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Default Lady Hamilton's Story

~BBW, Romance, Imagery, ~MWG - from the days of empire the memoirs of s goddess

Lady Hamilton's Story
by R.F.Burton

[Author's note: The private account of the truelove and mistress of Lord Horatio Nelson, Hero of Copenhagen, The Nile, Trafalgar and numerous minor actions, Emma Hamilton.

This manuscript was found in the possession of the former Head Librarian of Calais, France where it had somehow found it's way.

While it is true that Lady Hamilton spent her final sad years in France to escape her creditors, and that she died in Calais, nothing is known about when she acquired the services of the very literate and (to her) indespensable Colline, her maidservant.

It may be added that nothing in current historic record gives us a clue as to what happened to Colline after the Lady's passing, but one can only hope that she found refuge somewhere on the Continent, and with her skill with the pen, may have found more remuneration than she had been able to gain from her long service to the lady.

It must be remembered that while the manuscript appears to be written in the first person, seeing as the date is such that it is, and owing to Lady Hamilton's condition at the time, these words are inarguably those of Colline. ]

I England

Oh I knew how to live before I met Nelson, but there was not real life in me until I did. Everything from my childhood in poverty through my marriage to Lord Hamilton seem to me to be irrelevant now that I have known what true love is.

I had known the love of men from an early age; the course, hard kind that dominates and gratifies their loins but does nothing to seek to really please a woman. Like dogs in an alley they can be, when their base desires fill them and when I was young, and a poor serving maid, I knew that sort of love, if it can even be called such.

The fates had blessed me with a form both supple and voluptuous from an early age, leading the many men whose paths I crossed to describe me as a modern dryad, or a woodland nymph directly from the forests of Attica and the alter of Dionysius. They used me as such as I grew.

By age 15 my full grown height had reached 5 foot and 5 and my breasts were firm and high, above a winnowey waist and soaring hips. My complexion pale, my eyes blue and my hair auburn brown set all off so that by my 16th birthday Sir Harry took me away for his own. My heart felt full of love for him at the time though I now know it was more full of hope. Hope for a full belly every night at bedtime and no pains of hunger. Hope for fine clothes and adventure. Hope that he might make me more than a kept woman.

This hope I now realize was pointless. Harry Featherstonhaugh was not capable of more than seeing me as one of his trinkets, a pearl to show his foppish friends, and a thrill between silken sheets when the whim struck him. That was all I was to him, and well do I remember his admonishments to me when in my revelry at having all that I had been denied for so long in my larder, I covered my body with a lovely and sleek layer of fat: fat that thrilled me with its opulence but which he felt would take away from my luster and the glimmer of his pearl.

He immediately restricted my access to victuals of all sorts and my lithesome figure returned, only to be blown up by his baby soon after, a baby that he soon removed from my care as it embarassed him, and then whisked me off to set me before a man who I thought would be more kind, and at least a being a gentleman, honorable: Sir Charles Greville.

Sir Charles would ultimately even tell me he loved me, which Harry never had, but this love was not alone going to aid him in his way up the social ladder. As he had met a wealthy daughter of an Earl, though she was frumpy, stupid and vain, he determined that I was an embarassment also, and determined to be rid of me through introduction. Sir Charles raved of my beauty, and though I had gained a few stone with the birth of my first child proclaimed my Classical grace and proportions to all in his company. Through this raving and flattery, I was introduced to an artist friend of his, George Romney.

Romney was entranced by my beauty! At least this is how he made his feelings known publicly. I believe partly as the result of some of Sir Charles boasting of my abilities in the bedroom and willingness to please, and partly because of his fascination with all things Classical, of which he remarked my figure was an exemplar, was George's heart captured.

In the bedroom, he loved to fondle the fat I had gained in my confinement and my thighs, hips and even belly were likened to those of the goddesses, but he felt they were in need of filling out. He spoiled me with fine foods; pastries and muse de bouche, foods I had never before tasted and I must say that as my beauty smote Romney, fine tastes smote me. I reveled in a sort of gluttony for months, while George posed and painted, diddled and drew my growing form.

Of these early works, few escaped his private collection, and those were never well received or even titled with my name. English tastes at the time were not those of the 17th Century Dutch, and my figure had swelled to more than 14 stone before I recognized that what was happening to me, though pleasurable beyond belief, would end with me plying my wares on the streets of South London.

The artist would tire, and I would be too fat to find the kind of man that could take care of me in the style I needed. A man who could afford to feed me to immensity, and love me all along the way. George was too flighty, too easily swayed by what he felt in the moment was beautiful. With this decision, I confined myself to tea and small meals, and sadly, I once again saw my now bounteous figure whyle away. George was bereft!

As my figure shrank, he began painting and drawing me, peeling off the pounds with his paint and charcoal, and showing me what a waif I would look like were I to become so thin. These images he would place next to those of me at my most opulent and then point out as such...

"Lady. See how your breasts will shrink from the full and glorious orbs they have become, back to these sharp little prominences! How can you do this to yourself!! You must eat Emma, EAT!"

"Look darling! You have no more belly here! Imagine our pleasure in copulation with no warm and fertile belly to pile between us, how can you do this!"

"And your derriere Dear! From the magnificence of the painting on the left, to this...thin, wan, boyish arse! You cannot continue Emma...please!"

I replied that he should test the taste of the public by putting these works up for sale and finding the public's desires, and that I would live by the result. If they liked fat, I would stuff myself to the likeness of a prize hog for him, and eat myself to helplessness, all of which I of course secretly yearned to do, though just not with him!

With that remark, his loins became enraged and he took me there in his studio, fumbling among pallette and paint and attempting to get me to eat while he throbbed away between my thighs! My mind screamed that I should do, but I resisted, for he wasn't the man, or the future for me. He grasped at every roll and bulge of my body, played with my diminishing belly hang and bosom, and ultimately fell off to the side crying. He was distraught over weight I had yet to lose as well as that which was already gone. It was sad to me as he had been kind in his own way.

Some months later, when it had become apparent that the public wanted the smaller Emma, as a result of the sales and acclaim that his works acquired, he bowed to my wishes and sadly slipped out of my life.

I heard later that I became somewhat of an infatuation to him, and that he painted me, and drew me, charcoled me and penned me again and again, but I was beyond his reach and in sunny Italy, beginning the second phase of my life at the time. Most of the works he did were not of the me he knew and generally reflected the Emma that the public loved, lithesome, waifish, and not at all what I had been when I was with him.

Seeing these images made me think for a time that I had made a mistake and that he was a man who truly loved me but when I was in Portsmouth of a few years ago I was handed a packet by an old acquaintance, saying that I would surely appreciate it now. It was of course one of George's works, a charcole, portraying me at a weight he must have considered his goal for me.

The Emma in the charcole had to weigh all of 30 stone, with great hanging rolls, a ponderous belly and a pair of legs only wide enough to support the burgeoning arse of a hippo! I laughed when I saw it, considering how far beyond the image I had grown by the time I viewed it!

I would always have a soft-spot in my heart for George though: it was he who really introduced me to great foods, and the love of a fattening form that would mark the rest of my life. Without him I may have discovered this about myself, but I think from my vantage now that it was his sharing with me his own love of my fat and the feeding of my youthful hunger that would lead me to become the woman I am now, though sadly alone.

II Italy

When I left George I was for a short time in limbo about what I would do, but quickly found that Sir Charles was not about to have me wandering back into the company of his friends and bringing back to mind my dances, and the child he had fathered and then had spirited away, at least not with a new rich and resenting wife to please!

I was given an offer of transportation and introduction to Sir Charles much older uncle, who I had met while on Charles arm more than once, but who was now British Envoy to Naples, Sir William Hamilton! I was assured by Sir Charles that his uncle was a widower, was besotted by me, and that he could more than afford my upkeep as hostess at his salon! With that thought in mind, I boarded a vessel bound for Naples.

Upon reaching that fair city I found that Sir Charles was as good as his word to a point. Hamilton was in fact a widower who was besotted by me and could also afford my upkeep as the hostess of his fashionable but foundering salon, but I found that he intended to make me his mistress with no thought to my own feelings!

I had barely gotten moved in to the rooms that would prove my residence when the old codger commenced to make advances toward me! He was much older than I remembered him, in his middle fifties and though reasonably attractive for his age, I informed him that I was not that sort of girl, and to be the kept woman of such a man, though he be the Prime Minister, was not for me.

My rebukes of his passion apparently worked for he left me alone and in charge of his salon for a time, and I engaged in the duties of the hostess, entertaining his guests with all the customary fineries and conversation they should expect from a gentleman of substance representing the British government, as Sir William.

After some months of these sort of endeavors my reputation was such in the higher circles of the city that my salon was sought out and, I might add, the cultural center of the place. Months of fine food were once again softening my figure and doing apparently nothing to soften Sir Williams desires, and as I was now in a better position to bargain abandoned myself to his advances that proved to be quite charming.

Sir William loved fat in all of it's forms and in our lovemaking would play with the tiniest little bit of it in the most adorable way. He loved to grab my plumpening arse with both hands as he ravished me, and would rub, fondle and caress my still small belly with his hands for hours, moving to breasts, arms, thighs and calves as the whim took him.

He adored having our cooks prepare me exquisite dishes and called on me to eat from his own plate whenever there was something he found particularly delightful. This adoration of my adipose got my mind reeling as I considered abandoning myself to the thrills of gluttony which at the time I considered my one great passion, but for some reason resisted.

I do not know if I had an inkling of what the future held, or if I simply didn't trust Sir William then, but I managed to keep my appetite in check, and to work off most of my excess with dance and walks through the region and while Sir William continued to ply me with the most heavenly foods, and shower adulation on every tiny little sign of a weight increase, I gained but slowly.

The dance to which I refer I should take some time to describe as it will appear later in this narrative: I called it, at Sir William's suggestion, The Attitudes! Sir William was a lover of all things classical and when out for a walk in the Spring of 1787, we passed the crumbling ruins of an ancient Roman temple dedicated to the Goddess Venus, who Caesar claimed to be descended from.

I had taken to wearing what would later be called Empire style dresses, which I felt were not only the fashion, but flattered my figure and concealed the stone or so extra weight that I was carrying as the result of Sir William's indulgences and wearing a light shawl against the Italian sun.

In a moment of playfulness I ascended onto the steps before the crumbling columns and took on a delicate pose, which I explained to Sir William was that of Venus as she road the foam and first stepped upon the golden shores of Greece. He was enraptured with my playful idea, and asked me to assume another pose, this time of Venus on the night of her wedding to Ares.

After more than an hour and dozens of poses, Sir William begged me to indulge him then and there, and with a call to the cart and footmen who followed us to carry on ahead to the next village and await us, he bent me over a crumbling column, lifter my dress and proceeded to take me in the most delectable way, with his belly above my arse and the fat of both making such an irresistible sound as they met in our passion.

Upon completion of our weakness, he begged that I would perform what he dubbed "These attitudes" for our guests at a party we had planned a week hence. From here began my work as more than a simple hostess, or model. I would now be an artist in my own right.

My "Attitudes" became an overnight success in Naples. I would strike various poses from classical mythology using only my dress, robes and shawls as props, holding each pose for approximately a minute. I would play Niobe, and Venus, Ceres and Persephone, Diana and Minerva, as well as countless Niads, Driads and Nymphs, all from the ancient myths.

Sir William would introduce each pose and as time passed, would call on the audience to guess which classical character I was playing at, and it became a form of High Cultural Charades! All the best sorts loved it, the educated, the elite, the artistic and above all, it brought Sir William and I closer and closer together, both in public and in the bedroom.

My dresses needed to be tailored occasionally as they became tight around bust and hip, but in general the empire style allowed me four years of luxurious eating, of course coupled with the exercise of the "Attitudes" and increasingly vigorous lovemaking with Sir William before the stones I was gaining became noticeable to our audience and by then I had a new talent. I had begun to sing opera!

By 1790, I had crested the 15 stone mark when the idea came to Sir William. We had sat through a particularly dreary opera featuring a rotund soprano of what appeared to be at least 25 well placed stone that I ought to try singing.

"Larger women my dear have great ability to alter the amplitude and pitch of their voices and of course, you could then add some weight to your wonderful figure to purpose!" He remarked with a gleam to his eye. I noticed that his pants did little to conceal the arousal that seeing a well formed fat form brought out in him and I liked it. I had begun to feel safe with him, and with that safety had come back my great desire to fatten.

I had dreamed of a time when I was so large that I would need servants to carry me, servants to feed me. This would be impossible without a tender man, and Sir William was certainly that but he also had his own needs. It was getting harder and harder for him to achieve the sort of erection needed for satisfaction without that he place his manhood against my belly, or at the base of my plumpening back and stroke and knead, fondle and stroke my fat to frustration.

Often he could not get, what the sight of this corpulent German soprano had done for him from me, though he and I try for hours. I would not lose Sir William now! I would fatten and seduce him and when I had gotten big enough I was sure I could get him to marry me. All of this meant, in order to maintain social status in Naples, I would need to explain my weight gain, and that meant I would sing!

I never thought I was very good at opera, though others said differently, and Sir William raved. I loved the performance part of it, and the costuming, but I just could never think I was in any way talented at music. What I was talented at though was eating, and with Sir William's help I had nearly equaled the German soprano's 25 stone by Christmas of that very year!

The effect on Sir William was magical and he came to attention at the mere sight of me and though he never actually fed me during our acts of love, did all but. As my bottom grew broader he enjoyed having me stand against our bedroom wall while he made at me from behind grasping my bulging belly all the while, or fondling my now hanging breasts.

He adored having me atop him, smothering him beneath my mass and wiggling and jiggling my belly or grabbing on hard to my hip fat, sometimes even leaving me bruised. I worried sometimes that I would kill him as I increased in size as he was not getting any younger but though he panted and sweat and often had to ask to stop in the midst of my assaults, he simply wanted more. More of me, and more of me, at all times of the day.

One day for a picnic Sir William begged that I accompany him to the ruins of Pompeii which were being excavated at the time as their were pictures on those walls that I need look at to understand and though I was over 25 stone by then, in the spring of 1791, I took the carriage out with him.

My weight made the carriage lean, and the seats creak, and the bumpy road caused all the fat upon me to jiggle and wiggle in quite an erotic fashion. At one point one of my breasts lept clean from my dress (the empire style is low cut) and flopped down upon my waving belly. Sir William's eyes glazed over at the sight but he remained a gentleman and rather than ravishing me then and there as we both wanted, gently replaced my heaving boob back into it's cover, erect nipple and all to give away my own feelings.

My cheeks were flushed with desire for what only he could give me by the time we arrived at Pompeii, and I shamelessly begged him to allow us to retreat into one of the excavated hovels so I could slacken my passion but he begged that I resist and asked that I follow his lead. With the carriage parked at the ruins edge, we walked down a street of ancient cobble stones, or I should say he walked. I waddled with my grand belly swaying under my skin tight dress and my bosom jiggling with each step and once again threatening to leap out into the Italian sun.

My weight had jumped rapidly over the holidays and I was now sporting red stretchmarks upon my belly, arms and arse as Sir William proudly informed me, and this bustling down an old and unevenly cobbled street was taking it's toll.

"William dear, You are wearing me out with your haste Sir. Do you want your Emma, your fattened little Grecian Muse to wear herself out, or nay, wear off some pounds with this endeavor! You must slow down please or I will fade away!"

William informed me that we had but a short distance to go, and though it was, I confess to have been panting and footsore when we arrived at our destination, what Sir William informed me was the home of a fairly wealthy Roman merchant. We found that the walls were painted, and painted with the most shocking, provocative and in my own and Sir William's opinion, utterly stimulating frescoes, with one in particular the object of Sir Williams pilgrimage.

It pictured a very fat nymph using her mouth on the phallus of a Satyr, and Sir William's eyes betrayed his desires. Soon I found myself naked, with fat belly and bosom pressed upon Italian earth and my mouth full of Sir William who was delirious with pleasure.

As I worked my mouth around him he grasped at my rolls, and stroked my fat wherever he could reach. When I had brought him to his moment, he climbed atop my belly and began to work himself as hard as he could up and down with my fat arse cushioning our ride, and my own juices dripping down to the historic floor of that merchants house. My belly was now so well formed that Sir William needed to lean far forward and pull me in to kiss my mouth, and I found the interplay of his older, well formed body and my fattened younger one to be above all things delightful! Upon completion of our wonderful acts that day, we made our way back to the carriage and rode back to Naples, stopping along the way but once to water the horses and quench our own thirsts at a nearby stream.

III Marriage

That little stop for water nearly proved to be both our undoings. The following morn both Sir William and I were beset with the most terrific pains in our bowls and stomachs and soon both of us were incapacitated. I do not know how long Sir William suffered but what I do know was that I didn't come to myself for more than a month and when I did, I was emaciated.

Sir William informed me that we had been taken by a miasma from the stream, but be that as it may, I had lost all of 10 stones while Sir William also was much aged. Upon my awakening he cried his eyes out and thanked the Lord for my recovery proclaiming that he would not lose me, and could not lose me, and that this awful moment had awoken him to his own sin. We would have to be married.

As you must imagine, this was a dream come true for me, though I was not in much condition to celebrate and knowing as well that it meant returning to England I worried. I was not a good sailor, and felt that an ocean voyage would wear even more of the glorious meat off my already much reduced form, but Sir William implored me not to worry, and that we would happily add it all back and more, as husband and wife. With that said, and my heart eased, we set sail for England.

Upon arrival in Portsmouth, I was truly a changed woman from what I had been when I left. From a fallen girl from a poor family I had rose to become famous as an artist, an entertainer and was now to be married to an Earl. These differences made my heart proud, but at the same time, I was a woman used to being enfleshed in healthy fat, ruddy, glowing and soft and now after an arduous sea voyage I was tottering on 10 stone again, almost as small as I had been when I met Sir Charles.

The wedding was the event of the season in England: one of the largest and most lavish of the decade. I, by that time had gained back a stone, but still felt paltry by my old standards but our wedding feast was bounteous, and Sir

William kept me stuffed, and yes there too, nearly the entire week the wedding took to finish. When we finally set sail for Naples again I was back to a healthy 15 stone and counting on the wonderful cuisine that would greet me when I landed in Italy.

It was another rough sea voyage and should have been simply that had not Sir William suffered a nasty knock on the head during fall caused by the vessel taking a sudden lurch. When he came too he vomited for a time and then took to his bunk. I thought all was well until a few days later when the vessel, after entering the Med and experiencing one of those particular days only Mare Nostrum can bring with Zephyr winds blowing light and a blue sky hanging bright that Sir William came to me.

He complimented me on my retaining my fat through the voyage to this point, and one thing leading to another was soon wiggling and jiggling, pinching and prodding. He loved to grab the roll right under my breasts and stroke it sideways towards my hips, then slide his hands down and grab the bounty above my backside and then that. Feeling his wonderful hands shaking and playing with my growing arse, I became hot with desire and grasped for his manhood which was flaccid and limp, to my chagrin.

Temporary, I thought, now that I had learned from the little journey to Pompeii, the arts that Roman matrons used in the Amor, and I began to work upon him with my mouth,which again, was to no avail. Sir William in frustration that he was, and full of desire, remarked that once I had gotten back my healthy belly, and surrounded myself again with blossoming fat, all would be well with him. So he said, and so I hoped, though it was not to be.

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Default Lady Hamilton's Story (continued)

IV - Nelson

Sir William and I finally reached our home, the Palazzo Sessa a month later and there we dove into the task of fattening me up with a vengeance. While I did gain weight, and the meals seemed incessant, I just didn't have the appetite I had had before my bout with the miasma.

There were days when I tried to remain in my bed, surrounded by my favorite foods, with Sir William encouraging me to dive in with belly rubs and gentle strokes of my plump arms and breasts, but in spite of all his attentions and all the wonderful foods, I just didn't blossom.

I had determined that limiting my physical activity would surely put the pounds on me, and Sir William had added that the drinking of Port wine would also help, so I lay in bed most days, with the breezes of Italy blowing through the sheers of my open window tickling my naked form, surrounded by a smorgasbord of delightful dishes, and sipping my port in a glorious stupor. My body though, refused to behave as it had in the past, when it seemed that the sight of good food would add a stone to my form.

I was called by the good people of Naples to sing at the opera, and they had even arranged that I travel to Madrid in Spain to compete against the renowned Angelica Catalani but I had no heart for it. Not only was I not back in my former operatic form, but I dreaded any kind of sea voyage like the plague and begged out of the engagement.

They asked if I would care to resume my "Attitudes" as these performances were also sorely missed but I found myself in a quandry. My body was in the betweens, not nearly grand enough to allow my voice to soar in the opera but too flabby, with all the skin I had accumulated at my fattest, sagging and cellulite ridden, and refusing to swell as I had hoped my return to Naples would allow.

I felt at times like a half filled wine-skin and though occasionally Sir William felt his little soldier awaken when he tried to rouse it between the folds of my belly, he never was able to arouse to the level that would allow us to make love, and even the tricks of the Romans would see no reversal. This was a frustrating time for me, and I felt as Tantalus, surrounded by foods and all the charms of Italy and unable to have any of my passions fulfilled.

All of this was cured quite by accident when in the summer of the year 1793. You recall that by this time the French had not only had a Republican Revolution, and cut off their King's head but had gone so far as to change the number of days in the week, and the months of the year as well.

They were certainly radicals and His Majesty could not sit idly by and allow this sort of conduct so had had to declare war. The French were not unanimous in their Revolutionary Fervor and the city of Toulon had declared that it would enjoy the protection of the British Mediterranean fleet from their own countrymen, so Admiral Hood had obliged. This led him to send to Naples a heroic young captain by the name of Horatio Nelson with dispatches for Sir William and a request to Naples' King Ferdinand VI for reinforcements for Toulon.

While I still did not feel well at the time, Sir William begged that I attempt to rouse the patriotic ardor of our circle, who he felt might well persuade King Ferdinand to help, with one of my magical parties in our home. I was a little hesitant to do so in spite of my affection for Sir William when I as I stood before my open window breathing the morning air I beheld Nelson from afar and my heart was taken!

He was not the tallest of men, nor the most strikingly handsome but he had an air about him that spoke of confidence beyond anything I had ever seen even from afar. He moved with grace incarnate and moved his limbs in a fluid and supple way that suggested that he too, could perform his own "Attitudes" and though not near enough to see his face, I could almost feel the power of his gaze and the splendor of his brow from my window.

I leaned out through the sheers grasping the iron-wrought railing tightly in my shaking hands and he turned an looked up, right into my eyes! Though he was still a distance away I saw his wonderful smile and then beheld him raise his hand in a friendly wave. Unconsciously I grasped at my bosom, and then all of my self consciousness returned!

What would he think of a flabby matron, in a faded night dress, with hair unkempt and face undone! I moved to return inside my bedroom, casting but one more glance his way and he had taken a couple of smooth strides forward still looking me through!

"I thought a walk through the sweet air of a Naples morning to be the
most wonderful cure for seasickness I could ever hope, until now mum, as I have seen something sweeter and surely more felicitous!" he called!

"Sir you flatter me! I am in a state of great undress but I adore what I have heard!" I found myself replying, to which Nelson added. "And I have heard you plan on entertaining for our cause come Friday night, and I look forward to it more than a sojourn in England! Pray give my best to your husband and keep a place for me by your side Friday!"

I would hostess Sir Williams party, and I would do my attitudes, and I even might find myself singing! When I pulled myself back into my room I found an appetite that had been gone for years, and rapidly finished the breakfast treats that had sat waiting at my bedside. I did not however, partake in any port! I would save my head for my coming soire!

On Friday I had a magical night planned for all and it went as well as I ever imagined it might! Better even! Horatio sat beside me at table with Sir William on my opposite side and I was on pins and needles to be my best.

All my years with men, serving, and servicing and entertaining I used as models for my actions that night though with Horatio, I needn't have worried. When we had met formally in the foyer of our home, he had graciously kissed my hand in the most amazing display of fondness for my form I could have imagined, and I thought for a time I had imagined it. He took my right hand with with his left, grasping the underside of my pinky finger's fleshiness and needing it. The moment lasted but a second but confirmed my hopes when I saw him from the window. He liked my form!

As I stood with Sir William receiving our guests, Horatio went to take a
glass and sample the muse bouche's we had arranged to serve as hors de houvres. Within moments he had returned to me from the side, and I could feel his eyes trying to pierce the fall of my empire dress to detect my curves and rolls, and offered my one of the treats that he said I was being denied by my role as hostess!

Turning to him with a joy I could scarce conceal, I daintilly tried to pop the treat into my lips, but a glazed piece of pastry failed to cooperate and fell upon my right breast, hanging up upon the bulge where my neckline met my bosom. Without a thought, Nelson reached out and gently plucked the pastry from my bosom, and placed it in his own mouth, eyes upon me all the while and sauntered over to the serving table to get me another. I was enraptured, Sir William was oblivious. My heart beat with a pace that I feared would set my breasts rippling!

I was only a bit over 16 stone that night, and my stomach was sadly shrunken from my years of ill health, but Nelson got me eating. He plied me at dinner to try everything, once, twice and more. He fed me with his own fork in front of the whole company who simply looked upon it as the height of chivalry from a British Sea Captain, for they didn't know the twinkle in his eye like I did: I had seen it once before in the eye of George Romney!

He regaled us with tales of battle around the globe when he was pressed, and proved to be an exceptional storyteller but do not think he ignored me while the tables gaze was upon him. He rubbed his leg against my calf and thigh all the while and once even made so bold as to slip his hand under the table and caress one of the flabby rolls at my side.

"Madame, it seems you have on a time been healthier, judging from your skin! Have a care and eat well. The Navy fights for Englishwomen to remain home and plumpening, and the thought of you waxing fat here with your husband will inspire me to do my duty, wherever I find the call!" He whispered to me, as Sir William made a toast.

I felt the color run to my face, and turned to look him fully in the eye, only to be met with a piece of roast beef on the end of his fork, to which I opened my mouth and accepted the gift with thanks. "I have been ill sir, but I feel my health returning. Would you be stopping in at Naples in the coming months then, to check upon my progress?"

"I go where my country calls Madame, but my heart shall reside within this domicile as long as you are here! Please feel free to write should you care to, and I will think of you growing more healthy while I pursue the Frenchman wherever he goes, and fight with renewed valor, knowing Lady Hamilton will be thinking of me, and eating accordingly. Does you husband not appreciate your form my Lady?"

"He does sir, but is ill himself! Might I be so bold as to ask if you might accompany me on a stroll through our garden as we move off from the table for the entertainment?"

"I will Mam, but not until I see you clean your plate! The Royal Navy cannot see good food wasted!"

An hour later we were in the throws of passion in the garden, with Horatio showing me a skill at love that suggested he too had visited Pompeii! He caressed every curve of my form, fondled every roll and bulge, remarked on how each would expand in the years to come and how though impossible to imagine now, I would grow into that much more of a living Goddess!

He used his tongue and his touch and brought me for the very first time, the kind of pleasure no other man had brought me there in the garden and I rewarded him with a fountain of wetness, and he rewarded me again and again with his own. When I thought I could go no further, he produced some desert pastry puffs and straddling my chest with my bosom raised over his manhood he fed them to me and more beside, and then brought me to that fountain of happiness again!

I thought the moment would last forever but it soon ended, and we returned slightly breathless to the gathering, and the following day Horatio sailed away. It would be long before I saw him again in the waking world, but the change he had wrought in me would serve to make our next meeting one for the ages!

(Continued in post 5 of this thread)

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agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!

A very funny take on Lady Hamilton's story - because there's some truth to it.

Apart from her scandalous relationship with Lord Nelson, Lady Emma Hamilton in English memory is considered very beautiful ..... if you read real-life period Italian, French or German accounts describing her - they all state she's attractive, interesting as an artist ... and rather fat!
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Default And thus

the story, which is, like all historical fiction, founded on actual history. The characters,, dates, place names, and the rest are actually HISTORICALLY ACCURATE! I know that this isn't normal in this genre, but in this case, what has been added is Emma's weight gain, dialogue and erotic scenes, while the history has been left alone. The major events happened when and how they did, the characters interacted when they did, etc. Just eros, dialogue and weight gain have been added, and of course Emma's personal recollections.
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Default Nelson Sails, and Returns

V Nelson's Inspiration

My entire outlook on the world had changed that night, as if by magic. There was more possible now than had ever appeared to me before what with my aging and impotent husband who had been trying to fatten me with the hope that it might restore him sexually while I, who would be carrying the weight would be left alone with a bloated form and though I might like it, no prospects for improvement upon his death.

This was not morbidity speaking in me: it was the truth. How long could Sir William last really. He was sixty, and not at all in good health, and while the Italian clime was conducive to improving constitutions, his floridity and frustration with his impotence led me to believe that a stroke might only be months away.

Now that Horatio had entered my life, I took it into my head that I might improve my form for the hope of helping my husband but also of attracting Horatio's affections in the future! I knew that he would be mine, and beyond that, destinies for some reason: call it fate.

My days at once became more joyful, and I began walking and riding out in the carriage with my husband and alone. I ate with revewed fervor and found that I could once again add weight through my excess, though not at my early splendid pace. This was fine by me, and I enjoyed meal after glorious meal, to the approval of my doting husband in the company of everyone from visiting dignitaries and important men and women of the region through King Ferdinand himself.

As stone followed stone onto my form, I found I once again could sing with my old gusto, and that though my husband was still unable to give me what I needed with his manhood, he had become more forward and used to his hands to stimulate me. He also, as I gained, enjoyed me climbing atop him and giving him a good smother. A year after Nelson had departed had passed when I found myself at nearly 20 stone and loving every pound.

While walking, or should I say waddling, a short way North of the city, I found myself one afternoon attracting the interest of a local squire, or whatever they called them in that part of Italy. Now I should mention that my idea of a walk was to have my carriage take me out on a ride until I found a decent vantage overlooking the sea, and there I would sit, having instructed the driver to return in a time, and stared languidly out onto the main, looking for an English man of war, and dreaming that it was Nelson returning for me.

As I sat on my plumpened arse one day on a low stone wall of a graveyard, beneath the wings of an ancient olive tree an old gentleman approached with flowers. As I was in the shadows of the tree and it was one of those clear Italian days where the sun lights all with that particular glow found only in Southern Italy, the man approached one of the newer stones and laid the flowers carefully on the grave, offering up a silent prayer.

I found the moment to be touching, reminding me of one of my "Attitudes" though I can't for the life of me now recall which one. Turning to leave he saw me suddenly and started as if staring at a ghost, then recovering, approached with a shy good day to me.

In our conversation that followed he told me he was visiting, as he did weekly, the grave of his beloved wife, who had passed but the winter previous, and that he was glad to find a young beauty like myself, who obviously respected the dead and gave appropriate solemnity to their place of rest.

I remarked that I enjoyed the view and that the place could not be better for the eternal rest of the dearly departed, which drew a tear from his eye. He told me his name was Giuseppi Bellormo and that he had a home a mile down the road in the village. He also told me that I was the spitting image of his beautiful wife, though he admitted I was much too thin.

He told me that he had been called the best cook in the region and his wife had been the cause, admiring good food above almost all else in God's Creation. This good food he told me had brought her to inflate to an enormous size but that it had not been in his design to do this. He loved to spoil her, she loved to eat, and the weight had come.

He admitted he had become fond of her size and increasing it as time had passed but had warned her that she needed to cut back so that she would still be able to walk. Ultimately she had ballooned herself to such a size that he needed servants to move her, though she was beautiful beyond words!

He told me that her passing had been caused by the recent tremors resulting from the awakening of Vesuvius and that the ceiling of their bedroom had given way tragically leaving him a widower. I found the story moving, and secretly yearned for my Horatio to feed me to such an immensity, though I doubted that it would ever come to pass.

After nearly and hour of conversation my carriage returned and as I made to leave he begged that I meet him on the same such day in weeks to come for my conversation had lightened the blackness of his grief. I promised that the very next week I would be there, and he then asked if I might like to try his cooking, to which my curiosity and gluttonous nature having been aroused, I acceded to immediatley.

That next week saw me eating foods that I can only dream about now, and this is after all those intervening years full of feasts! I stuffed myself to bursting with the most delightful rustic fare, and then found that his skill as a practitioner of the art of pastry making exceded his work on the stove. I found myself there, week after week, enjoying his skills and finding my dresses getting tighter and tighter.

Finally a week came when he outdid himself and stuffed me to the point where the seam finally let go, spilling my rolls onto my lap with a loud, and arousing rip! Our eyes met across the table and I do not apologize to say that the passion released by that garment giving way was most likely eclipsed only by Vesuvius in a major eruption.

I was now at least 25 stone, and he was upon me like a goat, with quite a wonderful endowment to pleasure me. My fat fluttered and wagged as he worked me from various angles to give attention to all of those areas that he knew from a long relationship with a fat woman, needed a man's touch. My navel became his temple, for everything from finger through tongue and beyond and my now magnificent breasts were handled expertly to give me such a feeling of desire that I looked upon this man as a slab of marble must have looked at Michaelangelo!

I found myself riding my own belly waves as he did the dog to me grasping at the hunks of meat along my sides. He explored the rolls beneath my arms with all of himself and tasted my nectars deeply. When we had finished he began to apologize, but I would hear none of it, and told him to expect me the following week. All of this ecstacy would serve to polish me I thought, for the time when Nelson would return. polish me, and bloat me to provide my hero with all that he could expect from his inspiration!

Nelson's Return

My dresses had had to be replaced numerous times before Nelson returned. My tumbles with Giuseppi had kept the my gaining slightly at bay, as well as my escapades with my increasing besotten husband, involving hands and tounge and me lowering my growing bulk upon him until he grew red and breathless time and time again while he explored the curves he was helping to create with everything available to him.

Sir William had heard of my affair, but knew of my need for satisfaction from that one area he had not the power to give, and he scrupulously turned a blind eye. Giuseppi was courteous and not the sort to talk, and we kept our liasons to a minimum though I admit I found myself thinking about his cooking more and more and found it harder than he did to remain circumspect. I was troubled twice more with the miasma and each time found my weight melt away as I lay in my bedchamber attended by my loving husband.

The second time proved so bad that Sir William nearly gave up hope for my recovery and finally when I had pulled through summoned Giuseppi himself to try to ply some food into me and get me on my feet again. This in turn led to Giuseppi renting rooms a short way from our home and instructing our cook dailey in how to create the best and heartiest of Italy's fare to return flesh to my sunken form, of course under Sir William's approving eye. The stones came back fully with that rib-sticking food and so it was, that after five long years, in the early fall of 1798, Nelson returned to Naples.

He was now a full Admiral of the Blue, having seen great success in action independently, as a Commodore and finally against Napoleon's fleet at the Battle of the Nile, but these rewards had been most costly. He had lost his right eye to a musketball in Corsica, and his right arm just below the shoulder at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent while most recently at the Nile, though he had destroyed Napoleon's fleet and stranded the Ogre in Egypt, he had been badly wounded in the forehead by a musketball, which had peeled off a large flap of skin that had to be sewn up with waxed coard.

He was now Britania's Hero and was welcomed by the entire city of Naples at the docks upon his return with his victorious fleet, from the lowest beggar right up to King Ferdinand. I took an open carriage to the auspicious moment, as I had grown too fat to navigate such a crowd, and even had I done so, I would have been then in no condition to see my Roland.

I was by then over 35 stone and even the Empire style couldn't conceal my bulging hips and rounded belly. My arms had filled out like plump cheeses and were exposed in their glory to the Italian sun that day.I remember they burned slightly, all that delicate flesh. My face had remained surprisingly thin considering the rest of me and as Nelso strode toward the carriage, a two seater which I filled, I felt his eyes glow at the sight of me.

My husband, who had ridden along beside my carriage with the King was warmly greeted, and warmly received my Horatio, as did the King, but Horatio kept looking into my eyes, unable to see my form over the sides of the carriage whose doors were closed.

The moment was for me an eternity as I heard my husband beg Horatio to dine with us that evening to which he accepted and proclaimed that he wished to ride with me to our dwelling! Taking a quick step up the carriage and putting a leg over the door rather than opening it, Horatio sought to make a dashing entrance into the cab. His foot came down inside the carriage and he maneuvered himself with his one good arm to bring down the other and found my thigh and calf against his leg.

His one good eye met my own two with dark and passionate awe as he took in the sight of my body, which he found so large as to proclude him from sitting. I felt the heat radiate off him as he mumbled that he would walk beside me but I would have none of it, and pulled him down beside me so that he sat upon my own spreading right hip, thigh and a bit of belly while his left arm found itself engulfed between my enourmous right tit and arm. I was enraptured with desire and the smell of him drove me mad!

"Oh God! Is it possible!" I gasped and fainted against him for a moment, imagining the thrilling moments alone we would soon have! Nelson, as a good sailor should, came to attention immediately for a Lady!

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tarquin has said some nice things
Default Great!

This is terrific! Can't wait for the next chapters. thanks
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Default Nelson and Emma together again

VII - Nelson and I Arrive at Palazzo Sessa

The carriage ride back from the docks was one of the most magnificent moments of my life. The hailing of the crowd showing our hero the triumph he deserved coupled with the shouts to me, to us, filled me with pride. I gather I had become more of a celebrity than I thought possible through my art, attitudes and opera and even though I was quite a bit larger than most of the people in the crowd remembered me, their words did not reflect any disdain toward my weight or figure!

"Nelson receives the charms of our Lady!" some shouted, and then were the "What a pair they make! Like Paris and Helen!" metaphorical cries.

I was very pleased to hear these, and Nelson blushed, as he fondled the fat on the rolls at my side, my upper arm and hip as well, of course carefully concealed by the carriage and my own bulk. Although he had but one good arm and hand, he made full use of it in the carriage I must say. So good was the use, that he had me panting by the time we reached our door, and not from the jostling of the carriage but I must add that at my current level of corpulence all the jiggling and wiggling incurrent in a carriage ride did often cause me to lose my breath.

Our exit from the carriage within Sir William's courtyard was a sight to see, though the wall screened most of the crowds view. First Nelson stood as best he could, trying to conceal his "Midshipman" who stood proudly at attention and with that in mind tried opened the carriage door and negotiated the steps to the ground helped by our footmen.

Then I stood, with the help of my great and heaving belly, and turned to maneuver through the carriage door which had, at my 35 stone, become quite a challenge. With my bulk prohibiting me from tackling the task directly, I sidled my way through, though not without having to lift my belly with one hand while leaning back for it to clear.

This was followed by a careful descent of the three carriage stairs with legs so plump that they wouldn't allow full separation in a normal walk. Here, I had to daintily maneuver and finally found Nelson's good arm and my footmen waiting. I was out of breath with the effort, which Nelson noticed immediately and remarked that refreshment was only a few steps away!

Of course those few steps would have to wait until I had gotten my wind back, and I plopped myself down on one of a garden benches, taking up more than half with my excess flesh. Finally, I stood and in as graceful a way as my curves permitted ascended the stairs into our home.

Intimacy with Nelson

After a wonderful dinner throne by Sir William with all of the local dignitaries including the King in attendance featuring some of the most wonderful dishes I had tasted in years, we all found ourselves in the sitting room.

Nelson, who had sat to my right at dinner, had of course thrilled all of us with some of his many stories of daring exploits against the French, and of course me personally with his careful fondling of the great folds of flesh so warm and inviting at his side. He had asked to sit to my right as he explained that the pleasure of sharing some of the enchanting dinner morsels with my perfect lips was a pleasure he could not forbear, and I wondered if he wasn't starving himself on my behalf.

All in all, his presence at my side, his attention to my fattened form, and his insistence on me sharing his own plate, as well as conquering mine, led me to feel as full as I believe I ever had. Even my empire dress, carefully fitted could not conceal my enormous belly surging forth over my womanhood below my bounteous breasts from all eyes. The rolls had been flattened out, so firm had I filled my stomach, and Nelson was more than pleased.

After we had gone to our rooms, Nelson was staying down the hall that night, and I had enjoyed Sir Williams attentions to my stuffed and fattened form for a time, I pretended to pass off to sleep so that the old gentleman would head to his own room. We had always slept in separate bedrooms you see, anything less would not have been becoming what with the servants and all, and this presented the perfect opportunity for me to bed my hero.

I was considering my strategy of attack with but a single candle lit in my bedroom while I lay upon a heap of pillows, absentmindedly rubbing my gothic belly which plunged between my opened thighs and met the sheets nearly to my knees,when the door silently opened and there before me stood Horatio. He bowed and asked if he had my permission to return aboard!

I laughed aloud, maybe a bit to loud, and insisted that he immediately board and render a report on his actions. The night that followed soared above all such others to that point in my life as Nelson engaged in what he later called a ship to ship action.

First he gently rubbed, fondled, cupped and caressed every fold and bulge of my body, feeling the fat jiggle upon his release. He grasped the rolls at my side, patted my engorged belly and scolded me that I needed to eat with more gusto, as I was not as fat as he had imagined me in his minds eye while
at sea!

"Horatio!" I gasped, "Do you not see that I am immense, and more than 35 stone my love? How much fatter can I be?"

"You shall, dearest Emma, fatten further if I have anything to say of it! You are a goddess of flesh and feasting dear, and I can only hope that a time will come when you can dispense with all else but that! Fatten until the idea of standing is as ridiculous as the idea of a French victory on the High Seas. In fact, fatten until you have become my own, yes, my personal sea! The Romans called the Med. Mare Nostrom, which is what you shall become to us. And we will sail together upon you!"

His lips found my engorged nipples and his tongue danced on rippling flesh. He worked at my folds while I carefully removed his clothing, and inspected his myriad of heroic wounds, those badges of courage his love of King and Country had won him.

His poor arm still needed bandaging and his forehead was just healing over from that musket wound that had nearly claimed his life. He forced my vast legs apart and found my womanhood deep within, using his hand to awaken me further than I had ever felt before. He hefted my belly, with a bit of help from me off to the side and sidled his way into me, and the rapture that we felt as he bucked and thrust with all of my fat rippling and bucking with him, all the time keeping his good eye locked on my gleaming and tearful visage.

My breath became labored as his intensity gathered. He placed his thumb in my navel, and grasped as much of my belly fat as his hand could hold as he brought us both to that special place of oblivion for a time, and though I thought this would be the end, he continued on through the night, experimenting with angles and positions. My body was like the Agamemnon to him by the end. He knew every nook, and cranny, every fold of flab, every roll and dimple.

We were in a passion so great that with the morning light we were surprised to find that we had not been alone. Sir William stood by the bedside with breakfast for us both, and informed Nelson that he had never seen a coupling done better, and that he was glad of the fact that Horatio had been able to service his wife in so English a way, and that what with his own ailment, the servicing needed doing, would Horatio be against continuing with the task he had so nobly begun?

Surprise, I might add, had ceased to vex me when it came to men and their tastes. Though I did ask Sir William later why I had not been consulted in the matter, and of course been told that a Hero like Nelson was infinitely superior to an Italian chef, though he be the virtual mayor of his village, I was not surprised by the new arrangement, though I was a bit by Horatio's response, what with being caught in bed with another man's wife and all.

"England expects, Sir William, that every man should do his duty! Though you have done Sir, great duties for the crown in the past, in the instance of your wifes' needs, I believe you see your duty as a good husband with a clear and weather eye! I thank you sir, and heartily welcome your kind offer. Henceforth Sir William, I will treat you as more than a brother!"

Surprising that was, but all Nelson!

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It is good to see you return to Dimensions in such fluent form Sir Richard.

A wonderfully paced tale with some great writing:
“I looked upon this man as a slab of marble must have looked at Michaelangelo!”

Speaking personally I’m a glutton for anything set in southern Italy; may I suggest that the culinary achievements of poor short-changed Giuseppi Bellormo demand further investigation.....
one of your monographs on eroticism and cuisine perhaps.

When I grow up, she said, I want my boobs to be as big as yours, daddy.

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Default Always appreciate your kind words and advice

Originally Posted by Lardibutts View Post
It is good to see you return to Dimensions in such fluent form Sir Richard.

A wonderfully paced tale with some great writing:
I looked upon this man as a slab of marble must have looked at Michaelangelo!

Speaking personally Im a glutton for anything set in southern Italy; may I suggest that the culinary achievements of poor short-changed Giuseppi Bellormo demand further investigation.....
one of your monographs on eroticism and cuisine perhaps.

kind Sir! I plan on extending the tale, and I will promise more on Giuseppi! I also want you to know that I plan on bringing some of my other tales to Dimensions, extended and completed post haste! I can't claim to have any sort of style compared to you, being more of a hacker, but I look to you as my model, and always look forward to your words of encouragement and advice!
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ChasingFall has said some nice things

I hope this story hasn't been forgotten. It is one of the best erotic short fictions I have ever read. Truly masterful.

I was also wondering about the other stories you've authored, which you mention in the post above. Do you still plan on posting them here. I would be delighted to read them.

Thank you so much for contributing!
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