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Default The Harvest -A small town mystery (BBW WG)

~BBW, ~SWG - First attempt at a spaced out multi part story

The Harvest - A small town mystery
by Joel

Part 1

Doyle and Nikki were about to look at what would most likely be there new home in what felt like the literal middle of nowhere. They had little choice in the matter for the foreseeable future if not the rest of their lives they would be stuck in Midwestern corn country.

Already Doyle was missing the chaos and excitement of his home in New York City. Sadly though odds are he would never see it again. Not so long ago oyle had been an investigative reporter and a good one too. Too good for his own good he now thought. Doyle had virtually single handedly exposed a corrupt business man as a major player in organized crime. Said business man was now enjoying a fairly lengthy stay in prison.

After the man went away though either through coincidence or vengeance Doyle’s life took a turn for the worse. A series of misfortunes began to pile up. The straw that broke the camel’s back though came when Doyle was shot through the shoulder in what the police felt looked more like a murder attempt rather than a robbery.

After that Nikki begged then demanded they go into the witness protection program and Doyle, being unable to stand the thought of something happening to her, gave in. Left to his own devices he would have gladly taken his chances then move to this hole but that option hadn’t been on the table. Thus here they were looking at a home in corn country.

They pulled up in the driveway of what would likely be there new home to meet with the realtor. They had pretty much made up their minds on the place; it was big two stories plus a basement with a pool and a few acres of uses land surrounded by corn. Their closes neighbors would be a handful of miles away.

May as well have some breathing room between us and the hicks Doyle figured.

They stepped out of the car and were greeted immediately by the friendly realtor.

“Oh hello you must be the Parkers it’s so nice to finally meet you in person.” The woman said super sweetly.

“Yes we are and you must be Kathy who we spoke to on the phone I’m Nikki and this is my husband Peter; a pleasure to finally meet you as well.” Nikki said.

She had introduced Doyle under his new name Peter which still felt strange. The Parker part was new as well. Since he had to change his name he figured he may as well have some fun with it it’s not like the rednecks here would get the comic book reference anyway.

Nikki had reached to shake Kathy’s hand but instead the woman had said “That’s not how we like to welcome folks around here”

Then she gave them both a quick hug before saying “Now come on I just can’t wait to show you around this amazing home I’m sure you’re just going to fall in love with it.”

Doyle had a hard time listening to her as she showed them around the home though. After that hug he was too busy thinking about just how sexy Kathy was. Doyle could hardly believe just how attracted he was to her either. She was just not his usual type at all but he was just drooling over her.

Doyle had never been to picky when it came to women he’d been in a modestly popular band in his younger days and that coupled with his fairly good looks and usually full wallet he’d been able to be with probably more women then he deserved. He’d also never been one to get too hung up over a woman’s weight even dating a modestly thick chick before meeting his wife Nikki. That being said though he couldn’t believe how hot he found Kathy because she wasn’t some euphemism like thick or full figured; she was, well ,fat.

The woman had to be pushing 300 pounds but she was just like perfect. She couldn’t believe it she just had this radiant glow to her. He could hardly wrap his head around what it was aside from just this glow. She was also just so well proportioned it was almost like someone had taken a model or playboy playmate and supersized her. She had thick full thighs that met in the middle giving her a fast paced waddle but goodness his mind was racing trying to guess what it would be like to force those things apart.

Her backside was just massive jetting out far behind her and violently swung from side to side as she moved along practically mesmerizingly. Her hips were just so wide and inviting goodness she was probably 3 times as wide as his super petite wife Nikki. Her stomach was a full round pot belly sticking out in front of her but it was hardly noticeable due to what was above it. She had quite possibly the biggest breasts he had ever seen in person with what seemed to be a mile of cleavage on display as the top three buttons of her blouse were undone.

And finally her face had she been a thin woman it could no doubt grace countless adds and magazine covers. The full apple cheeks and double chin hardly took away from it though. Not to mention her beautiful sky blue eyes, thick full lips, dark tan skin, and that mane of dark red hair cascading down her broad shoulders.

It wasn’t just her amazing curves though it was something about the way she was built and carried it all. She didn’t seem flabby or out of shape at all she seemed just thick solid and strong even like maybe there was some muscle lurking beneath all that helping her keep some kind of shape to it all.

Once she was done showing them around he didn’t even wait for his wife to say anything before he uttered “We’ll take it.”

She probably could have asked him anything and he’d have done it by that point.

“Oh my I’m so happy to hear that. Welcome to the neighborhood. My husband and I live just a few miles down that way I’m sure we’re going to get to be the best of friends.” Kathy said sounding genuinely excited.

“I certainly hope so.” Doyle replied with a biggest smile he’d made in some time.

“It’s such a beautiful home.” Nikki said.

“Yeah the Browns took amazing care of it and put a lot of money into it.” Kathy said.

“I can’t imagine why they’d want to leave it?” Nikki said.

“Yeah its weird they just kind of bailed one day. Midlife crisis I guess just moved out in the middle of the night and sent me an email about taking off to Florida and for me to sell it for them. It was pretty bizarre my husband and I were fairly good friends with them and it just seems very out of character.” Kathy said looking genuinely confused.

“Hmm interesting.” Doyle said his detective like mind already trying to create a mystery for himself to solve in order not to go crazy in this boring little town.

Nikki though seeing his mind already at work glared at him and said “Yeah bizarre but probably just a midlife crisis or something. And like Peter said we’ll take it.”

Then after chatting a little more Kathy then gave them another quick hug with Doyle praying she didn’t notice his ragging boner. Then she said
“I’d love to hang around and get to know you two better but I’ve got to get back to the office. I’ll give you a call in a day or so you two get settled in you just have to come over so we can give you a proper welcome to the community.”

“Oh that sounds so sweet we’d love to.” Nikki answered

“We’ll be very much looking forward to it.” Doyle said.

Then she left and Doyle and Nikki poked around the house a bit more.

“Well she seemed super sweet.” Nikki said.

“Yeah I’m actually looking forward to seeing her again and meeting her husband.” Doyle replied.

“Me too.” She said followed by “Goodness she was umm….. certainly voluptuous.”

“Yeah seriously, I don’t know it suited her though.” Doyle said.

“Oh yeah she was beautiful; it’s just wow she was big! I wonder if they feed everyone that well around here?” Nikki said.

More women like Kathy no way he figured a beauty like that had to be one of a kind still though that idea certainly got some wheels turning in his head.

“Well you won’t fit in at all then.” He said with a laugh while simultaneously putting his arm around her slender waist and running his figures over her bony hip bone.

“Haha funny. I’d be just fine with that though. Unless someone’s been into fat chicks this whole time without me knowing cause I mean you weren’t exactly being subtle with those eyes.” Nikki said with a laugh.

Suddenly caught Doyle stammered “Hey I mean did you see the size of those tits I’m only human.”

“Sigh I guess I can’t. I did some staring myself. Just hope you’re not sick of your skinny wife all of the sudden.” Nikki said playfully.

“Never.” He replied before kissing her.

In the back of his head though he wondered about that though. He’d always found his wife absolutely sexy and he’d always been indifferent at best toward bigger women but even now he was thinking about Kathy. What was it about her?

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Default Waiting for Part 2

Good opening; waiting for more.
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Default Part 2

A few days later they were starting to get settled into their new home and their new lives. As much as Doyle loathed the idea it seemed he had largely been forced into an early retirement. He’d been given a position at the town’s local paper but that would do little to keep him occupied.

He prayed doing some free lance writing fiction and non under various pen names would keep him from going stir crazy in this oasis in nowhere. He’d covertly gotten back free lance work from the old punk rock and various other music magazines he’d written for in his younger days that were still in business. He was at least looking forward to writing about music again and the idea of setting up a little closet studio in the basement and getting back into making music himself was slowly seeming like a better and better investment.

For the most part he was already totally bored. He did have to admit though as he was shaving that morning the break was doing him a world of good. No longer running himself ragged to meet deadlines and chasing new stories he’d been able to get in some more regular work outs and was quickly regaining lost muscle tone.

The break had even taken a few years off his face and he was looking healthier. He was also glad to see his hair was growing back out. Even as a professional reporter he’d worn it a tad longer than was usually considered professional and he was glad to now have the freedom to grow it back out he’d also regrown the chin strap beard he’d supported through most of his band days.

He also felt the just for men should fool anyone who hadn’t seen him in the past year or two. Sadly due to his stressful career it had become necessary even though he was barely in his mid 30s.

Truthfully he couldn’t believe he had already started going gray maybe he did need this exile for his health if nothing else. After just a few months he was already looking the best he had in years.

Then he looked over at his wife who was shirtless at the moment and going through her closet deciding on an outfit. If the last several years had started to chip away at his badass punk rock self image they had hardly done a thing to her.

Man she is beautiful he thought for probably the millionth time since first meeting her.

Nikki was a something of an Amazon standing a full five foot nine a full two or three inches over her husband which people loved to give him crap about. She had long toned legs from working out with him fairly often which was one of the many things he loved about her. At the moment they were displayed very well in a pair of tight skinny jeans as well as her cute little butt and bony hips. Her bare midriff was also on display at the moment. Her waist was super tiny and her flat stomach had more than a little tone from her workouts.

Then his eyes drifted up to her chest while only a B-cup seeing her standing there with them on display in her black push up bra went a long way toward getting his heart racing. Then finally he made his way up to her lovely face. How he had ever landed her was beyond him. She had perfect pale skin and almost model like features not to mention her beautiful deep blue eyes, plump very kissable lips and short spunky platinum blond hair. Finally after picking out a cute blouse she noticed his lingering gaze.

“So enjoying what you see or still thinking about Kathy?” She said in a sarcastic tone.

“Oh she certainly has her place in the highlight reel. At the moment though I was rather preoccupied trying to figure out what I’d done to deserve the angel in front of me.” Doyle replied with a smile.

“Well aren’t you sweet today if you hadn’t made that smartass remark before turning on the charm I’d have wondered if something was wrong with you.” She said flashing him that perfect smile that could light up a room.

“Me charm? Hardly just saying out loud what we’re both thinking.” He said with a chuckle before making his way over to her for a nice embrace and kiss.

“Well you’re not looking half bad yourself.” She said running a hand through his longer hair which was now devoid of gray streaks.

“Good thing you did something about that don’t want our new friends thinking I’m dating an old man for his money or something.” She said with a wicked grin.

“Haha now who’s the smartass.” Doyle replied.

“Hey just saying what we’re both thinking right.” She said playfully.

“So speaking of our new friends do we have to go? I can think of quite a few better ways to enjoy our last free day before starting our crappy new jobs.” Doyle asked.

“Sorry hun we’re going. Kathy and her husband were nice enough to have a little welcoming party for us we can’t just cancel on them at the last minute. Besides we can’t all pull off the loner thing like you if we’re stuck here I at least plan on having some friends. “Nikki said with a chuckle

“Sigh fine if it’ll make you happy.” Doyle conceded.

“Aww don’t act so depressed about it at least you’ll get to see some more of Kathy for that highlight reel of yours.” Nikki replied with mock sarcasm.

“Hmmm a valid point…. you should really hurry up.” He said with a smile.

“Tisk tisk if I’d known you had such a thing for fat chicks I wouldn’t waste so much time working out with you.” Nikki replied.

That little jab got Doyle thinking a bit. What was it about Kathy?

He’d never been so attracted to a woman that size before what made her so special? He’d hardly even been exaggerating about that highlight reel remark she hadn’t been far from his mind since first meeting her. Even now he suddenly found himself wondering if his pants had gotten tighter when he was admiring his lovely wife or if it had happened once they started talking about Kathy?

He figured the truth was probably somewhere between the two but just that was peculiar enough on its own. Either way despite his earlier protests he had been looking forward to seeing her again.

“Hey get your mind out of the gutter I’m talking to you.” He suddenly heard Nikki say.

“Oh I’m sorry did you say something?” Doyle asked.

“Yeah Man you must really have a thing for her cause you just zoned out on me.” Nikki said with a laugh.

“Sorry just thinking about something.” Doyle apologized.

“Thinking about a certain someone’s giant tits no doubt anyway I was just saying remember once we get there your name is Peter and we’re the Parker's now no slip ups.” Nikki said.

“I highly doubt any of these rednecks have any connections to organized crime hun.” Doyle said a little aggravated by the whole thing.

“Hey I mean it no slip ups. I can’t stand the thought of anything else happening to you.” Nikki said showing a little concern.

“Ok I’ll watch what I say”. Doyle answered.

“Good now let’s go.” Nikki said.

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Default Continue

Soon the plot "thickens?"
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Default Part 3

A very short time later they had made the drive over, not passing another car and seeing little more then lush fields of corn and other crops. They hardly had to look at the address to make sure they had found Kathy’s home as it was the only one as far as the eye could see. Just seconds after parking the car they saw that the beautiful Kathy had heaved herself out the front door and was waiting anxiously to great them.

As soon as they made it to the front porch she greeted the two of them with big tight hugs practically engulfing the tiny Nikki in her voluptuousness and making Doyle think to himself that the outing was already worth it as his jeans became a painfully tight upon embracing the full figured beauty.

Throughout the entire affair Kathy had been jabbering on about how great it was to see them and how she couldn’t wait for them to see her home and especially try her home cooking. Doyle though was so lost in admiring her mountain of beauty that he was lucky to catch every third word and Nikki could hardly get a word in edgewise.

Finally they steeped in to her home which was huge and decorated like something straight out of a county living magazine. They hardly had time to take it in though as they were led to the kitchen to meet the other guests.

Nikki sighed to herself and thought What has gotten into him? as she watched Doyle hardly be able to pry his eyes off Kathy’s ridiculously big butt.

Then she allowed herself a glance of it as well and understood why. Crap, I don’t know what it is about her but for a BIG woman she has it going on.

As Nikki fought the urge to stare at Kathy’s massive backside and broad sexy hips roll along they arrived in the kitchen. Nikki was in awe of what she saw as she entered the kitchen. It looked like something straight out of the cooking channel and was full of every cooking appliance she had ever seen and quite a few she hadn’t.

Then she looked over to the dinner table which had nothing short of a feast stacked on top of it, thinking I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen that much food. T

There were three other couples in addition to them but still that was a lot of food.

No way Doyle thought to himself upon seeing the other three women who were congregated around the dinner table. He could hardly believe his eyes. Just like Kathy they were all great big women but still strikingly beautiful.

What's going on? Do they somehow produce them here? Doyle thought before Kathy began introducing them to the other couples.

“Everyone these are our two newest additions to the community Nikki and Peter. Peter Nikki this is Ben and Gwen”.

Ben was a big ex football player looking type well over six feet and with a thick frame of roughly equal parts fat and muscle with short dark hair and a clean shaven face. Doyle then looked over Gwen who he thought almost despite himself was cute as coukl be. She was short or to be honest just barely under his height. She had shoulder length blonde hair and a pretty face with bright blue eyes behind thick librarian style glasses. Like this rest though she had a thick well feed figure. A good deal smaller than Kathy she was maybe around 200 with the vast majority of her weight distributed in a massive chest and rather prominent belly. Like Kathy though she had this same almost magically glow to her and just radiated natural beauty extra pounds and all.

Next they were introduced to Luke and Heather. Judging by the buzz cut and dog tags Luke was pretty obviously an ex military type and like Ben a big bear of a man. His arms were massive and covered in generic tattoos but his middle had gone soft but he still looked like a pretty tough customer. Like the rest his wife was a striking plus size beauty. With long raven black hair and perfect pale skin figure wise she was almost like a mini Kathy. Like Gwen she was shorter and probably weighed in around 200 but like Kathy her curves were evenly distributed across her full figure. Only in contrast to Kathy there was significantly less of them.

Finally there was Dave and Kaylie. Unlike the other two gentlemen Dave was a smaller guy but still bigger than Doyle in both height and with a frame on the heavier end of average. He had the definite look of a generic good old boy with a head full of blonde hair bushy goatee dip in his mouth and slight beer gut.

“Yep about what I expected as far as the husbands were concerned bunch of rednecks. Hot wives though.” Doyle thought with an inner chuckle.

Then he looked over Kaylie who was likely Kathy’s biggest rival here in the looks department. She was a tall woman right about Nikki’s height and judging from her thick dark hair and especially dark tan skin he guessed she had some Latino or maybe Native American in the gene pool giving her a mildly exotic look on top of her impressive figure. Which must have weighed in at not much less then Kathy’s only with a little more emphasis in the hips and backside compared to Kathy’s all around voluptuousness.

Are all the women in this town like this? He wondered because he could hardly believe his eyes he’d never seen so many umm thick women that he thought were this hot before all at one time.

Then his wondering mind was interrupted by Kathy happily announcing “Now that everyone’s a little acquainted let’s eat!”

Then they took their seats at the table which was piled ridiculously high with food. No sooner had they took their seats though Kathy said “Shoot I guess that husband of mine slipped back down stairs to his studio. Peter would you mind fetching Adam for us?”

“Oh sure no problem. Down stairs you said in his studio?” Doyle asked.

“Yeah right down stairs you can’t miss it. And yes studio. He’s a professional artist and a bit of a musician probably slipped back down stairs to do some work.”

“Oh cool yeah I’ll get him.” Doyle said and made his way back to the living room and down the stair case he had seen on the way in.

After he left Kathy remarked “Well we probably won’t see them two for awhile. Nikki I bet they're going to hit it right off.”

“Oh I really hope so. You said Adams a bit of a musician so was Peter back when we were younger.” Nikki replied.

“Yeah I thought so he kind of looks the type I’m sure they’ll hit it right off Adam has a nice little rock and metal museum down there.” Kathy said.

“Oh yeah I’m sure we won’t see them for awhile then.” Nikki laughed.

Then Nikki began making her plate taking just a tiny bit off a few of the platters.

This gained her a disapproving look form Kathy who said “Here let me make your plate hun I’ve just got to hear what you think of the food we have here trust me it’s to die for.”

Before Nikki could even protest Kathy had piled her plate high with food. Nikki had zero intention of eating even half of that whether Kathy liked it or not but sighed to herself and figured she may as well try it all. Then after a few timid bites her face lit up.

This is delicious she thought.

“You like?” Kathy asked no sooner had Nikki’s expression changed.

“No I LOVE! You weren’t kidding about this being to die for.” Nikki replied

Upon Nikki’s reaction everyone engaged in a slight chuckle.

“Who else saw that coming?” Kaylie said jokingly.

Haha “Yeah I remember the first time I had some of Kathy’s cooking too.” Gwen said.

Kathy smiled “I’m a pretty good cook I think but it’s not all me. Bet you didn’t know this Nikki but we have some of the most fertile farm land in the country right here helps make the food extra delicious.”

“No I didn’t know that wow. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever had anything this good before!” Nikki said between bites attacking her plate with a gusto she’d never experienced before.

Kathy laughed and said “Pace yourself hon there’s plenty more where that came from.”

Nikki briefly paused and said “Sorry I bet I’m making myself look like a pig.”

“Not at all in fact nothing we like better than a guest with a healthy appetite right everyone.” And everyone nodded in approval.

“Just saying don’t wolf it down too fast; we’ve got plenty more for you to try.” Kathy said.

Then the next thing Nikki knew her fork had scraped against her plate and come up empty.

What? No way did I eat all of that? She thought confused. Before she could make sense of the disappearing food though Kathy replaced it with another plate piled just as high with food. For about half a second Nikki’s brain protested saying she must have had enough but her hand shot out regardless piercing a new bite of food that quickly found its way into her mouth.

“Glad your liking it so much with a healthy appetite like that I bet you cook don’t you hon?” Kaylie asked.

It took Nikki a second to process that as she was so overcome by how amazing the meal was.

“Oh no not at all.” Nikki replied.

“Really?” Kaylie asked.

“Yeah just never had a knack for it I guess. Plus Peter and I have spent most of our lives living in the city so it wasn’t too inconvenient to go out or pick something up.” Nikki answered.

“Well you’re not in the city anymore hon so we’re going to have to teach you
your way around the kitchen.” Kathy said.

“Oh don’t worry about that I’m a lost cause.” Nikki said with a laugh.

“Don’t worry I like a challenge.” Kathy declared.

“Trust me hon she’ll make a natural of you in no time she sure did me.” Kaylie
said with a laugh and her husband nodded in agreement.

“Well alright sounds fun.” Nikki said happily.

“Maybe spending some more time in the kitchen will do something about that skinny little figure of yours too.” Kathy said which got everyone grinning ominously.

Nikki though was too distracted by her food though and heard the words but didn’t really process them and continued happily eating.

(Continued in post 9 of this thread)

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Default Good addition

Wonder how long it will be before Nikki outgrows her skinny jeans? And what's in the food that makes it irresistible?
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It looks as a very good story!
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This story has massive (pardon the pun) potential and love the set up. Very clever having Nikki and Doyle move out to the middle of nowhere to a location where the foods irresistible. Excellent character descriptions - for both the men and women - and I can't wait for more!
Meat is for the man. Bone is for the dog.

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Default Parts 4 and 5

Part 4

Meanwhile down stairs Doyle had reached the door to what he assumed was Adam’s studio. He knocked a few times and said “Hey sorry to bother you man I’m Peter the new neighbor your wife sent me down to get you.”

For a moment or so he was only answered by silence but then a deep voice replied “Come in. I’ll just be one sec.”

Then Doyle entered and was pretty impressed by what he saw and heard. The room was covered in impressive paintings, drawings and sketching of various things and leaned over working away at a canvas was a big guy with a long dark pony tail lost in his work and the thrash metal he had blasting not far from him.

“Feel free to look around I’m about to reach a stopping point.” Adam declared.

For five minutes or so Doyle meandered around and was very impressed by what he saw. It seemed Adam mainly did landscapes or something as there were a number of paintings of lush cornfields with impressive sunsets behind them as well as many of other various crops stretching into the skyline. There were river banks forests rolling hills and meadows. Occasionally though there were a few sketches and drawings recreating various comic panels some he recognized and some he didn’t as well as several iconic metal and punk albums.

“Wow I think I may just like this guy.” Doyle thought to himself.

Finally Adam put down his paints and pencils let out a big yawn and stretched.

“Sorry for the wait friend just had to get that idea onto paper before it left me.” Adam said.

With a little chuckle Doyle replied “Yeah I know that feeling I’m something of a writer.”

“Oh yeah Kathy mentioned that awesome man so you’re the umm Parkers that just moved in right?” He said extending a hand.

“Yeah I’m D… I mean just call me Peter.” He said catching himself.

The two shuck hands then Adam got a big smile on his face and said “Wait you’ve got to be kidding me - did you say Peter as in Peter Parker.”

Doyle returned the smile liking this guy even more now “Haha yeah my dad was a big nerd I guess and couldn’t resist.”

“Well I’ve heard worse names haha.”

“So what you listening to?” Doyle asked.

“Toxic Holocaust” Adam replied.

“Oh nice I was going to guess Municipal Waste”

Adam suddenly looked intrigued “So you’re a metal fan I take it?”

“I’m a little more into punk and hardcore but yeah metal as well.” Doyle replied.

“Awesome then I have something to show you that I think you’ll really appreciate.” Adam said and led him across the room to another door.

When they stepped inside Doyle was pretty surprised by what he saw apparently this room contained Adam’s music collection. He had a very nice drum kit in the corner and the walls were covered in posters and memorabilia as well as a book case packed with cds and vinyl mostly of the punk and metal verity.

Oh yes Doyle was definitely going to like this guy. For the next little while the two chatted about music and concerts and the like when something caught his eye concert flyer on the wall.

“Oh my word, you were at this? “ Doyle asked.

“I wasn’t just at it I played it.” Adam said with a proudly.

Doyle suddenly overcome with excitement and nostalgia totally forgot about his cover and said “Oh my small freaking world so did I, my band headlined it.”

“I played drums in the opening band probably one of the biggest shows we ever did. Wait a sec I remember you now you sang for that band didn’t you? You guys were awesome really thought you guys were going to make it big.” Adam said.

“Yeah we had a shot I guess but bad label deal left us in a lot of debt and the other guys said screw it so I got back into college and journalism.” Doyle answered.

“Yeah about the same with my band. We just never seemed to get off the ground and I started making more money doing album art then playing and eventually started doing art professionally.” Adam said.

“Wow. Small world. Can’t believe we’ve met before imagine that.” Doyle said.

“Haha yeah small world indeed. Wait didn’t you go by something different back then though Doyle maybe?” Adam asked.

Suddenly realizing he had kind of screwed up with this Doyle said “Yeah I had a couple different nicknames and stage names then haha but it’s just Peter now and hey. we’ve been down here awhile maybe we should get upstairs before they miss us.”

“Yeah I suppose you're right. Well welcome to the neighborhood man. Glad to finally have a cool neighbor.” Then they headed up stairs.

Part 5

“Glad you two decided to finally grace us with your presence.” Kathy said jokingly as they sat down at the table.

“Sorry hun you know how I am when I’m working and we just got to talking music and stuff and lost track of time.” Adam replied.

“Well glad you two are hitting it off we’ve been doing the same with Nikki here.” Kathy said.

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you and thanks for dragging your husband here I had a great time nerding out with him.” Adam said to Nikki.

“Oh no thank you two for having us and no problem I’m sure he enjoyed it as well.” Nikki said to him.

“So did you date Peter during his band days? It turns out the two of us crossed paths years ago at a show or two and you look a bit familiar.” Adam asked.

“No we knew each other but didn’t date during most of that time so probably not. So wow you two have met before?” Nikki asked shocked.

“Well we didn’t really meet but our bands played a show or two together wouldn’t have even realized it if Peter hadn’t noticed an old show flyer of mine.” Adam replied.

Nikki elbowed Doyle’s bony hip for being so stupid but figured at least he hadn’t let his real name slip.

“Oh wow imagine that I bet you two will have plenty of stories to swap then the next time you guys are kind enough to have us over.” Nikki said with a genuine smile.

“Well of course we’re going to have you two back over we try to have a get together or two like this every month. Now Adam and Peter you two better eat up before it gets any colder and Nikki I have a slice of my homemade pie with your name on it for dessert.” Kathy said.

“Oh no I couldn’t.” Nikki said already feeling more stuffed than she could ever remember.

“I insist hon besides I’m sure after you take the first bite you’ll find the room.” Kathy replied and sat the big piece of pie in front of her.

Doyle laughed to himself at Nikki’s predicament like him she was very diet conscious and he knew she was probably more than ready to quit.
Much to his surprise though after Nikki took the first bite her obviously reluctantly her face lit up.

“My goodness Kathy you weren’t kidding!” Nikki exclaimed to which Kathy only smiled. Then in nearly a blink of the eye Nikki made the remainder of the pie disappear.

Wow never seen her eat like that before this must be good Doyle thought to himself. Then he began to pick at his own plate. Even after his wives display he was surprised just how good it was. Despite how impressed he was though Doyle stopped just short of finishing his plate. A lifetime of working out and being an ungodly picky eater didn’t die easily and he more than had his fill. The moment he sat his fork down Kathy began immediately began offering him seconds to which he declined saying “I’m sorry it really does taste amazing but I’ve got some stomach problems so I just can’t”.

To which Kathy replied “Oh you poor dear that’s horrible.”

She prodded a bit more and he did try a bite of one of her specialties to placate her and she at last let it go. Doyle was pretty grateful she had accepted his half lie. After a lifetime of working out a really picky appetite and a few real minor stomach problems food really was something he just cared very little about.

After they had dinner Kathy and Adam broke out the beer and some fairly pricey wine. After playing in a slew of straightedge punk and hardcore bands during his teenage years Doyle still wasn’t much of a drinker but allowed himself a glass of wine and one of his rarely smoked black and milds. Most everyone else proceeded to get more than a little tipsy and after an hour or two of stories and dirty jokes he found himself even enjoying Ben, Luke, and Dave.

While Doyle was by far the most sober of the guys Nikki quickly got the most intoxicated of the women. Normally Nikki could hold her own pretty well when it came to alcohol but too late she realized she simply could not keep up with these girls. With them being easily two and in Kathy’s case almost three times her body weight they could simply handle way more than her. Once that realization dawned on her it was already too late and they had a quite a few laughs at her expense.

“Aww the poor little things drunk.” Kathy realized with a smile and after they had a good laugh over Nikki nearly tripping over her own two feet due to her intoxicated state she saw an opportunity.

She suggested Nikki come with her to the kitchen for a moment. After doing so Kathy once again cut a big slice of her pie and said “I’m thinking about having another piece hun how about you help me finish it?”

“Oh no I’m absolutely stuffed.” Nikki replied with a slight slur.

“Please just a few little nibbles hun besides it may help soak up a little of that alcohol.” She said with a hearty laugh.

“Oh umm alright I guess your right I did drink a little too much didn’t I.” Nikki said very embarrassed.

“Don’t give it a second thought hun it’s not your fault I was the one pouring the drinks I guess I just forgot skinny little things like yourself can’t drink like us bigger gals.” Kathy said jokingly.

“Well if you keep feeding me like this I’m liable to end up a bigger gal myself before too long.” Nikki replied with a laugh.

“Crap I guess you caught me. Now eat up.” Kathy said putting a forkful of pie up to her mouth which Nikki quickly made disappear.

Had she been sober Nikki likely would have wondered if Kathy was really joking but in her current state of mind it just seemed like harmless kidding plus that pie was just so damn good. Had Nikki been thinking more clearly she also would have realized she had much more than a mere nibble or two more like 3/4s of Kathy’s giant slice.

A few hours later Doyle was helping his moderately intoxicated wife into the house.

“Glad you had such a good time tonight.” Doyle said with a laugh as Nikki plopped herself into bed.

“Shut up I didn’t do anything embarrassing at least besides you enjoyed it too.” Nikki replied.

“Oh yeah I did just nowhere near as much as you did.” Haha Doyle retorted

“Shut up I’m not that drunk.” She replied.

“Key word being “that”.” Doyle said with another chuckle.

“UHH whatever.” Nikki said giving up.

“So I take it I’m doing my work out alone tonight. I thought one of our rules was no going straight to bed after a big meal tisk tisk.” Doyle said a tad mockingly.

“I know but I feel like a freaking turtle now that I’ve laid down. I swear Kathy would not let me stop eating.” Nikki lamented.

“Well you better watch out from the looks of Kaylie, Gwen, and Heather her friends end up getting big.” Doyle said jokingly.

“You don’t need to remind me.” Nikki said.

Then Doyle struggled a bit to unbutton Nikki’s now super tight jeans and helped her wiggle out of them without getting up. Wow he’d never seen her normally flat hard stomach so round and stuffed before it was crazy.

Then as he began to rub it for her helping her digest that massive meal he said

“Just think they were probably athletic types just like you then they met Kathy and now look at them. Haha"

“Alright already I’m going to work out with you extra tomorrow I promise now shut up and keep rubbing that feels amazing.” She purred.

Almost by accident the belly rub led to something else all together and after one last kiss to that beautiful face of hers she fell asleep in his arms with him still rubbing her swollen tummy. After he was sure she was thoroughly knocked out he carefully eased out of bed put on some gym shorts and went to the basement which he had just finished converting into his home gym/office.

He shut the door behind him put in a Hatebreed cd and belted through his work out. Half an hour later or so and after he finished his 50th pull up he slumped down into the floor and laid on his back gasping for air. As he laid there thoroughly exhausted he began to think about tonight’s highlights.

His mind first drifted to Kathy his gym shorts growing tight in short order. He still couldn’t get over it She was hot despite being so well thick. Or was she was so hot because she was so thick? For the life of him he couldn’t decide. Next his mind wondered to Kaylie, Gwen, and Heather. They were awfully hot but big as well. What had gotten into him he wondered yet again he’d never been the kind of asshole to find a woman unattractive just because they was on the heavy side but he’d never been out right into them or well at least not to this degree. Was this the norm out here? Or had Kathy’s unique blend of plus size beauty merely rubbed off on her friends? He had no idea but at least he had something to look forward to finding out when he started working in town Monday.

Doyle then sat down at his desk and tried to get some writing done. For a few brief moments he made quite a bit of progress. Then his mind drifted to just how much Nikki had been eating tonight and just how intent Kathy seemed to be on making her eat. What if hanging out with her really did lead to some expanding in Nikki’s figure? He got no further in his writing made his way to the bathroom and put those thoughts to good use.

Upon finishing Doyle again thought what the hell had gotten into him but as he lay down next to his wife his hand almost subconsciously made its way to her swollen belly. After a little caressing Nikki purred “Mmm don’t stop” before drifting back off to sleep and not long after Doyle followed.

(Continued in post 14 of this thread)

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nice one, i'm enjoying this. I like the slow pace, keep at it.
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Also love this one and I think the steady pace works...love the link with Kathy and Nikki and lots of potential here.
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hap helium
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Default Zaftig Town?

Another great addition - could the link with Nikki be not just Kathy but a town full of zaftig women?
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Now that strikes me as a good idea
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Default Part 6

The next morning Doyle and Nikki woke up bright and early still in each other’s arms. As it was now Monday today was a big day for the two as they would be starting their new jobs in the town. Doyle of course would be doing a few assignments for the town’s minuscule paper but mostly working from home on his various projects. Nikki meanwhile would begin teaching English and Literature at the local High School. As usual Doyle muttered a variety of curse words as he drug himself out of bed.

Nikki though seemed almost uncharacteristically chipper and well rested. She had practically jumped out of bed with a smile and a spring in her step. Doyle on the other hand was still sitting on the bed side rubbing his eyes then coughing trying to clear his scratchy early morning throat. Finally he staggered into the bathroom to splash cold water onto his face and began to feel like something approaching alive.

At about that point he felt Nikki wrap her arms around his ripped stomach before leaning over his shoulder and meeting him for a kiss. After their lips parted she said.“Aww my little strong man stay up to late working out?”

“Feels that way.” Doyle replied.

“Should have just went straight to bed with me this is big day and all I’m sure you could have used the rest.” Nikki replied.

“Eh I’m not too worried about not impressing the rednecks at the paper. Besides unlike someone I wasn’t too stuffed and drunk for a good workout.” He reminded her playfully.

“Hey I told you I wasn’t drunk. If I were drunk I’d be hung over now wouldn’t? And it looks like I’m doing better than mister drinking’s bad right here.” Nikki responded with a laugh.

“Guess you just ate enough to soak up all that excess alcohol.” Doyle replied with a smirk.

“Haha a valid point but it was all just so good and don’t worry we’ll work out together tonight babe.” Nikki replied sweetly.

Then they got into the shower together. Doyle may have discovered a new attraction to his plus size neighbors but once in the shower and admiring Nikki’s tight petite figure such thoughts were for the moment at least shelved. Finally after the two enjoyed their shower together probably too much considering the time they began to get ready in earnest. A short time later the two were ready Doyle his beard freshly trimmed longish hair slicked back and wearing one of his somber suits white shirt black shoes, pants, jacket, and tie.

While Doyle thought he hardly looked better than he felt Nikki of course looked stunning as always. She had picked out heels, a not to short black skirt, a cute light blue button shirt and a black and gray pinstripe jacket topped off by her wearing her reading glasses drawing attention to her perfect light blue eyes and her short blonde hair fixed perfectly.

“You know I can name a couple of publications that would pay good money for pictures of you looking that good.” Doyle said with a big smile and wondering how the hell he’d ever gotten to be with her.

“Shut up! You think I need to pick out something a little more toned down?” Nikki asked playfully.

“No you look stunning as is.” He said before embracing her for a kiss and allowing his hands to wonder awhile.

After a moment though she pulled away.

“Your sexy English teacher fantasies are going to have to wait for tonight we need to head out before long and plus I’m starving!” Nikki said with a smile.

“Really after last night you’re starving again already haha think maybe Kathy and them have started rubbing off on you?” Doyle said jokingly.

“Wouldn’t you like it if they did.” She only replied jokingly before making her way into the kitchen.

“So what do you want babe?” She asked sweetly.

“A cold pop tart a bowl of cereal you know it’s all the same to me.” Doyle responded.

“Aww your no fun I want something…more substantial than that.” Nikki replied before beginning to dig through the fridge and pantry.

After a moment of looking she said “Mmm how about pancakes and bacon?”

“Didn’t even realize we had those, but sounds good thank you.” Doyle replied.

Then Doyle poured himself a class of milk then got some of his writing notes out to tweak. A short time later the bacon and pancakes were out of the microwave. Doyle ever the tiny eater finished his single pancake and two slices of bacon in short order.

Then he glanced over at Nikki and was surprised by what he saw. Wow she wasn’t joking about being hungry he thought. She had probably a stack of 3 pancakes as well as bacon drenched in syrup and unlike him was taking her time and enjoying every bite. For a moment he just watched her eat like that so slowly and deliberately savoring each morsel.

Well that’s certainly different he thought to himself.

Finally she must have noticed his staring.

“What are you looking at? I don’t have syrup on my face or anything do I?” She asked now wiping her face with her napkin.

“No your fine just watching you enjoy yourself.” Doyle answered.

“Yeah know I probably don’t need this after last night but I’m just starving for some reason? And I think they must get their food fresher her or something cause I swear it tastes better then back home.” Nikki said before her mouth was full again.

“Hmm maybe so sure wouldn’t surprise me. I couldn’t tell though. Anyway I’m about to head out have a good day hun I’m sure your students are going to love their sexy new teacher.” Haha

Nikki smiled and after swallowing a big bite said “Hope you have a great day too.”

Then after grabbing his brief case he went back and gave her a hug and kiss running his fingers through her soft short hair while doing so.

(continued in post 18 of this thread)

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I like, I like! very solid start
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Agreed...really awesome
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Mmm, nice, i hope for next part in the near future...
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Default Part 7

As Doyle headed to the first day of his new job he thought about one of the few nice things about ending up in this hell hole was having his own vehicle. Driving back in the city was always such a pain in the ass that although sure Nikki and he owned a car but they could rarely use it. Now driving in his very own truck blaring his music on these nice old country roads seemed downright therapeutic. It was maybe even a little fun.

In short order though he made it to the town’s local news paper office. His witness protection officer had seen to it that the job was entirely guaranteed without even an interview but he would still be having a little chat with the owner/editor before getting started.

“I just hope he’s interesting.” Doyle thought with a sigh before pushing his hair back one last time and heading into the building which looked to be a tad bigger and nicer than he would have guessed. He told a cute plump young secretary near the door whom he was going to see and she told him what office to go to.

After knocking on the editor, Jeremy Russell’s door he was invited in and the two looked each other over for a second. Doyle was a tad surprised by what he saw. ussell was a short guy shorter than Doyle even and a tad on the heavy side. Russell probably in his early 50s with an obvious but effective comb over and rough face covered in stubble and a fairly messy desk and an office that smiled of cigar smoke.

All in all the guy reminded him of a rougher around the edges Danny DeVito and a chuckle almost left his lips but he chocked it back before introducing himself as Peter Parker. The two made small talk for a bit and Doyle told him his fake previous work history sprinkled with a few hints of truth through things he had published and written under pen names.

Very surprisingly Russell had even read and enjoyed one of the handful of novels Doyle had written. Next he was given a very brief tour of the building there being little worth seeing and introduced to some of his coworkers before being shown to his desk. Soon Doyle cracked his knuckles and began working on some meaningless little filler article well thinking to himself maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. Everyone he had meet thus far seemed nice enough at least.

After a few hours of work he got up and headed to the break room he had been shown to get a drink when he heard a voice say “Doyle!? Is that you?”

“Oh crap” He muttered turning around not knowing what to expect. Upon turning around he saw a rather attractive full figured woman smiling at him.

“Man, there really are no shortage of those here is there?” He thought before saying “I’m sorry ma’am I think you have me mistaken with someone else.”

The woman only smiled broader and lowered her voice saying “No I know exactly who you are. Wow I read about your last big story. Did you have to go into witness protection or something?”

“Seriously ma’am my names Peter. I have no clue what you’re talking about?” Doyle replied knowing he was caught but unsure what to say.

Then the pretty woman only laughed and said “You don’t recognize me do you Doyle?”

The voice did sound familiar but he honestly couldn’t place her who the hell was she?

“Can’t say I do” he replied.

Again she only laughed and said “The name Chloe Summers mean anything to you?”

Doyle was very confused now. Was this woman a friend of Chloe? Even so how would she know him? Chloe had been an editor of one of the papers he had worked at back in New York. She had also been a royal bitch and he had managed not to give her much thought over the past three or was it four years since leaving the paper he had worked at with her. Totally unsure what to say he replied “Maybe so what’s it matter?”

This made the woman really start laughing and finally she said “Wow I know it’s been a few years plus a haircut and gaining some weight but you really don’t recognize me?”

Finally Doyle added it up

“Wait Chloe that’s you?” Doyle said with a smile.

Doyle quickly scanned Chloe. She had changed a lot since last he’d seen her. Back when he’d known her Chloe was easy enough on the eyes but also the very embodiment of a skinny bitch. She was five foot six or so and hair or two taller than him. When he’d known her she had cared about maybe two things firstly her job as editor which she took far too seriously and two her fitness and aerobics classes. Her husband who was a nice enough guy seemed to come in a distant third. As a result she was a total workaholic thin as rail and damn proud of it.

It had always seemed to Doyle that nearly the only thing that made her happy was ordering and bullying her staff members who didn’t meet her high expectations and if the employee who found themselves in her crosshairs happened to be a woman with a few extra pounds on her then might the good Lord help them. Now Chloe was a totally changed woman as seemed to be the norm here for reasons he still hoped to fathom she was modestly full figure probably around 175.

Strangely it seemed to do her appearance a world of good. She’d always been attractive but now she was looking very lovely. As always she was dressed very professionally, only now instead of showing off a tight athletic body her wardrobe emphasized a soft voluptuous one.

Her once lean runner’s legs had thickened significantly replacing lean muscle with round fullness. Her once narrow boyish hips had spread out and her tight butt had gained a great deal of umph to it. Her former six pack had been replaced by a round tummy. Her arms once supporting impressive guns for a woman had gained a great deal of girth but not all from fat.

Her previously flat chest had inflated to about the DD cup range and her facial features had also softened and rounded out giving her a much sweeter and friendlier look. Finally her once very long chestnut brown hair had been trimmed to not quite shoulder length.

“Yep it’s me. The last bitch you probably ever wanted to see again.” She said with a hearty laugh Doyle couldn’t recall her having.

“Hey you said it not me.” Doyle said with a smile then added “Yeah you guessed it witness protection.”

“Sorry would have thought they could send you somewhere nicer than this.” Chloe said.

“Well I guess nice wasn’t the point. Isolated was.” Doyle said with a sigh.

“Haha yeah. Don’t get a lot more isolated then this.” Chloe agreed.

“So now you know how I ended up here. How did you?” Doyle asked.

“My husband Jason use to have family out this way and after they died he inherited a great deal of profitable farm land and somehow he convinced me a move would be good for me and my stress.” Chloe answered.

“Has it?” Doyle asked.

“Yeah it has I mean small and dull but it’s a nice enough place to live. Good people and yeah I guess a change of jobs and scenery has mellowed me out a good bit.” She said with a smile.

“Plus as you can see I’ve gone native?” Chloe said with another cheerful hearty laugh.

“What do you mean by that?” Doyle asked.

Chloe placed her hands on her spacious hips and said “Well I’ve gone and let myself get fat like near everyone else around here if you haven’t noticed.” she said matter of factly.

Unsure how to respond to that Doyle said “Oh you’ve filled out some but you haven’t gotten fat.”

“Yeah you’re right at least not yet anyway but I’ve certainly let myself get thicker then I’d have ever thought possible. I swear nothing these yokels love more than eating.” Chloe said.

“Yeah I’ve started noticing that Nikki and I just had dinner with some neighbors last night.” Doyle replied.

“Foods amazing though right?” Chloe asked.

“Yeah it was good for me. Nikki though wow she loved it never seen her eat so much before.” He said with a laugh.

Chloe smiled “Yeah I’m not surprised couldn’t tell you why but it’s something about the land here it’s just extra fertile and makes everything taste better. It’s so good a diet Nazi like me ended up packing some on.”

“Hey if it helped mellow you out I’d say every pound was worth it. This is probably the longest pleasant conversation we’ve ever had.” Doyle said.

“Haha sadly you’re probably right. Well I’ve got yokel filler to edit. Tell Nikki I said hi and we should get together some time. Us city slickers have to stick to together I figure.” Chloe said.

“Will do and yeah you don’t even know it’s so awesome to see a familiar face.” Doyle replied before they both returned to their work.

(Continued in post 21 of this thread)

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i'm really enjoying this story, next installment please
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This keeps getting better - love the setting and Chloe is a very sexy arrival and really enjoyed her conversation with Doyle. Him dancing around her weight gain was great fun and very realistic. Can't wait for more...you have a classic in the works here.
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Default Part 8

Mmmm that was good Nikki thought to herself after finishing her pancakes and bacon after Doyle had left. I really am going to have to work out with him tonight though, after two big meals in a row. Even if his fawning over Kathy isn’t just a phase I don’t want to end up like her or her friends.

After a moment though she thought Well that’s mean. They're all pretty. That’s just not for me although being able to eat like that all the time sure would be nice!

Then she stopped herself what the hell I’m already thinking about food again? Then she pushed those thoughts aside and gathered up her syllabus’s and lesson plans and headed out.

As she rolled through the old country roads she couldn’t help but think just how nice the scenery was. She was also unsure if she had ever been able to enjoy a peaceful drive like this before having only known the stress of big city road rage and bumper to bumper traffic.

Not long later she arrived at the local high school. While the town’s population was tiny the school was pretty big and well funded so a fair number of students from nearby areas were bussed there inflating its student body a bit.

Upon entering the building she was directed to the principal’s office by the office lady. Like Doyle her job had already been secured for her and she only needed to have a little meet and great with the principal and have her syllabus for the semester looked over. The Principal, Ms. Tyler if she remembered correctly, must have been otherwise occupied because she wasn’t there at the moment. So while she waited Nikki gathered up her lesson plans and syllabus outlines from her satchel.

After getting her affairs in order the Principal arrived. Ms. Tyler was in her mid fifties or so and a very matronly type, plump with a rather massive bust line. Her hair was shoulder length or so brown with a touch of gray and she looked to have been rather attractive once but her age had begun to harden her features.

“Ah Ms. Parker a pleasure to finally meet you.” Ms. Tyler said extending her hand.

“Thank you ma’am it’s a pleasure to finally speak to you in person.” Nikki said with a warm smile.

“Indeed this has been a while in the making. So why don’t you let me have another look at your schedule and we’ll direct you to your class room.” Principal Tyler said.

Nikki handed her the syllabus outlines and lesson plans and she began to finger through them.

“My this is rather ambitious for just Junior and Senior English and Lit.” Principal Tyler said while fingering through the papers.

“Perhaps. It’s roughly what I did at my last job though, and you know it is such a shame how much classic literature young people today and frankly even my generation have missed out on.” Nikki replied.

“Oh I couldn’t agree more. Just bear in mind this may bit more of a course load then the students are used to so just don’t go to hard on them. Trust me parents are a tad more hands on with their children’s educations here than in big cities and it’s a real pain to hear from them when their alleged “bright child” is failing.” Principal Tyler said with a sarcastic grin.

“Oh I understand ma’am I could certainly adjust things a bit if need be.” Nikki replied.

Then Principal Tyler gave her a warm smile and said “Excellent welcome to the staff I’m sure you’ll quickly be seen as the best our English department has ever boasted. Now your class room is room 49 and I’ll show you to it shortly. Your first class well begin at 8:30 dismiss for lunch at noon and you’ll have a free block until 1:30 and dismiss your students to their cars and buses at 3 understood?”

Nikki quickly scrawled a note of it and replied “Yes ma’am”

Principle Tyler nodded and said “Now if you don’t have any questions I’ll give you a brief tour and show you to your room.”

Then she was given a quick tour of the facilities which as she had noted before were bigger and better funded then she would have expected from the towns minuscule size. The was shown the lunch room, gym, auditorium etc and finally her room after which Principal Tyler wished her luck and told her good bye.

Nikki glanced at her watch and she had roughly 15 min or so to get settled in she quickly got her desk in order and loaded the slides for her lecture, thankful this little town could afford newish computers and projectors. She had seriously been expecting to have to use a chalkboard for the first time since she was a little girl.

Soon the empty desks filled up with students and Nikki took a deep breath and began lecturing.

By lunch time Nikki was feeling pretty good. Due to Doyle’s troubles she had been away from teaching for nearly a year now and was glad to show herself she still had it. A pretty good percentage of the kids even seemed engaged, which she assumed had equal parts to do with her orator skills and good looks.

After getting her tray she sat down at the teacher's table and was introduced to most everyone. A typical teacher mix she thought with a bit of a sigh. A few old geezers and old maids teaching maths and sciences. A few nearly stereotypical heavy set redneck guys in their late 30s and early 40s who taught some throw away classes as well as coaching. Sadly no cute younger male teachers she realized but at least there were two other female teachers about her age that were potential friend material. One Tamara the drama instructor who a moderately attractive woman with long brown hair and a rather curvaceous figure. The second Lauren the English and lit teacher for the under class men who very much reminded her of Kathy - super sweet and friendly and a figure nearly as supersized.

Then she took the first bite of food off of her tray and was blown away. The cliché about school food being horrible had always seemed a true one to her but not here it seemed.

Wow!”She thought it wasn’t Kathy’s cooking but it was a lot better than anything she was capable of making. “Goodness Kathy wasn’t kidding their really must be something that just makes the food fresher and better tasting here.”

After picking her tray clean she realized it was strangely quite in here. School lunchrooms were usually as loud as the students could get away with. What was going on? Then she started scanning the room. Sure there was some talking and laughing here and there but for the most part many of the students and her fellow faculty seemed to be solely concentrated on their food.

Watching the very full figured Lauren make her full tray disappear reminded her, a lot of Kathy. Then Nikki scanned first the faculty then the students. Of the female teachers she was the only thin one. Tamara unlike the rest wasn’t really that big more like she said curvy but she was still a long way from thin. Of the male teachers only one of the coaches seemed to have more muscle then fat on him and only one of the older men was really skinny.

Next she thought back to the students she had just had and the ones before her. The proportions weren’t so out of whack here but the boys tended to be beefy stocky football player types and the young ladies varying stages of chubby. Sure there were thin guys and chicks but they were in the definite minority.

Then her contemplation was broken when Lauren sat back down across from her and said “Nikki you forgot to grab a slice of pie. You’ve seriously got to try it as far as school food goes it’s to die for.”

After realizing just how big most everyone around her was she had no intention on eating it but then Lauren placed it on her tray. She was just about to say she was full but then its heavenly aroma made its way to her nose.

“Come on just a little bite” a voice in her head seemed to say and before she knew it the pie was gone and for the life of her she couldn’t remember what thought had made her so upset for a moment.

“Awesome right?” Lauren asked.

“If I hadn’t had dinner at Kathy’s last night I’d say awesome was an understatement.” Nikki replied.

“Oh you mean Kathy the realtor right? Yeah she’s seriously like the best cook in town scratch that state.” Lauren said with a laugh.

“Haha yeah I’d believe it.” Nikki replied.

After lunch Nikki returned to her class room unsure how to spend her little break with no papers to grade and her lesson planned out. She began to finger through a book then she stared out the window and noticed the unused track. She had been neglecting her running ever since they had moved here and suddenly had an idea. She went out to her car and ever prepared she had a pair of sweet pants and a t-shirt. She figured it wasn’t too hot she could jog a few laps real quick without turning into a sweaty mess before class.

After changing cloths in the bathroom she headed outside noting just how awesome the weather was here. The sun was shining bright but it wasn’t too hot and there was a nice little breeze.

Always a limber one she quickly did her stretches then took off running. She finished her first lap in her typical impressive time but something just felt wrong. She wasn’t tired exactly she wasn’t even breathing hard she just didn’t feel right. Maybe she had eaten too much to be trying to run already? She couldn’t put her finger on it she just didn’t feel like she should be running right then.

Instead she slowed to a very leisurely walk not really even a jog. Normally she’d be beating herself up over half assing it like this but she just didn’t feel like running at all. Before she knew it though all disapproving thoughts of half assing it were gone though and she just relaxed enjoyed being in the fresh air and sun.

In fact she just felt so nice she came terribly close to losing track of time. Despite that uneasy feeling returning she sprinted back to the building to change cloths in time chuckling to herself as she scared the crap out of two chubby chicks who had stepped outside to sneak a smoke.

By the end of the day she was feeling great about her classes and getting back into the swing of teaching and just great in general that peculiar feeling earlier being long forgotten. She arrived home before 4 o’clock and had a few hours to kill before Doyle got back. Without a second thought she plopped down on the couch stretched out and turned on the tv and relaxed for a bit.

After 15 min or so she thought “What am I doing wasting time like this?”

Then she noticed her workout clothes from her run, or well walk, earlier on the floor next to her. She decided to make good on her promise to work out tonight and even get a little jump on Doyle and do some extra now. She quickly changed then got down on the floor and began a set of sit ups. She had hardly gotten past 10 when that strange uneasy feeling returned. She quit for a moment but decided to solider on and finished a set of 50. Then she flipped over onto her elbows and toes for a few minutes of core position. She made it 3 minutes without breaking a sweat and intended to go much longer but then she heard the doorbell ring.

“Blast it Doyle I finally get around to working out and you go and forget your key or some crap.” She said to herself while getting up to answer the door.

Rather than Doyle though she was surprised to see Kathy.

“Have a good first day at work hun?” Kathy asked super sweetly of course.

“Oh yeah it was great schools way nicer then I had expected and the students seem about as interested in literature as I could ask for.” Nikki replied with a laugh.

Kathy joined in with her great jolly laugh and replied “Awesome to hear it hun. I’m not interrupting anything am I?”

“No not really. I was just doing some working out.” Nikki answered.

“A scrawny little thing like you working out? I’m happy to interrupt you then, you’re such a stick already haha. Mind if I go ahead and bring all this in?” Kathy said pointing to a bag sitting by her feet.

“Uh yeah sure what is it though?” Nikki asked.

“Why cooking supplies of course.” Kathy responded.

“Cooking supplies?” Nikki asked confused.

Kathy only laughed her jolly laugh “I guess you were still a little tipsy when we talked about this last night. You invited me over right after work to start with your cooking lessons.”

Nikki recalled them talking about cooking lessons but for the life of her she couldn’t remember making concrete plans let alone so soon. But she saw little point in trying to get out of it and just said “Sorry yeah I had a little too much last night so I guess it totally slipped my mind.”

“Well that’s fine hun now why don’t you tell me all about your first day at work while we get started.”

Over the next hour or so Nikki to her surprise found she was genuinely enjoying herself. Due to Doyle’s troubles she hadn’t hung out one on one with another woman her age like this in quite some time. Even though they had little in common she found herself really enjoying this girl talk plus Kathy was just so sweet and friendly it was practically infectious she couldn’t picture anyone not having a good time around her.

As for her cooking though simply put she had a long long LONG way to go. Nikki had always been pretty well ignorant when it came to cooking. It had just never really interested her and just seemed unimportant. She had always kept a strict handle on her diet and wouldn’t knowing how to cook fattening crap make it more tempting? Plus her husband had to be one of the pickiest eaters alive not to mention his minor stomach problems and dedication to diet and fitness that was probably greater than her own. Not to mention they lived in the big city in the very rare chance they wanted something not on a weight watchers diet that they couldn’t make themselves they could just go out.

But that was all rhen Now Nikki figured if cooking was what women were into around here she may as well learn she had always been quite the social butterfly and if she had to expand her interests a bit to make friends here so be it. She just hoped her figure didn’t do too much expanding as a result.

Finally after many disapproving looks from Kathy followed by understanding smiles and good natured jokes she had made something approaching a good meal.

“And now for the final taste.” Kathy said for at least the third time if not more as she stuck a fork full of food into Nikki’s face.

“Mmm wow that is by far the best thing I have ever made I can’t believe it! Thank you.” Nikki said shocked by how good it was.

Kathy took her own bite and looked a good bit less impressed. She sprinkled some more salt substitute and seasoning on it and at last conceded that she had salvaged it all she could.

“You’re welcome hun and just think this is just the start. Give it a year and we’ll make a five star chief out of you.” Kathy said.

Nikki only laughed upon hearing that and said “I highly doubt that. "

“Trust me hun. When Kaylie moved here she was a skinny little city girl like you that could hardly turn on a stove let alone use it. Now she’s just as good a cook as me. Almost half of what he had last night was stuff she made.” Kathy said.

“Wait. Did she just say Kaylie whose almost as big as her was skinny when she moved here?” Nikki thought to herself she was just about to enquire about that when Doyle came through the door.

Not expecting his crush Kathy to be there he rounded the corner and stopped just short of walking face first into her massive cleavage. Nikki couldn’t help but laugh as his eyes nearly popped out of his head upon stopping little more than an inch from her massive bust.

“I take it someone’s happy to see me?” Kathy said with a wicked laugh in response to Doyle’s near accident.

Doyle managed to tear his eyes from the virtual landscape of breasts before him to meet her eyes. He laughed awkwardly and said “You scared the crap out of me. What are you two up to I didn’t expect you to grace us with your company two days in a row Kathy?”

“Oh I was just giving Nikki her first cooking lesson let me know how she did I probably need to get home about now. Adam may have finally emerged from his cave I mean studio.” She said with a laugh.

Then she gave Nikki a big hug engulfing the tiny little thing in her sea of curves. Then she said “Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you, Peter.”

And she did the same to him.

(Contiinued in post 24 of this thread)

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Excellent! Another fun and very interesting update on this one. Please keep it up
Meat is for the man. Bone is for the dog.

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Nikki seems to have had her willpower affected. If so, this story could soon swell with plump possibilities.
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Default Part 9

Chapter 9

After Kathy had left Doyle said “I don’t know what it is but gym cloths and an apron is a pretty hot combo for you.”

Then he made his way over to her for a warm embrace followed by a passionate kiss.

After they parted Nikki ran her hands down the apron feeling strange had she ever worn one before?

“So you like it? Kathy gave it to me.” she informed him.

“I think so.” Doyle said with a smile.

“Well don’t get used to it. They haven’t turned me into a country fried Stepford wife yet. Tomorrow you’ll be fending for yourself as usual when it comes to dinner.” Nikki said with a wicked smile.

Doyle got a good laugh out of that and said “I think I’ll manage and country fried? I think you mean triple battered haha”

Nikki to rather enjoyed that “Well I have an idea. Let’s do something crazy like have a home cooked meal together.”

“Us a home cooked meal as in home cooked by you?” I think this is a first haha.

“Your right I think it is.”

Then, still in her apron and sarcastically trying to play the role of house wife Nikki made the table and served them dinner. Doyle was fairly impressed by it. He didn’t finish his plate or anything but he was genuinely surprised and threw quite a few compliments his wife’s way.

Nikki on the other hand just couldn’t believe she had been partly responsible for this. It was just so good. As she talked on about her day she barely noticed, but between talking she just kept eating and eating and eating. It wasn’t until after refilling her plate for the second time and making it halfway through that her stomach finally relayed to her brain how stuffed she was.

“Oh my word! How much did I just eat?” She suddenly realized.

Her internal panic was interrupted it though by Doyle saying “By the way, you’ll never guess who I ran into today.”

Nikki instinctively grew worried her heart skipping a beat “Do you mean someone recognized you?”

“Please don’t go panicing. It really shouldn’t be a big deal but yeah.” Doyle answered.

“ Who?” Nikki stuttered.

“Do you remember Chole the editor for that paper I worked at five years or so ago?” Doyle asked.

“That bitch with the long brown hair? Yeah. Why?” Nikki asked.

“It’s a small world. Apparently her and her husband have moved out here and now I work with her again.” Doyle said.

“Wow small world indeed. So she recognized you?” Nikki asked.

“Yeah right away and she even guessed how we ended up here. She was following my last story apparently.” Doyle answered.

“Think we can trust her?” Nikki asked nervously.

Doyle only laughed “Don’t be paranoid of course we can trust her. I guess I’m a tad nervous that she’ll let my real name slip but come on you think any of these hicks have connections to New York organized crime?”

“Well no but still.” Nikki replied.

Then Doyle got up from his seat and walked behind Nikki and began rubbing her shoulders before leaning his head over.

“No. No still we are going to be just fine here I promise you that and please don’t go worrying yourself about it anymore.” Then he kissed her on the cheek.

“Now instead of working yourself up I think someone promised to be my work out buddy tonight.” Doyle said with a playful grin.

Crap Nikki thought. She had promised and she seriously needed to but between snacking with Kathy earlier and her big dinner she felt more like lying down then working out.

“Yeah I suppose I did.” She said half heartedly.

“You know you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it. Just thought it would help you get your mind off some things.” Doyle said sweetly.

“No I will and I know I need to. I’m just feeling a little full and lazy but I’ll solider through.” Nikki said.

Doyle smiled “Feeling full yeah no surprise there with the way you’ve been eating. You know you keep that up and keep slacking on working out and you’ll start looking like Kathy’s other friends in no time.”

“With the way you keep looking at Kathy and the rest I didn’t think you’d have a problem with that?” Nikki replied sarcastically.

“Hey I didn’t say that would be problem I was just saying. So you coming down stairs with me or you going to lay down and start working on developing a full figure of your own?” Doyle asked.

Nikki slipped off the apron and said “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

Once down stairs Doyle stripped off his work clothes, trying his best to look good while doing so which Nikki felt he did a pretty good job of. Then he slipped on a pair of gym shorts and as usual no shirt.

Together they did their stretches then Doyle began toying with his treadmill. Feeling exhausted just looking at hers Nikki said “I actually got my running in during my lunch break so why don’t you just let me know when you’re ready to move on to something else.”

In actuality she had run exactly one lap then did a fair amount of walking but he didn’t know that.

“Whatever you say.” Doyle replied.

Then Nikki made her way up the stairs and collapsed on the couch and turned on the TV. Part of her felt bad for being so lazy but it felt just so good to relax and she supposed digest as her left hand quickly began rubbing her full slightly bloated stomach. Nikki didn’t know if she fell asleep or just totally zoned out because in what felt like no time she heard Doyle coming up the stairs and she glanced at her phone and half an hour or so had passed.

“Cardio’s done love. You going to join me for the rest now or should I just leave you be?” Doyle called out from the top of the stairs.

Nikki sprang up from the couch stretched and felt oddly refreshed

“No I’m coming babe.” She said

Upon getting up Nikki had felt quite awesome. After starting her work out though it was another story. That mildly sickening uneasy feeling came and went throughout her work out. Doyle meanwhile was his typical self trying to show off for her through hand stand pushups, one armed pull ups, and other fairly impressive acts of fitness and discipline.

For far from the first time she smiled thinking about what a Napoleon complex he had trying to compensate for his lack of height and skinny build through body building.

All in all he offered her a pretty good distraction from her peculiar exhaustion. His chiseled recently shaved chest, perfect six pack abbs, and massive arms more than made up for his lack of height as far as she was concerned. Even after all these years she found herself getting a little hot and bothered as he charged through a work out few guys twice his size could match.

Then he noticed her resting and staring.

“I know you aren’t that impressed by watching me. Something wrong hun you keep stopping?” Doyle asked.

“Aww you know I’m impressed by watching you, well you know a little.” Nikki replied with a hint of sarcasm. “And I’m fine. Just feeling a little puny at the moment.”

“If you’re not feeling well go ahead and lie down I’ll finish on my own. “ Doyle offered.

“No I’ll make it.” Nikki said.

And so she did; half an hour later they were done. Her reps had sucked she kept having to stop and rest and she just didn’t feel right but she made it. After finishing she headed straight to bed and collapsed face first.

Doyle followed not far behind her and began massaging her shoulders and back.

“You sure you're ok love?” He asked sweetly.

“Yeah in fact feeling better already just don’t stop.” Nikki murmured her face still mostly in the pillow.

As Doyle lovingly tended to her the feeling began to pass and after a bit she felt fine, in fact better than fine. With a burst of energy that took Doyle totally by surprise she sprang up and rolled him over to his back.

“My work out may have sucked tonight but I think there’s one last cardiovascular exercise you can coach me through.” She said in a sexy husky voice.

Doyle smiled “Hope I’m up to it.”

Then she ran a nail over his muscular chest and said “Oh I think you’ll manage.”

Then she tore off her tank top and sports bra and by the time Doyle’s mouth met her perfect perky little breasts the two of them were in heaven and Nikki went a long way in making up for her earlier laziness.

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Default Chapter 10

Chapter 10

After a round or two of pure ecstasy Doyle left his sleeping wife to work on his writing. As for Nikki her dreams would be far from pleasant.

Nikki found herself in that peculiar state few reach where one actually knows one is dreaming. She was completely naked and standing in front of a three way mirror admiring her tight thin somewhat muscular figure.

As she admired herself she heard a voice say “So this is my new plaything.”

Nikki quickly turned and saw what appeared to be the outline of a man but his features were completely obscured by darkness and all she could clearly make out were two bright yellow eyes.

“Who the hell are you?” She shrieked.

The figure began approaching her those piercing yellow eyes seeming to look straight through her and strangely the figure did not become any more clear

“Names hold a great deal of power where I come from my dear. So I can’t tell you that, so perhaps the question should be what am I?” The figure said in a
somewhat inhuman voice.

“Then… then what are you?” Nikki stammered fearfully.

“Yes what am I? Hmmm honestly I may no longer even know myself. You humans have called me many things a Spirit, a God, as of late though it’s mostly been Demon.” The figure replied.

“A demon you …. you can’t be serious? Nikki declared.

“Eh it’s open to debate for all you know. I may merely be a bad dream but now that you’re here and especially now that you're dreamin I think calling me simply master will suffice.” The figure replied.

“Wait you mean here as in this town?” Nikki asked.

“More or less.” The figure declared now right in front of her.

“Then fine you won’t be my master for long. I’ll leave as soon as I wake up.” Nikki declared with more confidence then she expected.

“I suppose that would save you but who says you’ll remember this little conversation. You humans actually dream all the time; you just very rarely remember it. Makes these things very simple for my kind.” The figure said with a dark laugh.

“So what do you want?” Nikki asked now terrified again.

“Want? Oh I want a lot of thing my dear. Just concerning you though I want this scrawny little body of yours a thing of the past. I prefer my play things fat and happy, not skinny little wretches like yourself.” The figure said now running an obscured appendage over her prominent ribs and across her slim body in general.

“So.. so you’re the reason everyone here is so big?” Nikki stammered now frozen in place.

“The reason? No not quite. This will come as a relief to you. Outside of this little dream world I can’t make you do a thing. Your Christian God or something saw fit to thankfully give you creatures free will. I can’t make or force. I can only nudge and manipulate. Its actually much more fun that way. And as you’ve seen from my other play things I’m pretty good at it.”

Then the figure continued to run his hands over her entire frame exploring ever part of her thin body.

“Hmm whatever will become of you” The figure cupped her small breasts

“Shall these double or triple in size?” Then he grabbed her bony little butt

“Shall this inflate behind you? Shall you become an hour glass or a pear or simply fat all over? Only time will tell but you can all but surely kiss your current slip of a self goodbye.” The figure declared before releasing another of its horrible laughs.

“No… no it won’t I won’t let that happen to me.” Nikki declared.

“True, perhaps not. Once in awhile someone holds out or is pulled from my web before I can work my magic. If you manage to keep this pale weak excuse for a body so be it. I have many other play things. In fact my collection is becoming so large you won’t have to even worry about seeing all that much of me. To be safe though I suggest you enjoy your thinness while you can because it’s not liable to last.”

Then Nikki awoke in her bed next to Doyle terrified and in a cold sweat. For the life of her though she had no clue what she had been dreaming to so upset her.

Now all she wanted to do was cuddle up next to her husband and hope the nightmare she couldn't recall didn’t return. There was a problem with that though. She was also painfully hungry. After looking at the clock and seeing how far away breakfast was she made her way into the kitchen for a late night snack.

(Continued in post 32 on page two of this thread)

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