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The Art of Ned Sonntag

Ned Sonntag has pursued his love of fat womanhood with a happy single mindedness. Underground cartoonist, illustrator for men's magazines, contributing artist to Dimensions - Ned has the ability to capture women of all shapes of largeness (even the mega-sized heroines of fanta-sizer stories) in vibrantly sexy graphics. The following are examples of his work over the years for Dimensions.

In Anna Nym's coming of age story, "Early Mammaries," (Dimensions, May, 1990), a young girl's life is forever changed by the sight of a beautiful super-sized woman.
Cover illustration for Dimensions, May, 1990
Cover illustration for Dimensions, July, 1990.
Cover illustration for Dimensions, January, 1991.
Taylor Delta in mid-enhancement (from the s-f serial, "Adipost Zone, Chapter Two," by Wilson Barbers, Dimensions, January, 1993).
Ned's superheroine Dimensia , star of a series of enigmatic comic strips that have appeared in the magazine over the years (from Dimensions, May, 1990).
Dimensia about to fly into action (from Dimensions, June, 1989).
Taylor Delta's enhancement begins (from "Adipost Zone, Chapter One," Dimensions, October/November, 1992).
Illustration to Vincent Lambert's weight gain fantasy romance, "The Photograph," from Dimensions, September, 1993.
"Seated behind a dining table in ascending order were five tangibly similar blondes ranging in weight from reg to 700 plus kgs." ("Adipost Zone, Chapter Two.")
Adipost Zone's detective hero, Page Briant, and his ex-wife Ginny, from "Adipost Zone, Chapter Two."

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Commentary by Wilson Barbers