Cindy Crawford face

Cindy Crawford

is a

Future Plumper!

Cindy Crawford face

If you look at some photos of Cindy Crawford you might be astonished that an international supermodel can be so curvy and buxom. Only in the beginning of her modeling career she looked like the other spindly superstars!
I couldn't find out how much she weighs. The only available information is: Height: 5'9", Bust-Waist-Hips: 34B-24-35, Dress Size: 8. But this might change in a while. Try here to catch a sight...

Cindy in thinner years: Cindy on her way to a nice plumper!
Cindy thin Cindy has always had bigger hips than other supermodels. CC fat hips CC fat hips
CC thin Depending on her weight she develops easily a little pot-belly. CC pot-belly CC pot-belly
CC thin When she's gaining weight, her thighs are the first to get fat! CC fat thighs CC fat thighs
Cindy small butt The most amazing part of her body seems to be her butt - it isn't supermodel-like at all! CC fat butt CC fat butt

And that's how we'd like to see Cindy in the future!

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