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Blame Picasso
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Blame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBlame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Kelli's Big Belly - by Blame Picasso (BBW, Pregnancy, Extreme Eating & Sex, XWG)

BBW, Pregnancy, Extreme Eating, Extreme Sex, XWG - a pregnant girl gets very fat and some people just can't take it.

Kelli's Big Belly
by Blame Picasso
(Thanks to Anonymous for laying the framework)

This story was very sexually graphic even by my standard…that’s probably why I like it so much. That being said, no, I’m not changing that. The original writer never stated exactly what business Kelli was in, but judging by the situations she gets into and seems to shamelessly enjoy, I have written her as an adult video star. As just about anyone who has read the original would attest, nothing else would make much sense.

Chapter One
Kelli gets Pregnant

A black convertible Camaro cruised North on Hazelton Avenue Behind the wheel sat a beautiful redhead in sunglasses. Her hair blew carelessly in the wind as she breezed past the apartments and condos toward the auto shops and coin operated laundries in the more industrial part of the San Fernando Valley. She stopped at a red light at Burbank Boulevard and a couple of guys in greasy overalls called to her from the corner.

“Aren’t you Kelli Valentine?” One with a long, blonde ponytail asked.

“That’s me.” She answered as she raised her glasses and set them on top of her head and smiled her dazzling white smile at them.

“I loved you in ‘Night Shift Stripers’.” He said walking toward her car and referring to one of her first pornographic videos in which she played a young candy striper working alone in a hospital full of horny doctors, nurses, and interns. His friend followed behind. He was an older guy with a large beer gut and a desperate need of a shave.

“Hey, show us your tits, baby.” He growled with a creepy grin. The light turned green and Kelli hit the accelerator, spinning her tires and leaving them in a cloud of dust.

She looked in her rear view mirror as the cute one with the ponytail slapped his nasty friend on the chest. Kelli laughed. She drove a few more blocks, made a right hand turn and then she went through the gate to Rebel Alliance Adult videos studios.

Kelli was 20 years old and had broken into the adult video industry five months after she turned 18. She was discovered stripping in a bar on Hollywood Boulevard shortly after she arrived in California. Originally from Lakewood, Michigan, she got her high school diploma as she had promised her mother on her deathbed and then packed her stuff and moved the day after graduation. Her father was a dockworker with a violent drinking problem. Kelli hadn’t even said goodbye to him

Kelli’s mother, Janet Fink had been a wonderful, strong woman who put up with her violent, alcoholic husband for twelve years for the sake of her daughter. She passed away after a horrible car crash on her way home from her job as a food service worker at a hospital. She had been conscious just long enough to say goodbye and beg to her only child that Kelli finish school at that very same hospital’s emergency room. The paramedics had told her if her mother hadn’t been so obese they might have saved her. That was eight years ago and Kelli hadn’t appreciated that speculation then and she didn’t like thinking about it now.

Kelli parked the Camaro and put up the roof. It wasn’t a great neighborhood and even though the gates to the studios had closed behind her she didn’t want to take a chance of a thief hopping the fence and stealing anything or a pervert leaving her a sticky present on her seat. Both events had happened before. One of the downsides of being a pornographic actress she figured.

She grabbed her purse and her shoulder bag with her laptop and opened her door. She stepped from the car and ran her free hand through her long hair to try and manage it somewhat. Kelli wore a tight gray tank top and a pair of black yoga pants with a large purple stripe down the sides and across her behind. It was clear she was pregnant. She was just four months along in fact.

Kelli had maintained her weight at 115 pounds at 5’3” since high school. Her long red/strawberry blonde hair, pale blue eyes and freckles had made her quite stunning before she became pregnant, but now she was truly radiant. As an adult entertainer, her body was her livelihood. Kelli had been featured in many websites dedicated to women with much larger breasts than hers. Her boobs were not huge, but they seemed to defy gravity and each one was capped by large, pale pink nipple that ballooned into huge puffy bumps when she was aroused. She had gained a little over ten pounds and they accentuated her formerly b-cup breasts, bringing them to a c-cup. Her supple, tiny ass had grown to a sexy, round 38 inches.

Kelli was not a troubled or failed mainstream actress. She was following in Sasha Grey’s footsteps and Jenna Jameson’s before her. Kelli entered porn on purpose and with a plan. Due to her dysfunctional childhood, college was not an option for her. She never touched drugs even in the beginning when she danced in the seedy clubs on Hollywood Boulevard. Several infamous producers, directors, and even actors had approached her from larger, more established studios with promises of champagne, cocaine, and large contracts but she held out for a little guy with potential. That was Lee Gaines.

After her first few videos exploded on the scene, she negotiated a deal with him. Kelli was an instant hit and she was making him a lot of money. She produced and even directed her self and did all of her own marketing. Rebel Alliance was not her production company, but her image built it into a brand worth many millions of dollars over the past couple of years. Because of that, Lee gave her free reign in his studios. She also got a percentage of the profits.

At 20 years old, Kelli was one of the richest actresses/producers/directors in the industry. She had a 3 million dollar mansion overlooking Hollywood in the hills. While she could afford a more expensive car, she liked the Camaro. Kelli didn’t like flashing her money in front of the other people, especially the others at work. She was always friendly and tried to be one of the gang. Kelli enjoyed being a regular person and tried to keep herself grounded. She saved and invested a large portion of her earnings. She would not be doing porn when she was 30. Not all of the actresses and actors she worked with thought or behaved that way, but that was their problem.

She got to the door to the studio and was greeted by an enormous man in black slacks and a black t-shirt that looked spray painted on his chiseled, muscular body. Tribal tattoos sleeved both his arms and dark, wrap-around sunglasses hid his eyes.

“Good morning, Tony.” She said sweetly.

A huge smile broke Tony Gildea’s face. “Good morning, beautiful.” He replied. Tony melted whenever Kelli was around. He adored her, but was always a consummate professional around her. He had acted as her personal bodyguard on many occasions during publicity tours and on-location shoots. He was licensed to carry a weapon, though with his training he really didn’t need one.

He glanced at Kelli’s identification card before he swiped it in the electronic lock for her and opened the door. “Have a great day, Tony.” She said before turning. “Would you like a bottle of water or anything before I get settled?” She asked.

“No, miss Kelli.” He replied shaking his head. “I have one.” He gestured to a small stool beside him. “But thank you.”

Once inside the building Kelli went straight to the kitchen for a cup of tea before she would go to Lee’s office and they would discuss her photo shoot scheduled for that afternoon. Kelli had written it and it entailed her acting as a pregnant student performing a strip tease and masturbating with a large toy for the camera in a dorm room setting. Of course the entire script for that was basically what I just typed describing it. This would be shot on video while also being photographed for a large set.

The following morning she had a hard core set scheduled with Rick Evans and she also wanted to discuss that with Lee. They had released a video of Kelli dressed as a schoolgirl two months ago that was filmed shortly after finding out she was pregnant but before she began to show called ‘Kelli Gets Pregnant’. Kelli played a young college student who gets pregnant after having sex with her professor played by Rick.

She had pigtails in the scene and wore a schoolgirl outfit with plain white panties. She had gone to the professor’s office to complain about getting a ‘D’’. Rick pretended to be trying to control himself but loses it when Kelli finally slides her thigh onto his desk and peeled her panties aside exposing her shaven pussy. The scene involved over fifteen minutes of Kelli teasing Rick for the camera by feeling herself up and talking absolutely filthy. It was already being touted as the scene of the year on the Adult Video Awards crowd. Kelli also did a lesbian scene with her friend, fellow actress Misty Rain. They had done many films together and those scenes were all critic and fan favorites.

‘Kelli’s Secret Gets Out’ followed that video filmed last month as she had developed a slight bump at the end of her first trimester.
She liked the changes to her body and so did her fans. The ‘Kelli Valentine’s Knocked Up’ series would continue monthly, tracking her body’s changes until she was ready to give birth. She also planned a lactating series afterwards.

Rick was ten years older than Kelli, he was a former celebrity trainer and fitness guru and he looked magnificent. She had first worked with Rick a year before and they hit it off well, developing a friendship. Like Kelli, Rick did not do any drugs and only drank socially. He created a work out regimen for her that kept her fit and feeling good but didn’t build a lot of muscle.

She had been dating a fellow pornographic actor named Scott Hazzard when she met Rick. Scott was a very arrogant man and spent a lot of time in the gym as well. Unlike Rick, who had built and sculpted his body naturally, Scott used Human Growth Hormones and steroids to build a large, almost comically muscled physique.

Lee had called her into the office on a day he knew Scott was away visiting his college buddies in Las Vegas to film a scene with a new actor he wanted to use in one of her new videos. That was strange because Lee knew her protocol was to meet and even have sex with any new actors male or female before shooting to get acquainted with them and their styles. That was basically everyone’s protocol in the industry in addition to seeing a clean bill of health from a licensed doctor.

Lee assured her that he had the necessary health information and that her friend Misty Rain had signed off that he was capable and sexually impressive. Kelli agreed to go in and do the shoot strictly because she trusted Misty and Lee implicitly…and because Lee’s behavior piqued her curiosity.

That actor was Rick Evans. Lee himself stood behind the camera and ‘interviewed’ Kelli for the video. He asked her a series of sexually alluring questions about her sexual habits and preferences. After Kelli had answered all of his questions in a very titillating fashion that turned out to be one of her most exciting interviews, Lee brought out Rick. Lee then asked if Kelli had ever been with a guy with a large cock. Kelli had answered yes and Rick smiled at the camera. Lee could be heard chuckling off camera.

He stood up and Lee asked Kelli to reach over and feel his groin from her seat on the small couch. Kelli reached over and wrapped her hand around what felt like a cucumber. Her eyes grew wide as she continued feeling Rick through his trousers. Finally she undid his pants and slid them down his ankles. The following scene was what Lee Gaines still called the best reaction scene in adult videos. Kelli was mesmerized by what Rick had in his jockey shorts. She slid them down to reveal his rock hard, ten and a half inch cock that was seven inches around. Rick was easily two inches longer and an inch thicker than anyone Kelli had fucked before.

Kelli attacked Rick’s cock with an animalistic enthusiasm. She wrapped her lips around the head of his penis and slid her tongue over the crown. Both of her hands stroked and fondled his shaft and full, heavy testicles while she took as much of him as she could in her mouth. Within minutes Kelli had stripped and she threw herself back on the couch grabbing her thighs to spread her pussy wide for him to enter her. Rick slid himself inside her and began slowly fucking her with about half of his penis before she grabbed his ass and pulled him against her and took all ten and a half inches deep in her vagina.

The finished video was 32 minutes long and twenty-three minutes of it was Rick fucking her like a jackhammer and making her cum several times. Lee commented that he knew her orgasms were real by the way she was shaking and trembling. The last two minutes was Kelli taking almost his entire dick down her throat until he came all over her face. The video ended with Kelli laughed and wiping his cum from her eyes.

From that day forward, Kelli’s fans preferred her scenes with Rick to any other male model she worked with…including her boyfriend, Scott Hazzard. Lee preferred Rick too. That didn’t get through to Kelli though, she continued dating Scott for the year since she and Rick met. Kelli enjoyed working with Rick and she enjoyed their friendship, but that was as far as their relationship went. Rick often wished she loved him as much as he secretly loved her, but he never said anything.

Scott read the reviews and all the fans’ blogs raving about the chemistry between Rick Evans and Kelli not to mention how well she tamed his huge cock and he got extremely jealous. He got so jealous he finally forbid Kelli to work with Rick or any other male actor. She followed his wishes for the most part, but business is business and the fans’ and Lee’s demands finally won and despite Scott’s demands, she had done four videos with two different male actors since.

The videos and photo shoots had been done in three days and they were the only times she had been with a man other than Scott since he had his tantrum. One was six months ago, with a black actor named Viggo Force. Kelli fucked Viggo once and did a blowjob scene with him later that same day. The other shoot was four months ago with Rick. She had sex with Rick four times in two days.

Scott found out she pregnant and immediately demanded she have an abortion out of concern for his money and his career. Kelli intended to have the child and that is what finally broke them up. Rick was her closest friend during all of that and he had figured out the timeline. He suggested a paternity test and swore he would do right by her whether the child turned out to be his or not. Rick’s sincerity and kind nature opened Kelli’s eyes and they began dating a few weeks after she and Scott broke up. They were still together and had fallen very quickly in love.

Unfortunately Scott was contracted to Rebel Alliance and he also had a large fan base so he was in the studio regularly. More than once he had made an unwarranted comment to Kelli about taking care of his ‘package’ that she was carrying in her belly.

On her way to Lee’s office, Kelli ran into Rick in the cafeteria. He was making himself a protein shake. He wore a black robe tied at his waist and nothing else. Unlike Scott, Kelli was powerful enough to be choosy about who she performed with and now preferred to just have onscreen and off screen sex with Rick, (she would never work with Scott Hazzard again) but Rick was not as powerful so he often shot scenes with other actresses.

Kelli wasn’t happy about it and she could of course demand Lee schedule Rick with her solely, but Rick liked being his own man. He did not live with Kelli in her mansion and he made his own living. While he did love Kelli, he was independent and he wanted to stay that way.

They had conversations about it and they decided that after the baby was born, they would marry and Rick would retire from performing to be a stay at home father. Kelli would work for a few more years to ensure the future of their family and then they would spend the rest of their lives enjoying their riches. That was the plan though they both realized they had only been dating a few weeks and it might have been a pipe dream.

“How did the shoot go?” Kelli asked as she fixed herself a caffeine-free tea.

“Ugh. I really can’t stand her.” Rick whispered. This morning he had a shoot with Janice Dickensider. Even her stage name turned Kelli’s stomach. Janice was 28 and her body was phenomenal. She had huge, e-cup sized fake breasts and an extremely low body fat percentage. Rick and Janice had made dozens of videos together but unlike his scenes with Kelli (or any other actress) Rick required a ‘fluffer’ to get him aroused before their scenes. Janice openly loved him and tried to steal him away from Kelli, but Rick could not stand her personally. She was a catty bitch and was very jealous of what Kelli had accomplished in a quarter of the time Janice was a professional pornographic actress. Not to mention Kelli now had Rick both on set and off.

As much as Kelli hated her, Janice was huge right now because she had a passing resemblance to a certain red headed former child actress that had very publicly let drugs, alcohol, and an enormous sense of entitlement destroy what many believed would be a brilliant career.

Janice was filming her fifth video based on that actress’s movies and misadventures in the tabloids today. ‘Cruel Girls’ was the title of today’s film, you can figure it out. Regardless of her fame, however, Janice did not have the clout or the contract that Kelli had, and while she made decent money, Janice had a roommate in a rented condo on Ventura Boulevard. Kelli doubted the older woman was saving very much based on the stories she told of trips and shopping.

Speaking of the devil, Janice appeared wearing her robe open exposing her fit, naked body for everyone on set as well as in the office area. “Good morning, preggo.” She said sweetly to Kelli. “Ooh, it looks like you’ve put on a few pounds.” She added clucking her tongue.

“Hi Janice.” Kelli said with a plastered smile on her face. “How is the filming going?” She added to be nice and immediately regretting it.

“Oh so good.” Janice purred slipping her hand in Rick’s robe to grab his penis. He jumped back and gave her a look. Janice took a yogurt from the refrigerator and left the kitchen laughing.

Rick rolled his eyes. “I’ll be in your office taking a nap.” He whispered kissing Kelli on the forehead and leaving. Kelli took her tea down to Lee’s office.

Four weeks later Kelli was leaving her doctor’s office feeling more than a little panicked. She was just entering her fifth month and Kelli realized she was letting things slip in a big way. She was gaining weight much more rapidly than her doctor had recommended and that worried her. In the thirty days since her last appointment, Kelli had gained twice the weight she had put on the first four months combined. She had a slight waddle as she went to her Camaro in the doctor’s parking lot. Opening the door, she dropped into the seat and looked at the reflection of her eyes in the rearview mirror. Tears were forming. Doctor Sloan had chastised her again when she got on the scale. “How the hell did I gain 26 pounds in a month?” She asked herself. She started the engine and backed out her parking spot and headed back home.

During the ride she went over the events of the past month. She had, of course, stopped going to the gym. That was a mistake she concluded and she would have to go back to working out at least a little bit. She was also snacking and eating larger meals. “You’re eating for two now.” She had heard on a daily basis from co-workers and friends. Even Rick seemed to be encouraging her so Kelli would shrug and indulge in whatever was on her plate. On top of everything else, she kept getting compliments on how great it looked on her.

Now, as she drove and thought about it, she found it hard to believe. Surely everyone was just being kind and didn't want to tell her how fat she was getting. Secretly, however she had began to like the feeling of her body as her belly expanded and her clothes grew tight. More and more she gave in to her cravings and near constant hunger. She had even taken to spending time every morning before getting dressed admiring herself in the mirror, noticing the fresh curves on her bottom, hips and thighs and seeing just how much bigger than the day before her swollen stomach and breasts had become. Now, at 151 pounds, she was quite a sight, sure to drive any man wild she thought sarcastically to her self. Or maybe I really am a sight to drive men wild? She thought suddenly.

The morning after her doctor’s appointment she had filmed her fourth video since finding out and announcing she was pregnant. During her drive home from the doctor’s the day before Kelli had decided that she needed to address her ballooning figure and after a consultation with Lee and Rick the original script was canned.

The new script involved a scene with Kelli sitting alone on her bed surrounded by snacks in a tight teddy rubbing her stomach and rolling her eyes in ecstasy as she stuffed her face with junk food. Misty Rain reprised her character as Kelli’s roommate who comes in unexpectedly and calls Kelli out for using her pregnancy as an excuse to get fat.

Misty then begins shoving food in Kelli’s mouth while berating her for her weight gain before she suddenly realizes how sexy Kelli’ soft body is becoming and they have sex with a variety of toys. The second scene involving Kelli and Rick also address her weight gain and Rick’s character as her college professor can’t get enough of he bloated belly as he eats her out for the camera right in the classroom set and then she rides him reverse cowgirl until he came all over that bloated belly he loves so much.

‘Kelli Valentine Blows Up’ was the title and a few weeks later when it was released it set Internet records for downloaded porn clips. Her photo sets that accompanied the video explode on the blog and torrent sites.

Kelli Valentine being pregnant was a hit. Kelli Valentine being pregnant and getting fat was a phenomenon.
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Mantic has said some nice things

Cool, can't wait to read more!
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Blame Picasso
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Blame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBlame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Chapter Two
Lunch With A Friend

Kelli constantly wrestled with her self as she worried about her weight, but did nothing to stem her gain for the next week or so. Despite the success of ‘Kelli Valentine Blows Up’, she still had doubts. She decided to take a month off after filming it and had not been in the office since. The reaction from her fans old and new and the steady rise in her videos sales slowly eroded her doubts. A long discussion with Rick both surprised and delighted her. Despite his dedication to the gym and his desire to exercise and remain in excellent physical shape, Rick confessed he had been not been truly honest with her.

While Rick had always said she was eating for two and not to worry about gaining a few pounds. He also promised he would help her work it off after the baby was born, but secretly he loved watching her get fat and lazy as she ate whatever she desired. In fact, he was secretly making sure Kelli had all the snacks and food she wanted. He also said he didn’t care how much she gained…or if she ever lost the weight after the baby was born.

The day she returned, everyone was all stares and uncomfortable smiles as Kelli entered the office. Even Tony looked surprised when she got out of her car. Kelli was entering the last few weeks of her second trimester. Her doctor was beside himself at her weight gains and had tried to put her on a diet a few days earlier, but Kelli had no intention of following it. She was happy, her lover and possible future husband was happy too. Her mother had been over 400 pounds when she had that car accident. Kelli thought maybe that was her destiny as well. The fact that her fans couldn’t get enough of her pregnancy and especially her weight gain sealed the deal. The entire month she had taken off was spent lying around her house or out by her pool eating whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it.

Kelli was wearing a tight, low cut black dress that showed a ton of cleavage. She had bought it only two weeks ago and it had been loose, disguising her rapidly growing figure. After avoiding her scale for the entire month, Kelli had weighed herself that morning and whistled softly as the readout flashed 187! 36 pounds in one gorge filled month. She had figured she had gained 12 or 15 pounds just since she bought the now very tight dress. Her breasts had grown to such full and generous proportions that the dress had taken on the appearance of being much more low-cut that it was intended to be. The material was clinging to every curve and was pulled extra tight around her round full stomach.

The office area of rebel Alliance was small and there were few secrets. Lee had an office on one corner that had glass all around. Kelli had a smaller office two doors down from Lee’s. The studio lawyer, Norman Harriman had the office in between.

On the other side of Kelli’s office was Gilda Freidman, the office manager. Across from those four offices was a large room containing the desks of a small marketing team beside another large room that held the shipping department. Beside that room was the accounting department and then the kitchen area. In the open area between the offices were a reception area and the receptionist’s desk, Lee and Norman’s assistants’ desks. There was also a large bullpen with a few couches outside the kitchen where the talent hung out between shoots and a few tables to eat at.

At the end of the office opposite the front doors was the door to the sound stage and photography area that dwarfed the offices. Photographers, cameramen and sound engineers all had offices and work areas surrounding the many permanent sets and temporary shooting backdrops.

Most people in the office area took private phone conversations outside in the parking lot to avoid being overheard. The low ceilings seemed to bounce and amplify voices everywhere. Kelli found she enjoyed the stares and she had overheard several of the office staff mentioning a bet about how much she would end up weighing before her baby was born. She heard whispered comparisons to Trinity Loren and Carmella Bing, both were porn actresses who had gained considerable weight during their careers.

Kelli wasn’t surprised as she herself had brought up Carmella’s history during her meeting with Lee regarding how to deal with her weight gain. Carmella’s career took off after she reappeared from a long absence almost fifty pounds heavier than when she had last been seen.
Kelli’s pronounced waddle drew even more attention to the fact that her body was filling out dimensions that she had never before imagined.

"Looks like whoever has 200 lbs in the pool is pretty sure to be the winner," Her bitter ex-boyfriend Scott whispered to Rusty Chains, another contract star, and Janice as Kelli walked past them sitting with their backs to her in the ‘talent bull pin’ on her way into the kitchen.

"Yeah," Purred Janice under her breath, "but I think my bet of 250 is within reach too, if she keeps on eating like she has been!"

“Well, she’s been in the kitchen more than she’s been in her office all day.” Rusty commented.

Kelli got a large glass of milk and went back to her office. She left the door open as she walked around her desk and squeezed into her chair. She slid a bag of donuts she had stopped and bought on the way into work into her side drawer where she could easily reach them. The bag emptied rapidly as the morning wore on. Kelli updated her blog and made calls to several pay site managers, munching with one hand and typing on her laptop with the other as donut after donut disappeared into her ballooning tummy.

A few hours later Kelli felt someone standing in her doorway and she looked up to see Janice, her long dark red hair falling past her shoulders and dark flashing eyes looking at Kelli's plump belly. She smiled a wicked smile as she noticed the donut crumbs on Kelli’s breasts and the empty bag sticking out of the drawer.

"How about joining me for lunch, Kelli?” She asked and she even sounded sincere. “We got off on the wrong foot…and it’s been…eating at me lately.” She said and Kelli wondered about choice of words. “Anyway, you look so happy now and Rick’s such a great guy, I’d like to fix our relationship.” She added quietly.

Bullshit. Kelli thought but she smiled and nodded. She’d take a free lunch.

"Sure, Janice," she said, pretending to be just a little confused at the invitation. A comment Janice had made a few days ago that she didn’t know Kelli had overheard about how Rick should be fucking her instead of Kelli popped into her head but she shook it away.

"The way she has been packing on the pounds these days, I can probably make her pop out of that dress by the end of the day," Janice mused, thinking that Kelli would be humiliated. "Then when Rick sees what a pig she is, he’ll be all mine!"

"Come on Kelli, I know a great place with an all-you-can-eat buffet!" Kelli grabbed her purse and carefully got up from the cramped area behind her desk. As she moved past the corner of the desk she caught her dress on the seam and it tore just a little bit. Kelli glanced down at it and frowned. “Oh dear.” Janice said. “You really need to be careful to give your blossoming body a little more room, Kelli.”

The two of them had barely reached the restaurant when Kelli's stomach rumbled loudly. Janice smiled, thinking this was going to be even easier than she had imagined. "Why, Kelli! You're certainly a hungry one aren't you? We'll just have to get some food in you right away!"

Kelli looked down and rubbed her bulging belly through the thin material of her tight black dress. "I guess it seems like I'm always hungry these days. Being pregnant, I just can't quite keep my tummy full anymore."

That wicked smile returned to Janice's lips. "Well, don't you worry, lunch is on me and I'll make sure you get filled up."

Filled up and out, she thought. She imagined the shocked looks on everyone's faces when Kelli returned from lunch with her bloated body bursting out of her already skin-tight dress. She pictured her belly loaded down with several pounds of food so that it lowered even further between her legs, making her waddle even more. Surely then everyone would realize that she had become a huge pig with a swollen, 40 pound gut stuffed full and bouncing from side to side with each step.

Janice relished these thoughts and hurried Kelli to her seat. Due to their ‘celebrity’ status, they were shown to a table in the back. Kelli would have preferred a booth, but she didn’t say anything. She also noticed that the seat Janice had steered her towards faced the rest of the restaurant. "You just sit right there and I'll get you a plate. What sounds good?"

"Oh, everything does right now! Ummm...I don't know. Maybe some barbecue?"

"You got it." Janice rushed to the buffet line and quickly returned with a plate pilled high with barbecued ribs, beans, several rolls and a large chocolate milkshake. She liberally buttered the rolls for her while Kelli started in on the ribs. Then Janice returned to the line to get a salad for her self.

By the time she had started her own meal, she was amazed that Kelli had already finished the ribs as well as one of the rolls and was starting in on the beans. "Still hungry? I'd be happy to get you something else."

Kelli's could feel her dress becoming very tight around her full belly. She had no intention, however of stopping just yet. The food here was just too good to pass up, and it was all you can eat. Besides, Janice was buying. She felt her firm, round belly and decided there was room for another plate full. "Oh, would you? I am eating for two you know."

This time Janice brought a plate heaping with sliced roast beef and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy as well as a refill for her milkshake and more dinner rolls. As she ate Kelli could feel her stomach expanding, stretching her dress to its limit. Still she managed to get the last bite down and was feeling quite full when she realized that Janice was placing another plate before her with nearly a half of a pecan pie on it, topped with two large scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Janice's eyes lit up with a hopeful gleam. "You do want dessert don't you? It’s hot and fresh and smells delicious!"

Kelli to agree that it looked wonderful but her tightly packed belly was groaning in protest. Still, it was just so tempting. "Sure. Thanks Janice." Kelli had noticed when Janice went up for her second plate that she stopped to talk to a fan that must have recognized her. Kelli felt her heart skip a beat when she realized that fan was now filming them as they ate on a smart phone. Soon a few more people noticed what was going on and they began whispering and taking pictures and videos with their cell phones.

The pie went down far less quickly than the other two plates had and she felt incredibly bloated afterwards. She needed to stretch and walk it off a bit but she always loved to see how it felt with those new pounds pulling her belly forward. She felt so heavy now that walking was bound to be quite a thrill. The fact that a half a dozen people were ‘secretly’ filming her excited her even more. Kelli waited as Janice paid the check with her credit card, shifting in her seat and getting ready to put on a show.

She could tell by the smirk on Janice’s face that getting Kelli on film gorging her self was all part of her plan to humiliate her. Little did Janice know that Kelli was a master of marketing and a few fan posts of her lunch today would play right into her favor. By tonight the gossip sites would be going crazy with people blogging about how fat Kelli Valentine had let herself get. Her video catalog would sell through the roof by tomorrow.

“Are you ready?” Janie asked innocently as she put her wallet back in her purse.

“Absolutely.” Kelli replied with a smile. She pushed back her chair and made a show of grunting as she turned and tried to stand. As she struggled to get up she heard a small "rrrip" and turned quickly to see the small tear she had on the seam of her dress was rapidly expanding. It quickly went from a one-inch tear to a five inch split in the side seam of her dress. Turning so quickly and shifting the bulk of her belly to see the tear resulted in a louder "RRRRIIIPP" from the other side. This time her dress had opened all the way from just below her breast to the top of her hip, allowing the soft, smooth flesh of her belly to bulge out. Kelli was incredibly excited but she feigned embarrassment. She pretended to try to cover herself but there was little she could do.

"Kelli!" Janice exclaimed, trying to hold back her laughter as she stole a glance toward the front of the restaurant where people suddenly jumped up with their smart phones to catch every moment of the excitement. "You certainly can't go back to work like that!"

"I know!" Kelli said, her face growing red from excitement. “What will I do?” She asked in a loud whisper she hoped was loud enough for someone’s camera.

"Hmmm..." Janice said pretending to think about a solution. “Oh, I know, my apartment is nearby. Why don't we stop there and I'll see if I can find something to fit you?"

“Thank you so much, Janice.” Kelli gushed and then bit her tongue so she wouldn’t laugh. “Let’s hurry!” The two of them hurried to Janice's car as Kelli did her best to attract as much attention as she could without being obvious. By the time she got to Janice’s car her thick nipples were pushing through her bra like huge buttons.

During the short drive, Janice thought up a plan. She wanted to get Kelli dressed in something that would show off every pound she had gained. She wished she had the forethought to imagine Kelli would actually split her dress at the seams!

Once they reached Janice's house, she led Kelli inside to the living room and asked her to undress. She pushed and pulled, trying to stretch the dress over her hugely bloated gut. Finally the dress split entirely down the seams and her swollen belly popped free. As she pulled the tattered remains over her head, Janice whistled. "Oh my! Kelli, just look at the size of those panties! You've really been plumping up out back too haven't you? I guess you need that wide butt, hips and thighs to balance out that jumbo belly of yours."

Kelli was actually a little shocked at how rude Janice could be, but she played along. Janice continued her assessment of her practically bare body anyway. "I don't know if I have anything to fit around you as fat as you've gotten. Are you sure you're not having twins? Or triplets? I just can't believe you've ballooned out so far! I mean, you have really gotten huge!"

Although Janice was doing her best to humiliate her, Kelli knew how incredibly sexy being pregnant made her and how every pound only made her feel more beautiful. She also knew how much her fans were going to go mad at the videos of this whole situation. That fact, and Janice's spiteful words actually resulted in a tingly feeling between Kelli's legs and she started to get a little wet.

Kelli decided that it was best to tell Janice what she wanted to hear so she could get this over with and get back to work to check the Internet. Still, she could hardly hide her sarcasm. "Yes, I know, Janice. I'm a big fat pig. I just eat and eat and eat and let my fat belly get bigger every day. I just hope you can find something to fit me soon before I get hungry again and eat something else to make myself even fatter."

"Well," Janice said. "I’ll see what I have." She went to her bedroom and returned after several minutes with a bundle of clothes. When Kelli saw her selections she knew that, of course, Janice was trying to embarrass her but it only served to turn her on even more. Janice helped her into a short, white knit skirt which, when stretched to its limit and pulled down low, barely managed to fit around her. It emphasized her enormous belly by letting it bulge well over the top.

She had also brought several tops that she knew Kelli had no hope of fitting into. A few of them managed to be pulled down over her swollen breasts but none even came close to covering the huge ball below them. Each time the obstruction was reached, Janice would make some comment about how she hadn't realized just how fat Kelli had become.

At last Kelli settled for a Lycra sports top that supported her bosom but still left her belly quite bare. It actually made her feel incredibly sexy. Lee was going to go crazy when they got back to the office and Kelli filled him in on her impromptu marketing blitz that Janice had inadvertently provided for her.

When they returned to the office, Janice followed Kelli in, smiling and watching for the horrified looks on everyone's faces. She was sure that no one could possibly still find Kelli attractive with her bloated belly bulging out. The tight skirt hugging her plump thighs and hips and her bare belly button sticking out. But Kelli sauntered in confidently, reveling in not having to hide her luscious new curves. Her pronounced waddle made her middle sway seductively from side to side and her ass had a light bounce to it that was highlighted by the tight skirt.

While a few of the women certainly looked surprised there were nothing but lustful stares from the guys in the office. It was obvious that she had put on weight just in the past couple of hours and it was equally obvious that her stomach was heavily loaded with her lunchtime feast.

As Kelli waddled to her desk, Janice whispered to Scott who was standing in the bullpen with his jaw hanging down. "Just look at her. Is she a pig or what? She ate and ate until her dress practically exploded off of her! She doesn't even seem to care that she's gotten so huge and bloated!"

"Well, yeah," An actress named Melissa who was standing beside Scott agreed, "but I wouldn't care either if every guy in the building was looking at me like that."

Janice could not believe her total lack of success. "But...but she's fat! She must weigh 200 pounds now and she's still growing. She probably hasn't seen her feet in months!"

Melissa shrugged and turned to head back in to the studio area to do her second shoot of the day. "Well, I don't know about her but I think its time for me to get pregnant and put on some weight."

Janice was stunned. She had been so certain that no one could possibly find Kelli attractive in her present condition. None of this was going the way she had expected at all. How could Kelli go around flaunting the fact that she had turned into a huge, round eating machine and still get all the attention? Even now guys from accounting were trying to find excuses to be near her and asking if there was anything she needed. Still, the real test would be when Rick came by. He was off today but often came to meet Kelli after she got off. Surely Janice could convince him that he needed a real woman and not some fat cow.

Kelli sauntered into Lee’s office and like something out of the Simpson’s, he was smoking a huge cigar that dropped out of his mouth as his jaw fell open just like Scott’s had. “What the fuck happened?” He asked finally as he grabbed the cigar before it left a burn mark on his desk.

“Google me.” Kelli replied.

“Wha-what?” Lee stammered.

“Google my name. You will not believe what Janice arranged for our little lunch date.” Kelli said proudly setting her big butt on the corner of his desk.

In the hour that it took from the time they left the restaurant and went to Janice’s and then back to the office twenty-two videos and photo sets had been posted. There were six different videos shot from different angles on youtube and the counter went up by 25 to 50 views every time Lee refreshed his screen.

Kelli sat in Lee’s office for two hours as they planned how to take full advantage of this free publicity. During that time several non-pornographic gossip sites like Celebritybump.com and even TMD called for statements. Kelli accepted an invitation to go on TMD’s evening wrap-up show on cable the following day. They called over to the sales department and they reported there was indeed a bump in sales of Kelli’s first few ‘Kelli gets Knocked Up’ videos as well as her earlier stuff before she got pregnant.

At 4:30 Lee hugged Kelli and got ready to leave. He high-fived Janice as he passed her in the bullpen. The look of confusion on her face was priceless.

When Rick did arrive to meet Kelli at 5:30, Janice was ready. Rick dropped a bag of take-out food on Kelli's desk and greeted her with a kiss. "That's quite a look you've got going there," he smiled, noticing her outfit.

"Isn't it though?" Janice purred. Rick turned to see her leaning seductively against the side of Kelli's doorway. She wearing just her robe, open as usual because she was doing a late shoot with a free-lance photographer. Janice was running her hand slowly along her inner thigh. "Yes, our Kelli really pigged out today. That old dress of hers just couldn't keep up. I'm surprised her tummy could even hold all the food she shoveled in there. Of course I guess it is a little stretched out these days. It seems like ages ago but I can still remember when little Kelli had a nice, flat, smooth stomach like mine."

Rick looked down at Kelli's swollen belly. It had grown quite a bit larger just since this morning when he had last seen her. "She was still 10 times sexier than you Janice. But now there's just no comparison. You don't find many women with an incredible body like my Kelli."

Kelli looked at the bag he had placed on her desk and licked her lips. "Did you bring me some dinner?" She rubbed her hands across her belly. "It has been hours since lunch and I'm sooooo hungry!"

Janice's jaw dropped and stormed out of the office.

"Well, I got your text about lunch. Congratulations. You’re little meal is going viral on youtube." Rick grinned. "What are you waiting for?"

Kelli rose from her seat and leaned forward with her hands on her desk, her back arched to let her tummy hang down as far as possible. As she reached into the bag and pulled out a 1/2 lb. deluxe cheeseburger, Rick squeezed behind her desk and lifted the tiny skirt Janice had loaned her and pulled her panties down to her knees. She took a large bite and he knelt to lick between her chubby thighs. She spread her legs and continued to eat the greasy, thick burger as his meal came into view. Her wet pussy was just as swollen as the rest of her and looked absolutely delicious.

A few of the office staff had already left for home and the rest were preparing to go but they stopped once they caught sight of Kelli through her still open door. Kelli had two windows on either side of her door looking out in to the office that had blinds, but they were raised giving whoever wanted to watch a free show. A small crowd began to gather to see what was going on. Kelli saw them staring and almost came with excitement. She hadn’t done a live show in months.

Many of them had heard Janice's stories of how much Kelli had eaten at lunch and how much more well rounded she had become as a result and they wanted to see for themselves. More discussions of the office pool were heard and they generally agreed that she was certainly past 200 pounds.

Rick licked the juices from her pussy and lightly tongued her clit. Kelli suddenly stiffened and moaned. He spread her legs as wide as he could, letting her enormous belly bulge between them and rest on her desk for all to see. He ran his fingers through her pubic hair, caressing the mound beneath, and slid his finger slowly along her wet, hard clit. Kelli’s body tensed as each touch sent a shiver of ecstasy along her spine. He slipped his fingers in deeper while keeping his thumb near her clit so he could brush up against it occasionally. She began to moan and he could feel her body tensing and relaxing as her breathing rose and fell. Teasing her even more, he plunged three fingers inside her and flicked her clit with his thumb. He continued as each time her back arched up he could feel a new surge of wetness between her legs.

Finally, he leaned in closer to her soaked womanhood and licked all the way around the inside of her pussy and playfully fondled her clit. Her rounded hips started to gyrate and he plunged his tongue deep inside, tasting her warm, sweet juices. His lips were pressed tightly against her vulva and lightly brushing her clitoris as he darted his tongue in and out going as far as he could. By now she was bucking uncontrollably and, as her belly bounced and swayed against the desk. Everyone in the office pool was now debating as to how far Kelli go past 200 pounds. Any other business in the world except for an adult video company would have called security long ago.

As Rick ate her, she continued to eat her own meal in between her soft moans. She had quickly consumed her hamburger and started on a large order of fries. Her stomach seemed to be growing larger and rounder by the minute and Rick rubbed it to feel its fullness through the tight flesh.

Rick stopped, letting her catch her breath and leaving her wanting more. After a moment he began gently licking her whole pussy. Several times he brought her almost to edge of orgasm and then eased up. She was almost screaming now and she was humping her soaked pussy against his face. Again he stopped and this time let her finish her French fries.

He decided that the audience around them deserved a better look at Kelli so he picked up the 64 oz soft drink he had brought her and let her stand. He tilted her head all the way back and held the cup to her lips. She rubbed her tummy as she guzzled it and small ice cubes poured across her cheeks and down her heaving chest. Cheers and clapping erupted around the room as she swallowed the last drop. She smiled and wiggled her hips, shaking her belly for the appreciative crowd and feeling the liquid slosh inside her.

Rick lowered his pants and moved up behind her. His huge, 10+-inch cock rubbed against her pussy as she bent forward against the desk again. Her belly spread out over the top of it. Kelli reached down and took his throbbing shaft in her hand and rubbed the head against her wet slit, feeling her self jump as it touched her clit. He placed his hands on her softly rounded hips and slowly worked his big cock into her warm, tight pussy. She squealed slightly as he slid himself all the way inside. She rocked rhythmically under him and her squeals turned quickly to orgasmic moans.

She loved the way her swollen, tightly packed stomach felt as it bounced with each movement of their intimately joined bodies and Rick loved to watch it, the sight making him harder than ever. As he moved in and out of her pussy, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled off her top so her milk-filled breasts could hang free. They jiggled as he started playing with them. He reached up to feel her gorgeous tits and placed a finger on each thick, pink nipple.

With each thrust of his rock hard shaft he squeezed her breasts and brushed his fingers across her nipples that had grown erect and even thicker. On the more intense thrusts, spurts of milk sprayed out from them. Her cries grew even more intense and closer together. Rick took one hand from her tits and ran it over her huge belly, feeling every luscious, curvaceous inch of it. He knew how much she liked that and she started to fuck faster and harder. Her breasts bounced against her taut, stuffed gut. Her pussy juices were still flowing and covering his cock. He was just about to cum and she felt ready to explode. At last, he shot his load inside her, filling her vagina with his hot, creamy cum. Her body spasmed, her back arching to make her bulging belly protrude even further. She pressed hard against him and her pussy held his cock tight inside, milking every drop of cum from him.

By then they were both exhausted and they slid to the floor. The crowd applauded wildly as they headed toward the door to leave. Kelli rolled onto her side and they kissed long and deep. Then they went out for dessert.
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oh very sexy hehe i can´t wait for the next prats to come ;-)
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atmosphere has said some nice things

this is already better then the original, keep it up! amazing!!
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thank you VERY much!
Originally Posted by atmosphere View Post
this is already better then the original, keep it up! amazing!!
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I loved this too, is there gonna be more? I hope, I hope!

Mr. Jigglesworth
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I haven't even posted the complete re-write yet, I have finished touching up the original and now I'm writing the rest of Kelli's story. I will post the rest of the original story tomorrow and then my continuation. There are at least three more chapters coming.
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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics

This was always one of myvery favorite stories, so I'm thrilled that such a talented author has decided to reimagine it! Great work so far, really looking forward to seeing where you take this!

And hopefully you can give it a proper conclusion!
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Your post is quite an honor, I'm a big fan, I've read many of your stories! Thank you for the wonderful compliment and I'm so pleased you enjoy my writing. I hope you enjoy the conclusion. I will be finishing up soon.

Originally Posted by mollycoddles View Post
This was always one of myvery favorite stories, so I'm thrilled that such a talented author has decided to reimagine it! Great work so far, really looking forward to seeing where you take this!

And hopefully you can give it a proper conclusion!
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Default Reimagining

Granted, the sex in the original didn't quite make sense (Hello, someone casually baring their tits over a cubicle wall? And then having sex in it?) and that your reworking has helped it logically quite a bit, but I'll still hold in my heart and head a little fondness for the wildly stupidly sexy original.

Sometimes making sense is too much to ask.

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Yippie! I look forward to reading it soon, as some of the other stories I've been trying to follow have become stagant in that they aren't being continued as promised, or I'm just too impatient. No pressure though, just don't forget us. As I don't read every story here, just the quality ones that are well written or have a theme I like.

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Chapter Three
Kelli Decides To Go Big

After her and Rick’s adventure at the office, Kelli had become even more excited by her expanding body. In the weeks that followed she stuffed herself as much as possible, trying to see just how big and round she could make her belly before the baby was born. With only two months to go until her due date she had managed to eat her way up to 233 pounds and she was amazed at the size of her enormous belly.

Rebel Alliance had released the sixth video in her pregnant series and sales were shattering the all of small companies records. Kelli and Rick’s steamy sexual encounter in the office was recreated for that video as Kelli stuffed her face on camera with twice the amount of food she had eaten at her desk. The set was filled with extras who, rather than just going home as they had in real life, all joined in and had a huge orgy on the classroom set.

Janice’s inadvertent lunch marketing campaign had brought sales of Kelli’s videos to over ten times what they were before the amateur videos had gone viral and they had held steady for two months.

She had much more than doubled her weight in seven months and she loved her new look and feel. She refused to wear the hideous, tent-like maternity dresses so she would by stretchy, tight dresses a few sizes too big that would still emphasize her greatly fattened belly. Kelli also treated herself to short tops and large elastic-waist pants and skirts. At this point she certainly could not hide the results of her feeding frenzy anyway so she had decided to flaunt it instead.

She was still quite happy with her new figure but she had been to the doctor yesterday for her checkup and he had chastised her for what seemed like the hundredth time about her straying so far from the diet he had prescribed. The 50 pounds she had gained over the past month shocked him and he was not reluctant to express his opinion of it.

On top of that, today Kelli was scheduled to do a photo shoot for a clothing company promoting its line of sexy maternity swimsuits. Kelli’s agent, Gail Somers had been contacted shortly after she announced she was pregnant and quickly convinced Kelli to participate in the photography session once she reached her seventh month. Gail said at the time it would be a giant step toward a legitimate modeling career outside of porn.

Kelli thought it sounded like fun and had agreed without reservation but that had been several months and over a hundred pounds ago. Dressed in only her pink cotton bra and panties, she began examining herself in the full-length mirror on the bathroom door. She certainly could not remember seeing even a pregnant model as large as herself. She appeared much softer throughout her face, arms and legs. Of course her belly and breasts were enormous but she was getting quite large around her hips, bottom and thighs as well. What was the swimsuit company going to think when they saw the bloated cow that had once been a lithe, 115-pound girl?

Driving in to the agency’s photography studios, she stopped at the light at Burbank Boulevard again. To her surprise the guy with the greasy overalls and blonde ponytail who had approached her so many months ago was standing there with his fat, creepy friend. Once again, he called out to her.

“Hey!” He said loudly looking down into the open convertible roof at Kelli’s bloated body. “Didn’t you used to be Kelli Valentine?” They both laughed and as the light turned green. Kelli smiled and playfully gave them the middle finger as she drove away. Not everyone was happy with her new image, but as her sales showed, many, many more people liked it than didn’t.

When she reached the studio and waddled into the reception area, Kelli suddenly felt very self-conscious. When she told the receptionist why she was there the woman just stared at her for a moment before calling the photo director.

A young woman in a business suit came out a moment later. "Kelli?" Melissa Gordon, the woman in charge of the shoot said, with a look of disbelief. "Is that really you?"

Kelli shifted uncomfortably. This was what she had been afraid of. Melissa's face told her that she had gotten entirely too fat and bloated. She felt the woman’s eyes being riveted upon her immensely distended belly and widened hips. "Its me all right. Just a little more of me than you probably expected."

While they had never met, clearly the woman was familiar with Kelli’s former image through her photos. “A little more'?" Melissa asked. "Kelli, what's happened to you, honey? I hate to say it but you have really gotten big, much larger than I could have imagined."

Kelli winced at her words. "Oh, is my weight a…problem?" Kelli asked softly. “My…fan base has been very positive about my pregnancy and the…um…weight gain.”

"Honestly, you look like you've been eating non-stop since you first got pregnant. If it didn't sound so ridiculous I'd think you were trying to get fat."

Kelli sat down in a chair, suddenly feeling very heavy. "I never really thought of it as just getting fat. I just felt so sexy with the new curves and the big, pregnant tummy. It seemed like every pound I gained made me feel more beautiful and my fans have been extremely turned on by it too so I just kept eating and eating."

Melissa shook her head. "Oh, Kelli. I'm sure you look good to a certain…demographic with a few extra pounds. When you're pregnant it certainly makes you look and feel more feminine… but I think you'll have to agree that you've gone well beyond that now. I mean you've really gotten huge! Guys like curves but not an enormous, bloated…everything!"

Kelli was embarrassed and almost in tears. Melissa put her hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry, Kelli. I’m under a lot of pressure to get this hoot right. I shouldn't have been so harsh. I'm really just very surprised. I'll tell you what, let's see if we can get you into a maternity girdle. We couldn't possibly have you modeling bikinis but we might be able to use you for some of the one-pieces."

Kelli nodded although she disagreed. She knew how she looked in a bikini but she followed Melissa to wardrobe. After undressing, she felt even more embarrassed about her swollen body. Although there were several pregnant models nearby changing into their outfits none were near as large as Kelli. Things got even worse as she stepped into a girdle and Melissa began to pull it up over her hips. She groaned as they fought to stretch it around her fat belly. Both women pushed and pulled and the girdle slowly inched its way up her well-rounded body.

The other girls whispered and giggled as the tight undergarment squeezed into her soft flesh. Kelli's face grew red with embarrassment but also with desire. The stares and giggles had always turned her on more than a little bit. She tried to hide it by thinking of other things. Think innocent thoughts, she told herself. Her mind wandered and she was soon thinking of an extra large banana split. In response her stomach grumbled and Melissa looked up in amazement.

"Kelli, surely you're not hungry?" she asked.

Kelli shifted uncomfortably as the girls around her snickered. "I...I guess so. I just really can't seem to get enough these days."

"I think you've had way more than enough. Let's finish getting you dressed so you'll have something to think about besides eating."

Kelli felt a little better once she had been dressed in a frilly maternity bathing suit. Although she still looked enormous the girdle had firmed her hips and bottom enough to reduce the sway and jiggle when she walked. The swimsuit further concealed the amount of weight she had put on.

As a result, she made it through the shoot with little difficulty. In fact, by the time it was over she asked Melissa if she could wear the girdle home. Melissa smiled and patted her well-rounded tummy. "It feels good doesn't it? It must be nice to feel a little like you're back in shape."

Driving home, her stomach started to growl. Well, she thought, surely a little snack wouldn't hurt. What started as a little snack soon turned in to three large bags of take-out food, the first of which was almost empty by the time she got home. Kelli parked her car in the driveway and struggled awkwardly to get out of her seat. After a few moments of rocking back and forth she managed to get out of the car and waddled toward the house, her arms loaded with food.

She emptied the bags on the kitchen table and was amazed at just how much she had bought to eat. There were several huge, greasy burgers and fries, large stuffed burritos, fried chicken, barbecue, an assortment of side dishes and several large, sugary sodas to wash it all down.

She rubbed her hands over her girdle-restrained belly and felt it rumble with hunger. She pulled off her tight dress and looked past her plump breasts at her enormous, spherical belly that ballooned out well beyond them. Another loud demand emanated from the depths of her stomach and she looked back at the feast spread across the table. "Well, I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast. Besides, that modeling gave me a decent workout. That's probably why I'm so hungry.”

With the rumpled girdle bunched up around her chubby thighs and her bloated belly stuffed full with food, Kelli was a sight to behold. She had fallen asleep shortly after her feast of the night before and awoke now on the couch with French fries in her cleavage and ketchup all over her hands and mouth to the realization of just how much she had consumed. Empty bags and wrappers lay all about her and her hands rested on the mound of her overloaded stomach. Her hunger was sated and her stomach now produced only a contented gurgle as it adjusted to its newly expanded size.

With great effort, she hefted herself to her feet. Her newly added weight threw off her center of gravity and she had to arch her back and cradle her gut in her arms to maintain her balance. She stepped out of her girdle and slowly made her way across the room.

She felt gorged beyond belief and her body clearly showed it. As her stomach shifted and lowered between her thighs, forcing her legs apart, she belched and farted loudly as she waddled into the bathroom. She gasped as she caught her reflection in the full-length mirror and had to take a step back to see all of her expanded form.

"My word!", she exclaimed. "I'm REALLY getting fat! How much did I eat last night?"

Her belly was certainly much larger and she liked the fullness of her ample breasts but she was quickly gaining weight elsewhere as well. Her hips were noticeably wider and her bottom was round and soft. There was definitely a plump jiggle to her body that she had not noticed before.

Moving nervously, she stepped on the scale and almost lost her balance as she leaned forward in a useless attempt to peer over her ballooning waistline. She sighed and pressed the button with her toe to switch to voice mode. The scale hummed and called out, "242."

Kelli was shocked. "242 pounds? I've gained almost ten pounds in a day! If that bitch Melissa thought I was fat before she should see the huge pig I've turned into now!" She felt the tightness of her enormously stuffed belly. "As full as I am now, I doubt that I could even squeeze myself into that jumbo maternity girdle any more!"

It was then that she realized what day it was. Her jaw dropped as she saw the note pop up on the calendar in her phone reminding her that she was obligated to attend a fan meet and greet at an adult film convention in Hollywood later that night. "That's just great! I have to spend the evening parading around a room, letting every porn star in Hollywood see what a fat cow I am now!"

She called, Rick and explained her situation. "I just can't let the entire industry see me like this!" she cried. "I'm swollen up like a balloon with all this extra…fat!"

Rick smiled. "And here I was thinking you couldn't get any more beautiful."

"I'm serious, Rick."

"So am I. Those extra pounds look great on you." He said quietly. “Your video sales are through the roof, you are bigger than you ever were before…no pun intended. Almost everyone there will have seen your videos and photo sets, no one is going to be surprised.”

"I know you think so, but everyone who is anyone will be there tonight. Every other woman there will just think of me as a huge, fat pig who's getting fatter and more bloated all the time." Kelli moaned.

"Who cares what they think?" Rick asked. "We'll go to that party tonight and we'll show them just how sexy a fat, pregnant woman can be! I’ll pick you up at six."

Kelli resigned herself to the fact that she had to go and felt a little better about it after talking to Rick. Still, she was nervous when they arrived at the convention. She wore a large but still very tight blue dress with a deep v-neck to accentuate her large, full breasts. Kelli had quickly let out waist to accommodate her expanding belly. She had hoped her big tits would draw attention away from her belly but the sheer size of her swollen middle made that unlikely.

Janice made it a point to greet her at the door with a drink in her hand and an insincere smile. "Well, if it isn't Kelli Valentine...and quite a bit more of you than I remember seeing just the other day!” She said loudly. Kelli had to admit Janice was right about that though. At least ten pounds of her was brand new. “It’s a good thing you have such a big strong guy there to help you waddle up those steps! Must be awfully difficult with so much out in front.”

Kelli leaned in and gave Janice an air kiss on her cheek. “Fuck you, you plastic bitch.” She whispered as she flipped her hand under Janice’s breast slapping it. It didn’t even move it was so tight from the silicon.

Janice was a bit taken aback, Kelli usually kept her composure. "Well now, I'm sure you're hungry after the trip from the car. Why don't you grab something from the buffet?"

"I'm fine." Kelli replied. "Thanks for your concern." She tried to ignore Janice's suggestion but she inadvertently followed her gaze to the two tables laden with food. Her stomach began to grumble and she moved away from Janice to keep her from noticing. Unfortunately this brought her even closer to the buffet area and she caught a whiff of smoked ham intermingled with hot wings, mini sausages and assorted desserts.

Rick saw her moistening her lips with her tongue. "Janice may have a point. Maybe you should get something to eat before the meet and greet?" He suggested.

"Well, maybe just a little something to calm my nerves. I think I let this dress out enough to allow for a little snack."

The two large globes of her rounded bottom bobbed up and down in her tight dress as she crossed the room while her milk-engorged breasts bounced against her protruding belly. People were kind and stepped aside for her or helped to get her a plate and plastic utensils. Still, she overheard whispered comments ranging from, "Man has she filled out into one hot babe! Just look at the curves packed into that dress!" From the guys to; "Hasn't she eaten enough in the past nine months? I've never seen anyone pile on the pounds so fast, pregnant or not! You'd think some farmer was fattening her up for market." Comments from some of the other women.

She moved down the buffet line, paying more attention to what people were saying than what the servers were piling on her plate. Kelli was only slightly embarrassed, but the insults turned her on almost as much as the horny compliments. When she reached the end of the table, she realized that her plastic plate was bowed from the load of food heaped upon it. She joined Rick at a corner table and whispered, "I'm NOT going to eat all this!”

Rick scooped up a large bite from her cheese and butter smothered baked potato and lifted it to her lips. "Oh, come on, honey. It isn’t all that much. Besides, I don't think I'm the only guy here who thinks it'll look great on you!"

"Well...I have noticed a few looks..." She took the proffered bite and savored its warm richness as it slowly slipped down to her stomach. "Mmm...okay. I'll eat...but you better be prepared to help me home afterwards. I don't think I'll be able to get up if this fat belly of mine gets any bigger."

Rick smiled as she took the fork and began to dig in. "It'll be my pleasure!”

An hour later Kelli waddled toward the bathroom, the tremendous weight of her belly causing it to sway from side to side. After three large plates of food she had become too uncomfortable to get up and Rick had made the last two trips to the dessert bar for her. She managed to get everything down even though it now made her dress so skin tight that it showed off every bulging curve and her popped out belly button.

Upon reaching the bathroom and waiting until she was alone, she began to pull the dress up. It took some effort and she heard threads straining in the process but at last the enormous sphere of her belly burst forth, bobbing up and down and almost causing her to lose her balance.

"Ooof!" She groaned. "I feel like a whale!"

She looked in the mirror and gasped. Her swollen belly dwarfed her body! It extended at least a foot in front of her and also bulged out from her sides enough to make it obvious that she would never be able to stretch her dress back over it. Just removing the dress must have allowed it to expand by 6 inches.

"Just when I think I'm going to be able to control my eating for once, I stuff myself and get even fatter! I can't believe I'm this big!" She whispered aloud to herself.

"I can't either."

Kelli turned around and saw Janice and her friend, porn actress Lisa Luvly entering the room.

"Yep, Kelli," Janice grinned as she walked slowly around Kelli’s girth. "You are one big girl now aren't you? I mean, I could see how big your belly was as easily as anyone but that dress must've been hiding some of the padding you've put on that butt of yours. Just look at those hips, Lisa!"

"No kidding!" Lisa laughed. She pulled the back of the waistband of Kelli's thong to check the tag. "XXL? Wow! I didn't even know they made these this big!" She released the elastic allowing the thong to snap back and jiggle the soft flesh of Kelli's bottom.

Kelli’s ass was certainly plump and her hips were soft and round but it was her huge belly that had settled well down between her thighs that had necessitated such large underwear. They stretched around the lower portion of her belly but gave no support to the heavy load she was carrying.

"What is it you're having again? Was it twins or triplets?" Janice asked and Kelli realized by her breath that she was quite drunk. "Oh, that's right. You're only having one aren't you? My, my, my, what a piggy you've been! I had to warn the host he might have to ask the caterers to bring in more food the way you were putting it away out there!"

Kelli's cheeks turned a bright red and she tried to cover her bare belly with her arms.

"Oh, come on now!" Janice laughed. "You certainly can't hide something that big! My goodness, Kelli. It’s that fat belly of yours that's hiding the rest of you!"

"How much do you think she weighs now?" Lisa asked as she spied a pay scale in the corner of the ladies room.

"Hmmm." Janice thought. "Let's find out!"

With that, the two women grabbed Kelli by the arms and dragged her over to a scale.

Despite her best efforts to resist, Kelli was forced over to the rest-room scale. With her dress off, her belly had bulged out even further and was now so low that she was lucky just to maintain her balance. Her struggles resulted in little more than her slipping to her knees so that Janice and Lisa had to drag her the last few feet.

Of course, a part of the ease with which they overpowered her stemmed from the fact that Kelli was curious her self to see how much she now weighed. She was a bit embarrassed at the incredibly cruel treatment she being subjected to, but she had to admit it, it was beginning to turn her on. Kelli already decided to work a scene like this into her next video.

As humiliating as Lisa and Janice's comments about her over- eating and becoming so fat were, she still felt a thrill at the knowledge that her gains were not going unnoticed. For everyone who was turned off by her swelling body, she knew that there hundreds of thousands of her fans who loved it.

By the time they reached the scale, Kelli was only pretending to resist a bit as they pushed her on to it. She could not see the scale herself, much less the numbers, so she could only wait as her two drunken tormentors put fifty cents in the scale and then peered past her tremendous belly.

"248!" Janice exclaimed. " What an incredible cow you are, Kelli!"

"How could anyone let themselves go like that?" Lisa asked. "I know I'd be exercising my butt off if I were pregnant and even hit 160. You did that and then piled on another 90 pounds of fat! Isn't it uncomfortable to be so bloated?"

At last, Kelli had heard enough. She had let them go on about her weight because it was turning her on in a sadistic way but how much was gaining was literally her business and business was great so she was happy with it. "Sometimes it is uncomfortable but so what? I like the way I look, my fans love the way I look, and I feel great! Some sexy curves are a lot better than the boney asses you two have."

Janice was amazed. "How can you think like that? You're a pig, a walking, er...waddling eating machine!"

"So, I'm fat. I've got a huge stomach full of food and I'm getting bigger every day. This big belly of mine has been driving my fans and my boyfriend wild for months and I'll prove it to you right now." With that she stepped off the scale and headed for the door.

"Wait!" Janice called out. "You can't go out there in just your underwear!"

Kelli looked mischievously back over her shoulder. "It’s a porn convention….watch me." She walked out the door laughing into the crowded dining area. She purposefully waddled more than normal to accentuate the jiggle of her milk-filled breasts, the bounce of her stuffed, flabby belly and the sway of her plump hips and bottom. The room became quiet as people began to stare and she stopped again at the dessert table. She picked up a long éclair and tilted her head back, tossing her hair over her shoulders. She licked around the edge of the pastry like it was a huge, chocolate penis and then slipped it into her mouth, swallowing it in three large bites.

"Mmm...cream filled." She patted her loaded tummy and let out a loud burp. "Guess that makes two of us," she grinned.

Her lacy white bra and thong left little to the imagination as they clung to her many generous curves. A few cheers and a catcall were heard as she resumed her waddle. She blushed and placed her hands on the sides of her belly, giving it a little shake. Guys began pressing closer, a look of lust on all their faces.

Rick had to fight his way through the crowd to reach her and clear a path to the door. As they left to go to the meet and greet with Kelli’s fans, they heard a round of applause that did not die until they reached the small auditorium. The crowd of 1,500 of her fans waiting roared their approval dwarfing the cheers of the dining room. The large room was full. Lee waited on the stage.

Once inside, Kelli closed her eyes. "I can't believe I just did that!" She shouted and then opened them again, waving and shaking hands with her fans as her and Rick walked to meet Lee on the small stage.

"I have no idea what brought that on but I loved it!" Rick laughed looking at the rabid crowd. “They love it too! You look more beautiful tonight than I've ever seen you before!"

Kelli smiled coyly. "Well then let's get this done so we can go home and you can get a good look at what few parts I managed to keep hidden from everyone else."

Rick stood aside and let Kelli address the crowd. She discussed her past work, her weight and her future as a super-sized adult actress. They stayed for three hours signing autographs and taking pictures with her fans. By the time the night was over, she was exhausted and her throat was sore from talking and answering hundreds of questions.

Lee leaned over and whispered in Kelli’s ear. “You have three times the crowd Janice had this afternoon.” He said smiling. “She’s a bitch. I already heard about what she and that tramp did to you in the bathroom. Her sales are down, I’m terminating her contract tomorrow.”

"Awesome! Thank you, Lee.” She replied. “Let’s get out of here, Rick! But first," Kelli added, "Let's stop for ice cream. A gallon or two should do it...for now."
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Loving this so far BP!
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atmosphere has said some nice things

Cant wait til the next chapter. Seems like Kelly going for 300lbs.
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Great stuff! Seems like you know your BBWs and your porn. Quite a combo!
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Chapter Four
The Dinner Party

The sun set over Hollywood as Kelli lazily swam across her pool on the warm California evening. Rick stood behind the bar mixing Lee a martini as he sipped a cold Miller Light. Lee’s latest discovery, and his current girlfriend was also sitting at the bar with her back to Rick as she watched the sun set. Her name was Diana and she had been a barista at a small coffee place near work.

Lee had been going in to there for coffee for years, but he had been going two or three times a day since Diana started working there. Lee had been approaching her about doing some modeling work for a few weeks now and two days ago she agreed to come in for a pictorial. The only prerequisite Lee had told her about was to get her self checked out by her doctor for STDs and HIV. Diana agreed and had the tests done a week earlier. She brought her results and ended up staying all day before even having sex with Rusty on film. Lee watched the digital test film several times with Kelli and Rick and they decided she had potential.

Diana had taken so long to convince not because she was shy or afraid to get naked for fame and fortune, but because of her figure. She knew she had the tits for it, she wore a 38 e-cup bra, and at 23 they were firm and beautiful. The problem, she thought was the roll of fat that hung over her jeans and her 42-inch ass. She was barely 5’1” and she hated her chubby short legs as well. At 146 pounds, she though Lee was either feeding her a line about being a producer or he was just crazy.
Once Lee told her about how successful Kelli was Diana became curious and came to the studio. Once she had been photographed naked for two hours, had a few wines to relax and saw Rusty’s cock, she did the hardcore film.

Diana’s hair was raven black and her skin was alabaster. Her lips were ruby red, and she had tattoos sleeving both of her arms. Rick and Lee were trying to come up with a stage name for her. “I’ve always liked Amber.” Diana suggested without looking away from the cityscape as Los Angeles began to light up below them as the sun had set.

“Nope.” Lee and Rick immediately said simultaneously.

“Why not?” Diana said turning to face them and laughing at the fact that they had both shot it down at once.

“Boogie Nights killed Amber for everyone in porn.” Lee stated.

“Why?” Diana asked.

“The redhead in the movie, I forget her real name, but she was named Amber Waves…and it is the single greatest porn name ever.” Rick explained. “No one can use it and no one can top it so you never see porn stars with that name anymore.”

Diana just nodded her head. “I see.”

“I wanted to be Amber too.” Melissa Redwyne said from a lounge chair a few feet from the bar facing the pool. “I decided to keep my real first name, Redwyne is just what I like to drink.” She added holding up a large, full glass of Merlot with a chuckle. Melissa hadn’t been kidding when she told Scott and Rusty she needed to get fat and pregnant after seeing the office’s reaction to Kelli a few months earlier. She hadn’t gotten pregnant yet, but she set her empty plate that had been filled twice with the thick, creamy lasagna Rick and Kelli had served for dinner. She struggled to get up, having gained almost twenty-five pounds mainly in her breasts and belly since that day two months ago.

With Kelli and Melissa’s weight gains as well as another contract actress, Rachel Matthews’ getting pregnant, and the addition of Diana and Rusty Chains’ new prodigy, 200 pound Alice Rock, Rebel Alliance was in the process of becoming an adult BBW studio. Since Lee terminated both Janice and Scott’s contracts a month ago, nobody was complaining and the female talent was actually allowed to enjoy eating and living like normal people rather than turning to strict diets, bulimia, or popping diet pills.

“How about Creamy…Butters?” The portly new male actor in the stable, Ron Buckeye said as he walked out from the house and slipped his arms around Melissa. Ron was a college dropout from Ohio who had played football at 251 pounds before shredding his knee his junior year. After the injury he had put down the weights, dropped out of OSU, and picked up a lot of burgers, pizzas, and beer. He was 6’4” tall and barely a year and a half after leaving college, he weighed 407 pounds. Most of the weight was in his enormous belly. And his thick, nine-inch penis, Ron loved to say.

Ron had a deep tan, pale blue eyes and a thick blonde mustache to match his thick, blonde hair. Lee often referred to him as the most handsome fat guy he ever saw. The fans agreed and his first three videos were huge successes. Lee also teased him because several gay sites were calling constantly hoping to hire out the ‘Blonde Teddy Bear’.
Ron always said no, but the money was growing with each call and there was a betting pool in the office trying to predict when the money would change his mind.

“Creamy Butters?” Lee said thoughtfully. “What do you think, Diana?” He asked slipping his arm around her.

“Creamy sounds sexy…but Butters reminds me of an old lady.” Diana said wrinkling her nose.

“Creamy Gold? Creamy…wait!” Rick said suddenly. “How about Vanilla Cream?”

“Oh, I like that!” Diana exclaimed. “With my pale skin and black hair, I’ll be like a fat Snow White!”

“To…Vanilla Cream!” Lee said as he raised his martini. Everyone raised there glasses and whooped at their new friend’s stage name.

Kelli had been lounging in the deep end of the pool during their discussion and she swam to where she could stand now and walked toward the steps leading up on to the paved patio. She slowly emerged from the water. The solar lights turned on and illuminated her as she reached up and grabbed her hair, squeezing the water out of it.

Everyone was chatting at the bar and Rick was the only one who was facing the pool as Kelli slowly began to rise from the blue water. She was looking out at the city lights so she wasn’t aware he was staring. Her breasts created a wave before her as her wake swirled behind her catching the glow of the solar lights making them look like spinning stars floating wherever she touched.

Her naked breasts finally broke through the surface of the water and now her belly began to become visible. The wave created by it was wider than the one her breasts created. Her wake continued to swirl in a hundred lights behind her. Her belly continued to extend out in front and to her sides as she walked up the shallow slope toward the steps.

Finally her belly broke the surface and water ran down her massive bump in rivulets to fall back into the pool and shimmer in gold. Her thick thighs pushed the water roughly in front of her as she stepped. The water now splashed like lava and the sun itself as the golden lights sparkled. She reached the steps and turned to face her guests. A broad smile spread across her face when she saw Rick staring absently at her.

“Are you okay, Rick?” She asked as she picked up a towel and wandered over to the bar.

He shook his head and mentally rejoined the party. “It was like you were in a movie…like Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I swear I was seeing you walk out of the water in slow motion.”

“Hmm.” Lee said thoughtfully. “That sounds like a scene from your next video to me, Kels.”

“I guess we could film here one night this week.” Kelli agreed. “Rick, will you direct me? At least in that scene to recreate what you saw?”

“Absolutely.” Rick said gulping his beer. “If I could capture what I just experienced on film it would be amazing.” He added.

“Ooh.” Melissa whispered teasingly. “Was it sexy, Rick?” She asked with a giggle.

Rick walked out from behind the bar. He wore a white button down shirt completely opened, showing off his tight abs and muscular chest and an electric blue Speedo. Melissa looked down to see his enormous penis trapped in the tight fabric creating a huge semi-erect bulge. “What do you think?” He asked casually.

Lee laughed as Diana’s eyes bugged out of her head as she looked at the size of Rick’s penis. Rick was decidedly bigger than Rusty, but Rusty had the ability to ejaculate more than an average amount of semen and that was his claim to fame. Both men could do it three or four times a day as well. “Welcome to the land of adult entertainment, Vanilla.” Lee said laughing. “Nothing’s taboo in this crowd.”

Kelli opened the towel she had wrapped around her self and flashed her fat, naked body at Diana. Everyone laughed.

“You’re eight months now, Kelli?” Diana asked.

Kelli nodded. “Yup. One more to go.”

“I know you’ve been very successful, but do you plan to lose any weight after the baby is born?”

“Oh no, that ship has sailed.” Kelli chuckled. “I could never go back to 115 pounds. Even if I could, my body would never be what it was. Besides, I’m much happy all fat and happy…and I intend to get a lot fatter and happier after the baby is born.”

“Yeah, and I just paid for new BBW and SSBBW logos for Rebel, so y’all are staying fat, girl.” Lee added with a grin. “We’re in the fat girl business now.”

“Ahem.” Ron said quietly from behind Lee.

“Yeah, you too, Ron.” He added to more laughter.

Kelli sauntered over to Ron and opening her towel, she pressed her big, bare belly and breasts against his huge gut. He was a foot taller than her so he bent down a bit to allow their bellies to meet evenly.

“I may even catch you, Ronnie.” Kelli purred.

Ron laughed. “I’ve got 200 pounds on you, sweetheart.”

“230 plus actually.” Kelli replied. She knew exactly what he weighed. “I’m 167 as of my very angry doctor’s yesterday morning. But…” She purred leaning close, looking up at him with bedroom eyes and sliding her cool, damp belly back and forth against him. “Not for long.”

Ron wore a red Hawaiian shirt open exposing his huge belly over a yellow swimsuit that went almost to his knees. He backed away from Kelli and his cock was standing out making a large tent in the thin fabric.

“I think I need a dip in that cool water.” Ron said as he blushed, ran, and jumped in the pool with his beer still in his hand. He created a series of huge waves that spilled over the infinity side of the pool facing L.A. Everyone cheered and Kelli laughed heartily.

“Hey is this where the party is?” Rusty hollered as he came around the house from the driveway.

Everyone raised their drinks and in unison called out. “Rusty!” Alice Rock was with him in a sparkling black bikini with a white wrap tied around her thick waist. Her large belly bounced as it hung over the wrap and her thighs and breasts jiggled with each step. Everyone then raised their drinks again and called out “Fat Alice!”

Rachel Matthews had also come with them. Compared to Alice, Rachel was a stick. Her belly was still almost totally flat as she was only in her second month and weighed only about 125 pounds. “Skinny Rachel!” They gang hollered. She rubbed her nonexistent baby bump and smiled.

“Give me some time guys!” She replied.

“Well, we’re all here.” Lee said raising his empty glass. “Rick! Get back behind the bar and get everyone a drink.” He said in his authoritative voice. “I’d like to make a toast.”

“Wait!” Rachel said. “I just want a diet soda…and can we wait just a few minutes for Tony er…my boyfriend?”

“Tony?” Lee asked.

“Tony the guard?” Kelli asked. “Are you…”

Rachel blushed deeply. “I am officially announcing Tony Gildea and I have been seeing each other for some time.” She said. “In secret.” She added with a giggle.

“So…is Tony?” Lee asked glancing at Rachel’s flat tummy.

Rachel nodded. “Yes, I think so. It was not an immaculate conception as many speculated.”

“I figured it was mine.” Ron called from the pool.

“I thought it was mine.” Rusty added from the bar.

“Ditto.” Rick said with a grin. Rachel had worked with all three of them over the past two months.

“Well, I used condoms with all of you guys, Tony has been going au natural for about four months now.” She laughed.

“Uh oh, I heard my name.” Tony said as he entered the backyard with a case of beer balanced on his enormous shoulder.

“Tony!” Everyone shouted.

“Now can I make my toast?” Lee asked and everyone applauded.

After Lee’s toast, Rick and Kelli brought out more food and the booze flowed freely for all with the exception of the two pregnant ladies. By midnight most of the drinkers were pretty buzzed and Ron as well as all of the ladies including Skinny Rachel had eaten themselves into a lazy state of bliss.

Sex was their business and it dominating their conversations all evening. By this time of the evening everybody was feeling relaxed and more than a little aroused.

Kelli was lying on one of the lounge chairs with her feet on the patio, her legs spread and her round belly resting just over her naked, shaven pussy. Everyone with the exception of Diana had at least seen her vagina up close, so having it out for all to see wasn’t a big deal to her or anyone else. Diana did catch herself staring it longingly a few times.

Kelli stared dreamily up at the twinkling stars and the occasional plane heading to LAX. She had finished two more plates of the gooey, rich lasagna as well as a huge chunk of a thick, creamy cheesecake. She was comfortably full, which for anyone else would probably have been painfully stuffed.

Lee was in another lounge on the far side of the pool drifting off to sleep. Diana had been sitting at his feet whispering to him when he nodded and shooed her away with his hand, his eyes closing. He had drunk seven or eight martinis throughout

Diana walked quietly over to Kelli. “Kelli?” She asked softly.

“Hey Di, what’s up?” Kelli asked looking down from the stars at her.

“Please say no if I’m out of line, but I talked to Lee...and…” Without finishing her sentence Diana leaned over and placed her mouth against Kelli’s.

Kelli was surprised, but she recovered quickly and slid her tongue between Diana’s lips. Diana’s hands went directly to her naked breasts. “I’ve wanted to touch these all night.” She whispered huskily. Kelli’s hands went to Diana’s boobs that were still in her tight t-shirt.

“You’re wearing a bra…” Kelli whispered with a naughty chuckle. “What kind of party did you think you were going to?”

“Not for long.” Diana replied sitting up and reaching under the back of her shirt. With a snap her boobs were free and Kelli’s hands reached under both the tight shirt and the loosened bra.

“Mmm.” Kelli purred. “So big and firm…ooh I love your nipples.”

Ron was standing at the bar next to Melissa who was sitting watching Kelli and Diana make out on the lounge chair. They were facing away from the bar, and she was slowly running her hand over his big, soft gut. He sipped a beer as his bathing suit slowing began to develop a distinct bulge in the front. Melissa saw it and her hand slipped down from his belly and over the damp fabric concealing his hardening penis.

“They’re beautiful aren’t they?’ She whispered softly. He just grunted quietly.

Pregnant Rachel took Tony’s hand and whispered good night and waved as they slipped around to the gate leading to the driveway. Rick and the others who were not passed out like Lee or otherwise occupied quietly said good night to the happy couple.

Rusty turned to Alice and with a look at Rick behind the bar to make sure it was okay, he led her into the house to find a private room.

Rick went into the house a moment later behind them. He re-emerged a few minutes later with a giant, thick quilted blanket with a huge New York Giants logo embroidered on it. It was a little faded and had some ragged edges. It was his favorite napping blanket that he kept in the den where he enjoyed sleeping in on rainy days watching movies or football. It was soft and thick, he had used it more than once out here on the patio for his and Kelli’s moonlight trysts.

He laid it out beside the lounge chair Kelli and Diana had now gotten completely naked on and without a word Kelli gently steered Diana on to it. Rick set one of the chair cushions down for Diana to rest her head and shoulders on.

Diana lied on her back and Kelli carefully got down on her knees between her chubby, naked thighs. She gently bent forward so that her pendulous belly and breasts rested on the blanket and slipped her hands beneath Diana’s ass, lifting her a little bit and pressing her mouth to Diana’s shaggy pussy. She used her tongue to burrow through her thick pubic hair and find her wet vagina.

Ron and Melissa quietly slipped into the house. The patio doors led into the great room that held a huge television, as well as several comfortable couches and chairs. It led into the opened kitchen. A dining room was through a doorway to the right, and the den Ron retrieved the blanket from was to the left. Down a hallway past the bathroom and coat closets were two guest bedrooms on both sides of the hallway that opened into a huge foyer with a massive chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling.

They could here soft sounds coming from the guest bedroom on the right. Ron reached for the doorknob to the bedroom on the left but Melissa shook her head and tugged him by the hand to the stairs in the foyer.

“Not Kelli’s room, that isn’t right.” He whispered as they padded up the soft, snow white carpeted steps.

“Not her bedroom.” Melissa replied quietly without turning around or slowing down. A moment later she led him into the master bathroom. It was enormous. A huge Jacuzzi tub took up the wall below the wide bay windows looking down over the brick driveway that circled around a large garden of tropical flowers, beach grasses and two tall palm trees that reached up higher than the second floor. There was a double sink adjacent to it with a huge counter that was littered with lotions, hair dryers, and various make up products.

Melissa left him looking around at the tropical artwork on the walls and up at the huge skylight as she went to the large, stall shower tiled in Italian marble. She turned on a dim, romantic light at the top of the stall and turned off the bright main lighting. She turned on the shower and went back to the large man. He bent down a bit and she kissed him deeply as she slid the Hawaiian shirt from his shoulders. He slipped his arm around her and untied her bikini top. His hands went to her full, heavy breasts and she untied her wrap, letting it fall to the tiled floor.

They continued to kiss as Melissa ran her hands all over his wide, warm, heavy belly. They broke off and each of them slid their bathing suits down to their ankles, stepped out of them and entered the huge stall. It was more than large enough for even his bulk along with her to move around under the multiple wall ensconced water jets and the huge waterfall showerhead mounted on the wall high above Ron’s head.

They again kissed and fondled each other under the warm, man-made waterfall. Melissa bent a bit to run her tongue over his hairless chest, taking his nipple into her mouth and biting it gently. “I can’t wait until I’m as heavy as you.” She whispered.

Outside Rick finished his beer as he watched his girlfriend and her new lover entwined on the blanket before him. Kelli’s talented tongue had brought Diana to several loud climaxes and still her face remained planted firmly between Diana’s thighs.

After what Rick estimated was Diana’s fifth orgasm, Kelli finally knelt back on her ankles (with some effort). Diana rolled over and they crawled around each other to switch positions. Diana gently opened Kelli’s huge thighs and exposed her shaven vagina.

“Oh that’s sexy…would you help me shave mine?” Diana whispered as she lowered her face to softly in between Kelli’s legs.

Kelli whispered. “Of course.” She then let out a quiet moan and sighed deeply as Diana’s lips and tongue went to work on her sensitive feminine parts.

Rick put down his empty bottle. Diana was facing away from him and he watched Diana’s ass swaying slightly as she ate out Kelli’s pussy. She was resting on her knees and was bent down in the larger woman’s crotch.

Diana gave her ass a little extra wiggle without turning around and Rick took that as an invitation to join them. He quietly stood and walked around the bar. He knelt beside Diana and gently ran his hand over her smooth, white ass. Diana raised her face just long enough to purr her pleasure that he had joined them. Kelli opened her eyes just a bit and whispered. “Hey baby.”

Rick had been dealing with getting semi-erect on and off all evening and now that he slid his Speedo down his muscular legs his cock quickly gained its full hardness. He had a box of Magnum condoms hidden behind the bar for just such an occasion and he quickly opened one with his teeth and rolled it over his erection. Diana was new, and though she had a clean health record and the sex was very free in their circle, the guys used condoms until told they were otherwise.

He placed his hands on either side of her hips, sliding them up and down her thighs and over her soft, chubby behind. She slid her knees a little further apart and he reached under her to find her pussy. It was absolutely soaked from Kelli’s talented efforts and he placed his large penis against her opening and slowly pushed inside her.

Diana lifted her head for a moment and Kelli glanced down at her face. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was biting her lower lip. “Oh my…” Diana whispered as Rick slowly entered her.

“Let me know if that’s too much.” Rick said quietly.

“Oh my.” Dina replied. “It’s so…big.” She added and began sliding her hips back leaving Kelli temporarily ignored. “Ooh!” She said pulling back and Rick knew how far he could go inside She could handle about nine inches and he began fucking her slowly, letting her get used to him.

A few moments later Diana and Rick settled into a comfortable rhythm and she dipped her head back to Kelli’s vagina. Kelli purred happily to feel her tongue back inside her.

Ron was leaning against the wall just behind where the waterfall spout was dumping gallons of water down per minute. The water was not hitting him as Melissa was kneeling in front of him sucking his thick penis. Her forehead bumping him in his soft belly and the waterfall cascaded down her back and over her chubby hiney. The side water spouts shot warm water just behind her head on either side. The jets in the rear of the shower were spraying her head and back.

Steam hung in the air as Ron opened his eyes and looked down at the beautiful young starlet’s ass. He couldn’t see much more of her over his corpulent stomach, but the sensation of her lips and tongue on his penis was amazing.

Melissa reached up and slid her hands around his gut, squeezing and massaging him. Finally she ducked under the side jets so she wouldn’t get ears full of water and she stood pressing her large breasts and puffy belly against him. “Make love to me, Ron.” She said just loud enough to be heard over the water. The stall was more than large enough for her to lie down on her back and she gently did so, spreading her thighs wide for him as he slowly bent and shielded her from the waterfall.

While they were far from dating each other exclusively, they had been together any times over the past two months since he was contracted at Rebel Alliance. Ron knew what she liked and when Melissa wasn’t on film she liked to be made love to in the missionary position very slowly.

She placed her legs up on his powerful shoulders and he slipped inside her in one swift motion that didn’t require either of them to use their hands for guidance. His penis found her opening easily.

“Put your weight on me, Ron.” She whispered and he lowered his heavy belly down on top of hers. The water splashed down on his back loudly as he began pumping himself slowly in and out of her tight pussy. Melissa moaned gently. She knew Ron didn’t care for loud screaming and carrying on off camera and that was fine with her. Her onscreen persona was a ‘screamer’ and even though her fans thought she was passionate and animalistic, she found it irritating.

She did like to whisper dirty talk and she encouraged Ron to fuck her and make her cum. “I love the feel of your huge body on top of me.” She said clutching his back and pulling him down on top of her more. Water soaked his hair and ran down his face in rivers. A steady stream ran from both sides of his mustache and Melissa raised her head and drank the water dripping from it, sucking his cheeks and licking his lips before plunging her tongue in his mouth as she came hard.

“Do you like watching me get fatter like you, baby?” She asked. “Do you like seeing me eat soo much?”

“I do.” Ron replied with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. “I love to see you fatten up…I want to fatten you up.”

“Just like you?”

“Just like me.” He replied.

“Then put a baby in my belly, Ron…get me pregnant.”

He began to shudder a bit with excitement; Melissa was trembling as a second orgasm ran through her body.

“Fuck me, baby…get me pregnant…” She hissed as she came again.

Ron could wait no longer and her gasped as he filled her vagina.

Outside Diana had collapsed after countless orgasms and rolled over so that Rick could move into her spot at Kelli’s pussy. He slid the condom off and tossed it aside as he plunged into his lover’s ready and willing vagina. Kelli cried out as she came immediately due to Diana’s incredible tongue bringing her to lather. Diana lied beside them, her eyes staring in amazement at how Rick’s huge tool slipped all the way inside Kelli like a sword into a sheath. She reached up and massaged Kelli’s shaking thigh. Kelli’s breasts were bouncing back and forth with every thrust and Diana took aim and slipped her head under Rick’s arm to catch Kelli’s right boob in her mouth. She locked on and sucked her nipple hard drawing a mouthful of milk. Her eyes opened in surprise, but it tasted sweet and warm so she continued suckling.

The tingling feeling of someone suckling at her breast while she was getting fucked so hard was amazing and as Kelli cried out in the third orgasm she had in the several minutes since Rick entered her he also began to shake as he neared his climax.

Diana was right there and she turned her head and put her hand on his hard stomach. Rick looked down and understood. He pulled out of Kelli and slipped right into Diana’s mouth and then he ejaculated like a hurricane into the beautiful girls perfect, ruby lips.

Kelli sat up and kissed Diana passionately, their tongues entwined.
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Chapter Five
Kelli Gets Huge

Kelli sat in the middle of her bed on top of the covers, naked. Her legs were spread toward the corners and her belly rested in the space between her legs. Her hair was up in a clip but a few strands had escaped and hung down her chubby cheeks. She spooned ice cream into her mouth from a huge hot fudge sundae she held resting against her belly between her breasts.

A camera in a tripod was pointed at her from her right side. Another camera was placed directly in front of her. A third camera was resting on Fred Garfield’s shoulders behind the one in front. Gary Walters stood against the wall behind her holding a boom microphone up out of the camera’s sights. Lighting rigs had been placed around the room and several interns held reflectors bouncing a soft light on Kelli.

Anyone who thinks porn shoots are sexy or romantic has never seen what goes into them. Rick and Rusty stood by the window watching. Rusty was there for moral support, this was the first feature Rick was given to direct. The decision was made the night before after they filmed the first scene outside and Rick perfectly recreated his vision of Kelli rising out of the pool with the golden lights reflected in the swirling pool as well as on the rivulets that ran down Kelli’s naked body. It was a work of art and Rick had directed Kelli, the cameras and the lighting like a maestro.

This was Kelli’s last video shoot before she was due to give birth next week. The script had her character, also named Kelli returned home from college to deal with her family and several of her lovers away from school. Alice was slated to play her best friend after they shot this scene of Kelli eating and getting berated by her ‘father’. This morning Alice had shot a scene out on Kelli’s private driveway with Kelli’s ‘ex-boyfriend’, Rusty. According to the script, almost all of the characters would be shocked at Kelli’s transformation before ending up naked with her.

There was a knock at the bedroom door and before Kelli could respond, the door swung open. “Kelli…” Lee said angrily before seeing she was naked. “Damn it Kelli, cover yourself!” He yelled as he turned and closed the door again. Kelli calmly set her ice cream on the bed beside her and picked up a huge pillow, hugging it to her breasts and hiding her belly.

“Yes, daddy?” She asked calmly and Lee re-entered the room.

“My God, Kelli!” Lee said loudly as he stormed back in the room holding up a piece of paper that had ‘Report Card’ printed across the top. “You went away to college, got yourself pregnant and now you’ve failed all of your classes! What am I going to do with you?” He tossed the paper on the bed before her and one of the camera’s focused on it. Large red ‘F’s’ were also printed on it.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” Kelli purred in a little girl’s voice. “I didn’t mean to get pregnant.” She said rubbing her belly behind the pillow. The side camera captured that action. “Since I got knocked up, I’ve been so hungry all the time all I wanted to do was eat.” Kelli spooned more ice cream messily into her mouth dripping hot fudge down her chin.
“See? I can hardly control myself anymore and I’ve gotten sooo fat.” She purred lowering the pillow and showing Lee her bloated belly and breasts. “What am I going to do, Daddy?” She asked innocently as Lee flustered and blustered and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

“CUT!” Rick hollered from his corner by the window. “Holy shit, Lee! One shot and you are done for the day!”

Lee came back in with a big grin on his face. “I don’t go in front of the camera much because I hate it. My goal is to get it done in one take.”

“Mission accomplished.” Rick said shaking his hand. “Kelli, that was outstanding as well.” He said going over and kissing his girlfriend hard on her chocolate-covered mouth. She smiled and kept eating the sundae.

“Okay everyone!” Rick said checking his clipboard. “Can we get the weigh-in shot before we take lunch?” He asked the crew and Kelli. Everyone agreed so they moved the cameras into position at the front of the bed where one of the interns placed a bathroom scale.

Kelli finished her ice cream and bounced herself gently to the edge of the bed where she could get her big legs over the side. “What’s the maximum on that scale?” She asked the intern.

“400 pounds, Miss Valentine.” The kid replied. She nodded that was good.

“300 pounds would have posed a problem.” She said proudly rubbing her big belly. “Can I get another snack for this shot?” She called down the hallway. “Something inappropriate!” She added.

Rick was setting the scene with her empty ice cream bowl on the dresser beside the scale as well as several crumpled soda cans on the floor beside the scale. The soundman was eating a candy bar and Rick snatched the wrapper from his hand and dropped it on the floor. Several other crewmembers got the hint and soon a large cookie, an empty soft drink cup as well as a burger wrapper from the same fast food restaurant littered the floor of Kelli and Rick’s bedroom.

Kelli walked over for the lighting check and saw the fattening debris on her rug and smiled. “Perfect!” She commented. The intern returned from the kitchen and handed Kelli a huge turkey leg. “Whose lunch is this from?” Kelli asked. The intern shrugged. Kelli shrugged back at him and dug her teeth into it.

“Clear the set!” Rick announced and everyone scurried either to their positions or out of the room. The lighting tech stood before Kelli with a light meter and made a few adjustments. He nodded at Rick about two minutes later and crept back behind the camera.

“Makeup!” Rick called at the last minute and a young girl with a tackle box full of makeup dashed in, checked Kelli’s face and touched up her lips before looking to Rick. He nodded and she dashed out.

“Lights. Speed…action!” Rick said loudly. Kelli stood eating her turkey leg and looking down at the scale. She acted nervous and unsure. She scratched the back of her head and looked about the room before softly placing her foot on the scale. She took another bite of the turkey before setting the bone beside the empty ice cream bowl and taking her foot off the scale and staring at it while she chewed and swallowed.

Kelli then nervously place her pinky nail in between her teeth and stepping back on the scale gingerly. The cameraman with the hand held slipped behind her and held the camera pointed at the numbers. Kelli bounced a little bit to get them adjusting again for the camera. The digital readout eventually settled at 303 pounds.

“Oh my God.” Kelli moaned as the tripod mounted camera focused on her face. “I’ve gained another 36 pounds since last month…why does getting so much fatter make me so horny and wet?” She asked herself.

“Cut!” Rick said and they repositioned the cameras to get a rear view angle of Kelli on the scale. She repeated her actions and lines four more times over the next half an hour as they got every angle Rick wanted. They then broke for lunch. When they returned, Alice would walk in and catch Kelli on the scale and she would also express how amazing it is that Kelli got so fat during her pregnancy. Then, of course the two fat beauties would have sex on camera.

“CUT!” Rick hollered for the last time two days later. “Kelli Gets Huge’ is officially wrapped, people! Great job!”

Kelli leaned over and kissed Ron who had played Kelli’s football quarterback ex-boyfriend. Her and Ron had a blast last night pigging out on an entire table full of food for the camera as they performed a scene in which Kelli runs into her ex, who has gained more than 200 pounds since she saw him last and they end up at a buffet stuffing each other’s faces. They filmed the scene in a local restaurant in the middle of the night after it had closed. The over-night cleaning crew manager was happy to take 2000 dollars as long as the restaurant wasn’t recognizable in the video.

This afternoon for the video’s last scene, she and Ron had just performed their first on camera sex scene. An intern handed Kelli a cloth to wipe up Ron’s cum that was dripping down her breasts and belly. They had ‘practiced’ the scene last night after the restaurant scene. That was her first time having sex with him and she had to admit, he was a great lover.

Rick was beaming at his first completed film as a director. Kelli got up and slipped a white, fuzzy robe on her naked, jiggling body. “I think I gained another twenty pounds on this shoot alone.” She said as she slipped her arms around her boyfriend. “Twenty-five if you count all the cum I swallowed.” She added.

Rick laughed but this week Kelli had more onscreen sex scenes than she had ever put in one video before. She wanted to finish her pregnant series up with a ‘bang’. Usually she did a lesbian or solo scene and a hardcore scene. For this video she had sex with Ron, Rusty, Alice, Rick twice, and she’d given Viggo Force a blow job from the front seat of her car in a scene in which he played a fast food employee hanging out a drive through window. Rick, Rusty, and Lee had built the window set themselves and it looked incredibly real set against Kelli’s open garage door with her car parked in front.

Two days later the movie was mixed and cut perfectly and Lee absolutely loved it. The master went out for copying and distribution. Rick had hardly slept for the two days he was working. Now on the third morning Kelli woke up before him and made coffee. She was quiet as she slipped out of bed and downstairs. She wore a thin, pink nightie that stretched over her breasts and let her large belly hang out beneath. It juggled a little bit with each step and she smiled at the sensation. It was early and there was a slight mist laying over Los Angeles. Kelli stared out the huge windows of her kitchen down at the city as the coffee began to perk. She inhaled deeply and her hands went to her belly. Started at the very bottom, she lifted it and squeezed a bit. “I’m over 300 pounds.” She whispered to herself.

Her nipples got hard at that thought. She slipped her hands under the stretchy material and cupped her breasts. Her fingers gently pinched her nipples and two wet spots began to spread from drops of milk.

Shaking her head to clear her mind, Kelli poured two cups of coffee and fixed them the way she and Rick liked them. Being careful and chastising herself for the 1000th time for getting white carpeting on the stairs, she softly walked back upstairs to her bedroom. Lee had sprung for the cost of having her rugs shampooed yesterday in appreciation to Kelli for letting them film the movie there.

She set the coffees down on the nightstand on her side and slipped into bed gently so as not to wake Rick up just yet. Kelli slid the sheet down from his naked form and leaned over him as he slept. She took his flaccid penis in her mouth and slowly and softly began sucking him to hardness. He was still soft in her mouth and she marveled at how big it was. He was bigger flaccid than some of her boyfriends were rock hard.

Rick and his cock began to wake up at the same time. “Good morning, Mr. Director.” She whispered when he opened his eyes and looked down at her.

Rick smiled and moaned gently as he closed his eyes again and lay still, enjoying her warm lips.

Kelli closed her eyes and went back to sucking his enormous cock. Her lips closed tight around him as she sucked him hard, sliding her mouth down his shaft and dancing her tongue over the head.

Rick slipped his hand down under her and he cupped her breast. “Slid over here.” He whispered. Kelli complied and his hand went from her breast, down her swollen belly and finally to her wet pussy. As Kelli blew him he slipped two finger inside her vagina and rubbed the spot just inside and up from her opening that set her aflame.

Kelli raised her head for a moment and let him slip fro her lips as a gasp escaped her. She wiggled her hips a bit to encourage him to move his fingers faster inside her. He got her message and began circling her g-spot with his deft fingers. Kelli cried out as she came and plunged her mouth back on top of him, sucking him without abandon.

Kelli came one more before she slid herself off Rick’s hand and slung her meaty thigh over his groin and sat down hard. His cock entered her easily and they both cried out at the sensation.

“Am I getting too fat to ride you?” She whispered as she laid her hands on his chest and used her strong legs to raise herself up and down on his penis.

“Not even close.” He replied slipping his hands over her huge breasts.

“Mmm.” She moaned softly as she closed her eyes and just let the pleasure he gave her flow throughout her body. “I’ll see what I can do about that.” She said with a husky laugh.

“I’ll look forward to helping you with that.” He said smiling. “Everyone thinks you’re fat now…wait until they see you in a year.”
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Blame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBlame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Chapter Six
Retirement Suits Her

Rick walked into the Rebel Alliance offices the Monday after the Adult Video News Awards ceremony with six trophies and a standing ovation from the staff. He bowed and went to stand in front of the kitchen where everyone could see him. “Is everyone here?” He yelled loudly. “Get everyone from the production areas!”

A few minutes later everyone who worked for Rebel Alliance except for a few of the performers who were probably still sleeping off a wild weekend of celebrations at his and Kelli’s house in the Hills was present.

“These are for all of your hard work this year!” He said holding up two of the awards. The other four were on a table behind him. “Best New Starlet…Vanilla Cream! Best New Director…me!” He said and bowed again as everyone cheered. He set those two down and picked up two more.

“Best Specialty Release…”The Bump’, starring our own Ron Buckeye and Melissa Redwyne.” Rick said and gestured toward the bull pen where Ron and a very pregnant Melissa Redwyne stood. She hugged him rubbed his big belly. He rubbed hers and chuckled. That night in Kelli’s shower hadn’t been the night she conceived, but they kept trying until three months later she found out she was pregnant with his babies. Now, at only seven months she was enormously pregnant with twins. Melissa shared the same doctor Kelli had when she was pregnant and now he regularly chastised her because at 211 pounds, her weight had almost doubled since she found out she was pregnant.
Her and Ron were engaged and he was experiencing sympathy weight gain for his future bride. He was well over 450 pounds him self.

“Best Three-way Scene, Misty Rains, Rusty Chains…and Scott Hazzard!” Rusty was still at home, but Scott stood and waved to everyone shyly. Misty still weighed 115 pounds and she had no intention of gaining weight or getting pregnant. This was good because it gave Rebel Alliance a variety of releases. Lee had in fact brought in three other petite starlets and an additional actor with a big dick and rippling muscles.

The months Scott had been away from Rebel Alliance at the termination of his contract had been very difficult. He had returned four months ago a changed man. He had quit the steroids and as a result, his body had softened quite a bit. He had a closed door meeting with Lee, Kelli, and Rick for two hours as they discussed his past work and decided if they wanted him back.

Lee decided that Scott had a good fan base and as long as he was able to perform Rebel Alliance would be happy to have a star such as him back in their stables. That was contingent on Scott apologizing to Kelli and Rick and not challenging them over paternity of Kelli’s baby boy, who had never been tested to see who was in fact the father. Considering the child had dark hair like Rick and not red hair like Scott, the point was considered moot anyway.

It was also hinged on Scott getting back in shape. He looked to Rick as a mentor and trainer and the two had actually forged a friendship since Scott had returned.

“Best Marketing Campaign for Overall Image…Rebel Alliance! Who said going to an mostly Big Beautiful Woman video site wouldn’t work?” Rick stated loudly as he set the two trophies down and picked up the last two. “Finally!” He continued. “The Best Continuing Video Series…’Kelli Gets Knocked Up!’” Everyone applauded loudly and Scott walked over to shake Rick’s hand and help him carry the trophies to Lee’s office.

“The trophies will be displayed in a new glass case Lee ordered this morning, it will go outside the kitchen door. Oh, and we almost won Best Special Effects…” He added with a chuckle. “No one believed Kelli actually got that fat.”

Kelli walked in at the mention of her name. “When I walked in they knew it wasn’t make up or CGI.” She said as she set down her bag and joined Rick and Scott. Scott handed her the trophy she earned for her series. Kelli had given birth ten months earlier and even though he had seen her several times a week since he was rehired, Scott could not believe how fat she had gotten or how fat she continued to get.

Kelli wore a thin purple blouse that buttoned down the middle, and the buttons across her middle were straining. Tight black stretch pants covered her enormous legs and simple ballet shoes covered her feet.

Since the baby was born Kelli had retired from performing with the exception of the lactation video she had planned. Her and Rick had married in a simple ceremony in the desert with Lee and most of their co-workers in attendance. She now mostly worked from home. Her tan was impressive, but what mostly caught everyone’s attention was her size. Not that she had ever listened to her doctor’s orders about her weight anyway, but with no one hollering at her she had eaten with abandon. Rick slipped his arm around her and gave her a hug. She hugged him back with thick arms. She may not perform on film anymore, but she performed for him, stuffing herself regularly during sex and showing off her expanding body constantly.

No one in the industry had seen her at all since the release of the lactation video eight months earlier until the awards show. The room had gone quiet when she and Rick walked in and then quickly went a buzz with everyone reacting to the 422 redhead waddling up to the podium to accept her award.

She didn’t stay in the offices long and she was in the kitchen when Rick got home a few hours later. She wore only a large, white apron as she fixed dinner for them both. The baby was at his mother’s for the night. His parents had accepted his choice of business and his bride soon after the baby was born.

Rick slipped his arms around her big, bountiful belly and kissed her exposed neck. “Mmm. That feels so good.” She purred setting down a spoon and putting her hands over his. She turned and kissed him. “Go wash up, dinner is almost ready.” She said turning back to the stove and picking up a cutting board covered in crispy, cut up bacon.

“Grab a bottle of wine!” Kelli called after him as she stirred the bacon into a thick, steaming pot filed with fettuccini Alfredo. The buzzer went off signaling the garlic bread was ready to come out of the oven and with a towel protecting her hand, she removed a tray with three huge loaves of the buttery garlic bread and sprinkled several huge mounds of mozzarella cheese over them before sliding it back in the oven for a moment.

Rick returned a few minutes later in his bathing suit. “Shall we eat outside?” He suggested and Kelli ran her hand over his stuffed crotch.

“Oh yeah.” She replied lustily.

She dragged herself away from the man and the dick she adored and poured the pasta into a huge serving bowl. Rick got the bread out of the oven and slid it onto a large cutting board. Grabbing utensils and the wine, he followed Kelli out on to the patio.

Kelli was setting plated out beside one another on the table and Rick once again came up behind her. He pressed his groin against her ass and she purred. “You know.” He said softly. “Why don’t you start eating on the lounge? I’m not that hungry for pasts…yet.” He added and Kelli wiggled her enormous, naked ass against his rapidly tightening Speedo.

“If you don’t mind, I’m starving.” Kelli said suggestively as she reached under her apron and rubbed her belly.

“Not at all.” Rick replied as he picked up the entire serving bowl and a kitchen towel. Plunging a fork in the enormous bowl he waited for Kelli to get herself situated before he set the bowl down on the belly between her boobs. Kelli began eating as she slowly opened her legs. Rick helped her get her gigantic thighs opened enough for him to slip between them and he maneuvered his face to reach her pussy. Kelli had to scoot forward, spread her legs extra wide, and hold her round belly back for him to reach her but she melted as his tongue finally found her vagina through the fat. With one hand holding up her stomach, the other began spooning the rich, creamy pasta into her greedy mouth.

His hands slipped under her and massaged her great behind as his mouth nibbled on her femininity and his tongue wiggled over her pussy. Kelli closed her eyes and moaned with a mouth full of food as she Rick brought her to her first orgasm moments later. Lost in passion she did not hear someone yelling outside the closed gate to the driveway. Rick couldn’t hear anything but Kelli’s pulse with her fat thighs pressed against his ears.

Kelli came twice more beneath his loving lips before Rick got up and carefully took the bowl from her. Kelli had put quite a dent in the pasta during the fifteen minutes he spent between her legs. He slipped his Speedo down was about to enter her when he noticed red and blue lights flashing against the bushes at the corner of the house by the driveway.

He looked at Kelli and he stood, pulling his Speedo back up and carefully slipping his huge erection inside. Kelli stood and whispered to him. “Check it out, I’ll get dressed.” She then rushed into the house.

Rick had left a shirt on the bar that morning and he slipped it on and waited a moment for his erection to subside before he walked around to the driveway. To police cruisers were parked just outside the gate. He walked down and without opening the wrought iron gate he showed the officers he was there.

“Good evening, Mr. Evans.” A tall policeman with Sergeant stripes said as he approached him. “We got a call about a woman outside your property screaming.”

“Who is she?” Rick asked as he peered toward one of the cars.

“She has no identification, but she claims to be a Janice Rodgers.” The officer replied.

Rick had to think for a moment before he remembered Janice Dickensider’s real name. “Oh my.” He whispered. “Is she alright?”

“She very inebriated.” The officer said looking back at where Rick could now make out Janice sitting in the car. Her head was down but the way her shoulders were convulsing, Rick could see she was crying hysterically. “I have a feeling booze isn’t all she’s been doing today.” The officer added.

“Are you arresting her?” Rick asked as Kelli waddled down from the front door to join them. “This is my wife, Kelli.” Rick said. “They’ve got Janice. She’s in bad shape.”

“She appears to be on foot, so not for DUI, but I will have to take her in for drunk and disorderly. The sergeant said. “Unless, she’s with you, I’ll leave her in your custody.”

Kelli looked at Rick. “We gave Scott another chance.” She whispered quietly. “Can I speak to her?” Kelli asked the sergeant.

“Yes, ma’am.” He replied. Kelli opened the gate and stepped toward the car.

Another officer, a female who had been waiting beside the vehicle opened the door but barred Janice from exiting with her arm.

“Janice?” Kelli whispered.

“Kelli?” The woman replied looking up through her dirty hair. “Kelli…I’m so sorry for what I did to you…for everything I did to you.” She cried hysterically.

Kelli looked back at Rick and the sergeant with pleading eyes. Rick nodded at her and whispered to the sergeant to leave Janice with them.

They put Janice in a spare bedroom and she passed out immediately. Rick sat up most of the night making sure Janice was okay and also making sure she didn’t wake up and do anything crazy while Kelli slept.

The following morning Janice came out on the patio where Kelli had just finished a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Rick was asleep on the couch in his den. Kelli was wearing a bikini as Janice timidly sat across the table from her. There was a carafe of fresh coffee and Kelli poured the beaten woman a large mug and gestured to the cream and sugar.

“Are you okay?” Kelli asked quietly looking at Janice’s emaciated frame and dirty face. He clothes looked like a streetwalker’s hand-me-downs. They were faded and frayed. Kelli had gotten a whiff of her as they led her into the bedroom the night before and she had every intention of throwing the bed linens Janice had slept on in the garbage. Janice reeked of cigarette smoke, cheap liquor, stale beer, and body odor.

Her implants looked like balloons in her emaciated frame. Janice smiled weakly and Kelli could see she missing her front teeth.

“I’ve…been out on the street for a while now.” Janice admitted weakly.
“I’ve had a drinking…problem since I was twenty-two years old. I could always work even if I was a little tipsy.”

Kelli just nodded. This wasn’t anything new to her. She knew Janice probably had a problem with drinking while she was still working with her.

“It got a lot worse when I lost my contract.” Janice slurred. “I started doing freelance work for a couple of the seedier studios.” She continued and a tear formed in her eyes. “They didn’t pay much at first, but the party never ended.”

“Until…” Kelli added.

“I developed…other problems while I was there and then they suddenly stopped paying me at all.”

“So they got you hooked and owned your soul.” Kelli said bluntly. She knew of this practice at a few studios and it made her angry. Janice just nodded.

“I had problems showing up…and they beat me up pretty good.” Janice said and waved her hand in front of her missing teeth. “I’ve been working the streets since.” She finished and burst into tears.

Kelli squeezed Janice’s dirty, skinny hand and left to go inside and make a phone call.

Four Years later…

The camera focused on a chubby foot squirming on a towel on a bright, sunny day. The camera panned up to a fat calf and then a large, dimpled, cellulite covered thigh. A rounded roll of flesh at the top of that thigh introduced a big, fattened belly. The camera pulled back a bit to show a hand reaching under the belly and then finally a second enormous woman began to emerge onto the shot. The woman on the towel was completely in the shot now and it was Vanilla Cream, also known as the former Mrs. Diana Gaines. Diana and Lee had gotten married and she continued to perform for him on screen. Unfortunately for Lee she eventually fell in love with a young black actor they had contracted named Tiger Woody and they divorced after two years. During those two years and the two years since, Diana had gone from a 146 pound ingénue to the 530 pound behemoth who now ate as lustily as she performed on screen.

The arm that belonged to the hand between Vanilla’s thighs pleasuring her was unveiled to be Melissa Redwyne’s. Melissa had given birth to Ron’s twins and after a few months of gaining she decided she did not have the appetite or the desire some of the other actresses had to be BBW superstars. She leveled off at 200 pounds and eventually dieted down to a soft, matronly but far from obese 160 pounds. Much of her weight was in her pendulous bosom that shook mightily as she worked Vanilla in to a rousing orgasm with her fingers.

Lee was directing Rebel Alliance’s fifth Anniversary Spectacular. Today was the penultimate shoot in Kelli’s backyard with the pool and Los Angeles as the backdrop for an all-star orgy scene.

There were seven cameras, fur on tripods and three roaming around on cameramen’s shoulders. There were four boom microphones that Lee kept waving out of shots. Beside Vanilla and Melissa a camera focused on Alice and Ron. Alice’s chin sat on her crossed arms as they rested on the railing at the edge of the patio looking out over the city. Ron Buckeye stood behind her with his hands on her hips as he entered her from behind. A cameraman with a handheld camera stood with a safety belt supporting him outside the railing on the steep slope leading down to the street below. He was filming up at her face. Her eyes were closed and she nibbled her bottom lip as Ron’s hard thrusts made her long hair bounce and billow around her face as the rest of her enormous figure bounced with each impact. A camera on a tripod stood one side catching every jiggle and bounce of each of the two super-sized stars fornicated wildly.

Ron’s corpulent belly rested on Alice’s broad ass as his large cock drilled into her like a piston. Alice had spent much of the past four years gorging with Ron and the other actresses. At 460 pounds, she had happily surpassed Ron’s 450 pounds a few months ago. She still teased him and called him ‘Tiny’.

Rusty Chains was engrossed in a blowjob that Misty Rains and Rachel Matthews were slowing taking turns administering to him. He stood before the bar and the two girls knelt before him each taking turns sliding his long pole into their throats. Misty and Rachel were still the thinnest actresses at Rebel Alliance. Rachel had to work at it a bit more since her baby was born but her belly was once again flat and toned. Motherhood had given her breasts a permanent boost of about a cup size though. Misty had announced she was pregnant two weeks ago but other than a slight increase in her breast size, there was no evidence just yet.
Misty would start shooting her pregnant series in the next couple of weeks.

Scott Hazzard had a camera focused on him as he slow danced with a girl on the far end of the pool. The light sparkled in the pool beside them as they dance slowly while they kissed and explored each other’s bodies. Lee walked over and directed the cameraman with a shoulder-mounted camera to begin shooting the actress from her back. The cameraman started at their feet and slowly paned up. The actress had large, think ankles that soon became wide, fat-laden thighs that jiggled with the slightest step. Her ass was enormous and cellulite covered every inch of it.

Scott’s hands dropped to her ass and he fondled and kneaded her plush, doughy behind. A thick roll of fat settled on her waist and spread up her wide back and round, sloping shoulders. Her dark red hair was straight and flowed down to her mid-back. Scott was kissing her as the cameraman panned to the right and focused on their tongues dancing against their lips and slipping into their mouths. He panned back a bit and it the camera revealed it was Janice Dickensider he was making out with.

Janice had gone directly to rehab from Kelli’s patio four years ago and after 90 days she emerged forty pounds heavier and clean of alcohol and drugs for the first time in almost ten years. Kelli had ‘adopted’ the formerly troubled actress when she got out and sponsored her, talking to her and letting Janice cry on her shoulder when she felt alone or weak.

Two years after leaving rehab, Janice had obviously substituted her addiction to alcohol with a monstrous hunger for food. She weighed 300 over three hundred pounds when Kelli and Lee decided to put her back on camera. Once again she played her troubled Hollywood teen star alter-ego, but now she was basically playing her own story as well of beating addiction and discovering food as a replacement.

Janice did twelve videos over the past two years and had gone from 300 pounds to her current 523 pounds. Her videos set BBW video records and now that she was more in control of her life, Janice had parlayed that money and success into a small but luxurious house of her just down the street from Kelli and Rick’s.

The last two cameras were over by the pool where Rick was swimming laps in an orange Speedo. The past four years were good to Rick. He still worked out faithfully with Scott, Rusty, Rusty, and even Tony the security guard.

With everyone now in action on camera around the large patio, it was time to bring out the special guest. Kelli Valentine had not been before a camera in almost five years. One camera stayed on Rick for his reaction shot and the other focused on the back doors. The curtain was drawn as a hand reached from behind the curtains and slid it open.

An arm followed it and slid the curtain aside revealing Kelli in an electric blue bikini. She stepped out onto the patio and smiled for the camera. “I’m baaaack.” She said softly as she began walking slowly toward the pool. The camera locked on her body as it rippled and jiggled with every movement.

Kelli had been involved with almost every pound each of her obese co-stars had gained. Janice had put on over 425 pounds in four short years and Kelli encouraged and cheered every succulent inch of her body.

Alice had gained over 200 pounds in the same amount of time and Vanilla had added an extra 400 pounds to her frame. Kelli was 300 pounds when Alice weighed just over 200 pounds. Vanilla was only 146 back then. Janice had been an emaciated and sick 98 pounds when she found herself outside Kelli’s gate that night.

She sashayed her way to the edge of the pool and as Rick watched in fascination, she turned and fell backwards in to the water. The splash was enormous and the waves went over the sides onto the patio and over the infinity side. Kelli emerged a moment later and laughing, she swam slowly to the shallow end. Rick had walked out of the pool and stood watching her at first swim, and then when it was too shallow Kelli slowly got to her feet and walked up the shallow slope to him. The water pushed out before her enormous body, the force of her hitting the water had snapped her thin top and her naked breasts broke the surface, her nipples were erect and the size of dessert plates.

They swayed heavily and then her belly emerged. Water ran in rivers down her creases and over the dimples of her flesh. Her ass was visible before her gigantic belly was all the way out of the water. It also swung slightly as her thigh bumped against it when she walked. It hung down to her mid-thigh at this point. Her thighs rubbed together as they broke the surface. Rick walked in to meet her now and he put his arms as far around her as he could get. Even then his hands were almost three feet apart.

Rick turned and lowered her to his old Giants comforter that was laid out on the patio at the top of the pool. Kelli lied on it and very nearly covered the entire thing as her immense fat body spread out over it.

“Wow, baby…how was lunch?” He asked her. Kelli smiled and ran her finger down his chiseled chest.

“It was good, but you’d better fuck me fast.” She whispered. “I’m only 6 pounds shy of 700 pounds and I want to get there this week. Mama’s hungry all the time, now.” She added.

The End.
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