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Heya all,

More and more I keep coming back to the idea of gaining weight just for the sake of it. All my life I have been scared of it, but have always had the fantasy of gaining weight. I very close to actually doing it.

I have always been an admired the women that actually eat. But what I truly admire is the way women are able to gain weight and look wonderfully beautiful with the curves in all the right places. My problem is that I am male, and find that when males gain weight, they are not able to get the lovely bodies I see in women. What I really desire is to gain weight, but also to get the same curves that a women can.

However, I don't want to do it alone. To do this kind of huge life decision alone would be very tough. In addition, the desire of seeing and having a woman who gains weight as well would be so great and make the transition easier. The mutual gain would be fun, I figure.

That sounds more like a dating ad; that is not the intent. I am ~120lbs and am after ~160 to ~180. What I would like to ask is how can this be done? Are there people who want to gain with a partner? Can a male change his body to look more female?

Thank you for reading.
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Hmm, lots of things going on here.

I have definitely put on lots of clothes to make myself look life a fat guy and a fat girl. And then eaten a lot of food. I think such thoughts fairly typical for a feeder. My advice is to try to date people you like independent of such things. If they can't handle what you tell them, move one and don't let it get you down.
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