No one in rock and roll deserves the title of superwoman more than Ann Wilson. She's been the soul of Heart for two decades, and she's winning over a whole new generation with the fresh acoustic sound of The Lovemongers. She's a poet and a lyricist, she plays half a dozen instruments, she even designs her own clothes. But most of all, she has a voice that can melt kryptonite, with the beauty and power of an archangel. So what do the critics focus on? Her weight, of course.

Not that she hasn't tried awfully hard to pass for a thin person. You won't see a publicity photo in which she isn't hiding half her body behind some other band member. You probably won't see much of her onstage, either, as she's taken to wearing to mostly black. ann2.gif - 6.78 KAnd Jim DeRogatis writes, "The futile efforts to disguise the size of singer Ann Wilson in Heart's videos are legendary. After trying to shroud her in fog and hide her behind silk curtains, directors finally resorted to showing only her eyes."

Come out of the shadows, Dreamboat Annie. You might not see yourself as a spokesperson for fat pride, but you've already accomplished more than you know. Your fans have suffered all the jokes and jabs right along with you, and they've become as sensitive to fat bigotry as any group you'll find on the Web. They think you're gorgeous just the way you are, and we wholeHeartedly agree. If you can't find a director who knows that you're as sexy as your kid sister, perhaps we can help. Don't worry about the cost. We hear you give great hugs. I'm sure we can work something out.

--kjn, pagemaster

Ode to Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson's appearance on "Later with Greg Kinnear" - 11/14/1995


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