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Chapter 21 – Weight, You Must Have Patience

Giselle and Donna were in their places before either of their bosses stepped into their respective offices that morning. The pace of a Thursday morning in the office was a hurried one and both girls were sufficiently busy on and off the phones, as well as running files and fax forms at the request of Charlie and Tom.

Both girls knew that the men were preparing for public selling of their company stock shares, which meant that the day was going to go whipping by. Donna wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead in front of the copier, noted that it was already 11:30am, nearly time for lunch—and their second dosage.

However, the second she glanced at the clock her stomach rumbled and gurgled as if to signal that it too knew the time. And its message was clear: feed me.

“Ugh,” she groaned hugging her tummy and rubbing it softly, hoping against hope that it would not happen again. It was bad enough that she had been trying to ignore the ever-increasing discomfort of not being able to eat since the previous evening. The water that she had been so diligently consuming had been going through her all morning. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been to the bathroom so many times.

A few more hours. Just a few more hours.” She willed herself, trying to still-further ignore the hunger pangs.

She finished her work at the copier and went back to her desk. The coast was clear and she opened her desk drawer and took out the syringe and vial and loaded it into the cylinder and put it back in the drawer.

Almost without meaning to, she glanced at the wall-clock in front of her desk: 11:45am. She looked at the door of her boss’s office. Tom had been in there for nearly an hour with a client whom she did not recognize, but suspected as being a newly brought-in investor. He sounded foreign and kissed her on both cheeks when she had received him in their open lobby before Tom came strolling out to admit him.

She knew their meeting shouldn’t last much longer but wanted to stick around before injecting herself so as not to arouse any suspicions with so little time left in their scheme.

Sure enough, the door banged open and the sound of raucous laughter filled her ears.

“—Henrik, you’re a funny bastard. And pretty soon, a rich one too!” boomed Tom, his hand clapping the other man on the back, who was wiping a tear from his eye.

Tom motioned for Giselle to see the man out and she got from behind her desk, smoothed her skirt and proceeded to grab the man’s coat and hat from the hanger.

“I vill call you in da morning.” He said with a thick accent, taking his outer clothing from Giselle and walked towards the elevator.

“I’m counting on it!” boomed Tom again. He turned towards Giselle.

“You’ve been on my mind all day.” He said and embraced her, his hands caressing her upper arms, feeling their softness, their warmth.

“You’d better pace yourself, tiger.” She said, allowing him to give her a peck on the cheek and a pinch on the behind.

“It’s lunch time, Gis. Don’t fill up on that cafeteria crap.”

“Don’t you worry about lil’ ol’ me.” She said coyly.

“There isn’t anything ‘little’ about you anymore, now is there?” he said, raising one eyebrow and running a strong, powerful hand down her bulging belly and letting it against her skirt, directly over her sex. Despite herself, she could feel her own heat radiating.

She giggled and blushed. He gave her a lustful wink and turned on his heel to enjoy his afternoon ritual – a quick workout followed by a shower and his afternoon smoothie.

She watched that powerful body saunter away and close the door. She gave him another 5 minutes and could hear the whirr of his treadmill and knew he was occupied. She then took her syringe and her mobile phone and proceeded to go to the female executive bathroom that was seldom used, owing to the fact that they didn’t have any women working in their company with that title.

She opened the door and locked it. Donna was already there, her shirt was lifted and Giselle felt a twinge of excitement as she stared at the exposed flesh and was titillated by the way the light from the window cast a golden glow on her domed belly.

“Hey cutie,” she said without looking up at the new arrival.

“Hey yourself.” Said Giselle who sat next to her and began unbuttoning her shirt. As she pulled up her undershirt, she also felt the need to undo the side buttons to her skirt. At once, she felt her stomach let out several inches and sighed loudly watching it protrude before injecting herself.

“I think we’d better strip down so that we don’t get any perspiration oil on any of our clothes,” said Donna who stood up and began to undress.

“Agreed,” said Giselle who had to do little more than wriggle out of her too-tight belongings.

With their clothing draped over the backs of chairs, the girls took to killing some time while they waited for the first effects of the secondary vial to kick in. Giselle was examining a tasteless wall mural, while Donna was picking up and putting down a bowl of potpourri, which smelt rather fresh, considering the bathroom’s disuse.

“Ugh, here we go.” Grunted Donna as she bent forward slightly to hug her belly and began to perspire.

Giselle felt the similar sensations of her body kicking into high gear to cast out the toxins from her body. She was fine one second, then, like a rush of water crashing onto a beach, she broke out in a chilled sweat, which then turned abruptly warm. Too warm.

“Oh, wow. I need to lay down or sit down or something,” cried Giselle who, not wanting to sit on the chairs where their clothing sat, took to laying on the linoleum floor. It was pleasantly cool under her skin.

She heard the sound of skin slapping against a hard surface and looked over to see that Donna had plopped down on her bum and laid back to join her companion.

Giselle wriggled a bit closer to Donna and the two held hands, while Donna consulted her watch every few minutes and casually wiped her brow.

“I feel like I’m in a sauna, except that I am the heater.” Breathed Donna, turning her head to look at the naked form of Giselle.

“Oh, imagine what it’s like for me.” Said Giselle, who it was quite obvious, that her body was indeed perspiring with more urgency than that of Donna’s. Already, she had a clear pool of oily perspiration surrounding her body; and she was constantly wiping away the semi-liquid off of whatever areas she could reach.

Donna noted that her friend’s once-prominent belly looked to be slowly melting down. It looked as if someone had begun to let the air out of an already over-inflated beach ball. Even her breasts looked a tad smaller.

Consulting her watch once more, Donna noted that there was about 5 minutes more before they would begin to cease sweating. She closed her eyes and imagined what the formula was doing to her own body. Scanning herself mentally, she could feel the pressure of thickening gap between her legs less intense; and that her low back, which had not been able to touch the floor due to her overly large rear had suddenly touched the surface of the floor.

She reached two lazy hands to her hips and caressed the sides of her body. Her once prominent love handles did not have as much soft material that she could grab. She let her hands wander to her breasts and fondled them. She felt herself go hard instantly and ran her index fingers across the pink nubs that were her nipples. Donna cupped her breasts and lifted them off her chest and let them fall, noting with a slight pang, that they did not fall with the heaviness that she had recently began to get accustomed to.

Then, she felt the intensity of the heat leave her body and Donna opened her eyes. She was careful to get up, so as to not slip and slide on her own body oils and made to help up her companion.

“Woah, we look like greased up wrestlers,” said Giselle, who assessed her own body for changes; just as Donna had done.

Donna laughed, “hah, why yes we do!” as she struck up a pose like a Greco-Roman wrestler.

“We’ll have to wrestle sometime. I think I can take you down easily.” Toyed Giselle, looking at her friend intently.

“Not a chance. With that overly-large bhudda belly of yours and that fat arse, you’d be winded after a few minutes. Then I’d knock you back and sit on that gut of yours and smother you with these melons.”

Giselle felt herself getting excited and knew that Donna must be feeling the same. She felt that it had been a long while since they satisfied each other. “Truce for now, my plump lovely. We’ll have to get this job done first.”


Using the remainder of their lunch breaks, the girls took turns taking showers in the corporate bathroom and began to put on their clothing.

Both women felt the same tingle of excitement as they began to dress. First, their underwear was less restricting around the bum and crotch and did not cut as deeply into their less-thick thighs. When they put on their bras, the straps were less painful on the tops of their shoulders and around their mid-backs. Their skirts and shirts were also slightly looser and they complimented each other that it looked to the other, that they were both wearing clothing that was at least one size too large.

Conveniently, the corporate bathroom had a digital scale off to one corner.

“I guess even the corporate girls – if there were any – are a little vein and like to know what they weigh at all times,” joked Giselle who hopped on the scale and now weighed 207lbs, a loss of three pounds. Donna followed and was down 1.5 pounds from 178 to 176.5.

“Huh, I wonder why we didn’t lose as much weight this time around?” said Giselle, running her hands through her hair and touching up her make-up.

“I was thinking the same thing, actually. It’s probably that most of the detoxifying agents were expelled from the first round and now each time we do it, there will be less and less. I bet we won’t even have to get naked to avoid getting body oil on our clothes.” Said Donna, who too was putting the finishing touches on her lipstick.

“Come to think of it, I didn’t sweat nearly as bad as I did last time. But there was sure enough of it,” joked Giselle who looked back at the floor where she had lain. The girls of course, were correct. As Stinger had informed them, the detoxifying would be done primarily with the first dosage and with successive dosages, the effects of their bodies detoxing oils would also decrease with each injection.

The girls, after dressing, had used spare towels and hand towels to mop up any evidence of their ever being there. It was still possible others may use this bathroom and they weren’t going to leave anything to chance.

“Okay, girl: time to finish this mother.” Said Giselle, who opened the door of the bathroom to see if the coast was clear. It was.

Donna nodded and as she passed her companion, patted her on the bum and with a roguish grin, sauntered down the hallway and back to her desk.

It’s only a matter of time now,” Donna said to herself, as she gave Giselle a few second head-start before locking up and returning to her own desk.

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Chapter 22 – Time

The afternoon was winding down, it was already after 6pm and Giselle could not wait until her last injection. She had been texting Donna back and forth and both had agreed that they could take their injections separately, but be in cell phone contact just in case something happened. They agreed to meet in the public women’s washroom on the fifth floor.

Giselle confirmed that her schedule was freed up enough to allow her to skip away to complete her final injection. She picked up her purse and, with the syringe inside it already loaded, made her way to the bathroom.

The empty bathroom sneered at her, but she crouched low just to make sure there was no one else. She selected a far stall and locked herself in. She sat on the seat and pulled down her skirt and panties, just in case someone else walked in unexpectedly. The bathroom was seldom used, but you could never take any chances.

Giselle was in the process of unbuttoning the bottom few buttons and had already pinched a bit of fat into a cute tummy roll when suddenly she heard the door open. She listened intently as she heard the door creak shut and listened as a pair of heels slowly made their way to the stall next to hers. The bathroom had 6 bathroom stalls, the chances of someone random sitting down right beside here was slim. It was Donna.

“Ready?” the familiar voice whispered. Giselle could hear her companion rummaging in her purse and taking out her syringe.

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Giselle lifted up her shirt once again and stared down. Her belly remained folded over, making three lovely rolls of adipose tissue. She examined her creases and folds and her deepened belly button and was suddenly saddened by the fact that she was never going to be this big ever again.

Almost as if to echo her thoughts, she heard Donna whisper, “You know. I think I’m really, really going to miss this. I think that with both of us being so caught up in this assignment, we never really got the opportunity to enjoy it for what it was.”

“Yeah, I feel the same way…”

“But you know—“ said Giselle, her voice suddenly brighter, “These detox injections are only going to prevent either of us from gaining tremendous amounts of weight—they are not going to cause us to shed all the weight—that’s on us to do that. But after all is said and done, we’ll still be pretty chubby.”

Donna sat in her stall, silent for a moment, “I never really thought about it, but you are totally correct. We will lose the weight on our own terms, how about that?”

Giselle beamed as she heard the positive lilt in her friend’s voice, “Girl, you’ve read my mind again.”

“I’m good like that,” she said.

“Among other things…”

The both giggled silently and, for the last time, let the needles find their way home into their soft bellies…


The girls sat on the toilets in silence while they felt their bodies go through their familiar changes. They felt the deep chill replaced by intense heat. They did perspire, but it was nearly all water droplets, which they could wipe away with bathroom tissue.

Giselle unbuttoned her shirt and dabbed at her underarms and around the creases of her belly and between her thighs.

Over the next fifteen minutes while they went through their respective changes; the seldom-used bathroom became anything but. Several people entered and exited, while Donna and Giselle were forced to listen to the animated chatter about this or that sexy co-worker and other random gossip. Traditionally, both women would have found the information rather stimulating—but today, they had their sights set much, much higher.

Donna glanced at her watch at the quarter-hour mark let out a raucous cough which signaled that they should be getting a move on, despite the fact that the bathroom was still populated.

They exited the stalls and washed their hands and tidied themselves up, while making chit-chat with some of the other women.

“Donna that is a smart watch, where ever did you get it?” said one of the women.

“Oh this? It was a present from a friend.” She replied to the girl, whose name temporarily escaped her.

“A male friend?” she said suspiciously raising an eyebrow and letting out a conspiratorial laugh.

“Isn’t that where all girls get their jewelry,” she said, accepting the bait. Donna took off her watch, knowing that the other woman was going to ask her to see it anyway. They were still okay for time but Giselle still needed to change into her dress, which she had left on the hook behind the door of her outer office. The other woman took and weighed it in her hands, turning it over to admire the craftsmanship.

“Donna, this is divine. I wish I were so lucky,” she said making to hand it back.

“That’s easy, Stacey,” she said, finally remembering the woman’s name, “you just need to put out more.”

Both women laughed and as Donna made to grab the watch it glanced off the side of her open palm and landed with a *THWACK* on the tiled floor.

Donna made to bend down and grab it, but Stacey beat her to it, gesticulating apology after apology.

“I am SO, SO sorry, Donna.” She said, after handing it back to the other woman and feeling cowed.

Donna gave it a quick glance over. Nothing seemed to have chipped off and the face was not cracked. “It looks alright. Don’t sweat it.”

“No, I mean it. I can’t believe—“ began Stacey, her hands wide with apology and remorse. But Donna put up a hand.

“Stop worrying. If it’s broke, I’ll send you the bill.” She said with a light laugh, which she was pleased to hear Stacey join in on. The last thing she needed was more drama, especially when they were so close now. In a few days, she’d never see any of them ever again. The thought was suddenly comforting.

Finally, the bathroom began to clear out, leaving only Donna and Giselle, who had been silently watching the scene unfold.

“I don’t think I know of anyone who manages to get themselves into unexpected detours in all my life.” Said Giselle with a sigh, as she held the bathroom door open, letting Donna pass through first.

“Honey, the same could be said about you.”

Donna looked at her watch, “Hey, time we get your ass to the ball, Cinderella.”

The girls rounded the corner and were about to enter the elevator.

“What does that make you, my Godmother?”

“Only if I had a magic wand that could make all your clothes vanish.”

“Want to ride with me up the lift?” said Giselle, who pressed a button to summon the elevator.

Ride you up, more like it.” Said Donna, as she grinned and patted Giselle on the bum.

According to Donna’s watch, they were cutting a pretty fine line. They still had to get Giselle into her evening dress and she had to make her excuses to be with Charlie Roth shortly thereafter.

However, little did she know, that the impact her watch sustained was not as superficial as she had initially made it out to be…


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Chapter 23 – “Well, That Was Unexpected…”

Giselle and Donna exited the elevator, chatting about the fact that Giselle might just actually fit into her dress this evening, after she had lost so much weight. Even though the dress was made to fit her more than a dozen pounds ago, she had convinced herself that she could squirm into it. After all, what other options were there?

The girls rounded the corner and stopped short. There, in the hallway they were met unexpectedly by not only Tom, but Charlie Roth and Paul.

“Ladies, nice of you to join us!” said Charlie who waived a friendly hand and gesturing them both to come closer.

“What the hell is going on? I thought Paul was supposed to have handled this. I was going to go meet Charlie downstairs tonight, shortly after I helped you fit into your dress.” Whispered Giselle as she walked with more composure towards the trio of men.

“No frigging kidding. Hopefully we can smooth this all out.” Replied Donna as the two girls stopped in front of the men.

“Ladies,” said Charlie Roth again as he swept up the pair of them with one arm and ushered them into the now-open office of Tom Whitman. Paul, flashed them a brief look of uncertainty and was the last to follow them in.


The two women took to sitting on the sofa and spread out sufficiently just in time so that Charlie had to change tact mid-stride and instead, sit on the armrest instead.

Tom walked over to his liquor cabinet and pulled out 5 glasses and filled them with that familiar amber liquid. Paul came over to assist him and the glasses were distributed.

“This is an evening for celebration, ladies.” Said Tom nodding to each of them in turn and walking out to the center of the room. “Today, with the help of my associate here—by the way, do you two formally know Paul?”

The girls shook their heads and Tom waived their reply with the flick of a wrist. “Well, anyway—Paul here has really helped solidify the future of this company and I thought tonight would be the perfect time to celebrate. Giselle, you have been worked far too hard as of late and have really been there for me. And Mr. Roth informs me that you have as well,” he said smiling at Donna, who smiled weakly, not sure where all of this was going.

“So,” he said, still pacing the room, taking sips from his tumbler, “I thought we would all go out and celebrate. I have the perfect place already picked out. Giselle, Donna—would you care to join us?”

So that was how it was going to be,” thought Giselle coolly as she took a pretend sip of her alcohol, carefully keeping her lips pursed.

“Oh? I am flattered, Mr. Whitman, so very flattered. But you see my aunt—“ she began but he interjected.

“Surely not! You must celebrate with us! After all, it was Charlie who insisted that I invite you. And we couldn’t not invite Paul. He’s the reason why our company will be doing so well in the not-too-distant future.”

The three men exchanged conspiratorial glances as they sipped at their whiskies and Giselle and Donna had to give kudos to Paul. He was really playing the part of a sleazy business partner.

“But I’m afraid I have nothing to wear.” Began Donna, gesturing down at her work clothing. Clearly she couldn’t go out in that, especially when the men were so eloquently dressed in fine suits.

“Not too worry, I have people who can take care of it.”

“Well. Um, that’s very kind and I suppose—“ began Donna.

The two girls looked briefly at each other, sharing the same message, “Did we ever have a choice to back out of this thing?

“Then it’s settled. What’s your size? Oh, where are my manners.” Said Tom. He reached into his pocket and extracted his mobile and dialed a number. “Donatella? Bueno. Ci. Yes, same to you darling. I have a request and I’m afraid it’s rather urgent. Yes, I have a lovely young lady who will be accompanying me this evening and she’s in need of some clothing. Yes, you’re so sweet. Here she is. Caio.”

He handed the mobile over to Donna, and then returned to chat with Charlie and Paul, giving Donna the modesty to discretely inform the woman on the other end of her measurements.

She hung up the phone a short while later and glanced at her watch. It was 8:15. It was over, they had made it. Donna made a quick gesture to her watch to Giselle who caught her eye, as the men were still preoccupied with business conversation. She gave a subtle ‘thumbs up’ and Giselle smiled inwardly and looked down at her bulging belly. “Well, it’s been fun. I might keep some of you, but I won’t be sad to be able to see my feet again.” She said to herself.

“All done?” said Tom as he took his cell phone back and pocketed it. She nodded.

“Well then. I propose a toast: to great business partners, loyal staff and to an evening than none of us shall ever forget.” They clinked glasses and drank deeply from their glasses, all of them.

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Chapter 24 – What Are You Doing?

Tiny fireworks went off in Giselle and Donna’s mouths as they each felt the harsh liquor warm their throats and ignite a small, comfortable fire inside their stomachs. Tom motioned for Charlie to top off everyone’s glasses and they toasted again.

The girls laughed gaily, now that the burden of not being able to eat was lifted.

It was like breathing new life once more. They were careful not to overdo it, but daintily matched the men who were drinking rather heavily, considering they were all about to enjoy a fancy dinner.

They had shifted seats since the phone call: Tom was still standing in the center of the room, while Paul and Giselle had pulled up two spare chairs, making a little cul-de-sac around him. Meanwhile, Charlie Roth had Donna in a one-armed hug leaning against Tom’s office desk. He was being frisky as usual, but Donna had to hand it to him, for his indiscretions went unnoticed by the others, a feat he rarely was able to pull off in public. She consented to his free hand exploring her body and she felt a hand sinking into her soft folds, her side-boob and occasionally felt his hand slide down and grab a handful of her bum. But Donna was content. She had put up with his crap this entire time, so why rock the boat, she had told herself.

“—and so the waiter says to the waitress: ‘I’ll have what she’s having!’”, said Tom, making the group erupt with gut-busting laughter with another one of his jokes. Despite their calculating minds, the girls couldn’t help but show genuine emotion this evening. Now that everything had gone according to plan, even with this new hiccup, there wasn’t anything that could prevent the evening from going forth. It was all set in motion; now all they had to do was just watch and let it all unfold before them.

Charlie looked at his watch, slightly bleary-eyed. “What time should we be leaving?”

Tom looked down at his own watch and pulled out his phone and called for his private limo. “One more round and we’ll head out.” The drinks were poured and all five of them tilted their heads back, welcoming the fiery liquid as it coated their bellies.

Tom clapped Charlie on the back and the girls gathered their things. As Donna made to pick up her handbag, she thought she saw Paul discretely fumbling with something at the back of Tom’s computer.

He straightened himself under the guise of picking up his drink off the office table and joined the group and shut the lights off in the room and shut the door.

They all stumbled slightly towards the elevator: Charlie with his arm draped around Donna, Tom with one hand on the small of Giselle’s back—the other held the dress that she would be wearing that evening. Paul was in the lead. Donna couldn’t help but replay in her mind what Paul might have been doing. They had entered the elevator and Paul hit the sub-basement icon. As the doors began to close, Donna reached for her earlobe and cried, “Oh, my earring! I think I’ve dropped it.”

She put out a hand to hold the elevator door and passed through it, just as the doors closed.

She looked behind her to make sure they had not opened and sprinted back to Tom’s office. She giggled the handle and thanked her lucky stars the door had not been locked.

She made for the desk and closely inspected the back of Tom’s computer. Then she saw it. Tiny, almost hidden, was a small device that looked like a signal-receiver. Donna herself had used them on countless missions. It was a transmitter that obtained data information from electronic devices and, encrypted that data to another device.

So I WAS right.” she said to herself as she pulled the device off the back of the computer to examine it more closely, then quickly replaced it.
Just then she heard footfalls and the door banged open and in walked Paul.


“Looking for something?” he said, striding across the room to her. His cheerful gaze that he had so expertly adopted had vanished and was replaced by an icy stare.

“W-what do you mean? I lost my earring.”

“Oh, don’t play games with me.” He said edging closer to her so that she backed away from the desk. He glanced quickly at the back of the machine. His device was still there. Had she seen it? Did she suspect? But no. She was clever, but not that clever.

“I don’t know what you mean?” she lied again, looking at him and edging around to the side of the desk where she and Charlie had sat shortly before.

“Hey there, what’s the hold-up?” boomed Charlie, who now stood at the doorway, leaning against it for support. Tom and Giselle joined them moments later.

“Just, ah—helping the lady find her missing jewelry,” said Paul, rounding on her so that only she could see his profile. His stare bore into hers, but she remained impassive as he continued to x-ray her, trying to find a trace of a lie betray her features.

With the slightest of hand-gestures she deftly flicked her wrist and procured the earring that she ‘had lost’ but had palmed while in the elevator. Then she said, “Oh, it’s just there!” she reached forward and, under the guise of fumbling under a paper, made an extracting motion. Palm up, she held the earring for all to see before replacing it on her person.

“I’m so glad you found it,” said Paul who was still closest. But Donna could read between the lines. He had caught her, but couldn’t prove it.

“Yeah, me too. But I’m starving, let’s get the hell out of here!” said Charlie stifling a yawn.

Donna coolly walked past Paul and flashed a dazzling smile to the group at the door and they took up conversation once more. Paul was the last to leave and this time, for good measure. Locked the door.

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brilliant. i love this story but now get on with it and let them gain more weight - but naturally this time
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booyahmanx has said some nice things

somehow, that's not what I think is going to happen. Methinks Paul has a hidden agenda
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We all laugh in the same language; English.
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Chapter 25 – You Look Stunning, Dear

The limousine had met them in the sub-basement of the office building. Tom held the door open and they all entered. He gave an address to the driver and they all settled in while the vehicle rolled forward.

Donna had not had an opportunity to tell Giselle about what had just transpired and made no attempt to do so while they were close quarters inside the limo. She did not need another reason for Paul to be suspicious. During the short ride to where, presumably, she would be fashioned an outfit by Tom’s mysterious lady over the phone; Donna stole tiny glances in Paul’s direction. Did he seem more mellowed towards her, or was he still on his guard? It was hard to tell, for he and Charlie were engaged in conversation, Charlie taking full advantage of the mini-bar.

The limo stopped abruptly after what seemed like a short distance and the driver opened the rear door. Tom got out of the car and motioned for the two women to follow. “Keep a glass chilled for me boys, we won’t be very long.”

Tom led the way to a small shop that was fully lit about 10 miles from the office and Giselle was quick to note that the limousine driver was very efficient, for she barely felt any of the turns the vehicle made to take them there.

It definitely stuck out, as all the shops near it were already closed. “Must be one of those ritzy shops that cater to the very rich and closes early,” Giselle thought to herself.

As they approached, a silhouette came into view and with a tinkle the door opened to admit them. A very tall, skinny woman in a pantsuit greeted them and exchanged pleasantries with Tom. They kissed on both cheeks and babbled briefly in Italian before the woman put her two hands on Tom’s shoulders and gently pushed him to one side with a warm smile.

“So this is the beauty you have told me about.” She said, clapping her hands and smiling brightly at Donna, who smiled sheepishly and took a step forward.

“Let me see you, dear,” she said, gesturing forward so she was illuminated by one of the ceiling lights. She did so and the woman walked completely around her, examining her fondly and with great interest; her eyes missing nothing.

Giselle watched with great intrigue at the new woman. She was very pretty. Perhaps in her forties and beautifully maintained. She had curtains of satin-black hair that fell past her shoulders and her skin shone with health. She had a medium bust, a narrow waist and firm hips.

“Come with me my dear,” she said to Donna, putting a hand on her soft back and ushering her towards a fitting room several paces in front of them. She looked back at Giselle who smiled. The woman, Donatella, turned back and said, “You can come too!” and she beamed at Giselle, who smiled at the warm invitation.

She took her dress that Tom had been dutifully holding for her and said, “Girl time. You boys make sure you don’t have too much to drink. You know how I hate being disappointed.” She smiled and let her eyes fall towards his genitals back up to his face. Acknowledging the gesture, he merely smiled and turned away and went back to the car.

“Donatella, put it on my card. And make sure these ladies have the very the best.”

She waived him off with a smile and called, “But of course, Tom.”
“Hurry now ladies, these reservations won’t hold forever.” he said, waiving one hand as he let himself out.


“My dear, my dear. You are so pretty and your skin is so smooth and so soft,” Said Donatella approvingly once more as they made their way towards the back of the shop, her hand still lightly placed on Donna’s back.

“Thank you, so do you.” Said Donna.

“Oh, you are too kind,” the woman beamed as she turned a corner and led them to the fitting room.

The ‘fitting room’ was actually an understatement and quite large. There were several areas to sit down and there was a bottle of opened champagne with two glasses already poured. Giselle smiled inwardly and scanned the rest of the room and her eyes fell upon three luxurious dresses that had been hung in advance.

“I took the liberty,” Donatella began gesturing to the dresses, “of picking out something tasteful and romantic for your special evening.”
Giselle and Donna exchanged glances, smiling.

Donna looked at the dresses. They were all of similar design and as far as she could tell, differed only in sizing. “When I heard your lovely voice over the phone, I knew at once you were a redhead. I’ve got the perfect dress here in several sizes. Not all us girls are shaped the same,” she said laughing throatily.

She gestured for Donna to stand on the raised platform and motioned for her to remove her clothing. For a split second she hesitated; not because she didn’t mind nudity, but she hadn’t been seen by another woman so scantily clad since before her rapid weight gain. “Would Donatella laugh at her body? Would she say that she was too fat and ugly to wear any of her fine clothing and throw them out?” Donna thought.

“Come, come dear.” She said gesturing for Donna to hand her the clothing.

Donna shrugged and began taking off her clothes. She unbuttoned her shirt and undid her skirt and handed the material over to Donatella who put the material carefully on one of the comfortable seats.

“Hmmm, yes.” Said Donatella folding one arm across her chest, the other hand resting against her cheek. She tilted her head to one side, letting her hair fall away to expose a lovely neck which Donna caught briefly as the woman walked around her. Donatella surveyed the nearly-exposed body more intently now, pausing several times as she walked three full times around her ‘fashion project’.

Donna felt acutely aware that her bra was the wrong size and that her panties were a bit saggy ever since she had lost some weight.

Almost as if Donatella read her thoughts, she said, “My dear, we need to get you some new undergarments. You must shine tonight!”

She disappeared for only a moment before reemerging with a new strapless bra and matching lacey panties. “Here, I am sure these will fit perfectly.”

“Thanks?” said Donna a little unsure, as she stripped away the rest of her clothing and put on the undergarments.

Damn, they fit like a glove—how did she do that?” thought Donna as she surveyed herself in the full-length mirror ahead of her. She let her arms fall to the sides and examined her body. She was still soft and round particularly around the middle; but now it seemed like she was soft in all the right places. Whatever the cut of the material, it seemed almost like a second skin. Donatella seemed to agree.

“You were born to wear these,” she said smiling knowingly, with the expert eye of her trade and turned to select a dress for Donna. She handed it to her delicately and helped zip her up. Again, it seemed to be custom-fit to her body type.

Donna looked at the final product in the mirror and had to agree, she did look incredible.

“And now for you,” said Donatella to Giselle, who had been so transfixed with staring at her partner that she had momentarily forgotten why they were even there.

“Me?” she said dumbly, pointing a finger at her own chest.

“Ci, yes.” Said the woman, gesturing for Giselle to stand up and step on the raised platform. Donna stepped off the plinth and smiled at her friend and took her seat.

“Take off your clothes, please. All of them.” Said Donatella who had taken the dress that Giselle had put down on the sofa beside her and began taking off the plastic that guarded it.

Donna stared open-mouthed at her companion and even when Giselle looked at herself in the mirror, she was momentarily taken aback. She was gorgeous. No, that wasn’t the right word. She was stunning. Whatever serum was in those syringes had really transformed her body. If it was physically possible to ‘build’ the perfect female body, surely it would have been modeled after Giselle. Her breasts shone with health. They were perky, bouncy and large. Her arms were thick, but well-proportioned. Her midriff protruded forward, but it seemed to have lost some of its sagginess. It looked youthful and tight despite her girth and her love handles were equally as impressive. Her thighs touched cutely near the tops and left the tiniest of gaps so that she could make out the definition of her lips and the landing strip of pubic hair that led the way to them. She could only imagine what she looked like from behind.
Donatella walked around Giselle like she had done with Donna, but somehow it felt like she was doing it in slow-motion. She breathed the air around Giselle like she was emitting the most fragrant scent in existence and paused in front of Giselle and inhaled deeply, her eyes closed.

“You my dear…” she said, letting the sentence hang as she walked off to the same back room where she had retrieved the appropriately-sized undergarments for Donna. In a minute, she came back and in her arms were matching strapless bra and panties.

Giselle put them on and felt like she was still nude. The fabric felt lacey and cool on her skin, yet was more comfortable than any garment she had ever owned. Even her breasts felt like they were lighter than air, despite the contrary.

“Geez, this must be how Donna feels,” she said to herself as she allowed her hands to travel across her body touching the fabric and feeling as though it was molded to her body. Donatella handed her the dress. It was made of a lightweight red fabric that was slippery and shiny and was intricately designed.

Donatella took a step back and crossed one arm over her chest, the other hand touching her cheek; then dropping to her chin. She frowned slightly as she watched Giselle step into the fabric and begin to pull it up her soft, beautiful body.

“My dear,” she breathed, approaching Giselle, “forgive me, but you are too big for that dress, no?”

Yes, Giselle had definitely put on an incredible amount of weight since she had last put that dress on, but with her recent weight loss, shouldn’t she be able to squeeze into it—even a little bit?

“Yes, I have gained some weight recently. Ever since I began seeing Tom.” Said Giselle with real emotion.

“Hmm, yes – I can see that,” said the woman, who smiled knowingly. Giselle figured that with the quickness and ease of Donna being outfitted, that Donatella must see a lot of the women that Tom must go through and with some regularity…some larger women….or those who he could help make larger...

“But I simply must fit into this dress. It’s Tom’s favorite color on me.” Said Giselle who looked down at the woman imploringly.

“I don’t have anything in stock that even comes close to that sheen. Well, we mustn’t disappoint him, now can we.” Said Donatella who smiled motherly at Giselle. She stepped up onto the raised platform to help the larger girl fit into her smaller dress.

With Donatella’s help, Giselle was slowly able to pour herself into the fabric. On several occasions, Donatella had to shovel her hand in between the soft, feminine folds of Giselle’s love handles and belly fat and the fabric of the dress. And each time, Giselle felt small tingles of excitement, just as she had done when she had first come into contact with that strange formula…

But her mind was not thinking clearly, and the warning signals which she may have otherwise normally been aware of felt dimmed and blunted. It was all she could do to stop herself from letting out a moan and become putty in the other woman’s hands. Even when she opened her eyes and gazed down at her companion; Donna’s gaze held a hungry look, that same, lustful gaze that she felt deep inside herself – Giselle wondered if somehow Donna was feeling what she was feeling...

The woman had managed to tuck the lower half of Giselle into the dress and was helping slide her upper back fat into the sides of the dress. Giselle could feel those slender fingers sinking deeply into her warm flesh, expertly probing to find room inside that dress were there clearly wasn’t.

The dress had short pieces of fabric that covered just the tops of her shoulders and Giselle slid her arms into them. She could feel the strain of the fabric press erotically against her firm but large belly. She had been sucking it all in so as to help Donatella conceal her bulk into the dress, but she would need to take a full breath soon. She did so and with that drunk in the expensive smell of Donatella’s perfume that she had only acutely become aware of just recently…

“And now, all we have to do is find room for your breasts and zip you up,” breathed Donatella who had been working feverishly. A lock of her hair had become untucked from behind her ear and brushed Giselle’s cheek.

“Y-yeah…” said Giselle, her mind drifting in and out of the fantasies that were now filling her mind…Her and Donna…and now a naked Donatella, her skinny body being smothered by Giselle and Donna’s larger ones...

Giselle let out a gasp as she felt an electric tingle pass through her body as Donatella put her hands on the tops of her breasts in another attempt to shovel them into the dress. For the briefest of seconds, one slender finger had grazed the fabric of the bra and in particular her left areola. She felt her nipples harden and gasped again.

Donatella was so close to her now. She could reach forward and kiss those lips…those full, richly colored, pouty lips. The women made eye contact and a fiery passion seemed to blaze between them for a second that seemed to last an eternity.

“I want you, do you want me?” They seemed to say to each other.
Donatella’s lower lip quivered slightly and she broke eye contact. The spell seemed to lift and Giselle blinked several times feeling herself coming back to reality.

“I-I think we just have to do you from the back—ah, do your back up.” Said Donatella, her composure slipping. Clearly she was still mentally processing the strong connection that the two of them had shared.

“Y-yes, I would like that very much,” breathed Giselle. She could feel the strain of the fabric against her belly and sides. She shouldn’t overdo it tonight. Or should she? She had been a good girl. And she was hungry…So very, very hungry…

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Chapter 26 – Welcome, Have a Seat


Giselle and Donna had completed their transformations and thanked Donatella profusely for her quick work.

“Go now, my princesses!” she chimed as she waved a cheery farewell from the front of her shop.

“Thank you again—for helping me fit into this thing,” said Giselle who held back a moment.

Donatella brushed a lock of stray hair and tucked it behind her ear. “My dear,” she began, putting a hand lightly on Giselle’s arm, “It is not often that I get a challenge as lovely as you stepping through my doors. It is usually pushy models and bitchy women going on about how thin they are.” And both women laughed.

They stared at each other warmly for a few seconds and Donatella took her hand away, “Well, you’d better be going.”

“Yes, and thank you once again.”

She smiled again and craned her neck towards Donna whose hand was already on the door pushing it open. “It was an absolute pleasure!” And Donna nodded. “Here’s my card,” she said to Giselle, taking one out of her pantsuit pocket, “—just in case.”

“Thanks,” said Giselle, palming the card and pressing her two hands on top of Donatella’s. She held her new friend’s warmth for a brief moment and quickly left to join Donna.


Donna and Giselle climbed back into the limousine to appreciative nods and words unspoken as they pulled away from the dress shop. Both women could feel their male counterparts devouring them with their eyes. Even Paul now seemed to be enjoying what he saw.

“Giselle, you look ravishing,” said Tom, putting a hand on her lap and squeezing her upper thigh, feeling its radiant warmth from beneath the fabric.

“Donna, you look incredible too.” Said Charlie who made room for her to sit next to him and she complied.

However, for both women, their minds were elsewhere. Neither could explain it during their brief chat as they walked from the shop front to the limo, for they both were acutely aware of their sexuality and that of others. It was almost like a sixth sense.

The two girls nudged a little closer to each other as Tom and Charlie shared a private joke they must have been telling earlier.

“Donna, I don’t know what came over me in there. I felt like I wanted to jump Donatella and have sex with her and you at the same time.” She breathed.

“I’m so glad you said that. Because when you were naked on that stand, I was thinking of all the dirty things I wanted to do to your body.”

Giselle showed Donna the card she was offered and the innuendo it carried and she smiled back at her friend almost as if to say, “who knows!”.

They squeezed each other’s hand tightly, as if to reaffirm that once this mission was over, they would retire somewhere off the grid and pleasure each other; satisfying the other’s deepest, darkest desires…


“Looks like we’re here,” came the voice of the driver from the front of the car.

“Great. Thanks Sameer.” Said Tom acknowledging the driver.

The stretch limo had pulled up the front entrance of a very luxurious restaurant. It almost looked comical, for its lavishness and Donna thought that they had accidentally pulled up in front of a Hollywood film set.

Once the driver had let them out and driven away, Tom took the lead with Giselle on his arm. Charlie Roth and Donna were next and Paul brought up the rear.

“Mr. Whitman, a pleasure!” said a voice from within that made Giselle’s head turn. A short, plump man of Italian decent had come up to Tom and began ringing his hand. Tom smiled and pleasantries were exchanged.

Giselle took the opportunity to survey the interior. There was a large entrance way, which they had just walked through. There was a giant stage at the back where a live band played. Off to each side was a balustrade that led to an upper dining area. Many of the tables scattered in front of them were full and busy with chatter from the diners. All of whom were dressed immaculately.

“Your table is ready, of course—but who are these beautiful women you have with you tonight?”said the Italian man, who Giselle now knew to be the Maitre’D.

“This is Giselle and Donna,” said Tom beaming, “and tonight we are celebrating.”

The Maitre’D smiled knowingly—Tom having reserved for 5, the rest was just for show—and led them up one balustrade and into a private dining room. It was even more so lavishly furnished and Giselle could already tell that the booth they were in had tinted glass, and with the darkness that surrounded their room, that nobody would be able to see the goings on of their room.

So this is it,” thought Giselle and looked at Donna who must be thinking the same thing.

For private rooms like this were excellent for concealing the goings on of ‘activities’ that required privacy…

Already in the room were two waiters, eager to seat the lovely women. The men were next. The dining table was designed in a way so that they all sat closer together and was shaped like a trapezoid.

Tom and Giselle were at one end and Donna and Charlie at the other. Paul was at the ‘head’ equivalent of the table. The two women were nearest each other, while the three men were relatively on the other side.

“And now if there is nothing else you need from me,” said the Maitre’D.

He bent low and Tom whispered hurried instructions. He nodded once to Tom and then to each of the waiters and swept from the room. But not before Giselle caught the faintest hint of a grin play across his joyful face…


Bottles of wine were brought to their table by the waiting staff. Tom tasted the wine, proclaimed it ‘excellent’ and they toasted once again. Hot rolls of bread and garden salads came next.

Both women engaged in light, playful conversation making pleasantries but couldn’t help themselves. For both women found their hands continuously wandering back to the bread basket. They were French rolls and both Donna and Giselle had whisked towards them, dishes of deep, rich yellow butter. And with each bite it tasted marvelous. Like Heaven.

Giselle looked over across to her friend who was in deep conversation with Charlie and occasionally Paul. Picking her way through the salad, she began to feel a bit stuffed. She took the opportunity wipe her mouth and lowered her napkin and lean back so she could look down at her stomach and assess the damage she had probably already caused to her strained dress.

Not bad so far,” she thought considering that the main course and dessert were still to come. Giselle felt tickled as she saw that while currently contained within the safety of the fabric, her stomach was sticking out a bit. She let one hand disappear beneath the table and embrace the fullness and slowly began to massage her belly while taking another sip from her glass of wine and drained the last sip and fell the color rise again in her cheeks.

The waiter closest to her silently approached her elbow.

“Another glass Madame?”

“Why yes, thank you.”

“Some for me as well, if you please.” Said Tom who took the opportunity to nudge a little closer to Giselle and while making an expansive gesture with his other hand, let the one closest to her drop beneath the table and rest on her paunch.

“Don’t forget to save some room in there…for later,” he whispered and gave her thigh another gentle squeeze, this time a little closer towards her crotch. She put her hand across his and pressed it down into her thigh.

The waiters made to clear away the bread and salads as the next course was being brought out to be served. Tom and Giselle turned their heads and looked towards each other. Coyly she picked up the last bite of bread off her plate as the waiter took it from in front of her.

“You can count on that,” she breathed and seductively put it in her mouth and slowly began to chew…

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you cant leave us hanging like this!! quick, more
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Chapter 27 – Main Course

With great ceremony, what appeared to be the Head Chef came into the room, followed by a large silver cart with the main course.

He too seemed to know Tom well and they shared a few words and a quick joke which was repeated to the table and they all laughed.

Presented on large platters in front of each of them were lamb cutlets, a medley of vegetables and a heaping portion of richly prepared potatoes drizzled with a creamy sauce.

He remained briefly to exchange a few brief words with one of his aides, who stood next to the silver cart, which looked as though it had food prepared for at least double their number. The girls particularly eyed the additional food for a fraction of a second longer, as the aide-waiter replaced the domed lid, containing the heat for the food.

Giselle tucked in right away and it was all she could do to keep herself from inhaling the entire presentation all at once, for the aroma of all the different dishes hit her like a Mack truck. She glanced across at Donna who too looked like a woman trying to employ the utmost restraint. They caught one another’s eye and grinned in knowing silence.

A moment later, the waiter arrived at her side one more to refill her glass.

Damn, I’d better slow down. I’ve still got a job to do and need to play my part well.” She thought to herself between smaller sips.

Meanwhile at the other end of the table, Donna was enjoying herself equally as well, occasionally having to brush Charlie’s eager fingers from reaching into her crotch every few minutes while carrying on a conversation with Paul.

“Please, pass me the salt, would you?” asked Paul gesturing to the place just in front of Donna.

She complied and as he reached forward to take it, she glanced at his watch.

So it was about time for the cocoa silos to begin contamination,” she thought to herself and grinned inwardly.

“They certainly outdo themselves here, don’t they?” said Paul to the room at large, and everyone murmured their ascent.

Charlie leaned in closer to Donna and said with a grin, “You must have a hollow leg. You sure know how to pack it in there.” For her plate was already two-thirds consumed.

She returned his smile with a knowing expression but said nothing as she leaned back and lifted her napkin and watched his eyes widen with appreciation. In her mind she knew she was beginning to overdo it, for with each passing bite of exquisite food and each quenching sip of wine, she could feel her soft flesh pressing more firmly against her dress.

Donna glanced downward and was silently pleased that her hunch was right, as she saw a bulging belly pressing snuggly against the luxurious fabric of her evening dress. She could tell that if she were wearing pants that her stomach would be already bulging forward so that a soft roll of belly fat would hung cutely over their tops.

Charlie’s mouth was slightly agape and she gave herself a satisfying pat and cocked and eyebrow as she looked down at his member and saw a tent of fabric beginning to raise itself.

She cocked and eyebrow and under the guise of wiping her mouth with one hand, placed the other on top of Charlie’s member and pressed rather firmly against it and whispered, “easy there, cutie. Don’t go spoiling all my fun too quickly.”

He winced and then grinned like a naughty schoolboy about to be rewarded for his bad behavior.

Donna looked over at Giselle and then made eyes towards Paul. The signal was confirmed by Giselle who made to wipe her nose – just one of their many prearranged signals. Now all they had to do was enjoy the evening, give these men the absolute night of their lives and in the morning they would be off and away with the money.

Giselle was beginning to feel the effects of her feminine gluttony. She had slowly lowered one hand to the base of her underbelly which began to show signs of life and slowly, seductively massage it while carrying on superficial conversation across to Charlie.

Tom noticed this gesture and began to watch and glanced down at her soothing hand, wishing that it was he who was aiding her tight belly, helping her make room for more.

With a light break in the conversation, Giselle glanced back toward Tom with a knowing smile.

You like this don’t you,” her eyes said as she brought yet another forkful of food to her waiting mouth.

Giselle closed her eyes and seemed to savor the moment, letting out a slight moan for Tom’s benefit as she slowly, tantalizingly, let the fork pass her lips and rejoin her plate.

Admittedly, she felt moistness between her own thighs and squeezed her legs together. “If I’m turning myself on like this, I can only imagine what he must be thinking.

Giselle took a healthy sip of wine and tucked into the rest of her plate, and in doing so; the whiteness of her plate became most prevalent. She gave a nod to the waiter, signaling that she would like some more…

The waiter saw the queue and approached her from the side, “I am glad you are enjoying your dinner this evening, Miss. Can I take your place?”

She nearly giggled at his over-the-top formalities, but simply nodded as he whisked away her plate, knife and fork and replenished her.

Suddenly Giselle gasped as she felt a warm hand reach under the table and place itself on her own belly. Her shock turned to radiant warmth as she knew the gentler touch belonged to none other than Donna.

She too had finished her plate and nodded the waiter over. When he arrived she nodded to her now empty glass of wine and with the faintest of hiccups said, “I’d like top up on my wine, Giselle’s too please.” He nodded and went to fetch her second helping.

In the brief absence of the waiter, Giselle turned toward Donna – whose hand was still resting against he taught fabric of her stomach and massaging it in little circles and took in her counterpart’s appearance since they had really sat down that evening.

She had edged her chair closer so that they could talk more freely. She looked simply radiant in her evening dress, despite looking a little ‘fleshier’ from her overindulgence that evening. Even her bust looked more prominent since they had first sat down to dine.

“You nearly made me jump,” she said to Donna, who continued to massage her stomach.

“I have that effect on a gal,” she winked, hand withdrawn at the waiter returned with food and drink.

“Gosh, I think we’ve made little pigs out of ourselves this evening, haven’t we,” said Giselle, slipping slightly in her chair so that her belly sat more comfortably against her tight fabric.

“I think you have certainly done that,” said Donna, “I’ve seen you rubbing that too-cute belly of yours. It was making me a bit jealous.”

But it was true that both women had been ravenous since this entire ordeal had begun and were overtly disappointed at the meager food items they could enjoy until before tonight.

The girls looked down at their now fully-loaded plates. Were their eyes bigger than their bellies this time? Would they be able to clear their plates once more?

Almost as if in reply, Donna’s belly let out a dainty gurgle – more room. She smiled happily and patted her belly and looked at Giselle.

Giselle nodded back and pushed her belly out forward to the delight of Donna who did the same. Both girls felt electric tingles through their bodies as they felt the fabric swell up and tighten against their now fuller tummies.

Both women glanced over at the trio of men who were all leaning towards Tom and no doubt discussing further business. As per usual, the women and the men separated for ‘man talk’ while the ladies were to gab amongst themselves.

Giselle and Donna took the opportunity to continue to pack away forkful after forkful, continuing to feel their stomach expanding, soft flesh being caged by their beautifully woven fabric dresses.

While the men continued to discuss business, occasionally being tended to by the waiter – liquor was starting to be served, signaling the end to the main course, the woman were continuing to devour their plates.

Oh god, why did these potatoes have to be so damn good!” Giselle said to herself as she half cursed / half made love to the final forkful on her plate.

She glanced over at Donna, who was on her last bite of her cutlet of lamb. With eyes closed, she slowly pushed the last forkful into her waiting mouth and chewed slowly, letting a soft groan escape the side of her mouth.

Giselle wanted to take Donna there and then. She could feel the moistness between her legs increasing. Almost as a beacon to allow a hand, any hand to find its way there and continue a pursuit of pleasure that would drive her sexually mad.


For the next 10 painful minutes, both women had pushed their plates forward and leant back in their chairs. The only noises they made between sips of the wine were sighs of utter contentment. It was Donna who first looked down at her own belly. She pressed a tender hand to its surface and felt that it was nearly as hard and firm as stone. She was eternally thankful that her dress did not have a belt accessory, for it would surely be cutting into her flesh quite deeply by now. Longingly, she almost wished to be wearing one, so that she could show off a lovely deep red mark to her companion.

Giselle hiccupped quietly and placed a hand to her mouth as she felt her entire belly rise and fall – like a stone. She was so incredibly full now that she began to feel her own heart slamming against her ribs and her breath become shallow. For now her mind seemed to be turning towards lustful desires….


Tom looked up at the two girls who were obviously content as kittens to happily lay there and have someone ravish their swollen bodies and smiled.

“Looks like you two overdid it a bit. But I hear the dessert is quite exquisite for this evening.”

Giselle licked her lips, praying that the last few minutes of resting were penance enough for her belly to allow her to continue feasting, “Well, I don’t think I could turn down dessert for such a special evening, how about you Donna?”

Her companion turned to look first at Tom, then at Charlie, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

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This is great! I can't wait for the next installment.
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another great installment! roll on desert, we have two cute piglets waiting
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Chapter 28 – Dinner Interruptus

As their dinner plates began to be cleared away from the main table, the Head Chef (with a nod from Tom) made great ceremony of bringing out the final course of the evening.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have prepared for you, at the request of Mr. Whitman a most exquisite finale to your taste buds this evening.”

He gestured to one of the waiters behind him, and a silver cart with a large elegantly-etched domed lid was put in front of him.

“May I present—Black-Out Truffle Cheesecake”, and with one expansive movement of his hand, he whisked the lid off and revealed a beautiful arrangement of a two-tiered cheesecake of magnificent craftsmanship.

The entire room seemed to be transfixed on the dessert that was now set before them. Donna and Giselle both leaned in closer, almost trying to taste the air, for each of them became acutely aware of a most delicious aroma emanating from the direction of the cheesecake.

“My god, it’s beautiful,” breathed Giselle, much to the delight of Tom.

“I’ll say,” followed Donna, who at that moment felt her body vibrate with excitement.

But then she felt it vibrate again, and again. Huh? She thought, her senses questing her body – until she discovered the source. It was her mobile phone that she stuck in her small purse which she had sat upon throughout the entire evening.

Nonchalantly, she reached down and extracted it and read the screen – her brow furrowed.

The Head Chef was just about to make the first incision into his beautiful masterpiece, when Donna made to get the attention of the group.

“While I am sure that this dessert will be as legendary as it looks, I’m afraid us gals need to use the restroom to powder our noses first.” She smiled sweetly but with a trace of playfulness that may have come at the expense of having had too much to drink so far that evening.

Tom nodded to the Chef, who gently placed the knife and serving tray down and nodded, but said nothing.

Donna made to wipe her mouth and deftly dropped her mobile into the deep crevice that was her cleavage, and for good measure, dabbed at her neck and her exposed upper chest and let out a contented sigh as she made to stand up.

Giselle got up too and the two were shown the way to the exclusive bathroom adjacent to their private dining room. All the men got up, before sitting down and began talking business while the girls clung to each other, partly to keep each other standing, but also to emphasize their closeness.

The bathroom was expansive and very well furnished. The soaps, lotions and perfumes were all of top quality and there was a small waiting bench of to one side.

Donna made to lock the door before sitting down next to Giselle.

“What’s up, hon?” said Giselle who watched as her companion reached into the deep vee of her dress and extracted her mobile. She dialed a series of numbers and listened intently. She hit the replay button, her face slightly stony and Giselle put it to her hear and felt her own face furrow.

“Dolphin. Stinger. We have a situation. Urgently request reply. Repeat urgent.”

Donna took back the mobile and dialed out, setting the volume lower, but putting it on speaker for both women to hear.

“Frank’s Pizza – can I take your order?” came a voice Giselle wasn’t expecting.

“Stinger, it’s Dolphin.” Said Donna, not fooled by the simple cover up.

“I must say, you have been a very busy girl,” he said with innocent playfulness in his voice that made Donna crack the tiniest of smiles.

“What news do you have for us?” she said with an urgency in her voice that said this was not to be a social call with playful banter, such as Giselle had witnessed firsthand when she had first met the man.

“There’s no easy way to put this, but I believe you’ve been had.”


“After you brought me in to evaluate the contents of that serum, I couldn’t help but dig a little deeper into your ‘unofficial activities’ at that chocolate facility.”

Donna nodded, “go on.”

“Well, I was surprised to find out that a certain part of their facilities have a tremendous amount of encrypted security for something as banal as a chocolate plant, so I dug in deeper. I must say, their mainframe and security systems are near perfect, but you know how I have a way with technology,” he couldn’t help but let out a small laugh.

“—But I did find out that there was a recent detection of some ‘contaminants’ that was in the silo division of a very low-level of the facility. Now, I don’t know what’s going on, or what your game plan was, but the sabotage simply reeked of your handiwork, and I put in a patch to confuse their systems to make it appear as if it was a malfunction internally.”

For the first time, Donna let out her breath in a long sigh and looked skyward.
“Thanks Stinger.” She said and she really meant it.

“The pleasure was certainly all mine. I just love it how when I hacked into their intercom system, they seemed very perplexed and utterly confused - imbeciles.”

“Well, I know how you love your chaos and anarchy.” Said Donna, making him laugh once more.

“Care to share some gooey details?” he said, in a voice that both girls could envision him raising an eyebrow.

“Stinger, my dear Stinger—“ began Donna, but she was cut off.

“I’m intercepting a phone call message from someone named ‘Cork’ to an unlisted mobile number of 555.848.1234…It’s…going to voicemail. Hold on, I’ll play you the recording in a second.”

“Can’t you delete the recording and any record of the call being made?” said Donna.

“No, had I had more time to infiltrate the network, I could have done more. The best I can do for you now is play the message.”

Giselle was listening hard now, looking with some apprehension at her companion and then back at the phone. She could hear some rapid clicking of fingers across a keyboard, and then the tiny recording of a voice they knew from a not-too-distant past could be heard.

‘It’s Cork. We’ve got a situation, or had a situation with the Silo’s down in the lower levels. It was a contamination sensor that went off. Also, we’ve had some strange stuff going on in one of the upper labs – the restricted material labs.’

“Shit. Is that all?” said Donna, who stared into Giselle’s eyes with a look of fervent concern.

“It appears so. Care to share now? Perhaps I can be of more assistance.”

For the next minute or so, Donna relayed scant details of their plan, and followed up with a monetary offer for Stinger’s cooperation for the now unforeseen and unexpected hitch in their plan.

“Dolphin, you flatter me with your offering of money. I accept your terms, which I believe are more than gracious. But I have one other request,” he paused, giving Donna a chance to interrupt, but she did not.

“That curious formula you had me analyze, I’d like to obtain a sample. It had most curious properties and I think that it could be useful in the right hands.”

Donna considered this, but felt that the request was fair, and after all, she’d be out of this sort of racket for good—if they ever got out of this mess first.

“Your terms are fair.”

“Excellent!” he said, clapping his hands together audibly through the speakerphone.

“If you swing by our apartment, you’ll find the sample Giselle brought home. I don’t think I need to stress to you the importance of ‘contamination’” she said.

“My damsels in distress have no fear. Your knight in shining armor won’t let you down. Right now, I’m monitoring all calls in and out of that facility as well as most of the radio transmissions. If something comes up, I’ll send you encrypted texts – easier than calling.”

“Perfect.” Said Donna whose face bore a look of renewed concentration.
Donna rang off and looked at Giselle.

“We’re not out of the woods yet.”

“If it’s not one thing, it’s another. But tell me, did you recognize that phone number he mentioned?”

“Yes,” said Donna standing up and fidgeting with her dress, which she had only now realized was painfully snug, the concentration of the last few minutes on the phone having temporarily distracted her, “the number he read of was…Paul.”


“Meaning,” said Donna, thumbing the catch of the bathroom lock and stepping back into the hallway, preparing to re-enter the private dining room, “—that we must get to Paul before he gets to that phone.”

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Chapter 29 – Room for Dessert?

Donna and Giselle re-entered the room regaining their composure and calming their breathing in the process. Although they had only been gone maybe 10 minutes, hardly any time seemed to have passed, for the men were still deep in conversation, their drinks having been replaced with dessert wines or liqueurs. Charlie, Donna thought with mild disgust, had a glass of each, while Tom and Paul were enjoying liqueurs.

“Miss us?” said Giselle, passing by Tom’s chair and tracing a finger along the breadth of his shoulders before taking her seat.

“Terribly!” proclaimed Charlie, perhaps a little louder than he meant as he took a deep pull from a glass.

“So, shall we get down to it? I’m dying to taste this magnificent dessert.” Said Tom, “I’ve been told it’s a secret recipe known only to a few of the world’s greatest chefs.”

The Head Chef chucked and nodded, “Why yes, Mr. Whitman, it’s been in my family for years, and only my brother and I know if it – He’s a premiere chef on a famous cruiseliner of the high seas!”

“Indeed!” said Tom, cracking a smile.

With great ceremony, the Chef began to partition off slices of the cake to each of the plates. Donna and Giselle each took an offered glass of dessert wine and when they received their pieces, noted that they were quite a bit larger than any of the men.

Giselle caught Tom’s eye and gave him an appreciating smile, which he returned.

“Bon Apetite.” Said the head chef, as he bowed and scraped his way out of the room and into the back area.

“To success!” said Tom raising his glass as did everyone. Paul made to reach into his jacket, but was interrupted by the toast, a movement that did not go unnoticed by either of the women.

They drank deeply and Giselle noted that the wine was excellent. Very sweet, but excellent.

Donna reached down to handle her fork and plunged it down into the tip of her slice. Her fork sank into it with some resistance, and she mentally noted that it was not the typical Italian ricotta cheesecake, and that this would be a very dense, very rich meal unto itself.

She raised the fork to her waiting lips closed her mouth.

OH. MY. GOD.’ Tiny little explosions went off inside her head. It was unequivocally the best thing she had ever tasted. Her mind went foggy and time seemed to slow down. It made the meals from earlier in the evening taste like canned food. Her mouth bean to water and continued to water as her stomach had made a loving rumble, as if Donna had been trying to starve her wanting belly for years.

With her free hand, she cradled her lower belly, inhaling deeply and letting out a sigh. She felt her belly distend and press downward, but it was still teasingly constrained by the fabric of her evening dress.

Damn you,’ her belly would have said, as it uttered another pang of hunger which Donna could not deny it.

She dug her fork in once more and experienced a replica of her first bite. Only this time, she felt the tiny explosions trickle down to other parts of her body…intimate parts of her body.

Giselle was having similar experiences of ecstasy. Food had never tasted so good, and she had never felt the primal urge to never stop eating, despite each rich and heavy forkful that was telling her brain and body that she was running out of room. She did not care.

The men were also experiencing pleasure from eating this fabulous treat. Low primal grunts were escaping their lips, but each was too involved with his food to even register the sounds coming from his table fellows. Charlie Roth was perspiring and banged his fist down against the table and let out a low satisfying grunt that sounds like he had came. Tom was certainly enjoying his piece and even Paul, who had dug his hand into his jacket after the toast and whose phone now sat, face down, upon the dining table, seemed far too distracted.

About a third of the way done the dessert, Giselle found herself in a sort of ‘slow-motion’ effect. With each passing forkful, her body continued its silent protest to stop, while her mouth and taste buds urged her on like a user needing another hit, a stronger hit.

The minutes urged on, but it felt like hours. Donna reached up to have a sip of her wine that seemed only to amplify the taste of her dessert, when she still feeling the sensations of being in a fog of ecstasy glanced up to see a rather tall, gaunt and rather lean waiter whom she had not seen before approach the table on Paul’s right-hand side. He bent low and whispered with mild urgency into the man’s ear and presented a folded note in a gloved hand. But as he did so, he noted his other hand come up and nudge the table slightly, or at least she thought she did.

She saw Paul wince slightly and immediately stick his index finger into his mouth, sucking it.

Clumsy man, he must have fumbled with the note when he was unfolding it,” thought Donna, almost lazily before returning to another mouthful of her cheesecake.

The waiter uttered apologies, but Paul waived him away. The man bent low and with a slowed purposeful gait left the room. Giselle, who had witnessed the event as the others had done, had done so with a lazy interest, no doubt brought on by the effects of the dessert and the paired wine, but she could have sworn that the tall waiter somehow looked familiar. Like someone from her past, but in her brain-fogged stupor, she immediately forgot about it and she too, returned to her food.


With the subtlety of a drunk man trying to give off the impression that he is quite sober, Charlie and Tom had crashed their chairs closer to their ‘dates’.

Donna had allowed Charlie to close in very near to her so that their chairs were now touching. Under the table, he put his hand on the top of her thigh and began feeding her forkful after forkful of cheesecake off his own plate (her own was completely empty, and it took much restraint not to lick the plate).

Tom made a similar movement, but everyone was suddenly startled by the grunting and groaning of Paul across the table.

He looked like a caged animal begging to be freed. He ripped at his tie and loosed it, the top button popping off in his hurried frenzy. His hair had become unruly and he was shoveling his hands into his cheesecake and trying to cram as much of it as he possibly could into his open mouth.

“I—I—Oh my god, the food—“ was all he managed between taking a breath of air before polishing off his plate amidst the looks of shock that were now on the others faces.

He made to stand up, but stumbled off his chair, disappearing for a moment. Tom and Charlie made to get up to help him, each looking startled at the other.

“Paul, what’s the matter?!? Is it an allergic reaction?”

But Paul wrenched his arm out of Tom’s and lunged for the trolley on which there was an entire layer of cheesecake sitting, innocently.

With his outstretched hand, he scrabbled at the handle, but it gently wheeled itself out his grasp and he fell to the floor again. Donna and Giselle looked at each other, horrorstricken.

Oh my god! Was this man having an allergy attack?” thought Donna as she too made to stand up.

“He must be reacting with something he ate.” Said Giselle, noting that Paul’s face begun to look a bit swollen; his dinner jacket straining to remain buttoned.

“Help! Someone help!” cried Charlie, who was down on one drunken knee and trying to help the poor man up.

But like a man possessed, Paul seemed to only have eyes for the remaining food, just out of reach and evaded Charlie’s outstretched hand and knocked him back, causing him to crash into the leg of the table, surprising and temporarily knocking the wind out of him.

Right then, two of the waiters entered, having heard the commotion and began to restrain Paul, all the while he was gesticulating with unspoken words and thrashing wildly. The taller of the two, the lean and gaunt one, caught a blow in the sternum and with an awkward tumble, he and Paul crashed to the floor, his head landing with a sickening THUNK, and he lay still.

The downed waiter accepted help from his companion and Donna could have sworn she saw something glinting in his other hand put something into his pocket. But amidst the broken glass scattered on the floor, from when Paul begun his frenzy, she wasn’t entirely sure what she had seen.

Tom bent down felt for a pulse. “He’s alive.” He gasped, wiping his hair back from his face and turning to look at the others.

The two waiters hauled Paul up to his feet and with much difficulty, for he indeed now looked very ill-fitting in his clothes, and removed him from the room.

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I'm very glad to see that this story hasn't been abandoned. I kept a pretty close eye on it for a while, and I've enjoyed your more recent updates. Your writing is always impressive. Thank you for soldiering on!
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Default Still great!

I've been enjoying this story for quite a while. It really is one of my favourites to come along in a good bit. Good on you, Runningsoft!
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Thanks! This is one of those tricky endings where it needs to be just right for everyone to feel like they have received their just desserts. Stay tuned.
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Chapter 30a – To the Victor Go the Spoils

It took nearly an hour after Paul’s abrupt and perplexing departure, before everyone had begun to calm down. In an adjacent room, Donna, Giselle and Charlie were regaining their composure. Tom had been in and out of the room checking in on the status of Paul.

“They say it’s a food allergy,” said Tom who entered the room, looking a bit more like himself, but with a look of concern on his face.

Everyone looked up and nodded, accepting this as truth.

Tom looked at each of them in turn, “I was just talking with the waiter who was tackled by Paul. He’s still a bit shaken up himself, but he thinks that Paul’s lucky to be alive. The impact of the fall might have been much worse, had he not collided with the waiter first and slowed the impact to the floor. Still—“ Tom looked away, staring at nothing, his arms now folded, one hand rested against his masculine chin. Giselle couldn’t help but notice that Tom was indeed a fine specimen, and even more so in this moment.

He paced the room a few times while the others remained in silence, then stopped and turned to Charlie. “Chuck, we should call a meeting – head back to the office. With everything happening tomorrow, this is one thing that might make people talk – especially when Paul was going to be present for all the meeting and press dealings.”

Charlie nodded soberly, saying nothing.

But Giselle couldn’t let that happen. She stood up and fell into Tom’s chest and began sobbing, though there were no tears.

“Oh, Tom! Don’t leave us—me here. It was a terrible shock what happened, and I don’t think I should be left alone right now—.” She broke off renewing her sobs and he put a reassuring hand on her back and lightly kissed her neck.

They sat down and held each other, and Charlie did the same for Donna – it just seemed like the right thing do, he thought.

The room they were now in, adjacent to the private dining room had club-seating, with deep couches and an alcohol cabinet off to one side that was already prepared with ice. There were also other various surfaces to sit on, that suggested that tired couples might light lay down and relax…for a bit.

The couples continued holding each other, feeling the tears stifle and the breathing returning to normal. Giselle continued to hold Tom, although her hands began to become more relaxed, more ‘safe’ in his arms and she began to explore his body. She felt him wince when she touched his left shoulder.

Babe, are you hurt?” she said, emphasizing the first word for his benefit, with traces of concern.

“Ah, yeah. I think so. I hit the floor pretty hard and Paul’s a pretty strong guy.”

She gently detached herself from his embrace and helped him out of his dinner jacket. “Here, let me look at that area.” She began unbuttoning his shirt and eased him out of it, putting it on the floor.

“Right here, huh?” she said pressing her thumb into the area again, this time with unnecessary force causing him to wince once more.”

“Ah—yeah.” He hissed through gritted teeth.

“It needs some ice,” she said getting up striding over to the bar. She picked up a glass, and not bothering to use the ice tongs, dipped it into the bucket and then filled it with an amber liquid and walked back over to Tom.

He smiled and took the glass from her and took a pull and offered it to her. She sat down next to him and tipped her lips up to him so that he would have to pour it into her open mouth.

The liquor was harsh and filled her belly with fire that seemed to re-energize her, she felt slightly more mentally alert, despite her body feeling fatigued, sore and very, very full.

Once she had gulped the liquid down, she took the glass in one hand and wrapped her arm around his neck with the other, but just as their lips were about to meet, she put the glass against his skin and they both let out a little laugh and finally, allowed their lips to find each other.


Meanwhile, Charlie and Donna had begun with gentle petting that quickly began to turn professional. They were lying side-long at the far end of their side of the long couch, with Donna laying down and Charlie slightly astride her.

Their lips met and she let out a sigh of contentment, allowing her belly to distend and make an impression into the couch. Charlie’s eager fingers had found the bottom of her dress and had begun sliding his free hand up the outer edge of her softer thigh until he flipped the edge of her skirt up to reveal the tops of her underwear. She could feel his member getting hard against the back of her leg and he re-adjusted himself so that she would have easier access to reaching around.

The action as followed up by Donna expertly undoing his belt, which was tight and snug against his pants and undoing the clasp of his trousers. His belly pooched forward a bit with the relief, and she undid the bottom two buttons. Her hand felt for his stomach which was soft, yet full of food and otherwise firm – she could only imagine what she would feel like if she ever got out of her dress. She began rubbing his belly and slowly slipped her fingers underneath the elastic of his boxers, traversing the furry terrain until she was the epicenter of his manhood…


Between lustful kisses, Giselle and Tom moved away from the other occupied couple to allow themselves slightly more privacy.

“I saw you moving your way around the dining table tonight, sampling everything on your plate and then some.” He breathed, crushing his mouth against hers once more, grabbing the back of her head.

“I was stuffing myself for you, babe.” She said; their lips still close together. She could feel him grin, and she grinned too.

Tom continued, “And now tonight, when I saw how big of an eater you were during your second helping of dinner, and when you were looking at me with that hungry expression…I just knew…”

His hand made for the restraining clasp of the back of her dress, “—I just knew that you and I were going to have the most amazing sex of our lives.” His hand tore at the clasp and Giselle felt like she could breathe for the first time, for the dress backing shuddered; then slowly taking in a huge breath, she felt the zip slide all the way down her back…


Donna caught the masculine fragrance of Charlie’s expensive aftershave and inhaled deeply, closing her eyes as she continued to tease him, fondle him; caress him.

He grunted and buried his face in her neck and began licking and biting her exposed flesh, her soft, supple flesh. Donna was lost in the moment, and when she opened her eyes, she saw Giselle looking directly at her, her lower lip quivering while Tom was busying himself with the back of her dress.
Neither of them spoke, but when their eyes locked, the message couldn’t have been clearer.

“Tonight. Tonight is the night we celebrate ourselves. Completely. We have earned this and to the victor go the spoils. For tonight, we have been spoiled and will spoil each other.”

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Huzzah! The return!
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Chapter 30b – To the Victor Go the Spoils

Donna felt herself slightly hyperventilate like there was a lump in her throat after they broke eye contact and regained her composure. She could feel Charlie’s skilled hands find her belly. It was hard and swollen and she felt electricity surge through her entire body and send a shiver down her spine. She had done well this evening. Eaten so much, dined with elegance and supped like a queen. Now, she would not be denied the pleasure of being taken.


Tom let his hands wander over the naked flesh of Giselle’s upper back. Her skin was soft and smooth and very warm. She cooed lightly in his ear as his hands continued questing, searching and exploring.

He dropped his hands down to her middle and let his hands dance over and under her belly, feeling the entire softness of her belly which was still constrained by that beautiful dress.

She desperately wanted him to let her free; to pinch and tweak around the area, and to tell her how naughty she had been for getting so fat for him this evening, and what he was going to do to her to punish her for being so greedy…

Giselle let her mind wander while Tom’s hands continued to tease her, causing her to become wetter with desire. Her thoughts swum towards Donna, who was stroking Charlie while he had his hands under her dress, one fleshy leg exposed—god, she looked delicious and so utterly helpless— She knew it wasn’t cheating, but she couldn’t remember a time in recent memory where she had shared herself with another person while Donna was in the room watching. She longed for Donna to do the exploring, to make her a complete woman like she had done so many times before—but she still had a job to do. A job…a job…

Tom’s hands paused and held Giselle’s belly and she came out of her reverie. “Still hungry?” he said, and she felt her belly gurgle in his hands.

She smiled into his face, which was now looking down at hers. He spoke again, “I know I’m not being too forward, but there is still another entire layer of that Black-Out Truffle Cheesecake, and I know a good home, so it, ah—doesn’t go to ‘waist’”. He hefted her belly up off her lap and watched as it giggled and sagged back down.

Giselle said nothing, but inside she was grinning with anticipation.


Tom removed his wandering hands from Giselle’s bountiful stomach and stood up, bare-chested and walked out the room. Giselle rearranged herself on the couch so that her feet we no longer tucked underneath her fleshy backside.
She leaned back on her hands so that her belly as prominent as could be. Taking a few deep breaths, she marveled at despite its girth, that there just might be some ‘growing room’ left somewhere inside her.

Tom returned a few minutes later with a plate balanced in each hand. On each were a single fork skewering half of the cheesecake. Wordlessly, Tom put one down near Charlie and Donna, who had both glanced up, grinning – and without his eyes ever leaving Giselle, he sat down.

“Big Beautiful Women. Not everyone likes them, and some people think they’re only good for one thing, but they do that one thing really, really well.” Touched, Giselle opened her mouth, waiting for that first bite…


Once again, Giselle felt her world explode and threw back her hair and exposing her neck and giving Tom a glance at the deepening V of her increasingly ample cleavage.

He smiled, yet continued feeding her and watched with expert interest as his beauty continued to pack away the food; continuing to gain for him and to push that body to its limits.

Giselle quickly began to realize how full she was getting and how full she probably already was. Minutes flew by but felt like hours. Looking down, she noted her belly was more notably round since she had readjusted herself on the couch. Her dress was still confining her stomach and her breasts were still concealed and begging for their release.

With mischievous eyes, Donna had been watching the entire series of mouthfuls and could see that with Giselle’s new positioning on the couch that her skirt had slid up her thighs slightly and gapped at the right angle, exposing her luxurious panties which bore a very wet patch at their center.

Charlie had begun feeding Donna in an elegant a manner as his drunken fingers could manage; but was oblivious of the lustful glances Donna was saving only for her companion, her true companion. She was getting rather tempted and finding it mountingly difficult resist the urge to strip Giselle naked as well as herself to evaluate each other’s progress.

Donna could only guess, but she imagined Giselle’s belly now was about as large or larger than a volleyball; and was showing increasing signs of protest against her evening dress. Donna imagined feeling that large belly pushing back against her hand, as hard as a stone, and couldn’t wait to see that belly finally become freed.


She took the plate from Charlie and began feeding herself while he took the obvious cue. Donna laid back as far as she could against the backrest of the sofa, her legs spread as if to invite Giselle over too. Between slow, tantalizing mouthfuls, she felt hands stumble across her belly with fingertips finding their way to the bottom of her belly. She paused briefly mid-forkful as she felt the tips of eager fingers slide in between the tightness of her skin and those of her panties and remain there, probing, searching.

Donna closed her eyes, pushing a large bite of cheesecake into her waiting mouth and chewed slowly, allowing her oral fixation to reach staggering heights of pleasure. A soft groan escaped her lips and she let the plate of cheesecake, now ½ gone, lay beside her on the couch. With her now-free hands, she began massaging her belly, while letting the other join that of Charlie to mutual share in its pursuit of pleasure.

She could feel a wave of wetness between her legs as she continued massaging her own belly. She could feel her body digesting the wonderful food of the evening and felt the fabric continue its assault on her body.

There must be a red mark something fierce from where my dress is digging into my belly, not to mention my hips,’ She thought to herself as she felt Charlie’s fingers circling her womanhood though her panties, flicking her here and stroking her there.

Her breath now coming in short deep gasps and her heart slamming against her ribs, she knew that she would need to be extracted from her dress, and soon. Charlie, quickly understood her signs and reached up to undo the clasp of her dress as Donna, not wanting to wait any longer, slid her panties to one side and delicately inserted a finger deep into her sex.

Oh god, it had been too long.’

Instantly, she was able to take a great breath and felt her belly surge forward and her breasts drop as the zip of her dress tore down her back. She could feel the folds he supple back flesh ooze out of the folds of her dress, but she did not care. She had relief.


Meanwhile, Giselle, who had polished about half of her own serving of cheesecake, felt like she could wait no longer. She needed to be pried out of her own dress. She imagined she could see herself, stuffed on that couch as she could now see Donna. She knew she would see the deep ‘u bend’ of her underwear accommodate to the swell of her lower belly. The thought made her sex moisten, and she was sure that she would begin to drip with ecstasy if she wasn’t already.

It was roughly at that moment that both Donna and Giselle locked eyes. Bloated, swollen and incredibly horny, they gave in to their primal urges and dashed towards each other, clothing askew and embraced each other. The next thing they knew, each was kissing the other with unreserved passion. Both Tom and Charlie were momentarily shocked, having thought the two women might have been ‘just work friends’, but quickly saw the opportunity to explore the friendship of these two women to its fullest potential.

‘Oh, gawd—I’ve missed this,” breathed Donna into Giselle’s ear as she bit her earlobe hard, making her squeal softly.

“Uh-huh,” mouthed Giselle, hungry to return the favor to her companion. Giselle’s right hand surged down towards Donna’s waiting sex and slid her finger inside, making Donna go momentarily weak-kneed. She recovered and felt Giselle extract her finger and trace it up her lower belly, leaving a trail of wetness.

Giselle brought the finger up to her mouth and inserted it, sucking and licking it and then presenting it to Donna who reciprocated. Tom and Charlie, were content to watch the show from their prospective corners; with each man pouring himself a glass of fine liquor. Each saying nothing, but taking in everything.

“Oooh, I want you out of these scraps of clothing,” said Donna, kissing the tip of Giselle’s finger.

Giselle nodded and felt her friend’s hands come up and expertly begin to tug away at the fabric around her upper arms and chest. True to form, the well-made dress fit Giselle like a second skin and it was all they could do to help her out of it. With urgent fingers, Donna tugged it down, and her companion’s pendulous breasts were now freed.

Their sudden lack of coverage caused each of them to pucker and harden, elongating by at least half an inch. Donna picked up one with delicate hands and brought it to her mouth and began stimulating the end so that it hardened even more.

Giselle moaned loudly and dug her hands into Donna’s hair, pressing her firmly against her breast urging her to continue indefinitely. Glancing down, she saw that she was no longer as large as a volley ball, but looked at least 6 months pregnant. But it was still hard to tell as the dress was firmly entrenched around her middle, with only the top portion of her upper belly exposed. For all she knew, she had more belly left to show off…

Donna stole a furtive glance in the direction of the two men, who had now assembled at one side of the room, a slight distance apart and who were now beginning to explore their own bodies intimately, completely oblivious of what the other was now up to.

She grinned inwardly, and whispered into Giselle’s ear. Nodding, she side-stepped behind Donna so that the two women were now facing the eager men. Giselle ran her soft hands across the shoulders of her companion and began lightly kissing her neck, making her moan and shudder.

She put her hands under the fabric of the dress, trying desperately to find a breast, but both were firmly embedded in the fabric. She tugged at the shoulders, and Donna now let out a squeak of pain, as her upper arms were now free.

Then, with both women looking directly at each other, and smiling – they turned to each of their men, and wordlessly Giselle slid the top of Donna’s dress down to expose her ballooning breasts, which now leapt forward several inches.

The looks on each of the women’s face couldn’t have been plainer to either man, “Well, what are you both waiting for?

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now that's what a sex scene looks like! i love your descriptions of their bellies
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Chapter 31 – Have Your (cheese)Cake And Eat It Too…

Tom and Charlie leaned forward on the sofa. Each of them having already taken out their members and were pumping. Slowly, so as not to ruin the evening so soon…

Giselle looked at Tom with eyes that said, “I know what you like…” and she sauntered over to him and knelt between his knees, helping him drop his trousers down to his ankles.

She took him in her mouth and began to enjoy him. Slowly at first; then faster. She kept eye-contact with him, and when she gave her mouth a rest, smiled mischievously at him. He closed his eyes and looked up to the heavens, wondering if life could get any better than this.

But Charlie Roth was not to be left wondering himself, for Donna began to service him in a similar fashion.

Both women could sense their men were getting close to climax, and with women’s instinct, they found each other with their free hands, creating a sort of sexual union between them. And even before either man knew his seed would be released, Giselle and Donna gripped hands with such sexual ferocity that their knuckles whitened as they welcomed the warm honeyed liquid into their waiting mouths.


Giselle and Donna got up and nuzzled against their men, whispering sweet nothings while they stroked and fondled the parts of each other they could reach.

After a while, they could sense that their male companions arousal factor had reset. Wordlessly, Donna got up and went back to her side of the room where she had left her half-cheesecake sitting on the seat.

She sat down a little ways away from the three and gestured for only Giselle to sit next to her. She winked at Tom who smiled and watched as Giselle opened her mouth and seductively licked off the contents and swallowed deeply, letting out a satisfying moan.

“That’s it my lovely, eat this cheesecake. We can’t have it go to waste now, can we?” chided Donna to her companion between mouthfuls.

“Yes, that’s right. Eat it up, there you go. Lovely.”

Giselle could feel the scraps of her evening dress begin to cut more deeply into her belly, but she continued eating.

“We are going to get you so fat.” She breathed to Donna, as the two switched roles and grinning, proceeded to clear the plate.

“Now what are we going to do?” said Giselle in a mock-pouting voice, turning to the two men.

Tom wordlessly picked up the plate of remaining cheesecake and handed it over to Donna who took it, but put it down again.

“With all this eating tonight, we’ve both gotten a bit full, wouldn’t you say?”
Giselle nodded and stuck her belly forward (not that it needed much help) as if to emphasize the point.

“And I know there is more room in here (she gestured to her own belly) but our bellies are stuck in these dresses.”

“But what we need are two strong men who can help us out of these itty-bitty little dresses.”, chimed in Giselle.

Donna smiled, as if she just figured 1 and 1 made 2 and they both stood up and helped their men up.

Charlie was already ram-rod straight and Tom was also in the process of getting hard once more; and both women were silently pleased that their stallions would not be disappointing them this evening…


Donna was first. She stood still as a statue as Charlie, Tom and Giselle eagerly began to dig their hands to pry Donna from the fabric-confines of her dress. Donna could feel the men grunt with sweat pouring from their foreheads as they forced the dress down her bulging body, and on more than once occasion she felt Tom’s hard member touching her skin – which she didn’t mind at all.

Giselle was next and presented more of a challenge. Her dress, having already been too-tight to begin with was stuck against her lower belly with no hope of passing her hips. It was Tom who came up with the clever notion of pulling it off head-first, so he and Charlie had her bend over the back of a sofa for leverage as they tugged and pried it off her head. Donna meanwhile held Giselle’s legs against the back, but did not miss the early opportunity to handle and play with the soft fleshy spheres that were Giselle’s behind.

How much had she gained this evening?’ wondered Donna, who could definitely feel her own gluttony spread across her amazing body. The thought of it made her tingle.

Suddenly, she was freed and both women were completely naked, save for their too-tight panties that were digging into their fleshy bodies.

“Mmmm, now I bet that feels better, doesn’t it.” Said Donna, running one hand down along her friend’s back, noting the deep red marks from the too-tight fabric. She looked lovely.

Giselle sighed with contentment as she felt Donna’s hand now trace its way up from her low back and wrap around her fleshy rib cage and make contact with underside of her right breast. She noted the tingling sensations in her lower regions as Donna lifted and kneaded the breast with passion as it was scooped and playfully dropped due to its increased heaviness. Her nipples hardened and she felt Donna’s gentle thumb caress the bud that was lengthening and further hardening with desire.

Donna now moved toward the rest of her body, enjoying this form of exploration in front of two horny and well-endowed men. She could absolutely feel the added weight on her body, especially since the dress had been removed allowing her ultimate freedom. Her belly for instance – definitely bigger, and judging by Donna cupping and squeezing her sides, her love handles had grown even more to love. She felt Donna run her hands against her sides and then abruptly down to the sides of her ass, confirming that her love handles drooped well over her panties. Giselle smiled.

Donna came even closer and cupped her grown ass, pinching and grabbing, slapping and squeezing. It felt delightful. She was expecting and welcomed it when Donna bent low and she felt those warm hands run up the sides of her thighs, which touched all the way to her sex as she felt little kisses being planted around her bum. Donna slowly stood up and made Giselle gasp and moan with pleasure as she placed one hand down the front of her panties, following her landing strip and tease the outer edge of her glistening sex.
Giselle could barely take it anymore and turned so that Donna’s hand did not lose it’s rhythm of gliding in and out of her sex, as she began to plant kisses on the nape of her neck, bellies touching the entire time.

Mmm-hmm, yeah,” moaned Giselle. Donna sighed with contentment herself, as she felt Giselle’s hands freely wander along her own growing body.

Donna’s belly felt like it was approaching beach-ball size, for it stuck out further and higher than her own. She could tell it was full for it hardly giggled when she playfully slapped it at the sides. Delicious. Giselle then allowed her hands to continue their exploration up along her mid and upper back. She was pleased to find that Donna’s love handles and upper back fat felt as luscious as ever. She gave them a playful squeeze and felt Donna take a step closer to her so that now their breasts touched.

She felt for large breasts that overflowed with health and vitality and long, hard nipples. They twisted their upper bodies against each other so that their nipples rubbed and hardened against each other.

Giselle next let her hands fall over two pretty little love handles and then underneath her lower belly, which formed a lovely u-bend against the protesting fabric of her panties.

Oh, the things I’d do to her sex right now,” thought Giselle…

The two women were lost in each other’s x-rated exploration of the other’s body, when out of the corner of Giselle’s eye, she spotted the last remaining mouthfuls of cheesecake.

Giselle made to grab for the fork, but Donna held out a hand. “Nuh uh. I get the first bite. Besides, it looks like you’ve already had your fill for the evening.”

She took the fork and dug out a fresh piece from the plate and brought it to her mouth. She closed her eyes and felt the world fall away once again. That familiar sensation of having an explosion of flavor erupt in her mouth was almost too much to take. She was craving another bite and she hadn’t even swallowed her first yet.

Giselle watched with jealous interest as Donna continued to orally pleasure herself.

Donna opened her eyes and a gigantic smile spread across her softer face.
“If there were only one food left on the earth for me to eat, this would be it,” she breathed a little flush in the face, “that—and maybe you.” She said to her companion as she brought up another forkful, but instead offered it to Giselle, who opened her mouth obediently.

“Ooooh,” breathed Giselle, as she became aware that she was cradling her own soft and swollen belly. “Feed me Donna, make this belly grow nice and fat.”

Donna raised a conspiratorial eyebrow, “I think that’s a given, tonight.”
She continued feeding Giselle the remaining contents from the plate and then offered her the plate, which she was only too happy to lick clean.

Donna took the fork and plate away from her and led her friend to one of the flat areas that resembled a bed. She grabbed a pillow off to one side and put it under her companion to make their joint experience much more comfortable. Giselle now lay on her back, breathing slightly heavy with the exertion and was only too concerned with holding her too-full belly and moaning.

Giselle took in the features of her lovely companion. Her hair, which was so lovely done up earlier in th evening, had cascaded down and was askew in places. Her chest was heaving from the effort and anticipation of what was to come, and her belly—oh, that lovely belly; how cute it was now that it was no longer contained by that fabric—oh, how it hung gracefully when, like now, Donna was on all fours and ready to pounce and devour her sex.

“Mmmm,” said Giselle as she felt Donna begin to reach for her backside and begin to tug her too-tight panties off her body. It was so foolish to have left them on for so long. Now she would have a cute little red mark against her waist and thighs from where the fabric had cut into her beautiful body…
Kicking her legs into the air, she was now free and could detect that familiar honeyed scent of her womanhood.

Donna gazed with appreciation at the flower that lay in front of her. Absolutely perfect, so beautiful. She came in closer and began tracing her tongue down the landing strip of pubic hair and lapped at the glistening waterfall. It tasted divine and she felt her companion shudder.

Seductively, she said just so that Giselle could hear, “Oh, I think we can do better than that.”

Giselle squealed and froze as she felt a familiar finger enter her, then two. Then a tongue.

Oh god, I don’t’ want this to end!’ Giselle cried in her own mind as she felt her belly quiver from her lower half that was now in the expert hands of her companion.

Tom’s handsome face came into view and they kissed passionately and she reached for him, pulling and stroking, but not too quickly. This was not how he was supposed to end their evening.

Donna readjusted herself so that she was more balanced on all fours. Rhythmically, she was entering Giselle and lapping up her nectar. A she felt a slight breeze from behind her as she sensed before she felt Charlie descend upon her. He was gentle for such a drunk man. Slowly, he massaged her bottom, gently patting then spanking her voluptuous ass. She felt him run his tongue along each cheek, blowing little kisses here and there. Then she let herself go, as she felt him spread her and run his tongue down the length of her sex.

She trembled and felt her whole body wiggle with excitement as his tongue darted here and there. She felt him enter her with a finger in her anus; two in her sex. She moaned and knew she was dripping wet.

Charlie seemed to notice this too, for he repositioned himself, using her own lubrication as he gently coated his hardened steel and entered her from behind. Donna fought the urge to lean into him even though she desperately wanted to. She wouldn’t allow him to climax that quickly…

Giselle glanced up, noting that the rhythm of her companion had changed and saw that Charlie Roth was now servicing her from behind, a look of extreme concentration and abrupt pleasure on his face.

She could feel herself getting close to climax, but also did not want to deny Tom the prospect of entering her any way he wanted to.

She put a hand down into her sex signaling for Donna to come up for air, all the while being rhythmically pumped by Charlie.

“I—want us all—to come at once—“ breathed Donna, her face flushed, the look of extreme ecstasy played across her face.

I know.” Said Giselle serenely as she kissed Donna full on the mouth and positioned herself in the classic ‘69’ position. She found it incredibly easy to get close to Donna’ sex despite the pumping by Charlie. She was intrigued to see her friend in this position while her back entrance was being plugged by a fleshy intruder. She noted that Charlie was thick, but Tom was longer. As a ‘tease between friends’ she grabbed his balls and began to nibble on them as well as lick his shaft, much to his appreciation and enthusiasm.

She felt Tom alter his previous position and enter her sex. Donna reached forward, and with slight difficulty managed to resume where had left off, only this time having to share with Tom’s hardened member. She reached out a hand and slid him out of Giselle and took him in her mouth.

Always tastes the same,’ she noted with a grin, as he repositioned himself to enter Giselle’s anus. For the next 15 minutes of complete and total sexual fantasy, the foursome continued making love with and to each other.

Donna knew that Charlie couldn’t last much longer, even though she was now fully rearing back on him, increasing his penetration and combined with the fact that she was close to coming herself, was not being helped any by Giselle’s eager tongue.

Giselle, knowing her partner only too well, sensed that her release was close to imminent and she willed herself to completely let go and to release her own flood-gates of that evening that had yet to be fully opened. Then, almost as if on cue, she could feel her vagina contract and release, contract and release – this was going to be a very wet orgasm, of that she was certain. Tom, still in her rear began pulling her ass towards him and she could feel his testicles slapping against her inner thighs. She tightened her anus and could begin to feel him pulsing – the timing was going to be perfect.

Simultaneously, Tom felt himself release with 5 rhythmic contractions the same time that he felt a surge of wetness spread across his testicles and thighs. Giselle felt a hotness entering her the same time she felt a surge of her own coat her legs. Donna felt the warmth spread down her face and chin as Giselle graced her with her honey as she released herself against Charlie. Charlie was the last in the chain reaction of ecstasy and pulled out to coat Donna, who felt a mixture of her own juices mixing with his hot seed against her inner thighs. It was many minutes before the orgy broke apart.

Tom had managed to grab a bunch of tablecloths from somewhere and they made a sort of large bed for all of them. With the men on the outside, spooning the women, everyone begun to fall asleep almost instantly.

Donna was the last to fall asleep, as she gazed into the pretty face of her companion.

“I love you,” she whispered before rolling on her back to prepare for sleep. And overtake her it did.

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Originally Posted by Ssaylleb View Post
now that's what a sex scene looks like! i love your descriptions of their bellies
hmmm i meant to write sexy scene but it has turned into a sex scene and a great one too!
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Chapter 32 – The Next Morning

Giselle was groggy and her head was killing her as she rolled over onto her side and propped herself up on her elbow.

She looked around and it took her a second before realizing where she was, why she was so hung over, and why she was not wearing any clothes.

Giselle made to get into a sitting position, but the effort of hoisting herself up made her feel immediately light-headed, and she swayed for a second. She went back on her elbow and decided it might be a good place to stay for a few minutes.

She ran a quick hand through her now tangled hair, and guessed that she looked like a woman who just had brains f***ed out, which of course, she did. She smiled inwardly and surveyed the room and began putting the series of events back together in her mind.

Something about Paul going nuts, both of the girls feeding themselves like gluttonous, lovely little piglets and then at some point enjoying what might have just been the best night of sex of her life.

She noted that it was just her and Donna alone in the room, the men – and their clothing – absent. She let out a sigh and pulled the tablecloth that had served as her blanket for the evening off her body to assess the damage. Her eyes went wide.

“My god, I’ve put on so much weight. I’m so swollen and full.” She thought, gazing down.

Her abdomen stuck out several inches to the point where she had to strain her neck just to see her sex. Her belly and sides still bore a mild redness, which spoke of just how tight that dress had been last night.

She patted her belly, which giggled slightly – still solid and full of food. She quarter-turned to examine her backside, which might have looked a bit bigger, she wasn’t sure. When she sat up again, without the feeling of light-headedness, she observed that her breasts swung lower than they had before and rested against the top of her upper belly. She reached up with one hand and passed it across her right breasts and felt it go hard instantly as well, she felt that familiar tingle of excitement in her sex.

Slowly, she got up and began looking for her clothes, abandoning any attempts at trying to fit back into that dress. She found her panties which still bore a damp patch, and decided to leave them behind for the clean-up crew as a souvenir.

Tilting her head to one side to brush the long strands out of her eyes and tucking a lock behind her ear, she slowly lumbered over towards the sleeping Donna. She giggled with each step and felt her belly and breasts sway with each step she took. Donna, who was now rolled on her side several feet away, with the sheet pulled off to one side, so that her entire behind was on display. Giselle grinned.

“Hey kiddo, wakey-wakey,” she chided as it took several minutes for her to rouse her companion.

“Whaa—,” groaned Donna stupidly as she rolled over, the sheet falling down several inches as she propped herself up on her elbows so that one of her pendulous breasts and large areola was now visible. Giselle reached forward, eager to see her friend’s progress and grabbed the edge of the blanked and gave a delighted squeak.

Her hair was matted to one side, and her eyes were heavy with sleep. Those beautiful eyes. She smiled brightly, although slightly forced at her friend, who was staring, belly-first at her.

“Hey there chubby,” she said sleepily.

“Hey yourself,” she said smiling.

Donna’s belly consisted of one giant lower roll with a smaller one at the top. Her love handles were accented by the way she was laying on the floor and her legs and upper thighs were coated in a glistening liquid. Her breasts were splayed to either side of her chest and shone with health. She looked amazing.

“I can’t believe we were so skinny only a few hours ago,” Donna said, cradling her lower belly and patting it so that it giggled.

“I guess you could say it’s the curse of the food babies we’ve got here,” joked Giselle, patting her own belly.

“How’d you get all the way over here, I thought we all slept together last night,” said Giselle.

“We did, only Charlie decided he wasn’t entirely finished with me last evening,” grinned Donna, who now understood why her body glistened and shone.

“That horny monkey,” said Giselle with a grin and an appraising eye on her companion.

Donna shrugged, “It was basically him doing all the work. I just laid there like a starfish and let him enjoy me.” They both laughed.

Giselle made to help Donna up, but she was in no hurry. Instead, she was about eye-level with Giselle’s belly button and playfully kissed her. Giselle knelt down beside her friend and the two women picked up where they had left off the night before…


“I wish I had a cigarette,” said Donna 30 minutes later, cuddled up next to Giselle, who had her arm wrapped around her.

“I know what you mean,” she said, running a slender finger down her friend’s nose, circling her mouth.

Just then they were interrupted by a soft knock on the door.

“Just a second!” they cried in unison as they grabbed for a blanket and covered their modesty.

“Special delivery,” came a voice they were happy to hear.

“Hey Stinger.” Said Donna, nodding coolly but deceiving no one.

He closed the door behind him and with long, lithe steps, traversed his way to the cleanest spot in the room he could find to take a seat. When none satisfied him, he pushed the bottles of alcohol off to the side and hopped up on the bar table and crossed one leg over the other and tented his fingers.

“Don’t you just like you’re about to burst,” said Giselle, noting the expression on his face of a man who has so much to tell, but wants to be asked first.

“One could say the same for the pair of you.” He said in a deadpan voice that made the girls laugh.

He continued. “Well—“ he said, waving his hands in an expansive arcing gesture, “—since you’ve asked. I just wanted to bring you two up to speed.”

“Oh?” said Donna, propping herself up, not caring that the sheet fell down across her body, both youthful breasts on full display.

“Yes,” he said, consulting his watch and taking a small rucksack off his shoulder that neither of them had noticed before. “It so happens that this—“, he gestured at her bloated nakedness, ”would look a little conspicuous when you leave the facilities here today, so I took liberties.” He tossed the bag to Donna who caught it and began pawing through the contents. Clothing, their own, was inside.

“Thanks Stinger.” Said Donna. He merely nodded and continued as they got up, not caring about dressing in front of him.

He observed with mild approval, but didn’t linger and got down to business.

“You might remember a certain series of events that happened quite unexpectedly last evening, no?”

They nodded.

“Do you know what happened?” said Giselle, taking out a pair of clean panties and pulling up her larger behind. They were snug and rode up in the crotch area giving her a delightful cameltoe.

“Oh, I more than ‘know’ what happened, “ he said, uncrossing and re-crossing his legs, “I’m pretty sure that he will not be bothering you guys for quite some time, if ever.”

And he grinned.


Meanwhile, back at the Chocolate Factory…

“Jesus Charlie that suit looks like shit on you,” said Tom who was struggling to get dressed himself.

Both men had beat a hasty retreat after their evenings euphoria and were now back at company headquarters. Tom had placed a call for a pair of suits to be delivered to his office before they got there and he was damned if he was going to let Charlie out of his sight. They took turns showering in Tom’s private bathroom and began to prepare for the televised announcement of the company going public with their stock options.

“I think I overdid it on the water trying to kill this hangover,” said Charlie between grunts as he finally got the button of his trousers to fasten. He abandoned the belt which was at least 1 notch too small and buttoned up his suit jacket by having to suck in his belly.

Tom noted too that his clothing was a bit tight, but his mind was elsewhere. Today was a monumental day. A day that would make himself and Charlie very, very rich men.


The two girls had dressed and made the most of their ill-fitting clothes.
Donna’s shirt kept riding up exposing her lovely belly and love handles.
Giselle’s pants were much too tight forcing her belly to pooch almost exaggeratingly over the front button. It was a sheer miracle her pants were high end so that the stitching held.

Stinger had busied himself in the room while the two girls dressed. He was scanning this and picking up that, almost as if the room was some crime scene and he was the lead detective. He found a wall cabinet and opened the panels to reveal a television. He consulted his watch.

“Ladies, my account of last evenings events will have to take a back seat.
There is something that I think all of us should be seeing.”

He flicked on the television to the appropriate news channel and watched amidst the flashing cameras and throngs of reporters as Tom and Charlie made to take the podium.

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