The whole move was quick, neat and organized. She had kept her clothes on hangers and they went right in her side of the closet. She had a large hanging shoe rack that fit right on the back of the bedroom door, and a plastic case of soaps, oils, shampoo and all of her feminine things that went right under the bathroom cabinet. She already had most of that stuff in the shower or medicine cabinet anyway because she was here so much.

“Well, I’m here for good.” She whispered wrapping her arms around in our bedroom. “And my period…is over.” She added with a grin.

“Go put on something comfortable and easy to access.” I whispered back. “Then meet me downstairs.”

“Downstairs?” She asked with her eyebrow raised.

“Ssshh.” I said as I left the room.

She came down to the kitchen about five minutes later in a tight t-shirt (yes, they are all tight at this point) and a light pink thong. Her hair was up in a banana clip and she looked curious but excited.

I had the blindfold Stephanie had used on me when she revealed my freshly cleaned and painted house and I carefully tied it over her eyes and sat her gently down on the floor beside the refrigerator.

“Ooh.” She purred as I opened the door and cool air drifted out onto her bare legs.

“Your only job is to open your mouth.” I whispered as I uncovered the left over cherry cheesecake and dipped a spoon into the sweet confection. “And chew.”

She opened her mouth and extended her plump, pink tongue and I slipped the spoon between her lips. She cooed and chewed, swallowed, and then opened her mouth again. I spooned another helping of cheesecake in and then pulled out the leftover chocolate cake. I alternated between the two sweets before adding pecan pie and chocolate covered strawberries. She moaned and hungrily ate everything I offered her.

I took mashed potatoes and gravy out and put it in the microwave followed by turkey and cranberries and more of the sweet desserts. Stephanie quietly sat and let me feed her for an hour before her hand slipped onto my leg and she blindly slid it up to my crotch. She stroked my rock hard dick through my sweatpants as I continued stuffing her. Speaking of stuffing, it was hidden behind the milk and I slipped that in the microwave as Stephanie finished the last bites of the cheesecake and chocolate cake.

Finally, after two straight hours Stephanie finally admitted she was full. I had a pile of empty dishes around us and she had food all around her sweet pink lips and down her tight shirt. She removed her blindfold and marveled at the empty dishes and Tupperware containers. “Oh my God, I ate everything!” She whispered in awe. She rubbed her full belly and tried to get up.

“No, not yet.” I said gently as I poured her a full glass of soda with ice. “Wash that down.” She did as I asked and then belched long and loudly.

“Oh my God, that should have fed us for the rest of the weekend.”

“Waste not, want not.” I replied and took the empty glass from her. She sat across from me on the floor and leaned against the cabinets. She rubbed her full belly under her shirt and stared at the empty dishes. After a moment she looked up at me and slowly spread her thighs, her light pink thong had a dark pink wet spot at the base of her vagina.

She slid over and lifted her ass with a grunt as she slid her thong down her legs. She then lifted the shirt up, her boobs bounced free from the tight material and she was careful not to get food in her hair as she pulled it over her head. She spied the cheesecake pan on the floor and she took her hand and scooped up a huge dollop of the cherries from the edges. I thought she was going to put her fingers in her mouth but she gave me a wicked look as she spread the tangy sweets over her shaven vagina. “You must be hungry…your turn.” She said quietly as she lied on the cool tile floor and opened her legs wide.

I slipped my hands under her behind and lowered my mouth to her pussy and licked the cherries from her as I nibbled on her labia and snaked my tongue inside her. Stephanie came violently almost immediately and she spasmed as she followed that one up with two or three more before her vagina was glistening clean. She lied there and I got up on my knees to remove my sweats so I could slide my hard dick inside her.

“No, not tonight.” She whispered. “You still look hungry, and I can always eat.” She added as she rolled onto her knees and stood up. “Lie down, lover.” She said and I did as I was told.

Stephanie found the one dessert I hadn’t fed her…her famous apple pie. To be honest, I was saving that for myself to have with coffee later. Stephanie had other plans as she cut two large pieces and placed them in the microwave. While the pie heated up she knelt down and slid my sweatpants off. She wasn’t the only one who was turned on. There was a dark spot on my light gray sweats from pre-cum that had begun dribbling from my straining penis.

The microwave beeped and she took the warm plate and knelt between my legs. After testing it with her finger, she determined it was warm, but not too hot and she slapped an entire piece of pie on the base of my cock and smeared it all around and down over my balls. Although she sometimes let a small Mohawk grow in, Stephanie had always waxed or shaven her vagina, and she suggested I try it a few months before. The sticky, warm dessert covered my hairless genitals completely.

Not sure what she had planned I watched as she slid around me on her knees with the other piece still on the plate. She finally knelt behind me with my head between her knees. I strained my neck to look up at her behind me as she took the pie of pie and slapped it on her pussy rubbing it all around until it was completely covered and sliding down her fat thighs. Stephanie then crawled forward until her lips met my cock and she lowered her sticky sweet pussy onto my mouth.

We fucked each other’s mouths as our tongues licked and ate the wonderful warm pie from our crotches. Stephanie came several more times, her moans and cries getting louder and louder. After her third orgasm she began shaking uncontrollably. I had my fingers buried deeply inside her pussy as my tongue hungrily worked over her clitoris when she suddenly jerked and lifted herself off of my face.

Her hand suddenly went to my rigid dick and she began jerking me off slowly. She quickly increased her tempo before bending over and wrapping her huge breasts around me and fucking me with them.

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as I tried to hold off but it was impossible. She stared down at me with her boobs locked around the shaft of my dick. The head of my penis was poking out of the top of her cleavage as I erupted and shot cum hard up against the bottom of her chin, her throat and down her glorious breasts. I have never made a noise like the one I made when I came for her.

Stephanie smiled wide and kissing me deeply.
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Developing truly nicely, i look forward...
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The Girl On the Beach
By Blame Picasso

Chapter 6
New Years Eve

We arrived in Staten Island at 7:00 and I was lucky enough to get a parking spot directly in front of Joe and Kelli’s apartment building. The fact that it was New Years Eve and someone must have just vacated the spot for a party somewhere showed fate was smiling on me tonight.

I walked around the Durango and slid my arm around Stephanie’s waist and we headed inside to meet Joe, Kelli, and Bill. We drove Carol up with us and she followed quickly behind. The six of us had dinner reservations for 9:00 at a restaurant called Paris in downtown Manhattan. I figured we had time for a couple of quick cocktails before taking a cab down to the Staten Island Ferry terminal for the half hour trip across the river to St. George’s Terminal in Manhattan. It was a ten-minute walk from there along the river.

Joe opened the door and hugged both of us, we hugged Kelli when we got inside and Carol wrapped her newly fattened body against her lover, Bill. Carol had been up to Staten Island to visit Bill a few times and she had confessed to Stephanie that they had ‘phone-food-sex’ a couple of nights a week. I could see Carol plumping up when she came to my house and when I went to Stephanie’s parents’ but I hadn’t seen Bill in a while and I could tell right away he had passed the FDNY’s 300-pound limit. I tapped his corpulent gut and chuckled. “Desk duty?”

Bill just shook his head and grinned. “At least I made Lieutenant first. I’m behind a desk, but I’m in charge.”

“Good for you, Bill.” I said taking a Guinness in a pint glass from Joe and sitting on the couch. The girls all went into the bedroom to primp and prepare while we sat around drinking the tasty ales.

A half an hour later Joe knocked on the door and opened it to reveal the three ladies sitting on the edge of his and Kelli’s bed stuffing designer cupcakes from a bakery a few blocks over into their mouths.

“Was that a dozen cupcakes?” Joe asked incredulously. “Why didn’t you tell me you bought those? I love them!”

Kelli continued chewing and swallowing before she smiled and said innocently. “Well, there were only a dozen.” They filed out past him looking proud that they had just eaten four rich, sweet, calorie-laden cupcakes each in a half an hour.

It was chilly but the inside of the ferry was warm and we marveled at the new Freedom Tower that was finally becoming part of the Manhattan skyline. Lady Liberty was all lit up and the atmosphere on the boat was very festive. Most of the people riding with us were already well into their celebrations and intended on going to Times Square to watch the ball drop at midnight for the first time without Dick Clark in decades.

We would be inside a cozy old bar downtown that had wonderful dinners and even better bar food for after we ate. Colin was the bartender’s name. He was right off the boat from Ireland and had the best memory of any human being I had ever met. I saw him maybe once or twice a year and yet he always called me by my name when he saw me and poured me a Guinness without asking.

We were seated before we had a chance to finish a drink at Colin’s bar. We sat at a curved booth with a large table. We had a great view of the restaurant before us and the Brooklyn Bridge out the huge windows. I ordered the filet mignon with double stuffed baked potato and steamed vegetables. Joe got the salmon, as did Kelli. Carol, Bill and Stephanie ordered thick, juicy steaks with two double stuffed potatoes and no veggies.

We all enjoyed our amazing meals and then the three guys moved back to the bar while the ladies perused the dessert cart. I positioned myself at the bar so that I could see Stephanie back at the table and sure enough an enormous slice of carrot cake was delivered to her a few minutes later. She caught my eye and pointed at it with her fork. “Do you fucking see this huge piece of cake?” She mouthed very clearly to me. I nodded and laughed.

7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!! The entire bar shouted and whooped as confetti exploded from several canisters around the restaurant. I hugged and kissed Stephanie for a full minute after midnight. She hugged me tightly as I was breaking from her to shake Joe’s hand.

“I have an announcement just for you.” She whispered in ear. I turned from Joe and he shook Bill and Colin’s hands as Steph pulled me aside. “I’m starting the new year officially at my heaviest weight…ever.” She said and her eyes sparkled as she chewed her bottom lip watching for my reaction.

“You passed 200 pounds?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yes, and to be honest my old heaviest was 207 pounds…I rounded it down when we talked about it. I officially weigh 212 pounds, as of this morning.”

We celebrated well into the morning. Our friends thought we were happy because it was New Years Eve; we kept the real reason between us.

We got back to Kelli and Joe’s apartment and had one more drink as a nightcap before Bill and Carol headed in to the spare bedroom. Joe tossed me two sleeping bags and pillows and then he opened the couch in the living room for Steph and I. He said good night and went into his room with Kelli. Steph was in the bathroom taking off her makeup and brushing her teeth so I laid out the two sleeping bags and zippered them together into one big one for the two of us to be cozy in.

“I love sleeping bags.” Stephanie whispered when she came out of the bathroom. She kissed me as I headed down the hall to brush my teeth and pee. I came out a few minutes later and all I could see was Stephanie’s bright green eyes. She the sleeping bag pulled up to her nose and was giggling.

“I’m soo cozy.” He whispered and I could see her squirm and snuggle into the warm, soft flannel. I looked out the living room window and saw it had begun to snow. Stephanie got all excited. “Oh now it’s perfect!” She exclaimed and I sat on the edge of the couch to take off my pants. Stephanie cleared her throat quietly and when I turned she had lifted the corner of the sleeping bag that wasn’t zippered closed. She was completely naked.

I slid both my pants and underwear off, tossed my socks on top of my bag and slid in next to my full figured girlfriend. Stephanie wrapped her body around me, hugging me with her soft arms, pressing her boobs and pudgy belly against me while wrapping her soft, warm legs around mine. She squeezed and I couldn’t move.

“This is what Heaven feels like.” I whispered. She cooed softly and buried her face into my neck. We fell asleep like that almost immediately.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of breathing and the sensation of a warm, wet tongue slipping around the outside of my ear. Stephanie was still wrapped around my body and apparently she had awakened in a frisky mood. Her hand was gently stroking my penis. It had woken up before me and was fully erect. I was already on my back with her lying half on top of me. Stephanie quietly slid her thigh over me and lifted herself up enough so that my erection found its way to her pussy.

Without either of us having to use our hands she settled down directly on top of my cock and because she was so wet it slipped inside her warm canal like it had a brain of its own. She lied down on me and my hands went around to her full rear end and we slowly gyrated against each other. We kissed passionately, her hair tickling my face. The warmth we generated was intoxicating. I never wanted to move from where I was at that moment.

We made love slowly and silently because we weren’t sure we were the only ones awake. Sure enough, Joe’s bedroom door opened and Stephanie froze on top of me. To Kelli, who was slipping out to the kitchen to make coffee, it looked like she had just fallen asleep on top of me. The sleeping bag was thick and our bodies looked like a big lump in the fabric. Stephanie looked at me while Kelli was in the kitchen and with a naughty grin she began gyrating slowly on my cock again.

As soon as we heard her footsteps coming back toward the living room Stephanie froze again. “I know you guys are fucking.” Kelli whispered as she walked through the living room without looking at us. “I’m going in to fuck Joe, so have fun. Coffee will be ready soon.” The bedroom door closed and we chuckled softly.

We resumed making love and kissing. I loved kissing Stephanie more than any girl I could ever remember. She had a nibbling technique she did on my lips that was amazing. She sucked my tongue into her mouth hard and ran her tongue over it in her mouth. I opened my eyes and hers were wide open, studying my face. She stopped and let my tongue go and a wide grin spread across her face. She closed her eyes a moment later and her mouth opened. Her breathing got heavy and husky as she came.

She sat up a bit, holding herself up by resting her hands on my shoulders. My hands went to her big, warm breasts and I massaged them until she began breathing heavily again. Stephanie lowered her breasts to my face and I hungrily sucked on her right nipple as she shook and came a second time.

After a moment she rolled off of me and I rolled on top of her without missing a beat. She lifted her legs up and rested them on my shoulders. I hugged her big thighs and closed them as I continued to enter her. The increased friction brought her to climax again quickly and soon after I felt my own orgasm building. I opened her legs and held them out to the side as I thrust hard and fast against her exposed vulva. She bit her lip and let out a muffled squeak as we both came together like volcanoes.

I dropped on top of her and pulled the sleeping bag up over my head. We laid together catching our breath and kissing until I figured I could socialize with my friends without grinning like a fool. Stephanie reached into the bottom of the sleeping bag and found her panties. She slipped them and reached over the edge of the couch for the weekend bag we had packed.

She found a big, soft sweatshirt and pulled it over her head. Grabbing her toothbrush, she scampered down the long hallway to the bathroom. She got to the second bedroom that her sister was in and listened at the door for a second. Covering her mouth to keep from laughing, she pointed at the door and ducked into the bathroom.

Stephanie emerged five minutes later with her hair and teeth brushed. She crawled back under the sleeping bag with me and whispered in my ear. “Carol and Bill are having sex too.”

I kind of rolled my eyes and glanced down at my crotch and then at Joe’s bedroom door. “There’s a lot of that going on this morning, professor.” I replied.

“Yeah, but I don’t cry out ‘fuck me harder, fatty’ at you, do I?”

My eyes got bug and my hand went to my mouth. “She did not say that to Bill.” I whispered. Stephanie nodded her head yes and we both collapsed under the sleeping bag and started laughing hysterically.

An hour later we were all in some form of dress and the couch was folded back up. Stephanie had gathered up the sleeping bags and put them in the laundry before Kelli even came out. We were all sipping coffee and looking a bit sleepy and very sexually satisfied.

“I could make some eggs.” Joe suggested. “Or, the local Knights of Columbus is serving an all you can eat breakfast around the corner for five bucks a head?”

“Where are my shoes?” Bill said without waiting for anyone else to reply.

“Ohh pancakes!” Stephanie said jumping up and looking for her boots. I slipped my Uggs on without socks and tucked my jeans in them. It had snowed a good 9 or 10 inches after we got in from the city. We were out the door in ten minutes and trekked our way to the Knights of Columbus.

It was very no frills, large folding tables sat in rows with folding chairs before them. Paper Christmas themed tablecloths covered the tables and the room was decorated in festive but obviously older decorations. The food was in steam pans in the front of the room and several older men and women were serving. I put two twenties in the cash box and shook my head when the woman at the door went to give me change.

“Why did you pay extra?” Stephanie asked me quietly.

“It’s a good cause, these people are trying to raise money and they came out on a shitty, snowy morning to do it.” I replied with a shrug.

“Oh. I thought it was because you knew your girlfriend was going to eat until my little belly is out to here.” She whispered in my ear holding her arms out a foot in front of her belly. She nibbled on my ear lobe and took off her coat.

I stood in line before her as Joe took a small helping of eggs, bacon, toast and an orange juice. Kelli loaded up twice as much as Joe. Bill got twice as much as Kelli and added four pancakes. Carol got the four pancakes, a blueberry muffin, bacon, sausage, and a large glass of juice. I took the same as Joe did. Stephanie was last and she just rubbed her belly and chewed her bottom lip as the man behind the serving table loaded up her plate with as much food as Bill plus a chocolate chip muffin.

We picked a table right up front by the food because I knew Bill and Stephanie would definitely want to go back for more. I also had a feeling Carol and even Kelli might go back for seconds. I steered Stephanie to the side facing the servers because I had a feeling the man who piled up her plate wanted to see if she would actually eat it all.

I was right, Stephanie noticed he smiled at her and nodded pleasantly. She did not disappoint. The plate was gone in twenty minutes and she winked at me as she got up and went back. Bill had already reloaded his plate and Carol was getting ready to go back. Kelli smiled and said “Well, I can’t let Steph and Carol go up there alone.”

Joe and I sat and sipped a couple of cups of coffee and waited patiently for the other four to finish eating. Joe didn’t say anything, but I think he found it odd that Kelli went back up. I had a feeling Kelli was a closet eater who just might be coaxed out by the three fatties who were out and openly enjoying their food.

They all returned with identical plates to their first. We all chatted about the night before except Stephanie. She was eating with the look of someone who truly enjoyed food. I knew that was exactly what she was. She is someone who truly enjoys being fat too, I thought to myself.

I’d like to write that Stephanie went up five more times and by the time she finished all of the food in the place all of the staff got up and applauded her, but let’s face it, that’s ridiculous. Everyone finished their second helpings and we thanked the people who had volunteered their time before we walked slowly back to Joe and Kelli’s apartment.

“What’s your plan, Hammer?” Joe asked me. I don’t know why he calls people ‘Hammer’, but he does.

“I figured we’d hit the road and give you and Kelli some peace and quiet.” I said. “Why, what are you thinking?”

“I just got a text from my mom, they were supposed to come up for dinner, but they say there’s too much snow.”

Stephanie was walking a few yards behind us with Carol and Kelli. “Hey Steph, are you in a hurry to get back?”

“Oh yeah.” Steph said with a sarcastic tone. “I can’t wait to do laundry.”

“Joe wants to know f you want to stay for dinner?” I asked. “And drinks?” I asked Joe quietly. He nodded.

“Mmm! What’s for dinner, Joe?” Steph asked and her pace quickened a little bit.

“I’m not sure I could think of food just yet.” Kelli commented.

Stephanie slapped her self on her wide ass. “Sure you can! I didn’t get this big shying away from eating.” Kelli just chuckled and didn’t say anything, but listening to that exchange I realized Kelli had been the biggest woman in the group for a while. I would have to see them again without their coats, but I thought maybe Stephanie had caught up to her.

Sure enough as we got back to the apartment and had hung up our coats and left our snow-covered shoes in the entryway, I sneaked a look at the two of them chatting as they walked into the living room. Stephanie’s ass was definitely bigger than Kelli’s, and considering her boobs had always been bigger than Kelli’s, that left their bellies. Kelli still had the advantage there, but I didn’t think it balanced out the rest. I would say Steph was the biggest gal in the group now. Carol was third, but if her and Bill kept going the way they have been, Carol might end up out weighing them both.

Joe wasted no time getting in the kitchen. He had a ham with pineapples, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, and asparagus on the menu for the main course. Being Italian, that didn’t mention all the snacks, hors douvres and secondary courses plus dessert.

Kelli, Carol, and Stephanie soon joined him in the large kitchen and eventually they threw him out. By then it was noon. “It’s five o’clock somewhere, gents.” Joe announced as he emerged from the kitchen with three bottles of beer.

I popped in the Goodfella’s DVD and we spent the afternoon drinking and saying the lines along with the actors. It was our favorite movie; Joe and I knew it by heart. Bill just laughed at us. The girls stayed in the kitchen with a few bottles of wine.

We picked at plates of lasagna, some pasta and clams, and a couple of bags of chips and pretzels with Stephanie’s awesome onion dip throughout the day. By the time the Godfather Part 1 was over it was time to eat. It was still only about 4:30, but our breakfasts had worn off by then and we were ready to eat. Stephanie sat down and fixed herself a plate like she hadn’t eaten in days. Ham was piled high and mashed potatoes crowded a third of her plate. The green bean casserole was so rich it had to be a calorie bomb and she had seconds, then thirds of the thick mixture. Carol fixed herself and Bill a plate that looked like it would fall through the table and they dug in with gusto. Kelli had a big plate, but she wasn’t as interested in getting fatter as the two sisters and Bill. Joe and I ate the least as usual.

By six o’clock we were all on the couches and chairs, full and lazy. Stephanie had her head in my lap and was dozing off. Her hand was inside the band of her stretchy pants holding her full belly. I was wishing my hand was in there. Bill was in the recliner and once in a while he would snort really loud as he dozed off and everyone would chuckle. We figured we would relax until about 8:00 and then walk down to the local bar up the street for a few cocktails.

By midnight we were all pretty buzzed. Stephanie had just polished off an entire plate of chicken wings with blue cheese dressing by herself. She was drunk and she pressed herself against me at the bar.

“I’m a little drunk.” She slurred and smiled at me. I was also a bit inebriated and I kissed her on the nose. “Do you really love me?” She whispered.

Uh oh. I thought. Where’s this going?

“I loved you the moment I saw you in the ocean that day.” I replied honestly.

“That wasn’t that long ago.” She said.

I looked up at the ceiling and thought for a minute. “That was five months ago today. Happy anniversary, baby.” I said with a smile. She smiled back but then her brow furrowed.

“A lot had happened in the last five months.” She whispered quietly. “We live together!” She added loudly.

The bartender heard her and smiled at us. The rest of the bar was pretty raucous, no one noticed. “I know, I asked you to move in with me.” I replied stroking her hair and her back. Stephanie just nodded.

I went back to sipping my beer as I kept my arm around her shoulders. “I’ve gotten…really fat again.” She whispered.

I shook my head. “No.” I said swallowing my drink. “Do not go there, do not think that. I love you, I love everything about you.”

“Oh I know.” She said and giggled. “I got a little secret for you.” She said and crooked her finger for me to come closer. I leaned my ear to her mouth and she whispered. “I want to get a lot fatter.” I smiled wide and kissed her again.

Stephanie wasn’t finished and she crooked her finger again. I leaned in again and she whispered. “I want to get even fatter…than my mom.”

“That would be…amazing.” I replied with a sigh. The thought of that made my cock twitch in my jeans. “That’s enough about that or we’re gonna have…” I glanced down at my crotch. “A problem.”

Stephanie burst out laughing. “I love you so much!” She said loudly and threw her arms around me. That got the rest of the bar’s attention and everyone applauded and toasted us.
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Smile Marvelous

Such a fabulous Story.I hope it's not over yet. But if it is then it's still one of the best I've ever read.
I am wondering about something.Some of the very best writers often have the woman as a smoker.I wonder if anyone will someday have the woman give up the habit and as a result gain at an even faster pace. Just sayin'. Thanks for updating your Marvelous story in such a timely manner too! Take care.
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Originally Posted by strataadvance View Post
Such a fabulous Story.I hope it's not over yet. But if it is then it's still one of the best I've ever read.
I am wondering about something.Some of the very best writers often have the woman as a smoker.I wonder if anyone will someday have the woman give up the habit and as a result gain at an even faster pace. Just sayin'. Thanks for updating your Marvelous story in such a timely manner too! Take care.
Thank you for the compliment, sir. I will have two more chapters to post, I am almost finished with the last chapter now and I will be wrapping this little story up. I realized tonight Stephanie's adventure has just about run its course and rather than leaving it to languish as a few of my older stories are, I'm ending it.

I see your point about the smoking. I forgot I wrote her as a smoker, I haven't mentioned it in awhile, so maybe I'll throw something in there about her quitting and gaining a bit faster.

Thanks again-

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Default Thanks

Thanks. I realized last night as I was enjoying the story-you haven't mentioned it in quite sometime. It would great if she had kind of just been a social smoker who also "just forgot" during her whirlwind romance and gaining. I have read that food tastes better as well.
You're a Terrific writer and I am glad you will bring this to conclusion in a couple more chapters. Take Care
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The Girl On the Beach
By Blame Picasso

Chapter 7

The spring was my busy time. Not so much for creating artwork as it was for selling it. I came back from a week in Daytona Beach on March 28th, that day was Stephanie’s 25th birthday. I had an early flight and I was home before she got home from work. It was a Friday so I was looking forward to a long romantic night. I had reservations for a fairly new restaurant just over the bridge on the mainland called Aqua Blue.

I had another surprise for Stephanie. I was going back to Hawaii Monday, the day after Easter which happened to be the start of her Spring recess. I had bought her a ticket! We were going to spend six days, five nights in Oahu for a surf competition. She could sell stuff with me on the beach during the day and watch the surfing and then go out to all the beach parties at night.

I emptied my travel bag in the laundry room downstairs and immediately got a load of laundry going. I would need to repack by Sunday night and I wanted everything clean. I had a feeling Stephanie and I would be clothes shopping for her tomorrow. I hadn’t seen her since Sunday morning and I was hoping we would be buying her some stuff in larger sizes!

Once my laundry was going I went into the kitchen and made a sandwich. The best thing about having a fat and I dare I say, gaining girlfriend was the fact that there was always something delicious in the refrigerator!

After a roast beef sandwich with provolone cheese and a bottle of water my travel caught up with me and I went up to take a nap until Stephanie got home. I stripped off my sweatshirt and jeans and crawled into our cozy bed naked. I was asleep in moments.

I woke up to the edge of the bed on my side sinking down as Stephanie sat down beside me. A moment later I felt the familiar tickle of my lover’s hair on my face as she bent to kiss me. “Welcome home, baby.” She whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes and saw her sitting beside me. She looked down with a big smile and she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Hey, how’s my girl?” I asked sleepily.

“I’m great. I’m glad your home.”

“Happy birthday, by the way!” I said struggling to sit up. Stephanie was sitting on the blanket so she shifted over so I could move. “I have a surprise for you sweets.” I leaned over and opened the nightstand drawer. “Close your eyes.”

Stephanie smiled wide but did as I asked. I closed the door and placed her birthday card in her hands and slipped something else under her thigh. “Read the card first.” I said smiling when she opened her eyes.

“I loved you the first time I saw you, thank you for sharing my life with me and making me happier every day I spend with you.” She read. “I’m looking forward to watching our love…grow.” She finished with a giggle. “That’s sweet. Thank you.”

“Don’t you want to know what you’re sitting on?” I asked with an innocent glance at her ass.

“Did you notice anything about my ass while you were down there?” Stephanie asked coyly. “I put on eight pounds since last time I weighed myself.”

“Holy shit, that’s amazing!” I said excitedly. Stephanie had decided that quitting smoking would be her New Years Resolution and she had stuck to it with amazing resolve. The up side to that was two-fold. First off, she said a few weeks ago that food tasted amazing since she quit. Secondly, instead of puffing on cigarettes, she satisfied her urges by eating. Most woman fear gaining weight after quitting cigarettes, Stephanie actually loved that part of the process.

“I’m an now closer to 300 pounds than 200 pounds.” She announced proudly. “256.” She added rubbing her belly before she finally shifted her ass and reached for the envelope.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed seeing it was an airline ticket. “Are you taking me?”

“To Hawaii!” I announced and was slammed to the bed by my girl who now weighed almost 70 pounds more than I did.

The plane touched down at 8:00 o’clock pacific Monday night. We were checked into the Kahala Hotel and Resort by 10:00. We left our bags and went down to the restaurant located in the hotel for a late dinner. We were both famished. Stephanie wasted no time diving into the local culture and ordered a huge dinner of roasted pork with pineapples and taro and yams. She followed that with an order of ‘poke’. Poke is a traditional mixture of salmon, ahi, and shrimp mixed with herbs and vegetables.

I had finished before her poke was even served so I sat and sipped a couple of beers while she ate. Finally she was leaning back in her chair and rubbing her growing belly. Her ample appetite was satiated for a while. We went down to the Veranda to enjoy a few more drinks and take in the hula and fire dancing show.

Our room had an amazing view of the beach and the vast Pacific Ocean. The sound of tropical birds and frogs lulled us to sleep. When I woke up the next day Stephanie was already outside on the balcony sipping a cup of coffee. There was one with the lid still on it on the counter. I took it and joined her outside. She had on a bright pink two-piece that fit her ample curves perfectly. We had bought it at lane Bryant Saturday afternoon (I told you we would be shopping Saturday) and Stephanie had not had a chance to out grow it just yet.

We watched the other tourists frolicking on the beach and in the ocean below us. A couple of years ago I would have been down at the competition already setting up my wares. Experience and a few local connections I had made that unnecessary now. I had called a friend on the island I met a few years ago who liked to make a few bucks during the competitions.

His name was Alex and he had grown up on Oahu. I delivered all of my stuff to his house. He brought it out to the show in his truck and would set up and sell all day. I would show up about lunchtime and sign a few pieces, do some work on a piece or two I had already started and basically market myself while I was there.

Stephanie was so eager to get out to the beach we skipped breakfast. I think the promise of Spam wrapped in leaves and rice sounded pretty good to her. There were trucks everywhere that sold the at the beach, it was another local tradition.

I met up with Alex and spent a few hours talking with customers and admirers. Stephanie spent the afternoon looking around and watching the surfers. She found me about 4:00 o’clock and sure enough she was finishing up a Spam treat.

“How many of those have you had today?” I asked with a grin. She was pink from the sun and she smiled innocently.

“I don’t know…five or six I guess.” She replied. “Plus…some other stuff.”

I laughed and pulled out a chair for her. “Some other stuff, huh?” I asked.

“Well, some shrimp, some flavored ice, a couple of ice cream cones.” She leaned in so Alex wouldn’t hear her. “I don’t think I’ve gone ten minutes without something delicious in my mouth.” She whispered naughtily.

That was how our first couple of days went. We would leave the beach and have a huge dinner each night followed by drinks with customers and investors while watching the native shows. Stephanie was eating almost constantly.

The fourth day Alex called Stephanie over to him while she was in visiting us. I found it a little odd, but I just listened. “My Grandma has seen you around here the last few days.” He began. Alex was a native and like many of the natives, once they married they grew very fat. I put Alex at well over 300 pounds yet he wore his shorts with no shoes and never wore a shirt over his brown skin. A necklace of shells hung from his massive neck.

“Where’s your Grandma?” Stephanie asked politely.

“She sits over under the trees on the other end of the beach. Our shack is there, it is blue and green with all the little kids and surfboards.”

“All the way over there?” Stephanie asked, a little confused. “I’ve been by there a couple of times, but how did she know you knew who I was?”

“She didn’t.” He said with a smile. “She was going on and on about the beautiful fat haole with the red hair last night after dinner.”

“Oh really?” Stephanie asked and started laughing. “What about the beautiful, fat haole?”

“She says you are so in love and are such a beautiful person, she wants to meet you today.” Alex explained. “She wants to give you something special.”

Stephanie looked over at me. I just shrugged. “Go see her. She’s very nice, I like her.” I said.

“Does she know I’m with Jay?”

“I told her you were Jay’s girlfriend, yes. She knows Jay. She’s happy Jay has a good woman.” Alex explained.

“I’ll go over there now. She is outside?”

“She always sits outside during the day. She loves to watch the children play and the people come to the beach.” Alex said and then he turned and starting helping a customer. Stephanie kissed Jay and headed toward grandma’s house.

Fifteen minutes later Stephanie had winded her way through the crowds and booths set up along the beach. She crossed the street and was in Grandma’s front yard. Sure enough, sitting in an oversized rocking chair was Grandma herself. Stephanie could not figure out the woman’s age from looking at her, she was anywhere from 60 to 90 years old. Judging by the woman’s girth though, Stephanie figured she was toward the lower numbers. Stephanie couldn’t imagine a 500-pound woman living into her 90’s.

“You must be Alex’s Grandma!” Stephanie called as she dodged three small children running past with a basketball.

The woman smiled wide and shielded her eyes from the sun (even though she was sitting under a copse of trees). “You that pretty redheaded girl who is in love.” The woman called back cheerfully.
Stephanie stepped up the three stairs onto the woman’s porch and she gestured for Stephanie to sit on the old, worn out looking porch swing next to her rocking chair.

“Thank you. Alex said I should come see you today.” Stephanie said.

“He did? That’s a good man, there. He always takes care of his Grandma. I saw you walking by the other day, and then I saw you again yesterday all by yourself. You were alone, but I could see you are in love with a good man. I described you and then Alex told me you’re with Jason the artist.”

“Yes. Jason and I live together in New Jersey.” Stephanie replied.

“Uh huh. I don’t see no ring on that chubby finger of yours? A man fatten you up like that he oughtta put a ring on that finger.” Grandma said in a gentle, thoughtful voice that wasn’t meant to be offensive.

“Well, I was kind of heavy when Jay and I met…”

The old woman laughed. You got them stretchy mark on your sides and belly, he’s fattening you up a whole lot and in a big hurry to.”

“Well…” Stephanie blushed and her hands self-consciously brushed her exposed belly. She was wearing a bright green bikini today. She had bought four new bathing suits, two bikinis, one tankini, and a bright blue one piece with a plunging neckline that showed an acre of her cleavage. “I had a bit of a hand in the eating, I like to eat, I like how my body looks and feels.” Before Stephanie could stop herself she added. “I love being fat, I intend to get fatter.”

The old woman roared with laughter until a tear came to her eye. “That is wonderful!” She finally said. “Jason is a lucky man to have so strong and powerful a woman who loves him so much.”

Again, Stephanie blushed. “Thank you.” She said shyly.

“I have something for you.” The old woman said as she reached into the pocket of her morning dress. She produced a beautiful necklace of carved wood and sea shells and held it up for Stephanie to see.

“Oh my…that’s absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t…”

“You can. And you will. Don’t you say no to Grandma!” The woman added and raised her nose so she was looking down at Stephanie. Then she smiled. “It’s just a trinket I made. I would love for you to have it and remember me and your time on this land.”

“Thank you.” Stephanie said. “I will always keep this.” Grandma gestured for her to turn around so Stephanie shifted and lifted her hair as the old woman deftly tied it around her neck. It hung down just on top of Stephanie’s breasts.

“Now. I made us a special lunch.” Grandma announced. “Ricky!” She called in the screen door. A voice answered. “Bring me those bowls I made this morning and a couple of big spoons!”

Stephanie wasn’t sure what to do to help so she just sat as a young man and a couple of the children came outside with tray tables and two enormous wooden bowls. They set up one table in front of her and one in front of Grandma, left the bowls and went back inside.

“That is my special recipe!” Grandma said proudly. It is taro root, mangoes, bananas, pineapples and some other secret ingredients. You eat up now and it will give you a big belly for Mr. Jason.” She began eating her own bowl that Stephanie noticed was considerably smaller than her own.

She tentatively took a small spoonful and ate it. The taste was fruity and sweet with a small bite to it that was delicious. Big belly? Stephanie thought, this tastes too healthy to put much weight me. Before she realized it, she was spooning the bit of it into her mouth. Before she could set the spoon down the door opened and another full bowl was placed on her tray.

“No, really…” Stephanie began to say. Grandma was chuckling.

“Eat it, I think Ricky is sweet on you. A little more won’t hurt you.”

Stephanie looked at the bowl and shrugged. It was delicious and so light, why not? She began eating again. This time when she finished she set the spoon in the bowl and held her breath for a second. Thankfully when Ricky came out this time he just took their bowls.

Stephanie sat and spoke to Grandma for abut an hour before the old woman began to get sleepy. “You go back to your man, now darling. I’m going to take a little nap. Come back to see me again before you go, I’ll have more poi ready for you.”

“We’re leaving Sunday, perhaps tomorrow?”

“I’ll see you then.” Grandma said as Stephanie bent to kiss the old woman’s cheek.

Several hours later Stephanie and I were at a large barbeque at the hotel. Hula girls danced on the beach and men and woman spun and danced with flaming sticks.

I’ve seen Stephanie eat quite a bit over the past eight or nine months, but even I wasn’t prepared for the amount she ate that night. Ribs, ham, poi, chicken, and more Spam treats disappeared into her bulging cheeks. For two straight hours we hardly talked as she ate and ate.

Finally she leaned back and stopped. She was literally out of breath. “Oh my goodness. I’m so hungry.” Was all she said. Alex had joined us for dinner. He just started chuckling.

“Grandma.” Was all he said as she shook his head. “You’ll be fine in the morning.”

“The poi?” Stephanie asked.

“She has her ‘special’ ingredients.” Alex said with a grin. “You watch out when you get back your room, Jay.” He added with a wink.

“So I should just keep eating?” Stephanie asked as a small smile spread across her face.

“It’s all included.” I said sweeping my arm over the table full of different delicacies. “Eat as much as you want.”

Finally it was about eleven o’clock and she had eaten constantly since six o’clock when she again leaned back and rubbed her stuffed belly. My eyes got wide when I saw how large that belly was.

I helped her up and we went back to the room. I had barely locked the door when I felt her slide up against my back. “Feel that?” She asked seductively. “That is my stomach.” I could feel her warm full belly pressed against me. It felt enormous. “Do you think there’s a scale here somewhere?”

Stephanie scampered to the bathroom. I followed after a moment. “Ooh there is!” She announced before I got to the bathroom. By the time I got there she had dropped the skirt and pulled her top off. Her breasts strained her bra and her thong was tight as a rubber band.

I immediately got concerned when I saw her face. Stephanie looked at me silently. She actually looked frightened. “It says I weigh…264 pounds, Jay.”

I looked down at the digital read out on the scale. “Let me try.” I got on and the scale read 192 pounds. That was accurate.

“I have put on 9 pounds since we left New Jersey?!” She said and tears sprang in her eyes. “That’s disgusting, Jay! I’m totally out of control of this! How am I going to face my parents, my students, our friends? I am much fatter than I was when we got on that plane, I can’t hide this!” She said and slapped her belly.

I said nothing. There was nothing I could say. I just stood and listened.

“Three pounds would have been okay. Five would have been pushing it.” She said a few minutes later as we sat on the bed under the covers. “9 fucking pounds, Jay. I…oh my God, Jay! None of my clothes are going to fit!” Stephanie fell asleep crying in my arms. I had no idea how to fix this.

I got up early the next morning and went to the surf competition. I let Stephanie sleep in. It was the last day I had to work and we were not flying out for two more days so we could relax and sight see. I told Alex what happened when we got back to the room the night before. He shrugged and told me not to worry about it.

“These things with my Grandma always work out, brah. I wouldn’t have sent Stephanie to see her if I thought something bad would happen. You’ll see, brah.”

That quite honestly pissed me off, but I didn’t say anything. I continued shaking hands with potential customers and worked on a painting I had started the day before.

After lunch I felt soft arms wrapping around me from behind and I jumped. Stephanie held me tight and whispered in my ear. “I’m okay, honey. Everything is okay.”

I spun around and looked at her. She was still 264 pounds as far as I could tell. Her belly was enormous, as were her legs and ass. Her boobs were always big, but they didn’t look any bigger. It was as if all of the 9 pounds went to her belly and behind.

Stephanie wore the necklace Grandma had given her and a new beige bikini she must have bought that morning. “What do you think?” She asked and spun around so I could see her.

“Gorgeous. Sexy. The love of my life.” I replied with a smile. “You went shopping?”

“No.” She replied and sank into a chair beside me on the sand. “Grandma came and saw me this morning.”

“How did that go?” I asked cautiously.

“She told me to toughen up.” Stephanie said with a giggle. “And she was right. It’s my body, I’m 25 years old and hell, my mother weighs 400 pounds! What is she going to say to me? I won’t even see your parents for another two or three months, and our friends watch me pig out every time we’re together.”

“Okay, I agree 100 percent.” I said.

“Besides, she brought me this.” She said running her hands over her bikini. “And she brought me…more of her special poi…” She added with what I call her ‘I Love Lucy Look’. Basically it’s the look Lucy used to give Ricky so he would holler at her. It always worked for Ricky and it always works for me too. It was going to be another interesting night.

I was still asleep the following morning when Stephanie carefully slid the blankets off me. I was asleep on my back and she lied on her belly with her chin resting on her arms watching me. More to the point she was lying across the large king-sized bed with her feet dangling off the side staring at my flaccid penis as I slept. She inhaled and gently blew on it. She then commando crawled a little closer and did it again.

Finally she got tired of waiting and she scooted a little bit closer before lifting herself up and leaning forward, taking my soft cock in her warm, wet mouth. I’d had a few drinks the night before so I was a little slow to wake up. My penis was not slow to wake and it quickly began to grow in her hot little mouth.

By the time I did wake up my cock was rock hard and Stephanie was gently and slowly sucking on it. “Mmm. Good morning.” I whispered.

“Good morning, sexy.” She replied and went back to my cock. I gradually woke up fully and before she could bring me to orgasm (she could do that with her mouth very quickly) I touched her shoulder and went to get up so I could slide on top of her.

“No. I want to get on top.” She whispered and slid off the bed and stood. My eyes must have gotten wide because she giggled and made a show of walking sexily around the bed to get back in on my side. Grandma’s poi had done it’s magic again last night. Stephanie ate so much at a local all you can eat barbeque place we were almost asked to leave.

She slid slowly on top of me and straddled my hips. She reached underneath herself and managed to guide me into her vagina. It was always warm, but today it actually felt hot and I moaned deeply as she settled her weight on top of me. Stephanie began gyrating her hips and she reached up to get the hair off of her neck. She looked so sexy when she did that!

Her breasts undulated as she picked up the pace. My hands were rotating between her large breasts, her big belly and her wide ass. Everything was getting so big and round she was amazing to feel and look at.

She froze in mid stride a few minutes later and she breathed fast and deep as an orgasm rushed through her making her face flush. Stephanie opened her eyes after a minute and a big smile spread across her face. “That felt soo good.” She whispered and rested her hands on my chest as she began going faster again.

I reached around and grabbed both cheeks of her ass and lifted her up a few inches and then began moving my hips up very quickly. Her breasts hung in my face and she again opened her mouth as a series of small moans and whines escaped her. I kept up a fast pace and in moments Stephanie was rocked with multiple orgasms. Finally she sat down on me hard letting me know she needed a minute to recuperate. I stopped and we lay still as one, she was breathing hard and moaning softly with each breath.

Stephanie kissed me hard and long as she lie on top of me. Eventually she began moving on top of me again. We continued kissing, her big boobs were pressed against my chest and her pudgy belly was against mine. Her soft body was sliding back and forth and the friction warmed us.

She backed away from me just a few inches so that our faces were close and we stared into each other’s eyes. She bit her lip gently and shook as she came yet again. Her eyes never left mine and then she smiled weakly. I don’t think I ever knew a woman as multi-orgasmic as Stephanie. “So…do you want to know?” She whispered still grinding her hips against me.

“How many times you came?” I asked gently.

“Well, I think that was four or five…I don’t know if I had one huge one or a bunch of little ones when you were fucking me like a jack hammer.” She said and she blushed. “So it may be a lot more depending on how you look at it.”

Stephanie was quiet for a moment to catch her breath. “But what I meant was how last night affected my figure.”

“You’ve been on the scale already?” I asked a little surprised. I must have been sound asleep.

She nodded slowly. “Are you sure you want to know?” She asked coyly. I nodded. She picked up her pace and closed her eyes for a moment to concentrate. “Are you almost ready?” She asked. “I want us to cum together.”

“I can cum anytime now…tell me.” I said feeling my own climax building.

“I have put on…21 pounds since we got to Hawaii.” She said and stiffened in orgasm. I held her tightly and let myself explode between her soft thighs. We lay together shaking and kissing until the pleasure ran its course between us. She lifted her head after a few minutes and looked at me with an innocent little smile. “Is that okay?”

“The sex or the 21 pounds?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Both.” She replied and reached up to play with my hair.

“Both.” I said with a grin. “Both are absolutely amazing. So you gained what…12 pounds yesterday?”

“Well, I had a big lunch.” Stephanie answered. “Then we ate at that delicious barbeque place, so I had a big day. ”

“Big is right.” I said and she pinched my nose.
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The Girl On the Beach
By Blame Picasso

Chapter 8
One Year Down, Forever To Go

Today was July 1st. Stephanie and I had met one year ago today. I had a lot planned for our day. I got up first and made coffee and breakfast in bed for my special girl. I had a couple of steaks marinating for dinner and there was a huge cherry cheesecake in the refrigerator I had bought special for her.

The four slices of toast popped up just as her scrambled eggs (half a dozen of them) were finishing. I had cooked an entire package of bacon for her and a box of sausage as well. There was a large stack of pancakes in the oven keeping warm while I made the eggs. I got out the big tray we kept for just such an occasion and carefully stacked everything on it. The microwave beeped and I removed a small container of syrup and placed it on the tray with a small vase holding a single, red rose.

“Good morning.” I whispered as I entered the bedroom. Stephanie opened her eyes and saw me coming with the huge tray. A big smile spread across her face and she waved at me.

Stephanie slid to the left of the big bed and sat up, propping a couple of pillows behind her self. She smoothed the blanket over her legs and I waited for her to settle before I placed the tray before her. She smiled up at me and I leaned over to give her a kiss. My hand went to her soft stomach and she purred. I felt her warm belly through the thin negligee she wore and I felt my penis twitch. Stephanie was officially obese and she glowed.

She came home from Hawaii weighing 276 pounds. She began over eating again the night we got home in a way that scared me at first. She would order pizzas, fast food, sausage sandwiches two or three at a time. I woke up one night a week later and caught her in the kitchen drinking a blender full of milkshakes made with weight gain powder. I told her she was scaring me. She admitted she was getting carried away and that she was just excited at how much she gained in Hawaii. She promised me she would slow down a little and she did cut back…just a little.

Stephanie sat before me now a mountainous 331 pounds. She looked at the tray and rubbed her hands together. Her upper arms swayed with the movement. “This is amazing, thank you, babe.” She said as she dug into the eggs. I sat on the bed beside her and sipped my coffee. When my coffee was gone I slid over and began feeding her. I fed her until everything was gone and she lied back. I removed the tray, Stephanie grabbed the rose from the vase before I took it away and she lay there with it against her nose.

“I love you.” She said softly.

“Happy anniversary.” I replied as I set the tray on the dresser. I walked to her side of the bed and she rolled over to sit up and let me into bed. I stopped and got on my knee. I took a diamond ring I had hidden beside the nightstand and held it out to her. Stephanie sat there for a moment, frozen.

“Is that?” She whispered.

I nodded. “Stephanie McClain, would you do me the honor…of being my wife?”

Tears actually shot out of her tear ducts and ran down her chubby cheeks. She was shaking as she held out her left hand. I slipped the ring on and kissed her. “Yes.” She replied almost inaudibly. “Yes, forever, yes.”

Three days later my annual Fourth of July party was an impromptu engagement party as well. I had catered everything so Stephanie and I could relax and enjoy our guests without having to cook, clean up or serve anyone. I even had a bartender working up in the tiki bar. Stephanie held court with all the ladies upstairs at the patio table showing off her ring and eating to her heart’s content. Connie was crying every time I walked past her and on the futon in my studio. She hugged me twenty times if she hugged me once.

“I love you so much, Jason.” She said a hundred times. “I’m so thankful you love my daughter so much.”

I had to find a heavy-duty stool for Bill to sit on out on the patio. He used a cane now because he had blown out his knee on the job slipping on ice shortly after New Years Eve so he was on disability. I knew he would never go back to the firehouse and he would collect a partial pension to go with his disability insurance. The past few months sitting around with his bad leg had added at least fifty pounds to his already corpulent frame.

Carol made sure he had plenty to eat and she made sure she had plenty to eat as well. She had moved to Staten Island to live with him right after he got hurt and the two of them spent most of their days eating. She was always smaller than her older sister, but those days were gone. Clearly, Stephanie had gained a lot of weight over the winter but Carol wasn’t working so she had a lot more free time. I asked Stephanie to ask her how much she weighed and Stephanie had whispered in my ear that she was almost 360 pounds.

While we had everyone who would be at the wedding already together, we set the following Fourth of July weekend for our wedding. Stephanie lay next to me in bed after the party. Bill and Carol were in one guest bedroom and Joe and Kelli occupied the other. Stephanie and I whispered quietly in the dark. She was already making plans for the year.

The year passed quickly. I worked steadily, Stephanie continued gaining steadily. By the fall Stephanie had put on another 25 pounds. Christmas Day she waited for me under the Christmas tree naked with a ribbon tied around her belly. Written on the ribbon was the number 375. I figured she was hoping to be a 400-pound bride. We made love almost everyday. Every trip I went on Stephanie would make sure I came home to a noticeable gain. Valentines Day was celebrated by her passing the 400 pound mark and I started to think she had a much larger goal in mind.

St. Patrick’s day marked thirty more pounds. By Easter we were heading back to Hawaii. It cost a hell of a lot more, my girlfriend required two seats on the airplane, but I didn’t mind. The first stop we made was to see Grandma. She was amazed at the size of Stephanie. Stephanie walked up to the porch in a custom made tankini in a dazzling orange that made her hair look like fire.

Grandma wouldn’t let Stephanie sit on the rickety old porch swing and she had Ricky bring her out a sturdy end table that he placed a pillow on. Grandma took Stephanie’s hand and tears filled the old woman’s eyes. “Alex told me you two are getting married!

Stephanie leaned over and hugged the old woman. The boards under them creaked under their combined weight. “Oh my goodness, girl, how much do you weigh?” She asked Stephanie.

“As of yesterday, I weigh 452 pounds.” Stephanie replied proudly. “I want to be 500 pounds when I walk down the aisle.” She added in a whisper I wasn’t supposed to hear. That was what I was figuring when 400 pounds came and went so quickly.

By the spring, she and her bridesmaids were getting fitted for their gowns and she warned the seamstress that she would definitely be letting her dress out for the wedding. Carol let the seamstress know she was hoping to have her gown taken in by then. She and Bill reached the 450 pound mark together and they decided to cut back. Carol was only 23 and she wanted children someday. He was twelve years older and he was getting frustrated at his lack of mobility. They were officially on a diet.

Stephanie didn’t miss a beat and the confident way she carried herself made her irresistible to me. Every pound turned me on. Our lovemaking was intense. She was still quite active for a woman her size, her weight didn’t slow her down very much at all. She had to order her cloths online and that began to depress her a bit, she loved to shop.

By the middle of June Stephanie hit 477 pounds and she was beginning to worry. Her goal was so close, but she wasn’t sure she could do twenty-three pounds in less than three weeks.

“Do you really want this?” I asked one night while she was a bit blue.

“I don’t know why it’s important to me, but it is.” She replied.

I was on the couch and I looked at her as she sat across from me on the loveseat. She just about filled the seat. She was in a loose summer dress made of soft green fabric. Her hair was up in a clip and several curls hung down on either side of her face framing her eyes and cute little nose beautifully. Her legs were spread a bit to allow her enormous belly to hang down between them and it sat just below the cushion. Her boobs were like melons and her nipples were the size of coasters. Her thighs were wider than I was and her calves were the size of both my thighs together. I felt drunk looking at her immense beauty.

“Then we need to get serious about this.” I said calmly. “I could get some of that weight gain powder…”

“You said I scared you when I was drinking that stuff.” She replied.

“Because you were hiding it from me in the middle of the night.”

She looked at me with a gleam in her eye. “Do you feel like going to the store?”

“I’ll be back in a half an hour…meet me in bed.” I said getting up and kissing her on the forehead. I grabbed my wallet and my keys and was out the door.

I was gone over an hour because I had another idea and had stopped at the local Home Depot. Steph was in bed when I got in. I mixed a triple sized shake of heavy cream, vanilla ice cream and the vanilla flavored weight gain powder. It was only a triple because that was all the blender would hold. I made two more the same size and poured them in a gallon sized bucket I had bought.

I grabbed the bucket and the other supplies I had bought and went up to our bedroom. Stephanie sat under the blanket naked and watched silently as I began to set up my contraption. I hooked a stainless steel wire frame over the headboard. “Lie down, baby.” I whispered. She did as I instructed and I placed the bucket in the frame over her head. I checked carefully, and it was sturdy, so she would be safe.

Her eyes grew big with excitement as I placed a small pump in the bucket attached to a clear PVC hose. I handed her the other end of the hose and she placed it between her lips. I plugged in the pump and it automatically began running the sweet, ultra-fattening mixture into her mouth.

“Oh my God, Jay this is amazing.” She said with the hose still in her mouth and she drank greedily.

I then pulled the sheets down her legs and spread her wide thighs. I crawled in between them and kissed her large, soft, stretch-marked belly for a few minutes while Stephanie moaned in ecstasy. I eventually slid down to her sopping wet pussy and ate her out while she silently fed.

My lips and tongue danced over her and inside her beautiful pussy and I made her cum several times. I used my head to push her belly back a bit so that I could get my face closer to her feminine folds. I had to pull back occasionally to breath because she was now so fat I had trouble getting oxygen.

She came a fourth time and tapped my on my shoulder gently after she regained her composure.

“Ready to make love?” I asked crawling up from between her fat thighs.

“Yes.” She whispered softly. Her eyes were half closed from the dual pleasures of my mouth and the full feeling I knew she had. “That, and my bucket is empty.” She added.

“What?” I asked looking up at the bucket, sure enough I could tell by the way the light shown through it that it was empty. “Holy shit, babe. That was a full gallon.”

“I’ll need another one…after you fuck me senseless.” Stephanie said with a wicked grin.

I climbed up so I was on my knees between her thighs. I spread her legs further apart with mine. I then pushed against her big belly with my stomach to push my way to her fat engulfed vagina. My hard cock slipped inside her without any assistance from my hands. I loved the feeling of the ocean of Stephanie’s fat pushing against me as I pushed myself into her again and again. Her huge breasts moved back and forth in rhythm. Stephanie tossed her head back and forth on the pillow, clutching at the sheets as she came again and again.

Her orgasms always came easy, but lately feeling me shaking and jiggling her huge body seemed to make her cum a lot more. The sight of her huge body often made me cum a lot quicker than I liked. Stephanie rarely complained because she got tired and lost her breath sometimes if I lasted too long. This time I went twenty minutes and had made her cum more than I could count before I was ready to explode inside her.

Stephanie shocked me when she suddenly pulled herself back and I slipped out of her. “Cum all over my fat belly, lover!” She whispered. I grabbed my cock and immediately shot several huge ropes of cum onto her boobs and stomach. Stephanie smeared and rubbed my ejaculate into her bountiful flesh before putting her fingers in her mouth, licking them clean.

I leaned in and kissed her lying myself on her sticky, soft body. She glanced up at the empty bucket above her head. “Make the next one chocolate.” She whispered with a grin.

Stephanie enjoyed the little feeding machine I had made…a lot. It immediately became part of our lovemaking and since she was off from work, we were making love at least once a day.

I woke up early a week before the wedding to go surfing. I returned at lunchtime and Stephanie was in the kitchen making herself lunch. I stopped outside the glass doors looking in at her as she walked around the kitchen and I almost lost my breath looking at how beautiful she was. It took me back to the day I met her.

Her curly red hair was up in a clip to keep it off her neck and shoulders. She had a small chin that flowed into a huge roll of flesh that rested on her upper chest. She wore the wooden bead necklace Alex’s grandmother had given her in Hawaii the year before. Her shoulders were smooth and covered with pale freckles. The straps of her bikini…yes she was wearing a bikini, dug deeply into the soft fat shoulders and wide back. A deep crease of fat ran along her mid back and another at her waist. The sides of her bikini were lost in the fat rolls at her sides and back. When she turned her humungous, round double belly hung down hiding her bottoms from view. Stephanie turned to get something out of the refrigerator and I saw that her bottom must have been a thong. Only the large ‘Y’ extending from the crack of her ass to the string hidden in her fat was visible to the eye.

Her belly was so large it shook with every step. Dimples and stretch marks covered the lower part of it. Smooth pale skin and freckles covered the upper half. Her naval was a deep crevice in the middle partially hidden by the upper roll of her double belly. Her breasts sagged and rested on that belly, deep cleavage formed between them, the cups of her top had enough fabric in each to make an entire bikini for a smaller woman.

A plate sat on the counter between the kitchen and living room that held six large sandwiches and there was a giant glass filled with a vanilla shake I knew she made with the weight gain powder. She popped a large strawberry in her mouth and grabbed the plate and glass and walked around the counter into the living room. I was marveling at the thick rolls of fat that hung from her thighs over her knees creating a huge crevice of flesh above her calves that were at least 12 inches across and I could not imagine how much in circumference.

Stephanie was startled when she saw me looking at her through the glass and she jiggled as her body ‘jumped’. I laughed and opened the door. She set down her lunch on the coffee table and then looked at me with one eyebrow raised and her hand on her left hip. “Are you a peeping Tom, mister?” She asked me in a seductive voice.

“Maybe.” I replied coyly.

“Oh, should I be afraid you’re going to take advantage of me? I’m just a poor little defenseless woman.” She said as I drew her close and she wrapped her warm, heavy arms around me. I set my hands on her waist, I had trouble getting them all the way around her. “Oooh, I think you are going to take advantage of me.”

“Not until you finish all your lunch, young lady.” I replied.

“No problem.” Stephanie said kissing me deeply and then turning to sit on the couch. Her large body spread out widely as she settled down gently in on the couch. We had replaced one couch already when she sat down suddenly and broke it. I had reinforced this one with two-by-fours the day we had it delivered.

She began eating her sandwiches and I went upstairs to wash the ocean off my body. As I expected I heard the blender going as I stepped out of the shower to dry off. By the time I walked into the bedroom Stephanie was slowly but gracefully walking down the hall toward me. She held her bucket filled with chocolate shake.

The following Monday was Stephanie’s last fitting for her gown before the wedding. She got up before me and fixed herself one last enormous breakfast before she got ready to leave. Stephanie hadn’t weighed herself since we started the weight gain shakes. She wanted to be surprised. After she ate I followed her back upstairs to the bathroom and set the scale on the floor for her. It was an industrial scale that went up to 600 pounds. Stephanie looked at me with an excited grin and undid the belt of her enormous bathrobe. It fell to her feet and she stood before me, naked.

“Here we go.” She whispered. I just nodded and she carefully stepped onto the scale. We waited nervously as the number skipped around a bit before settling. “Five hundred…twenty-two…pounds.” The electronic voice said clearly.

“Holy shit the shakes worked!” Stephanie screamed with a shocked look on her face. She hopped a bit and we heard a loud crack as the scale broke under her weight. We laughed until tears ran down our cheeks.

One week later I stood in the front of St. Aloysius church next to my father waiting for the doors to open and the music to start. Stephanie had spent the past two days at her mother’s getting ready for her big day. I hadn’t seen her.

Suddenly the organist began playing and the huge double doors swung open. Carol was first in a pale purple gown and a spray of white flowers in her hair. Joe wore a tuxedo identical to my own beside her. Joe was my best man, Carol was the maid of honor. Kelli came next beside Bill, followed by Stephanie’s friend Rita beside Phil, my agent. Another two of Stephanie’s friends, Beth and Mary Ellen walked down next beside George and Tommy. Rita, Beth, and Mary Ellen were all very thin and they made Carol and Kelli look enormous.

Connie had chosen Tommy’s boyfriend Ronnie to walk her down the aisle. He wore a dark purple suit and green Converse All-Stars. I chuckled and waved at him. He grinned and did jazz hands into his seat.

All eyes turned to the back of the church as Stephanie’s father emerged from the doorway beside my bride. Her gown was magnificent. The seamstress had literally cried when Stephanie went to her fitting Monday because she had to work so hard to make the gown fit Stephanie’s incredible girth. Even though I knew Stephanie had said she was going to eat careful for the few days between the last fitting and the wedding, the dress looked a bit tight. I figured her, Connie, and Carol had misbehaved the past two nights. Carol and Bill weren’t doing so hot on their diets. Bill had lost only about twenty pounds and Stephanie had confided in me that Carol had put on another twenty-five since they went on their diets.

A long, white veil hid Stephanie’s face from me but as she got closer I could see she was crying. Her hair was a mass of wonderful curls with sprays of flowers throughout it. Finally, they stopped before me and her father lifted her veil and turned to me. Lou had tears in his eyes as he shook my hand strongly and gave me a kiss on my cheek. “Take care of my baby.” He whispered before he turned and went to Connie.

Several hours later I had a moment by myself during Stephanie’s dance with her father. I watched as Steph rested her head on Lou’s shoulder and I was amazed at how much larger she was than him. She danced gracefully and I was overcome by how much I loved her. I thought back two years ago when I first saw this beautiful, vivacious redhead walking in the surf in that bikini. I got an idea just as the bandleader called for my mom and I to join them on the dance floor.

Two days later we were back in Hawaii on our honeymoon and I stood on the sand watching Stephanie walking in the surf once again. I lifted my camera and took several pictures of my 525-pound wife in her bikini. The girl I met on the beach was now the woman I would spend the rest of my life with.

The End.
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Blame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBlame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes


Stephanie’s tongue ran up the underside of my cock as her soft, chubby hand massaged the head. She leaned back and I saw her staring at my shaft has she stroked it slowly before taking it in her wet mouth once again. Her red hair bobbed up and down on me for a few moments before her hand once again took over.

I caught her eye and she smiled and ran her pink tongue around the crown like it was an ice cream cone. I sat in our bed with my back against several pillows and Steph lied between my legs on her belly. I looked at her wonderful body spread out before me as she continued sucking me and I smiled proudly. My legs were spread wide in order for her to fit between them. Her shoulders spread out round and soft. The spread into her back that I estimated was three feet across. Her ass was raised in the air as she rested on her knees in order to allow her belly to spread out beneath her. It was a beautiful, sexy foot wider than her back was.

I closed my eyes as she took almost all of my cock into her mouth and slipped her hand under my balls and massaged them gently. “Do you like what you see?” She whispered up at me before taking me back in her mouth.

“Oh yes.” I whispered back.

“I’m all yours.” She replied. “All 692 pounds, baby.” The way she purred her immense weight to me sent me over the edge and she grunted and snorted as I came hard between her lips. She swallowed and chuckled at the way I was shaking. “Happy Anniversary.” She whispered. “Thank you for two beautiful years.”

I opened my eyes and helped her crawl up beside me. I kissed her deeply. “No. Thank you.” We cuddled beside each other and my eye caught our reflection and first painting I had done of her hanging over our heads in the mirror over our dresser. I turned my head slightly so that the mirror caught the reflection of the second painting I had done of her two years and 150 pounds earlier after we had returned from our honeymoon. There was room for one more.

A year later we had been married for three years and I set my hammer down on the bed beside Stephanie and lifted that third painting onto the wall. We had made a special trip to the beach to take the photo a week earlier. Stephanie didn’t get out of bed much anymore. She had been forced to leave her job shortly after we were married due to her weight. She had taken several courses online for fashion design and now she had a successful company designing swimsuits for extra large women.

I stood back and admired the final painting of her standing in the surf in one of her latest designs. It was a bikini. In the painting as in the photo, Stephanie had reached 800 pounds a few weeks ago. As soon as I had taken the photo we had to get her back to van to get her home but she smiled up at me from the bed now. It had been worth the effort.
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