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Fat Women in Contemporary Art

Keith J. Abney

"Lady In Green"
ink and watercolor on paper; 10 x 11 in.
Warlance Gallery 

Charles Gatewood
"Happy To Be Fat"
CyborgasmLight Work

Heinz Guth
"Anna: XXL"
oil on board; 34 x 48 in.
The GutArt Gallery, Sweden 

Colin Heaney
"The Water Goddess"
glass, 3? in.
Yoni Web-Zine Goddess Gallery 

Adam Jones
Tool "Undertow" CD 

Nick Mount
"When The Fat Lady Sings"
sandblasted glass and copper wire
Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Australia

Pike Powers
"The World's Fattest Lovers No. 2"
oil on canvas; 6 x 8 in.
Elliot Brown Gallery, Seattle

Brian Ross
"Buttock Sirens"
digital art
Brian Ross's Wall of Noise

Tim Slowinski
"Fat Lady With Diet Coke"
acrylic on canvas; 62 x 64 in.
Slowinski Gallery, New York City 

Tomi Ungerer
"Join The Free And Fat Society"
poster; 29 x 23 in.
The Poster Art of Tomi Ungerer

Leandro Velasco
"Siren In Red"
oil on canvas; 58 x 48 in.
Gator Art Dot Com 

Alexis Vincent
Fat Woman"
oil on canvas; 20 x 16 in.
The Electric Gallery, Folk Art Wing 

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