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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Judy's Heaven of Food - by Koudelka (USBBW, Eating, Feeding, Immobility, XXWG)

USBBW, Eating, Feeding,Immobility, XXWG - possibly the ultimate feeder fantasy - better read than summarized

Judy's "Heaven of Food"
by Koudelka

Judy was angry. “Why do they do that?”

She was sitting in front of her TV with a bag of potato chips in her hand. “They should be happy to be like that!”

She shook the bag and the last potato crumbs fell into her mouth. “It is not fair! They don't deserve such a body!”

She was watching a commercial for the latest dieting drink and saw a lot of skin-and-bone-girls holding up pictures of themselves, which showed them when they were fatter, saying stuff like 'Thank Goodness, I'm thin now! It's like a new life!'

“You are not slim; you are skeletons!” Judy thought. This was at least the fourth different dieting-spot she had seen today; before that there was a talk show with the topic: 'Help me! I'm too fat for a bikini!' And now she was really angry. She washed down the chips with the rest of the two-litre Coke and switched off the TV.

She went into the bathroom. ”''Thank Goodness, I'm slim now!' They should be grateful to have such beautiful bodies and what do they do? They DIET!!! "

Since she was a child, Judy had a dream. She wanted to be fat. As a little girl of nine years, she started to wonder: how it would feel to have a big belly, big ass and to weigh many times her own weight? She sometimes stuffed her clothes with pillows and blankets to feel fat, but that just burst the seams of her clothes. When she was twelve years old, she started to look very jealously at fat women when she saw them in town. And she was even more jealous of girls her own age who had several additional pounds on their hips.

“Why does everybody want to lose weight…” she thought, stepping on the scale “while I'm cursed with staying so terribly skinny?”

The numbers on the digital scale showed 159 lbs. She was not really skinny. She had a round and flabby little belly, which changed into two juicy rolls when she was seated. She had little fat folds on her waist and a very round ass, which jiggled a little when she walked. Her arms and legs were fleshy and her tits very round and soft, the size of very juicy oranges. Her face was, round with sweet chubby cheeks – but no double chin, which was something that she admired on very fat ladies. But she had none. Her dark-brown hair flowed around a slim neck. Altogether, she was a very sweet, chubby girl, but she saw herself as terribly skinny.

Judy had her own definitions for bodies: while she called the diet-girls from TV 'skeletons,' she called her 159 lb-body 'terribly skinny.' And she wanted to become 'fat'! To get there she was about to take an unusual initiative.

“I wonder if this announcement will work?” she thought.

Judy was now 18, out of High School, and living alone in her own little flat. She had a very nice life there, and she had enough money from an inheritance to pay every bill and still have enough money left to have fun. But there was one thing she could not pay. She had enough food to live, but what she really wanted were huge amounts of food, fattening food, enough to feed herself all day long, getting fatter and fatter and fatter.

But this was a lifestyle she could not afford. And so, she had tried to fatten herself up by always eating a little more or sometimes eating a chocolate bar. But she was not a girl who gains weight easily, and so she'd maintained her weight of nearly 160 lbs for over a year now.

Her last hope was to find somebody who would pay for her food…….or who would even feed her. And so, after a long time of thinking and hesitating, she put an announcement in the Internet:

'Young girl looking for a nice person who feeds her much food and makes her very fat! No sexual things!!! Just feeding and fattening! Can't pay you or pay for the food!!!!! If anyone is interested etc…etc………………………….'

“It won't work!” she had thought,but something inside her had bade her try anyway.

One day, nearly a month after she had written the announcement, she received an e-mail. It came from a young 21-year-old man named David. He wrote that he had seen her announcement and offered himself to feed her and make her as fat as she wanted and would pay everything that would be necessary. He also promised not to try anything!

Judy, who until then had not thought about it at all, was not sure if it was a good idea to invite a complete stranger into her house. But, after all, her curiosity and her wish to grow fat were stronger than her fear. She mailed back and invited David to visit her. He would come on Friday at noon,he promised. For the rest of the week she was very nervous. She couldn't think of anything else and watched herself in the mirror and weighed herself several times a day .She tried to imagine herself fatter – she couldn't.

And then, promptly at twelve o'clock on Friday the doorbell rang. Judy was so nervous. She ran to the door and opened it slowly. In front of her was a tall and – as she had to admit – handsome young man. He smiled as he saw her.

“Hi!” he said, and Judy noticed that he was as nervous as she was. “I'm David.” He quickly reached out to shake her hand. He had four big paper bags standing next to him, and Judy saw that they were all filled with food.

“Hi, I'm Judy,” she said, a little embarrassed but relieved to see that he seemed to be a nice guy. “Come on in,” she said and she stepped aside to let him in.

“Thank you,” he said and carried the bags into Judy's living room. “Well…em….” He didn't know how to start, but Judy was prepared.

She knew that it was not easy to do such a thing, but she couldn't wait any longer and so she said directly: ”Okay, I think we simply start this! I lay down on the couch; you feed me those tasty things you have there, and, meanwhile, we can talk about whatever we want!”

David was obviously happy that she'd taken the opening dialog.

And so they just started: Judy made herself comfortable on the couch while David ran between the kitchen and the living room. Judy got excited as she saw what he had brought her: So many tasty and fatty things and it was all for her….for her alone. There were burgers, pizza, sausages, cheesy sandwiches, meatballs, spaghetti, baguettes and so on.

Judy closed her eyes, and David gently began to put the treats into her mouth, and, meanwhile, they chatted about many things, especially about David's love for fat and gaining women and Judy's wish to be fatter. Judy found out a lot of things about David and began to like him very quickly. She liked his shy behavior when he fed her the food.

Hour after hour went by. Judy just chewed and swallowed, enjoying every bite of the fatty food. She had already eaten so much that she could not believe it, but still she wanted more. This was the best thing she had ever experienced. After five hours of non-stop-eating, she felt so full that she didn't want to stand up anymore. She rubbed her now very big and round belly, which was very hard now. The four bags were empty. She had eaten enough food to feed a large family. She thanked David for this great feast and invited him to come back whenever he wanted to.

David was happy. “Thank you! Sure, I will come back! I will come back as long as you want me to…ehm…How about tomorrow?”

He left the house…alone – Judy was just too full to get up and bring him to the door. She felt so heavy and she loved it. Rubbing her big belly, she let out a little belch and fell asleep.

She dreamt great dreams of food, eating and fattening. She saw herself blowing up like a balloon, but not very clearly. Even in her dreams she couldn't see herself fat. But she felt incredibly huge while filled with tons and tons of fattening food. And she felt an insatiable hunger growing inside her…….

Judy woke up at 11.30 in the morning. She didn't feel full at all. In fact, she felt a little hungry! For a moment she thought that this great feeding experience with David had just been a dream. But then she noticed some vestiges of her binge, although David had cleaned up very good. She smiled and cleaned up the few papers, thinking dreamily of yesterday's binge.

Then she stopped as she thought about something. She quickly ran into the bathroom and jumped on the scale. She had to check how much she had gained. After an extremely long second, the display showed her her weight: 159 lbs, She hadn't gained one single pound! She was disappointed!

All that food and still exactly the same weight! Angrily, she walked into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. She did not want any breakfast. She was very unmotivated, thanks to her non-gain. She just had taken place in front of the TV with her coffee, when the doorbell rang. Judy stood up and opened the door. It was David.

“Hi,” he said, smiling. Judy was just remembering that David had promised to come back the next day.

“I hope you slept well!”

David immediately noticed that Judy was only awake for half an hour. “I thought you could use a little breakfast!”

“Hm,” said Judy.

“What's up with you?” asked David. “If you don't want to continue, I'll leave. That's all right!”

But Judy noticed the disappointed look that came into his eyes.

“No!” she said. “It is just that I didn't gain a pound! I thought that I must have gained at least one pound after all that food. I guess I am going to stay at 159 forever.“

David smiled. “Oh, if that's all, then don't worry! In fact, I didn't expect you were going to gain weight immediately. But I'm sure you will!”

He lifted two of six paper bags to show them to her. “Don't you think a good breakfast would help?”

Judy smiled and let him in.

The breakfast was overwhelming. David had brought everything she could imagine. There were toasts, waffles, pancakes, chocolate flakes, muffins, eggs, French toast, croissants, cake and more. She was overwhelmed. She just sat back and let David feed her the best and biggest breakfast she had ever eaten.

Her anger about her weight. or rather lack of it, was forgotten. She just sat there and chatted with David like the day before. There never went by more than a few seconds when she wasn't chewing. Without noticing it, she ate the whole day long. David was well prepared. He was going from breakfast to lunch and from lunch to dinner without transition.

It was about 12.30 pm when Judy was too full and too tired to eat one more bite. David noticed that she was very tired and said that he would leave. Judy just managed to nod slightly and say, “Hm!” and then fell asleep. David cleaned up the room very quietly.

Before he left, he looked back at Judy. There, on the couch, slept his sweet little feedee. She was lying on the couch, smiling a bit in her dreams. Her hands rested on her extremely bloated belly. She looked like she was nine month's pregnant. She was breathing heavily from all that food in her stomach. David smiled and left the house.

When Judy woke, she felt great and, again, not full at all. She immediately went into the bathroom, but there she noticed a note on the scale: ”Don't check your weight. Just wait a few days! David J”

Judy was extremely curious about her weight, but she could resist. She just wanted to wait for David, who arrived an hour later, loaded with food……

Two weeks went by, always the same way every day. David brought more and more food, and Judy ate always every single crumb. After two weeks, David allowed Judy to check her weight. She was very nervous when she stepped on the scale. What would she weigh after two weeks of non-stop eating? She stepped on, and the display showed 176 lbs. She had gained 17 lbs in only 14 days! She was so happy, and so was David.

While Judy hadn't noticed her weight gain because she'd worn stretchy clothes the last two weeks and was very busy eating, David had discovered little changes on her chubby body. Most of the weight went into her belly, which rolled over her waistband in two beautiful rolls when she was sitting. It happened more and more often that her shirt slid upwards and showed her smooth belly flab and her juicy hip rolls. Although David had noticed that Judy's clothes were getting tight, he would not even think of telling her.

He just loved the view of this chubby beauty growing out of her clothes. Her ass and legs also got slightly bigger and rounder, but she wore always very lose stretch pants so it was hard to see. Her face didn't change at all. Judy felt great when she saw that she had gained. This gave her even more motivation to eat even more and get even fatter!

Just a week later, she was weighing 187 lbs. She received an e-mail. It was from a young man named Jake, who also wanted to be her feeder. She didn't answer the mail immediately. When she had written the announcement, she had not expected that even one would contact her. Now there were TWO!

The whole day, even while being fed by David, she thought about how it would be to be fed by two feeders. With two feeders, she could be fed 24 hours a day. And two feeders meant twice as much food! This was a wonderful thought for her, because over the last weeks she had noticed that her appetite had grown considerably. She could eat more of David's food, and in the morning be hungry again.

Later that day, she asked David if he would mind sharing her with another feeder. David was not very happy about that, but he agreed. The next day, Judy wrote back and invited Jake to her house, but also told him that he would not be the only one feeding her.

Two days later, Jake arrived at Judy's house. David opened the door and let him in while Judy was eating. David would have very much liked to let him stay outside. Jake was a little smaller then David and had long black hair bound together over his neck. He introduced himself politely and put down a huge bag. David was angry but polite, too. When Jake entered the living room, he enjoyed a view he had waited to see for a long time: a young and beautiful chubby girl sitting on a couch, surrounded by food, eating like there was no tomorrow, her flabby belly and hips poking out under her tight shirt.

“Hi! I'm Jake!…ehm…nice to meet you!”

Now, Judy stopped eating.

“Hi! I'm Pfudy!” she said through a mouthful of muffin.

Judy liked Jake! He was a nice and funny guy, not as shy as David, but still a gentleman. Judy found out that Jake specialized in candy. While David always brought fatty food as fries, pizza and hamburgers, Jake had all sorts of sweet things that Judy could imagine: Candy, chocolate, sugar, marzipan, cake and so on in all forms and sizes. “Do you want some?” he asked her, smiling, and Judy, very excited, said, ”Oh, Yes!!!”

For the rest of the day David and Jake both fed Judy their food. It was not easy, especially for David, but as the time went by, they talked more and more like friends, and at last they got to be friends. But Judy had the best time! She felt happy, as never before in her life, just lying there and being stuffed with every kind of fattening food she could imagine by those two cute guys, knowing that she'd get fatter and fatter.

It was about 3 o'clock in the night when Judy fell asleep, stuffed like never before. Jake had had a great influence on her. He could easily make her eat only just that last chocolate bar or those last two burgers. When he said things like, 'Hey, I know you can eat them all!' or `You won't leave that chocolate cake half eaten, will you?' Judy felt a strong will inside her that made her able to eat even more. David and Jake left the house, knowing that they both would be back the next day.

From that day, Judy's lifestyle changed completely. David and Jake were allowed to come and go whenever they wanted, and they tried to visit her as often as possible. And they were always bringing tons of food, which Judy always ate 'til the last crumb. After all, eating was the only thing she did all day long, anyway. The boys did everything for her, and they paid all her bills. She only got up to go to the toilet, take a bath, change her clothes or weigh herself. And everyday she had more and more to weigh.

The constant overeating showed clearly visible effects now. She gained weight at the astounding rate of at least two pounds a day. After about three weeks with her boys she weighed 237 wonderful pounds. 50 additional pounds in three weeks! Now, the changes were very visible! Her whole body was now round and fleshy. Her belly had gotten a lot bigger: Beautiful, white and flabby, her tummy poked out of her far too tight shirt, hanging over her waistband and resting on her thighs still divided into two delicious fat rolls.

Her breasts were also bigger and tried to escape her bra. Her arms were very thick, threatening to burst her shirt, and her hands were dimpled. Her waist now had two creamy white rolls, rolling over the waistband on each side. Below them rested her fat ass – two huge balls of flesh; very wide and very flabby, jiggling with every step she made. Her legs had also gotten very much fatter. When she moved around, her huge thighs rubbed together and wobbled. Her knees were dimpled and her feet were getting plump. But still her face and neck were as thin as ever.

With a body like this, all of her clothes were far too tight for her, but she still wore them. She just loved it when her clothes got tighter and tighter on her, making her feel even fatter, when they were stretched to the limit and her blubber was flowing out wherever it could. She wanted to wear her old clothes as long as she could. Her lower belly roll was now naked most of the time, because her shirts all slid up her tummy. The buttons and zippers of her trousers always were open; her fat rolls flowed over her waistband, and her breasts were only half contained by her bra.

By the time Judy's weight reached 250 pounds, she received another e-mail from a guy wanting to feed her. David and Jake tried to convince her not to answer the mail. They wanted Judy for their own, but Judy had made a decision. She liked the boys, but her primary goal was much more important: She wanted to get fat! With 250 lbs, she still saw herself as skin and bones and she had to change that! And everything that could help her to get fatter was something she welcomed! Another feeder – that meant even more food for her to eat! Being fed by three feeders was a thought that made her crazy! But that was just the start: When she placed her jiggling ass in front of the computer to answer the mail, she found three new mails in her mailbox! Everyone written by different feeders who wanted to make her fat!

Judy wasted no time she answered all four mails and invited the feeders to her home. She went to bed and thought about the next days to come. SIX FEEDERS!!! With a smile, she fell asleep, and, while rubbing her flabby belly rolls, she dreamt a great dream about large amounts of food.

The next day she found two more mails in her box – two more feeders! One told her that he had read about her on a fatgirls homepage.

“Oh no!” Judy thought. She was shocked; not from the fact that her story was published in the Internet, but the thought about how much people would now read about her and……how much feeders could call her!!! Now, she already had eight, but how much people would fatten her in the future?

Once again, Judy's life had changed. Her flat was now never empty. At every time, she had visitors who all wanted one thing: to help her get fatter and fatter. At the same time, Judy's mailbox was flooded with mails from feeders who wanted to visit her. David and Jake, who were still Judy's favorite guys, became also her personal assistants. They kept an eye on who would visit her and that she was always fine.

David managed her mailbox. He answered the incoming requests, and he also blocked mails which were like “I want to visit you and fuck your fat pussy” or stuff like that. After all, some of the guys who came to Judy's house just wanted to fuck her! But those guys quickly learned to know about Jake and his right fist. Jake made sure that nobody touched Judy when she didn't want it and wasn't very gentle to those who did, anyway.

And Judy……she was in heaven! Her days now consisted nothing than eating, eating and eating while talking to her new feeders, just broken by a few breaks for the toilet and a shower. She always had at least three feeders around her who stuffed her with everything she could imagine. Her belly was now full at almost every waking moment. Her appetite had grown very much. She could eat large amounts of food until her belly was big, round and tight like a drum. And, even if she was not eating, there was no moment when she wasn't able to eat or even didn't think about eating.

Three months after Judy had become known on the Internet, the number of feeders had reached 15. Her house was always full of people who were all working around the clock just to serve one person: Judy! Big, fat, lazy, sexy, eating 320-pound Judy!

Two of her new visitors, Seymour and Peter, weren't feeders. Seymour was a photographer, and Peter was an editor. They visited Judy to take pictures of her, write down her progress and everything going on in Judy's house, to create a detailed documentation about that girl getting fattened by so many people. For the fotos Judy had to “pose” every week, which was a little annoying to her because she had become extremely lazy. Some of the pictures were pinned on a wall to show Judy's progress.

It was picture time again. Sitting, Judy pulled off her shirt. David had bought her new clothes one month ago, but they were already far too tight. Seymour took some pictures of her sitting there just in her underwear. She was a sight: Her belly was still divided in two rolls. The only difference was that her lower roll now looked a lot bigger than her calves, rolling over her waistband, and the upper one looked like a soft white pillow.

She smiled as Seymour took the fotos and posed for him, sitting. Her arms were very round and fleshy and jiggled slightly when she moved them. With a little gasp, she stood up from the couch. In standing position, her belly sagged down and covered more than half of her panties. As she stood there, posing for the fotos, her big round ass checks moved up and down when she took a step and jiggled like jello. On her sides, her creamy white rolls of flesh moved and created different forms whenever she changed her pose. Her face was still the same, with only slightly puffed up cheeks, barely noticeable.

When the shooting was over, Judy fell heavy on the couch with a big sigh. “Now, boys, feed me! I'm starving!!!” And with that, she started eating again and ate and ate until she fell asleep late at night.

Time passed, and David and Jake managed Judy's apartment, which was now known on the net as “Judy's Heaven of Food.” And as time went by, Judy kept eating and eating and eating; causing her to grow fatter and fatter and even fatter. More feeders visited Judy and brought more food and sometimes new methods to fatten someone up!

A guy named Richie brought her a big can of a powder to mix weight gain shakes. It was not the stuff that was used by weight lifters – some kind of FA scientist had created the stuff. It was loaded with an extremely high number of calories and was created for that special purpose; to help human beings get very fat very fast. Richie had found that stuff on the Internet and had ordered several cans. From that day on, Judy never again washed her food down with Cola or Lemonade. In addition to her huge amounts of fattening food she was consuming, she now drank weight gain shakes by liters…. Which made her weight explode.

On her 19th birthday, she weighed 440 pounds. 440 pounds of soft, creamy, jiggling and wobbling fat! In the nine months since she'd met David the first time, she had gained 281 pounds. Her body had changed a lot. Judy loved her new wobbling body. Sometimes, at the rare occasions when she was alone, she stripped naked and just admired her own body and was happy about the changes her gluttony had caused: at 440 lbs, she was very big. Her belly was so fat, it hung down over one third of her thighs.

The rolls on her sides were a lot bigger and hung down, too. Her hips were very wide and her ass….. Her ass cheeks were two huge balls of bouncing, wobbling cellulite fat that jiggled with every movement she made. When she sat on a chair, her ass overlapped the edges about several inches. Her thighs and calves were wider, rounder, fatter. Her cellulite thighs rubbed on each other and wobbled with every step she took. She was excited about how wide her fat thighs were when she sat. Her breasts were rounder and hung down and rested on her big belly. Her arms were extremely flabby – especially, her upper arms were bags of blubber.

Judy was totally in love with her own fat body. She could spend ages just slapping her belly or ass and watching and feeling it wobble. She often sat on the couch and found sweet little changes on her body: Fat rolls, not the big ones on her sides or her belly, but the small ones forming on the inside of her elbows. She noticed that her arms were forced up by the growing roll under her arms. Her knees were gone, buried under thick layers of thigh fat. She had small rolls of flab on her wrists and ankles. With happiness, she noticed that her toes and fingers were also getting fat with cute dimples. And best of all: she finally had developed a small, cute, little double chin which rolled a little outward, when she turned her head down. Her entire face had finally become rounder.

But it was not only the flab that made Judy feel good. She also loved how heavy she had become. She always moaned and gasped, whenever she stood up or had to bend over or stretch. It excited her how totally out of shape she was. She always smiled when chairs creaked under her fat ass. She looked forward to the day when she would sit down and the chair would break under her heavy body. She also loved the bumps of each of her heavy steps, especially because it caused her thighs, ass and belly to wobble extremely. It made her happy to see that she was already starting to waddle when walking.

“After all, I'm starting to get a little chubby!” she thought to herself. At 440 lbs, she would never call herself “fat” – and was far from being as fat as she wanted to be!!!

She was absolutely proud of her enormous appetite. She was able to eat the whole day. She was not hungry all day long, but she could eat all day long. Which left her stuffed to the limit every night.

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Judy's Heaven of Food 2

On her 19th birthday, David and Jake organized a birthday party for Judy. All of her feeders were there and the apartment was stuffed with food. First of all, there was a huge chocolate cake about four feet high. Besides that, there were lots of other cakes, chocolate, biscuits, donuts and many other fattening things.

On that day Judy pushed herself to new limits. She did not only manage to eat the entire chocolate cake, she also ate everything else that was around her. Encouraged by her feeders, she ate and ate and ate until no single crumb was left. Deep in the night, she fell asleep. She lay on the couch, breathing heavily, sometimes letting out a belch. Her shirt rolled upwards by her now huge stomacher that was tight like a drum and shining. But she looked very happy. The next day, she woke up and felt already hungry again. Her flat was totally clean. Only David and Jake were there. She sat up and kneaded and patted her fat, feeling happy over and over. David and Jake noticed that she was awake.

“Good morning, honey. How do you feel?”

She smiled. “I've never felt better!” And with a big grin she said:”Well, boys, now I'm 19! Let's start feeding me like a BIG girl!”

And that was exactly what they did. Judy had a whole new ambition. Now she was not only eating fattening food all day and washing it down with Weight gain shakes, she now wanted to push herself to new limits. She always tried to eat as much as she could and, as a consequence, tried to gain as much as she could. And she really did gain. She was able to put on at least two pounds a day, sometimes three or four.

Her clothes never fit longer than a few days, because she grew so fast. Most of the time the buttons of her trousers were open, and her fat belly lay naked on her thighs because her shirt was too small to cover it. Her hip rolls were flowing over her waistband by several inches, her breasts always threatened to burst her bra; her fat of her arms flowed out of her shirt and her jeans were always tight like a second skin. But she loved it. She loved the feeling of bursting her clothes with her fat body. And for that she kept eating as much as she could.

She was becoming more and more lazy and standing up got more and more difficult. Anyway, the boys made her stand up regularly for her foto sessions. Then she would heave her body from the couch, stand for a few seconds until Seymour took his fotos, and then quickly sit down again.

And so the months went by. And Judy ate. She ate and ate and ate and grew and grew and grew, got heavier and heavier, fatter and fatter and fatter.

Five months after her birthday, Judy was standing naked on her bathroom scale. She hadn't weighed herself for a long time. She tried to bend forward, because her colossal fat belly was blocking her view. This belly was so fat it hung down to her knees and protruded nearly two feet in front of her. Behind her were two huge wobbling cellulite globes of blubber, which were her ass cheeks. Each one was bigger than a beach ball and hung down over the backside of her thighs. These thighs were now the size of tree trunks. But they were not only flabby any more.

There were now several folds in her thighs and big rolls of blubber hanging downwards. Her fat calves were starting to roll over her fat little feet. Her breasts were the size of watermelons, which hung down to either side of her fat paunch at the height, where once her navel was. Her upper arms were now way bigger than her head and started to overflow her lower arms.

She loved her hands, which were now pudgy and plump with fingers that looked like marshmallows on a stick. Her arms were forced up by the big fat rolls under her arms and her hips. Her hips were now extremely wide. With her huge rear, she was touching the doorways on each side when going through them. But her face once again had not changed, and her double chin was as small as before.

She managed to see the digital display of the scale and a little bit of her plump toes by bending forward and leaning her hand against the wall in front of her. She needed the wall, because her giant belly was so heavy that it pulled her down, and she had to balance her weight so that she wouldn't fall. There she stood, covered with sweat, her belly swinging free over the scale at knee-level. And the display showed: “ERROR.”

“Oh, boy,” she thought. “I've reached the limit of the scale! That means that I'm 500 lbs.” She put on her clothes – it took her 15 minutes, and she was completely out of breath. Her clothes were once again way too tight; her belly was only half covered ond hung over her waistband. Even her fat ass was flowing over the waistband. She waddled through the door into the living room as fast as she could – and that was not very fast.

“Boys! I'm too fat for my scale!” she said and grinned. “Isn't that great? We have to buy one for the real heavy-weights!”

David and Jake were looking at each other and grinned, too! One of the other feeders ran outside and returned a few minutes later with a big box with a oopline.

“Surprise!” they all said at the same time.

Judy was excited and curious about what it was, but she was so out of breath from all that standing and walking that she had to sit down on the couch. When she sat down, the couch cracked noticeably. Judy's ass and legs now covered half of the couch and her belly hung down between her spread thighs. There was less then a foot space between her belly and the floor. She opened the box. And inside was….a scale! A scale designed for extremely fat people with a limit of 2000 pounds. Judy's eyes glowed.

“Wow! 2000lbs. limit! Guess I'll need that one day!” That moment, Judy tried to imagine herself weighing one ton! She knew that it would look great on her, but she once again could not create a picture in her head.

“Thank you so much!” With a deep gasp she lifted her fat body and stood up from the couch. “Give me a hug, boys!” That was something that the feeders didn't have to be told twice. They all hugged Judy – not nearly reaching half way around her – and enjoyed being pressed against her fat paunch and touching the juicy fat rolls on her back.

“Now, let's try it,” Judy said. Jake prepared the scale and with heavy wobbling steps Judy stepped on it. For a few very long seconds, the display showed only three dots. And then the number appeared: 575 pounds. The guys screamed! Judy was speechless. 575 lbs! She had not realized that she was gaining so fast! But then she was filled with pride!

She padded her hanging belly, making it jiggle and yelled: ”Now look at me! Am I a diligent girl or what?”

She struck a few poses while still standing on the scale and padded and grabbed parts of her body to make them wobble. The guys liked the show but it didn't last too long! After a minute Judy fell heavily on the couch; sweating, huffing and puffing.

“Ok, boys……all that weighin' made……me hungry!” She grabbed her belly with both hands, lifted it a few inches, kneaded it and let it fall back on her thighs. That sent several waves over her entire body.

“You won't leave me with……a skin-and-bone-body ….like this, will you? Now come on and ……stuff me until I can't move a muscle!” And so they did ………

That night Judy had a strange dream. It consisted of just a few strange pictures. Judy saw soft flesh, curves, folds, rolls….. and then she woke up.

Judy did her best to use her new scale! Now that she knew how fast she could gain, she tried to gain even faster to break her record. She ate incredible, huge amounts of food. She was stuffed all day long, and, when she went to sleep, she sometimes couldn't walk to her bed because she was just too full. And so she grew. She grew so fast that they all decided, to buy her only stretchy clothes, because she outgrew the others too fast. And even the stretch clothes would not fit very long.

Another four months later was another special day for Judy. She woke up on the couch – she had been too stuffed to waddle to her bed once more the night before. As she lay on the couch – wearing only her oversize bra – her body flowed over the edges of the couch. She rolled around to bring herself into a sitting position. She scratched her navel, which was no simple task. Her belly was so huge that she could hardly reach her navel with her arms. She was now so fat that her belly nearly touched the floor while she was sitting on the couch. The night before she had been weighed again, and the scale had showed an incredible 746 pounds.

As she sat there and tried to wake, she felt already hungry. She smelled the breakfast from the kitchen but had to go to the bathroom first. She collected her strength and rocked forward to stand up……and fell heavily back on the couch, wobbling all over.

A little confused, she tried it again, with more swing, but fell back again. She tried a third and a fourth time until she was completely covered with sweat. While she was catching her breath, she remembered that over the last weeks she had never stood up alone. There always were people around, helping her get up. And suddenly it hit her like the thunder:

She finally had become too fat to stand up on her own!!!

There she sat, totally delighted with her body. But she still had to go to the bathroom. So she called for Jake and David, who ran to her immediately.

“Boys, you have to help me stand up! I really am too fat to do it on my own now! Isn't that great?”

The boys looked happy and worried as well. “Congratulations, Judy! But…What will you do now? It is a big step for you! Do you really want to continue?”

Judy looked confused. “And what if I do? Would you stay here to help me?”

“Of course we would!!!”

“Then I don't understand, why you are asking such stupid questions! It is just starting to get interesting now! Of course I will continue to gain!”

The boys smiled, and each one grabbed one of Judy's pudgy hands, and they heaved Judy from the couch.

“Thank you!” she said, watching the boys sweat. “You better get used to that kind of weightlifting, 'cause I won't get any lighter!” She smiled and waddled to the bathroom.

The boys watched her huge legs jiggle with each of her small steps. Those legs now had lost all of her form. They didn't look like human legs any more; they were just a huge collection of fat cellulite sacks, rolls and folds. Her gigantic wobbling ass was hanging halfway over her thighs. On top of her ass cheeks lay a stack of three fat rolls, each one as thick as Jake's thighs.

When she reached the door, she turned her head and said: “I also don't think that I am able to stand up from the toilet.”

She blushed a bit. “You will have to help me there as well.”

She waddled through the bathroom door, which was an event as well. Her ass, hips and belly had become so wide that she filled the doorway completely. She had to turn a bit to the side and push herself through, rubbing her ass and belly on the wall.

As she sat there on the toilet – her ass was more than twice as wide as the toilet and hung down to each side – she thought about herself:

There she was. An 19-year-old girl, weighing about 750 lbs. and being fattened without stop by at least 40 people. Too fat to stand up alone and soon too fat to fit through doors. But still wanting to grow even more, to become even fatter. Was that normal?

No! It wasn't!

But she didn't care! She didn't care what consequences it would bring, as long as she could enjoy even more of her fat body. The joy that her wobbling and growing body gave her was so strong that it eliminated all kinds of worry or fear. All she wanted to do was to make her body grow even more, to become even fatter and fatter. She had no idea how fat she wanted to get; she just knew that she had to get a lot fatter.

And now there was one other thing: she had now experienced the feeling of becoming immobile! There was no stopping her now. The image of herself being too fat to do anything was an incredible turn-on for her.

As Jake and David helped their jiggling, young feedee get up from the toilet Judy promised herself:”Soon standing up won't be the only thing I'm too fat for!!!”

After that day, Judy's eating habits once again changed! Of course, she ate even more as before, but, besides that, she drank a lot more of the weight gain shakes. She still enjoyed her food very much, but most of her thoughts were on one thing: to become as fat as possible as fast as possible!

The boys quit looking for clothes for Judy. She outgrew even the most stretchy clothes in no time. She didn't even mind being naked in front of the boys.

Only one month after she realized that she couldn't stand up on her own, she reached the second milestone. She once again was being helped getting up for her waddle to the bathroom – she hadn't been there for three days; she'd been too busy eating! When she reached the bathroom door, she turned sideways to fit through…….and didn't fit!

She tried again … and failed again! And then she took a good look at herself and realized that she could stop her efforts. She was too fat to go through this door!!! No matter if she tried it sideways or frontally: her wide hips and her huge belly and ass were all about half a foot too big for the doorway! She was excited about her fatness, but she had to go to the bathroom…NOW!

Three of the feeders pushed Judy's body, while David and Jake kneaded her fat to make her fit through…and Seymour took many pictures! Two minutes later, Judy entered the bathroom; sweating huffing, puffing, totally exhausted but very happy!

“I'm too fat to fit through doors!” she thought “Unbelievable!”

After Judy had been pushed out of the bathroom again, she stepped quickly on her scale, before she fell back on her couch. “815lbs,” she thought as she started to gulp down a two-liter bottle of weight gain shake. “69 lbs in one month!!!”

Jake told Judy that he would call somebody to widen the doorway to the bathroom immediately, but he was not completely honest. Of course, he would call someone to widen the door and help sweet Judy, but he would call him in a few weeks or so. Now, every time she had to go to the bathroom, the boys oiled Judy's flab to make her slippery. The boys enjoyed this very much, because they didn't often have the chance to feel Judy's fat body so intensively. Jake wanted to keep that joy just a little longer!

But he didn't have to do it secretly. Judy herself loved the feeling of so many hands kneading her jiggling fat, and so she threw all her cautions away and more and more often asked the boys to massage and knead her fat body while she was eating!

She felt like she was in heaven: eating fattening food, drinking fattening drinks and being massaged by at least three feeders all day long made her lose every sense of time! And she kept on growing bigger…..

Judy's flat – “the Heaven of Food” – now was the second home of over sixty people. All of them were Feeders or at least FAs who liked to meet and get to know that amazing young gluttonous supersized girl. And by now they weren't all male anymore. There were a few FA-women who were not really lesbian, but enjoyed the sight of so much young female flesh. Seymour and Peter had now a huge collection of fotos, reports, statistics and videotapes of Judy – a collection that some FA would pay their last penny for! But they kept it all and collected it to document Judy's growth and create the ultimate report.

It was now one and a half month after Judy's first experience with the bathroom door. The door still hadn't been widened. Not because Jake didn't call someone – because he had! But he'd called him back again!

After the “door day,” Judy had made a glutton of herself as never before. She ate not only unbelievably much, but as fast as she could as well! The moment when her belly was full wasn't the moment she stopped eating anymore! Every night she fell asleep, bloated to the upper limit -- not only full of food but of a large amount of weight gain shakes as well!

Judy grew at an incredible rate. Her belly, while getting bigger, hung down far over her knees – or the place where her knees had been a long time ago. Her legs had swollen unbelievably, creating always new wobbling folds, rolls and sacks of fat. Using both arms, a man could only reach halfway around one of her thighs. Her feet had become much fatter, too. They were soft and wide with fat fleshy toes and half covered by her calve fat. With those legs she only managed to make tiny little steps.

But each of those steps made the ground shake and caused Judy's huge body to wobble and jiggle like an ocean of jello. Her fat ass stuck out behind her nearly as wide as her belly in front and hung down nearly to knee level. Her heavy arms stuck out to the side with her upper arm flesh hanging down over her lower arms. Her fingers were fleshy and had folds on the joints. Her huge breasts, each three times the size of her head, hung to each side of her belly. Only her face continued to resist the effects of her gluttony. The guys had more and more difficulty squeezing Judy's mass through the bathroom door and still she was growing bigger and bigger every day!

And soon, before the new door was installed, Judy had become so heavy it was absolutely impossible for her to stand up! She hadn't stood on her feet for days and so one morning six strong guys tried to pull her to a standing position. Judy could do nothing to help them. She had never been sporty, but now her little muscles were almost completely swallowed by her fatness! When the guys had pulled her about one foot from the couch, although her ass still touched it, they had to let her go……She fell back – and with a big “CRUNCH!” the couch was blown to pieces! And on the floor, within the ruins of the couch, lay Judy! An 19-year-old girl finally too obese to stand on her feet.

She lay on her back and laughed. She laughed deep from her soul, because she felt so amazingly happy. She had reached another milestone: She was immobile! This thought filled her with joy. As she laughed, her blubber jiggled all over, which made her feel even better! Her feeders stood around her, and after the first shock they laughed with her and applauded.

After that day David and Jake decided to rearrange the room. They didn't want to place Judy on a couch again, because she had outgrown the old one, anyway. They decided to buy her a huge reinforced king-size bed, which would be strong and big enough to hold her.

It was no small task for the guys to lift their swollen sweetheart. Not only that she was so heavy (no one knew how heavy, 'cause she hadn't been weighed lately), it was also extremely difficult to hold her because she was so soft and jiggly. Her fat oozed through the arms of her helpers, and it took them hours to heave her supersized body on the bed.

Judy was a little worried, but also enjoyed the process.

'So many people needed just to lift me up!' she thought. Even while being moved she was fed by a woman; it was unthinkable to stop eating for such a long period. But, finally, she sat on her new bed – the new throne for the fat princess. When the feeders had built the bed Jake had the idea to adjust her scale to the bed, because they had no other chance to weigh her, now that she couldn't stand anymore. So her bed had a big digital display, showing her current weight just by pressing a button.

Judy was totally exhausted and covered in sweat but felt great.

“…..Ok……guys!…….Now………Show me…..!” David stepped to the display and pressed the button. The three dots appeared and then the number……

Everyone in the room began to scream and cheer at Judy. Judy herself just smiled and leaned back on her fat rolls. She was so proud of herself. '931lbs! 931!!!!!' That meant she had managed to gain 116 lbs. in less than two months! She loved her body! She loved her never-ending gluttony! She loved her new immobility!

'I'm finally starting to get a little plump!' she thought.

She then sent everyone off her bed, saying she was tired now, but waved at David and Jake! “Hey, boys! What do you think of your little girl, huh?”

The two looked a little worried.

“Congratulations, Judy!” said Jake. “We're very proud of you! But now that you are immobile, you should really think it over, if you want to continue or not! Remember that you will never be able to walk again!”

“Don't think that we want to stop you!” said David quickly. “If you really want to go on, we will help and support you with everything we can! We just want you to be and stay happy!”

Judy blushed. “You're so sweet, guys! I know that you want my best! I'm happy that I have you two!”

Now the boys blushed.

“Come a little closer,” Judy whispered. David and Jake moved as close to Judy's face as her huge belly allowed. And then Judy lifted her wobbling arms and with her fat hands reached out for Jake's neck. Then she leaned forward as much as possible and gave Jake a big passionate kiss. Then she turned over and gave David a kiss as well. With a big grin on her face she leaned back on her rolls and watched her speechless favored feeders.

“You know boys, I really have thought it over, and there sure is a way you can help me right now!”

“…y..yes?” David stuttered.

“You can just bring me that canister with gain shake over there and then make me some dinner. I'm starved!”

The boys stood straight up and saluted. “Yes, Mam!” David ran into the kitchen and Jake handed Judy a 5-liter canister of weight gain shake before he followed David. Judy smiled as she opened the canister and lifted it to her lips.

'Now the real fun starts,' she thought as she gulped down all the shake in the canister.

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Default Judy's Heaven of Food 3

Giving up even her last exercise of walking caused another transformation in Judy. The feeders installed a pipe system on her bed, making her able to pass her food without standing up. Judy didn't slow down her eating rate, and so she gained weight even faster than before. She hadn't really thought long about continuing her gluttony or not. Of course, being never able to walk is a big step.

But Judy had her priorities! And her first priority was to become as fat as possible! And everything that didn't fit to that goal was needless. And since walking doesn't fit with weighing over 900 lbs., it was needless. The thought that her legs and feet would from now on be completely useless, except for storing countless pounds of blubber, turned her on. She couldn't even see her feet any more no matter how much she bent forward.

And so the pounds kept on piling on Judy like never before, wrapping her legs and her whole body in more and more flab.

Judy reached the milestone of 1000 pounds in no time. Her friends gave a party and baked a cake for her, 10 feet high, and she ate it all at once. While all the others celebrated her weight, Judy celebrated by eating and getting fatter as always. 'What are 1000 lbs.? You ain't seen nothing yet!'

Around that time the FA-community around Judy was visited by a young girl. She stepped into the room and looked very shy. She was blonde and had a little roll of flab poking slightly over her waistband. When she saw Judy her jaw dropped low.

“Are..y..you….?….You're…so…so…WOW!” she stuttered. Judy smiled and told her to come closer. Her name was Lisa; she was 15. After a long time of stuttering around, she told Judy that she'd always wanted to be fatter. She would like to feed herself fat, but she was afraid of doing it at home, because of her parents. And after some more stuttering she asked, if she could come over if she wanted to glut herself.

Judy laughed, making her fat wobble. “Of course you can! I'm sure that everyone here will help you get fat! Go to that guy over there! His name is David. He will help you!”

Lisa was so happy that a tear rolled down her cheek! Before she turned to go to David, she stopped and turned to Judy again. She blushed and then asked in a very silent whisper: ”M…may I..t…touch your belly, please?”

Judy smiled and leaned back without saying a word, meaning, 'Of course you may!'

Lisa breathed heavily and then very slowly and carefully she laid her hands on Judy's enormous fat belly. First, she caressed the huge blubbery globe very carefully. Then she started to knead it stronger. Judy closed her eyes and moaned silently while her whole body jiggled. Lisa's heart bumped faster as she was hypnotized by that huge wobbling sea of blubber. Quickly, she stepped back, still heavily breathing.

Totally excited, she turned to Judy and opened her mouth to say something, but Judy said smiling:” Don't say anything! Go to David, he'll help you!”

And with a happy smile on her face Lisa ran to David, who immediately picked out three of the feeders to help Lisa gain weight.

“Wow!” Judy thought, as she continued to eat, “Now I have an apprentice”!

As the weeks went by Judy did her best to be a good role model for Lisa, who was fed, by her own three feeders for a few hours every day. Judy ate all day long. She started eating immediately when she woke up and didn't stop until she was simply too tired too eat and fell asleep. She was now insatiable, which made her proud. The fact that she couldn't hold out 15 minutes without eating turned her on. And still she tried to increase her daily food intake even more. She also drank incredible amounts of weight gain shake – and it showed.

Within four short months her weight shot up to 1382 pounds! Because Judy was now getting way too big to see all of her body, her friends installed huge mirrors all over the room so that she could still admire her obesity. Her body spread over her huge bed to every side. Her legs were spread as far apart as she could, and still her huge blubber laden thighs touched each other. In fact, the endless rolls and sacks of of her thigh flesh grew to create one single mass that had curves and folds and rolls all over. And at their end were her feet, which were now round and fat, with dimples, folds and fat toes. Wiggling those fat toes was the only movement she was able to do with her legs. One reason was her huge belly that lay on top of her thighs and in front of her on the bed where her feet were. A huge globe of creamy blubber, jiggling with every of her movements and going slightly up and down when she was breathing.

Behind her was the huge cellulite mass of her ass cheeks and on top of them three fat juicy rolls going from her waist to her back and hanging down on the bed to both sides. On top of her belly lay her big breasts, hanging down the sides. Her upper arms were so fat-laden that the flab rested on her waist rolls and touched them even when she lifted her arms up as high as she could – which was getting harder and harder for her. Her lower arms were now one-third covered with upper arm flesh and were the size of a pillow. Her hands were so bloated that she got problems bending her fingers, but that was something that turned her on, too. 'My fat little hands becoming too fat to move, too! Wow!'

And best of all: her face had finally decided to give in to her obesity and store fat! Her former sweet little double chin had grown to a big juicy fat roll that encircled her neck and hid it completely. Her cheeks had swollen, too. “After all that! My own fat double chin! I had to bloat up to 1300 lbs to get one!”

And day by day she kept stuffing her new fat face to make it even fatter…

But as she grew, it got more and more difficult to feed herself. Her arms were getting so heavy that she only could lift them to her fat face with much effort. She had to rest more and more often and let the others feed her. But the feeders couldn't feed her fast enough without her help. And so she was always hungry, even while eating all day long. The feeders had hard work and gave their best, but Judy's appetite was too strong, and she never could get full enough.

She was about 1511 lbs. when Lisa stepped at Judy's bed, followed by all of her friends to tell her some news. The former chubby little teenie-girl had blown up to a young lady of 350 lbs.

“We have something to tell you!” she said.

“We're all proud that we could help you get your dream body!” said Jake “but now we realized that we can't feed you any longer!”

Judy was shocked! 'Oh no! They can't leave me now!' she thought.

“What do you mean?” she asked, close to tears.

“We can't feed you,” Jake continued “…….because you are too fast for us!”

Judy looked confused and then she noticed Jake's grin. “That's why we have this!”

Jake and the other feeders stepped aside, and Judy's view fell on something big, covered with a blanket. David pulled the blanket away and Judy could see a machine under it. A machine with a big funnel and a pipe system. 'A feeding machine!' she thought. “A FEEDING MACHINE!!!”

She thought that she would go crazy! “That is the best present I ever got. Wow! That is wonderful! How can I ever thank you?”

Jake grinned and said, “By being a good girl and eating everything we put into that thing!”

Lisa said, laughing, “And by letting me use it one day, too!”

David whispered in her ear, “That machine has more than one funnel!”

He twinkled and turned to Judy again as Lisa's eyes grew wide and bright!

Tears of happiness rolled down Judy's big cheeks as her friends loaded the machine full of food and WG-shake. Ceremoniously, Lisa came to Judy's head with the funnel in her hand.

“Thank you!” Judy said happily and then she had the funnel in her mouth.

David then started the machine on the lowest level. The food in the tank got mashed and slowly the light brown thick and calorie-laden fluid made its way to Judy's hungry mouth. Seconds stretched to hours for Judy as the fluid went up over her waist rolls, past her huge breast, up her belly, reaching her double chin and then hit her tongue. She closed her eyes and sucked hard on the funnel. After a few seconds, she lifted her arm and her fat index finger pointed upwards, meaning that the boys should speed the machine up. David turned it up to level 2, and the fluid flowed faster into her mouth.

She kept sucking, but also kept pointing upwards. So David increased the flow rate even more, but it still wasn't enough. At level 5, Judy let her arm down and totally relaxed, swallowing the endless flow of food. She moaned silently as she sucked and her belly went up and down from her heavy breaths. Everyone stood there and stared amazed on that gluttonous huge blubberball of a teenager.

As for Judy: she was like in trance. A daydream consisting of nothing but food. She thought about what changes her new tool would cause to her body and the possibilities turned her on. And so she kept swallowing……….

The changes were amazing! Judy was totally overwhelmed by the joy the constant food flow gave her! And while she sucked down the fattening fluid, she could really feel her own body getting fatter and fatter! When she closed her eyes, she could feel every new pound of blubber settling down on her! She felt her body expand over the bed! She felt as her body was pushed upwards by her enormous butt and thighs! She felt herself getting huge and never felt better in her life!

She also felt her arms finally getting too heavy to move them! She weighed 1723 pounds when she lifted her huge blubbery arms for the last time and admired her bloated hands. Every one of her fingers was at least two inches wide, and she could hardly bend them. She lowered her arms again, knowing that she would never lift them again.

She now had to create “eye blink signs” because this was the only way for Judy to communicate, when she was sucking on the funnel! She would now wildly blink her eyes, when she wanted the funnel to be removed from her mouth. But that happened rarely enough.

All the people in the house were now looking out for Judy's wealth and happiness, keeping the machine filled and massaging and sponge bathing her massive body. Some of the feeders turned over to feed Lisa now, who had blown up to over 450 lbs. Her parents thought that her gain resulted from the hormone changes that every teenager has.

One day, Judy wanted the funnel to be removed so she could speak. Talking was getting harder for her, because her face was getting extremely fat. She called for Peter and Seymour.

“Hi…Boys.I think it's…time to publish...my story!... Would you please…make sure…that everyone knows…about me?”

And so they did! They created a homepage named “Judy's Heaven of Food” and put every single pic, film and document on it that they had – for free, as Judy wished! They also invited everyone to visit Judy in her house!

From then on, Judy's house was crowded with people. FAs from all over the world came to see this unbelievable obese teenage beauty. A great number of feedees came to see their idol, and many of them stayed to get fattened themselves. Judy's house became a feeding-temple. There also were several editors from BBW, FA and feeding magazines who wanted to interview Judy. At 1855 pounds, it was hard for Judy to talk, but she promised the reporters to give one single interview. And that would be the day when she hit 2000 pounds!

And then came the great day. The house was stuffed with people, and it was a great party. Everywhere sat fat women and girls who'd been fattened by her feeders. And in the center of the crowd, sat the star of the day. Judy! Huge, obese and unbelievably fat! The big digital display showed 2011 pounds. (The boys had adjusted the scale to read every weight.)

Her body was just a giant mountain of soft and juicy blubber. Countless roils oozing over each other, cellulite dimples over and over, everything jiggling and wobbling with every breath. Her belly almost covered her legs; her ass and thighs pushed her body upwards; her arms stuck out horizontally and her face was almost buried under her cheeks and chins.

She was constantly sucking on the funnel – at level 8 – until Jake made the crowd shut up and David removed the funnel. Ever body was silent and expected Judy to say something. Judy opened her mouth … and…..

“Buuuuuuurp!” Hundreds of small ripples were sent over her body. The crowd cheered!

“'xcuse me!” said Judy and blushed all over her blubbery cheeks. “I'm happy to…have so many …fans!”

When she spoke her huge double chin wobbled. ”Well….here I am….19 years old….and weighing…..over a ton! What else would you like …to know?”

Everyone was asking at the same time until Jake picked one out.

“Did you always want to be that fat?”

“I always wanted to be… fatter than I was! …I didn't know exactly how …fat!”

Again, they asked all together. “Is the feeling like you expected?”

Judy smiled. “What do you think?… It is the greatest feeling… I've ever… experienced. It is so beautiful that I didn't ….miss my mobility at all!”

“Why do you think not all women enjoy getting fat?”

“I think they would… if they would give it a chance. …But they are all under the pressure …of today's slim society.”

Lisa smiled as she heard that, rubbing her fat belly and feeling like something special.

“Would you like every women to enjoy fatness?”

“I would like every …women to enjoy food …no matter what it does …to her body!”

“Last question,” said Jake.

“Will you keep gaining or how big do you want to get?”

Judy grinned. “It is no question… if I want to get bigger…. I definitely will!… But I have only one …goal for my weight…..”

She paused, leaving the audience holding their breath. “I want to get …as fat as I …possibly can!”

The crowd went wild, and so the interview was over. They started the party again, and Judy got back to her funnel because she was already starving. She enjoyed the party by drinking her fluid and watching the people having fun. She was the happiest girl in the world.

Late in the evening, when most of the people left the house she talked to Jake and David. “I was a very…happy girl today.”

“It is a pleasure to help you, Judy,” said David. Judy smiled and then she said with a very silent voice. “Just promise me one thing.”

“What is it?”

“Please… promise that you…. will never stop feeding me!…. I want gain and get …fatter for the rest …of my life. …I've learned today,… that there is no weight ….I want to reach. ….I just want to grow fatter …and fatter …and fatter….. forever!”

“I won't promise!” said Jake. He had tears in his eyes. Then he fell on his knees, his hands touching one of Judy's rolls.

“I swear that I will never stop helping you to reach your dream and be happy!” David knelt as well and repeated the oath. When they stood up, they saw Judy cry in happiness with tears running down her swollen fat face.

'Finally I'm fat' she thought, but now let's make myself obese!'

“Thank you, guys! …Thank you for all!”

And that was the last thing that Judy said in her life. The funnel was placed in her mouth again and she continued her never-ending feast and her never-ending growth.

'Finally I'm fat' she thought again, 'but now let's make myself obese!'

Time passed, and David and Jake ran “Judy's Heaven of Food” as the foremost feeder and feedee palace in the country. After two years, the house looked completely different. It was a big hall where everyone could eat and drink, and there were several feeding machines that all were in use. In every corner of the house sat women of about every shape. From chubby to fat to very obese. And all were sucking on hoses with fat fluids to enlarge their bodies.

Most noticeable of all, the house was much bigger than before. They had taken out every wall and enlarged the entire building. They had to - because of Judy. She had filled the room completely.

Her body now looked like a sea of wobbling jello. Her arms and legs could no longer be identified. She was just a collection of jiggling rolls and folds with a big soft mountain in front of her that was her belly. The bed she'd once sat on was buried under her body. And on top of all that blubber was her head: meaning, a collection of rolls, chins and fat sacks with tiny little eyes, nose and mouth. She had lost all ability to speak long ago.

The newly installed scale system showed her weight of 5326 lbs. She now drank her weight gain fluid, even when she was asleep. She was in her own world. A world consisting only of drinking and gaining. And so she drank . . . and got fatter and fatter and fatter for the rest of her young life.

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I'm speechless. This has got to be one of the best stories I have ever read. It is destined to be a classic!!!
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Has anyone ever tried illustrating this story? becuase its simliar to the studio's paige?? yes no?
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Originally Posted by AussieDude View Post
Has anyone ever tried illustrating this story? becuase its simliar to the studio's paige?? yes no?
Not so far as I am aware, but great idea!

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Thank you for the comments! Being equated with the studio is an honor.
I am thinking about illustrating the story every now and then. Perhaps I will do it some day.
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Yeah dude you should!! I tried doing it once but im not htat good at drawing fat chicks to scale. I tell you what you should get onto it soon!plus is there any more of the maggie serious coming soon on deviant?
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This is great! Good job man!
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Ooh...illustrations would be divine...someone should do it!
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Lightbulb next story

It would be nice to hear the story from Lisa's point of view.
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I think that the story can be continued i that way that Lisa become immobile sea of soft and earm fat at her 18th birthday and she want to overeat Judy.
Once a day will be a ditherent contests between Judy and Lisa.
During these contests each of them will get apprentices, that will overgain their fat techers... This story is just a door to an universe full of immobility, incredible weights, stuffing and pleasuring laziness...
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