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Lardibutts can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesLardibutts can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default PaperWeight Gain (Fantasy weight gain; SSBW pear; explicit sex)

Fantasy weight gain; SSBW pear; explicit sex

PaperWeight Gain
by Lardibutts

Hi I知 Lino and I live on the tiny island of Pannecottera, the southernmost part of the EU way down in the central Mediterranean.

OK, one more thing: I知 an eighteen year-old (just) who fantasizes about SSBBWs - which is the reason why I知 posting this.

I値l admit I知 also passably good at art, though I知 no Renaissance Leonardo. Some years ago, around puberty I壇 guess, I began teaching myself how to visualise my fantasies.

While my parents supposed me to be up in my room swotting for all the maths biology chemistry and physics examinations that I needed to pass to get into the medical school to become a doctor, I would be engrossed in my favourite way of passing time.
I would sit with a pad of thin white translucent paper and coloured pencils - of which the flesh coloured ones were always quickly reduced to mere stubs. First I might draw, or trace from a scrap torn from a magazine. It would be of a pathetically anorexic figure.

Then I would enjoy investing the originally skeletal soul with fleshier overlays successively rendering the recipient visibly happier as well as much fatter. Eventually, maybe twenty or so drawings later, they would be so swathed around and buried in fat, they would be far wider than they were high and totally unable to move.
By then of course, I too would be unable to move.
I would have worked up such a raging hard on that I壇 have to apply relief to myself with a lot of heavy breathing.

Not surprisingly I ploughed my exams that summer and my parents were hugely disappointed.

I was expected to re-sit next year though until then, thanks to my political activist mum, I got 登ffered work experience in our local culture centre. This is the nearest we young people can get to finding a real job these days in southern Europe.

The culture centre had been built with EU funds as a way of supposedly improving the island痴 澱rand to pull in more tourists. My placement was in a sort of shop cum caf opening off the sea front boulevard. Deeper into the building were the serious theatre 努orkshop and gallery areas that only the cognoscenti dressed in all-over-black ventured into,

But even the Front of House as we termed it, had pretensions.

It was managed by a difficult Russian lady who took no prisoners. She was around fifty, large limbed (big-boned rather than fat) and a bottle blonde. She壇 probably arrived long ago as an (illegal) import into our island at the behest of a local politician to be his latest 杜istress.
The caf aped mainland Italian. There was a raised bar down one side where so called 澱arristas served drinks and snacks and the tables between it and the shop aspired to be a trattoria; around the walls trashy mass produced tourist art was for sale.

I was to be a mere fetcher carrier in the cramped kitchen. The very first morning the old cook (chef?) Gianni, my boss, nudged me in the ribs and pointed out the one truly unique feature of the whole establishment.

With a chuckle, he explained how the Meeter-Greeter Agnella stationed behind her desk in the dark alcove by the entrance was the daughter of a big wheeler-dealer sponsor of the place.
Because of this the f****** Russian (he chuckled again) had no option but to find a role for her.

All Agnella was expected to do was enquire what customers wanted then summon a waiter to show them to their seat. She started work each day a couple of hours or so after us and, in theory, had responsibility also for guarding any cloaks behind her in the alcove.

By gesturing with his hands around his waist and hips, Gianni endeavoured to communicate to me what our Meeter-Greeter was like down below describing the unfeasibly large parts of Agnella concealed behind the desk.

I found myself getting particularly aroused by this, which of course prompted a great deal more hilarity from the chef.
He made it abundantly clear that, in working for him, the most important part of my job would be ferrying a constant supply of snacks and treats across from the kitchen, to ensure 塗is little Agnella would continue expanding, spreading back into her alcove.

By now well aware of the extent of my excitement, to emphasise his point he lunged out to grasp hold of my ridiculously hard dick. Gripping it tight, he guffawed explosively as I yelled out in pain.

A quarter of an hour later I arrived at Agnella痴 desk with a tray carrying a very large cup of frothy cappuccino and four warm brioche. I placed it up on the desk at chest height; only her face was visible across the other side.

滴i! I知 LLLerLino, I知 working for Gianni; he sent me over with your briochi.

Agnella had a petite pointed face impeccably made up. She also had strikingly large and dark eyes, though instead of the generally black hair of these southern Mediterranean latitudes, hers was a pale auburn.

Flashing me her Meeting&Greeting smile, she proffered a tiny hand for me to shake. It was a slender arm; her wrist wrapped around in heavy jewellery.

She replied:

滴i Lino, Grazzi. Pleased to meet you, I知 Agnella.

[pause, while she stuffed in a brioche]

鄭llore Now could you please go back and tell Gianni 蘇is little Agnella端she switched into a squeaky babylike voice] is very hungry this morning and would really appreciate a stack of pancakes with maple syrup Canadian style.. just so she can keep going until elevensis.

Fifteen minutes later I delivered a first stack of pancakes, plus a big milk shake, then ten minutes later a second stack of pancakes and duplicate milk shake. I returned to Gianni bearing the empty first plate and milk shake glass.

鄭ha! She likes you! He teased me, roaring with laughter.
I turned away hastily, still anxious to safeguard my manhood.
添ou and me, we will have our work cut out! You mark my words.

And so we did.
In truth we had not very many bums on seats that first morning.
The barristas mostly sat outside and smoked; the f******* Russian went off in a taxi.
But all Gianni痴 time (and mine) was taken up in ferrying a never ending stream of griddle snacks and drinks across to the Meeting&Greeting desk.

I壇 been overcome with stagefright approaching her with the first few deliveries, but as lunchtime approached I was getting rather more assured.

But I wasn稚 ready for the next duty.

鄭h Lino! Would you mind. I need to go and freshen myself up ready for the lunchtime rush. Can you come round and help me up..?

I went round the back of the desk and stopped dead at the sight. Where would I start?

鉄illy boy! Don稚 worry, just push right on into me and pull me up - that痴 all.

I waded in amidst billows of fattiness, caught hold of both delicate hands and pulled. I leant backwards and continued pulling.

She was right. Up she came, engulfing my legs in warm soft fat.

She giggled
徹oooh! I can see you are not used to this!

Then she whispered 添ou see a girl can always tell these things!
哲ow Linoyou really do have to stand aside to give me room to get out. As you can see I am rather a big girl.

Even so her hip brushed me as she passed. I watched her crossing to the ladies loo door. She was truly enormous down below and wore a black calf length skirt that seemed to be tossed over her mounds of fat like a tarpaulin.

I could see her extraordinarily vast buttocks - two great soft globular balls of blubber - rolling, bouncing, and wobbling behind her as she moved.
Good Grief! They were dancing around uncontrollably all on their own, with a looseness totally independent of their owner痴 rhythms.
Above this maelstrom of fat, her delicate arms and elbows were working away to help maintain her momentum.

She swung her elegant petite torso around

的 know, I know - everyone is fascinated by the way I walk she said and winked at me.

I was rock hard once more - with the realisation that Agnella was utterly unlike anything I had ever drawn from my imagination.

Gianni appeared at my side 釘ellisimo! he exclaimed. Once again I quickly shielded my rampant stiffey.

鉄hould I wait for her - to help her back? I asked.

哲o, she can manage by herself. But she痴 always good to watch is 僧y little Agnella.

So I lurked to one side and waited all of 20 minutes or more for her to re-appear.

Viewed from the front I could see how Agnella carried a low slung belly. It was so large that it pushed her skirt right out, stretching the bulge out so far that it drooped right down - almost tipping over to create a double belly.
But her wide pear shaped saddle bag hips far eclipsed her big paunch and of course all was dwarfed by that colossally fat arse.

鄭h you池e still here, you sweet boy, waiting to help 鼠ittle me!

釘ut I can manage perfectly by myself, thank youMaybe instead.[ I noticed she was panting slightly as she swung round to check I was still watching] .you can go and tell Gianni I知 good and ready for my pasta.

I didn稚 sleep that night for thinking of her. I kept trying to visualise what was going on under that big full black skirt. How did all Agnella痴 extraordinary big bottom fatness relate to that svelte top half.
Best of all was her attitude she really seemed to get pleasure from her body shape, she positively revelled in her sexuality. She knew she壇 completely captivated me.

The rest of the week I worked away assiduously, running to and fro, growing into my role as 禅he Go Between.
I became less of the stuttering fool as I engaged in conversation about her food preferences: the flavours she liked best, the textures, food temperatures. Might she have any dislikes? Apparently not.just so long as it all kept coming!

Up in my room at night I had started to draw her from memory.

I spent my Sunday day-off locked away in my room drawing. I was tracing layer after layer in my sketch pad, trying each time to refine.
I had versions of her naked, versions of her clad in her black full skirt and skinny black top 層ork clothes and I went on experimenting with many other outlandish styles of dress on her.

I even had a very naughty one of her growing so vastly fat that she was completely stranded. I jacked off about the way Agnella痴 shapely upper torso was rendered utterly helpless by the colossal explosion of blubber down below.

The next Monday I took one of my more demure 田lothed drawings of Agnella in to show Gianni. He was so captivated that he stuck it up on the kitchen wall blowing noisy kisses at it all day long.

He asked me if I had others and I confessed that of course I did, because it was not easy to draw from memory. I explained my technique of working up overlays. He wanted to see how I did this so I brought a pad in to show him. Inevitably this contained some studies of Agnella as I visualised her unclothed.

He kept returning to stare at these; eventually he asked me if he could keep a couple.

But he took one particular (dressed) study out to show Agnella. She was reported to be delighted and wished to thank me.
She called me around her desk to give me a hug; actually she pulled me down into her and gave me my first kiss.

I immediately relapsed back into being the incoherent fool of that very first day.


The following day while I was delivering her third dish of pasta, Agnella asked

鏑ino, I been meaning to ask: have you ever tried drawing from life?..

I said no, and remarked how drawing a real live figure must be a very different thing to sitting alone in a room.

She smiled as if this confirmed what she壇 already guessed and agreed that it surely must be very different.

In mid afternoon she came straight out with her proposition. She壇 decided she would model for me!
She also told me the drawings I壇 done of her were stilted. Not at all like she really was when standing in front of the mirror.

Once more I acted the stammering fool.

She was adamant that we should try our first life drawing class the following Sunday. She gave me her address: it was in our rich folk痴 country - a large villa just below the citadel at the centre of the island. Gianni had been right about her rich kid background.

/to be continued
展hen I grow up, she said, 的 want my boobs to be as big as yours, daddy.

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Lardibutts can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesLardibutts can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

part two: Life class

Sunday morning at eleven sharp I arrived outside the villa gates in shorts and tee shirt with all my drawing stuff.
I壇 also had the presence of mind to stop at the bus terminus and choose a large strawberry and ricotta gateaux - which I had them put in a presentation box and tie with a big blue ribbon.

I pushed the intercom button, a voice crackled back 菟ronto and I said my piece. The gates swung open and I advanced over the courtyard to the front door which opened as I arrived.
A maidservant led me through into the garden at the back and there was Agnella beside the pool - eating. She lay spread across a broad stone bench beneath a loggia.

鏑ets get started before I get really hungry, she suggested.

The maidservant and I had to pull her upright off the stone benching. She had on a lightweight full length dressing gown and commanded the maid to go off to bring some bruschetti and a jug of fresh lemonade.

Agnella shook her gown off and instead of wearing a swimming costume below as I壇 expected, just stood naked now before me smiling.

But I was simply too worked up about getting down to work to take it all in. I really was most concerned about how long Agnella could possibly maintain a standing pose. I wanted to know what she could manage for about ten minutes without moving.

Agnella suggested a pose leaning against the loggia column just beside her; immediately I got out my softest 6B pencil and my new A2 pad and set to work.

Luckily I found the column and the grid of the loggia offered me a framework against which to judge the complex forms of that amazing figure I was trying to draw. I honestly think I have never concentrated and worked so hard for ten minutes ever before in my life. And the time simply flew by.

迭ight boyo. Times up!
舛os I really need to sit down now - plus I知 also in urgent need of refreshment.

The amazing body wobbled and shimmied as we returned to where the refreshments were waiting, but she made no attempt to put her gown back on. Before she sat down she said

徹K Lets Show and Tell!

She looked at my drawing for sometime - then looked at me quizzically.
She came to stand right against me naked. I gasped as her fat hips pushed in all around my legs.

She laughed.

徹h that痴 alright then! I壇 got really worried you壇 stopped working properly with that she turned, picked up a snack and lowered herself heavily onto the stone slab.

滴ow, how do you mm..mean? I stammered.

添ou池e just as hard as nails again now. But you weren稚 while you were drawing me.

徹h yes! I agreed, then added: 的 suppose it is because I really had to work, concentrating intently on what I was seeing and drawing

鄭re you saying its 僧ind over matter? She giggled as she bit into her fourth bruschetta.

的 get really hard when I do my tracings at home.

鄭h yes. tell me more about thoseSo you actually do 努eight gain drawings; is that right?

My beetroot face told her everything about me.

的 thought as much. Well, well. You sly young devil you!

I wanted the ground to open and swallow me. I sat down trying to hide my embarrassed face in my hands.

I felt her fatness pushing in around my hands and face. I fell over sideways across the stone bench unable to resist her bulk.
My God! She was actually barging right up alongside me.

鼎an you do some of me? she asked, 鼎os I壇 really love you to. She was bending over me now - whispering into my ear.

的値l tell you a secret too it痴 a secret about me. [pause]

的 fantasise about getting really really fat..

添ou do! I cried, not believing what I was hearing.

套so hugely impossibly fat that I eventually end up immobile.. her voice drifted away.


典here! I致e said it. She announced eventually.

鉄o that痴 what I壇 like to look at.
To see what I might become;
try and imagine what I壇 feel like;
and what I壇 think about

Do you think you could do this for me?

As she was propositioning me she was stroking me back into being erect. I couldn稚 concentrate, think straight: either on being pleasured or about the commission she was giving me.

I shuddered so she said 菟oor lamb! We壇 better finish you off.

She opened my shorts up wide then had me ejaculate in a fold of her vastness. I think it must have been one of her love handles, but it was the first time I壇 ever come not simply solo on auto pilot.

We went swimming together afterwards still naked. I couldn稚 leave her alone.

We ate pizza by the pool. She had me sitting close up beside her - so as to feed her, but while we ate we talked.

She was a good three years older than me almost twenty two; she wanted to know what I thought she might weigh.

I said 擢ive hundred pounds?

She laughed, I said it was the target weight I壇 always seen on the American web sites. She agreed but said it just went to prove how much I needed direct SSBW experience.

I壇 propped my pencil drawing of her up against the loggia. It was so different from my imagined little tracings. This had energy, it was invested with her personality. For all its incompleteness, its flaws and lack of 斗ikeness this was a REAL LIFE drawing.

But it was also far too big to do my usual weight gain traces over.

鉄o why don稚 we use my camera? Agnella suggested. 展e can trace off one of the pictures on the screen of my laptop.

撤ull me up Lino and we can go inside to get the kit.

I yanked her up.
Only now did she get me to slip her gown back on and we waddled her back into the house. We took the lift up to her first floor bedroom. It was a large corner room with a balcony overlooking the pool. It was also far from tidy; it had a huge frig stationed by the bed.

的知 always in need of supplies, day and night she said giggling.

Advancing towards the bed she tossed off her gown and began slapping her paunch. Plonking down onto the bed, she rolled across, opened the frig and found a cheesecake.

I also made a point of placing my gateaux box down beside the bed.

Between great mouthfuls of cheesecake she gave me directions:

The camera is over there somewhere.

[mumph mumph]

My laptop is beside the bed no the other side.

[mumph mumph]

Can稚 you see Silly? - This side is only my eating side

I found the camera and began shooting. How she loved playing up to the camera.

She ate the cheesecake - close up into the lens - messily and so very sexily. Then we hefted her back upright so she could wobble her extraordinary body around the room, posing continually.

She stood on her scale: 346 lbs it said.

展hoops! That痴 nice and big for my 5 3 height she laughed and added:

渡ow lets look to see what we shot while I get to eat another cheesecake

泥on稚 you want my gateaux? I asked.

展e値l save that for something special later! she said mysteriously.

She lay back, her fat bottom end spread right across the bed. Now I could appreciate how big her belly really was - doming upwards.

I stood over her on the bed trying to take some more 澱irds eye pics of her and found it totally arousing. She invited me down onto her and once again I ejaculated frantically into her folds - though all the while she just continued eating.

I spent the next hour or so fiddling around: tracing images off the screen while Agnella slept soundly, snoring loud and resonantly.

By the time she awoke I had two overlay sequences to show her. I壇 found doing these very exciting and erotic. In fact I壇 found it hard not to blow off again while working on them.

Agnella was totally captivated. She squealed in excitement over the first standing pose sequence and I enjoyed helping her up towards orgasm as she checked how the layers piled the weight onto her. But she rejected the last two:

典hat can稚 be right! I couldn稚 possibly still be standing upright with all those great buttocks, tits and belly all hanging off me.

See just here - you致e drawn that enormous great 6 foot wide arse bulging right out behind my armpits yet it hangs nearly to the floor and I致e a stupid great belly to match.
Completely ridiculous!
You know absolutely nothing about fat, you silly boy.

But she obviously enjoyed devising some coping strategies for being that fat.

的壇 be just be buried deep down under all my blubber if I really ever did grow that big.
Of course I壇 need a feeding machine, oxygen and be fully plumbed in and hitched to a comprehensive integrated digital monitoring system.

I suppose it could all be done, but I壇 prefer to think of myself floating around in a pool like a big fat water lily if I ever managed to get this big.

Of course she was right! I壇 never thought about all this stuff until now.

But the sequence based on her lying on her back on the bed really got her excited.

The last of my tracings had her covering the whole of the bed with swags of fat drooping off over the sides. It got her gasping and fighting for her breath.

Her belly covered her legs entirely but what struck her most was how a pair of enormously fat tits also flooded across her outstretched arms. Just her finger tips showed caressing the extremities of her breast flesh. Her face was almost drowning under heavy jowls of fat.

Oh God Lino! I really do look like I知 totally and utterly immobile! ..And it all looks so achievable just by continuing to eat.
Oh wow! That痴 the way ahead for me don稚 you think?

This time she opened her fat thighs, hefted her belly up and sighed with happiness. I dove down into her to explore her intimate places with my tongue.

Soon I had her bucking and writhing, moaning with pleasure. The soft fat of her thighs pressing against me kept alternately blocking out the sounds from my ears then opening them up deafeningly.

Finally my inexperienced tongue must have hit exactly the right spot.

Suddenly she screamed out then moved on to howling her head off in long drawn out delight. In between the violent spasms of a protracted orgasm she went on holding my head down between her thighs in a vice like grip tight up against her flooding vagina.

As I fought to catch a breath now and then, I remember thinking to myself: could I actually memorize what exactly I had sucked at to trigger all this?

It was like I was about to be drawn back into the womb of my earth mother, one of the Fat Goddesses of our ancient island past.

We slept wound across one another until long after dark.

The End (of the beginning?)
展hen I grow up, she said, 的 want my boobs to be as big as yours, daddy.
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wow i loved this
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millionargonaut has said some nice things

Awesome! I've loved all your stories and this one is amazing! I hope there's even more to come.
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Lardibutts can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesLardibutts can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Thank you so much. That’s really kind of you to say that.

I haven’t posted in yonks, but this story all poured out within a day sparked by the real amazingly pear shaped young lady I saw confidently performing exactly the role I described as Agnella’s at a London gallery’s restaurant last week.

“How can she possibly get around weighed down by that colossal great bottom?” the people I was with were sniggering and saying - adding “ And from over the top of the desk she looked so petite!”

I said they were being FATTIST – and that I thought she was beautiful.

The art bit is totally autobiographical. In particular emphasising the contrast between the grubby little objectified w.g. layering drawings my hormones have ensnared me into since puberty with a real life drawing session interacting with a breathtaking SSBW lady who happily tours around critting our work, openly admitting how much she loves posing for us.

A far more difficult model to draw is an eighty year old man - just skin and bones and all those tendons!

展hen I grow up, she said, 的 want my boobs to be as big as yours, daddy.

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chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Originally Posted by millionargonaut View Post
Awesome! I've loved all your stories and this one is amazing! I hope there's even more to come.
I totally agree.
Originally Posted by snuggletiger View Post
secret turn on.....Genuine affection :)
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Default Glad to see the master is back...

always fresh...always inspirational. A great story, truly.
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