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Default ChocolateFinger - by Runningsoft (~BBW, Lesbian, Sex ~MWG)

~BBW, Lesbian, Sex ~MWG - an undercover big caper gets bigger than anticipated

Chocolate Finger
by Runningsoft

Author's Prologue: It is 2025. Diabetes and Obesity were slowly killing the country until a radical law was passed 5 years ago: the Cocoa Initiative Act.

The Candy Bar industry was hit hardest and was blamed by Congress for the expanding waistline of America, forcing nearly all confectionary facilities to close their doors…All but two rival companies with their hands deep in government pockets.

With the price of cocoa reaching unprecedented levels and a potential amendment to the Cocoa Initiative Act, one company must sabotage the other in order to reign supreme as the only manufacturet of sweet, fattening food in all of America…

Chapter 1: Amendments

It was late Monday morning and Tom Whitman was already getting irritated. He got up out of his chair and walked over to the liquor cabinet.

“Anyone want one? It’s going to be a long week.”

Nobody replied. They never did.

Smiling inwardly, Whitman reached for a tumbler, dropped in a few ice cubes with the tongs from the ice bucket. He then added 4 fingers of a brownish liquid to the tumbler and swirled the glass, watching the ice tinkle and melt slightly before knocking back half the glass with a single gulp.

He refilled it and turned back to his fellow board members and took up the mantle at the head of the table.

Tom nodded to the end of the table where a nervous looking young man stood, laptop in one hand, powerpointer in the other.

The man got up, cleared his throat and addressed the table.

“Thank you Mr. Whitman,” he said.

“Tom’s fine, Paul. I’m not a CEO who needs to be coddled to. Just get on with it.”

The young man dimmed the lights and fired up his presentation on the projector. A logo of a well-known chocolate bar manufacturing company appeared. Paul cleared his throat again.

“Gentleman and ladies, you have hired me on for the past 18 months to do a complete overhaul on your data keeping records and see where you stand next to your sole competitor. The data is not promising.”

He clicked to the next slide which showed a bar graph. Tom leaned forward in his chair and took another pull at his drink. He wasn’t a whiz with numbers, but any 5th grader could have told him that the graph was bad news.

Paul began pointing to the timeline at the bottom of the graph, “Since the beginning of the Cocoa Initiative Act 5 years ago, this company has shown a steady decline after the third year.”

“It was a wise decision by this company to purchase up floundering smaller chocolate manufacturing companies. Despite the Act it has remained one of the only two Chocolate Bar manufacturing companies still existing in the continental US.”

At this Tom looked over to his left and gave a nod to Charles Roth, his right-hand man who was instrumental in scooping up several small companies. It was through the work of Charlie that they were now 50% of the US market.

The only thing remaining was their rival, who also held 50% of the market value.

Paul clicked to another slide and continued, “But over those last 3 years, your rivals have begun to pull ahead and show no signs of slowing down. Despite your shared playing field of 50% of the market; they actually show a production value over the last 3 years steadily increasing by 10% or more.”

He took off his glasses and gave them a wipe with a cloth, which he returned to his pocket. “Gentleman, in short; if we crunch the numbers—which I have—this company now holds 34% of the market share. My firm shows that you stand to lose a further 4% by the end of the third quarter.”

Charles Roth cleared his throat, “We’ve only got one-third market share? Paul, what are our options? I mean, where do you see us by the fourth quarter by Christmas time; how about the holidays?”

“Again, it looks grim Charlie. With the Act preventing any outsourcing to foreign companies, you’ve got to work within the boundaries of the Act as it stands presently.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, there is talk about the law being amended. It’s been drafted and I’ve seen it.”

“And?” said Charlie, leaning forward, hands folded.

“It looks like there is some wiggle room that will work in the favor of this company and more importantly against your rivals.”

Tom Whitman smiled thinly and smacked his hand down on the table, causing the other 12 members of the board and Paul to jump slightly.

“Hah! That’s great news Paul! That’s why we pay you the big bucks!”

Paul inclined his head but said nothing, clicking the final slide, which brought back up the company logo. The presentation came to a close.

Tom stood signaling the end of the meeting; Paul turned back up the lights.

“Okay everyone, great work. Paul – hand out those folders to each board member to take back to our other plants across the country and tell them everything is going to be just fine. Whatever new data you’ve discovered about the Amendment Act I’m sure is fully detailed in those folders. Great job everyone.”

Tom picked up his half-finished drink, slammed it back and leaned forward over the table, feeling the alcohol flush creeping up into his cheeks.

He picked up his own folder and made to leave the board room. “Charlie, Paul: My office, 20 minutes.”

Chapter 2: Tom’s Flash(Flesh)back

Tom took the private elevator to the top floor of the building. His building. He got out and walked down the corridor and winked at his secretary.

“Giselle, no calls for the rest of the day.”

She nodded and smiled, “Yes Mr. Whitman.”

Tom entered his office, lavishly furnished with art deco, expensive statues and various other personal trophies. He dropped his folder onto his desk, loosened his tie and turned back to look at the closed door that hid his secretary.

Giselle, a secretary of 31 was a fantastic specimen thought Whitman. Tall at 5’9’’; 180 pounds, a brunette with a pretty face, large breasts, hips and a great ass. Perfect.

She looks like she’s added a few,” thought Tom with a smile.

He walked over to his couch and kicked off his loafers, reminiscing about last year’s Christmas Party like it was yesterday….


Tom was in his office wrapping up a long and boring conference call out West.

The meeting was going badly and he was getting pissed. He was on his exercise bike to help alleviate stress and was finishing up a 30-mile interval set. Giselle, through the intercom had asked how much longer he might be, as it was getting close to the opening toast for the office and their families that he himself was to deliver.

“Just a minute. I’m wrapping up with California. Is my tux ready?”

“Yes sir, just arrived.”

“Good. And tell Charlie I’ll be there in 45 minutes; he can stall them—he’s good for ad-libbing. Tell him California is trying to give us the reach around. He’ll know what that means.”

Tom had knocked out the last few miles at breakneck pace and was pleased.

He slugged some water and walked into his private bathroom to hit the showers. He let the water cascade over his well-toned body, muscles bulging.

He stood under the water, letting the steamy heat invigorate him before turning the water icy cold and feeling the sting of its chill needling his entire body.

Refreshed, he grabbed a towel and dried himself and walked over to where Giselle had laid out his suit for him, obviously having entered his office while he was in the shower. He went over to his drink cabinet and poured himself a triple-neat and took a long pull feeling the heat rise in his cheeks.

Just then, the door of his office opened and in stepped Giselle with a stack of envelopes. She had her head down focused on what she was doing; when she looked up, let out a gasp and dropped the stack.

“Oh my ,,,! I’m so sorry Mr. Whitman!”

She shut her eyes and knelt down reaching for the papers like a blind woman.

She leant particularly far forward for one folder and her skirt made a ripping
sound in the back. Reddening, she reached back dropping the folders and covering her hands with her backside.

Tom looked at her, drink in hand and let out a chuckle.

“I-I’m so SO sorry,” she began.

Tom held up a hand and put down the drink, “Hey, don’t worry about it. You can get those later. But look, you’ve ruined your skirt.”

Giselle stood up, hands still on her backside and looking extremely embarrassed.

Tom noticed that with her hands covering her rear, her blouse was strained and he could see a black bra and ample flesh peeking through the strained fabric. He took a step forward to begin helping her lift up the folders when his towel came away and fell to the floor.

Now it was Tom’s turn to redden. Giselle’s hands went to her mouth but she couldn’t look away. She was staring at his member, which was slightly hardened.

“Oh—oh my...” she started, still gazing down.

Tom noted that her breath became a little heavier and her nipples hardened underneath her blouse.

“This has never happened to me before,” he quipped, making no effort to grab the towel or to cover himself.

“M-me neither,” she stammered leaning forward unconscious closer towards him.

In an instant, they locked lips, hands tentatively running up and down each other’s bodies. Hers along his firm contour, his along her soft ones.

She pulled back for an instant, “maybe we shouldn’t be doing this…I-I’m in a relationship…”

He held her in his strong arms, gazing down at her beautiful face, hair coming undone and draping her face in strands making her look even more desirable, “Well, it is Christmas, and you’ve already seen my unwrapped present…”

Letting the innuendo hang in the air, her resolve broke and they resumed. Her hands slowly made their way down to his member, which was pressing firmly against the front of her skirt, throbbing.

Tom’s hands quickly unbuttoned her blouse and undid her torn skirt, letting both pieces of fabric fall to the floor. Breathing heavily, they took awkward steps towards his liquor cabinet and he pinned her there, hands cupping her ass and lifting her up onto the table.

“Mmmm, ooohh,” she moaned biting her lower lip as Tom ran a hand through her dark hair and pulled.

Tom continued massaging her ass with his remaining hand, noting that it was large, round and soft. Between kisses, he stole glances of her profile and noted with relish that she was actually a bit chubby. His kind of woman.

Running his hands along the sides of her backside he felt that her panties were cutting into her sides giving her pleasant love handles, her thighs soft and fleshy. Her belly protruded slightly, hanging over her panties which displayed a cute little u-bend. Tom gave her tummy a playful slap and watched it giggle erotically.

He looked down at her and she was staring up into his eyes, her hands behind her back reaching to remove her own bra.

“You like me?” she breathed, brushing a lock of hair out of her eyes.

“You’re dynamite.” And they mashed their mouths together once again.

“You like a girl who is a bit bigger?” she breathed as she broke away again, gasping for air.

“It turns me on.”

“I’ve gained so much since I’ve started working here, all these chocolates….so delicious, so amazing…”

As Tom leaned inwards, he could feel her warm fleshy breasts mashing against his hard chest, her nipples hard with desire and her breathing becoming labored.

“Oooh, Ohh, do me right here…” she moaned, fingers digging into his back, pulling him close so that her soft belly touched his solid one.

Tom expertly slid her panties to the side and felt his way towards her vagina.
He was pleased when his member grazed across a neat patch of pubic hair as he descended towards her moist sex…


Tom was 90 minutes late for the Christmas Party that year. The official office rumor was that his Porsche stalled and took a taxi; something the office knew he never did—he hadn’t taken a friggin’ cab since he was in his early twenties after all. However, since that amazing night, they had become regular lovers and Tom was perfectly okay with her gaining a bit of weight over the last several months.

<brrr brrr brrr>

Tom was stirred awake from his reverie to the sound of the intercom.

(Continued in post 3 of this thread)

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conversecurves has said some nice things

Great start, I'm looking forward to what you have planned for this
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Chapter 3: Cluster-Cluck

“Mr. Whitman?” came the smooth voice of Giselle.


“Charlie and Paul are here to see you. Shall I send them in?”

“Absolutely. We still on for this Thursday?”


“Ahem. Just send them in. We’ll table that Thursday appointment for now. That’ll be all Giselle.”

The door clicked open and Tom looked up and over as the two men entered the room and shut the door. Paul wore a neutral expression on his face, but Charlie was smirking. Charlie had sniffed out that Tom had banged his secretary on Christmas last, after pointing out at one point during the evening that he had lipstick on his ear. It became their private running joke.

“Got some lipstick on your ear, boss.”

“Screw you Chuck. Grab a drink and have a seat,” He grinned straightening up on the couch, “one for you Paul?”

“I’ve earned one.”

Charlie handed out the drinks, making sure to dip into the good stuff at the back of the shelf and he and Paul pulled up chairs towards the couch where Tom was sitting.

Tom held up his glass as did his companions, “Helluva performance men, I think we have the rest of the Board convinced.”

Paul smiled for the first time, “The figures looked real good. All that crap about there being an amendment to the Act was brilliant. Gives them all a glimmer of hope.”

“Whose idea was it to make Paul look like a scared, nervous weasel again?” said Charles, taking a pull from his drink.

Tom sighed, “you did, you arrogant ass.”

“Cheers to me!” he said polishing off his glass and heading back to the cabinet for the bottle to bring back to the table.

Tom cleared his throat, indicating some formality to their ‘meeting’.

“Okay, Paul, what’s the real story? What updates do you have for us?”

He put down his glass and picked up his briefcase, flipped the catches and extracted a document.

“This,” he said indicating to the manila folder now sitting on the desk, tapping it with a finger, “is the real data. It shows the company will be bankrupt before the end of the calendar year.”

“No Christmas Party ‘Bonus’ for you…” said Charles, topping up his and Tom’s glasses, looking towards the door where his secretary was undoubtedly being as efficient as she always was.

Tom winked but said nothing.

Charles picked up the folder and thumbed through the first few pages and let out a low wolf whistle. “So before the company goes under, these are the figures we stand to make?”

“That’s correct,” said Paul, pushing his glasses up back onto his face, “By doing a little insider-trading and selling off your assets before it becomes public knowledge that the company is going down the crapper, you each stand to earn $400 million…minus my fees.”

Paul smiled at Tom who smiled back.

“10% of 800 million is more than fair. Maybe I’ll throw in an extra few percent for you finding this out so quickly. I was under the impression we would have to wait another 6 months,” said Tom.

“Not anymore. You can begin selling shares this Friday. Doing it quietly of course.” Said Paul.

“What are you going to do with your share?” asked Charlie, now red-faced his eyes slightly unfocused.

“Jell-O shots and wild sex, what do you think?” said Tom. They all laughed.

Tom had no intention of telling the others that he was going to ground, reinvent himself in a foreign country and live in the lap of luxury. Who could tell, maybe he’d convince Giselle to come with him. It’d be too bad if he had to leave her, but there were other fish in the sea, plenty of other fish. He turned to Charles.

“Me? I’m going to buy a nice little piece of property in Jamaica, have me some brown babies.” He hiccupped, sliding a little sideways into his chair.

“Paul, how ‘bout you?” asked Tom.

He took a moment to answer, instead taking off his glasses and polishing the lenses again with a cloth he took out of his pocket. “You know me; I’ll keep extorting and inside trading.”

He flashed a smile again and made to stand up, “Gentlemen, it’s been a real pleasure. I can count on you that money will be in my offshore account by Wednesday right Tom?”

He nodded, “As we’ve agreed; 50% now, 50% before the end of the year, when the deal has gone through…plus any bonuses.”

Tom helped Paul up under the arm and steered him towards the door.

Paul was first to the knob and jiggled the door before opening it. “Hmm, it’s a bit stuck. Ah--there it goes.”

Giselle was working on a document and looked up, brushing a lock of hair out of her eyes.

Paul walked past her without exchanging words and made for the elevator. Tom helped Charlie to a seat in the waiting room.

“Bartender, fix me another!” he gestured, waving his hand into the air and nearly falling out of his seat.

“Giselle, get him a seltzer and some aspirin and get his secretary to come get him, what’s her name, Dora? He’s a mess.”

“Certainly sir. And I believe her name is Donna, I don’t know her very well.”

“The red-head.”

“I believe so, sir,” said Michelle with efficiency.

She closed her desk drawer and got up from her seat and smoothed her skirt. Tom noticed with relish that it was skin-tight and showing off a lot of curve; and that her blouse was protruding forward, accenting a larger belly and breasts.

Tom smiled at her, then kicked Charlie in the shin for good measure and shut the door to his office.

Four. Four-hundred-walloping-million…..

And there wasn’t a single thing that could screw it up…

Chapter 4: A Little Dinner

Tom had already left for the afternoon to play a round of golf. He always golfed on Monday’s unless he was in a bad mood. And today, he practically floated out of the office, though he tried his best not to show his excitement.

The highlight of the day had been seeing Donna trying to frog-march Charlie into the elevator. Numerous times he’d tried to grope her under the guise of ‘falling’, but she wasn’t having any of it.

“One more grope like that Mr. Roth and you won’t be sitting right for a week.”


It was now 5:30pm and Giselle took her make-up kit out of her purse from beneath her desk and began touching up her face. From inside her purse, her mobile phone burred.

She picked it up, “Dinner for Thursday? Our usual spot.”

She smirked at Tom’s persistence before replying, “I’ll wear something nice and tight for you. xoxo”

She took out a second mobile phone and saw she had two new messages. The first was from her employer. Her real employer. The second was from her lover. She read her instructions carefully from both and replied in her usual manner.

Giselle then leaned back, stretched her arms into the air and exhaled loudly. Her shirt was uncomfortably tight and rode up several inches. She glanced down with interest as a cute belly protruded forward over her skirt. Quietly, she let her hands drop to her belly and she caressed it; rubbing it, kneading it through her delicate fingers. She had never weighed so much in her life, but it was all part of the bigger plan. She could always lose the weight, but right now it was absolutely critical.

She stood up, not bothering to straighten out her shirt and unlocked the door to Tom Whitman’s office with a picklock concealed in a nail file. Spinning the file between her fingers, she walked over to the liquor cabinet and poured herself a large glass of Tom’s finest, most expensive bourbon. The one he saved for big mergers and deal acquisitions.

Taking a large gulp, she felt the liquor burn her throat and warm her stomach, feeling the heat spread to her extremities.

She looked at the desk calendar on Tom’s bureau and ticked the days of the week off with her fingers. Everything was pursuing as expected.

Monday, check…Tuesday…in progress…Wednesday-Thursday-Friday…ready to go…Saturday…payday.”

She smiled inwardly to herself again, downed the glass and headed for her dinner rendezvous.

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Chapter 5: Undercover Lover

Giselle parked her beat-up Toyota Corolla in the parking lot next to a non-descript diner and entered it. She had been there several times over the past year, ever since beginning to work at the Chocolate Facility. She grabbed her usual booth and scanned the interior. An elderly couple having tea and toast; an all-American family with their two noisy kids were at the far end of the table making a good amount of audible racket and a few teenagers were spotted throughout the tables, hands wandering below the table. Satisfied the place was clean, took the booth farthest away from them all, near the back.

A cigarette-smoking woman came up and asked her what she wanted.

“Coffee, triple cream, triple sugar; and the House Special.”

She nodded and walked away, returning with her coffee a moment later. It was surprisingly good as she took a few sips, peering over the rim of her cup, observing a younger man entering, dressed in a sport coat and kangol hat pulled low, duffle bag in his right hand. It looked very heavy.

The man made for her direction and sat down across from her, nodding but saying nothing. He ordered a coffee black when the waitress saw that the woman now had some company.

Ten minutes after him came a beautiful woman in a trench coat. She too sat down, beside Giselle and ordered the same as her. The woman was a bit shorter than Giselle, only about 5’6’’ and weighed about 170 pounds. She had medium-length red hair, was on the bustier side and had a bhudda belly that matched with her ass and thighs.

Dropping off the coffee for the gentleman, the woman took a third order and walked away. The trio remained quiet until their food had arrived. Now they were ready to begin.

“Phase Two has gone according to plan.” Said Paul, taking a slug from his coffee.

“When do we proceed with Phase Three?” said Donna, tucking into her meal.

“Tomorrow we begin infiltration. Thursday is when it must happen though. Nobody must know we were involved.”

“Agreed.” Said Paul, setting his cup down and pushing the duffle bag towards the women.

“In here,” he began, keeping his voice low under the pretense of taking a sip of coffee, “is the necessary equipment you will need to irradiate the company’s cocoa silos.”

“Wait-wait, enough with this covert crap. Just spell it out for me Paul, I have a big fucking headache, I had to baby sit Roth and you know how much of an asshole he can be.”

Paul nodded, “fair enough. You still sleeping with him?”

She took a forkful of food and seductively ate it off her utensil, “I play my part well. Don’t you worry, he suspects nothing.”

“Right.” Paul looked around again and flagged the waitress over again for a refill before continuing.

“18 months ago I infiltrated the Chocolate Facility under the pretense of a financial advisor and all-round number cruncher to help their productivity under a fictitious firm...Early on; I realized that the CEO, Tom Whitman and Charles Roth were and are money-hungry bastards who don’t care for their company. Neither do I. I’m only in it for the money.”

Donna and Giselle nodded for him to continue.

“And six months ago, I recruited the pair of you for this part of the job, the most delicate part. For that you are being paid very well and danger compensation. You were recent hires to Mr. Whitman and Mr. Roth after their previous secretaries were ‘mysteriously’ caught in compromising photos, as prostitutes.”

Paul looked at Donna with admiration.

“Hey, what can I say, I’m a whiz with photoshop. They had no defense. See ya, good bye.”

“And at the Christmas Party,” Paul continued, “Giselle made contact, as did you Donna – eventually.”

She laughed, “Well, married men take a bit of convincing…sometimes.”

“Well, after you both made contact, I had you install onto each of their computers an encrypted bit of software that gives me mobile access to their computers, including phone records, tax receipts, emails and all inter-office communications. I was all set to give up on the project when I realized they were going to bankrupt the company from the inside out and make off like bandits, letting the company crumble,” Finished Paul.

“So, you’re saying it was never about this company competing against their rivals? It was all a ruse? The Amendment Act to get them back on their feet, the next six months? All of it?” asked Giselle, who had finished her meal and was nursing her coffee.

“Exactly right. But here’s the kicker. The Amendment is actually happening, so it’s a lose-lose for them. The amendment actually helps the opposition, not them—basically the opposite of what I had told them in today’s monumental board meeting.”

Giselle leaned forward, the fabric of her clothing strained from the heavy, greasy dinner she had just finished, “So what your saying is that the money that you are promising Whitman and Roth will never materialize—but the advance funds they are paying you are real and will be in your—our—bank account by 12:01am Wednesday morning.”

Paul raised his eyebrows, “Oh, so you were listening on your intercom during our private meeting today. Very clever.”

She smiled wolfishly, “A girl’s gotta protect herself, even if we are working on the same team. By the way, that was a nice touch you did with the door—making it seem as if it was stuck before you opened it—I was just hiding the recorder in my desk. That would have been awkward to explain away.”

“Yes, well I didn’t expect Tom Whitman to be sober when he was showing me out of the office. Roth is a high-functioning alcoholic, so I wasn’t worried about him, even if he did see something suspicious.”

Donna piped up, “Hey gang, let’s not lose sight here. You can’t do what we do; we couldn’t do what you do. We all need each other, which is why we’re splitting the money three ways. Right?”

Paul surveyed her for a moment. In his own experience in the field, these were experienced women. It wouldn’t do to try a double cross, it would be the last thing he ever did.

“Ladies, each of them was ‘destined’ for 400 million each, that’s 800 million total. I am collecting 10% of that this coming Wednesday in our offshore account. Even with 50% now and 50% later, which will never happen because they will be bankrupt before Friday. That leaves us with 40 million to split three ways.”

“It sure is,” said Donna, leaning back and undoing her trench coat finally. Beneath it, she wore a standard secretary’s blouse and skirt, both looking very tight and strained.

Paul looked at her bloated form with appraisal then at Giselle’s, “I am glad you have taken this plan seriously and gained all the requisite weight that you will need. You were both so rail-thin when you started this project so long ago that I didn’t think this plan would even work.”

Giselle put a hand down over her belly and began massaging herself, “I wasn’t initially happy to do it, but I understand it was critical to get into the inner circle of both Whitman and Roth to find out secrets that otherwise wouldn’t be kept in their computers—their personal company secrets—and I guess if we were prosthetically make-up’d to appear fat, during our sexual contact, well—men aren’t stupid enough to fall for a fat suit.”

“Yes,” said Paul, “Luckily for us both men are Fat Admirers; FA’s which is easy to work with. All you had to do over the last few months since the Christmas Party last December was just eat and eat and eat.”

“Don’t forget the few months prep-time before we were hired on full-time.” Said Donna.

“I had to see you could gain weight rapidly; again the plan wouldn’t’ work otherwise. But you’ve both pulled it off.”

Glancing at his watch, Paul dropped a few banknotes on the table and made to leave. “I’ll contact you both tomorrow. Remember the duffle bag under the table has all the necessary equipment you’ll need, with the requisite instructions to carry out our mission.”

He placed his kangol cap back on his head, touched it once and left as inconspicuously as when he had entered over an hour ago.

Giselle turned to Donna and put a hand on her belly, “You know my love, I think you look kinky with that extra bit of padding.”

They gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment, “Hun, I was thinking the exact same thing about you.”

And they kissed.

(Continued in post 7 of this thread)

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a lot of plot in a short stretch but that's OK as there are 2 hotties plumping up.. more of them please
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Only ONE more chapter of background before the ladies deliver their goods.

Originally Posted by Ssaylleb View Post
a lot of plot in a short stretch but that's OK as there are 2 hotties plumping up.. more of them please
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Chapter 6: Previous Mission (Backstory)

Giselle and Donna first met under stressful circumstances. Both were mercenaries, hired guns for the right price. They had first worked together 6 years ago in Israel and found they complimented each other’s strengths and operation styles. Since then, they had formed a firm partnership, doing most missions together and were slowly phasing themselves out of the game in order to enjoy retirement before they were killed.

(After all, what’s the point living rich if you are dead before you can even spend any of it.)

The two women weren’t lesbians and thoroughly enjoyed the company of men. On many previous missions, they were hired as lesbian ‘call-girls’, used to infiltrate underground crime syndicates and gather intel for their employers, most often rival gangs. Neither was adverse to the touch and caress of another woman. Often, between missions, they would pleasure each other satisfy their animal urges with reckless abandon so they could concentrate completely and without impaired judgment during their future missions.


But just like in life, there are no guarantees no matter how much you concentrate or prepare. Shit happens. One such botched job came several months ago and nearly cost one of them their lives.

Nearly 18 months prior to their current mission, Donna and Giselle were brought in last-minute to help pull off a major bank job. Their destination: Toronto, Canada. On paper, it seemed like a straight-forward heist: Donna, a consummate hacker was in charge of dismantling the interior and exterior security features of the building; while Giselle, an adept hand-to-hand combat and weapon’s markswoman was given the task of driving up the getaway vehicle while the remainder of the team would be inside, removing the inner contents of the bank vault.

It was already too late by the time the team discovered that they had been played by a mole from within. With half the tactical team descending upon the heist team, it became clear that it was everyone for themselves. And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Giselle was deep within the confines of the bank and was pinned down underneath a barrage of gunfire; half her team already dead. Somehow she managed to shoot her way into a corridor and into another section of the bank but not before taking a slug underneath her Kevlar vest, puncturing a lung.

She sought what cover she could before her body gave out and eventually collapsed in a stairwell; her breathing and heart rate reaching near-terminal levels. When she was discovered by members of the tactical team, she was pronounced critical and was brought out to the front line.

Donna, who had been listening in on the police scanner, was stricken with grief after hearing the description of who had once been her friend and comrade, pronounced dead, then near-dying.

Once the lifeless form of Giselle was put in the ambulance, Donna trailed the ambulance in the escape vehicle and began planning her next move to save her friend’s life.

Using a high-tech scrambler, she jammed all incoming and outgoing signals to the ambulance and was also able to re-route the police escort which had been following the ambulance and proceeded to run the ambulance off the road.

Donna managed to subdue the driver and paramedic in the rear cab and together, she and Giselle fled into the night and drove at great length until she found a suitable and anonymous looking walk-in clinic in a very destitute area of the city; their hope being to blend in with the many other various gunshot and stab wound victims that frequented the place.

But luck was against them. Giselle’s description fit too closely to that which was being broadcast over the police scanner to all hospitals within a 50 mile radius. Donna was able to get Giselle stabilized after holding her attending doctor at gunpoint. It was a rush job, but the doctor dug out the slug and Donna pocketed it. Before knocking the doctor out, she raided the small minor-surgery room which they were in of supplies she thought they may need and once again fled into the night.


And so it was for the two women, over the next few months that they were forced to go to ground until the heat died down; all the while they recuperated and prepared themselves to cross the border from Canada back into the US under assumed identities and put together the fragments of their former lives.

During those few months of evasion and recovery, Donna had managed to find a co-op residence that gladly took money and didn’t ask too many questions.

While she nursed Giselle back to relative health, she took on a part-time job as an overnight “stock girl” in a bakery after agreeing to sleep with manager, when she was unable to produce any identification or references when she applied.

Gradually, she earned the trust of the owner who promoted her to inventory after she ‘let slip’ she was good with computers. Donna began slowly siphoning money from the company as well as incorrectly marking inventory and bringing it home free of charge.

They girls lived mainly on bread and various bakery treats, and never went out during the day for fear of still being recognized. So it was that Giselle and Donna were cooped up in a run-down co-op apartment.

As time went on, the hardened body of Giselle began to go to seed. For years, she had worked hard to keep her muscles strong, her body toned. But the weeks of inactivity, healing from her wound and carbohydrate-rich diet she was now on caused her body to gain weight.

Giselle at the time of the caper was 115 pounds of pure muscle. During her recovery, she gained 25 pounds of sedentary fat bringing her weight to 140. Her once-toned abs softened into a more curvy and feminine physique. Her once strong arms also lost some of their tone, as did her legs, which slightly touched near the tops. Her breasts and ass also showed signs of weight gain, but otherwise, she was still a very attractive woman.

Donna was a bit luckier than her partner, but had also gained a bit of weight. Being slightly shorter than her companion, the added fat was more pronounced on her frame. Her cute face went a bit soft, the hint of a double chin. Her chest was also large and firm and radiated with health. Her stomach was where she held most of her weight and often gave her the impression of early pregnancy. Her rear was slightly flabby, but had not yet succumbed to the effects of gravity. All told, Donna had gone from a perky 125 to a svelte 138 pounds.

With their gradual weight gain, they decided that it actually became an advantage. And by doing some additional alterations to their hair length and color, looked like two completely different woman. And with the money acquired by Donna, it became a formality to doctor up two passports and for the women to book a plane out west and back home into the United States and rebuild their lives.


While recovering in California a few months later, the two women resumed their old lives. They had taken on several small-time jobs which entailed cyber crime that yielded small to medium payouts. It was getting tougher to build up a nest egg on which to retire without taking on a serious job; but both women had had their confidence shaken and were still very hesitant until something unexpected fell into their plush laps.

But such a job did land.


They were contacted through the usual channels by a man they had worked with before. He gave his name as “Paul”. What his real name was, they didn’t care.

Paul had been an overseer of one of their more recently successful capers and was impressed with their efficiency and relative talent. At the conclusion of their last assignment, it was agreed that their services be put on retainer for future use, should he or they be interested; and, of course, if the price was right.

Several months went by, until one evening Paul contacted them to arrange a tete-a-tete in person.

“Paul, you know how we work,” said Giselle over the phone, “No faces. No real names.”

“You misunderstand me, Giselle. This is not another cyber crime. This is something much more lucrative and, I believe, more to what you two women are used to.”

“What makes you think we are more than a couple of cyber chicks,” said Giselle with a slight smirk.

“Let’s just say I’ve done some digging on the two of you lately and your dossiers are quite impressive. In fact, they are even more impressive then these little-time cyber crimes you are doing now.”

Giselle said nothing, waiting for him to continue.

“—This particular job would solidify your needs and wants to get out of the criminal world and allow you to retire in luxury.”

“Now wait a minute, just who have you been talking to?” said Giselle, her anger rising for she and Donna had told no one about their future plans.

“I say this not to alarm or anger you, but to—ah, what’s the phrase—extend the olive branch?”

Giselle said nothing. Her mind was reeling, thinking hard.

After a full minute of silence, Paul broke the silence. “—23 Water Street. The derelict building. Bring your partner. "


The two girls conspired and agreed to at the very least hear Paul out; and so it was that Donna and Giselle were debriefed about their current assignment: The prospect of earning enough money to retire was enticing, except neither girl was exactly keen on the condition of the plan that required them to get fat.

“So you see ladies,” he had said, smoking a thin cigar, watching the smoke drift lazily up to the ceiling, “if this is going to work, you will both need to get much heavier than you are now. It is essential. I’ll give you a few weeks to add at least 20 pounds each. I don’t care how you do it, so long as you do it.”


The prospect of gaining weight was a daunting one, for both women had actually lost weight after they were back on track and on regular training schedules. True, Giselle was still plagued by the wound to her lung; she had never fully regained the cardiovascular capacity she once had. And as for Donna, she had slimmed down slightly, but not nearly back to what one would call her ‘prime’.

Not wanting to sacrifice too much of their training, both women gained the weight in as controlled a manner as they could, relying on a reduced regimen of their previous training, while increasing their carbohydrate intake by several magnitudes.

A few weeks in, Donna was sitting on the couch watching television, bowl of pasta in front of her and wearing nothing but a pair of too-small panties and bra.

Giselle called to her from the kitchen,“Pasta okay, need any more olive oil?”

“Nah, you’ve cooked a great batch tonight, very easy to swallow without feeling overly filling.”

She laughed, “Well, there’s a whole pot left in addition to the two helpings you’ve had already. Don’t be shy.”

Giselle entered the area to join her companion and heaved out a great sigh as she sat down with a loud plunk before tucking into her own bowl of pasta.

Donna glanced over at her. Giselle was already glued to that evening’s news, shoveling pasta into her delicate face, dabbing every now and then at a strand of olive oil that had started dribbling down her chin.

She allowed her eyes to wander and take in her companion’s recently expanded physique, clothed in a too-tight tank top and booty shorts. Giselle was sporting a cute double chin but her facial features remained beautiful, possibly even enhanced by her progressive weight gain.

Her arms and legs still displayed untold power, but were concealed underneath creamy skin, softening her muscular contours and replacing it with a more feminine quality. Her chest had increased slightly, and her belly had protruded several inches.

Donna let her eyes linger over the belly. She was pleased to see that with each breath Giselle took, her shirt tightened and rose up ever so slightly showcasing off her tight, smooth skin. Smiling inwardly, she let her eyes travel further still down to where the too-tight booty shorts rested, their elastic band stretched to the max revealing the top few inches of her ass, which had also grown in size and magnitude.

“Hey hun, what’s your weight up to these last few days? I can see you’ve really taken Paul’s direction seriously.”

Giselle put down her now empty bowl and let out a contented sigh and turned to face her companion.

Sighing, she let her hands wander down to her belly and rest, fingertips drumming her bloated form.

“You could say that. I’ve realized that after the surgery, my lung capacity isn’t what it used to, making cardio very challenging for me.”

As if to emphasize the point, she lifted her top off raising her hands above her head as Donna stared at her companion’s breasts which bounced and swayed with health.

“Last night, I clocked in at 162, up from my old weight of 140 when we first met Paul a few weeks ago.” Said Giselle.

Dona grinned, “I’m 19 pounds gained, only a pound shy at 157; up from 138.”

Giselle leaned back so that her belly protruded further and let out a sigh, “It seems that gaining the weight back after training so hard to lose it in the first place took no time at all.”

“So true,” said Donna, also leaning back so that her belly pooched outward too.

“Ooh, it looks much more noticeable on your tiny frame than it does mine – even if we are of similar weight.” Said Giselle who now leaned forward allowing her to take in her friend’s physique more professionally.

Donna grinned.

Giselle inched closer on the couch toward Donna and turned slightly to show the scar that forever bound the two women together more closely than anything.

Donna touched it and let the palm of her hand warm up the cool area of scar tissue that always felt cool, near the top of her breast.

Giselle closed her eyes and leaned further forward, feeling the warmth of her partner’s skin on hers in such an intimate location and the color rise in her cheeks.

“I think I’ve hit my maximum quota for tonight, I’m so stuffed,” she said nonchalantly and exhaled so that belly protruded further, causing her booty shorts to droop and accommodate her bulk.

“Hmm mmm,” agreed Donna, and she let her free hand explore her friend’s body.

Giselle sighed and closed her eyes as she felt one of her companion’s delicate hands trace its way toward her right breast and lift it up. Her body tingled when she felt it being scooped and playfully dropped as if she was being evaluated upon its heaviness. The savory thought made her body tingle and she felt her nipples hardened.

Smiling inwardly, she continued to enjoy Donna’s exploration of her expanding body. As each new area of her body was touched or caressed, she could feel the added weight on her. Her belly was bigger—that she knew, as she felt two hands lightly tighten and squeeze her sides. And her love handles— well, they were true love handles now and as they too were squeezed, she confirmed to herself, that they were bigger and droopier than they had ever been before.

Giselle opened her eyes and stared down at her thighs, which were now touching. She gapped her legs and closed them, feeling her skin come together and separate. Looking down at Donna, she saw her companion’s loving face smile as she watched with interest as Donna’s hands wandered from her love handles and down towards the under region of her belly.

Feeling fingertips wander to the tops of her booty shorts, Giselle gasped inwardly as she felt a single hand plunge down into her pants, following her landing strip and reaching towards her now-moist sex.

“Mmmmm,” sighed Donna. Giselle was pleased to note that her companion was losing herself in desire. Perhaps it was time for her to return the favor and explore Donna’s expanding desire…

The two girls shifted slightly on the couch so that Donna’s hand could more freely glide in and out of Giselle’s sex. She leaned forward and began gently kissing the nape of Donna’s neck and felt the hand inside her quicken with involuntary desire.

Twisting slightly, Giselle now had two free hands with which to explore the nearly naked form of Donna. She was pleased to notice that her companion’s belly was slightly larger and much firmer her own. Putting her hands on either side of the bulk, she gently giggled it and it shook like a solid beach ball.

Continuing her satisfying exploration, she let her hands wander up along Donna’s upper back and felt soft folds of back fat under her fingertips. When she got to her bra strap, she tried to slide a finger beneath it, but found it was too-tight.

‘Better let these girls breathe a bit,’ thought Giselle as she unhooked the clasp with a twang. Donna sighed and shook one arm out of the shoulder strap, however refusing to sever the connection she had with Giselle’ sex.

Her breasts were overflowing with health and vitality as Giselle tweaked each nipple and felt them harden in her palms. Allowing her hands to travel down towards Donna’s posterior, she felt the soft flesh concealed (barely) by the too-tight panties; as well as the significant overhang of each love handle.

Donna spread her legs slightly and Giselle traced a finger down the taught fabric, feeling the contour of a meaty vagina and accompanying labia. Inhaling deeply, she became aware of a warm animal tang that only heightened her rising sexual desire.

Whether the aroma came from her or Donna, she did not know. But she slid a hand into beneath the deep u-bend of her companion’s panties toward her sex and began to return the favor.

Silently, and without words, Donna inched herself closer to Giselle and the two embraced, letting their glistening hands wander freely; exploring each other’s sex for the next two hours…

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Chapter 7: (PRESENT DAY) Tuesday

Giselle was suddenly stirred awake from an erotic dream she had been having with Tom. In it, they had just pulled to the side of the road after a long drive in the country. Amidst the tranquility and serenity of the rolling landscape and with no other car to be seen within 50 miles, Tom had reached over to her in the passenger seat and crushed his chiseled face down upon hers.

Then slowly, very slowly he removed one of his driving gloves and reached a hand down, down down…

Sighing, Giselle made to roll over and hit the snooze button; lifting up Donna’s heavy arm which had been draped over her naked belly in order to do so.

Staring bleary-eyed at the alarm, which now read 5:35am, she brushed a few strands of brunette hair out of her eyes and stood up out of bed. Turning back, she glanced back at the naked, bloated form that was Donna: her chest rose and fell several deep inches with each breath, her pendulous breasts, parting company to make room for a large, beautiful and still-full belly despite the two of them not having eaten since their previous meeting with Paul last night.

What a beautiful sight.

Giselle walked over to the window, gazing out at nothing, feeling her entire body giggle and sway with each step. She let her breasts press up against the smooth surface of the glass and felt her nipples harden from its coolness and smiled inwardly to herself.

Hugging the moment to her, she reached up to stretch and let out a tiny squeak. Looking down, she took in her own soft, supple body and readjusted her panties so that they didn’t feel as though they were cutting into her expanding flesh.

It was not so hard to imagine that after their initial 20-pound weight gain, as specified by Paul; that it became almost a point of business to keep getting fatter.

Giselle recalled that it had not been hard to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle while courting Tom all those weeks and months ago. After all, the secrecy of screwing his secretary all the while taking her out for fine, rich dining had been quite easy.

She closed her eyes and recalled one evening when Tom had taken her to a upscale restaurant and she ate greedily in his private booth while he ate her out under the dim candlelight. Or on another evening while they dined with some boring investors and she had given him a hand job under the table and finished him off under the guise of ‘dropping her napkin’.

Suddenly she felt cool hands wrap around her middle and squeeze her warm flesh.

“Morning, lady,” said Donna, who let her go and joined her at the window.

Giselle nodded and gazed at her companion. She too had gained a lot of weight, and it was more apparent on her shorter frame. However, she looked nonetheless ravishing. Especially this morning in her too-tight tank top and matching thong.

“What’s your weight up to now?” said Giselle, still eyeing her companion.

“Um, I was 170 when I last checked, probably more after last night’s gorging when we ate with Paul.”

“I thought so. I’ve packed on another pound. Now I’m 181.”

The two women turned to gaze at each other and Giselle’s window-cooled breasts touched Donna’s. Both women felt an electric tingle and the both watched as Donna’s nipples puckered and hardened, protruding out into lovely little nubs.

“Ooooh!” she said, caught off guard.

Giselle laughed.

“So what’s the game plan today? Have you opened that package Paul gave us last night?”

“No, it’s still on the dining table in the living room. We need to see what’s in it and figure out what we need to bring into the office today, and what we need to bring in for tomorrow.”

“That makes sense,” she said.

Both women made their way towards the duffle bag and Donna unzipped it while Giselle went to make two mugs of coffee.

“Whew, this is seriously heavy,” said Donna with a grunt as she opened the bag and began laying out various items and other contents within.

Among the contents were rappelling harnesses with sturdy nylon rope; miniaturized torch cutters; two tranquilizer pistols; communications equipment; a canister with a biohazardous label on it; a few laminated maps of electrical and surveillance markers; and other essentials.

“Better be careful with that baby,” said Giselle nodding to the bio-hazard canister as she brought Donna a warm mug of coffee.

“Thanks hun,” said Donna taking the mug.

Giselle bent forward and peered into the duffle bag and took out a few more of it’s contents and at the very bottom, took out a tape recorder. Glancing at Donna, she put it on the table and hit the PLAY button.

They could tell it was Paul’s voice, but digitally distorted nonetheless.

“The contents of this tape are vital and upon its conclusion will trigger a chemical reaction inside this device, rendering playback of this file quite impossible, so pay attention.

On Tuesday, you must begin set-up for infiltration and irradiation of the cocoa silos of the adjacent building of the manufacturing and processing complex.

On Wednesday, the device in the canister must be put in place and activated with detonation scheduled for 7pm on Thursday. It is essential it is in the Red Zone (consult your maps) so it has maximum penetration within the cocoa silos of the manufacturing and processing complex. You must also ensure all ventilation ducts are fully open so that the irradiation will travel widespread into the other, smaller silos.

By Thursday, you will both rendezvous with your targets so as to provide adequate alibis. Be present with them as long as possible, including Friday if needed.

Friday, T-minus Zero, will be when the company begins selling its shares at noon on the public domain.

By Saturday, it will be discovered that there has been an irradiation leak, rendering the company’s entire supply of cocoa will be regarded as dangerous. The company stock will then plummet.

Your payment, which has already been arranged, will be in your account by Sunday at 12:01am.

End Transmission.”

A second later, the machine sparked and fizzled and a plume of black-purple smoke rose up from somewhere inside the machine and it went dead.

“So he wasn’t kidding,” joked Giselle who took a final gulp of her coffee and rubbed her belly.


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Chapter 8 – Killing Time

Giselle and Donna left their apartment complex at slightly different times and using different cars. As part of routine, they both parked at opposite ends of the parking garage, which was adjacent to the manufacturing and processing complex and about 20 yards from the main office headquarters.

Normally, the two women never spoke to each other, and when they did, it was cool and professional. They had separate acquaintances in the office and hung out in very different circles.

Today however, the ‘conveniently’ parked beside each other. Furthermore, Donna under the guise of Giselle talking to the security guard, dropped a scrambling device in behind his computer terminal which allowed her in future to back-drop into the security network and allow her access to restricted terminals, security cameras, and the ventilation & electrical system.

“—Thank you Hector, and I hope Mrs. Rodriguez gets better soon.” Said Giselle as Donna made to swipe in using her employee ID badge, the clever ploy completed.

Donna and Giselle walked into the now-crowded interior of the building and nodded to each other to quietly begin their workdays, all the while preparing for what they had to do later that evening.


It was around 2pm when Giselle heard her intercom go off.


“Yes Mr. Whitman,” she said, putting her office files down and quickly hitting the intercom reply button.

“Can you bring me the file folder from the Board Meeting from last evening?”

“Isn’t it on your desk, sir?” she said absently, as she heard a shuffle and rustle of papers

“—Oh yes. Here it is.”

“Will that be all then?”

“No…not quite,” he said with a pause in his voice.

“Oh?” she said, already her mind working on what he was going to ask from her.

“What does the rest of my day look like? From now until 4?”

“Well, you have Mr. Roth at 3:30 and you have a teleconference with Mr. Vasquez in San Diego at 3:45.”

Inward, Giselle knew exactly what was on Tom’s mind and it wasn’t other clients.

“Shall I clear your schedule sir?” she said, putting a little lilt in her voice, a hope of encouragement, just for him.

“Yes, please do. And I have some filing I need you to do for me in here.” He said, his voice notably more cheerful.


Meanwhile, several floors below, Donna’s intercom went off.

“Charles Roth. How may I help you?”

“Hello, Donna? Yes, this is Giselle from Mr. Whitman’s office.”

Donna could hear the rustle of papers come from within Roth’s office and knew he was now listening in.

“Oh? The meeting has been cancelled? I shall inform him…Yes, when shall it be rescheduled for?...To be announced? Okay, I’ll tell him straight away. Thank you.” And Donna rung off.

She got up from her desk, smoothed her too-tight pencil skirt and readjusted her blouse and knocked on Charles Roth’s open door.

“Yeah, what is it?” he croaked.

She pushed open the door and saw that he was already drinking, the bottle of whiskey taken from his liquor cabinet already a half gone.

He gazed up at her, once he realized that it was his secretary.

Wow, I wonder if he treats his wife like that, if that’s how he treats me,” she thought.

“Ah—Uh, Donna. Yes, how can I help you?” he corrected himself, wiping his face with his handkerchief and smoothening back his thinning hair.

“I have received word from Mr. Whitman’s secretary that your 3:30 meeting today with him has been postponed TBD.” She remained standing in the doorway, but remembered what Giselle had whispered hurriedly over the intercom as to ‘why’ the meeting had been cancelled and she took the initiative.

She took one step into his office and, as she extended her leg, her skirt rode up several inches, showcasing her lovely flesh.

She wore a blank expression on her face, but also she lowered the files in her hand so that some of her ample cleavage was displayed.

Charlie’s face was a little unfocused, but she could tell he had sex on the brain. She also knew that he had nothing left on his schedule for the day and it had been ages since they had last had sex in his office.

“Ah Donna, could you come and bring over some ice from the bucket—take a glass for yourself. Be sure to shut the door, ah, lock it too.” He said sitting up a little straighter in his chair and smoothening his hair again.

“Sure thing,” she said, cracking the faintest of smiles and flashing him dazzling eyes.

She brought over the ice cubes in a bucket with the tongs protruding from the top and an empty glass for herself. She sat down on his desk so that her ass flattened out, straining the fabric of her skirt and set them both on the desk, leaning forward so to further expose her hidden valley.

“Ah--<hic>--how do you take your drink?” He stammered, talking to her breasts.

She took the bottle off his desk, uncapped it and poured three fingers of the amber liquid into her cup and added no ice. Then, in one fluid motion, knocked half the glass back and felt it burn on the way down. Then she took her free hand and ran it down her exposed throat and across one covered breast before opening her eyes and looking back at Charles and let out a small, feminine sigh.

“That’s hot.” He said, abandoning all subtlety.

Donna downed the rest of her glass and exhaled and began daintily fanning herself, overemphasizing the effects the drink was having on her.

Charles took the bait and seized on her momentary indiscretion.

“You look very lovely today, Donna.”

She half-closed her eyes and gave a slow, sloppy nod. “Why Charles, are you hitting on me?”

Experience had taught her that Charles loved to be pandered to and loved to feel like “a big man”. His self-confidence was quite low, even though he talked a big game. He ate the shit up and she knew just how to press his buttons.

“I think I’m a bit tipsy, Charles.”

“I-I think you could handle at least one more drink. Join me?” he said, topping up her cup as well as his own. This time he added ice cubes to each of their cups.

“I can’t have you too drunk to…perform…” he said, chinking glasses with her and knocking back all of his and then refilling it again.

Donna took a smaller gulp and noticed the color rising in his cheeks.

She slid off the desk and edged Charles chair back and took the drink out of his hand, so that now she was holding both of them.

“I think you’ve had enough liquid courage for now. I don’t want whiskey dick like last time.” She said playfully.

He smiled at the private joke and reclined a bit as she set both drinks down and set to work unfastening his buttoned up shirt and taking off his tie. She loosed it and wrapped it around her hands and bit it with her teeth and let out a low growl and sensed rather than saw that he was getting rock hard.

“Mmmm.” He moaned as he looked at her wanton.

“How do you want me today, Chuck,” she said in a deeper, huskier voice that she knew drove him insane with lust.

“I want your rose.” He breathed heavily.

She smiled and helped him stand, his pants tented. He took off his jacket and dress shirt, so that his white undershirt barely covering his slightly pudgy belly and bulging, muscly arms remained.

She helped him unbuckle his pants and take off his belt and reached down as his member sprang forward into her waiting hand while he undid the back of her skirt and undid her blouse.

“Ohh, Charlie, you’re so big. I can feel your dick throbbing in my hands. You might break me today.” She cooed in his ear and then bit his lobe.

He grunted with appreciation as he slightly roughly pulled off her clothes so that she stood there in a too-tight bra and panties.

Holding her at arms length, he gazed hungrily at her softening body and noticed with increased lust, that she had gained even more weight than when they had last had sex. Her upper arms were softer, her breasts overflowing out of her lacy too-small bra. She had small ripples of fat above her belly which led down to lovely double-fistfuls of love handles. Her belly dropped forward so that her underwear created a lovely and deep u-bend down towards her sex. She bore a wet patch at her terminus and he could make out the outline of her sex.

Donna, glanced him over and her mind wandered slightly to the task ahead, but remained present. Her duty was to earn trust and infiltrate the target. Well, now it looked like the target would once again infiltrate her…for now.

She glanced down at his throbbing member, sticking out of the tops of his royal blue boxers, which she had pulled down several inches. It bounced slightly to the beat of his heart and she smiled up at him and licked her lips.

He crushed his lips against her and she could feel like she was taking another shot of alcohol. His hands were greedily exploring her new softening territory. Upper arms, side-fat, love handles, top of ass cheeks, thighs…

She felt her bra clasp free itself with his expert fingers and shrugged out of it and felt him cup her pendulous breasts and felt her nipples harden as he began to nibble and suck at them each in turn.

Sighing and grabbing at his shoulders, she reached down and began to pump him slowly, keeping him hard.

“Mmmm, Ohhhh.” He grunted reaching his hands down towards her belly. Pinching, poking and licking where he could.

Donna could feel his eager fingers trying to enter her sex, but the fabric was just too tight.

She grinned inwardly and whispered huskily into his ear, “rip them off my fat ass.”

Powerfully, the fabric came away at one corner and then the other. Her warm animal smell enveloped them both and his penis got, if possible, even harder.

“Slow down tiger,” she breathed, “ you haven’t even had the main course yet.”

They briefly released each other and he struggled to slide his boxers and pants over his shoes. Donna did a slow turn and bent over to reveal her rose to him in the classic money shot pose.

“No hair pulling today,” she warned playfully and he grunted in return.

She felt him crouch forward and was slightly shocked as she felt cool liquid of the chilled whiskey being poured over down her backside and feel Charles lap it up. Moaning, she felt his warm tongue lick and dart around her ass while his whiskey-free hand reached around and navigate through her fur and enter her.

Leaning back, so as to ease her muscles for him, she felt him stand once again and slowly but authoritatively enter her from behind.

“Mmmmmm, you animal!” she cried with lust as he began pumping her; one hand on her breast, the other feeling up her lovely belly.

She knew he was a quick show, but the foreplay was incredible, she had to admit to herself. His hard steel continued penetrating her with slow rhythmic pumps, then a quick succession of faster deeper ones.

“I think someone has been practicing,” she breathed aloud.

“I took a new kind of Viagra—ugh—ugh—maximizes the orgasm—and increases my load.”

“Well aren’t you just full of surprises, honey.”

Checking the wall clock, she was shocked to see he had been in her for nearly 15 minutes! However, she could tell that even chemical could not prevent his release forever, so she began encouraging him.

“Yeah baby, that’s it. Cum for me. Blow your load. I want to feel your hot liquid.”


He made to pull out at the last second, but she reached back to hold him in, feeling his penis slide back in several long, thick inches back into her. Suddenly he erupted and she could feel him pulse 12 times. Each one, a hot ball of liquid deep inside her.

They sighed together and once she could feel him begin to go soft, slowly eased him out.

He reached for tissues and handed a few to her.

“No, no. I want to keep you inside me all day.” And he crushed his lips against her once more.


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Chapter 9 –Get In, Get Out

Charlie Roth left early on Tuesday afternoon, having the rest of his schedule cleared expertly by Donna.

She was handing him his coat and hat as a mail boy from another floor came up just at that moment to deliver the mail.

The young man, a pimpled and rail-thin boy of about 20 handed the stack to Charlie Roth.

“’ere you are sir,” the youth said.

Charlie made a great show of thumbing through it quickly. He extracted a single envelope and handed the rest of the pile to Donna, motioning for her to put it in his In-Tray on his desk.

Still drunk, but more or less sober enough to fool the casual passerby, he bid Donna a pleasant afternoon, then reached into his pocket.

He made a show of shaking her hand, but dropped something into it. She didn’t turn over her hand but knew he had just slipped her some money. She smiled back at him and watched as he headed to the elevator, which was already occupied by the mail boy.

From inside the lift, Charlie turned his face up to her, raised a hand to her and cried, “it’s for that ah, sweater that I spilt coffee on the other day, hope that’s enough for the dry cleaning. Good night.”

She raised a hand, “Good night, sir.”

And the elevator doors slid closed.

Now alone, she turned her hand over and counted the slightly sweaty money, “well well, $1000. Not bad, and my ass isn’t even that sore.” She grinned.


It was around 6:30pm when the work day began to wind down. Many office staff had packed up and waived to Donna as they headed towards the elevator.

Often she was seen at her desk, sometimes well until 10pm doing work for Mr. Roth, whom it was common knowledge among many of the staff, was a complete slacker.

Donna had takeout delivered to her office and sat quietly biding her time until about 9pm. She munched on the soggy noodles and wilted vegetables that were her General Tso’s Chicken all the while shuffling papers to fool the occasional on-looker.

With nearly all the office empty, save for a few janitors and cleaning women, Giselle too was wrapping up at her desk and approached Donna’s floor using the stairs.

“Heya lady,” she said, dropping off a few files on her desk for the sake of security cameras.

“So what’s the game plan?”

“Tonight, you’re going to hack into the system. I need you to lay false time codes into the restricted areas and loop the tapes, so that it looks like the hallways are vacant – you know, your usual magic.”

Donna nodded and patted her bag, which contained her mobile laptop, among many other things they would need for that evening.

“Okay, I’ll meet you in the staff lounge in 20 minutes and we’ll get into costume. You can do your computer wizardry from there. We should be all set to go after that.”

Giselle took back the folders she dropped on Donna’s desk and went back to her office to gather her own things and munch down some food. It was going to be a long, hard night.


The two women met back in the Staff Lounge, the floor completely deserted, just before 9:30pm.

“Walking a little funny, much?” said Giselle as she put down her small purse which made a loud thud on the staff table as she approached Donna who was already busy preparing.

“Nah, I had to kill time with Roth. He wanted me from behind today.” She shrugged and went back to work, shifting her own bag to make room for Giselle. The bag made a loud thud—too big for a bag that size.

“Hope he didn’t punish your tush too badly,” she said coyly and began to undress and get into costume, “I just had a good quickie with Tom. The usual.”

Donna nodded.

For the next part of their mission, Donna and Giselle needed to make their way from the main office building across to the manufacturing complex for infiltration and to place the timer for the canister. In order to pull it off, they needed a few disguises along the way. Including blackout gear and cleaning women; with factor plant worker disguises as an absolute back-up.

Donna pulled her laptop closer to resume working her way into the mainframe security center of the company and inlay loops in the tapes and false time codes. She also altered the audio pick-ups for Zero-Sound and made each of them key-cards which would allow them into any area of the building.

“Done!” said Donna, hitting the ‘Enter’ key of her keyboard and who too began to change.

“Woah, man. I can’t wait to lose some of this pudge,” said Giselle who had barely squeezed into her Blackout Suit. Sucking it in, she barely managed to get the zip to go past her belly and she needed Donna to help squeeze the top of the fabric up so she could get her tits to fit inside.

Next came the maid costume overtop as well as a wig and false teeth. Giselle helped Donna struggle into her own suit and they took turns applying make up to each other so as to disguise their features.

“So, how do I look?” said Donna, scrutinizing herself in a mirror in the lounge.

“Like an old bag lady. Perfect.”

“Well you look like a trumped up tart,” Donna shot back jokingly.

Stowing her computer and rappelling equipment into her cleaning supply bag, and Giselle doing the same, save for adding the canister into her bag; the two women emerged completely unrecognizable down the hallway and entered the elevator to the main floor.

Having nodded nonchalantly to passersby, they made their way into a janitor’s room and grabbed a few more supplies and exited the building and walked across to the complex. Their target.

“Have you memorized which route you need to take?” said Donna, as she hitched her bag over her shoulder once more, redistributing it’s weight.

“Yes, and have you made an exit plan for us, should we need one?”

“I have.”

“Then we have nothing to worry about then do we?” said Giselle with a grin.

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Chapter 10 – Whenever Does a Job Go 100% According to Plan?

It was a relatively easy navigation from within the main office building as the two girls stopped outside the guard station of the facility.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” said a surly security officer who looked down his nose at the disguised Giselle and Donna from inside his pillbox, the crackled sound of a football game could be heard blaring on a tiny portable television.

“I’m Elise and this is Marta. We’ve been sent over from the main building. Bob Tanner sent us over,” said Giselle, the lie easily forming on her lips.

He grunted and pulled out a grubby sheet for them. “Fine. Sign here.”

And they did so.

“Either of you two been here before?” he asked, getting up off his ass and coming around to unlock the door to admit them.

They both shook their heads and entered the buildings outer corridor and were bathed in sickly yellow light emanating from fixtures long overdue for a cleaning.

“Right then. This building is set up like a maze, so you’d best familiarize yourself with the wall map—here.”

He gestured to a large map, weathered and yellowing with age. Of course the duo had already memorized it—and more—but they needed to keep up their cover.

“First—he began, the building is set up in a large rectangle, 5 floors. The top 4 floors are similar and essentially the same configuration. Exits on all sides. Each floor is based according to what goes on: Administration, Engineering, Marketing, RnD—research and development.”

He consulted his clipboard, “My list shows me that you two will be put on Marketing and Administration, which are Floors 3 and 4. You need to be escorted.”

They nodded and waited for him to proceed. He reached for his walkie-talkie and it crackled to life.


“Yeah boss.”

“Got two maids here. Elise and Marta. Need escorting to Floors 3 and 4. Copy. And I still need you to do a sweep of Floor 5 after. Over.”

“Copy. Be down in 5 minutes. Over.”

Not wanting to make any more chit-chat, the guard went back into his post and shut the pillbox window, but still kept an eye on them nonetheless.

Their backs turned to him, they began plotting their next move.

“4 floors my ass.” Said Donna with a tiff.

“That’s a big ass,” said Giselle. For they both knew that the building actually contained a basement and sub-basement. The Cocoa Silos were housed in the latter, the chemistry lab the former.

A rumble came from the elevator just off the side of the hallway from which they stood and a young fit, and alert man stepped out.

“Hi, I’m Officer Cork. I’ll be escorting you two to your floors. You need to be let in with a passkey which only I possess. I’ll be coming up to let you out when your shifts are supposed to be over. But should you need anything before then, just buzz me on this radio and I’ll come let you out so you can get what you need. The doors lock both ways, so don’t lose them.” He said offering them two purple radios.

They smiled nonchalantly and rode with him to their respective floors.
Donna was the last to be let out on Floor 4.

“The supply room for each of you is at the far back, to your left – can’t miss it.” He had said cheerily to each of them.

“Thank you,” she said as he opened the door for her and sealed her in. This guy was nice thought Donna. She hoped that neither she nor Giselle would have to kill him, should he get too nosy. That guy at the front however…no love lost there.


Once locked in, Donna ducked down a side hallway that lead straight to her Supply Room. She stripped off her uniform and threw it into a cleaning bin, which when turned inside out, looked like a pile of old rags, should anyone care to notice.

Nice touch,” she said to herself, noting Paul’s thoroughness at planning ahead.

Donna re-adjusted her Blackout Suit and once satisfied, she took out an earpiece and slid it home and turned it on.

“Check, Check.”

“I can hear you, over.”

“What’s your position?” whispered Giselle from somewhere a floor below.

“I’m leaving the Supply Room. What’s our ETA?”

“We have 6 hours before we are scheduled to report back in.”

“Plenty of time.” said Donna, “Ready to rappel down into the basement from the elevator shaft?”

“Just waiting for this slow-ass lift to pick you up first.” Said Giselle.

Donna had taken out her key card and opened the elevator shaft below. She could hear the working of stiff, rusty gears cranking and thudding as she watched the top of an elevator that contained her friend, climb closer and closer to her floor. A moment later, it opened and Donna stepped in.

Donna glanced down at her watch, 30 minutes already gone during their disguise change.

“Hey, watch the clock, we’re already behind. And we still don’t know what’s ahead of us, really.”

Giselle nodded.

Suddenly the elevator pinged suddenly and was headed back up.

“Crap! What’s going on?”

“We’re going back up, that’s not supposed to happen!” said Donna, who whipped out her laptop for a diagnostic check.

“Donna, there’s no time! Quick!”

She hefted Donna up on her shoulders and opened the escape hatch and felt her companion’s body weight leave her shoulders. A moment later, a hand reached down and with great difficulty, Giselle too was pulled to safety—Just as the elevator doors swung open.

Through the grated slats and not daring to make any noise, Donna peered around from where they sat as she saw Giselle slowly close the lid of the elevator hatch.

It was that guard. What was his name? Cork. He came in and scanned the elevator thoroughly and then glanced up for a long time while looking at the ceiling.

For a second, Donna thought he was staring right at her, but that was impossible. Or was it?

Cork reached for his radio, still not taking his eyes off the grated ceiling tiles. “Cork here. Just doing a routine scan of the 5th floor after dropping off those two maids when I heard the elevator moving. The elevator is empty. Nobody is inside.”

“You sure?”

“…Yeah, It’s clean. A malfunction?”

“Dunno. Don’t care. That’s maintenance’s problem, now isn’t it.” said the Surley Downstairs Guard.

"You want me to check out the maids on the third and fourth floors?"

"No. Hurry your ass up and get down here. I need to take a crap.

“Roger. Cork out.”

As he stepped out of the elevator, Donna swore she heard him say, “Lazy frickin bastard.”


Donna quickly did a re-scan of her diagnostic hackware and found that the system was more advanced than she thought.

“They have a Level 3 coding software for the lower levels and for this emergency elevator we are using. I wasn’t prepared for that, and I don’t think Paul was either.”

“No kidding. I wonder why part of their building is under Level 1 security mainframe and the other—this one—is much more sophisticated?” Said Giselle, slightly puzzled.

“Dunno,” replied Donna, “but all the more reason to keep our eyes peeled.


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Chapter 11 – What the ???

Donna was not going to take any more chances. After triple-checking her hackware programming, convinced she had been able to find a back door into the new Level 3 software without being tracked, she and Giselle proceeded to their next plan of action.

The women were to infiltrate through into The Cocoa Silo sub basement using the heating ducts and make their way to the Red Zone. From there, they were to anchor and set up remote activation for the radiation canister, which in actuality, contained FOUR smaller canisters, which all needed to be remotely linked and activated within a certain range. But that task was to take place on Wednesday at 7pm so that the 24 hour remote timer could be activated.

The sub basement itself was cavernous and contained 4 large ventilated tanks in its main room – the Red Zone - plus each room had at least 4 more side-rooms each with slightly smaller—but no less impressive tanks.

“Ready to finish this?” whispered Donna.

Giselle nodded and opened the escape hatch.

Donna and Giselle exited from their hiding place and rode the elevator to the floors below. Once they were out of the elevator and on the main floor of the Chemical Lab, they began to take stock of their new surroundings and quickly looked at their laminated cards of the floor below—The Cocoa Silo.

They passed several security cameras and infrared motion detectors, all of which had been deactivated by Donna. Still, it was still a little unnerving.

“What, all this to keep a chocolate recipe a secret?” scoffed Giselle as she silently made her way down the corridor, passing several vacant laboratories.

“I don’t know. And frankly I don’t care either. Our job is not to compromise this mission. We need to focus and get ourselves in and back out before that guard knows we’re missing.”

Consulting her watch again and frowning, Donna took point and made her way silently down the hallway. Giselle, however, kept looking through the glass doors and into the labs. There was something wrong about what she was seeing inside them. There were all sorts of machinery and chemical labels that had no business being in a simple chocolate factory.

“Donna, I think we’d better check this out,” she whispered, nodding her head back towards the last room she passed, but Donna’s concentration was elsewhere and did not seem to hear her.

Slipping out her key card and swiping it through the door, she was surprised it made a hissing noise. Almost as if the air from a rubber seal was being deflated.

The door opened and she entered and began scanning the lab stations and work terminals. She spotted a safe located at the back of the room and quickly set to work opening its contents.

“What’s your 20, over?” said Donna over her earpiece radio.

“I’m in one of the labs. You need to check this crap out.”

She heard Donna sigh, but did not care, for the contents of the safe were most intriguing.

It was a small container, and only held a key, a CD-ROM, and a stack of files that looked like chemical blueprints.

“What do you make of this?” said Giselle, gently handing the disc to her companion, who verified that it was safe and slotted it into her computer, awaiting file transfer.

“I’m not sure yet – but it definitely is not related to chocolate production.”

Giselle made copies of the files in the manila folder and then picked up the key and fingered it. It was complicated and didn’t look like any lock pick she carried would have been able to substitute for it.

Glancing around while tapping it against her other palm, she spotted what looked like a large cooling unit – possibly a fridge – across the room.

“I bet this key fits that lock.” She said walking over to it and scanning it for any electronic breakers that may go off, should the key be entered.

Satisfied, she put the key in the lock and several clunking noises signified that this lock-key mechanism was indeed very complex.

Giselle opened the door and a blast of cool hair hit her in the face. Cool air – so it was a fridge. But what were they keeping in there, she wondered as she peered inside, careful not to touch anything.

“I’m backing up my files now,” whispered Donna and she ejected the disc and put it back in the safe, “it looks like there is some sort of formula, meant to be edible. But my program is not finished decrypting the data, so I can’t say for certain.”

Giselle nodded to her companion and continued scanning the shelves until, unexplainably, the most pleasant smell she could ever remember filled her nostrils for an instant, then was gone again. Whatever it was, it had also made her mouth salivate and her stomach rumble.

Scanning the shelves again, this time more methodically, she saw near the back of the lowest shelf a vented jar that was transparent, revealing a pink-purple substance within.
Reaching out to touch the jar, the warm sensation returned, this time more saturated. It made her whole body tingle.

What the crap is this shit?” she said to herself as she examined the jar and unscrewed the lid. It looked sort of like strawberry yogurt but smelled far, far better. She was about to dip a finger into it when—

“—NO, don’t!” cried Donna who sprinted over to Giselle and grasping her outstretched hand whose fingers dangled perilously close to the surface of the innocent-looking substance.

“Woah! What the hell—,” exclaimed Giselle, but Donna cut across her.

“I just saved your life, that’s ‘what the hell’.”

She went back to retrieve her laptop and brought it over to a still-puzzled Giselle.

“That stuff in the jar is a highly experimental, mood-altering, highly addictive appetite enhancer. According to the data that’s on the disc, it’s a newly-founded formula that this company has been working on, to become an added ingredient in their chocolate products to drive the market up.”

“Why experimental?” said Giselle.

“According to their Trial 1 data,” she punched a few keys and some data and graphs were displayed, “—the rats they tested them on grew 100% heavier in a matter of days and ate themselves to death within a week – all the while being happy—hardly something you want to rush to market.”

“And I’m sure they wouldn’t be trying to bankrupt the company and make off with the cash if they had thought that they had a snowball’s chance in hell of fixing the formula. Looks like they have pretty much abandoned it. Still—“.

Giselle looked down at the open jar with disgust; ashamed with herself that she almost made a fatal mistake.

Donna went on, “But it looks like the last re-developed strains of the formula promoted some weight gain, maintain the satiety-enhancing factor and keep you happy.”


“Meaning—that customers would inexplicably have long-term pleasurable reactions when eating any chocolate-based product from this company, gain some weight and become hooked—Sort of a weight-gain-cocaine.”

“Do we have any idea what strain we are looking at here?” said Giselle, whose mouth began to water again, her thoughts wandering.

“I can’t say for certain, it looks like someone forgot to label this jar. But we should be extra careful. This could be the deadly strain.”

“Yes…we should be…” said Giselle, hardly listening to her friend.

Donna was in the process of powering down her laptop and made to head to the door to continue their mission. Giselle suddenly found herself depressed with the thought of giving up this product.

“There could be a market for this. Perhaps Paul could sell this formula to any number of food companies. Somebody could take this pioneered data and really refine it. Make it a really powerful ingredient in fattening foods,” She thought, suddenly envisioning bidding wars over her and Donna’s discovery.

She looked around the lab and her eyes spotted an empty vial. She carefully poured some of the liquid into it, her back turned to Donna.

“Hey, you coming?” Donna called from the doorway.

“Yes – I just need to put this back in the same spot,” she said mid-pour.

But as she did so, the tiniest of droplets landed on her gloved hand... And after carefully putting the jar back and stowing vial away, she unknowingly brushed her contaminated hand across her face to scratch an itch – and in the process, touched her lips…

(Continued in post 14 of this thread)

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great story so far!!!i'm really looking forward to the next chapter!!
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Chapter 12 – Tight Spaces

Giselle felt like 1,000 fireworks had just went off inside her mouth. Her knees buckled and she reached an outstretched hand to the side of the fridge for balance. Her entire body felt warm and fuzzy and she felt great pleasure well up inside her body. Especially down below…

“Hey – what’s the hold-up!” hissed Donna, who had rushed over to lock up the fridge door and return the key to the safe. Clearly she couldn’t rely on Giselle to move her ass. Didn’t she know they were already behind?

“N-nothing,” Giselle lied, completely unaware of what had just happened. It took her a moment to refocus on the task at hand – but with great difficulty, she kept finding her mind momentarily wandering…

They relocked the lab room and made their way down a series of interconnected pathways, which finally lead to a maintenance facility which housed the heating ducts. The met no one during their travels.

“Okay, here we are.” Said Donna, taking out her laptop again and rescanning the area.

“Everything look good?” said Giselle, whose face was a little flushed, her breathing slightly more rapid.

“Yes,” said Donna, not looking up at her companion, but prepping for the next stage of their plan.

“We need to enter this feeder duct here,” she said motioning to the largest one inside the room, “and follow it until we get to a giant interior fan, which sits atop the center of all four silos. From there, I can remote-stop the fan. This will give us enough time to remove the vent-plate beneath it, and anchoring our repelling cords to the fan – descend to the main room – the Red Zone – where we will then plant the four smaller canisters under the four main silos. We need to drill small pilot holes underneath each silo to anchor them in place. Then we can activate them.”

“I thought we couldn’t activate them.” said Giselle, whose mouth had suddenly felt parched. Her mind was reeling and screaming signals at her for something – anything to munch on.

“We can, but they won’t activate fully until we install a remote terminal a little ways from here on one of the upper floors. That’s why we need to return tomorrow. We need to put the remote terminal in another area of this building – which requires different set of disguises.” Said Donna with a sigh, having already explained this on more than one occasion in the last 24 hours.

“Hey, got any gum? My mouth is so dry.”

Donna threw over a pack of gum and Giselle took out 2 pieces and chewed ravenously. She began to instantly feel herself calming down and became more clear-headed.

“Thanks,” she said tossing the pack back to Donna who headed to unscrew and remove the vent duct cover.

Working quickly, the two girls then stowed their bags on their persons and readjusted their harness suits and took out longer repelling cords.

“Woah, it’s hot in there.” said Giselle, who adjusted her waist and thigh straps, letting out one more notch and unzipped her suit a few inches so as to give her more breathing room in the chest-region.

“Yeah, it’s going to be about 100 degrees in there and even warmer when I turn off the fan.”

Giselle rolled her eyes, but Donna continued. “We’ll have about 30 minutes to do our work. I can fool the system’s computer to think it’s cooler than it is, but after that the hard-wire alarm system will take over – there’s nothing I could do about that if it happens.

The two women entered the vent shaft which creaked slightly under their weight for a moment. Satisfied that it would hold, they ventured forward with Donna in the lead.

Donna slithered through with relative ease and was already clicking on her computer to turn off the fan before Giselle caught up about 30 seconds later.

She had felt like all the air was being sucked out of her lungs which made her whole body feel more sluggish. She even felt at times like her belly was scraping the bottom of the vent floor more frequently but chalked it up to her arms failing to keep her up…

The fan blades chugged and slowed down to an eventual stop. Instantly the heat rose.

“Okay, done.” Said Donna, who after wiping her forehead on her sleeve, had begun to unbolt and slide the fan’s ventilation grate off to one side. She then anchored her repelling cord to the sturdiest part of the giant fan.

Giselle copied her. “You sure this is safe to hold both our weight?”

“I don’t see why not.” Said Donna, who opened the canister and took out the four smaller canisters. She then took out a separate box and began hard-wiring miniature transmitters to each of the canisters and synching them to her computer.

Giselle helped her and when a graph on Donna’s computer displayed four green dots at 100% signal strength, both women were satisfied.

“I’ll go first.” Said Donna, who clipped in and dangled her feet over the edge of the opening.

“Got any more gum? This has lost its flavor already,” said Giselle.

Donna gave her the package again and disappeared down to the floor below.

“Don’t leave your gum anywhere. We were never here, remember?” crackled Donna’s voice through the tiny earpiece inside Giselle’s ear.

Giselle was just about to stick it to the side of the vent wall, but smiled at her friend’s uncanny foresight.

Donna knows me too well.” She said, as she put the gum back in her mouth and swallowed it.

Again, she felt immensely satiated, but nevertheless put another two pieces in her mouth, clipped in and descended.


The wind whistled past her hair as she descended into darkness. Unclipping, she scanned the area and took out of her vest a pair of night vision goggles. She saw nobody about other than Donna, who had already disappeared under the first silo and began drilling.

The shrill while of a small power drill was barely audible over the rumbling of the gigantic building.

Giselle went over to the far side of the silo and began to get to work on her own silo.

She squeezed under the first silo and, crawling on her back, made her way towards its center. She was briefly worried about the fact that the silo above her was about 50 feet in diameter and of unfathomable weight. What if she punctured the haul, would she be crushed? Certainly.

She shook her head of her momentary frivolity, knowing that the hauls were very thick, and the holes they would be drilling were just to anchor the device in place. The tiny timers / detonators that they had just fitted carried enough small explosives to finish the job – then the radiation would settle in.

Giselle had to wriggle on her side in order to get leverage to make the holes. The work was difficult and she was sweating profusely despite the coolness of the concrete floor beneath her but she finished with the first series of pilot holes and was readying to mount and bolt in her first device.

“I’m done with my first one. One more left. 18 minutes left. What’s your status?” said Donna over her earpiece.

“Nearly done. Boy, these silos don’t give you a lot of wiggle room, do they?” she replied, finding the weight of the silo pressing down into her belly and chest, making it a bit harder to work.

Once in place, Giselle flipped on the device and a small red light signified that the device was now receiving a signal for detonation. Wriggling back to where she had initially entered was more difficult than she thought and Giselle had to suck in her belly just to get back out again.

Wiping her brow with her forearm she made her way to the final silo and once again set to work, but not before unzipping her suit a bit further so she could catch her breath. The fabric now felt less constraining, but she couldn’t remember when she felt more out of shape.

“Done with my second one. I’m ready to head back up. 7 minutes left. You’d better hurry.” Said Donna.

“Ugh. On it.” She huffed, squeezing herself under the new silo and getting down to business.

She heard a whooshing in her earpiece and knew that Donna was repelling back up to the vent. She was running out of time.

“Can you buy me more time? This silo must be really low to the ground, I barely fit.”

<sigh> “I’ll see what I can do. But you’d best move your fat ass, my lovely.”

Giselle grinned and redoubled her efforts, despite the growing discomfort against her chest and belly. Come to think of it, she found the suit was a bit snug on her arms and legs, she felt her blood flow constricted slightly…


“You’ve got to hurry.” Came Donna’s voice, slightly with panic.

“Hey, cool it. I’m out and about to repel. Just got to readjust my straps, I think they came loose.”

In truth, they had gotten tighter and needed letting out so as to allow the blood to reenter her extremities.

She hooked herself in and began the mechanical winch. It stalled for a second before Giselle felt herself being slowly hoisted back up to the ventilation duct. All the while, she felt the tough strap of her harness bite uncomfortably into her ass, waist and belly.

Donna had to help her get unhooked and when she sat down on the edge, the vent shaft creaked loudly, startling both women.

“Guess this thing isn’t as safe as you predicted, Einstein.” Said Giselle as she re-coiled her rope and stowed it away in her bag and moving back from the opening .

But Donna did not hear her. She was feverishly sliding and bolding the vent back onto its covering. Just then, the motor of the fan chugged to life and Donna nearly severed the tops of her knuckles as she secured the last facet.

“Woah. That was close.” Said Giselle, helping her friend edge back still further from the whirring blades.

“Too close.” She said, her face slightly pale.

Once she had verified that all the smaller canisters were active and transmitting, Donna packed up her laptop and the two women made their way back out of the vent shaft. With Giselle in the lead this time and Donna following, she couldn’t help but wonder of Giselle’s ass had always looked that big, or was it just the trick of the light from the shaft…

Chapter 13: Show Me The Money

Paul sat in a café, casually browsing his laptop over an espresso that was abysmal. But it didn’t matter. He was rich. $40 million dollars rich.

The wire transfer had gone through exactly as described. His work was nearly done.

“Another?” said the waitress a little too eagerly for 6:30am.

‘Must be new’, Paul thought. “No honey, I’ve hit my java quota for the day.”

He drained his cup and she took it away. He closed his computer and put in his briefcase and pulled out his secure mobile, texting the two women that they could now precede with Phase 3.

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Chapter 14: Is Something The Matter (You Look Fatter)?

The early morning alarm went off and this time it was Donna who reached over to shut the damn thing off.

She was dead tired, and knew that Giselle must be equally, if not more so.

It was a fricking miracle that they had got out of there undetected. Giselle seemed to have run out of gas and really struggled as they made their way back up through the Labs, into the elevator, and back to their respective cleaning floors.

The women had done a quick tidy-up job, emptying waste bins at random so as not to arouse suspicion. The guard had come to collect Donna first.

“All done miss?” he said, surveying a slightly dirty, but nonetheless still attractive woman.

“Yes, I am done.” She replied as banally as she could.

When they rode the elevator to collect Giselle, she looked a little worse for wear.

Her maid’s uniform looked uncomfortably tight and was strained in several areas. She looked completely out of breath as if she had run a mile in clothing several sizes too small.

“All done miss?” Cork had said, repeating his greeting to the other cleaning maid, but with an edge of concern.

“Yes, yes—all done. Thank you.” She huffed, adjusting the neck of her collar, which looked like it was slightly choking her thicker neck.

“You sure, you look a little out of breath?” said Cork, who now began to scrutinize her more carefully.

Giselle let out a light laugh and put her hands on her belly and gave it a subtle shake, “Well, when you are eating for two, this job can get a little tougher.”

“Oh, congratulations then.” said Cork, clearly not expecting a reply like that.

He re-locked her floor level and the trio entered the elevator in silence.

The women had exchanged neutral glances with each other and with the security guard but nobody spoke. They handed in the purple walkie-talkies they had not used when they were given them initially. When they signed out and as they were leaving the office building, both of them could sense, rather than feel the cold surveying eyes of Cork. It appeared that he still considering something and was not 100% certain of these two women.

Once home, both women were eager just to go to bed and simply strip naked and let sleep overtake them.


Donna rolled off the bed and ran her hand through her long red hair. She took a few steps forward and rubbed her belly and mentally began preparing for her strength / cardio circuit – a routine that both women had been following with diligence in preparation for last night’s event. True, Donna had herself felt a little out of shape and her bulk made the entire routine much harder, especially during the last few weeks of preparation; but they were so damn close now.

The morning routine consisted of 20 deep knee bends, 20 push-ups and abdominal planking. Donna walked out of the bedroom and into the living room where there was more room and began.

“You look so hot, even with all that extra padding,” came a voice from the doorway.

Donna, now on her final plank, looked down the length of her body, between her breasts and belly at the inverted form that was Giselle.

She had a bed sheet draped around her body but the two ends couldn’t quite reach around her belly. Donna was rewarded by a gap that revealed her companion’s cute belly all the way down to her perfect rectangle of pubic hair that was the pathway to her sex.

Smiling, Donna finished her last few seconds of the plank and stood up, brushing a few loose strands of hair from her face, her muscles screaming with the rewarding workout.

“Your turn next, sweetheart. I’m off to the showers.”

Donna let the sheet fall to the floor and smiled as she passed her companion, their naked shoulders touching and began doing the same workout regimen.

Donna collected the sheet off the floor and tossed it back onto the bed, where it landed in a heap.

Before strolling into the bathroom, Donna paused at the doorway to admire Giselle’s body as she continued throughout her workout routine. Smiling inwardly, she thought she actually looked better with her added body fat. She was still deadly, yes, but it was unassuming; the kind you would least expect from a girl who looked as soft as she now did: big, soft belly with breasts to match; a large soft rear with traces of cellulite and thighs that grew thick at the tops…

But as she watched more intently, she noticed that Giselle looked a little fuller. A little…bigger.


Donna finished rinsing off and grabbed a towel to dry her soft, supple body. She looked in the mirror, as she tilted her head from side to side, drying her hair.

Nice little double chin forming…check. Perky, large breasts with massive areola…check. Her eyes then swept down her bulging belly. She had a lovely crease down the center, which lead to her deep belly button. Towards its underside, she cupped the two slightly drooping folds and felt her warm fat quiver. Her thighs touched nearer the tops and she let her hands fall to her ass where she rubbed them, caressing the slightly dimpled surface that had also grown softer, bigger…

She was lost in her own gaze, when she the air was suddenly filled with a warm animal tang that she knew to be Giselle.

“Hey hun,” she said without turning around or looking through the mirror to her friend.

Giselle now entered the bathroom and made to turn on the water to begin her own shower.

Donna side-stepped her and hopped in the scale, curious as to what she weighed this morning.

The needle hovered slightly before resting on 172.0 lbs.

“What’s your weight at?” said Giselle, curiosity in her voice. And Donna told her.

“Don’t worry, hun. We’ve only got a few more days of this and then we can get lipo if we want,” chuckled Giselle.

“Well, I don’t think I want to get rid of all my body fat when we’re done. I’ve sort of gotten used to having a bit of a bhudda belly. And besides, it makes my tits look natural.” Said Donna, turning from side to side, as if to emphasize the point and making Giselle snigger.

What about you my lovely? Said Donna, but Giselle was already in the shower and had shut the sliding glass door.


Donna decided to wear a simple blouse with a stretchy skirt today. She actually wanted to wear pants, but she Charlie Roth was somewhat unpredictable with his sexual advances and she couldn’t bank on him being satisfied with yesterday’s ‘office exercise’.

She was nearly finished tucking the lower scraps of fabric into her too-tight skirt (despite it being stretchy) and was hoping she wasn’t going to have to do a lot of bending or reaching so as to keep re-tucking them, when Giselle came into the room with a slight look of shock and disbelief in her face.

“What’s the matter?” she called over to her bigger friend.

“I just got off the scale…It shows that I weigh 190.”

It took Donna a second to process it, then she let out a light laugh. “No, that can’t be right. A ten-pound gain? In one night? That’s impossible.”

“I know!” said Giselle walking out of the bedroom and back into the bathroom, as if to challenge the scale.

Donna followed and watched the numbers creep up past 170, beyond 180 and rest at 190.0.

“Wow.” Was all Donna could manage to say.

Giselle looked into her friend’s face, searching for answers; hoping for a glimmer of comprehension.

Suddenly Donna a brainwave.

“Stay right there, on the scale.” She said and dashed out of the room and headed towards the kitchen.

In a moment, she returned with a Hershey Kiss and an apple.

“Here,” she said, thrusting the apple into her friend’s hand, “take a bite.”

Giselle made to protest, but Donna held up her hand.

“Just humor me, take a small bite.”

She did so and they both looked down at the scale.

For a moment nothing happened. Five minutes went by, then ten. Suddenly Giselle let out a small gasp “Oooh”, as the needle crept up by 0.1 pounds.

“Now eat this chocolate,” said Donna, not taking her eyes off the scale.
This time the results happened more quickly. The needle of the scale jumped by 0.2 pounds.

Giselle looked up at Donna, whose face wore a mask of understanding.

“When you put that jar back into that fridge in the lab,” she began, “did you by ANY chance EAT any of it?”

Giselle looked at her, still unrealizing, “No! I did as you asked and put it back…”

But as the words left her mouth she heard her own lie.

“…Actually, I took a small vial and brought it back with us.”

“YOU WHAT!?!” snapped Donna, her hands on her hips

“I thought we could make money off of it. You know, sell it for a higher price, with the chemical blue prints and that data you decrypted and…a sample,” she ended lamely.

“Well, all I know is that somehow, you must have come into contact with it.” Said Donna, still fuming that her friend had lied to her.

“Well I thought that—“

“No that’s the problem, you didn’t think.” She said still berating her friend, the seriousness of it all clearly not dawning on her.

She waited a moment before speaking next. “Look, I’m not sorry I snapped at you, but you do need to understand the gravity of the situation. We still have a few days of this mission before we are free and clear. And now you have gone and ingested something –directly or indirectly—that may compromise the conclusion.”

She let out a sigh and continued, “Look. We don’t know what batch you’ve ingested and I need to figure that out. Maybe—maybe we can find out its properties and make an antidote that will slow down or even stop the effects. But not until he mission is over.”

Giselle nodded, “you think I will continue to gain weight?”

“Absolutely. The question now is: how much, and what foods will accelerate it.”

“I think it’s safe to say sweet foods, probably alcohol and anything fatty is OFF the menu,” Giselle let out a laugh which seemed to ease the tension which had built up in the room.


Giselle dressed, with difficulty, into her roomiest full-length skirt. She wore stretchable compression undergarments from a previous mission and capped it all off with a reinforced belt to help disguise her added bulk.

“Donna, can you help me with this zip?” she said, having just struggled into a pair of panties which were strained to the maximum under her large belly and over her expansive bum.

“You need to suck it in, first,” chided Donna as she eased the metal teeth up inch by inch.

Once encased in her garment, Giselle began to take in the seriousness of what had happened to her. True, she had gotten used to the sensation of feeling softer and rounder, but until they knew what she was dealing with, she couldn’t take chances. The rest of the mission would be the most mentally challenging thing she had ever done.

Her dress was painfully tight as she squeezed herself into her car and fastened her seatbelt 10 minutes later.

“And remember,” said Donna, as she helped her friend close the door, “water should be neutral and prevent weight gain and will keep you satiated. As, I believe are vegetables. Stay away from fruits. The rest is willpower. I believe in you. We will get through this and I’ll see what I can do to work out an antidote. I’m no chemist, but I can call in a few favors.

Donna leaned in and kissed Giselle on the mouth. And as she pulled away, felt a mix of contentment, a pang of hunger and…arousal.

(Continued in post 17 of this thread)


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Great story, keep it up
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Chapter 15: Hump Day (Wednesday)

The women agreed that the vial was completely and utterly dangerous and it was all that Donna could do not to throw it away. But she knew that if the vial could be analyzed, then there might be some way for her to help her companion. The women agreed that it was to remain in the fridge, SAFELY marked and that neither of them would go near it until they had more time to analyze it properly.


It was just after lunch and it was all Giselle could do to keep from stuffing her face when she went to the cafeteria to get her lunch. Even before she entered the room, the tantalizing smells enveloped her.

God, I think even breathing this air is making me fatter…” she sighed as she made her way to the queue and grabbed a lunch tray.

A more abysmal meal she could not have imagined: beets, arugula, chopped celery and carrots and shaved radish. All drowned with several glasses of water, with a wedge of lemon. She found a seat off to one side and sat alone, turning away company by her gloomy stare alone.

Paul unexpectedly turned up in the cafeteria and guilefully approached her table and took a seat. He had in his hand a cup of coffee and a file folder.

He took a seat opposite her and, under the pretense of taking a sip of coffee, whispered. “What is the status update? I have not heard from either of you since this morning. I trust all is well?”

Giselle took a forkful of salad and munched it slowly, longingly. Her taste buds rang with pleasure, but they still craved more. Much more. She looked up at him, some of the gloom leaving her face.

“Yes, we completed Phase 2 late last night. Have you received the deposit?”

He nodded and took another sip of coffee; surveying her entire body as he did so – small smile spreading across his face.

“Good.” Said Giselle, who when he cracked the tiniest of smiles, felt that she had met whatever expectations he was looking for.

He got up to go, whispering, “You can expect your deposit shortly. There is a hold on the account when money of that, ah magnitude has been transferred. Rest assured you’re in good hands. Good day.”


Finishing her meager lunch, Giselle decided to take the stairs to her upper floor secretary’s desk, hoping to curb her appetite by taking her mind off things. Perhaps it was the too-tight clothing that was clouding her judgment, but her appetite only seemed to increase.

God, I can’t remember when I climbed so many stairs. I must be really out of shape,” she wheezed as she rounded the final stair case and opened the door.

Breathing heavily, she wiped a few strands of brunette hair from her moist face and as she did so, caught the scent of feminine perspiration from beneath her underarms.

Wow, I’m a tub. I’ve got to drop some of this poundage.

Making her way to her desk and slumping into her chair, Giselle reached forward and downed the water bottle that sat there in several large gulps. She felt the pressure of her clothing spreading tightly across her belly and into her chest; even her belt was absolutely cutting into her belly flesh. She had gained some weight throughout the day. She knew she had. But at least it wasn’t any worse.

She downed some more water, and immediately regretted it for the pain in her belly from the belt increased. She sucked in her belly as best she could and made to let out her belt to its final notch. She envisioned taking off her clothes that evening and seeing an angry red mark all across her. By God, she would make it the rest of the day even if it killed her.

She busied herself and the work day wore slowly on. She was beginning to find it increasingly difficult to get comfy in her desk chair but she was managing as best she could. Her bum seemed to be taking up much more real estate and her thighs were painfully pressed together. She looked up at the clock and noted it was it was nearly time to wind down for the day. Giselle was just putting the last of her files back in the drawers behind her desk when her intercom buzzed.


“Yes, Mr. Whitman?”

“I was wondering if I could have a little word with you. I’m afraid it’s rather serious.”

“Oh?” she said, her mind beginning to go over that morning. The day before. The week and month before.

The intercom went dead and she slowly put the last file down and readied herself for whatever series of questions she may be asked.

Opening the door, she saw Tom hard at work, putting his signature on several papers in a hurried scrawl; his whisky tumbler at his elbow nearly emptied.

She cleared her throat, “Sir?”

He looked up and smiled cheerfully, “Yes, Giselle. I wanted your opinion for our date night tomorrow.”

She sighed inwardly. Time to turn up the charm on this one. Time to really hit it out of the ballpark. By the time she was through with him, she would be the most expensive piece of ass he’d ever paid for.

She cocked her head to one side and leaned against the doorway, her arms slightly bent and one leg outstretched.

“Whatever you have planned for me, I am sure will not disappoint.” she replied coyly, putting one fingernail into her mouth and sucking on it slightly.

He raised an eyebrow and merely smiled again.

“But you mustn’t order from the menu for me again, I think I am getting too fat.” She hugged her middle and looked at him seductively.

“Baby, you know that’s just how I like ‘em,”

He rose from his desk and she sauntered over to him. She could see him getting hard and she rubbed her belly against his firm one and he kissed her passionately.

She could taste the alcohol on his lips but she didn’t care. She felt like she could devour him, she was so hungry.

Just then her stomach let out a great growl and he put his hands on it, rubbing the sides.

“I think someone’s hungry…don’t you think we should feed her?”

She extended one long finger and ran it down his cheek and traced a circle around his lips.

“No no, you naughty boy. Tomorrow you get to enjoy the entire plate (she made a spreading gesture over her nether regions and belly with expansive hands). How about you settle tonight for an, ah, appetizer.”

He grinned, slightly drunk, and put his hand on top of her head, pushing her down to his waist.

She rested on her knees and unzipped his pants. Her mouth already watering from the lovely scent of his manhood. Taking the zip, she yanked it down and unhitched the top button while Tom—eager to help—undid the buckle just prior.

Giselle let his pants fall to the floor and curled her hands over top of his boxers and seductively lowered them. His penis was already wet with desire and as hard as she had ever seen it. She took it in both hands and they suddenly felt small.

She leant forward and began to tease his testicles with her tongue, licking here and nibbling there while she caressed his hard steel.

Tom let out groan after satisfying groan as he repeatedly gripped her hair and pulled her back up, towards his member.

Giselle smiled and took him in her mouth. The instant her lips tasted him, she instantly felt an explosion go off both inside her womanhood and her mouth. The urge to suck him dry felt more instinctual; like she would die without his seed inside her stomach.

Giselle began by gripping his ass with both hands and holding him to her face. She continued rhythmically bobbing her neck so as to take him deep into her throat and to the tips of her lips.

Tom gripped her hard by the back of the head, entranced by her enthusiasm and thrust his hard steel deep into her mouth, nearly making her gag from the unexpected effort as he moaned and grunted, Giselle joining him albeit muffled.

Then, with a triumphant moan, he released. Giselle’s body went haywire as she felt his legs shudder.

“Mmmmmmmmooooooohhhh!” he cried, still holding her to him, his body spasming with each pump.

More—I need more of him,” her voice echoed within her own head as her body refused to stop until he was dry.

“Oh—oh my god!” gasped Tom, which brought Giselle back to reality. Tom was attempting to pull his member from her oral clutches.

Leaning on the edge of his office table for support, he stared transfixed at her body, an animal gaze both aroused and afraid.

Giselle fell back, her legs still crossed under her, one hand outstretched to hold her up. Her breathing was shallow and rapid, like she couldn’t’ catch her breath. Then she suddenly became aware of pain. Much pain.

Panting, she looked down at her body and noted with a pang that the metal of her belt buckle was bent and twisted, cutting into her belly which seemed to be growing both above and from below.

With a last protesting effort, the metal fatigued and snapped, and her belly lurching forward. It split the fabric exactly at the center of her belly, ripping upward and downward, her compression clothing no match for her rapid weight gain.

Further and further her belly grew pushing up and outwards and from the sides so that she looked 4-5-6 months pregnant. Her dress suddenly ripped at the top where her breasts were and with fascinated horror, they spit out over her too-tight bra. Her areola like little needles piercing the fabric and shredding it so that with a *plump plump* her melon-sized breasts parted company with the constrained fabric and came to rest confidently on either side of her massive gut.

“Oh my gawd!” said Tom once more, his eyes darting from breast to now beach-ball sized belly; to her thighs and eventually to her ass, which Giselle felt pushing towards the floor to sink into her calves.

She looked up at Tom with a dreamy expression on her face, his seed still spread across her wanting lips.

“See?” she said with a grin, her tongue scooping up the rest and swallowing it, “I told you you can’t order for me. Even your appetizer made me fat.”

Tom was at a loss for words and said nothing as he continued to stare at Giselle’s sexually enhanced form.

Suddenly Giselle felt five bursts of hot liquid hit her bare breasts and belly amidst her shredded clothing. Tom had came again.


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Chapter 16: Go It Alone

Donna put her mobile phone down on her desk with a thud.

“Where was Giselle? And why wasn’t she responding?” she wondered glancing down at her wristwatch for the third time in the last 15 minutes.

It was already 5pm and most of the workers were eager to get home or to a bar to celebrate Hump Day.

“You coming out with us tonight, Donna?” cried a black woman who was a secretary in the adjacent office as Donna and who had become one of her closer acquaintances.

“Not tonight Mia. My sister’s ill and I’m stopping by tonight with some hot soup.”

“You’re so sweet.” Said Mia with a wave as she passed her office hallway and headed for the elevator.

<brr brr brr>

Donna glanced down at her phone. It was a text from Giselle.

“Finally!” she said aloud and opened the message.

“Go on without me. I’m compromised – the food.” Was all it read.

It took Donna a second to understand what might have happened. Perhaps the effects of eating in general were enough to cause her to gain too much weight. She knew that Giselle was mentally tough, but still wondered if the powerful effects of this unknown chemical were even too much for her resolve.

Although the job would have been much easier with the two of them, she just might be able to pull it off on her own. Steeling herself, she fired off a quick reply and picked up her too-heavy hand bag—containing all her essentials. As she did so, she felt the fabric of her clothing sync into her belly and chest. She looked down briefly and tugged the clothing down, unaware that earlier that morning, she had had more room than she did at present…

Ducking into the women’s bathroom nearer the lower levels of the office building, she whipped out her laptop and activated her hackware program, and for good measure, re-checked the Level 3 clearance of the facility. Shocked, she had noticed that it had been upgraded to Level 4.

“What in the ...l?” the thought, as she ran more diagnostic tests and glanced down at her watch which read 5:25pm.

She quickly changed into the Maintenance Uniform and reversed her too-heavy purse inside out and took out the necessary items, including the remote activation device. She then donned a wig and a ball cap and touched up some makeup to alter her appearance.

Satisfied, she took out her passkey and quickly went down the Maintenance Wing of the main office building. She found what she was looking for: a tool belt and box and stowing her laptop in a safe location with her bag of clothing behind some boxes of a maintenance closet, she took out her mobile phone and switched it so that she had remote access to her hidden laptop.

In order for her presence to look as natural as possible inside the facility in order to plant the remote, she needed to stage some minor chaos. The plan was to falsely activate a fire alarm on the second floor. The facility’s protocol was to evacuate the floor and others if necessary, then they would call maintenance—which she had anticipated—and had their phone line connected to her mobile one. From there, she would activate the scrambler to alter her voice and then send a worker over to fix the issue. Simple.

She looked at her watch yet again and her phone began to ring.

“Right on time”, she thought.

“Maintenance,” she said through the scrambler.

“Hey. We have a fire alarm going haywire somewhere in the building.”

Donna smiled inwardly. It was the voice of the Surly guard from the night before.

“Hold on,” she said waiting for some time to pass, “Yes, I see it here. Floor 2, East Wing. I’ll send someone over. I’m afraid it’s going to be a woman. All my guys went home for the day.”

“Crap. Well, is she hot at least?”

“Not my type; got kind of a gut on her. Big tits though.”

The guard laughed. “Okay, well I may just escort her through the building after all. I am a tit man after all, and we’ll see about that gut.”

Donna forced a laugh and rung off.

“What a douche.” She thought as she re-adjusted her tool belt and box and began the walk over to the facility.


“Maintenance.” Said Donna a short while later as the Surly Guard peered out at her from inside his pillbox.

“’Bout friggin’ time.” He grunted, coming around to let her in.

She put on an air of indifference as she signed in and followed him through the halls.

“We’re going to have to walk. When the fire alarms are activated, the elevators auto-shut down.”

“Yup.” She said, knowing secretly that all the secret clearance elevators like the ones she and Giselle used the day before would still be in working order.

The guard walked in stride with her and she could feel his eyes scanning her.

“Haven’t seen you here before?”

“No, I got hired on a week ago.” She said trying to keep the conversation light. She knew that the uniform she wore was miles more form-fitting than the one she wore the previous evening and that despite zipping the uniform all the way up, it kept lowering itself so that the top few inches of her cleavage were exposed.

“It must have shrunk or Paul had ordered the wrong size for her”, she thought.

“That right?” the guard said, still eyeing her.

They turned a corner and saw another guard coming up the hallway towards them. It was Officer Cork.

“Hey Corky, just escorting the maintenance chick—ah, woman to fix the fire alarm that just went on the fritz.”

He looked her, then to the guard and finally back to her. There seemed to be a glint of recognition in his eyes.

Turning his gaze finally back to the Surly Guard he said, “Did you make her go through the inspection room before giving her clearance?”

“No, why?”

“We’ve upped security since last night. It’s protocol.”

“Balls to that. I run this department.”

“Sir, I must insist.”

The surly guard looked down at her—more like at her tits—and spoke to the guard with renewed authority. “Screw you Cork. I’ll inspect her myself and send her on her way.”

The two men stared at each other all the while Donna was on tenterhooks. Her remote activation device was hidden well enough, but if she was searched thoroughly, she may have to answer some awkward questions.

For the first time, she cracked a smile and spoke to Officer Cork. “Hey, I’m just here doing a job. No need to break my balls. Where’s this room I need to be inspected in.”

“—Don’t worry about that. I’ve got this one.” The surly Guard said, putting a hand on her shoulder and steering her past Cork; and together he opened the stairwell door and they went through.

“Geez, that’s with that guy?” said Donna to the surly Guard, who gave his name as Brad.

“He’s on his rag. That’s what.” He said with a bark of laughter which Donna felt she should join in on.

They walked up to the second floor and he steered her towards the terminal area where she needed to plug in and operate. Donna set down her tool box and set to work under the semi-watchful eye of ‘Officer Brad’.

“Ya know,” he began as he wandered around the hall, looking in and out of various vacant offices, “I don’t get why there aren’t more broads in maintenance.”

“Talk to my supervisor.” Said Donna over her shoulder, as she began flipping open terminals, pretending to look busy. The task of resetting the fire alarm would normally have taken her seconds, but she needed the time to securely plant her remote device and activate the 24-hour timer.

He let out a belch which made Donna turn her head.

“You want a drink? I’m thirsty, going to head to the vending machine.”

“Sure. Coke.” Said Donna reaching into her pocket for her imaginary wallet.

“Nah, I got this one,” he said and lumbered out of sight.

Donna watched until he passed around the corner and was out of sight and slid the device out from between her breasts and activated it. Then, under the guise of flipping a few more switches, she took off a highly-adhering piece of tape and tacked it to the back of the device and then pressed them both the back of the panel.

Suddenly a hand landed on her shoulder and made her jump.


“Hey there jumpy,” said Brad, who she had hoped noticed nothing.

“Hey yourself,” she said, her heart still racing.

Donna looked at her watch and had 40 more minutes to kill – a little too long to be fiddling with the panel.

“How much longer till you’re done?” he grunted, handing her the bottle of coke as if reading her mind.

“Thanks, Brad. And just a bit more. I need to send a diagnostic test first.” She said as they clinked bottles and she took a long, deep pull.

“Man, this tastes incredible.” She said more to herself, her taste buds exploding as if they had never tasted something so delectable in her entire life.

It was all she could do to down then entire 500ml bottle. She put the bottle down and slid to the floor with knee bent—Brad watching her all the while, smiling between sips. He slid down on the hallway wall opposite, clearly eager to keep the conversation going.

“I need to remote log in to the terminal to verify that I’ve located the problem,” she added, pulling out a device from the toolbox and clicked it on and pressed a few buttons.

But Brad didn’t seem to notice or care about what she was doing. He was busy drinking her in.

“So you like sports?” he said after a while, breaking the silence and making a valiant attempt at keeping her interest.

“Yeah, I like most of them.”


“Especially football.” She said, draining the rest of her Coke.

They gabbed for a few minutes, and she let Brad carry the conversation, eating up more time. He clearly knew his stuff and she nodded and commented vaguely where she could. Suddenly, she felt her Maintenance Suit uncomfortably tight against her belly and chest and she shifted slightly in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure.

“Uuugh.” She moaned slightly cupping her hands on her belly.

She watched with fascinated horror as her belly protruded forward slightly so that the already strained zip of her suit slid down and came to rest so that top 1/3 of her belly was now exposed, her cleavage splayed to the sides and straining under the white cotton t-shirt she was wearing underneath so that the outline of her bra was clearly visible.

“Woah.” Said Brad leaning forward one hand outstretched as if to offer some sort of help.

“Oh! Ah, pardon me!” Donna gasped, completely at a loss for words her hands till cradling her inflated bulk.

Donna felt the tips of Brad’s fingertips touch the fabric of her shirt that clung too-tightly to her belly and she felt an electric charge surge through her body and when it had passed, she felt it linger in her nipples and in her sex.

“Oh, you must excuse me,” breathed Donna once again apologizing for whatever had just happened.

“You just sorta popped out of that thing,” said Brad, who took the opportunity to allow his entire hand to rest on her belly. He edged closer, scooting across the floor to be nearer to her.

“I guess the soda gives me gas, makes me bloaty. I don’t drink it that often.” She said, trying to regain composure.

“For a second I thought you were going to rip through that shirt too.” He said his voice a bit softer now.

She tried to make light of the situation but still allowed his hand to rest on her firm, bulging belly. “Yeah, looks like I nearly did.”

“Hey you finished your soda, want to finish mine?” he said his eyes still roaming her body. Even though her breasts were concealed under her undershirt, he could see the tops of them spilling out of her bra; her belly so tight and full that the fabric that contained it was much more transparent.

“I-I’d better not.” She said, glancing down at her watch again…she had 15 minutes until 7:00.

“You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a woman quite like you.” Said Brad, changing his tact.

“Have you now?” she said with a bit of coolness in her voice that he mistook for an advance.

“Big firm knockers. Gorgeous belly.” He said, moving closer so that he was now kneeling in front of her, his other hand now making contact on her belly. Donna did not protest.

She felt another shock pass through her body and she let out a gasp but immediately regretted it.

Brad made to kiss her but she turned away last minute.

“No, I can’t.” she breathed, his lips glancing off her cheek.

“Why—why not?” he pressed bringing his face closer to hers, hoping to connect with her big pouty lips.

“I’m engaged.” She said and she felt his body deflate slightly.

“Oh…” he said and it sounded like he really meant it.

She took the opportunity to look at her watch once more, “crap, 4 minutes…”

“Tell you what, loverboy. I don’t normally do this, but you DID buy me that tasty drink…I’ll let you cop a feel but you’ve got to let me finish my work first.”

“For serious?” he said, disbelief in his voice.

“For serious.” She said, turning away from him and returning to her work. With her back turned to him, she had wondered what in the hell had made her make so radical a promise. To a stranger of all people. Well, he wasn’t a total stranger; she did in fact meet him last night. But he had been an asshole to her and Giselle. And he wasn’t the most attractive of men…Still, she had managed to finish the job and flick on the timer. It made a satisfying <bleep> noise and she closed all the panels. Her job was done.

She stood up and made to pack up her tools. Brad leant forward, eager to help in any way he could.

Once she had cleaned up, he immediately made a grab at her chest, but she turned away.

“No, not here!” she hissed. Now that they were standing up, they could be seen through all the waist-high glass windows. People had began entering the office again, now that the alarm had been silenced.

He nodded and she led him to the janitor’s closet, similar to the one she had been in the previous night on a different floor.

She tilted her head towards the locked door which he opened. He went in first and she followed…


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Chapter 17: Heavy Debt

It was after 9pm by the time Donna got back to their apartment. She was exhausted, felt gross and was dying for something to eat.

In fact, she was famished.

During the car ride home, she played back the last scene with that guard, Brad. All the while she had let him fondle and grope her gigantic tits she had felt herself go wet almost instantly. He had been skillful enough, deftly pinching and poking; she had even let him suck on her nipples.

After the deed was done, she had to get him to help cram her bloated frame into her maintenance suit. They barely managed it and the zip got caught twice. She ended up bumping into Officer Cork as she was exiting, as he had relieved Brad in watching from the pillbox.

He gave her that odd glance again as if he knew her from someplace, but it went no further than that.

Donna then re-entered the main office, changed out of her clothes and retrieved her belongings, including her laptop. When she got in the car to drive home, the rumble of its engine made her horny again and she had to pull over more than once to let the wave of orgasmic surge through her.

With the car parked in the drive, she made her way to their apartment, barely picking up her feet, for lack of energy.

“Why do I feel so sluggish?” she told herself, as she opened the door and flicked on the hall light.

The apartment was dark, uncharacteristically so. Donna became slightly nervous.

“Giselle?” she said, slowly making her way down the hallway.

She heard gentle sobbing coming from their bedroom. Putting her ear on the door, the sound was magnified and definitely sounded familiar. With a rush, she pushed it open, not knowing what she might find.

There, sitting on the corner of the bed, with her back turned away from her, was Giselle. And she was gigantic.

“Did everything go alright?” she said stifling another sob and turning her face up towards her companion.

“Honey, what's happened?!?”

“I-I don’t know. It all happened so fast. One moment I was with Tom and the next thing I knew I was blowing him and when he came—I dunno, I swelled up.”

She began sobbing gain and Donna came over to console her, putting a hand on her fleshy shoulder.

Giselle was wearing an over-large track suit that looked like it belonged to a man.

“How did you get home?” said Donna, after explaining her ordeal to Giselle who listened intently.

“Well,” she sniffed, “Tom realized what had happened after we did it and he became ravenously horny. He wanted to do me again and again, but I told him he would have to wait until tomorrow. Eventually, he came around.

“What happened next, how did you get out without being seen?”

Giselle took another Kleenex and dabbed at her eyes, large blotches of make-up stained the sodden paper. “He told me we would have to sneak me out of the back entrance. He gave me a track suit and I barely fit me, but at least I was clothed. Then he drove me home and called a limo to pick him up. He left about 20 minutes before you got here.”

Donna considered this, “and did he come in?”

“No, I wasn’t stupid enough to let him do that. We have too much stuff spread out around the place and he would have gotten way too suspicious. I told him I had a headache and he bought it.”

“Okay, okay,” said Donna rubbing her friend on the back and getting up to dig her laptop out of her bag.

“What are you doing?” Giselle made to get up, but it took too much effort so she laid back down on the bed end.

She booted up her laptop and sat down next to her friend, who edged closer. “Checking if my contact got back to me.”

Giselle looked puzzled.

“Remember when I said I’d see if I could figure out how to reverse this, or at least slow it down?”

Giselle nodded.

“Well, my contact owes me huge and,” she consulted her computer and clicked at a few more windows and sub-menus, “—it looks like he’s got something for us. I forwarded him some of the encrypted files with the chemical formula and the descriptive side effects. ”

Donna leaned forward and began reading. Giselle noticed that Donna sort of looked a bit chubbier than when she saw her this morning.

“Hey hun, are you feeling well yourself?”

“Yeah, why?” she said, her eyes darting across the screen.

“Well, I think that you might have gained some weight…” Giselle said softly, leaning forward and placing a loving hand on her belly. Her bigger belly.

Donna stopped and looked up, then at Giselle. “No, you’re mistaken. I can’t have.”

But there was hesitation in her voice. She put her laptop to the side and walked into the bathroom. She flicked on the light and let out a small gasp.

She was fatter. She had gained weight! But how?!?

Quickly, she peeled herself out of her office clothes and hopped on the scale. The dial stopped at 182, a gain of 10 pounds.

“Holy mother of ,,,,” she said, putting a hand to her mouth.

Her eyes travelled across her entire body. Everything was larger, more bulgy.

She began with her face. Her cheeks looked puffier and more vibrant, her chin softer and definitely doubled. Her neck was thicker and she could no longer see the hollowed areas of her collarbones. Her upper arms were flabby and soft and had no trace of muscular development. Her chest felt heavier as soon as she looked at it. Her breasts swollen even more and her areola looked stretched out. She ran her hands along the sides of her body and felt upper body fat rolls where her bra would sit as well as handful-sized love handles. Next, she ran her hands over and along her belly, cupping and squeezing it. Her navel looked deepened and both breasts were parted so as to accommodate her grown belly. Her sex also looked swollen and when she turned to the side, she was astonished at how much her lower belly bulged forward, almost casting her sex into shadow. Her legs had more traces of cellulite and her ass had deep creases where they met the backs of her upper thighs. Her legs looked softer and carried no trace of muscle. They touched at the tops and giggled slightly when she slid them against each other.

Her mind began racing. She could only imagine that Giselle must look quite similar, except her features would be more accentuated.

There was no possible way she could have ingested any of that formula that was contained within that bottle. Giselle hadn’t even told her where she had put it after they had gotten home last night. It was probably still in her bag, or in a pocket of one of her scraps of clothing.

Then she remembered that mornings kiss…

“Could it have been transmitted orally?”

She dashed out of the bathroom, ignoring the fact that she was acutely aware that her entire body jiggled and swayed. She went into her purse and dug out her phone.

She punched in a number and waited impatiently, tapping one foot, which sent a giggling vibration up one of her thick thighs.

“Stinger? It’s Dolphin. What’s the status of that serum?”

Giselle listened while Donna continued.

“It’s done? Okay, what is the percentage of success?”

A long pause, she seemed to be listening hard, her brow was furrowed.

“And what do your diagnostic reports say about secondary contamination? What percentage of the effects are transmitted…really? Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. Okay. And you’ll be by our place when? One hour? See you then.”

Donna hung up and tossed the phone on the bed and let out a sigh. She ran her hands through her hair and Giselle could see her breasts raise off her belly, which was very pronounced and swollen.

“So what did your source have to say?”

“He says that the formula you ingested is slower acting, but nonetheless potent. But more importantly, he thinks he may have found a way to slow it down. And as for me, he suspects that there is a carrier half-life attached to it, so that anyone who comes into contact with the host will also get infected. BUT that the effects are minimized to some degree.

“Do you think Tom will get fat too?” said Giselle, thinking back to her steam afternoon with her superior.

“It’s possible, but unlikely. My source, Stinger, thinks that the half life is about 12 hours. So when we kissed this morning, I was at the cusp. My weight gain was not as pronounced as yours was, but now I know I need to be careful too.”

Giselle nodded. “So what happens next?”

“What happens next is that we wait until Stinger drops off the antidote tonight in one hour’s time. Then he will tell us what to do next.”

“I hope it works,” sighed Giselle, who stood up so that Donna could fully see her companion’s physique. “Because I packed on another 25 pounds today. I weigh 215…”

(Continued in post 21 of this thread)

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This is one of the best stories I've read in a while. I can't wait to read more!
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Chapter 18: Antidote, or Anti-Don’t?

Donna and Giselle were sitting at the dining table in the kitchen. They hadn’t talked for the last 40 minutes; each merely thinking about the last few hours of the day and about what was to come.

Giselle was worried that she may never return to her ‘fighting weight’ and be doomed to a sedentary lifestyle that would have to go along with her newly-padded body regardless of how well she would eat in the future. Donna was thinking along similar lines.

The girls were brought out of their revelries with the hollow knock at the front door of their apartment. Donna, who was now wearing lounge pants and a baby-doll tee that rode up her belly and cut into her upper arms peered through the eyehole and unlocked the bolts.

“Hey Dolphin,” came a hollow voice from behind the door that Giselle did not recognize.

“Hey Stinger.” Said Donna, opening the door to admit their savior.

Giselle peered into the hallway as the two made their way toward her. She could tell that ‘Stinger’ was quite tall, over six feet. He also looked very gaunt and lean, judging by the slow purposeful gait he adopted. He pulled back his hoodie to confirm Giselle’s character profile. He was milky white and had blonde hair that was swept to one side. He had icy grey eyes and thin lips. He did not smile and there was something cool and calculating behind those eyes that Giselle for some reason couldn’t really trust. But if he had gained Donna’s confidences, than he must be alright.

As Stinger pulled back his hoodie, he quickly surveyed as much of the interior of the house that he was currently permitted and went over to the dining table and pulled over a chair, carefully lifting the stacks of paper and notes that lay on top of them to the side on the floor.

Then, unslinging his school bag, he extracted a laptop and a black case, which he did not open. Donna joined them at the table and merely waited while Stinger was busy at his computer. With a final few clicks he moved his chair closer to the girls and turned his laptop screen towards them.

“Based on the diagnostic data you sent me, we are dealing with a contagious compound with weight-gain properties and mood-altering capabilities.”

He cleared his throat and Donna made to get up to get him something to drink.

“No need, I brought my own.” And he extracted a scuffed Nalgene bottle, tarnished with obscure decals and took a long pull.

He continued gesturing to Giselle, “Your friend here got the full dosage while you got roughly a 50% dosage. I cannot say for certain, but I would say that anyone either of you came into contact with after roughly 12 hours will not be affected. Or at the very least, be minimally affected. May I ask where you acquired such a substance?”

“Stinger, you know a girl can’t give up her secrets.” Said Donna, coyly looking to change the subject and get down to business.

He surveyed her for a full minute, each holding the other’s gaze. After a moment, his eyes swept across to Giselle and he conceded.

“Very well. Let’s get down to it.” He reached forward with his spidery fingers and opened the soft black case he had extracted earlier. In it contained 6 vials and two syringes. Three of the vials were larger in appearance, but the clear liquid inside them appeared to be the same.

“So this is our antidote?” said Donna reaching out to pick up one of the vials, turning it between her fingers.

Stinger pinched it out of her hands with a thumb and forefinger and returned it to the case. “We don’t touch what isn’t ours, Dolphin.”

Donna grinned wolfishly at him, but said nothing.

“Contained in these six vials are, what I believe to be your salvation. I, your saviour, have delivered you from your sins. Praise be to me.”

Giselle looked a bit confused, but remained silent. Stinger took another sip from his water bottle and continued.

Stinger continued, this time returning to conversations Giselle could make sense of. “You are to inject these vials into anywhere with significant adipose tissue, which doesn’t look like that should be problematic. You are to take the first dosage tonight, before you go to bed. You are to take the second tomorrow for lunch. The third, you are to take for dinner.”

“Do we take these with food or liquid, or on their own?” said Donna.

“You are not to eat anything. I repeat ANYTHING. While you take these injections.”

He pulled the soft black case back towards him and filled each syringe to its maximum, spun the needles towards each woman and continued. “The objective of these antidotes are to return your bodies metabolisms back to their natural rhythms. You should stand to lose some weight as you inject yourselves, but not all you have gained. You will still be heavy, but not as much as you are now. That weight will come off with hard work, diet and exercise. And as for eating while taking these injections... Eating anything during that time will counteract what I have created and I have not calculated what the ramifications may be. So it is ill-advised to venture into uncharted waters.”

He nodded and Giselle and Donna picked up their loaded needles. He nodded again and both women injected themselves into the luscious adipose tissue that rested on top of their once-firmer bodies.

Stinger looked down at his watch and then back at both women with lazy curiosity. All of a sudden both women began reacting. Donna felt herself go cold, then burning hot. She began to sweat profusely and made to wipe it away. Her hand slid off her forehead like it was slicked with oil. Wait, it was oil!

Glancing over at Giselle, she noted the same was happening to her friend. She could see the droplets form from her pores. But instead of running down their bodies like normal sweat might, it instead slowly streaked downward, as if it were running downward in super-slow motion.

“Good, the formula is working.” Said Stinger, still watching the pair of them, but more scientifically now. “The first side effect is your body beginning to work out whatever that toxin is in your systems. It’s incredibly complex and will take a lot of time. The oily perspiration you are both experiencing right now is a toxic release. It’s your body’s way of detoxify from the inside out.”

“Will we be able to ingest any water while our bodies are dexoting?” said Donna, a little breathlessly; lifting her shirt off her head so that she could wipe away the droplets she could feel all over her face.

Stinger glanced down with amusement at the topless form of Donna, whose entire upper torso was perspiring. He watched with particular interest as one droplet formed with another, gathering speed and traversing the globular surface her left breast. Slowly the droplet hung off the edge of her erect nipple and hung there momentarily before parting company.

“Yes. So long as it is pure water, I do not foresee any risk.”

He glanced at Giselle, who too had taken off what little clothing she had on that still fit her and dab at herself as best she could.

“How long will we be experiencing these perspiration symptoms?” Said Donna, still dabbing at herself, and silently cursing the fact that she was in so vulnerable a position with her cyber colleague. But Stinger was solid, albeit a little weird.

“That is a hard question to answer. Based on my estimations, you should both be experiencing these symptoms for about 60 minutes. Thirty or so during the second injection, and possibly none at all after your third injection. Your bodies are getting rid of the bulk of the toxins right now. Afterward, a shower with hot, soapy water would be in order.”

“And what about after the last shot? When can we resume eating normally?” said Donna.

“My calculations on the half-life of this complex formula show that you should be able to begin eating approximately 1 hour, 60 minutes, after the last injection.”

“So you’re saying after that last injection, 1 hour afterward, we can eat normally again.”

He paused, seeming to really consider. “Yes, yes I think that should be alright. But I would start with lighter foods. Salads, that sort of thing.”

Donna surveyed him. She knew Stinger was incredibly brilliant and he had never let her down whenever she needed his expertise. But this was a job that was entering uncharted territory and had even challenged his intellectual upper limits.

“Okay, if you say one hour, than we will go with that or longer.”

“That is advisable.” He said, nodding to her again.

He began packing up his things, seemingly now bored of the two topless women dabbing at themselves like something out of a hot sauna sex porno.

Donna thanked him and he mumbled something to her in return that Giselle could not hear.

Stinger had a hand on the door and had just put up his hoodie, when he turned back towards them.

“Heed my warning. Eat NOTHING, even if you feel hungry. I cannot even guess what might happen should you fall from grace.” And with that, the door closed behind him with a snap.

(Continued in post 24 of this thread)

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Originally Posted by runningsoft View Post

“Heed my warning. Eat NOTHING, even if you feel hungry. I cannot even guess what might happen should you fall from grace.”
That sounds like a Chekov's Gun being cocked, if ever I heard one...I'm in suspense.
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I've been sitting here, just hitting the refresh button, for the past couple of days.
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Chapter 19 – Truth or Fiction?

Giselle groaned in her bed, her body tired and heavy with sleep. She made to rub her eyes and roll out of bed to begin her day, but found that her arms wouldn’t move! She tried again, but her arms would not yield. She came to her senses, now wide awake; eyes darted around and taking in everything and yet nothing. Where was she? And just what was going on?

Suddenly she felt a cold chill run down her spine and the hair on the back of her neck began to rise. Her senses were questing again, on highest alert. Taking several deep breaths to calm her overly beating heart, she found that she was affixed to a surgical table and above her was a machine that appeared to have dispensing-like properties. And judging from the spout-looking nozzle it looked sinister. Another chill ran through Giselle but this time her entire body trembled. She became aware that she was completely naked and the table was unpleasantly cool under her backside. She shivered involuntarily once again and her nipples hardened and became erect.

After having given up trying to break through her bonds through force, she consented to see what would move on this table. Giselle found she was only able to move her head from side to side and not too much up or downward. Everywhere she looked was pitch-black.

“Hello! Can anyone here me? Help!” She cried out; thrashing against her bonds with renewed panic.

Then, all of a sudden, she heard the soft footfall of expensive shoes on the hard stony floor and heard a voice she knew well coming from somewhere above her.

“Well well, caught you at last, my little spy.”

It was Tom and his smiling face suddenly appeared from above her.

“Too bad too. I really loved you, and your body. We might have gone away together. Lived the life of luxury. But no, you got too greedy. And do you know what happens to greedy little girls like you?”

He looked behind him and then back to Giselle and had a malicious grin on his face. “Oh, Nurse?”

“Yes Doctor.” Came another voice she knew very well. It was Donna.

“Giselle, you might know our friend here.” said Tom as Donna came into view and blew a kiss and winked at her. She approached her prey and traced her gloved hands all along Giselle’s bloated, naked body; gently pinching and prodding and softly moaning in approval.

“The patient looks ready to me, Doctor. Shall we begin?”

Tom nodded and hit a lever on the machine that hovered above her face. It began to lower and Giselle knew there was nothing she could do. Panicked, she twisted and turned her head - a last ditch effort - but Tom was too quick and held her firm as the nozzle gently inserted itself into her mouth. Then, she heard a whirring from inside the machine and the tube was lengthening passing down her throat and into her waiting stomach.

It was unpleasant only for a minute, but she knew what was to come next.

“Did you know that Donna was a counter spy all along? She's been working with me all along. I bet you didn’t know.” said Tom, no satisfied she was secure. He stepped from above her and walked along her naked body.

Giselle watched him and felt his hands drape across her chest and down to her waiting breasts. He cupped each one and despite herself, she felt her nipples harden and he pinched them between thumb and forefinger.

Tom continued his examination with fervor as he began to pinch her love handles, prod her bulging tummy and poke the luscious fat that hung just above her sex.

She was startled as Donna's voice cracked over her like a whip.

“That’s right. I was in on it from the beginning. Shame on you for trusting me.” said Donna, who had flipped a switch at the bottom of the table so that Giselle’s legs began to spread apart, the bottom of the table dropping away exposing her sex.

“Nurse, do you think the patient is ready for her punishment?” said Tom, as he began to strip naked, his throbbing manhood standing at attention.

“I do, Doctor. Do the honors.” cooed Donna as she too stripped.

From the corner of her eye, Giselle let out a squeak, which was more of a gurgle due to the nozzle. Donna was plump and looked ever so desirable. But as her eyes lowered to take in the lower half, she was shocked to see a large strap-on dildo. It was thick and long, bigger than Tom’s. Bigger than any cock she had ever laid eyes on.

Giselle’s eyes were watering now from the pain she would be shortly experiencing.

“No, don’t! I’ll do anything!” they seemed to plea.

“Do you want us to stop?” said Tom bending low to lick her cheek.

She nodded as best she could but Tom scoffed and Donna let out a mirthless laugh that made Giselle shiver with fear.

“So long my pretty. It’s been fun.”

“Yes,” said Donna who was standing at his side now, her hands on his shoulder. And they kissed passionately, fiercely.

Their mouths still glued to one another, Tom hit a lever on the machine and Giselle began feeling her stomach filling with liquid. Slowly, almost lovingly, it began to fill her, but she did not experience the fullness, nor the pain. She was barely able to look up, but she could feel her body getting fatter, gaining weight. Her belly began to protrude up and out, spilling at the sides; her breasts expanding and putting heavy pressure on her chest, making it harder to breathe through her nose.

Then she felt a sensation of heat on her sex organ, and what was unmistakably a tongue which ran down along her pubic hair, down along her slit and finally her ass.

“Mmmmm, the patient is very ready.” said Donna wiping the corner of her mouth with one finger. Then she began to mount her friend.

Giselle contracted for a moment, but submitted as she felt the large probing object enter her anus. She could hear but no longer see Donna, for her belly had gotten far too big. But she could hear her deep, heavy breathing matched by her rhythmic pumping. It was exquisite and she found her mouth greedily wanting more liquid to enter her body so that she could get even bigger, even larger than she had ever been before.

“That’s it my dear. You are so very hungry. Don’t let any of it go to waste.” She heard Tom’s voice echo somewhere from behind her underbelly. Then she felt a second object enter her vagina. It was Tom, and despite the fact that she was being occupied by Donna, he still managed to slide himself into her fully. She could hear the pair of them grunting and moaning with satisfaction as she continued to gain weight—to get fatter, more beautiful than she had ever been before. And suddenly she felt a choking sensation.

“No-no the liquid was coming too fast!” her brain was telling her. She couldn’t manage it any longer. It was backing up…into her esophagus, down into her lungs….filling, filling her, choking her until….

Giselle awoke with a start and gasped for air like a diver emerging from the sea, taking that first life-saving breath.

Panting heavily, she sat bolt upright. The room around her was pitch-black and she fumbled for the night light. A familiar room sneered back at her. She was in her familiar bedroom, with its familiar furniture. Donna was fast asleep next to her, snoring loudly and turned on her side so that a large fleshy bottom greeted her. It was a dream. A terrible, all-too-realistic dream. And even now as she tried to remember it, the details were ebbing away like water through a sieve the harder she tried.

“I’ve gotta let Donna know about the night terrors. Maybe they’re a side effect of the antidote,” she muttered, running a hand through her soaked hair and pushing it out of her face.

She eased herself out of bed and walked down the vacant hallway towards the bathroom. But before she turned to enter it, her stomach let out a loud rumble and she brought both hands to it, massaging it gently like an expectant mother.

“No, I mustn’t. I can’t.” she willed herself, chanting it over and over in her mind.

The sensation of incredible hunger began to ebb away and she let out a huge sigh and entered the bathroom, flicked on the dimmer light and reached for a tooth glass to fill it with tap water. Giselle knocked it back, and then another.

She let out a satisfying sigh once again stared at her reflection in the mirror and brought a hand to her cheek, her less-puffy cheek.

“It’s working…thank goodness, it’s working,” she said and grinned.


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Chapter 20 – Thursday Morning – So Close, So Far.

Giselle continued to stare, mesmerized at her own reflection. Was it a trick of the light, or had the formula actually worked? She hurried back to the wall switch and flipped the dimmer to its brightest setting.

There could be no doubt. She had lost some weight.

Letting out a little cry of delight, she rushed over to the scale to assess her reverse progression. The dial crept up towards 200…204…208…210. A loss of five pounds.

So she had lost five pounds in one evening. One uncomfortable-nightmare-filled evening. Whether the dream was a power detox side-effect of the substance she had injected the previous evening or not, she found herself wanting or caring to know less, for could hardly express her extreme delight at this breaking news.

“Donna, Donna! Wake up!” she cried from the bathroom, continuing to examine her facial features once again and this time pinched her cheek as if to confirm that she was not dreaming.

“Damn!” she said, rubbing her cheek and smiling with a grin.

Donna stumbled into the bathroom, brushed a few strands of tangled hair from her face and then quickly shielded her eyes from the suddenly bright light she had not expected.

“Whazza?” she began, rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

“Donna, Oh Donna – It worked! I’ve lost weight, and so have you!” she said turning to examine her friend.

Giselle ran over to Donna and hugged her, feeling overjoyed as another wave of emotion overtook her.

They broke apart and it was Donna’s turn to look at herself in the mirror with Giselle poking her face right up next to it.

“Easy there,” she chided as she nudged Giselle in the ribs. Her elbow still sunk into the warm, soft flesh; but Donna did notice a difference.

Staring at herself in the mirror, Donna noted that her cheekbones were slightly more visible and that her cute double chin was slightly less pronounced. She turned from side to side and evaluated that her belly and bum must have shrunk also, for her clothing hung slightly loose off her frame. She squeezed her thighs together and felt that there was the tiniest increase in space between them. She too was overjoyed and rushed to the scale to assess her overnight progress. The scale passed 150…160…170…174…175…177…178. So she had lost four pounds.

The girls hugged one another again and kissed.

“Oh my, I can’t believe it worked!” said Giselle, still quivering with excitement.

“I know. It’s amazing.” Breathed Donna.

They continued examining themselves in the mirror for some time before returning to bed.

“Ugh, I just can’t sleep.” Said Giselle, who was tossing and turning under the covers.

“I know, me too,” agreed Donna.

The girls were uncomfortable in part due to the side-effects of their detox. Although they both showered an after their injections, it appeared that Stinger’s calculations were slightly off, for the girls continued to perspire throughout the night. As such, their sheets were damp and slightly slick and gave off a pleasant tang that reminded both of them of a donut shop.

“I’m going to hop in the shower. Again. Hopefully I’m done sweating for now.” She said, as she ran a hand along a glistening thigh.

“I think so. It looks like his calculations were a bit off, but he did say that for the second dosage, we should sweat for approximately 30 minutes after the second dosage; and possibly none during the third. After that, we should be good. Fingers crossed.”

Giselle nodded and was off to the shower. She pulled off her bottoms and flung them towards the hamper and turned on the warm water and hopped in. The heat from the liquid and the soapiness of her body wash made her feel like a new woman. Fifteen glorious minutes later, she emerged and threw a towel around her chest and another to put up her hair. The towel around her chest protested and fell a few times as she was still a little too large to tuck the end in to hold it up.

“Bah!” she exclaimed again as it fell for a third time. She bent forward to reach for it and heard a low wolf whistle from behind her.

“Mmmm, that’s a hot little biscuit.” Said Donna, who was leaning against the frame of the doorway who was staring at the offered rear end of her companion.

Giselle laughed and gave her bum a playful slap and felt with mild delight as it rippled and made her body giggle.

“I think I’m actually going to miss seeing you like that.” Said Donna, as she undressed and made to turn on the shower.

“Hah. You’re just saying that.” Said Giselle with another laugh as she busied herself.

Donna hopped into the shower and Giselle allowed her gaze to follow the softer form of her friend as she had undressed, turned on the tap, and as she entered the shower…

Feelings, erotic feelings had begun to emerge as she saw that body bend and fold. Lush, soft folds crease and bend on top of one another; curvy angles and enhanced features…Was she failing to admit to herself that she was beginning to like what she was seeing? That extra layer of padding on her friend’s form? And what about herself? She gazed down at her own soft body and began to get turned on. Maybe being a heavier girl was not a curse, but actually a blessing. After all, hadn’t Tom said all along that he liked ‘bigger girls’?

Or maybe…” she thought to herself, “It’s all just a reaction of the detox; being hyper sensitive to fleshier bodies…”

Her thoughts were interrupted by Donna who hollered loudly over the rushing water. “Hey, can you pass me my razor. I need to style myself. Gotta get the cash and prizes ready for Old Charlie Roth tonight!”

“Haha, you shaving yourself bald then?” called Giselle who opened the sliding door to hand the razor to her friend. She let her gaze fall towards Donna’s sex. She was indeed a bit furrier than she had been over the last few days. Her neatly trimmed landing strip was a bit untamed, but nothing she couldn’t fix with some edging. Seeing the water run over her sex like had put Giselle in a momentary trance and she once she caught herself staring, she blinked and looked up at Donna.

“No, just giving it a quick trim for Roth. He likes a girl with a neat bush and I don’t want to disappoint,” she said with a surveying eye towards Giselle as she took the offered razor.

“He’s got good taste then.” Said Giselle who cocked one eyebrow and slid the door shut.


It was nearly time to head to work when Donna heard her phone come to life. It was Paul.

“Good Morning, ladies.” He had said and Donna put him on speakerphone. The girls returned their greeting.

“Let me get to the point. Giselle, I was ah-a little concerned with what I saw the other day in the lunch room. Is everything alright?”

“Yes, why?” she said, as she busily tucked a shirt tail into her skirt.

“Well, it’s just that I was in a meeting with Tom later that day and he had made a comment about how big you had gotten lately.”

“That’s nothing to worry about,” she remarked, thinking back to their wild night – he’d had absolutely no problem with her literally exploding out of her dress and cumming on her belly from excitement.

“Good. And Donna, how’s your status?”

“So far as I know, I’ll be having sex with Charles Roth all afternoon and into the evening.”

The line paused for a second and the girls could hear the faint tapping of computer keys in the background on his end.

“Excellent. I’ve just pulled up the off-shore account. The 40 million has been deposited and the hold on the money has finally been lifted. I’ve just transferred you a third of the amount each.”

They thanked him and waited for him to continue.

“As you know this about concludes our mutual business together. All we have left to do it to ensure that you two are in your positions this evening so as to cover all the bases. I myself will be in late-night meetings with both men so that I am also unsuspected.”

“Then it sounds like we are ready to part ways,” replied Donna, who was busily packing her purse with her syringe and vials. Giselle had just done the same.

“And as you both know, tomorrow—Friday—is when the company goes public with selling their shares on the open market. And, unfortunately for them, that is when the radioactive agents in those canisters you planted will have chewed through the metal and into the silos—and the adjacent silos via the ventilation system. Come early Saturday morning, the leak will have been detected by the company’s computer system and they will try to cover that up—but unfortunately for them, an anonymous source will have already gone to the press with that juicy little story and their stock will plummet through the floor.”

Giselle looked at Donna as they could picture the sneer on Paul’s face, clearly amused by his own cunning as he spat out the last few words.

“Then we’ll all be rich and we can retire.” said Donna, picking up her phone and making to end the conversation – time was getting on, and they didn’t want to be late. It might look suspicious.

“Precisely.” Said Paul.

“Oh—Just one more thing.” Said Donna before she rung off.

“What about the money the company is currently worth? Isn’t there any chance of getting in on that $400 million that Charlie and Tom are ‘supposed’ to be getting?”

“No. I’ve looked into that quite thoroughly. There is absolutely no way to hack into the database when shares are being sold. I’ve checked myself. Good day.” And he rang off.

“Do you think that Paul knows about that fattening formula?” said Giselle playing with one of the buttons of her shirt.

“Initially I thought so. And I thought that Tom would know too. But since that formula was so well-guarded, I’m beginning to suspect that if they really knew what they had, than he would have recognized my symptoms immediately. But if he hasn’t noticed than I think we are in the clear. Also, I think that Tom is pretty open, but not open enough for Paul to know even about that most secret of formulas.”

Giselle grabbed her keys off the table and the dress that she would be wearing that evening when Tom took her out for dinner.

“What was that about the extra money?” she called to Donna who was still in the bedroom.

“Nothing. Just making sure we’re all set.” She said in a calm voice. Her mind however, was anything but.

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