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Default Coming Back To the Nest (~BBW, ~WG)

~BBW, ~WG- A recent college graduate moves home with expansive results

Coming Back to the Nest
by Swiggy 3000

Chapter 1

Allison Bryant was proud of herself. She had been able to finish college in four years and was ready to find a job and start her life. She was a beautiful young woman, had celebrated her twenty second birthday a few months before graduation. She had graduated with a degree in history from the University of Illinois.

Although originally from Ohio she had family in Illinois and had felt that it would be best to get away from her parents for a bit to go and find her own life for herself. Which she had, she had gone from a kind of dorky high school girl to a beautiful young woman. She felt like she had finally blossomed.

Allison was about 5’5’’, no more than 115 pounds, kept herself fit by playing volleyball in high school and then intramural sports in college as well. Her figure was a bit straight forward, not too many curves but her butt was round and firm and her chest was a 34B, not right for a porn star but for her she felt that her figure was near perfect.

Her face while not cover girl material ended up getting her more than a few men at college. Her hair was raven and dark; honestly if not for her sunny disposition in high school she could have easily gone Goth with a few purple highlights. Her green eyes were bright and ready to take on the world. Her smile would light up a room, she was sure that she’d be hired somewhere right away.

Sadly for her she hadn’t realized that while she loved History and it meant some great times in college. It wasn’t the kind of thing that a ton of companies were looking for or really anyone outside of teaching. She had debated going for her Master’s but didn’t want to spend the money and teaching would mean babysitting kids all day while trying to teach them. No, that wasn’t for her at all.

So despite starting her job search back in February, she hadn’t found anything and had no choice but to go and move back in with her parents. Her parents weren’t bad people or mean or rude or overbearing or anything like that. Still though she didn’t want to go and move back in with them. Still it was better than taking a job at Wal-Mart and trying to pull that off. No, she’d just relax for a bit while applying for jobs. She gave herself a month or so and then she’d find that job that she wanted.

She was just unpacking the last of her boxes when her mom knocked on her door. Her mother was in her late 40’s, mother of two, and shared many of Allison’s traits. Honestly the biggest difference between the two of them was weight. Years had made her mother, Rachel, a bit chunkier than she’d like. She wasn’t obese but she was overweight.

“I’m glad to have you home honey” she said pulling Allison into a soft and comforting hug.

“Aww thanks mom but you know that this isn’t for too long. I’ll be out of your hair soon enough just like Laura was” Allison said thinking of her older sister. She was only a few years older than her but she was already married and living across the country.

“I know but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy you while you’re here. Now you just go and relax for a bit. I’m going to make some cookies. M&M cookies, your favorite” Rachel said pinching her daughters cheek and heading downstairs to get to cooking.
Allison just sighed and rolled her eyes. She was only unpacking her clothes and things that she needed, after all she wouldn’t be here for long. Still at least she could enjoy the perks of living at home. She changed into some comfy volleyball shorts and a t-shirt and took out her Mac Book to start checking for jobs online.

She ended up doing that for about half an hour. She wasn’t really finding anything that she loved but she applied to a few things, at least things that she could do. She decided to aim high, after all she had a college education and even though her degree was in history she felt that she still deserved a nice salary for that. Just then she heard the oven beep from downstairs and decided to take a break from applying for jobs for a bit.

She went and grabbed three cookies fresh from the oven and was surprised to find a glass of milk already poured for her. “A mother always knows” Rachel said knowingly smiling at Allison. It had been so long since either of her daughters had been home. Laura had moved in with her future husband right away and while she did visit she never got any time with her. She wanted Allison to get a great job but it could wait a bit. She had her whole life to work; Rachel only had a little bit of time left with her daughter before she left the nest for good, might as well make the most of it.

She went right over to the couch, sat down, and turned on her parents satellite TV. She flipped around for a little bit and found a ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ marathon on. Well she’d been working hard over the past four years. She could afford to take a break for now. Besides it was the afternoon, job applications were just as good at five as they were at three.

Rachel just smiled as she watched Allison relax for a bit. She always felt that her daughter was a bit high strung and some relaxation would do her good.
Allison had only meant to watch one episode but well one thing led to another and her mom ended up bringing her a few more cookies and before she knew what had happened her mom was putting dinner on the table. She stretched her muscles which weren’t used to lazing around most of the day.

“What’s for dinner mom?” she asked making her way the ten feet from the couch to the kitchen table.

“I decided that since you’re home I’d make your favorite! Spaghetti with meatballs, my homemade sauce, Italian sausage, and garlic bread” Rachel said. She wasn’t Italian in any way but she enjoyed cooking and over many years had perfected a pasta recipe. It was a heavy meal but most of the time Allison needed it to carbo load or something like that.

Allison smiled at the meal. She had been on her own at college and while she cooked most of her own food she couldn’t really do anything like this. She had been too busy in high school and college to really let her mom teach her how to cook. Maybe she should ask some questions now, just so she wouldn’t have to do crappy frozen dinners all the time once she had her job.

Her dad came downstairs. He was a bigger man, he had a beer gut and his head had started balding. He still retained his good looks into his older age. Honestly Allison wasn’t that close to her father, Laura had been the daddy’s girl but Allison got along well with him.

Dinner conversation was light, Allison and her mother mostly talked about celebrity gossip. Hey she was still a college aged woman; she couldn’t help but pick up a few trashy magazines. Her dad, Frank, just rolled his eyes at the conversation. Honestly he was happy that Allison was home but still he wished she would talk about something else.

Allison ended up getting so into the conversation that she wasn’t realizing how much she was eating. Allison had always been able to put her mother’s food away. It was always so good and well she was an athlete, she burned a lot of calories at practice and had needed to refuel. She’d go for a run tomorrow and burn this off with little problem.

“Well mom…I’ll give you this, you can still cook like there is no tomorrow” Allison said happily patting her stomach and sipping on her wine. She hadn’t wanted wine originally but her mother convinced her that she was an adult and besides it wasn’t like she didn’t drink at college. Allison had blushed at that, turning as red as the wine but happily accepted.

Rachel smiled at her daughter.

“Well I’m glad that you liked it dear, and don’t worry about the dishes I’ve got them. Just head to the living room and I’ll bring you some dessert” she said.

“Well you girls have fun I have a bit of work to do” Frank stand grunting as he stood up and went to his office. ‘Some things never change’ Allison thought as she watched her date retreat to this computer addiction. She took the bottle of wine with her to the living room and flipped through some channels until she found ‘Friends’ oh this took her back. She smiled happily as she sipped on her wine.

Rachel came in about fifteen minutes later with a slice of Turtle Cheesecake for her daughter. “Here you go something special we bought last time we were at the Cheesecake Factory. We were saving it for something special and I think this counts” she said putting it in front of Allison.

“Thank you so much. This beats having a bag of M&M’s or something for dessert” she said forgetting that she still had cookies that she could be eating.

“Well you’re home now! I remember what college was like. I barely ate anything good then and when I started working it was worse. You better enjoy this while you can! You’ll be starving soon” Rachel said taking a bite of her cheesecake.

“Oh don’t worry about me. I’ll find a great job and I’ll be fine. I’ll be out of your hair soon enough and you and dad can enjoy some alone time” Allison said. Rachel said nothing and just focused on the TV. “So who’s your favorite character? I think Chandler is the funniest but I just love Rachel…” she started.

Allison and Rachel ended up gabbing late into the night. It actually felt nice to talk to her mom woman to woman. Of course they were still mother and daughter but it was different now. She was grown up and could talk about more adult things and drink wine. They ended up talking until about one in the morning. Neither of them had anything to do and Frank had gone to bed a long time ago leaving them to talk.

“Well I think it’s time that I go to bed” Allison said.

“Your father is going to be so mad that I’m coming to bed this late but I think he’ll live” Rachel said doing her best to be quiet so she wouldn’t wake her husband. The house was two stories and the master bedroom door was probably closed but still she didn’t want to give him an excuse to be cranky tomorrow.

“Good night dear” she said giving her daughter a hug and made her way upstairs. Allison stayed downstairs for a few more minutes. She took her glass to the sink, and just happened to pass the cookies along the way. Well why let them go to waste? She picked up one more as a midnight snack and made her way back up to her room for a good night’s sleep.

During college Allison had always been an early riser. It was just her nature and even though she went out partying she was still up at a fairly reasonable hour. That trend continued at home as well. She woke up at nine, getting her eight hours of sleep and went right to the shower and got clean. The only problem was…she had nowhere to be and nothing to do. This was a different feeling she normally had a class or homework. Well this was interesting, a chance to just do nothing. She opened up her laptop to look up jobs when there was a knock on her door.

“Oh honey I’m glad you’re up I went and got donuts this morning after your dad left. I got your favorites….strawberry frosting with sprinkles” Rachel said.

“Oh sounds good!” Allison said happily walking downstairs to munch on some donuts, totally forgetting about her intended job hunt.

(Continued in post 4 of this thread)

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Nice start so far. Can't wait for more.
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Great story so far and a great premise!
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Chapter 2

It had been three weeks since Allison had moved back home with her parents and was once again looking at jobs online which only left her more frustrated than before. She let out an angry sigh and slammed her laptop closed.

“No luck honey?” Rachel asked bringing a freshly baked brownie over to her daughter.

Allison crammed the brownie into her mouth right away and shook her head ‘no’.

“I swear it’s like none of these places are hiring right now. It’s just…the government and uncertainty” she said trying to think of a reason why she wasn’t only not employed but had gotten nothing but rejections, along with being ignored.

“Aww honey it’ll be fine. It’s a weird economy and don’t worry you’ll get something sooner rather than later; you just have to keep on trying. I could maybe look at your resume and give you some tips” she suggested.

“No mom, my resume is fine I just need to find the right company” Allison said chugging her milk down. She could do this by herself, that was what adults did and she could do this without her parents help.

Rachel just smiled sadly at her daughter, she knew Allison would get a job soon enough; she was too smart not to. She just had to be patient and it would happen. She just had to sell herself a little better and that’d fix the problem. Oh well she’d just wait until her help was needed by her daughter.

“I’m heading out for a while I’ll be back later. I just need to blow off steam” Allison said grabbing her large sunglasses, she put on her flip flops to go for a drive. She hated that she didn’t have anything yet. It wasn’t that living at home was bad but she still wanted to get out of there. At least if she was going on interviews she could say she was doing something. It wasn’t helped by the fact that she went on Facebook today and apparently Nicole Salazar already had a job.

How’d that dumb bitch get something already?! Allison knew that she was smarter than her. She was breathing heavily now and was starting to relax a little bit. Nicole had probably just set her sights way too low. It was better to wait for the right job than to take the first shit job that floated your way.

Just then she felt a hunger pang in her stomach. Normally she’d head home and get something to eat but she needed some comfort food. She knew that she didn’t have too many choices on where to eat but eventually decided on Wendy’s. Hey it was fast and she just needed something to make her feel better. She wasn’t really dressed in her usual preppy attire, she had gone out in a t-shirt and sweat pants, but it was a fast food place at two in the afternoon. She really didn’t have anyone to impress.

Normally she’d order a salad or some grilled chicken but today she was feeling like something a little different.

“I’ll have a double baconator, hold the mayo. Large, with a frostie instead of a drink” she said. She needed some comfort food and this hit everything that she liked.

If this had been college she’d have gone running or something but she had yet to join a gym. She wasn’t a fan of just running around the neighborhood either, too many creeps around her neighborhood she wouldn’t feel safe. Yes she was a bit paranoid but she didn’t want to be some random statistic.
So without working out her days were mostly filled with watching TV, hanging around on the internet, or just spending time with her mom. She did leave the house to walk around the mall or go shopping but that was about it. Far removed from her hustle and bustle lifestyle in college where she was going from 8 AM to 8 PM.

She sat down and waited for her order to be called, which wasn’t too long considering she was one of two people in their at the moment. The other patron being a grocery store employee who looked like he was taking a late lunch.

As soon as her number was called she started attacking the food. This was just what she needed right now, she’d head home after this and think what her next plan of attack was but for right now she just needed something to make her feel good.

“So she just left?” Frank asked going through the mail.

“Yes, she’s just bummed that she hasn’t gotten any interest. I keep telling her that it’s going to happen. She just needs to relax a little” Rachel said. Frank just chuckled at that.

“This is the girl who when she got a C on a test went on a study binge for a whole weekend and was sure that she was going to fail the class. I’m pretty sure she won’t relax until she has the job that she wants” he said opening up a few bills.

Rachel just sighed; she knew that her husband was right still she wanted to help her daughter. “Maybe I’ll take her on a spa getaway this weekend. Just something to take her mind off things, would you be okay by yourself?” she asked.

Frank pursed his lips and thought about it. “Yeah I could find something to do” he said.

“Well I’ll look into it, at the very least we’ll do something I think she needs it” Rachel said and started debating what to make for dinner.

Meanwhile Allison was feeling better, about a hundred times better. She had eaten her calorie laden fast food and was on her way home. She was a bit embarrassed by her pig out but she had needed it. She had felt awful earlier in the day and she just needed something otherwise she’d probably be in bed all depressed about how she didn’t have a job yet.

She knew it was only a matter of time but she wanted it now. She wanted to go and buy cute work clothes and start doing something constructive. Then again there wasn’t anything wrong with taking some time off after college. After all she had taken summer classes last year and didn’t really have a summer last year. Maybe she should enjoy herself a little bit. Not too much, she’d still apply for jobs every morning but in the afternoon maybe she could do something.

Of course there wasn’t much to do around this place. There was a mall a few towns over but it wasn’t like there was a beach or lake close. Still maybe she could catch a few baseball games; tickets were cheap since the Indians weren’t the greatest team in the world. She’d just have to find someone to go with; most of her friends from around here either had jobs or were away for the summer. Well maybe she’d just have to try and make some new friends.

It’d at least get her out of the house more. Other than a few excursions she had stayed in the house most of her three weeks home. It had a minor effect on her; her formerly firm muscles were softer now. It was hardly noticeable but she did look a bit more feminine. Allison had been so concentrated on other things that like everyone else she hadn’t noticed this minor change.

She got home to find her mom taking out food for dinner. She wasn’t really hungry and doubted she would be by dinner but she didn’t want her mom to know what she had been doing so she just took a bit whiff and smiled widely. “What’s for dinner?”

“Oh hey honey, you feeling better?” Rachel asked ignoring her question.

“I’m fine…I just needed to blow off some steam. Walking around the park works wonders” she said. It was only a little white lie; she didn’t want to hurt her mom’s feelings by not eating dinner.

“Oh well I’m glad you need to relax a little bit honey. That job will come; you won’t be unemployed and living at home forever. Just enjoy this time with your father and I” she said.

Allison had to admit that her mother was right. Within a month she’d have a job and well it was kind of fun watching old TV shows with her mom at night. Especially since she understood all of the jokes now that she was older.

“You’re right I just I worry too much. I need to stop doing that. Anyway what are you making?” she asked her mother again.

“Well I decided to make fried pork chops for dinner tonight. Your father has been craving them I hope that’s okay. I made some corn, mashed potatoes, and applesauce with them. Oh and rolls of course” she said.

“Wow that all sounds really good” Allison said wondering how she would be able to eat all of that after her big midday snack. Well she’d find a way. She’d take small portions and just eat the little pork chop.

“I’m glad you think so. Now I wanted to talk to you a bit. I think you need to relax a little bit and I wanted to take you to do something this weekend. What do you want to do? It’s all on me. I was thinking a spa weekend or something like that but I’m open it’s whatever you want” Rachel said.

Allison thought about a spa weekend, that did sound tempting but she wanted to go somewhere and have a ton of fun.

“How about we head to Tower City, have lunch there, shop for a bit and meet dad somewhere for dinner” she suggested.

Rachel had been hoping that Allison would bite on the spa weekend but if her daughter wanted to shop then they would shop and have fun up in Cleveland. It was only about thirty minutes away from them.

“Okay that sounds like fun. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to go shopping with one of my daughters” Rachel said, over her disappointment she was feeling a better about this. It didn’t matter where they went all that mattered was that she was with her daughter.

They ended up talking while Rachel cooked dinner and before either of them knew it dinner was on the table and they were ready to eat.

Allison had only meant to eat a little bit but after smelling it and tasting the first bit of applesauce she had forgotten how tasty her mother’s cooking was. Well there was really no harm in eating a little bit more. She had a light lunch after all, just a turkey sandwich and chips. Of course she had also eaten half the bag of chips but that escaped her mind. She started digging in with great gusto. It had been a while since she had eaten this good and she’d be eating on a budget soon so she might as well enjoy this cooking now.

(Continued in post nine of this thread)

Please Review and leave Feedback

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Another great addition!
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I agree, this story has all sorts of promise! Pacing is good, and there is a lot of development potential!
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Excellent! seriously just keep it up
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Good start so far. Keep it up.
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Chapter 3

Allison and her mother started their trek to Tower City on Saturday morning. Frank had elected to stay home and meet up with them for dinner later in the day. He had a few things around the house he wanted to do, mostly mow the lawn. Plus he felt that Rachel and Allison needed a girls out day without him around. He’d do something with Allison later.

It wasn’t too far a drive for them, about half an hour or so. Of course there were other malls in the area to choose from but they thought that they’d make a day out of it. It was around noon by the time that they got there and parked.

“So food first, then shopping?” Rachel asked as they walked through the shopping center.

“Sounds good to me, what are we doing with dad tonight?” Allison asked.

“I think he said going to the wing place that he likes. Is that a problem with you?” Rachel asked thinking that Allison might want something a bit different.

“Which one, Quaker Steak or Winking Lizard?”

“I think he wants Winking Lizard”

“That’s fine with me, wings are always fine by me and it’s not like I don’t have options there” Allison said. Rachel relaxed a bit after that, at least both her daughter and husband would be happy tonight. She was fine with anything for dinner; she wasn’t picky and could always find something she liked on the menu.

“Okay well I’m feeling like one of those giant slices of pizza for lunch. What about you?” Allison asked.

Rachel thought about it and felt her sides. Her love handles were a bit big recently. She would be walking around the mall though burning calories. Well a bit of pasta would be fine.

“That sounds good to me too” she said smiling as she and her daughter went to the food court to get something to eat. It was fairly crowded today but not so much so that they had to wait in a long line to get something to eat. The Indians were on the road which helped decrease some of the foot traffic.

When they reached the pizza place Rachel placed her order for baked ziti and then waited for Allison to place her order. Allison had meant to only order one slice of cheese but looking up at the menu she saw a special where you could get two slices of cheese with garlic bread and a drink for not too much more.

She debated it for a second; she would need energy for shopping after all. Plus it was a good deal she’d be foolish if she passed up on a deal like that. Her breakfast had been light too, she had only eaten two chocolate donuts that her dad had gone out and picked up this morning. So really she needed something more to eat to make up for a light breakfast.

“I’ll have the special, two slices of cheese with the garlic bread and to drink I’d like a Pepsi please” Allison said very politely. Rachel looked strangely at her daughter. She had never known Allison to eat take out like this but then again Allison might just be hungry so Rachel decided to let it go. They got and paid for their food and went to a table to eat.

“So are there any guys in your life?” Rachel asked wanting to steer clear of any talk of work or jobs, not wanting to ruin the day.

“Not really. I mean I don’t plan on staying here forever so I haven’t really been looking. I mean that’s part of the reason I broke up with Matt. Too much uncertainty” she said thinking back to her college boyfriend. She was sure that she hadn’t really loved him if she had been so open to just breaking up and not even trying long distance.

“Well you never know you might find a job around here. I’m not saying you have to actively look but just stay open because you never know” Rachel said eating her ziti.

“I guess. I mean I’m not saying that I don’t want to stay around here. I just want to keep my options open and not just stay somewhere just because some guy is around there” Allison said biting into one of her cheesy, greasy slices of pizza.

“Okay just don’t move too far away, I still haven’t gotten over your sister moving so far away” she said half joking and half serious. She was sad that she only got to speak to her other daughter on the phone. She hoped that Allison would just be able to find a job here. She didn’t need to see her daughter every day, just every once in a while.

“Don’t worries you still have me for now, let’s just enjoy this time” Allison said wiping a bit of grease off her face and digging into the garlic bread.

“I know and I know you have to leave soon. I’m just going to enjoy my sweet daughter while I can” she said finishing off her meal. The two of them chatted about other things for a bit until Allison finished her meal and the two of them were off to go shopping for some new clothes for the two of them.

“So do you want to start with clothes or shoes?” Rachel asked as they started to walk around.

“Let’s start with some clothes. I need new jeans for summer” Allison said and they went into one of the stores. They looked around for a little bit looking at some clothes for the two of them. Rachel didn’t find anything that she liked. This store was for younger girls but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t help Allison pick out clothes.

Allison had selected a few pairs of jeans and some shorts in her size and went to the fitting room to try them on while her mom waited outside for her. She figured this would be fairly quick and painless she just needed to know what pair looked best on her.

She put on a pair of jeans first and paused a moment as she pulled the pants up past her thighs. There was an odd bit of tightness in her pants that she wasn’t used to. Of course she had spent most of her days the past couple of weeks wearing shorts and sweats with an elastic waistband so she told herself that she just wasn’t used to it. No problem really, she thought.

Then she tried to button up her pants but found it a bit harder than she remembered. She tugged and tried to button up her pants and after a bit of sucking she had luck in getting the buttoned up. She smiled happy with herself and did a quick mirror check before asking her mom and she wasn’t happy with it. She wasn’t bursting out of the jeans but they were too tight to for her liking and it looked like she had a muffin top. Not sexy at all and not what she wanted.

She took off the jeans disgusted and checked the sizing. It was her size but she had been to enough stores to know that stores weren’t exactly the same on their sizing scales. She tried on the rest of her pants with similar results proving her theory that her size ran small in this place. Well no worries.

Rachel was wondering what was taking so long normally she had tried on about 5 articles of clothing by now and was worried for a second until her daughter came out with the stack of pants.

“What’s wrong?” Rachel asked.

“Oh nothing I just need a larger size” Allison said shrugging. Rachel just nodded and they went to get the same jeans and shorts one size up. It took a few minutes but they found what they were looking for and Allison was back in the changing room.

This time she had little to no problem getting the pants on. They were a bit tight but they were tight around her ass which she considered a good thing. They dug a little bit but not so much that she noticed it. She went out to show off her jeans to her mom.

“So what do you think?” Allison asked doing a little twirl in them.

Rachel looked her daughter over they looked a little tight but they didn’t look bad. She wasn’t bursting out of them and she didn’t look awful.

“I think you look cute in them” she said honestly. That was all Allison needed and she went off to try on the rest of her pants.

This went on for about another twenty minutes, everything looked good on Allison although Rachel kept noticing that they were a bit tight. Well it was a good thing that her daughter wasn’t a yo-yo dieter otherwise she doubted they’d fit if she put on five or ten pounds. The only thing she wasn’t a fan of were the shorts. She felt they made Allison’s thighs look a bit too big and they were too short but Allison seemed to be fine with them so there was nothing she could say.

They went and paid for her clothes and went to look in other stores. Rachel was pleased with herself she found a few blouses that looked good on her and they were stylish. Something she wasn’t quite used to finding all the time so she was over the moon. They didn’t hide her belly as much as she’d like but that’s what spanx were for if she had to go somewhere really important.

Allison thought the clothes that her mom picked out were a bit too tight on her but she wasn’t about to say that to her mom. Besides she was a mom she was supposed to be kind of soft. Of course she told herself she’d never turn into her mom, emotionally or physically. Nothing against her mom she was just a different woman and she made it a point that she would not turn into her mother, that would be way too creepy.

That last stop was to buy some shoes which ended up taking most of the day. Mostly because there was a sale going on and there were just too many good pairs to choose from. Eventually they both found some shoes that they loved and they were off.

“Oh it’s a good thing that your father isn’t here, this would have killed him” Rachel said chuckling as they made their way back to the car.

“Tell me about it, I can hear him asking to hurry up or getting bored after looking at Indians stuff for too long” Allison replied.

“Well he knows we’re on our way to the restaurant and it sounds like he’s had a good day” Rachel said.

“In other words he watched sports all day in peace in quiet and nothing else got done?”

“Exactly,” Rachel said smiling and shaking her head as they got to the car. They put all of their bags in it and were off to the Winking Lizard.

Frank had beaten them there by a good ten minutes and was already sitting down at a table and looking over the menu when they arrived.

“Hey how are you two, you have fun today?” he asked them as they sat down.

“Yes! I bought so many cute clothes for the summer and I bought some new shoes” Allison said happily. Frank just smiled at her and nodded. He leaned over and kissed Rachel on the cheek.

“Did she wear you out?” he asked her.

“Oh no, I could have gone another five hours” she said jokingly. She probably could have done one more store and that was it. Still it improved her daughters’ mood so it was worth it in her mind.

“What would you all like to drink?” their waitress asked coming out of nowhere.

“I’ll have a Bud” Frank said

“Ice tea for me” Rachel replied.

Allison pursed her lips. She wanted a beer but really didn’t want to order it in front of her parents. Then again she was an adult and a college graduate. It wasn’t like she was going to have a ton to drink and beer did go good with wings.

“I’ll have a Bud too” she said.

“Sure, I’ll just need to see some ID” the waitress said, she checked Allison’s ID over and nodded. “I’ll be right back with your drinks” she said.

“So dad what wings do you want?” Allison asked thinking which ones she wanted for herself.

“You two get whatever you want. I’m having something else” Rachel said. She wasn’t a big fan of wings. She’d have one or two but it wouldn’t be a good meal for her.

“I was going to get a bucket of Hot for myself. What do you want?” he asked Allison.

She looked over the menu. A bucket had twenty wings in it. Ten wings was her other choice but that just didn’t seem like enough. She was really hungry for some reason.

“I think I want a bucket of Cajun wings” she said.

Frank gave her a bit of a look but it wasn’t a big deal. Anything she didn’t eat they could take home and have for lunch tomorrow.

“Okay sounds good to me” he said.

“Oh and can I get some dessert tonight?” Allison asked her dad with her large puppy dog eyes. Sure she was going to fill up on wings but that didn’t mean that she didn’t want something sweet after.

“I don’t see why not, if you really want it. Tonight is supposed to be fun so just get whatever you want” he said smiling at his now excited daughter. It was strange he had never seen her get that excited over food before.

(Continued in post 14 of this thread)

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another good piece. I'm not sure how long you intend this to be or if somewhat significant time jumps are coming but I hope she plumps up to a nice size, maybe finds a boy, maybe she gets a little trashier! You have a nice style tho!
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Running well so far; looking forward to this one advancing!
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thebaffler has said some nice things

Good stuff. The reference to Quaker Steak and Lube was impressive!
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You took it pretty slow in the beginning, which isn't a bad thing and really makes it believable as Allison eases into her new lifestyle. So far I have enjoyed reading it, and I hope we will start seeing more "results" of her actions soon .
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Chapter 4

A little over three weeks had passed since Allison’s excursion to Tower City and in that time she had only worn her new clothes a few times. Most of the time she opted for sweats since she stayed home a decent amount. However, when she did go out to do something she did don her new clothes, which had started to tighten up just a bit.

It was eleven in the morning when she woke up this morning. After the first couple of weeks she found that there wasn’t much to do in the morning so she elected that it was better to stay up later and wake up later.

She wiggled out of her PJ bottoms and into some volleyball shorts, tied her hair into a messy bun, and got on her computer to look for jobs. This had become a habit for her the last couple of weeks. She was more determined than ever to find a job that she could do. It was starting to get boring around her house and she needed to get out of it.

Of course she had to check Facebook first, and then she had to get caught up with news on Twitter. Never knew when someone famous would die. That was something she had to know right away. That ended up leading her to other sites and before she knew it, it was 11:45 and her mom was knocking on her door.

“Honey, are you up?” Rachel asked. That was when Allison realized just what time it was.

Crap, she wasn’t happy with herself. Oh well might as well cover.

“Yes, I’ve been applying for jobs. Come in” she said going to Careerbuilder.com.

“Hey, I didn’t hear anything so I wanted to be sure. So what do you want to do for lunch today?” she asked her daughter.

“What do we have here?” Allison asked looking up from the screen.

“Not much, you want to go out for something?” Rachel asked, she thought that her daughter should get out. It seemed like a few days since she had gotten out of the house. It was healthy to just sit around the house all day.

“How about Olive Garden” Allison suggested and Rachel nodded.

“Okay just get ready I’m hungry so only a quick shower” Rachel said as Allison hopped out of bed and into the bathroom.

Allison was going so fast that she had ignored her own reflection in the mirror, something that would have helped her if she had taken a moment to watch herself in her state of undress.

In the six weeks that she had been home her body had changed in more than a few ways. The former tone that she had was now gone, buried under a soft layer of fat. Her face hadn’t changed too much, it was perhaps a bit plumper, but it looked like she was retaining some water. Nothing too crazy or noticeable.

Her chest was much the same. Some weight had been added and her bras were a bit tighter but nothing that could be called massive. They were still perky, although they were a hair heftier, same with her arms. Although that was quickly changing, the former muscle that she had put on from lifting weights was slowly disappearing and weakening.

Her belly had started to slightly pooch out over the elastic of her volleyball shorts and her love handles had grown from nothing to soft pinchable bits of fat. Her sleek design was slowly disappearing.

The true problems with her eating habits and new found laziness were most apparent on her lower body. She had always had a full and firm ass and it was still full, just less firm than before. Sitting around for six weeks had taken its toll on her body her once proud rear was starting to lose a bit of its luster as cellulite was starting to creep on it.

The same thing was going on with her thighs, they were really rounding out of late and cellulite was starting to dot her formerly smooth legs.

One other slight change had started to affect her body she had gotten paler since moving back home. She had been an outside girl most of the time and had gotten some decent sun. She wasn’t quite tan but she had a healthy color. Now she was becoming as pale as that girl from Twilight.

Still she remained happily unaware of all these changes to her body. She had been so focused on finding her job that she wasn’t concerned about anything else. Honestly she had felt kind of down lately since she didn’t have a job yet but it wasn’t that bad. Still it took her attention away from her usual activities such as working out.

Her mom had told her to hurry up so she only spent about fifteen minutes in the shower compared to her usual half hour.

“I’ll be ready in like 20 minutes” she said trying to move as fast as she could. She started to dry her hair which took some time but she rushed it a bit more than she should have. It meant that her hair wasn’t perfect but it wouldn’t keep her mom waiting so there were tradeoffs.

She put on her clothes very quickly including the new pair of jeans that she had bought. She did purse her lips a bit as she buttoned them up. There was a bit of pinching going on. She wiggled around in them a little bit and that helped. Well she hadn’t worn them that much, probably just a bit stiff. She threw on a loose blue blouse and grabbed her cell and she was ready to go.

Rachel was amazed when her daughter had come downstairs so quickly. She had been expecting about an hour wait but she had moved fast. Ironically it was the most movement she had done in weeks but still.

“Alright, I give you credit. I didn’t think you’d get done so fast” she said joking around.

Allison cocked her head to the side and gave her mom and unbelieving smile. This only helped show off the fat that had accumulated on her neck, as well as small dimples on her cheeks.

“I’m not that bad mom” she said.

For her part Rachel hadn’t even noticed the changes to her daughters’ body, mostly because she had seen her every day and she still didn’t notice it. She was more concerned with food and teasing her daughter at the moment.

“Okay you’re right. Still though this was a good time for you. Anyway let’s get going” she said grabbing her purse and the two of them were off to the Olive Garden.

It wasn’t too busy at the moment; then again it was a Thursday afternoon most people were working. They were able to get a table fairly quickly and started looking over the menu.

“I’m thinking about having a glass of sangria” Allison said. Yes it was a bit early for drinking but she didn’t have anywhere to be.

“Hmmm same here. How about we just get a pitcher of it? Berry or peach?” Rachel asked.

Allison didn’t think that her mom would actually go for it but hey pitchers were always fun. It would be more fun if she was with a few friends and not her mom but still. She needed to go and get out more if only for that reason, going out with her mom all the time was kind of lame.

“Let’s just stick with Berry” Allison said as she decided what to get.

The waitress came back with breadsticks and salad for the two of them and asked for their orders. Allison ended up getting the Fettuccine Alfredo while Rachel stuck with spaghetti and meatballs. They also placed their drink order and started digging into the salad and breadsticks.

Rachel ended up only getting a bit of salad, she wasn’t a huge fan of the dressing that they put on it and had one breadstick. Allison on the other hand couldn’t stop herself and had a bit of salad but focused mainly on the breadsticks. By the time it was all said and done she had eaten the other four breadsticks and while she did eat some of the salad she had mostly ignored the healthier aspects of it. Sticking with the pieces of lettuce that were drenched in the dressing.

Of course the pitcher of sangria was halfway done by the time that the entrée’s arrived. Allison had a nice buzz going and even though she was a little full was sure that she still had plenty of room for her meal.

“So find any good jobs today?” Rachel asked just trying to be nice to her daughter. Allison pursed her lips; she didn’t like lying to her mom so she’d tell a half truth.

“Oh well there wasn’t anything that great. Nothing I loved” she said honestly. Of course she hadn’t seen anything at all so it was somewhat close to the truth.

“Well you’ll find something” she said patting her daughter on the hand and started eating her meatballs.

“I know I’m just getting tired of looking and not getting anything” Allison said, the alcohol making her looser than before.

“Maybe you should broaden your search just a little bit. I’m not saying that you should avoid your major entirely but you never know. Maybe try something else. I did after college, I thought I’d hate an office job but I tried it and it wasn’t that bad” Rachel said thinking back to when she had her job before she had become a stay at home mom.

Allison sneered a little bit. That didn’t sound appealing at all to her. She sipped her drink and thought about it for a moment.

“I mean I’ll think about it. I’m not against it, but I know what I’m doing mom” she said eating the creamy goodness of her pasta.

Rachel just shrugged it off. All she could do was offer up advice for her daughter. If she wanted to be a little rude then that was her problem. “Well I’m just happy that you’re here. I enjoy spending time with you” she said honestly to her daughter. She had only a little bit to drink and was happy that she was driving instead of Allison. She had about a glass and a half of sangria while Allison was working on the rest of the pitcher.

Allison was starting to feel very happy now and was using all of her college experience to keep herself from becoming a blubbering idiot.

“Well thanks for taking me out. I mean nothing against turkey sandwiches and stuff like that but I need something a little more filling” she said finishing up her lunch.

Her stomach felt stuffed to the max from all the food that she had eaten. Her stomach was now pooching out just a little bit more. The downside of being stuffed, she adjusted her waistband a little bit. It was starting to dig into her sides and leave red marks.

Rachel smiled at her daughter. Of course she was drunk but she wasn’t that far gone. Her words weren’t slurred together so it wasn’t that bad. Still she wished that her daughter didn’t drink. Of course she was an adult and could but still she wished that she was still her little girl.

“Would you ladies like anything for dessert?” the waitress asked. Allison debated saying yes but then she wouldn’t be hungry for dinner and her mom always made something good so they both shook their heads no.

Once they were back home Allison wasted no time changing into a t-shirt and volleyball shorts. Which were started to get a bit overstretched at the waistband. She should have noticed the angry red marks that marred her skin but she was still tipsy from lunch and knew that she needed to at least look at jobs. She got on the computer planning to do that. Then she saw that she could get Angry Birds on Google Chrome for free. When had that happened? Time to get on this right now.

(Continued in post 18 of this thread)

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As always your detail is great and really an easy read which is great! It was nice to see some good progress in this piece. I hope for some more soon!
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Default A New Favorite

This is Terrific. The pace is realistic and you write so well. I am looking forward to maybe another shopping trip being necessary.Or an annual Dr's visit where the nurse simply jot's down the weight without comment because it's still within acceptable guidelines by just a couple lbs. Maybe the nurse or Doctor doesn't notice that she was formerly 115-they only note that 145 is pretty normal for a college grad her height. Maybe it's a new Doctor in town without her previous charts! I guess I am just patiently waiting for he number on the scale after it has become a pretty darned big gain-beyond the freshman fifteen. Just keep adding at the wonderful frequency you have have been. Bravo.
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I'm loving the speed you're taking with this. Seems more real
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Chapter 5

A week had passed since the excursion to the Olive Garden and Allison still felt stuck. Crap, it was a Friday night and she was stuck at home while her parents had gone out for some romantic dinner. So she was home alone with the whole house to herself. She had spent about an hour or so thinking about what she should do tonight but nothing sounded good.

This wasn’t a college town, she didn’t want to go out to eat, to a club, or to the movies alone. She was sad but she wasn’t pathetic. So here she was deciding what fast food place to do for dinner. She looked at her iPhone and thought of someplace she could go that was different; she didn’t want the same old thing.

So Allison decided to go and get herself Taco Bell. It wasn’t fancy but she could go through the drive thru. She was in her shorts and a ratty t-shirt. Even in college she had tried to be glam whenever she went out but she just felt depressed tonight so she might as well take it out on her stomach.

She went to her car and took a moment to think if her parents had put money in her bank account. That they were having to do it had been embarrassing but she needed some spending money just for when her parents weren’t around. She really needed a job soon but it wasn’t like her parents were hurting for money so she’d keep on holding out for something great.

It was still early so there wasn’t a long line yet. She looked over the menus and decided what to order fairly quickly.

“I’d like…three gordita crunch supremes’, along with two five layer burritos, a thing of cinnamon twists, apple empanada, and a large Pepsi to drink. Oh and an order of chips and cheese” she said. Sure it was a lot of food she was going to be home alone all night and she needed something to snack on. There wasn’t any great food in the house, just some salad that her mom made earlier that day.

She went and paid for it. She worried the drive thru jockey might give her a weird look but he had seen far worse things. In fact he felt that this girl was actually kind of cute. Face was a bit round and it looked like she had a bit of acne on her chin but she wasn’t too bad really. Still girls got weird if you gave them your number while they were going through the drive thru so he didn’t but he’d think about her the rest of his shift.

Luckily the Taco Bell wasn’t too far away from her house; she was back home in about five minutes. Once she was safely inside she decided to try something a little bit different. She hadn’t really been alone for a long time so she wanted to do something that she had done in college before. Her house didn’t have big windows but just to be on the safe side she decided to take off all of her clothes.

She needed to be careful with this considering that her parents could come back but they said they were going out to dinner and to see a movie. She had at least three more hours before they were home. It was a hot summer night and even with the A/C on it was still a hair warmer than she would have cared for.

It was a bit odd she’d be the first to admit that but her clothes had be feeling weird lately, it was something that she couldn’t really describe and it felt good to let her body breathe. Had she walked by anything reflective maybe she would have seen her body but she was so focused on her caloric goodness that she neglected everything else, well almost everything else, she did turn on some reruns of Family Guy to watch.

Her naked form had once been lithe and wonderful, like a ballerina. Now though there was no way that she could have been mistaken for a dancer. Previously when she had been naked her breasts were high and proud. The added weight was causing them to sag more than a little bit now.

She sat and started eating her food with abandon. Her mind knew that this wasn’t really good for her but she didn’t care at the moment. Her taste buds and stomach were being sated and that was all that mattered. Of course her stomach was happy for the food but grumbled in displeasure as the ‘food’ was absorbed into her body.

She leaned forward to grab her next burrito which caused a roll to form at her waist. Her flesh quivered as she went back to her lounging position on the couch. This was actually kind of nice and freeing. The air conditioning was starting to get a little bit cold though so she got up to turn it down just a hair, her nipples getting erect from the circulated air.

Her butt jiggled with great glee as she walked. This was some of the most exercise that it had gotten all day and that was all it really needed. She gave her ass a bit of a scratch and paused for a moment. Something didn’t quite feel right. She was going to examine further but then she got a whiff of her cheap Mexican cuisine.

She walked back and let out a bit of a fart. She blushed for some reason, just glad that no one was around to hear or smell it.

“Oh well that’s what I get for eating Taco Bell” she said shrugging it off. Honestly her stomach had been giving her a few problems lately. She wasn’t sure what was causing it. The fact that she was eating out over five times a week somehow hadn’t entered her mind.

She sat down and laughed at Brian and Stewie as she ate. “This actually isn’t so bad…I wish someone else was with me but still” she said taking a sip of her drink.

About an hour later though her high from before had worn off and she was feeling depressed again as she saw the fast food wrappers around the living room. Family Guy had ended and she was now looking for just something, anything to watch. Eventually she found some crappy movie that she had seen a million times. It was better than nothing.

She was feeling lonely again and wasn’t sure what to do. She had looked at maybe trying Match or eHarmony but those required money. The only free one she could use was OKCupid and that just seemed a little…off to her. So here she was all alone. The social butterfly in her was slowly yet surely dying and she needed to figure out a way to bring it back to life.

She checked the time; she still had a while before she had to worry about her parents. Maybe it wasn’t too late to go out. But that meant getting into the shower and doing her hair and getting dressed up. She didn’t feel like dealing with all of that tonight. It was late and by this point most people would be getting drunk. Of course it was only eight at night.

So she went to the kitchen to see what they had to drink or eat. She wasn’t really hungry just bored and at the very least it was something to do. That was when she found it, a bottle of tequila that her mom kept around. Well her mom wouldn’t notice a little bit of tequila missing. She looked to see if they had any margarita mix and of course there wasn’t any. They did have orange juice though! Tequila sunrise, which seemed healthy to her. She was getting a full dose of Vitamin C.

Of course she poured herself a bit too much tequila; she wasn’t a bartender after all. She took a sip of her concoction and shuddered. It was stronger than she liked but not too overpowering. At least it should increase her happiness.

As she drank a good movie actually came on, Twilight. She hated to admit it but she did love the books and the movies. It made her feel like some crazy fan girl but it was just fantasy. If guys could have Rambo and Die Hard she could have Twilight, right?

She ended up drinking three rather large glasses and was feeling pretty damn happy as she watched the movie. She checked the time; her parents would be home soon, she didn’t want them seeing her like this so it was time to put her clothes on again.

It ended up being far harder to put her clothes back on. She had drunk that much in such a short time before but she hadn’t done it since her Junior year, she was a little bit out of practice. She didn’t bother cleaning up as she lumbered her way upstairs. She didn’t want her parents to see her drunk like this. She lay down on the bed and opened her laptop. Might as well go on Facebook and see if anyone was willing to talk to her.

Meanwhile Rachel and Frank were on their way home and were sitting in awkward silence on the way back. Both of them were lost in their thoughts and were surprised to see their daughters’ car in the driveway.

“I thought she would have gone out” Frank said. Rachel just shrugged.

“Well she’s been staying home lately. I think she’s sad she doesn’t have a job yet” she said.

“She needs to find something soon” he sighed.

“Give her some time. It’s been hard on her and I know that she’s looking. It’s a bad economy for recent grads” she explained. Frank just made a noise. He felt that she should at least take some job at this point but he wasn’t going to force the issue at the moment.

They walked into the house and found a mess in the living room and kitchen. The bottle of tequila had been left out along with the orange juice. They also saw the plethora of wrappers around the living room; some had fallen onto the floor, and was that a bra on the couch?

“What the hell happened in here?” Frank asked looking at all the Taco Bell wrappers.

“I…don’t know…” Rachel said shaking her head.

“Looks like she had a fun night” Frank said sarcastically.

“Be nice to her, she hasn’t gone out with anyone in a while” Rachel said as she started to clean up the wrappers. She had no clue what was up with the bra but she didn’t want to bring it up to her daughter. She wasn’t sure she’d enjoy the answer.

“She was probably doing laundry and got tired” she said trying to make excuses.

Frank just cocked his head at his wife. “Whatever just make sure that she cleans up her own messes before going up to bed”

Just then they both heard a drunken laugh come from upstairs. Allison hadn’t even realized that her parents had come home. She was busy watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and found that it was even funnier when she was drunk.

“Just relax a bit. She’ll find something soon. I’ll help her look” Rachel said. She just wanted to help her daughter while spending time with her. It made her life less boring after all.

“Okay…I just got used to living just you and me. I like that…I don’t like coming home to a dirty house” he said in a low tone.

Rachel just shook her head; she hated this tough guy act.

“Don’t worry, you know that she’ll be gone forever soon and you’ll miss this time that you had with her” she said as she finished cleaning up the room and looking at how much tequila her daughter ended up drinking. It might be a good idea to hide the expensive stuff while her daughter was home.

(Continued in post 21 of this thread)

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This was a good filler chapter for sure; it has laid the plans for her descent, I'm looking forward to the next piece!
How do you win a war, when you're not sure who the enemy is?

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Originally Posted by morepushing13 View Post
This was a good filler chapter for sure; it has laid the plans for her descent, I'm looking forward to the next piece!
You are correct, last bit of filler before the interesting stuff
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I just want to say thanks for all the reviews and I'm sorry if I didn't respond personally to you. But seriously thank you for all of your kind words.

Chapter 6

It was a Thursday night and the Indians were in town so Allison decided it was a perfect opportunity to go to a ballgame. It had been a week since her Taco Bell binge and her parents hadn't said anything about that night so she didn't know that anything was amiss. She was still certain that she had been sneaky as a fox.

Her mom had little interest in baseball but her dad had agreed to go with her. Hey it was something to do. The Indians were better this year but it wasn't like tickets were hard to come by. Her dad had been able to get some through work and that was enough for her. The ride to Progressive Field was silent, neither of them really sure what to say to each other.

In fact the entire game was kind of awkward for her. Other than buying her the food she wanted, two hot dogs, fries, and a beer, someone from his work had called and her dad was now somewhere in the ballpark talking about something or another. She moved around a bit in her seat.

"Huh,"' she thought, "these chairs are comfier than I remembered." They also felt a bit tighter too. That's what she figured she got for not going to a game for years.

It kind of annoyed her that he did stuff like that. It was supposed to be a night for the two of them to talk. Instead all he was doing was talking to someone from work and not even watching the game. She huffed and puffed a little bit not happy about this at all. They had been there two innings and he had seen maybe two outs. Still at least he had given her some money for the night. Might was well buy herself a four dollar beer with that.

She got up between innings to get something to drink. It was a hot summer’s day and she was sweating quite a bit even though the sun was slowly disappearing behind the buildings. She had been smart enough to dress for the occasion, jean shorts and what had formerly been a loose t-shirt.

The jean shorts dug into her softening hips. They had been a bit of a fight to button and zip up but it had been a battle that she had won. Had she been paying attention to getting dressed instead of watching TV she would have noticed the increased softness that oozed over her waistband. Her shirt had formerly been loose and flowing on her, just tight enough in the chest and nowhere else.

Now her shirt was hugging her waist just a bit too tightly, exposing her love handles and pudgy belly to the world. Had she picked a loose jersey or something of the like no one would have noticed and most would have seen her as a real cutie. Her look now was more of a bleacher bum, made worse by the messy way that she wore her hair up tonight. She had spent the afternoon looking for her cap and like the job search it ended up being fruitless.

“I’d like…one…no two beers, some peanuts, and popcorn” she said. The second beer would be for her father but if he was still busy with whatever it was he was doing then she’d end up drinking it. She’d be going up for a third anyway; this just made her life easier if he didn't want it.

This was actually a small order for the cashier and she was happy for it. The line was getting fairly long and she didn't want to get too backed up. The two beer order didn't surprise her. She saw girls like this all the time. She’d be back soon enough or head somewhere else in an inning or two. She couldn't wait until she was off work so she could have a few drinks herself.

Allison put the peanuts on top of the popcorn and carefully made her way back to the seats. She had to move carefully so she didn't spill any of her precious cargo. She reached her section and was afraid for a moment that she’d have to show her ticket, which was currently in the back pocket. That was about all that her pocket could fit thanks to the expansion of her fleshy butt cheeks.

The attendant just waved her through, he was pretty sure that he had seen her before and if there was a problem someone would get him. Besides the game wasn't sold out, she’d be fine. Allison smiled and was thankful for that she didn't want to drop anything. Her thighs jiggled as she walked down the stairs, it took her a bit but she reached her seat and unsurprisingly her dad wasn't there. Part of her hoped that he had gone looking for her but she was sure that wasn't the case.

Their seats were actually fairly good too, third row on the first base side. Swisher was playing first that night and she had to admit that he was a nice bit of eye candy to watch while the White Sox were batting. She took a sip of her beer and sat there for a moment feeling sorry for herself, what kind of loser was alone at a baseball game?

“Boyfriend leave you alone too?” a female voice behind her asked.

Allison turned to see a red headed woman playing with a strand of her hair behind her. She had an iPhone in hand and looked bored. She looked around the same age as Allison and had a somewhat similar build. At least similar to what Allison used to look like.

“Not my boyfriend, family member” she said not wanting to admit that she had been ditched by her dad.

“I’m Allison” she said introducing herself.

“I’m Lucy” she said shaking Allison’s hand. Her nails were painted red and blue for the night, Allison noted.

“Well that bites. My boyfriend said he just had to say hi to his friends for a minute and he’d be back in an inning. It’s the fourth inning now and he left after the first. I swear if I didn't love him so much…” Lucy said, taking a sip of her beer.

“That sucks, at least the game is good” Allison said as she started digging into her popcorn. This was the most social interaction she had with another girl in person in a while. She took a moment to realize how sad that was but she wanted to keep it going. Even if it just ended up with her bitching until her boyfriend came back.

“True, team is actually worth a damn this year. So where are you from?” Lucy asked.

“I’m from the Kent area” she said shrugging a bit. Not too interesting but at least it wasn't Akron.

“Shut up! I’m from around there too, at least now. I was actually born and raised in Youngstown, went to Ohio State, and then got a job in Kent. Where do you live?” Lucy asked becoming very interested in this new girl. At the very least she’d be a great diversion until Zach got back.

Allison gave her address and Lucy smiled. “No way. That’s like five minutes away from me. Small world and all that stuff I guess. So what do you do?” she asked interested.

Allison blushed and nervously ate her popcorn.

“I actually just graduated. Still looking for a job” she half mumbled. Lucy just nodded sadly at her.

“Hey keep your chin up. I’m an accountant and it took me six months and a friend working there to get my job. You’ll be fine; I’m only a year out myself. You have plenty of time” Lucy said smiling at the blushing girl. She knew that feeling all too well. You just had to keep on looking until you got lucky.

Allison beamed, showing off her growing dimples.

“Thanks I kind of needed that. It’s not easy living with my parents” she admitted.

“No shame in it. I did it; I swear I gained like thirty pounds living back home. I just worked off the last of my ass” she said turning to the side and showing it off for effect. Allison just chuckled, Lucy seemed like she was a bit out there. She was very different from the kind of friends that Allison had in college and high school but that might not be a bad thing.

Allison took a sip of her beer.

“Well luckily I haven’t put on weight at home but I’m probably just lucky” she said kind of bragging. Lucy looked Allison over and shrugged, she probably had that belly since freshman year. Especially the way that Allison was going after those beers.

“Hey consider yourself lucky. I swear it sucks and it takes forever and a day to work off. Still I eat crap food half the time. If I was a bit more committed I could probably be like Gisele skinny” Lucy said.

“Oh you look fine. So what do you do for fun?” Allison asked hoping that she wasn't into anything like animal sacrifice.

“I go out for dinner, hang with my boyfriend when he’s not being an ass, just really do whatever. Mostly I just like hanging out with friends sadly it’s mostly me and boyfriend now. Two of my friends just moved away for jobs. I told them to stay here but no…they had to be lame and head to Alabama and Kentucky” she said sounding only a little bitter.

“Oh I’m sorry. I know how you feel. I’m the only one of my friends from high school still around here…” she said hoping this was someone she could start a friendship with.

Lucy was intrigued by this bloated girl. She had always been curvier than her friends and had been the ‘fat’ friend. Especially after she had put on that weight but it was obvious to her that Allison was bigger than her. She had been breathing heavy after coming back with all that food and the love handles spilling out weren't exactly a sign that she was a skinny girl.

Even if she wasn't kind of chubby Lucy probably would have still talked to Allison. She was bored and was willing to meet new people. After all isn't this how people met? Just by talking to someone else? She could probably have some fun with this girl. She was a drinker like herself. She was already done with the beer that she had brought back and was nursing the second one. She looked around and her boyfriend wasn't around so she did the only logical thing and jumped a row so she could sit next to Allison.

Allison was surprised by this sudden movement but quickly felt at ease.

“You want any popcorn or peanuts?” she asked. Lucy shrugged and helped herself to a handful of popcorn.

“Hope you don’t mind me coming down here. I just figured that it would be easier for you not to turn your head around” she said. Of course the other plus was that Lucy wouldn't have to look at Allison’s neck rolls, small as they may be.

The two hit it off right away and spent the next couple of innings talking to one another. They each ended up drinking another two beers. Sure they were breaking the bank but they were having fun. Finally in the seventh inning Frank came back to the seats to find Allison and some red head with her.

He was actually a bit relieved by that. He hadn't meant to be gone for so long but he had taken a call from work and then ran into some old buddies and ended up sitting with them for a while. He didn't think his daughter would mind but he hadn't meant to be gone for the entire game. At least she hadn’t been alone for the whole time.

“Sorry about that honey…I got a bit distracted. I ended up running into some buddies and well we had to talk shop” he said. Allison was still pissed at him but at least he had come back. It still bothered her but it wasn't the time to talk about it.

“It’s fine dad, this is Lucy. She was sitting behind us and apparently lives five minutes away from us” Allison said. Lucy smiled and introduced herself moving down a seat. The people next to them had left last inning. When the score was 7-2 Indians stuff like that tends to happen on a week night.

They spent the next inning talking and by the next inning Zach had come back to join them. He knew that Lucy was going to make him pay. He was just as thankful as Frank had been that she found someone to talk to. It would still suck on the ride home but at least it delayed it a bit. Lucy for her part just like Allison didn’t say anything. She’d make him pay later for nearly leaving her alone all game.

Eventually the game ended, Allison and Lucy exchanged phone numbers.

“Be sure to call me, you’re really cool and we should do something this weekend. You know a girls night” Lucy said. Allison was all too happy to agree, it would get her out of the house and they could do something fun as friends.

Allison didn’t say anything to her dad as they made their way to the car. Once in the car Allison undid the button on her pants. It was pressing up against her stomach way too much and she needed some relief. That’s what she got for wearing old clothes that had shrunk and drinking a bit too much. Still it was overall a good night even if her dad had basically abandoned her. She wasn't about to forgive that any time soon but she’d worry about that later. She didn't want anything to ruin her good mood.

“So that chubby girl seemed nice” Zach said. Lucy glared at him and hit him on the arm.

“Hey you’re already on thin ice! Be nice to my new friend” she said glaring through his skull.

“It’s true though!” he countered.

“Okay yes it is but still” she said knowing how it felt to be kind of chubby.

“I’m just saying I thought her thighs were going to burst out of those shorts” he said.

“Do you like getting in trouble? Asshole” she mumbled as she turned on the radio.

“Okay okay I’m sorry. She did seem nice and she might not have been that chubby, those clothes were really tight” he said.

“Okay that’s true. I may need to take her shopping one day. If she dressed for her shape she’d be great” she said thinking of all the fun she could have with her new friend.

(Continued in post 28 of page two of this thread)

Reviews and Feedback are Appreciated

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I really like the story for its pace. I cant wait to see where it goes ultlimately
How do you win a war, when you're not sure who the enemy is?

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Great addition!
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Default Love story

Great so far, but I hope she ends up really fat at least 300 would be nice
Please continue it soon

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Default Future?

I noticed that you had Swisher playing. Are you making this in the future now?
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