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Russo Productions
Carrying a fine line of videos and photography of exquisite fat women!

©1994-2000 Russo Productions, all rights reserved. Copyright registered U.S. Federal Copyright Office, San Diego, CA, USA.

Russo Productions, a Southern California company in business since 1994, has been producing and marketing professional videos and photos of the most beautiful fat women on the planet.

We are currently carrying 11 different videos for sale and have several more in production. Our videos are non-pornographic (i.e. there are no men and no sex scenes) and do contain nudity. We consider them to be art films with creativity and the sensuousness and beauty of fat women as the focus.

Please visit us on-line at Russo Productions.

You may also send a LSASE for a complete description of videos and order form and sample photos to:

Or, you may e-mail us at RussoVideo@aol.com.