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Bountiful Productions specializes in large size models!

Measure for measure, hourglass or pear shape, Bountiful Productions has the choicest. Check us out and sample some of our models! (Note: we have plenty more pictures of each model, and you can get printed copies of the pictures from us)

5'6" 82-69-83 580+ lbs.
5'7" 48-42-50 225 lbs.
5'1" 60-38-62 300 lbs.
5'4" 53-54-75 350+ lbs.
5'7" 78-48-52 330 lbs.
5'6" 65-56-87 512 lbs.

How to get Full-Size Versions of the Pictures

If you want to have a glorious full-size version of a picture, you need a First Virtual Account. You can then buy individual pictures. They will show up on your screen in full-size and you can download them as follows: Mac: click on image, "Save this image as..."; PC: Click right mouse button and save image.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints please feel free to contact us .