Anna Nicole Smith

Gorgeous Anna Nicole Smith appears to capture the imagination of FAs like few others. Besides her physical beauty, ANS has a delightfully unpredictable tendency to enjoy life ANS37.GIF - 14.21 K anna3.gif - 7.91 K at its fullest, and--as far as FAs are concerned--an equally delightful talent for putting on pounds. Unfortunately, all the "thin" ANS pictures are glamorous while all the "fat" ones are snapshots that do not show her at her best. Too bad. We hope we will soon find some good photographs of ANS at her new and larger size. She deserves to be depicted at her sensuous best. Her weight may continue to go up and down in the future (one can only imagine the societal pressures on a former Plaboy Playmate of the Year) but if she is meant to be a fat woman, we hope she will fill that role with as much fire and spice as she did when a thinner ANS filled those jeans in the Guess commercials.

Anna's trials and tribulations

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Rebel Burkhalter illustration in "Anna Nicole Smith Saves the World", a piece of Burkhalter reporting/fiction (and wishful thinking) that appeared in the September 1996 issue of Dimensions Magazine.

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