Alicia Silverstone

The attractive and talented star of last year's hit "Clueless" also plays Batgirl in the upcoming fourth Batman movie. The 20-year old actress will also assist in producing some Columbia films, such as "Excess Baggage". At this year's Academy Awards presentations, Alicia came under fire for being noticeably rounder and carrying some excess baggage herself. Trash tabloid ran headlines like "Batman and Fatgirl" and "Look out Batman! Here comes Buttgirl!" (we don't agree on that!).

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Above: this is how millions know a svelte Alicia Silverstone.

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(2.8meg movie of Alicia's 1996 Blockbuster speech)
(3.9meg movie of Alicia being interviewed at 1996 Oscars)

The following was submitted by a visitor who says, "Alica S. does have great potential to expand her horizons. Can you post my enhanced (morph) image of her to the Silverstone page. She should "grow up" to be a BIG GIRL.

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