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Default Advice for easing my lover into this?

Hi everyone, longtime lurker here!

So I've been with the most wonderful guy for about a year now and finally told him about my fetish for bigger guys and/or stuffed bellies. He was surprisingly open-minded and even said that if I wanted, he'd stuff himself for me. He's actually the skinniest guy I've ever dated, but the fact that he was accepting of and willing to indulge my belly fetish made me a very happy girl!

I was wondering what would be the best way to go about this. We both like to eat, so getting him in the mood won't be a problem. Have any of you lovely people been in a situation like this? How did you go about it?

Thanks in advance to anyone who comments!!

xoxo, Kitty
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As the old saying goes " the way to a mans heart is through his belly"

He's ok with it so don't hesitate to double up on his food portions
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I just recently started dating too and I could not believe my ears (or my luck) when he said he is a dessert man Few weeks later he was confessing to having 3 desserts in a restaurant once, I could tell he was nervous. But clearly he didnt get big eating salad! Couple of weeks ago we were chatting on MSN and he said he had ice cream so i asked if he had the whole thing and he had done When he told me that a message back saying that turned me on kind of did the trick LOL he did ask why and i explained that for me its more of a case that he isn't holding back in any way, he is allowing himself all the pleasure he wants which is extremely horny! yesterday he ate a whole family size dessert all to himself by now he knows that is going to turn me on. I hope this maybe helps, step by step, small steps... But definitley someone giving in to pleasure and losing inhibitions like that is really hot.
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Default This worked for me

I have been just where you are, but with women. Baby steps are the key and little by little you can introduce food into your intimate time together and hopefully he will equate food with intimacy and erotic pleasure and over time, you will have conditioned him where the good feelings are so powerful and have become a habit that there's no turning back. Over the years I've dated women who swore they didn't want to gain a pound because they were already big enough, and what happened every time? You got it
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