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Blame Picasso
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Default Cherry Forever by Blame Picasso (SSBBW, Eating, Romance, Sex, ~XWG)

SSBBW, Eating, Romance, Sex, ~XWG - a would be gold digger gets snagged by her own appetite

Plump Cherry
( the original anonymous version)

[What follows after this section is a re-imagining of an old story I found in the archives a few years back. I always loved it, but it was a bit short on details. I don’t know who wrote it, but I have saved and presented the original story first here. I want to make sure whoever did write gets credit for giving me the idea to expand it. Read on to see my version.]

First: The Original

Billy and Cherry finally finished settling into their new apartment. It had been a whirlwind romance but something about Cherry sent Bill's senses reeling. Her long wild black hair, deep tan, full pouty lips, dark eyes, 38DD chest, pretty pedicured toes, round voluptuous behind.

Billy proposed that Cherry get a job to fill her spare time, but every day he came home from work to find her lying around in one of her skimpy see-through nighties eating amazing quantities of fattening foods, as if she had just stopped caring about her figure.

"Don't you think that eating like that's a little unhealthy, Cherry?"

"Come on, Billy, lighten up, don't you think your little Cherry is sexy?" She disrobes and approaches her man.

"Of course, Sweety, it's just that... Oh..."

Cherry has Billy's cock in her mouth; this routine keeps Bill off her back for some time, but as the months go by............

Six Months Later

Bill walks in the door from work to find Cherry, sitting on the couch in a tight T-shirt and panties. Her hair is a mess, and her huge breasts look like they could explode through her top. Six months of nuptial bliss have left Cherry to tote around an extra 80 or so pounds of stretch marks and cellulite.

Noticing the annoyed look on Bill's face she stands up and walks to the kitchen. Bill watches the meat ripple across her hips.

"No, Bill, I didn't look for a job today, and, no, I didn't start a diet today, and, yes, I laid around all day pigging out." She stuffs a pastry in her mouth and storms to the bedroom; her fatty butt cheek's swaying violently.

Moment’s later Bill walks in with a tray, "I'm sorry I've pushed you so hard to lose weight. It was embarrassing at first but I'm starting to love your plump little body."

In a soft fragile voice she says, "Really, Bill?"

"Yes, I even thought maybe I could feed you these desserts." In a deeper sexier voice she says, "Reeeally, Bill."

Bill feeds Cherry all night, and it becomes a daily practice in their bedroom. So do trips to all-you-can-eat restaurants and evening weigh-ins.

Time passes and one night Cherry stands at the bathroom mirror getting ready for her 1st anniversary celebration to begin when Bill arrives home from work. She teases her hair, puts on her lipstick, does her eyes, and, of course, steps on the scales.

"Hmm," she leans forward, and looks over her big belly and between her wide chubby little feet. "310, " she says aloud. "Let's see, from 140, to 310, wow, I've gained over 150 pounds this year."

That night Bill makes love to his wife, and she eats all of the wonderful things he has for her to eat. He thanks her for opening up this sexy new world to him. "You know, I can hardly wait to see what you look like on our next anniversary."

One Year Later

Cherry's sitting in an upright position in bed. At 545 pounds her gut stretches across her knees and her tits are nearly lying on the mattress at her side. Bill sits beside her and leans into her soft abundant rolls and puts his arm around her swollen belly. He licks her waiting lips, and then slides his tongue past them. She places her hand on his cock and strokes him. Bill says, "Why don't you get up on all four's?"

"Help me," she replies, short of breath. Slowly, Bill helps her onto her knees, then gently down to her hands. Heaven's waiting deep within the plush layers of Cherry's flesh........

Two Years Later

Cherry lies on her side as her gut spreads across the mattress. She weighs over 700 pounds now. "Hurry up, Cherry, I'm so horny!"

Cherry polishes off one more donut, and looks over at her man. "You want some of your plump Cherry?

"Hmmmm, You made me a fat Cherry, didn't you? Come let your plump ripe Cherry suck off that hard cock of yours, yeah, that's it."

She tilts her head so Billy can insert himself into her mouth.

Five Years Later

Billy hears Cherry's buzzer going off. He's got a load of food, and he's making his way to the bedroom as fast as he can. At over 800 pounds Cherry's weight is pretty much topped out. She's started getting her kicks by feeding Billy. Cherry removes her respirator and says, "Let me lick it."

Without enough wind to give a full-blown B.J., Billy walks over to Cherry (whose body takes up the entire bed, even to the point of flowing over it) and puts his penis in reach of Cherry's mouth.

After slurping on his dick for a few moments she says, "Give it to Fatty in the ass, Baby."

(end of original version)

Now - the much longer revised version:

Cherry Forever
(the version by Blame Picasso)

“Hmmm.” Bill thought as looked from the New Jersey driver’s license to the young girl standing before him. “What’s you birthday, Carrie?”

“July 30, 1985.” Carrie responded without missing a beat.


“That’s my mom’s house, I don’t live there any…15 Maple drive, Manchester, NJ 08759."

“You wouldn’t be trying to get a job dancing in my club if you still lived in Jersey.” Bill said stating the obvious reason why she didn’t finish complaining and just answered the question. He scratched his head.

“That’s a real license, I guess you’re nice and legal.” He said handing the document back to her.

“Thank you Mr. Dawkins, you won’t regret this…”

“I never regret anything, and don’t you go thanking me yet.”

He sat back in his chair and set his size twelve’s on his weathered old wooden desk. “All you got from me is an audition tonight when we open. You be here, you be sexy, and maybe I’ll let you dance here and give me fifty percent of yer tips.”

“Fifty percent!?” Carrie started to argue, but Bill put his hand up.

“That’s standard for new girls. If you last thirty days it goes down to forty percent. You get nothing but your tips, so you’d better be willing to shake them big titties of yours. Understood?”

“Understood.” She said and got ready to leave.

Bill smiled at the door as she closed it behind her.

"Man, what boobs" he thought, thinking about her long, wild, dark hair, breasts and ruby lips. "I’m gonna tap that little filly for sure."

He hit the dented intercom on his wall behind him.

“Yeah, Billy?” Rachel, the bartender answered.

“Bring me a scotch on the rocks, please.”

The door opened a couple of minutes later; Rachel appeared holding his drink and a cocktail napkin.

“That girl gong to dance here?” She asked.

“Yeah, she’s going on tonight. Tell Spider to watch for her later so he can help her choose some music.”

Bill took the drink and stood up. He was tall and lanky. He grabbed his dusty cowboy hat off the peg on the wall and followed Rachel out of his office.

“Dawkin’s” was a regular bar during the day; he had dancers come in at night. There were a few of the local drunks sitting here and there, along with a couple of small groups of soldiers on day passes from Fort Huachuca, which was just down the main street of this tiny desert town. The windows were bricked over to keep the local kids from peeking in at the girls, neon bar signs and random spotlights were the only light except for the blinding Arizona sun that crept around the inside entrance every time someone opened the outer door. Bill downed his drink and set the glass on the bar on his way out into the midday heat for some lunch.

Carrie settled into her hotel room and lay on the bed. The air was on high and the room was chilly.

“At least the air works” she thought as she sat up and considered her situation. The hotel was small and dingy; her room was on the first floor right by the manager’s office. She was glad the shower wasn’t on the same wall that adjoined it because she definitely felt like he was the type to drill a hole in the wall to watch her naked.

She had six hours until she had to be back at Dawkin’s. She smiled. That hillbilly would be hers in a week. Bill Dawkin’s was a rich man in this one horse town and she was going to land him. Carrie came to Sierra Vista a week ago. Her car had died as she was making her way to California. It took her all of a day in town to figure that she might be a small fish in a big pond in LA, but here she could definitely be a big fish in a small pond.

A chance conversation in the Dunkin’ Donuts across the street from her hotel three days ago sealed her plan. She had been sitting by a couple of the locals enjoying a four-donut lunch (she was on too tight a budget to eat anywhere more expensive) and a caramel coolata when Bill came in. She over heard them mention he was a tightwad and a scumbag, but he had inherited the local strip joint from his father and he’d made a fortune off the soldiers on leave from the fort. They figured, aside from the local real estate tycoon, Bill Dawkins was the richest man in town. Rich and single.

She mulled that over while enjoying the sinful sweetness of a powdered donut with rich, creamy chocolate inside. She was 5’4 and had inherited her dd-cup breasts from her mama. She had hoped to be the next Pamela Anderson in California. That would be easier in a year or two after she married a rich man and had some capital to promote herself. She felt her plan was ingenious and she smiled at the thought. Looking down at the tiny roll forming on her belly she decided she’d better start laying off the sweets for a while. She didn’t want to end up gaining thirty pounds like that guy in that MacDonald’s movie.

She put her plan into motion immediately. The cheap hotel and the cheap meals were intended to stretch what little cash she had for as long as possible. To do this right, she had to go for broke. She gambled that she would make at least enough to keep herself afloat for a couple of days in one night at the club. Carrie paid for the next three days at her hotel and took the rest of her cash to a second hand clothing store on the edge of town. Two hundred dollars later she had enough outfits, a beat up old mannequin, and a small sewing kit to tailor them into sexy dance costumes.

"Thank goodness Grandma had taught me to sew," she thought throwing everything on her hotel room bed.

Now, in the last few hours before she was set to go perform for the first time, she made some final adjustments to her costumes for the night. She admired her big breasts in the mirror, frowning a little at the small bulge on her belly.

“Blasted doughnuts,” she muttered. She turned and shook her ass. Her butt was always a little large; it balanced out her boobs she always said. That was okay, it was nice and round and thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, it was definitely in style. It occurred to her that she hadn’t really danced in awhile, and she had only stripped for a couple of old boyfriends. The last two hours were spent practicing dancing sexy in the mirror before taking a quick shower and applying way too much makeup. She looked in the mirror, as she got ready to leave.

“Let’s see.” She whispered to herself. “Hair? High. Makeup? Thick. Perfume? Strong. Tits? Huge. Ass? Totally fuckable.” She picked up her bag and sighed. “Let’s do this gal!.”

Twenty minutes later she was standing beside Spider, who was the DJ. He helped her pick out four sets of four songs each that would be hers.

“You’re all set, darling.” Spider said as they picked her last song.

“Go sit at the bar and get yourself a drink. Bill gives the girls four drinks on the house, one for each set,” he said.

She liked him; he was about 6’4 and had to weigh 300 pounds. Tattoos covered his arms and even half of his neck, but he was really patient and nice to her.

“Thanks, Spider. How long until I go on?”

“You’re opening up the night, you have about twenty minutes.”

“Thank you.” Carrie replied feeling butterflies the size of bats kicking in.

“Scotch, on the rocks please,” she asked, stepping up to the bar.

“Now that’s my kind of drink, New Jersey,” Bill said stepping up to the bar behind her. “Make it two.”

He leaned against the bar and looked her up and down. She wore her eyeglasses and had her hair in pigtails. She wore dark mascara and ruby red lipstick.

“Whatcha wearing under that long coat?” Bill asked about her long denim duster.

“You’ll find out in about twenty minutes.” Carrie smiled seductively.

“I don’t care too much for surprises.” Bill said taking a sip of his scotch. “But I’ll trust you this once. By the way, what’s your stage name?”

Carrie froze. She hadn’t thought of that at all. Her eyes scanned the bar frantically for a second before she glanced at the twists tray on the bar in front of her.

“Cherry,” she said spying the maraschino cherries piled high next to the lemon and lime wedges.

“Cherry Forever,” she said with a wide smile. Bill raised his glass and tapped hers.

“Here’s to Cherry Forever,” He said, downing the rest of his drink and grabbing his hat off the bar.

“By the way, 18 year olds ain’t supposed to be drinking in my bar. You’re lucky the sheriff’s my brother.”

He laughed and walked to his office. Spider came over after Bill left and asked her what her moniker was. She told him and he laughed a bit, and then he showed her upstairs to the dancer’s lounge where she would wait to be announced and she could change in between sets.

There were three other girls there, all in various stages of undress. Carrie introduced herself to each of them. Danielle was very pretty and Carrie figured she was about 23 or 24. She was a little taller than Carrie, but her boobs were much smaller. She slurred a little and looked kind of unsteady. Carrie realized the girl was very drunk. She must have had a child recently, her stomach was paunchy and she had fading stretch marks on her sides and breasts.

Next was Stacey. She was strawberry blonde with a lot of freckles. She looked to be in her early to mid-thirties. Carrie figured she definitely had an edge on Stacey due to her age, but Stacey had enormous breasts pushed up in a white bra that looked like it could hold back the sea. They had to be EE-cups and Carrie was a little concerned until Stacey caught her looking.

“Oh, I don’t dance in this old thing,” she said, mistakenly thinking Carrie thought the bra was old-fashioned looking. “This just keeps them in check while I’m not dancing.”

She held up a much skimpier black sequin bra and reached behind her back.

Carrie tried not to smile when Stacey undid the clasp and her boobs dropped, sagging to near her navel.

"I’ve got you beat on perkiness at least, old lady," she thought to herself.

Finally, sitting at the piece of plywood nailed to the wall under a makeup mirror with more bulbs out than there were on, there was Kerry. Carrie knew this was her only competition from the second she stood up to politely shake Carrie’s hand. Kerry was tall, over six feet in her heels. She had long, shapely legs and a stomach you could bounce a quarter off of. She was topless and her breasts stood out straight, she was about a d-cup Carrie figured. Her hair was long and blonde, her makeup was flawless, as was her skin.

“Hi, I’m Kerry,” she said in a soft, but confident voice. Carrie knew she was being sized up as well. She took her hand and shook it, smiling warmly, but her eyes were steel.

Carrie checked the clock on the wall and walked to a corner to unpack her costumes. She hung them on a rack and looked at her watch. It was almost time. She checked herself in the mirror and took a deep breath, touching her toes a few times to limber up.

Kerry looked over at her from where she sat touching up her lips. “Good luck, kid.”

“Yeah, good luck Carrie” Stacey added. Danielle just smiled and
winked as she took a pull off of a stainless steel flask she had taken from her bag.

“Ladies and gentleman!” Spider’s voice boomed from below them. “We have somebody new I’d like you all to give a great big Dawkin’s welcome to!”

Carrie positioned herself by the fire pole in the center of the room. Her first song, ‘Play’ by JLo began pumping.

“Here’s Cherry Forever!” She stuck a red Tootsie Pop in her mouth and dropped through the opening. She was amazed by the sound of the crowd. Her high heels hit the stage in the center of the bar and she began strutting around, swinging her hips and making her pigtails fly around.

She couldn’t see much past the bar due to the lights flashing and blinking in her face, but the place sounded packed. It must have really filled up in the fifteen minutes she spent upstairs. She danced back and froth on the long stage, alternating between the fire pole she had slid down, and a pole adjacent to it on the other end. She would jump onto the pole and wrap her legs around it, spinning high over the crowd, her duster flaring out around her. Thirty seconds into the song she flung the jacket off and revealed her little plaid school girl skirt to the crowd. She wore a white, button down shirt and she’d taken in the back of it until it hugged her boobs like a glove. The top four buttons were open, exposing her black lace bra.

Dollar bills were extended across the bar for the entire length of it. Catcalls of “Hey Cherry, baby!” and “C’mere lil’ girl” reached her ears. She smiled and her heart pounded. She bent over and grabbed her ankles, showing the crowd her lacy white panties.

“Oh my goodness!” and “You need a spanking, bad girl!” was heard over the applause and whistles. She turned toward where she heard the spanking remark and shook her finger at him for being naughty. She then took out her lollipop and smiled.

JLo was moaning and complaining on the CD that the DJ wasn’t playing her song. Carrie loved this part and she stopped and lip synched to Jennifer singing the line, “Play my song!” before getting back in the groove and swinging herself around the pole.

Bill watched from the DJ booth with Spider and smiled. The girl knew how to work a crowd. He raised and eyebrow when she dropped between the stage and the bar and dashed down the line grabbing every dollar bill that was extended to her. These guys wanted to stick it between her tits, not have it snatched away. She turned and looked at the guys who had just lost their dollars and took her lollipop out of her mouth again. She stuck her tongue out at them like a child, then smiled and got back onstage. To Bill's surprise, every one of those guys laughed and applauded her, then stuck out more dollars.

‘Drop Dead Legs’ by Van Halen was her second song and she peeled off her skirt to it. She wore white stockings and garters with her high heel black pumps. Now she began behaving a bit more like a dancer, dropping down off the stage every few minutes to accept a dollar between her breasts or in her garters, then hopping back on stage to work the guys up some more.

“Push It’ by Salt N Pepa was her third song, and half way through of it she was down to her bra and panties. The guys were going nuts, dollars were not only extended over the bar, some guys were holding out five, and even ten dollar bills. A few singles landed on the stage as she danced, wadded up and tossed. She spotted a twenty-dollar bill being extended and she went over to the guy. He was a military kid, and that was a lot of money to him she figured. She stopped in front of him on the stage and looking him in the eye, she undid her bra and let it fall, keeping her arms across her nipples she hopped down and went up to him. She smiled at him and exposed her breasts to him. As he placed the twenty in her cleavage, she trapped his hand and let him have a good handful of her boobs.

His buddies went wild as she got back on stage. She smiled around her lollipop and crossed her eyes at him. He laughed and she finished out the song. ‘Cherry Pie’ by warrant came on next. She hadn’t picked that song and she glanced at the DJ booth. Spider and Bill stood there grinning at her. She suddenly had a theme song.

At the conclusion of that, Spider introduced Danielle and she dropped from the ceiling. Being drunk, she misjudged the landing and broke her high heel shoe. Carrie tried not to laugh as she jumped down to the pit between the bar and stage and began working the guys. Fifteen minutes later she was done with her first set as Stacey dropped down and Danielle began working the bar area.

Upstairs Kerry and Bill himself greeted her. Kerry handed her a wet towelette.

“Wash your boobs honey,” she said with a grin. Carrie looked down and realized that was a good idea. They were sticky and they reeked of beer.

“Nice job, Cherry.” Bill said with a smile.

“Oh yeah,” Kerry said looking at the cash hanging out of Carrie’s bag. “Not bad for a first timer.”

Bill snorted with a short laugh. “Whadda ya mean? That’s more than Stacey or Danni’s gonna bring in tonight and they’ve been here for two years.”

Carrie finished wiping her breasts down and she dumped her bag on the table. Bill and Kerry watched as she counted out over three hundred dollars. Bill whistled low and Kerry gave a look that she was also impressed.

Five hours later Carrie was exhausted as she counted out her night’s total to be 1,143 dollars. They’d added a fifth set for the girls because the place was still standing room only at twelve o’clock. It was one am now and Carrie’s feet hurt, her calves hurt, her thighs were chaffed from the bar and even with the towelettes, her boobs stank like stale beer.

“Man my tits stink,” she muttered to no one in particular.

“Oh, that’s nothing, take a good whiff of my money.” Stacey laughed. She removed a bunch of dollar bills from her bag and waved them under Carries nose. They smelled of Stacey’s sweaty crotch.

“I could never understand why the girls in the bank always gave me dirty looks. Now I’m seeing a guy who works there. He handles my money exclusively and loves when I make deposits.”

“Yeah, and I bet he’s making a few deposits in you too.” Danielle slurred and laughed hysterically.

“As if you know anything, Danni.” Stacey replied with a laugh of her own because it was true. “Speaking of deposits, we’re open for another hour. I’m heading for the ladies room. Danni, are you coming?”

“Yeah, my rent’s due.” Danni said standing and walking unsteadily down the stairs.

“I thought we were done.” Carrie said to Kerry, confused.

“I am, and I think you are too,” she said, wiping her heavy eye makeup off.

“There is what I refer to as over-time if you need a little extra cash.” She turned and looked at Carrie.

“They’re down in the ladies room, sitting in stalls getting thirty bucks per blow job.”

“Oh, okay.” Carrie responded quietly. “I think I’m done for tonight.”

“Me too, wanna go to the diner?” Kerry asked.

“Yeah, I just have to settle with Bill.”

“Me too, ready when you are.” She said dropping a blackened cotton ball in the trash and grabbing her purse and garment bag of sweaty costumes.

“You did great tonight, Cherry.” Bill said down in his office five minutes later. “I don’t recon you’ll be needing any overtime any time soon.” He added with a smile

”Thanks, Bill. No. I doubt that.”

“I’ll tell you what, and this stays between us.” He whispered leaning forward. “You get a pass on the thirty days. You’re hired and I’ll only take forty percent from you from now until I say different.”

He was even easier than Carrie imagined. She gushed and acted very thankful before taking her cash and leaving.

"I’ll have eighty percent of your millions in the divorce settlement." she thought as she closed the door behind her.

“He’s ready for you, Kerry,” she said with a big smile. A minute later, Kerry came out and they walked toward the door. They had to pass the restrooms on the way out; there was a line of fifteen or twenty guys to get in the ladies room.

"That’s so gross," Carrie thought.

The two of them sat and ate breakfast at the diner. Carrie milked Kerry for as much information as she could without seeming suspicious. Bill was 38, he had long affairs with Danni and Stacey as well as a slue of other girls who he had gotten rid of or had left him.

“What about you?” Carrie asked.

“Oh, I’m married to Master Sergeant William P. Turner.” she said proudly, showing Carrie a picture in her wallet. “He’s in Afghanistan, and Bill is terrified of him.”

She laughed.

“You’re married?” Carrie asked, surprised. “Doesn’t he mind you’re a dancer?”

“Not as much as he likes living in a five bedroom house on two acres off the base.” She laughed.

“I make a ton of money doing this, darling. If you can keep up the pace you set tonight, you’ll do just fine yourself. Stay away from the booze and the drugs though. That’s what’s affecting Danni’s nightly totals. She’s only been doing overtime since she started needing that flask.”

“Did she just have a baby?”

Kerry nodded. “Her third, all by different men, and none have lasted more than a year or two with her from what she says. The last one was gone before she even started to show. She was okay tonight, usually she’ll start whining about some guy she lived with between her first and second kid. His name was Chuck and she broke up with him for some stupid reason. Apparently he was the only guy who ever really loved her.”

“That’s sad.” Carrie said softly.

“I thought that when I first met her, now it’s just annoying.” Kerry pushed her half eaten omelet away. “Stacey’s just getting old and them big ol’ boobs of hers are dragging. She’s a sweetheart and used to be the top tits in town. Save your money, kiddo. You don’t want to be hoofing it at 37 like she is.”

“Oh, I won’t.” Carrie said, finishing her omelet and grabbing her second piece of Kerry’s toast.

“Watch yourself there too.” Kerry said nodding at Carrie’s plate. “Shapely is in, but you’ve got a fat girl living inside of you, I’ve seen it before. Guys are weird, Danni actually danced when she was eight months pregnant and she out earned me every night, but I’ve seen a couple of chubby chicks try out and it doesn’t work in this place. Let’s get out of here, breakfast is on me,” she said, standing and grabbing the check. Carrie dropped five dollars on the table for a tip and they left.

A week later Cherry was packing the house. Word had spread about her on the base and she was making money hand over fist. She had moved into the Sierra Vista Commons hotel that was much nicer than her old one. She didn’t want to get tied down to a mortgage or a lease as Bill was showing more and more interest.

He knew the money she brought in for him so he was a little reluctant to muscle her into sleeping with him as he usually did with all the girls except Kerry. He didn’t want to scare her off.

Money wasn’t the only reason he was cautious he was beginning to realize. Cherry was smart and talented. She had no addictions, nor did he think she would develop any. He’d seen her eat a few times and that worried him a bit, but he figured she worked it off on the stage five nights a week. As long as she was dancing, he didn’t think she’d get very heavy. Bill caught himself thinking of Cherry even when he was making it with Stacey or while Danni was sucking his cock in his office.

“Blast,” he thought. “I’m not falling in love, am I?”

He’s falling for me. Carrie thought one night seeing Bill staring at her as she held her big boobs together, wrapping them around a dollar bill in some guy’s hand.

“Man, are they real?” the guy asked.

“You bet your ass they are,” she replied, smiling slyly at Bill. He smiled back at her.

"Gotcha," she thought to herself.

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Blame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBlame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Part Two: The first Year

Part Two: The first Year

Two months later Bill was carrying her over the threshold into his home. She was Mrs. Carrie Dawkins. She was, however known as Cherry all over town and that is what she decided she liked to be called.

It had been a whirlwind romance but something about Cherry sent Bill's senses reeling. Her long wild black hair, deep tan, full pouty lips, dark eyes, 38DD chest, pretty pedicured toes, round voluptuous behind. He could never put his finger on it, but just thinking about her got his cock hard. They’d had a huge party for her at Dawkin’s the night before last when Bill had proposed after dating her for a month. Yesterday they had flown to Vegas and gotten married. This morning they flew back and now he laid his new bride down gently on the couch.

He sat across from her in his big overstuffed leather chair, beaming and grinning from ear to ear. She smiled back at him looked around at her new home. He had a large flat screen television over the fireplace, a large 12 point deer head hung over that, its antlers stretching toward the high cathedral ceiling.

"Oh, that’s got to go." Cherry thought to herself.

It was just past lunchtime and suddenly Bill stood and announced he was headed over to Dawkin’s to make sure everything was running smooth. Cherry couldn’t imagine what could possibly go wrong in a day, but figured she would take a nap while he was gone.

“Don’t forget you’re on tonight,” he said casually, putting his hat on and walking out the door.

"What!?" She thought, outraged after he had closed the door. He didn’t actually think she that was still going to strip in his bar now that she had married him did he? She had talent agents to call and a career in Hollywood to work on now that she had a solid financial base. She didn’t have time or the desire to shake her titties in that bar any more than she already had.

She sat on the couch and concentrated. Bill was a very hard working, pragmatic man. Of course he expected her to get back to work, it’s the first thing he did. It’s in his nature.

She thought to herself. "What would get me off that stage?"

Cherry pondered.

Pregnant? Too drastic; she didn’t want to have to worry about a baby while getting her career started. Besides, it would set her back a year just getting her body back in shape. Broken bone? She didn’t have that kind of fortitude.

"But," she though slyly, "If I get settled into married life and happened to gain a few pounds I might not be the crowd pleaser I am now. I could put on twenty pounds or so, talk Bill into letting her retire when the crowds dissipated or found someone new, then bust myr butt for a few weeks like those fatties on the Biggest Loser. Thankfully though, I’d only need to drop twenty pounds or so."

It was genius. Cherry decided to get started right away. She headed into the kitchen and found a gallon of Rocky Road ice cream. She grabbed a spoon and the container and head back into the living room to watch the People’s Court and relax. An hour later the gallon was gone and she rubbed her full belly, reclined on the couch and drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face.

Two months later she came down off the stage and ran upstairs crying. Or pretending to be crying anyway. It seemed like it took forever, but she finally got booed off stage. Stacey and Kerry were still up there. Spider introduced Stacey a second later when he noticed Cherry had left the bar area. She gave Cherry a sympathetic look and then dropped down the pole.

Kerry tried to console her, but she was crying uncontrollably. Kerry couldn’t blame her, but she had warned her; Cherry had been booed off the stage because she had gotten too fat. It was cruel and heartless, yet it was the nature of the beast. The guys had once clamored to see her now couldn’t believe how big her ass had gotten and were turned off by the belly she had developed.

She placed her arm around Cherry and held her, rocking her slowly.
she wasn’t surprised this happened. The only thing that surprised her was how fast Cherry had chunked up. It was like the day that she got that ring on her finger, life became an all she could eat buffet.

Cherry felt the tears rolling down her eyes and was secretly very proud of the acting job she was doing. She felt a little guilty lying in Kerry’s arms listening to Kerry try and calm her down. A moment later she heard Bill’s boots coming up the stairs. She pulled herself away from Kerry and whispered a soft thank you to her as she dabbed at the tears rolling down her eyes.

His eyes were steely as he took Cherry in his arms.

“Don’t worry, Cherry,” he said softly. “I threw them punks out on their asses myself for saying those things about you.”

“Aww don’t blame them boys, Bill.” Cherry said, blowing her nose and wiping her eyes. “I’ve put on some weight. They don’t pay to see a fat and happy new bride, I guess.” She looked at him with her big brown eyes and smiled.

“Would you mind, not dancing anymore and just taking care of the house?” Bill asked, with some difficulty it seemed. “I know you love being on stage and all, but I think maybe you’re in more of a homebody mindset.”

Bingo! Cherry thought to herself. She sat back and looked at
Bill. “Would you mind, honey?”

She wiped her nose and made her cute little face that she knew would melt his heart. “I guess I’m just not that into shaking my great big titties for anyone but you anymore. I get a little upset sometimes about it and I guess I eat a little too much.”

A little too much? She almost laughed at that. She’d been sitting on her ass for two months eating everything she could get her hot little hands on. She was getting a little worried that this night would never come. She had gained over 25 pounds; she was hoping to get booed ten pounds ago.

“No, I don’t mind, baby.” He said smiling at her. “I should have known and gotten you out of here sooner.”

“It’s my fault, honey.” She said with a little smile. “I should have just told you how I felt sooner.”

“That’s okay, you just relax your pretty little head.” He said standing and helping her up. “In a couple of days you can start looking for a little job of your own that you’ll like.”

“Yeah, right,” thought Cherry. “I’ll be losing this fat ass and getting ready for Hollywood.”

The next day Cherry waited for Bill to leave and set about working off the weight. She began with some jumping jacks to get her warmed up. She did 20 before she was out of breath. She then got down and tucked her toes under the couch and tried a few sit-ups. Ten was her limit before she was sweating through her t-shirt and her belly growled.

“Well, that’s a start.” she said to herself. “Maybe a good lunch will give me some energy."

Three hours later she woke up on the couch with a half dozen fried chicken bones on a plate on the coffee table. An empty bowl of what was mashed potatoes and gravy and a big bowl of ice cream sat next to it. Cherry scratched her head and thought for a minute.

"Blast," she thought, "I didn’t count on a nap today. I have to start looking for an agent and stuff."

She got up and stretched, walking over to the computer. She rubbed her belly under her t-shirt, trying not to think about how soft and flabby it was. Bringing up Google, Cherry put in a search for ‘talent scouts’ and began printing the results.

"That’s more like it," she thought to herself, happy with her progress. But then her stomach growled.

“Oooh, we had Chinese the other night,” She realized. “I think it’s still ood, but I’d better eat it today.” Five minutes later she was surrounded by cartons of greasy Chinese food at the computer desk.

After an hour and a half of polishing off enough Chinese food for her and Bill while surfing through entertainment news and dreaming of when she’d be famous, Cherry heard the doorbell ring.

It was Danielle from the club.

“I felt so bad for you the other night.” She said, giving Cherry a big hug. “I figured since I was off tonight, I’d stop by and bring you a little drink.” Danielle’s idea of a little drink was a gallon-sized bottle of Vodka and a gallon of grapefruit and cranberry juices.

“That’s so nice!” Cherry said. “Let’s crack this bad boy open!” She took the bottle and saw that it was already down a few ounces. She looked at Danni and she just laughed.

“I just wanted to make sure it was fresh.” Danni laughed. They walked outside to the bar by the pool. The maid always filled the ice buckets and today was no exception. Cherry filled two glasses with ice and splashed a generous amount of vodka and the juices into each.

Two hours later Cherry was very drunk and realized she was again starving. She asked Danni if she was hungry’

“Nah, food just interferes with my buzz.” Danni said. Cherry picked up her cell and ordered two large pies with everything on them.

“This way I won’t have to cook dinner for Bill.” She said when she hung up.

“You go, girl!” Danni said pouring another drink for each of them.

Twenty minutes later the pizzas arrived and Cherry dug in, not ashamed to each five slices in front of Danni. Danni, true to her word, ate nothing but had four more vodkas while Cherry munched.

By eight o’clock, Danni decided it was time to head home to go to bed with her latest beau. Cherry staggered to the door with her and thanked her for keeping her company. She then waited until Danni backed out of her driveway, barely missing the mailbox on the way down and then ran back to the kitchen to finish off the rest of the first pizza.

She woke up in bed the next morning not remembering how she had gotten there. Her head was pounding as she gingerly walked down the hall to the bathroom. She sat and peed for what seemed like forever, farting loudly several times. She got up and headed for the kitchen, popping three Tylenols in her mouth on the way.

Bill sat at the kitchen table reading his newspaper as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

“Rough night with Danni, huh?” He said with a wry smile.

“What happened?” Cherry croaked, lighting her first cigarette of the day.

“Danni came in Dawkins around ten with her fella, and she was drunk even by her standards.” Bill said. “She told me she’d stopped by to cheer you up. Seeing what kind of shape she was in, I left early to check on you.”

“Where was I?” Cherry asked, still having no memory of even Danni leaving.

“Passed out cold on the couch next to two empty pizza boxes.”

“Oh. My.” Cherry said, confused and a little embarrassed. “That’s not like me.”

“Well, you’re not used to drinking with someone as experienced as Danni.” Bill said simply and decided that Cherry had been through enough over that past couple of days. He didn’t chastise his young bride. Live and learn.

The days passed and Cherry continued deluding herself that the weight would come off in no time, so she was in no hurry. She still surfed for agents and even auditions and always printed the information out but she never called anyone. She went to bed each night determined to start a work out regimen in the morning, but always put it off again due to a strained back or a sore muscle that was really nothing more than a figment of her imagination.

Irma, the maid’s shopping lists got longer and longer. More and more sweets and fatty snacks found their way onto it. Cherry ordered herself a laptop and now just sat on the couch surfing the net and watching television hour after hour.

Bill was noticing that Cherry was falling into an unhealthy routine and often proposed that Cherry get a job to fill her spare time. Every day he came home from work to find her lying around in one of her skimpy see-through nighties eating amazing quantities of fattening foods, as if she had just stopped caring about her figure.

"Don't you think that eating like that's a little unhealthy, Cherry?" He asked one day about two months after Cherry had stopped dancing.

"Come on, Billy, lighten up, don't you think your little Cherry is sexy?" She asked as she hauled her spreading behind off the couch. Cherry hadn’t weighed herself since she quit Dawkins. She knew she had gained twenty-five pounds then. She assumed she gained another five or six pounds since. In fact, Cherry had gained another twenty pounds, and Bill noticed it. Cherry pulled her nighty up over her head; all she wore beneath it was a small see through thong. Her belly was doughy and hung out over it. She pressed her large, naked breasts against Bill’s chest.

"Of course, Sweety,” Bill began. “It’s just that... Oh..."

Cherry slid down his body and undid his belt. In no time she had his pants unbuttoned and his cock in her mouth; this routine has kept Bill off her back for some time, but as the months go by…

Four Months Later

The days passed, turning into weeks, then months. Cherry became more and more lazy. Dreams of stardom had become faded by her monotonous lifestyle. She awoke every day around ten or eleven in the morning. Bill left for work by eleven and was sometimes gone before she got out of bed. She rarely left the house unless it was to go to a movie or shopping with Stacey or Danni. While at home she generally got on the computer and chatted with people about movies and television while snacking constantly. Occasionally she’d watch television, two or three times a week she lay on the patio by the pool and tanned.

Irma had long since decided she loathed Cherry and was secretly amusing herself by making as many high calorie snacks as she could find available in every room of the house. Cherry ate constantly almost without even realizing it. She would walk by the entertainment center on her way in from tanning and absently reach her hand into a bowl of M and M’s. A huge plate of Italian cookies greeted her on the kitchen counter on the way to the bathroom. Irma had a constant smile on her face and literally had a hard time not laughing when Cherry would scold her for shrinking a t-shirt or a pair of jeans.

Cherry disgusted the tiny Mexican woman. Irma was about 5’2, and she weighed about 115 pounds. Cherry’s weight had gotten beyond her control and she had become very depressed about it. She was in a vicious cycle where she ate because she was depressed, and she was depressed because she ate.

One day Bill walked in the door from work as Irma was leaving for the day. There, he found Cherry sitting on the couch in a tight T-shirt and panties. Her hair is a mess, and her huge breasts look like they could explode through her top. Six months of nuptial bliss have left Cherry to tote around an extra 80 or so pounds of stretch marks and cellulite.

He just stood in the door, his short fuse was a lot longer with his young Cherry, but he was reaching his limit. Noticing the annoyed look on Bill's face Cherry got up, with some exertion, and went in to the kitchen. Bill shook his head at her flabby ass that jiggled with the slightest step. It was time to put his foot down. He should have stopped this months ago as he stormed toward the kitchen behind her.

Cherry didn’t give him a chance to say a word. The kitchen door swung open and she turned on him.

"No, Bill, I didn't look for a job today, and, no, I didn't start a diet today, and, yes, I laid around all day pigging out." She stuffed a huge cream filled pastry in her mouth and ran around him to the bedroom. Bill heard sobs as we watched her head down the hallway; her fat butt cheek's swaying violently.

Bill poured himself a scotch and sat outside by the pool. The night was clear and the stars littered the sky above him. He looked up and sighed.

"She is only 19," he thought to himself. He was old enough to be her father. At least she wasn’t cheating on him, he thought. He remembered the day she came into to apply for a job dancing for him and it shocked him that was only about seven months ago. He looked at their wedding picture that was hanging over the mantle in the television room. She was so tiny then. Except for her boobs anyway. Her cleavage showed prominently in her low cut wedding gown
His mind drifted to when he walked in tonight. Irma had said hello to him as he came in and he noticed she gave Cherry a dirty look as she left. Then he pictured Cherry sitting on the couch in that t-shirt that was way too small, hugging her huge breasts. Her chubby belly hanging over the panties that were also digging into her hips. A small smile crossed his lips thinking of her running down the hall with her big ass bouncing like crazy with every step.

“What is thuis?" he whispered, suddenly realizing he had a rock hard erection thinking of how fat and decadent his wife had become. It was against almost everything he stood for, but it was sure as hell turning him on.

Moment’s later Bill entered the bedroom with a tray.

“I’ve been thinking, Cherry,” He began. "I'm sorry I've pushed you so hard to lose weight and get a job and all that.”

He put the tray down on the bed. Cherry sat up and wiped her eyes.

“I guess it was embarrassing at first. We got married so fast, and I thought you’d keep working at the club.” He scratched his head and continued. “I guess that was foolish of me, and I’m sorry. To be quite honest, I think I’m starting to like your plump little body."

Cherry just stared at the tray for a minute, then looked up at her husband. In a soft fragile voice she asked, "Really, Bill?"

"Yes.” Bill choked and then cleared his throat. “I even thought maybe I could feed you these desserts."

Cherry smiled and lay back on the pillows stacked behind her. In a deeper sexier voice she purred, "Reeeally, Bill."

Bill fed Cherry all night, and was rewarded with the hottest sex Cherry had ever given him. The difference being the fact that she was truly enjoying being fed by him. It quickly became an almost daily practice in their bedroom. Cherry slowly began gaining pound after pound, and Bill realized he was entranced by the changes in her size. He began to get as aroused as she did, and they both found the reactions of their friends and neighbors in the small town to be very erotic. They eventually began taking trips to all-you-can-eat restaurants and Bill was soon planning weekly weigh-ins on Sundays after he would arrange huge meals for Cherry.

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Default Part Three: Happy Anniversary

Part Three: Happy Anniversary

Time passed and one night Cherry was standing at the bathroom mirror getting ready for her 1st anniversary celebration to begin when Bill arrived home from work. She teased her hair, put on her lipstick, did her eyes, and, of course, steped on the scales.

“Hmm,” she said as she leaned forward, looking over her big belly and between her wide chubby little feet.

"256," she commented aloud. "Let's see, from 140, to 256, wow, I've gained 116 pounds this year."

Bill slipped his hands around her soft, naked body and rubbed her big, soft belly. His erection rubbed against her wide ass.

“Not yet, honey,” she replied turning and smiling. “Cherry’s hungry.”

She was dressed in a silky black blouse with flowers on it that barely buttoned over her breasts, leaving the top three undone to show off her immense cleavage trussed up in a red silk bra. The buttons over her boobs were working hard to stay on. She wore it untucked over a pair of very tight black bell bottomed slacks she had tailored to fit her expanding rear end.

Cherry had a feeling it would be the last time she would be wearing that outfit. Her belly hung over the waistband; the blouse barely covered her stomach. She finished her outfit off with a pair of three inch black heels and she was ready to go.

They went to a fancy restaurant in Tucson for dinner; Bill had hired a stretch limousine to take all of them. They stopped to pick up Danni, with whom Cherry had gotten to be close friends with and her date, Rich.

Bill frowned a bit at Cherry’s friendship with Danni. He knew how much she drank and Cherry was always very drunk after she hung out with her. But he knew Rich was a bit of a prude and needed to learn a little.

Danni kept the drinks flowing, and Cherry kept the food flowing as well. Danni drank her usual vodkas; Cherry had developed a taste for beer. The owner of the restaurant knew Bill from community meetings, so he let Cherry drink even though he thought she might not be legally allowed to.

She had polished off five large Guinness’ along with four orders of appetizers. Bill had a couple of scotches, but switched to ginger ale after that. He wanted to be good and sober later. Watching Cherry make a pig of herself was turning him on to no end. Rich had never met Cherry before and he seemed slightly disgusted by her. Bill pretended not to notice, but Rich’s disdain in his wife actually got him more excited.

Cherry noticed Rich giving her a bit of a look as she ordered her fifth plate of chicken fingers. She caught Bill’s eye and gave him a slight smile. The beers tasted good and she had a slight buzz. All the boozing she did with Danni had built up her tolerance. A year ago if she had five beers she’d have been wasted, now she was just warming up.

Danni was on her fifth vodka and cranberry since they arrived. Those, along with the eight she’d had that afternoon were giving her a pretty good buzz as well. She had come to accept Cherry’s eating habits, so she hardly noticed how much she’d eaten. Danni was also a little too wasted to pick up on Rich’s discomfort.

The waitress wasn’t fast enough for Danni, so she asked Rich to accompany her out to the bar for another round. As soon as they were out of earshot Cherry looked over at Bill.

“Rich seems a little put off by how much I enjoy eating,” she said casually.

“I’m paying for his meal, his drinks, and even the limo.” Bill said casually.

Cherry looked at Jim quizzically.

“Nuts to him if he don’t like how you eat,” Bill smiled and cast his eyes down at his crotch to let Cherry know she was turning him on, big time.

Cherry had planned on stuffing herself until she could hardly walk that night anyway, but since Bill was enjoying the show she decided to really make Rich squirm. Danni and her date returned from the bar a moment later with a round for the table. Cherry accepted her beer and thanked Rich. Danni fumbled a bit trying to sit down. That seemed to annoy him as well.

"This boy’s way out of his element," Bill thought to himself. "He doesn’t realize he’s on a date with a hard-core drunk, and her best friend’s a world-class eater. "

He chuckled to himself. "Let the show begin."

Their entrees finally arrived after Cherry had been eating steadily for over two hours. You’d never know she had already had eight beers and five orders of chicken fingers. She dug right into her double order of lasagna in rich cheese and marinara sauce, asking for more bread before the waitress had a chance to get away. The other three ate their modest dinners while Cherry made a show out of using her bread and fork to scoop food into her mouth like she was making love to her meal. She savored every bite, moaning slightly in pleasure. Bill smirked a bit, Rich looked like he was going to explode.

“Man Cherry, that looks delicious.” Danni said, her tongue getting a little thick with liquor.

“You have no idea,” Cherry said picking a long strand of cheese off her chin and dropping it in her mouth. “This is almost as good as sex.”

She looked Bill in the eye and added. “Almost.”

Then glanced at Rich for his reaction. He looked down at his plate and kept quiet.

Cherry smirked and finished her ninth beer.

“Where’s the waitress?” she asked with her mouth full. “I need another beer.”

Everyone was finished long before Cherry. As she finally scooped up the last of the marinara sauce on a thick, buttery piece of bread, she sat back and slapped her stuffed belly.

“Oh, my,” she said, slightly winded. “I’m so full.”

She washed down the bread with the last swallow of her eleventh beer. Bill caught her eye and she smiled slightly. While he watched she pushed her chair back a bit and stretched. Her blouse rose over her belly, which was distended and tight looking. There was a muffled snap and suddenly her belly surged forward and dropped for all of them to see. Bill almost laughed out loud. Her button had apparently snapped under the pressure of her gut, forcing down her zipper and releasing her belly.

“Oh wow!” Cherry exclaimed.

“That felt so good!” she added, rubbing and caressing her exposed belly.

“Hey Cherry.” Danni said, clearly trying to focus on what just happened. “Did you just bust through your pants?”

Danni was having trouble keeping her head up now, Bill had lost count of how many drinks she had had, but knew she had drank almost twice the amount of Cherry.

“Well, they were tight anyways.” Cherry said, trying to act shy about it. Just when Bill thought that was the highlight of the evening Cherry sat up straight, an odd look on her face. He was about to ask if she was okay when Cherry pushed her chest out and belched long and loud, turning heads at tables all around them. The pressure on her blouse was too much and she popped the last three buttons. Cherry’s breasts tumbled out, her red bra exposed for all to see, and her belly surged forward, now completely exposed.

Bill stood to cover her, Cherry’s hands crossed her chest and she acted mortified, but Bill knew better. He put his jacket over her and sat back down. Danni had burst out laughing at the top of her lungs and Rich finally couldn’t take anymore.

“You people disgust me!” he snarled, dropping fifty dollars on the table.

He looked at his host. “Thank you Bill, but I’ll pay my own way.”

He stood and turned to Danni. “You are a disgusting drunk.”

He then turned to Bill. “I apologize Bill, but your wife needs help before she eats herself to death.”

He then stomped out.

The three of them stared at each other for a minute then started laughing. The other patrons were staring at them, so Bill signaled for the check. The waitress was about to ask them to leave anyway, so he had the check in a heartbeat. He paid cash; leaving Rich’s fifty as her tip. She looked shocked and thanked them.

Bill and Danni both had to help Cherry get out of her chair, she was too full and drunk to really get up on her own. That was a sight considering how drunken Danni herself was. Finally they managed to get themselves together and head for the door, Bill guiding both of the drunken ladies out. Cherry’s belly hung out from under Bills jacket, her breasts covered more by her arms than the too small garment. Before they got across the restaurant Cherry loudly exclaimed. “I don’t wanna go home, I didn’t get dessert!”

Danielle passed out in the limo almost immediately. Bill sat on the bench seat across from Danielle’s sleeping form massaging Cherry’s exposed belly and kissing his beautiful, young wife. He slipped his hand under her full belly, stroking her wet pussy through her panties. Cherry moaned and rubbed his huge erection through his thin dress pants.

“I want to suck that cock of yours, baby,” she whispered. “But I’m too fat to lean over that far.”

Which was true, there was no way she had enough room even in a limo that big to bend that far. She came up with a solution and slid off the seat onto the large floor of the vehicle. There was enough room between the bench seats for her to stretch out. She faced Bill on her knees. He undid his pants, spread her knees and leaned forward to take him in her mouth.

Bill laid his head back and enjoyed the blissful sensations of Cherry’s mouth on his cock. She worked her tongue over him and sucked him hard and slow.

The food in her belly was settling as she had changed positions and she stopped occasionally to belch. She burped a bit more quietly now that she didn’t have an audience to offend, but Bill still found something oddly erotic about it. She was his little piggy and he couldn’t get enough of her.

Bill was glad the limo had a smoked glass partition. He had his eyes opened slightly, watching the top of Cherry’s head bobbing in his lap, her wide ass exposed in her red panties. Cherry’s slacks had nothing to keep them up and she’d given up on trying, so they lay in a bunch at her knees.

He could see Danni passed out just on the other side of her. Bill wished she were awake to see her fat friends ass swaying back and forth as she sucked his cock. The thought of that was enough to bring him to climax and he exploded between Cherry’s plump lips. The entire evening he’d been denying his erection and had built up a lot of steam.

Cherry had a hard time swallowing all of his cum. She sucked every drop of him and finally collapsed on his belly. The beers caught up with her and she also passed out. A moment later she farted loudly and long in her sleep. Bill chuckled thinking of how mortified Danni would be considering Cherry’s ass was pointed right at her.

An hour later they pulled into their driveway and Bill managed to wake Cherry up with some effort. He put his jacket around her and helped her into the house. He then came back out and with the driver’s help, they carried Danni and dumped her on the couch.

Cherry was a little dazed as she sat on the bed; listening to the two men struggle to get Danni in the door. She got up and went into the bathroom to splash some water on her face. She heard the driver leave before she was done. When she did come out, Bill was sitting on the bed. She had changed in the bathroom into her black lace nightgown. It was sheer and he could see her hard nipples atop her large breasts, resting on her still bloated belly. Her fat stomach hid her pussy.

Cherry stumbled a little; she was still quite drunk as she sauntered over to the bed. Bill had removed his shirt and pants. He sat there and she pressed her belly up against him. He wrapped his arms around her and lowered her on top of him. It was a little hard for him to breath with her laying directly on him, but he loved the soft feel of her breasts and belly against his naked skin.

They maneuvered themselves more into the center of the bed and she pulled her nightgown up so that their exposed flesh pressed together. She could feel his hairy chest, tickling her hard nipples and making them even harder. Bill felt his erection pop out of the opening of his boxers and bounce against her soft, warm behind. Her face was buried in his neck; his nose inhaled the scent of her beautiful, lush hair.

Cherry slid down a little and spread her legs, feeling his dick rest in between her ass cheeks. Her pussy was still soaked from her experiences in the restaurant and the limo, it had lubricated her whole crotch and she slowly humped his dick with her butt cheeks. He moaned in pleasure, loving what she could do with her body that no woman ever had been able to do before. He’d never known a woman whose ass was so big she could practically wrap her butt cheeks around his cock.

Cherry straddled him like that for a few minutes, feeling his hard erection running over her asshole and vagina before she couldn’t take it anymore and she rose up on her knees and Bill slid his cock into her steaming pussy. Her belly rested heavily on his, she held herself up with her arms and he took her breasts in his mouth, biting her rock hard nipple gently. Her hair fell into his face, the smell of apples from her shampoo filling his nostrils.

Bill wrapped his hands around her to grab as much of her ass as he could reach, barely getting them around her hips. He pulled her up towards him and she rocked on her knees massaging his cock like a piston. He thrust his hips up as much as her bulk lying on top of him would let him. Eventually they both tired, sweat dripped off Cherry’s face onto his. He rolled her over; she fell to the bed, rocking it violently.

She immediately drew her legs up as high as she could and he mounted her, feeling his rock hard belly push her soft fat up as his cock found her pussy again and he slipped it all the way inside her. She wrapped her meaty arms around him and held him to her bosom as he rotated his hips, pleasuring her her slowly and sensually.
A few minutes later she released him and he pulled himself up on his arms.

Looking down at his obese angel, he watched her lying below him, her hair spread out on the pillow around her face. Cherry’s eyes were shut tightly as orgasm after orgasm rocked through her. He began thrusting himself into her quickly, his cock sliding in until their pelvises met, then withdrawing himself to the tip. She lay still and let him control the rhythm. Her breasts bounced madly, her belly sloshing back and forth under him. The image of her whole body moving around like that was enough to bring him to orgasm.

As he came between her fat thighs, Cherry orgasmed again, hard. Her eyes flew open and her hips bucked, almost lifting Bill right off the bed. She wrapped her fat calves around his waist and her arms around him neck, holding him to her as she was wracked with several intense orgasms. Bill felt like a rag doll in his wife’s arms. He’d never really felt the power she possessed with her weight.

She lay under him, panting and covered in sweat. Bill rolled off her and sat up next to her. Cherry took his hand and smiled at him.

“That was the best sex we’ve ever had,” she said between breaths. A minute later she said. “Now, what about that dessert?”

That night Bill made love to his wife, once more while she ate everything he could find for her in the massive kitchen. Bill watched her with wonder and thanked her for opening up this sexy new world to him. "You know, I can hardly wait to see what you look like on our next anniversary."

(Continued in post 17 of this thread)

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That was a great rewrite!

Thanks, eagerly anticipating the continuation!
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amazing.... now that's a hell of a revision!
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very happily taken
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That was amazing! truly an awe-inspiring rewrite. I would rep, but I have no rep left to give. Will do so later! can't wait for the next installment
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Thanks for the generous compliments, I'm pleased my little tale entertained you all. I've been bogged down with homework, but I will try to get back to Cherry and Bill soon.

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Very nicely rewritten. I hope to read more by you
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Oh my! What a rewrite! Fantastic! Please may we have more soon?

Anxiously awaiting the next part.
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Originally Posted by ciaobella View Post
Oh my! What a rewrite! Fantastic! Please may we have more soon?

Anxiously awaiting the next part.
Thank you Sarah, you made my day. Observer also sent me a message reminding me it's been four months since I've left everyone hanging on this story. I apologize, I've been finishing my degree. As alluring as Cherry is even to me, that had to take precedence. The good news is that I finish school in five days (forever!) and I will have more time to draw and to write. I actually have most of this story finished, but I feel I moved the story along too quickly and I want to add a chapter in between what I've posted and where the story continues on my hard-drive. I am very proud of this little re-write and I want it to be perfect.
Thank you again for putting a smile on my face this morning (and thank you to all of the other kind comments, everyone). I look forward to getting this story back on track as well as the other tales I have posted. There's much more of 'Angie' coming too by the way.

I hope to post very shortly,

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Well, I think we all agree that getting your degree is more important than our little virtual island in cyberspace.

With your fans I look forward to seeing what's on that hard drive this summer.
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mll77 has said some nice things

Small suggestion from me.
If you have some time you could illustrate your story showing Cherry in every stadium of her weight gain.
Waiting for continuation, one of the best stories that came in few years (and original one is nice too).
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My god, it wasn't just a "nice wurk lol" or "wow dat was gr8"... this was a full-blown, break-out-the-dictionary-and-search-for-appropriate-adjectives-to-describe piece. Truly a grand work amongst many other... shall we say, far lesser pieces. Truly exquisite to come across a piece that's better than your fap fodder; it was enjoyable in its own romantic right, not to frankly mention sexy as bloody hell.
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I'm just about speechless after reading this posting. I'm humbled by the responses my writing has received, thank you Chaser. I am writing as quickly as I can, it's taken me awhile to come up with something interesting for Cherry to get herself into. The good news is I have come up with a nice little story for her and Bill's second anniversary and I will be posting as soon as it's completed.

Thanks again everyone, the comments and compliments are so encouraging and really make writing for you all so rewarding.


Originally Posted by Chaser_of_Lemmings View Post
My god, it wasn't just a "nice wurk lol" or "wow dat was gr8"... this was a full-blown, break-out-the-dictionary-and-search-for-appropriate-adjectives-to-describe piece. Truly a grand work amongst many other... shall we say, far lesser pieces. Truly exquisite to come across a piece that's better than your fap fodder; it was enjoyable in its own romantic right, not to frankly mention sexy as bloody hell.
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Default My apologies

Wow I thought I had posted much more of this. Thanks to everyone who has reminded me of this unfinished story over the past couple of days. I apologize for keeping it dormant for so long. I really thought I had written more. I started two or three other stories in the meantime and I've had a lot going on the last two or three years- I totally lost this in the shuffle. As soon as I finish Kelli's Big Belly i will revisit my little (or not so little) Cherry.


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Default Thanks BP...we can't wait for your spin

to work its' magic on lovely plump cherry!
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Part Four: Another Year, Another Anniversary

“Two years.” Cherry whispered to herself as she stood in the bathroom looking in the full-length mirror. Two years ago Cherry was an 18-year old girl who married Bill Dawkins with the intention of using him and his money to start her Hollywood career. She had a voluptuous ass, big tits and a beautiful face and she seduced Bill with the intention of quickly divorcing him and taking everything she could get.

That fantasy slowly faded as she was overtaken by her incredible laziness and her appetite for sweets and foods of all kinds was rapidly awakened. She had intentionally gained 25 pounds to get out of dancing topless in Bill’s bar after they married. Within six months of her wedding, Cherry had gained over 80 pounds while she procrastinated more and more about getting fit and heading for Hollywood. On her 5’3 frame, the gain was extraordinary.

On her first anniversary, she had weighed over 255 pounds but by then her and Bill had completely embraced her new lifestyle and they both enjoyed fattening her up.
Now she was 20 and as she stood naked just out of the shower she turned and admired her growing body. Her breasts were enormous, yet they stood out proud and firm, her nipples large and pink. She cupped them in her tiny, plump hands, lifting them and feeling the weight of her now g-cup sized breasts.

She shook them and let them drop. They swung heavily and rested on her belly. Cherry’s belly had grown large and it hung down almost covering her trimmed pussy. She ran her hands over its soft, rolling expanse. Stretch marks ran up the sides and her belly button was cavernous. She lifted it a bit and let it drop; it also swayed heavily.

Turning, she could see how large her ass had gotten as well. Once a round badonkadonk butt, it was now a wide, bubble butt that defied gravity much as her breasts did. Cherry’s thighs were thick and her knees dimpled where they met her chubby calves.

She finished running the towel over and through her many rolls and crevices before taking a fresh, dry towel and wrapping her wet hair in it like a turban. Just then there was a knock at the bathroom door.

“Come on in, baby.” She said, knowing Bill must have just awakened.

“Oh, look at you.” He said when he entered, his sleepy eyes opening a little wider. “How’s my piggy-gal?”

“Hungry.” She said standing on her tows to give him a kiss. “Happy anniversary, Bill.”

“Happy anniversary, baby.” He replied. He peed and Cherry stepped onto the scale across the bathroom from him.

“What did I weigh on our anniversary last year?” Cherry asked him.

He finished his business and walked over to the sink to wash his hands. “Um, 255, 256? Somewhere around there.”

Cherry said nothing for a second as she did the math in her head. Bill turned to look at her while he dried his hands; her face had a huge smile plastered on it.

“Well?” He asked, though he had an idea the number she had now was way more than last years.

“I’ve gained 142 pounds this year.” She burst out laughing. “That’s terrible! How did you let me get so fat?”

Bill just smiled. “I guess I spoil you too much.”

“398 pounds.” Cherry whispered. “I have to break 400 tonight.”

“That sounds like it’s entirely possible.” Bill replied. He was surprised at how quickly Cherry was able to get on her knees for her size. Within seconds his cock was getting very erect as she slid her tongue over it and sucked it into her greedy mouth.

“That’s.” She began as she let his cock slip from her lips and she wrapped her chubby hand around it, stroking it while she once again did math in head. “258 pounds in two years? Holy shit, I’m almost three times the size I was when you met me.”

“Yes you are, darlin’.” Bill replied as her mouth went back to working on his erection. “Yes you are.”

Cherry made a show of pressing her large breasts and belly against his legs while she blew him. Within moments, Bill came hard between her lips. She swallowed greedily and smiled up at him as he reached down and helped her back up.

“Thank you, baby.” Cherry said. “I’m going to Phoenix today with Danni.”

“That explains why you’re up so early.” Bill replied, pulling on a pair of jeans to go for breakfast. It was almost a two-hour drive each way to Phoenix.

“Well, I need something special to wear tonight for our anniversary.”

“That’s fine.”

They walked down the hall to the huge kitchen where Irma had been cooking for an hour already. The small Mexican woman still hated Cherry with a passion, but she was polite to her while Bill was around. She was furious that her plan to fatten Cherry up had backfired when her and Bill decided they liked her fat. Her hope now was to make the gordita explode.

Stacks of pancakes dripping butter and syrup sat on a platter next to a huge bowl of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Bill poured himself a coffee and grabbed a piece of toast while the pig of course sat down and began eating more food than Irma’s family had in a week back in Mexico.

An hour later Cherry was belching loudly and rubbing her belly under her loose top. Her flabby stomach hung out the bottom of the shirt and pushed down her powder blue sweat pants. Irma politely asked Cherry to leave her dishes, and she went to the bedroom to make the bed and get away from the disgusting girl.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the front door and Irma opened it to let Danni in. She had finally bottomed out shortly after Cherry and Bill’s anniversary dinner last year. Bill had to let her go from the club due to her drinking and she lost her apartment. Her kids went to live with her parents, but Danni was forbidden from moving home unless she quit drinking.

Sitting on a milk crate in an alley giving an old man a blow-job for a drink was the last straw. She staggered to the hospital and was admitted into the alcohol treatment center in Tuscan.

She spent 12 weeks there and emerged twenty pounds heavier, but sober. She was twenty-six years old and she cautiously re-entered society with a nervous, but hopeful attitude about a better future.

Danni enrolled in college and her grades were impressive. She now worked for a real-estate agent, and her parents let her see her kids as often as she liked. They still stayed with her parents while Danni worked and went to school. She had a small apartment of her own, but she didn’t want to bring her children there.

Now she stood in Cherry and Bill’s foyer waiting for Cherry to come out of the bathroom so they could leave. Bill wandered in from the patio and smiled when he saw her.

“Hey Danni, you look great.” He said and gave her a hug. Danni credited her firing from Dawkins as the beginning of her new life, so rather than feel animosity toward Bill, she embraced him and thanked him again for setting her straight. Bill just shrugged, he still felt bad he had to fire her regardless of how she looked at it.

He walked away to get ready for work with a smile on his face. Danni had put on twenty pounds in rehab, and she had added at least another sixty in the months since.

“Hey skinny.” Cherry said when she saw her.

Danni laughed, she wasn’t trying to gain weight, but she didn’t fight it either. Better an apple pie than an apple martini she would say whenever someone gave her a look for over indulging in a restaurant or a party.

“I’m catching up a little I guess?”

Cherry kissed Bill good bye and grabbed her car keys.

“A little bit.” She smiled. “What are you tipping the scales at these days?”

“210” Danni admitted, her cheeks blushing.

“Whoa, you’re past the halfway point.” Cherry chuckled opening the door to her car and sitting. Danni got in the other side.

“What are you up to now?”

“I will pass 400 pounds tonight and then I will screw Bill’s brains out.” The two girls laughed as they pulled out of the driveway and headed toward the interstate.

Cherry stepped out of the dressing room at the Lane Bryant and Danni’s jaw dropped. Her hair was down and it curled on either side of her face and hung down to her cleavage that was about ready to explode out of the black knee length dress Cherry had found.

“Holy crap, you look amazing.” Danni exclaimed. The dress was easily three sizes too small, but it stretched and clung to every inch of Cherry’s curvy body. “No kidding, you have to have a foot of cleavage showing.”

Cherry smiled and twirled around. The dress looked like it was painted on her; the lights glistened on tiny sparkles in the threads.

“Maybe it’s a little too small?” Danni suggested.

“Nah, it’s perfect.” Cherry said looking in the mirror and smoothing the material over her huge belly. “It’s only going to fit once anyway.”

Danni knew Cherry enough by now not only to know she meant that, but what she meant by it as well. Cherry’s plan was to burst out of that dress by the end of the night.

“Now.” Cherry said playing with her hair in the mirror. “Shoes.”

An hour later Cherry had the dress on a hanger in a plastic bag, two pairs of black shoes in another bag and several bras and thongs in a smaller bag.

“How about lunch?” She suggested. Even with the heavy, fattening food she’d had for breakfast, she was ready for more.

“Sure, there’s a buffet on the other side of the mall.”

“I love buffets.” Cherry said and they headed off toward the restaurant.

They chatted and walked through the mall toward the buffet. Danielle rounded a corner a little to close to the wall and she bumped into a woman walking the opposite way.

“Excuse me.” Danielle said and looked the woman n the face.

“Kerry?” She said recognizing the former dancer from Dawkin’s.

“Oh my word, Danielle! Hi!” Kerry said hugging her as she recognized who she was. She stood back and the two women checked each other out. Kerry’s belly stood out almost a foot from the rest of body as she was clearly close to giving birth.

“Wow, when are you due?” Danielle asked.

“I have a week to go! I wanted one more shopping spree before motherhood.” She added with a laugh.

“Oh, do you know my husband, Will?” Kerry quickly asked in order to not have to address Danielle’s substantial weight gain.

“Hello Danielle.” Will Turner said stepping forward and shaking Danielle’s hand.

“Hi Will, I’m so glad you’re home.” Danielle said politely. The last she had seen Kerry, Will was still serving in Afghanistan.

“Kerry, you remember Cherry…I mean, Carrie?” Danielle said turning to allow Cherry to step from behind her.

The look on Kerry’s face was absolute shock. She stood speechless for five seconds that felt like an hour. Finally she regained herself and gave Cherry a slight hug. Cherry had never returned to Dawkin’s after getting booed offstage. Kerry left the bar shortly after Will had returned from over seas and wasn’t one to hang around the small town so she had no idea Cherry had gotten so fat.

“Hi…Carrie.” She muttered not knowing where to look so as not to stare at the short, 400-pound girl.

“Carrie, this is Will.” She said backing up a step and letting Will shake her hand.

“I’ve been going by Cherry since my days as a dancer.” Cherry said proudly and realizing how hard it must be for Bill to imagine her as a stripper.

They stood silent for a moment before Danielle offered. “We were just going to get some lunch.”

“Hey, so were we.” Will replied and looked a Kerry. Kerry looked like she just saw a ghost.

“Hey, babe?” He said as he twirled the brand new driver in his hand. “I’m not all that hungry…why don’t you grab lunch with your friends and catch up?”

He suggested. “I kind of wanted to go back the driving range in the golf store and check this baby out.”

“That sounds wonderful, Will!” Cherry said knowing full well that Kerry wanted to get away from her two former co-workers as if fat was contagious. She grabbed Kerry’s arm and led her toward the restaurant. Danielle quickly followed and Will was on his way to the driving range before Kerry could do anything.

At the restaurant Kerry was silently staring at her menu when Danielle finally decided to address the 400-pound gorilla in the room.

“Kerry.” She began. “Relax. Cherry and I have gotten fat. You can say it.”

“Hearing about turns some of us on.” Cherry said with a grin.

“It was just a shock. I didn’t even recognize you Cherry.” Kerry admitted and seemed to relax a little bit.

“I married Bill, stopped dancing and I just started eating. It turned Bill on so I didn’t have any reason to stop.” Cherry explained calmly as she tore off a huge piece of bread from the steaming loaf the waitress had left on their table for them to snack on. “I doubt I ever will stop. I love eating and getting fatter and fatter turns me and Bill on very much.”

“I just quit drinking.” Danielle added. “I stopped craving alcohol and started craving cheesecake and pie.”

“Well, now that that is past us, what have you been up to?” Cherry asked Kerry. “Besides making babies?”

They each ordered lunch. Kerry ordered a garden salad and much to Danielle’s surprise, Cherry ordered a salad as well.

“Are you feeling okay, Cherry?” Danielle asked after she had ordered herself a deluxe cheeseburger with onion rings and a large soda.

“I don’t have to be a piggy all the time.” Cherry replied sheepishly.

“Get what you want, Cherry.” Kerry said. “It’s none of my business.”

“It sounded like it would be good, really.” Cherry said. That wasn’t entirely true, but she didn’t want to announce she was 398 pounds and was saving her appetite for her dinner with Bill to celebrate the milestone with him.

They chatted while they waited for their food.

“I left Dawkin’s when Will got back.” Kerry explained. “He left the service and started working at a defense contractor. He makes pretty good money.”

“So you’re going to stay home with baby?” Danielle asked.

“No, I started working for a plastic surgeon last year, right after I left Dawkin’s. I run his office, handle the books and so forth.” She said as her salad came and she began eating.

“Oh my word!” She said suddenly. “Stacey was in a few months ago!”

“How is she?” Cherry asked.

“Wonderful!” Kerry replied. Stacey had quit before Danielle was fired, and Kerry had left Dawkin’s within weeks of that.

“She married that banker who used to like to sniff her money.” She added and they all laughed at Stacey’s gross revelation.

“What was she in for?” Cherry asked. “Can you tell us?”

“Well, I shouldn’t, but it’s not bad.” Kerry said quietly as she looked around as if Stacey might suddenly show up. “

She had her boobs reduced and lifted. And they are now spectacular!” She added.

“That’s great.” Danielle said. “She was such a sweetheart.”

“He’s really good. I’m going to have mine done when Will and I are done having kids.”

There was a lull in the conversation as they all enjoyed their lunch. A few minutes later Kerry must have figured she would never see these two women again because she suddenly asked Cherry if she had any plans to lose any of the weight she had put on.

Cherry finished the last bite of her salad and thought about how to respond. She didn’t like Kerry’s question or her tone, but she also knew she would likely never see her again so she decided to be bluntly honest.

“Oh, that ship has sailed.” She began. “The night I met you, you said I had a fat girl inside of me waiting to come out. That fat girl hasn’t even begun to come out yet. I intend to keep eating whatever and whenever I like forever.”

She stopped and sipped her water. Kerry was clearly uncomfortable that she asked the question.

Cherry continued. “I got a salad for lunch today because it is my second wedding anniversary and I happened to step on the scale this morning and saw that I weigh 398 pounds. This dress I bought for tonight is two or three sizes too small. I am going to stuff myself into it after I run a razor blade over the side seams just a bit.”

She leaned forward, now relishing the situation. “Tonight Bill and I are going to go out to dinner and I am going to order several entrees and several desserts. I am going to drink beer and eat until those weakened seams rip open in the restaurant and then I’m going to screw my husband in a limousine on the way back home.”

Cherry leaned back. “I am then going to step on the scale after that and see how much past 400 pounds I will be. I intend to do this until I cannot do it anymore. I figure I have another 2 or 300 pounds left in me.”

The table was silent again as Kerry had nothing more to say to Cherry. Instead, she turned to Danielle. “So what do you do for a living?”

“Oh I’m in real estate now.” She said happy to change the subject.

“That’s quite a coincidence.” Kerry said thoughtfully. “Will and I are heading to a realtor’s later this afternoon. We intend to sell our house in Vista Verde and buy a new one out her in Tuscan. Do you think you could handle that for us? I’d be happy to give the business.”

Later that night Bill and Cherry sat alone at a small table for two in the back of a beautiful, outdoor Mexican restaurant. The lights were dim and the stars looked like a Van Gogh painting. Soft Spanish love songs were being played by a handsome young Mexican boy with an acoustic guitar on a small makeshift stage.

The enchiladas were as large as a football and Cherry had just finished her second. She had sour cream in both corners of her mouth and she stopped for a moment. Cherry belched softly into her napkin and wiped her mouth. Her breathing was little labored and sweat dotted her forehead from both the spices and the amount she had eaten so far.

Cherry had started with an order of steak nachos dripping with several different kinds of cheeses and four huge dollops of sour cream. The menu called it an appetizer…but it was meant to serve four people. Bill had eaten two of the chips and Cherry demolished the rest of it. A burrito basket had followed the nachos, and she had ordered the enchiladas as her main course. She had requested extra sour cream and had spread a half an inch of the rich cream over each of them.

She was sitting a bit away from the table and both hands were on her huge belly, rubbing and massaging it gently. Her cleavage was overflowing the top of the dress and they both noticed the young waiter was having a hard time not staring at her boobs every time he stopped by their table. Speaking of Cherry’s breasts, Bill reached over carefully and plucked a black bean out of her tight cleavage. Cherry opened her mouth and he placed it in between her lips. Cherry sucked on his fingers for a second before releasing his hand.

“Is that big tummy of yours full, baby?” He whispered as he reached over to help her massage her full stomach.

“Maybe…just a little fried ice cream…and I should be full.” She replied huskily between several breaths. Bill signaled for the waiter as Kelly suddenly grimaced.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Bill asked concerned.

The waiter’s timing couldn’t have been worse. He arrived at the table as a long, loud fart escaped from Kelly. She exhaled deeply and smiled shyly.

“Excuse me.” She whispered to Bill and the waiter. “That was a lot of beans.”

“We’d like an order of fried ice cream and two coffees.” Bill said without acknowledging the fact that his wife had just passed gas like a line backer.

“Two orders of ice cream, please.” Cherry added.

“I don’t want any, honey.” Bill said before the waiter could walk away.

“I wasn’t ordering it for you.” She replied sweetly.

The waiter left quickly and Bill reached over to take Cherry’s hand.

“Thank you for two wonderful, sexy years, babe.” He whispered and they each leaned toward each other and kissed. Cherry sat back and ran her hands over the seams of her dress, it was as tight as a drum but the seams had held. She more than a little disappointed. The beans did their magic again and before the waiter could return this time Cherry leaned a little bit and released another long fart. Bill just shook his head.

The waiter returned with two bowls filled with a large ball of ice cream fried up beautifully in each. Looking at Bill he stood there for a second. Bill nodded his head toward Cherry’s seat and the waiter placed them both in front of her. She was just leaning forward to admire the desserts when the waiter deftly flicked a small lighter between the bowls and both desserts erupted into flame.

It surprised Bill and Cherry actually jumped in her chair. The action was enough to destroy both seams of her dress and they each gave way with a loud tear as Cherry’s fat hips and belly poured out of the ruined garment. The waiter’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw what was happening. He had the presence of mind to blow out the flambé dessert but then he just stood there and stared as Cherry’s dress continued ripping.

Cherry felt the pressure of her tightly bound belly, breasts, and hips release as the dress completely ripped down both sides from just beneath her armpits. She moaned loudly.

“Oh crap, that felt good.” She said loudly. The remnants of her dress looked like a scarf hanging from her neck. Her lacy black bra peeked out each side and her creamy, soft belly and thighs had poured out the sides as well.

She was glad she wore thigh high stockings instead of the knee-highs she had planned on. She caught her breath for a few moments before turning to the waiter. “Can I get my dessert to go?” She asked innocently.

“And the check, please.” Bill added.

Ten minutes later the limousine was on Route 95 heading back to Vista Verde. The shredded dress lay in a heap on the floor and Bill slipped his hands under Cherry’s huge ass to grab her enormous panties. He pulled them down and she spread her obese thighs as far as she could as he planted his face between them.

“I…didn’t think the seams were…ever…going to rip.” Cherry confessed slightly out of breath from the quick exit into the parking lot. She tore open the container her ice cream was in and reached in with her bare hands and grabbed one of the huge balls of ice cream and tortilla. She rested the container on her big ball of a belly and hungrily devoured the sweet calories and Bill hungrily devoured her wet pussy.

Cherry intended to be made love to slow and easy when they got back home and she checked her weight. Right now fast and rough was what she craved as Bill’s mouth made her cum quickly.

She finished the first ice cream as he gave her a second orgasm. She then pushed him back and slid onto the floor of the large car. She told him to sit on the wide, leather bench seat. The leather was warm from her heavy ass. She then struggled to get on her knees before him. As she swayed and tried to keep her balance in the moving vehicle, Bill undid his belt and slid his slacks down, kicking them to the side so Cherry would get ice cream on them. She had eaten very messily and her breasts, face and belly were sticky with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and bits of tortilla shell.

Cherry still had one dessert left and Bill jumped as she plopped the frozen dessert directly above his penis and smeared it down over his erect shaft and bulging balls. The ice cream was cold, but the tortilla was soft from the slightly melted dessert and warm from the deep fryer. Before he could recover from the shock her face was buried in his lap licking and nibbling at the sweet dessert and his cock.

Bill squirmed and ran his fingers through her thick hair as she nuzzled and maneuvered her way between his thighs and beneath his testicles to get at every morsel of ice cream. Her warm mouth slipped over his cock and licked his balls between slurping the melting ice cream.

Eventually Cherry finished all the dessert and concentrated on sucking his dick until he finally ejaculated powerfully in her greedy mouth.

A half an hour after they had each achieved and orgasm Cherry stepped naked from the scale in the bathroom. “407 pounds.” Bill read and she slipped into his arms.

“Happy anniversary, babe.” Cherry whispered. “Thank you for giving me my wonderful life with you.” She added and slowly waddled toward the bedroom with her hand in his.

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Part Five: Two Years of Wedded Bliss Later

Irma dragged the power cord behind her with her left hand as her right steered the vacuum cleaner across the master bedroom. The bright Arizona sun blazed around the edges of the dark, closed drapes. The headlight on the vacuum providing the light she needed to clean the rug in the otherwise dark room.

It was just past noon and Irma had enough light to make out the mountain asleep under the blankets on the bed. She shook her head in disgust for the 100th time that day alone. A CPAP machine hummed on the nightstand and still Cherry snored loudly when she slept on her back. After four years being married to Bill, on her back was the only way the enormous girl could sleep.

“Gordita.” She whispered as she watched the vacuums light illuminate crumbs and bits of food that made the beige rug look like the moon in the dim lighting. “Stupid pig.” The woman spat in English. Her hatred of Cherry had never abated, but Bill paid her five times as much as she could as a housekeeper anywhere else with fifty miles. Irma’s pay had gone up every year as Cherry weight had gone up. He knew she hated Cherry and that cleaning up after his beautiful but lazy bride was a daily requirement. Irma vacuumed the master bedroom every day because that was where Cherry now spent most of her time sitting on the gigantic, king-sized bed surfing the internet and stuffing her face.

Bill had gone to work over three hours earlier. It was now part of Irma’s job to wake Cherry up around this time every day and make her breakfast. Irma often thought of just leaving the disgusting girl asleep. At least when she was asleep, she wasn’t shoveling food into her mouth.

This was the last thing she had to do as far as cleaning went. Now she would go into the kitchen and prepare a dozen eggs, eight slices of toast and a pound of bacon. Cherry would go to the bathroom and shower while Irma cooked, then Irma would go food shopping before bringing home fast food or pizza for her lunch. She would leave several shopping bags of snacks within Cherry’s reach on the bed and leave for the day at 4:00. Cherry would finish everything edible Irma left for her before Bill would come home and make dinner. He would then leave more snacks for her and go back to the bar for another few hours before closing and coming home.

Irma turned off the vacuum and went to the windows. She opened the drapes and in a loud voice called “Miss Cherry!”

With a snort Cherry sleepily asked. “What?”

“It’s time to get up and shower. Breakfast will be ready soon.” Irma said and left the room, dragging the vacuum behind her.

Flat on her back, Cherry was almost four feet wide at her hips and nearly a foot and a half high at the top of her belly. She opened her eyes and blinked in the bright afternoon light as she slipped her CPAP mask off and yawned. Cherry lifted her right arm and leg and threw them to her left several times before she was able to roll in that direction. Taking advantage of her momentum once she got her bulky frame moving, she swung her leg over the side of the bed and pushed herself up.

Her enormously fat belly rested on her thighs almost to her knees. Each knee was almost as large as a soccer ball. She steadied herself with her arms and blinked a few more times as her eyes adjusted to being opened. Cherry wore a huge nightgown made of a filmy, see through fabric Cherry had made special. She had all of her clothes made special for the past three months. Her huge breasts rested on her bulging gut, her nipples showing through the fabric plainly. They were the size of saucers on her huge, melon-sized boobs.

She hadn’t cut her hair in months and it hung down her back. Cherry took a deep breath and pushed herself off the bed, leaning forward a bit to let the weight of her belly act as a fulcrum to get her ass up. Once up she was fine to waddle slowly to the bathroom. Her knees hurt a bit from the weight, but it was manageable. The bathroom had been re-done shortly after Christmas. It was now all Spanish tile with a large stall shower that Cherry could just walk in without having to lift her leg into a tub. She turned on the water and with a grunt pulled her nightgown up over her head and dropped it on the floor. She lowered herself on a huge, custom-made toilet and took care of her morning business.

She stepped into the stall and warm water sprayed down and out onto her body from the walls and a huge spout above her head. Cherry used a loufa to wash all the areas of her body she could reach easily and then grabbed a long, soft back brush to wash her legs, feet and back as well as a few other areas she could get to so easily anymore.

Ten minutes later she was leaning heavily on the counter brushing her teeth wrapped in a gigantic, soft terry cloth towel she had also ordered special. Cherry then shuffled back into the bedroom. Irma had already stripped and re-made the bed with fresh, clean sheets as Cherry went to her drawer and slipped into a soft, dark purple cotton dress with huge orange flowers on it. Panties and bras were not something she bothered with unless she was going out. Her and Bill had decided to spend this anniversary at home in the backyard by the pool. He had even arranged for it to be catered.

Cherry lifted her dress up to her hips and rested herself on the edge of the bed. She then struggled and maneuvered herself into the middle where Irma had stacked a huge pile of pillows for her to lean against. She leaned over and reached for the wheeled stand that held her laptop and pulled it toward her self. She opened it up and clicked on Word. Cherry had taken to filling her days by writing semi-autobiographical short stories and posting them on several sites dedicated to fat women and men as well as the people who desired them. Her stories were mostly true with just a little exaggeration and a lot of filthy sex scenes.

Irma wheeled in her breakfast on a small cart and set the plates on a large tray before her.

“Thank you, Irma.” Cherry said sweetly as she began to eat a breakfast that would feed several large men.

“Yes, ma’am.” Irma said without looking directly at her. “I’m going to the store now, have you sent me your list?”

“It will be on your Blackberry by the time you get to the store.” Cherry said.

“Yes, ma’am.” Irma said quietly and scurried from the room.

“Bitch.” Cherry whispered to herself as the tiny woman left.

“Fat bitch.” Irma whispered as she walked down the hallway.

That night Cherry and Bill sat outside under the stars by the shimmering swimming pool. Several large trays of chicken Murphy and potatoes sat on a low cart beside the table. Bill sat in a chair that matched the patio furniture, but Cherry could not fit in those chairs so she sat on a wide, concrete bench with a thick pillow beneath her.

“Are you happy, baby?” Bill asked as they sipped a couple of ice-cold beers in tall, frosted glasses.

“Oh, Bill.” She replied looking into his eyes. She had gotten up out of the bed again after lunch and began to get herself prepared for when he came home. Danielle had even come by to help her shave her legs and wax a few other areas. Her makeup was perfect, she had light mascara framing her pretty eyes and her lips were a beautiful shade of soft pink. Cherry’s hair hung in ringlets down either side of her round face and was raised up in a fancy bun on top of her head. “I never knew I could be so happy or so pampered.” She added.

“I love spoiling you, babe.” He said with a grin.

“I’m getting hungry.” Cherry purred.

“Well then, let’s get you fed.” Bill said quietly.

Cherry surprised him when she slowly stood up and walked around the table. She was wearing a loose, black dress. She reached down and grabbed the hem and pulled it up over her head. She was naked underneath. He stared at her as she walked slowly to the edge of the pool and carefully held the railing as she walked down into the warm, dark water.

“Feed me from there.” Cherry whispered as she got down the last step and fell forward into the water and swam gracefully over to the edge near Bill and the trays of her dinner. He sat down on the edge with his feet dangling in and began to feed her with a large fork. She rested her hands on his knees and floated there, opening her mouth and chewing every bite he slipped in to her mouth.

Cherry absolutely adored being enormously fat but she loved being in the pool as well. She could float and swim and feel weightless while she was in the water.

After a half an hour, one of the trays was gone and she took her beer from Bill and sipped it as she relaxed in the pool.

“My goodness, little piggy.” Bill whispered with a grin. “You killed a whole tray already.”

Cherry laughed in that way she had that Bill fell in love with.

“Silly man, I’m not a piggy.” She said as she suddenly slipped under the water while holding her hand with the beer in it safely above the waves.

“I’m a whale now.” She said and giggled hysterically as she re-emerged from the water.

Bill’s penis throbbed against his swimsuit at that comment. “I think we’d better get the rest of this food inside you.” Bill said hoarsely as he slid the second tray over.

“That can wait.” Cherry said slipping her hand inside his suit. “I’d rather you got you inside me first.” She then pushed off the wall and followed the enormous wave she created back to the stairs. She waddled up and Bill met her at the top with the cushion from her bench. She knelt on it and leaned forward on all fours. Her belly rested heavily on the cushion before her knees and her breasts brushed against it as the swayed heavily. Bill stepped down into the pool and turned guiding Cherry’s thighs a bit wider. He then rested a hand on her ass and guided his throbbing erection between the folds of fat and found her hot pussy deep inside.

Bill settled both hands on her wide behind and gyrated his hips forward and back pressing his groin into her softness. Cherry moaned softly and after a few minutes her desire grew until she was leaning back to meet his thrusts and Bill was slamming against her causing her to jiggle everywhere.

“Oh…oh…Bill, screw me.” She whispered over her shoulder. Bill did as she asked and continued penetrating her vagina faster. He was having a hard time holding on to her after a few more minutes as she began to cum repeatedly and she lost control of her movements.

Bill was actually straining to stay upright against the press of her flesh when a huge orgasm crashed though Cherry and she suddenly stopped with her ass pressed firmly against his groin and his cock completely inside her. She trembled and shook as her vagina spasmed and contracted, squeezing his penis inside her. He suddenly pulled back and fucked her fast and hard causing her to scream with pleasure before he pressed against her ass again and unleashed a torrent of hot semen inside her pussy.

They both slid back into the water and collapsed, floating in the warm water trying to catch their breath.

An hour later the second tray of chicken and potatoes was gone and Bill led Cherry inside for dessert. They walked down the hall to the master bedroom and he helped her slide up into bed naked. Her hair was damp and the warm blankets felt good against her cool, naked skin that was freshly dried after getting out of the pool.

He went down to the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with a huge cheesecake covered in blueberries, strawberries, and cherries. Half of it was chocolate and he handed Cherry a spoon before sliding into bed next to her. She took a few bites of the cake before handing Bill the spoon and settling her soft shoulders against the stack of pillows and opening her mouth wide. It took a while after all, she had just eaten two giants trays of chicken and potatoes in a rich gravy, but a couple of hours later Bill was scraping the last spoonful of the rich dessert off the plate and spooning into Cherry’s mouth. Cheesecake and a little bit of all the fruit toppings was smeared all around her mouth and chin. Crumbs littered her naked breasts and belly.

Bill set the plate on the nightstand and crawled on top of his huge lover. He licked and kissed the food from her mouth and nibbled his way down her breasts and belly eating all the crumbs he found in her rolls and across the expanse of her wide body. Finally Cherry rolled over and with Bill’s help got back on all fours so he could once again slip his penis inside her fat pussy.

Bill lasted even longer than he had earlier and they were both completely spent as she collapsed forward with her ass still in the air and he fell to her right and lay on his back out of breath.

He rested there as Cherry began to push herself to the side of the bed and slowly got up. She waddled into the master bedroom and Bill listened to her pee. The toilet flushed and Cherry washed her hands. A moment later Bill heard the electronic voice of the special scale he had bought Cherry for her birthday announce, “672 pounds.”

“Wow.” He whispered with his eyes closed as a huge grin broke across his face.

“Woo hoo!” Cherry yelled from the bathroom. She had gained 96 pounds the year before and was a little bummed she hadn’t broken 100. Now she had made up for it by gaining 169 pounds in one year. “That’s what sitting on my ass doing nothing but stuffing my face for an entire year will do!”

Bill opened his eyes quickly when he heard something he didn’t think Cherry was capable of. She was shuffling very quickly toward him on the bed and then she flopped right on top of him. The air left his lungs in a whoosh as most of her weight landed on him. The bed made a loud crack as the reinforced box spring broke, dropping her on top of him a second time as they the bed fell eight inches to the floor on one side. The sudden tilt rolled Cherry off of him and onto her back on the floor, Bill rolled right behind and landing on top of her.

Before he could ask if she was okay her lips were against his and her naughty, hot tongue was swirling around mouth.

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Part Six: Cherry and Bill’s Fifth Anniversary

Danielle was a dreadful real estate agent. Kerry had fired her six months after she had not been able to sell her house and over the next 18 months she had only sold two properties. She was fired and the desire to go out to drown her sorrows in a bottle of vodka was almost too much for her to bear.

That was two days before Bill and Cherry’s fourth anniversary last year. She had let Cherry pay her 100 dollars to help Cherry shave and wax her legs and pussy because she was desperate. Fate intervened. The day after Bill and Cherry had celebrated their fourth anniversary, when Irma came into work to find trays of food floating in the swimming pool and cheesecake all over the sticky Egyptian cotton sheets and the bed broken so that the mattress had been dragged onto the floor so the obese gordita whale could sleep until noon was too much.

Irma had awakened Cherry up that morning by screaming at her in Spanish and throwing the cold, waterlogged food that had blown into the pool after being left out all night at her. Irma dumped stale beer on her and threw the empty cheesecake plate at her, breaking it and getting cherries and strawberries in her hair. Cherry was terrified and all she understood from the small, irate woman were the words fat, bloated, stinking, obese, disgusting, whale, and pig. The most clear thing she heard, however, was when Irma shouted. “I quit!”

Cherry did not spend the rest of that day on her ass eating. She got up and cleaned the house herself. It took five hours and she was sweating profusely when Bill came home that night to find her on the couch fanning her self with a magazine. Her bright orange dress was soaked with sweat and sticking to her curvy body.

They talked for a couple of hours as Bill fed her dinner. They both got the same idea simultaneously and at eleven o’clock that night Bill called and hired Danielle to take care of the house and Cherry for twice what even Irma’s incredible salary had been.

Danielle had continued to substitute junk food for alcohol over the past three years and as a result, she waddled around the house at 320 pounds. Her kids now lived with her in a large townhouse a few miles from Cherry and Bill’s. She had everything she wanted and was extremely happy.

“Cheeerrryyy.” She sang out as she pushed a cart with Cherry’s breakfast on it into the master bedroom. The room was dark from the shades as usual. Unlike Irma, Danielle did not rip them open shining the sun in on her friend. She left the cart beside the bed and walked around it grabbing Cherry’s fat toes and squeezing them affectionately as she got more pillows from the chest at the foot of the bed.

Cherry woke up with a snort (as usual) and opened her eyes, blinking a few times. She removed the CPAP machine and smiled. “Good morning, Danni.”

She said sleepily. “Mmm. I smell bacon.”

“Bacon, pancakes with lots of butter and syrup, and waffles with ice cream for dessert.” Danielle replied. “Ready for some light in here?”

“Ugh, I guess so.” Cherry said. Danielle slid the drapes open and the sun came in shining on the bed. Bill had replaced the old bed with an enormous hospital bed that Cherry was slowly raising herself into a sitting position in. Danielle placed a couple of pillows under each of Cherries massive calves. The foot of the bed could raise as well as the head, but Cherry preferred the softness of the pillows. Besides, it was hard for her to eat bent like a pretzel.

Danielle then rushed back around as much as a 350-pound woman could and she sat on the bed beside Cherry and began feeding her with a fork from the plates on the cart beside the bed.

Danielle tended to treat the younger girl like a child even though at 23, Cherry was only 6 years younger than her. An hour later Danielle used a napkin to wipe Cherry’s face and wheeled the cart back to the kitchen.

She returned a few minutes later with another cart. This one had a huge stack of towels and a large basin of hot, steaming water. Cherry hadn’t been out of her bed in five months and Danielle did everything for her until Bill got home. She reached behind the bed and retrieved an oxygen tube and settled it under Cherry’s nose. Cherry reached up and rubbed her stomach. “I think I’d like some of the shake, Danni.” Cherry said in a voice that Danielle thought was almost childlike.

Bill had built a contraption out of an old keg refrigerator that held a five gallon drum full of chocolate shake at near freezing. He rigged a small pump inside that fed the shake through a length of clear tubing straight to Cherry’s mouth. Danielle handed the tube to Cherry and turned it on. Cherry moaned happily and closed her eyes as Danielle began laying the towels around and as far under Cherry as she could get them.

Danielle slipped a soft washcloth over her hand and soaked it in the soapy water. She then proceeded to run it over Cherry’s enormous belly. Sitting up the way Cherry was, her belly flowed far in between her opened legs well past her knees. Not that Cherry could spread her legs very far anymore. With her feet on pillows almost four feet apart, her thighs still touched almost to her knees. Danielle washed the folds and crevices on Cherries legs down to her feet before washing her naked breasts, her arms and back down to the rest of her belly. It took an hour every day to wash Cherry and then dry her and lotion her skin to avoid chafing and other problems.

Cherry sucked on the shake tube the entire time she was bathed and breathed the oxygen through the respirator. She opened her eyes and smiled wide at Danielle when she was done. “Thank you Danni. You could run that washcloth over my pussy some more…if you want to.”

“Today is your anniversary, you are all Bill’s today.” Danielle said pushing the cart out of the room. She heard Cherry say “Aw.” And turned to see her lower lip was stuck out. Cherry laughed and turned on the television. It was kind of a joke between them, but once or twice a week Danielle did enjoy washing Cherry rather vigorously down there until the gigantic girl climaxed. It was their little secret and neither of them figured it was hurting anything.

Danielle now spent the rest of her day cleaning the house and shopping, fixing lunch, and then once again feeding Cherry the lunch she made. By then her kids were getting home from school and Danielle would go home to meet them at the bus.

Bill got home at dinner time and had brought a gigantic box of hamburgers from the local fast food place. The smell of the greasy burgers, French fries and onion rings followed him into the bedroom where Cherry lay on the enormous bed. She had managed to roll onto her side and her belly and breasts spilled out on the crisp, white sheets before her. She smiled at Bill with a naughty gleam in her eyes.

The first few months after hiring Danielle, Cherry’s weight had ballooned. Unlike Irma, Danielle was not only willing, but seemed to enjoy feeding Cherry. As the months went by, Cherry’s appetite had soared along with her weight. She went from 672 pounds to 705 pounds in six weeks. Two months after that she weighed in at 756 pounds.

That was about the time Cherry decided getting out of bed was getting to be too much of an effort. Bill built the shake machine so that she could have the shakes for the few hours she was alone. That wasn’t how it ended working though. Cherry began sucking on the shake tube throughout the day even while he or Danielle was there.

Not moving and eating literally non stop over the seven months since left Cherry lying before him weighing 897 pounds as off the reading on the scale built into the bed. He though back a few years to when she passed 400 pounds on this very night. She was lying on an angle so that her face was right at the edge of the bed and she licked her lips invitingly.

“I want to suck your cock, baby.” She whispered. Bill undid his belt and let his jeans drop to the floor. He stepped out of them, his eyes never leaving the immense 23 year-old girl in the huge bed. He slid his hand over the dome of soft, warm, fat that was her belly as extended his hard cock for her to take between her lips.

Cherry sucked him hard and deep for several minutes until his hips began to flinch.

“Oh no, don’t cum in my mouth yet, baby.” She said as he withdrew himself.

“Feed me a few of those burgers…I want to pass 900 pounds tonight.” She said sliding her left leg forward a bit to spread her thighs a bit. “Then you can screw fatty in the ass.”

The end.

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Great to see you picking up on your old stories.

Awesome ending and everything.
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mdy73 has said some nice things

Well done, simply great!
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