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Default Anything?

Are there any weight gainers that increase fat?
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Weight gainers as in the powders/etc. used by people who work out to help with muscle gain?

If you consume them without a workout, most of that will probably get turned to fat. However, you also have to be careful, as they're not intended to be used in that way. I'm not sure what effects it'd have on your digestive system - or, really, your body in general - however, I'd assume bombarding your body with a ton of nutrients/vitamins/minerals/etc. that you're not using could potentially wreak havoc on your liver. On the other hand, I'm not a doctor, and at best I'm just guessing, so you'll want a second opinion. If you do do it, do it in moderation (as with everything).

There are also prescription drugs meant to help dangerously underweight people (e.g. anorexics) put on weight, but that's definitely not something to mess with.

Sorry, I know that's probably not the answer you wanted to hear
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